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Armenian Duduk

The duduk has a wonderfully haunting tone that has been one of the most important sounds in Armenian folk music, and its expressive voice has become a familiar but still unique sound heard on the soundtracks to such productions as “The Last Temptation of Christ”, “Xena: Warrior Princess”, “The Crow”, “Gladiator”, and Mel Gibson’s “Passion”. The instrument has a body made of Wild Armenian apricot wood and has 8 fingerholes and a thumbhole for a range of an octave plus a couple of notes. It uses a large double reed, the Ghamish, and can produce many shades of pitch with careful embouchure work and fingerings. These duduks are hand made by the top craftemen in Armenia and are of professional grade. Duduk WIN174 $175.00 Extra Ghamish WIN174G $35.00

Shvi Armenian Flute

The Armenian Shvi is a small fipple flute with a high pitched brilliant but sweet tone. Traditionally a shepherd’s instrument, it has become a part of the traditional ensemble and is used in a variety of Armenian music. It fingers like a pennywhistle but has 2 basic differences- the scale is minor, D-E-F not D-EF#, although the F# is available as a half-hole note, and it has a thumbhole for C natural. The range is about 2 and a half octaves. The body is made in 2 pieces and has some latitude for tuning. WIN175 $155.00

Armenian Bloul

The Bloul is an end-blown flute used in Armenia and is related to the ney and kaval. It is hand made from the wild Armenian apricot tree, and has 8 fingerholes plus a thumbhole, and is fully chromatic over a more than 2 octave range. The endblown embouchure, like that of the ney or kaval, is somewhat difficult to initially learn, but makes the sound of the Bloul very special and soulful. Key of C WIN176 $195.00 Key of D WIN176D $195.00

Chimta Amazingly versatile, new design on an ancient instrument! With this Chimta, the player can utilize different holding techniques to coax different tonal colors from the instrument, or use the included drumstick to achieve intricate, colorful rhythms. Includes a “how to” sheet, drumstick, and carrying case. Removable bells add even further percussive possibilities! PER473 $35.00

Mountain Ocarina

Crafted of Polycarbonite. Very well made, well in tune ocarina with fingering chart and cord to hand around your neck. Can be played either chromatic or diatonic. Includes two adhesive back thumbhole stops for diatonic scaling, or leave the thumbholes open for chromatic scaling. Key of G. OCA175 $19.95


Wechter Lacewood Travel Guitar The Wechter Lacewood Travel Guitar

sets a new standard in quiality, sound, and value. These exceptionally well made, tonally superior instruments are without the question the best travel guitar we have ever seen! The solid tops and slightly bowled backs mean improved projection and a far superior tonal range. Beautifully designed, the ornate lacewood back and sides and high gloss finish exhibit excellence and professionalism in look, feel, and craftsmanship. These award winning travel guitars include a zippered leather carrying case with a large outside pocket suitable for carrying books, transcription notebooks, tuners, extra string, and so on. Two carrying handles a differnet positions, a built in name tag, and a shoulder harness. Better yet, these outstanding guitars include electronics for plug and play situations! Two stage, battery powered. An incredible value, and well worth the investment! GUI141 $299.00

Lanikai Soprano Ukelele

Standard scale soprano hardwood ukelele. Nato top, back, sides, and fretboard, with twelve frets and geared machine tuners. Excellent craftsmanship at an entry level price! UKE043 $59.99

Children’s Ukelele

Here is a great little starter instrument for the kids! Very easy to play with nylon strings on twelve frets! Nato wood top, back, sides, and fretboard, with geared machine tuners! A great buy! UKE044 $42.49

Kohala Soprano Ukelele

8” Mini Bodhran

Here is a great little drum for any occasion! The 8” mini Bodhran is made of spruce shell and frame with a tacked goat skin head, and includes a beater! The drums head is painted with fun “celtic” designs! The best part - these small little drums actually play very well, and have a very nice sound. They also make for a great gift idea! Small and lightweight, they can go anywhere with you! BOD092 $36.50

F. Cervini Cello

This exceptionally well made student to pro level Cello features hand carved, solid German Maple and Spruce bodies with solid, polished Ebony fittings and fine, high gloss finishes that resist abuse. Includes form-fitting case, bow, and pre-ship shop set-up. Beautiful sheaded Ameber finish and inlaid purfling. Exceeds MENC specs. VIO116 $650.00

Yellow Plastic Guiro The Yellow Guiro

is an exceptionally well made, molded plastic instrument perfect for any percussion ensemble. Defined, well cut grooves produce a variety of tonal possibilities with the included wire and wood handled Guiro brush. Tap the wires on the solid side of the hard plastic, and this Guiro doubles as an Afro Cuban metal bell. Very versatile, inexpensive instrument, perfectly suited for any percussive playing application! PER470 $15.00

The Kohala Ukelele is perfect for playing your favorite tunes anytime! Twleve full frets, with Nato top, back, sides, and fretboard, with geared tuners! Nylon strings for easy playing, and built to last! UKE045 $42.49

New Bodhran Tippers B01 B02 B03 B04 B05 B06 B07 B08 B09 B10 B11 B12 B13

BOD093 BOD094 BOD095 BOD096 BOD097 BOD098 BOD099 BOD100 BOD101 BOD102 BOD103 BOD104 BOD105

$5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00

Full Size Conga Set An unbeatable deal, this full

size Conga set with stands and cases are a truely pro level set of drums! Evenly finished and structurally braced hardwood staved shells incorporate traditional calf skin heads on tunable rims! Very solid tri-pod base design, steel stands with medium hard rubber guides hold these drum firmly in place at all times, no matter how lively your playing gets! The look is professional too, with spruce coloring and black rims, tuning mechansims, and stands, with matching color cases. These are amazing Congas, easily comparable to models of a much higher price range! CON030 $225.00

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Wooden Ocarina

Beautifully crafted six hole wooden ocarina. Soprano, Key of D. Includes cord for hanging around your neck, and fingering chart. OCA176 $39.00

Sageman Drum Harness This very smart and very well made Drum Harness is the perfect choice for standing position Djembe, Ashiko, Dumbek, (and a whole lot more!) playing. The soft but highle durable Neoprene “Control Stretch” material is comfortable on your back, and holds both the strap and drum in place. Plenty of adjustment room for players of all sizes and shapes, and easily clips to the rope tensioners or lug tuners on your drum. SPS664 $48.00

Sageman Drums Welcome to the circle of Sageman

finely crafted, superior ethnic hand drums. These Djembe’s offer exceptional tonal clarity and precision craftsmanship. Choose an ornately line or deep carved model, or the simple beauty of the natural finish.

Natural Finish Djembe Very well made, beautiful

Djembe, offering exceptional finish and superior tone. Holding true to the Sageman standard, this drum gives the player a vast array of tonal possibilities, from full, well rounded lows to distinct, clear highs. The shell of the natural Djembe is rubbed to a professional standard matte finish, showing coloring similar to cherry wood. Woven rope tensioners, braided attached carrying handle, and natural, cured animal hide head. Measures 12” x 24” Carrying case available as special order option (please allow two to four weeks for delivery). DRU465 $260.00

Deep Carved Djembe

Sageman drums are well know for their craftsmanship and rich sound. This deep carved djembe, measuring 9 x 20, is ornamented with beautifully detailed, intricate carvings on the flawless, deep brown polished shell. Includes attached rope carrying handle tied into the traditionally designed, black woven rope tensioners. The natural, cured animal hide head gives this drum excellent tonal range, with vast dynamic possibilities. A must have drum for any players collection! DRU461 $225.00 Large The Large Deep Carved Djembe is big brother to the standard deep carved Djembe (DRU461). Offers all of the same great features, but larger, measuring 12” diameter by 24” depth. DRU469 $260.00

Extra Large Conch Horn Beautiful, eye catching

all natural conch horn. Quite large, this model measuring 11” long and 15 1/2” circumfrence! As these are natural horns, the design and size will vary slightly, although they are always BIG! Huge, loud sound and very easy to play! WIN172 $100.00

Cherub Keychain Tone Generator A very handy little device! A

quick push of the button, and this play A440hz concert pitch A in five different octaves! Hold the button down for a few seconds, and the tone stops. A very unique and inexpensive way to always have a tuner with you. TUN019 $5.25

The Handmaster

The musician’s ideal hand excerciser! A combination of a firm but flexible ball and a specially designed finger web allows resistance in flexion and extension,safely and correctly toning and stretching the muscles that control the fingers, hand, wrist and forearm! These muscles work better if they are strengthened equally; in addition to toning these muscle groups, the Handmaster will help with warm up and cool down, while increasing strength, stamina, range of motion and muscle balance. Every Musician needs the Handmaster Plus! SPS655 $19.99

Hu Yin Opera Gong The Hu Yin gong

is the authentic descending gong of Chinese opera! Very well made design, incorproating multi-directional lathing and hand hammering throughout the striking surface. This attention to craftsmanship creates a gong of incredible dynamic range, projection, and resonance. A solid strike has this gong decaying out audibly for well over thirty seconds or more! Although the pitch is somewhat variable, the relative tones are Western ptich G, descending to Western pitch E. Includes one wooden handled mallet with semi-rigid head, and braided handing cord for mounting to a small gong stand or hand held playing. GON109 $90.00

CD-ROM Tutorials Tin Whistle CD-ROM

Tutorial Combining video, text, photographs, and musical notation, these computer based CD-ROM tutorials are some of the most advanced and in-depth instructional methods we have ever seen! Suitable for all level of player, covering beginning to advanced subject matter, set up in chapters for easy navigation. The Tin Whistle tutorial, in the beginners section, covers the topics of music notation, notes and scales, easy Aires, beginners Jigs and Reels, minor keys, sliding techniques, triplets and tongued triplets, cuts, taps, and rolls, ornamentation, and 17 tunes. The advanced class includes breath control techniques, short rolls, crans, flutters and hand slides, the A minor scale in depth, 15 advanced jigs and reels, 4 polkas and slides, and 3 hornpipes. CDR001 $39.99 Bodhran CD-ROM Tutorial Combining video, text, photographs, and musical notation, these computer based CD-ROM tutorials are some of the most advanced and in-depth instructional methods we have ever seen!Suitable for all level of player, covering beginning to advanced subject matter, set up in chapters for easy navigation.The Bodhran tutorial includes beginners classes in reading music, holding positions for drum and stick, concise wrist techniques, simple jig and reel patterns, triplets, producting tones with left hand, tones and triplets in real time, and tones / triplets in jig time.The advanced classes include establishment of motor fhythm, additional triplets, rolls, swing rhythms, syncopation, and fluid tonal movement. CDR002 $39.99 Irish Flute CD-ROM Tutorial Combining video, text, photographs, and musical notation, these computer based CD-ROM tutorials are some of the most advanced and in-depth instructional methods we have ever seen! Suitable for all level of player, covering beginning to advanced subject matter, set up in chapters for easy navigation. The Irish flute beginners section includes 17 tunes, musical notation, tuning and scales, easy aires, embochure, global stopping, minor keys, jigs and reels, cuts, taps and rolls, ornamentation. Advanced classes include 18 advanced dance tunes, breath control technique, triplets and tipped triplets, crans, short rolls, double rolls, finger bouce, and sliding technique. CDR003 $39.99

Singing Bowls

Small Singing Bowl, 4”x5.5”, brass & gold, hammered. SIB014 $180.00 Medium Singing Bowl, 5”x7”, brass & gold, hammered. SIB015 $270.00 Small Singing Bowl, 4”x6”, copper, tin, quartz, gold. SIB016 $250.00 Medium Singing Bowl, 6”x8”, copper, tin, quartz, gold. SIB017 $340.00

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This collection includes 17 of Michael Masleys original tunes and amazing, truely unique playing style. Michaels music and technique is without question some of the most original and refreshing in a long, long time! Here is what NPR has to say about Michael’s art. “No one plays the cymbalom, the large hammered dulcimer, the way Michael Masley does. His creative brilliance goes beyond his performance, Masley invented “bowhammers” finding rich, haunting overtones that characterizes his music. RCE717 $17.00 Cymbalom Solos This collection includes 9 of Michael Masleys original tunes. RCE718 $17.00

Bamboo Slit Drum

The Bamboo Slit Drum, crafted of natural, painted designs bamboo ,offers four individual and unique striking surface tones! This authentic drum is an excellent percussive addition to any type of music! When combined with other percussion ensemble instruments, bomboo slit drums provide a versatile and unique voice that both blends and contrasts with the other tonal colors. Bamboo Slit Drums are the ideal, multi-purpose percussive tool; lightweight and easy to play! DRU475 $80.00

Professional Morroccan Triple Drum This Triple Clay Bongo is the real deal! A true pro grade Morroccan triple drum, it is painted in brightly colored, eye catching designs, headed with authentic camel skin. The heads are tightly laced, giving these drums a tight, vibrant tone, with quick, punchy attack. Bracing at the top and bottom of the three drum cluster ensures long lasting durability. This is an exceptional drum, with nearly limitless tonal possibilities! DRU470 $115.00




Santa Rosa Ukeleles The Santa Rosa model Ukelele is an ideal

beginners or hobbyist instrument! Measuring 21” in length with nato wood top, back and sides. The fingerboard is natural hardwood, with metal frets, position dot markers, and individually mounted, geared tuning machines. It’s a great Uke, and really fun to play! UKE042 $27.00 Gig bag for soprano ukelele UKE042A $11.95 A quality baritone model with hardwood fingerwood, metal frets, position dot markers, and individual, geared machine heads. It’s a great Uke, with a big baritone sound, and easy to play, too! UKE041 $60.00 Gig bag for baritone ukelele UKE041A $11.95

Metal Body Ukelele By far the funest Uke we’ve ever played! Metal bodied with a biscuit cone resonator, standard Uke scale length, and mother of pearl inlay headstock. Includes rosewood fingerboard, nylon strings, and high quality, molded Ukelele tuning mechanisms. Loads of fun! Brings out the hidden Hawaiian delta blues in every player! Includes black, woven nylon and zippered form fitting case with plush interior, carying handles, shoulder strap, and exterior pocket. UKE040 $300.00


The Marimbata is an ingenious new twist on three traditional drums, the Merimbula, Cajon, and Udu! Five tunable metal tongues, like a large “bass kalimba”, have been added to give the low bass tones of the marimbula, and there are 2 drum heads on either side of the box Cajon for a Bata or Udu effect. With this fantastic drum, the player can coax an unreal amount of sounds from its many playing surfaces! 21”x15”x12” DRU474 $275.00

Professional Inlaid Riq Exceptionally well

Pro Model Ceramic Bongo The Pro Model Ceramic Bongo is the authentic,

high quality Morroccan Double Drum. Brightly painted in blue designs over white, with tightly laced, authentic camel skin heads. These heads are ideal for this drum, offering bright, clear, and defined high and low tones. Play it with your hands or with sticks, this drum doesn’t care, and sounds great no matter how you play it! DRU471 $100.00

made, heavy duty tunable professional inlaid Riq. Plastic mylar, replaceable head. Large, weighted brass jingles. Includes zippered, black nylon carrying case with shoulder strap. MOT019 $80.00

Sultan Model Darbuka Excellent, crisp sounding

Turkish made tuneable Darbuka (Doumbek), designed for the beginner, hobbyist, and professional player. Semi gloss finish, reddish tint with gold swirls, black rim. Made of medium weight aluminium, with a white plastic head, and hex leg tuners. Height: 14-7/8” (36.7 cm), diameter at head 7-3/4” (19.7 cm) DUM078 $45.00

Pro Egyptian Copper Dumbek! These high grade dumbeks have a solid copper

body instead of the more common cast aluminum! These professional level drums sound amazing, and are well suited for the pro player and the beginner alike! Made in Turkey (in the Egyptian style) with a large open throat on the body and the traditional rounded rim. Fitted with a synthetic fiber skin head, giving the drum a wide open, natural tone far superior to the typical blue plastic heads. Hand hammered Copper Finish DUM082 $195.00 Engraved Copper Finish DUM081 $195.00

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Kay Dreadnought

Nickel silver frets, rosewood pin bridge and fret board. Machined, enclosed geared tuners, kerfed interior bracing, and compensated saddle. Truss rod. Comes in various assorted colors subject to availability - Blue Burst, Black Burst, Natural, solid black, Vintage Sunburst, and Satin Natural Finish. GUI138 $100.00 Kay Dreadnaught Gig Bag: Soft sided gig bag CSE079 $14.95

Pigalle Guitar The Dell’Arte

Selmer Pigalle Gypsy Guitar is immediately a classic, pro level instrument. Exceptional craftsmanship throughout, incorporating laminate Rosewood back and sides, solid Spruce top, Walnut neck, and ebony fingerboard, bridge, and mustaches. The high gloss finish is even and extremely well distributed, leaving no tone deadening thick spots. The sound quality is rich and pure, with precise highs and smooth lows. A guitar of this magnitude demands exquisite attentin to detail, and the Pigalle delivers, setting itself apart as an impeccable masterworks. GUI140 $1500.00

Blueridge Guitars Blueridge Guitars set a new standard of quality for moderately priced instruments. Professionally set up right out of the box, this guitar plays and performs exceptionally well, out-classing many higher priced guitars! Crafted of mahogany back and sides, 5 ply binding, mother of pearl inlay dot markers, nickel plated Kluson style tuners, and solid Sitka spruce top. An incredible value, the Blueridge Guitar is professional level at beginners prices. GUI139 $395.00 Form fitting, plush lined instrument hard case designed for the Blueridge Dreadnaught guitar. CSE080 $60.00


Very nicely crafted, in tune Melodica (Melodihorn), offering three full octaves from F2 to F5! Green, woven nylon, fitted carrying case with zippered top, carrying handle, and shoulder strap. HAP005 $30.00

Maccaferri Mandocello The beautiful Maccaferri style

Mandocello is a bona fide work of art! Offering the very best of woods, the Maccaferri Mandocello offers you solid sitka spruce soundboard, German maple back and sides, and ebony fingerboard, bridge and tailpiece. The full scale 22 frets fingerboard, fully adjustable truss rod, and Schaller tuners means the very best in playability, note range, adjustment, set up, and tuning! This a classic instrument, beautifully designed and meticulously crafted, with outstanding tone and character. A must have for every serious guitar collector! Y MAN098 $3500.00

Egyptian Soloist Style Inlaid Oud This beautiful, ornately designed oud is hand

crafted in Egypt and based on the new oud designs developed by the Iraqi soloist Munir Bashir and master oudmaker Mohammed Fadel Awad. Subtle changes in the bracing and string spacing, combined with the mandolin-style floating bridge give this oud a unique sound with resonance and singing sustain. Made of fine woods with tasteful but minimal and professional inlay, this oud comes with the 5 traditional Arabic course stringing but is set up for 6 courses. In the Bashir style, the lowest string can be added where the 1st course would be; in another soloist style, a thinner string can be used for an extended high range. With hard case. OUD009 $500.00

Large Nomad Gourd Drum The large Nomad Gourd

Drum offers all of the same great features and options of the standard Nomad, with a few key exceptions. The large model Nomad Drum offers a head diameter of 12 to 15 inches, and an overall length of 15 to 18 inches. Tonally, this drum sounds in deep, resonant low tones and bright, crisp middle tones. Stands are available for this drum, to hold diameters of 12 to 15 inches. DUM080 $265.00 12” Drum Stand ELE631 $30.00 15” Drum Stand ELE630 $35.00

Hohner Extreme Bend Harmonica The new XB-40 Harmonica was designed by

Hohner USA’s own Rick Epping and offers the player complete bending freedom with 10 holes and 40 reeds. Precision engineered and manufactured under the highest quality standards, the Hohner XB-40’s revolutionary design permits a level of expression and note bending capability never before possible on any harmonica. On a regular 10-hole diatonic, or Marine Band type harmonica, the standard blues note bending technique involves an interaction between two reeds, one blow and one draw. On this style harmonica, only the higher pitched of the two notes from any given reed cell can be bent and then only to a point somewhat above that of the lower pitched reed. The XB-40 overcomes this limitation by incorporating an additional set of reeds, tuned so that all twenty of the harmonica’s notes can be bent using the standard blues harp bending technique. Using a system of patented valve chambers, the auxiliary reeds come into play only during note bending. The XB-40 is tuned so that every note can be bent a whole tone, with an additional semitone bend on the 3-draw to complete the chromatic scale in the first octave. Key of C HRM058C $99.95 Key of G HRM058G $99.95


Better than the Singing Bass!! This blues guy stands approx 40cm’s high including base, dances whilst blowin’ a full length blues jam on harmonica! Start and stop from a button on the base. The tune is hot, has nice beat, and is easy to dance to - just watch him cut the rug! Operates on 4 “AA” batteries or use AC/DC adapter included. ELE632 $49.95



The Cocobak is an incredibly versatile small hand drum. Crafted from a coconut shell, with a thin spruce top played with the fingers or a small, lightweight included mallet. A large air hole on side of the drum acts as a note generator. Hold your fingers over the hole, and with very slight finger movements and position changes (like a theremin), the drum will sound in different notes and tones! PER467 $15.00

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•INDEX• ACCORDIONS 43, 73-75 BALALAIKAS 37 BAGPIPES AND ACCESSORIES 37, 68-72, 77, 119 HEALTH BALLS 50 BANJOS 36, 100-102 BELLS 8, 10-12, 17-18, 23, 48-49, 51-53, 64, 66, 95 BAMBOO FLUTES 41, 67, 103 BOOKS 9, 11, 13, 22, 25-26, 29, 32, 36, 38, 4042, 45, 48, 50, 58, 61, 65-67, 72, 77-79, 85-86, 99, 106-128 BODHRANS AND ACCESSORIES 2, 29-31 BOMBARDS 72 BONES 16 BARREL ORGANS 45 BOUZOUKIS 38 REED/PICK BOXES 55 CASTANETS 17 CDROM TUTORIALS 3 GUIROS 19 CHINESE INSTRUMENTS 41-42, 44, 53, 63 SPORRANS 69, 71 CONCERTINAS 74-76 CONGAS 2, 20, 21, 23 CAPOS 92 INSTRUMENT CASES 5, 20, 30, 38, 62, 65, 66, 90, 92, 95 DOOR HARPS 10, 85 DIDGERIDOS 62, 63, 148 GOAT SKINS 31 DRUMS 4, 12, 17, 18-25, 30-32, 34, 37, 43, 51, 57, 71, 97, 105 DULCIMERS 82 DUMBEKS 4, 5, 33, 34, 105 EARLY MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 88 ELECTRONICS 5, 11, 45-47, 49, 55, 73, 79, 89, 91, 92, 94, 99, 105 FIFES 67 FLUTES 26, 34, 40, 57, 63, 66, 67, 148 GEMSHORNS 57


GONGS 3, 10, 48, 50, 53 GUITARS 2, 5, 92-93, 95-99 HAMMERED DULCIMERS 42, 84, 85 HARPS 78-81, 87 HORNS 36, 54-56, 64 MELODI HORNS 5, 73 HARMONICAS 5, 77, 143-144 HURDY GURDIES 78 IRISH FLUTES 66-67, 101 JAW HARPS 24, 25 JADE FLUTES 26, 44 JEWELRY 49 INSTRUMENTS FOR KIDS 10, 12, 24, 30, 33, 39, 71, 73, 105 INSTRUMENT KITS 11, 55, 58, 73, 78-82, 84, 86-87, 89, 91, 95, 97, 102 KLON YAW 23 LIMBERJACKS 16 LUTES 88 MANDOLINS 5, 37-38, 93-96, 99 MUSIC/RECORDINGS 34-37, 40-42, 45, 48, 64, 69, 73, 79, 80, 85, 91, 129-141 TUNED PERCUSSION 3, 9-11, 14, 15, 26, 42 MINI INSTRUMENTS 86 INSTRUMENT STRINGS 38, 99, 103 MAGICAL STRINGS 88 MIDDLE EASTERN PERCUSSION 4, 30, 32, 34 NATIVE AMERICAN DRUMS 19, 28 NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTES 26, 27 OCARINAS 2-3, 12, 55, 61, 63, 77 OCEANHARPS 12 OUDS 5, 35 ART PRINTS 55 PANPIPES 39, 40, 101 GENERAL PERCUSSION 2, 3, 5, 8-9, 11-12, 14-15, 17-20, 22-28, 29, 30, 32-33, 35, 41, 48, 50-53, 57, 66, 76, 80, 90, 104-105 KEYBOARDS 55, 73, 78 PICKUPS 35, 66, 80, 91

PICKS 96 POSTCARDS 45 PSALTERIES 86, 87 QUENAS 39, 40, 63 RAINSTICKS 104 RECORDERS 40, 59, 63, 147 BULL ROARERS 62 RUB BOARDS 47 SAMBA WHISTLES 17, 60 MUSICAL SAWS 91 SAZ 35-36, 148 SHAKUHACHI 44 SINGING BOWLS 3, 48 SPOONS 16 STEEL DRUMS 12-13, 101 STRINGED INSTRUMENTS 26, 34-37, 42-43, 78, 85, 90, 96, 103, 148 TABOR PIPES 57, 58 TALKING DRUMS 20, 21 THIMBLES 47 THUMB PIANOS 11 TIBETAN INSTRUMENTS 44, 50, 53 MUSICAL TOYS 10, 12, 14, 19, 38, 49, 55, 104, 105 TRIANGLES 16 TONGUE DRUMS 14, 15 TUNING 3, 46-47, 68, 148 UDU DRUMS 22, 23 UKULELES 2, 4, 92-93 VIDEO AND DVD 13, 17, 23, 29, 31, 34, 35, 39, 47, 62, 6669, 71, 84, 85, 89, 96, 91, 99, 143-146 VIOLINS AND ACCESSORIES 2, 7, 12, 19, 88-92, 102 WHISTLES 2, 12, 19, 22-23, 26, 40, 44, 58, 60, 6466, 104-105, 148 WINDS 2, 7, 20, 26, 34, 36-37, 40-41, 43-44, 5658, 64-65, 79, 101 ZILS 32 ZITHERS 85-87

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What Is Lark? Lark In The Morning is a mail order musician’s service founded in 1974 that specializes in hard to find musical instruments, music and instructional materials. We always have a large inventory on hand, but due to the unusual nature of most of the items we carry and the small workshops where they are made, it's impossible to keep everything in stock at all times. We often have to order things from far away places or have them specially made by craftspeople. Thus, we can never guarantee the exact delivery time of anything not in stock. We will do our best to get your order to you as soon as possible. We offer items from more than 1000 suppliers from over 70 countries. The pricing in this catalog is as realistic as possible at the time of printing but may change at anytime - we cannot guarantee pricing. Please read our terms section for more details, and play a tune for us! We love to get recordings and photos of our customers.

Lark In The Morning Music Shoppes Lark In The Morning San Francisco Located in The Cannery 2801 Leavenworth

and Beach At Fisherman's Wharf (415) 922HARP This is our largest store with the most comprehensive selection of unusual instruments anywhere in the world. Located near the Hyde St Cable Car turnaround. Easy parking next door at the Anchorage. You can hear live traditional and ethnic music daily at the Cannery. Come spend an afternoon at the Cannery. Many great restaurants. At Lark In The Morning you will find One Of A Kind and Antique Instruments, Books, Recordings, Videos and Musical Artwork from the world over and Much, Much More! Open daily.

Lark In The Morning Seattle Located at the South Arcade 1st Avenue &

Union next to the Pike Place Market (206) 623-3440 Come see & play a wide selection of instruments from our catalog, as well as many available only at the Musique Shoppe. One Of A Kind Instruments, Books, Videos & Recordings, Concertinas & Accordions, Harps & Dulcimers, Ethnic & Traditional, Hurdy Gurdies, Fretted Instruments, Percussion Galore, Early Keyboards, Alphorns To Zithers, Angklung To Bagpipes, You Name It!

Lark In The Morning Mendocino Come to Lark In The Morning’s Music Shop in

Mendocino. Have an espresso and a wonderful hike on the wild Mendocino headlands, enjoy the salt sea air, talk to the seals, stay in a quaint bed and breakfast, and dine at one of our fine local restaurants. Then drop by and enjoy our small and unique shop. We offer an interesting selection of the many items from our mail order catalog. In the Old Carriage House, 10460 Kasten St. and open daily. Telephone (707) 937-LARK (5275)


Have you ever thought that your reed tastes of last nights gig? We have clarinet and saxophone reeds that will brighten your day and make you want to practice longer. Choose from exotic flavors like blue raspberry, strawberry, orange and more. Practicing will never be the same again. These reeds are premium quality, each set of two reeds comes in a hard plastic case. Clarinet 1.5” Bubble Gum WIN164B $3.50 Grape WIN164G $3.50 Orange WIN164O $3.50 Blue Raspberry WIN164R $3.50 Strawberry WIN164S $3.50 Clarinet 2.0” Bubble Gum WIN165B $3.50 Grape WIN165G $3.50 Orange WIN165O $3.50 Blue Raspberry WIN165R $3.50 Strawberry WIN165S $3.50 Clarinet 2.5” Bubble Gum WIN166B $3.50 Grape WIN166G $3.50 Orange WIN166O $3.50 Blue Raspberry WIN166R $3.50 Strawberry WIN166S $3.50 Alto Sax 1.5” Bubble Gum WIN167B $4.75 Cinnamon WIN167C $4.75 Orange WIN167O $4.75 Blue Raspberry WIN167R $4.75 Strawberry WIN167S $4.75 Alto Sax 2.0” Bubble Gum WIN168B $4.75 Cinnamon WIN168C $4.75 Orange WIN168O $4.75 Blue Raspberry WIN168R $4.75 Strawberry WIN168S $4.75 Alto Sax 2.5” Bubble Gum WIN169B $4.75 Cinnamon WIN169C $4.75 Orange WIN169O $4.75 Blue Raspberry WIN169R $4.75 Strawberry WIN169S $4.75

Standard Violin 4/4 Violin, with case VIO077 $99.00

Deluxe Violin

4/4 Better Violin, with ebony fittings and case VIO075 $165.00

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Jungle Rattles

Wonderful rattles from Kenya. A metal body with natural skin heads and lacing and a wooden handle. Shake these for a wild sound. Single PER142 $14.00 Double PER143 $16.00

Round Rattles From Kenya. A circular wooden

body with metal jingles strung on wire make an incredible sound. Great for ancient rituals. PER144 $16.00

Brazilian Shakere Wood body with

seed beads. Shake or twist the beads for great sound! PER148 $35.00


Shekeres are gourds covered with a woven, beaded webbing. These are authentic instruments made in Africa. Ceramic Bead Shekere Small PER450 $25.00 Large PER019 $35.00 Natural Bead Shekere Wood Bead Shekere PER253 $40.00 Seashell Shekere PER019A $42.00 Jobe’s Tears seeds PER018 $40.00 Jenetri Shekere PER451 $19.95 Mini seed bead Shekere PER018A $25.00 Plastic Bead Shekere Small PER237 $20.00 Medium PER235 $25.00 Large PER236 $40.00 Jumbo Shakere These jumbo shakere have giant gourd bodies and a powerful sound. Many percussive effects are possible; for a slightly softer sound specially treated pine cones are a good choice, for a louder more pronounced effect, the Jobe’s tear seeds are your best bet. Pine cone shakere PER434 $80.00 Jobe’s tear seeds shakere PER435 $80.00 PER450



African Basket Rattles Small, handwoven rattle with gourd or metal bottom. Great small rhythm instrument. PER016 $7.50

Cameroon Basket Rattle Handwoven rattle PER290 $15.00

Egg Shakers

Egg Shakes Wonderful small egg-shaped plastic shakers, assorted colors. PER114 $3.50 Wooden Shaker Eggs Nice sounding, various hardwoods, a great instrument to hold in your picking hand for an added sound effect. PER169 $6.00

Silver Chime Egg

Combine the look of egg shakers with the sound of health balls and you get the idea of this fun and attractive percussion instrument. Perfect for all ages. 2-1/2” x 1-1/2” BEL206 $4.00

Fruit & Vegi Shakes Fun shakers in fruit shapes. Put a healthy

”snack” in your music. Surprise your friends when they pick up an ”apple” from your fruit bowl. Great sound! Small Apple PER205, Plum PER207 Small Tomato PER221, Small Gourd PER215 $5.50 Large Apple PER199, Avocado PER200 Banana PER201, Lemon PER202 Orange PER203, Pear PER204 Zucchini PER213, Large Gourd PER214 Bell Pepper PER216, Pumpkin PER217 Potato PER219, Large Tomato PER220 $8.00


PER018 PER451



Jawbone Rattle

Get in tune with the earliest musicmaking via this rattle made from the jaw of a Peruvian ass. Big teeth do the rattling: soft and subtle when shaken, loud and clear with a good slap on the cheekbone. Large size. PER372 $56.00


Carved Maracas

Shakka Shakerz

Maru Shekeres

Hand made shakers wrapped in fabric from many cultures. A protective sealant is applied to keep Cuban style shekeres that produce a special low tone the material looking good. Way fun! when struck on the bottom of Mini 2.5”x1.5” PER310 $6.00 the gourd; strong 5”x1.5” PER288 $13.50, 6”x1.5” PER289 $16.00 nylon netting, 3”x2” PER153 $11.00, 4”x2” PER154 $13.50 plastic beads with 5”x2” PER155 $16.00, 6”x2” PER156 $18.50 traditional pattern. 7”x 2” PER157 $25.00 Three sizes are available, each one producing a different tone. Sizes are approximate. 12”x14” Large PER373 $116.00 10”x12” Medium PER374 $102.00 Great small maracas 8”x10” Small PER375 $88.00 only 4-3/4” long, assorted colors, big fun sound! PER294 $6.75

Mini Chickitas


Carved and woodburned, white & brown coloring, gourd maracas, Peru PER251 $20.00 Carved and woodburned gourd maracas from Peru, colorful designs PER252 $22.00

Plastic Woven Rattle Nice 4” long rattle made

of handwoven plastic in bright colors with metallic jingles, Fun! PER316 $5.50

Metal Maracas Beautiful metal maracas

with hardwood handles. The body is fashioned from hand engraved brass that is then nickel plated. Price per pair. PER325 $30.00

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From India, a strip of folded steel, over 2 feet in length, with fourteen sets of jingles. Very loud, sounds somewhat like finger cymbals and tambourines played together. You hold the end in one hand and play the strips between the fingers by striking one with the other. It is often used as an accompaniment instrument. PER421 $20.00


Without Jingles SPS115 $5.50 With Jingles SPS116 $6.50

Ganza Shaker Wood Ganza SPS228 $13.50

Wind Wands

The Wind Wand combines the sound of the digeridoo and the bullroarer. Constructed of wood and bamboo with a rubber wind resonator, the Wind Wand is twirled with its handle and creates a number of different sounds at different speeds. The Wind Wand is tunable to many pitches, and is 25” long. Play 2 for amazing vibrant chords. A haunting sound for people of all ages! ROA005 $22.00


A unique musical instrument from Colombia, made from small rounded pieces of wood, woven together like a placemat. Bend and rub the Esterilla against itself to create all types of unique percussion sounds. 8-1/2” x 5-3/8” PER376 $20.00

Wooden Mini Maraca Made entirely from hardwood

(maraca body similar to wooden egg shaker), single PER384 $6.50

Madagascar Reed Brush Made from bamboo, wood & Herana

reed (a freshwater lake reed of Madagascar). Played by striking the shaker. Wonderful mellow ”crunchy” sound. Regular, about 11” PER319 $25.00 Large, about 17” PER385 $30.00


Creator of the sounds accompanying many a cliffhanger on 1970s TV, the Flex-a-Tone makes atmospheric sounds from mysterious to goofy and beyond. PER345 $43.00

Noisy Children

The bean of the ”Flame Of The Forest” tree from Ghana. About 16” long, the seeds inside the bean rattle making a wonderful percussion instrument. Great sound for all types of music PER222 $5.95

Jingle Sticks

Fun children’s rhythm instrument SPS278 $5.50


Seeds inside a wood body, makes a pleasing muted rasp when shaken. Large SPS112 $10.50 Small SPS113 $6.50

Knocker Simpatika Swing by the string, when the two balls collide it makes a loud “clack” sound. PER420 $10.00


Known to ancient Sumeria in the third millennium, the sistrum was then a rattle in U form with a short handle and 2 crossbars that rattled when shaken. Sistra of the same form have been found near Tiflis, Georgia, Central Asia, and still exist in Ethiopia in the Christian church. Sistra of the same shape are found among the Yaqui Indians of Mexico and the U.S., and the Kaduveo Indians of Brazil, and are made of wood, with jingles strung on wires. The Egyptian sistrum is characterized by being closed at the top; it was sacred to Hathor, and when Hathor later metamorphosed into Isis, it became sacred to Isis (and was then played by women). They are still used as magical ceremonial rattles. Hand Forged Iron Sistrum PER126 $200.00

Bamboo Sistrum

A piece of bamboo cleverly cut and split to form a percussion instrument! Two rows of metal jingles makes a cheerful sound. PER136 $15.00

African Sistrum Great for rituals

or a fun rhythm instrument, wonderful when using two at a time. Still used as magical ceremonial rattles. Made in Kenya. African Single Sistrum with jingles PER163 $12.00 African Double Sistrum with jingles PER164 $15.00 African Gourd Sistrum with jingles PER165 $20.00

Stirring Xylophones Made with resonant pine

bars, produces a wonderful sound when it is ”stirred” with a stick. The notes can also be struck to play simple melodies. Small MAR019A $16.00 Medium MAR019B $23.00 Large MAR019C $25.00


Brightly colored percussion tubes for kids and kids-at-heart! Pentatonic set tuned C-D-EG-A-C, diatonic set tuned C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C. Whack just about anything and - boom! - you’re making music! A fun way to get kids involved in the melodic and harmonic aspects of music while learning rhythm. Good for drum circles. They range in size from 12” to 24” and are extremely lightweight and easy to handle. 6-Tube Pentatonic PER311 $19.98 8-Tube Diatonic PER312 $24.98 13-Tube Chromatic Upper Octave C-C’ PER360 $39.98 12-Tube Chromatic Lower Octave C-B PER364 $75.00 25-Tube Chromatic C-C’ PER363 $114.98 Octavator Tube Caps Lowers the tone one octave when placed on the end of a Boomwhacker Tube. 8 Pack PER432 $8.98 6 Pack PER433 $6.98 Fun With Boomwhackers Book BOK288 $14.95 Boo Boom Movie & TV Songs For Boomwhacker Booklet And CD BOK289 $17.95

Ethiopian Sistrum Great for rituals or a fun

rhythm instrument. Known to ancient Sumeria in the third millennium, the sistrum was then a rattle in U form with a short handle and 2 crossbars that rattled when shaken. Gold and silver, metal, wood, and clay were used in making sistra. They are still used as magical ceremonial rattles. Nickel silver sistrum with metal jingles and detailed handwork. PER147 $100.00

Fish Maracas

These colorful wooden maracas sound as good as they look. There’s nothing fishy about them, except for the design PER343 $20.00

Bird Maracas

Wooden maracas with a great sound, featuring tropical bird designs. They come in pairs, so Toucan Parrot their favorite rhythms PER344 $20.00

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NatureOurChimes & Bells Falling Rain Nature Chimes

& Bells recreate the cadence and gentle sound of falling rain. Bring the beauty and the sound of nature into your life. The hand assembled and finished cabinets are made from nonendangered hardwood with a maple finish that will enhance any decor. Nature Chimes: Hand tuned bar chimes are rung by thousands of tiny steel beads that fall from the roof of the cabinet, producing a sweet 5note scale. Just turn over the handmade cabinet to set the beads. Then place the chimes at bedside or on a desk and enjoy the sweet, restful background tones for up to 45 minutes. BEL129 $77.50 Tranquility Chimes: Three individually tuned temple bells are rung by hundreds of tiny beads. Plays from 10 to 25 minutes. Made from non-endangered hardwoods BEL190 $77.50 Nature Bells: Hand cast temple bells and hundreds of small steel beads are the secret of these beautiful bells. The tiny beads fall from the roof of the cabinet over a period of 20 to 45 minutes, bouncing off the bells in a resonant, 3 note melody. Sometimes they capture the attention, other times they bring a sweet, restful background rhythm to the bedroom, office, or den. BEL128 $90.00

Brass Cymbal with cord Approx. 4-1/4” diameter, flat

brass bell mounted on a leather cord. Underneath there is another small brass fluted disc holding a wooden clapper. Tone of a larger handbell BEL247 $20.00

The Chimalong A version of the xylophone

for children combines the pure sound of a real instrument with a creative system for learning. Children can play songs by matching the tubes with colors, numbers and eventually musical notes! Kids love to make music and Chimalong is great for picking out familiar melodies or just “jamming.” Comes with two mallets, a songbook and an extra #7 B-flat tube that changes the scale of Chimalong from C to F major. Recommended for children age 4 and up. Chimalong KID011 $40.00 Chimalong with case KID012 $55.00


Vibrant Chimes

These chimes are made from vibrant metal rods with a wooden base. Strike the suspended metal bars for a combination of resonant notes that mingle and build into one seamless sound that modulates as you play. 1 Note Vibrant Xylophone 1.9” X 7” X 0.7” MAR190 $12.00 3 Note Vibrant Xylophone 3.3” x 7” x 0.7” MAR191 $18.00 8 Note Vibrant Xylophone, 7.25” L. x 7” W. MAR186 $24.00 15 Note Vibrant Xylophone, 13.7” x 9” x 0.9” MAR189 $65.00

The Gamelan

The gamelan is a traditional Indonesian tuned ensemble from Bali made up of gongs, xylophones and various stringed and wind instruments. We are pleased to offer the Gangsa the lead instrument of the ensemble. The Gangsa is a 10 key tuned bronze xylophone, tuned in a traditional tuning in a beautifully carved and painted stand. Small 26” X 18” GON100 $750.00 Medium 33” X 24” GON101 $1000.00 Large 37” X 26” GON102 $5940.00

We can also offer other gamelan instruments, including a whole ensemble by special order.


Energy Chimes Simple, pure sound

waves are the building blocks from which all sound, from sea surf to a harp concerto, is formed. The crystalline lattice of the proprietary metal alloy is realigned by compression and tension to yield a pure, vibrant tone which reveals the hidden power of music. Wooden mallets included. Incredible tone! High A single chime, 5” MAR020 $17.00 High E single chime, 6” MAR022 $18.00 Triple chime high A/E/A, 7” MAR023 $28.00 Energy Chime Xylophones Amazing sustain and depth of sound!!! 8 notes tuned in a diatonic A major scale MAR025 $28.00


4 three note snap-on chimes arranged to play like a guitar. Plays 4 chords: C, F, G and Bb. Play with included strumming mallet, or remove the chimes from the board so 4 people can play at once! MAR178 $115.00 Extra chord set - 4 more chord blocks: Am, E, Dm, D MAR179 $80.00

PE Whistle Remember that official

The Gender is an important part of the Gamelan tradition, the design is very similar to a xylophone and typically consists of fourteen identical metallic keys suspended over a battery of bamboo resonator tubes to give a variety of tones. Features ornate wooden frame with glorious floral carvings. MAR185 $795.00

Door Harps

These beautifully crafted door harps turn the door of your choice into a musical instrument. When the door moves the small acorn shaped pendulum(s) strike the strings to produce a wholly unique melody. Comes with fancy inlay of landscapes in many colors of wood, or simple inlay of one wood. One Note Samba DHP001 $28.00 Door Harp, 3 String Inlay DHP002 $98.00 Door Harp, 3 String Simple DHP003 $72.00 Door Harp, 5 String Inlay DHP004 $128.00 Door Harp, 5 String Simple DHP005 $84.00 DHP002



DHP004 DHP003

whistle your gym teacher kept hanging around his neck? Now YOU’VE got it, right down to the bright red cord and snap-to-attention sound! Your Gym Teacher’s Whistle TOY038 $7.95

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Tuned Alpine Bells

Carefully tuned alpine bells made of bronze. Special flat-sided design, 13 bells to a chromatic octave. One person can play great music with a set of these or pass them out to a few friends for a wonderful group musical experience! High octave BEL009 $325.00 Low octave BEL010 $565.00

Xylophone Nice children’s

xylophone, with a chromatic range of two octaves. Comes with plastic case and mallets. MAR018 $25.00


15 note xylopipes in G, C or F as available. Diatonic scale. Notes are named as though in C, color coded and numbered. Includes mallets. The instrument is well in tune with itself and has a clear bell-like tone. MAR017 $20.00

Travel Zen Alarm Clock A Progressive

Tibetan bell-like Travel Alarm We couldn’t resist this one! The Travel Zen Alarm Clock makes waking up a beautiful experience. Once you use a Zen Alarm Clock, nothing else will do. When the clock’s alarm is triggered, or when its countdown timer reaches zero, the chime is automatically struck from inside the solid hardwood case. The chime strikes then begin their pre-programmed 10 minute progression. During the Travel Zen Alarm Clock’s progressive awakening, you can work on dreams and affirmations in the Alpha State. The Zen Alarm Clock allows you to time and guide meditations, and it’s also a gentle way to start or end meetings on time. The chime’s tone is a Pythagorean-tuned “B tone.” The chime strike sequence is a progression based on the Golden Mean. A Countdown Timer and a Programmable Interval Chime The clock’s countdown timer can be programmed to make a single strike that will repeat at any set interval between 10 seconds and 12 hours. This feature is perfect for meditation or yoga. The clock can also be set to chime once every hour on the hour similar to a traditional mantle clock. The Travel Zen Alarm Clock is available in a Black Walnut solid hardwood case. It has a lighted digital display (that can be lit full-time when plugged in), runs on 2 AA batteries (not included), or can be operated by plugging it into an electric outlet (AC jack included). Clock dimensions: 7.5” long x 2.25” deep x 2.12” tall. Weight of clock (with batteries but not AC plug): 13.5 ounces. ELE621 $89.95

Bass Octave Wings Bass notes

for D minor wings Freenote xylophone. Huge, deep, resonant tone! Six notes in total, low octave D to high octave D, with flatted 3rd. Includes one mallet. MAR193 $325.00 Extra mallet is an additional $14.00

African Thumb Piano The one-of-a-kind ethereal sound

of the kalimba has become the musical symbol of Africa. These easy to play Thumb Pianos are made of Kiaat hardwood, with a resonating chamber and spring steel notes. They are tunable, in the key of G. Treble with 17 notes, over 2 octave range THU003 $103.00 Alto with 15 notes, over 2 octave range. THU004 $119.00 Instruction Cassette-30 minute course: note identification, tunes, harmony, ear training as well as tuning instructions. BOO100 $7.50 Playing the African Mbira Complete instruction book with tuning, technique, repair, repertoire, more. BOO101 $4.95 Traditional African Thumb Piano with a real gourd back. Small Model PER015 $24.00 Large Model great sound PER170 $29.00


Originating in Africa, the Thumbdrum has made its way throughout the world. Known as sansa, kalimba, and thumb piano, the thumbdrum is played by plucking the tines, or keys with thumbs or fingers. The resonators are made of acoustically selected hard shell gourds, the tines or keys are tempered spring steel, hand cut and rounded. The thumbdrum is a great percussionist’s instrument, sturdy enough for (most) children, and perfect for all kinds of musical fun. Diatonic scale (CDEFGABC). These instruments are retunable to different scales within their range. Small THU001 $35.00 Large THU002 $45.00

Marimbula Sit on it while you

play! Descended from the African finger-piano, the marimbula caught on in the Caribbean and Latin America. Metal prongs attached to the laminated wood body are plucked to sound nine easily-tunable bass notes. Sounds like a bass fiddle. 20” x 8” x 25-1/2” MAR173 $250.00

Thumb Pianos

Thumb pianos are folk instruments originating in Africa. These small, hand held instruments will amaze you with their magical sound. The keys are made of finished spring steel and are plucked with the thumbs. 11-Key Padouk face, wood body THU008 $62.00 Double Bridge, gourd body THU009 $72.00 2-Octave, gourd body THU010 $75.00 Instruction Booklet BOK134 $6.00

Balinese Thumb Pianos

Carved mahogany kalimbas from Bali with fanciful soundhole designs and ‘uke’ shaped bodies. Medium THU013 $28.00 Small THU014 $22.00

Melody Thumbdrum Great sounding small (3” x 5”),

lovely kalimba with a smooth red cedar base and one octave range, in the key of C. A nice “take it with you” instrument. THU006 $32.00 Cedar Thumbdrum Lovely solidbody kalimba with a smooth, aromatic cedar base and 1 octave range, measuring 3” x 6”. Feels great to the touch, and can be worn around the neck for easy access. THU007 $23.00

Kalimba Kits

Better, 1-1/2 octaves kit KIT166 $29.95

Gourd Kalimba

Gourd body. Folksy. THU011 $18.00

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Chestnut bendo shaker, seed husks attatched to a wooden stick. PER427 $13.00 Rubber seed rainbow shaker, rubber seed husks attatched to a wooden stick with rainbow yarn bands. PER428 $7.00

Round Wood Shaker Ultra light-weight and easy to carry, fits in the palm of your hand, sounds just like a shaker egg. PER443 $7.00

Sleigh Bells

Authentic sounding Sleigh Bells are a great instrument to accompany carols or any other music that calls for a jingle rhythm. Kids will love to play too. 5 bells, leather, wood handle BEL234 $9.50

”Jazz Drums” Good sounding 3 drum set,

including cymbal and stand. Drums have cloth heads with an amazingly resonant sound, and plastic bodies. 12” height to top of drum. A great percussion introduction for children DRU290 $18.00

drinking music, the Stumph Fiddle consists of a tambourine body, bells, jingles, cymbals and carved head, all mounted on a central staff, plus a tunable string or strings, using the tambourine as the resonator. Strike the end pin on the floor to create percussion sound while hitting the tambourine head, cymbals, bells or strings with the included stick for a wonderful rhythmic variation. Traditionally made by coal miners as a nighttime occupation. 1 String 51” VIO104 $190.00 1 String 60” VIO102 $240.00 3 String 72” VIO103 $320.00

”Jazz Drums”

Good sounding, 5 drum set, including snare drum, cymbal, bass drum, pedal and seat. A great percussion introduction for children. The drums have cloth heads with an amazingly resonant sound. DRU290F $49.95

3 Piece Jr. Trap Drumset

Small trap drum sets for kids. 3 drums, bass pedal and cymbal, 24” tall. DRU294 $125.00

My First Band Drum Set The perfect starting drum

clacker has 8 colorful strips that provide a snappy sound! KID040 $4.00



Whistling Birds Incredible bird calls! Small

handcrafted ceramic bird whistles. Fill the pot half full of water and blow in the fipple. By tilting the pot and blowing you can make a variety of bird sounds. Whistling Bird OCA071 $28.00

Wind Whistle

Also known as the Jay Call. Emanates a powerful, ethereal wind sound, like wind through the trees. WHS113 $19.00

Wave Sound Drum A 16” frame drum with skins on both sides. When rolled on its side the filler makes a sound like the ocean. DRU428 $45.00

Rhythm Sticks


Rope Rattles From Nigeria.

Ideh larger seeds PER227 $8.00 Idi fine seeds PER226 $11.00 Palm Frond PER225 $5.00

Gift Tree

A Sapan wood stick with seeds attached to the top with wiry twine. It makes an intriguing light rustling sound when shaken, great fun for all ages. With Beads PER425 $10.00 Without Beads PER424 $9.00

An acoustic friction instrument that sounds like a synthesizer. Filled with water it produces a magical sound reminiscent of whales. It can be held by the handle or hung from a strap. Played with either a bow or mallets for a combination of different tones. Each instrument is individual. OCD008 $225.00

One stick is grooved, the other smooth, just rub them together. SPS249 $2.95

set for young drummers. Includes bass drum and pedal, small tom tom, large tom tom, cymbal, sticks and stool DRU417 $28.00

Hand Clacker This simple wooden hand shaped


Stumph Fiddles Used traditionally in Czech

BeadBrain Shaker Finally an instrument anyone can play! Shake along with your favorite music with this palmsize Skull rhythm shaker. Made from synthetic material. Too weird to put down. TOY036 $3.50

The mini-pan (11-1/2” diameter, 3” deep) is an excellent introduction to the steelpan for children. Models offer an 11-note scale in C-major or an 8note pentatonic scale in G. These drums come with a well appointed, sturdy stand, sticks and instructional song booklet. 11 Note C Major STD020 $100.00 8 Note G Pentatonic STD021 $100.00

Fancy Pans Steel Drums Made from a 16 gallon

oil drum, this pan is a small size with a great sound! 14” diameter, with stand. STD012 $185.00

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Steel Pans

This instrument is a true testament to human inventiveness and creativity. The 55gallon oil drums that littered the Caribbean islands during industrialization have become instruments with a sound known the world over. These drums - manufactured with imported steel, not discarded oil drums -- are from Trinidad and Tobago, the mecca of the steelband world. Tenor Pan Also known as a lead, soprano or melody pan, this drum traditionally carries the melody of the steel drum orchestra. It’s arranged in a circle of fifths (see diagram). 22-3/4” diameter, 5-1/2” deep, with stand. Low Painted Finish STD017 $1095.00 Low Chromed Finish STD016 $1275.00 High Painted Finish Y STD024 $1015.00 High Chromed Finish Y STD023 $1180.00 Double Tenor Pan Set An instrument using two pans which expands the melody range of the Tenor Pan. Has a capability for melody and counter melody with the tonal characteristics of the Tenor Pan. Includes stands and sticks. Double Tenor Pan Set - Chromed Y STD026 $1805.00 Double Tenor Pan Set - Painted Y STD025 $1505.00 Teach Yourself Double Tenor Steel Drum Book BOA955 $29.00 Double Second Pan Set Comprises two pans which accompany the melody with relative chords. The alto voice in an orchestra. Also plays melody, countermelody and harmony parts with a mellow tonal character. Includes stands and sticks. Double Second Pan Set - Chromed Y STD027 $2005.00 Double Second Pan Set - Painted Y STD028 $1645.00 Teach Yourself Double Second Steel Drum Book BOA983 $29.00 Double Guitar Set An instrument using two pans with tonal character to give the strumming effect of a guitar. Generally plays the accompanying chords to the melody. Includes stands and sticks. Double Guitar Pan Set - Chromed Y STD029 $2140.00 Double Guitar Pan Set - Painted Y STD030 $1725.00 Cello Pans are the Tenor Voice in the steel orchestra and used for Low Harmony and Melody support. The Triple Cello utilising 3 pans performs this function but the wider rang e of the Four Cello (Four Pan) Set is preferred by many. Includes stands and sticks. Triple Cello Pan Set - Chromed Y STD031 $2700.00 Triple Cello Pan Set - Painted Y STD032 $2140.00 Four Cello Pan Set - Chromed Y STD033 $3450.00 Four Cello Pan Set - Painted Y

STD034 $2680.00 Quadrophonic Pan Set This four pan instrument possesses the widest range in the orchestra and can be used creatively in multiple ways. Generally, it is used to reinforce the melody played by frontline instruments, and for providing harmony support. Includes stands and sticks. Y Quadrophonic Set - Chromed STD035 $3250.00 Quadrophonic Set - Painted STD036 $2465.00 Tenor Bass Pan Set The higher range of the pans providing the Bass Voice in the orchestra. Consists of Four pans with tonal characteristics for emphasis of the root of the chords. Includes stands and sticks. Y Tenor Bass Set - Chromed STD037 $3460.00 Tenor Bass Set - Painted STD038 $2700.00 Six Bass Pan Set The harmonic foundation of the orchestra, this instrument possesses the lowest range and plays bass lines. Consists of six full length drums which give a full deep tone to complete the unique sound of the steelband. Includes stands and sticks. Y Six Bass Set - Chromed STD039 $5560.00 Six Bass Set - Painted STD040 $3360.00 Midi-Pans Midi-pans are mid-sized pans made from 18 inch diameter drums. They are ideally suited for the starter steelpan player and music education at any level. CHROMATIC MIDIPAN: Has a chromatic range of 24 notes from F4 to E6 and can be used as a lead and melody instrument with tonal characteristics of the conventional lead pan. Includes stands and sticks. Midipan (Chromatic) Chromed finish and playing surface, with painted stand and sticks STD018 $590.00 PENTATONIC MIDIPAN: C - Pentatonic scale from C5 to G6. Includes stand and sticks. Midipan (Pentatonic) - Chromed finish and playing surface, with painted stand and sticks STD019 $550.00 Midi Pan Case Y for STD018, STD019 with drum only STD046 $105.00 Meditation Pan Conventional size steelpan tuned to F Pentatonic Scale from F3 to C5. Excellent for use in music therapy, meditation and ambient sound creation. Specially built to create a rich, mellow sound. Includes stands and sticks.Y Meditation Pan - Chromed STD041 $1000.00 Meditation Pan - Painted STD042 $820.00 Sticks Pan Sticks, Low Tenor STD022 $13.00 Pan Sticks, High Tenor STD048 $13.00 Pan Sticks, Double Tenor STD049 $15.00 Pan Sticks, Second STD050 $15.00 Pan Sticks, Guitar STD051 $19.00 Pan Sticks, Cello STD052 $19.00 Pan Sticks, Tenor Bass STD053 $21.00 Pan Sticks, Low Bass STD054 $21.00 Cases Single Protective case Y for STD023, STD024, STD016, STD017, STD041, STD042 with drum only STD043 $185.00 Double Protective case Y for STD025, STD026, STD027, STD028, STD029, STD030 with drum only STD044 $290.00

Soprano Pan

Made from a 30 gallon oil drum, this pan is a good inbetween size. Great sound! F-c’’ 18” diameter. STD003 $200.00

Steel Pans

Originally fashioned from discarded 55 gallon oil drums by the ‘panmen’ of Trinidad in the mid 1940’s, steel drums are popular throughout the Caribbean and in many other areas of the world, including the US. By varying the size of the notes on the top and the depth of the drum, the sounds range from a xylophone/ piano combination to a resonance resembling violas and cellos beginning with a percussive beat. Start your own steel drum band with a full set or simply add the sounds of the islands to your life with one or two. Note diagrams are available if you are interested in ordering. Shipment by truck on some sizes. Call for shipping cost. All drums come with sticks. Y Solo Lead is the melody drum, highest in pitch and tone and comparable to the violin in its melodic dominance. 2-1/2 chromatic octaves, c-d” STD004 $849.00 Stand for Solo drum, only with drum STD004S $115.00 Double Lead set of 2 pans played by 1 player, represents the ”2nd violin”, richer sound than the solo lead, F-a’ STD005 $860.00 Double Second set of 2 pans played by one player, ”viola”, F#-c#’’ STD006 $775.00 Double Baritone set of 2 pans played by one player, ”cello”, wonderful deep tone, C-a STD007 $860.00 Double drums stand, only with drum STD007S $175.00 Set 6 bass steeldrums played by 1 player, great deep tone, C’-C, with blocks STD008 $1350.00 Complete set of 13 drums with sticks, blocks and stands STD009 $4910.00 Extra Sticks per pair, only with drum STD010 $10.00

Double Mini Pan Set

2 pans with 20 notes in a chromatic scale - key of F (above middle C). It is very similar to a double tenor, with stands, sticks and booklet STD055 $210.00

Instructional Material

Teach Yourself Low Tenor Steel Drum (Solo Lead) Book BOA954 $29.00 How to Play Soprano (High Tenor) Pan Book BOA956 $29.00 Play the Steelpan for Low Tenor (Solo Lead) Video VID196 $40.00 Teach Yourself Advanced Pan Book BOA982 $30.00

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Color Xylophone

Even your 4 year old can play children’s songs with this colorful, one octave xylophone! Includes a sheet of children’s songs with colored dots that correspond with the colored bars of the xylophone, making this an easy instrument to play with sweet tones. Neatly boxed. TOY039 $17.00

Wooden Xylophone

15 color-coded wooden bars, 2 diatonic octave range with wooden mallets; 16.5 inches long MAR070 $26.00

Studio Marimba An improvement on

the great sounding and looking marimba! The new design features folding legs and detachable resonator tubes, to allow ease in storage and shipping. Plus, the 3.5 octave marimba has wider Padouk resonator bars with 2” resonator tubes at the bass end and narrower bars and tubes at the high end creating a more dynamic sound range. The bass end (lowest ocave below middle C) is tuned to both primary and seconday harmonics. The 2 octave marimba also features the folding legs and detachable resonator bars and plays with a beautiful sound. These finely crafted instruments will give you years of musical enjoyment! 34” H x 28” L x 4” W with mallets. MAR062 $825.00 15 Note Marimba MAR036 $305.00 10 Note Pentatonic Marimba MAR036P $265.00

TunedMade Tongue Drums of non-endangered

hardwoods, these tongue drums are designed for maximum tone quality and are accurately handtuned to precise pitches. Unlike most tongue drums which are not tuned to specific pitches, these drums are able to play melodies along with rhythmic patterns. Possibly the best tongue drums ever! Whale Tongue Drum 7-1/2”x12”x5-1/2”, 6 notes, minor tuning for a haunting ethereal tone. TUD008 $230.00 9 Note Tongue Drum 7-1/4”x15”x5-1/2”, 9 notes TUD009 $275.00 9 Note Larger Model Tongue Drum 7-1/ 4”x18”x5-1/2”, 9 notes, largest body size for maximum resonance. TUD010 $300.00

Redwood Xylophone Large (23”) nice sounding xylophone

made with redwood bars and a hardwood frame. Tuned in a C major scale, range of A-e. Cleanly crafted. MAR035 $100.00


Tuned Duet Tongue Drums Certain harmonic

sounds, known as perfect intervals, have the unique power to calm the mind, to sharpen concentration, to uplift, possibly even to heal. These tuned tongue drums are rich with perfect interval harmonies, the harmonic sounds most natural and perceptible to the human ear. These gorgeous tongue drums make beautiful music together or separately. Six-note song drum, tuned in a delightful pentatonic sequence. Padauk drumface sings with bright, chime-like tones. The unique face design with two sound holes gives this drum exceptional resonance and big tone. One of the most musical tongue drums we’ve heard yet! Beautiful melody in key of C Major. 15”x6”x5” TUD012 $220.00 This compact 4-note drum, tuned in the bass octave, has a powerful percussive voice in a small and very affordable package. Musically, it makes a wonderful duet companion to the 6-note model. Play them together for a wonderful harmonic mix! 18”x6”x6” 4 Note Tongue Drum TUD013 $200.00

12 Note Tuned Tongue Drum 12 Note Larger Tongue Drum

deluxe model, 71/2”x18”x51/2” TUD016 $375.00

Mini Tuned Tongue Drum

Made of wood, four tuned tongues. 4” x 13” x 5” TUD015 $99.00

Snake Tongue Drums A contemporary version

of the traditional and famous African slit drums. These wonderful drums have tongues carved in snake designs made of vermillion. A full rich sound! Professional instruments. Full range of timbres and harmonics. Small Snake Drum: 4 tongues, 16” long, 53/4” wide, 5” tall TUD003 $105.00 Medium Snake Drum: 6 tongues, 18” long, 6-5/8” wide, 6” tall TUD004 $150.00 Large Snake Drum: 8 tongues, 22” long, 8” wide, 7” tall TUD005 $225.00

Brass Bar Glockenspiel

This high quality precision tuned glockenspiel is made for us in Sweden. Its base is wood and its brass bars have a lovely bell like sound. Range is one octave C - c. PER308 $45.00

Tongue Drum Mallets

12” long with soft rubber balls. Colored Ball, light weight TUD006 $5.00 Black Ball, denser TUD014 $10.00

Tongue Drums

These beautifully hand-crafted vermillion drums are based on traditional African slit drums. They are randomly pitched and have a very unique, haunting and wonderful sound. Each drum comes with two mallets. The drum’s tongues are carved like Whales and Dolphins with inlaid eyes. Dolphin Drum 6 tongues, 11-1/2” long, 7” wide, 5” tall. Pleasing to the eye as well as the ear! TUD001 $99.00 Whale Drum 8 tongues, 13-1/2” long, 8-1/2” wide, 5-1/2” tall TUD002 $120.00

Hardwood Tongue Drums Finely hand crafted

tongue drums. The Leaf and Quackys are made of high quality Padouk and Maple. The Snail and Bass 4 are laminated Baltic Birch. Each note produces a clear, rich, tone. These drums can be played individually, or pair up the Leaf and Quackys, or the Snail and Bass 4 and play a harmonious duet. Leaf Tongue Drum 6 notes, D F# A C D# A, 12- 1/ 2” x 7-1/2” x 5-1/2” TUD017 $235.00 Quackys Tongue Drum 4 notes, D E G A, 13” x 5” x 4” TUD018 $130.00 Snail Tongue Drum 4 notes, D F# A C, 10” x 5” x 4” TUD019 $80.00 Bass 4 Tongue Drum 4 notes, D A C D, 18” x 6” x 5-1/2” TUD020 $150.00

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Anyone can play the Imbarimba! Tuned in a ”no-wrongnote” pentatonic scale, in the key of C. Choose from vermillion wood or durable fiberglass with synthetic resonator tubes, the Imbarimba has a beautiful sound and striking appearance. 27” across. Can lay flat or hang on the wall. A wonderful addition to any home. 11 note MAR033 $500.00

Kallisti Marimbas

Nicely crafted marimbas. Diatonic Instruments C Major 8 Note MAR049 $145.00 C Major 15 Note MAR052 $245.00 Pentatonic Instruments C Major 6 Note MAR044 $120.00 C Major 11 Note MAR037 $195.00 Chromatic Instruments 2 Octave, 25 Notes with floor stand MAR053 $610.00


Great sounding and looking marimbas, with beautiful vermillion wood bars and a solid oak stand. Each note has its own resonator. Comes with mallets, measures 15” high by 30” long. 15 Note Diatonic Marimba 2 octaves, key of C MAR036 $305.00 10 Note Pentatonic Marimba Can be used for the chromatic notes for the above 15 note marimba, or played alone as a pentatonic marimba. MAR036P $265.00

African Marimbas Traditional marimba

from Burkina Faso (Upper Volta) 12 notes in traditional tuning. Hardwood tone bars with gourd resonators and a wooden frame. Very folksy, not in tempered tuning. MAR001 $150.00

12 Note Bass Tongue Drum The majestic sound and

appearance of this attractive drum made from birch and mahogany will add visual appeal and beautiful music to any space. 9 notes, low C’s, ocatve C’s, , F, Low D, A, C#, D#, A#, 23-1/2” x 9” x 8” TUD021 $450.00


Good sounding wooden xylophones with wooden frames, well in tune. 37 Note Floor Standing Model MAR061 $245.00 25 Note Table Top Model MAR060 $98.00


Tuned to the pentatonic scale so notes within the sets are in harmony. There simply are no wrong notes when playing these wonderful instruments! Just a tap on the middle of the bar with the mallets provided produces consistent tones of pure quality that sustain for over six seconds. The instruments are constructed with 1 inch wide aluminum bars, which are lacquered to prevent tarnish and are mounted on black resonator tubes. Practically indestructible, these instruments are excellent for children and adults alike. G Major MAR174 $190.00 D Minor MAR175 $210.00 C Major MAR176 $250.00 A Minor MAR177 $250.00

Tuned Chimes Brilliant shimmering

tone. Comes with mallets. Swedish craftsmanship. Thick, well tuned brass chime bars. 7 Note Pentatonic 7-3/4” x 3-1/2” MAR063 $70.00 8 Note Diatonic 7-3/4” x 3-1/2” MAR064 $70.00 12 Note Diatonic 11-3/4” x 3-1/2” MAR065 $115.00 20 Note Chromatic 12-1/4” x 6-1/2” MAR066 $285.00

Wooden Xylophones

Large xylophones with Rubinia wood tone bars. These instruments break down for easy traveling. Comes with two rubber mallets. Low resonant sound. 8 Note Pentatonic 221/2” x 16-1/2” MAR067 $315.00 8 Note Diatonic 221/2” x 16-1/2” MAR068 $315.00


Pegasus Freenotes

This 23 note metallophone is more than twice the instrument that the wings are. With two complimentary pentatonic scales: A minor and C major tuned at a slight variance; one slightly lower than it’s counterpart on the other side of the instrument. Produces a wavering sound when both bars are sounded simultaneously. This instrument is similar to the tuning strategy utilized in the Balinese Gamelan, and sounds soothing and magical. Long Sustain, 32” wide. MAR144 $515.00

Truly high quality instruments, pleasing both to beginners and accomplished musicians. These marimbas have a rich, clear tone. Padouk wood keys. Small 1 Octave Marimba Exceptional tone in a small (17”) instrument in the key of C. Padouk keys, oak body. MAR056 $125.00


Wooden Glockenspiel with 8 metal tone bars. 12-1/4”, One octave. PER410 $17.50


(Bamboo Bells)

The Angklung is an Indonesian instrument consisting of tuned bamboo tubes hung from a bamboo frame. When shaken, each set of tubes produces one pitch, similar to the melody bells kids used to use in school. Unusual and wonderful! Angle stand, one octave in the key of C. PER100 $120.00 ‘T’ Shaped stand, 8 notes MAR084 $30.00

Bali Xylophone

Miniature size gamelan xylophone, made of carved wood with metal bars. 14-1/2” wide. MAR182 $20.00

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French Canadian Spoons French Canadian Spoons Traditional


These are musical clappers made of ox bone. The player holds a pair in each hand; one ‘bone’ is held between thumb and index finger, a second between index and middle fingers. They are clicked together by flicking the wrist. Known since medieval times when Jongleurs brought them from ancient Rome.

Striped Bones

Attractive wooden bones made of ash, thick walnut strip laminated down the center. BON008 $17.00

Laminated Bones

Laminated bones are quite lovely and have a brighter sound than regular wooden bones; the sound is somewhere between bone and solid wood. Made from a variety of woods: Purpleheart, Hickory, Maple, Rosewood, Cocobolo, Wenge, Zebrawood, Padauk, Tulipwood, Pine, Oak, Maple, Walnut, others BON012 $28.00 Shaped Rosewood

Bone Bones

Shaped Cocuswood




Lark’s Basic

Shooting Star

Bone Bones

We offer the best Bones made of real bone for a sharp, clean sound. Per pair BON007 $29.00

Shooting Star Bones

Finely crafted bones. Hardwoods Cherry BON001C, Canarywood BON017, Primavera BON001P, Oak BON001O $12.00 Exotic Woods Maple BON002M, Vermillion BON002V, Bocote BON002B, Purple Heart BON002H, Goncalo Alves BON002G, Lacewood BON002L, Walnut BON002U, Satinwood BON002S, Osage Orange BON001S, Peroba Rosa BON002P, Chechem BON002C $15.00 Rare Woods Verawood BON003V, Rosewood BON003R, Cocobolo BON003C, Ziricote BON003Z, Mexican Kingwood BON003K, Granadillo BON003G, Tulipwood BON002T $22.00 Bones Bag, holds 2 pairs BON015 $6.00

Shaped Bones

Nice sound and good looking. Shaped naturally to fit your hand. Rosewood BON005 $13.95 Cocuswood BON006 $14.95

Danforth Bones

Traditional shaped bones designed by Percy Danforth, ”Mister Bones.” Pine BON009 $12.00 Walnut BON010W, Cherry BON010C, Hickory BON010H, Maple BON010M or Oak BON010 $12.00 Rosewood BON014 $20.00 Ebony BON011 $50.00

Lark’s Basic Bones

Basic hardwood bones. BON016 $10.00


Limberjacks The limberjack is a fun rhythm instrument from the Appalachian tradition. Great for the kids or for anyone! Sit on a chair, place the board under one leg and bounce the board, hold the man above the board and let him dance. LIM001 $15.00


These limber Jack or Jills are dressed up and ready to party! LIM002 $30.00

Cajun Triangle

(Tee Fer or Bastrinque)

The Cajun triangle known also in Cajun French as “Tee Fer” (little iron) and in Continental French as Bastrinque is a special type of high tensile steel triangle used not like the old dinner bell but as a percussion instrument to accompany music. The use of the triangle dates back to medieval Europe and old Africa. The triangles we offer are made in the traditional Cajun manner fabricated from the tines of an old horse drawn hay rake, 8x8x8. TRI001 $38.00 Trainer, new hard steel, 8x8x8 TRI002 $22.00 Old Fashioned Iron Triangle, 8x8x8 TRI005 $22.00

Rib Bones

These bones are the REAL thing, the original Cro-Magnon instrument from which refined ”modern” bones sprung. Made from high-end (that's the front, for you slickers) ribs of Texas longhorn steers, they're air-cured, cut and polished to deliver a mellow, rich tone somewhere inbetween our other bone bones and our wooden bones. This is the instrument tall ship seamen played, who rescued 16 of them from their beef ration around the Horn, and what the early Mithraists culled from their sacrifices for their proto-ceildhes, long after Lucy had plucked them from the communal roasting-fire for her generation in the Olduvai Gorge. Predating even the drums, these are the most ancient instruments on earth, beating the rhythms of ancestral memory. Because they're hollow, they produce everything from a sonorous woodblock sound to the high click of the traditional Irish or minstrel bones, depending on how you play them - and they have, on average, over 1/2 octave range in variable. A tip/ warning on aging your bones: when you receive them, they are still ”green,” which means some moisture and residual marrow odor remains, which will pass with time. Keep them where there is plenty of air circulation, but remember: dogs will pick up on this instantly, so keep them safely out of reach or they will be eaten! Per pair BON018 $39.00

spoons handcrafted of solid maple. Small SPO001 $15.50 Large SPO003 $21.50 Bargain French Canadian Spoons medium size set (great sound!) Rosewood SPO004 $11.00 Cocuswood SPO005 $14.00

Wooden Spoons Nice sized wooden playing spoons, can be held American style or Turkish style, good sound and feel. SPO011 $17.00

Totumo Fruit Spoons Made of natural totumo fruit

specially treated and cut, fitted with wooden handles, in the region of the northeast Amazon known as the Llanos Orientales. SPO015 $18.00

Cajun Spoons

Before drums and guitars were available for Cajun folk music (in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s), a pair of gumbo spoons were commonly used to help keep time to the music. Most spoons were hand held, but some were mounted into cypress wooden handles and tied with string to prevent slipping from moist hands in the hot weather. The spoons that we offer are mounted in a wooden handle with a rubber filling using real gumbo spoons. A great rhythm instrument! Per set. Large SPO006 $18.00 Small SPO007 $16.00 Basic playing spoons red plastic handle SPO008 $9.50

Newfoundland Spoons

The best sounding metal playing spoons that we have ever heard! 12” with wood handle SPO013 $20.00

Olive Wood Spoons Nice playing spoons made of olive wood. 5”-6” long. Clear resonant sound. SPO010 $17.00

South American Spoons These wood spoons from South

America fit easily in your hand and have a clear bright sound. 7-1/2” long. SPO014 $18.00

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Traditional Castanets 2 Pair Ebony CAS001 $25.00 Boxwood CAS010 $22.00 Rosewood CAS011 $22.00 Hardwood CAS006 $14.00 Matteo Castanets Lightweight synthetic material, responsive, durable, student castanets CAS009 $40.00 Castanets Video Basic fundamentals for gaining technical expertise in the art of castanet playing. Great for dancers or anyone wanting a great rhythm instrument. LAR166 $40.00 Single Castanets On A Handle Ebony CAS012 $30.00 Boxwood CAS014 $27.00 Rosewood CAS013 $27.00 Hardwood CAS007 $12.00 Double Castanets On A Handle Ebony CAS015 $34.00 Boxwood CAS017 $30.00 Rosewood CAS016 $30.00 Hardwood CAS008 $14.00

Wooden Agogo Bell This wonderful rhythm instrument may either be struck or used as a guiro by rubbing the ribbed surface with a stick. 2 bell rosewood PER001 $20.00 3 bell rosewood PER002 $22.00 2 bell cocuswood (brighter sound) PER003 $24.00 3 bell cocuswood (brighter sound) PER004 $26.00 BEL004

Zimbabwe Seed Ankle Rattle Traditional dance


Seed rattle PER031 $18.00

rattles from Zimbabwe, worn around the calves while dancing, pair PER416 $37.00

Wood Claves

Rosewood claves, pleasing sharp percussive tone. From Colombia Small PER388 $10.00 Large PER389 $15.00

Barbell Rattle

Woven cane and gourd rattle in the shape of a barbell. PER358 $10.00


Nice sounding cowbell, made of brass. Perfect for Afro-Cuban rhythms or any other music that needs a metallic rhythm. 5” PER333 $10.00 8” PER334 $14.00 10” PER335 $18.00

Fish Shaped Guiro Made of wood. Great

Claves Solid Rosewood

sound. Tricolor painted PER317 $16.25

Claves. Bright clear sound PER017 $14.50 Hardwood Claves White Wood claves. Nice, clean sound. PER348 $9.50

Wooden Maracas Tricolor painted PER318 $15.25 Apitos

Salsa Claves

These fine claves are made in the Cuban style with one small solid stick and one large hollow stick of seasoned hardwoods; big lower pitch tone ideal for son, son-montuno, salsa, etc.; 12” long by 1-1/2” wide with a 7-1/2” striker. PER386 $23.00

Thai Bells

African Claves

Wonderful bells from Thailand. Great to look at and great to hear! Elephant Bell with stand BEL004 $50.00 Double Elephant Bell with stand BEL186 $50.00 Hanging Wooden Bell BEL187 $20.00 Hanging Metal Bell BEL188 $20.00 Hanging Wooden Ox Bell BEL189 $20.00

Well lathed to a natural nice looking smooth finish, with decorative ends. Rosewood PER417 $11.50 Ebony PER418 $21.00


A great loud sound effect. Use it for the Dance Of The Dead, make ideal groggers for Purim, or just to drive your

3-tone wooden samba whistles, used for rhythm and signaling, each SAM037 $5.00

Brazilian Cuica

Small gourd cuica with a wonderful, amusing sound. Natural skin head. The real thing right from Carnaval. DRU229 $43.00


Made of hardwoods, these woodblocks are very resonant. The standard woodblock, with its deep cut-out soundchamber, has a particularly unique bright tone. Standard Woodblock PER339 $9.50 Hardwood Blocks 3 Piece Set PER338 $21.95 Standard

friends crazy! Classic Ratchet PER005 $18.00 Kids Ratchet PER423 $5.50 Crank Ratchet PER149 $30.00 BEL187 BEL189

Classic Ratchet Hardwood

Triangle Drums

Kids Ratchet BEL188 Crank Ratchet

Handcrafted Bolivian Triangle drums are made with goat skin heads, leather binding, and have colorful tassels plus a decorative playing stick 11” DRU337 $65.00

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Brazilian bass drums used in samba schools, played with a beater in the right hand and open left hand strokes; strong full bass tone. Lightweight bass drum, worn around the neck, tunable plastic head. Strap not included. Basic model, Acousticon shell. 12”x12” DRU100 $239.00 18”x16” DRU101 $329.00 24”x22” DRU102 $451.00 Better model, made in Brazil. Metal shell, 20”x24” DRU103 $270.00 Wood shell, 20”x24” DRU404 $400.00 Wood shell, 18”x24” DRU405 $375.00


Small metal body drum, tunable plastic heads, used as a lead voice in samba; played by striking with a single thin drumstick in the right hand and bare left hand strokes. Loud and bright tone. 12”x12” DRU391 $115.00


This bow and arrow-like instrument has traveled from the jungles of Angola in Africa to Bahia in Brazil, and is a part of Capoeira folk ritual. A bow made of wood selected for its stiffness strung with steel wire, with a resonating gourd attached. Played by striking the string with the stick while fretting the string with a coin or rock and holding a shaker Lark’s Berimbau PER295 $99.00 Brazilian Berimbau PER107 $55.00


Brazilian style snare drums, used in samba schools; played like marching snare drums; metal body, tunable plastic head, adjustable snares. 12” x 4-1/2” DRU394 $109.00


The Tormento from Chile is a wooden box that has jingles inside. You place it on your lap or a table and play it like a hand drum. A wonderful raucous sound. 14” x 8.25” x 2” PER449 $40.00



Traditional drums of the atabake type, as used in pagode and other indoor Samba styles. They are played like congas or placed sideways on the lap and played with one hand on the head and one hand on the shell for surdo-type bass parts in pagode. Wooden shell with tunable plastic heads. 14” x 90 cm DRU384 $255.00 13” x 85 cm DRU385 $189.00


The most important Brazilian drum, it is the main percussion instrument in choro, and is of principal importance in samba, pagode, capoeira, etc. Tunable plastic heads, and special design dry sounding jingles for the authentic tone. Made in Brazil. 12” PER365 $139.00 10” PER109 $109.00


A small hand drum played with a stick which is indispensable for playing authentic samba. Acousticon shell, weatherproof plastic head. 6” PER111 $25.00 8” PER112 $30.50 6” Brazilian, metal shell, tunable PER113 $49.00 6” Brazilian, wood shell, tunable PER367 $54.00

Box Shakers

Take these unusual shakers wherever you go: parties, camping, cook-outs, etc. This 3 piece set offers 3 distinct tones - high, medium, and low. Attractive wood boxes that are habit forming. Handle with fun! 3-1/4”x 2-1/2”x 1-1/4” PER326 $15.75


Wooden Box hand drum traditional to Latin America. Based on packing crates and boxes used instead of drums, with a soundhole. Made from quality laminated woods. The usual way of playing this drum is to sit on it and strike it with your hands. Produces many tones. The striking surface has a loose edge for the slap tone. Basic 13”x13”x19” DRU309 $99.00 Small PER393 $135.00 Medium PER394 $165.00 Large PER395 $225.00


Bravo Use these in the traditional Latin rhythm section, with drumsets, multipercussion, concert, marching, jazz bands. Acousticon shells provide unique sound. Cowbell mouting bracket included. 13” & 14” DRU407 $344.00 Valencia These steel timbales authentically recreate the traditional metal timbale sound. Deeper shells provide more playing area. These are the only timbales with low-profile ears and tension bolts to allow rimshots and cross-sticks on the entire counterhoop. Comes with cowbell mounting bracket. 13” & 14” DRU408 $344.00 14” & 15” DRU409 $560.00


Pro Agogo

Professional model hand-held or stand mounted metal Agogo Bell. Finished in smooth, evenly covered Matte black. Excellent craftsmanship and tone! BEL185 $30.00

Woven Rattles Rattan Tube Rattle, a

woven cylinder with gourd end caps and seeds inside. PER430 $9.00 Basket Rattle, a small seed filled basket with woven handle. PER429 $6.00

Friction drum that makes obscene and wonderful sounds and rhythm. The Cuica is descended from the ancient rommel pot. Basic Cuica, lightweight Acousticon shell, plastic weatherproof head. 5” DRU106 $51.50 8” DRU107 $61.25 12”, tunable DRU108 $162.00 Better Cuica, made in Brazil. Traditional friction drum of Brazil; the older styles are made of natural materials like gourd bodies and animal skin heads, the modern ones are made with metal bodies and tunable plastic heads. The friction stick is inside the drum, unlike other folk friction drums, and is rubbed with a small cloth as the other hand manipulates the drumhead to produce a wide range of very vocal expressive tones. LP Professional Cuica, 9” head, 11” tall DRU174 $235.00

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Metal Guiras Made of aluminum and

Gourds with a skin stretched over the end and a stick attached to the top. By rubbing the stick with a small wet cloth many tones are possible- even rude ones! Large DRU423 $25.00 Small DRU424 $20.00

embossed with hundreds of tiny bumps like the yucca graters formerly used, these guiras produce a dry husky bark when played with their provided metal scraper combs. Popular in merengue and many other styles of Latin

Whirling Buzzer A delightfully noisy musical

device, this has a small body resonator with a string attached to a small rosined dowel; it makes all sorts of vocal tones similar to a rommelpot or cuica. Can be slowly twisted for subtle sounds or whirled around for a serious sound! Fun for all! WHS263 $4.50


This unique instrument of Japan can be played in various ways due to its flexible construction. As the handles are directed dozens of small rectangular wooden blocks contact each other in a captivating active rhythm very similar to the domino effect. 69cm PER383 $50.00

Devil Shakers You’ll have a

devilishly good time shaking the evil spirits away with these fiendishly colorful rattles made of sturdy papier-mache SPS230 $8.00

music. 15-1/2” 12-1/2” 12-1/2” 12-1/2”

long long long long

by by by by

5-1/2” wide CBR006 $54.00 5” wide CBR007 $49.00 4-1/2” wide CBR021 $40.00 3-3/4” wide CBR008 $35.00 12-1/2” long by 5-1/2” wide CBR020 $56.00

Shaker Canz

These distinctive-sounding shakers contain a special blend of fill, plus the unique look of household-type cans. Pro instruments perfect for playing Rock, Jazz, and Latin. Each model has a different sound. Light and Zesty Green PER369 $8.00 Smoky Blue PER370 $8.00 Hot Salsa Red PER371 $8.00


Bamboo Buzz Sticks

Used to ward off evil and as a musical instrument. Tugangay from the Philippines. Carved from bamboo, the handle is split partway up, allowing the instrument to buzz when struck against the thigh or heel of the hand. Great for rhythm or ritual PER167 $18.00

The Centipede

Bamboo tube body with rows of colored seed pods, stick included. Cross between a shaker and scraper. Sounds like a car revving up. PER411 $35.00

Junior Guiros

Made of aluminum, comes with metal scraper comb. Thinner metal and smaller size than the guiras. Small CBR022 $21.50 Medium CBR023 $26.50 Large CBR024 $34.00

Torpedo Guiros Made of aluminium and filled with

Achirilla seeds. Very similar to the junior guiros but with tapered ends that keep in the seeds. Small CBR025 $23.00 Medium CBR026 $27.00 Large CBR027 $36.00

Totumo Fruit Maracas Made of natural totumo fruit specially

treated and filled with achirilla seeds, fitted with wooden handles. In the region of the northeast Amazon known as the Llanos Orientales, these are used in Musica Llanera and are called capachos. PER392 $40.00

Devil Chasers


Sections of bamboo connected with string make this a very fun rattle. Just grab the ends and pull them taut. PER387 $11.00


Gourd body, wood base with a maraca-like sound. Suggestive design. Per pair. PER422 $23.00


Similar in use and playing technique to a guiro, but with its own unique tone; tubular design, made of bamboo. Comes with comb scratcher. PER391 $19.00

Uli Uli

From Hawaii, magnificent feathered gourds are attached to rattan handles. The feathers are of bright colors while the gourds are filled with the right amount of beads to produce excellent tone. PER320 $145.00

Animal Wood Clappers

Made of wood with carved animal handles. Flick your wrist to make the wooden slats strike each other “domino” fashion. Gecko TOY034 $19.50 Dolphin TOY033 $19.50

Medicine Rattles Magical traditional Native

American rattles made of leather with willow wood handles. Each NAD125 $13.00

Jawbone Rattle

Native American style dance rattles used by shamans as part of tribal rituals for healing the sick, bringing the rain, driving out evil spirits or generally changing bad for good. PER168 $32.00

One string fiddle from northern Ghana. Gourd body, skin head, horse hair strings, bow included. Small 7” x 24” VIO037 $150.00 Large 8” x 28” VIO038 $195.00

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Everyone’s Drumming

Ashikos, Djembes and Talking Drums handcrafted in the USA. Lightweight, durable and comfortable to play, with a natural finish and goat skin head. The new “It’s a Cinch” tuning method makes Everyone’s Drumming Djembes and Ashikos the easiest and fastest of all rope-tensioned drums to tune. You can tune your drum in under a minute! When we first called Everyone’s Drumming it was Friday afternoon, and we could hear drumming in the background. They explained, “We get so busy making drums, we forget to make music. Friday afternoon we make a point of drumming.” Now that’s the spirit!


Large Ashiko This Ashiko is a large drum with a large sound for those who like the lower tonal range. 14” x 24” Aspen DRU314 $295.00 Maple DRU315 $320.00 Standard Ashiko This mid-sized drum offers a huge amount of range and sound. It is the most popular of the Ashiko series. 12” x 24” Aspen DRU312 $265.00 Maple DRU313 $290.00 Small Ashiko This slightly smaller Ashiko is similar in shape but has much higher pitched tones and a clear resonant bass and a slap that attacks. 10” x 22” Aspen DRU439 $240.00 Maple DRU440 $260.00

Djembes Large Djembe This

is not a drum for the meek at heart! It’s deep resounding bass will shake the walls and rattle your bones. 15-1/2” x 26” Aspen DRU445 $395.00 Maple DRU446 $420.00 Standard Djembe Stand up and be heard! This is their most popular Djembe. It’s well rounded balance of tones, slaps, bass and it’s ideal size make it a comfortable drum to play. 14” x 24” Aspen DRU443 $325.00 Maple DRU444 $355.00 Small Djembe This small Djembe has an amazing amount of sound. The convenience of a smaller drum offers an easier travelling companion and a great size for beginners or children. 12” x 20” Aspen DRU441 $290.00 Maple DRU442 $315.00

Talking Drums Make your drum really speak. This

drum derives its name from its versatility and ability to change pitch. By squeezing the rope, the tension on the heads change, and this changes the pitch. Played with a stick or your hands, you’ll really enjoy the variety of sounds that emanate from this drum. Standard 9” x 18” or Small 7” x 18” Standard, Aspen TAD015 $240.00 Standard, Maple TAD016 $260.00 Small, Aspen TAD024 $230.00 Small, Maple TAD025 $250.00



The Djembe drum is undoubtedly one of the most powerful drums in existence. It has been called “The Healing Drum,” and dates back to the 12th C. great Mali Empire of West Africa, and the Mandingo People. A sacred drum, it was utilized in ceremonies such as healing, ancestor worship, rites of passage, warrior rituals, communication, and storytelling. It has an incredible tonal range, from body-felt bass to thunderclap slap tone, and a dynamic range from whisper soft to a lion’s roar setting it apart from other drums. Made in Africa. Small DRU222 $150.00 Large DRU221 $275.00

Bargain Djembes

Lark’s Bargain Djembes made of hardwoods with a goatskin head. Rope Tension Models 8” x 13” Mini DRU399 $100.00 10” x 17” Small DRU291 $140.00 12” x 21” Medium DRU292 $175.00 14” x 25” Large DRU043 $220.00 Rod Tension Models 8” x 13” Mini DRU400 $115.00 10” x 17” Small DRU401 $160.00 12” x 21” Medium DRU402 $195.00 14” x 25” Large DRU403 $235.00

Djembe/ Ashiko Bag Beautiful colorful bag of

sturdy construction, well padded, with zipper closure and carrying straps. Fits up to 16” x 25” Djembe/Ashiko CSE057 $29.00 Fits up to 12” x 22” Djembe/ Ashiko CSE058 $24.50

Dual Slider Straps Great straps for congas,

djembes, ashikos & surdos. Short 90” DRU420 $40.00 Standard 110” DRU421 $40.00 Large 130” DRU422 $40.00

Djembe Display Rack Display rack for Djembe and

Ashiko drums, holds 6 drums. PER448 $250.00

Nose Flute

Fun wind instrument that anyone can play. Great as party favors. Hold the windway against your nose, and the hole of the ”fipple” against your mouth. Breathe out naturally through your nose while shaping your mouth in different ways. Wonderful fun! WIN103 $1.50

Metal Nose Flute

Take your nose to the next level with this heavy duty nose flute, made of solid metal. SAM025 $42.00

Aspire Congas Set of two wooden congas

with stand. The 10” and 11” heads are carefully matched to the shell; the hardware is designed for optimum sound and long life of the shell. With stand. CON021 $419.00 Single Conga, 11” no stand CON020 $185.00 Basket stand for single conga CON022 $57.00

Beautiful Maple Ashikos Made of staves of maple with a

goat skin head and unique rope tensioning system, by Mountain Rythym. 8” x 17” DRU272 $249.94 10” x 22” DRU273 $319.99 12” x 27” DRU274 $399.95

Carved Djembe Djembe with beautiful hand

carved floral designs and conga style head tension system. 12” DRU353 $225.00 14” DRU354 $245.00

Metal Djembe Shaker This Djembe shaker includes a

metal handle covered in leather, with large metal body and jingle rings. PER431 $20.00

Story Teller’s Drum

These unique square frame drums are used as a backup instrument by storytellers in Morocco. Painted with beautiful traditional designs on both sides. Wonderful sound and look. Small DRU038 $40.00 Medium DRU039 $50.00 Large DRU040 $70.00

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Rope Tension Ashikos

Arthur Hull is well known internationally for his amazing approach to drum teaching, with special emphasis on cooperation and community spirit in the drum circle; he has also performed with many artists including Babatunde Olatunji. In addition he designs quality drums. Arthur Hull’s Signature Rope Tension Ashikos, designed for Remo, combine traditional West African design with new materials to create an excellent instrument that is visually and tonally authentic. The rope tension system is improved by use of Hull’s special “Triple Bump” design aiding fine tuning without adding hardware; the head is pretuned Mondo Fiberskyn 3, which sounds like fine goatskin but is unaffected by weather and very durable. The drums are made of Acousticon H/D, a stable strong resonant material, and have a molded bearing edge. Highly resistant to cracking or damage, Acousticon is light in weight and has the warmth and resonance of fine wood. Included are instructions for tying and tuning the rope tension system. 20”x10” DRU317 $305.00 24”x10” DRU318 $325.00 24”x12” DRU319 $346.00 27”x13” DRU320 $379.00 30”x14” DRU321 $407.00

Horn Guiro Guiro (Huiro) made of

cow horn PER030 $20.00

Mini Conga Nice small, easy to carry

conga with skin head. 7” x 20” CON001 $100.00

Mini Tunable Congas

Talking Drums

Hira Daiko 7” x 31-1/4” CON019

Paolo Mattioli Signature Djembes The Djembe is the traditional drum

Hira Daiko 5” x 13-1/4”

Taiko Drums

Nagado Daiko

The legend, mystery, tone, and appearance of Japanese Taiko Drums are now authentically recreated in Remo's new Taiko Drum Collection. The Taiko drums include 3 models of hira daikos which feature 1/2” Acousticon H/D shells, 3-point suspension system, and pre-tuned FiberSkyn3 F4 heads for a full, traditional sound. The Nagado Daiko features a non-stretched, pretuned F4 head for durability. It also has an extreme slope from the center of the shell to the head which helps provide a rich, warm tone. The traditional look and sound of the rope-tensioned Okedo Drum completes the group. One pair of Taiko sticks are included with each drum; custom-made drum stands sold separately. Venwood or Black Lacquer Finish 5” x 13-1/4” Hira Daiko DRU304 $393.00 5” x 15-1/4” Hira Daiko DRU305 $505.00 7” x 31-1/4” Hira Daiko DRU306 $1123.00 26” x 20” Nagado Daiko (black texured finish only) DRU307 $1530.00 20” x 18” Okedo Drum (Venwood only) DRU308 $1224.00

a protective rubber gasket at the outer edge of the top and bottom counterhoops, and West African Stripe Fabri Finish. Shown with mallet (not included). Kanago 11” x 6” TAD019 $195.00 Esaju 15” x 6” TAD020 $218.00 Luailu 16” x 8” TAD021 $299.00 Ejin 18” x 8” TAD022 $325.00 Mallet TAD023 $19.00

Miniature Replica of a full size wood conga is ideal for playing, travel or display. Made from environmentally friendly, kiln dried Siam Oak, natural rawhide head, and chrome plated hardware, it’s a great gift idea. 11”x4-1/2” CON019 $49.00 Junior Conga made of hardwoods with hook tension tuning and three metal adjustable/ removable legs. 17” tall x 8” wide CON023 $75.00


Okedo Drum

Francis Awe Talking Drums Francis Awe Remo Talking Drums now feature

of the West African Mandingo people, and this model from Remo, developed in conjunction with internationally recognized expert Paolo Mattioli, delivers the traditional sound with several modern advantages. The synthetic shell maximizes the tone, with both a rich low fundamental and excellent projection, at the same time reducing weight and increasing durability and weather-resistance. The goatskin is replaced by the Remo Mondo Fiberskyn which reproduces the tonal color and feel of the best skin heads without the disadvantages of natural skin. In addition, the old rope tuning is replaced by mechanical tuners which allow for rapid pitch changes and makes changing heads much faster and easier. Strap not included. 10” DRU350 $224.00 12” DRU341 $262.00 14” DRU349 $322.00 16” DRU351 $356.00 18” DRU352 $456.00

“Adondo” drums have many uses in African society. Drums are used through the life span of the African. During birth, initiation and death the sound of the drum is present. They are made from various objects including calabash, gourds, wood, bamboo etc. “Talking Drums” are widely used in Ghana especially by the Ashantis. They send messages of happiness, sorrow and war. to other tribes through the beating of the drum. They are called “Talking Drums” because they can produce a wide range of pitches including high female sounds and low male sounds by squeezing the drum. There is a language that is spoken with these magical sounding drums. Our basic Adondo is made of wood with skin heads & leather thongs, comes with a striker. Made in the traditional manner. Small, approx. 11” tall TAD009 $45.00 Medium, approx. 13” tall TAD001A $65.00 Large, 17” - 19” tall TAD001 $85.00 Hausa Kalangou Talking Drum Professional talking drum of the Hausa tribe, made in the traditional manner TAD013 $175.00 Engraved Metal Talking Drums Unique talking drums with rope tension and either a nickel or brass shell with engraving. Beautiful and great sound. Hourglass 10”x13” TAD002 $100.00 Small Traditional talking drum shape, 7”x10”, with stick TAD003 $100.00 Medium Traditional talking drum shape, 8”x15”, with stick TAD004 $95.00 TAD009




This visually expressive drum features a highly decorated 19-1/2” conical body with gold floral pattern and reflective color mylar spots. 10” natural skin head. A sturdy adjustable nylon shoulder strap allows for easy portability and ‘over the shoulder’ playability. The drum has a nice conga like tone. CON026 $59.95



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Tamalins are popular square frame drums among the Ashanti and Ga people of Ghana and are used in modern Highlife as well as traditional Adowa and Sikyi. They are held with one hand in the middle of the cross frame and struck with the other hand. Goat skin heads. Mini 9” x 9” DRU280 $40.00 Small 11” x 11” DRU281 $50.00 Medium 12” x 16” DRU282 $95.00 Large 14” x 19” DRU283 $115.00

Brass Shakers


African Drums Ewe Barrel Drums Drums of the Ewe speaking people. Skin is

stretched across the mouth of the drum and pulled taut by a durable rope and peg tuning system. Ewe barrel drums are constructed in various sizes which articulate the function and character of each drum in the ensemble. The drums are played upright, tilted or suspended in a stand. Played with sticks or hands, they produce a variety of distinct projecting tones. Sogo-Kidi-Kagan These are the most common Ewe barrel drums and are usually played together in an ensemble. The Sogo can double as a lead or support drum, while the Kidi and Kagan are strictly used as support drums. The Sogo is played with hands or sticks while both Kidi and Kagan are high pitched and played with sticks. Sogo 9” x 25” Y DRU253 $370.00 Kidi 8” x 23” Y DRU254 $320.00 Kagan 7” x 23” Y DRU255 $205.00 Atsimevu Very tall lead or master drum, often played on a stand. 8-1/2”x45” Y DRU256 $560.00 9-1/2”x50” Y DRU257 $620.00 Kloboto-Totodzi These stout barrel drums are low in pitch and function as support drums. They are played with sticks and have a muffled sound. Kloboto 18” x 10” Y DRU258 $210.00 Totodzi 17” x 10” Y DRU259 $210.00 Boba Boba is the lowest and richest sounding Ewe drum. It also functions as a lead drum and it can be played with sticks or hands. About 34” x 16” Y DRU260 $625.00

Zulu Hide Drum

Nice sounding hand drums covered in kudu hide. 1/2 Liter Drum approx. 3-1/2” x 4-1/2” DRU298 $10.00 5 Liter (pictured) PER171 $38.00

Unique brass animal shakers with a caged bottom containing metal pellets that jingle when shaken. A traditional bell of India which was once used as a warning to men of the presence of females in the vicinity, and to avoid disturbing them. Brass Fish Shaker PER445 $20.00 Brass Frog Shaker PER446 $20.00 Brass Pig Shaker PER447 $20.00



These double bells are handforged by the best Ewe blacksmiths and are used for all of their traditional music. The Gankoqui is created from iron that is heated to blistering temperature, hammered and shaped to the proper size and set back in the fire for tempering. Its clear and cutting tone demonstrates why it has been the center of so much traditional African music PER116 $35.00


Hand forged from iron, these bells produce clear, cutting, high-pitched tones. The Toke is held in the palm and played with a beater. The Firikyiwa is placed on the middle finger and struck with an iron ring worn around the thumb (African iron castanet). Toke 6” PER258 $18.00 Toke 7” PER259 $20.00 Toke 8” PER248 $23.00 Firkyiwa 2” PER232 $10.00


Bass drum from Ghana. Thin goat skin head, 1/2” shell covered with cloth. Includes shoulder strap, long curved stick. 14.5”x14.5” DRU261 $250.00

Kpoko Kpoko Double-ended wood

bells come from the Ebo tribe of southcentral Nigeria. The rattles produce a very unique wood rattling sound. Lightweight, natural wood with a woodsy-

clangy sound. Small 8” x 3-1/2” x 1-1/2”, fits a small hand comfortably PER304 $18.00 Medium 12” x 6-1/2” x 2-1/2”, fits hand comfortably, deeper woodsy-clangy sound PER305 $36.00 Large 14” x 6-1/2” x 2-1/2”, fits hand comfortably, deep woodsy-clangy sound PER306 $50.00

African Drumming Books

African Rhythm & African Sensibilities by Chernoff. Unique & wonderful book! The author spent over a decade as a drum student in West Africa. Interesting reading along with precise descriptions of poly-rhythmic structures. BOO105 $16.00 Matching cassette BOO106 $22.00 Drum Gahu: An Introduction to African Rhythms Book/CD Set By David Locke. How to listen to, understand and perform a typical West African drum piece. BOA880 $29.95 Mandiani Drum and Dance Djimbe Performance and Black Aesthetics from Africa to the New World by Sunkett. BOA283 $19.95

Gankoqui Double

Tanzania Whistle

African 2 tone wooden whistle WHS014 $6.50


Amazing sounding instrument from Africa. Forged from steel, producing a high pitched vibrational rattling type sound. Reminds one of the background sound of the jungle! 20” long. UDU014 $60.00

Rosewood Ashikos

Good sounding ashiko drums with traditional rope tensioning made of rosewood with skin head. These drums sound and look great, for bargain prices! 9” x 20” DRU035 $132.00 14” x 27” DRU036 $285.00 14” x 40” Standing Ashiko, thundering sound. DRU037 $360.00

Mini Ashikos

Wonderful small ashiko drums that you can take anywhere! Great for kids also. Solid wood staved body with natural skin heads for traditional sound. Non-Tunable Models: 8” diameter x 12” high DRU233 $50.00 8” diameter x 16” high DRU234 $55.00 8” diameter x 20” high DRU235 $60.00 8” diameter x 24” high DRU236 $70.00 Tunable Models: 8” diameter x 12” high DRU237 $55.00 8” diameter x 16” high DRU238 $65.00 8” diameter x 20” high DRU239 $70.00 8” diameter x 24” high DRU240 $80.00

Rhythm Gourd

Cowrie shells create the incredible sound of this African rhythm instrument. From 1/2 a large gourd, painted and carved in striking African designs. Shake it, play it like a hand drum, makes an amazing variety of sounds! PER161 $40.00

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Udu Drums

The beautiful Udu Drum originates from Nigeria. Surprisingly, it began not as a percussion instrument, but as a common clay pot made for carrying water. When a potter from the ancient Ibo tribe inadvertently made an opening in the side of one of his vase-shaped water vessels, he discovered the pot's earthy, musical sound. Because some believed its haunting tone to be the ”voice of the ancestors,” the simple side-hole drum - sculpted entirely from earth, water, fire, and air - came to be an important part of religious ceremonies in southern and central Nigeria. Though the drum had different names depending on the region in which it was used, ”udu” was the Ibo name, meaning both ”pottery” and ”peace” in the tribal language. Today's Udu Drum has become accessible to the world's percussionists through the efforts of one man - artist, industrial designer, and master ceramicist, Frank Giorgini. Some twenty years ago, Giorgini began painstakingly hand crafting the clay drums by traditional Nigerian pottery techniques and engineering them to acoustic perfection. He created a versatile musical instrument that appealed to percussionists and was so beautifully designed it was added to the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. As the demand for his handmade drums grew, the designer was moved to devise a system for producing them in greater quantities, more quickly. Through a slipcasting process, he produced his Claytone Series - Udu's with the same quality tone of the hand-sculpted originals, but more easily made. Now, LP Music Group continues that process, producing Udu drums that have ”the voice of the ancestors.”

Museum Udu

Create beautiful sounds and vibrations that are both pure and spiritual with this small udu drum. UDU019 $69.00 How to Udu Video VID189 $24.95 ”How To” of UDU Instructional book and cassette on how to play the UDU drum UDU009 $30.00

Udu Drums

Handcrafted ceramic drums traditional to Africa. Slap the body, on or off the hole for deep, widely varied resonant tones. The sound is reminiscent of the tabla. 9” Udu Drum UDU012 $120.00 13” Udu Drum UDU011 $135.50 13” Udu Drum with added drum head for greater tone colors. UDU013 $275.00 9” Udu Igbah Drum UDU020 $240.00


Clay ring covered with goatskin, played with a stick. From Nigeria. 4” PER250 $12.00 6” PER281 $18.00 8” PER282 $24.00 10” PER283 $38.00 12” PER284 $50.00 13” PER285 $65.00


Traditional South American rope tension drums. A lovely, well-made drum with a great sound. Goat skin with hair left on. Comes with sticks. 6” DRU187 $60.00 10” DRU186 $120.00 12” DRU026 $150.00 18” DRU162 $325.00


Bolivian drum, wood shell, goatskin heads with hair. 26” diameter, 13” deep. Big sound! DRU277 $325.00

Buffalo Horn Whistles Single tone whistles with a clear

sound. Lightly etched with fine lines to give life to their carved forms. Basic Whistle WHS158 $10.00

African Reed Shaker Great rhythm instrument from Africa. Rattle with reed framework and pebbles inside for a full rainstick-like sound PER013 $20.00


Nutshells are attached at the end of a wooden handle to make a full resonant rattling sound. Effects range from a very loud tone when shaken strongly, to a quiet rattle when the handle is barely turned. PER329 $16.00

Klong Yaw

In Thailand the Klong Yaw is used in many musical styles including religious music in the Buddhist temples. They have a relatively long body in comparison to the head, and have a wide range of tones from booming lows to crisp snappy highs. Originally made of wood, with a skin head, these are made of Acousticon, a synthetic material that is strong, light and resonant; the head is Fiberskyn 3, a special synthetic that is weather-resistant, durable, and has a great natural-sounding tone. These drums have traditional rope tension tuning and carrying strap. 27”x8” KLO007 $274.00 29”x9-1/4” KLO006 $294.00 31”x11-1/4” KLO008 $317.00 31”x13-1/4” KLO009 $356.00 Klon Yaw Made In Thailand Made of wood, with a skin head. 30”x9-1/2” KLO001 $150.00 35”x12” KLO002 $190.00

Antique brass bell with handle One piece brass bell with built in loop handle, double linked clapper that plays a lower resonant note BEL246 $24.00

Short Congas

Short Conga. Made of birch with a colorful finish, strap included. 9” x 11” CON024 $65.00 Birch Short Conga set, natural finish, comes with stand. 8” x 9” x 13-1/2” CON025 $135.00


This is a wooden handle with 4 pairs of cutout gourd “jingles” attached; when shaken it makes a wonderful dry clacking tone PER328 $12.00

Koko Shaker Made of two hemispherical

gourds filled with pellets and glued together, this is a round shaker with a string handle. It makes a clear dry maraca-like rattle when shaken. PER327 $10.00

Tunable Djembes Djembe Straight Side, birch body, tunable.

13” x 25” DRU433 $145.00 Djembe Traditional Shape, Chinese Catalpa body, tunable. 13” x 25” DRU434 $155.00

Zambia Rattles

Primitive seed pod rattles from Zambia PER026 $11.00

Nutshell Shakers Shakers made of nut shells; quite loud with a sharp sound. Large size, nicely made PER150 $21.00

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Bongos Bongo is the Cuban term for a variety of small

Afro-Cuban drums, one of which is the bongo we are familiar with. Bongos are an integral part of Latin Percussion, particularly as a solo instrument. They are mainly played sitting down, held between the knees. The modern bongo is tuned much higher as befitting its role as the soloist in the Latin Rhythm Section. The modern playing technique is based on a stroking pattern called the “Martillo.” The bongo player also doubles on cowbell, which is used during the Montuno Section, when the rhythmic intensity and volume grows greater. Basic Bongos, Wooden body bongo, with curved rims for comfort, chrome plated professional hardware, and a traditional tone perfect for Cuban and Salsa style music. DRU451 $57.00 Better quality hardwood Bongos, skin head, tunable DRU339 $110.00 Nice Wooden Bongos, skin head, tunable DRU178 $90.00 Striped Bongo decent wooden tunable bongo DRU041 $65.00 Child’s Bongo wooden, skin heads 4” & 4-1/2” KID016 $25.95 Mini Bongos Made from kiln dried, environmentally friendly Siam Oak, with rawhide heads. Tuning wrench and instructions included. 10” x 4” DRU340 $49.00 Bongo Deluxe Hardwood, black powder coated hardware DRU425 $140.00 Egyptian Bongos Aluminum shell, vinyl covered, bright sounding plastic heads. DRU218 $100.00

DRU451 KID016



DRU425 DRU178





Painted Bamboo Hurio and scraper, about 22-23 inches long, makes a great sharp full-bodied tone. PER452 $9.95

Rattan Maracas Approx. 14 inches long, with round

Rebana The Rebana Hand Drum is

made from a single piece of hardwood, app. 14” diameter and about 3 inches thick, mounted with a natural goatskin head, and has a wonderful crisp but rich tone. DRU452 $75.00


Similar to the Rebana Hand drum, but with 3 single pairs of large jingles that turn it into a great tambourine; app 14” diameter by about 3 inches thick, carved wooden body, goatskin head. DRU453 $82.00


basketweave design, wrapped handles, and coconut shell inner resonator, these have a tone somewhat between Cuban maracas and a caxixi. PER453 $22.00

Vietnamese Jaw Harp These are the best sounding

jaw harps hands down that we have ever heard. Fashioned out of a solid piece of brass, very loud and responsive. JAW015 $12.00



Goat toenail rattles, colorful handwoven band. PER025S $19.00 Belt 57” PER025B $49.50


Modern version of the traditional Merengue drum, replacing the rope tension and wooden hoops with conga-style metal hardware on natural finish wooden shell, 2 genuine skin heads, 12 inch diameter. Comes with stand. DRU449 $135.00

Bougarabou Drums

Bougarabous are the Ivory Coast version of a Conga Drum. The rope tension head is cow hide. Played like a conga they have a deep bass, rich full tone, and conga slap. Played in a room full of Djembes they can carry the whole bass accompaniment! 11”x 25”Y DRU265 $290.00 12”x 26”Y DRU267 $370.00 Bargain High Quality Model 11-1/2” x 27-1/2” DRU431 $240.00

Carved Djembe Design based on the

traditional drum of the West African Mandingo people. Goat skin head, one piece high grade mahogany body hand carved by master Balinese carvers. 70 CM DRU436 $230.00 60CM DRU437 $210.00 50CM DRU438 $135.00

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Ashiko type drum from Ghana with goat skin head. Djembe sound. Small 10”x24” PER268 $230.00 Large 12”x26” PER269 $295.00


Nice basket rattles from Nigeria. Small 5” PER230 $10.00 Medium 10” PER229 $16.00 Large 13” PER228 $21.00

Kayamba Rattle

Bamboo Jaw Harps

Hexagonal percussion instrument 7” across, made of wood and reeds PER033 $24.00

Traditional bamboo jaw harps, kubing from the Philippines. Small, 8” long JAW002 $8.00 Large, 11” fancier model, used by the Maranau tribe in the Philippines JAW003 $14.00 Brass Covered Bamboo 11” long JAW011 $19.50 Bamboo Jaw Harp From Thailand, Jaw Harp with bamboo case JAW009 $9.50


A cross between a jaw harp and spoons. You put the Clackamore up to your lips, play on the hammer and shape your mouth like a jaw harp. Great unusual sound! Handcrafted in hardwoods. JAW010 $23.00


Oval shaped iron gongs from Nigeria. Single Small 7” PER264 $11.00 Medium 9” PER265 $17.00 Large 11” PER266 $25.00 Ex-Large 13” PER267 $40.00 Double Small 7” PER261 $18.00 Medium 9” PER249 $26.00 Large 11” PER262 $35.00 Ex-Large 13” PER263 $75.00

Gudugudu Nigerian small wood kettle

drums played with thin rawhide sticks. Tuning paste on head produces a 2 tone effect 7”x5.5” DRU270 $89.95 Extra stick DRU270S $4.00


Set of 3 Nigerian hourglass shaped drums with goatskin heads 4”x9”each DRU271 $165.00 Extra stick DRU271S $8.00


The sounds are created when the wooden slats are caused to strike one another in a ”domino” fashion. Great sound PER123 $57.00

Pancake Drum

You can play this double sided drum by twirling the handle between your hands. This causes the beads to strike the heads, creating a clean, vibrant tone. Many rhythms are possible with this fascinating instrument. PER347 $12.00


This is the wooden version of the traditional “jawbones” originally from the Caribbean Islands and from the Andean region where it is played in a different way. It is traditionally made with jaw bones (inferior maxillary) of a donkey, a horse, or an oxen. Numerous effects can be created with this instrument, just hold it by the handle and strike it with the other hand. Total length 15” PER441 $58.00

Beaded Shaker

Great small afuche/cabasa type percussion instrument. A coconut shell is mounted on a handle; the shell has a wire net with glass beads which is held in one hand while the other turns the handle to play rhythms. It has a clear crisp tone that makes it easy to articulate a precise groove; perfect for Latin and many other styles of music. PER330 $45.00

Jaw Harps

Austrian made, decent quality, inexpensive, good sound. JAW001 $6.50 Great American Jaw Harp JAW006 $10.95 Fun With the Jaw Harp Book BOA683 $3.95 Play the Jaw Harp Now instructional cassette with Austrian jaw harp BOK005 $12.00


Great American

Guaranteed Jaw Harp These jaw harps are individually hand

crafted out of stainless steel for the frame and spring steel for the tongue. They have a clear voice and quick snap, and are hand tuned to A440. The makers have such confidence in their product that if the jaw harp breaks during normal use they will replace it free of charge! Available in any key. Key of C JAW007C, D JAW007D, Eb JAW007Eb, E JAW007E, F JAW007F, F# JAW007FS, G JAW007G, G# JAW007GS, A JAW007A, Bb JAW007Bb, B JAW007B, High C JAW007HC, High C# JAW007HCS, High D JAW007HD, $24.00 Chromatic set, d-d’ JAW008 $285.00

Whirling Drums

Clay Drum

Tasha 10” diameter clay drum with skin head. Good sound DRU247 $20.00 Wooden Stand DRU247S $8.00

Earth Drums

The Amazing Paper Drum

Beautiful and unique musical instrument with an amazing sound! Playable on both sides, the single head is hand made from flax and linen. Stretched taut across a bent, tubular rim. Notes can be bent. Only 1/4” thick. A great portable instrument. Colorful designs reminiscent of earth seen from outer space. 10” DRU241 $30.00, 12” DRU242 $40.00 14” DRU243 $50.00, 16” DRU244 $60.00 18” DRU245 $80.00, 20” DRU246 $100.00

Hold these drums (tik-tak drums) between both of your palms and rub back and forth making the drums whirl. The sound changes with your rhythm and speed. Made in Africa, with a handlaced skin head and a handcarved wooden stick. Small PER007 $10.00 Medium PER008 $12.00 Large PER009 $14.00 Double small PER023 $12.00 Double medium PER022 $15.00

Bamboo Drum

Two tensionable heads, coconut resonators, decorated bamboo body, carry strap, 19-1/2” long. DRU430 $30.00

Avaga & Adodo

Avaga Single Iron Gongs from Ghana. Round shaped bell tapering to a handle at one end. Mini 2.5” PER244 $8.00 Small 3.5” PER243 $9.00 Medium 5” PER242 $13.00 Large 7” PER241 $20.00 Ex-Large 9” PER240 $25.00 Small 3.5” PER247 $10.00 Medium 5” PER275 $15.00 Large 7” PER276 $21.00 Ex-Large 9” PER277 $29.00 Adodo Cluster Of Bells forged to each end of a metal rod. From Ghana. Small 10” PER278 $30.00 Large 12” PER231 $35.00

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Sanh Sua

Imitates the sound of a frog or cricket. 2 bamboo handles attached to a wooden handle with 2 wooden endpieces beautifully inlaid in abalone. Squeeze the handle in different places with different pressure and rhythm for wonderful sounds. 11” long. Made in Vietnam. PER195 $25.00

T’rung Xylophones Fun xylophones made of

bamboo, from Vietnam. Small MAR040 $28.00 Medium MAR041 $75.00 Large MAR042 $150.00

Chun Mo

Gong Ban

Phach Gat

Inlaid Wood Block. Wonderful sounding rosewood wood block inlaid with mother of pearl designs. The block has serrations on the top to be used as a great sounding scraper. Made in Vietnam. PER287 $20.00

Dan Tinh

Bird Clapper

The Mo Chim Gua is made of wood and bamboo. The carved bird strikes the temple block when the handle is squeezed, or in the case of the double, the two blocks are struck when the handle is squeezed. Single PER212 $20.00

Carved Whistles

Beautifully carved in Nepal with an intricate jungle of animals and plants, these 6 hole wooden whistles play just like pennywhistles. WHS061 $20.00

Vietnamese Flute

6 Hole wooden flute (khenthai) inlaid with beautiful mother of pearl designs, a little funky but a wonderful instrument. FLU035 $49.00

Pig Rasp

Small Danmo Smaller version of the

Danmo, also with 5 carved wood blocks and 4 tone blocks with scrapers, comes with double ended sticks. Folksy construction. 33” Tall. MAR043S $175.00

2 wooden temple blocks and a slit hardwood block attached to a wooden handle. Played with a stick. 13” tall PER196 $35.00

A hardwood block attached to a bamboo handle. The ball strikes the block when the handle is squeezed. 7” long PER197 $10.00


A wonderful percussion instrument on a wooden stand. 5 carved wood blocks and 4 tone blocks with rasps, comes with double ended sticks. Folksy construction. 40” tall. You can play with these for hours! MAR043 $270.00

Carved wooden body, can be struck or rubbed; comes with stick PER322 $18.00

Rosewood Flute

2 string wooden-faced banjo from Vietnam. 40” long. Gourd body with a nice sound! STR143 $98.00

Launeddas Triple Clarinet This isn't a bagpipe but a set

of pipes that you put in your mouth. You use your mouth as the bag. They sound like a zampogna (Italian bagpipes). The launeddas is a triple clarinet made of cane from Sardinia. The launeddas is thought to be of Phoenician origin; a similar instrument is portrayed in the 13th century Cantigas de Santa Maria. Two pipes are melody pipes, and the third is a long drone. Made of 3 types of cane, beeswax and waxed thread. The pipe on the right is a melody pipe, called mancosa, with 5 holes, one of which is the vent hole; the middle pipe is the drone, called tumba; and the left melody pipe is called macosedda and has 6 holes. Each pipe has a single reed, and all 3 reeds are mouthed. Traditionally played using circular breathing. Great sound, similar to a bagpipe. WIN022 $180.00

Beautiful rosewood 6 hole flute from Vietnam. Comes with hardshell case. FLU058 $60.00

Frog Rasps Wooden frogs that produce a froglike sound

when you stroke their backs with included playing stick. Great fun sound. 1-3/4 PER457 $5.00 3” PER208 $16.00 4” PER209 $20.00 5” PER297 $25.00 6” PER210 $30.00 7” PER298 $35.00 8” PER211 $45.00

Fish Rasps Great sounding

combination scraper and wood block, in whimsical animal shapes. Made in Vietnam. Small Fish 8” PER032 $15.00 Medium Fish 12” PER323 $20.00 Large Fish 18” PER321 $32.00


Chirimia Guatemalen folkloric shawm, simple 6

hole fingering, wide broad buzzy tone; wooden body, metal staple, plastic reed. Originally played with marimbas in Mayan rituals. WIN006 $60.00

Stone Flutes Made in Italy out of solid stone. 6 hole

flute, 91/2” long pitched in high G with a wooden case. Very fragile (don't drop). Sounds great! JFL005 $100.00

Ceramic Flutes

Beautiful ceramic flutes, colors vary. Key of G 17” FLU036 $90.00 Key of D 22” FLU037 $110.00

Gallery Flute

Starting from a solid wood block, each flute is handcarved, then appliqued with high-quality hardwoods. This flute has a red cedar core with Curly Maple applique and a Pacific Yew soundboard. Made by Stellar NAF111 $385.00

The Art of the Native American Flute Book by R. Carlos Nakai and James Demars. Part

1 includes tunings, fingerings, performance technique, tablature, style, history, standard notation, traditional ornaments, care and maintenance of the Native American Flute. Part 2 is 16 transcriptions of songs from Nakai’s recordings, and part 3 is an analysis of Nakai’s role in Native American culture as a recording artist and performer by ethnomusicologist David McAllester BOA551 $19.95

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Stellar Flutes

Native American Style Flutes Handcrafted by Amon Olorin

Incredible sounding, beautifully made flutes by Stellar. Available in cedar, cherry and walnut NAF031 $100.00 Flute with ornamentation NAF032 $120.00 Guatemalan fabric bag NAF031B $35.00

Bass Native American Flute Carved block 29” in C with Horse Fetish, made of Cedar. Includes a bag, by Stellar NAF110 $350.00

Lakota Style Flutes

This type of flute has been used by the Native American cultures for over 700 years. In Lakota Indian culture these instruments are known as “love-flutes,” and were played at night by young men who wished to serenade their heart’s desire, unseen. These flutes are made in the traditional Plains Indian style by Nev Autrey, and have a beautiful haunting sound. They have 6 holes and will play a pentatonic scale (F#, A, B, C#, E, F#) or a partial diatonic scale, with a range of 1 octave +. Standard design, traditional Cedar NAF001 $130.00 Loon Bill design, traditional Cedar NAF002 $180.00

Native American Style Flute Kits

Completely assembled, rough sanded, ready to play or finish, by Nev Autrey. Standard design, Cedar NAF003 $90.00 Loon Bill design, Cedar NAF004 $125.00

Eagle Flute

Frazier Flutes

available in Lakota style, 5 holes, or Plains style, 6 holes. The Lakota flute is easiest to play and the Plains flute offers more notes within the scale. Range of 1+ octaves. 5 Hole Cedar Eagle NAF069 $350.00 Cedar Wolf NAF071 $350.00 Cedar Bear NAF073 $350.00 Western Cedar Plain NAF044 $80.00 Western Cedar Eagle NAF057 $300.00 Western Cedar Wolf NAF059 $300.00 Western Cedar Bear NAF061 $300.00 Red Cedar NAF046 $100.00 Walnut Eagle NAF063 $400.00 Walnut Wolf NAF067 $400.00 Walnut Bear NAF065 $400.00 Black Walnut NAF053 $140.00 Mahogany NAF048 $130.00 Koa NAF050 $150.00 Lacewood NAF052 $150.00 Ash NAF055 $150.00 6 Hole Cedar Eagle NAF068 $350.00 Cedar Wolf NAF070 $350.00 Cedar Bear NAF072 $350.00 Western Cedar Plain NAF043 $80.00 Western Cedar Eagle NAF056 $300.00 Western Cedar Wolf NAF058 $300.00 Western Cedar Bear NAF060 $300.00 Red Cedar NAF045 $100.00 Walnut Eagle NAF062 $400.00 Walnut Wolf NAF066 $400.00 Walnut Bear NAF064 $400.00 Black Walnut NAF108 $140.00 Mahogany NAF047 $130.00 Koa NAF049 $150.00 Lacewood NAF051 $150.00 Ash NAF054 $150.00

from traditional materials selected for color, grain and acoustic quality. Made in two halves, carved and laminated in the traditional manner. The block is held with a strap of brain-tanned and smoked buckskin and is adjustable for the clearest tone. Tuning done through precision carving of the interior chambers. Comes with a lined velveteen case that closes with a wooden button. Five hole flutes are easiest to play but have a more limited scale than the six hole models. Six hole models are more difficult to play but are more versatile and lower pitched. All flutes are Amon Olorin Flutes from left to right patterned on Sonoran, Lakota Contemporary, ancient Lakota 5 Hole Eagle, 6 Hole Eagle designs, and made of Western Red Cedar. Sonoran Southwest style, six hole, contemporary design, G-minor tuning (G, Bb, C, D, F, G, Bb), cherry or walnut block. 22” length (used on R Carlos Nakai's recordings) NAF023 $400.00 F# Water Spirit Southwest style, six hole, contemporary design, F# minor Sioux tuning (F#, A, B, C#, E, F#, A), cherry or walnut block, 24” length (for large hands only) NAF024 $415.00 Lakota Contemporary Great Plains style, five hole, reproduction, A-minor tuning (A, C, D, E, G, A), cherry or walnut block. After a 130 year old Lakota courting flute NAF025 $475.00 Eagle Flutes five and six hole designs. Striking eagle head carving and eagle block. Five hole a-minor, six hole g or f# minor, cherry or walnut block. Eagle heads are carved directly into the wood of the flute. Also available with a Raven's head. NAF026 $525.00

Native American Style Flute with carved eagle’s beak on one end, by Nev Autrey. Cedar. NAF028 $195.00

Apache Spirit Flute

Beautiful small Native American Style Flute by Nev Autrey. Traditionally made out of river reed or cane, these ceremonial flutes are also called Canyon Flutes due to their high carrying tone that echoes eerily off canyon walls. Pentatonic flute with 4 holes representing the 4 directions. Made of solid cedar for strength and longevity. Sweet tone, plays in 2 octaves. Apache Spirit Flute NAF029 $65.00 Apache Spirit Flute Kit, Unfinished NAF029K $52.00


Played like a jaw harp, the mouth acts as a resonator. Handpainted and decorated with deer skin, suede and rawhide. Includes pick and feather. Traditional Native American instrument. PER194 $96.00

High Spirits Flutes

Good playing Native American style flutes made of a single piece of wood and bored for stability. The 6/5 hole flutes can be played as a 5-hole or a 6-hole instrument. They have 6 holes, and come set up as a 5-hole flute, with a removable leather wrapping over the 6th hole. The 6-hole fingering has more notes, while the 5 hole is more pentatonic and easier for beginners. Sparrow Hawk 6/5 hole flute, key of A, 20” long NAF039 $105.00 Redtail Hawk 6/5 hole flute, key of G, 23-1/2” long NAF040 $155.00 Golden Eagle 6 hole flute, key of F#, 25” long NAF041 $175.00 Condor 6 hole Bass flute, key of D, 24-1/2” long NAF042 $255.00 Merlin 5 hole flute key of C minor NAF114 $92.00 Kestrel 5 hole flute key of high D NAF115 $82.00

Blue Star Spirit Flute Uniquely shaped Native American style

flutes, made of assorted hardwoods including mahogany and walnut. A truly lovely instrument with a rich, open sound. Comes with instructional cassette. 5-hole Pentatonic NAF112 $140.00 6-hole Spirit Flute NAF113 $140.00

Two Hawks Flute The High Spirits Two Hawks flute is a unique instrument in the Choctaw tradition. It has two bodies, each carved from a piece of solid cedar. One body is drilled for finger playing; the other body for a drone that harmonizes with the primary melody. NAF109 $250.00

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Native American Drums

These are the traditional drums of the American Pueblo and Plains Indians made in the time-honored manner. Each drum has its own character and sound. The drums are made from the native woods of New Mexico. The wood is peeled, slowly dried and hollowed. The skins are cleaned and carefully scraped in the traditional manner and the rawhide lacing is hand cut and stretched. These drums often have different pitch and tone. Generally more humid environments than the Southwest can cause a lower pitch. You may tighten drum heads by warming them by the fire, sunlight, or heater. Drums are measured by diameter x height. Diameter is calculated by the greatest shell width across the top. Drums may vary in size. The wider the diameter of the drum the deeper the pitch and resonance. Also, for drums over 12” in diameter, the deeper the drum the greater the resonance. Weight may be an important consideration for drums over 15”x16” in size if they are to be used as musical instruments. Other types and sizes available. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call. Beaters sold separately.

Sioux Drums

Sioux Drums are from 3-1/2” to 9” in height (depth), and are always wider than they are tall. They are made from 12 sections of wood (one for each month of the year), carefully pieced together and sanded, with rawhide skin on both sides and rawhide lacing. Because they are lighter in weight than the taller Pueblo drums, they are recommended for dance, healing and trance work. 9” NAD004 $60.00 13” NAD005 $95.00 16” NAD006 $135.00 20” NAD007 $225.00 28” NAD037 $390.00

Pow Wow Drums

20” 24” 28” 32”

NAD124 NAD028 NAD029 NAD030

Pow Wow Drums are Sioux style drums over 20” in diameter, and are designed for more than one drummer. $345.00 20” Stand NAD124S $90.00 $425.00 24” Stand NAD028S $100.00 $512.00 28” Stand NAD029S $105.00 $652.00 32” Stand NAD030S $129.00

Pueblo Drums

Pueblo Drums are carved from a solid log, with rawhide skins on both sides and rawhide lacing in-between. Wonderful deep tone! (The deeper and wider the drum, the deeper the sound.) 6”x6” NAD051 $29.00 6”x10” NAD052 $35.00 9”x12” NAD009 $90.00


9”x16” NAD010 $95.00 9”x20” NAD011 $105.00 12”x12” NAD012 $115.00 12”x16” NAD013 $129.00 12”x20” NAD014 $148.00 15”x16” NAD016 $178.00 15”x19” NAD017 $198.00 15”x22” NAD018 $222.00 18”x16” NAD053 $250.00 18”x19” NAD054 $280.00 18”x22” NAD055 $310.00 21”x16” NAD056 $350.00 21”x19” NAD057 $390.00 21”x22” NAD058 $420.00 24”x16” NAD059 $425.00 24”x19” NAD060 $480.00 24”x22” NAD061 $525.00 27”x16” NAD062 $525.00 Larger sizes available.

Pedestal Drums

Deep pueblo drums 12”x26” NAD075 $195.00 12”x30” NAD076 $215.00 12”x34” NAD077 $235.00 15”x26” NAD078 $260.00 15”x30” NAD079 $290.00 15”x34” NAD080 $310.00 15”x38” NAD081 $330.00 18”x26” NAD082 $360.00 18”x30” NAD083 $385.00 18”x34” NAD084 $425.00 18”x38” NAD085 $455.00 21”x26” NAD086 $495.00 21”x30” NAD087 $520.00 21”x34” NAD088 $550.00 24”x26” NAD089 $600.00

8 Sided “Tambourine” Drums

12” Tambourine Single Sided NAD043 $75.00 15” Tambourine Double Sided NAD044 $118.00 18” Tambourine Single Sided NAD048 $150.00 20” Tambourine Double Sided NAD049 $225.00 28” Tambourine Double Sided NAD050 $375.00


Available only with drum order. Small NAD019 $7.00 Medium NAD020 $8.00 Large NAD021 $9.00

Mini Pow Wow Drum 3” tall, rawhide skin and

lacing, traditional wood body NAD121 $9.50

Alaskan Fire Drums Alaskan Fire Drums after the style of

the Northern Tribes (Eskimos). Similar to the drum in Dances With Wolves. Thin solid Red Oak hoop with a calf-skin head pulled very tightly over the frame. Their vibrato resonance must be experienced to be truly appreciated. There is a strong oak handle attached through the frame. Strike the head of the drum, rotate your wrist back & forth while holding the handle to create amazing deep phasing sounds. Rotating the drum changes the pitch of the note. Both the head and the rim of the drum are played. 20” NAD116 $220.00 25” NAD117 $265.00

Ritual Drum

Ancient style frame drums made in the traditional manner with rawhide skin heads fastened with rawhide lacings. These drums can be used for ritual purposes or accompanying a wide variety of musics. 8” single sided NAD038 $40.00 12” single sided NAD022 $70.00 16” single sided NAD023 $112.00 20” single sided NAD024 $170.00 24” single sided NAD039 $265.00 8” double sided NAD040 $48.00 12” double sided NAD025 $89.00 16” double sided NAD026 $125.00 20” double sided NAD027 $220.00 24” double sided NAD041 $330.00 28” double sided NAD042 $375.00

Haida Rattles

Reproductions of Haida Shamans ceremonial healing and dance rattles. Beautifully finished with stands. Large size. Raven PER292 $130.00 Bear PER291 $120.00 Whale PER293 $100.00

Rawhide Rattles Genuine Native American

rawhide rattles, made by Navajo craftsmen, using painted designs and intricate beadwork. Each rattle comes with an authentication certificate from the artist. Small Rawhide Rattle PER436 $16.00 Rawhide Rattle with painted design and glass beads PER437 $30.00 Rawhide Rattle, with beadwork PER440 $40.00

Woodland Drum

Traditional double headed drums of the Native Americans from our Eastern coast. Eastern Woodlands hand drums with complex rawhide lacing. Made with selected skins. Chief’s Drum 18” diameter with a powerful sound NAD122 $189.00 Beater NAD122S $29.95 Medicine Drum 14” diameter. Enclosed are pebbles collected from ancient Neshaminy Creek, a major life source to the Woodland LenniLenape NAD123 $199.00 Beater NAD123S $39.95

Earth Drums

Earth Drums range from 26” to 36” in diameter, all with a finely finished solid red oak hoop, and cow hide head. Supplied with four quality solid oak mallets, and a solid oak stand allowing several people to play at one time. Deep sound and beauty. 26” with stand NAD118 $445.00 36” with stand NAD120 $835.00

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Cooperman Bodhrans

Great sounding and well made by Cooperman. Solid oak shell and goatskin head. 18” BOD011 $270.00 22” Comes with case BOD017 $320.00 Tunable Models Inside tuning. Adjusts with an allen wrench 18” Comes with case BOD036 $365.00 22” Comes with case BOD057 $415.00

Bodhran Player Knotwork Bodhran

Irish made traditional design bodhran, goatskin head, with a Celtic knotwork design of a man playing bodhran. Comes with a playing stick. BOD062 $103.00

Bargain Bodhrans The traditional Irish frame drum

is like a large tambourine, and is great for many types of music. Made with a goatskin head, hardwood crossbraces, and a laminated hardwood shell. Comes with a playing stick. 10” BOD001 $20.00 Case 10” BOD001C $6.75 12” BOD002 $25.00 Case 12” BOD002C $6.00 14” BOD003 $30.00 Case 14” BOD003C $6.00 16” BOD004 $35.00 Case 16” BOD004C $15.00 18” BOD005 $45.00 18” double row tacks BOD006 $60.00 18” Murphy’s bodhran BOD048 $70.00 18” “Kildare” A great drum. BOD047 $99.00 18” Rosewood Shell BOD079 $95.00 18” Rosewood Shell with brass Celtic knotwork inlay BOD081 $95.00 18” Rosewood Shell with floral design inlay SPS614 $80.00 Case 18” BOD005C $15.00

Buck Bodhrans These adjustable & tunable

drums are made with the modern bodhran player in mind. 18” diameter solid oak body, walnut crossbars and goatskin head. The crossbars are adjustable and removable, and the adjustable internal ring makes them Quickly Tunable! BOD022 $475.00

Howard Bodhrans Made by Remo, designed by

Brian Howard with a special 18” synthetic head for the traditional sound, acousticon shell and Howard style crossbar Tunable Model BOD056 $249.00 Non-Tunable Model BOD065 $203.00

How To Play The Bodhran Video

Includes an introduction to the Bones, Spoons and Scottish Snare Drums with Chris Caswell. Primary rhythms of reel and jig times are covered, along with many of their variations. Included are damping, two-on-three rhythm, and numerous tips for advanced playing. You will learn the basics of bones, spoons and the exciting Scottish snare drum LAR021 $29.95

RoundstoneHandmade Bodhrans in the

west of Ireland by Malachy and Anne Kearns. 18” diameter. Ideal for someone wanting an Irish made bodhran in the old country style rather than a ”high tech” American made drum or something made in Asia. Comes with a playing stick. BOD037 $130.00 Hand Painted Celtic Design BOD038 $145.00 Tunable Model (not painted) BOD049 $280.00 Tunable Model, painted BOD050 $300.00

Celtic Design Bodhrans

18” bodhrans made in Ireland with Celtic designs. Comes with a playing stick. The Chase BOD052 $103.00 Skellig BOD053 $103.00 Clonmacnois BOD054 $103.00 Tara BOD055 $103.00



Rosewood Bodhran 18” in diameter, floral carving,

goatskin head. Comes with a playing stick. BOD046 $85.00

Giant Bodhrans Extra deep sound! These bodhrans are made with a traditional goatskin head, hardwood crossbraces and a laminated hardwood shell. Comes with playing stick and case. 22” BOD007 $98.00 26” BOD008 $120.00 28” BOD083 $140.00

Tunable Bodhrans Nice tunable 18” bodhran,

hardwood shell and a natural goatskin head. Great for all types of music and all varieties of weather. Comes with a playing stick. BOD010 $95.00 Case BOD010C $15.00

Internal Tunable Bodhran 18” goatskin head, with interior

tuning system. Laminated hardwood shell. Comes with a playing stick. BOD082 $80.00

Spirit Bodhran

The frame is 18” in diameter, and is made of laminated hardwoods with a lovely dark spirit polish. The head is made of genuine goatskin for a crisp, vibrant sound. Comes with a playing stick. BOD078 $95.00

Claddagh Bodhran Made in Ireland, lightweight

wooden frames with heavy natural goatskins, and a great sound. Two models are available, one with a tacked on head and one a tunable model. Includes tipper. 17”x4” Tunable BOD064 $270.00 Non-Tunable BOD063 $150.00

Bodhran Books

Tara Clonmacnois

Bodhran Table

40” diameter with an Acousticon Shell and a Fybrskyn Head, metal base and pedestal, includes mallets. Have your morning orange juice and cereal and accompany a few reels. A wonderful sounding drum, functional table, great conversation piece. Just plain good fun! Y BOD060 $1219.00

Bodhran Tutor and Tape by Sullivan. Comprehensive booklet & cassette tutor for both the beginner and those wanting to improve their playing. BOO002 $19.95 The Bodhran A practical introduction by Michael O’Suilleabhain. Includes basic techniques, following the melody, contemporary developments, other playing styles, triplets, more. BOO177 $10.95 The Bodhrán “The Background To The Traditional Irish Drum” by Janet McCrickard. 62 pages chockfull of the history and lore of the bodhran. Chapters include: The Bodhran and the Skin Tray, The Bodhran and Irish History, The Bodhran and the Wren Hunt, much more. BOA769 $8.00

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Hand Drums Hand drums have found their place

in many kinds of music. These hand drums are made of rugged, lightweight Acousticon, with weatherproof FyberSkyn heads. FyberSkyn looks, feels and sounds like goatskin, yet is waterproof, heatproof, sagproof and almost unbreakable. Pretuned. 8” x 2” DRU146 $24.50 10”x 2” DRU147 $26.50 12” x 2-1/2” DRU148 $32.75 14” x 2-1/2” DRU149 $37.75 16” x 2-1/2” DRU150 $42.75 22” x 2-1/2” DRU151 $62.00

Tunable Tambourines Tunable 10” Tambourine,

double row jingles, skin head, perfect for many kinds of music. DRU179 $22.00

Remo Tambourines Remo signature artist Layne

Redmond designed these tambourines, based on traditional instruments but with Remo’s modern touches including Acousticon synthetic shells and Fiberskyn heads that are unaffected by weather. Riq 2-5/8” x 9”, pretuned very high pitch, with 5 double rows of heavy brass jingles for a lively and vibrant sound. Ideal for Middle Eastern music. MOT014 $74.00 Lotus Tambourine 3-1/4 “ x 10”, pretuned very high pitch, with 8 double rows of German silver jingles and an internal hand grip. A modern version of the classic tambourine. Usable in a variety of situations. MOT017 $130.00 Tar-Rine 3-5/8“ x 12”, pretuned high pitch, with 8 double rows of German silver jingles with a large diameter like the tar but with tambourine jingles. MOT018 $126.00

Rhythm Tambourines These basic, quality

tambourines feature genuine goatskin heads, great sound, and a bargain price. Single Row Of Jingles 6” DRU332 $6.00 8” DRU333 $7.50 10” DRU334 $8.75 Double Row Of Jingles 8” DRU336 $10.95 10” DRU335 $12.00 12” DRU021 $27.00


Bodhran Sticks

Bodhran Cases And Bags Vinyl case BOD026 $33.50

Irish Tweed Fabric Case 18” BOD058 $70.00 Padded Case with pocket CSE036 $28.00 Nylon soft case 18” BOD005C $15.00 BOD026



Hard Bodhran Case Three buckle type lockable

lid clasps, heavy duty handle, carrying strap, padded interior. Fits 18” drums. CSE053 $75.00

Murphy’s Bodhran Laminated

hardwood shell, leather band, single row of tacks, and single crossbar. The original Murphy’s Irish Stout logo is screened on the natural 18” goatskin head. Stick included. BOD089 $75.00

Guinness Bodhran Wooden frame, 18 inch

natural goatskin head with the Guinness logo complete with harp and signature. Comes with a playing stick. BOD085 $60.00

Clare Bodhran

Natural goatskin head, ash body, embossed floral design leather binding band, ‘T’ type crossbrace, 18” diameter. Comes with a playing stick. BOD087 $100.00

Carved Tunable Bodhran 18 inch floral motif carved

rosewood body, metal screw tuning lugs, natural goatskin head. Comes with a playing stick. BOD086 $95.00 Case BOD010C $15.00

We offer bodhran sticks by several makers. All sticks are turned out of various hardwoods. Not to scale. Cooperman BOD012 $10.00 Kerry BOD033 $14.00 Brush BOD034 $32.00 Standard BOD035 $12.00 Rubber Ends BOD039 $16.00 Boxwood Heavy BOD040 $23.00 Leather Capped BOD041 $27.00 Long Model BOD042 $18.00 Short Model BOD043 $13.00 Hannigan Pattern BOD044 $16.00 Back Slide BOD045 $18.00 Glencullen 8” BOD076 $10.00 Ballydavid 7” BOD075 $10.00 Mweenish 71/2” BOD074 $10.00 Wicklow 71/2” BOD072 $10.00 Killyfana 71/4” BOD071 $10.00 Toomebridge 9” BOD070 $10.00 Cruckaclady 73/4” BOD069 $10.00 Bunratty 8” BOD068 $10.00 Lisconnor 91/4” BOD067 $10.00 Doonconor 9” BOD066 $10.00 Cappaquin 91/4” BOD051 $10.00 Ardara 83/4” BOD014 $12.00 Blackwood 8” BOD080 $53.00 Weighted 8” BOD088 $12.00

Alessandra Belloni Tambourines The large, low-pitched

tambourines in the Belloni Remo Signature Series are based on the drums used in Southern Italy for generations and include the Tamburello (red), Pizzica (beige) and Tammorra Napoletana (blue). Tamburello 2.5” x12” PER313 $89.00 Pizzica 3.5” x12” PER314 $101.00 Tammorra Napoletana 3.75” x 16” PER315 $158.00

Tunable Hand Drums

Versatile hand drums for any type of music. Weather impervious Fyberskyn heads and acousticon shells. Easily tunable to match your music. 8” DRU192 $54.00 10” DRU193 $62.00 12” DRU194 $68.00 14” DRU195 $74.00 16” DRU196 $87.00 22” DRU197 $108.00

Kid’s Hand Drums Basic hand drums for the

beginning percussionist. Colorful shells with plastic heads for good sound and strength. 6” x 1” KID033 $20.50 8” x 1” KID034 $23.50 10” x 1” KID031 $25.50 12” x 1” KID032 $29.50 14” x 1” KID035 $33.75

Tunable Hand Drums Wood frame, goat skin head, nice

sound. 10” DRU208 $22.00 12” DRU209 $28.00

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Tunable Bodhran Rosewood shell,



goatskin head, ‘T’ brace and ‘in the shell’ tuning system. BOD090 $110.00

Lion Drums This giant, single headed

drum is sure to get lots of attention. If its size and bright color doesn’t draw a crowd, then its glorious, booming sound will. It has a thick, durable goatskin head with hand painted decorations and a wooden body. 23”w x 24”d DRU357 $195.00 20”w x 15-3/4”d DRU419 $160.00

Japan Tai Drum Here’s the ultimate big,

booming, beautiful drum. The body and head are delightfully painted in strikingly vibrant colors. The drum comes with a wooden stand which is on wheels so you can easily move it around. This drum is a stunning art object and a fine musical instrument. Made in China DRU378 $630.00

Yiu Gu Drums

These attractive Chinese drums have a delightful sound and are easy to play. They have metal rings so that you can attach a strap, wear them around your neck, and play them while you stand or march. Red Yiu Gu Drum 4” x 10” DRU377 $20.00 Red Yiu Gu Drum 5” x 12” DRU410 $30.00 Hand Painted Yiu Gu Drum 5” x 12” DRU358 $110.00

Thin Hand Drum

This amazingly thin hand drum has a genuine goatskin head, a wooden frame, and a terrific sound. It’s remarkably light, easy to carry, and easy to play. The beater is included. 1”x8” DRU371 $12.50 1”x10” DRU372 $16.00 1”x12” DRU359 $18.00 1”x14” DRU360 $22.00

Malor Hand Drum This magnificent hand drum is similar to a doira, only it has no jingles. The shell is beautifully finished wood with decorative trim, and the head is made of goatskin. A nicely crafted instrument with a wonderful, resonant sound. 12” diameter DRU373 $75.00

Jing Gu Drum 8”x11-1/2” Chinese Drum,

red finish. DRU418 $48.00

Tang Drums These striking drums have

a vibrant, clean sound and a beautiful, shiny red finish. The smaller model is 12” in diameter and 7” long, the larger one is 13”x8”. These drums are used in many traditional Chinese ceremonies. Start your own Chinese New Year Parade! Great for many kinds of music. 12” Tang Drum DRU374 $65.00 13” Tang Drum DRU375 $80.00

Salvation Army Tambourine Wood frame, goat skin

Goat Skins We are pleased to offer good

quality goat skins perfect for making any drums. Diameter 8” DRS001/8 $7.00 9” DRS001/9 $8.00 10” DRS001/10 $9.00 12” DRS001/12 $10.00 14” DRS001/14 $12.00 16” DRS001/16 $16.00 18” DRS001/18 $18.00 20” DRS001/20 $20.00 22” DRS001/22 $22.00

head, double row of jingles, 9” diameter. DRU426 $10.00

Turkish Tambourine

Professional tambourine, wood frame, goat skin head, and heavyweight bronze jingles, 9-1/2” diameter. Crisp sound DRU381 $65.00


Dholak Folk drum from Northern India and Afghanistan; Medium sized, long Pakhwaj shape, rope tension, skin heads, seasoned wood body. app. 9.5 x 22.5 x 7 inches. DRU002 $150.00 Rod Tension Dholak Also known as Nall; Sheesham wood body with metal rod tension tuning; has tabla style dot on right hand head; skin heads; app. 8.5 x 22.5 x 6.75 inches. DRU435 $150.00 This Dholak is made of hardwood and measures 8.5 x 17.5 x 6.75 inches. Rod tensioin, great quality! DRU466 $130.00

Frame Drum

Wood body with rawhide crossbraces, natural skin head. 10” diameter. DRU363 $19.50

Fybrskyn Head Bodhran Bodhran with a Fybrskyn

head. Remains stable in all weather conditions. Play under water! Comes with a playing stick 16” BOD024 $189.00 18” BOD061 $203.00

Drumming Videos

A Sense Of Time Video Layne Redmond & The Mob of Angels Explorations of the tambourine and riq. Instruction on drumming techniques combined with primal metaphysical concerns on drumming and rhythm. Shows how the basic tones and strokes of a frame drum have a direct relationship to the elemental qualities of earth, water, fire and air. This empowering video shows how drumming and chanting can be used to create new and fulfilling ritual based experiences LAR055 $24.95 Finding Your Way With Hand Drums Video John Bergamo Included are basic drum strokes, tones, holding a rhythmic groove, group playing, dynamics, tonal textures and much more LAR042 $40.00 The Art & Joy Of Hand Drumming John Bergamo Step-by-step approach to hand drumming. Fundamentals, one hand techniques, advanced techniques, 2 hands, individual fingers. Great for congas, tambourines, 2 headed drums and more. Manual enclosed showing rhythmic patterns along with fingering and phrasing suggestions. LAR050 $40.00 The Fantastic World of Frame Drumming Video Glen Velez An array of techniques, tonal resources, rhythmic patterns, and expressive possibilities for the Irish Bodhran, North African Frame Drums and Middle Eastern Tambourines (Riqs). A manual is enclosed showing technical information, including fingering and rhythmic patterns LAR051 $40.00

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Riq Mosaic


These beautiful 8-1/2” diameter Middle Eastern tambourines are covered with hand done mosaic inlay. They have a skin head and MOT008 brass jingles MOT001 $37.00 Medium Quality 8-1/2” diameter riq covered with hand done mosaic inlay with a skin head and brass jingles MOT008 $70.00 Top Quality Model with MOT002 heavy brass jingles, a heavy shell with fantastic mother-of-pearl inlay work, and a high quality fish skin head. This is the instrument that professional Middle Eastern tambourine players use, and MOT009 exceedingly lovely besides. MOT002 $119.00 Large Riq 12” Diameter, beautiful mother of pearl inlay. MOT009 $110.00 Mini Inlaid Tambourine Small attractive inlaid MOT003 tambourine with brass jingles, from Egypt MOT003 $22.00 Giant Inlaid Riq The 15” Inlaid Riq is designed with five pairs of medium/heavy guage jingles, 3” in diameter. The finish is mosaic mother or pearl over white and black, with authentic natural fish skin head. This is the larger model Riq, offering clear, distinct jingle and rich head tone. MOT013 $95.00


An extraordinary Egyptian tambourine. 10-1/2” diameter, 5-1/2” deep, heavy brass jingles 3-1/2” across, with an adjustable plastic head. Made of wood and crudely covered with vinyl. These hand drums are quite heavy, amazingly loud and used by professionals all over the Middle East. MOT005 $100.00

Inlaid Hand Drums Fun hand drums from the

Middle East with beautiful inlaid wooden body. Small 10-1/2” MOT010 $36.00 Medium 12” MOT011 $39.00 Large 14” MOT012 $42.00

Bendir Moroccan Double sided frame

drum with snares and a painted design on head. Folksy with good sound, very traditional. DRU225 $85.00


Tar (Def)


Arabic Frame Drum

Middle Eastern frame drum. The Tar is like a large tambourine. It is an excellent instrument to accompany Arabic music and dancing, and can add a powerful rhythm to any music, from ritual to folksong. Basic Tar with traditional goat ZIL001 skin head and a laminated hardwood shell. 10” DRU025 $18.00 12” DRU004 $20.00 14” DRU005 $25.00 16” DRU006 $35.00 Tar, skin wrapped all the way around the ZIL002 shell 12” DRU028 $25.00 14” DRU029 $36.00 16” DRU030 $47.00 18” DRU031 $60.00 Tar with Acoust-icon shell and weatherproof ZIL003 plastic head. 4” deep. 14” DRU160 $81.00 16” DRU161 $88.00


Frame drums with goat skin head and ring jingles. Xinjiang Doiras Red finish. Made in the Xinjiang province. Available as pictured, or with skin wrapped all the way around the shell. 12” DRU364 $25.00 12” Wrapped Shell DRU365 $33.00 14” DRU366 $30.00 14” Wrapped Shell DRU367 $43.00 15” DRU368 $40.00 15” Wrapped Shell DRU369 $53.00 Azerbaijani Frame Drums with heavy wooden shells and ring jingles. 12” DRU251 $58.00 16” DRU034 $80.00 Doira With Mother Of Pearl Inlay and ring jingles. 9” DRU329 $50.00 12” DRU328 $95.00 16” DRU327 $130.00

Large Frame Drum 22” frame drum with goat





skin head and rawhide cross braces DRU252 $52.00

Ocean Drums

Recreate the soothing sound of waves beating on the shore with this incredibly versatile instrument, both a double sided frame drum and a wonderful sound effect. The steel pellets travel inside with the slightest movement to create hypnotic rhythms. Watch the ocean motion through the clear skin while the opaque drum head on the other side gives texture to the sound. Includes a mallet. 12” Drum DRU188 $56.00 16” Drum DRU189 $72.00 22” Drum DRU190 $112.00


Moroccan large iron castanets, used by the Gnawa people. 11-3/4” long per pair. PER366 $60.00

Zils (Fingercymbals)

Saroyan zils (finger cymbals) are preferred and recommended by the majority of professional bellydancers. Each set is crafted of premium quality solid brass, aged and burnished to preserve the rich tone and prevent distortion caused by continued use. Each type of zil has its own unique quality of sound and most dancers own several sets. We are pleased to offer them in several different varieties to suit the needs of all levels of dancers. They are packaged in sets of four. Nefertiti These popular cymbals have a lovely design depicting Nefertiti surrounded by lotus blossoms. They are lightweight with a mellow tone and are recommended for beginner through intermediate level dancers. ZIL001 $15.00 Turkish Delight This lightweight reproduction of authentic Turkish finger cymbals, which are called “The Golden Butterflies”, are recommended for beginners through intermediate level dancers. They produce a high pitch, crystal bell-like tone. ZIL002 $14.00 Arabesque heavier gauge cymbals with a medium tone. They depict an Arabesque design from a frieze in the palace of Sultan Hasan from the 14th century. Recommended for the intermediate to advanced level dancer. ZIL003 $16.50 Arabesque II Fine cymbals provide a true Middle Eastern sound in medium tone and quality. The design depicts Arabic scripts from a 9th century mosque. Made from solid brass, they are an excellent choice for the experienced or professional dancer. ZIL004 $28.00 Tikerzils Mini-zils ZIL007 $14.00 Professional Zil Heavy, excellent sound ZIL008 $28.00 Turkish Zils Small 2” ZIL010 $14.00 Medium 2-3/8” ZIL011 $22.00 Large 2-5/8” ZIL012 $27.00 Syrian/Egyptian Beginners Zils engraved ZIL005 $10.00

Zil Instruction


Mastering Finger Cymbals Book and companion cassette by Donald. Comprehensive tutor for finger cymbals. BOO042 $24.00 Zils : The Art of Playing Finger Cymbals By Mimi Spencer. Over 100 variations on 18 Middle Eastern rhythms, playing technique, exercises, how to care for finger cymbals. No previous musical knowledge necessary BOA409 $12.00 Companion CD BOK321 $12.50

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Traditional goblet shaped drum of the Arabic countries. Also called darbuka, derbeki, and tabla or tabl. The word “dumbek” probably derives from the Armenian word “dumbeg,” and refers to the basic sounds the drum makes - “dum” from the middle, “bek” from the rim. There are 3 basic styles of playing the dumbek: folkloric style, with simple open handed strokes; Persian and Afghan style, with more complicated use of finger roll; and Cabaret style, Egyptian or Turkish, using many more trick sounds, heavy pops and slapping accents.

Metal Dumbek Good quality metal dumbek with

lots of beautiful engraving, fitted with a tunable goatskin head. Warm sound, good for folkloric and fingerstyle playing. Made in Pakistan. 8” diameter: Brass DUM001 $65.00 Nickel DUM002 $65.00 10” diameter Brass DUM003 $75.00 Nickel DUM004 $75.00 12” diameter Nickel DUM011 $125.00 Turkish Dumbeks 8” diameter. Made of aluminum, good sound and weighing only 1-1/2 lbs, plastic tunable head, professional fittings. Excellent value. DUM014 $45.00 High quality Turkish dumbeks, heavy copper bodies (brass or nickel plated), 8” tunable mylar head.DUM012 $95.00 Highest quality Turkish dumbeks, heavy copper bodies (brass or nickel plated), 8” tunable mylar head. These are some of the best quality metal dumbeks (darbuka) that we have ever seen! Heavier, best response DUM013 $100.00 Enameled Turkish Dumbek Copper dumbeks coated with several layers of different colored enamel, which is then scraped through in lovely patterns to show all the different colors. Good sounding tunable plastic head. 6” DUM021 $75.00 7” DUM022 $80.00 8” DUM023 $89.00

Egyptian Dumbeks High quality ceramic

dumbeks with skin heads. Well suited to Egyptian and Turkish style playing. 10” Plain, fish skin DUM038 $70.00 10” Inlaid, fish skin DUM035 $100.00 4” Mini Inlaid, goat skin DUM037 $17.50

Big Pro Dumbek

Solid heavy aluminium body, natural metal finish with responsive plastic head. 19” tall with bag. DUM047 $165.00

Inlaid Wooden Dumbek Beautiful wooden dumbek about

9” diameter. Staved wood body covered with imitation mother-ofpearl inlay. Light weight with a lovely, mellow sound. Skin head. Made in Egypt , about 9” x 15” DUM008 $120.00 Smaller model, about 7” x 12” DUM009 $75.00 Mini model about 5” x 8” DUM029 $40.00

Mini Dumbek

Traditional dumbek in a miniature size. Metal body, fitted with a tunable head. Used for singing accompaniment. A great portable instrument for old and young. 4-1/2” diameter. Aluminum DUM005 $25.00 Engraved Brass DUM006 $32.00

Ceramic Dumbek

The Arabic drum’s hourglass design produces a high resonance and a deep Doum. The Egyptian drum has a large neck inside and out for maximum strength. Egyptian and Arabic drums headed with fiberskyn. Fiberskyn looks, feels and sounds like goatskin, yet is waterproof, heatproof, sagproof and almost unbreakable. Handturned model has goatskin head. Blue, green, brown, rust, black, white, streaked white or with Arabic or Egyptian designs. Arabic model, solid colors DUM015 $98.00 Arabic model, Arabic art design DUM016 $160.00 Egyptian model, solid colors DUM017 $98.00 Egyptian model, Egyptian art design DUM018 $160.00 Handturned model blue only, great sound, goat skin head, handles to attach carrying strap DUM007 $95.00 Hard case DUM007C $50.00


Professional Dumbek If you go into a nightclub

in Cairo to hear Arabic music 99% of the time the drummer will be playing a dumbek like we offer. These dumbeks are 17” tall and 10-1/2” in diameter. Made of heavy cast aluminum with a gaudy (sometimes peeling) vinyl covering. There is no other drum made that has such a bright clear tone. Incredibly loud. DUM042 Top adjustable tension with a high stress, thin mylar head, with a case DUM010 $115.00 Extra head DUM010H $15.00 Small model 12”h x 6” head DUM034 $68.00 Inlaid Professional Dumbek SPS199 17” tall, made of heavy cast aluminum covered with mother of pearl inlay. Top adjustable tension, high stress, thin mylar head, with case DUM041 $199.00 Large Inlaid Pro Dumbek SPS199 $345.00 Doko Dumbec Best quality Egyptian dumbec. True professional drum. Solid heavy aluminium body, natural metal finish with responsive plastic head. The drum that sounds like machine gun fire. DUM042 $125.00


The zarb is like a wooden dumbec, originating in Iran or Persia. Made of turned wood with a natural skin head and a distinctive sound. 10” diameter with case DUM033 $160.00

Egyptian Inlaid Dumbek This high quality Egyptian Arabic Model Egyptian Model Arabic Model Handturned Model

Ceramic Dumbek Assorted colors, skin head. DUM019 $65.00 Mini Ceramic Dumbek 9” high, 5-1/2” diameter, glazed in assorted colors. Nice big sound for a small drum. DUM020 $35.00

Inexpensive Dumbeks Aluminum body, plastic head,

great buy. Great for gifts, dumbek students and kids. 4” DUM024 $20.00 5” DUM025 $22.00 6” DUM026 $25.00 7” DUM027 $30.00 8” DUM028 $35.00

ceramic dumbek is beautifully crafted with fine shell inlay, and an 11” fish skin head. DUM076 $115.00

Hieroglyphic Dumbek High fired ceramic dumbek,

with a natural goatskin head, decorated with designs from Ancient Egypt. Curved rim for comfort, narrow waist for a low rich dum tone. DUM073 $80.00

Kid’s Darbuka Has a durable pretuned

head KID037 $18.00

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bodies with plastic heads. The Turkish version of our Egyptian Professional dumbeks. Includes case. Engraved Model DUM058 $100.00 Flowered Model DUM059 $110.00

Professional Egyptian Riq This tambourine has a heavy-duty

metal frame, plastic tunable head, and heavyweight jingles; it is a perfect instrument for all weather conditions. Since it is unaffected by temperature and humidity and is nearly indestructible, it’s ideal for the working Middle Eastern percussionist. MOT015 $78.00

Egypt Hand Drum

Powerful sounding hand drum made with a wooden frame, metal tuning ring, and plastic head. 16” Diameter. MOT016 $75.00


In Egypt, Mizmars are used primarily for weddings and for belly dance. Mizmar performers in High Egypt, popularly named Zoummarin, play in a trio. The Mizmar has seven finger holes and is a reeded instrument similar to the Zurna in design and sound, comes in three different sizes. Olive wood Small WIN149 $35.00 Medium WIN150 $40.00 Large WIN151 $45.00 Apricot wood with inlay Small WIN152 $75.00 Medium WIN153 $80.00 Large WIN154 $85.00 Mizmar Band CD RCE601 $20.00


with a modern twist, the pretuned dumbek is a great sounding instrument and perfect for all styles of belly dance, Cabaret, and folkloric drumming. 8” head, 15” body length; the head is permanently tuned and made of Fiberskyn 3, for a natural skin feel and tone. The body is made of nearlyunbreakable Acousticon, which gives this drum rich full low notes and crisp high tones. DUM060 $117.00

Moroccan Double Drum Great sounding

ceramic bongo-like drums traditional to North Africa. 2 different sized brightly patterned ceramic drums with skin heads laced together to make a set. Played with the hands. Great sound! Small DRU224 $40.00 Medium DRU223 $70.00 Large DRU226 $100.00

Wooden Dumbek These Rosewood

Dumbeks are an instrument of beauty and have a good resonating sound. Natural goatskin heads and professional metal mechanical tuning make this a great percussion instrument for your next musical encounter. Perfect for Persian music since wooden drums are a modern alternative to the traditional fixed-head zarb. Carved 10” DUM049 $85.00 One Piece 6” DUM062 $50.00 One Piece 8” DUM064 $70.00 One Piece 10” DUM065 $95.00

Moroccan Fish Skin Dumbek Traditional low fired ceramic clay bodies, curved Arabic style rims, open throat similar to Egyptian drums. Large DUM046 $95.00 Small DUM045 $50.00


Pretuned Dumbek A traditional Middle Eastern drum


Pro Turkish Darabuka Aluminium

Dumbek 12”diameter x 30” height made from heavy gauge brass. Engraved, with plastic adjustable head and an amazing sound. Djembes move over! Very Impressive. DUM067 $995.00

Great Darabuka

Great Darabukas at great prices. These Turkish design dumbeks have full low tones and strong high tones, with a wide range between the two registers. The square rims allow for finger snapping techniques not practical on the rounded Egyptian style rims. Solid tuning hardware, mylar heads, tooled aluminum body with plastic head. Lightweight, easy to carry, good low dum tone, 10” head DUM069 $65.00 Tooled copper body with plastic head, heavy body for even stronger low tones, 10” head DUM070 $115.00 Engraved copper body with design work, heavy weight body, 12” head DUM071 $325.00 Engraved copper body with traditional design work, heavy weight body, 10” head DUM072 $130.00


painted with goatskin head. 16” x 8” DUM057 $110.00 Ceramic dumbec colorfully painted with goatskin head. 15” x 8” DUM056 $120.00 Ceramic dumbec brown color with fishskin head. 15” x 5” DUM054 $70.00

Giant Darabuka Turkish Darabuka or


Dumbeks from Morocco Ceramic dumbec colorfully

Dumbek Video

The Dumbek Video covers beginning to advanced techniques in the Arabic drumming style - the clearest, most exciting way to play the dumbek. Features unique “play along” sections accompanied by a full band so you can apply the rhythms in a musical setting. It takes you through simple rhythms and beyond, and teaches intricate rhythms in an easy to learn manner. You’ll learn these important Middle Eastern rhythms: Beledi, Maqsum, Chiftetelli, Malfuf, Khaligi, Ayyub and Karsilamas. You’ll also learn advanced skills such as switching rhythms and developing your internal time sense, as well as how to play dumbek for bellydancers. LAR031 $29.95


The kanun is a very old instrument which comes from Asia. The instrument rests on the knees while the fingers, clad in picks, pluck the strings individually. In the twentieth century, the Turks improved the design by adding tuning keys to alter the pitch of individual strings by eighth or quarter tones, thus facilitating transposition. Better model STR007 $1850.00 Best model STR008 $2495.00 Modern Kanun CD RCE272 $17.00

Kola Set

Traditional Egyptian endblown flute, six holes, made of bamboo, nine piece set. FLU061 $60.00

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Persian Setar The ancestry of the setar can be traced to the

ancient tanbur of pre-Islamic Persia. It is made from thin mulberry wood and its fingerboard has twenty-five or twenty-six adjustable gut frets. Setar is literally translated as “three strings” however, in its present form, it has four strings and it is suspected that setar initially had only three strings. Because of its delicacy and intimate sonority, the setar is the preferred instrument of Sufi mystics SPS505 $900.00

Turkish Spike Fiddle Kemancheh A fiddle with a round handle that pierces the body and projects at the lower end, forming a cello-like spike. The earliest fiddles seem to have been spike fiddles: Al Farabi mentions spikes in the 10th C. Traditionally of Kurdistan origin, spike fiddles are found in Egypt and Asia today. 4 metal strings with a gourd body and skin head. Wonderful, wild sound. Held upright with the bottom point resting on the player’s leg. STR012 $125.00

Saz/Oud Pickup

K&K pickups made in Germany with a fantastic sound! No Preamp is needed, easy to install, frequency response 20-15,000 hz, high output, ultra sensitive, faithfully reproduces the natural acoustic sound. The K & K pickups are an all time winner. “Twin Spot Classic”, 2 transducers PIC001 $60.00 Twin Spot Internal PIC002 $72.00


The tar is the long-necked lute of the Caucasian, played in Azerbaijan, Tadzhikistan, Iran and Armenia. The body is hollowed out of a single piece of wood into a rounded figure-8 shape, with a skin belly, friction tuning pegs and moveable frets. Metal strings, played with a plectrum. We offer tar in the Uzbek/Azerbaijani style with the additional paran strings, but they could be easily adapted for Iranian playing by removing these side strings. STR014 $435.00

Afghan Rebab

One of the oldest Afghan instruments, dating back to at least Ghandaran times. The ancestor of the Indian sarod, the rebab has a large hollow wooden body with a skin resonator; played with a pick, the nylon main playing strings and metal sympathetic strings give the rebab a unique tone color. STR162 $535.00

Santoor Middle Eastern Hammered Dulcimer

The santoor is a 3-octave Middle Eastern hammered dulcimer tuned in octaves across the bridge rather than fifths like the American hammered dulcimer. With a case. The quality of craftsmanship is cruder than American hammered dulcimers HAM001 $340.00






Saz Turkish Long Neck Lute The saz is the most important Turkish folk

instrument and is widely popular. A descendant of the ancient tambur-e-Khorsan, the saz has the additional frets needed to play the correct intervals used in Turkish folk music, sometimes called “1/4 tones”. These frets are tied on and can be moved for different modes if needed. Played with a small pick, the saz is a melodic instrument and comes in several sizes. The smallest is the cura, and the most common size is the baglama, which is much larger than the tiny Greek baglama. Indeed, the saz is one of the ancestors of the modern Greek bouzouki. Saz bodies are either carved from one piece of wood, or are built of staves like a mandolin or oud. Sazes are usually tuned in 5ths, and the music is written as if the tuning is GDA; many other tunings are used, but EDA, F#DA and a few others are most common. The actual pitch may be somewhat higher depending on the neck, so that the actual tuning may be AEB, BbFC, etc. If the neck is short enough, CGD is common. There are also options of stringing, the most common having the G and A strings set up with octave courses. Any saz with 7 pegs can be set up for this tuning. Some sazes are set up with single strings; the set-up is the choice of the player. In recent years electric sazes have become popular with many live performers. Cura (small saz) SAZ001 $125.00 Cura saz bag SAZ001C $20.00 Basic model (baglama) SAZ002 $215.00 Better model (baglama) SAZ003 $285.00 Best model beautiful inlaid “Yaprak” leaf designs on the fingerboard, inlaid striped back, and inlaid soundhole in end. (baglama) SAZ004 $400.00 Electric Saz (baglama) SAZ005 $595.00 Turkish Authentic Saz CD RCE241 $17.00


Found in Afghanistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, and neighboring countries, the dutar (also called dotar) is a long neck lute with two strings, hence the name; “du” means two and “tar” means string in Persian. These dutar are Uzbek, and are made in the traditional style with 10 stave back, simple geometric neck inlay, nylon tied frets, strung with original twisted silk strings. 44 inches long SAZ007 $285.00

The ancestor of the lute, mandolin and guitar is the oud, the original lute of the Middle East. Based on a Persian instrument with a one piece body called barbat, which also is the ancestor of the Chinese pipa, the oud was developed further by making the body out of thin strips of wood. Also, the soundboard was wooden, unlike the skin soundboards of the earlier Arab lutes. With the Arab conquest of Spain and Sicily, the oud was first introduced to Europe. Played with a plectrum originally made from a quill, the oud is considered “the prince of the instruments” and is preferred by both theorists and singers. Indeed the European lute of the Middle Ages was nothing more than an oud, played with a pick; later the instrument was redesigned and transformed into the Renaissance lute. Today the oud is played from Morocco to Turkey, with two main styles of manufacture. Arabic ouds have a longer scale length and larger bodies and are tuned either DGADGC, CFADGC, etc., and tend to have more geometric inlays; Turkish ouds are shorter scale, tuned usually to C#F#BEAD or EABEAD, and are less ornamented but somewhat finer made in general. Both styles are fretless. Turkish ouds: Student Model OUD001 $325.00 Amateur Model OUD002 $425.00 Professional Model OUD003 $630.00 Special Model OUD004 $1100.00 Hard Case for Turkish Ouds OUD006 $180.00 Egyptian ouds: Egyptian Arabic style oud, longer scale, larger body, deep tone, solid face OUD007 $295.00 Egyptian inlaid oud w/case OUD005 $425.00 Concert Model w/case OUD008 $1000.00 Ud Taksimleri, Solo CD RCE251 $17.00







Oud Video

Overview And Instruction For The Oud. This instructional video by John Vartan for the oud (the Arabic lute) teaches you all the basics including: History, Design, Styles, Tuning,Technical Information, Picking Technique, Scales, Exercises, Flats and Sharps, Modes or Maqams and includes musical examples to play along with. LAR032 $29.95

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Cura Cumbus Saz

Small size saz with a Cumbus style banjo resonator for a loud, clear tone that carries more than a standard cura. Also can be played with a bow as a mini yayli tambur. Comes with bag. SAZ008 $125.00

Jogi Baja

Reed is similar to that of a shanai; shaped like the French Bombarde, with 7 fingerholes and one thumbhole. A “screamer”. Plays one octave. WIN068 $46.00 Copper Shawm The Copper Shawm from Nepal is a double reeded instrument, similar to the Jogi Baja, with curved body and a copper bell and brass binding. WIN069 $58.00

Rebaba 2 string Egyptian spike fiddle STR137 $100.00


Spike Fiddle from Ozbekistan with a staved wooden body STR149 $165.00 Kemane CD RCE616 $20.00

Low G Clarinets

Made of metal, these Albert system clarinets are the style used in Turkey. They are played with a soft reed and allow for the pitch flexibility needed for Turkish music. WIN004 $450.00 Klarnet Taksimleri CD RCE435 $17.00

Low G Grenadilla Wood Clarinet A German system Low G clarinet

featuring the standard and most required 17+4 keywork mechanism (17 keys, 4 rings). 14.6mm bore, Bb-C# trill key /lower joint/, 3 trill keys /upper joint/, Eb lever, 4 rollers, keywork made of nickel-silver and bronze alloy. Wooden parts (bell, lower and upper joint, barrel) made of high quality Grenadilla wood. Keywork silver-plated, wooden parts stained. Undercut tone holes, adjustable thumb rest, bell reinforced with nickelplated rim. 780mm length. Includes a plastic oblong case and complete plastic mouthpiece, cleaning swab with 2 barrels (75mm and 70.5mm) Y WIN148 $2200.00

Morin Khur

The Morin Khur (horse-headed violin) is the national instrument of Mongolia. Among the oldest of all bowed instruments, they were originally made from a horse head for the body, horse skin for the resonator, and horse hair for the strings and bow. The music played upon this instrument is of great variety and virtuosity. Much of the music typically imitates a horse; the rhythms made by galloping horse feet, the whinnying, etc. The modern Morin Khur has a wooden body and soundboard, 2 horse hair strings, and has a rich warm tone. The peghead is decorated with a detailed carving of a horse’s head. STR154 $595.00


Turkish Mey

The Mey is identical in Turkey and Armenia. Thumbhole, 7 fingerholes, a gigantic double reed. They have an astonishingly low pitched, mellow tone that sounds like an ethereal clarinet. A Mey was used in the soundtrack for “The Last Temptation of Christ.” Made in Turkey. WIN002 $89.00 Extra reed (must be fit individually) WIN002R $20.00 Mey Instructional Book in Turkish, quite usable without knowing the language BOA697 $20.00 Ethnic Winds - The Art of the Mey Kaval CD Mey master Yasar Taner, accompanied by Kalal Ozsari on the Bendir. RCE389 $20.00


One of the oldest fully chromatic and microtonal woodwinds, the bolahenk dates back to Ancient Egypt and is played throughout the Middle East as a classical and urban instrument. It is end blown and has 6 fingerholes and one thumbhole, and has a 2 and 1/2 octave range. The Arab style is true to the original with a plain embouchure, while centuries ago the Turks added a small turned lip rest, but otherwise both are fingered the same. The Mevlevi Sufi order to this day uses the bolahenk as its principal instrument for dervish ceremonies. Turkish-made Bolahenk Small WIN007 $160.00 Medium ney, key of B, Turkish kiz pitch WIN008 $160.00 Large Ney in A, Turkish Mansur pitch WIN009 $160.00 Egyptian Small Bolahenk WIN096 $45.00 Bolahenk Improvisations CD RCE236 $17.00

Turkish Kaval

These Turkish kavals are end-blown, and made in 3 sections. They are almost identical to a typical Bulgarian kaval in D, except they are all wood with no rings or mounts; a nice playing kaval at a low price WIN128 $130.00 apricot wood Large WIN145 $32.00 apricot wood Small WIN146 $28.00


Traditional trumpet from Morocco and Egypt used for rhythmic accompaniment to the dance. Made of copper with brass and white metal overlay designs. Interesting horns, 30” long HOR047 $48.00


3-stringed Turkish fiddle. The kemence is held by the neck with the left hand and bowed with the right. Traditionally used as a solo instrument for both singing and dancing, as well as listening. An excellent substitute for the European Rebec or Pochette (dancing masters fiddle) as well, being similar for a much lower price. STR005 $100.00

Egyptian Mizmar

Traditional design Egyptian Mizmar, with metal band on bell WIN113 $60.00


Zurnas are loud and wonderful primitive oboes from the Middle East. Great belly dance and festival instruments. Small Turkish Zurna WIN003 $60.00 Better Small Turkish Zurna WIN100 $85.00 New model Large Turkish Zurna WIN098 $100.00 Best model large Turkish Zurna WIN099 $150.00 Zurna Ensemble CD RCE355 $17.00


Similar to the launeddas with one chanter and a very long drone. Made in Egypt. Great sound! WIN095 $30.00


Zeynel Abidin Cumbus (pronounced “joom-bush”) invented the instrument which bears his name in the early twentieth century. The cumbus proved to be so popular that it all but drove the oud from the field. It has a metal body/resonator with an adjustable synthetic head. The neck is much longer than the oud’s and fretless. The body was borrowed from the much older “Yayli Tambur” (bowed tambur). Cumbus STR004 $185.00 String set STR004S $8.00

12-String Guitar Banjo 12-string guitar with a large banjo pot. Great big sound! BAN002 $235.00

Yayli Tambur

The tambur is the most important lute in Turkish art music, even ranking higher than the ud. Its long neck with Pythagorean fretting allows one to play all the small microtones of Turkish music, and can either be plucked or played with a bow. Tuned to DAD or DGD, but often is pitched as low as AEA below. BAN003 $290.00 Extra string Set BAN003S $12.00

Cumbus Saz

“Dulcimer Banjo”

A baglama saz neck complete with 1/4 tones on a medium size Cumbus resonator make this an ideal instrument, combining the playing of a saz with the louder brighter tone of the banjo-type body. Tuned like a saz in 5ths or in “dulcimer-like” tunings such as CGC. Played with a pick, can also be bowed. BAN004 $175.00

Bb Soprano Sax

Good inexpensive soprano sax with a hardshell case. Brass finish WIN106 $450.00

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Bulgarian Instruments We are pleased to offer a selection of decent quality Bulgarian traditional instruments.


Traditional Bulgarian fiddle with 3 melody strings and 11 sympathetic strings with bow. STR138 $495.00


3 piece end blown flute similar to the ney WIN088 $235.00


The balalaika is an 18th C. descendant of the Russian Domra, a three string instrument with a round body and long neck. The Balalaika has a triangular body, slightly arched back, flat top, 3 or 6 strings, and is made in 6 sizes. Originally it had but 2 strings; the Almanach de Gotha of 1772 still mentions 2 strings. Soprano or Prime Balalaika, solid spruce face, maple back, beech neck, well constructed. Romanian made, tuned E, E, A. 3 String BAA003 $250.00 6 String BAA004 $250.00 Alto Balalaika, 3 string BAA005 $300.00 Bass Balalaika, 3 string BAA007 $550.00 Contra Bass Balalaika, 3 string BAA008 $795.00 Songs From The Taiga-Balalaika Ensemble “Wolga” Double CD RCE325 $22.00


Fipple flute with double pipes, one being a drone. Easy to play with a haunting sound. Small WIN089 $55.00 Medium WIN090 $65.00 Large WIN091 $70.00



Tupan (Davul)

Frula or Duduk

End blown fipple flute, plays very nicely and well in tune, rich tone; fingers just like a pennywhistle with a wide bore and a strong upper octave. Bulgarian Models Small WIN092 $43.00 Medium WIN093 $48.00 Large WIN094 $55.00Romanian Model key of D WIN133 $22.00

Soprano Balalaika This beautiful

Balalaika consists of a maple and mahogany stripped back, spruce face, inlaid wooden pick guard, rosewood fingerboard; based on Nalinow’s traditional design. BAA009 $875.00 Hard Case BAA001C $325.00

Quality Balalaika We are pleased to offer a quality Nalinow model Balalaika. Flamed maple body with a 6 piece ribbed back, even grained spruce top, ebony rosette, ebony corner ornaments, ebony fingerboard. 3 string model BAA001 $798.00 6 string model BAA002 $780.00 Case (with instrument only) BAA001C $325.00


The tamburitza is the national instrument of the region of Croatia in Yugoslavia. Distantly related to the long-neck lutes of Turkey, the tambura family has had a long history in the Slavic world. Originally they were used as a solo instrument to accompany song and dance, but by the 1800’s ensembles of anywhere from 3 to 40 players were common, playing tamburitzas of several different sizes. Fine tamburitzas by Frank Valentich. The Valentich family has been playing and making tamburitzas for over 50 years. Prices are for his standard instruments and include a case. Fancier inlays and decoration available at additional costs.Y Prim STR122 $695.00 Brac STR123 $1225.00 Bugarija STR146 $1450.00 Celo STR147 $1450.00



Painted Balalaika Russian made balalaika with

gorgeous traditional painting of scenes from Russian folktales. Designs may vary. Fun to play, wonderful as an art piece. BAA006 $275.00


Soprano, three strings, a member of the traditional Russian three piece ensemble. Played with a pick, metal strung, tuned EAD. Made in Germany. Nice quality, spruce and maple MAN121 $825.00

Bulgarian Gaida

Bulgarian bagpipe made of traditional woods with imitation horn mounts. Decent quality, genuine goat bag, key of RE BAG242 $580.00

Arabic & Balkan Bass Drum

These 2 sided bass drums are called Tupan in Bulgaria and Yugoslavia, Davul in Turkey and Tabl Ballady in other Arabic countries. The drums that we offer are headed with goatskin, rope tension. 20” in diameter. Perfect for an early music bass drum DRU008 $250.00 Tupan/Davul Rope tension drum from Turkey. 18”, hardwood body. Use it for traditional music or experiment with the wonderful bass tone. Great for early historical performances DRU382 $325.00

Small Davul/ Tupan 12” diameter. Great for all

types of Middle Eastern or Early music. Rope tension, wooden shell. Can be used as a large tabor drum. DRU009 $60.00

Davul Stick Traditional tupan

stick. The tupan drum is hung from the shoulder and played with a stick on one head and a switch on the other. Use the stick for other drums, too! DRU182 $15.00


Traditional plectrum instrument from Bulgaria. Folksy and quite playable STR145 $495.00

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Sakis Greek Bouzoukis

Sakis has been making fine Greek musical instruments for over 20 years, producing a wide variety of bouzoukis, jouras and baglamas. Excellent workmanship combined with quality materials make Sakis bouzoukis the choice of professional players. The bouzouki, although a distinctly Greek instrument, is a relatively modern offshoot of the Turkish baglama saz. The early bouzoukis at the turn of the century looked like sazes, with one piece bodies, no soundhole on the face, wooden tuning pegs, but with metal chromatic frets. By the early 20’s, the influence of Italian mandolin making had altered the bouzouki into the basic form it is today. 8 string Bouzouki 15 Stave Natural Walnut Back, rosewood fingerboard, white pickguard with decorative pattern BOU006 $450.00 19 Stave Black Walnut Back, ebony fingerboard, black pickguard with decorative pattern BOU007 $680.00 30-40 Stave Black Walnut Back, ebony fingerboard, black pickguard with decorative pattern. BOU008 $825.00 60 Stave Black Walnut Back, ebony fingerboard, black pickguard with decorative pattern BOU009 $1025.00 60 Stave Black Walnut Back with inlay design, ebony fingerboard, black pickguard with decorative pattern BOU010 $1110.00 60 Stave Natural Special Walnut Back, ebony fingerboard, inlaid wood pickguard with decorative pattern BOU011 $1100.00 60 Stave Black Walnut Back with inlay designs, special spruce top, black pickguard with decorative pattern BOU026 $1625.00 60 Stave Black Walnut Back with inlay design, ebony fingerboard, black pickguard with decorative pattern and abalone inlay BOU012 $1890.00 60 Stave special Maple Back, abalone inlay, wood pickguard, ebony fingerboard, special spruce top BOU028 $2500.00 Hard Case for Greek Bouzoukis BOU021 $130.00 Bouzouki Bag BOU022 $39.00 Set of strings for 8 string Bouzouki or Joura MIS129 $12.00 6 string Bouzouki 15 Stave Natural Walnut Back, ebony fingerboard, black pickguard with decorative pattern BOU013 $550.00 15 Stave Black Walnut Back, ebony fingerboard, black pickguard with decorative pattern BOU014 $605.00 Set of strings for 6 string Bouzouki or Joura MIS130 $9.00 8 string Joura Smaller Size Bouzouki 13 Stave Natural Walnut Back, rosewood fingerboard, white pickguard with decorative pattern BOU016 $445.00 13 Stave Black Walnut Back, ebony fingerboard, black pickguard with decorative pattern BOU017 $600.00 6 string Joura One Piece Back, rosewood fingerboard BOU015 $380.00 Joura Bag (fits BOU015 only) BOU024 $22.00 Baglama “6 String Baby” Bouzouki One Piece Back, ebony fingerboard BOU018 $235.00 11 Stave Natural Walnut Back, ebony fingerboard, decorative pickguard BOU019 $365.00 22 Stave Natural Walnut Back, ebony fingerboard, decorative pickguard BOU020 $500.00 Baglama Bag BOU025 $17.00 Set of strings for Baglama MIS131 $7.50




Greek Baglama

Fun small instrument only 23” long used for high lead lines and high chordal accompaniment to Greek Rebetika music. Vaulted walnut back with a spruce face, made in Italy MAN063 $350.00







A fine quality traditional Turkish lute, with a staved body similar to a lute but slightly smaller, and a long neck with Turkish Classical fretting. Precise intonation used in Ottoman Art music. Comes set up for CGDA tuning; you can use lighter strings for GDAE octave mandolin tuning too. Great substitute for an Irish bouzouki with an antique look. STR013 $550.00







The Charango is the main stringed instrument used in Andean music. The resonance box is usually made from carved wood imitating an armadillo shell. Ten strings tuned gg, c'c', ee, aa, e'e' or gg, c'c', ee', aa, e'e'. Carved Wood Back Cedar face with inlaid rosette. A great buy! Made in Mexico MAN037 $275.00 Hard Case for above MAN037C $90.00 Small Charango Wood Back made in Bolivia MAN064 $300.00 Charango Wood Back made in Bolivia MAN065 $380.00 Cloth Charango Bag, Andean fabric CSE007 $25.00




Bouzouki Books

John Demas Bouzouki Method Technique, reading music, how to practice, songs and tunes, with CD or Cassette. Six String (3 Course) with CD BOK319 $40.00 Eight String with CD BOK318 $40.00 Bouzouki Modern Technique with cassette. Even if you don’t understand Greek, lots of information easily accessible BOK194 $27.00 Method For The 3 Course Bouzouki And Baglama in English BOK195 $26.00 Bouzouki Method 1 in Greek BOK196 $28.00 Bouzouki Method 2 in Greek BOK197 $28.00

A bass charango, large size. MAN051 $425.00

Whirling Buzzer Spin the buzzer by

moving the stick in a stirring motion, makes a “croakkkkkk” noise. TOY035 $3.00


Wooden rhythm instrument from India with brass jingles. Good for accompanying all types of music PER028 $32.00

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The quena is a notched endblown flute that produces a unique resonant sound, and is widely used throughout South America. Traditionally carved from the femur bones of human beings or llamas, condor wing bones, clay, stone, cane or wood. A quenacho is a lower pitched Quena. Nice Playing Bamboo Quena QUE001 $30.00 Small Bamboo Quena QUE008 $25.00 Small Brazil Wood Quena high pitched QUE033 $24.00 Bamboo Quenacho QUE004 $45.00 Puy Wood Quenacho QUE032 $53.00 Bamboo Quena with bone notch QUE016 $80.00 Brazil Wood Quena Varies from 12-15 Inches QUE030 $35.00 Puy Wood Quena 12” QUE031 $48.00 Hardwood Quena QUE014 $75.00 Hardwood Quena with bone QUE015 $150.00

Tunable Panpipes

Made in Romania of maple, they have adjustable corks to tune into different scales. Comes tuned in key of C. Quality craftsmanship with embossed design. 8 tubes PAN061 $40.00 12 tubes PAN062 $53.00 13 tubes PAN063 $70.00 15 tubes PAN064 $72.00 18 tubes PAN065 $80.00 20 tubes PAN066 $85.00 22 tubes PAN070 $99.00 25 tubes PAN068 $120.00 29 tubes PAN069 $140.00


Great 2 octave panpipe made of synthetic material; lowest note G, key of C. PAN027 $38.00


Thai ‘circular’ panpipes that you twirl between both hands and blow across the ends of the pipes. Ethereal sound. Small PAN042 $12.95 Large PAN033 $20.00

Aulos Panpipes Precision plastic panpipes,

very pure tone. Romanian style, 14 tubes, range b1-a3, key of G PAN025 $125.00

Quality Panpipe

We are pleased to offer quality cane panpipes by Syrinks, in the key of C. 20 tube range F-D comes with case PAN028 $180.00 22 tube range E-E comes with case PAN029 $230.00 25 tube range B-E PAN030 $400.00 Case PAN030H $35.00


We are pleased to offer some nice panpipes made with cane tubes. 8 tubes curved in C PAN053 $35.00 12 tubes curved in C PAN054 $63.00 22 tubes curved in C PAN005 $225.00 Wooden Model Better model 20 tubes curved in G PAN004 $450.00

Papageno Flute 5-note fipple-blown panpipes

tuned g, a, b, c, d. Used to play Papageno’s characteristic flourish in Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute.” Easy to play, even with no woodwind experience. Ebony, tunable PAN038 $395.00

Pentatonic Panpipes Cute small pipes tuned in a

pentatonic scale PAN035 $6.50

Wooden Panpipes

Soloist Roumanian style panpipes made of hornbeam with optimal bores and wallthicknesses. These instruments are in the traditional curved design. Quality German craftsmanship. Case included. 25 pipes maple, gmajor, diatonic d’-g’’” PAN007 $1085.00 22 pipes, maple, g-major, diatonic g’ -gg”” PAN014 $985.00 Tunable Models add Y PAN050 $320.00 All instruments can be made in other tunings and pitches and left handed models by special order.

Zampoña Chromatic Panpipe Nice pipes tuned in a chromatic

South American Panpipes Hundreds of years ago two important cultures

developed in the Andes region of South America: the Aymara and the Kechua or Inca. Today descendants of these cultures are still alive, preserving the musical traditions of their past. Different types of ancient flutes and string instruments are found throughout the Andes region, most commonly in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. The most characteristic of these instruments are the Sikus and the Antara (panpipes). When they are played, they evoke memories of remote times and produce a beautiful sound that is both ethereal and haunting. Basic Sikus (Zampoña) South American 2-row diatonic panpipe, with tubes of cane. Small, 13 tubes PAN026 $20.00 Medium, 13 tubes PAN018 $30.00 Large 13 tubes PAN019 $40.00 Extra Large, 23 tubes PAN020 $55.00 Toyo, Gigantic, 15 tubes. For 2 people; each player gets one row of pipes PAN021 $320.00 High Quality Bolivian Sikus Heavy cane, great sound and quality. Medium, Malta PAN039 $30.00 Large, Zanca PAN040 $40.00 Antara One of the oldest wind instruments of the Andes. A panpipe tuned in the pentatonic scale. Tubes are tied in one row. PAN022 $59.00 Rondador Chordal panpipe Small PAN059 $16.00 Medium PAN060 $18.00 Large PAN034 $20.00 Professional PAN023 $55.00 PAN040









scale; double row of cane tubes bound together. PAN041 $65.00

Solid Jade Panpipes Ancient Pai Xiao The

most amazing panpipes that we have ever seen! Carved out of a solid piece of jade. Traditional from early times in China. 8” x 6”, comes with a hard silk covered case. PAN036 $1150.00


A 12 note panpipe with recorder type fipples for each note. Plays easily, made of plastic. KID008 $4.95

Flutes Of The Andes Video Powerful music of the Andes taught by the

members of Sukay, a popular group that has been recording and touring throughout North America for several years. Teaches the music that can be made on two of the most popular wind instruments: the Zampoña (panpipes) and the Kena (end-blown flute) LAR100 $29.95

Panpipe Kits

Make your own panpipe. Ages 8 and up. 6 bamboo tube Panpipe kit PAN037 $12.00

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Rectangular Zampoña Single row Zampoña panpipe has 16

tubes decorated with a flag design. Quality cane that plays a diatonic scale, sounds pure and is a nice size for transporting. 20” x 8” PAN046 $60.00

Bone Quenas

These concert quality quenas from Bolivia are made to play to the highest standards to please the discriminating player. They are accurately tuned to G and have a full rich tone, and are also aesthetically pleasing, made with genuine bone. They include a lovely Andean pattern cloth bag. Solid Bone Quena, brass reinforcement ring QUE026 $190.00 Wooden Quena With Bone End, carved figure decoration QUE027 $75.00 Wooden Quenacho With Bone End QUE028 $95.00 Wood Quenacho QUE029 $70.00

Tarka A flute carved out of wood. It has a whistle

type mouthpiece and a small air hole; the sound and scale are different from any other Andean flute. It sounds very primitive, soft and mellow with a rasp in the low range. Small WIN020 $30.00 Large WIN021 $50.00

South American Transverse Flutes Sweet sounding, nice quality 6 hole

Transverse Flute from Bolivia. Made of native hardwoods - with or without real bone embouchure. Plays in Bb, and is easy to play, with a warm tone. Comes with an attractive and durable bag of South American fabric. Bone Embouchure QUE022 $65.00 Bone Embouchure With Thumbhole QUE023 $65.00 All Wood Model QUE024 $54.00 All Wood Model With Thumbhole QUE025 $54.00

Maui Xafoon

The Maui Xafoon is a must for every reed man (or woman.) For less than the price of a mouthpiece you can own this carefully crafted instrument. 2 chromatic octaves, range similar to a soprano sax (in the key of C), fits easily in a pocket, uses tenor sax reed WIN018 $120.00 Jungle Jazz - Maui Xaphoon Music CD RCE187 $14.00

Pocket Clarinets

A great portable musical instrument that’s easy to play, with a true clarinet-like sound, comes with standard clarinet mouthpiece and reed; a wonderful addition to any wind instrument kit. Key of C, with two double holes. Ebony WIN161 $85.00 Cocuswood WIN162 $60.00

Nepali Flute Sheesham flute from Nepal 6 hole WIN115 $42.00

Nepali Oboe

Made of wood, features metal banding, 7 finger holes and a thumb hole, and a removable reed cap that blends in with the body. Uses 4-fold palm reeds. WIN144 $50.00

Nepali Whistle

Small wooden whistle from Nepal. Made of wood with a dark finish, features metal banding, recorder type fipple mouthpiece and seven fingerholes and a thumb hole. WHS302 $33.00


Lark’s Silver Flute

Beautiful silver plated 6 hole flute with floral chased bands handmade by old world craftsmen. Plays sweetly. Great for many types of music. Large 18” FLU049 $75.00 Medium 16” FLU054 $75.00


Turkish folk single reedpipe with five fingerholes plus thumbhole, plays a natural diatonic scale with neutral 3rd, range of a seventh. 8”-9” long. WIN125 $9.00

Low Nepali Flute

30” long with a clear, vibrant tone. It is the larger cousin of our other Nepali flute. It is made of beautifully carved and ornamented Sheesham wood. This attractive and versatile instrument can be used to play many different styles of music. Tuned in the C-D range. WIN132 $95.00

Crystal Flutes

Unique crystal flutes. These flutes are handcrafted from pyrex glass and are designed with a Boehm headjoint taper like a modern flute to achieve a 2-1/2 octave range with only a 6-hole fingering system. Each flute is decorated with lovely fired-on ceramic, floral designs and comes with a nice protective box with foam padding. Piccolo in D (10.5 inches) FLU034 $55.00 Piccolo in C (12 inches) FLU001 $55.00 Flute in G (16 inches) FLU002 $65.00 Flute in D (21.5 inches) FLU003 $85.00 Celtic Crystal Flutes with ornate Celtic knotwork bands, quite lovely. Knotwork design varies. Celtic Crystal Flute, Piccolo D FLU053 $55.00 Celtic Crystal Flute, Piccolo C FLU050 $55.00 Celtic Crystal Flute, G FLU051 $65.00 Celtic Crystal Flute, D FLU052 $85.00 Cleaning rod for picollo D or C FLU001R $5.98 Cleaning rod for G flute FLU002R $5.98 Cleaning rod for D flute FLU003R $5.98 Instruction Booklet and CD BOK054 $14.98

Adler Chalumeaux

The predecessor to the modern clarinet. A fun, well made instrument. Changebell Chalumeaux Grenadilla Wood with 3 double Holes with B & Bb Bell and 2 keys. REC080 $420.00 Changebell Chalumeaux Boxwood with 3 double Holes with B & Bb Bell and 2 keys REC081 $370.00 Case For Changebell Chalumeaux REC082 $125.00 Pocket Chalumeaux Key of C REC083 $139.00 3 Key Chalumeaux, Boxwood, with canvas bag REC092 $370.00 3 Key Chalumeaux, Grenadilla, with canvas bag REC093 $420.00 Adler F Alto Chalumeaux The F-Alto-Chalumeau can be played from f to high a’’ (chromatic) 2 1/2 octaves can easily be played, eventually even up to high d’’’. The F-Alto-Chalumeau is available in selected pearwood or amarillo boxwood. Includes mouthpiece, cleaner, grease, fingering chart, bag. Pearwood REC107 $400.00 Boxwood REC108 $415.00

Male And Female Gaita Set This is a traditional musical instrument from the

Afro-Native Indians of the Colombian Caribbean coast. It is a vertical flute made from a vegetable “Cardon” (Selencereus Grandiflorus) of which the medulla has been removed. It has a fipple made of bee’s wax mixed with dust of vegetable coal. This head is called “fotuto”. A duck or turkey’s feather is introduced into the fotuto. At the other end it has 2 holes (male) or 5 holes (female). Sold and played as a pair WHS305 $105.00


The Fujara is a 5.5’ fipple flute, a typical folk instrument who’s native home is a small region in central Slovakia, called Zvolenska country. It has 3 holes and is designed to play high up into the overtone series, with a soft haunting voice. Traditionally it’s made completely by hand from deciduous trees (elder tree, maple tree); it takes up to one month to build a good Fujara. Our beautifully decorated Fujara is made in 3 pieces and comes with lovely wooden hard case. WIN136 $1150.00

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Chinese Musical Instruments Chinese music and musical instruments

are quite wonderful. Most of them play in a standard western scale, some play in a haunting pentatonic scale. Add a little mystery of the far-east to your life.


The suona is an ancient wind instrument, like an oboe, and is also called the ‘la ba‘. The body is made of wood with a metal bell at one end and a reed double-reed at the other. The suona is used in orchestral ensembles as well as for solos, and has a big bright full sound. Also used traditionally in Cuba for Carnaval and also by the Shriners. Large WIN011 $55.00 Medium WIN010 $45.00

Jar Hu

The Chinese equivalent to the cello (same tuning). Great sound! Y CHI052 $2025.00

Chin Chin

Wood body like a 1/2 size guitar shape, the sound hole is a 7” metal ring with a snake skin head , 9 metal frets, 3 metal strings, wooden movable bridge, open geared tuners, colorful body binding, chinese scale. Total length 32-3/4” body width 10” scale length 22” nut width 11/4” depth 2-1/2” CHI055 $130.00


Dizi Chinese Flutes

The dizi is a bamboo flute. It has been suggested that the instrument originated in Asia Minor or Central Asia, over 2000 years ago. It is a unique solo instrument and is also used extensively in ensembles and orchestras. These flutes have 6 open holes and a lovely bright sound. Often dizi players will carry around several flutes for all the different keys. Dizi have an extra hole that can be covered with a buzzing membrane. Bon Di, professional model C/G CHI011 $125.00 Dizi (student) CHI012 $7.00 Yellow and red BFL040 $8.00 Black and gold CHI084 $9.50 Chinese Bamboo Flute CD RCE017 $10.00


The xiao, or Chinese shakuhachi, is made of bamboo, and originated over 2000 years ago. It was sometime during the Tang and Sung Dynasty when the vertically played instruments were categorized as xiao and those horizontally-played as dizi. The xiao is not only a unique solo instrument, but is also used widely in ensembles and for accompaniment purposes. Its mellow tone quality makes it most suitable for playing lyrical melodies CHI016 $16.50

The sanxian (a long-necked lute) is a 3-string plucked instrument with snake skin heads. Owing to its distinctive acoustical properties - rich, full tonal quality, great volume and a wide range - the sanxian is widely used for accompaniment, orchestral and solo performances. Y Sanxian, with case CHI027 $675.00


Ancient Chinese zither with a very quiet haunting tone. The sound is like a cross between a slide guitar and a koto. Y CHI040 $825.00


The sheng, also called the Chinese mouth organ, is one of the oldest Chinese instruments. It has a history of thousands of years and its manufacture and use was reported in ancient Chinese history. The sheng is the instrument that inspired the invention of the concertina, accordion and harmonica, and uses the same technology of metal reeds that vibrate as air passes through them. It has a wonderful sound, and can play melody and chordal accompaniment all at once. Student, 17 notes CHI091 $140.00 Intermediate, 21 notes CHI028 $185.00 Professional, with resonators. CHI067 $250.00


The ruan (a short-necked lute) is a Chinese fretted instrument, used by orchestras as well as for accompanying operatic performances. The ruan consists of three parts: resonator, neck and head. On the neck are 24 frets in half steps. Four strings, provides a wide range of notes. Neat delicate tone.Y Da Ruan, with case CHI043 $425.00 Chung Ruan CHI044 $380.00 Hsiao Ruan CHI077 $360.00




Yuet Chin

Fretted instrument from China, also called the Moon Guitar. 3 metal strings, western scale. CHI004 $85.00 Fancy Yuet Chin, with case CHI073 $130.00

Temple Blocks

Temple blocks are made of a hollow wooden block, and were originally used by Buddhist priests to beat rhythm when chanting scriptures. A full set of wooden fish (as they are called in China) has been produced for use in the orchestra. Sizes approximate, across. 2” CHI029 $6.00 2-1/8” CHI030 $7.00 2-1/4” CHI031 $11.00 2-1/2” CHI032 $11.00 2-3/4” CHI033 $15.00 3” CHI034 $10.00 3-1/2” CHI035 $12.00 4-1/2” CHI037 $17.00 5-1/2” CHI039 $25.00 8” PER380 $52.00 12-1/2” PER381 $125.00 8 block set 3-3/4” to 2-1/8” CHI085 $20.00

Chinese Cymbals Traditional 11” Chinese

cymbals used in all kinds of Chinese music and ceremonies. They have a wonderfully full, resonant tone. Great for use in all different kinds of music PER357 $50.00


The Kaen is the oldest form of the free reed family, the great great grandaddy of the harmonica and accordion. Closely related to the Chinese sheng, this type of mouth organ goes back to at least 1100BC (the harmonica and accordion only go back to the 1830s). Made of bamboo with a metal reed in each tube. All the tubes are affixed in a wooden body with black pitch. You blow and suck on the mouthpipe on the body and cover the holes on the tubes to play melodies and chords. Powerful sound and you can play western music as well as Asian. We offer a good quality silver reed model that works great. Quality Kaen WIN019 $85.00 Carying bag WIN019C $21.00 An Introduction To The Kaen Book by Terry Miller, includes fingering, history, tunes etc. BOO135 $24.00

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The Koto

The Koto originated in China during the 8th Century. Its use spread first to Korea, then to Japan. Each country adapted the instrument to its own style of playing. By the 9th Century, the Koto was being used to entertain officials in the Japanese royal court, which at the time was located in Kyoto. In the modern era, the use and enjoyment of the Koto has spread to all levels of society. In addition to traditional Japanese music, the Koto has been used effectively to play western classical music. Recently, popular groups such as “Hiroshima” have used the Koto to play contemporary music. Full sized instrument of traditional koto wood with 13 Tetlon strings and string adjusters. STR115 $2100.00 Japanese Koto Orchestra CD RCD796 $19.00

The Huqin is a family of Chinese bowed instruments that became popular during the Sung dynasty, circa 960-1279 AD. Bowed instruments were likely invented in Central Asia and Mongolia, and the name huqin means “foreign instrument”. The various sizes have a long neck, 2 strings tuned in 5ths, and a snakeskin resonator. The bow is placed between the pair of strings and rosined on both sides of the hair. They are played with a wide variety of virtuosic techniques, and have a tone that is both mellow and sweet and bright as the same time. The most important instrument in the huqin group is the Erhu, which is widely played in many genres of Chinese music and is often used as a solo instrument, having a large repertoire. Our Erhus are of fine quality, and all have geared tuners that look like the original wooden pegs, come with bow and case, and sound excellent. Erhu are most commonly tuned DA like the middle strings of a violin. Student model CHI056 $95.00 Chinese “Redwood” CHI075 $130.00 Better Chinese “Redwood” CHI074 $160.00 The Art of the Chinese Erhu CD RCE535 $18.00

Inexpensive Kotos

We are happy to offer these good quality inexpensive Kotos. Each is well made in Japan in the traditional manner. 13 tetlon strings. Beautifully crafted. Full sized 6’ traditional Koto STR157 $995.00 Portable Mini 34” Koto STR158 $775.00 Koto Manual Excellent book has many photographs and illustrations and includes: physical description of the Koto and accessories, information on care and maintenance, performer’s posture, Koto notation, technical application of fingering, eleven exercises, bibliography, and two koto scores for the pieces Kazoe-Uta and Sakura. BOK189 $21.00

Gu Zheng

The Zheng (Chinese Koto) is a famous traditional Chinese plucked instrument which developed from a small instrument made of bamboo originally used by ancient herdsmen. It proved to be very popular even in ancient times, as early as the Ch’in Dynasty (255 BC - 206 BC). The tone quality of the Zheng is mellow and clear. Gu Zheng 21 strings, maple frame, Dongbei pine sound rib, Paulownia wood top and back, rosewood body and bridges; Dragon & Phoenix design, comes with stand. CHI010 $495.00 Gu Zheng 18 strings, maple frame, Dongbei pine sound rib, Paulownia wood topboard, laminated back; plain, no decoration, comes with stand, a good sounding instrument. CHI002 $219.00 Gu Zheng 26 nylon strings, with case CHI071 $1250.00 Gu Zheng Stand set CHI080 $72.00 The Chinese Zheng CD RCD010 $19.00



The Beijing Opera uses a small huqin with a bamboo body called Jinghu, tuned AE like the top pair of violin strings. It has traditional friction pegs, and comes with case and bow. CHI088 $30.00

Sar Hoo Thai Fiddle This is an amazing

piece of musical and technical craftsmanship. Two string fiddle with extensive complex abalone inlays on the lathe turned neck, tuning pegs and bow. The coconut body has an incredibly detailed carving of traditional Thai cultural iconography that adds to the acoustic and aesthetic properties of the instrument. The entire instrument has a high gloss finish. Comes with display stand, and bow. Y STR163 $550.00

Saw-Duang The Thai version of the Erhu. A

2 stringed fiddle Y STR164 $195.00 Stand with instrument only Y STR165 $40.00

Yang Chin

Student: A nice student Chinese hammered dulcimer with a 31/2 octave range. Maple wood frame, Dongbei pine soundboard rib, maple soundboard, and a paulownia wood topboard; chromatic. CHI079 $315.00 Professional: A larger Chinese hammered dulcimer, chromatic, 4 octave range. Maple frame, Dongbei pine soundboard rib, rosewood soundboard and decorations, and a paulownia wood topboard. Side panels are hinged to cover the tuning pins. With stand CHI078 $695.00 Celestial Echo CD - Chinese Butterfly Harp with Zhiming Han, virtuoso yang chin performer. RCE184 $20.00


Hammered dulcimer from Ozbekistan. Chromatically tuned; has damper foot pedal, over 50 strings, comes with the legs and a bag case. May be tuned in 4ths or 5ths. Mallets not included. HAM069 $750.00


The kim is the Thai hammered dulcimer. Similar to the Chinese yang chin but with a softer sound. Y HAM083 $600.00


Traditional Thai xylophone. Wooden bars. The princess of Thailand is a virtuoso player of this instrument. Y MAR184 $625.00

Thai Salaw

Classic folk fiddle from Thailand. The unusual body is made from the shell of a coconut. STR159 $85.00

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The most popular Indian percussion instrument. A set of 2 drums with leather heads, and leather straps for tuning. The Tabla is made of wood and the Dagga of metal. Basic tabla set DRU001 $235.00 Professional basic tabla set with case DRU109 $315.00 Professional deluxe tabla set Y DRU110 $345.00

Indian Plucked Drum

Dilruba Esraj

Dilruba & Esraj

Bowed small sitar like instruments. Sympathetic strings. Amazing sound! Dilruba STR135 $360.00 Esraj STR136 $350.00


The Nepalese Madal is a small version of the Indian Dholak, Pakwaj or Mrdangam. It is a barrel drum with multi-skin heads on each end; the playing heads have the gob or black spot which focuses the tone and pitch. They have ring tension tuning, and sound sort of like the tabla; the hand techniques are also somewhat similar to tabla, although less formalized. DRU024 $90.00


Male Tambura, 4' with case STR105 $425.00 Female Tambura, with case STR107 $390.00 Professional Male Tambura, 4 string, as available Y STR108 $950.00 Professional Female Tambura 4 string, as available Y STR109 $825.00 Professional Instrumental Tambura, 5 string, as available Y STR110 $550.00



We offer several types of sitars, from beginning to professional. Beginning Sitar with Standard decoration, single gourd with improved tone, comes with case STR003 $400.00 Basic Concert Model STR101 $575.00 Professional Model as available Y STR103 $1000.00 Sitar Picks (Mizrab) STR104 $2.00


A larger lower-pitched sitarlike instrument formerly used to play alap by Hindustani masters; for years it was eclipsed by the sitar, but is now growing again in popularity; with case STR141 $950.00

Snake Charmer’s Pipes Snake charmer's pipes from

India. The punji or bin is the traditional instrument used in India and Pakistan to charm cobras. 2 pipes, one a fingered chanter, the other a drone. Gourd body WIN104 $30.00 Indian Rosewood Model floral designs. WIN107 $32.00


A small shawm from Pakistan and India with a loud powerful tone, 7 fingerholes, metal bell, wooden body. Traditionally used for outdoor ceremonies and auspicious occasions. WIN001 $38.00 Extra Reed WIN001R $5.00

The classical drum of South India. The shell is hollowed out of a block of wood; both heads are fastened to hoops and tightened by leather thongs laced from end to end. The heads are tuned by tension wedges and tuning paste, similar to the way a tabla is tuned.The mridingam is played with the wrists and the fingertips. The left head is about 1-1/2 times bigger than the right head. DRU111 $185.00 Professional model, with metal brackets. Y DRU112 $500.00

Harmoniums The harmonium is an Indian musical

instrument, somewhat akin to the early American pump organ. The piano-like keyboard is played with the right hand, while pumping the bellows with the left. Harmoniums give an amazing amount of good sound and music, even for the beginner with little skill or experience. Their mellow, warm-sounding tone blends well with the human voice; thus they are especially well-suited for individual or group singing. The handcrafted harmonium makes an attractive addition to any home. The convenient size about (1 ft. x 1 ft. x 2 ft.) makes it easy to move about or store, and still have at your fingertips when you want it there. Harmoniums require little maintenance and servicing, and are reasonably priced. Each is its own individual instrument with a unique sound and style, differing in volume, tonation and performance characteristics. Lightweight, 6 stops, coupler ACC101 $390.00 Scale change model ACC102 $900.00 Basic double reed model, 7 fold bellows Y ACC103 $800.00 Triple reeds, simple Y ACC105 $895.00 Triple reeds, scale change, octave coupler Y ACC104 $895.00

The Gopichand, also called gopiyantra or khamak, is special to Bengal. A bamboo cane is split in two lengthwise but kept whole at one end. The lower ends of the two arms are fixed to the sides of a small wooden cylinder with a skin base. A string of steel tied to a knob at one end passes through the centre of the skin and the free end is attached to a peg on top of the bamboo. Both the arms are held in the left hand and alternately pressed and released, changing the pitch, while the string is simultaneously plucked with the right hand. The gopichand is used by religious mendicants for accompanying pastoral songs and is a favorite instrument of the Bauls of Bengal. Used mainly as a rhythm instrument. Large DRU228 $70.00 Medium DRU468 $45.00 Small DRU185 $34.00


Basic model, with case STR111 $550.00 Professional model, as available Y STR112 $1175.00 Sarod picks (Jaba), rough cut STR113 $4.00 Sarod picks (Jaba), finished STR114 $24.00

Shruti Box

The Shruti Box is a portable reed instrument, that you pump like a harmonium, providing drone accompaniment to instrumental or vocal music. ACC100 $149.00


Sacred drum of Tibet, India and Nepal, shaped like an hour-glass. Two lengths of lacing with a bead on the end extend from the waist of the drum. Held in the right hand and rolled rapidly from side to side, allowing the beads to strike first one drumhead and then the other. Small Damaru, made in Tibet, 2” head DRU175 $25.00 Small Damaru with Embroidered case & tassle, beautiful, Tibet DRU316 $20.00 Large Damaru, Nepal 4” DRU176 $20.00 “Monkey Drum” Damaru, painted wooden body, 3-1/2” head, 4-3/4” tall, Pakistan DRU207 $15.95 Ceramic Damaru 5” made of high fire glazed ceramic with two 3” goatskin heads; crisp sound. Pakistan DRU383 $20.00 DRU176


DRU207 DRU383

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The most spectacular Tibetan ritual instruments are long copper rag-dung trumpets. These conically bored natural horns vary in length from 3’-20’. They are made in sections that can be telescoped for portability. Each horn has a fairly shallow cup mouthpiece and like the Western bugle is capable of producing different tones. The basic use of these horns is to play a drone for chanting. The drone is sometimes in 3rds or 5ths. There are also smaller hand held trumpets with dragon heads at the bell end. The players tend to concentrate on one note from which they slide up and down. Rag-Dung 3’6” TIB001 $129.00 Rag-Dung 3’11”, smaller bore TIB009 $115.00 Rag-Dung 4’10” TIB002 $185.00 Dragon Horn TIB003 $50.00 Tibetan Copper Curved Horn Engraved copper horn 15” length, made in Nepal. Wonderful ceremonial horn WIN097 $58.00 Large Rag-Dung 8’ TIB008 $595.00

Tibetan Conch Amazing conch horn with

engraved metal. Made by Tibetans living in Nepal Small TIB007 $40.00 Large TIB012 $325.00

Large Conch Horn Strombus Gigas Conch

from the Bahamas. Used for horns traditionally since the 1400s. The shell is harvested for food; afterwards, the end is removed to make a blowhole. The 5th hardest substance after a diamond. A wonderful ancient sound. WIN163 $24.95


Downblown ring flute of Bali and Java. The top is closed by a natural node; a notch is cut in this end and in the tube. A narrow bamboo ring (design will vary) is tied around the upper extremity, forming a fipple with the notch cut in the flute. Can have 4, 5 or 6 fingerholes, made of bamboo. WIN079 $17.50

Bamboo Whistle

Nice playing 6 hole whistle from India WHS107 $3.95


Jade Flutes

Wonderful flutes made of solid jade. Available in the keys of A, D, G and B (check what is in stock). The flute in A is 20” long. These flutes are well in tune, have wonderful tone and are amazing to look at and hold. 6 holes and embouchure hole with an extra hole for a vibrating membrane that adds an incredible tone color to the flute. If you don’t want to use the membrane you may put a piece of tape over the hole. These flutes are traditional to China and called Dizi. The membrane is the pith from the inside of bamboo (included). Easily attached with a little white glue or traditionally with some juice from a garlic clove. Black Jade Flute JFL001 $350.00 Green Jade Flute JFL003 $495.00


The shakuhachi is a traditional Japanese endblown flute that is finding ever-increasing favor with all types of musicians. We’ve even heard it used with a Celtic harp for a unique Far EastIrish blend. This deceptively simple looking bamboo tube is capable of a beautiful variety of tone colors and has a wonderfully haunting and meditative sound. The name ”shakuhachi” literally means 1.8 feet which is the length of the classical flute. The origin of the shakuhachi has been traced back as far as ancient Egypt, and is presumed to have migrated through India and China before entering Japan in the 6th C. It's popularity was short-lived and it wasn't until the 13th C. that it was revived by the Fuke sect of zen Buddhism which sought to replace sutra chanting with the shakuhachi. In the Edo period (1603-1867) the shakuhachi was favored by the swelling number of uprooted and disenfranchised samurai warriors (ronin) who joined the ranks of itinerant beggars and preachers known as komuso (”Priests of Emptiness and Nothingness”). The violent clan struggles which marked the late 16th C. forced some of the komuso to form a society for self-protection. Legend has it that members of the Fukeshu sought to deceive the shogun with forged documents giving them exclusive rights to play the shakuhachi and to solicit alms with it. In return for this privilege they agreed to spy on the activities of other ronin. Forbidden to carry their revered samurai swords, these komuso redesigned the shakuhachi from the root of the bamboo making their instruments longer and stouter for use as club. Thus it is that the shakuhachi received its present form. Beginners Instruments Basic Shakuhachi SHK023 $125.00 Good Student Shakuhachi,with binding SHK001 $185.00 Wooden Shakuhachi Traditionally, the Shakuhachi is made of the choicest bamboo root ends. This type of bamboo is hard to find, making root end shakuhachis very

expensive. The wooden Shakuhachis we offer are made of maple and play as well as many top quality bamboo instruments that sell for 34 times the price. Comes with mouthpiece cap. The difference between the 2 styles lies in the cut of the embouchure. Kinko School short model, 5 hole SHK003 $320.00 Standard model, 5 hole SHK004 $320.00 Standard model, 7 hole SHK005 $320.00 Tozan School short model, 5 hole SHK006 $320.00 Standard model, 5 hole SHK007 $320.00 Standard model, 7 hole SHK008 $320.00 Tai Hei Shakuhachi These shakuhachis are capable of a western chromatic scale. They are quality instruments made from select bamboo and have a precision cast bore that make for a perfect instrument everytime. The bore is coated to the right dimension and polished to a mirror finish. Comes with binding to protect the flute. G SHK009G $475.00 F# SHK009FS $475.00 F SHK009F $475.00 E SHK010E $475.00 Eb SHK010EB $475.00 D (standard key) SHK011 $445.00 C# SHK012 $445.00 C SHK022 $505.00 B SHK013 $505.00 Bb SHK014 $595.00 A SHK015 $620.00 Root end shakuhachis are also available pitched in the key of D SHK016 $2095.00 Case with vapor barrier SHK017 $35.00 Utaguchi Cover (mouthpiece cover) SHK018 $22.00 Tsuyutoshi (cleaning cloth) SHK020 $9.50 Walnut Oil SHK021 $7.00

Flower Drums The history of

drums in China is longer than that of wind and string instruments. The character of ‘drum’ was first found in the inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty. We offer beautiful reproductions of old style flower drums with wonderful traditional painted designs. You can look at these for hours. As available. Flower Drum, with stick CHI057 $200.00 Flower Drum With Handle CHI058 $180.00

Dragon Drums Chinese suspended

barrel drum, genuine skin heads, highly decorated, played with sticks, booming low tonal color; 19” head, 27” deep; comes with stand. As available CHI081 $995.00

Flower Drum

Chinese handheld barrel drum, genuine skin heads, held in one hand and played with a single stick in the other hand. Beautifully painted. As available CHI082 $200.00

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Drehorgel Monkey Grinder Organ, Hurdy Gurdy Barrel Organ A great old-time instrument is this 17th

Century Drehorgel (Barrel Organ). A quality instrument made in Germany. This is a pipe organ operated mechanically admitting air to the appropriate pipes. Essentially it consists of 2 or more ranks of organ pipes in an enclosed cabinet above a bellows. These instruments are mounted on small carts and were wheeled about by mendicant street musicians - the familiar “organ ginders,” usually accompanied by a monkey as a partner. A roll is attached to the barrel; the operator turns a handle, which works the bellows. We offer this Drehorgel in three different styles. We also offer a wide variety of song cards. You could hire a monkey to complete the picture. Y 20/20F Hand painted in red, green or blue with “tole painting” designs. BOR003 $5025.00 Monkey Grinder’s Organ or “Belly Organ”, monkey not included. Instrument hangs from a leather strap. 20 notes, 20 pipes, 2 Bass pipes 8', 9 melody pipes 8', 9 accompaniment pipes 8'. 15.75” long, 11.42” wide, 13.39” high, 23.82 lbs. Dark stain. BOR004 $5170.00 Model 20/31 20 notes, 31 pipes: 2 doubled bass, 8' + 4', 9 doubled melody 8', 9 accompaniment 8'. 21.65” long, 15.35” wide, 22.85” high. 50.72 lbs. 20/31 R Natural Finish. BOR005 $5025.00 20/31 F Hand painted in red, green or blue with “tole painting” designs. BOR006 $5450.00 20/31 I With marquetry inlay BOR007 $6450.00 Model 26/44 26 notes, 44 pipes: 3 doubled bass 8' + 4', 15 doubled melody 8', 8 accompaniment 8' for a very full sound. 22.44” long, 15.75” wide, 26.38” high. 59.54 lbs. 26/44 R Natural finish. BOR008 $7015.00 26/44 F Handpainted in red with “tole painting” designs. BOR009 $7445.00 26/44 I With lovely marquetry inlay. BOR010 $9720.00 Wagons: Model SM for 20/20 or 20/31, light or dark stain BOR012 $625.00, Model SM/F for 20/20 or 20/31, handpainted the same color as the organ. BOR013 $750.00 Fancy, with wooden wheels, for 20/20, 20/31 or 26/44. Only with organ. Model EX light or dark stain BOR014 $1190.00 Model EX/S hand painted the same color as the organ. BOR015 $1490.00 Music Rolls: For 20/20 and 20/31 BOR017 $115.00, For 26/44 BOR018 $148.00 Call for a list of music titles.

The Gravikord

The Gravikord is an electric double harp, with 24 nylon strings, inspired by the West African kora and love of polyrhythms in music. First built as an acoustic model out of bamboo, the Gravikord evolved over a decade into a contemporary electric harp of stainless steel and wood. Because the scale alternates from side to side, each hand is able to play both bass and treble notes simultaneously and independently, making the structure and its rhythmic possibilities dramatically different from western instruments. Its syncopated nature makes it a “harp for bongo players.” It’s also a harp that you can dance with! Enriched by the sympathetic vibrations of the unplayed strings, the Gravikord has a unique captivating rich harp-like sound, making its music appeal to audiences everywhere. Works with any amplifier (strictly electric). Comes with a soft carrying case and instruction manual. Weighing approx. 5 lbs., welded stainless steel frame, wood tuning block with metal tuning machines; carved bridge with piezoelectric pickup and cord, set of 24 colored nylon monofilament strings. Y ELE024 $1850.00 Gravikord CDs Cherries & Stars Featuring solo, duo, trio and ensemble. Celtic Trio (Molly Malone, Wilde Mountain Thyme, and Danny Boy); Folk Medicine (Blue Tail Fly, Old Cotton Fields, Iko Iko, Jumbalaya, Turkey in the Straw); a little bit of Bach and Beethoven; a Paraguayan solo harp piece and seven more originals and more. RCD947 $17.00 Rising Tide The Gravikord Ensemble, all with Gravikord, Flute, Bassoon, Percussion & more. Favorites: Amazing Grace, Simple Gifts, Shenandoah and Home Dearie Home, along with nine originals. RCD948 $17.00

Etherwave Theremin Complete Instruments And Kits

Designed by Bob Moog, one of the fathers of electronic music. This theremin has authentic nickel-plated brass pitch and volume antennaes, wood cabinet, a pre-built and tested PC-board, the original tone color and playing characteristics of Leon Theremin's original designs, and comes with an illustrated book on theremin technology, history, and music. Will plug into any amplifier. Pitch range C7 (3 octaves above middle C) may be produced. Weighs 4 pounds. Completed Theremin ELE020 $405.00 Theremin Kit ELE021 $375.00 Instructional Video ELE022 $47.00 Method for the Theremin Book Playing in tune, playing musically, volume, vibrato, scale patterns, comfortable hand movements, how to play theremin from A to Z. Includes repertoire from folk music and the public domain. BOA578 $24.00 Art of the Thermin CD Clara Rockmore RCD994 $23.00

Lark In The Morning 12 ”x 18” Poster

Full color Lark In The Morning Poster POS100 $3.00

Lark’s Musical Postcards

Set of 11 musical 4” x 6” postcards. POS078 $10.00


Traditional bamboo reed pipes from Egypt. Used for belly dance accompaniment and all other types of Arabic music. Single Mijwiz, “Mefred” WIN112 $6.50 Double Mijwiz WIN111 $14.00

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Digital Music Study Recorders Slow down those licks without changing the Superscope Vary Speed CD Player Fantastic Learning Tool Superscope Professional A portable, professional-quality CD player Portable CD-R/RW that lets you change the key and tempo of any CD. Never before has a CD player provided Recorder these capabilities. Simple button controls let Many musicians have been looking for a you quickly increase or decrease tempo up to 50%. Slow down a music track as a valuable practice aid. The PSD230 also lets you change the musical key in 1/16th tone increments up to one octave, without changing tempo. This makes transposing an accompaniment a snap. A segment of a track can be selected and continually replayed until mastered. Step through an entire track or CD by making the endpoint of one loop the beginning point of the next one. In addition, a voice reduction system within the unit effectively reduces the lead vocals on many CDs, allowing a practicing musician to better hear the instrumentals or a vocalist to sing along as the new lead. A mic/ line input on the PSD230 that accepts either a 1/4” or XLR connection allows a microphone or an instrument to be plugged in and mixed with the CD, enhancing the practice performance. An optional foot pedal allows easier control when hands are occupied with an instrument. Includes many other professional features, such as analog and digital stereo outputs for connection to powered speakers or a recording device, 3-band EQ for tone balancing, CDTEXT display, 3-way power, as well as built-in speaker and headphone jack with volume control. Play compilations recorded on CD-R or CD-RW discs. Take it with you anywhere. ELE610 $550.00 Foot Pedal (with player only) ELE611 $22.00


Great Learning Tool

With SlowTune you can take a recording and slow it down without changing the pitch! You can also change the pitch to match various instruments. This music software CDROM is available for Macintosh computers running system 7 and above that are capable of recording sounds. Just record the music you want to study (length limited by available memory on your Mac). Set how much you want to slow the tune and play the whole piece or a section. Many other features! ELE011 $60.00

Guitar Pitch Pipe Durable hard plastic, 6 notes. TUN006 $6.75

Chromatic Pitch Pipe A nice 13 note chromatic pitch pipe. TUN007 $11.95


professional, portable recording solution. The technology is finally here. Features: built-in microphone and speaker, stereo XLR & 1/4” mic/line inputs, 48V Phantom Power, RCA line out, stereo RCA aux input, digital RCA (SPDIF) input and output, drogrammable mic/line EQ, drogrammable mic/line high and band pass filtering, manual or automatic level control for recording, onboard limiter, computer CD-R/RW disc compatible, 3-band master EQ, full function IR remote included, AC power or 4-pin DC connection for use with professional video battery packs (batteries not included.) Dimensions: Width 12”, Height 4”, Depth 9”, Weight 6 lbs. RECOMMENDED CD-R MEDIA When selecting a disc for use with your CDR300, the general rule is that any disc manufactured to industry specifications (data disk included) will work with the burner. However, there are many discs that are either borderline or out of spec. In this instance, you may experience higher failure rates during the initialization, record or finalize process. Marantz has tested and recommends medium grade and premium grade discs from the following brands such as Maxell, TDK, Sony etc. ELE624 $849.00

Music Study Recorder Great way to learn music by ear! (train your ear too.)

This cassette recorder is the perfect learning tool for the traditional musician. The only cassette recorder that offers: half-speed control that drops the music exactly one octave, and slows the music down to half speed at the flick of a switch. Pitch control with a completely tunable range of +or- 20%. Either tape the tune you want to learn (this is a great field tape recorder) or use a prerecorded tape, settle in and get in a comfortable practice space. Set the pitch control so that the tape is in tune with your instrument. You can use the review button to rewind the tape a short distance so you can review a phrase again and again. You can either work at full speed or flick the half speed switch and clearly hear those impossible fast notes. Marantz PMD 201 can be used with batteries or AC. You can hook it up to your stereo or use the built-in microphone and speaker. Has VU recording level meter for quality recording in mono. Weighs only 2.9 lbs, measures 6.5”x9”x2”. Many other features! ELE001 $399.00 Marantz PMD 101 is similar to the 201 but without VU meter. ELE018 $299.00

pitch. LEARN LIKE THE GREAT PLAYERS HAVE BY COPYING FROM CDs, cassettes and records. TR-1000 Digital Music Study Recorder Features include: digitally records 95 seconds of music at 22khz or 190 seconds of music at 11khz; Playback speeds: full, 3/4, 2/3, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8, 1/9.1/26 without pitch change; playback controls: play, rewind, pause, fast forward; playback region selection controls: begin/end, expand, contract, shift left, shift right; bass Isolator function will in general remove everything but the bass for easier bass line transcription. Transpose +/- 12 semitones, pitch adjust +/100 cents, left/right channel select on record, 7 presets for tuning the TR-1000 sound quality to your particular recording. The unit can be upgraded with new features and improvements as they become available in the future by purchasing an upgrade kit at that time. Inputs: 2 RCA jack stereo line input with line adjust control and LED overload indicator, 1/4” guitar input, 1/4” stereo/mono keyboard input. Outputs: 2 RCA jack stereo line output, stereo headphone output, headphone volume control. Power adapter included. Measures 7–1/4”x10–1/8”x1– 3/8” ELE036 $310.00 TR-400 Digital Music Study Recorder Features include: digitally records 150 seconds of music; playback speed: full, 3/4, 2/3, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8, 1/9-1/14 without changing pitch; playback controls: play, rewind, pause, fast forward; Inputs: stereo miniplug, 1/4” guitar input; outputs: stereo miniplug, stereo headphone output, headphone volume control. External power adapter included. ELE037 $149.95

High Quality Tuning Forks These tuning forks are made of blue

tempered Sheffield steel, and are individually tested by oscilloscope. Available in several keys: E:659 Guitar TUN001E $14.00 A:440 Violin TUN001A $14.00 C:523.3 Piano TUN001C $14.00 G:392 Bass, Banjo TUN001G $14.00 Bb:466.2 Band TUN001Bb $14.00 A:415 Baroque TUN001A415 $14.00 E:329.6 Beginning Guitarist TUN001LOWE $14.00 B:493.9 TUN001B $14.00 F:349.2 TUN001F $14.00 D:293.7 TUN001D $14.00 Full Chromatic Set in Leatherette Box (13 forks C:261.6 to C:523.3) TUN002 $195.00

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Cajun/Zydeco Rub Boards These look like a

corrugated vest of armor and sound like a small war. Comes with old fashioned “church keys.” The Louisiana version of the wash board. Great fun. Amaze your friends. Great rhythm instrument. Galvanized steel Small Model RUB001 $65.00 Large Model RUB005 $85.00 Stainless steel RUB002 $95.00

Zydeco Tie The Zydeco Tie is a fashion statement! It’s an instrument! It’s a portable party! Now you can have rhythm wherever you go. No more boring office meetings. No more stained ties; it’s dishwasher safe! The Zydeco Tie is hand crafted from 24 gauge stainless steel. It evolved from the wooden framed washboard used by traditional American musicians. Comes with thimbles RUB006 $25.00

Zydeco Scrubboard Video

Jemmy Bluestein’s Rub Board or Scrubboard Video starts basic enough for the total beginner, but is challenging enough for the experienced percussionist. Included are: background information, basic rhythm concepts, identifying downbeat and backbeat, playing downbeat and backbeat in opposition with backbeat accent, basic zydeco rhythm (running 16th notes, right hand), double-backbeat rhythm, doubleskip downbeat, syncopated downbeat, polyrhythms, waltz time (3/4), suggestions on style and musical sensitivity. Features: Zydeco band soundtrack, practice sessions, consisting of musical selections performed by Bad Boys Zydeco with simultaneously guided scrubboard instruction covering all lessons. LAR026 $29.95

Musical Washboards A traditional washboard. Small size for the kids. 8-1/2” x 18”. Loud and raucous RUB003 $18.00 Large size ”concert model” 12-1/4” x 24”. Louder and more raucous! RUB004 $25.00 Metal Thimbles Small THI001 each $1.35 Large THI002 each $1.35

Song & Gig Master

Store thousands of songs complete with key, tempo, chords, words, etc. Find any song or group of songs in seconds. Sort and print chord charts, lyrics and song lists. Use the SetMaker feature to create sets with ease, and save them for future use or modification. All the details of future and past engagements instantly at your fingertips! Track gigs by viewing them on a calendar or in greater detail in the GigBook. Print calendars, lists, labels, reports on earnings and expenses, etc. Contact file of musicians, mailing list, and much more. The power a performer needs to put his or her act in order. CD Rom for Macintosh & Windows. ELE014 $79.95

Pignose Battery Powered Amplifiers Since 1972 Pignose has been the leader in

portable battery-powered amplification. Many electric guitarists have used the original Pignose as a travel amp, a preamp, a studio amp, etc. Recently many acoustic musicians have been using them to amplify traditional acoustic instruments, from guitars and mandolins to ouds and sazes; in fact I’ve used the Hog 30 in many belly dance situations where there is no AC power and the string instruments needed to be brought to the volume of several dumbek players whacking away on modern plastic-headed LOUD dumbeks! It even worked well with a microphone to amplify the ney flute. The newer Hog 20 and 30 models have enough power to provide a clean sound adding a new dimension to the Pignose tone. Plus these models have rechargeable batteries making them efficient and economical. They run for hours and hours on one charging, a real plus for the outdoor performer. Legendary Pignose This is the original portable guitar amp, with that funky sound we’ve loved for over 25 years. 5 watts, 5” speaker. ELE048 $109.95 Hog 20 Recharging Portable Amp A larger version of the Pignose, with volume, tone and “squeal” (overdrive!) controls; headphone out and speaker on/off switch, which allows for use as a headphone amp, as a preamp or direct input signal. 20 watts, 6.5” speaker. ELE049 $199.95 Hog 30 Recharging Portable Amp The largest portable Pignose amp, this will work for acoustic guitar, keyboard, bass, and other amplified acoustic instruments. Volume, master volume, treble, mid and bass EQ, “Funk Bass” switch, headphone and line out jacks. 30 watts, 8” speaker. ELE050 $249.95

Qwik Tune QT-12 Chromatic Tuner The QT-12 has built in

Electronic pitch pipe with an internal speaker that plays 12 chromatic tones for tuning reference as well as being an electronic tuner. High sensitivity microphone, accurate tuning, fast meter and 3 leds, batteries included. TUN014 $29.95

Electronic Pitch Pipe Flip the switch on the side for

a steady A:440. Fits easily into any small pocket. ELE069 $5.00


Elto GT-808 Tuner Fully automatic, chromatic tuner with a 7 octave range. Compact rectangular design, 5” x 2-3/8” x 1-1/4”, will sit up on its edge or lay flat. Input, output and 9 volt DC connections. Analog needle assisted by tuning guide arrows makes tuning a snap. Calibration from A438 to A445. TUN011 $40.00 Qwik Tune Chromatic pitch calibration 436-445, automatic noise, extended range tuning, a great buy! TUN008 $29.95 Alligator Clip Microphone Just clip on to any part of the instrument and plug into your electronic tuner. Only tones from your instrument are registered by the tuner - no more incorrect readings from room or outside noise! TUN010 $15.00 AX2000 Chromatic Tuner Sticks to the flat instruments like guitars, dulcimers, harps, mandolins, etc. Auto recalibration. Small size. We have been using these with harp and hammered dulcimer with great success! ELE038 $69.95 Zipbeat Metronome loud metronome, 6 different beat patterns. Great pocket bodhran for practicing reels and jigs. TUN013 $29.95 Qwik Time Metronome Loud, 200 speed settings, highly accurate! TUN009 $19.95

Sabine Metrotune MT-8000 Combines a Chromatic

Autotuner with a Metronome. The MetroTune uses three rows of bright, multipurpose and bi-color LEDs to give musicians easy access to pitch and tempo information. In metronome mode, the 20-LED display mimics a pendulum’s sweep. The MetroTune is adjustable from 40 to 206 beats per minute, and has an accented downbeat, a tone generator and a 3-stage volume control. Tuning with the MetroTune is fast, accurate and completely hands free. The MetroTune automatically senses and clearly displays the note on one LED row, and then precisely indicates the degree of sharpness or flatness on another. Green LEDs in the center make it easy to understand when the correct pitch has been achieved, and the bar graph-like sharp/flat indicator gives the perfect visual cue. The MetroTune has a transpose function. In addition, the 12-note, full range chromatic MetroTune can be calibrated to other pitches - useful for tuning to alternate scales or for instruments that tune to pitches other than A=440 Hz. SABINE METROTUNE MT-8000 KEEPS YOU IN-TEMPO AND IN-TUNE. TUN015 $39.95

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Windchimes Beautiful sounding windchimes created by

Garry Kvistad. The silver anodized tubes produce a rich bell like tone and are pleasing to the eye and the ear. The tubes are suspended from a hardwood platform that is preserved with Danish oil. These windchimes are weather protected and maintenance free: built to last through the seasons, year to year.

Chimes Of Olympos

Soothing, tranquil and restful. Minor pentatonic tuning, the traditional tuning of the Japanese Koto. 6 tubes, 36” BEL111 $65.00

Chimes Of Lun

A relaxing oriental sound. This tuning has roots in 27th century BC China. It was introduced by Chinese court musician Ling Lun who is known for building ancient bamboo pan pipes. 6 tubes, 36” BEL112 $65.00

Chimes Of Partch

Happy, lively and energetic. A major pentatonic tuning. 6 tubes, 36” BEL113 $65.00

Chimes Of Bali

Playful and light. The Indonesian island of Bali is the birthplace of the wayang kuilt, a theatrical performance using shadow puppets. The music that is used for the performances is the same pentatonic tuning as these windchimes. 6 tubes, 25” BEL106 $45.00

Chimes Of Java

Deeply resonant, mysterious and relaxing. The island of Java is the birthplace of the gamelan degung which uses the pelog scale as do these windchimes. 6 tubes, 50” BEL107 $99.00

Gregorian Chimes

Medieval, meditative and peaceful. Tuned in the Dorian mode of Gregorian chant, the peaceful patterns of the Gregorian scale have been used for centuries in the music of religious meditation. 8 tubes. Soprano, 13” BEL108 $34.00 Alto, 29” BEL109 $52.00 Tenor, 41” BEL110 $75.00

Druid Bells

Druid Bells are spherical silver balls which make a delightful “tinkly” sound when rolled in the hand or shaken. They are also known as celestial spheres or tinker bells. The Crescent Moon holder allows the Druid Bell to be worn as a pendant. 20mm silver plated with crescent holder DRB001 $23.00 20mm silver plated DRB003 $26.00

Druid Bell Rattle

Beautiful chiming spheres, great as a baby rattle too. DRB008 $60.00

Mushroom Bells Lovely magical sounding

metal bell with striker, 3” tall. BEL103 $22.00


Om Mani Padme Hum Singing Bowl Singing bowls are often

used in meditation, as are mantras such as Om Mani Padme Hum. A rough translation: OM represents the body of all the buddhas, MANI means “jewel” in sanskrit, PADME means “lotus”, HUM represents the mind of all buddhas. This singing bowl is approximately 5-1/2” in diameter, colored black with gold designs and the words Om Mani Padme Hum written in Sanskrit inside and around the outside of the bowl. SIB012 $30.00 Playing Stick BEL008 $7.95

Crystal Singing Bowls

Precisely manufactured from pure fused quartz crystal. When played, the bowl resonates (“sings”) its amazing note. The sound of the singing bowl is reputed to have healing powers. 10” SIB010 $159.00 12” SIB006 $179.00 14” SIB007 $219.00 16” SIB008 $259.00

Buddhist Ritual Bowl Gongs Create the rich resonant

tones heard in ancient Buddhist shrines and Chinese rituals with these bronze and copper temple bowl gongs. Deep tones are made by striking or rubbing either the sides or the rims with the rubber covered striker. With pillow & striker. 3” GON054 $35.00 3-1/2” GON001 $42.00 4” GON002 $50.00 4-1/2” GON003 $60.00 5” GON004 $90.00 6” GON005 $110.00 8” GON007 $200.00 12” GON010 $325.00 14” GON012 $450.00

Zen Cup Gongs Traditional Japanese brass

cup gongs. Their bright tones are made by striking or rubbing either the side or the rim with striker. Gongs 3” GON047 $20.00 3-1/2” GON048 $30.00 4” GON049 $45.00 Best Quality Zen Cup Gongs Toyo Rin, black with golden trim, “knobby” bottom, clear ringing tone. 3-1/2” GON080 $90.00 4-1/2” GON087 $100.00 6” GON088 $135.00 7” GON089 $185.00 Cushions

3” GON050 $7.00 3-1/2” GON051 $8.00 4” GON052 $12.00 5” GON090 $15.00 6” GON091 $17.00 Striker GON053 $6.00

Tibetan Percussion

High quality Tibetan percussion for use in meditation, therapy & healing, as art objects, and of course, as musical instruments. Used in Tibetan Buddhist ritual for heightening spiritual awareness, clearing forcefields, balancing energies and meditation. Uses from holistic healing practices to people’s own individual personal devotions. Musicians are using them in all types of musical traditions.

Bell and Dorje

Principal ritual objects of Tantric Buddhism. Traditionally, they are used together, the bell in the left hand the dorje in the right. Representing the passive and active qualities which reach perfection only when united, they function as do yin and yang in the Chinese tradition. Represents the union of wisdom and compassion, which is enlightenment. An incredible sound when rubbed with a playing stick or when rung. 3 sizes. Prices per set. Small BEL005 $35.00 Medium BEL006 $45.00 Large BEL007 $95.00 Playing stick for bell BEL008 $7.95

Singing Bowls

These bowls are traditionally struck to produce a complex and beautiful sound aiding meditation, or are filled with water, rice or flowers as offerings to the deities. When circled with a playing stick, singing bowls “hum” in a voice full of wonderful harmonics and overtones. They are made from a mixture of 5-7 metals, hand-turned on a lathe, then hammered to the desired hardness and pitch. Legend has it that as the bowl is made, mantras (prayers) are recited and absorbed into the metals, to be released when the bowl is played. 5” SIB001 $70.00 6” SIB002 $85.00 7” SIB003 $100.00 8” SIB004 $130.00 12” SIB013 $350.00 Custom Playing Stick for Bowls or Dorje Bells. Rubbing the stick around rim will make the bowl sing, or pad stick with fabric for striking. BEL008 $7.95 Singing Bowls Book Handbook of Instruction and Use. The origin and history of singing bowls, how they work, how to use them, therapeutic uses, plus a chapter about tingsha and bell & dorje. BOA276 $12.95 Golden Bowls CD, Karma Moffett RCE068 $18.00

Tibetan Deep Singing Bowl 7-8” SIB018 $125.00 Traditional Tibetan Cymbals These large brass cymbals

are traditional ethnic instruments of Nepal & Tibet. PER442 $325.00

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Sterling Silver Jewelry

Playable whistles, charms, miniature bells, earrings and pins. Whistle #1 REO001 $24.00 Violin Charm #3 REO018 $12.00 Violin Earrings #3 REO003 $20.00 Sax Earrings #5 REO005 $18.00 Piano Earrings #13 REO013 $24.00 MOP Whistle 3” With Chain #15 REO015 $50.00 Guitar Earrings #16 REO008 $16.00 Guitar Charm #16 REO016 $10.00 Cabby Whistle 2” & chain #20 REO020 $45.00 Violin Pin #26 REO026 $16.00 French Horn Pin #27 REO027 $21.00 Drums Pin #29 REO029 $23.00 Sax Pin #30 REO030 $18.00 Trumpet Pin #32 REO032 $17.00 Tuba Pin #33 REO033 $16.00 Serpent Pin #34 REO034 $15.00 Small Cabby whistle 1-1/2” #36 REO036 $24.00 Victorian Whistle 2” #37 REO037 $23.00 Heart Bell Pendant #38 REO038 $34.00 Cello Pin #40 REO040 $16.00 Maracas Pin #41 REO041 $20.00 Figaro Chain 30” REO039 $15.00 37 Harp Pin #10 REO010 $25.00 Angel Bell Charm #43 REO043 $12.00 Angel Bell Earrings #44 REO044 $26.00 Kitten Whistle #45 REO045 $36.00 Big Cat Whistle #46 REO046 $36.00 Big Owl Whistle #47 REO047 $36.00 Bell Charm #48 REO048 $30.00 Round Bell Charm #49 REO049 $26.00 Carillion Bell Charm #50 REO050 $30.00



6 Stone


15 20 1

3 16







41 46






50 49


Silver Whistles

Whistles play an important part in the spiritual ceremonies of many cultures. The sound can announce the presence of supernatural powers. Healers carry them as a symbol of strength and healing powers. These sterling silver whistles range from 1-3/4” to 2-1/2” long and have a sweet sound. Handcrafted by Jessica Felix. Many models are set with semi precious stones 6 Stone the top stone is amethyst or lapis and the 6 smaller stones are a mix of tourmaline, citrine and iolite ELE030 $135.00 1 Stone one center stone ELE029 $75.00 2 Stone one center stone and one bottom stone ELE028 $80.00 Small Conch ELE027 $90.00 Spider Web 2 turquoise triangles and one center lapis ELE026 $125.00 Celtic Basketweave ELE031 $100.00




Maraca Keychains

Natural materials, brightly colored, durable, fun. TOY028 $2.00 each

Djembe Necklace

Handcarved wood body ELE017 $11.00

Celtic 1 or 2 Stone Small Conch Spider Web Basketweave

Incredible Sounding Bells Round Sleigh Bell

with Handle, very special sounding ritual bells from Spain. Carefully constructed of brass and available in 5 sizes. We were so impressed, we took some home! Great for a variety of uses, choir, music class, or calling everyone together! 1” x 2-3/4” BEL239 $13.00 1-1/8” x 3-1/2” BEL240 $15.00 1-3/8” x 4” BEL241 $20.00 1-1/2” x 4-3/4” BEL242 $24.00 1-3/4” x 5-1/2” BEL243 $29.00 ELE077

Cajun Earrings Triangle Earrings JWL002 $12.00


Scrubboard Earrings JWL001 $12.00

ELE073 ELE075

Musical Pins And Earrings Hand enameled sterling silver. Made by Zarah. Piano Pin ELE078 $29.00 Clarinet Pin ELE071 $32.00 Trumpet Pin ELE070 $34.00 Harp Pin ELE077 $33.00 Harp Earrings ELE076 $25.00 Violin Pin ELE073 $34.00 Guitar Pin ELE075 $34.00 Guitar Earrings ELE074 $24.00

ELE071 ELE074



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Traditionally, these miniature cymbals are struck to call “hungry ghosts” to accept offerings. By relieving their hunger and making an offering, their suffering is diminished and only when all suffering is eliminated can enlightenment be achieved. Tingsha have exceptional resonance and sound, excellent for musical accents, healing or spiritual practice. Etched Dragons 2-7/8" TIN001 $31.50 Embossed Dragons 2-7/8" TIN002 $36.00 Om Mani Padme Hum 2-7/8" TIN003 $40.00 Plain (no designs) 3-1/8" TIN004 $52.00 Embossed Buddhist Icons 3-3/4” TIN006 TIN001




Javanese Gongs With Stands These gorgeous gong

stands are made of wood with ornate scrollwork and carving, available in a natural finish, or with traditional Javanese painting. Each stand is a work of art, no two are alike. Gongs included. The small gong is 14” in diameter, with a 24” tall stand, while the large gong is 18” in diameter with a 32” tall stand. Gong and Stand with traditional painting Small GON098 $125.00 Large GON099 $175.00 Gong and Stand with natural finish Small GON096 $125.00 Large GON097 $175.00


Musical “Health Balls” One of the centuries old treasures of China. Tang Du

The Tang Du is the traditional Buddhist shaman’s drum used in Nepali & Tibetan cultural ceremonies. Carved handle, skin heads with rawhide lacing. Comes with playing stick. SPS493 $185.00

Gong Stand An aesthetically pleasing and

fully functional gong stand is the perfect way to display and play your favorite gong. Solid hard wood construction with intricate sculptural carvings of floral motifs and traditional twin dragon heads. As Available. Gong not included. Small 26” GON094 $350.00 Medium 30” GON093 $475.00 Large 45” GON092 $725.00

Cloisonné Health Health Balls balls with

beautiful cloisonné designs. Please your aesthetic sensibilities while improving your strength and coordination. Dragon & Phoenix Design BAL004 $12.00 Yin/Yang Design BAL005 $12.00 Sun/Moon Design BAL006 $12.00


Besides incredible health benefits, they produce far out ethereal bell-like tones as you roll them in the palm of your hand. Perfect for New Age music or to add an unusual accent to any type of music. “Health Balls” are thought to correct the imbalance between Yin & Yang and exert beneficial effects to different parts of the body through precise points and meridians. By using the “Health Balls” as instructed, one experiences increased muscle strength, especially hand grip and arm muscles. According to traditional Chinese medicine, these balls are particularly beneficial for athletes, musicians, and those suffering from arthritis and insomnia. Put 2 balls in the palm of your hand. Using your fingers rotate the balls around each other either clockwise or counter clockwise. After a while reverse directions. You get a pair of silver finished steel “Health Balls” that are seamless but when you shake them they produce an amazing ethereal sound like bells from heaven. Small BAL001 $6.50 Medium BAL002 $6.50 Large BAL003 $6.50 Chinese Health Balls Book Health balls have been used to promote fitness since the Ming Dynasty, and are believed to benefit the nervous system, improve memory, stimulate circulation, relax the muscles and tune the chi (life energy). In this book, you will learn about your nervous system so that you can practice the exercises that will bring you optimum energy. Meditation exercises, walking exercises, using them for massage, a very practical guide BOA215 $12.95

Burmese Gongs Recapture the ancient sounds

of the East with these handcrafted gongs. The Burmese (Thai) gongs have a raised center “nipple” and are the most incredible sounding of all gongs! Sizes may vary depending on the weight of the gong. Includes striker. 23” GON013 $675.00, 21” GON023 $525.00 20” GON014 $450.00, 18” GON024 $375.00 17” GON025 $350.00, 16” GON026 $295.00 15” GON015 $225.00, 13” GON027 $200.00 10” GON028 $95.00, 9” GON029 $65.00 8” GON018 $52.00, 7” GON016 $49.00 6” GON030 $43.00, 5” GON031 $36.00

Vietnamese Gongs A time forgotten sound from this powerful gong. Raised nipple center with striker. Sizes are approximate. 7-1/2” GON073 $30.00 13-1/2” GON072 $62.00 17-1/2” GON074 $130.00 20” GON075 $200.00 24” GON076 $300.00 26” GON077 $345.00 28” GON078 $410.00

Chinese Gongs

Gongs are round percussion instruments made of brass. Their diameter varies from 3 to 4 inches to 3 to 4 feet. Big Chinese gongs are played with a hammer which is wrapped in cloth, whereas small Chinese gongs are played with bamboo or wooden sticks. The instrument is commonly used in traditional operas and folk music. Striker included, sizes approximate. Opera Gongs: The pitch rises in a short space of time when the gong is struck. Chau Gong: Brash, long sustain, shimmery, typical Chinese gong. 10” GON034 $60.00 12” GON055 $68.00 14” GON035 $75.00 16” GON056 $98.00 18” GON038 $130.00 22” GON079 $150.00 26” GON039 $295.00 28” GON040 $360.00 30” GON041 $425.00 32” GON059 $525.00 34” GON058 $725.00 Shueng Kwong: Sharp stacatto sound. 14-1/2” GON044 $125.00 Wind Gong: Big sound with a long sustain, sounds like the wind 17-1/2” GON108 $130.00 21-1/2” GON045 $138.00 Circus Gong, 12” Bright sound GON062 $50.00 Double Light Gong, Big sound 20” GON063 $140.00 15” GON064 $75.00 Jing Gong, 12” Descending Gong GON065 $50.00 She Gong, 12” Heavy, brass, deep sound GON066 $95.00 Tiger Sound Gong, 14” Called tiger because it produces a roaring sound. GON067 $70.00

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Tibetan Bells Striking sounds of Tibet! Hand cast brass

chimes make beautiful home accents and are also useful in a classroom setting. Each handtuned chime is made in the Tibetan Lingtsang community in North India, and comes with a wooden striker. Cloud Bell Table Chime BEL197 $41.00 Dragon Monk Table Chime BEL198 $25.00 Old Monk Table Chime BEL199 $23.00 Flower Tingsha Table Chime BEL200 $40.00 BEL198



Shepherd’s Crook Bracket

Ideal for hanging bells and chimes as well as plants, birdfeeders or various perches, this 6-foot shepherd’s hook is weather resistant with baked enamel finish and heavy duty welded steel construction. BEL194 $57.00

Ivy Bracket

This handworked aluminum bracket measures 13”x12” and is extremely strong, supporting up to 200 pounds. Clips, mounting screws included. Makes a great shelf bracket. Perfect for hanging windchimes, bells, or even plants, indoors and out. BEL195 $29.00 BEL153


Antique Bells Reproductions


Hanging Windchimes

Weatherland Windchimes are hand tuned to clear, classical notes that resonate peaceful melodies. Designed and produced in the United States, the chimes are made of weather-resistant materials for year-round enjoyment. Hardwood top and striker varnished with an exterior satin finish for a soft, natural look. 5 Tube Chimes of the Appalachians in Walnut, 42” Silver BEL142 $61.00 6 Tube Sound of Sunset in Walnut, 30” Bronze BEL143 $41.00 8 Tube Mountain Stream in Walnut, 24” Silver BEL144 $32.50 6 Tube Lakeshore Melody in Walnut, 37” Bronze BEL145 $50.00 6 Tube Whisper of the Plains in Walnut, 18” Silver BEL146 $25.50 5 Tube Church Bells in Cherry, 67” Gold BEL147 $80.00


BEL201 BEL202

of antique bells made in Italy by Harrogate House. Great sound with an old feeling. Made of solid Brass. Large Antique Brass School Bell 10” BEL148 $38.00 Large Bright Brass School Bell 10” BEL154 $38.00 Small Antique Brass School Bell 8” BEL149 $32.00 Small Antique Style Dinner Bell 3-1/2” BEL151 $12.00 Small School Bell Bright Brass 8” BEL152 $32.00 Antique Style Apostle Bell With Hanger 9” BEL153 $21.00


Table Bells

Dinner is served! These fine brass table bells are beautifully made European antique reproductions, with a clear tone. Choose the small polished brass or the large antique brass for a variety of uses. Small Polished Brass Table Bell 3-3/4” BEL232 $11.00 Large Antique Brass Table Bell 4-3/4” BEL233 $12.50

Bell Chimes

Each bell is beautifully detailed, relieved and finished with a handwaxed verdigris or antique bronze patina. Heavy bronze casting produces a mellow, sonorous tone. You will enjoy the rich sight and sounds of these solid bronze bells. 3” Traditional BEL191 $45.00 4” Traditional BEL192 $55.00 4” Dome BEL193 $55.00

Rain Drums

Ancient Door Bells

Add Old World charm to your front door with these fine antique reproduction brass hanging bells, crafted in Europe. Announcing your presence will never be the same. Easily wall mountable, with supplied hardware. Antique Large Hanging Bell, 18” BEL201 $175.00 Antique Medium Hanging Bell, 17” BEL202 $140.00 Antique Small Hanging Bell, 10-1/4” BEL203 $80.00

Wonderful solid bronze drums covered with beautiful embossed designs. Made in Thailand. These drums are played as hand drums or left in the rain for the amazing polyrhythms of nature. The heads are bronze and produce a wonderful and rare sound. Small 13”x18” DRU310 $410.00 Large 22”x16” DRU311 $1140.00

Polished Golden Finish

Hisey Bells

Hisey Bells are made from a fine Bronze alloy polished to a bright golden finish. Your Name, Date, or Message, Personalization (up to 40 characters) is Goes Here cast right into the bell inside the bands around the rim. Comes with a solid cherry handle. They are heavy, solid castings. Each bell has a clear ring, musical & bright! Do you need a Wedding gift? Graduation gift? Anniversary gift? Holiday gift? A Keepsake for a new baby? An Award? A Housewarming gift? Personalization is limited only to your imagination! All Hisey Bells are made to order and are not returnable or exchangeable. 4-6 weeks for the bells to be custom made for you! Bells Are Special Order Y 2” Handbell Our 2” Handbell is 2 inches in diameter at the rim and approx. three inches tall. It comes with a solid cherry handle & brass clapper. They make the perfect gift with a new baby’s name & birth date, wedding names & date, anniversary names & date, or graduation name & date. These bells are also a great cupboard or shelf gift! You specify any personalization text or number lettering to 40 characters in length. BEL134 $58.00 4” Handbell 4 inches in diameter at the base and approx. 10” tall. The 4” Handbell is a great wedding gift, personalized with the bride & groom's name & wedding date. These bells also make wonderful graduation gifts, personalized with the student's name & class year. Up to 40 text or number characters. BEL135 $110.00 Other sizes available.

Desk Chime

Strum this decorative chime by hand or play it with included wooden mallet to create a pure toned rippling effect. Eight solid tuned pipes finished in baked-on bronze, hung from a carved oak stand. 11” tall, 8” wide, 2” deep. Pentatonic scale of “C” BEL216 $60.00

Dream Chime

A bamboo tube, painted with aboriginal designs, hangs from a string and tinkles when the tiny metal rods collide. BEL220 $12.00

Bamboo Chimes Hand tuned by Gamelan musicians in Bali, these bamboo windchimes with a coconut shell crown spread music wherever they’re hung. SPS245 $20.00

Feng Shui Chimes

Bamboo frame, metal rods. BEL217 $20.00 Bamboo body with decorative markings, five aluminum tone tubes. BEL218 $20.00

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Shanti Chimes

Jingle Bands

Unique chimes hand made in the Pyrenees mountains. Each chime is the result of meticulous craftsmanship. Eight metal rods of different lengths are welded with silver into the metal plate at the base of the resonance tube. Extremely precise tuning creates a harmonic play of clear tones and overtones. The overtones of the shorter chords gradually dominate and become fundamentals, thus forming a circular tone range with no beginning or end. Shanti Chimes come in several tunings, each with its specific timbre, and in assorted colors and designs. They are protected with a varnish coating. Hold the chime by the upper cord and move it gently. The crystalline, relaxing sound may leave you in quiet wonder. Outside, sheltered from rain, as it plays with the wind it will carry you away on an unexpected melody. BEL210 $46.00

Great sounding, large size, loud bells attached to a nylon strap that closes with velcro. Put them on your legs or arms to add rhythm to your music or dance. Put one on your picking hand while you play guitar to explore new sounds. Great for kids or adults. Assorted colors. BEL114 $7.00

Dragon Chimes Cast brass dragon and open

bell chimes, bells that hang from a string chimestyle, a thin peice of brass attached to the central string blows in the wind to sound the array, light playful sound. 5 bell BEL222 $25.00 1 bell BEL221 $15.00


Ankle bells for dancing, traditional to India and Pakistan, made of cast brass bells on leather straps. Per pair. 25 small bells in 3 rows BEL100 $35.00 50 small bells in 5 rows BEL101 $43.00 100 small bells in 8 rows BEL102 $60.00 BEL235





Temple Chimes 3 bell hanging brass

temple bells. Uniquely designed windchime with a wonderful soothing sound. 24-1/2” PER307 $30.00






Feng Shui Bells

Discover the beauty and sweet sounds of these wonderful Chinese ceremonial bells. Each one is cast with fine detailing and Chinese characters. Extra Large Bell 9” BEL235 $35.00 7 Brass Bell Set With Stand BEL236 $24.00 Large Bell 6” BEL158 $10.00 Medium Brass Bell 2-3/4” x 2-1/4” BEL160 $12.00 Double Brass Bells 3-1/2” BEL161 $8.00 Large Brass Bell 5” x 3-1/2” BEL204 $20.00 Joss Bell 2” x 1-1/4” BEL207 $10.00 Yin and Yang Bell BEL213 $16.00 Coin Bell BEL214 $14.00 Brass Pagoda Bell 8” x 3-1/4” BEL252 $10.00 Three Bell 5” x 3-1/2” BEL253 $13.00 Brass Dragon Bell 8-1/2” x 8-1/2” BEL251 $17.00

Hand Bells

Earlier handlebells were frequently loud, untuned, attention-getting instruments. The tuned handbell was developed in Britain during the 18th century. As the craft was refined, and permanent molds were designed and the optimum combination of copper and tin developed, bell ringers could order custom made and custom tuned sets of diatonic and chromatic bells. Bells are still made from molds. They are made with slightly thicker walls, which are then thinned to perfect the tuning of each bell. The tuning is accomplished by a skilled craftsperson, using experience, tuning forks and electronic equipment. The art of musical handbell ringing came about when 18th century Britons wanted to practice change ringing in nonchurch settings. Pub owners frequently had bell sets available and bell ringing societies sprung up. Public bell ringing competitions were organized, brought to its most prestigious level by the Handbell Ringing Contest, Belle Vue Gardens, Manchester, England, between 1855 and 1926. Some bell orchestras had as many as 250 bells. By 1876 the Royal Portland Street Handbell Ringers had given 6 command performances for royalty. We are pleased to offer tuned hand bells. A great group or solo musical experience. 27 Note Silver Plated Handbell Set with case 27 notes/bells from F5 to G7, Silver plated steel & brass, Diameter: 75mm; Length: 180mm, Comes complete with hardshell carrying case which can be used as a playing stand. Y BEL121 $2620.00 8 Note Silver Plated Handbell Set with case 8 notes/bells from A (A25) to E (E32), Silver plated steel & brass, Diameter: 75mm; Length: 180mm, Comes complete with hardshell carrying case which can be used as a playing stand. Y BEL122 $1520.00 27 Note Gold Plated Handbell Set with case 27 notes/bells from F5 to G7 Gold color bell with plastic handle Diameter: 74mm; Length: 148mm Comes complete with hardshell carrying case which can be used as a playing stand. Y BEL123 $1720.00

Melodee Bells

Tuned hand bells for young folks. 8 tuned bells in bright colors. Range one octave f-f, each bell is labeled. The bells have plastic bodies and handles with lightweight steel bells inside. Not very resonant but well in tune. Kids love these bells! BEL120 $26.50




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Gansadan Burmese whirling gongs made of solid bronze. They hang from a cord and spin when struck with the included mallet. An amazing sound that increases as the gong spins. 2.75” GON068 $18.00 4” GON069 $28.00 4.5” GON070 $32.00 6” GON019 $54.00 6.5” GON071 $75.00 7” GON020 $80.00 9” GON021 $120.00 11” GON022 $185.00

Etched Gansadan Burmese whirling gongs,

beautifully etched in traditional designs, made of solid bronze (designs vary.) They hang from a cord and spin when struck, creating a unique Doppler effect that changes pitch as the instrument revolves. Comes with its own mallet. 5” GON084 $60.00 7” GON085 $80.00 Round Shape 5” GON095 $60.00 Round Shape 7-3/4” GON086 $120.00

Wrist Bells

Ankle Bells

Wrist bells have a wide leather band with buckle, and 15 small brass bells sewn on in 3 rows. Their bright shimmery sound will lend an extra punch to many kinds of music and dance. Single BEL011 $16.50 Pair BEL011A $30.00

Sweet sounding ankle bells, pair BEL119 $20.00

Small Brass Gong Small Brass Gong With

Enamel Bells Looking for the unique gift that rings true?

These lovely enamel bells from China should do the trick. Brightly painted bells are strong and unbreakable with a bright and irresistible sound. Cat Bell BEL175 $15.00 Blue Hummingbird Bell BEL176 $15.00 Green Butterfly Bell BEL177 $15.00 Cupid Bell BEL179 $15.00 Star and Cat Bell BEL180 $15.00 Red Mitten Bell BEL182 $15.00 BEL175 BEL177

Belt Of Bells

crashing crescendo climax or the classic tinkle of bells, our selection of beautifully hand cast brass alloy bell trees is your passport to a new world of unique sounds. Bell Tree mounted on a wooden frame, complete with mallets BEL001 $140.00 Hand held Bell Tree with mallet BEL002 $65.00 Large Bell Tree 5 Bell BEL104 $140.00 Large Bell Tree 6 Bell BEL105 $140.00 Small Bell Tree the bell unit is the same size as our hand held bell tree BEL165 $80.00

Double Bells

Double Bells, large CHI023 $20.00 Double Bells, medium CHI024 $18.00

Elephant Bells Set of 5 BEL226 $40.00 Tuned Hand Bells

Dozens of small brass bells on a braided cord makes for a nice musical belt that turns any dancer into an instant musician. Perfect for the belly dancer looking to add a little jingle to her shimmies; also useful as a percussion instrument as a string of bells for special effects. BEL224 $25.00

Bell Trees Whether you are searching for that certain

Handle And Striker GON061 $25.00

27 bells are produced manually, with computer controlled tuning. Tolerance of the basic tones: +/- 10 cent (the best violinists can intonate within 25-30 cent!) Many of compositions can be played by means of tuned bells. The bells can be applied in school education, church, and as a fun music hobby. Range C2-D4. BEL225 $1260.00

String of 100 Bells Good sounding, attractive Indian bells. Sew them onto your favorite dancing clothes, create your own bell shakers, or use the entire strand of bells as an instrument unto itself. Approximately 100 brass bells, lovely shimmering sound. Plain 1/2” BEL156 $15.00 Embossed 3/4” BEL157 $20.00

Hand Cymbals

Tibetan Wind Bells

Handcrafted, solid brass wind bells from the top of the world. These bells are beautiful and are used in Tibet to keep devils away from the home. 3 Cloud Bell with Tassel TIB010 $55.00 Eternal Knot Chime TIB005 $54.00 Single Bell Cloud Chime TIB011 $24.00 Tibetan Wind Bell as used in Tibetan lamasaries. Wonderful rich, otherworldly sound! BEL014 $27.50

Small spun brass hand cymbals on plastic handles are a great sounding addition to children's music. They can be played by children for fun and educational purposes, and can be used by percussionists for that basic cymbal sound PER336 $14.00

Temple Bells

Wood stand, four brass bells. BEL227 $100.00

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19th Century British Isles Style bugle with a great sound. Brass & Copper HOR009 $62.00 Silver Plated model HOR562 $100.00 American Cavalry Style, solid brass HOR556 $65.00

Fanfare Horn

Fanfare horns. Made of brass in 2 pieces. 48” long HOR002 $55.00 36” long HOR557 $41.95

Herald's Trumpet

Beautiful baroque style herald's trumpet. Silver plated with hard case HOR003 $210.00 Brass with hard case HOR003B $180.00

Miniature Bugle

Hunting Horns We are pleased to offer a

selection of hunting horns. Circular Post Horn Solid brass circular Hunting Horn HOR001 $70.00 Hunting Horn in Bb made of brass with tuning slide, leather wrap, carrying strap HOR040 $425.00 Pocket Hunting Horn in Bb made of brass HOR042 $189.00 Parforce Hunting Horn in Bb made of brass, leather wrap, carry strap, tuning slide Y HOR043 $825.00 Parforce Hunting Horn in Eb brass, leather wrap, twice wound, carry strap. Y HOR044 $995.00 Solid heavy weight brass hunting horns with a 6” bell and the coils 10-1/2” in diameter. Nice sound. Single coil HOR561 $36.50 Double coil HOR560 $50.00 Other models available upon request.

HOR561 HOR560

Jefferson Davis Pocket Trumpet Pocket trumpet, antique finish, three standard trumpet piston valves, mouthpiece included, raised ornamental design on top, looks old. Plays like a regular Bb trumpet. HOR565 $195.00

Pocket Trumpet Lacquered brass finish, nickel

plated pistons. Mouthpiece-to-bell 11”. Includes mouthpiece and case. HOR052 $295.00

Made of brass, one loop, simple integral mouthpiece; very short tube length, limited note range. HOR570 $15.95

Bulb Horns

Horn Trumpet

Natural trumpet made of a cow's horn. Metal mouthpiece. HOR048 $70.00

Curved Fog Horns Lifeboat foghorns

were necessary equipment on all first class lifeboats. Our little foghorn makes some interesting sounds. Made of brass, interesting shape, curved with a rounded rectangular sound opening, built in metal reeds, makes a loud ringing report. Mini 5-1/4” HOR573 $10.95 Small 7-1/4” HOR574 $13.00 Medium 10” HOR575 $18.00 Large 18-1/2” HOR576 $25.00

Here it is: the perfect accessory for your unicycle or rickshaw. Announce your arrival or scare off beasts with these beautiful solid brass bulb horns. Great sound effects! Large Single Bell HOR004 $19.95 Small Single Bell HOR005 $16.95 Large Double Bell HOR006 $32.00 Small Circular HOR007 $26.00 Small Double Bell HOR008 $26.00 Large Circular HOR060 $25.00 Small One Turn HOR061 $20.00 Large One Turn HOR062 $24.00

Large Hunting Horn Solid brass hunting horn with a 10” bell and the coils 15-1/2” in diameter. Nice sound. HOR051 $79.00

Small Horn

Small straight copper hunting horn 9” HOR563 $29.50


Tuned Bulb Horns

Straight Fog Horns

Made of brass, shaped like a cone, built-in metal reeds, very loud and penetrating sound. 10” HOR571 $11.95 14” HOR572 $16.00

A truly unique musical experience. Honk your favorite tunes! Y One Octave Chromatic High C”-C”’ 13 horns HOR567 $1650.00 Low C’-C” 13 horns HOR568 $2180.00 Diatonic Low Octave Low C”-C”’ 8 horns HOR566 $1110.00 Two Octave Chromatic Complete set C’-C”’ 25 horns with stand HOR569 $3690.00

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Juan Wijngaard Prints Prints of oil paintings by Juan Wijngaard



of beautiful women and others playing the Hurdy Gurdy. Printed on archival paper with archival inks and sprayed with UV protection. All prints are 13” x 19” and are mounted on heavy card stock. #1 White Lace Dress PAI001 $55.00 #2 Woman With Mountain PAI002 $55.00 #3 Red Velvet Dress PAI003 $55.00 #4 Standing Gypsy PAI004 $55.00 #5 Dark Room PAI005 $55.00 #6 Eva PAI006 $55.00 #7 Gate PAI007 $55.00 #8 Instruments PAI008 $55.00 #9 Le Loup PAI009 $55.00 #10 Patti PAI010 $55.00 #11 Sandra PAI011 $55.00 #12 Victoria PAI012 $55.00

BXS001 #10






Pump Fog Horn Meet the magnum of pneumatic horns, this

combination bicycle pump/fog horn is the ultimate in portable noisemaker technology. Great for sound effects! To operate simply point or mount the horn in the desired direction (preferably far away from pets, small children, and pretty much anyone not equipped with NRR 30 dB ear plugs) and pump the handle. Be advised this horn is not for the faint of heart! Includes built in mounting fixtures perfect for attachment to your favorite building, boat, or vehicle. 9” Bell. HOR578 $18.00

Colorful Box Fun Shakers and durable

Shakers will add tempo to any rhythmic ensemble TOY023 $2.75

Pick & Reed Boxes Beautifully crafted

slide top boxes made of vermillion. The slide top on these small treasures fits so accurately and slides so smoothly that people are amazed. Flatpick Pocket Box with engraved Celtic designs BXS001 $12.95 Flatpick Pocket Keychain Box with wood inlay. BXS002 $14.95 Reed Boxes with wood inlay that will hold a number of reeds. Bagpipe Reed Box practice chanter or pipe chanter reeds. BXS004 $14.00 Oboe/Clarinet Reed Box BXS005 $17.00

“Ocarina Of Time”

Inspired by the popular “Legend of Zelda” video game series. Brilliant cobalt blue glazing with gold “TRIFORCE” design near the mouthpiece. Five hole sweet potato ocarina in the key of C, offering one octave plus one note. Learn to play your favorite Zelda melodies! OCA173 $40.00



Gem Oriental Keyboards We are proud to now offer the Gem Oriental

Series Keyboard and Workstation! Gem is the leading company in the field of oriental keyboards, thanks to the range of instruments and accessories explicitly developed for the music of Middle East and Mediterranean countries. The oriental series features technical high level characteristics, with a rich variety of traditional sounds and rhythms originating from different cultures such as Arab, Greek, and Turkish designed in collaboration with the top musicians from this sector. These instruments are characterized by special functions, created for their exclusive and stylistic peculiarities of this musical reality, for example, the possibility to memorize and recall real time different Arabian scales. If all this wasn’t enough it makes an excellent regular keyboard for musical styles ranging from classical to pop, rock, dance, and even Greek folk dance! PK5 - 61 keys with velocity sensitivity, 32 notes polyphony max., 265 sounds included 16 oriental sounds, 8 drumkits, 1 oriental drumkit, 63 realtime performances (prog.), 960 style performances (10 per style), operating mode: 4 realtime sections, bass, lower, upper 1, upper 2, split (prog.), controls: volume, transpose, tuning, arabic tuning, mixer lock, dsp lock, numeric pad (style/song - sound) multifunction Icd.. PIA005 $650.00 WK1 - 61 keys with velocity sensitivity, 32 notes polyphony max., 448 sounds, included 16 oriental sounds, 16 drumkits and 1 oriental drumkit, arabic scale with 3 memories, 63 realtime performances (prog.), transpose, tempo/data, sound/style keypad, balance, arabic scale, metronome, Iyrics, floppy disk, harmony, melody. PIA006 $895.00 X-Stand PIA003S $38.00 Case PIA003C $49.99 Sustain Pedal PIA003P $29.95

Paint & Play Ocarina Kit The Paint & Play Ocarina

plays a full 8 note octave with only 4 holes and 4 fingers. It is designed to be worn as a necklace pendant. Kit includes ocarina, pallete of water based acylic modeling paint that is waterproof when dry, paint brush, and complete instructions for painting and playing. Great fun for ages 5 to 95 and up! OCA174 $12.00

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Ceremonial Ram's Horn Trumpet Of The Hebrews

Tyrolean Many Belled Trumpets These wonderful many belled horns are loud

and raucous. They look like a trumpet with a bouquet of bells. Each bell has its own reed similar to an accordion reed. You push the valves to route the air to the various bells. No embouchure required. A conversation piece at band rehearsal! Make a fortune in Vegas! Start a town band! Y Soprano Trumpet 3 valves, tuned g’ a’ b’ c” d” e” f” g” HOR010 $830.00 Alto Trumpet 3 valves, tuned e’ f ’ g’ a’ b’ c” d” e” HOR011 $830.00 Accompanying Trumpet (chords), 1 valve, 2 chords tuned (e’/g’/c’) (f’/g’/b’) HOR012 $565.00 Bass Trumpet, 2 valves, 4 notes tuned g b c’ d’ straight form HOR013 $710.00 Baritone Trumpet 3 valves tuned g a b c’ d’ e’ f’ g’ straight form HOR014 $1070.00 Low tuned Accompanying Trumpet (chords) 1 valve, straight form tuned (g/c’/e’) (g /b/ f’) HOR015 $700.00 Accompanying Trumpet 2 valves, straight form tuned (g/c’/e’) (g+b+d’) (a/d’/f#’) (a/c’/f’) HOR016 $1180.00


The alphorn is a long horn, made of hardwood and covered in birch bark, so long that the bell rests on the ground when played. From Switzerland. Many keys and styles are available. Starting at Y HOR017 $3125.00 Case with alphorn Y HOR017C $810.00I Inexpensive Alphorn made of high tech synthetic material and then traditionally wrapped in rattan with floral decoration on the bell. 12’ long (breaks down to 3 pieces), pitched in F with a centered pitch, booming bass notes, rich resonant sound. Includes mouthpiece HOR577 $1880.00 Bag (with inexpensive alphorn only) HOR577C $140.00


A traditional circular horn of the Huaytara-Peru called Waqra - Puku (horn - to blow) of Santiago, Peru. A number of bull horns assembled with internal metal tubes and external leather bindings. The instrument is festooned with ribbons and is used at festivals of the bulls. About 19” in diameter with a horn mouthpiece. HOR558 $500.00


The Shofar is the ritual instrument of the ancient and modern Hebrews, the only Hebrew cultural instrument to have survived until now. Of martial origin, the shofar was a priestly instrument in Biblical times. According to the Mishna, two different forms of shofar were used in the Temple: one made of ibex horn, its bell ornamented with gold, was sounded at New Year and during the Yovel Days; one made of ram’s horn, with silver ornamentation, was sounded on fast days. We learn from the Mishna and the Talmud that in the Hellenistic period no improvements or modifications that might affect the tone were permitted: no gold-plating of its interior, no plugging of holes, no alteration of its length (the minimum permissible length of a ritually approved horn was 3 handbreadths); the shofar tone was to be preserved unaltered. Nor was the process of steaming or boiling permitted. Apart from its liturgical uses the shofar was closely connected with magical symbolism. Its blast destroyed the walls of Jericho, and in the Dead Sea scrolls we read that during battles shofar blowers sounded a powerful war cry to instill fear into the hearts of the enemy while priests blew the six “trumpets of killing.” Historically the shofar has also served in a number of popular usages: it was sounded during rites to bring rain, in the event of local disasters, and so on. In our times its liturgical use is restricted to New Year (Rosh Hashanah) and the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). Our shofarot are made by the Bar-Sheshet and Ribak families. The Bar-Sheshet family started manufacturing shofarot in 16th Century Spain. With the expulsion from Spain, the family moved to Morocco, where they resumed production of their shofarot until 1947. That same year, Meir Bar-Sheshet immigrated to Israel on the Exodus vessel, and continued to make shofarot there. Our friend Linda has seen the large Yemenite shofar played on the Western Wall of Jerusalem on Sabbath morning, and describes the sound as remarkably like trumpet jazz - an amazing number of notes out of a wonderful serpentine, almost translucent instrument. Makes a great gift! Small WIN012 $40.00 Large WIN070 $90.00 Extra Large Yemenite WIN014 $245.00 Small Lucite Stand WIN012S $17.00

Synthetic Shofar

Made from fiberglass, this synthetic version of the Shofar horn has no animal smell or taste and plays even better than the natural horn. Easily plays three notes and is 40” long. WIN143 $75.00

Cornetto By Monk

Cornettino c’-d’’’ Fingering much as descant recorder in C. Modeled on an original dated 1518. Leather-covered ebony resin HOR020 $420.00 Leatherette case with instrument only Y HOR021C $33.00 Cornetto g-d’’’ Fingering as treble recorder modeled on a 17th century original. Leather-covered ebony resin HOR022 $515.00 Leather-covered wood Y HOR023 $1730.00 Leatherette case with instrument only HOR023C Y $35.00 Alto f-c’’’, leather-covered woodY HOR024 $1955.00 Mute Cornett F-a’’’ Fingering much as treble recorder in F, modeled on 16th century original, integral mouthpiece. Sycamore HOR025 Y $980.00 Lysarden (tenor cornett) C-c’’ Fingering much as a tenor recorder in c. Leather-covered wood Y HOR026 $2140.00 Serpents All models sycamore and leather covered. Soprano in C (c’-c’’’) “Worm” Y HOR027 $1810.00 Tenor (C-c’’) “Serpenteau” in C Y HOR028 $2210.00 Serpent in D (D-d’’) Y HOR029 $4300.00 Serpent in C (C-c’’) Y HOR030 $4300.00 Serpent in C with 3 keys Y HOR031 $4820.00 Case for Serpent in C, with instrument only Y HOR031C $520.00 All instruments are A:440 and have a mouthpiece. Cases, mouthpieces by special order with instrument only.


The serpent was the predecessor to the modern tuba. It was used before the advent of valves. The holes are fingered like a flute but the mouthpiece is like the tuba. The length for the low pitch was achieved by the long tubing fashioned in a snake like shape. Nice inexpensive serpent by Harding, made of polyurethane. Looks and plays great HOR046 $1250.00


Alto in Eb Y HOR032 $3075.00 Case for Alto, with instrument only Y HOR032C $480.00 Tenor Y HOR033 $3095.00 Case for Tenor, with instrument only Y HOR033C $480.00 Bass in F Y HOR034 $4250.00 Case for Bass, with instrument only Y HOR034C $550.00 Extra Mouthpiece, brass Y HOR035 $105.00

Natural Trumpets

Natural Trumpet in D Y HOR037 $1850.00 Flatt Trumpet Y HOR038 $2175.00 Medieval Trumpet Y HOR039 $1095.00 Case for Medieval Trumpet with instrument only Y HOR039C $525.00

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Historic Woodwinds

Otto Steinkopf instruments are considered the most authentic copies of historic woodwind originals. Only in the crummhorn and kortholt has he deviated slightly from the originals, giving them an enlarged range. After many years in Berlin, building instruments and training apprentices on an ever-increasing scale, he accepted Dr. Hermann Moeck’s invitation to join him in Celle, where a section of the workshops is set aside for the production of these historic woodwind copies. Production of these instruments is relatively small, since each must be very carefully hand-produced and tuned, and the demand for them grows faster than the production of them is able to grow. Delivery times, thus, range from immediate to a year, though the latter is unusual, from the time of placing your order. It is an unhurried process the end result being well worth the wait. Special order only. Y

Cornetts (Zinks)

Cornetts are divided into straight and curved cornetts. Straight cornetts are made from one piece, whereas the curved cornetts are made from 2 pieces hollowed out and glued together and covered with leather. Price includes a mouthpiece of brass. Y Cornetto Diritto (straight cornet), pearwood in C (c’-d’’’) WIN036 $424.00 Cornetto Curvo, treble in G, leatherwrapped with horn mouthpiece designed for playing from the side of the mouth (a-d’’’) WIN037 $1175.00

Renaissance Double Reeds With Windcap Crummhorns

Soprano in c (c’-f”) Y WIN038 $850.00 Alto in f (f-bb’) Y WIN039 $935.00 Alto in g (g-a’) Y WIN040 $935.00 Tenor in c (c-f’) Y WIN041 $1170.00 Bass in F (F-bb) Y WIN042 $1500.00 Great Bass in C (C-f) Y WIN043 $2650.00


The cornamuse is a straight crummhorn with a softer sound. Y Soprano in c (c’-f”) WIN045 $625.00 Alto in f (f-bb’) WIN046 $668.00 Tenor in c (c-f’) WIN047 $756.00 Bass in F (F-bb) WIN048 $1006.00


The Rauschpfiefe is a straight crummhorn with a softer sound. Y Sopranino in f (f’-c”’) WIN084 $538.00 Soprano in c (c’-g”) WIN085 $576.00

Shawms (pommern)

Schalmei f’ (f’-d’”) no key Y WIN083 $500.00 Schalmei c’ (c’-g”) no key Y WIN052 $592.00 Soprano c (c-c’’’) 1 key Y WIN053 $1289.00 Alto f (f-f”) 1 key Y WIN054 $1886.00


Bass in F with added F# & G# keys (Cd’) Y WIN058 $4260.00

Baroque Double Reeds Baroque Oboes

Denner copy at A:415 (c’d’’’) Y WIN059 $1850.00 Grassi copy at A:440 (c’-d’’’) Y WIN060 $1850.00

Baroque Rankett

(Bb,-d’) Y WIN063 $1990.00

Early Single Reeds Chalumeaux (pre-clarinet)

Sopranino (f’-bb’’) Y WIN064 $625.00 Soprano (c’-f’’) Y WIN065 $680.00 Alto (f-bb’) Y WIN066 $718.00 Tenor (c-f’) Y WIN067 $865.00


Made from English sycamore by Keith Lorraine. Sopranino range f’ to c” Y WIN117 $810.00 Soprano range c’ to a” Y WIN118 $815.00

Overtone Flutes

These amazing flutes with no holes are traditional to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Blow into the fipple like a recorder, then cover and uncover the end of the flute with a finger. Diatonic range of 1+ octaves. An amazing haunting sound. Synthetic Model with hardwood mouthpiece. Key Of F FLU038 $27.00 Key Of D FLU039 $27.00


by Keith Loraine. These instruments are patterned after drawings by Praetorius. Designed with the right combination of bore, voicing, and reed to be a true musicians’ instrument. Alto/Tenor rock maple and brass Y WIN026 $995.00 Contra rock maple and brass Y WIN027 $1050.00

Renaissance Flutes

Maple, 2 piece. Y Tenor (Soprano) by Neidhart (d’-a’’’) FLU015 $587.00 Bass (Alto) by Neidhart (g-g#’’) FLU016 $900.00

Baroque Flutes

Ebony with case. Y A:440 G A Rottenburgh (d’-a’’’) FLU017 $1500.00 A:415 G A Rottenburgh (d’-a’’’) FLU018 $1590.00


The Gemshorn is an early form of recorder, made of a cow horn with a fipple inserted at the wide end. It has an incredibly sweet sound due to the conical shape of the horn. 7 fingerholes and 1 thumbhole, plays similar to a recorder (the sopranino has 4 fingerholes plus 1 thumbhole and fingers like an ocarina,) with a range of one octave. Made by Cíp. Sopranino GEM001 $200.00 Soprano GEM002 $250.00 Alto GEM003 $300.00 Tenor GEM004 $405.00 Bass GEM006 $600.00 Sub Bass GEM007 $855.00

Tabor Drums Nice small drums with skin

heads, wooden shell with rope tension. Good as a tabor drum, and great for kids too! Dimensions given are approximate diameter x height. 4” x 71/2” DRU022 $35.00 8” x 4” DRU023 $50.00 8” x 21/4” DRU180 $40.00 10” x 21/4” DRU181 $50.00 12” x 4” SPS275 $70.00


The Galoubet is a French tabor pipe that uses a slightly different scale than your average English tabor pipe. A different fingering system with a flat leading tone that is a whole step lower than a Tabor Pipe. Beautifully crafted Galoubets are available in Boxwood, Palissandre (a form of Rosewood), and Ebony. Key of C, D or A Palissandre Y TAB010 $375.00 Boxwood Y TAB011 $415.00 Ebony Y TAB012 $575.00 Key of G Palissandre Y TAB013 $415.00 Boxwood Y TAB014 $460.00 Models made of ABS Plastic high D, lowest note C TAB021 $24.00 high C, lowest note Bb TAB022 $24.00 low A, lowest note G TAB023 $24.00

Baroque Flute by Aulos

This reproduction of a baroque flute is pitched at A:440 and plays very well. Made of plastic. With vinyl pouch FLU008 $335.00 With elegant hardcase FLU009 $400.00

Baroque Flutes

This flute by Sweet comes with both an A:440 and A:415 joint and a cloth case. Maple FLU010 $395.00 Rosewood with imitation ivory mounts FLU011 $495.00

Walking Stick Flutes Based on a walking stick flute at the Boston

Museum of Fine Arts, the Fife model is in Bb, after Cloos, and the Flute model is in D, and is an excellent instrument for Irish music. Approximate length 36”. Fife model Bb Rosewood FLU004 $250.00 Maple FLU005 $225.00 Flute model D Rosewood FLU006 $395.00 Maple FLU007 $335.00 Bamboo Walking Stick Flute Each walking stick is individually hand crafted from a single piece of bamboo, 48” long with a waterproof finish, an inlaid compass in the top, rawhide strap to hold it, rubber tip on the bottom to protect it and when held sideways, it can be played as a flute. Balanced in the middle for ease of playing and in the major scale of G with a range of two octaves. very strong and durable, built to meet the demands of the most ardent hikers. FLU062 $69.95

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Early Musical Instrument Kits Quality early music kits made in England Y

See our website for further details and pictures of all our Renaissance Workshop kits. Harpsichord Kits Single manual, 2 x 8', with 2 unisons KIT051 $8590.00 Single manual, 2 x 8' + 4', 2 unisons and octave KIT052 $9170.00 Double manual (2 keyboards), French coupler KIT053 $10145.00 Spinet Harpsichord Kit KIT031 $1635.00 Cembalino Kit Compass C/E-c’’’, 45 notes 1x8', no buff, length 140cm, width 67cm and depth 16.5 cm. Makes an excellent instrument KIT032 $3635.00 An audio demonstration tape of the Cembalino is available KIT033 $5.00 Tabor Kits 9” x 3-1/2” KIT012 $225.00 12” x 4-1/2” KIT013 $250.00 14” x 4” KIT014 $290.00 Portative Organ Kits 2’ Portative Organ Kit 2 octaves, 25 notes C-c”. Challenging taking 10-20 hours to build. KIT030 $5605.00 1’ Portative Organ Kit Diatonic range of c´ - g’’, 12 metal pipes. The small air requirements make it possible to play longer passages with ease. KIT231 $1995.00 Renaissance Trumpet Kit Easy to build taking 20-50 hours. KIT043 $1215.00 Clavichord Kit Clavichord Kit KIT001 $2530.00 Panelled lid KIT002 $415.00 Straight Stand KIT003 $385.00 Soundboard painting kit KIT004 $155.00 Audio demonstration tape KIT005 $5.00 Timpani Kits 17” x 17” KIT017 $1710.00 17” x 15” KIT018 $1635.00 Naker Kits An easy kit taking under 10 hours to assemble KIT011 $540.00 Timbrel Kit Medieval Tambourine Single cymbals KIT015 $175.00 Double cymbals KIT016 $225.00 Medieval & Renaissance Drum Kits Renaissance long drum KIT047 $685.00 Medieval long drum KIT048 $580.00 Renaissance side drum KIT049 $685.00 Medieval side drum KIT050 $668.00 Bagpipe Kit Fairly easy to build taking 20-50 hours. Makes a high quality instrument. KIT009 $695.00 Smallpipes Kit Easy to build taking 20-50 hours. Makes a quality instrument. KIT010 $675.00 Cornamuse Kits Soprano c’ KIT036 $315.00 Alto f KIT037 $365.00 Tenor c KIT038 $420.00 Bass F KIT039 $510.00 SATB set with case KIT040 $1395.00 ATTB set with case KIT041 $1475.00 Crummhorn Kits Easy to build taking 10-20 hours.


Soprano in c’ KIT022 $360.00 Alto in g KIT023 $385.00 Alto in f KIT024 $435.00 Tenor in c KIT025 $525.00 Bass in F KIT026 $685.00 SATB set with case KIT027 $1800.00 ATTB set with case KIT028 $1950.00 Shawm Kit Sopranino range f’ to d’’’ KIT019 $575.00 Soprano range c’ to c’’’ KIT020 $645.00 Glastonbury Pipe Kit Easy to make under 10 hours. KIT042 $365.00 Rackett Kits Easy to build taking 10-20 hours. Tenor KIT044 $510.00 Bass KIT045 $585.00 Great Bass KIT046 $680.00 Symphony Kit The Symphony is a small Hurdy Gurdy with a rectangular body and a diatonic scale. Beech tangents, Swiss pine soundboard and a brass crank. KIT173 $935.00 Medieval Fiddle Kit Challenging taking 20-50 hours. Makes an excellent instrument. KIT029 $685.00 Plucked Psaltery Kit Easy to build taking 10-20 hours. Makes an excellent quality instrument KIT035 $500.00 Renaissance 8 Course Lute Kit Very challenging, taking over 100 hours to build. Enables you to build an excellent instrument KIT034 $950.00 Cittern Kit The step by step manual reveals the secrets of carving a rose KIT172 $795.00 Viol Kit A challenging project taking 50-100 hours. Makes a high quality instrument. Bass KIT006 $1390.00 Tenor KIT007 $1290.00 Treble KIT008 $1095.00 Cello Kit Cello kit KIT220 $2695.00 Hurdy Gurdy Kit Great for traditional French music and the Renaissance and Baroque repertoire. Challenging taking 50-150 hours. Makes a high quality instrument. KIT021 $1295.00

Pipe & Tabor One Handed Flute and Drum The pipe and tabor are a one-handed flute

and shallow drum played at the same time. It first appeared in S. France and N. Spain in the 12th C. and is still played there today. During the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance it was known in most of Western Europe. It is used mainly to accompany dances. In England it was called the ”whittle and dub” and is still used to accompany Morris dances. In France the tabor is now usually replaced by a tambourin à cordes (string drum), while the Basque people still use a snare drum. You can play a full scale of an octave or more using just the 3 holes of this flageolette while playing an accompaniment on the tabor drum. Fine tabor pipes by Ralph Sweet. G Tabor Pipe Renaissance model. Rosewood TAB003 $175.00 Walnut, Maple or Cherry as available TAB004 $145.00 The Pipe & Tabor Tutor by Dick Bagwell. The comprehensive method for playing the pipe and tabor. Book and CD. BOO631 $20.00

Generation Tabor Pipes

Brass D TAB018 $13.00 Nickel D TAB019 $15.00

Susato Tabor Pipes

Eb tunable WHS154 $24.00 Eb WHS155 $14.00 D tunable WHS088B $24.00 D WHS088D $14.50 C tunable WHS089B $24.00 C WHS089D $14.50 Bb tunable WHS090B $24.00 A tunable WHS090D $28.00 Low G tunable Small Bore WHS135 $28.00 Low G tunable Medium Bore WHS213 $48.00 Low F tunable WHS282 $58.80 Low E tunable WHS215 $58.80 Low Eb tunable WHS283 $58.80 Low D tunable WHS216 $79.50

String Drum

Hardwood box with 12 strings. Can be hung by a strap or set on the lap. Played by striking groups of strings with a stick to play chords. Chords C/G, F/C, Am/Em. 31” TAB020 $150.00


The traditional Welsh hornpipe. Cherry wood body, urethane impregnated (moisture proof), with a hard wax finish on the exterior and cowhorn ends. Key of D, plays one octave, uses a single reed. WIN119 $200.00

Aeolian Wind Harp

Aeolian Wind Harps are made to fit right into your sash window (use one to hold it open). Put it firmly in the window frame so the vibrations are transmitted to the surrounding wood. Tune the strings to a cheerful major chord. The wind plays music to you! You can also pluck it. 24” x 5”, laminated hardwoods. KIT149 $90.00

Tambourin a Cordes String Drum

The Tambourin a Cordes is used in place of the tabor drum to accompany a tabor pipe. It is formed of a hardwood box with 8 strings stretched over the surface, and hung by a strap from the left arm. Played by striking all of the strings at once with a stick. The strings are tuned in a chord, to provide a wonderful percussive drone accompaniment. Y TAB017 $1150.00

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REC052 REC053


Adler Recorders

Fine recorders from a quality German manufacturer. Made from aged hardwoods in traditional Baroque fingering (double holes). Barockmeister Series Handmade, concert quality instruments. These recorders are worked from maple with a natural finish, and all are 3-piece with cork joints. Traditional baroque fingering (double holes). Sopranino REC059 $105.00 Soprano REC060 $100.00 Alto REC061 $180.00 Tenor with key REC027 $245.00 Triple Series Soprano, 3 Part Body, pearwood with a natural finish REC067 $65.00 Scholar Series 2-piece, maple with brown finish and canvas bag Sopranino REC064 $59.00 Soprano REC008 $48.00 Alto REC018 $100.00 Alto with key REC052 $145.00 Tenor with key REC053 $155.00 Folded Bass, maple brown with case Y REC058 $975.00

Inexpensive Recorders

Good, inexpensive, plastic REC062 $5.00 Hohner, pearwood, 2 piece REC068 $25.95

Garklein Recorders

by Santi Occorso. Beautiful handmade garklein recorders, key of C (one octave above a soprano recorder). Rosewood REC086 $185.00 Olivewood REC087 $185.00

Praetorius Renaissance Recorders We feel that the Kobliczek Praetorius








Sopranino in f’ Moeck 211 Standard, sycamore, sh REC003 $193.00 Moeck 219 Rottenburgh, maple REC004 $282.00 instruments are the best recorders Moeck 419 Rottenburgh, available for Renaissance music. They rosewood REC005 $408.00 are flexible instruments that combine Moeck 812 Renaissance a full bodied resonance in the lower Consort, maple register with an unusually sweet and REC084 $575.00 clear 2 octave range in oiled maple. Soprano in c’ Garklein c’’’ REC041 $220.00 Zen-On SB, plastic, hard case Sopranino f’’ REC042 $275.00 REC007 $12.00 Soprano c’’ REC043 $345.00 Moeck 121 School recorder, Alto f’ REC044 $445.00 maple REC011 $106.00 Alto g’ REC045 $445.00 Moeck 223 Standard, 229 429 825 1000B 1500B 236 Tenor c’ Y REC046 $605.00 sycamore, sh REC012 $122.00 Tenor c’ key & fontanelle Y Moeck 229 Rottenburgh, REC047 $945.00 maple, REC013 $270.00 Bass f’ Y REC048 $1560.00 Moeck 429 Rottenburgh, Greatbass Y REC049 $2435.00 rosewood, cw REC014 $508.00 Moeck 825 Kynseker Renaissance, plum, sh REC065 $640.00 Alto in f A good alternative to the “Garklein” Zen-On 1000B, plastic, cw, Renaissance recorder. Key of C, in vinyl case REC016 $32.00 maple REC050 $130.00 Zen-On 1500B Bresssan plastic, cw, vinyl case REC017 $60.00 This newest series of instruments Moeck 236 Standard, from the Küng workshop in sycamore REC020 $315.00 Switzerland ingeniously combines Moeck 239 Rottenburgh, the characteristics of both baroque and modern recorders. They manage 835 339 2500B 5500B 252 6000B maple, cw REC021 $447.00 Moeck 339 Rottenburgh, to incorporate the strengths of both boxwood, cw REC022 $667.00 types of instruments while avoiding Moeck 835 Kynseker the drawbacks: they offer the Renaissance, plum, sh overtone-rich, complex tone quality, REC066 $988.00 stability of pitch, and range of Tenor in c expression of baroque instruments, Zen-On 2000B, maple, soft but also feature extremely easy case, single low C key high register response, full resonant REC025 $285.00 low registers, and ease of playing Zen-On 2500B, cherry, hard of modern recorders. All four sizes case, double key have extended ranges of two and REC026 $675.00 a half octaves! They blend well Moeck 249 Rottenburgh, in ensembles, yet have sufficient maple, cw REC028 $693.00 character and projection to be used Bass in F as solo instruments. The exterior Zen-On 5500B, cherry, 2 keys, form of these instruments direct blow, hard case, sh is derived from an original REC029 $1350.00 alto recorder by Rippert. Moeck 252 Standard, All models have curved sycamore, 3 single keys, direct windways; the tenor has 239 SB 249 blow, sh REC030 $1380.00 double c’-c#’ keys, and the Great Bass in C extremely compact bentneck Zen-On 6000B, maple, c-c# keys, bocal, bass has double f’-f#’ keys hard case, sh REC032 $3000.00 plus two additional keys sh=single hole, cw=curved windway for easy fingering. Made We can offer many other models by these of pearwood. The makers. Please inquire for information and smaller instruments pricing. are provided with handsome sailcloth cases trimmed in genuine leather, and the bass is equipped with We are happy to offer a selection of fine an extremely playing plastic recorders by Aulos. Plays as compact, equally well as instruments many times their price! handsome black Piccolo Garklein in C REC033 $40.00 all-leather case. Sopranino in F REC034 $22.00 Soprano in C REC035 $30.00 Alto in F REC036 $53.00 Tenor in C with key REC037 $125.00 Bass in F with keys and bocal REC038 $460.00 Soprano REC076 $185.00 Case (holds soprano & alto) REC039 $50.00 Alto REC077 $420.00 Case (sopranino to Tenor) REC040 $200.00 Tenor Y REC078 $790.00 Bass Y REC079 $1340.00

Piccolo Recorder by Kobliczek

Küng Recorders

Aulos Recorders

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Samba Whistles These Brazilian whistles made of rosewood,


goncalo alves or similar wood were originally designed as birdcalls but found their way into the Samba music of Latin America. The whistles we sell are each a work of art and sound great. These are the real thing! Black Fronted Piping Guan SAM001 $16.00 White Tipped Dove SAM002 $19.00 Marbled Wood Quail SAM003 $19.00 Gray Tinamou SAM004 $18.00 Solitary Tinamou SAM005 $18.00 Cricket SAM006 $16.00 Gray Tinamou Cried Singing SAM007 $16.00 Small Billed Tinamou, crosshead SAM008 $22.00 Small Billed Tinamou, duckbeck SAM009 $28.00 Brown Tinamou, crosshead SAM010 $29.00 Brown Tinamou pole model SAM011 $20.00 Brown Tinamou Paulista SAM012 $21.00 Undulated Tinamou SAM013 $23.00 Undulated Tinamou 2 SAM015 $10.00 White Seedeater and Monkey SAM016 $9.00 Little Tinamou SAM017 $9.00 Capibara SAM018 $16.00 Solitary Tinamou SAM019 $22.00 Tinamou, cried singing, rotary SAM020 $37.00 Bellied Seed Eater SAM021 $22.00 Little Tinamou SAM022 $17.00 Dusky Legged Guan SAM023 $22.00 Marbled Wood Quail SAM024 $31.00 Owl SAM025 $42.00White Duck SAM026 $21.00 Partridge SAM027 $18.00 Quail SAM028 $19.00 Reed Shape SAM029 $27.00 Seedeater SAM030 $16.00 Marbled Quail SAM031 $18.00 Whistling Duck SAM032 $20.00 Fitness SAM034 $17.00 White Tipped Dove SAM035 $21.00 Traditional Tritone SAM037 $5.00 Plastic Tritone SAM038 $2.50 Anodized Aluminum Tritone SAM039 $12.00 Small Quail SAM050 $20.00 Black Duck SAM051 $21.00

Acme Whistles

Great special effects whistles! The Acme Company has been famous for its whistles for 120 years. Boat Swain Pipe WHS039 $26.50 Metropolitan Police WHS040 $12.25 Thunderer WHS042 $9.00 Small Thunderer, Tapered WHS043 $9.00 Two-Tone Boat/Train Whistle WHS044 $17.00 Two-Tone Boat/Train Whistle WHS058 $16.50 Siren WHS045 $44.00 Crow, Rook Call WHS047 $9.50 Quail Call WHS048 $32.50 Cuckoo Call WHS049 $22.95 Siren, Loud WHS050 $85.00 Slide Song Whistle WHS051 $33.50 Nightingale Call WHS052 $36.75 Pigeon Call WHS053 $24.50 Triple Tone Locomotive WHS054 $85.00 Triple Tone Tug Boat WHS055 $36.50 Duck Call WHS056 $15.50 Curlew, Peewit Call WHS057 $7.00 Warbler, Fox WHS059 $6.00 Jay Call WHS113 $19.00 Skylark Call WHS114 $16.00



SAM003 SAM004

SAM005 SAM006 SAM007


SAM018 SAM016









SAM019 SAM020






SAM028 SAM029


SAM030 SAM031


SAM035 SAM037


SAM038 SAM039





WHS040 WHS054

WHS045 WHS043


Mockingbird Call Made of solid brass and birchwood. A variety of bird sounds can be produced. WHS156 $12.00 Audubon Birdcall is handmade and individually tuned, and easy to use. Great fun for all ages! WHS106 $9.00


Blackbird Whistle


WHS051 WHS052


This whistle is made of a very small gourd with a head of artificial porcelain and a cane of duck’s stubble placed into the porcelain head. Descended from the whistles of ancient Pre-Columbian cultures. This little instrument produces the song of birds. To play the Blackbird whistle, cover the hole in the top of the gourd, and blow. You can make different sounds by covering and opening the hole with your finger. Approximately 6 cm. WHS310 $9.50

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From the time of its earliest use by ancient Indian tribes to the present day, the ocarina has maintained a unique mystique all its own. Its mellow, haunting sound has found its way into folk traditions around the world. The ocarina has appeared in many forms throughout history. The earliest “globular flutes” were made of clay fashioned in the shape of small animals. The name ocarina was given to the instrument during the 1800’s in Italy, where they were extremely popular. They became a craze in the U.S. around the turn of the century in their “sweet potato” form, and during World War ll the U.S. government even issued mass-produced plastic ocarinas to its soldiers as a morale booster.

Wooden Ocarinas

A whole family of ocarinas handcrafted from beautiful imported hardwoods, each one a highly finished and refined musical instrument. The Junior and Soprano ocarinas can be worn around the neck; the others come with a cloth carrying bag. Junior in C: A clear, penetrating tone similar to that of a piccolo. Diatonic, range of one octave OCA001 $28.00 Fully chromatic, range of a 9th OCA002 $32.00 Soprano in G: A sweet, pure sound; very lyrical. Fully chromatic, range of a 9th OCA003 $40.00 Alto in Bb: Sweet and melodic; like an alto recorder. Fully chromatic, range of a 10th OCA004 $52.00 Tenor in F: Haunting low tones will blow you away! Fully chromatic, range of a 10th OCA005 $64.00 Bass in C: A soft tone, resonant with a quick response. Fully chromatic, range of a 10th OCA006 $80.00

Tuned Sweet Potato Ocarinas Made in Austria.

Key of F OCA012 $29.00 Key of C OCA013 $31.00 Key of G OCA140 $27.00 Learning the Ocarina Book for Italian and Austrian ocarinas BOA528 $9.50

Sweet Potato Ocarinas from South America These ocarinas sound and play quite well. Tuned to a major scale. Made of clay. Small OCA027 $11.50 Medium OCA028 $17.50

Rare Earth Wear It! ¶ Play It! These musical miniatures are Ocarinas made by the Ocarina Workshop. Ten Hole Sweet This type of ocarina is descended Ocarina Pendants

from the ritual clay whistles of PreColumbian South America. The Italians loved its sweet, haunting tone and adopted it as a folk instrument. In England, the four-holed ocarina pendant has evolved as the ultimate in portable wind instruments, simple to learn yet offering wonderful musical possibilities. These are the best sounding and most in-tune ceramic ocarinas we have ever heard. Their six hole design provides a fully chromatic range of a 9th. They are made with clay-rich glazes and come with a neck cord. Sopranino D OCA021 $30.00 Soprano G OCA022 $35.00 Alto D OCA023 $40.00 Tenor G OCA024 $60.00 Bass D OCA025 $75.00 Great Bass G OCA132 $150.00

Double Ocarinas

Tuned in unison. Soprano G OCA126 $95.00 Alto D OCA127 $115.00 Tenor G OCA128 $160.00 Bass D OCA129 $235.00

Potato Ocarina in G OCA166 $52.00 Ten Hole Sweet Potato Ocarina tenor D OCA167 $45.00 Eight Hole Round Recorder Fingering Ocarina low C OCA168 $52.00

Face Ocarinas

Wonderful clay ocarinas from South America, shaped like a face. Fingers similar to a recorder, plays 1 octave. Small OCA030 $17.00 Medium OCA031 $18.00 Large OCA032 $23.00

Ceramic Ocarina

Six hole cobalt blue ocarinas with attached string to wear “pendant” style. Large OCA170 $16.00 Medium OCA171 $14.00 Small OCA169 $12.00

Song Stones

Beautiful ceramic ocarina pendants in C with wonderful designs. One octave range. Celtic Cross OCA086 $30.00 Celtic Spirals OCA085 $30.00 Celtic 3 Bearded Men OCA087 $30.00 Lotus OCA149 $30.00 Triscele OCA150 $30.00 Spiral Cross OCA151 $30.00 Songstone Book A small but useful book on playing the Songstone and all other 4 or 6 hole ocarinas. Easy to follow diagrams show the fingerings clearly, no music reading needed. Songs are varied, like Bluebells of Scotland, Kumbaya, Greensleeves, etc. 16 pages. BOA957 $9.00

Mini Ocarina

These plastic pendant ocarinas have 4 finger holes plus one thumb hole and have a range of c’”-d””. A perfect pocket instrument. These ocarinas make great inexpensive musical gifts! OCA009 $4.95 Book: Instructions & Tunes BOO593 $2.95

Ocarina Orchestra Handcrafted in Italy of terracotta, copies of historical instruments. Great playing ocarinas Mignon Mini OCA135 $28.00 Piccolo C OCA121 $38.00 Sopranino G OCA122 $44.00 Soprano C OCA123 $58.00 Alto G OCA124 $78.00 Tenor C OCA125 $168.00

Gemstone Ocarinas

Sweet sounding 5-hole ocarinas, range an octave plus one note. The extra note provided by the thumbhole allows far greater melodic possibilities than 4-hole ocarinas. Decorated with a lovely star design with a small gemstone in the center; the bass has a Celtic design with a gemstone in the center. Soprano OCA152 $22.00 Alto OCA153 $31.00 Tenor OCA154 $34.00 Baritone OCA155 $46.00 Bass Celtic design OCA156 $58.00

Ocarina Books

Fun With The Ocarina for 4 and 5-hole ocarina. Good for adults and children alike. Easy fingering is pictured BOO592 $3.95 Instructions and Tunes for the 4 and 5-Hole Mini Ocarina by Kelischek BOO593 $2.95 Learning the Ocarina Method for beginners on the sweet potato ocarina, in English and French. (For the Italian and Austrian ocarinas.) BOA528 $9.50 Medieval Tunes for 5-holed Ocarinas, Recorders, Tabor-Pipes or Crumhorns by Kelischek. BOO594 $5.95 Songbook for the 4-Hole Ocarina by Barry. 47 songs with ocarina tablature and words - no need to read music. Songs include Amazing Grace, Hush Little Baby, Red River Valley, Yankee Doodle, Your Cheatin’ Heart, Joy to the World, more. BOA191 $4.00 Tune Book 2 by Kelischek. 104 one-octave tunes, dances, rounds and duets for ocarinas, recorders, bowed-psalteries, tabor-pipes, crumhorns, etc. BOO596 $6.95

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The Aboriginal Didgeridoo has been re-discovered and is used in contemporary settings for consciousness alteration by practitioners of shamanism, music therapists, and adventurers in consciousness. The Didgeridoo or Yidaki, as it is called in the Yolno language, is the traditional instrument played by the indigenous tribal people of Australia. The “People”, as they call themselves, are one of the oldest intact cultures surviving on this planet, tracing their known origins back 40,000 years. The Didgeridoo is actually created by termites who eat away the innercores of the “Stringybark” trees, leaving behind the hollowed-out trunks. By tapping on the fallen trees, the aborigines selectively determine their suitability and hollowness, cut off both ends of the chosen stick, and clean it out, thereby producing a Didgeridoo. Add a little bees-wax for a mouthpiece, and there you have the oldest wind instrument in the world, used for thousands of years to accompany singing, dancing and to alter the state of consciousness of both player and audience. Traditionally aboriginal children are given the Didgeridoo and encouraged to take it out into the Bush to let nature be the teacher. After a few hours the Didgeridoo will teach you how to play it. Aboriginal made. Small DIG001 $170.00, Medium DIG002 $215.00 Large DIG003 $235.00 Ceremonial DIG004 $325.00

Inexpensive Didgeridoos

These Didgeridoos are acoustically designed to produce the true tones of its indigenous counterpart. Constructed of molded plastic, bent to look like a wooden branch, antiqued wood finish with painted aboriginal designs, built in mouthpiece 42” Inexpensive Model DIG007 $120.00

Basic Model, straight, traditional designs, synthetic materials, simple finishing, 42” length DIG013 $110.00 Large Model, conical bore, I can’t tell that it’s not wood! Easy! Powerful! 54” length. DIG008 $160.00

Bamboo Didgeridoo from seasoned bamboo. Basic model, artwork, bound 46” DIG027 $45.00

Bargain Wooden Didgeridoo Made from hardwood. Aboriginal artwork 48” DIG028 $95.00

Carved Dragon Didgeridoo, made of teak wood DIG037 $99.00

Timorese Eyu Didgeridoo

Fantastic instruments crafted from a single piece of eyu wood and painted with intricate traditional designs and motifs, limited availability. Dimensions are approximate. Standard, 57” length DIG048 $95.00, Large Bell, 60” length DIG049 $95.00

Talking Shaker

Didgeridoo Carry Bags A tube case by Gitta Pierro with a drawstring

closure. The cord runs the length, secures to the bottom, and serves as a carrying strap. Decorated with a band of ethnic style fabric. Water repellant fabric Didgeridoo Case To Fit: 42” Didgeridoo CSE021 $22.00 52” Didgeridoo CSE022 $24.00 56” Didgeridoo CSE023 $26.00 64” Didgeridoo CSE024 $28.00 Cloth ikat case made in Asia DIG029 $15.00


An infinite range of sounds! Made from a small cylindrical wooden shell containing metal pellets and covered with skin on each end, this shaker is capable of changing its sound depending on how the player holds, squeezes and shakes it. Held one way the pellets sound off the wood, held another way they sound off the skin. The pellets can be shaken directly from head to head, shell to shell or can be swirled to generate unlimited variety from both. The skin can be squeezed to tighten, loosen and otherwise modulate the sound. PER464 $15.00

Australian Aborigine Click Sticks The traditional rhythm instrument

played by the aborigines of Australia. A pair of wooden sticks used to accompany songs or the digeridoo. Sometimes the digeridoo player will play them at the same time as the digeridoo. Large pair, mulga wood, painted designs. DIG010 $38.00


A rhomboid piece of hardwood painted in traditional aboriginal designs, attached to a string passed through a small hole pierced at one end, and whirled through the air. The string is held in the player’s hand, thereby forming a whip. The smaller the piece of wood, the faster it whirls and the higher the pitch of the sound it produces. While being whirled it turns on its own axis, and the resultant noise is likened to the howling, roaring, or thundering of animals or spirits. Small ROA001 $31.00, Medium ROA002 $35.00, Large ROA003 $41.00, Ex Large ROA004 $43.00


A safety cover for your didgeridoo. Made of a special breathable fabric and well padded with a velcro closure to fit any Didg. Goes over mouthpiece area. CSE037 $19.00

Didgeridoo Stand Crafted of bamboo with rattan

binding and woodburned design. 15.7” x 15.7” x 15.7” DIG045 $24.00

4 Piece Traveling Didgeridoo Package The travel didgeridoo features adjustable

fittings that allow you to play in 4 different keys. Comes with a no fuss rubber mouthpiece. It screws apart into 4 pieces that nest together for easy, compact carrying. Fully assembled 68”, when taken apart only 19” tall! A large 4.5” bell means you don’t sacrifice on sound even though it fits into carry on luggage. Each comes with a music CD, and travel bag. DIG044 $65.00

Didg Instruction

Didgeridoo Beginner’s Guide Video by Alastair Black. Simple step by step method. Learn the basics of sound production, then move on to animal sounds and circular breathing. See a didgeridoo being made, and aboriginal dance. LAR060 $29.95 Learn To Play The Didgeridoo Cassette LRR245 $12.00 Learn To Play The Didgeridoo / Earthtones Double CD LRR247 $24.00

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Pentatonic Recorders

Pentatonic Recorders are fun to play! Play two octaves in a pentatonic scale with only two fingers of each hand. This plagal scale pentatonic recorder can play a fourth lower than the indicated key. Very easy to play, includes a fingering chart and vinyl bag. One Piece Models Sopranino C REC095 $14.50 Sopranino Bb REC096 $14.50 Soprano G REC097 $14.50 Soprano F REC098 $14.50 Alto D REC099 $39.00 Alto C REC100 $39.00 Two Piece Tunable Models Sopranino C REC101 $24.00 Sopranino Bb REC102 $24.00 Soprano G REC103 $24.00 Soprano F REC104 $24.00 Alto D REC105 $49.80 Alto C REC106 $49.80


An ancient Chinese vessel flute that looks like a small earthenware vase, is blown rather like a bottle or panpipe, and plays similarly to an ocarina. Xun (shun) date from the 2nd millenium BC and were first made of bone, later of clay; it was often used in the Confucian ritual music. CHI087 $70.00


Large South American bamboo fipple flutes from Bolivia used by the Quechua Indians. Sounds almost like tarkas. Interesting primitive sound. Small QUE019 $20.00 Medium QUE020 $27.00 Large QUE021 $35.00

Begin The Didgeridoo Package This 4 foot synthetic

didgeridoo is easy to play, has a rubber mouthpiece and is tuned to the key of D. The striking foil design didgeridoo is durable and produces a crisp, clean tone. Comes with an instruction CD, and travel bag DIG043 $33.00

DreamTime Pipes

Ba-Hu Although the Ba-Hu looks superficially like

a flute, it really is an ingenious instrument that uses a free reed as found in the sheng, and sounds like a hybrid of a flute and harmonica. It fingers much like a flute, and is blown through a small mouthpiece hole in the side, where the free reed is mounted, and has a range of an octave plus a note. CHI090 $50.00

Hu Lu Si

This instrument has a melody pipe using the Ba-hu principle of a tube with fingerholes coupled to a free reed, producing a tone that is a cross of the harmonica and flute timber. This pipe is mounted in a gourd chamber along with a drone pipe. The drone can be plugged up and disabled; when sounding it plays the 2nd degree of the scale of the melody pipe, which has a one octave range. CHI086 $120.00


The Cortol, is a double-reed windcap instrument based on the Kortholt illustrated in the Praetorius Syntagma Musicum, 1619. It is molded from unbreakable polystyrene with a finish that looks like wood. The Cortol has a range of 2 octaves, thus covering the range of the Alto and Tenor crummhorns, and a good deal of the soprano range. Each instrument comes with instructions, fingering charts, and a selection of solo and ensemble pieces for the beginner. Each instrument is supplied with a plasticbladed reed which, with normal care, should last several years. Extra reeds are available. These instruments blend well with recorders and other instruments yet cost a fraction of wooden instruments. Alto, B’-c’ WIN028 $250.00 Tenor WIN029 $350.00

Emerson Flutes

Quality flutes with a clear tone, carefully designed and crafted. Hand assembled, hand finished and individually checked and played. All keys are forged; the pads are made by Emerson to insure quality. The “Emerson Scale” is featured on all Emerson flutes, and B1 A1 8B 6B #1 acclaimed by leading teachers and artists world wide; correct tonehole sizes and locations on the flute body and foot-joint tube assure that the instrument is well in tune with itself. Thus the player does not waste effort “embouchure correcting” the traditional “out of tune” notes found on so many other flutes being offered in today’s marketplace. Each flute comes with a case and a lifetime (lifetime of the flute, that is) warranty. Each flute has a Sterling silver lip plate and riser with undercut toneholes. #1 Closed holes, silver plated nickel silver. FLU021 $657.00 #6B Open holes, silver plated nickel silver. with B footjoint FLU055 $868.50 #6SB Open holes, sterling silver head joint with B footjoint Y FLU023 $931.50 #8B Open holes, sterling silver head, body and foot, silver plated mechanism with B footjoint. Y FLU024 $1543.50 #A1 Alto Flute, silver plated Y FLU029 $2270.00 #B1 Bass Flute, silver plated Y FLU030 $5090.00 #B1B Bass Flute, B footjoint, silver plated Y FLU031 $5355.00 Other models available.

Adler Boxwood Recorders Adler Barockmeister

recorders. Concert quality, handmade of fine boxwood, natural finish, 3 piece, baroque fingering. Sopranino REC088 $140.00 Soprano REC089 $130.00 Alto REC090 $230.00 Tenor with double key REC091 $430.00

An original American wind instrument inspired by the Australian didjeridoo. Made from a native Southwest agave cactus which sends up a flowering stalk at the end of its 35-65 year life span. These stalks shoot straight up, or grow in gentle spirals and curves, with large flared bases. Drying in place over several seasons, the fibrous stalks become hard and woody. Only specific agaves are harvested that produce the thick and dense wood. Hollowed to follow the natural exterior shape, while removing all the interior soft fiber, to produce an instrument with interesting and unique tones. Finished with a clear, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly product suitable for food containers. These pipes will not split or crack. Suitable for beginners to advanced players. Pitched in the key of D. DIG046 $200.00

Animal Ocarina Zoo

Nice sounding 4 hole ocarinas in the shape of whimsical animals. Alligator OCA046 $40.00, Bear OCA048 $36.00 Cat OCA049 $36.00, Cow OCA050 $42.00 Dinosaur OCA052 $38.00, Dog OCA053 $36.00 Dolphin OCA054 $36.00, Dragon OCA055 $52.00 Sm Dragon OCA056 $42.00 Fish OCA058 $36.00 Frog OCA059 $42.00, Giraffe OCA060 $48.00 Moose OCA062 $46.00, Mouse OCA063 $36.00 Pig OCA065 $38.00, Turtle OCA068 $36.00 Hippo OCA081 $38.00, Horse OCA082 $42.00 Otter OCA084 $36.00, Sheep OCA145 $38.00 Zebra OCA147 $46.00, Bat OCA148 $34.00 Armadillo OCA157 $36.00 Chameleon OCA158 $36.00 Ladybug OCA159 $34.00 Manatee OCA160 $38.00 Mermaid OCA164 $46.00 Panda OCA165 $38.00 Elephant OCA057 $46.00 Warthog OCA083 $40.00

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Irish Bronze Age Horns

One of the most exciting musical discoveries of the 20th Century was the re-awakening of the Bronze Age Horns of Ireland. An ancient mystery had been solved. For hundreds of years attempts were made to play each of the 104 horns that survive from the Irish Bronze Age. All were met with failure due to the large “single cavity” mouthpiece which is a feature of the bronze horn family. The breakthrough came in the 1970’s when Professor Peter Holmes of London compared them to existing ethnic instruments including the triton conch, African animal horns and the Australian didgeridoo. His conclusions were taken up by Simon O’Dwyer in Ireland who began to make replicas and learn how to play them. Due to the rediscovery of the musical properties of the horns and the subsequent exploration and research, it is now thought highly unlikely that these instruments were ever used in battle. There are several reasons for this conclusion. First, it is quite clear that each horn required an enormous amount of skill, labor and wealth in its manufacture. If war trumpets were needed then long cow horns would make a louder noise and be far cheaper to produce. Such war horns were used in Scotland until quite recently. Second, a player will not achieve the sweetest sound from any of the Bronze Age horns by blowing too hard just for the sake of volume. The best results are attained by finding the natural internal pressure of the instrument and playing around it. Only then does the horn begin to produce the beautiful rich harmonics and overtones which make it unique. Played in this way, the sound is not in any way loud or angry. It is mellow, haunting and deeply evocative. By no means could it be considered rousing, frightening or intimidating. The most likely uses for Irish horns in the Bronze Age were either as very fine musical instruments, which they undoubtedly are; or as sacred ceremonial horns played with the bells for religious and other gatherings. Casting is the creation of a required shape by filling a mold with a liquid which hardens and acquires the shape. In the case of bronze, the most common modern means of casting is called Cira Perdu or “Lost Wax”. This means that the shape is formed with wax. The wax is then surrounded with liquid clay or ceramic shell to make a mold. A pouring hole is left open at the top. The mold is heated to harden the clay and burn out the wax. Bronze is fired to a temperature of about 170C, when it becomes liquid and is then poured into the mold. If everything has gone to plan the shape should be in bronze inside when the mold is broken open. In the case of the horns this system requires a large amount of preparation, good luck and a lot of welding and clean up afterwards. In the Bronze Age, a two part clay mold with a central core was used to make horns. Professor Peter Holmes’ study on original instruments concludes that the mold was formed around a solid shape in two halves and a core of clay was then positioned between and held in place with bronze pins or chapletts. The clay had to be fired before casting and this meant that the mold would shrink by 10%. Thus the shape of the horn had to be artificially altered to take this into account.


Side Blow Horn Approximately 22” long with an oval mouthpiece set into the side and having a carrying ring and a holding ring at the end. Very suitable for intermittent playing and overtone harmonics. Notes can be altered by moving the hand in and out of the bell. Y HOR053 $3220.00 Medium End Blow Horn 26” long. Mouthpiece at the end. Decorated with inlaid rings and spiral at bell. Carrying ring attached two thirds of the way along the instrument. Very suitable for circular breathing, playing punchy rhythms. Excellent for producing overtone series and harmonics. As in the Side Blow notes can be produced by using the hand in the bell. Y HOR054 $3590.00 Large End Blow Horn 56”. End Blow with carrying ring half way along at rear. Made in three pieces which fit together. Decorated with cones and rings. Plays a deep bass fundamental with three higher relatives. Can produce rich harmonic and voice enhanced chords. Very easy to circular breath. Similar in sound and technique to the Aboriginal Australian Didgeridoo but with a richer fuller sound. Y HOR055 $4070.00 Crothal Oval or pear shaped bronze bell Hollow inside containing a small stone. Fitted with a ring at the top and decorated with a series of circles around the upper half. Produces a beautiful resonance when allowed to swing free from the ring or can be used as a rhythm shaker if held between the palms of the two hands and swung repeatedly. Y BEL155 $830.00 Horns Of Ancient Ireland CD, recorded on original instruments from the National Museum Of Ireland RCE172 $24.00

The MEG Tinwhistle

In 1843 Robert Clarke invented the tinwhistle. The first ones that he manufactured were called Megs. Meg is the Victorian word for a halfpenny and that is precisely what Robert’s tinwhistle cost to buy. In making such an inexpensive real musical instrument, Robert brought affordable music to the masses and, in no time, his instruments were becoming available world-wide. Now, once again the Clarke Company is manufacturing a tinwhistle that is extremely affordable, yet still a real musical instrument. The Meg whistle has plastic mouthpiece and a conical tin body. Tonal characteristics, although slightly different from those of the Sweetone, still achieve the feel and quality of that famous Clarke sound. Key of D, black WHS337 $8.00 Key of C, black WHS338 $7.00

Bamboo Saxophones

Finely crafted bamboo saxes with a warm rich sound. The open holes give the player options not available on the traditional sax, such as finger vibrato and half-holeing. These bamboo saxophones are also ideal for beginners, because the recorder-like fingering system makes them easy to play. Professional musicians value the unique sound characteristics, and quite often a professional musician orders the whole range. These unique instruments are made from up to 17 bamboo rings, with diameters from 20mm to 80mm. The use of angular-cut bamboo sections to achieve the unique curve of these instruments is an original idea. Production capacity is limited each instrument is perfectly hand-crafted from specially selected native bamboo varieties. When the bamboo is chosen, priority is given to characteristics which favor good sound quality and inherent strength. The harvested bamboo is left to dry at its original habitat before it gets treated to ensure resistance to climate change and beetle damage. Due to the nature of bamboo, each instrument is built and tuned individually (pitch A 440 Hz - digital tuner) to play chromatic scales of 1+ to 2 octaves. Each sax is not considered finished until it has that touch of brilliance and the typical sound that make for beautiful pitch and tone. Comes ready to play with a standard saxophone reed, ligature, bamboo mouthpiece protector, woven carrying bag and instruction booklet. Straight Soprano This instrument has a very bright, open sound, quite similar to a brass soprano. Pitched in the key of Bb. Overall size about 55 cm (21”) WIN139 $319.00 Curved Soprano This instrument has a bright, open sound - but softer than the straight soprano. Key of Bb. Overall size about 43 cm (16”) WIN138 $299.00 Alto In the key of G with a warm, balanced sound. The Alto is the best size of the larger saxes for people with small hands. Overall size about 55 cm (21”) WIN140 $335.00 Tenor The tenor is our most popular size, in the key of F with a full, warm sound. Overall size about 64 cm (25”) WIN141 $365.00 Baritone The baritone is our largest size, in the key of Eb. It has a full, ‘bass’ - like sound and requires a bit more air than the other sizes, as well as larger hands to reach the finger holes. Overall size about 75 cm (30”) WIN142 $399.00

Sweetone Whistle

Designed for Clarke by Copeland. Adjustable plastic head, conical tin body for a sweet and clear tone. Silver, plays well. Key of D WHS108 $8.00 Key of C WHS109 $8.00


Traditional instrument of Hungary. Like a wooden soprano saxophone with clarinet style keywork and sax style fingering. Dark rich sound in Bb. Made in Germany by Karl Hammerschmidt Y WIN105 $3850.00





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Lark’s Pennywhistles

The pennywhistle, also called the tinwhistle or flageolette, is a very ancient instrument going back to prehistoric times with surviving instruments made of bone. Tinwhistles are very popular in the British Isles. They have a fipple like a recorder and are very easy to make music with, yet lend themselves to a great deal of creativity & virtuosity as well. The perfect pocket instrument.

Soodlum’s Pennywhistles

Green or yellow plastic tops, metal bodies, big sound. Brass D WHS101 $6.00 Nickel D WHS102 $7.95 Brass C WHS103 $8.00 Nickel C WHS104 $8.50

Oak Pennywhistle

Clear, bright sound, body is nickel-plated, hand-buffed and polished. The mouthpiece is seamless, and with proper application of hot water (from the tap, and not touching the fipple) the Oak Pennywhistle can be made tunable. D WHS093 $10.00 C WHS246 $11.00 How To Play Pennywhistle Book BOO603 $6.95

Little Black Whistle

Similar to Feadog, lightweight aluminium body WHS099 $6.00

ThinTopWeasel Pennywhistles quality 2-piece tunable wooden pennywhistles. Made from assorted hardwoods; comes with a pocket size wooden case. D WHS144 $330.00 E WHS145 $330.00 Eb WHS146 $330.00 C# WHS147 $330.00 C WHS148 $330.00 B WHS149 $360.00 Bb WHS150 $360.00 A WHS151 $360.00 Ab WHS152 $395.00 Low G WHS153 $395.00 Low F WHS247 $430.00 Thin Weasel Plastic Pennywhistles Tunable 2-piece PVC pennywhistles. Each instrument is handmade and has a curved windway for a great sound. One of the best whistles around. Key of D WHS244 $99.00 Key of C WHS249 $99.00

Low D Pennywhistle These whistles are made by Brian Howard and

look like a giant Generation whistle with a black anodized body and a black mouthpiece. They are great low D whistles! They are tunable and play well in tune in both octaves. The stretch between holes is quite long. The pitch is very stable at both registers at various pressures and you are able to push the range without breaking the octave. Includes a hard plastic case. WHS001 $105.00

Feadóg Whistles

Great playing Irish made pennywhistles! Brass body. Single Whistles Key of D WHS074 $7.00 Key of C WHS110 $7.50 Whistle and Instruction Book In D WHS111 $12.99 Whistle, CD and Instruction Book in D WHS224 $19.95

Acorn Pennywhistles

These beginner D pennywhistles sound great and have a metal body and a plastic mouthpiece. Black WHS307 $8.95 Brass WHS307B $8.95

Wooden Pennywhistles

These wooden pennywhistles (flageolettes) by Ralph Sweet have a very strong clear sound and look great! Rosewood. Key of C WHS076C $95.00

Shaw Tinwhistle

Made of solid nickel silver with a hardwood block. Not to be confused with whistles that are made with a cylindrical tube and a plastic fipple, these whistles are of solid construction with a true conical bore for good intonation and strong tone! Hand tuned. D WHS003 $27.50 E WHS004 $27.50, Eb WHS005 $27.50 C WHS006 $31.50, Bb WHS007 $57.00 Low A WHS008 $66.00, Low G WHS009 $83.00 Low F WHS010 $104.00 Low D WHS011 $125.00


Seasoned wood body, metal bell. Traditionally used for outdoor ceremonies and auspicious occasions. WIN170 $40.00

Susato Whistles

ABS plastic, curved windway, and snap-on thumbrest. Great tone. Very Small Bore for the ultimate whistle sound. High G tunable WHS318 $24.00 High G WHS313 $14.50 High F tunable WHS319 $24.00 High F WHS314 $14.50 High E tunable WHS320 $24.00 High E WHS315 $14.50 High Eb tunable WHS321 $24.00 High Eb WHS316 $14.50 High D tunable WHS322 $24.00 High D WHS317 $14.50 Small Bore for a round recorder-like tone. Eb tunable WHS134 $24.00 Eb WHS133 $14.50 D tunable WHS088A $24.00 D WHS088C $14.50 C tunable WHS089A $24.00 C WHS089C $14.50 B tunable WHS271 $24.00 Bb tunable WHS090A $24.00 Medium Bore Whistles for a big, rich sound. Bb tunable WHS269 $49.80 Bb WHS275 $39.00 A tunable WHS210 $49.80 A WHS276 $39.00 Low G tunable WHS211 $49.80 Low G WHS279 $39.00 Low F# tunable WHS280 $49.80 Low F tunable WHS212 $49.80

Susato Low Whistles

Harper Whistles

Quality pennywhistles handcrafted of aluminium stock. These whistles play great and look good. Combination sets are available with 1 headjoint and 2 bodies. D Whistle WHS017 $132.00 C Whistle WHS016 $132.00 D Engraved Whistle WHS018 $164.00 C Engraved Whistle WHS019 $164.00 Combination Sets: D/C Tunable WHS015 $230.00 Low A/G Tunable WHS218 $294.00

Low D Whistle Case

Conveniently fits into luggage, over the shoulder carry-strap CSE048 $20.00

The Low Whistle Book & CD Learn how to play the low whistle like a pro!

All the secrets are in this book. BOA988 $22.95

Rich, full and even in response in both low and high registers; it is one of the easiest of all low whistles to play. Low D Tunable WHS335 $66.00 Low D WHS223 $46.00 Low E Tunable WHS288 $66.00 Low E WHS285 $46.00 Low Eb Tunable WHS287 $66.00 Low Eb WHS286 $46.00 Low F Tunable WHS336 $66.00 Low F WHS284 $46.00 Large Bore Angled Head Makes it easier to reach the low notes on a large whistle. Low F tunable WHS328 $88.00 Low E tunable WHS329 $88.00 Low Eb tunable WHS330 $88.00 Low D tunable WHS331 $88.00 Low C tunable WHS332 $99.00

Susato Whistle Sets

One Head and Interchangeable Bodies G-F-E set, very small bore WHS323 $54.50 F-Eb-D set, very small bore WHS324 $54.50 Eb-D-C set, small bore WHS325 $54.50 D-C-Bb set, small bore WHS091A $54.50 Bb-A-G set, medium bore WHS326 $128.00 A-G-F set, medium bore WHS327 $128.00 F-E-Eb-D set, large angled head, large bore WHS333 $248.00 F-E-Eb-D set, large straight head, large bore WHS334 $226.00

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7 Metal bell with wood handle Metal alloy combinations are similar to

those used in antique Indian and Tibetan bells, and have a particularly desirable tone. The polished wood handle features fine lathed designs BEL245 $26.00

Native American Style Flute Video How to play, how the flute is made, the music,

history, playing style and tradition. Explore the symbolism of Improvisation; play the 4 directions. Matches the 6 hole Flutes by Stellar & Autrey LAR059 $40.00

Clarke Pennywhistles Handmade in England of rolled tinplate

with a wooden fipple plug, Clarke’s famous pennywhistles have been around since 1843. The Clarke tinwhistle of today retains all the essential features of those played by Whistling Billy 150 years ago. The instrument is still made of the same basic materials. Delicate operations continue to be done by hand. Most importantly, the traditional conical bore has been retained to give the instrument its unique timbre and rounded tone. The sheets of tin plate are handrolled and soldered. After polishing, the wooden plug, or fipple, is inserted. Then each instrument is “voiced” to ensure a good clear sound. Key of D whistle WHS012 $10.00 Key of C whistle WHS013 $10.00 Tinwhistle Book & CD in D SPS615 $17.95 Tinwhistle Book & Tape in C SPS010 $14.95

Chieftain Pennywhistles

T&G Low Tunable Whistle Great tunable low whistle. Made of

heavy aluminium stock with hand fitted wooden block. Narrowed fingering for easy play. Strong low note. Comes with padded zipper bag. Low D whistle WHS268 $225.00 Low C whistle WHS308 $245.00 Padded zipper bag that fits most low D whistles CSE052 $28.00

Howard “Handmade” Brass D Whistle Brian Howard has designed a whistle pitched

in standard high D. A high quality handmade instrument that has the old-fashioned tone of the brass whistles with the (rather dangerous) lead blocks of the 1800’s and early 1900’s (these have a non toxic Acetal block). It fulfills the need of players who want an instrument that is in tune, does not take a lot of air, is tuneable, does not sound like a 6 hole recorder and is beautiful to the look and touch. These are some of the best D whistles we have ever played! Each instrument is individually numbered and voiced to give a smooth transition over the two octaves and allow for some dynamics without losing pitch. You can play loud or soft on this whistle with the note staying stable. The materials used are seamless heavy brass tube redrawn in the Howard workshop and an Acetal block. WHS290 $250.00

Pennywhistle Gift Pack

Beginner’s tinwhistle pack includes tablature under the musical notation, so you don’t have to know how to read music. Tunes are played on the accompanying cassette for learning by ear. Pitched in D. Includes a Soodlum whistle in D. BOO727 $18.25

Chinese Whistle

Bamboo 6 hole whistle. WHS219 $3.50

Boehm Flute

A nice-playing C foot plateau key Boehm system flute, in nickel silver with silver plating, with fitted case. Ideal for the beginner, doubler, or those looking for a quality flute at a bargain price. FLU057 $225.00

Pennywhistle Bag Padded nylon pennywhistle bag with zipper. Holds whistles up to 16” in length CSE060 $18.00


Ormiston Irish Flutes George Ormiston has been making flutes in

Scotland since 1978. He is both a trained engineer and a flute player. These beautifully crafted flutes are based on the design of Rudall & Rose flutes and have rich tone and are very responsive. The flutes are pitched in D, made of African Blackwood with tuning slide and headcork tuner assembly in the headjoint, and all ferrules and keys are made from sterling silver. These instruments have the long foot joint for best possible lower range and for smoothing the upper range. Each instrument is supplied in a velvet-lined wooden case with solid brass fittings. Keyless Flute with long foot IRF023 $1265.00 5 keyed Flute (Eb, F, G#, Bb, C Keys) with long foot IRF024 $2095.00 8 keyed fully chromatic Y IRF025 $3499.00 8 keyed fully chromatic with silver end cap and ferrules hand engraved and hallmarked Y IRF026 $4425.00

Silver Bullet Flute Microphone

The best sounding flute mike that we have found. This powerful small condenser microphone attaches to your flute (any type) with velcro and sounds incredible. Can also be used on many string, percussion and wind instruments. PIC014 $149.00

Excellent whistles made by Phil Hardy, whose instruments were used in Riverdance and by many professional recording artists. Made from a stainless alloy and protected by an anodizing process. Cylindrical bore. Non-Tunable Models High F WHS298 $95.00, Hi E WHS095E $105.00 Eb WHS095Eb $105.00, D WHS095D $105.00 Db WHS095Db $105.00, C WHS095C $105.00 B WHS095B $105.00, Bb WHS095Bb $95.00 A WHS096A $105.00, G WHS096G $135.00, F# WHS096FS $135.00 F WHS097F $135.00, E WHS097E $140.00 Eb WHS097Eb $140.00 Low D WHS097D $140.00 Tunable Models High F WHS296 $125.00 High E WHS116 $155.00 High Eb WHS117 $155.00 High D WHS115 $155.00 Db WHS200 $155.00 C WHS118 $155.00 B WHS119 $155.00 Bb WHS120 $155.00 A WHS121 $155.00 Ab WHS122 $205.00 G WHS123 $205.00 F# WHS124 $205.00 F WHS125 $205.00 Low E WHS126 $205.00 Low Eb WHS127 $205.00 Low D WHS128 $205.00 Low Db WHS201 $205.00 Low Bb WHS131 $225.00

The Kerry Low D Whistle from the makers of Chieftain whistles. Low D whistle, molded tunable headjoint, aluminum body. WHS137 $105.00

Chieftain Gold

Big rich sound, made from solid heavy gauge brass.(non-tunable) While supplies last only. Bb WHS255 $140.00 A WHS256 $140.00 Low D WHS262 $170.00

Songbird Whistles

Made of a lightweight aluminum alloy this excellent playing high-D whistle is getting great reviews from professional whistle players all over the country. Developed by the makers of Chieftain whistles. Non-Tunable WHS311 $95.00 Tunable WHS312 $155.00

Cuban Flute

A 5 key Charanga flute as played by the old masters in the Orquestas Francesas, Danzon and charanga bands. Copied from a fine French original and made at modern pitch, this is perfect for those looking for the real Cuban sound. This flute has an ebony body, 5 post mounted keys for Eb, short F, G#, Bb, and long C key; D foot. It has the small toneholes needed for the focused Cuban tone, and for the forked fingerings carried over from the 1 key flute, yet it is very freeblowing and has a rich tone even in the low register. Plays easily up to super high D. This flute is also perfect for early classical music. FLU056 $460.00

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Colonial Fife Maple C

Irish Flutes Casey Burns has been making

Irish style flutes for over 20 years. Based on historical examples including Pratten and Rudall, his flutes have been ergonomically redesigned to suit the needs of regular and smaller handed players. Ergonomic fingerhole placement improves dexterity and reduces long term discomfort for all players. The voicing of these flutes is optimized for rich, quick and responsive tone production. African Blackwood is now the standard by which all other flute tonewoods are judged. Mopane, a reddish African timber, resembles Blackwood in density and has been found to be an ideal flute timber. The tone of flutes made from Mopane rivals Blackwood - its just as strong and firm, but has a nice bit of warmth to it. NS= Narrowed finger spacing, for smaller handed players, RS = Regular finger spacing. Keyless Flutes Mopane Flute NS IRF013S $450.00, RS IRF013L $450.00 African Blackwood NS IRF009S $625.00, RS IRF009L $625.00 Mopane Flute with tuning slide and sterling silver bands NS IRF028 $800.00 RS IRF027 $800.00 African Blackwood Flute with tuning slide and sterling silver bands. NS IRF018S $975.00, RS IRF018L $975.00 Keyed Flutes All models feature tuning slide, sterling silver post mounted key work and bands. African Blackwood Models 4 Key NS IRF014S $1775.00 RS IRF014L $1775.00 5 Key NS IRF029 $2475.00, RS IRF030 $2475.00 6 Key NS IRF015S $2175.00 RS IRF015L $2175.00 Mopane Models 4 Key NS IRF032 $2000.00, RS IRF031 $2000.00 5 Key NS IRF033 $2300.00, RS IRF034 $2300.00 6 Key NS IRF035 $2600.00, RS IRF036 $2000.00

Lark’s Irish Flutes

Pratten pattern. Great flutes! Patterned from a number of fine original instruments. Keyless Excellent playing keyless, 6 hole Irish flute with nice workmanship. We are very pleased to offer them to you, and we are sure you will be as impressed as we are. Nickel silver, with tuning joint and extended foot with a nice hard case. Ebony IRF022 $350.00 Cocuswood IRF002 $235.00 5 Key Pratten Style Irish Flute A great buy in a chromatic large holed flute. Nice strong sound. Clean craftsmanship, traditional block mounted keys. This flute is pitched in D, with a tuning slide. Great Price! Includes case. Ebony IRF019 $385.00 Hardwood Flute Case to fit Irish & early flutes. Brass hardware. Lined and fitted interior. For 2 piece body flutes IRF001C $90.00 For 1 piece body flutes IRF021 $90.00

Civil War Fife Rosewood Bb

Quality Bamboo Flutes We are excited to offer bamboo flutes

handcrafted by a master flute maker. Made of high quality bamboo, completely bound with lacquered thread, genuine bone end caps. Well in tune, 6 holes. We offer 2 models: nontunable or with a copper tuning slide. High G 11” nontunable BFL020 $70.00 High G 11” tunable BFL033 $70.00 F 12-1/2” nontunable BFL021 $70.00 F 12-1/2” tunable BFL032 $70.00 E 13-1/4” nontunable BFL022 $70.00 E 13-1/4” tunable BFL031 $70.00 D 14-1/2” nontunable BFL023 $70.00 D 14-1/2” tunable BFL030 $70.00 C 15-1/2” nontunable BFL024 $70.00 C 15-1/2” tunable BFL029 $70.00 A 18-3/4” nontunable BFL025 $70.00 A 18-3/4” tunable BFL028 $70.00 G 20-1/2” nontunable BFL026 $70.00 G 20-1/2” tunable BFL027 $70.00

6 Hole Bamboo Flutes

A quality bamboo flute is truly hard to find. Look no further! Excellent playing 6 hole flutes made of cane. Great for playing Irish, European, Asian, Latin American and other musics. These instruments are well in tune and play easily in the 1st and 2nd registers. C BFL001 $54.00, Bb BFL006 $54.00 A BFL002 $45.00, G BFL003 $45.00 F BFL004 $60.00 Eb BFL005 $70.00 Low D BFL007 $70.00

Bansuri Bamboo Flute

Nice quality, perfectly in tune Bansuris made of Hawaiian bamboo. 6 holes. High F BFL034 $22.00, High E BFL035 $24.00 High D BFL036 $26.00, High C BFL008 $30.00 Bb BFL009 $33.00, A BFL010 $35.00 G BFL011 $41.00, F BFL012 $46.00 E BFL013 $52.00, Low D BFL014 $58.00 Low C BFL015 $70.00 Playing The Bansuri Book & Video LAR164 $40.00

4 & 6 Key Flutes Nice 6 key simple system flute by Ralph

Sweet. Great intonation and power with a strong low D. The design uses a Boosey-Pratten pattern bore and hole configuration. Ideal for Irish and mid 19th century classical music. African Blackwood, silver keys FLU032 $1960.00 4 key flute, rosewood, keys for G#, F, D#, Bb. In the Key of D, no tuning slide IRF020 $660.00

2 Piece Bb Fife D Piccolo Folk Fife

Fifes by Sweet

Colonial Fife in Bb. Revolutionary style fife. Rosewood FIF008 $80.00, Maple FIF010 $65.00 Grenadilla (when available) FIF011 $95.00 Colonial Fife in C. Rosewood FIF018 $80.00 Maple FIF019 $65.00 Civil War Fife (Cloos) in Bb, Rosewood FIF012 $80.00 2 piece Bb Fife, conical foot joint, rosewood FIF013 $105.00 D piccolo bright tone rosewood FIF014 $95.00 Folk fife, D, great for Irish music. Rosewood FIF016 $85.00 African Blackwood FIF017 $105.00 Walnut, Maple or Cherry as available FIF020 $75.00 Folk fife in C, Rosewood FIF015 $85.00 Walnut, Maple or Cherry as available FIF022 $75.00 Folk fife in A. Rosewood FIF023 $105.00 Walnut, Maple or Cherry as available FIF024 $95.00 Folk fife in G. Rosewood FLU013 $115.00 Walnut, Maple or Cherry as available FLU020 $105.00 F Fife, with rings, Rosewood FIF027 $185.00 Maple, no rings FIF028 $125.00 The Fifer’s Delight by Ralph Sweet: Fingering, graded instruction for fife, flute or whistle, plus over 330 tunes. Complete with guitar/ piano chord symbols for accompaniment. BOO293 $12.95 The Fifer’s Delightful Companion by Carol Greenfield: A collection of harmony parts written to complement “The Fifer’s Delight”, plus a few additional tunes and Christmas carols in 2 parts. BOO294 $12.95

Renaissance Fife

One piece, straight bore. Key of D, Maple FIF001 $35.00

Renaissance Flute

Made of maple in 2 sections, pitched in D. FLU014 $195.00

Bamboo Bird Call

5” Lightweight, playable birdcall from Thailand, with necklace chord attached. WHS341 $3.00

How To Play The Flute In The Flutes Keys Of C And G Traditional Irish Style Video

We have asked Ralph Sweet to make some keyless flutes in the keys of C and G. These flutes are great for French and other western European musics. The C flute also sounds great for Irish music. The C pitch gives a beautiful low haunting sound. C flute, Rosewood with imitation ivory bands FLU012 $415.00 C flute, Maple FLU019 $295.00 G flute, Rosewood FLU013 $115.00 G flute, Maple or Cherry FLU020 $105.00

by Mickie Zekley. Instruction on how to hold the flute, embouchure and breathing technique (the secret of Irish flute tone). Mickie de-mystifies ornamentation including taps, cuts, rolls, multiple rolls, slides, triplets, finger vibrato, and diaphragm pulsing. Also shows examples of tunes in different rhythms including the jig, slip jig, reel, hornpipe, polka and air. LAR004 $29.95

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Highland Bagpipes

Good Quality Instruments - Bargain Prices On an amazing trip to Pakistan, I saw bagpipes being made for some of the oldest and most respected Scottish pipe companies (believe it or not these pipes were destined to have “Made In Scotland” and famous brand names stamped on them). We can offer the same pipes telling you where they really were made at a greatly reduced price. These are the traditional Scottish bagpipe just made in a different place. For many years Scottish regiments were stationed in Pakistan. Today you will find dark skinned, turbaned, kilted bagpipers marching in the streets of Sialkot City. These bagpipes are made in Pakistan and are of very good quality. The pipes we offer should not be confused with the cheaper export grade sets available. Each of the full sets are well tuned. Each set comes with extra reeds and set-up instructions.

Parlor Pipes

The parlor pipes are a quiet indoor bagpipe, quiet enough to play with fiddles, flutes etc. A great beginners instrument. These parlor pipes are made of cocuswood with metal mounts. BAG002 $150.00

Reel Pipes

Reel Pipes are a bit smaller than full size Highland Pipes but are still quite loud. This type of Scottish pipe was a favorite for indoor dances during the 19th century. Made of cocuswood and mounted in engraved nickel and imitation ivory BAG004 $170.00

Highland Pipes

Full size set made of rosewood BAG003 $190.00 Full size set made of cocuswood with engraved mounts BAG005 $295.00 Full size set made of ebony BAG006 $525.00 Best quality full size set made of ebony BAG007 $695.00 Hardshell Pipe Case BAG008 $39.00

Practice Chanters

Rosewood aluminum mounts BAG009 $20.00 Rosewood engraved mounts BAG010 $25.00 Rosewood imitiation ivory BAG010A $25.00 Cocuswood engraved mounts BAG011 $30.00 Ebony imitation ivory mounts BAG012 $65.00 Special Long Model (same scale as the pipe chanter) Cocuswood long model BAG013 $60.00 Cocuswood imitation ivory mounts BAG036 $35.00 Ebony long model BAG037 $90.00 BAG009 BAG010 BAG010A






Highland Reedpipe Highland pipe chanter with reed cap; uses

standard chanter reeds and fingerings, but is designed to be mouth-blown much like a cross between a bombard and a Renaissance rauschpfief. Made of Indian rosewood. Every piper needs one! Loud like a highland pipe. BAG301 $35.00

Scottish Bagpipes

Gillanders & McLeod Excellent Highland bagpipes made in Scotland. Basic Set African Blackwood, nickel ferrules BAG040 $1320.00 Standard Pattern African Blackwood, nickel ferrules, open combed BAG041 $1460.00 Full Imitation Ivory Mounted African Blackwood BAG039 $1885.00 Full Chased Sterling Silver African Blackwood Y BAG042 $8375.00

Quality Practice Chanters

Scottish-made practice chanter by Gillanders & McLeod, of African Blackwood. Standard Model imitation ivory sole and nickel ferrule BAG043 $165.00 Standard Model Best with chased silver sole and ferrule, imitation ivory mouthpiece Y BAG044 $565.00

Children's Bagpipe A small bagpipe that really works! 3 dummy drones BAG038 $39.00

Learn To Play The Bagpipe Kit A great way to start your career as

a bagpiper without spending a lot of money or buying a full set of pipes. A practice chanter is all that you need to start to learn to play the Scottish pipes. The chanter fingers the same as a full instrument. Practice Chanter, Book & Tape. With rosewood chanter BAG035 $38.00 With black ebony chanter BAG034 $83.00

Learn To Play The Bagpipe Video

“College Of Piping Tutorial.” If you have ever had a desire to learn to play the Great Highland bagpipe you will find this teaching video an invaluable aid. Based on the successful College Tutor with Seumas MacNeill providing detailed instruction. This video is a must for the beginning piper LAR054 $39.95

Highland Pipe Reeds

No guarantee, returns, or exchanges on reeds. Pipe Chanter Reeds Warnock (each) BAG020S $15.50 Chris Apps (each) BAG061S $12.00 Pakistan (each) BAG021SA $3.00 Practice Chanter Reeds Warnock (red) (each) BAG022S $9.50 Pakistan (each) BAG023S $3.00 Chris Apps (each) BAG299S $7.50 Drone Reed Sets Kilberry Warnock BAG024 $16.50 Highland Drone Reed Apps BAG062 $15.00 Set Pakistan BAG025 $8.00 Plastic Reeds Plastic reeds are stable, consistent, and not Full size bagpipe made of rosewood. Kit affected by moisture. At last, a no hassle reed! includes hard case, instruction book, cassette, Shepherd Drone reed set BAG026 $65.00 reeds, seasoning and more. BAG260 $235.00 Clanrye Chanter Reed, easy, medium, or strong BAG027E $60.00 Kilberry Highland Drone Reed Set One bottle BAG205 $10.00 BAG285 $53.00 Kilberry Smallpipes Drone Reed Set BAG286 $53.00

Complete Bagpipe Kit Bagpipe Seasoning

Korg CA-30 Digital Tuner This inexpensive but

versatile tuner is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket , and has features that make it ideal for tuning instruments that are not at A=440 or that do not use tempered tuning, such as the bagpipe. In addition to the normal tuning functions that work for instruments like guitars, banjos, mandolins, and band instruments, it will adjust to play from A=410 to A=480, thus working for pipers, early music players, MIddle Eastern musicians, etc. It also will read pure tuned major and minor thirds along with the common tempered intervals. If that wasn’t enough, it has the relatively rare feature of having a tone generator and speaker, so you can tune by ear to a pitch. TUN016 $34.95

Reed Tidy Reed Box

We are happy to introduce the Reed Tidy Reed Box for Highland Bagpipe chanter reeds. Water resistant, foam filled with twelve individual reed pegs which hold reeds firmly in place and pivot for ease of use. Keeps your investment safe and secure. BAG314 $34.00

Fine Bagpipe Bags

MacHarg Highland pipebags are made of the finest elk hide available, all hand riveted. High quality workmanship. Specify Straight or Swan neck. Regular 9-1/2”x26-1/2” BAG188 $135.00 Large 10-1/2”x28” BAG189 $135.00 Extra Large 11-1/2”x28-1/2” BAG190 $145.00 Extra Large 13-1/2”x28” BAG191 $160.00 Extra Large Special 13-1/2”x29-1/2” BAG192 $165.00

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Practice Pipes Used by many top pipers

chanter bagpipe of Slovak origin known as a duda has a unique horn bell feature that provides for a peculiar low dominant that gives this instrument its characteristic sound. The bag is sewn from white goatskin and the chanter is carefully crafted from cherry wood complete with beautifully carved ornamental designs and machined metal work. BAG287 $850.00

West Highland Piper Video

The Scottish Highland bagpipes played at various scenic locations in the West Highlands by master piper Ronnie Lawrie. LAR146 $38.00

Isle Of Skye Piper Video

Shot on location on the Isle of Sky. Music by Allan MacDonald, Ian MacCrimmon, and Mairi MacInnes, Great Highland pipes LAR147 $38.00

Bagpipes of the World Sean Folsom presents

a tour-de-force on this CD which features 30 different types of Old World bagpipes. Scottish pipes, Irish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish etc. the list of pipes is truly international. Each bagpipe is heard playing traditional repertoire, and some are accompanied by appropriate instruments such as harp, hurdy-gurdy or percussion. Sean has spent over 30 years studying, playing, teaching, and restoring bagpipes, some of which are well known like the Highland Pipes, and others of which were in danger of extinction. Over 60 minutes of piping pleasure. RCE176 $20.00


Duda Bagpipes This beautiful double-

micro controller technology, that is completely digital totally eliminating frequency drift and drone tuning problems. The notes are played in a very realistic manner, by covering electronic touch sensors, positioned to exactly match the finger spacing of a regular pipe chanter. The unit may be programmed to play in the regular bagpipe key of ”b-flat”, or one of seven different keys, to match the pitch of other instruments - all by simply playing the desired key on the finger holes - i.e.: all holes covered for the key of ”g”. Contact must be made between the common terminal on the back of the chanter tube and the right thumb at all times for proper operation. As the touch switches operate by detecting the very high skin resistance between the finger contacts and the common terminal, it is sometimes necessary to moisten the hands to maintain good conduction. Ross Technologies Programmable Electronic Bagpipes are an affordable, high quality digital instrument, equally suitable for use as a convenient practice chanter or, with an amplifier for live performance. BAG258 $275.00


to the highest standard by skilled craftsman Ian Murray, formerly of Gillanders & McLeod. Made in Scotland. Full Mounted Imitation Ivory BAG312 $1440.00 Open Combed, Nickel Ferrules BAG262 $1165.00 Half Mounted Nickel Imitation Ivory Projecting Mounts, Full Combed & Beaded BAG263 $1375.00 Plain Turned, Nickel Ferrules. No combing. BAG265 $1090.00 Half Mounted Nickel Imitation Ivory projecting mounts, plain combed BAG266 $1275.00 Imitation Ivory with Chased Sterling Silver, thistle and leaf, or runic design Y BAG313 $4795.00 Imitation Ivory, Hand Engraved Sterling Silver, thistle and leaf design Y BAG268 $5075.00 Full Mounted Hand Engraved Sterling Silver, thistle and leaf, or runic design Y BAG269 $7825.00 Pipe Chanters African Blackwood BAG270 $225.00 Polypenco BAG271 $180.00 Practice Chanters Full Mounted imitation ivory BAG273 $130.00 Presentation, silver sole, silver ferrule and imitation ivory mouthpiece BAG274 $705.00

Ross Electronic Bagpipes Crystal-controlled cutting-edge

the traditional bagpipe of Tunisia. This type of bagpipe is used throughout the Middle East. The instrument has a goatskin bag, dual cane chanters terminated with horn bells. Loud raucous sound great for belly dance and Middle Eastern music. BAG284 $225.00


Ian Murray Bagpipes Blackwood bagpipes made

the same finger spacing as the Highland pipe chanter. Pitch, volume, and touch control are easily adjustable. Use either a headset, earphone (included) or plug it into a sound system. Increase your practice time. Play anywhere, anytime! BAG256 $275.00


and tutors around the world. Practice pipes, as the name implies, are ideal for learning and improving playing. Since the volume is reduced, it’s the perfect sound level for indoor playing and music sessions with other instruments. The set includes the bag, blowpipe, chanter, bag cover, reeds and drones (one tenor and one bass). This set is made using modern materials designed to provide a very traditional tone with the added convenience of synthetic reeds; it’s easy to tune and maintain, and folds up into a small zipper case that can go anywhere BAG259 $174.00 Extra drone reed set BAG259D $15.00 Extra chanter reed BAG259R $12.00

Electronic Practice Chanter Extremely compact -only 9” long- yet with

North African Bagpipe The Mezoued is


The sporran is a pouch that is worn with a kilt, as a kilt does not have pockets. Adjusts with a buckle and closes with a snap. Leather Sporran w/belt CLO001 $40.00 Black Leather Sporran w/belt CLO003 $70.00 Full Dress Sporran w/belt CLO005 $145.00 Half Dress Sporran w/belt CLO004 $125.00

Uilleann Pipes

by Brian Howard

Top Quality pipes in ebony by master pipe and reed maker Brian Howard. The bag and bellows are made of hightech synthetic material for ease of care and play. The bellows are made of Sycamore and fitted with straps made of English harness leather. The bag has a velvet cover. Comes fitted with Howard high tech chanter reed for ease of play and wide range. Practice Set, keyless BAG275 $1600.00 Half Set, keyless BAG276 $4135.00 Chanter, keyless BAG277 $1150.00 Chanter Reed BAG282 $77.00 Howard System Keywork Pillar mounted as on modern orchestral instruments. The design allows the free thumb to play the semi-tones. All the keys are on the centerline of the back of the chanter and can be played by both left and right handed players. The front of the chanter has been kept clear of any pillars or pad cups so that they do not touch the fingers covering the sound holes as they curve over the chanter. The springs are made of phosphor bronze and are secured by screws for ease of maintenance. These keys can be ordered with the instrument or installed by the maker at a future date. C Natural Key BAG278 $315.00 F Natural Key BAG279 $315.00 G Sharp Key BAG280 $315.00 B Flat Key BAG281 $315.00

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Northumbrian Smallpipes Many people ask advice on buying a

Northumbrian Smallpipe. The following will help anyone interested in getting a set of pipes. Northumbrian bagpipe music is written in the key of “G” although the instruments in reality are pitched in “F”; in other words you play the written fingering for “G” and you get an “F”. Sets can be special ordered that play in “D”. The chanter is stopped enabling a staccato style of playing that gives them the unique “bubbling” sound for which they have become famous. The drones play a harmonizing chord, are dry reeded and bellows blown. Northumbrian pipes come in different forms. The Primitive set is the original Smallpipes. It has a limited compass of 8 fingerholes (one octave) and only 3 drones which play G (G below middle C), D and G above (remember when we’re talking G we really mean F). Although this is a good training instrument for the first 6 months of practice, its limited range soon imposes a restriction to anyone seriously wishing to play the Northumbrian repertoire. The 7 key set is the basic “real” instrument. The seven keys extend the range of the chanter by 5 notes, in addition to providing 2 accidental notes in the middle of the range C# and D#. There are 4 drones with one tuning bead on the G drone, giving the notes D, G, A, D, G; this gives the player the possibility of playing in G major or D major (remember G is F and D would be C). Drones are available with extra tuning beads. These are called Complex drones. These add the possibility of playing in A major or E minor. Normally these are fitted to a set with 9 or more keys which has 2 G#s necessary for the key of A major. It's possible with complex drones to make a 7 key chanter play many of the Highland pipe tunes which are written with a G natural. The scale of E minor is within the compass of the 7 key chanter. Sets listed are made of Blackwood mounted in brass and imitation ivory. These sets are in G (really F), made by DG Burleigh. Primitive set BAG148 $1195.00 7 key-4 drones Y BAG149 $1375.00 7 key-4 complex drones Y BAG150 $1450.00 9 key-Two G#’s (The most popular style we sell) BAG151 $1625.00 11 keys-2 G#s and 2 F naturals Y BAG152 $1775.00 14 keys-Fully chromatic over the range of the 7 key chanter Y BAG153 $2025.00 17 keys-Fully chromatic over 2 octaves Y BAG154 $2325.00 with 6 complex drones Y BAG155 $2595.00 Sets pitched in real D, extra Y BAG156 $155.00 Bellows inlaid and veneered, extra Y BAG158 $45.00 Chanter reeds BAG159 $83.00 Set of drone reeds BAG160 $62.00

Shuttle Pipes

These shuttle pipes are made by John Walsh and are similar in design to 17th century instruments. The shuttle is a cylinder of wood that is bored in such a way to have a long drone length but maintain a small size. Sliders are used to tune the drones. The 3 drone set adds a baritone drone to the tenor and bass drones of the 2 drone set. Made of maple with synthetic chanter for long term good tuning. 2 Drone Shuttle Pipe BAG057 $645.00 3 Drone Shuttle Pipe BAG058 $770.00 Shuttle Pipe Drone Reeds Baritone BAG059BR $10.00 Bass BAG059BS $10.00 Tenor BAG059TN $10.00 Shuttle Pipe Chanter Reed BAG060 $15.00

The Canmore Pipe Bag

This high-tech bagpipe bag is airtight, pinholefree and requires no maintenance. The fabric is naturally supple and does not need to be seasoned, and features a built in moisture control unit. Available in three sizes. All bags come with a built in zipper. Choose the standard Shephard drone tone enhancers , or the Ash Drone Tone Plugs - preferred by some because they give better stops and starts. Small BAG306 $215.00 Medium BAG307 $215.00 Large BAG308 $215.00 Tone Enhancers BAG306A $35.00 Ash Drone Tone Plugs BAG306B $25.00

Northumbrian Halflong and Scottish Smallpipes Quality instruments made by DG Burleigh.

These instruments are available with 3 drones, either one bass and 2 tenors, or a bass, tenor and baritone drone. Available with either Scottish or standard tuning. Pitched in Bb, C, or D. BAG236 $1300.00 Chanter Reeds BAG237 $75.00 Drone Reeds BAG238 $48.00

Bladder Pipes

Uilleann Practice Pipes & Practice Chanters At last a practice chanter

and practice pipes for the uilleann pipes with real uilleann pipe sound! Ideal for anyone interested in learning to play the “Irish Pipes”, they would also benefit existing players as they are perfect for fingering practice and learning new tunes. Plays two octaves with volume suitable for playing with guitar, fiddle or whistles. Pitched above a:440. Made of glass filled nylon, comes with a low maintenance plastic reed. Practice chanter has a flexible mouthpiece tube so you can play in the traditional “on the knee” style. Practice pipes are mouthblown and include a practice chanter top, with a single drone and carry bag. Mouthblown Uilleann Practice Pipes, Practice Chanter Combo BAG304 $245.00

Soft-Sided Case for Bagpipes This great case

makes transporting your pipes a breeze, durable and lightweight with shoulder straps. BAG309 $85.00

Bargain Uilleann Pipes

We are pleased to offer Uilleann pipes at great pricing. Made from African blackwood and nickel silver, these pipes are well in tune and compare favorably to pipes that cost much more! Practice Set, bag, bellows and chanter. BAG239 $395.00 Case for practice set BAG239C $43.00 Full Set, bag, bellows, stock and drones, regulators and chanter. BAG240 $2600.00

Bladder pipes date from the 13th century and are the forerunner of the crummhorn. These instruments were used all over Europe. The instruments have a bag like a bagpipe but made out of a sheep’s bladder with a blowpipe and a chanter. The instruments we offer are made in the Czech Republic in the traditional manner BAG199 $385.00 Bladder Pipe w/Drone BAG257 $595.00

Reed Making Kit

Includes 3 formed staples, 6 lengths rough gouged cane, wax, hemp and dimension chart. For uilleann pipes. BAG203 $58.00

Plastic Uilleann Pipe Chanter Reed A functional alternative to a cane reed for

many uilleann pipe chanters. Plays 2 octaves in many chanters. Not returnable but a great boon if it works well in your pipes! BAG303 $20.00


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European Bagpipes

by Brian Steeger Spanish Bagpipes

Basic model in C or Bb, single drone, brass and horn mounts BAG101 $1000.00 Other options available.

Flemish Bagpipes

Dudlesack reproduction of 16th century Flemish bagpipe after Breugel, horn mounts in G (A on special request), cherry wood. Partial mounts BAG102 $1100.00 Full mounts BAG103 $1200.00

Italian Bagpipes

A zampogna is a bagpipe with 2 drones and 2 chanters. The sound is reminiscent of a mellow organ. The name Zampogna goes back to the 14th century. The earliest descriptions are from the 17th century by Mersenne. Though now only surviving in Italy and Sicily, it is common to see similar double chantered instruments in English art from 1450-1600. A small oboe called ciramella or piffero, as well as drums, are used in consort with the zampogna. The zampogna is the traditional Italian Christmas instrument. Zampogna Sicilian, small solo model, chanters in 4ths, 2 drones BAG104 $900.00 Zampogna Neapolitan, large with chanters in 8ths, 2 drones BAG105 $1500.00 Matching piffero (shawm) BAG107 $250.00

Children's Drum Nice small drum. Rod

tension, wood shell with snare and sticks. Great for the kids. Good as a tabor drum also. 10” diameter. KID015 $30.00

Bagpipe Videos

The Hebridean Pipers

Filmed in the outer Hebrides in many beautiful and historical locations. Two of Scotland’s finest pipers Roddy Macleod and Willie Morrison. VID058 $38.00

Vale Of Atholl Pipe Band

The most musical and entertaining pipe band in the world, in concert. VID059 $38.00

Piper’s Workshop

Watch bagpipes being made! 30 min. VID035 $40.00

Drum Major’s Mace Beautifully engraved head of

Scottish design, mallaca cane body, decorative chains. CLO002 $225.00

Brian Boru Bagpipes The Brian Boru bagpipe (invented by pipe

maker Starck in 1910) is a keyed Highland bagpipe with extended range, chromatics, bead turning and shamrock engraved mounts. The pipes that we offer are made of ebony and are of high quality with 10 keys that extend the range of the chanter up 3 notes, down 1 note and adds chromatic notes. The fingering is slightly different than the Highland pipes in order to take advantage of the greatest possible range. Brian Boru Bagpipe BAG167 $795.00 10 key chanter alone BAG168 $300.00 10 key practice chanter BAG169 $300.00

Pocket Practice Chanter

This unique practice chanter has been designed to fit in a pocket or bag and is quickly assembled so you can play when you feel the need. BAG033 $90.00

Rope Tension Drums Old fashioned rope tension

marching drums, leather sliders, calf vellum heads, brass or wooden shells and wooden hoops. Great sound and look. Good for performance, or to keep in your living room. Side Drums: 14” x 12” wood shell DRU016 $225.00 14” x 12” brass shell DRU017 $250.00 Tenor Drums: 18” x 12” wood shell DRU015 $250.00 18” x 12” brass shell DRU014 $275.00 20” x 12” wood shell DRU018 $275.0020” x 12” brass shell DRU019 $300.00 12” x 36” Rope Tension Bass Drum DRU338 $450.00

Play Drum

Comes with rubber safety springs, a pair of sticks and durable melinex plastic head. KID038 $18.00

Bagpipe Accessories

“Little Mac” Bagpipe valve BGA001 $12.98 Reamer to install “Little Mac” BGA002 $13.00 Airstream blowpipe with built in “Little Mac” 9” BGA003 $70.00, 10” BGA004 $70.00 11” BGA005 $70.00, 12” BGA006 $70.00 Airstream mouthpiece (for use with airstream blowpipe) 3.5” BGA0073.5 $20.00 4.5” BGA0074.5 $20.00 5.5” BGA0075.5 $20.00 Rubber Flapper Valve BGA032 $4.50 Pipe Major’s Pipe Case, 11.5”x29”x5” BGA009 $85.00 Heavy Duty pipe case 11.5”x24”x5” BGA010 $150.00 Airtight Bag Seasoning, 8 oz BGA011 $16.00 Bag Seasoning BAG205 $10.00 Drone cleaning or oiling brush BGA012 $6.00 Chanter cleaning or oiling brush BGA013 $6.00 Pull through swab for drones BGA014 $3.00 Bore oil BGA015 $3.25 Tie-in cord and instruction kit BGA016 $4.00 Tie-in cord (500 yards) BGA017 $25.00 Hemp 1 oz BGA018 $5.00 Hemp 2 oz BGA019 $8.00 Practice Chanter Mouthpiece BGA020 $3.00 Beeswax BGA022 $2.60 Cobbler’s black wax BGA023 $5.00 Bagpipe mouthpiece 3” BGA024 $17.00 Bagpipe mouthpiece 4” BGA025 $17.00 Bagpipe mouthpiece 5” BGA026 $17.00 Bagpipe mouthpiece 6” BGA027 $17.00 Goose Adaptor allows use of practice chanter in bagpipe stock BGA028 $12.00 Rubber Stoppers for plugging stocks, set of 5 BGA029 $5.00 Rubber stoppers for plugging drone tops, set of 3 BGA030 $3.00 Bagpipe teflon tape BGA031 $3.00

Small Pipes

The Small pipes differ from Highland and Parlor Pipes mainly in that they are played in a different key - the normal choices being A, Bb, C or D. The three drones - a bass, a tenor, and a baritone - are small in size and fit into one universal stock. These pipes produce a very mellow, haunting sound and are great for indoor use. Often played with a variety of other instruments, these have increased greatly in popularity in recent years. Each model is available as a bellows blown or mouthblown bagpipe. Blackwood, stainless steel ferrules. Ready to play. Smallpipes in key of A with bellows BAG289 $1150.00 Smallpipes in key of Bb with bellows BAG290 $1165.00 Smallpipes in key of A mouthblown BAG291 $1015.00 Smallpipes in key of Bb mouthblown BAG292 $1015.00 Smallpipes in key of C with bellows BAG293 $1125.00 Smallpipes in key of D with bellows BAG294 $1125.00 Smallpipes in key of D mouthblown BAG295 $985.00 Smallpipes in key of C mouthblown BAG296 $985.00 Smallpipes Dual with D & A chanters mouthblown BAG297 $1140.00 Smallpipes Dual with D & A chanters with bellows BAG298 $1275.00

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Breton Bagpipes

Biniou-Kozh is the small, loud and very shrill bagpipe of the Bretagne region of France. Biniou-Kozh by Hervieux & Glet C, B or Bb Y BAG120 $1050.00 Bb with pewter inlayY BAG121 $1760.00 A, G or F with pewter inlay Y BAG122 $1835.00 Veuzes by Hervieux & Glet A lower pitched bagpipe traditional in Brittany, made of ebony or boxwood. C or D with bass drone Y BAG123 $1275.00 Bb with bass drone Y BAG243 $1345.00 C or D with bass & tenor drones Y BAG124 $1665.00 Bb with bass & tenor drones Y BAG245 $1725.00 A or G with bass drone Y BAG125 $1625.00 A or G with bass & tenor drones Y BAG126 $2005.00

Medieval & Renaissance Bagpipes

Medieval pipes by Paul Beekhuizen based on a Bruegel engraving the Fat Kitchen. Diatonic conical chanter in g. One drone in g, made of maple Y BAG127 $825.00 Flemish pipes by Arie De Keyzer These pipes have a major improvement, the addition of an octave key which increase the range of the pipes to 2 octaves. 2 drones tuned in octaves. The drone reeds are made of hardwood with a bronze tongue. Available in Bb, A, G, F or D. Please specify when ordering. Brazilian Rosewood Y BAG132 $1275.00 African Blackwood Y BAG134 $1995.00 Keys can be added to the chanter to make the chanter chromatic. Price per key Y BAG135 $120.00 Chanter reeds Y BAG136 $60.00

French Musettes


by Camac. This is the small, loud and very shrill bagpipe of the Bretagne region of France. Made of ebony. BAG014 $625.00


The bombard is a loud shawm (oboe) from the Breton area of France. You can play along with the Biniou-Kozh or the Scottish Bagpipe. Bombards By Camac while supplies last. Key of Bb ebony body BOM004 $140.00 Key of Bb ebony body and bell BOM005 $205.00 Bargain Bombards Rosewood with key BOM019 $35.00 Cocuswood with key BOM020 $38.00 Inexpensive bombard reed BOM021 $9.00 Bombards by Hervieux & Glet Soprano D BOM009 $255.00 Soprano C BOM010 $299.00 Soprano B BOM011 $299.00 Soprano Bb BOM012 $375.00 Soprano A BOM013 $465.00 Soprano G BOM014 $465.00 Lark’s Bombards Bb Ebony, rosewood bell BOM022 $110.00 Bb Ebony with key, rosewood bell BOM023 $130.00 Bb Cocuswood BOM024 $65.00 Bb Cocuswood with key BOM025 $90.00 BOM014





French Musette by Paul Beekhuizen After an anonymous 18th century instrument. 2 chanters: grand chalumeau in g with a range (f#) g’-g’’, chromatic with 6 keys, and petit chalumeau with 6 keys a’’-d’’’. The shuttle drone is tuned G/g/d’/g’ and c/g/c’/g’, bellows blown and played with closed fingering. Made of ebony with silver keys, tuned a’=415. Can also be made in the old pitch of a’=392 Hz. It is then possible to play with modern instruments; the mussette plays in G, the other instruments transpose to F Y BAG137 $6895.00

Early Musettes

Made by Paul Beekhuizen, a reconstruction based on descriptions by Praetorius and Mersenne. These pipes have a single cylindrical chanter tuned to F with 2 keys for f#” and g”, and 3 shuttle drones tuned f/c’/f’ or f/b flat/f’. Made of ebony with silver keywork.Y BAG300 $3425.00

French Bagpipes

Cornemuse by Serge Durin. Traditional mouth blown pipes. 2 drones. Pewter inlay available. Pricing by inquiry only. Key of F/C cormier with horn mounts. Y BAG109 $4000.00 Key of G/D cormier with horn mounts. Y BAG110 (call for price) Cabrette by Bernard Blanc. Tuned in g/c, bellows blown, chanter and drone in the same stock. Traditional for playing with the accordion and hurdy gurdy Y BAG111 $2095.00

Hümmelchen Bagpipes

German bagpipe based on the drawings of Praetorius’ Syntagma Musicum (1618), made by Paul Beekhuizen.Cylindrical chanter , range c’-d” (with Bb), 2 drones tuned f/c’, made of boxwood. Y BAG146 $1220.00 g/c hummelchen with one key Y BAG311 $1350.00

Swedish Bagpipes

Our Swedish bagpipe is modeled on a type played in Sweden from the 15th through the 19th centuries, when the instrument began to die out. The most famous of the last players of this era was Gudmunds Mils Larsson (1892-1949) from the village of Dala-Jarna. Only about 10 instruments from this period of time are known to exist today. The instrument most commonly heard uses a primitive single-reed chanter, and is pitched in the key of E (using interchangeable major and minor chanters) and uses a single drone. Its voice is moderate in volume, particularly sweet and rich, and very easy to play. We import these pipes from Sweden, made by Leif Eriksson. The basic scale is E, F#, G#, A, B, C, D, E. A chanter with a major scale in E also comes with the set. The bag is bark-tanned calf-skin; the stocks, mouthpiece, chanter and drone are birch. These are beautiful sounding instruments! BAG141 $915.00

French Cornemuse

Sweet sounding mouth-blown bagpipes from France with one bass and one treble drone. Nicely crafted by Jean-Sylvain Maitre. The chanter is made of pallisander and the drones are cormier Y BAG108 $1595.00 Fancier models and Bechonnets (bellows blown, very fancy) available upon request.

Medieval Smallpipes

These popular smallpipes have two drones, a chanter with eight small closely spaced finger holes and a thumbhole, and have a sweet mellow tone. The lowest hole is a note below the tonic, and the remaining six holes plus thumbhole play the note D with all 6 fingers plus thumb closed, and a G with the thumb and only the 3 left hand fingers closed. BAG288 $190.00 Medieval Bagpipe Players Manual 37 pages of Bagpipe instruction containing twenty medieval dance tunes and vocal songs arranged for Medieval Smallpipe including an audio CD of the songs. BOK159 $30.00

Ancient Spanish Bagpipe These pipes are a re-creation of a medieval, 13th century bagpipe pictured in the Cantigas de Santa Maria, Rey Alfonso el Sabio. The instrument has the carved head of a king and is bellows blown Y BAG207 $2200.00


Dudys are Bohemian/Moravian bagpipes with one large drone. These instruments are amazing to look at with a great sound and low pitch. We offer either Bohemian style or Moravian style. Y BAG206 $1915.00

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Delicia Fine Accordions European-made

Mickie & Elizabeth

Traditional music of Ireland and Scotland on Extraordinary musical instruments. Jubilant, poignant performances that embrace the heart of Celtic music. Mickie & Elizabeth perform with energy, skill and a fluid grace. Instrumentation includes 19th Century Concert Flute, Hammered Dulcimer, Highland Bagpipes, Bombard, Scottish Small Pipes, Concertina, Tenor Banjo, Celtic Harp, Harp Guitar, Irish Cittern, Simple System Flute, Double Flageolette, Pennywhistles, Irish Uilleann Bagpipes, Bodhran, Nyckelharpa, Keyboard and Vocals. As well as concerts, Mickie & Elizabeth specialize in highly participational school performances. Elizabeth Zekley Elizabeth has played the piano since the age of 5 and is accomplished in many genres of music. The magic of the hammered dulcimer began for her at the age of 16, and she has been playing it avidly ever since. The pennywhistle has also been her constant musical companion for many years. Besides playing music, she teaches beginning English Country Dance and Irish Ceilidh Dance, which are the roots of American square dance. Mickie Zekley Mickie began playing guitar as a teenager but soon became interested in other instruments. Before the age of 20, he was teaching guitar to 45 people a week, had studied sitar at Ravi Shankar’s Kinnara and was playing almost every instrument that sported strings and frets. He started playing the flute and bagpipes in his early 20’s and has become accomplished on many wind instruments. Mickie’s interest in Irish music was first inspired by the legendary Irish accordion players Joe Cooley and Kevin Keegan, who he performed with for many years. Mickie founded Lark In The Morning. Mickie & Elizabeth are available for: Concerts, Workshops, Master Classes, Performances for Primary and Secondary Education, Recording & Television, All types of Private Events, Music for Historic Events, Reenactments in Costume. For bookings and info contact: Mickie & Elizabeth PO Box 1176, Mendocino, CA 95460 (707) 964-4826, FAX (707) 964-8659 email: Fiona’s Folly CD Mickie & Elizabeth. Instrumental Irish & Scottish Music with dark undertones on Hammered Dulcimer, Irish Harp, Wooden Flutes, Cittern, Bagpipes, Double Flageolette, Concertina, Tenor Banjo and more. LACD032 $15.00 Twisted Oak CD by Elizabeth Zekley. Exciting hammered dulcimer music from Ireland, Scotland, and the Shetland Isles. With Fiddle, Concertina, Cittern, Bodhran, Flute, Accordion and Tinwhistle. LACD031 $15.00

accordions. Price includes case and straps. Popular 1904 2 row button box, 21 treble buttons, 8 bass, 2 reed sets, red celluloid finish, nice sound! Key of C/F ACC162 $495.00 Popular Key of G/C ACC010 $495.00 1904 Favorit III 3 row button box, 37 buttons with 3 reeds, 12 bass with 2 reeds, red celluloid finish. Key of G/C/F ACC011 $1025.00 Key of Bb/Eb/Ab ACC012 $1025.00 Key of F/Bb/Eb ACC013 $1025.00 Piano Accordions Choral 24 41 keys, 120 bass. ACC194 $1545.00 Junior 22 48 bass piano accordion, 26 keys, range 3 octaves and 1 note, 2 reed sets, 3 registers, red celluloid finish. ACC014 $875.00 Junior 26 26 keys, range b-c”’, two sets of reeds, 48 bass, two treble registers. ACC189 $945.00 Carmen 24 37 keys, 96 bass ACC193 $1425.00 Carmen VIII 37 keys, 80 bass, + 36 free bass. Y ACC190 $1950.00

Choral 24

Junior 22

Favorite III

Junior 26

Casio WK-1630

We have been using one of these as our gigging instrument. Great sounding with built in speakers and lots of volume! This is an excellent light-weight portable keyboard with a beautiful sound evident in every one of its many voices and is worth the price for its beautiful piano voice alone. You can transpose and tune to other instruments. Voices include a wonderful organ, realistic pianos and harpsichord, great sound effects and a wide selection of other wind, percussion and string instruments. It can also be used as a drum machine for a strong rhythm control backup and has built in multi track midi recording. It operates on either AC or battery power (great for outdoor gigs) and is perfectly suited for acoustic accompaniment. The WK-1630 will astound you with its pro quality touch sensitive keyboard, backlit LCD, general MIDI, and more! 76 full-size keys, touch sensitive (with On/Off switch), 32-note polyphonic sounds/effects, 232 tones: 128 General MIDI + 64 preset synth tones + 32 user synth tones + 8 drum sets, synthesizer function lets you create and store your own sounds, 10 digital effects (reverb, chorus, tremolo, organ sp. etc.), split & layer function rhythms, 130 rhythm patterns (includes new “piano” patterns), 120 free sessions (automatic chord progressions) Casio chord/fingered chord/full-range chord auto-accompaniment systems, pattern program - create and store 10 user patterns, autoharmonize and much more Keyboard PIA003 $449.95 Carrying Bag PIA003C $49.99 Double X Stand PIA003S $38.00 Sustain Pedal PIA003P $29.95

Farmtime Keyboard Songs, scales, moos and

Carmen 24

Carmen VIII

cockadoodle-doos: this kids’ keyboard equipped with carry-handle keeps things lively while introducing young minds to the building blocks of melody. A diatonic keyboard ranges more than one octave to produce pretty tunes. Touch a barnyard animal or the farmer on the keyboard face and farm sounds along with old standard nursery songs emerge. Sturdy and easily cleaned. KID022 $16.00

The Music Room Jigsaw Puzzle 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle beautifully

illustrated and packaged. How many musical instruments can you find in this room? That’s the entertaining challenge of this informative puzzle. Most of the instruments are identified by name, but some are hidden in tricky places. When you have finished this puzzle, you will have pieced together just about every musical instrument on earth. Measures 24”x30” ELE623 $16.95


Blow into it and play it like a piano. Comes with an air tube for table top play, and a case. Sounds like an accordion. Great fun and very portable. HAP004 $65.00

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Corona II Classic

Hohner’s re-release of their classic three row button accordion. Celluloid covered wood keyboard, double strap brackets, improved bellow straps, adjustable bass strap, and a pair of padded shoulder straps, plus a protective gig bag. All of this for no additional cost. This style of accordion was manufactured by Hohner in the late 50’s through the early 70’s. Only available in the Corona II model. This push-pull instrument is designed for playing in 3 different keys, 31 treble buttons in 3 rows, 12 bass buttons, and 2 sets of treble reeds. Available in red, black, dark blue, and Mexican green white and red. G/C/F ACC210 $1295.00 F/Bb/Eb ACC211 $1295.00 E/A/D ACC212 $1295.00 A/D/G ACC213 $1295.00

Mini One Row Button Accordion A lovely small button

accordion, with a wooden body, 8 buttons, 2 basses, single reeds, and only 20x13x8 cm. Its light weight and diminutive proportions make this the ideal travel melodeonthat’s the “correct” name for what we call button accordions. An amazing amount of quality sound in a small package, with the fine workmanship associated with Baffetti instruments. Includes a case. ACC184 $475.00


Large square chromatic concertina invented by Heinrich Band of Kerfeld in the 1840s, still popular in traditional tango music. Same note on the push and pull, but different fingering system than an English concertina. 75 buttons, double reeds, black lacquer body Y COC019 $3810.00

Chemnitzer Concertina

Large square concertina, fingering similar to that of an Anglo Concertina. Popular in American Polka bands. 52 buttons, double reeds Y COC020 $3310.00 Hard Case Y COC021 $130.00


Castagnari Button Accordions These are the best button

accordions that you can buy. Available in any key with custom variations. Great for any type of music: Irish, Cajun, Italian, Polka music, you name it!! Call if you don't see what you're looking for - we offer many other models, with different number of reed banks and configurations. A few of our favorite models. Studio 2 rows, 21 buttons, 8 bass, 2 reeds. 11”x6-1/ 2” wood body. Key of G/C is most common, or you can specify your own key. All keys other than G/C or B/C with Irish bass Y ACC108 $1325.00 Rik 3 rows, 33 buttons, 12 bass, 2 reeds. 12”x7” wood body. Key of GCF is most common, or you can specify your own key. All keys other than G/C/F Y ACC122 $2955.00 Irish Accordion Model Roma 2 rows, 21 buttons, 8 bass, 3 reeds. 10”x6-1/2” wood body. Key of G/C is most common, or B/C for Irish music, or you can specify your own keys. All keys other than G/C or B/C with Irish bass Y ACC115 $2045.00 Irish Accordion Model Ciacy Flat keyboard, 2 rows, 23 buttons, 2 reeds, 8 bass, 3 reeds. 28cm x 16.5cm, precious wood body. B/C for Irish music, or you can specify your own keys. Fast action. Dry, Swing or American Tremolo tunings. All keys other than B/C with Irish bass Y ACC182 $1630.00 Hard Case Y ACC134 $90.00 Many other styles available. See our web site.

Mini Two Row Button The Accordion fine Italian maker of

top quality accordions, Castagnari, has produced a special small button accordion that packs the power of a larger model melodeon (the “proper” name for a button box!) into a tiny package. We are pleased to offer the Giordy, a miniature melodeon weighing only 2.2lbs, 6”x33/4” with a tone so rich and powerful that you could use it to drive a dance! It has 12 keys in two rows of 6 buttons, the standard layout of 8 bass buttons with powerful single reeds and has a wooden body of cherry and walnut, and is built to the same high standards of quality as Castagnari’s world famous full size melodeons. Its size and weight make it ideal for the traveling musician or any situation where saving space is desired. Truly an amazing sound for such a little squeezebox. In the key of C/G. ACC181 $795.00

Baffetti Latin Accordions

Latino series Y II - 34 melody buttons, 12 bass buttons, 2 treble and 5 bass reeds, 3 switches. G/C/F ACC202 $1800.00 F/Bb/Eb ACC206 $1795.00 III - 34 melody buttons, 12 bass buttons, 3 treble and 5 bass reeds, 5 switches. G/C/F ACC203 $2050.00 F/Bb/Eb ACC207 $2050.00 TexMex series Y II - 31 key, 12 bass buttons, 2 treble and 4 bass reeds. G/C/F ACC204 $1675.00 F/Bb/Eb ACC208 $1650.00 III - 31 key, 12 bass buttons, 3 treble and 4 bass reeds. G/C/F ACC205 $1775.00 F/Bb/Eb ACC209 $1775.00

Piano Accordion 72 Bass arranged 6 x 12, 5 switches. ACC215 $385.00

Piano Accordion 24 Bass piano

accordion, decent sound at a bargain price. Includes case. ACC180 $275.00

Wooden Accordion Wood body accordions!

Available in G/C or C/F with 21 treble buttons in 2 rows with 8 bass. 2 sets of reeds. Beautiful wooden body. G/C ACC015A $800.00 C/F ACC015B $800.00

Button Accordions HA2815-“Hohner Poker

Work” 2 row, 21 treble buttons, 8 bass, 2 sets of treble and bass reeds. A/D, G/C, D/G or C/F. This is the standard button accordion for just about every kind of folk music. ACC147 $935.00 Straps ACC149 $28.00 Brackets for attaching straps ACC150 $10.00 Hardshell Case ACC151 $78.50

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Cajun Style Button Accordions Buy one of these and

you will learn where the saying “Now I am going to pull out all the stops!” came from. Comes with one row of buttons, 2 bass buttons, 4 stops and comes in the keys of D or C. Made by Hohner HA-114 ACC160 $875.00

Great Cajun Accordions Finely crafted in

Germany, these accordions sound great! Just like Cajun handmade, good quality, durable and comfortable to play. The case is wood with a black high gloss finish. One row of buttons, 4 stops, 2 bass buttons, in C, D or G. C ACC159C $790.00 D ACC159D $790.00 G ACC159G $790.00

Bargain Cajun Accordions of decent

quality at a great price. The body is made of wood with a natural or black finish. Comes with one row of buttons, 4 stops, 2 bass buttons, key of C, with case and strap. ACC165 $350.00

Irish Button Accordion Italian Made

High quality instruments made by Baffetti. Irish l 23 buttons in 2 rows, 8 bass buttons, 4 sets of treble and 4 sets of bass reeds, 2 treble switches in proper dry Irish B/ C tuning (D/D#, C#/D special order) Y ACC154 $1775.00 Irish ll 23 buttons in 2 rows, 8 bass buttons, 4 sets of treble and 5 sets of bass reeds, 9 treble and 2 bass switches in proper dry Irish B/C tuning Y ACC155 $1950.00 Irish lll 37 buttons in 3 rows, 80 bass buttons, 4 sets of treble and 5 sets of bass reeds, 9 treble and 2 bass switches in proper dry Irish B/C /C# tuning Y ACC156 $3150.00 Natural Wood model B/C, 21 treble, 8 bass, 3 sets of treble and 4 sets of bass reeds, 1 treble switch Y ACC157 $1250.00 Hard case Y ACC158 $50.00 Hohner Irish model 21 buttons in 2 rows, B/C tuning, 8 bass buttons, 2 sets of treble and 2 sets of bass reeds. We have the bass chords changed and the treble retuned to be good for Irish music ACC152 $1120.00 Hard case for Hohner ACC153 $78.50

Silvetta Button Accordions Quality two row button

box accordion, made in Germany. 21 treble keys and 8 bass buttons, 2 sets of treble reeds. Black finish with gold decoration. C/F ACC177 $805.00 G/C ACC178 $805.00 A/D ACC179 $805.00

Small Accordions Button Accordion Mini Button Accordion 7

treble and 2 bass buttons, pearloid finish. 7” x 7” x 4”. Key of C. Great for kids, great for backpacking. Cute! A bargain!!!!! ACC001 $22.50 Mini Button Accordion Better Model 7 treble and 2 bass buttons, pearloid finish. 7” x 7” x 4”. Key of C. ACC018 $25.00 Children's Cajun Accordion In and out Cajun fingering, funky, inexpensive and playable! ACC017 $45.00

Button Accordions

High quality instruments made in Italy by Baffetti. All are Y #25 12 treble buttons in 1+ rows, 2 bass buttons, 3 sets of treble and 4 sets of bass reeds, 1 treble switch, wooden box ACC141 $865.00 #42 13 treble buttons in 1+ rows, 4 bass buttons, 3 sets of treble and 4 sets of bass reeds, 1 treble switch, wooden box ACC142 $940.00 #85 21 treble buttons in 2 rows, 8 bass buttons, 3 sets of treble and 4 sets of bass reeds, 1 treble switch, wooden box ACC143 $1250.00 #86 19 treble buttons in 2 rows, 8 bass buttons, 2 sets of treble and 4 sets of bass reeds, wooden box ACC144 $1110.00 #87 19 treble buttons in 2 rows, 8 bass buttons, 3 sets of treble and 4 sets of bass reeds, 1 treble switch, wooden box ACC145 $1135.00 Hard case ACC146 $50.00

Piano Accordions

A great buy on a 48 bass piano accordion. Comes with a case ACC005 $375.00 12 Bass model 25 keys ACC009 $220.00 32 Bass, 2 treble & 4 bass reed banks with 3 treble switches, made in Germany with case ACC183 $1190.00 Better 48 Bass, 3 reed banks, 5 treble and 2 bass switches, made in Germany. ACC139 $1515.00 60 Bass, 3 reed banks, 5 treble and 2 bass switches, 30 note keyboard, tremolo, German ACC140 $1685.00

Piano Accordion

Mini Piano Accordion 17 piano keys and 8 bass buttons, pearloid finish, 10”x 9”x 4”. A wonderful small instrument. Great for backpacking. Cute! Really works ACC002 $55.00 Small Piano Accordion 22 piano keys and 8 bass buttons, pearloid finish. 13” x 11” x 8”, Great small accordion, comes in red or green. ACC007 $98.00

2 Row Button Accordion

An amazing price for a 2 row button accordion. In the keys of G/C. Good for Polkas, Mexican Music, French Music, More! ACC016 $200.00 2 row B/C Irish model ACC016BC $325.00

3 Row Button Accordion

3 row button accordion for a great price. In the keys of G/C/F. Polkas, Mexican Music, French Music, you name it! ACC006 $350.00

Norteña Accordions

Organetto Abruzzese

The Organetto Abruzzese is a button accordion in the shape and size of a concertina. These fun and very portable instruments have a great sound, 24 melody notes, 4 bass buttons and 12 fold bellows, made in Italy COC026 $595.00

Basic Model 3 rows, 12 bass German-made, with case and strap. F/Bb/Eb ACC185 $1020.00 A/D/G ACC186 $1020.00 G/C/F ACC187 $1020.00 Best Model 3 rows, 34 keys, 12 bass, 5 treble and 2 bass shifts, 3/5 sets of reeds, pickup, back pads, 14 lbs. Italian.Y Key of G/C/F ACC173, Key of A/D/G ACC174, Key of F/ Bb/Eb ACC175, Key of E/A/D ACC176 $2895.00

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20 Button Anglo Concertinas A traditional Italian-

made twenty button concertina, keys of C and G, mahogany ends, well in tune with good sounding reeds, only COC025 $260.00 Soft case COC009C $15.00

The Finest Concertinas by Colin Dipper

Concertinas made by Colin Dipper are the finest that we have ever seen, old or new. Each instrument by Colin is individually made and is a masterpiece. Colin handles all the design work, toolmaking, production of presswork, capstan turning, milling, machine work, routing, precision drilling and handfinishing of components. Wood is bought in the log and seasoned and cut at the workshop. The reeds used are the best and hardest steel available. All fitting and profiling are done by hand to fine tolerances. Bellows are made from selected skins and other materials. The price may vary at the time of delivery due to the cost of materials and value of the English pound. 25% deposit required at the time of order. Delivery time about 18-32 months if not in stock.

Anglo Concertinas

All prices quoted are for 30 button instruments in C/G or G/D, A:440. Prices include a case and shipping from Britain. Professional County Clare5-7/8”, best reed work, wood ends, richer mellower tone. Y COC024 $6600.00 Extra buttons on any instrument Y COC016 $175.00 Other pitches add 10%. Gold tooling on bellows inquire.

Seaman’s Concertina Mahogany, individual

steel reeds, 20 buttons. A wonderful old fashioned looking instrument, in the keys of C and G. One set of reeds COC004 $349.00 Two set of reeds (fuller sound) COC005 $389.00

Bargain 20 Button Anglo Concertinas A traditional 20 button

concertina, keys of C & G, red celluloid ends. Made in China. COC009 $175.00 Padded Nylon Bag COC009C $15.00


Anglo Concertina The 30 button Anglo

System concertina is the type of instrument popularly used for Irish music, Sea Shanties, Scottish and English country dance music, as well as your Italian favorites. These concertinas have 3 rows of buttons: one row in the key of C, one in G and the third for chromatic notes. A different note on the push and pull creates a very lively sound. Made in Italy. Deluxe model has metal or wood ends and a greatly improved action for ease of playing. 30 buttons. Metal Ends COC003 $620.00 Wood Ends COC018 $635.00 40 button model, metal ends COC006 $729.00 Wood ends COC028 $715.00 Padded nylon bag with zipper and adjustable shoulder strap. COC009C $15.00 Hard Shell Case COC002CH $65.00

Top Quality Concertinas Handmade concertinas

by Jürgen Suttner. These top quality instruments are of the style and quality of the older Jeffries and Wheatstone concertinas. Made with high quality woods, hand cut ends, German silver buttons and steel reeds with brass frames. All instruments are tuned to A: 440 and include a case. 31 key C/G Jeffries Anglo Model 7 fold bellows in black. German silver or rosewood ends COC029 $4950.00 With German silver raised ends add Y COC034 $70.00 With flat solid ebony ends add Y COC035 $275.00 With Jeffries bellowpaper add Y COC036 $20.00 In key of C#/G# add Y COC037 $125.00 In key of Bb/F add Y COC038 $175.00 In key of Ab/Eb add Y COC039 $250.00 In key of G/D add COC040 $250.00 31 key C/G Wheatstone Linota Style Anglo Model 7 fold bellows. Flat rosewood or black stained raised hardwood ends Y COC031 $5175.00 With ebony ends add Y COC041 $275.00 38 key C/G Jeffries Anglo Model 7 fold bellows. Flat German silver or flat rosewood ends. Y COC032 $6100.00 With ebony ends add Y COC042 $275.00 48 key Wheatstone Style English Model 6 fold bellows. German silver or black stained raised ends. Y COC033 $6475.00

Mini English Concertinas Mini English Concertina. 18 buttons, sounds great, well in tune. COC043 $350.00

Bargain 30 Button Anglo Concertina Inexpensive 30 button

anglo concertina available, it’s not up to the quality of the other concertinas we sell but it is a great inexpensive way for the beginner to try Irish and sea style playing without making a substantial investment COC047 $225.00

Brightly Colored Concertinas Inexpensive 20 button Anglo

concertinas, perfect for the beginner or for a travel instrument. Plastic body, CG tuning. Blue COC044 $99.00 Red COC045 $99.00

Concertina Bag

Padded nylon with zipper and adjustable shoulder strap. COC009C $15.00

Puck Harmonica

The Puck Harmonica has long been appreciated for its petite size (2 9/16” long x 7/8” wide) and full diatonic range. Features stainless steel covers and a synthetic body, with 20 reeds and carrying case. The Puck is small enough to tuck discreetly into a shirt pocket, yet packs full diatonic harmonica sound! Key of C SPS653C $6.95 Harmonica with case Key of G SPS653G $6.95

Single Agogo

Made of hardwood, this agogo can be played by striking it as a woodblock with the stick provided, and by rubbing the striker on the serrated “teeth” for guiro-like effects. Versatile and portable, this is a small but very useful musical tool. PER341 $9.50 Single Agogo without teeth PER342 $8.00

Rosewood Rakatak Intriguing and versatile

percussion instrument. When shaken, the wooden balls slide back and forth, striking the instrument’s hollow body to produce a resonant, rhythmic sound. Single PER346 $12.00 Double PER368 $14.00

Wooden Agogo

Indian rosewood agogo bell, with 2 different tones, can play a wide variety of rhythm patterns. Easy enough to be fun for beginners and useful enough to be part of the professional percussionist’s bag of tricks. Comes with striker. PER340 $11.95

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Harmonica Paks

How To Play The Harmonica Instantly Book “Play today, even if you can’t read music!” HRM027 $7.95 Beginner 3 Pack Above book with harmonica and cassette or CD. With cassette HRM030 $19.95 With CD HRM044 $19.95 Beginner 4 Pack Above book, cassette or CD, harmonica and beginner video. With cassette HRM023 $25.95 With CD HRM042 $25.95 Blues 4 Pack Same as the Beginner 4 pack, with a video on how to play blues harmonica instead. With cassette HRM026 $25.95 With CD HRM043 $25.95 Country Licks 1 Harmonica 4-pack 4-pack includes 64 page book, CD, video, and a Hohner harmonica, excellent introduction to country style harmonica playing. HRM038 $25.95 Blues Bag Booklet, cassette or CD and Harmonica. Learn how to play blues harmonica. With cassette HRM024 $12.95 With CD HRM036 $12.95 How To Play The Chromatic Harmonica Instantly Book Starts from the beginning, and requires no previous knowledge of how to read music HRM028 $8.95 Chromatic Harmonica 3-pack 3-pack includes 64 page book, cassette, and video, teaching the chromatic harmonica HRM037 $25.95


Harmonica with 20 double holes, double reeds, mussette tuning HRM015 $8.50 Harmonica with 16 double holes, double reeds, mussette tuning HRM014 $6.50 Inexpensive Harmonica, 10 single holes, good for blues and folk music HRM012 $6.50 Kids Harmonica, 10 single holes HRM013 $1.50 Mini Harmonica Necklace One octave and about 1” long HRM011 $2.50 Mini Harmonica Keychain One octave and about 1” long HRM020 $2.50 Chromatic Harmonica Key of C, 12 holes, case HRM019 $35.00 Hohner Chrometta 8, key of C , 8 holes HRM021 $54.95 Hohner Super Chromonica, specify A, B, Bb, C, D, E, Eb, F, G, 16 holes HRM022 $109.95 Double Sided Harmonica Tremolo harmonica, key of C/G HRM032 $10.00 How To Play Pocket Harmonica BOO976 $5.95

Deluxe Wooden Kazoo This is the Mercedes of the kazoo world. Made of solid cherry with inlaid marquetry and includes a velveteen pouch. 4” long with a great sound. WIN156 $19.50

Metal Major & Metal Minor Mini Harmonicas Want a harmonica that’s

fun, easy to play and really inexpensive? Try a Mini Metal Major or Mini Metal Minor Harmonica, or one of each! Both are 5 hole mini harmonicas with an innovative new design that makes it the most airtight and easiest harmonica to play. Now your music goes anywhere you do. Comes complete with plastic carrying case and rope strap. Major 5 key of C HRM054 $11.95 Minor 5 key of A HRM055 $11.95

Cannon Kazoo

Handturned from native California hardwoods, about 4-1/2” long with replaceable membrane WIN121 $5.00

Plastic Ocarina Inexpensive sweet potato ocarina,

plays well in tune OCA139 $4.95

Folkmaster Harmonicas

The Suzuki Folkmaster 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica is both easy to play and economical to purchase. Its exceptional sound clarity and perfect tuning is made possible by a unique laser manufacturing process. Thin bendable reeds produce a mellow tone and a wide choice of sound timbres. The most exacting standards are used together with a molded plastic waterproof body and classically sculptured metal covers to make your musical experience as rewarding as possible. Includes a hard shell carrying case. C HRM046 $12.95, G HRM047 $12.95 A HRM048 $12.95, D HRM049 $12.95 E HRM050 $12.95, F HRM051 $12.95 Bb HRM052 $12.95

Huang Harmonicas

Good harmonicas for a good price. Brass plated, hand-tuned brass reeds, moisture proof synthetic combs, nickel plated covers, nut and bolt fastened. Comes with case. Star Performer A, C, D, E, Eb, F, G HRM003 $15.00 Silvertone Ab, Bb, C, D, E, F, F#, G HRM004 $15.00 BacPac Harp C, G HRM005 $15.00 12 key pack, Silvertone HRM007 $165.00 Harmonicas are not returnable or exchangeable.

The Best Harmonicas

Top quality musical instruments by Lee Oskar. Stainless steel (prevents rust) cover plates that attach to the comb with nuts and bolts. The comb is made of plastic that won’t swell or warp. Wide chambers with narrow dividers for better control. The chambers are designed for better tone. Equal tuning for excellent lead single note playing. The reeds are set with a proper gap for best response. Top quality brass reeds for loud or soft playing and great note bends. Very responsive. These harmonicas are made to be easily taken apart for easy cleaning. Many other features. They are standard 10 hole (“Blues Harp/Marine Band”) size. Three tunings are available. Major diatonic, natural minor and harmonic minor. Major Diatonic C Major C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C Natural Minor Am A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A Harmonic Minor Am A, B, C, D, E, F, G#, A Any of these harmonicas are available in any key. You can also order reed plates by themselves to make other scales, such as a major scale with a flatted seventh. Major, available in low F, G, A, Bb, B, C, D, Eb, E, F, F#, high G HRM001 $37.95 Natural Minor, available in G, A, Bb, B, C, D, E, F, HRM016 $37.95 Harmonic Minor, available in G, F, F# HRM017 $37.95 Reed plate sets for any key or tuning with screws HRM002 $20.50 Specify keys and tunings.

Harmonica Tool Kit

16 page manual, reed tool, wrench, broad and fine chisel, file, screwdriver and “The Art of Harmonica Maintenance” book, with easy-tofollow instructions and step-by-step diagrams of harmonica tuning, reed adjustment and simple repair. This great product makes it easy to understand how harmonicas work, how to keep them in tune and how to make them last longer and sound better. To be used with the interchangeable parts of the Lee Oskar harmonicas HRM018 $37.95

Hohner Trumpet Call Harmonica A true-to-the-

original copy of a luxury harmonica from the year 1907, the Trumpet Call in C major is the next model in the Harmonica Collection reissue series from Hohner. With its five specially made trumpet bells of the finest quality brass and the unique wooden casing, the Trumpet Call must be counted among the most beautifully crafted and attractive harmonicas in the world. The combination of the eye-catching trumpet bells and the original Knittlinger reed plates and wooden body (made of specially selected pearwood), gives this elegantly proportioned model a pleasantly soft but bright sound. HRM057 $99.95

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Phoenix Hurdy Gurdy

Pedal Pump Organ Similar in

design to harmoniums and old fashioned reed organs, this pedal organ is housed in a simple, elegant natural wood cabinet, has 61 keys, a folding keyboard cover, and has 2 foot pedals so you can use both hands on the keyboard as you pump away. It is fairly light and easily portable, providing a welcome alternative to electronic keyboards. For pianists it serves as a portable acoustic keyboard instrument, and for organists and synth players it’s a keyboard without batteries or AC cords. Double reeds on treble, single reeds on bass. Shipped by freight PIA002 $300.00

Folding Suitcase Organ Traditional old

fashioned reed organ, this pedal pump organ has 49 keys (four octave range CC-c3) with two rows of reeds, weighs 55 pounds. Dimensions when open 31” x 17” x 29-1/2”. Folded: 31” x 17” x 9-1/4”. Has two foot pedals so you can use both hands on the keyboard as you pump away. It is very portable, providing a welcome alternative to electronic keyboards. It’s a keyboard without batteries or AC cords. When folded it serves as its own hard case with metal corners, suitcase latches and handles. PIA004 $499.00

Hurdy Gurdy Books

The Hurdy-Gurdy : Adjustment and Maintenance Excellent manual on how to maintain your hurdy gurdy. Tunings, choice of strings, how to set up all the strings, tangents, taking care of the wheel, tricks, trouble shooting. Very comprehensive. Written in English, French and German with lots of diagrams. A must for any hurdy gurdy player. BOA418 $40.00 Method for the Hurdy Gurdy by Muskett. Complete tutor for hurdy gurdy, in English. Includes history, care, how to adjust the trompette, how to play, exercises, tunes, much more. BOO414 $45.00 Methode doigte vielle a roue Method for the hurdy gurdy in French, with companion cassette. BOO415 $28.00 Musiques en duo pour vielles a roue #2 BOO418 $24.00 Dansons La Morvandelle Traditional French dance tunes from the Morvan. Polkas, Bourrées, Schottisches, Branles, Waltzes, Mazurkas for hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, melodeon and other melody instruments. BOA699 $16.00


A finely crafted instrument by German luthier Helmut Gotschy. Simple ornamentation, carrying 2 chanters and 2 drones with trompette, in G/C. Solid spruce top, fully chromatic. Quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price HUR019 $2175.00 Hard Case for the Phoenix HUR019C $300.00

Medieval Hurdy Gurdy

The Minnesinger II model hurdy gurdy is based on 12th C. Spanish designs. The instrument has 3 strings (1 melody, 2 drones), diatonic keyboard with adjustable tangents, steel shaft, trued wheel. Brass bearings, precision molded keyboard shafts, tangents, key shaft-guides, built-in shoulder strap buttons, cotton & rosin container, and gear tuners. Nicely made of cherry wood with a Sitka spruce soundboard. Plays well in various tunings, good sound. HUR003 $830.00 Hard Case HUR003C $90.00

Medieval Hurdy Gurdy Box Form

Reconstruction of a box form hurdy gurdy by Helmut Gotschy according to the motifs in the Luttrell Psaltery with King David, ca. 1330, England. An ideal instrument for accompaniment of Cantigas, Minnesang and “Chantes des Troubadoures” Y HUR020 $1850.00

Gothic Hurdy-Gurdy

A precisely detailed reconstruction by Helmut Gotschy according to the Tryptichon “The Garden of Desire” from Hieronymus Bosch, ca. 1500, Prado, Madrid. This is the first hurdy gurdy to show a trumpet bridge. The arrangement of the strings suggests a drone in fifths (vox humana) which contributes to a slender overall sound, rich in overtones and which carries well. High identification value for the theatre and for medieval plays. Y HUR021 $3375.00

Fine Hurdy Gurdies

High quality Hurdy Gurdies by Helmut Gotschy, patterned after 17th, 18th and 19th century originals.

Standard Lute Backed

With carved head, rosewood and maple keys, choice of maple, spruce, or mahogany top. Accurate round wheel that is setup for easy removal. Short action for fast playing and glissando. Rosewood and maple edge binding. 2 chanters, 4 drones (with trompette), and a full chromatic keyboard. Specify g’ g’ g G c C or d’’ d’ g’ d G D tuning. Y HUR014 $5375.00

Deluxe Lute Backed

Highly detailed carved head, ebony and bone keys, choice of maple, spruce, or mahogany top. Accurate round wheel that is setup for easy removal. Short action for fast playing and glissando. Ebony and bone edge binding. 2 chanters, 4 drones (with trompette), and a full chromatic keyboard. Specify g’ g’ g G c C or d’’ d’ g’ d G D tuning. Y HUR015 $6175.00

Bul Bul

A dulcimer with a typewriter keyboard! These instruments come from Pakistan and India. They have multiple melody strings and drone strings and sound great. Fully chromatic and lots of fun. STR009 $85.00

Hurdy Gurdies and Kits

African Harps

Better Quality Model with tunable maple tangents, lubricated nylon sleeve for axle, ebony tuning pegs, on-off position for each string. Round or F holes. Kit KIT141 $450.00, Completed KIT142 $995.00

Interesting small harps from Kenya. They are tunable and sound sweet. 3 string, 1 neck HAR076 $25.00 6 string, 2 neck HAR077 $30.00

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Great Buy Harps

Blevinsong 23 string 29”, This harp has a baltic birch ply soundboard and body, zither pins, and is handsomely trimmed with alder wood. This sturdy student harp has a great tone! Range F-G. HAR164 $625.00 Case HAR164C $110.00 Blevinsong 31 string, 49”, black walnut neck, pillar and trim, laminated baltic birch sound box, standard pins. Range F-A HAR179 $1300.00 Case HAR179C $195.00 Blevinsong 36 string, 50”, black walnut neck, pillar and trim, laminated baltic birch sound box, standard pins. Range C-C HAR180 $1760.00 Case HAR104 $190.00 Blevinsong 31



Blevinsong 36

Rosewood Harps

These wonderful small harps are made of solid rosewood with a laminated mahogany face for strength and tone. 19 strings, tuned to F, standing 38” tall. The sides are handcarved in a floral design. HAR001 $270.00 Nice soft carry case HAR001C $45.00 Extra string set HAR075 $12.00 Mini Model-made of solid rosewood with a laminated mahogany face for strength and tone. 19 strings, tuned to F, standing 28” tall. HAR002 $215.00 Nice soft carry case HAR002C $45.00 Extra string set HAR075 $12.00

Cases for Blevins Harps

Good quality. Aria Case HAR101 $110.00 Cynddylan case HAR181 $195.00 Encore/ Espre case HAR104 $190.00 Ariel Case HAR171 $250.00

The Catalina 34 string from Triplett, Blevinsong 23

Aragon 34

Traditional Paraguayan model harp with quality tuning pins. Mahogany neck and pillar, laminated Baltic birch sound box. 57” high, 20” wide HAR178 $1910.00

Valiha Bamboo Harp

The Madagascar bamboo tube harp. Tuned in a diatonic scale, starting with the lowest note in the middle, next on the left, next on the right, and so on, up 2+ octaves. This configuration makes playing chords very natural. 38+” length, metal strings. Held upright between the legs. Wonderful sound! HAR078 $135.00 Valiha Instructional Booklet BOA790 $10.00


18 string African harp. 45” tall. Traditional friction tuning. Skin head. HAR088 $325.00 Kora Music from Gambia CD RCE164 $18.00

measures 56 inches at it’s highest point and has a range of low C to high A. This fantastic sounding harp has a laminated Baltic Birch soundboard and a 7 year warranty. Walnut HAR188 $2439.00 Cherry HAR189 $2439.00 Maple HAR190 $2439.00 Case HAR036 $280.00 Levers, each HAR024 $15.00

Maui Xaphoon Pocket Sax The Maui Xaphoon Pocket Sax has a unique

history, and an exceptional sound. We have carried the Xaphoon Bamboo Sax for over 20 years. During this time there have been over 40,000 instruments made by hand. This is a molded ABS synthetic version of the original. A top quality instrument with all the features of the best bamboo models - perfect tuning and a very responsive sax-like mouthpiece facing, and in addition, it is virtually indestructible and elegantly beautiful, with polished goldlacquered brass fittings, and detailed full color instructions. WIN155 $60.00

Aria 22

Celtic Harps

A selection of good quality inexpensive harps by Blevins. All nylon strung models can be ordered with sharping levers. Loveland levers each lever. HAR046 $14.50 Aria 22 String (nylon) 28” tall. Range G below middle C up 3 octaves to G. Laminated Baltic birch top, zither tuning pins. 26 String HAR094 $635.00 Abbey 26 Constructed entirely of figured hardwood, with a low note of C one full octave below middle C. No sharping levers available on this model. 34” HAR052 $1390.00 Cynddylan 30 Cynddylan 30 String (nylon) The range begins at the F 1-1/2 octaves below middle C. 39”, body of walnut, cherry or maple, laminated top. HAR167 $1225.00 With spruce top. HAR168 $1535.00 Encore 34 Espre 36 String (nylon) Range begins two octaves below middle C. Encore 34 48”, laminated top. HAR093 $2175.00 With spruce top. HAR100 $2250.00 Espre 36 String (nylon) Range begins 2 octave below middle C to C 3 octaves above middle C. (5 octaves) Ariel 38 49”, laminated top. HAR098 $2440.00 With spruce top HAR099 $2470.00 Ariel 38 String (nylon) Range begins A 2+ octave below middle C to C 3 octaves above middle C. (5+ octaves) 50”, laminated top. HAR169 $2930.00 With spruce top HAR170 $2950.00

Harp Music Stand

The adjustable harp music rack clamps securely to the pillar. Guaranteed not to slip, even with a heavy music book. Adjustable padded clamp fits most lever harps and won’t mar the finish. No need to alter your harp in any way. Lightweight, portable, and fully adjustable in height as well as angle of desk. Quick and easy to remove from your harp for compact transport. Think of it: no more need to fuss with an awkward floor stand! Completed ELE626 $109.95 Kit KIT235 $59.95

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Triplett Harps

Triplett Harps are designed with great consideration for tonal excellence, fine workmanship and graceful lines. Featuring a wide range of sizes and styles to accommodate the needs of beginning and advanced harpers. Triplett Harps are made entirely of solid woods, with 2 or 3 part joined backs and matching sides. Delivery time is normally 12-16 weeks. Standard woods are walnut, cherry, maple, oak, or ash; custom woods such as koa or rosewood are also available. Soundboards are spruce or cedar on nylon strung models and matching hardwood on wire strung harps.

The Signature

Top of the line harp unmatched in tone and beauty. 36 nylon strings with range C to c. The staved back body results in a harp that is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to play. The harp is equipped with a full set of sharping levers. Figured maple and rosewood binding on the soundboard. Comes with a custom soft harp case. HAR073 $4795.00

Wire Strung Irish Harps 25 & 30 Wire String Harps, big

tone, traditional styling with medium string spacing. Irish Low Headed Model 34” tall weighs 10 lbs, range C up to F, 25 strings. HAR106 $1450.00 Case HAR033 $150.00 Irish High Headed Model 48” tall weighing 20 lbs, range C up to D, 30 strings, full set of blade levers and case HAR107 $3295.00 More Triplett Nylon Models 22 string Zephyr Travel HAR014 $795.00 Case for 22 string Zephyr HAR014C $125.00 25 string McCall HAR015 $1450.00 Case for 25 string McCall HAR033 $150.00 30 string Axline/levers/case HAR016 $3295.00 38 string Eclipse/levers/case HAR095 $5095.00

Tuning Wrenches

Extra Tuning Wrench HAR025 $29.00 Fancy Tuning Wrench SPS280 $39.00

Amergin Harp The Amergin harp is a medium string

tension knee harp. Its note range is very versatile for playing many harp music arrangements. Its volume is particularly impressive. The body, neck and pillar are solid mahogany. The soundboard is laminated Baltic birch. Its 31/2 octaves and 27 strings are pitched from G up to E (1 octave + 3 notes below middle C up to 2 octaves + 2 notes above middle C). Height is 42”, maximum width is 21”, soundboard width is 10”. Weight is 13 pounds. Easy slide removable legs. Comes with a beautiful Celtic carving on the neck and pillar, designed by artist Patrick Gallagher. A Celtic decoration on the soundboard as well as Loveland levers on the F & C strings are standard. Can be shipped by UPS! HAR116 $1745.00 Carrying Bag Cordura outer fabric, padded and lined. Has shoulder strap, book and accessory pocket HAR118 $175.00 Extra String Set HAR119 $100.00


Wire Lap Harp

Wire Model 20 string Lap Harp HAR020 $795.00 Case for 20 string Lap Harp HAR032 $125.00

The Celtic II An incredible harp.

Full balanced tone throughout its range. 34 nylon strings with range C to a, 54” high. The harp is equipped with a full set of sharping levers. Comes with a custom soft harp case and styled claw feet. HAR018 $4195.00

Luna Model A large brass & bronze strung harp

with a magical voice. 35 strings with a range A to g. Beautiful carving on neck, neck cap and rosettes, 54-1/2” tall. Comes with a custom soft harp case and blade style sharping levers. Y HAR108 $5200.00

Model Shipping Strings 20 string $40.00 HAR026 $25.00 25 30 33 34 36 38

string string string string string string

$40.00 HAR027 $40.00 $150.00 HAR028 $60.00 $150.00 HAR029 $75.00 $150.00 HAR030 $85.00 $150.00 HAR074 $90.00 $150.00 HAR031 $95.00

Mini Harp

This 8 note harp is about 1 foot tall, perfect for a child’s first harp. With the 8 note range you can play many Scottish Bagpipe tunes, French music, as well as most nursery rhymes. A good coffee table ornament too! Made of rosewood HAR008 $65.00

Fragile Balance CD Amazing harper Rudiger Oppermann, celtic, African, Mongolian, jazz and other influences RCE174 $20.00

Harp Pickup

K & K pickups have a fantastic sound! No Preamp is needed, easy to install, frequency response 20-15,000 hz, high output, ultra sensitive, faithfully reproduces the natural acoustic sound. I installed some K & K pickups in my Triplett Briggs harp and was amazed at the clarity of sound and high output of these pickups. K & K pickups are the winners. Big Twin 2 transducers PIC007 $66.00

Gothic Harps

(Medieval) Finished & Kits

These high headed harps are right out of early medieval European paintings. Great for early music groups and theme events. The harps are lightweight and portable. The height of the pillar allows for longer strings than a 4 octave Celtic harp and a lower range. The low E at the bottom is nearly 2 octaves below middle C. 31 nylon strings, laminated cherry pillar and neck, cherry sides and back, laminated spruce soundboard. The kit is easy to build with a drill, clamps, glue, hammer, screwdriver, jig or sabre saw, electric iron and sand paper. Kit KIT079 $899.95 Kit pre-drilled KIT080 $925.00 Sharping levers each KIT081 $12.00 Finished instrument Y KIT082 $1795.00

Troubadour Harp A 22 nylon string harp with

carving and white finish on main body. Comes with case HAR163 $465.00

Egyptian Harp Cleopatra would have loved this one.

We call this harp “Tut’s Tote.” This wonderful small harp is patterned after ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics but with modern stable tuning pins. It stands 32” tall and is very portable with 12 strings. Great as a small travel harp. A must for anyone into Isis. HAR081 $585.00

Limerick Harp Solid cherry lap harp, 26 strings, range F below middle C to C 3 octaves above. 31” tall, 13” wide. Nylon Strung Kit KIT169N $450.00 Wire Strung Kit KIT169W $450.00 Pre-drilled neck add KIT170 $25.00 Nylon Strung Finished KIT171N $895.00 Wire Strung Finished KIT171W $895.00

22 String Harp Rosewood body lap harp,

carved sides, with an ample sound box for a full sound. An ideal beginning harp for adult or child, also perfect for a travel harp. Range Middle C up 3 octaves, 30” tall. HAR059 $320.00 Case HAR059C $40.00 String set HAR059S $15.00

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Stoney End Harps

Anne Harp

Solid Walnut, Maple or Cherry wood is used for the structural frame and pinblock. The plywood side and back panels are inserted into dado cuts in the solid corners and the base. This makes a durable and strong, yet very lightweight harp body. The soundboards are the heart of the good sound. Finnish aircraft grade 3 millimeter Birch laminate is used. This provides exceptional strength with low weight and allows cutouts on both the bottom and top ends of the string band to be made. This opens up the soundboard and makes it free to vibrate over its entire surface, something that thicker, stiffer, more confined soundboards cannot do. Finished with 3 clear coats of Deft brand Nitrocellulose Laquer. Most of the harps are strung with Nylon, but any of them can be strung with wire for a clear bell-like sound. Zither tuning pins are standard on all except the Braunwen and Marion harp, but Thru pins are available. Loveland sharping levers can be ordered with the harp. Harps are available as a completed instrument, an assembled instrument needing finishing and installation of hardware and strings, or as a kit.

26 string Celtic style lap harp, range C to the 2nd G above it, 35” tall weighing 12 lbs. Pictured with optional base. Finished with full levers HAR120FL $1269.00 Finished with levers Bs, Cs and Fs HAR120BCF $1064.00 Finished with levers Cs and Fs HAR120CF $1022.00 Finished HAR120 $924.00 Assembled HAR132 $689.00 Kit HAR133 $534.00 Tapered pins for Anne single strung HAR134 $85.00 Extra string set HAR138 $55.00 Double Strung “ANNE” Finished HAR135 $1159.00 Assembled HAR136 $849.00 Kit HAR137 $714.00 Extra string set (double) HAR139 $110.00 Removable base, 11-1/2” tall, add HAR176 $95.00

The Eve harp is our most popular model. It is a 22-string gothic style lap or knee harp, tuned from G to G. The lowest C is middle C on a piano. Because of its small size, this harp can be taken almost everywhere, yet it is capable of expressive music. A three octave instrument that is portable with a sweet sound and very light in weight. This harp is 30 inches high, 17 inches deep, and 10 inches wide and weighs 7 pounds. Finished with full levers KIT065FL $941.00 Finished with levers Bs, Cs and Fs KIT065BCF $775.00 Finished with levers Cs/Fs KIT065CF $733.00 Finished KIT065 $649.00 Assembled KIT064 $459.00, Kit KIT063 $349.00 Tapered Pins for Eve harp KIT070 $69.00 Extra string set KIT069 $30.00 High Tension Strings, nylon KIT221 $35.00 Double Strung “EVE” Harp Finished HAR067 $799.00 Assembled HAR067P $599.00 Kit HAR067K $489.00 Extra string set KIT222 $60.00 High Tension Strings, nylon KIT223 $70.00

While the lap harp is more portable, it is actually easier for a beginner to play the larger 4-octave G-G Lorraine Standing Gothic Style Harp. It has 7 more low strings (a full octave)- the additional range in the bass gives you those rich low notes. Stands on it’s 5-1/2” removable base. 48 inches high (54 inches with the base), 23 inches deep, 13 inches wide weighing 15 pounds. Finished with full levers KIT073FL $1625.00 Finished with levers Bs, Cs and Fs KIT073BCF $1407.00 Finished with levers Cs and Fs KIT073CF $1351.00 Finished KIT073 $1239.00 Assembled KIT072 $899.00 Kit KIT071 $659.00 Extra string set KIT077 $55.00 Tapered Pins for Lorraine KIT078 $99.00 Double Strung “LORRAINE” 58 Strings Finished HAR070 $1449.00 Assembled HAR070P $1115.00 Kit HAR070K $879.00 Extra string set (double) HAR141 $110.00 Removable Base 8” tall instead of standard add HAR159 $30.00 with order of harp only.

Eve harp

Brittany Harp

The Brittany harp is our low headed Celtic version of our popular 22-string Eve lap harp. The main difference is the very traditional Irish shape to the pillar and pinblock. The harp has slightly heavier strings and weighs a little more than the Eve Harp. Finished with full levers HAR122FL $951.00 Finished with levers Bs, Cs and Fs HAR122BCF $785.00 Finished with levers Cs and Fs HAR122CF $743.00 Finished HAR122 $659.00 Assembled HAR123 $469.00 Kit HAR124 $359.00 Extra string set HAR126 $30.00 Tapered Pins for Brittany HAR127 $69.00 Double Strung “BRITTANY” Finished HAR128 $819.00 Assembled HAR129 $609.00 Kit HAR130 $489.00 Extra set of strings HAR131 $60.00

Lorraine Harp

Braunwen Harp

Irish Low headed Celtic version of the Lorraine. This harp has delighted everyone who has tried it. The strings are shorter, so this harp uses 12 wound nylon strings but still has the same G to G tuning. Stands on it’s removable 51/2” base that perfectly complements the styling of the harp. This harp is 42 inches high (48 with the base), 27 inches deep, 13 inches wide, and weighs 17 pounds. With tapered tuning pins. Finished with full levers HAR142FL $1685.00 Finished with levers Bs, Cs and Fs HAR142BCF $1411.00 Finished with levers Cs and Fs HAR142CF $1411.00 Finished HAR142 $1299.00 Assembled HAR143 $999.00 Kit HAR144 $809.00 Removable Base, 8” high instead of standard add HAR160 $30.00 with order of harp only. Extra string set HAR145 $75.00

Esabelle Harp

Our fully chromatic cross-strung lap harp features a three-octave range. Available in Walnut or Cherry, this harp does not require any levers, yet it can be played in any key. The cross-strung harp is an old idea that is becoming popular again. One set of strings contains the natural notes, the white keys on a piano. The other set of strings passes between these and consists of sharps, the black notes on a piano. At the place where the strings cross, one can play a note from either string band just by adjusting slightly the finger placement. Now you can have a chromatic harp with no sharping levers. With a little practice, the possibilities are endless. Finished HAR146 $879.00 Assembled HAR147 $609.00 Kit HAR148 $479.00 Extra string set for Esabelle HAR149 $50.00

Marion Harp

Stoney End’s long awaited Marion harp features 34 strings, with a range of C two octaves below middle C to A almost 3 octaves above middle C, and an even sound throughout it’s range. All maple construction, tapered tuning pins, great sound. Stands on its 5-1/2” removable base. 60 inches tall, 33 inches wide, 34 pounds. Finished with full levers HAR063FL $2655.00 Finished with levers Bs, Cs and Fs HAR063BCF $2395.00 Finished with levers Cs and Fs HAR063CF $2339.00 Finished HAR063 $2199.00 Assembled HAR185 $1599.00 Kit HAR063K $1099.00 Extra String Set HAR063S $95.00 Removable Base, 8” tall instead of standard add HAR184 $40.00 with order of harp only.

Harp Cases

Braunwen Heavy Duty HAR150 $273.00 Medium Duty HAR151 $265.00 Lorraine Heavy Duty HAR152 $255.00 Medium Duty KIT074 $265.00 Anne Heavy Duty HAR153 $210.00 Medium Duty HAR140 $195.00 Eve Heavy Duty HAR174 $155.00 Medium Duty HAR172 $140.00 Brittany Heavy Duty HAR175 $155.00 Medium Duty HAR173 $140.00 Esabelle Heavy Duty HAR187 $155.00 Medium duty HAR155 $130.00 Marion Heavy Duty HAR186 $310.00 Medium Duty HAR063C $300.00

Sharping Levers

Single Loveland Lever not Installed HAR156 $12.00 Single Loveland Lever Installed HAR121 $15.50 Lever installation tool KIT067T $8.00


Esabelle finished or assembled harp $45.00 Eve or Brittany finished or assembled harp $40.00 Anne harp kit $35.00 Anne finished or assembled harp $50.00 Marion harp kit $75.00 Marion finished or assembled harp $175.00 Lorraine or Braunwen kit $15.00 Lorraine or Braunwen finished or assembled harp $75.00

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Black Mountain Dulcimers Paper Tune Model The body is created

from a recycled wood product and made into resonant, 200-pound tested cardboard. 3 strings, mahogany fingerboard and head, nickel silver frets and mechanical tuners DUL013 $70.00 Student Model 26 3 strings, teardrop shape, one-piece head-fingerboard, laminated birch top and laminated mahogany body, standard tuners. DUL014 $144.00 Basic Model 36 4 strings, one piece head-fingerboard, solid spruce face, laminated mahogany body, standard tuners DUL015 $157.00 Better Model 56 with 4 strings, carved scroll, made with a solid spruce face and solid mahogany body, standard geared tuners DUL016 $199.00 Best Model 58 Deluxe 4 strings, carved scroll, solid redwood face, solid cherrywood back and sides, deluxe geared tuners. Rosewood fingerboard, mother of pearl position dots, bookmatched back, rosewood stripe DUL017 $265.00 Special Beginner Package Includes Basic Model Dulcimer, padded gig bag, instruction book and tape and an extra set of strings DUL018 $184.50 Padded Gig Bag DUL016C $40.00


These Black Mountain Dulcimer Kits don't require any special tools or skills to assemble, just a few hours of your time! Paper Tune Kit DUL013K $55.00 Better Model 56 Kit DUL016K $122.50 Best Model 58 Kit with solid spruce top and cherry back. (Different from 58 Deluxe) DUL017K $140.00

Blue Lion Dulcimers

High standard of craftsmanship and attention to detail. All instruments are lovingly handcrafted from start to finish. Planetary tuners, Solid woods.

Walnut Dulcimer

Walnut back and sides, Western red cedar top and bookmatched back, sides, top & peghead. Satin lacquer finish, Honduras mahogany fingerboard with rosewood overlay, mother-of-pearl dot inlays on fingerboard, Ebony nut, saddle DUL009 $625.00

Rosewood Dulcimer

East Indian rosewood back and sides, western red cedar top, bookmatched back, sides, top and peghead. Satin finish, rose inlay of mother-of-pearl, abalone and brass, inlaid wood marquetry backstrip DUL010 $710.00 Hardshell case, with dulcimer order DUL011 $175.00 Chipboard case plush lined DUL012 $45.00


Folk Roots Dulcimers

Play and sound great. Traditional hourglass shape, laminated walnut back and sides, solid spruce top, solid walnut scroll, tail and fingerboard, rosewood nut & bridge. Includes 6-1/2 fret. A classic! DUL024 $350.00 Case DUL024C $34.95

Pocket Dulcimer

Half-size dulcimer, tuned 1 octave higher than a standard dulcimer. Soundboard made of laminated Baltic birch, body of maple. A perfect instrument for travelling, backpacking, or the office on your lunch break! DUL021 $75.00



A wonderful sounding portable stringed instrument for kids or adults that plays like a 3-string dulcimer. It has a finely constructed one piece body of beautiful vermillion wood and a spruce face. 29” x 4”, G tuning DUL005 $115.00 Padded Case DUL005C $17.00 Chromatic Strumstick DUL007 $155.00 Grand Strumstick in low D DUL006 $155.00 Grand Strumstick padded case DUL006C $20.00 Chromatic Strumstick padded case DUL007C $20.00

Applecreek Dulcimer

A great sounding dulcimer at a great price. Made with a laminated spruce top and laminated hardwood body. DUL033 $99.00 Padded carry bag with shoulder strap DUL033C $29.50

McSpadden Dulcimers Quality traditional dulcimers

with walnut bodies. The instruments with scrolls have custom 4:1 geared pegs and instruments with flat pegheads have Gotoh 16:1 geared tuners. 28-1/2” scale length. Includes nylon case. Walnut top with scroll DUL025 $335.00 Walnut top with flat peghead DUL027 $310.00 Spruce top with scroll DUL026 $345.00 Spruce top with flat peghead DUL028 $320.00

Bass Dulcimer The Blue Lion

Bass Dulcimer is of solid cherrywood on the back and sides and Western red cedar on the top, with a Honduras mahogany fingerboard with rosewood overlay. Larger than a standard dulcimer with heavier strings, it is tuned one octave lower to produce a wonderfully deep, resonant tone. DUL030 $450.00

Plucked Psaltery Kit

Countless Medieval illustrations depict a Plucked Psaltery, often referred to as a Pig Snout Psaltery. The design is an amalgam of several Medieval illustrations. Each kit contains a solid pine soundboard, solid mahogany back, pre-shaped ribs, mahogany veneer, wrest pins, tuning lever, and all the parts required to complete construction. Easy to build taking 10-20 hours. Makes an excellent quality instrument, with a 3+ octave diatonic range of G-a” KIT035 $500.00

Hog Nosed Plucked Psaltery There are numerous medieval illustrations

of plucked psalteries with this characteristic “pig snout” shape. They were popular through the Renaissance and Baroque periods. This simple replica has been designed to permit easy decoration with 3-1/4” laser cut rosettes, available as an extra option. The kit already has a large round hole drilled in the center of the soundboard. Also included with the kit is a set of 6 songsheets that slide right under the strings to help the beginner learn to play. Great tone and volume, can readily be used for performing. 15 strings, 28” long, 10” wide, 2 octaves. Kit KIT187 $55.00 Finished KIT188 $119.95 Rosettes KIT189 $12.95

Epinette Des Vosges

Traditional French fretted dulcimer with 5 strings. Made from hardwoods. A beautiful and delicate instrument. 23-3/4” long. Traditionally tuned with zither pins. DUL032 $225.00

Courting Dulcimer

The courting dulcimer is designed to be played by 2 people at once. The players sit across from each other, and each has a dulcimer fingerboard to play on. Traditionally, the man plays the stronger side, which has 4 strings with a doubled melody string, while the lady plays the supporting side, with 3 strings with only a single melody string. Good fun! Soundboard made of laminated Baltic birch, body of maple. DUL022 $195.00

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A Selection Of String Instruments Tunings All tunings given from lowest course to high-

est. Guitar: Standard tuning: EADGBE Open D: DADF#AD Open E: EBEG#BE Open G: DGDGBD Open A: EAEAC#E Irish: DADGAD Note that open D, G and other open tunings are often used by slide or bottleneck players, and particularly so on resonator guitars. Harp guitars have a standard tuned guitar neck and additional open unfretted bass strings, usually tuned stepwise downward from the low E, i.e. D C# B A G F# Bass Guitar: EADG one octave below guitar Guitarrone: ADGCEA (high A octave lower) Requinto (terz guitar): GCFBbDG Vihuela (modern Mexican): ADGBE; like guitar but the ADG are one octave above standard EADGBE, one octave above standard guitar Ukulele: Soprano, Concert and Tenor: GCEA Baritone: DGBE. Note that some players tune the soprano ukes to Bb: FBbDG or to D: ADF#B. Also note many players use the high 4th string, so that on the soprano uke the G string is one octave higher than it would seem, or one step below the treble string. Venezuelan Cuatro: ADF#B. Note the B string is one octave lower than expected, or only one step above the 4th string. Cavaquinho: Brazilian- Traditional tuning: DGBD Modern “Natural” tuning: DGBE Cavaquinho: Portuguese- DABE (D one step below E) DGBD, DGBE, GGBD, AAC#E, DGEA, GCEA others!!! Mandolin: GDAE Mandola: CGDA Octave Mandolin: GDAE one octave lower than standard mandolin Mandocello: CGDA one octave lower than mandola Banjos: Tenor: CGDA Irish/Italian Tenor: GDAE like octave mandolin Plectrum: CGBD 6 string: like guitar, EADGBE Note- the above are all played with a flatpick (plectrum) 5 string: Classical and modern C tuning: G CGBD G tuning: G DGBD D tuning: A DF#AD Also many other tunings, especially in clawhammer and frailing styles. Dobro, Steel and Hawaiian Guitar: Most Dobro players use what a Hawaiian would call G “high bass” tuning, GBDGBD Old Hawaiian Players used many tunings. Here are a few: A low bass: EAEAC#E A high bass: AC#EAC#E D tuning: DADF#AD E tuning: EBEG#BE Bm (G maj7): GBDF#BD Bm7 (D6) : F#ADF#BD G6 (low): GBDEGB G6 (high): BDEGBD (my favorite tuning!) E7: BDEG#BE MANY other tunings are used! Bandurria and Laud: (Laud is one octave below bandurria): G#C#F#BEA Other pitches possible depending upon string gauge Always tuned in 4ths

Cuban Tres: Gg CC Ee. Note that the G and E courses are tuned in octaves, the middle to unison C’s; rarely the C course is tuned to B for some songs. Some players tunes one step up, AaDDF#f# One older pre-1930’s tuning- DdFFAa Puerto Rican Cuatro: BEADG (note that the B and E courses are in octaves) All of the 4 sizes tuned to this pattern, only the octave register changes. Lute: can be tuned at many pitch levels; most common: 6 course: GCFADG 7 course: DGCFADG or FGCFADG, rarer CGCFADG 8 course: DFGCFADG, also CFGCFADG and CDGCFADG Octave Mandolin, Irish Bouzouki and Cittern (modern Celtic) Octave mandolin: GDAE Irish Bouzouki: GDAD Cittern: DGDAD, CGDAE, rarely others Greek Bouzouki: 3 course (6 string): DAD (note low D in octaves) 4 course (8 string): CFAD (note C and F in octaves), also GDAD and ADAD Oud: Arabic #1: DGADGC Arabic #2: CFADGC Arabic #3: CGADGC Also some tune DEADGC (this pattern is the same but transposed tuning as the Cümbüs) or CEADGC for certain maqam; note many older ouds did not have the lowest course, or have it where the 1st course would be. Also some tunings are transposed, i.e. the C string actually sounds some other note. Habib Hassan Touma in “The Music of the Arabs” maintains that GADGC is the standard tuning; the additional course can be tuned several ways, some above the C string, some below the low G, and he always considers it to be where the 1st course would normally be. Old Turkish Bolahenk: EABEAD Old Turkish Mansur : ADEADG (restringing necessary; was used by the oud player with the Necdet Yasar Ensemble when he toured America several years ago) Modern Turkish Bolahenk: C#F#BEAD Modern Turkish Mansur : F#BEADG (restringing necessary- rare!) Most modern Turkish and Armenian oud players use the C#F#BEAD tuning, and can play in many key and tonal centers by skillful transpositions. Iraqi soloist tunings (uses the top 5 strings of a standard set plus one very thin course): FCDGCF, GADGCF Other Arabic Instruments: Moroccan Gimbri: GDA Buzuq: Gg cc (note that the c is a 4th above the higher of the G’s) Keman: (Kemanjah) Arabic violin- GDGD or GDGC; some players trained in Western violin also are using regular GDAE tuning, as do many Moroccans. (In Morocco the violin is held upright in the lap) Moroccan Rebab: GD (also found in other Andalus musics in Tunisia and Algeria.) Turkish Instruments: Saz: note that there are numerous tunings in the folksinger tradition. These are the “standard” tunings. Baglama: GDA, but can also be transposed up depending on the situation, saz neck length, etc. to AEB, BbFC, CGD, DAE, etc. Note also that the 3rd string is always in octaves, and often the 1st course is also in octaves, but a low octave is added making it seem only a step above the 3rd. Some players even double the middle string in octaves! Çura: GDA one octave above baglama; often

all courses are unisons, no low octave doubles. Some longer neck çura sazes can be tuned lower, DAE for instance. Black Sea Kemençe: DGC, also EAD, other, but always in 4ths. Spike Fiddle Kemanche: GDGD, also many others. Cümbüs: written notes in method book and on string set are DEADGC, but the actual playing pitch is transposed permanently a 5th higher: ABEADG Yayli Tambur: written and highest possible tuning- DAD, DGD (lowest course w/ octave double); most players actually tune lower to ADA or AEA Keman: (Turkish violin tuning, played western style under neck)- GDAD Fasil Kemançe: DGD Russian Instruments: Balalaika: Prima (standard small lead) EEA note that the two E’s should be nylon guitar high E’s, and the A a metal string app. .010 gauge; the middle E should be closer to the other E at the bridge than to the A. Played with fingers only, never a pick! Also, “real” balalaikas never have 6 strings in the strict tradition, although village players sometimes used them. Other sizes are tuned either DDA or lower octave EEA, and are played with a leather pick. Domra: EAD Yugoslav Tamburitza: EADG, note the D and G are double; other systems also. Dulcimer (mountain or Appalachian): Many tunings! DAD, DAA, DDD, etc, plus modal variants like DAC, etc. Violin: GDAE Viola: CGDA Cello:CGDA one octave lower Bass: EADG (only size tuned in 4ths) Chinese Instruments: Pipa: ADEA Yuet Chin (Yue Qin): GDG, GCG, DAD, etc: old versions only GD or DA Er Hu: DA like middle two on violin; note bow goes BETWEEN strings and requires both sides of the hair to be rosined. Ruan: GDGD San Xien: GDG, GCG, DAD, DGD depends on neck length Hardanger Fiddle: too many different ones! Strumstick: GDG Grand Strumstick: DAD Chromatic Strumstick: DGBE or others Sitar: many variants; these are the main playing strings. The chikaris are GCC and the sympathetics change to match the raga. Note often all pitches are sharp, sounding C#G#C#F# Some books: CCG, GCCF. Ravi Shankar: CCG, CGCF Nyckleharpa (main playing strings) old: DADA modern: DADB Tricordia: like mandolin, but triple strung Tiple: like Ukulele, but multiple courses w/ octaves Portuguese Guitarra (note lowest 3 course are octave doubles): Guitarra de Coimbra (app.47 cm scale)- CGADGA Guitarra de Lisboa (app. 44 cm scale)- DABEAB Other tunings from “Instrumentos Musicais Populares Portugueses”: CEGCEG, CFGCEG Viola Braguesa- (lowest 3 course octave doubles) DABEA, DGBF#A, EABEG Viola Amarantina (lowest 3 courses in octaves) DADF#A, DABEA some models have a low added 6th course; the book did not mention the tunings for 6 courses.

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Hammered Dulcimers 13/12 Meadowlark

Entry level instrument with a little something extra 2 chromatic notes not available on 12/11 strung beginner's instruments. Laminated birch top and back, hard maple pin blocks, 13 treble, 12 bass courses. Great look, sound and price! HAM060 $295.00 Soundhole insert HAM060SH $25.00 Case HAM060C $60.00 16/15 Whippoorwill Solid mahogany top, laminated birch back, hard maple pinblock. 3 octaves, 16 treble, 15 bass courses. HAM061 $590.00 Case HAM085 $90.00 17/16/8 Warbler Fully Chromatic Solid mahogany top, laminated birch back, hard maple pinblock. 3 octaves, 17 treble, 16 bass, 8 chromatic courses. HAM062 $745.00 Case HAM084 $98.00 16/15 Phoebe Laminated birch body, hard maple pinblock. 3 octaves, 16 treble, 15 bass courses. HAM074 $395.00 Case HAM085 $90.00

Special Beginner Package All that you need to start playing the

Ultralight Chromatic

Student Model Hammered Dulcimer Concert Hammered Dulcimers By Master Works “The Ultralight” We are pleased to offer Russell Cook’s high

quality hammered dulcimers. His instruments are used by professional dulcimists including Robin Petrie, Elizabeth Zekley and many others, and now are available to all players. This instrument is 16/15 strung, with a mahogany face and rosewood bridges, and is truly lovely. Its tone is very warm and full, both in the treble and bass. Comes with a tuning wrench and playing hammers, with an extra hole to screw into a camera tripod. Option of maple bridges or a black finished face. Weighs 16 lbs. in its case - ultralight is a fitting name! HAM002 $949.00 Ultralight Chromatic HAM073 $1149.00 Sit down playing leg HAM006 $16.00 Padded nylon case HAM002C $129.00 Ultralight

hammered dulcimer. The Meadowlark Dulcimer, sitting hammered dulcimer stand, case, hammers, tuning wrench, and instructional video for only HAM066 $400.00

Hammerette This VERY small

instrument (18” wide) provides the hammered dulcimer enthusiast with something at a very affordable price. The hammerette has 1 bridge, with 7 courses. Range middle C to F 1-1/2 octaves above. Key of C. Soundboard made of laminated Baltic birch, body of maple. HAM007 $85.00


by Master Works

12/11 strung, face and back of laminated Finland birch, Walnut endrails, maple bridges, comes with hammers and tuning wrench, clear ringing tone. HAM005 $399.00 12/11 with solid mahogany top HAM029 $469.00 Sit-down playing leg HAM006 $16.00 Case HAM005C $90.00

15/14 Hammered Dulcimer

by Master Works

The tone of the 15/14 almost rivals that of the Ultralight! It’s overall design (bracing, dimensions, soundboard tapering and material, bridges, etc.) is almost a duplicate of the Ultralight. It produces a rich, full, mellow tone. Weighing in at 12 lbs., the 15/14 is very portable. Available with cherry, maple or walnut endrails, rosewood or maple bridges, it’s clean appearance, rich wood tones, and fine finish produce a beautiful package anyone would be proud to own. HAM059 $739.00 Case HAM059C $119.00

Hammered Dulcimer Kits Songbird 12/11 ”Parts Kit” Our favorite

hammered dulcimer kit. All the wood, parts and complete instructions. Some woodworking experience necessary. KIT090 $300.00

Introduction to the Hammered Dulcimer A basic approach to understanding and playing the hammered dulcimer by ear with Robin Petrie. Fully explains how to tune, find your way around the instrument, hammer, and pick out scales, chords and arpeggios. LAR013 $29.95

Cimbalom Classic

Concert cimbalom of Hungarian design with turned legs, decorative profile strips, lyre with heart shaped carving, removable and lockable cover, finished with maple or ovangol wood then stained with a mat varnish. The frame is made of maple or beech and the sound chest is made of Romanian resonance spruce. Classic cimbalom tuning (C-a3).Y HAM082 $5645.00


Hammered Dulcimer: Advanced Techniques and Celtic Styling The elements of Celtic styling

on the hammered dulcimer. Hammer techniques, rolls, triplets, grace notes, chord notes and arranging for the dulcimer. Elizabeth Zekley LAR022 $29.95

Music Holder A music stand that attaches to

virtually any hammered dulcimer. Made of laminated wood with an infinitely adjustable clamp HAM075 $29.95

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Hammered Dulcimer Stands


Finished or Kits


This traditional Finnish zither has an enchanting sound and is very easy and fun to learn. Carved from a single piece of hardwood, with 12 strings in a diatonic tuning. Made in the U.S. DHP006 $280.00 Kantele Stand DHP007 $48.00


Dulcimer traditional to Germany. 96 strings, 3 courses, chromatic range G - D 2-1/2 octaves above, mahogany finish HAM030 $895.00

The best hammered dulcimer stands we’ve seen. Completely adjustable in height and angle, from sitting to standing. Solid butternut, with dovetail slides and wooden adjustment knobs. Spring loaded hinges hold the legs apart, a simple knotted cord pulls the frame closed for compact storage or transport. HAM034 $299.95 Kit HAM034K $139.95

Hammered Dulcimer Stands Traveler’s Friend The best, most stable folding hammered dulcimer stand we've seen. Most other stands rest the dulcimer on string and are somewhat unstable; the Traveler's Friend Stand uses wood for both the ”legs” and ”arms” of the stand. Sturdy construction, folds into a small bundle. Standing HAM047 $95.00 Quality Hardwood Adjustable hammered dulcimer stand HAM049 $200.00 EZ Carry Good solid folding stand, hardwood, standing height. HAM068 $140.00 HAM049


Traditional zither from Finland, the Kantele has an enchanting sound. Tuned in D. Very simple to learn, and fun to play. You can play anything from lovely Finnish melodies to American folk songs. 5 string model, pine STR116 $240.00 10 string model, pine STR117 $325.00 36 string basic model Y STR001 $3100.00 36 string Finnish spruce top, conifer back and ribs, beech pegs, soundhole rosette inlay, natural rosin varnish Y STR152 $4595.00 Hard leather case for 36 string model, with instrument only Y STR001C $350.00

Hammered Dulcimer Books

Beginning Hammered Dulcimer Excellent book and CD set for learning hammered dulcimer or improving your skills. Includes care, tuning, how to make music musical and many other playing tips, as well as tunes in standard notation and easy tablature. The companion CD is a recording of each tune played exactly as it appears in the book. BOO333 $25.00 Hammered Dulcimer Instruction Book A good beginner’s primer for getting started on the hammered dulcimer. Covers tuning, basic technique and everything one needs to know for a solid foundation on the instrument BOO330 $10.95 Hammered Dulcimer Notebook Excellent book and 2 CDs for the hammered dulcimer, including seeing a tune as patterns, transposing, ornaments, making your own arrangements, singing with the dulcimer, much much more. BOA038 $55.00



Since ancient times Finnish folk musicians have used the kantele as accompaniment to rune songs. Legend has it that the first kantele was made by a hero of Kalevala from the skull of a large pike fish, strung with long hairs given to him by young maidens. At the end of the 19th century the kantele was almost extinct, but a revival of the instrument in this century has brought the kantele to renewed popularity. This kantele is wing shaped and features a western red cedar top, mahogany back and walnut sides. It is tuned in D and includes tuning wrench and chart. The kantele is played in the lap, with the right hand plucking and strumming strings while the left hand mutes those strings not sounded. 24”x12”x2” 15 string kantele STR155 $305.00

Dulcimer Hammers Cook leather covered

HAM020 $35.00 Cook HAM056 $23.50 Sonoran, Double Sided HAM048 $36.00 Cook, Double Sided HAM055 $44.50 Flexible, Double Sided HAM070 $20.00 Whamdiddle, Double Sided HAM071 $46.00 Whamdiddle with Pick, Double Sided HAM072 $50.00 Ed Hale Hammers Plain HAM078 $24.00 Padded HAM079 $26.00Double sided, poplar HAM080 $30.00 Double sided, cherry HAM081 $30.00

An Introduction To The Hammered Dulcimer Video HAM068

Folding Stands

Nice inexpensive folding stands made of hardwoods. Adjustable and easy to carry. Sitting HAM026 $85.00 Standing HAM027 $95.00

Concert Zithers Fine zithers made in Germany.

We offer instruments by Kurt Voigt and Sandner Zithern. We can also special order many other models of Concert Zithers and Harp Zithers. 32 String Concert Zither, Student model ZIT006 $1030.00 40 String Harp Zither, The Best Y ZIT008 $4650.00 Austrian Zither CD RCD056 $20.00

Robin Petrie Robin shows a basic approach to understanding and playing the hammered dulcimer by ear. She fully explains how to tune, how to find your way around the instrument, how to hammer, how to pick out scales, chords and arpeggios. LAR013 $29.95

Hammered Dulcimer: Advanced Techniques And Celtic Styling Video

Elizabeth Zekley Elizabeth shows you the elements of Celtic styling on the hammered dulcimer. Included are hammer techniques, rolls, triplets, grace notes, chord notes and arranging for the dulcimer. LAR022 $29.95

Tuning Wrenches

For hammered dulcimers, autoharps, zithers etc. T-handle HAM022 $18.95

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Bowed Psaltery

Lark's own bowed psaltery made in the U.S. of solid hardwoods and a spruce face. Large size, sweet sound. A bargain! Amazing Price! PSA019 $150.00 Fiberboard case PSA001C $30.00 Extra bow KIT103 $25.00

Bowed Psaltery

Bowed psalteries are fully chromatic, with all natural notes on one side and chromatics on the other. These beautiful instruments by Medeiros combine bookmatched hardwood backs with the finest spruce tops, and sound holes featuring a variety of hummingbird and flower designs. Comes with bow, rosin, and tuning wrench. 2 octave range. Soundhole designs: Poppy with hummingbird, Iris with hummingbird, Lady Slipper with hummingbird. Walnut Back PSA001 $234.95 With Koa, Rosewood, Bubinga, Lacewood or Zebrawood back PSA002 $269.95 Soft cordura case PSA001B $73.00 Fiberboard case PSA001C $30.00

Mini Musical Instruments Miniature musical instuments, handcrafted Harp Zither

Copy of a beautiful chorded zither made circa 1908. Crafted in solid hardwoods with a spruce face. 11 melody strings and 3 sets of chord strings. Pluck the melody strings and accompany yourself with the chord strings ZIT015 $295.00 MacArthur Harp book & tape instruction for the Harp Zither BOO037 $20.00

including hard cases. Violin 3-1/2” MIN001 $18.00 Violin 8” MIN010 $24.00 Guitar 3” MIN025 $15.00 Guitar 4-1/2” MIN020 $16.00 Guitar 5-1/2” MIN021 $18.00 Mandolin 6-1/4” MIN017 $24.00 Pear Shaped Guitar 8” MIN026 $24.00 Pipa, Chinese Lute MIN032 $15.00 Harp 7” MIN024 $25.00 Clarinet 6” MIN019 $24.00 Soprano Sax, Brass 6” MIN023 $24.00 Brass Sax 6” MIN012 $24.00 Oboe 6” MIN022 $24.00 Baritone Horn, Brass 3-1/2” MIN016 $24.00 French Horn, Brass 3-1/2” MIN018 $24.00 Trombone, Brass 6” MIN015 $24.00 Sousaphone, Brass 4-3/4” MIN013 $24.00 Flute, Brass 5-3/4” MIN002 $15.00

European Bowed Psalteries Nicely crafted instruments featuring solid

spruce faces and solid hardwood bodies. Soprano Psaltery with bow and padded bag PSA028 $155.00 Alto Psaltery with bow and padded bag PSA029 $185.00

Bowed Psalteries & Kits Better Kit: Quite easy to play, this

instrument is tuned with all the natural notes along the right side and sharps and flats along the left. You play one note at a time with a small bow. This kit is very simple to assemble. 32 strings, 2-1/2 octaves starting at middle C. Solid walnut sides, laminated spruce top. 26” long, 7-3/4” wide. Kit KIT101 $139.95 Partially Assembled KIT230 $189.95 Finished Psaltery KIT102 $325.00 Extra string set KIT101S $29.95 Extra Bow KIT103 $25.00 Padded gig bag KIT102C $59.95


Master Works Bowed Psalteries Varying string gauges

provide strong consistent tone throughout its fully chromatic range of F above middle C to third Bb above middle C. Come with Harrison Rose soundhole inlay. The “Custom” Bowed Psaltery offers mahogany, walnut or cherry book matched tops and backs. The “Concert” model adds contrasting solid wood bindings of Rosewood, Walnut, Cherry or Maple. Includes tuning wrench, string gauge chart, tuning scheme, rosin, bow with horsehair. Custom Model PSA004 $259.00 Concert Model PSA025 $369.00 Case PSA003C $60.00 Extra Bow PSA004B $25.00

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Wooden Autochord Finished or Kit

Autochords and Autoharps are quite easy to play. Strum all the strings while holding down a chord bar and only those notes which belong to that chord will ring. This instrument is superior in tone and volume to those that are mass-produced. The redwood top puts out a powerful sound with a rich bass. Chord bars are made of cherry, and bridges are tubular brass. Instrument can be assembled for right-handed or left-handed strumming. Extra chord bars available for those who wish to have a few more chord options. The unassembled kit requires a good number of clamps, a power sander, and a drill press for precision drilling. Unassembled Autochord Kit KIT109 $349.95 Preassembled Autochord Kit KIT110 $499.95 Finished Autochord KIT111 $795.00 Spare set of strings KIT111S $39.95 Extra chord bars, each KIT112 $2.50


by Oscar Schmidt

The original autoharp, with over 100 years of history behind it. We are pleased to offer the best sounding models of Autoharps. Appalachian Models : Step up to the resonant tones of spruce. Laminated spruce top, maple back and frame, laminated rock maple pin block. 15 chord ZIT009 $360.00 21 chord ZIT010 $389.00 Centurion Model: Solid spruce top, back and frame made of selected hardwoods. 21 chords. ZIT011 $540.00 Adirondack Model: Solid spruce top, birds-eye maple back, abalone inlay on the soundhole and edge binding, fine tuning system. 21 chord. ZIT012 $570.00 Cases : Padded gig bag ZIT012C $40.00 Deluxe Hardshell Case ZIT011C $110.00

Chromaharps Top

Quality Chorded Zithers

Just push a button and strum and a chord automatically sings, or you can play complex melodies with chordal accompaniment (see our instructional videos & books.)

15 Chord Chromaharp

Versatile and desirable for most music. Chords include: Gm, Bb, A7, C7, Dm, F, E7, G7, Am, C, D7, G, D, Eb and F7. Features include torsion tite tuning pins, pre-stressed maple frame, durable chord bars, sunburst finish, spruce top and back and more ZIT002 $234.00

21 Chord Chromaharp

Similar to the 15 chord Chromaharp but with the following chords: Eb, Bb, F, C, G, D, A, F7, C7, G7, D7, A7, E7, B7, Ab, Bb7, Cm, Gm, Dm, Am, and Em. ZIT003 $259.00 Chromaharp case ZIT004 $34.00

Chord Harp

Chord Harp

Great sounding chorded zither. 21 bars, solid spruce face maple body, good quality. Comes with a nice case. ZIT014 $255.00


A heavenly light, quiet sound that calms and opens the mind. Carved from one piece of hardwood shaped like an open shell. Without an inner resonating chamber. 7 String Pentatonic Lyre 11-1/2”x7” PSA021 $165.00 7 String Pentatonic Lyre 15”x6-1/2” PSA022 $213.00 12 String Diatonic Lyre 17”x8-1/2” PSA023 $270.00 PSA021



Guitar Zither These zithers are made in Germany and have 21 melody strings and 5 chord courses with 4 strings per chord. Easy and fun to play! ZIT005 $225.00

Violin Zither This amazing

German-made instrument combines the treble strings of a bowed psaltery with the bass/chord accompaniment strings of the guitar zither. It has 6 bass/chord rows of 4 strings each, and 25 melody strings in two rows. It includes tuning wrench, zither ring pick and a wooden bow. Mahogany finish with floral decoration. ZIT017 $425.00

Wonderful Lyres 23 String Chromatic Lyre, G

- F. It can be tuned in three different ways - pentatonic, diatonic or fully chromatic. PSA027 $460.00 Large 18 String Diatonic Lyre, e-a2. PSA026 $900.00

Lyre Harp


King David’s Harp

The earliest example of the lyre was found in Sumerian art works dated 2800 B.C. Sumerian lyres were assymetrical, with one “arm” longer than the other, often adorned with the sculptured figure of a bull or bull’s head at the joint of the sound box and one of the arms, with 9-11 strings. The Egyptian lyre first appears around 2000 B.C., with curved or straight arms of different lengths. It was played with a long plectrum held in the right hand, all strings being plucked together, while the left hand fingers fanned out to silence the unwanted ones. As a rule it was held horizontally with the crossbar away from the player. After 1000 B.C. a smaller, symmetrical lyre came to Egypt from Asia, with parallel arms, held upright. The lyre was also known to the ancient Hebrews, a trapezoid with 3 to 12 sheep gut strings of different thicknesses. Recent investigation suggests it may not have been tuned pentatonically, but diatonically with microtones. In Greece the lyre was referred to as the phorminx and kitharis. The tuning was pentatonic without semitones, for instance EGABD, not neccesarily in that order, with any extra strings duplicating those notes in other octaves. The F, C and other notes were obtained by stopping the next lower string to raise its pitch. Lyres have spread to Britain, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Finland, and Estonia. As time progressed the lyre was not only plucked but bowed. The plucked lyre did not survive the Middle Ages in Europe, while the bowed lyre survived only in Wales as the Crwth. Plucked lyres are still played in Asia and East Africa, in Ethiopia, the Upper Nile, and the Congo. Lyre Harp: 10 string rosewood lyre, nice sound. Tuned diatonic or pentatonic PSA008 $95.00

Kinnor Lyre Harp This lyre uses the biblical scale

of ten notes that was common to the instrument during the time of King David. Rosewood body, ten nylon strings, tuning wrench. Large 27” HAR177 $200.00 Small 16” HAR182 $50.00

Guitar Zither Handcrafted hardwood body

with laminated hardwood face, 15 melody strings and 4 groups of chord strings. Loud clear tone. ZIT013 $175.00

Plucked Psaltery Handcrafted, 15 strings, 2

octave diatonic range. Hardwood body with laminated hardwood face. Good sound. PSA018 $135.00

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Master Lutes Traditional pieced lute back

made of flamed maple, fine grained spruce face with carved rosette soundhole and bent peghead. Rosewood fingerboard, pins and bridge. Traditional gut frets with nylon strings. Includes hardshell case. 7 course, 13 strings LUT346/13 $2900.00 8 course, 15 strings LUT346/15 $3000.00 9 course, 17 strings LUT346/17 $3100.00 11 course, 19 strings LUT346/19 $3250.00 13 course, 21 strings LUT346/21 $3525.00


The lute came to Europe towards the end of the 13th C. During the Renaissance the lute had an enormous repertoire and occupied a very special place of honor. The very early lutes had backs carved from a solid piece of wood, but by the Renaissance a series of separate ribs were employed to construct the curved back. This Renaissance style lute by Paul Hathway is available with either a Sitka spruce or a Swiss pine soundboard, and a maple or sycamore back. 7 courses, carved rosette Y LUT001 $2510.00

Guitar Lute

An instrument that looks like a lute but is tuned and strung like a guitar. It has a round back with 11 ribs, maple body and spruce top with an indented hand-carved sound hole, carved bridge and a carved head with rosette. Beautiful German craftsmanship. 6 nylon strings. Comes with case LUT343 $1925.00

Bass Lute

Similar to a harp guitar, the bass lute is like a guitar lute with 6 extra bass strings. It has a flamed maple body, spruce top, rosewood fingerboard, carved bridge, carved soundhole and machine heads. Lots of fun! 12 nylon strings. Fine German craftsmanship. Comes with case. LUT344/2 $2730.00

Basic Lute A basic beginning 8 course Lute that plays

well - at an inexpensive price. Pine face with traditional rosette and angled peghead. The back is staved in the traditional way with alternating dark and light wood stripes. Perfect for learning the art of lute playing; most Renaissance lute literature is playable without alteration on an 8 course lute. Includes hard case. LUT007 $650.00


Baroque Mandolin A fine reproduction of

the early mandolin, which differed from the Neapolitan mandolin of the classical period. Made of fine aged woods and in a period design, with a staved lute body. 12 strings, with case Y MAN122 $3725.00

Baroque Guitar

By Paul Hathway. The ancestors of the modern guitar differed from it in significant ways. The early guitars had gut frets which were tied on, and double courses of lightly strung gut, like the lute. Baroque guitarists played from tablature, and had a wide and varied repertoire to draw from. Nylon strings. Can be supplied with metal frets and modern tuning pegs for ease of playing. Sitka spruce face, maple or sycamore body Y EAR016 $2450.00

FineWellViolin Bows made violin bows

at a budget price have been difficult to find.until now. These bows are made in Korea to high standards, for the same price as much lower grade bows, and feature clean workmanship, and quality materials. Both the beginning fiddler and the experienced violinist will find these bows a welcome addition to their fiddle case. Good Quality Round Brazilwood Bow, with ebony frog, silver wire and leather winding. VIO039 $70.00 High Quality Octagonal Brazilwood Bow, with ebony frog with double eyes, silver wire and leather winding VIO040 $100.00 High Quality Round Pernambuco Bow, with ebony frog with double eyes, silver wire and leather winding VIO041 $155.00 Excellent octagonal violin bows, made by Old World Craftsmen, ebony frogs, silver wire wrap, great balance, quality horsehair. Advanced model- Brazilwood VIO062 $140.00 Master model - Pernambuco VIO061 $425.00

Vielle (Fiedel) or Medieval Fiddle

In European Court society of the Middle Ages the most important bowed instrument was the Vielle. Until the end of the Middle Ages the Vielle was carved from a single piece of wood and then a sound board was added to the top of the hollowed-out sound box of the instrument. Various playing positions are depicted in carvings of the period, in some the fiedel is held on the shoulder, in others the very large instruments are held between the knees. VIO095 $730.00

Melody Harp Anyone can

make music on this wonderful little psaltery! Just slide a songsheet under the strings and pluck the string directly above each note: it’s that easy. Handcrafted of fine hardwoods. Comes tuned. Includes 12 songs, pick, tuner and spare wire. Melody Harp MMA001 $35.00 Hard Case MMA014 $24.00 Soft Case MMA038 $12.00 Music: All Song Packets include 12 songs Old Time Favorites #1 MMA027 $6.00 Old Time Favorites #2 MMA002 $6.00 Children’s Favorites #1 MMA025 $6.00 Children’s Favorites #2 MMA008 $6.00 Toddler Tunes #1 MMA026 $6.00 Christmas #1 MMA005 $6.00 Christmas #2 MMA006 $6.00 Disney MMA007 $6.00 Favorite Hymns (Christian) MMA009 $6.00 Classical MMA010 $6.00 Beatles MMA011 $6.00 Russian Folk Music MMA012 $6.00 Jewish MMA035 $6.00 Country Western MMA013 $6.00 Romantic Ballads MMA028 $6.00 Handpainted Tsimbali 15 string psaltery tuned to G major, with handpainted folk art design from Belarus; with song sheets for Russian folk tunes. Pretty sound, easy to play, 2 octave range. MMA036 $90.00

Renaissance Cittern

During the 16th C. the Cittern was second in popularity only to the Lute. In its simplest form it had four courses of 2 or 3 strings each. The strings in each course were tuned in unison with an added octave in some courses. The Cittern had many tunings and was often retuned from one piece of music to the next. The music (or tablature) gave the correct tuning to be used at the beginning of each piece. The Cittern was played by plucking the strings with the fingers or with a plectrum. This nicely crafted cittern has 4 courses, one with 3 strings and the rest with 2. The soundboard is Sitka spruce or Swiss pine (your choice), and the rest of the instrument is either maple or sycamore. Can be ordered with modern guitar style tuning machines for easy tuning. Y EAR017 $1875.00

Bell Cittern

The Bell Cittern by Hathway derives its name from the distinctive outline of its body. It was first made in the 17th C. in Germany, and was known in England as the Bell Guittern. The Bell Cittern has the tapered sides of the older citterns. 6 double string courses, tuned in unison. May be tuned in the traditional manner, or as an octave guitar. Sitka spruce face, maple or mahogany body. Can be ordered with modern guitar style tuning machines for easy tuning.Y EAR018 $1945.00

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Viol Kit

Based on viols (early fiddles) by John Rose & Henry Jaye c1624. The viol kits come with a preformed rigid polyurethane mould around which the instrument is constructed. Assembly of the body can begin immediately and prebent ribs are provided to eliminate the need for a bending iron. The back is center jointed and has a guide cut for the fold taking most of the hard work out of fitting the back. The front is top quality Swiss pine with the arching complete leaving only the final thicknessing to do. The neck is pre-formed with peg holes, taper reamed to ensure an exact fit with the rosewood pegs. Comes with strings. A challenging project taking 50-150 hours. Makes a high quality instrument.Y Bass KIT006 $1390.00 Tenor KIT007 $1290.00 Treble KIT008 $1095.00

Inexpensive Violin

New Model, Great Buy! These violins are a great value and are perfect for someone wanting to check out the fiddle without putting out several hundred dollars. They are made in China and feature a hand carved spruce top with inlaid wood purfling, maple back & sides, hardwood pegs and fittings, horsehair bow and hardshell case. 3/4 VIO068, 1/2 VIO069, 1/4 VIO070, 1/8 VIO071, 1/10 VIO072, 1/16 VIO073 $99.00 Violin Bow specify size VIO001 $39.95 Deluxe Brazilwood violin bow 4/4 VIO010 $54.95 Pernambuco, round bow 4/4 VIO011 $179.95 Pernambuco, octagonal bow 4/4 VIO012 $199.95 Better model offers better quality boxwood tuning pegs, tailpiece with 4 fine tuners, ebony fingerboard, fiberglass bow. This instrument is as good as German imports 3 or 4 times the price! (4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4) VIO013 $149.00 (1/16, 1/10, 1/8) rosewood fittings VIO014 $149.00 Best model Carved solid flamed maple and spruce violin with inlaid purfling, ebony fingerboard, Hill-style boxwood fittings, Dogal Green Label strings, 4 fine tuners, better bow, hardshell case and rosin. 4/4 Y VIO015 $600.00 Viola Carved solid maple and spruce with inlaid purfling fine tuner, bow, hardshell case. VIO016 $159.00 Cello Carved solid maple and spruce cello with inlaid purfling, fine tuners, bow, padded bag, shop adjusted, sturdy endpin. VIO017 $595.00

Testore Violin

Based on a Testore original, this unique violin has a wonderful tone and feel, and is made of quality woods with a straight grain spruce top, figured maple back and sides, ebony fingerboard, and high quality pegs and fittings. It has a lovely rich dark sound, but plenty of brightness too, for a balanced tone that is particularly appealing. Case and bow not included. VIO065 $950.00

European Made Violins

You will love the fine craftmanship of these violins along with their tone that is delicate, clean bright, and satisfying to the highest demands! The wood is seasoned more than 8 years, with a spruce belly, flamed maple back, sides and neck, plus ebony fittings. The tail piece features a string adjuster. The Professional Model 4/4, oil or spirit varnish. VIO100 $1290.00 Advanced Violin 4/4 VIO099 $500.00

Violin Shoulder Rest

A shoulder rest is helpful in holding the instrument. By lifting the instrument’s back off the shoulder, full vibration of the body is facilitated maximizing the tone and volume of the violin. Fully adjustable for height and width, fitting all full size violins. Soft rubber covered grips do not damage the varnish. Has an attractive wooden base with foam padded bottom to fit comfortably on the shoulder VIO042 $25.00

LearnGettoa good Play the Fiddle Kit start on the fiddle! Our basic violin (with bow & case) and a learning book/CD set. VIO035 $120.00

Fancy Bow

A very high grade bow of Pernambuco wood, the most prized of all Brazilwoods used in bowmaking. Setting off the fine bowstick are silver mounts and mother of pearl inlay, even on the screw. Well balanced for ease in executing difficult bowings, with top quality horsehair for the best tone. VIO067 $300.00

Learn to Play The Fiddle Appalachian Style Video

Evo Bluestein demonstrates the proper old time fiddle techniques of bowing, finger position, slides, rhythmic emphasis with a selection of tunes. The Appalachian fiddle style stems from the unique combination of Celtic dance music and Afro/American tradition. This tape is ideal for the beginner or the folk music enthusiast wanting an authentic approach to the Appalachian folk style. LAR002 $29.95

Basic Irish Fiddle Video

Dale Russ shows you the elements of the Irish fiddle style. Included are exercises to develop coordination in both hands, basic bowing techniques, slides, grace notes, rolls, and bowed triplets. He combines these techniques within various dance rhythms to make the traditional Irish fiddle style accessible to all fiddle players. LAR009 $29.95

Viola Da Gamba

These viols by Bohemian Musical Instruments are well finished and delivered as a ready to play instrument fitted with baroque accessories and strung with PIRASTRO CHORDA. Flamed maple and fine grained spruce, special baroque construction of top, bassbar and back. Basic Gamba Model 14 Regular six stringed baroque instrument with an inlaid fingerboard and tailpiece, seven tied frets and specially designed pegs. Plain maple back, fine spruce top, amber-brown varnish. Available in three sizes, scale lengths 37cm for soprano size, 49cm for alto and 68cm for tenor-bass size. Soprano VIO085 $1010.00 Alto VIO086 $1520.00 Tenor/Bass VIO087 $2225.00 Advanced Gamba Model 17 As above but with flamed maple back, ribs and neck, fine spruce top, golden-brown varnish. Double purfling on top and back, finest workmanship. Soprano Y VIO088 $1440.00 Alto Y VIO089 $2040.00 Tenor/Bass Y VIO090 $3250.00 Covers Soprano Viol Cover VIO092 $105.00 Alto Viol Cover VIO093 $135.00 Tenor/Bass Viol Cover VIO094 $160.00 Bows Soprano VIO096 $440.00 Alto VIO091 $440.00 Tenor/Bass VIO097 $385.00

The Band Violin Pickup

The revolutionary violin pickup, based on a lay flat flexible tube that straps around the instrument and velcros to itself. It produces a warm, excellent tone and strong passive signal over jack lead, without the necessity of additional preamp. The smoothed pickup response cuts excess treble, peakiness and body noise. The band is extremely lightweight with no need for clamp on jack sockets. Instant fit, easily transferable and no batteries needed! ELE622 $185.00

Eagle Violin

Violin handcrafted in the high mountains of southern Mexico. Carved eagle’s head and wing shaped body. Pine face. Used in rituals. No chinrest. Nice sound VIO029 $225.00

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Early Bowed Strings

German violin maker Walter Mahr comes from a long line of instrument makers; his greatgrandfather made violins, his grandfather specialized in mandolins. From a young age he showed talent as an instrument builder and was formally educated, graduating from violin making school in 1983 with top honors; after some years as a journeyman, he passed the trade exam in 1990 and set up his own shop in Bubenreuth. His instruments are made of fine tone wood, carefully aged and seasoned for 20 and up to 100 years. His family’s connections to old instrument makers is a great help in finding the desired materials. Finely crafted to meticulous standards, his instruments are traditionally hand finished with oil or spirit based varnish. Mahr is also well known for his restoration of precious antique instruments; this has allowed him to examine many original masterpieces from the 17th-19th centuries, which is reflected in the quality of his period reproductions. These new instruments will be the treasured antiques of the future.

Baroque Violin

The original design of the violin is today known as the “baroque” violin; although much the same as a modern violin, there are some significant differences. The neck is set in the same plane as the body, not angled back. The fingerboard has a wedge-shape to accommodate the bridge height and is slightly shorter. The bridge is somewhat different in design, is somewhat flatter, and the strings are of gut and often tuned to A=415; also the angle of the strings over the bridge is shallower and as such the baroque violin has a sweeter tone than a modern violin, but slightly less projection. The demands of larger concert halls of the late 18th and early 19th centuries brought about the changes in the violin to add volume and brilliance. Almost all of the great Italian violins by makers such as Stradivarius, Amati, etc. were originally “baroque” violins but were at some later point modified by changing the neck and fingerboard. In some ways, a baroque violin may well be more suitable for many styles of fiddle music than the modern violin; its flatter bridge facilitates double stops and open string drones, its sweeter tone suits many older fiddle styles, and the actual playing techniques of the baroque period differ from those of the modern classical violinist, but are much the same as many fiddlers still use. In many ways, the way a fiddler holds the instrument and bow are not “bad” classical violin technique but rather is “old” violin technique. The flattened left hand grip, the relative lack of high position playing, the violin held peghead downward, the lack of a shoulder rest, the method of holding the bow much more up the stick than near the frog, all harken back to Italian and French violin technique of the 17th and 18th century. The Mahr baroque violin is made in the traditional style, with a lightly flamed maple back and sides, spruce top, “imitation old” spirit varnish, with ebony fittings VIO044 $2095.00 Baroque Bow VIO098 $270.00


Viola D’ Amore

The Viola D' Amore (The Fiddle Of Love) is best described as having a viol-like body of somewhat varying shape, fretless, held and bowed like a violin, often with “flame shaped” soundholes, and a large pegbox to accommodate the pegs for the extra sympathetic strings which run under the neck like those of a Hardanger fiddle. It was most popular in the early 18th century. It has six playing strings tuned ADAF#AD, but scordatura was common, that is altering the open tuning for specific musical purposes. Of course period music sounds wonderful on the Viola d’ Amore, but its rich tone and ringing sympathetic strings would be great to play many other styles of music. Obviously it would do well for Hardanger fiddle music; the two instruments are related members of the violin family, including the sympathetic strings, and would favor similar repertoire. Many American old-time fiddle pieces would sound fantastic on the Viola d’ Amore, particularly those with open tunings. Gypsy, Klezmer, and Middle Eastern fiddlers would appreciate the modal capabilities and additional resonance of the sympathetic strings. Fine reproductions of antique Viola d’Amores, based on traditional models, with a lightly flamed maple back and sides, spruce soundboard, “imitation old” spirit varnish, with ebony fittings. VIO043 $2700.00


Swedish Key Fiddle

We offer Nyckelharpas (bowed hurdy gurdy) made by Ake Ahlstrand. This instrument is traditional only in Sweden. The first trace of this instrument goes back in history to about 850 A.D. There is a lot more evidence of the instrument from 1500 on. The earlier instruments were of a simpler construction but played similar to modern instruments. Today’s instruments are fully chromatic. Traditionally there has never been a Nyckelharpa factory and that is still true today. Each instrument is individually made of the traditional pine and has 16 strings and 37 wooden keys. STR002 $2195.00 Extra string set Y STR002S $265.00

Violin Kits

Complete with case, bow, rosin and strap, a partially finished violin ready for final assembly. Neck is already fitted with pegs and has the fingerboard glued on and shaped. Most difficult carving on the scroll is complete; back and sides are pre-glued, with blocks as in a fine violin; top is precarved and thicknessed as is the bass bar; top has precut f holes, and both top and back have the purfling channel precut; with nice fittings and strings. No special tools required. Parts only, no instructions. VIO063 $170.00 European made. Spruce top, maple back, finished ebony fingerboard. Wood is premilled, rib cage fully aligned. A great way to get a decent violin for a reasonable price. Learn the craft of violin making without fancy machinery. KIT205 $340.00

Stroh Violin

This amazing instrument often referred to as a phono violin or phonofiddle (vioara cu goarnã or highèghe) was designed in 1899 by the Austrian John Matthias Augustus Stroh, and was manufactured by his son Charles in 1901 in London. In the early part of the last century, you could order them in stores in Vienna. The Stroh violin was used in the recording industry from the late 19th century to the start of electronic amplification due to the fact that standard violins were not powerful enough to record on the wax cylinders used in the early days of recording. Vibrations from the strings are passed to the center of an aluminum disc acting as a diaphragm which amplifies the sound, producing an effect similar to that of a conventional fiddle only louder and with a slight phonographic overtone. The Stroh Violin was also widely used in early phonographic recording and is still used in certain folk styles today. Stroh with aluminum trumpet bell Aluminum bell Total Length: 24” Fitted with painted wooden fingerboard and machine tuners instead of wooden pegs; has “guitar strings” on G and D strings which work OK, but real violin strings will improve the tone. Aluminum cone is slightly brighter in tone than the brass. VIO080 $360.00 Stroh with aluminum trumpet bell, better fittings and detail work The best model combines the lightweight aluminum resonator, which is easier to hold for long periods, with more professional fittings consisting of an ebony fingerboard and ebony tuning pegs on a natural wooden matte finish neck and body. Also fitted with fine tuners on the tailpiece and a steel violin string set. VIO107 $595.00 Stroh with brass trumpet bell Brass bell heavier than Aluminum Fitted with painted wooden fingerboard and machine tuners instead of wooden pegs; has “guitar strings” on G and D strings which work OK, but real violin strings will improve the tone. Brass cone is slightly darker in tone than the aluminum.VIO081 $425.00

Trumpet Violins

Hand made in Romania by a Gypsy master. The bell is a trumpet bell fitted to a violin neck with a small metal resonator cone. Instruments like this were used in classic acoustical recordings in the early 1900s. VIO064 $875.00

Violin Case

A quality nylon covered foam case with exterior pocket, plush lining, violin cover and shoulder strap with a zipper and velcro closure. Strong and lightweight. CSE056 $45.00

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Great Pickups

K & K pickups are made in Germany and have a fantastic sound! No Preamp is needed, easy to install, frequency response 20-15,000 hz, high output, ultra sensitive, faithfully reproduces the natural acoustic sound. All pickups require no modification to the instrument unless otherwise noted. Listed below are pickup recommendations for various instruments. Feel free to experiment with other pickup/ instrument combinations. Great for direct recording. Hot Spot Mandolin, Harmonica, Congas, Hand Drums (1 for each drum), Kalimba, Tongue Drum, Uke, 1 transducer PIC003 $33.00 Big Shot Kalimba, Lap Dulcimer, Melodica, Tongue Drum, Berimbau, Saz, Drum Set (1 for each drum), better response than Hot Spot, 1 transducer PIC004 $36.00 Accordion Mic System, External PIC005E $269.00 Accordion Mic System, Internal PIC005I $299.00 Twin Spot Classic Bouzouki, Oud, Sitar, Saz, Bongos, Steel Drum (2 on each drum), Lute, Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer (2 sets for stereo, 1 set mono), Drum (2 on each drum), Cello, 2 transducers PIC001 $60.00 Twin Spot Internal PIC002 $72.00 Big Twin Oud, Harp, Acoustic Bass Guitar, String Bass, Cello, 2 transducers PIC007 $66.00 Violinissimo Violin or Viola, mounts under bridge PIC009 $115.00 Silver Bullet Great flute microphone PIC014 $149.00 Hot Harmonika Harmonica, small jack PIC010 $39.00 Direct Box (for optimum sound and recording) PIC013 $110.00 Pure Guitar Transducers Mounts inside on the bridge plate. Pure Western, for steel string guitar, 3 transducers, endpin jack PIC015 $115.00 Pure Classic, for classic guitars, 4 transducers, endpin jack PIC016 $115.00 Ultrapure Guitar Systems Ultrapure onboard preamp and Pure Guitar Transducer. Preamp mounts at inside edge of soundhole using a neodymium magnet, and requires NO destructive alterations. Bass, mid-range, treble, gain & volume controls. Western PIC017 $200.00 Classic PIC018 $200.00 Trinity Guitar Systems Pure Guitar Transducer, Preamp, 5” gooseneck Trinity Mic, cable. 2 Channel Trinity Preamp - controls for transducers and mic, internal +/- 20db treble, mid, bass, overall gain. 2 external volume controls on light and tiny belt-clip unit allow quick adjustments. Western PIC019 $350.00 Classic PIC020 $350.00

Bass Fiddle

Constructed by skillful craftsmen. Made of fine instrument grade laminated maple and spruce to withstand the rigors of an instrument on the road. The tailpiece and fingerboard are ebonite. The single plate Tyrolean style tuning machines feature a 24:1 gear ratio for precise, easy tuning. Double kerfing, arched back construction, maple bridge, nylon bag, shop adjusted. Must be shipped by freight, about $75 most US destinations VIO046 $795.00 Flamed Maple body VIO047 $1295.00

Musical Saws

The musical saw dates back to the 12th century. Around 1917-1918 two workers in the steel mill in Sandviken got together and built a small musical saw. In 1919 at the village of Forsbacka, Martin Larsson borrowed his father’s handsaw and played it with his violin bow. A foreman at the Sandvik Steel Works who was a violinist carried out a series of tests to make the best possible Musical Saw, the Sandvik Stradivarius. Sandvik is now known as Bahco.We offer the best quality musical saw: the Bahco Stradivarius. Each of these saws are made from cold-rolled hardened and tempered strip steel which is cut to shape. The teeth are punched out and sharpened and the blade is tensioned by a rolling and hammering process. The handle is attached and before packing every saw is testplayed by a “violinist”. Only about 500 of these saws are made each year. Each saw is labeled Stradivarius. Most of the world’s professional players use this saw. SAW001 $70.00 Basic Violin Bow VIO036 $20.00 Better Violin bow 4/4 VIO0014/4 $39.95

Blacklock Musical Saws

Beautiful Music Stand

Handmade in the USA of Red or White Oak or Maple, a simple & elegant stand combining an attractive appearance with sturdy construction. Adjustable height (27”-45”) and desk angle make reading music easy and comfortable both from a standing and sitting position. Red Oak ELE035R $235.00 White Oak ELE035W $235.00 Maple ELE035M $235.00

Carved Music Stand Fantastic music stand wonderfully

handcarved with a pierced design of an amazing tree. ELE025 $350.00

Brass Music Stand Fun music stand made of solid

brass. Adjustable sitting or standing heights. Desk not adjustable. ELE019 $99.00

Hardwood Music Stand Beautiful music stand

made of all wood (no metal parts). Adjustable sitting or standing heights. ELE016 $180.00

We are pleased to offer a line of excellent quality musical saws, made by sawmaker and player Charlie Blacklock. They are manufactured of special high grade steel which makes a clear, mellow, beautiful tone, and mounted with plain laminated wooden handles. The shape of the handle is designed to give more playing surface on the back of the saw, there is a wider blade near the handle than typical saws, and the blade is also made with a special cut, all of which add up to increase the musical range of these saws. All models include a mallet and basic instruction sheet; most players use a violin or cello bow (not included) for that long, sustained unique tone so prized by saw aficionados. The length of the saw is measured on the blade on the teeth side. 26” Tenor Saw SAW002 $66.00 28” Tenor Saw This is the most common size SAW003 $70.00 30” Baritone Saw This model has a lower range than the standard tenor saw SAW004 $75.00 36” Mini Bass Saw Even lower register than the baritone saw SAW005 $90.00 Vinyl Cases with pearl snaps and bow pocket. 26” and 28” case SAW002C $27.00 30” SAW004C $28.00, 36” SAW005C $30.00 Basic Violin Bow VIO036 $20.00 Better Violin Bow VIO0014/4 $39.95 Musical Saw Video Charlie Blacklock unlocks the secrets of the musical saw VID182 $39.95 Old Favorites Charlie’s Band play a variety of American favorites with musical saw RCE419 $15.00

Wood Music Stand & Kit Cherry Music Stand Kit perfect for chamber

music groups or other performers who want to add a “bit of class.” Also ideal for a permanent music stand in your living room. Height adjusts from 38”-55” Kit KIT167 $129.95 Finished KIT168 $250.00

Desktop Music Stands Magnificent reproductions of 18th century

stands are adjustable and ideal for displaying music. Produced in Italy with precision workmanship and a beautiful antique brass finish. Cross Shape Design 11-1/2” Wide x 91/2” High ELE612 $185.00 Floral Deisgn 11-1/2” Wide x 10” High ELE613 $200.00

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Ukulele Kit All you need to make a nice

playing soprano uke! Premade neck, fingerboard and body need final assembly and finishing, requires only very common tools to make; complete with pegs and strings. Parts only, no instructions. UKE017 $39.00

Orsino Guitar by Fylde These great guitars are made in England

and used by many top professionals from Ian Anderson to Mick Jagger, Martin Carthy to Jez Lowe, John Entwistle to Steve Howe. The Orsino has a mahogany body with a cedar top, rosewood fingerboard and bridge. GUI047 $1780.00 Many other models are available. Larger and smaller body sizes.

Shubb Capos

Shubb capos are the most practical and best working capo available. Simply adjust the capo pressure with the thumbscrew, and a quick flip of the hinged bottom lever permits lightning-fast key changes. No retuning is necessary. The soft rubber sleeve minimizes tuning distortion. They are sturdily constructed of solid brass and are available in either a nickel plated or plain brass finish. Choose from banjo, classical or steel string guitar. These also work great for citterns, mandolins, etc. Banjo CPO001B $18.95 Classical Guitar CPO001C $18.95 Steel String CPO001S $18.95 12 String Guitar CPO001T $18.95 5th String Banjo CPO001F $34.95



Tiny Boy Guitars

A 3/4 size steel string guitar with a surprisingly open tone; approximately 23-3/4” scale length, gloss finish, dot inlay position markers, 21 fret neck, “mini-dreadnaught” body shape with neck joining at the 14th fret, with soft case. GUI086 $99.00 Tiny Boy 1/4 Guitar Natural High Gloss Finish, Solid Spruce soundboard, Mahogany back & sides, Rosewood fingerboard GUI115 $125.00

Electric Violin

Well-crafted model with volume and tone controls, a small, hollow spruce body and ebony fittings. Maple neck and sides, piezo pickup with bow and case. VIO074 $525.00


Martin Backpacker Ukulele The backpacker ukulele has a soprano

uke size neck with a rosewood fingerboard, solid mahogany body and mahogany bridge. The neck width at the nut is 1-7/16”, the scale length is 13.614” with 12 frets. Comes with padded carrying bag. A perfect mate for the Martin backpacker guitar UKE032 $215.00

Pacific Ukuleles Soprano ukulele, solid Hawaiian Koa

body, Cedar neck and Rosewood fingerboard, scale length 13-1/4” with a French Polish finish. Beautiful full tone and easy playing action. Concert model. Dimensions 23” x 8” x 2-3/4”, scale length of 14”. Soprano UKE029 $400.00 Concert UKE030 $600.00

Inexpensive Ukes Inexpensive ukes, walnut

finish with geared tuners. Nice sound and plays easily! Soprano Uke Tuned GCEA UKE002 $35.95 Baritone Uke Tuned DGBE UKE003 $49.95

3rd Wave Ukuleles The Hawaiian Porpoise dance, plumeria

scents the air, and unridden waves wrap around a hidden point. Some soft uke music completes the picture. The Hawaiian soprano ukulele has a similar shape to classic Hawaiian ukes with a 13-7/8 fret scale. It comes with a hard shell case and is offered in mahogany, acacia, curly maple, figured walnut, and koa. UKE023 $590.00 Koa Model UKE024 $690.00 The Californian Adorned with ocean and floral designs, then graced with the quintessential California blonde rising from the surf, this uke is perfect for barbeques or sunsets. The Californian soprano ukulele is a larger more modern shape with a 13-7/8 scale. Offered in the same woods as the Hawaiian and comes standard with a hard shell case. UKE015 $590.00 Koa Model UKE016 $690.00 The Tiki Put on your lei, pound those island drums, and get ready for the luau. The Tiki is the god of bikinis, summer nights, and the hula. The Tiki concert has a classic old Hawaiian shape and a 14-3/4 fret scale. Offered in the same woods and hard shell case as our other models. UKE025 $630.00 Koa Model UKE026 $730.00 The Aloha (not pictured) Tenor Ukulele UKE027 $630.00 Koa Model UKE028 $730.00

High Quality


We are pleased to offer high quality ukes at bargain prices. Made in Germany of solid woods. Soprano Uke Mahogany body, maple neck and fingerboard. UKE005 $140.00 Tenor Uke Mahogany body, maple neck and fingerboard. UKE008 $170.00 Baritone Uke Mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard UKE006 $195.00

Martin Ukulele

They’re back! Style O solid mahogany UKE022 $365.00 UKE014

Pineapple Uke


Nice ukuleles for the beginner or experienced uke player. We have several models from a good basic soprano ukulele to a solid mahogany model suitable for professional use. These are an excellent value. Mahogany Soprano Ukulele Superb tone. UKE014 $100.00 Soprano Pineapple Uke Solid Mahogany UKE034 $75.00 Baritone Uke Laminated Mahogany UKE037 $165.00 Baritone Uke Solid Mahogany UKE038 $195.00 Tenor Uke Solid Mahogany UKE036 $165.00

Ukulele Cases

Soprano Uke bag CSE059 $10.50 Soprano Uke case CSE055 $36.00

Pick Pocket Key Chain Spare yourself the horrific social

embarrassment of being caught at a spontaneous jam session without your guitar pick. You’ll always have your pick handy when it’s attached to your car keys. Even picky people will appreciate these well-made leather pockets. Assorted colors, but you don’t get to pick your own ELE061 $6.50

Great Fingerpicks! Most fingerpicks can only be used in one direction. Sitar Picks (Mizrab) can be used in both directions, allowing for many styles of playing. STR104 $2.00

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Lark’s Special Guitars

Lark In The Morning is pleased to offer its own line of high quality guitars at an incredibly low price. These guitars are made to our specifications with solid spruce tops and carry the Lark In The Morning brand name. “New York Style OO” Rosewood body and fingerboard GUI114 $340.00 Hard Case GUI057C $70.00 Style “J-45” Dreadnaught Sunburst finish, abalone fret markers mahogany body GUI113 $275.00 Hard Case for Dreadnaught GUI056C $55.00 Jumbo Cutaway guitar with solid Cedar face, genuine abalone binding, rosewood body and fingerboard. This exceptional, serial numbered collectable is a truely professional level, artisan crafted instrument; well worth the investment! GUI111 $360.00 As above with Solid Cedar Face GUI126 $395.00 Hard Case for Jumbo Guitar GUI064C $75.00 Style “OO” Model Genuine abalone binding, rosewood body and fingerboard GUI107 $350.00 Hard Case GUI057C $70.00


Beautifully designed combination mandolin / octave mandolin, hand crafted in Germany. Built to professional grade, luthier quality specifications, offering spruce soundboard, staved and vaulted maple back, and form fitting hard case. Special order instrument, crafted per customer orderr. Please allow at least twelve weeks for delivery. Y MAN129 $2875.00

Lyre Mandolin

Neapolitan mandolin tuned and scaled, but with an additional lyre-like body bout; the larger body volume makes for increased low end. Made in Italy MAN115 $1025.00

Inlaid Mandolin

Made with a special double sound chamber design that has a secondary resonator inside and additional soundholes around the body, creating a wonderful, unique, projecting brilliant tone. It looks as good as it sounds, with exquisite motherof-pearl and abalone inlay work on the headstock and body, fine hardwoods, and a glossy finish. MAN123 $425.00

Irish Bouzouki

This bouzouki’s special design with extra deep body gives it a big sound and lots of punch. Solid spruce face, solid mahogany back and sides, hard maple neck, rosewood fingerboard with ivoroid binding and abalone inlay, enclosed tuning machines. Comes with a hardshell case. MAN103 $595.00

Octave Mandolin As above, shorter scale length, solid

spruce top, solid mahogany back & sides with abalone inlay. Comes with a hardshell case. MAN104 $550.00

Octave Mandolin


4 string Brazilian style instrument with a mahogany body & cedar face UKE020 $295.00 GUI083


Gypsy Guitars

Quality copies of the vintage French steel string guitar used by the Manouche Gypsy Django Reinhardt, one of the greatest guitarists of all time. This style of guitar is a favorite of his many followers in France and worldwide. The body has the traditional cutaway design allowing easy access to the upper frets; spruce top; slotted peghead; oval sound hole with wood inlay rosette; and adjustable truss rod. The sound is unique, combining the features of the rich ringing tone of flat-top guitars with the punch of archtop guitars, plus a special tonal color all its own. Mahogany back and sides, rosewood fingerboard. Solid spruce top GUI083 $650.00 Rosewood back and sides, rosewood fingerboard. Solid spruce top GUI106 $695.00 Hard Case GUI083C $75.00

This octave mandolin has a back ribbed with seven strips of maple. Scale length is 18-1/2 inches, face is 12-1/2 inches across and 5 inches deep. Double strung with metal strings, the face is inlaid in seven different woods with a pair of fighting cocks. Comes with case. MAN100 $2075.00

Dell’Arte Mandocello

This is the best mandocello I’ve ever heard. A work of the luthier’s art, it has a solid sitka spruce soundboard, ebony fingerboard and bridge, adjustable truss rod, 22 frets, mini Schaller tuners. Style O guitar shaped body, available with maple or rosewood back and sides. Case included. MAN098 $3500.00

Concert Mandolin This handmade mandolin has a rich

deep tone, deep vaulted flamed maple back and sides, marquetry inlay on sound hole, inlaid wooden pick guard, ebony fingerboard, special escutcheon shaped body. Perfect for those looking for a high quality mandolin with a richer bottom end but still retaining brilliant highs. MAN101 $975.00 Case MAN101C $200.00

Model 3A

Model 1

Bowlback Mandolins

Traditional mandolins crafted in the Italian style, made in Greece in the old manner. Inlaid pickguards. Good action and a full open sound. Bowlback Mandolin #1 13 Piece Walnut Back, Rosewood Fingerboard Inlaid pickguard, Spruce Top, with bag. MAN105 $390.00 Bowlback Mandolin #2A 13 Piece Walnut Back, Ebony Fingerboard Inlaid pickguard, Spruce Top, with bag. MAN106 $440.00 Bowlback Mandolin #3A 26 Piece Walnut Back, Ebony Fingerboard Inlaid pickguard, Spruce Top, with bag. MAN107 $510.00

Musikalia Octave Mandolins A new model, Italian-made octave mandolin,

spruce top, with a padouk back and sides; full tone, bright with full bottom end, plays well; ideal for Celtic music. MAN095 $640.00 Better model with inlaid bindings, finer spruce top, scroll peghead. MAN096 $900.00

Electric Mandolin

Solid spruce top, synthetic back, volume and tone control. GUI119 $285.00

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Señorita Mandolina Senorita Mandolina, handmade in

Mexico, with spruce soundboard, Mexican rosewood body, and inlaid rosette. The body is a typical large Latin-American mandolin, which gives a rich tone with bottom and good volume. MAN035 $225.00 Case CSE035 $22.00

Classical Mandolins Master Mandolin

Fylde Mandolin Family Fylde instruments are made from large stocks

of seasoned tonewoods, selected for their physical beauty and tonal quality. Accurate fretting and intonation. Hand-rubbed lacquer finish. Unique instruments designed in collaboration with professional musicians and proven over many years. Great sounding, with mahogany back and sides, and rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Mandola The standard tuning for a mandola is similar to a Viola, CGDA; this mandola comes set up as an octave mandolin, tuned GDAE. If you want to use Mandola tuning we will provide strings at no extra charge.The movable bridge design gives a loud, penetrating tone. Scale length 532 mm. Width at nut 38 mm. MAN042 $1215.00 Case MAN042C $179.00 Octavious Bouzouki This instrument has a guitar style fixed bridge which results in a warm resonant tone, enhanced by the high octave stringing on the two bass strings. Supplied tuned GDAE, but with the same strings will tune to the popular GDAD. Scale length 629 mm. Width at nut 38 mm. MAN043 $1315.00 Hard Case MAN043C $185.00 Cittern A large body with small soundhole gives a sound full of deep resonant overtones, ideal for the rhythmic style backing now popular in folk music. Usually supplied with 10 strings in five pairs, tuned GDGDG, but also available with 8 strings on request. Scale length 596 mm. Width at nut 43 mm MAN044 $1565.00 Hard Case MAN044C $210.00 Portuguese Mandola An amalgamation of several ideas, this instrument is a convenient size with a powerful sound. The octave string added to pairs of bass strings gives an organ-like richness. The intended tuning is CGDA. Scale length 470 mm. Width at nut 40 mm. MAN046 $1395.00 Hard Case MAN046C $180.00 Mandolin A simple instrument with a bell like tone, tuned as a violin GDAE. Scale length 350 mm. Width at nut 30 mm MAN047 $995.00 Hard Case MAN047C $170.00 Signature Bouzouki Rosewood body and Spruce face. MAN113 $1695.00 Signature Cittern Rosewood body and Spruce face. MAN112 $2215.00


Rosewood body, 24 ribs, vaulted, solid spruce top. Fine German workmanship with case, pickguards vary MAN041 $1175.00 Calache Style Flamed maple body, 30 ribs, selected resonant wood, sleeveguard, lengthened concert fingerboard. Beautifully made in Germany with case MAN040 $1425.00

Celtic Cittern

Great sounding 5 course cittern at a bargain price. Made of mahogany with a cedar face and inlaid soundhole. MAN050 $385.00 Hard Case MAN050C $115.00

Flat Back Bouzouki Nice 8 string flat back bouzouki from Romania. Great for Irish music! Solid spruce top, maple back and sides, mahogany fingerboard. MAN018 $225.00

Octave Mandolin & Mandola Great sounding 4 course octave mandolin at a

bargain price. Made of solid mahogany with a solid cedar face and inlaid sound-hole. Tuned one octave below a mandolin. A great deal. Octave Mandolin MAN067 $345.00 Case MAN050C $115.00 Mandola model similar to the Octave Mandolin, shorter neck tuned CGDA MAN079 $295.00


By the end of the 19th century the cittern had died out everywhere except for a few mountain “pockets” in Germany, where it lives on. This finely crafted German cittern is made in the old style: metal strung in 5 courses (9 strings total, the low course is single strung), back is ribbed and tapered toward the neck in 14 strips of maple. Scale length is 181/2 inches, bridge to nut. Lovely inlay borders the sound hole and the face, with case MAN099 $1325.00

“Irish Style”

Citterns, Mandolins, Octave Mandolins and Bouzoukis

Excellent sounding and beautifully crafted instruments made in Ireland by Joe Foley. Brazilian mahogany for the back and sides, cedar for soundboard, rosewood fingerboard. These instruments are a superior choice to most instruments of their category. Mandolin 13-7/8” scale MAN014 $2495.00 Case for Mandolin MAN014C $270.00 Octave Mandolin 21” scale MAN015 $2260.00 Ten String Cittern 22-1/2” scale MAN016 $2530.00 Irish Bouzouki 26-1/2” scale MAN017 $2500.00 Case for octave mandolin, bouzouki & cittern. (with instrument only) MAN015C $250.00

Short Scale Irish Bouzouki You will love the rich open

sound of this finely crafted bouzouki made in Europe. It has a 231/2” scale length, with a solid spruce face and solid hardwood body. Other features include top binding, octave stringing on 2 lower courses. Tuned one octave below a mandolin. MAN127 $235.00

Irish Bouzoukis

Tuned one octave below a mandolin, or other tuning. Spruce face, mahogany body. Made in Italy. Long Scale MAN052 $680.00 Short Scale MAN053 $640.00

John Pearse Armrests

Easily attached armrests made of solid hardwoods to lift the right arm off the soundboard of the guitar (or other instrument) allowing the full surface of the top to vibrate freely. These armrests attach on the binding strip so they do not mar the soundboard. Rosewood ELE051 $34.95 Boxwood ELE053 $34.95 Ebony ELE052 $34.95

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Pocket Mandolin

Wonderful small mandolin with a narrow, vaulted walnut body and a spruce face. A perfect portable instrument with a pleasing bright sound. Typical 19th century traveling musician’s instrument, used by gondolieres. Made in Italy. MAN060 $675.00

Bargain Mandolin This flat backed mandolin

has a solid pine soundboard and a sweet rich sound. Made in Turkey. MAN005 $125.00 Nylon Case MAN005C $17.50

Italian Octave Mandolin An Italian made octave

mandolin at an affordable price! With the use of a medium gloss finish and simple but well-made woods and fittings, this instrument plays and sounds better than many more expensive models. The flat top is solid, but has a wide grain, which is acousticly fine but not as expensive as the closer grain woods. The body has a rounded back and has simulated binding. MAN132 $475.00

Travel Mandolin Small lightweight durable instrument

suitable for folks on the go, by Medeiros Wood-N-Music. Sturdily constructed with a solid spruce top, solid walnut back, maple neck & body and rosewood fretboard, yet weighing only 2-1/2 lbs and measuring 24 inches long. They are great, portable instruments for backpacking, traveling, children and those wanting an inexpensive mandolin. MAN013 $249.95 Soft Case MAN013C $73.00

Italian Mandolins

Bowl back instruments made in Italy. Neapolitan Walnut Body Mandolin with 19 ribs, spruce face with serigraphed design. MAN062 $450.00 Neapolitan Maple Body Mandolin with 19 ribs, spruce face with pickguard MAN061 $580.00

Romanian Mandolin This mandolin has a shallow vaulted

Mandocello Great German made mandocello with hardshell case. Spruce face, beautiful ribbed maple body and carved top safe-guard. Tuned same as a cello. MAN029 $1625.00

staved back in the Portuguese style for a full rich tone; solid spruce top with inlaid wooden pickguard. Perfect for those that want a full-bodied sound with brilliance and low resonance. MAN092 $235.00


Nice 8 string mandola, solid spruce top, maple back and sides, mahogany fingerboard. Finely crafted in Romania, with a range between a mandolin and octave mandolin MAN019 $250.00

Irish Bouzouki & Kit 8 steel strings, tuned

GG-DD-AA-EE (one octave lower than mandolin), 25-1/2” from nut to bridge, Mahogany body, laminated spruce top , 38-1/2” long, 14-1/2” wide, Celtic knot rosette. Many people have asked for an octave mandolin like this in affordable kit form. It has excellent punch in the bass while maintaining a nice ring in the treble range. Completed MAN130 $550.00 Kit KIT232 $249.95 Extra string set KIT234 $9.95 Finishing Kit (Bouzouki kit has no finish) KIT233 $16.00 Padded bag KIT215 $69.95


Metal Body Resonator Mandolin

perfect replica of a timeless classic, made with a real spun aluminum cone where you can actually see the spirals. Featuring a bell brass body, a solid maple neck, and nickel silver plating. This rare and great sounding instrument has previously only been available from custom resonator builders. MAN128 $399.00

Bowl Back Mandolin A nice European bowl back mandolin at an affordable price! 8-string Italian model, 15 ribs, natural finish MAN020 $350.00 Hard Case CSE032 $60.00

Trinity College Octave Mandolin & Long Scale Bouzouki Both instruments have a Solid

spruce top, solid maple back and sides, mahogany neck, high gloss finish, bound rosewood fingerboard, bound body and peghead, round soundhole with inlaid rosette and elegant abalone Celtic design snakehead inlay, mother of pearl snowflake position markers, deluxe sealed gear metal button tuners, adjustable truss rod. Octave Mandolin MAN125 $595.00 Bouzouki MAN124 $595.00

Teardrop Mandolin

The Teardrop Mandolin Kit is easy to build. 8 strings, cherry body, laminated spruce top, 25” long, 10” wide. Designed for folk and bluegrass enthusiasts. It has that clear, bright sound that adds so much to a songfest or jam session. The compact size and lightweight construction makes this a great musical companion for traveling, even backpacking. The Mandolin kit comes with the sides already bent, the neck roughly shaped, and slots cut for the frets. You’ll tap the frets into place, glue the frame together, sand the neck to fit your grip, drill holes for the geared tuners, apply a finish, and install the hardware and strings. Complete step-by-step instructions make the whole process picture-clear. Teardrop Mandolin kit KIT190 $199.95 Padded bag for mandolin KIT190C $59.95 Strap with two buttons KIT192 $14.95

Lark’s Classical Guitars Well made classical guitars at

affordable prices. These have traditional Spanish designs and are excellent as beginner or second guitars. (SG-5) - Solid select cedar top, rosewood fingerboard, rosewood back and sides, buffed and polished finish, rosette inlay. GUI085 $250.00

One Piece Brass Bell With Built In Handle heavy weight, single clapper, with a clear ringing tone BEL244 $26.00

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Tres and Cuatro

Wooly Mammoth Tusk Ivory Picks

Guitarra Quinta

Mexican 8 String Guitar, similar in As the Spanish colonized the islands of the size to a guitar but with a deeper Caribbean they brought many things, including body, tuned in 5 courses. Mahogany musical instruments. Guitars were very Ancient and authentic fossil body with a solid cedar inlaid top, popular and as time passed several ivory, found in excavations geared tuners. Originating from the new variants developed. In Puerto Rico and gold dredging throughout Veracruz area. GUI048 $780.00 the cuatro, with a body shaped similar Alaska, is the source for these to a violin, tuned in 4ths with beautiful instrument a sound between a mandolin picks. Fossil walrus and 12-string guitar, became ivory is 1,000 to 4,000 the mainstay of jibaro music. This beautiful relative years old, while wooly At the same time Cubans in of the guitar is used in mammoth fossil ivory Oriente province altered the Veracruz, Mexico. It can be as old as STR166 guitar a seis (regular Spanish has 8 total strings, in 40,000 years! These guitar) into a smaller 5 courses. The body is genuine fossil ivory picks are STR015 bodied form with 3 carved from a single finely crafted, well balanced, courses with variable piece of wood, and it and nearly indestructible. tunings and both has a fine grained spruce Imagine, no more bending and outside courses top. The mother of pearl inlay, breaking plastic! Not only are these tuned with octave arranged in a star pattern exceptional performance picks, strings. This was around the sound hole is they are the perfect, inexpensive genuine the instrument especially lovely. ivory collectible. As a special order option of the guajiros, GUI066 $700.00 (six to eight week delivery) these picks can playing son and also be hand scrimshawed with scenic designs, changui and other player’s initials, or the name of your musical forms. These two island group. Each customized, hand scrimshawed guitars have been hard to find ivory pick is a unique, one of a kind artwork. Mexican 6 string bass guitar. but now we can offer a tres This is an ideal and unique gift option for the Mahogany body, solid top, and cuatro made of hardwoods. musician and collector alike. Own a piece of geared tuners. Both are modeled after fine ancient history with these authentic fossil ivory GUI027 $680.00 traditional instruments and instrument picks. Plain PIK015 $24.95 Hard Case even incorporate some Scrimshawed Y PIK015A $49.95 GUI027C $180.00 STR016 minor changes that improve intonation. The tres is not GUI071 an altered guitar as are so Small ukulele-like many being played today instrument with 4 - it’s a special shape metal strings made 4 strings, mahogany body, from a 1950’s Havana of lime wood and cedar face MAN039 $275.00 design with small mahogany. straight upper bouts Meio Tampo Model and special bracing MAN057 $250.00 producing a rich but Boca De Raia loud tone. It is set Model Classical guitar, Mahogany Body, up for tuning Gg-CC-Ee MAN058 $250.00 cedar face, inlaid abalone star. Nice or Gg-bb-Ee, and has a tailpiece Traditional Model handmade, solid wood guitar. and classic style bridge true to the MAN059 $250.00 GUI026 $199.00 original. The cuatro is a standard Mexican rosewood body body style, tuned Bb-Ee-aa-dd-gg, and GUI026P $450.00 the top is solid hardwood. Hard Case Cuban Tres STR015 $355.00 GUI026C $45.00 Cuban Tres by Esteve in Spain. Solid spruce 12-string guitar-like instruments or cedar face, Ovankol body, rosewood of Spain. The bandurria is fingerboard. Comes with deluxe case shaped like a mandolin with STR166 $995.00 Mexican 12 string bass guitar a large round soundhole STR124 Puerto Rican Cuatro STR016 $355.00 tuned one octave lower than a and 14 frets. The strings are STR125 Inexpensive Puerto Rican Cuatro regular 12 string. Used for bass tuned in pairs, to G#, c#, f#, Spruce top and is nicely made and accompaniment. Great instrument! b, e, a and g#. The Laud finished and has a great tone. GUI071 GUI028 $475.00 is larger with F holes, $175.00 Case GUI028C $115.00 20 frets, and is tuned Conjunto Bajo Sexto one octave below the Video VID107 $19.95 Bandurria. The laud The Kercapi has 2 strings and is has become widely 31” tall. Beautifully carved with known recently through a wonderful sound like a fretless the popularity of Barbarito banjo. Used by the Batak people, an Torres’ playing with the ancient people indigenous to the volcanic The Vihuela is a small 5 string Buena Vista Social Club. Both area of Sumatra. Considered fierce guitar used throughout instruments have a solid top warriors, their contact with neighboring Mexico. The back is with laminated sapelly sides people and the rest of the world was MAN091 vaulted like a small MAN090 and back. Made in Spain. minimal until the arrival of missionaries guitarrone. Tied on nylon Bandurria STR124 $550.00 in the mid-19th century. As one of frets. GUI029 $345.00 Laud STR125 $775.00 the few cannibalistic tribes known to Case GUI029C $125.00 Inexpensive Lauds have a written script of their own, & Bandurrias Nice quality the Batak's history, religion, rituals, instruments made medicine and even magic potions have of solid hardwood survived for generations. Much of the with solid cedar tops. 12 string mandolin made in Mexico, Batak's beliefs remain and have simply Bandurria MAN091 $345.00 Mexican rosewood body, cedar been integrated with the world of Hard Case MAN091C $105.00 face with inlaid rosette. 3 strings today. STR150 $280.00 Laud MAN090 $395.00 per course MAN036 $265.00 Hard Case MAN090C $105.00





Star Guitar

Bandurria & Laud

Bajo Sexto





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Tenor Guitars

Martin Backpacker Guitar Nice small Backpack Guitar. Constructed of

mahogany with solid wood top. Weighing 2 lbs 2 ozs this is a guitar that you can take anywhere. Short 24” scale length, 33” overall length. Comes with carry bag. GUI025 $265.00

Tenor Guitars are becoming very popular again, and we are pleased to offer 2 models. These fine guitars can be either tuned in the traditional tenor guitar tuning or restrung and tuned one ocatve below the mandolin tuning. Includes case. Tenor Guitar, 4 strings, w/ spruce top, rosewood fingerboard, mahogany back & sides. GUI130 $365.00 Tenor Guitar, 4 strings, w/ solid spruce top, rosewood back, sides & fingerboard, genuine abalone binding GUI131 $465.00

Travel Guitar

The nicest travel guitar we have seen. Mahogany with a cedar face. Inlaid soundhole, wonderful sound. Full size scale length. Nylon String GUI031 $285.00 Steel String GUI087 $285.00

Gypsy Travel Guitar

Solid spruce top, comes with nylon bag. Full size scale length. Nylon string model GUI124 $119.00 Steel string model GUI125 $119.00

The Wayfarer Portable Guitar A great traveling companion. Steel strings, full scale length, natural finish, spruce face, rosewood fingerboard, comes with nylon case. GUI122 $129.00

Octave Guitar

Great for Backpacking! Great for kids! Take it anywhere! Big sound! A great small steel string guitar tuned one octave above a standard guitar. The body is made of solid mahogany, alder neck, rosewood fingerboard. Total body length only 24”, scale length of 14” and a maximum width of only 8”. Great for your kids, take it on a camping trip, throw it in your suitcase, take it to work and play it during your coffee break, a real winner!!! GUI001 $160.00 Extra string set GUI001S $11.00 Soft case GUI001C $28.00

Portable Striped Conga 11 inch conga, 7 inch

diameter skin head, with a wooden body made of alternating stripes of hardwood. It comes with a strap and is perfect for travel, campouts, kid’s drum, and many other uses. DRU450 $36.00

Martin Guitar Kits

All parts are suitable for the making of fine instruments. All are factory processed parts not used in the production of CF Martin's guitars. Contains solid woods, tuning machines, strings, and all the necessary parts to complete an instrument with the exception of glues and finishing materials. Sides are pre-bent and most wood parts are sanded and ready to glue. All guitar kits include an adjustable neck rod and the necessary related parts. A copy of “Helpful Hints for Guitar Kit Construction” by Dick Boak is included with each kit at no additional charge. In addition, if you order a Dreadnaught kit (marked “D”), you will receive a full size Herringbone Dreadnaught guitar blueprint. C.F. Martin & Co. warrants the materials in these kits as suitable for producing a quality musical instrument. However, no such warranty can be extended to the consumer’s labor, since varying degrees of craftsmanship can be anticipated. Decals and other trademarks of C.F. Martin & Co. cannot be supplied with the kits. Y Mahogany ”D” Kit Mahogany back & sides, solid spruce top, rosewood bridge & fingerboard, black bindings, and mother-ofpearl fingerboard dot inlays. KIT174 $520.00 Rosewood ”D” Guitar Kit East Indian rosewood back & sides, solid spruce top, ebony bridge & fingerboard, white bindings, and mother-ofpearl fingerboard dot inlays. KIT175 $630.00 Rosewood ”D” Herringbone Guitar Kit Same as Rosewood ”D” with Herringbone top inlay, and zig-zag back strip inlay. KIT176 $650.00 Rosewood “D” Top Pearl Guitar Kit Same as Rosewood “D” kit except top abalone pearl, inlaid bridge pins and gold tuning machines. KIT178 $880.00 Rosewood “000” Guitar Kit Same as Rosewood “D” kit, but in a OOO Auditorium size. KIT182 $620.00

Classical Guitar Kit

Spruce top with mosaic type sound hole rosette, glued and sanded maple back. Rib cage arched with lining, adjusted ready for use with milled in neck joint. Rosewood fingerboard with frets, rosewood bridge. Comes with neck already drilled, all the parts included. Made in Germany KIT206 $425.00

Lowden Guitars

For British Isles and Fingerpicking guitar, Lowden Guitars are beyond compare. The soundboard and strut wood is individually split, not sawn. The split line follows the exact GUI092 direction of the wood grain, rejecting any wavy or twisted grain. The wood fibers in a split soundboard are very long, which is necessary for efficient transmission of soundwaves through wood. Many of the well-known acoustic guitar manufacturers have recently introduced laminated wood backs and sides for cost reasons; the use of plastics and laminates does not require a humidity controlled environment. The highest degrees of tonal sensitivity and balance in an acoustic instrument can only be achieved by combining selected solid woods with an appropriate design and precise construction, thorough seasoning and consistent humidity control throughout. The Lowden workshops permits the exclusive use of solid tonewoods with confidence. Not only that, the guitars have a wonderful sound! Comes with extremely light flight case. “O” Series The original series Lowden guitars feature a large soundbox with a very distinctive outline, together with a marginally wider than normal neck. The lightweight body is powerful, yet allows for sensitive dynamics. Balanced sound, favored by fingerstyle guitarists, O25 Cedar top, Indian rosewood body, abalone rosette GUI092 $2990.00 Cutaway option add Y GUI041 $500.00

Springdrums & Thunder Tubes For something really different,

try these! The sound is generated by moving the drum so that the vibrations of the spring are transmitted to the head, creating an indescribable and musically interesting sound Spring Drums that is a cross between a cuica, a thunder sheet, a suspended cymbal roll, and the roar of a lion. Springdrums Small Angle DRU342 $18.25 Medium Angle DRU344 $30.50 Medium Flat DRU345 $35.75 Large Angle DRU346 $70.50 Thunder Large Flat Tube DRU347 $68.25 Thunder Tubes 7” Long Tie Dye PER412 $14.00 Lightning PER413 $14.00 Starry Night PER414 $14.00 Deep Space PER415 $14.00

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Guitars and Requintos

We are pleased to offer a selection of quality Spanish made guitars lovingly made by Esteve of Valencia.

Classical Guitars Mahogany with a cedar top and rosewood Lark’s Guitars

Excellent buys in quality, good sounding, inexpensive guitars. Directly imported for a great price! Dreadnaught Model, spruce face, mahogany back and sides GUI033 $170.00 Dreadnaught Model, solid spruce face, mahogany back and sides GUI034 $235.00 Hard Case, Dreadnaught GUI056C $55.00 Grand Concert Model, spruce face, mahogany back and sides GUI032 $215.00 Hard Case, Grand Concert and Folk Guitar GUI057C $70.00 Folk Guitar, Solid spruce face, mahogany back and sides GUI058 $255.00 Jumbo Guitar, Solid spruce abalone binding & rosette, flamed maple body. GUI064 $425.00 Case, jumbo GUI064C $75.00 Cutaway Dreadnaught Spruce top, mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard. GUI056 $185.00 12-string Guitar Dreadnaught body, solid spruce top, mahogany sides and back, rosewood fingerboard, nato neck GUI034/12 $295.00

Regal Bass Resonator The Regal bass resonator guitar has a spruce top, a slim modern-feel neck and a starburst finish. 23 frets, 17 between peghead and body, nickel-plated brass coverplate and tailpiece. GUI090 $595.00

Resonator Guitars Similar to

the original instruments made in the 1930s, these resonator guitars sound and play great. They are the real thing for bottle neck, Hawaiian, slide, and blues guitar styles! Great sound. Biscuit Model: mahogany top, back, sides, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, biscuit cone with a big sound! GUI036 $315.00 3 Hole Model: mahogany top, back, sides, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard GUI037 $295.00 Biscuit Cone Cutaway: Mahogany top, sides, back, and neck, rosewood fingerboard. GUI062 $295.00 3 Hole Square Neck Model: mahogany top, back, sides, square mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard GUI063 $295.00


fingerboard GUI015 $450.00 Rosewood with a cedar top and rosewood fingerboard GUI016 $925.00 Rosewood with a cedar top and ebony fingerboard Y GUI017 $1620.00

Flamenco Guitars

Sycamore (golden color) with a spruce top and rosewood fingerboard GUI018 $875.00 Cypress with a spruce top and ebony fingerboard. Y GUI019 $2350.00


Wonderful high lead instrument especially popular for Mexican music. Quality requintos solid cedar face, rosewood fingerboard, beautiful ovankol body, 535 mm scale, cutaway, extended fingerboard, 21 frets tuning a,e,c,G,D,A GUI082 $795.00 Case, with instrument only. GUI023C $160.00

Resonator Guitars Spruce top, mahogany back and

sides, nato neck, rosewood fingerboard, biscuit gold soundhole and binding, GD diecasting hardware, glossy amber finish. GUI123 $375.00 Spruce top, mahogany back and sides, nato neck, rosewood fingerboard, biscuit gold soundhole and binding, fancy body binding, GD plate hardware, black glossy finish. GUI118 $425.00

Metal Body Guitars Modeled after the

original, pre-World War 2 guitars, these resonators are the foremost affordable metal guitars on the market. They have incredible projection and impeccable tone. Neck: Mahogany. Neck/Body joint: 14th fret. Fretboard: Select rosewood. Frets: 19, nickel/silver. Position marker: Mother-of-pearl dots. Truss Rod: Adjustable, with cover plate. Bridge: maple. Resonator: 9.5” aluminum alloy, biscuit cone. Old time sound and they look great! Silver Finish GUI103 $499.00 Gold Finish GUI117 $550.00

Renaissance Guitar & Kit Designed with a pear-shaped body

and angular peghead for that early music flair. Please note the optional decorations available for enhancing this instrument. We let you choose how many of the “extras” you want to purchase. We normally offer these guitars with steel strings for the brightest and fullest sound. But this guitar works very well with classical (nylon) strings too. Nylon strings are easier on the fingers if you are a beginning player, and they produce a softer, more mellow sound. These guitar kits require some patience, because you will want to assemble the parts carefully on a very flat table, making sure of perfect alignment, so the instrument will play well. Instructions include lots of illustrations to make each step clear. With careful attention, you’ll build a beautiful instrument. The neck is already shaped for you, and the sides are easy to bend under hot running water. There is even an adjustable truss rod to keep the neck from warping. 6 strings, steel or nylon, laminated spruce front, laminated walnut/cherry sides and back, mahogany neck, walnut fingerboard. 38” long, 15” wide, weighs only 3-1/2 lbs. Steel String Kit KIT193 $249.95 Nylon String Kit KIT194 $249.95 Finished Steel String Guitar KIT195 $595.00 Finished Guitar Nylon KIT196 $595.00 Spare set of 6 strings, light steel KIT197 $8.95 Spare set of 6 nylon strings KIT198 $8.95 Guitar strap with two buttons KIT199 $14.95 Padded carrying bag KIT200 $99.95 Pearl marking dots, 1/4” dia KIT201 $0.75 Laser-cut Doily Rosette, 4-1/4” KIT202 $14.95 2 Plastic pick guard, tortoise-shell KIT203 $7.95 Plastic edge binding, tortoise-shell 60” KIT204 $5.95

Inexpensive Resonator Guitar This resonator guitar is a real bargain, not as well finished as our other resonator guitars, but still a good way to begin your resonator experience. GUI129 $195.00

Lark’s Acoustic Bass Guitar Nice sounding acoustic bass guitar at an affordable price! Spruce top, mahogany body. Good looking and easily playable GUI039 $325.00 Hard Case GUI039C $85.00

Nice Student Violin

This lovely instrument comes complete with a bow and a sturdy hard case. The violin has many nice features not usually found on an inexpensive instrument. Great fiddle for a bargain price. VIO045 $119.00

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Nicely crafted “A” style mandolins. Mahogany necks and bodies with rosewood fingerboards. With case Round Hole Arch Top model, spruce face. MAN086 $265.00 “F” Hole Arch Top model, solid spruce face. MAN087 $295.00

Lark’s Bowl Back Mandolin Traditional Neapolitan style mandolin

with solid top, 17 rib back, arm rest, 2 octave neck with extended fingerboard, slotted peghead with modern style mandolin tuning machines, compensated bridge. Sweet rich tone, perfect for Italian, Classical, Old-time, and other musical styles. MAN093 $285.00 Hard Case CSE032 $60.00

Lark’s F Style Mandolin Our own carved solid spruce top F

style mandolin, with f-holes, raised pickguard, 2 octave fingerboard, adjustable compensated bridge, and the full tone that has made this mandolin design very popular with players of all styles and genres from mandolin orchestras to Bluegrass and even jazz. With case MAN094 $595.00

Mid-Missouri Mandolins Solid Honduran body, solid

Engelmann spruce top. Honduras mahogany neck. Rosewood fretboard & bridge, without binding. MAN108 $480.00 Solid Morado rosewood body. Solid Engelmann spruce top. Ebony fretboard & bridge. MAN109 $630.00 Solid Honduran mahogany body & top Ebony fretboard, bridge. MAN110 $570.00 Gig Bag MAN108B $39.95 Hard Case MAN108C $109.95 Mandola Solid Honduran body. Solid Engelmann spruce top. Mahogany neck. Rosewood fretboard and bridge MAN111 $600.00 Padded Gig Bag MAN111B $39.95 Case MAN111C $109.95

Octave Mandolin This Mid Missouri octave

mandolin features a 22-inch scale and adjustable truss rod. Solid Sitka spruce top, Maple back and sides, Rosewood fretboard and bridge. MAN131 $850.00

Octave Mandolins Great Price!

It’s hard to believe how good an octave mandolin you get for so low a price, but this one makes amazing music and is within almost any budget. The flatback teardrop body is made of walnut, and the top of spruce. It has a somewhat smaller size and shorter scale than many octave mandolins, thus making it easier to hold and finger. 31” long. Comes as an octave mandolin but can be tuned as a long scale mandola with the proper strings. MAN089 $99.00 Carry Bag CSE035 $22.00

Inexpensive Mandolin A surprisingly nice mandolin at a

bargain price! This mandolin has a teardrop flatback design, a spruce top, walnut back and sides, and plays like an instrument costing far more. 25” long. MAN088 $80.00 Carry Bag CSE034 $18.00

Nice Small Guitars Good sounding, nicely crafted

small size guitars made in Europe. Most smaller guitars folks buy for their kids are pure rubbish that only discourages the child from making music. These Strunal nylon string guitars will encourage music! Mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard. 1/2 size, 21” scale length GUI042 $190.00 1/2 size, nylon bag GUI042C $28.00 1/4 size, 17” scale length GUI043 $186.00 1/4 size, nylon bag GUI043C $28.00

Handmade Steel String Guitars Looking for that special sound in a

handmade steel string guitar? These guitars are luthier-built in Mexico of quality solid woods and have a great tone, response, and a big voice. They offer a real alternative to the typical Oriental factory-built guitars in their price range, having a distinctive individual character usually found only in guitars costing much more. We offer two somewhat different steel string guitar models. Both are made with solid cedar tops, natural finish solid Palo Cedro Rojo back and sides, rosewood fingerboards, and have abalone ornamentation. One model is based on a dreadnaught body shape, with a standard steel-string type neck feel. The other model is more similar to a typical Mexican classical guitar, but with alterations to accommodate the metal strings and their greater string tension. The neck also has a slight radius curve facilitating fingering with the steel strings, and is somewhat wider than the standard steel string neck. Dreadnaught GUI059 $495.00 Classic Steel String Guitar GUI060 $450.00

Hawaiian Guitars

Copy of a Hawaiian steel guitar by Weissenborn c1920. Made of solid mahogany with wooden inlaid frets and markers. Played with a steel. Has a square hollow neck. GUI045 $710.00 Learn to Play Traditional Hawaiian Guitar Video Bob Brozman. Tunings, bar positions, scale patterns, harmonic “chimes” and other techniques LAR152 $39.95 The Art of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Video A variety of tunings, beautiful instrumentals and essential techniques. VID068 $39.95 Learn to Play Hawaiian Slack-Key Guitar a comprehensive course in the wonderful art of slack-key guitar. Tab, with CD BOK031 $24.95

Harp Guitar

Copy of a Harp Guitar by the Dyer Brothers c1910. Spruce face with a mahogany body like the original, and steel strings. The six bass strings are used for extra low notes. GUI044 $1600.00 Case GUI044C $250.00 Bass Six String Set MIS123 $25.00


Cedar face with abalone inlay star design, cedar cutaway body, and rosewood fingerboard with a 211/2” scale length. Traditional lead instrument in a mariachi band. GUI105 $460.00

Mini Guitar Great small, steel string

guitar. 24” scale length, spruce face, mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard. Take it anywhere! GUI089 $195.00

Tiny Boy Guitar A 3/4 size steel string guitar with a

surprisingly open tone; app. 23-3/ 4” scale length, gloss finish, dot inlay position markers, 21 fret neck, “mini-dreadnaught” body shape with neck joining at the 14th fret, with soft case. GUI086 $99.00

D’Angle Guitar Holder

A uniquely designed instrument holder perfect for situations with limited space where a standard guitar stand is impractical. Small enough to fit in most cases, this holder attaches to the neck of the guitar (no headstock required) and hangs safely from a shelf, windowsill, or ledge. Will not harm finishes, no breakable parts ELE054 $19.95

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Goldtone Banjos

Gold Tone Banjos and Banjitars are hand-crafted with carefully selected woods, excellent finishes, quality hardware, and “tight” fitting parts. For a good value in a quality banjo (sound and playability), Gold Tone now has 18 different models including bluegrass, travelers, open backs, long necks, tenors, plectrums, Banjitars (6 strings for guitarists), Banjobass, and the Mandobanjo.

Bluegrass Special

Quality sound at a great price make the BG-250 and BG-250F a “Bluegrass Special.” Features include bell brass tone-ring, maple neck, maple rim, shoe style lugs, planetary tuners, Price licensed tailpiece, two way adjustable truss rod, and a beautiful brown vintage finish. Mother of pearl headstock inlay and snowflake fingerboard inlay are combined with a mahogany resonator. This banjo includes a lifetime warranty. The BG250 converts easily to a bonafide open back for frailing and clawhammer style. The BG-250F has a flange and a larger resonator for piercing tone in bluegrass music. Bluegrass Special Banjo BG250 BAN026 $710.00 Bluegrass Special Banjo BG250F BAN027 $779.00

Cripple Creek Never before has an entry level

banjo included the features and tone of our CC-100. Features include maple neck, resonator, and body, neck and resonator binding, double coordinator rods, curly maple headstock veneer, Price licensed tailpiece, brass tone ring, 2 way adjustable truss rod, and low action for the beginning banjoist. Check any competitive banjo in this price range and you’ll find “more bang for the buck” with our Cripple Creek. Cripple Creek Banjo CC-100(0) Open Back BAN029 $335.00 Cripple Creek Banjo CC-100(R) With Resonator BAN030 $410.00

Tenor Special Our Plectrum and Tenor four-strings

have exceptional tone and exquisite looks! These banjos are identical except for the different scale necks. Mother of Pearl headstock inlay and hearts and flower inlay give these “specials” great value, tone and looks for the dollar. Features include shoe style lugs, bell brass tone-ring, two way adjustable truss rod, maple neck and rim with planetary tuning machines, mahogany resonator and a rich mahogany finish. These fourstrings are set up to play with “low-action” for easy chording and maximum speed. The new model includes a one piece flange and 14” resonator. Both these models may be easily converted to open back models. “Plectrum Special” Banjo PS-250 BAN045 $785.00 “The Tenor Special” Banjo TS-250 BAN048 $790.00


The Traveler

A true mini 5 string banjo has remarkable tone and playability due to a totally unique design. A custom Remo 10” Pre-Tuned head eliminates the need for the normal 24 tension brackets and other parts. The head never needs adjustment which means string action and tone remain consistent. The neck is exactly the same scale as playing with a capo in A (2nd fret) so it feels comfortable. At only 21/2 lbs., and 31” it is a delight for traveling, practicing, and of course for kids. It has a maple neck and rim, 19 frets, sealed geared tuning machines, Price licensed tailpiece and snowflake inlay. “The Traveler” Banjo TB-100 (OB) Open Back BAN046 $455.00

The Banjitar

Many on-stage guitarists requested a lightweight 6 string with excellent tone so this model was released, “The Banjitar”, which weighs the same as an acoustic guitar. Maple rim, maple neck, and optional slim line resonator are combined with high quality chrome plated hardware. Our specially designed 12” head (which is adjustment free) has excellent bass response for a lightweight six-string banjo. The dobro style tailpiece increases sustain and may be manipulated by the picking hand for a unique vibrato tone. Complete with sliding mag pickup and rosewood radiused fingerboard. Banjitar BT-1000 BAN028 $620.00

Banjitar Deluxe

The GT-500, 6 string for guitar players, is traditionally styled with maple rim, maple resonator, maple neck and a rosewood radiused fingerboard. This original model features an alloy tone ring, heavy duty stainless steel tailpiece, bone nut, chrome-plated hardware, two way adjustable truss rod, and sealed geared tuning machines. Included is a sliding mag pick-up which may be slid along the inside rod to different positions for a variety of tones. This unique Gold Tone pick-up accentuates the bass notes and provides piercing banjo style treble. This model has excellent acoustic volume and good sustain. Banjitar Deluxe GT-500 BAN032 $799.00

Irish Tenor

This short scale tenor is designed for playing in the common keys of traditional music. Excellent tone and volume is a result of a quality White Ladye tone ring, thin maple rim, maple neck and quality components. MOP headstock inlay, hearts and flower position markers, two way adjustable truss rod, and chrome plated hardware are standard equipment This is an excellent addition to any tenor player’s arsenal of instruments. Irish Tenor Banjo IT-250 BAN034 $710.00

Maple Mountain

For a sweet frailing or clawhammer tone the MM-150 is an original open back model and has been very well received. This open back has 24 brackets, White Ladye tone ring (a three part tone ring famous for its plunky and sustaining tone) clear finish on maple, chrome-plated parts, maple neck, planetary tuners, and a thinner maple rim allowing more “air space” in the tone chamber. It is equipped with a Remo Fiberskyn head, rosewood fingerboard, and diamond inlay. “Maple Mountain” Banjo MM-150 BAN041 $799.00 “Maple Mountain” Banjo MM-150LN Long Neck Model BAN052 $799.00

Maple Classic

Economically priced, the MC150 has all quality parts which provide excellent tone. Features include maple neck, maple tone rim, maple resonator, shoe style lugs, alloy tone ring, two way adjustable truss rod, Price licensed tailpiece, and snowflake inlay. This model is convertible which means the resonator may be easily detached for open back playing style. Recently, the MC150 received a rave review from a popular folk magazine in England which explained its incredible tone for the price. The Maple Classic is also available in long neck version (MC150LN), open back (MC-150 OB) or in lefty (MC-150L). It is also available in kit form for the do-it-yourself craftsman! Maple Classic Banjo MC-150 (OB) Open Back BAN036 $568.00 Maple Classic Banjo MC-150 (LNR) Long Neck With Resonator BAN037 $798.00 Maple Classic Banjo MC-150 (R) With Resonator BAN038 $589.00 Maple Classic Banjo Kit MC-KIT (R) With Resonator BAN039 $410.00 Maple Classic Banjo Kit MC-KIT (OB) Open Back BAN040 $345.00

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Orange Blossom

The OB-250 has been called the “best bluegrass banjo” for under $1500.00! Features include maple neck, ebony fingerboard, maple body, maple resonator, onepiece zinc-alloy flange (for that pre-war sound), brass tone ring, brass counter hoop, Price licensed tailpiece, two way adjustable truss rod, and planetary tuning machines. Cosmetics include highly flamed maple resonator in two-toned brown sunburst, genuine mother of pearl headstock inlay, and hearts and flower neck inlay. The OB-250 is endorsed by bluegrass legend Frank Wakefield. A slim neck and excellent setup make the OB-250 a great choice for the serious bluegrass musician. Nickel plated OB-250 BAN042 $1100.00 Gold Plated OB-250G BAN043 $1259.00 Long Neck OB-250LN BAN044 $1299.00

Banjo Bass

A new sound for bass players, the BB-400 has an uncanny resemblance to the tone of an upright acoustic bass with our special sliding mag pickup. A slim maple neck and a 13” maple body makes the Banjo Bass a comfortable instrument to play. Features include sliding mag pickup, a Remo PTS pretuned head, radiused fingerboard, stainless-steel tailpiece, thumb guide, bone nut, and high-quality tuning machines. The BB-400 has extremely quick hammers, pull-offs, and slides. It is especially suited to play slap bass techniques. The BB-400 is available with frets or as a fretless model. Bass players are amazed at this new tone for the “LOW END”. Fretted Bass Banjo BAN025 $799.00 Fretless Bass Banjo BAN051 $799.00

CC Model Banjos

Great inexpensive banjos. Brass tone rings, maple wood neck, with truss rod. Bound fingerboard, Chrome plating, shoe style lugs, armrest and bone nut. Great sound, with resonators. CC Banjitar 6 String Banjo BAN055 $470.00 CC Traveler 5 String Banjo BAN056 $420.00 CC Irish Tenor 4 String Banjo BAN057 $420.00 CC Tenor 4 String Banjo BAN058 $420.00 CC Plectrum 4 String Banjo BAN059 $420.00

Mando Banjo

The Mando-Banjo, designed for mandolin players, has great action, looks, and tone for a new sound for mandolinists. A Remo PTS pre-tuned head provides this instrument with an adjustmentfree head and body. Unlike many vintage mandolin banjos, the MB800 because of its unique design stays in tune! It has loud crisp tones and low action. Features include maple neck and body, 10” pre-tuned Remo PTS head, double coordinator rods, arm rest, gold-plated machines, and curly maple headstock. Mandobanjo MB-800 BAN035 $575.00

White Ladye

Our premier open back banjo has remarkable tone and exquisite cosmetics. A White Ladye tone ring combined with a thin maple rim provides ample volume and a wonderful plunky tone. Features include ebony fingerboard, cloud position markers, vine headstock inlay, Price licensed tailpiece, reversible two way truss rod, body and neck binding, maple neck and double coordinator rods finished in a rich mahogany lacquer. Options available cutaway fingerboard, capo spikes, and hard arched top case. “White Ladye” Banjo WL250 BAN049 $799.00

Gold Tone Banjo Cases Deluxe Arched case for Resonator Banjo

CSE038 $159.00 Deluxe Arched case for Open Back Banjo CSE039 $165.00 Hardshell Resonator Banjo case CSE040 $110.00 Hardshell Tenor/Travel Banjo case CSE041 $110.00 Banjo/Banjitar bag (heavily padded) CSE042 $69.00 Bass or Long Neck Banjo bag (heavily padded) CSE043 $75.00 Tenor Banjo bag (heavily padded) CSE044 $65.00 Mando Banjo bag (heavily padded) CSE045 $55.00 Travel Banjo bag (heavily padded) CSE046 $65.00 Banjo bag (Light Duty) CSE047 $28.00

Wild Things Mini Pan This G major

pentatonic steel drum is perfect for the person who wishes to improvise or play rhythmical patterns. This has been referred to as the drummer’s drum and the meditation pan. It has deep, rich tones and because it is based on the 5 tone pentatonic scale, you can’t make a mistake! Perfect for all ages and abilities. It is designed and tuned to be played on any flat surface. Comes with mallets. STD059 $160.00

Wood Top Travel Banjo This instrument is the perfect

travelling companion for the 5 string banjo player. It is smaller than a standard 5 string banjo, has a spruce body, nato neck, and rosewood fingerboard. Instead of a skin it has a wooden top, which has a nice bright tone. Its light weight, small size and great sound make this an ideal choice for camping, vacations, music workshops, beach outings, or any other time a compact banjo would be welcome. With the wood top, it also serves as another musical option for the 5 string banjoist looking for additional tone color. BAN023 $215.00

Crystal Panpipes

These elegant instruments are made of Pyrex glass and are decorated with kiln-fired enamels and 22k gold. Each panpipe is closed on the bottom with a permanent Pyrex glass seal instead of sliding corks. This makes the tuning permanent and also looks better. The panpipe tubes are assembled using clear epoxy resin for a durable bond. Choose from the colorful Carolina Floral or the white and gold Lily pattern. Carolina, one octave, “C” PAN055 $55.00 Carolina, two octaves, “C” PAN056 $85.00 Lily, one octave, “C” PAN057 $55.00 Lily, two octaves, “C” PAN058 $85.00

Crystal Dulcimer Noter This is a classy upscale noter, made of Pyrex™ glass, measures 3/8 x 3 1/4 inches and produces a clear bright tone. Sure to attract the attention of the most discriminating Dulcimer player. SPS652 $9.00

Pratten Copy Irish Flute The instruments made by Arie De Keyzer in

Europe, are finished to the highest standards and have been played all over the world. This superior model is made of African blackwood, with a Pratten pattern (large holes), and comes with a wooden case. Big sound!IRF017 $550.00

Wooden Flutes

Two piece body. A good beginners Irish style flute in the Key of D. Plays easily in D, G, A (with flat 7th) Am, Bm & Em. Rosewood with sterling silver rings IRF007 $395.00 Walnut, Maple, Cherry, as available IRF008 $275.00

Cork Grease Box

Handturned from native California hardwoods, about 1” in diameter. A perfect gift for any wind player. WIN120 $16.00

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Banjo Mandolin

Mountain Banjo Kit

Tenor Banjo 4 String Tenor Banjo with resonator, 24

brackets, laminated rim BAN006 $225.00 Case BAN006C $45.00

5 String Banjos

We are pleased to offer a selection of well crafted banjos with a great sound! With resonators 18 Brackets, laminated rim BAN005 $235.00 24 Brackets, solid maple rim and neck, metal tone ring BAN010 $525.00 24 Brackets, solid maple rim and neck, tone ring, gold plated BAN008 $675.00 Hard Case BAN022 $80.00


sound. These instruments have an easy adjuster on the back of the neck. Just grab it with your fingers and turn and you can raise and lower the action. Lightweight. Great travel instrument. BAN001 $149.00 Case BAN001C $17.50


Banjo Mandolin Cute banjo mandolin with a big

Banjo Mandolin, mahogany neck and body. BAN009 $195.00 Case BAN009C $65.00


This is a very nice old time mountain banjo with a sweet sound that won’t drive the neighbors away. The wood rim is turned from solid cherry with an attractive decorative bead on top and bottom. The skin head is prestretched on a ring and drops into the wood rim. The fingerboard is rosewood veneer with the fret slots cut into it. Comes with 2 bridges for summer and winter use. Specify steel or nylon strings. 5 String Fretted Completed KIT123A $239.00 Fretted Kit KIT124A $149.00 Fretless Completed KIT123B $239.00 Fretless Kit KIT124B $149.00 4 String Tenor Short Completed KIT123C $239.00 Tenor Short Kit KIT124C $149.00 Plectrum Long Completed KIT123D $239.00 Plectrum Long Kit KIT124D $149.00

Banjo Ukulele This Banjo Ukulele has


concert scale length, 8” Remo head, snowflake inlay, loud tone, and has a resonator. BAN062 $299.00 BAN013


Quality 6 String Guitar Banjos Quality banjos that any guitar player

can just sit down and play! All have resonators. Basic Model BAN007 $245.00 Better Model BAN013 $335.00 Best model with tone ring BAN014 $525.00

Open Back Frailing Banjos Great open back, five





IrishTenor Banjos

Designed and set up for the GDAE octave mandolin tuning favored by Irish (and some Italian!) musicans; excellent tone and action. Both have resonators and 24 brackets. Good Banjo with laminated rim, and coated head BAN061 $365.00 Best Banjo with solid maple rim, clear head and zinc tone ring BAN060 $550.00

string banjos for folks wanting to play “Old Timey”, Traditional and folk music rather than Bluegrass. Basic Model BAN016 $225.00 Better Model BAN018 $345.00 Best Model with tone ring BAN017 $510.00

Short Neck 5 String Banjo Based on the piccolo banjo of

the late 1800’s Banjo Clubs, this instrument has a standard 11 inch head, open back mahogany rim, 18 tuning lugs, and a 17 fret neck that is only 121/2 inches long. With its shorter scale, this banjo will tune to open C, CGCEG, as if it were a G tuned banjo capo’d at the fifth fret. Of course all the other 5 string tunings are available, but will be higher in pitch. Other options include removing the 5th string and setting it up either as an early 20th century tango banjo/tenor banjo, with CGDA tuning; or for ukulele players, GCEA, making this a great banjo uke. BAN024 $195.00

Riverboat Banjo

This open-back banjo will compete against the big name brands with their patented tone rings and full resonators! You'll love the sound and feel of it in your lap, and everyone will remark at its distinctive appearance. 5 strings, solid cherry and padauk, plastic banjo head, 38” long, 14” diameter, truss rod included, weighs 7 lbs. A masterful design using solid wood in place of most metal banjo parts. Even the tone ring under the head is made of spruce! Yet you can easily replace the head or adjust its tension with a simple screwdriver. Riverboat Banjo kit KIT208 $349.95 Finished Riverboat Banjo KIT209 $750.00 Pearl marking dots each KIT212 $0.75 Strap with two buttons KIT213 $14.95 Spare set of steel strings KIT214 $4.95 Padded gig bag KIT215 $69.95 Hardshell case, plush KIT216 $149.95

Eagle Back Banjo 5 string banjo with

a beautifully inlaid eagle design in the tiger Maple resonator, imitation abalone bound. Zinc tone ring, solid maple rim, clear head, maple neck & 24 brackets BAN054 $600.00 Hard Case BAN022 $80.00


Student / Intermediate level Cello with bow. VIO113 $650.00

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Lark in the Morning’s “One of A Kind” Musical Instruments Lark in the Morning is proud

to offer a vast and varied selection of unusual, antique and hard to find collectable instruments. Some of what you can expect to find in our ever changing collection includes antique wooden flutes and fifes, concertinas, field drums, early clarinets, strings, and many other unique and interesting instruments. For complete details, please contact our knowledgeable sales and customer service staff by email, or telephone during normal business hours.

Musical Instrument Strings Y

Musical instrument strings. Others available. Mexican Vihuela High Tension MIS001 $5.50 Cuatro Venezolano MIS002 $7.00 Charango MIS003 $13.00 Oud MIS004 $27.00 Guitarrone MIS005 $22.00 Dulcimer 4 string MIS006 $3.00 Ukulele MIS007 $5.50 Cavaquinho MIS032 $12.00 Tenor Uke MIS033 $5.50 Baritone Uke MIS008 $6.00 Mandolin Light, Phosphor Bronze STG006 $6.00 Mandolin Med Phosphor Bronze STG009 $6.00 Mandola Phosphor Bronze MIS010 $15.00 Mandocello Phosphor Bronze MIS011 $20.00 Banjo 5 String STG008 $4.00 Classical Banjo MIS023 $6.50 Classical Banjo, Gut MIS034 $29.00 Acoustic Guitar Phosphor Bronze Extra Light STG001 $5.00 Light STG002 $5.00 Medium STG003 $6.00 Acoustic Guitar Elixir 010 extra light MIS124 $20.00 012 light MIS125 $20.00 013 Medium MIS126 $20.00 Classical Guitar Medium STG004 $5.00 Hi Tension STG005 $5.00 Resophonic Guitar Nickel Wound MIS050 $11.50 Bronze G Tuning MIS051 $12.45 Mandola Lark, Lt Phosphor Bronze STG010 $8.00 Irish Tenor Banjo STG007 $5.00 Saz MIS031 $8.00 Octave Mandolin: Light STG011 $7.00 Short Scale STG014 $7.00 Greek Bouzouki: 8 string MIS014 $10.50 6 string MIS015 $6.00 Concert Greek Bouzouki: 8 string Phosphor MIS035 $15.00 8 sg Silver MIS036 $12.00 Sitar MIS016 $42.00 Sitar Professional 20 strings, silver-plated steel MIS127 $40.00

Sarod MIS128 $12.00 Puerto Rican Cuatro MIS017 $18.25 7 Course Lute MIS018 $31.00 10 Course Lute MIS019 $33.00 Balalaika 3 String STG013 $3.50, 6 String MIS020 $8.00 Bajo Sexto MIS021 $22.50 Tiple Colombiano MIS022C $10.50 Bolilviano MIS022B $10.50 Bandola MIS024 $4.25 Laud MIS025 $15.75 Cuban Tres MIS038 $9.50 Requinto MIS026 $12.75 Bandurria MIS027 $16.00 Guitar Zither 32 String MIS02832 $200.00, 45 String MIS02845 $150.00 Concert Zither MIS030 $185.00 Autoharp MIS029 $110.00 Autoharp set, eyelet end MIS090 $110.00 Kanun MIS037 $115.00 Harp Guitar 10 String MIS039 $60.00 12 String MIS040 $65.00 Viola da Gamba Treble MIS041 $71.00 Tenor MIS042 $73.00 Bass MIS043 $89.00 Yaili Tambur BAN003S $12.00 Cittern 5 Course Light STG012 $10.00 Renaissance Guitar Silver plated wound fundamental bass MIS062 $11.75 Fundamental bass MIS063 $11.00 Renaissance Vihuela 6 Courses rectified nylon trebles Octaves, silver plated wound basses MIS064 $20.50 Unisons, silver plated wound basses MIS065 $24.50 Baroque Guitar Medium tension MIS066 $13.25 High tension MIS068 $15.00 Early Romantic Guitar 6 strings-rectified nylon trebles, silver plated wound bass MIS067 $15.50 Romantic Terz Guitar 6 strings-rectified nylon trebles, silver plated wound basses MIS069 $15.50 Tenor Lute 6 Courses-rectified nylon trebles, octaves Silver plated wound basses MIS070 $21.75 Aluminum wound octaves MIS071 $26.25 Tenor Lute nylon trebles, silver plated wound basses 7 Courses Octaves MIS072 $26.25 7 Courses Aluminum wound octaves MIS073 $33.00 8 Courses octaves MIS074 $30.75 8 Courses aluminum wound octaves MIS075 $40.25 10 Courses octaves MIS076 $40.75 10 Courses aluminum wound octaves MIS077 $54.25 Baroque Lute 13 Courses-rectified nylon trebles Aluminum wound octaves, silver plated wound basses MIS078 $49.00 1st & 3rd courses and octaves, silver plated wound 4th & 5th courses & basses MIS079 $58.50 1st & 5th courses and octaves, silver plated wound basses MIS080 $49.00 Theorbo 7 Courses (1st neck)-rectified nylon trebles, 1st & 4th courses, silver plated wound 5th & 7th courses MIS081 $15.75 Plectrum Banjo MIS082 $9.00 Mandola Silver plated wound on steel, loop ends, all wound MIS083 $15.65 Phosphor bronze, loop ends, all wound MIS084 $15.65 Mandocello phosphor bronze wound, loop ends, all wound MIS085 $25.00 Mandobass phosphor bronze wound, loop ends, all wound MIS086 $48.50 Tenor Ukulele MIS087 $5.50 Banjo Uke MIS088 $5.50 Dulcimer plain steel, silver plated wound, loop ends MIS089 $5.50 Irish Bouzouki plain steel, silver plated wound, loop ends, 8 strings in 4 double courses MIS091 $9.00 Baglama Turkish plain steel, silver plated wound, 7 strings in 4 courses MIS092 $18.75 Kanoun 75 strings, black nylon MIS116 $115.00 Oud plain nylon, silver plated wound on nylon, 11 strings in 6 courses MIS093 $26.50 Turkish Saz plain steel, silver plated wound, 7 strings in 4 courses MIS094 $18.75 Tambura plain steel,loop ends, 4 strings MIS095 $11.75 Bajo Sexto Stainless steel wound, loop ends 10 strings in 5 double courses MIS096 $42.00 12 strings in 6 double courses MIS097 $54.00 Bandola de Colombia Plain steel, silver plated wound 16 strings in 6 courses MIS098 $18.00 14 strings in 6 courses MIS099 $16.00 Bandolin plain steel, silver plated wound, 15 strings in 5 triple courses MIS100 $16.75 Cavaquinho plain steel, bronze wound, 4 single strings MIS101 $7.25 Charango plain nylon, 10 strings in 5 unison courses MIS102 $9.50 Cuatro de Sur America plain nylon, 4 strings MIS117 $3.38 Guitarra Portuguesa plain steel silver plated wound, loop ends, 13 strings in 5 courses MIS103 $13.00 Guitarrone nylon wound on nylon, bronze wound on steel, 6 strings MIS104 $31.25 Requinto nylon, silver plated wound MIS105 $12.75 Tiple Colombiano plain steel, bronze plated wound, 12 strings 4 triple courses MIS107 $9.50 Tiple Requinto Colombiano plain steel, 12 strings in 4 triple courses MIS108 $9.50 Vihuela de Mexico Plain nylon, 5 single strings MIS109 $10.00 Viola Braguesa plain steel, silver plated wound, loop ends, 10 strings in 5 double courses MIS110 $15.00 Don Jose Professional Cuatro Stainless steel, silk and steel wound MIS119 $18.25 Stainless steel and silver plated wound MIS120 $18.25 1/2 Size Guitar La Bella, 21” MIS058 $10.00 3/4 Size Guitar La Bella, 22-1/2” MIS059 $10.00 Acoustic Bass Guitar Phosphor Bronze D’Addario MIS060 $21.99

Flat Tanpura

Made from seasoned Tun wood; hollow neck for resonance; rich tanpura tone but only 39” x 12” x 5”. 4 brass strings, wooden pegs, fine tuning beads, 70 cm scale. Smaller than male or female gourd-body tanpuras, but with nearly all the tone. STR175 $300.00


Similar to the Jogia Sarangi, the Chikara is smaller (23 x 7.5 x 4.5 inches) with the same amount of playing and sympathetic strings. A very well made instrument that can be used in Afghan, Moroccan, and other styles of music in addition to the folkloric Indian music it is associated with. 3 gut strings, metal sympathetics, skin resonator; with bow. STR177 $170.00

Jogia Sarangi

The Jogia Sarangi has three main playing strings of gut and seven metal sympathetic strings. The instrument has no frets and the strings are stopped by the sides of the fingernails and are not pressed onto a fingerboard. This is an earlier version of the classical sarangi, and is used by folk musicians. The bow is rather broad and tightly held palm upwards, the middle and ring fingers being placed between the hair and the stick. The sarangi is made of a single block of “tun” wood carved out by hand and has a compact and asymmetrical shape. The body or resonator is covered with goat skin on which is placed an ivory or bone bridge. The neck, which is a continuation of the body, becomes slightly narrower at the tops and ends with a peg-box. 27 x 9.5 x 6”. STR176 $250.00

Bansuri Bamboo Flutes

Fine grade bamboo with precise tuning in a range of keys. Set of 23 BFL043 $175.00

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Ganza & Caxixi These hard to come by

rattles are exceedingly popular with professionals. Hand woven basketry. Ganza, Standard PER101 $17.00 Ganza, Large PER102 $23.50 Caxixi Caxixi Small PER103 $20.00 Caxixi, Large PER104 $25.00 Double Shaker Double Shaker PER106 $20.00


Also called Cabasa, the Afuche is made of endless loops of plated steel ball chain. These loops surround a textured stainless steel cylinder enclosed by smoothly finished flanges and joined with a handle. Great sound! Mini plastic PER132 $28.50 Standard wood PER133 $42.50

Multi Guiro

A pocketful of rhythm! It has 2 rubbing surfaces: one is coarsely grooved, and the other side more finely textured. Can be used as a shaker, change the fill material to suit your taste! Comes with special fork-like scraper and rod. PER134 $51.50

Metal Shaker

All-purpose metal shaker for a limitless variety of situations. The fine fill material provides a delicate shaker sound. A must for percussionists! PER135 $22.50

Pichincha Rainsticks Whacky, Weird, Wild and Wonderful Rainsticks - with faces! Marvellous dried cactus rainsticks from northern Chile. Adorned with a variety of beautiful stones, faces and floral designs. Each piece is different, a work of art. Large 30” Rainstick RAI016 $63.00 Small 15” Rainstick RAI017 $33.00

Crystal Rainstick

Unique sound effects which give the illusion of falling rain when the device is inverted, causing the fill material to cascade onto the internal ”tree” steps. The greater the incline, the greater the downpour. Unique transparent design with steel fill and plastic construction for a loud rainstick. 40” RAI014 $81.00 72” RAI015 $142.00


Animal Guiros

A musical zoo. These whimsical guiros made from gourds sound great and have a wonderful personality. PER027 $26.50

Carved Guiro Beautifully

carved and woodburned gourd guiro from Peru. PER296 $28.00

Gourd Guiros Quality gourd guiros for a

professional sound. Includes a scraper. Cuban Model thick grooves. Large 16”-18” PER187 $82.00 Medium 12”-15” PER188 $78.00 Puerto Rican Model narrow grooves Large 11”-12” PER189 $82.00 Medium 8”-10” PER190 $78.00


Traditional Hawaiian gourd drums. 10” PER193 $46.00 12” PER192 $50.00 16” PER191 $58.00


Musical Rainstick Legend has it that the Chilean

Indians invented the rainstick to make rainy weather. While we can’t promise similar results, turning the Rainstick upside down does sound like rain. Originating in northern Chile, our Rainsticks are a piece of ocotillo cactus (without the spines!) through which pebbles bounce to produce a musical cacophony. Comes with a colorful woven band around one end. Small 17” RAI001 $20.00 Medium 26” RAI002 $24.00 Large 40” RAI003 $31.00 Extra-Long, rains for very long time 55” RAI004 $42.00


Relax and enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature with Rainfall. The Rainfall is only 1' x 13/4” in dimensions, but its 11 baffles make for a long rain. Made from plexiglass with wooden ends and shiny, silver colored balls. It is very relaxing and fun to watch the “Rainfall”. RAI010 $23.00

Made of endless loops of plated steel ball chain. These loops surround a textured stainless steel cylinder enclosed by smoothly finished flanges and joined with a handle. Great sound! White wood PER409 $22.95

Leather Maracas Sewn out of leather, wood

handles. Real 1950’s sound! 12” PER179 $31.00 11” PER180 $28.00 10” PER181 $26.00 9” PER182 $24.00 8” PER183 $22.00 7” PER184 $20.00

Palm Wood Maracas & Claves Wonderful percussion

instruments made from the palm tree. Interesting grain and a warm unusual sound. Claves pair PER331 $14.00 Maracas each PER332 $14.00

Whistle Stick

This walking staff’s a whistle, too. Five feet long, made of polished sassafras, this handcarved hiking stick is trail-ready. And when the moment’s right, a blast into its fipple sounds a note guaranteed to be heard ‘round the mountain. WHS264 $24.50


Baby RainBoMaker A simple turn of the Baby RainBoMaker with 7 baffles creates a combination of sound and color that will captivate young and old. TOY021 $10.00 RainBoMaker The Baby RainBoMaker's big brother with 15 baffles TOY022 $19.00


A walking stick that is a rainstick. Made from ocotillo cactus with wooden handle and end with rubber tip. Made in Chile. 40” RAI011 $36.50 50” RAI012 $42.00 60” RAI013 $47.00

Rainstick Kits

Make your own rainstick. Ages 8 and up. 10” cactus Rainstick kit RAI009 $12.00

Wave Drum Dancing colorful

beads inside the drum is the magic ingredient that brings to life the Wave Drum's wonderful sound TOY025 $16.50

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Band Kit

A whopping 10 piece set, chock full of favorites guaranteed to bring hours of musical joy. Includes maracas, tambourine, cymbals and more, all conveniently packed in a sturdy wooden storage case. Ages 3+ KID039 $24.00

Children’s Drums Easy to care for, great sounding kids drums.

Kid’s Dumbek Give your child a healthy, positive, and exciting introduction to the rhythmic world of music with this colorful, rainforest design Kid's dumbek. Acousticon Shell with Fiberskyn head. 10” x 6” DUM061 $60.25 Kid’s Konga Made of Acousticon, a synthetic material with great tonal color and high durability, with a synthetic pretuned Fiberskyn 3 head that gives a wonderful natural skin feel and sound, this conga is perfect for the young drummer. It is almost unbreakable, lightweight, and designed for smaller hands. With carrying strap. KID027 $59.00 Kid’s Floor Tom This drum sits on the floor on a special designed base that lets the low notes ring out. It comes with a pair of mallets but can also be played with bare hands. Made of Acousticon with a pretuned Fiberskyn 3 head, it is durable and attractive, and sounds great. Perfect for tribal gatherings and drum circles. KID028 $50.00 Lollipop Drum Similar in design to traditional Inuit drums, these cute drums have an 8” pretuned multicolor “LolliPop” head which looks like a large, uh.lollipop! They come with a beater and are fun and easy to play, and are visually interesting for kids of all ages. KID026 $26.00 Kid’s Bongo Also made of Acousticon with a Fiberskyn 3 head, with all the advantages of these synthetic materials, this bongo is pretuned and has one 6.5” and one 6” head. Even adults would enjoy the sound of this bongo, if you can ever get it away from your kids! KID029 $50.00

Musical Rhythm Set

Perfect for group play! Assembled with the aid of professional music educators, this set includes 10 easy to play fun instruments. Contents: 2 Kazoos, 2 Noseflutes, 1 Pair of Maracas, 1 Wrist Bells, 1 Slide Whistle, 1 Flute and 1 Castanet. KID030 $20.00

Band In A Box

Instant cacophony, just add kids! Band In A Box is a terrific collection of colorful noisemakers including cymbals, clacker, rhythm sticks, triangle, tambourine, gong, wood block, and maracas. DRU361 $39.00

Ha Ha Hammer Shake the Ha Ha Hammer for

hilarious quacking and squeaking sounds. Once you start playing it’s hard to put it down. The perfect sound effect? Delightfully obnoxious, sure to make you smile. TOY029 $3.50

Aluminum Whistle Keychain Ward off muggers, get

the attention you need, or stop traffic with this nifty looking aluminum whistle keychain that is available in an assortment of bright colors. You’ll be heard loud and clear! WHS339 $1.99

made of wood in bright colors. KID009 $5.50


Metal Kazoo SPS100 $2.50 Plastic Kazoo SPS101 $1.50


Plays just like a kazoo. SPS102 $1.49

Wildly Noisy Wooden Thing Colorful wooden body with reeds inside for outrageous sounds! Great for kids or adults! KID014 $6.50

American Slide Whistle

Great sounding slide whistle is truly a musical instrument: play songs, birdcalls, or just make funny sounds. Nickel-plated brass, 2 octave range, comes with a songsheet. Made in the USA. WHS092 $20.00 Plastic Slide Whistle WHS094 $3.50

Bell Clacker

The plastic bell swings to strike the two plastic ball tipped arms. Makes a very sharp snapping sound. TOY032 $1.50

Palm Leaf Rattle Made of palm leaves, shaped like

flowers, also called Kesak-sak. PER125 $6.00


Percussion instrument comprising 5 small drums with natural skin heads. Each drum is of a different length to produce 5 different tones. A great portable small percussion instrument for folks of all ages. Can be played with the fingers or included beaters. Nicely crafted of wood. DRU330 $90.00

Wooden Kazoos A barrel shaped kazoo

Whistle Bird

Fun slide whistle. The bird moves it’s beak as you blow. Assorted colors. TOY031 $1.75

Siren Whistles

Classic siren sounds SPS250 $1.00

Dragonfly Keychain Whistle Long before

dinosaurs existed, dragonflies were flitting through the air. Blow your dragonfly whistle to celebrate these beautiful creatures! TOY037 $4.95


A flick of the wrist makes a wave sound. Based on the Japanese Kokiriko TOY024 $15.00

MajicThese Wands delightful instruments are made from a special alloy comprised of aluminum, titanium, manganese, magnesium and beryllium. When struck they emit a mesmerizing magical tone. Wand length 11”, designs vary. ELE609 $7.50

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• BOOKS • New Books Hot Marimba! Zimbabwean-Style Music For

Orff Instruments. 9 graded pieces that take your students step-by-step through the skills they need to wail on their xylophones, copy-permissible scores for all pieces, how to approach each piece, background on the marimba ensembles of both Zimbabwe and the U.S, map of Zimbabwe, performance and teaching suggestions. Book and CD. BOA747 $19.95 Playing the Bagpipes (Jouer de la Cornemuse) Same material and lessons as BOA989 Jouer de la Cornemuse, but in English translation rather than French language. BOA989E $44.00 Songs of Mexico for Accordion 18 of Mexico’s most popular tunes arranged for piano accordion. Includes Hay Unos Ojos, La Malaguena, La Zandunga, Chiapanecas, El Caballo Bayo, De Colores, more. BOK259 $8.95 The Anglo Concertina Demystified BOK323 $22.00 You Can Play The Cajun Accordion BOK324 $29.00 The Charlton Method for Recorder This spiral bound complete recorder method book will fill a long felt need for a comprehensive adult tutor. Featuring 63 basic technique exercises, alternative fingering, double and triple tonguing exercises. Studies and duos of the Works of J.S. Bach, 15 duos by various composers, and so much more! BOK332 $42.00 Fun With The Baritone Uke Book & CD by Mel Bay. Basic chords, strums, and folk songs for immediate enjoyment with the baritone uke. BOK334 $14.95 Fun With The Ukulele Book & CD An ideal book and CD for the beginner who wishes to begin playing immediately. Includes tuning, proper positioning, basic chords (C tuning), and folk songs for strumming and singing. BOK335 $14.95 You Can Teach Yourself Pan Flute Book & CD by acclaimed panflute player, Costel Puscoiu. Fun, easy to understand panflute method. By practicing the lessons in this book and CD, the beginner can successfully learn to play the pan flute in a short time. For panflutes of 12 notes or more in the key of C starting on C. BOK336 $19.95 Total Piano A course of 8 music lessons taking you from absolute beginner to mastering complete pieces, including a chart of chords. A perfect introduction to keyboard playing and music theory for those wishing to progress to styles like pop and rock, or the MIDI programming of electronic keyboards. Arrangements of dozens of classical favorites. BOK337 $19.95 How To Play The Mini Button Accordion For Beginners Comes complete with basic information about music and exercises to learn how to coordinate your fingers and the bellows. The book includes four tunes with special warm-ups for each tune, including Sur Le Pont D’Avignon, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, When the Saints Go Marching In, and We Wish You a Merry Xmas. Two tunes can be played as solos or duets. Fun for kids of all ages! BOK338 $10.99 More Mini Button Accordion Spread your wings with this new collection of tunes for the mini button accordion. Learn about articulations and intervals. Learn how to shake those bellows! You won’t want to miss “Valentine Waltz”, “Chance Dance”, “Patrick Polka”, and the other fun music in this book. BOK339


$10.99 Scaling The Accordion, Major Scales, Book 1 Covers all major scales for the beginning student. Fingerings are noted to help the student develop good habits. Following each scale is a page of exercises to help reinforce the scale and prepare the student for the tune written in that scale. The tune is composed to let the student immediately put the scale into practical use. A must have for new students! BOK340 $15.99 Scaling the Accordion, Major Scales Book 2 continues the student’s development of mastering the major scales. A more intricate view of each major scale is followed by two tunes composed for that scale. The tunes are composed for intermediate students. A great book for students to experience all the major scales on the accordion! BOK341 $15.99 Scaling the Accordion, Minor Scales, Book 1 is designed to help piano accordion students become familiar with the natural minor scales, the basis of the harmonic minor scales and the melodic minor scales. The book also helps students develop facility with the basses. Each tune was composed to help students become more familiar with the notes and sounds of the scale used for the tune. Teachers can also use the tunes to help students develop skills in dynamics, articulation, phrasing, and expression. BOK342 $15.99 Fingerpicking Made Easy This Book and CD set replaces “Pattern Picking”, taught by Happy Traum. Instant fingerpicking course for song accompaniment and lead playing. Can be used by anyone who knows the basic chords. BOK343 $37.95 30 Fiddle Tunes Taught by Burch Baldassari. Rhythm tracks provided for home rehearsals. CD with book featuring music and tab. BOK344 $29.95 Celtic Guitar, Book & CD Collection of 40 traditional Irish and Scottish tunes, arranged for fingerstyle guitar. Contains airs, laments, pipe tunes, waltzes, and love songs. BOK345 $19.95 Middle Eastern Rhythms for Beginners Book & CD, Vol. 1 & 2 by Mary Ellen Donald. Booklet & CD of dumbek and tambourine playing each rhythm for 4-5 minutes- ideal for practicing dance, drum or melody instruments; booklet has all rhythms written out. BOK346 $35.00 Middle Eastern Rhythms for Intermediate/ Advanced Book & CD, Vol. 1 & 2 By Mary Ellen Donald. Booklet & CD of dumbek and tambourine playing each rhythm for 4-5 minutes- ideal for practicing dance, drum or melody instruments. Booklet has all rhythms written out. BOK347 $35.00 The Real Easy Book - Tunes for Beginning Improvisers in “Bb” BOK348Bb $19.00 The Real Easy Book - Tunes for Beginning Improvisers “Bass Clef” BOK348BC $19.00 The Real Easy Book - Tunes for Beginning Improvisers in “C” The easiest tunes from Horace Silver, Eddie Harris, Freddie Hubbard, Red Garland, Cannonball Adderley, Sonny Rollins, Wes Montgomery, etc. Rock, Funk or Latin styles. Get yourself or your beginning jazz combo sounding good right away with the 1st fake book ever designed for the beginning improviser. Perfect for students, music teachers and band directors. Available in C, Bb, Eb, and Bass Clef. BOK348C $19.00 The Real Easy Book - Tunes for Beginning Improvisers in “Eb” BOK348EB $19.00 The Ultimate Hammer Dulcimer Resource Book - Russell Cook Russell has compiled these from over 24 years of experience in competing and winning contests (including the 1981 National Hammer Dulcimer Competition in Winfield, KS), performing, recording,

promoting, building, and even teaching the Hammer Dulcimer to folks all across the United States. The Hammer Dulcimer has grown in popularity in musical styles not only in that of traditional folk music, but also in the realms of country, contemporary, Christian and Worship music. The Ultimate Hammer Dulcimer Resource Book is a great tool for those wanting to play fiddle tunes as well as those seeking to enjoy and perform all genres of music. 330 pages - literally 5 books in one: Music Theory, Snapshots, Chord Charts, Common Chord Cheat Sheets, and a Master Chord List. BOK349 $29.95 Let Freedom Ring Book & CD for 13 note Handbells Eight arrangements of Patriotic songs with CD accompaniments that play on handbells, Boomwhackers, or any melodic instrument including the 13 chromatic notes C-c. Arrangements include: You’re A Grand Old Flag, We Shall Overcome, America The Beautiful, Yankee Doodle, Battle Hymm of The Republic, When Johhny Comes Marching Home, Finlandia, and America. Every melody is accompanied by two state of the art digitally mastered CD tracks. BOK350 $24.00 Scottish Ballads and Aires Arranged for Celtic Harp BOK351 $12.95 Developing Melodic Variations on Fiddle Tunes, Book & CD by John McGann. This book and CD is designed to help open the door to creating spontaneous guitar variations and improvisations of basic fiddle tunes. Includes basics of melodic structure, basics of theory, articulation, dynamics and more. John’s resume features live and session work in the Irish, bluegrass, folk, jazz, and rock idioms. 13 songs. BOK352 $24.95 Mariachi Favorites for Solo Guitar arranged by Laura Sobrino. Mrs. Sobrino’s greatest contributions to the mariachi world are her 25+ years of instruction provided to aspiring mariachi musicians, music educators, and other professionals, both young and old. Her transcriptions have made mariachi music, which for generations was transmitted only by ear, accessible to all. 10 pieces adapted for classical guitar by Steve Eckels. BOK353 $8.95 Walking Bass Lines for Guitar, Book & CD by Jean-Marc Pillard. Walking Bass Lines for guitar teaches excellent techniques to use in a duet format, either with another guitar player or with a singer or other instrumentalist. The idea of this book is to give a few answers to the question, “How do I harmonize walking bass lines when I’ve never done it before.” Most examples are written in G or C for convenience but obviously will need to be transposed into the other keys. Jean-Marc Pillard teaches Harmony and Jazz Guitar at the Conservatoire de l’ Quest Vaudois, and plays with his trio, “Jazz Standards”. BOK354 $17.95 Hymns Made Easy for Piano, Book arranged by Gail Smith. Includes; “O For A Thousand Songs To Sing”, “Blest Be The Tie That Binds”, “Doxology”, “When I Survey The Wond’rous Cross”, “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee”, “Jesus Loves Me”, “For The Beauty Of The Earth”, “Amazing Grace”, “O God, Our Help In Ages Past”, “Alleluia”, “Holy, Holy, Holy”, “My Jesus I Love Thee”, “Fairest Lord Jesus”, “Come, Thou Almighty King”, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”,” My Faith Looks Up To Thee”, “Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross”, “Crown Him With Many Crowns”, “ America The Beautiful”, and “Prayer For Protection”. BOK355 $5.95 Wedding Favorites For Classical Guitar, Book & CD by Giovanni De Chiaro. Beautiful arrangements of wedding songs from Pachelbel, Wagner, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff, Schubert, Bach, Handel and more. Classical guitarist Giovanni De Chiaro made his New York debut

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in 1976 in a Carnegie Hall performance which brought rave notice from the New York times. 15 songs. BOK356 $19.95 101 Three Chord Songs for Guitar, Banjo, and Uke by Larry McCabe. This book contains a great collection of your favorite songs in many styles: Old-time, bluegrass, gospel, Christmas, children’s, cowboy, British, and Celtic, seafaring, blues, and more. From “Ain’t No use Me Workin’ So Hard”, to “Yellow Rose Of Texas”, all in the chords of G, C and D7. BOK357 $14.95 Bottleneck/Slide Guitar, Book & 3 CDs from Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop Audio Series. By Fred Sokolow. This book contains 3 compact discs (3 full hours of instruction) featuring note by note, phrase by phrase instruction. Lesson One features open G and A tunings, Lesson Two - open D and E tunings, and Lesson Three - standard tuning. BOK358 $24.95 Beginner’s Blues Guitar, Book & 3 CDs from Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop Audio Series. By Fred Sokolow. This book contains 3 compact discs (3 full hours of instruction) featuring note by note, phrase by phrase instruction. Lesson One - Blues Accompaniment in E, Lesson Two - Blues Accompaniment in C and G, and Lesson Three - Blues Soloing in E, C and G. BOK359 $24.95 Music Theory 101 by Larry McCabe. Hundreds of musical components - or “ingredients” - related to melody, harmony, and rhythm are blended together by the human imagination to produce music. The study of these elements of music is called music theory. This book explains basic music theory as it relates to the needs of the average musician. BOK360 $6.95 A Concise Guide to Understanding Music by Graham Wade, who is General Editor of the Mel Bay “All About Music” series. This book looks at the basic elements of one of humanity’s greatest means of artistic expression. Features chapters on “the composer”, developements over the course of history, and the amazing progress of music during the 20th century. BOK316 $26.00 Music of Latin America for Acoustic Guitar, Book & CD by Elias Barreiro. The music in this landmark collection is derived largely from 19th and 20th century piano literature. Includes works by; Isidora Zegers of Chili, Sindo Garay of Cuba, and Andrés David Ramirez of Mexico. Also, historic and performance notes from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela. BOK362 $24.95 Brazilian Rhythms for Solo Guitar, Book & CD by Flavio Henrique Medeiros and Carlos Almada. This book presents ten of the best known and prevalent Brazilian rhythms (maxixe, choro, samba, bossa, freve, baiao, xote, afoxé, guaråna and lambada) in studies for solo guitar. Each of these studies is accompanied by a detailed analysis defining its features in terms of: form, harmony, melody and characteristic rhythmic motives, and commenting upon its historical and geographical origins, principal composers, typical instrumentation, and other aspects of the style. BOK363 $17.95 Anthology of Popular Brazilian Music of the 19th Century by Flavio Henrique Medeiros and Carlos Almada. The main goal of this anthology is to put several styles together - the lundu, the polca, the maxixe, the valsinha, the quadrilha, the choro, the xotis and the samba - in order to display the Brazilian musical scenery (especially from the city of Rio de Janeiro) of the last half of the 19th century and first years of the 20th century. BOK364 $9.95

The English Ballad by Roxana Gundry. There are many scholarly works about the English Black Letter Ballad and music in the time of Shakespeare, but there are few easily accessible musical examples - until now. 16 pieces, including “Greensleeves”, “Come Live With Me And Be My Love”, “Light o’ Love”, and “Watkin’s Ale”. BOK365 $9.95 Railroad Fever - Songs, Jokes & Train Lore by Wayne Erbsen. Railroad Fever is not only about railroads as machines; it is also about people. Each of the songs tell a different tale about what the railroad meant to Americans, spiced up with tidbits of fun and informative history. 16 songs including “Death Of John Henry”, “Early Morning Train”, “Kansas City Railroad”, “The Railroad Blues”, and “Working On The Railroad”. BOK366 $12.95 Uke Ballads - A Treasury of Twenty-Five Love Songs Old & New, Book & CD by Ian Whitcomb. Old and new songs especially arranged for the romantic ukelele. A triumphant mix of art and commerce is the formula in songs like “Beautiful Dreamer”, “Peg O’ My Heart”, “You Made Me Love You”, “In The Garden”, “When We’re Dancing” and 21 others! BOK367 $22.95 Fun With The Bugle by George Rabbai. This course is designed for the beginner, as well as an indiviual who is already playing the bugle, trumpet, or another brass instrument. Instructions for tone development, tongue, lip flexibility, breath control and more. BOK368 $4.95 First Lessons Accordion, Book & CD By Gary Dahl. This Book is designed for the person who may know nothing about music and has had no previous piano accordion training. Includes an instructional CD that will motivate and guide the beginner student from basic accordion lessons to quickly playing enjoyable adult songs such as “Scarborough Fair” and “Ode To Joy”. BOK369 $7.95 Blues Harp Greats by David Barrett. Welcome to the world of blues harmonica! In this transcription book you ‘ll study some of the best current blues harmonica players in the world. All of the transcriptions are written in an easy to understand format which allows you to spend more time playing then figuring. James Cotton, Paul Butterfield, Billy Boy Arnold, Mark Hummel, James Montgomery, Charlie Sayers, and more. BOK370 $14.95 Auntoharp Method in Four Easy Steps, Book & CD by Evo Bluestein. Learn to accompany your voice or other instruments for hundreds of songs. This collection of American folk songs is chosen because many are commonly known amd most involve easy chord progressions. The four step method includes Pinch Strum Accompaniment, Full Rhythm Accompaniment, Pinch Melody, and Full Rhythm Melody. BOK371 $9.95 Texas Fiddle Favorites for Banjo, Book & CD by Alan Munde. In this book/CD, world renowned 5-string banjo stylist Alan Munde presents his advanced arrangements of well known Texas style fiddle tunes. The arrangements are inspired by the Texas contest fiddle style, a unique approach for which Alan is famous. The companion CD features all the tunes with full bluegrass band accompaniment. 12 songs BOK372 $17.95 Eastern European Music for Violin Duet by Mary Ann Harbar, a professional violinist performing and teaching since 1977. She is the author of ethnic and classical book/CD volumes for Mel Bay. Duets from the following countries - Poland, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Russia, Croatia, Transylvania, and more. 141 pages. BOK373 $17.95

by Mary Ann Harbar. This Book/CD is for the violinst/fiddler who wants to have fun expanding your repertoire and technique to include popular ethinic music. This eclectic sampler is largely accessible to the intermediate student, including harmonies for twin fiddling. 58 pieces from around the world. BOK374 $22.95 Early American Roots, Violin Edition Transcribed and edited by Geoff Wysham, with music compiled by Tina Chancey. Hesperus Early/Traditional Music ensemble presents country dance tunes, improvisations & shape note hymns from British Colonial America. From the arrival of the first colonists to the American Revolution and the birth of our Republic. BOK375 $12.95 A Guide to American Fiddling, Book & CD by Andrew A. Carlson. 23 pieces under these chapters - Historical Background, Fiddle Technique vs. Classical Technique, The Basic Shuffle, String Crossings, Bowing Single Note Passages, Drones, Melodic Ornaments and Slides, and Transcriptions. BOK376 $17.95 First Lessons, Banjo Book & CD by Jack Hatfield. This book/CD is designed to show the person with no musical experience how to play the five-string banjo in the popular threefinger style. BOK377 $7.95 First Lessons, Violin Book & CD by Craig Duncan. Beginning violin technique and basic reading fundamentals. There is an emphasis on using melodies and classical pieces to instruct each new concept. The 28 lessons include basic technique and reading skills, scales in the keys of A, D, G and C and bowing techiniques such as dynamic contrast, slurs, accents, and staccato bowing. 47 melodies presented including works by Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Handel, Mozart, and other classical composers. BOK378 $7.95 Introducing the Guitar, Book & CD by Hubert Kåppel. This guitar method book is for both private and group instruction. By comparing your own playing with the recorded pieces on the accompanying CD, you will also be able to use this book (with certain limitations) to teach yourself. Based on many years of teaching experience in music schools, conservatories and master classes. 254 pages. BOK379 $24.95 You Can Teach Yourself Fingerpicking Guitar by Tommy Flint. Reading music is not a requirement for using this book. The lessons presented here utilize tabulature, which is an extremely fast and easy method to use for learning lessons and arrangements in this book and most books written specifically for guitar. Chapters include - guitar parts, tuning, left hand, fingerboard, chord study, tabulature, capo, and more. BOK380 $9.95 DADGAD Guitar, Book & CD By Pierre Bensusan. 12 songs and background information from artists such as; James Earp, Laurence Juber, Adrian Legg, Phil Keaggy, Doug Smith, Bill Mize, David Surette, Eileen Niehouse, Brooks Williams, Peppino D’Agostino, Pete Huttlinger, and Pierre Bensusan. BOK381 $22.95 Getting Into Blues Guitar, Book & CD by Steve Grieve. Steve has performed with Elvin Bishop, Norton Buffalo, and the late Jimmy Witherspoon. Chapters include - Blues Basics, Playing The Blues, Improvising The Blues, At The Crossroads, Blues In The House, More Better Blues, and Further On Up The Road. Everything from scales to phrasing. BOK382 $17.95

Fiddling Around The World, Book & CD

Open Tunings by Jan Mohr and Robert Klein.


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• BOOKS • open Tunings - for many guitarists a source of inspiration and a way of widening creative options. This book presents over 20 of the most commonly used open tunings. Tuning charts, chords and scales for each tuning enable it all to be put into practice straight away. Transposing table, chord symbols, and more. BOK383 $7.95 Favorite Swedish Fiddle Tunes by Tom Gilland. 28 popular Swedish fiddle tunes, from “vals” (waltzes) to gånglåt (walking tunes). BOK384 $8.95 Modern Swing Guitar, Book & CD by Mike & Corey Christiansen. Fron the 1920s during the Great Depression, through World War II and into the 1950s, America’s most popular music was Swing. This book/CD includes swing rhythm, chords, chord progressions, boogie bass lines, penatonic & chromatic scales, fill ins, and modern swing licks. BOK385 $19.95 Complete Accompaniment Method for Guitar, Book & CD by Dan Bowden. Used by beginners to “get playing” and by more experienced players to improve their accompaniment skills. The book includes guitar notation, chord forms, basic strum patterns, tuning, capo and more. The CD contains 98 different strum and fingering patterns. BOK386 $22.95 Wedding Music for Recorder by Marie & Robert Constas. All the music you need for all phases of a traditional wedding ceremony. These classical and original selections are arranged as instrumental duets primarily for alto and tenor recorders, with some for C fingering only, and optional bass parts. A lengthly section of preludes and postludes supplies plenty of beautiful music for use at the ceremony or reception, right up to when the band or DJ starts playing. BOK387 $9.95 The Spring Garden, Recorder by Patricia M. O’Scannell. The Complete Scottish & English Country Dance Master for Recorders - Part One. Country dances are popular to this day, and many groups in the U.S. and England still gather to enjoy them. Here are 45 fun tunes arranged for soprano, tenor and alto recorders. BOK388 $12.95 Getting Into Latin Jazz Guitar, Book & CD by John Zaradin. A selection of pieces of music that contain the elements that guitar players recognize as Latin. A variety of techniques, studies, and pieces for playing in different styles. 96 pages. BOK389 $17.95 Five-String Bass Chord Chart by Mike Hiland. A chart of all the bass chords. BOK390 $4.95 Renaissance Music for the Harp Transcribed from Lute Tabulatures by Marcelo Millan. This book was written to expose the harp lover to the wealth of Renaissance lute music which was printed throughout the 16th and early 17th centuries. Includes a number of short easy pieces, as well as intermediate compositions that will provide good material for teaching and performance. 80 pages. BOK391 $14.95 Fingerpicking Dulcimer, Book & CD by Janita Baker. Not intended for the beginning dulcimer player, although it is appropriate for a player who is just beginning to learn to fingerpick - presuming that you have a fundamental knowledge of your instrument, at least some familiarity with fingering on all the strings, and are comfortable playing chords and harmony positions. 22 songs including “Londonderry Air”, “Ode to Joy”, “The Entertainer”, and “Greensleeves”. BOK392 $19.95 Playing Dulcimer inthe Chord-Melody Style, Book & CD by Rosamond Campbell. If you have never played in the chord-melody style,


this book/CD will show you a new realm in sound. Chord-melody style is a delicious hodgepodge: a mix of hammers, pulls, slides, steps, arpeggios, and pinches played a dozen different ways. For anyone who can tune the lap dulcimer to at least one standard tuning. BOK393 $24.95 Texas Fiddling Favorites for Mandolin, Book & CD by Joe Carr. Advanced mandolin arrangements of 12 well known Texas style tunes. “Red Apple Rag”, Durang’s Hornpipe”, “Tom & Jerry”, “Billy in the Lowground”, “Midnight on the Water”, “Jesse Polka”, “Bitter Creek”, “Dusty Miller”, “Twinkle Little Star”, “Sopping the Gravy”, “Ace of Spades”, and “Dill Pickle Rag”. BOK394 $17.95 Northumbrian & Border Folk Songs, Book & CD by Bill Brennan. Melodies for fingerstyle guitar. Bill has combined his passion for guitar, with his deep appreciation of the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland, and England. 20 songs. BOK395 $19.95 Irish & Scottish Airs & Ballads for Acoustic Guitar, Book & CD by Bill Brennan. The arrangements in this book can be played using either fingerstyle or hybrid picking (plectrum & fingers). 20 songs, including “Skye Boat Song”, “The Cliffs of Doneen”, “Loch Lomond”, and “The Galway Shawl”. BOK397 $22.95 The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes Arrangements by Sally Hawley. 256 pages filled with old time traditional and celtic tunes. BOK398 $25.00 Play Congas Now, Book & CD by Richie GajateGarcia. A step by step method tha teaches all the fundamentals of conga playing. You will learn hand positions and techniques, basic reading skills, different styles of rhythms and patterns, tuning, maintenance, and more. The accompanying CD includes all exercises and has play along tracks to practice with. BOK399 $19.95 The Multiple-Percussion Book, Book & CD by Nick Petrella with Etudes by John Allemeier. Written for percussionists of all experience levels, with a particular emphasis on intermediate to advanced percussionists. Also used as a resurce book for non-percussionist music educators required to teach a genre in which relatiely little is printed, and for composers to gain insight or ideas from the concepts presented. Includes instrument setup, selection, phrasing, muting/dampening, interpretation and more. BOK400 $24.95 Keyboard Percussion by Vic Firth and Sandy Feldstein. 18 lessons includes a series of warm-up exercises that reinforce what is being taught, an etude or study that utilizes the new material combining it with what has already been learned, and a melody or familiar song. BOK401 $7.95 Accessory Percussion by Vic Firth and Sandy Feldstein. Created with a flexible concept that allows use in any teaching situation. Warm up exercises, etudes, and solos for performance. BOK403 $7.95 El toque de Candombe, Book & CD by Hugo “Foca” Machado, Willy Munoz, and Jorge Sadi. Candombe is an Afro-American rhythm identified with Uruguay in the same way that the Samba is identified with Brazil. This book/ CD demonstrates how the 3 traditional drums (the chico, repique, and piano) are played, and their application to the styles known as “candombe cancion” (candombe song) and “candombe funk” (or fusion) for drums and bass. BOK404 $17.95 O’Carolan for Everyone by Turlough O’Carolan. Arranged for guitar, keyboard or instrumental duet by Keith Hinchliffe. 55 easy-to-intermediate versions of Carolan tunes with simple bass lines and chords suitable for

keyboard, guitar, instrumental duet or larger groups of players. BOK405 $16.00 Yeni Baglama Metodu 1 by Bahattin Turan. An excellent saz method book and Turkish tunebook all in one volume. Written in Turkish with western notation that includes tuning information, fingering and Turkish rhythms. Over 100 Turkish folk songs with lyrics, including such important tunes as “Delilo”, “Hudey Hudey”, “Bit liste Bes Minare”, “Oy Trabzon.Trabzon”, “Yüruk Ali”, and more. 166 pages. BOK406 $24.00 Irish Tunes for the Beginning Fiddler, Book & CD by Pamela Kather. This is a complete course in Beginning Irish Fiddling. If you have never learned Irish Fiddling before , or you need brushing up and some new tunes, Irish Tunes for the Beginning Fiddler is for you. Pamela Kather has created a practical course that is both fun and easy to work through. She explains everything along the way and gives plenty of opportunities to practice what you have learned. The course structure means that you can work at your own pace, arranging learning to suit your needs.The course contains: 64 Page Instruction and Song Book & Audio CD. BOK407 $24.95 Guitar From Scratch by Bruce Emery. For guitar players who have tried other theory books and found them too obscure and hard to understand. Using plain english and simple diagrams, Guitar from Scratch gives a step by step approach to learning chords, changing chords, chord progressions, strum patterns, fingerpicking and more. Spiral bound. BOK408 $16.95 Music Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist, Volume One - The Big Picture by Bruce Emery. Keys. Chords and scales with lots of time spent with chord progressions common in popular music, and why some sequences just sound right, while others don’t. Especially helpful to songwriters and very easy to understand. Sprial bound. BOK409 $24.95 Music Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist, Volume Two - The Fretboard by Bruce Emery. If Volume One was the “what and why” of music theory, this book delivers the “how to” for guitar players. You get chord voicings, scale patterns on the fretboard, exercises, and much more. Spiral bound. BOK410 $24.95 Music Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist, Volume Three - Blues & Jazz by Bruce Emery. Here’s the nuts and bolts for playing these styles. Again, it’s not so much that the author is offering some revolutionary to instruction, it’s the style of his writing and the clear explanations that set this book apart. Spiral bound. BOK411 $24.95 Italian Songs & Arias for Accordion by Gary Dahl. Welcome to the world of beautiful Italian music. This book contains many of the beloved arias and traditional favorites that pour out the deepest of emotions. Many of these 29 pieces have never before been arranged for today’s modern accordion utilizing all of its superb orchestral capabilities. Includes: “O Solo Mio”, “Tarantella Napoletana”, “Come Back to Sorrento”, “Maria Mari” and more. BOK412 $12.95 Classical Songs in Tablature transcribed by Dennis Franco. Beautiful classical guitar pieces for the intermediate player. “Fugue BWV 998-1740” - Johann S. Bach. “Fantasie No. 7” - John Dowland , “Bouree” - Robert De Visee, and 19 more. BOK413 $9.95 Magic Mandolin, Book & CD by Jozef Scales. A collection of European folk tunes. Each song’s lyrics are written in the original language with phonetic transliteration as well as English translation. Songs are written in both musical notation and mandolin tabulature. A special

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section containing chord diagrams, scales and glossary of musical terms is included. 31 pieces from Russia, Poland, Macedonia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Peru. BOK414 $17.95 The Native American Flute “Understanding the Gift” This is an excellent, well thought out and written 104 page instructional method for any pentatonic, six hole Native American flute. The instrucitonal method offers twenty five traditional and native flute songs, plus a multitude of lesson material covering scales, finger control, breath control, embouchure, music reading, ornamentations, and much, much more. Includes an accompianment CD with 39 tracks of song and information. Highly recommended for players in all skill level of the six hole, pentatonic Native American Flute. BOK415 $24.95 The Violin and Viola by Sheila M. Nelson. This comprehensive view of the violin and viola by a professional violinist, teacher, and author details the historical development and changing structure of these two instruments. Includes contributions by Stradivarious and Cremona. Information on teaching, acoustics, the vibrating string, harmonics, tone color, and intonation. Music examples, diagrams, 24 plates of illustrations. BOK416 $14.95 Complete Children’s Dulcimer Method by Mara H. Washurn. Lots of traditional songs and folk tunes arranged for the dulcimer. Instructions for strumming, chording, fingerpicking, and three modal tunings. Harmony and technique included. Wonderful and simple! BOK417 $14.95 Crosstraining, Book & CD by Rob Lewis. A method for applying rhythms and techniques to drumset, hand percussion and mallet instruments. Includes 2 CDs with 7 percussion instruments playing musical examples. Also: 9 extra length loops for playing and practicing with! BOK418 $24.95 South American Guitar Solos, Book & CD by Vincent Michael. Vincent Michael (Vincente Miguel), has lived in South America for many years. He has traveled extensively to the back regions of South America in search of these rare treasures. The compositions presented here are his interpretations and adaptations for the guitar reflecting the music from Argentina, Ecuador, and Paraguay. BOK419 $17.95 Guitar Tabsongs, Blues Compiled and arranged by Jerry Silverman. From “Alabama Bound” to “Easy Rider”....these are 25 great blues tunes to play! BOK420 $9.95 Total Ukulele Book & CD by Gernot Rodder. D tuning method for beginners, includes Play alongs, exercises, technique, history, theory, duets, a chord, chart and instructions on carrying for your instrument. BOK421 $17.95 Jazz Guitar Standards a complete approach to playing jazz tunes, including lead sheets, chord melody solos, comping backups, and single line improvisation. “Bye Bye Blackbird”, “How High The Moon”, “Satin Doll”, and “Days of Wine and Roses” are just a part of the 195 pages of jazz standards in this book. BOK422 $19.95 Cantabile, Duets for Mandolin & Guitar by Butch Baldassari and John Mock. This book fills a void in the all too often hard to find category of music for mandolin and classical guitar, expanding the repertoire for the intimate combination of these two instruments. Pieces range from Renaissance and Baroque to the more Classical music of Handel and Beethoven, to contemporary and Romantic compositions from Satie, Calace and Tarrega. This book should work well for both students and professionals. Standard notation only. BOK423 $12.95 Instructional Tutor for Light Music Preliminary Level, Volume 1 - Book Bagpipe

Solutions by John Cairns is owned and operated under the professional direction of John Cairns. John is recognized today as one of the World’s top bagpipers. He has studied under the best teachers in both Canada and Scotland and as a soloist, has won many of the major prizes in North America, including: Four Pipers’ and Pipe Band Society of Ontario Champion Supreme Designations, Three North American Champion Titles,The Piobaireachd Society Canadian Gold Medal,Two Livingstone Invitational Contests, and Three Fergus Gold Medals for Light Music. In 1999, John achieved a feat that every piper dreams of, he became the 11th person in the history of piping and the only person from outside of Scotland to win the two Highland Society of London Gold Medals for solo piping at both Oban and Inverness, Scotland in the same year. As a teacher, John holds the internationally recognized Institute of Piping’s Senior Teacher’s Certificate and teaches regularly all over North America. John is also an accredited evaluator for the Institute of Piping. As Director of a National Music Program in the Canadian Forces, John trained over ten thousand students in the Cadet Pipes and Drums Training Program. John is a member of the 78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band from Toronto, Ontario, winners of the 1987 Grade 1 World Pipe Band Championships. As there are a large number of pipers who do not have easy access to piping instructor, these tutor books have been assigned to assist the student in reaching attainable goals, with a structured program. Every volume contains 100 -150 pages, complete with photos, diagrams, msuic, charts, etc. A companion CD supports the training material contained in each level of the tutor books. Each CD contains musical examples of the material covered in the lessons for that level. BOK424: This tutor is the 1st in the series, and has been designed to give the outright beginner sufficient exposure to the art of learning how to play the bagpipe, so they can decide if they would like to continue before any large expenses are incurred. All of the training for this level will be completed on the Practice Chanter. BOK424 $28.00 Instructional Tutor for Light Music - Beginner Level, Volume 2, Book This volume gives the beginning piper the basic outline of information and skills to play a bagpipe tune. Specifically, the student will learn all about the embellishments (technical movements) that are used when playing bagpipe music. The time frame expected to complete this book is 3 - 4 months, keeping the beginner motivated while offering new challenges. All of the training for this level will be completed on the Practice Chanter. BOK425 $28.00 Instructional Tutor for Light Music - Advanced Beginner Level, Volume 3, Book This book continues the beginning level of piping, providing in-depth knowledge of the remaining information and skills needed to play a bagpipe tune. Specifially, the student will learn how to play the various embellishments from every other note in the scale, how to complete basic pipe band techniques, and their 1st tune. All of the training for this level will be completed on the Practice Chanter. BOK426 $28.00 Edly’s Music Theory for Practical People Edlys is one of the best music theory books available anywhere! Written to make learning music theory fun, not tedious, the lessons are easy to understand for young students, but easily holds the attention of adults. 168 pages covers nearly every aspect of music theory, including detailed instruction on notes, scales forms, chord forms, intervals, ear training, modes, inversions, substitiutions, composition form,

• BOOKS • key signatures, and much, much more. This is a must have book, and should be a full time addition to every musicians collection! BOK427 $25.00 Introduction to the Gu Zheng, Volume One Written by Angela Jui Lee and Mark Gresham. Finally, an English language tutorial for the Gu Zheng! In this 23 page volume one, the authors cover every aspect of this amazing instrument; information on the Gu Zheng and Chinese music, instrument diagrams, writing music for the Gu Zheng and how it relates to Western Music, stringing and tuning, playing techniques and position, and practice techniques and advice for the digits of the right hand. Also included is a glossary of Chinese musical terminology. BOK434 $12.00 Introduction to the Gu Zheng, Volume Two Written by Angela Jui Lee and Mark Gresham. Finally, an English language version for the Chinese Gu Zheng! In the 24 page follow up to volume one, volume two covers continuing aspects of playing technique, including the advanced techniques of pluck and press, vibrato, and two and four finger advanced techniques and lessons. BOK435 $12.00

Button Accordion

Diatonic Liaisons Compiled by Alex Browne and features 67 tunes for melodeon by nine English and French composers BOA993 $27.00 Handbook for Melodeon by Watson. A clear and step-by-step guide for one- and two-row button accordions. BOO194 $14.95 Learn to Play the Button Accordion Book Vol. 1 Bilingual (English/Spanish) method for diatonic button accordion. BOA863 $13.00 Learn to Play the Button Accordion Book Vol. 1 With Cassette with a companion cassette of the tunes from both Volume 1 and Volume 2. BOA864 $26.00 Learn to Play the Button Accordion Book Vol. 2 BOA865 $13.00 More Music for the Button Accordion, Tex-Mex Standard Tex-Mex pieces, written in tablature BOA866 $13.00 The Box Guide to Irish traditional button accordion in B/C tuning. BOO196 $12.95 Companion Cassette. BOO811 $11.95 You Can Play Cajun Accordion by Miller. Book & cassette on how to play authentic Cajun button accordion. Includes some rare recordings of tunes. BOO036 $24.00

Piano Accordion

Allan’s Irish Pianist Part 1 Containing reels, jigs, hornpipes, & set dances. Written in standard notation for piano or piano accordion. Same tunes as in Allan’s Irish Fiddler. Can be played by itself or as accompaniment. BOO452 $20.00 Allan’s Irish Pianist Part 2 BOO453 $20.00 Clifton Chenier - The King of Zydeco Presents 15 of the master’s tunes accurately transcribed for piano accordion, with chord symbols for guitar, etc. A must for the serious Zydeco enthusiast. BOK024 $9.95 Deluxe Accordion Method by Frank Zucco for piano accordion BOA002 $12.95 Favorite Tunes for Accordion Traditional Swiss songs and dances; Gruei wohl, Frau Stirnimaa!, Froliche Stunden, Floh-Polka, Jodel-Landler, Lustig und fidel, more. BOK201 $11.30 French Music for Accordion Larry Hallar has artfully crafted piano accordion solos from 31 all-time favorite French musette compositions. BOA595 $12.95 Irish Piano Accordion Music and words suitable for the accordion player. Includes reels, jigs, and hornpipes. BOO627 $7.00 Melodie’s Golden Book 238 pages of music for the accordion, with a wide variety of tunes such as

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• BOOKS • Fur Elise, Bacarolle, Cielito Lindo, Guantanamera, Happy Polka, Carnival of Venice, Londonderry Air, La Chiapanecas, Tango Habanera, many more. BOK200 $24.00 Mick Foster’s Favorite Accordion Tunes 24 wonderful Irish tunes for piano accordion with guitar chords. BOO844 $20.50 Tex-Mex Conjunto Classics for Accordion for Piano or Button Accordion; 15 of the best tunes such as Luzita, Negra Traicion, Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio, Hazme Caso, Corrido por Cesar Chavez, etc. Staff notation with chords. BOK210 $10.95 The Melrose Collection Vol. 1 38 pieces of Scottish Dance music for piano accordion and piano. BOO629 $18.00 The Melrose Collection Vol. 2 38 pieces of Scottish Dance music for piano accordion and piano. BOO630 $20.00 You Can Teach Yourself Accordion All you need to know to get you “up and playing” the piano accordion. BOA596 $10.95 You Can Teach Yourself Accordion CD Companion CD. BOA597 $19.95


All Hands On! An Introduction to West African Percussion Ensembles. 7 progressive percussion pieces, written out in easy-to-follow chart form, basic drumming techniques, map of musical cultural areas of Africa, more. Designed for use in the schools, but a good manual for anyone who wants to learn West African rhythms. BOA745 $7.95 All Hands On! Book/CD set An Introduction to West African Percussion Ensembles. 7 progressive percussion pieces, written out in easy-to-follow chart form, basic drumming techniques, map of musical cultural areas of Africa, more. Designed for use in the schools, but a good manual for anyone who wants to learn West African rhythms. Includes CD. BOA997 $14.95 Let Your Voice Be Heard! Songs from Ghana and Zimbabwe Authentic arrangements of 19 stick, stone, hand and name game songs, story songs with narrative and multi-part recreational songs from vocal traditions of the Akan people of Ghana and Shona of Zimbabwe. One-hour companion CD (field and studio recordings) has all songs, percussion ensembles, and pronunciation. BOO113 $29.95 Marimba Mojo More Zimbabwean-Style Music For Orff Instruments. 12 graduated pieces that build on the skills learned in Hot Marimba, copy-permissible scores for all pieces, suggested arrangements for each piece, rehearsal and performance suggestions, and suggested resources and networking for follow-up. Comes with a companion CD that has every tune played clearly in exciting full-length versions, many performed by Rugare Marimba Ensemble on Orff instruments and marimbas. BOA841 $19.95 Songs and Stories from Uganda A colorful sampling of 13 traditional story songs with English narrative, work songs, game songs and lullabies from Uganda. Comes with CD. BOO116 $17.95 Studies in African Music with cassette. The Use of Measured Rhythm to Communicate Messages Among Banyoro and Baganda in Uganda, Appropriate Technology in the Construction of Traditional African Musical Instruments in Ghana, Multipart Relationships in Xylophone and Tuned Drum Traditions in Buganda, many other articles. BOO115 $30.00 The Soul of Mbira: Music & Traditions of the Shona People of Zimbabwe by Berliner. Great book on the rich music tradition of the Shona people. BOO117 $17.00 Xylophone Music from Ghana With this book, learners of every level can enjoy playing the music of Ghana. By Wiggins and Kobom. BOO781 $12.95

African Percussion 110

Drum Damba: Talking Drum Lessons Learn the drumming style of the Dagbamba people of Ghana with master musicians Abubakari Lunna and David Locke. BOO107 $17.95 Kpegisu : A War Drum of the Ewe by Locke. Discover one of the oldest living oral traditions of West Africa with the highly regarded musician and artist, Godwin Agbeli. Analysis of songs and drum patterns, with a holistic approach. Includes musical notations and bibliography. BOA286 $19.95


American Ballads and Folk Songs by John and Alan Lomax. Over 200 traditional songs from the railroads, chain gang songs, mountain songs, creole songs, cocaine and whiskey songs, “reels”, minstrel songs, songs of childhood, and many more, several recorded on location by noted folklorist John Lomax. Notes about the origins of tunes, bibliography and index. BOA312 $18.95 American Folk Tales and Songs by Chase. Collection of traditional tales & songs. American Folk Tales and Songs BOO119 $7.95 Backpackers Songbook by Middlebrook. 200 songs with lyrics and guitar & banjo chords in a small portable format. BOO120 $5.50 Ballads and Songs of the Civil War by Jerry Silverman. Arranged for voice and piano, with guitar chords as well. Also includes authentic photos and lithographs from various battles and camps. BOO901 $24.95 Barber Shop Songs 83 songs arranged to produce good barber shop harmony. Can be sung by any quartet or 4 part chorus, male or mixed. Ave Maria, While Strolling In the Park One Day, more. BOA614 $14.95 Bluegrass Songbook by Peter Wernick. Over 130 songs in several styles - from old-time, traditional and newgrass to gospel and novelty tunes. Words, chords, and melody line in tablature for guitar and banjo are given. BOO961 $21.95 Bob Gibson: I Came For To Sing The life story of Bob Gibson; after a meeting with Pete Seeger, he left his successful job and began collecting folksongs; his collection, arrangements, writing, and innovations set the stage for the full-blown folk revival of the late 50’s and early 60’s. He introduced Joan Baez in 1959, Judy collins in 1960 and played a pivotal role in music history. 194 pages, illustrated. BOK169 $19.95 Chord Encyclopedia for 1100 Fiddle Tunes and Country Dance Melodies Contra and square dance, old timey, and common jam session tunes, including hoedowns, reels, jigs, waltzes, hornpipes, rags and more. BOA515 $16.95 Howe’s 1,000 Jigs and Reels Clog Dances, Contra Dances, Fancy Dances, Hornpipes, Strathspeys, Breakdowns, Irish Dances, Scotch (sic) Dances, and more.for the Violin, Flute, Guitar, Mandolin, Tinwhistle, recorder or any treble instrument. These tunes are collected from the publications of Elias Howe, who was active in the music publishing business in the mid -1800’s. This is a reprint of the 1867 edition, and a great source for tunes. BOK256 $24.95 New England Fiddler’s Repertoire by Miller. Popular book with over 165 tunes commonly played at contra dances. BOO038 $18.00 Old-Time String Band Songbook by Cohen & Seeger. Great collection of 125 classic tunes as played by The New Lost City Ramblers, arranged for banjo, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, etc. Contains super photos and notes, too! BOO124 $21.95 Original Sacred Harp Classic book of shape note songs. Wonderful 4-part harmony. “Shape note” got it’s name from the type of music notation used by these Southern Christian singers: the rhythm is denoted by the shape of the notes (square, circle, triangle) rather than the “traditional” notation. BOO125 $25.00 Slave Songs of the Georgia Sea Islands 60 folk songs and attendant lore collected over a period of 25 years. A valuable collection of folk music and lore from the Gullah culture, this book preserves the rich traditions of slave descendants on the barrier islands of Georgia by interweaving

their music with description of their language, religious and social customs and material culture. Hardcover BOO127 $24.95 Slave Songs of the United States 1867 landmark book, first to collect and preserve the songs sung by the plantation slaves of the Old South BOA505 $7.95 Songs of the Cowboy Celebrates the romance attached to the cowboy and his free roaming lifestyle. Songs, trivia, articles, photos. BOA204 $12.95 Songs of Work and Protest by Fowke and Glaser. 100 historic songs: Union Maid, Joe Hill, We Shall Not Be Moved, more. BOO128 $10.95 Step It Down: Games, Plays, Songs and Stories from the Afro-American Heritage by Bessie Jones and Bess Lomax Hawes. Weaves together the lyrics, music, and descriptions of traditional Afro-American children’s songs as well as Jones’ comments on their meaning and “feel”. “And the other childrens and I would go in the bottom and have a frolic, instead of going to bed.and we’d go down a way and we’d have a dance.” BOO129 $15.95 The Civil War Songbook by Crawford. 37 songs, including Battle Hymn of the Republic, Marching Through Georgia, When Johnny Comes Marching Home. BOO130 $11.95 The Gift To Be Simple by Edward Andrews. Songs, dances, rituals of American Shakers; only authoritative account. Origin, development, notation, dance figures. 80 songs in notation, 17 illustrations. BOA159 $7.95 The Portland Collection Contra Dance Music in the Pacific Northwest by Susan Songer with Clyde Curley, is a wonderful assortment of tunes used for Contra Dancing culled from traditional sources via the repertoires of local musicians. Each tune is a “good dance tune” and is in the setting with chords as played by the actual musicians; variations are included in the “Notes on the Tunes” section, along with information, dance notes, etc. 308 pages. BOK052 $27.00 They Came Singing : Songs from California’s History 61 songs from 9 historical eras, beginning with the songs of native California tribes and extending throughout the robust days of the Gold Rush. Includes brief summaries of 9 historical periods; background notes for each song; graphics, maps and illustrations; games and dances; guitar chords; easy-to-sing translations of Spanish and Russian songs; simple 2-part arrangements; and 2 short plays, suitable for classroom performance. An interesting book for educators and singers alike. BOA531 $27.00 Companion CD BOA532 $16.00 Traditional Music of Europeans in America Essays on particular music cultures whether recently arrived or long established. The Revival of the Latvian Kokle in America, Traditional and Individual Traits in the Songs of Three Hungarian-Americans, Tune Identity and Performance Style: The Case of “Bonaparte’s Retreat,” more. BOO132 $30.00


Asian Music in North America features 12 articles which focus on different Asian immigrant communities in N. America: Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Laotian, Hmong, and Korean. Includes interviews with musicians. BOO133 $30.00 From Rice Paddies and Temple Yards: Traditional Music of Vietnam An in-depth look at the music and culture of Vietnam. Includes game songs, love songs, boating songs, recited and sung poetry and instrumental music. Also includes sections on the history and culture of Vietnam, an introduction to the music and instruments and 12 vocal and instrumental pieces. Lots of photos of the people, countryside and musical instruments. Comes with CD. BOO134 $22.95 Modes and Melodies of Indo-China and the Far East by Korosh Ali Khan. Music and instruments of Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, and Japan. Fun tunes to play! BOA188 $20.00 Music Cultures of Southeast Asia Articles on various music and dance in areas ranging from

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Burma and Thailand to Vietnam and Indonesia. Photocopy. BOO822 $30.00 Music of the East Course Manual by Lloyd Miller. Basic overview of the music of Japan, Thailand, Korea, China, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, and the Arab world. Includes musical examples. BOA185 $60.00 Silk and Bamboo Music in Shanghai The Jiangnan Sizhu Instrumental Ensemble Tradition BOA740 $43.00 The Lion’s Roar: Chinese Luogu Percussion Ensembles 11 ensembles including Lion Dances, Dragon Dance, New Year Celebrations, processionals and recessionals. 4 pieces include melody instruments and percussion and 2 include Chinese words as well. Transcriptions for each piece, chanted rhythm patterns, step-by-step guide to mastery and performance, cultural context, guides for adapting classroom instruments, 16 photos, more, with companion CD. BOA007 $22.95 The Traditional Music of Thailand Clear interesting commentary on Thai music, performers, instruments and culture. Numerous photos. Comes with a cassette. BOO136 $23.00 The Way of the Pipa The pipa has a 2000 year old tradition of performance in China including many ancient melodies. History and development of the musical aesthetics, relation between titles and melodic devices, relating them to East Asian culture and philosophy. Includes transcriptions of pipa music in Western notation. BOA008 $43.00


Autoharp Book The definitive history of the Autoharp with lots of photos. BOO138 $19.95 Basic Melodic Autoharp Solos All you need is fingerpicks and an autoharp. Music reading skills helpful. Shows melodies, what chords to play and when, what strumming patterns to use and more. 29 favorite songs including Wildwood Flower, Bells of St. Mary’s, Amazing Grace. Book and CD set. BOA871 $17.95 Celtic Autoharp By Karen Mueller; 35 Celtic tunes arranged for all standard autoharps, in staff and tablature. Learn beautiful Irish, Scottish, etc. melodies in the melodic style; includes CD. BOK021 $19.95 Complete Autoharp Songbook by Peterson. Folk, bluegrass, hoedown, children’s, cowboy, Western, patriotic, camp and campus and hymns. Contains accompaniment and melody chords. BOO139 $19.95 Complete Method for Autoharp or Chromaharp by Meg Peterson. Most complete, authoritative text available on the autoharp. Presents a colorful array of songs and styles, as well as a myriad of strum patterns in an easy-to-understand manner. BOA009 $19.95 How to Play Autoharp by Seeger. Perfect book and cassette tutor for the beginner. You’ll be sure to be playing & singing by the end of the series! BOO142 $14.95 How to Play the Autoharp by Carlin. A clear, concise method for the complete beginner. BOO143 $6.95 The Autoharp Owner’s Manual Everything from maintaining to building an autoharp; tuning, amplification, breaking-in, manufacture, improvements, chord bar arrangement, comb adjustment, chromatic conversions, diatonic conversions, felts, fine tuners, history, restoring old instruments, loose pins, strings, and more. 141 pages. BOK163 $19.95 You Can Teach Yourself Autoharp by Meg Peterson. Step-by-step self-instruction method: care of the autoharp, positioning, changing chords, fingering, back-up strums, arpeggio strums, Travis picking, rhythm picking, much more. BOA263 $9.95 Companion CD. BOK230 $15.98


Bagpipes and Hurdy-gurdies by Stacey and Wishart. General overview & history of various bagpipes and the hurdy gurdy. BOO267 $22.00 Fingering the Gaita Galega A brief survey of methods of fingering the gaita galega (bagpipe

from Northwest Spain). BOO268 $14.00 Jouer de la Cornemuse this is a wonderful book for those wanting to learn the French bagpipe. The text is in French, the musical examples are excellent and can be heard on the included CD. Designed for bagpipes of Central France with “half closed fingering”. There have been many books available for Irish and Scottish pipers, but none for French pipes until now. 150 pages, covering tunes, ornaments, playing techniques, vibrato, etc. BOA989 $44.00 Moebius Music for Three Bagpipes Jon Swayne’s incredible compositions for bagpipe trio; amazing sounding! Plus several new single-line tunes. BOA938 $21.00 Spielmanns Notenbuch Great repertoire book of tunes suitable for Hümmelchen, Dudey, hurdy gurdy, recorders, crummhorns, shawms and other instruments with a range of 9 or more notes. All tunes in C, F and D minor tuning. 87 tunes. BOA794 $33.00 Companion CD BOA795 $22.00 The Master Piper - Nine notes that shook the world - Rediscovery of a complete Border bagpipe repertoire from 1733. The oldest known manuscript of bagpipe music, “prick’d down” by William Dixon in 1733. BOA698 $30.00 Wer tanzt nach meiner Pfeife Interesting collection of traditional Austrian tunes suitable for hurdy gurdies and various bagpipes: hummelchen, dudy, and other bagpipes with a 9 note range. BOA791 $19.00


Best Balalaika Method Yet Basic method for balalaika, including picking technique, exercises, glossary of musical terms and lots of fun music arranged for balalaika. BOO146 $11.95 Complete Balalaika Book Comprehensive method book, with many tunes in notation and tablature. Book and CD set. Highly recommended; includes information, right hand techniques, special tricks, etc.; covers the all-important use of the left thumb. BOA606 $24.95 Elementary Method for Balalaika by Dorozhkin. Translated from Russian. All the fundamentals including note reading and chordal accompaniment, positions, and repertoire. BOO147 $10.00


5-String Banjo, Series 1 by Traum. For the beginner who wants to learn a variety of styles and techniques. No previous experience necessary to learn more than 40 songs. 6 cassette set, with tablature. BOO156 $49.95 5-String Banjo, Series 2 by Traum. For the beginner who wants to learn a variety of styles and techniques. No previous experience necessary to learn more than 40 songs. 6 cassette set, with tablature. BOO157 $49.95 Banjo Case Chord Book A handy reference guide to all the chords, small enough to fit in a banjo case or shoulder bag. Includes many fingerings for each chord. BOO948 $5.95 Banjo Picker’s Fakebook by David Brody. The ultimate sourcebook for the banjo player. Over 230 tunes from the major traditional styles & material on regional styles, interpretation as well as clawhammer and bluegrass techniques. BOO159 $24.95 Bluegrass Banjo by Bill Keith A master of bluegrass teaches beginners and intermediates the fine points of the bluegrass technique and repertoire. 6 cassette set, with tablature. BOO161 $49.95 Celtic 5-String Detailed method of how to play Irish dance music on the 5-string banjo, using the single-string approach. Starts with beginning and advanced exercises to learn the single-string technique, then moves on to a good repertoire of Irish tunes (in tablature), replete with triplets, rolls and other ornamentation. For intermediate or advanced players BOA796 $32.00 Classical Banjo By Datesman. 40 classical works arranged for the 5-string banjo. BOA487 $12.95 Clawhammer Banjo by Krassen. Very thorough volume on the clawhammer style of banjo, includ-

• BOOKS • ing tunings and all the basic right and left hand techniques. Book and CD. BOO163 $19.95 Complete Banjo Repair By Sandberg. Every aspect of banjo repair, with detailed photos, diagrams, and easy to follow text. BOA488 $24.95 Complete Bluegrass Banjo Player by Goforth. Very comprehensive method which systematically takes you step by step from basics to advanced playing. This method also provides a solid base of music theory integrated into each lesson. BOO165 $27.95 Complete Book of Irish & Celtic 5-String Banjo by Hanway Collection of Irish and Celtic solos for the 5-string banjo. Includes a segment on tuning and technique. BOA849 $22.95 Companion CD BOK025 $15.98 How to Play Banjo by Jumper. This book covers a range of styles using the open-G tuning. Includes a special section on bluegrass. All tunes notated in tablature. BOO166 $14.95 How to Play the 5-String Banjo by Seeger. The basic manual for banjo players at any level. Covers all the fundamentals and explores new areas as well. Includes many tunes and songs, all with melody line, lyrics, banjo accompaniment and solos in standard notation as well as tablature. BOO167 $16.95 Instant Five String Banjo Comprehensive method takes you through the basics to the level where you will be able to create your own licks and fills. BOO977 $5.95 Mike Bailey’s International Banjo Songbook In Three Finger Picking Style. Scottish, Irish, French-Canadian, Russian, Romanian, French, Norwegian Tunes and more, in notation and tab. 72 pp. This book is out of print, but we have a few left. BOA810 $5.95 More Minstrel Banjo A reprint of the Civil Warera banjo tutor by Frank Converse, originally released in 1865. It includes a choice selection of banjo solos, jigs, songs, reels, walk arounds, etc. designed for self-study. Ideal for those interested in learning the original style of banjo playing. BOK078 $12.95 Ring the Banjar! The Banjo in America from Folklore to Factory. A history that’s enjoyable to read, with pictures from gourd banjos to heavily inlaid Fairbanks banjos. BOA498 $24.95 Teach Yourself Bluegrass Banjo by Trischka. Teaches everything you need to know to get the authentic bluegrass sound as well as popular bluegrass tunes. BOO172 $17.95 The Art of the Mountain Banjo By Art Rosenbaum, is a survey of traditional banjo styles, including tunings, playing tips, tablature, and a CD with performances from the author’s Kicking Mule recordings. Excellent for the beginner or the experienced banjoist looking for more material and information. BOA924 $22.95 The Banjo Player’s Songbook by Tim Jumper. Over 200 songs arranged for the 5-string banjo in easy-to-play tablature. Includes complete lyrics to folk songs, sentimental favorites, Christmas and Chanukah songs, sing-alongs, Tin Pan Alley, funny and sad songs, and more. BOO947 $24.95 Up The Neck By Janet Davis. A superb instructional text for 5-string banjo dealing with the 5th through 22nd frets. Chapters on: roll patterns, chords, songs, licks, chord progressions, arranging songs, improvising, melodic style, chromatic style, back-up, much more. BOA641 $14.95 Companion CD BOK274 $19.95 You Can Teach Yourself Banjo by Janet Davis. Written in tablature, this straightforward, easyto-understand method teaches rolls, chords, bluegrass banjo techniques, playing up the neck, licks, endings, more. BOA013 $10.95

Tenor Banjo

50 Solos for Irish Tenor Banjo Book & Cassette. Fifty solos played and arranged by Gerry O’Connor and David McNevin. 25 tunes in E,A,D,G and 25 tunes in A,D,G,C tuning. Good for mandolin and

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• BOOKS • cittern as well BOO158 $19.95 Complete Tenor Banjo Method by Mel Bay. Easy to understand, thorough in its approach. BOA150 $10.95 Deluxe Encyclopedia of Tenor Banjo Chords by Mel Bay. The most thorough tenor banjo chord book available, for American tuning. BOA262 $9.95 Dublin Banjos Great Irish session tunes for tenor banjo or mandolin. Music & tablature. Learn from “Sully” (Tony Sullivan) and John Keenan. BOO005 $14.00 Companion Cassette. BOO006 $14.00 Irish Tenor Banjo For Beginners by Tony Sullivan. Book and cassette. Teaches the basics: holding the banjo, finding the notes, etc.; 3 tunes without ornamentation, shown at normal tempo, then slowed down, then note by note; and ornamentation for those tunes. BOO870 $20.00 Sully’s Irish Banjo Book Vol 1 The best clearly written tutor on playing Irish plectrum style instruments, including 60 tunes. Applicable to banjo, mandolin, bouzouki and other instruments tuned in GDAE. BOO018A $13.50 Companion Cassette. BOO019A $14.00 Sully’s Irish Banjo Book Vol 2 The best clearly written tutor on playing Irish plectrum style instruments, including 60 tunes. Applicable to banjo, mandolin, bouzouki and other instruments tuned in GDAE. BOO018B $16.00 Companion Cassette. BOO019B $14.00 Tenor Banjo Chord Chart The best, most useful chord shapes in all keys, with a fingerboard diagram for single-note playing; clear, easy to use and recommended. BOK261 $3.95


Acoustic Bass Book & 6 cassettes explaining everything from holding the instrument & basic technique to improvisation, walking bass lines, back-up patterns and more from bluegrass to jazz. BOO173 $59.95 How To Make and Play The Washtub Bass By Ryan Thompson. Complete parts list, illustrated construction diagrams and explanations, and discussion of playing techniques. The washtub bass can be easily built for a very low cost. It is an amazingly versatile instrument that can be used to play just about any kind of music, in any key. BOA516 $6.95 The Improvisor’s Bass Method A complete method book filled with information and exercises on all aspects of bass playing, for both acoustic and electric bass. BOA424 $20.00 The True Cuban Bass For acoustic or electric bass, with text in English and Spanish. Many transcriptions of complete bass parts for tunes in different Cuban styles - the roots of salsa. Includes CDs of historic Cuban recordings and Carlos del Puerto playing each exercise. BOA384 $22.00


How to Play the Bones by Danforth & Barber. Instruction booket and CD combination by one of the great old-time bone players, Percy Danforth. BOK236 $12.00

Bowed Psaltery

The Bowed Psaltery Instruction & Songbook Tuning, stringing, holding and playing, care of, history and nice tunes from America, England, Scotland, Ireland, including O’Carolan tunes. Nice book. BOO777 $14.95


Brass Instruments: Their History and Development by Anthony Baines. A well-researched history of trumpets, trombones, bugles, cornets, French horns, tubas and other brass wind instruments. Goes into the predecessors of our modern instruments as well. BOO837 $12.95 Keyed Brass Instruments All of the keyed brass


instruments from one ot America’s major collections of musical instruments, fully illustrated BOO182 $11.00 The French Horn History and development of the french horn. BOO184 $8.00 The Horn Handbook A guide for teachers and players, the book emphasizes the development of a broad musicianship through ear-training, score study, and the investigation of music beyond the horn literature. BOA898 $33.95 The Keyed Bugler’s Companion: A Method for the Bb and Eb Keyed Bugle by Ralph Dudgeon. Text, musical examples and exercises taken from keyed bugle tutors and excerpts from the keyed bugle repertoire. BOO185 $18.00


Sonerez Breiz evit an Delenn - Breton Music for the Celtic Harp By Dominig Bouchard, one of the leading harpers of Britanny; in French and English. Arrangements of traditional melodies of Britanny for Celtic harp in staff notation; titles include Son an Tantad, Kan Bale, Kousit Buan Ma Bihan, Ar Baradoz. 31 pages. BOK055 $25.00 Toniou Breiz-Izel - Folk Music Western-Brittany Possibly the largest compilation of Breton dance music to be found! This volume has an amazing assortment of traditional Breton music, mostly from the biniou and bombarde, the Assembly of Pipers, or Bodadeg Ar Sonerion, is the source as these tunes are taken from the playing of living pipers. Over 600 pages; wedding tunes, melodies, Catholic tunes, Protestant tunes, Gavottes, Dans, Le Rond, Schottiche, Valse, Polka, Mazurka, contredanse, etc. included. Hardbound. BOK097 $90.00


Cajun Music: A Reflection of a People by Savoy. Great book on Cajun music, containing more than 100 songs, musical instruction, great photos, interviews & biographies of musicians, discography and more. A must for Cajun music lovers! BOO198 $39.95 Chantez Encore A collection of songs from Louisiana stemming from French, Creole French and Cajun sources. BOO199 $12.95 South to Louisiana: The Music of the Cajun Bayous by Broven. Comprehensive look at the history and people of Cajun, Zydeco, Blues, and Swamp Pop music. BOO202 $14.95 The Kingdom Of Zydeco By Michael Tisserand; stretching from the bayous of Louisiana to the oil towns of East Texas, the kingdom of zydeco is ruled by accordion-playing, washboard-wielding kings and queens named Beau Jacque, Boozoo Chavis, Queen Ida and—the King of Zydeco himself—Clifton Chenier. In this book, the leading expert on zydeco music provides the ultimate guide to this red-hot music and its origins; with photos, over 400 pages, BOK191 $15.00 Ye Yaille, Chere: Traditional Cajun Dance Music by Francois. Hardbound book of over 500 pages of tunes, chord changes and words for more than 250 Cajun music selections & wonderful reminiscences by Cajun musicians. Super! BOO203 $40.00

Cape Breton

Scottish & Cape Breton Fiddle Music by Little. A solid introduction to the Cape Breton fiddle style collected from the repertoire of Harvey Tolman. Chords and guitar tablature included. BOO206 $12.00 Companion Cassette BOO207 $12.00


¡Castanuelas, Olé! A fun approach to learning the castanets. History, basic technique, improvisation, trouble shooting, examples. Written in English. BOA580 $18.00 MALERAS Metodo para Castanuelas Primer Curso Castanet method, English version, practice. Exercises, etc. BOO704 $12.00 MALERAS Method for Castanets First Book Theory BOO705 $12.00 MALERAS Metodo para Castanuelas Curso

Segundo BOO706 $12.00 MALERAS Metodo para Castanuelas Curso Tercero BOO707 $12.00 Metodo Castanuelas Curso 4, Parte Teorica y Practica BOO708 $14.00


Exploring Irish Music and Dance For ages 10 and up. Historical background about the world’s most popular folk music, explaining different styles of playing, how songs were named and who composed them, along with details about the different instruments that define it: the fiddle, tin whistle, harp, concertina, and bodhran. BOA935 $12.95 Games and Songs of American Children by Newell. 289 pg. BOO211 $9.95 Games Children Sing Around The World Gamesongs from Belgium, Brazil, Cyprus, England, Finland, France, Greece, Korea, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, and Switzerland. With words in original language, English translation, and phonetic guide in the back. Each game has physical movements as well. Comes with CD. BOA428 $19.95 Moonpenny by Meek. Irish childrens’ songs, tongue twisters, nursery rhymes & more in a delightfully illustrated volume. BOO213 $9.95 Rhymes, Rounds & Riddles for Children Includes melody line in standard notation with easy keyboard accompaniment and chord names. For ages 3-10. BOA714 $7.95 The Book of Kids Songs 2 BOO215 $11.95


Clarinet Method By Louis Hittler. A step-by-step, easy-to-understand method. BOA715 $9.95 Kammen International Folios, Vol. 9 Renowned collections of wonderful klezmer and international dance music. Jewish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Romanian, Italian, Polish, Russian, American, Czechoslovak, Gypsy etc. Horas, Shers, Doinas, Freilachs, Waltzes, Czardas and more. Written for Clarinet & Tenor Sax. BOO503C $12.95 The Clarinet and Clarinet Playing By David Pino. Choosing and maintaining a mouthpiece, selection and care of the instrument, technique, tonguing and articulation, musicianship, and musical interpretation. How to make your own reeds, preparing for performance, history, much more. BOK060 $10.95

Concertina, Anglo

Absolute Beginners Concertina By Mick Bramich, is a great source for the novice 3 row Anglo concertina player; includes easy-to-follow diagrams, maintenance hints, etc. This is a well planned tutor with exercises that both challenge and give instant results to the beginner. Incorporates the tablature used in the same author’s “The Irish Concertina”. BOA978 $13.00 Best Concertina Method-Yet by Kail. Method for 2row Anglo concertina. Includes exercises, melody and accompaniment, easy instructions, over 250 tunes with fingering, 17 with words, 3 for both hands, 2 with piano. BOO221 $10.95 Concertina Demystified by Levy. Book & two cassettes with eleven progressive lessons, including fingering illustrations and musical transcriptions. Great book for the 30 button Anglo system concertina. BOO024 $22.00 Concertina & How to Play It by De Ville. Method for 2-row Anglo concertina. Includes exercises, detailed rudiments of music, 250 melodies (patriotic and sacred as well as well known melodies) with fingering. BOO222 $10.95 Deluxe Concertina Book by Converse. A wellwritten method for the 20-key (2 row) Anglo Concertina. BOO223 $9.95 Handbook For Anglo Chromatic Concertina by Watson. Good basic tutor for the beginner with clear text and lots of chords. For 3-row anglo concertinas. BOO225 $14.95 The Irish Concertina This book by Mick Bramich offers a systematic approach to learning the Anglo-chromatic concertina used in Irish music, although the techniques presented here can be

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used in any style of music. With numerous illustrations, photos, and diagrams the intricacies of concertina playing are made clear; 56 tunes, chord chart others. 80 pages. BOA940 $26.00 Companion CD BOA941 $22.00

Concertina, English Dancing With Ma Baby Music for English concertina, more than just a melody line! BOA230 $19.00 Handbook For English Concertina by Watson. Good basic tutor for the beginner with clear text and lots of chord patterns. BOO226 $14.95 The English Concertina and An Introduction to the Music by Heatwole. Concertina care, reading music, how to play, ensemble playing, construction and repair. BOO228 $9.00


Appalachian Clogging and Flatfooting Steps Clear, well-written book by one of the finest contemporary cloggers. BOO229 $22.00 Belly Dancing for Health and Relaxation By Tina Hobin. History of belly dancing, music and instruments, the exercises, dance steps, arm movements, floor movements, making a costume, more. BOA535 $22.00 Cajun Dancing Teaches the basics and advanced steps of this centuries -old dance form. Waltzes, two-steps, Cajun jitterbug with 25 steps, group dances, information on dance halls, restaurants, clubs and festivals. BOA015 $14.95 Canadian Folk Dances Book and CD. BOA737 $19.95 Discovering English Folk Dance by Hugh Rippon. Where to see and take part in English Folk Dancing, hobby horse dances, morris, sword, rapper and clog dancing. BOO986 $12.50 Eternal Rhythms of the Middle East, Vol. 2 BOA834 $10.00 Folk Dances From Around the World Includes CD of music, easy-to-follow dance graphics, arrangements for Orff and percussion instruments and cultural information. American, German, Italian, French dances. BOA316 $19.95 Folk Dances of Latin America Includes CD of music, easy-to-follow dance graphics, arrangements for Orff and percussion instruments and cultural information. Dances from Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Panama and Mexico. Los Viejitos, Fado Blanquita, more. BOA318 $19.95 From the Ballroom to Hell Facts About Dancing - Dancing Master’s Experience from 1894. A comic description of the horrible things that will happen to you if you dance, including woodcuts of the period. BOA830 $7.95 Israeli Folk Dances Vol. 1 CD This CD collection harks back to the golden days of folk dancing with such classic tunes as Hora Medura, Dodi Li, Hava Netze B’machol. If you don’t have dancing shoes, bare feet will do. BOK316 $26.00 Israeli Folk Dances Vol. 2 CD BOK317 $26.00 Mexican Folk Dances Includes CD of music, easy-to-follow dance graphics, arrangements for Orff and percussion instruments and cultural information. La Bamba, Chiapanecas, more. BOA319 $19.95 Native American Dance: Ceremonies and Social Traditions Celebrates the past and present Native American dance from the powwow circuit to the traditional keepers of sacred Indian ceremonies to modern Indian dance. Over 200 photos, 200+ pp. BOA412 $36.00 The Best of Israeli Folk Dances A large broad based collection of Israeli dances known the world over with easy to follow dance instructions. All selections appear with vocal line, chords, transliteration, Hebrew texts and instructions. BOO509 $19.95 The Oak Tree A collection of 36 English Country Dances and 72 tunes, compiled by Paul Hudson. A guide for musicians, dancers and callers who want to understand how their roles fit together to make an enjoyable dance. Covers topics such as the room, types of dances, steps, figures, music, instrumentation, etc. 46 pages, with dances such as Wee Willie, Timble Circle, Ribbon Dance, etc.

BOA971 $18.00 The Playford Ball by Keller & Shimer. Landmark collection of 103 17th-19th century English country dances. Included are dance instruction, music and background info. A new classic! Revised edition. BOO246 $21.00 Village Dance Syllabi Instructions for 23 dances from around the World: all the dances from the book “Village Dance Music From Around the World” (see “Recorder” in our book section) plus others that can be danced to the same melodies. Comes as looseleaf sheets, punched to fit in a binder, with a cover page and table of contents. BOA017 $21.00

Irish & Scottish Dance

Ar Rinncidhe Foirne 30 popular Irish dances with clear instruction & diagrams. BOO231 $14.95 Call the Set Instruction for Traditional Munster Sets (Irish Set Dancing) , cassette included. The Sliabh Luachra Set and The Ballyvourney Reel Set. BOO996 $18.00 Call the Set Part 2 Cassette Included. The Jenny Ling, The Ballyvourney Jig, The Borlin Polka Set. BOO997 $18.00 Highland Dancing The Textbook of the Official Board of Highland Dancing. Comprehensive instructions. BOA300 $30.00 Irish Dance By Arthur Flynn. Traces the history of dance in Ireland, with chapters on music, dance costumes, competitions, and the phenomenal revival. Includes instruction for steps and 2 elementary dances. BOA896 $12.95 Scottish Country Dance Pocket Reference, compiled in association with the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. Instructions to over 100 of the most popular dances. BOA818 $18.00 Scottish Country Dances in Diagrams Affectionately known as “the little green book”, over 600 dances in alphabetical order. BOA299 $16.00 Set Left, Set Right Irish Dancing. 11 set dances described by Eileen O Doherty BOO046 $16.00 The Complete Guide to Irish Dancing by Frank Whelan, 192 pages covering the history, musical instruments, costumes and shoes as well as instructions for 30 popular traditional Irish dances. Step-by-step photos demonstrate the positions for reels, jigs, hornpipes and more. BOK172 $15.95 The Piper’s Set & other dances Instructions for Irish Set Dances: Baile Bhúirne Jig Set, Baile Bhúirne Reel Set, Jenny Lind, Orange & Green, Pipers and Victoria. BOO998 $10.00 The Quadrilles & other dances by Terry Moylan. Instructions for Irish Set Dances: The Auban Set, The Ballycommon Set, The Conamara Set, The Corca Dhuibhne Set, The Quadrilles, The Televara Set, BOO999 $10.00 The Scottish Country Dance Book - Book 2 12 Scottish country dances including The Haymakers, La Tempete and The Eightsome Reel. Dance instruction with piano music published by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. BOA173 $10.00 Westley School of Irish Dancing Ceili, Country Set and 2 Hand Dance Instruction Booklet. Easy to follow instructions for all the basic ceili steps and set steps, plus instruction for 40 other dances including The Haymakers Jig, the Fairy Reel, more. BOA320 $14.95


Didgeridoo - A Beginner’s Guide Booklet By Alastair Black. A brief introduction to playing the didgeridoo and it’s history. BOA768 $6.00 Didgeridoo : Ritual Origins and Playing Techniques by Dirk Schellberg. The origins of the didgeridoo, the stories about the instrument and the players. How to build a didg, and what to look for when buying one. BOA321 $12.95 Didjeridu Earth Tones An introduction to simple rhythms on the didjeridu featuring Alastair Black, on cassette. Great when enjoyed on its own, or as a follow-up to “How To Play”. LRR246 $10.00 Echoes From the Dreamtime A workshop in Didgeridoo (didjeridoo); one hour of instruction from beginning to advanced techniques, on CD. BOK238 $15.00

• BOOKS • Drum & Percussion

Conga Drumming By Alan Dworsky and Betsy Sansby. One of the best step-by-step courses on conga drumming available. Makes learning to play authentic Afro-Cuban rhythms easy, even with no previous musical experience. Comes with CD. BOA686 $24.95 Conga Exercises 125 page, 8.5 by 11 inch spiral bound work book which includes over 750 exercises in easy to read box notation, applicable to both conga and djembe. The book is suitable for all levels from beginning through advanced and includes instruction in hand position and sound production. The book is written Time-Unit-BoxNotation which is very user friendly and intuitive. BOK162 $36.00 Drum Circle Spirit Book/CD set Games, Exercises and Facilitation by Arthur Hull. This book shows how EVERYONE can facilitate community drum circles. Drum circle games, exercises, basic techniques for facilitating, basic elements of a drum circle including pitch, timbre, rhythms and vocals, and intermediate to advanced facilitation techniques. Photos, music, bibliography, more. BOA879 $29.95 Fun With Bongos By Trevor Salloum; this is a well written and thorough approach to playing bongos; recommended! Yes it’s fun, but it’s also a serious chop-builder. BOK026 $6.95 Have Fun Playing Hand Drums A great book by Ben James for learning a solid foundation in drumming; presents techniques for djembe (and ashiko), conga and bongo; easy to follow notation and a CD make it simple to learn the basic rhythms. 80 pages. BOK006 $19.95 Historic Percussion - A Survey A well researched, enjoyable look at historic percussion. Chronologically organized, encompassing all manner of early instruments from tambourines, hand drums, castanets, bells, timpani, dulcimers, cymbals, triangles, military drums and other folk instruments. Wide variety of topics, from dumbek repair, suggestions for playing early military music, fun and games for fife and drum, Renaissance dance BOA581 $36.00 How to Play Djembe - West African Rhythms for Beginners A complete step by step user-friendly method for learning the djembe; includes basic strokes, interlocking parts for popular rhythms such as Kuku, Djole, Kassa, Madan, Suku, etc. With CD to let you hear the parts correctly and learn how to fit them together. 96 pages. BOK105 $24.95 Latin Percussion in Perspective parts for all major instruments in the most important rhythms used in Latin music. Excellent source for the advancing player, with CD. BOK030 $19.95 Learn To Play the Pipe Band Snare Drum Package by Allan Chatto. Designed as a complementary publication to Shepherd’s Bagpipe Tutor, it contains drum snares suitable for the drummer to accompany the tunes in the Bagpipe Tutor. Book plus 2 CDs. BOK320 $30.00 Royall Drummes & Martiall Musick Written to help modern percussionists learn to think like historic drummers playing early military, civic, and court music; stresses stick techniques which diverge from modern practice, improvisation, and other topics including care of skin heads. 192 pages, illustrated. BOK206 $25.00 Sacred Drumming w/60 minute CD; Steven Ash, with forward by Wallace Black Elk; 144 pages, softcover, color illustration. A reverent and comprehensive approach to the drum of the Native American tradition, covering all aspects of making and playing the drum in a spiritual manner; ideal for those seeking understanding of the drum’s uses in meditation, healing, ritual, etc. BOK269 $17.95 Tambourine! Would you like to really have fun with a tambourine? Learn European, Middle Eastern, Latin American and other styles. History of

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• BOOKS • tambourines, techniques, care and repair, and examples. 100+ pages. BOA579 $22.00 The Bongo Book Comprehensive guide to playing the bongo drums. Includes interviews with famous bongo drummers. Book and CD set. BOA685 $17.95 The Healing Power of the Drum A psychotherapist explores the healing power of rhythm; author Robert Lawrence Friedman uses drumming and rhythm activities to help his clients reduce stress, anger, induce trance, and create joy and empowerment. The sacred and deep power of the drum is shown as a tool for personal transformation, growth, healing and community BOK215 $14.95 The Joy of Drumming : Drum and Percussion Instruments Around the World Over 100 illustrations of different drums, gongs and percussion instruments with descriptions of how they are made, and basic playing techniques. Simple rhythm exercises, African and South American drum rhythms, discussions of how different cultures from around the world have used percussion in their spiritual practices for communication, healing BOA770 $16.95 Understand Drum Techniques (for Drum Set) by Dave Hughlett. Applicable to drummers at all levels. Shows proper technique to avoid pain or injury, lots of exercises, an excellent book. BOO253 $10.00

Early Music

Early Period and Popular Dance Music Collection A collection of pieces popular then, and again with historical re-creation groups; Pavans, Galliards, Basse Dances, Bransles; Country dances are among the many works in this book. All parts are written in modern notation and are well realized. Another must have book for the Early musician. 113 pages. BOK102 $25.00 Medieval Songs and Dances of the 11th-14th Centuries European Collection Vol. 1; One of the most complete books of quality early music repertoire I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Excellent transcriptions into modern notation are a feature of this book. A “real book” for the Medieval musican! BOK101 $45.00 Songs and Dances of the Middle Ages for Recorder and Flute Suitable for any melody instruments; also has suggested accompaniment for guitar, etc. Songs of Love, Chivalry, Worship, Pilgrimage, and Dance; Most are monophonic but several have 2 and 3 parts. CD available. BOA917 $10.95 The Early Music Revival - A History By Haskell. BOA577 $10.95 Viola da Gamba Method BOA541 $60.00

Eastern Europe

A Russian Songbook by Rubin and Stillman. Folk songs, revolutionary songs, more. Piano and vocal with guitar chords. BOO647 $10.95 Balkan Folk Dance Music by Miller. 60 folk dance tunes from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria. Includes melody and chords. BOA359 $13.00 Balkan Folk Dance Music Vol. 2 60 more popular folk dance melodies from Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Romania, the former USSR, Slovakia, France, 2 pieces from Scandinavia, and a goodly amount of the music of the Vlachs. Includes melody and chords. BOK004 $13.00 Balkanalia 60 pages; 40 dance melodies from the Balkans, including Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Macedonia and Croatia. Tunes include Dobra Nevesto, Ugriciniska Ruchenitsa, Zupcanska, Itele, Ciocarlanul, Karagouna, Zonaradis, Pelistersko, Cules Mala, etc. With complete scores, special performance notes, etc. BOK103 $25.00 May it Fill Your Soul: Experiencing Bulgarian Music by Timothy Rice. History of folk music, song and dance in Bulgaria over a 70-year period of dramatic change. Biography of the Varimezov family, including musician Kostadin and his wife Todora, singer, as well as author’s personal


experiences of learning to play, sing and dance Bulgarian folk music. How individual musicians learned their tradition, how they lived it during the era of family farming, how the tradition changed with industrialization brought under Communism, and finally, how it flourished and evolved in the recent unstable political climate. Lots of illustrations and musical examples, comes with CD. BOA269 $27.50 The Bulgarian Collection by Geisler. Music and lyrics to 35 favorite Bulgarian folkdances. Great music! BOO756 $25.00 The Yugoslav Collection by Geisler. Music and lyrics to 40 folkdances from Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia. Great music! BOO757 $25.00


Discovering English Folksong by Michael Pollard. A brief introduction to the field of English Folksongs. BOO255 $7.50 Encyclopaedia Blowzabellica The Blowzabella Tune & Dance Book. Traditional and recently composed dance tunes as well as some dance instructions from Britain and abroad compiled by the members of Blowzabella. BOO007 $21.00 English Country Dance Tunes - New Revised Edition by Peter Barnes. Collection of 400 of the most commonly used English traditional dance tunes for all instruments. Chords included for piano or guitar accompaniment. The standard for English country dance music. BOA323 $18.00 Mally’s Cotswold Morris #1 Book 52 Morris tunes from many traditions. BOO770 $14.00 Companion CD BOO771 $19.00 One Hundred English Folksongs by Sharp. Classic volume of songs collected by the famous folklorist, Cecil Sharp. BOO261 $16.95 Raven’s Nest 41 English Folksongs, published in England. Words and music. BOA161 $16.00 The Fiddler of Helperby The life and music of Lawrence Leadley, Yorkshire Fiddler, by James Merryweather and Matt Seattle. BOA229 $21.00 The Keel Row - Songs of North East England 40 songs including old favourites and new discoveries, full lyrics, melody and chord symbols, illustrated with choice antique engravings and photos BOK240 $19.00 The Puddletown Reel - Original Country Dance Tunes of Dorset By David Bowles, accordionist. A wonderful book of new tunes for English country dance, relating to the county of Dorset, its characters and places. BOA939 $13.50 The Willow Tree and Other English Folk Dances A collection of 26 dances and 52 tunes from Hugh Rippon and Dave Mallinson, with dance instructions. Tunes also have chord changes, and include selections as Honeysuckle, Upton Upon the Severn Stick, I Have a Bonnet, Dusty Windowsills, etc. Dances include Lancashire Reel, Blue Circle Dance, Itchington Long Dance, many more! BOA964 $16.00 Welcome In The Spring : Morris and Sword Dances for Children Book/CD set by Paul Kerlee. Exhilarating introduction to seasonal ritual dances that long ago grew up in the English countryside and were joyfully carried to America at the turn of this century. Includes copy-permissible musical transcriptions and optional Orff instrument settings for 15 clapping, stick, sword and hanky dances; complete dance descriptions for all dances; glossary of dance steps, customs and costumes; brief history of morris dancing; how to get started with Morris and Sword dancing in your school or community. Includes CD with full-length music for all dances and full length Orff instruments demos of all dances suitable for practice of performance. BOK193 $24.95


Old Dutch Netherland melodies with guitar chords. BOO788 $12.00

Fiddle & Violin Instruction & Information

Companion cassette BOA325 $9.98 Beginning Fiddle Complete beginner’s guide to traditional fiddle styles lets you learn authentic techniques while playing melodies. Book fits in your fiddle case. BOO971 $5.95 Between The Jigs and the Reels: The Donegal Fiddle Playing Tradition By Caoimhín MacAoidh. Development of the Donegal Fiddle tradition and traditional music in Ireland. Dancing tradition, traveling musicians, link with Scotland, the art of lilting, folklore of various tunes, and great figures in Donegal music. BOA385 $21.95 Beyond Classical Violin An Introduction to the World of Improvisation by Charlie Bisharat, renowned violinist for John Tesh. Offers every violinist the tools and skill necessary to play improvised music. Examples are in the styles of Shankar, Grappelli, Goodman, and Ponty, and cover jazz, blues, rock, popular, ethnic and world music. Book/CD Pack. BOA848 $17.95 Bluegrass and Country Fiddle by Kenny Kosek. Beginners will be playing double stops, harmonies, riffs, and exciting solos right from the first lesson; more than 35 great fiddle tunes are taught. BOO176 $59.95 Fiddle Book by Thede. Comprehensive book of over 150 traditional fiddle tunes and a guide to the challenge of playing in the old-timey style. BOO281 $19.95 Fiddle Learning CD #1 Enables the listener to learn traditional fiddle tunes by ear. No music reading ability is required. Tunes include Irish and Scottish jigs, reels and hornpipes, New England dance tunes, bluegrass hoedowns, and others. CDs 2, 3 and 4 assume a basic familiarity with fiddle or violin such as knowing a few tunes or scales by ear. Presented at 2 difficulty levels: basic and advanced. BOK283 $12.95 Fiddle Learning CD #2 BOK282 $12.95 Fiddle Learning CD #3 BOK284 $12.95 Fiddle Learning CD #4 BOK285 $12.95 Fiddle & Violin Buyer’s Guide By Ryan Thompson. Detailed discussion of each part of a violin, locating good instruments, choosing between a new or used violin, selecting the proper bow, determining the quality of construction, selecting an instrument by its sound, more. BOA510 $12.95 Fiddling Chord Book Basic chords for practical use on the fiddle. Major, minor, diminished, augmented, seventh, minor seventh and sixth chords are shown in detail. BOO284 $8.95 How to Play Mariachi Violin by Lawrence Saunders. Book and tape gives the reader musical, historical and cultural insight into the diversity of Mexican folk music. Transcriptions include the jarabe, danzón, son, polka and march. BOO784 $22.00 How To Play Romanian Folk Violin by Miller. A self teaching booklet and tape for those who play violin. BOO028 $22.00 How To Play Romanian Folk Violin Vol. 2 BOA328 $22.00 How To Select A Bow For Violin Family Instruments Features of the bow, functions, types, curvatures, bow hairs, frogs and screws, etc. BOA470 $12.95 Improvising Violin by Julie Lyonn Lieberman. Fiddlers of all levels can learn how to give voice to their own ideas and musical self-expression. Includes improvisation techniques in folk, blues, swing, jazz and New Age music. Covers technique, musicianship, theory and new mental and physical approaches to playing. Guitar and piano rhythm tracks are provided for practice. Set of 6 tapes. BOO285 $59.95 Irish Fiddle Book & CD by Cranitch. Wonderful tutor for the beginner to intermediate fiddler explaining the various techniques for creating a traditional Irish style. BOK229 $34.95 Kidfiddle 46 easy folk songs for fiddle with chordal accompaniment. BOA241 $7.95 Latin Violin How to play salsa, charanga, and Latin jazz violin, by Sam Bardfeld, w/CD; 105 pages on the art of Cuban style violin playing; history of charanga, danzon, nuevo ritmo, the clave, montuno, and much more, including transcribed solos and patterns. BOK270 $24.95

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Learn The Real Cajun Fiddle The great fiddler from Beausoleil teaches how to get the true Cajun sound! Invaluable tips on technique, over 20 great tunes and more. A must for those interested in Cajun fiddle. BOO200 $59.95 Swing Fiddle, an Introduction By Ryan Thompson. Includes jazz chord fingering charts for all 12 keys, circle of fifths, chord building tables and theory, techniques for developing improvisation ability, discographies and biographies of 16 major jazz violinists and Texas swing fiddlers. BOA511 $12.95 Teach Yourself Bluegrass Fiddle by Glaser. Great book and CD set for the beginner getting started with bluegrass fiddle BOO291 $17.95 Texas and Swing Fiddle by Kosek. Book & 6 cassettes which takes you from old-time Texas fiddling up to modern Texas, western swing and jazz soloing. BOO292 $59.95 The Amadeus Book of the Violin Construction, History, and Music by Walter Kolneder. Available for the first time in English, this book has been considered the best single encyclopedia of the violin for 20 years. All aspects of the violin are covered: construction, history, and literature; violin playing and teaching; and violin virtuosos through the ages. BOA801 $49.95 The American Fiddle Method Volume 1 Beginning fiddle tunes and techniques; includes play-along CD with 22 tunes such as Boil ‘em Cabbage Down, Country Waltz, Southwind, Cairo, Arran Boat Song, and others. Full of important info for the novice. BOK218 $24.95 The American Fiddle Method Volume 2 Intermediate fiddle tunes and techniques; includes play-along CD with 27 tunes, such as Liberty, Soldier’s Joy, Jolie Blonde, Ragtime Annie, Flop Eared Mule, St. Anne’s Reel, and Cuckoo’s Nest. More information is included for the advancing player. BOK219 $24.95 The Complete Fiddle Contest Kit By Ryan Thompson. Complete plans for running a fiddle contest in your area: a contest preparation checklist, publicity ideas, briefing and selection of judges, site set up, sound system, judging forms, old time contest rules, tally sheet, and more. Forms, rules and tally sheet are camera ready to be reproduced by photo copy or printing. BOA514 $9.95 The Fiddler’s Almanac History and lore of fiddling, guide to buying a fiddle and bow, playing instruction by ear and with music, sources and references, fiddle contest information, dance fiddling, 160 descriptions of books of fiddle music, 200 records reviewed, table of contents, glossary, index. BOA509 $29.95 Treatise of Violin Construction, Preservation, Repair and Improvement. Reprint of 1846 treatise. BOA829 $10.95 You Can Teach Yourself Fiddling by Craig Duncan. 36 lessons designed for beginners, presenting basic techniques by applying them to fiddle tunes. Reading music is unnecessary. BOA021 $10.95 You Can Teach Yourself Fiddling Book/CD Set by Craig Duncan. 36 lessons designed for beginners, presenting basic techniques by applying them to fiddle tunes. Reading music is unnecessary. BOK246 $19.95

Fiddle & Violin Repertoire

20 Irish Fiddle Tunes by Burke. 20 tunes played & notated by the popular Irish fiddler, Kevin Burke. Book and cassette BOO270 $14.95 20 Irish Fiddle Tunes by Burke. 20 tunes played & notated by the popular Irish fiddler, Kevin Burke. Book and CD BOK290 $19.95 50 Fiddle Solos by Sean Keane. Book and cassette on Irish fiddle. Book contains all the melodies, transcribed note for note, from the audio cassette, plus photos of Sean Keane and The Chieftains. Includes tips on ornamentation. BOO271 $19.95 50 Fiddle Solos Book/CD set by Sean Keane. Book and CD on Irish fiddle. Book contains all the melodies, transcribed note for note, from the CD, plus photos of Sean Keane and The Chieftains. Includes tips on ornamentation. BOK227 $24.95 50 Irish Fiddle Tunes Book/ CD Set by Peoples. A

splendid book and CD by the renowned Irish fiddle player. He goes over jigs, reels, hornpipes and strathspeys, now on CD. BOK152 $23.95 Allan’s Irish Fiddler Irish tunes for fiddle. 120 Reels, jigs, hornpipes, and set dances. BOO451 $20.00 Aly Bain 50 Fiddle Solos Fifty minutes of recorded music by the world renowned Shetland fiddler, along with a photo-filled book. Book/ CD set. BOO275 $24.95 Appalachian Fiddle by Krassen. 58 great fiddle tunes transcribed from the playing of the original traditional players. BOO277 $17.95 Ashokan Farewell “Ashokan Farewell” is the theme song from Kenneth Burns’ highly acclaimed Civil War television documentary. This is Jay Ungar’s actual violin solo with keyboard accompaniment. (Optional guitar and bass parts are included.) BOO900 $9.95 Basic Fiddle Solos Big-note, easy solos on 39 tunes representing a variety of styles, with guitar chords. BOA654 $6.95 Bluegrass Fiddle Styles by Kosek & Phillips. 70 tunes transcribed from the playing of 25 major players. For the intermediate to advanced player. BOO279 $17.95 Cajun Fiddle Tune Book/ CD set Collection of tunes for those wanting an introduction to the Cajun musical tradition, including bowing suggestions. Book & CD. BOK161 $17.95 Captain Fiddle’s Tunebook #1 By Ryan Thompson. Traditional dance tunes and variations with chords. Jigs, reels, hornpipes, hoedowns and waltzes with notes on each tune. BOA512 $9.95 Captain Fiddle’s Tunebook #2 BOA513 $9.95 Complete Fiddling Book with Craig Duncan, Bill Guest, Don Messer, David Reiner, Joseph Castle & Frank Zucco. This spiral bound, comprehensive text features fiddle tunes and arrangements in a colorful array of fiddle styles. Over 300 tunes. BOO881 $19.95 Complete Irish Fiddle Player By Peter Cooper, a full practical guide to the art of Irish Fiddling including 80 traditional tunes including reels, jigs, hornpipes, polkas, etc., complete with bowing and chord symbols. Includes an illustrated historical overview plus literary references to the fiddle in Irish culture. BOA506 $19.95 Companion 2 CD set BOA507 $24.98 Danse ce Soir! Fiddle and Accordion Music of Quebec 122 traditional and new tunes from Quebec; well notated, in staff notation with chords, plus historical background and musical info on ornaments, style BOA994 $29.95 Deluxe Album of Fiddle Waltzes & Slow Airs Fiddlecase Tunebook: British Isles 50 fiddle tunes from the basic English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Shetland repertoires. BOO972 $5.95 Fiddlecase Tunebook: Old-Time Southern 50 fiddle tunes from the basic old-time repertoire. Includes well known standards and relatively obscure “gems”. BOO973 $6.95 Fiddler’s Fakebook by Brody. Contains nearly 500 jigs, reels, rags, hornpipes, from all the major fiddling traditions. Special introductory materials on regional styles, bowing and ornamentation. BOO283 $24.95 Fiddler’s Tune-Book By Peter Kennedy, was first printed in the 1950’s as two volumes, and is now available again as a single edition featuring some of the finest airs in the British Isles. This landmark collection has enriched the repertoire of many a traditional musician. BOA942 $18.00 Fiddler’s Tune-Book - Hornpipes & Breakdowns, Clog & Step Dances By Peter Kennedy. Contains 200 melodies, many unavailable anywhere else; they have been collected and transcribed from traditional musicians. The traditional hornpipe, once part of the sailor’s repertoire, the clog dance, and related tunes are featured in this book, with tunes like Avalanche, Boney in Russia, Devonshire, Fisherman’s Frolic, Lady Templeton’s Clog, etc. 56 pages. BOA959 $18.00 Fiddler’s Tune-Book - Jigs & Quicksteps, Trips & Humours By Peter Kennedy. Contains 200 melodies, many unavailable anywhere else; they have

• BOOKS • been collected and transcribed from traditional musicians. Tunes in jig time are the focus here, with a wonderful selection of well known and rarer melodies. BOA960 $18.00 Fiddler’s Tune-Book - Reels & Rants, Flings & Fancies By Peter Kennedy. Contains 200 melodies, many unavailable anywhere else; they have been collected and transcribed from traditional musicians. The reel and the rant along with other related duple time tunes are presented, with sample titles such as: Lady Shaftsbury, Tullochgorum, Sporting Paddy, Marquis of Huntley, Miller that Grinds the Barley, etc. BOA961 $18.00 Fiddler’s Tune-Book - Slip Jigs & Waltzes By Peter Kennedy, contains 200 melodies, many unavailable anywhere else; they have been collected and transcribed from traditional musicians. This volume is devoted to the triple-time jig and waltz rhythms once widely used for all sorts of traditional dancing before the 20th century and the decline in use of this wonderful beat. BOA958 $18.00 Gypsy Violin By Mary Ann Harbar. Move your audience to tears or make them leap to their feet with the closely guarded Gypsy violinist secrets in this book. Includes traditional tunes from Russia, Romania, Moldavia, and Hungary. BOA662 $17.95 Companion CD BOA663 $15.98 Ireland’s Best Fiddle Tunes 110 of the best Irish melodies for fiddle, with guitar chords. Includes special information on rolls, cuts, triplets, and other ornaments. 48pp. BOK136 $15.95 Ireland’s Best Fiddle Tunes CD set 110 of the best Irish melodies for fiddle, with guitar chords. Includes special information on rolls, cuts, triplets, and other ornaments. 48pp. With double CD included. BOK137 $33.95 Kenny Hall’s Music Book Old time Music for Fiddle and/or mandolin by one of California’s true original folk musicians; a very large number of tunes, stories, info on Kenny’s life, etc. are included. BOK028 $24.95 Martin Hayes - Under the Moon 13 Celtic fiddle solos by master fiddler Hayes, accurately transcribed from the recording of the same name. BOK032 $9.95 Masters of Old Time Fiddling by Krassen. 49 transcriptions from the Southeast United States. Includes soundsheet. BOO290 $22.95 Ryan’s Mammoth Collection of Fiddle Tunes 1050 Reels and Jigs, Hornpipes, Clogs, Walk-arounds, Essences, Strathspeys, Flings and Contra Dances, with Figures, and How To Play Them, by Patrick Sky. Bowing and fingering marked, together with 40 introductory studies for the violin, with explanations of bowing. A Facsimile of the historic collection published in 1883. BOA649 $19.95 Swedish Fiddle Music Anthology by Ben Paley, over 50 tunes with harmony parts. Swedish fiddle music is quite lovely, for 2 fiddles. BOA227 $21.00


Complete Music for the Fife & Drum Over 60 tunes for fife and drum. Drumbeats are in the strict rudimental style, with fills. Tunes are marked to show the rousing style which is characteristic of fifing today. Music is traced to its 18th and 19th C. roots. BOA322 $19.95 Complete Music for the Fife & Drum CD Companion CD. Civil War selections, traditional favorites and familiar music. Walt Sweet, fife 1,2 & 3; Jim Clark, snare drum and muffled drum; and Cap Corduan, bass drum. 63 minutes of good listening in stereo, for historical ambiance or playing along. BOA534 $15.98 Fun With The Fife Basic instruction for Bb fife. BOA025 $4.95 Fun With The Fife Book/CD Set Basic instruction for Bb fife. BOK242 $14.95


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• BOOKS • A Guide To Five String Kantele Playing in English. Includes tuning, playing positions, exercises, chords, improvisation, accompaniment, repertoire and more. BOO514 $20.00 Kaustisen Laulukirja Folk songs in Finnish from the region of Kausiten, known as the “Home of Music”; in Finnish. BOK223 $18.00 Klaneeti popular music for clarinet from various parts of Finland in Finnish BOK221 $18.00 Kymmenkieliesn Kanteleen Opas A tutor for the 10 string kantele by Hannu Saha, in Finnish. BOK224 $18.00 Otto Hotakaisen Nuottikirja The most popular folk tunes for fiddle (playable on other instruments) by Finland’s Otto Hotakaisen (1908-1990); in Finnish. BOK220 $18.00

Flute Instruction & Information Circular Breathing For The Flutist by Dick. A thorough tutor describing the circular breathing technique which enables the flutist to sustain tone while inhaling. BOO295 $20.00 Complete Flute Player Omnibus Edition 1 practical and economical volume of 4 books for flute instruction, Boehm flute. Book 1: By John Sands; Assembling the flute and producing your first sounds; Left-hand notes, music notation, and 7 keys; Music by Lennon & McCartney, John Denver and more. Book 2: New keys and rhythms, minor keys, playing by ear, developing finger technique. Music by Burt Bacharach, Richard Rodgers, and more. Book 3: New notes in the high register, dynamics, melodic minor scales and new time signatures. Music by Lionel Bart, Gilbert & Sullivan and Mozart. Book 4: Staccato tonguing, the cycle of keys completed, scales and arpeggios. Music by Paul Simon, Dave Brubeck and J.S. Bach. BOA629 $29.95 Complete Irish Flute Book By Mizzy McCaskill and Donna Giliam. Comprehensive method for learning to play Boehm system flute in the Irish style, written especially for classical flutists who wish to explore traditional Irish folk music. BOA605 $24.95 Companion CD BOA743 $15.98 Creating & Using the Native American Love Flute by Lew Paxton Price. How to make a Native American flute. Historical overview, use in traditional ceremonies, how to design a quality instrument, understanding the sound mechanics, deriving the proper keys, etc. Also includes playing techniques and how to care for and repair Native flutes. Several illustrations and charts. BOA330 $17.00 Flute and Flute Playing by Boehm. Classic volume by the inventor of the modern flute. Covers history, acoustics, techniques, etc. A must read for understanding the principles of the modern flute. BOO296 $8.95 Flute Method by Louis Hittler. Comprehensive, step-by-step method for flute instruction. Scales and technical studies, range and articulation studies, and solos and duets to provide depth of instruction for the beginning student on the Boehm system flute. BOO981 $9.95 Great Flute Makers of France The Lot and Godfroy Families, 1650-1900 by Tula Giannini. The history and work of the 2 most important families of French flute makers. Profusely illustrated, with detailed findings in related 18th C. makers given here for the first time. Photographs of over 100 instruments and 60 newly discovered archival documents. Hardcover. BOA311 $95.00 How To Play the Bansuri Book and cassette Manual for Self-Instruction based on the teachings of Devendra Murdeshwar. Beginning course in the technique of the north India keyless bamboo flute. Designed for use with a C bansuri (lowest note w/ 6 fingers closed G) . Profusely illustrated with charts, exercises, photographs of playing positions, and decorative material, the manual will enable the student to learn authentic raga


materials and methods of development. Explains the fundamentals of a number of essential topics in Hindustani music. BOA774 $60.00 Learn to Play Flute, including Shanai and Been Focuses mostly on bansuri, the Indian bamboo flute. Learn to read Indian notation, lots of music. Includes a section on shanai and a 3 page section on the been (punji). BOO422 $15.00 Method for One-Keyed Flute answers all the practical needs of beginners and offers advanced flutists a wealth of useful information. 236 pages. BOK065 $27.50 Native North American Flutes Lew Paxton Price traces the evolution of the tribal North American Indian flute from a variety of perspectives: historical, sociological and structural. Emphasis on the relationship between handicraft and history. BOA028 $9.00 Principles of the Flute by Hotteterre. Classic work on the flute. BOO299 $7.95 Simple Flutes: Play Them, Make Them by Mark Shepard. Guide for both making and playing transverse flutes of all kinds. Written for the beginner. BOA077 $12.75 The Flute by Jeremy Montagu History and development of the flute, including pictures and a short repertoire. BOO300 $8.00 The Other Flute: A Performance Manual of Contemporary Techniques by Dick. A comprehensive presentation of the instrument’s sonic possibilities. These include multiphonics (playing 2 notes at once) alternate fingerings, quarter-tones and smaller microtones, natural harmonics, glissandi, whisper tones, percussive sonorities, jet whistles, a discussion of extended techniques for piccolo, alto and bass flutes, and more. BOO302 $40.00 Timber The Irish Flute Tutor by Fintan Vallely, A very comprehensive guide to playing the simple system flute in the traditional Irish style. Included is much historical information and repertoire. BOO303 $13.95 Tone Development Through Extended Techniques How to develop resonance, embouchure strength, sensitivity to multiphonics, whispertones & more for the flutist. BOO305 $24.00

Flute Repertoire

99 Irish Dance Tunes for Flute By McGinty. BOA387 $11.95 Celtic Music for Flute - Performance Series Book and CD set 44 tunes for the Celtic flautist, from Irish, Scottish, Manx, Welsh, and other sources, chosen because they work extremely well on flute alone. Includes variations for the advanced player. Chord symbols are carefully chosen to enhance the flute, but the tunes work well unaccompanied too. All pieces are playable on wooden Irish flutes or modern Boehm flutes. Tunes range from common melodies such as The Foggy Dew and Johnny Cope to less known but wonderful pieces as Suo Gan, Fear a’ Bhata, Shule Agra, etc. BOK298 $19.95 Chinese Flute Solos 15 pieces from performances on the traditional dizi, transcribed for the western flute. BOA388 $24.00 Irish Flute Tunes: The Turoe Stone Vincent Broderick supplies a beautiful collection of Irish tunes for traditional flute. BOO856 $15.00 Music of the Cherokee Nation Vol 1 for the 6-holed Native American Flute or Recorder By Chazanoff. Can also be played on transverse flutes and pennywhistles. Melody line and rhythm line for drum or rattle. Ceremonial Songs and dances, including medicine songs, bear songs, more. BOA718 $9.95 Music of the Cherokee Nation Vol 2 for the 6-holed Native American Flute or Recorder BOA720 $9.95 Music of the Native North American for the Flute or Recorder by Chazanoff. 78 tunes from many native North American tribes notated for silver flute or recorder. Beautiful music! BOO297 $9.95 Native American Music in Seven Volumes, 7 Volume Set by Chazanoff. Beautiful music! Written for silver flute or recorder. All seven volumes combined in a slipcase. BOO878 $42.00

Native American Music Vol. 1: The Indians of the Southwest BOO871 $5.95 Native American Music Vol. 2: The Indians of the Plains BOO872 $5.95 Native American Music Vol. 3: The Indians of the Pacific Northwest BOO873 $5.95 Native American Music Vol. 4: The Indians of the Lakes and Woods BOO874 $5.95 Native American Music Vol. 5: The Indians of the Great Basin Plateau BOO875 $5.95 Native American Music Vol. 6: The Indians of the Southeast BOO876 $5.95 Native American Music Vol. 7: The Indians of California BOO877 $5.95 Scottish Flute Collection For flute and piano, arranged in performance sets. Playable on Boehm and wooden simple system concert flutes; with chord symbols and full piano accompaniment. BOK037 $11.95 The Irish Flute 55 delightful flute solos, with piano accompaniment and guitar chords. 93pp. BOO858 $10.95 The Irish Fluter Flute with piano accompaniment. Easy to intermediate in difficulty, these 12 pieces capture the essence of the flute traditions of Eire. From lively jigs and reels, to sad and haunting melodies. Contains a pull out part for the silver flute. BOA884 $8.95 The Welsh Flautist - Ten Traditional Welsh Melodies Arranged for Flute and Piano melodies from Wales for flute; 31 pages. BOK039 $7.95

French & Hurdy Gurdy

Fait en Californie Book Sheet music from French Creek’s “Fait en Californie” CD (see our recordings section under French.) Copied and bound, 24 traditional and contemporary French tunes. BOA822 $6.00 Joannes de Gruijtters (1746) Tunes selected out of a Dutch manuscript from 1746, written by the church musician Joannes de Gruijtters. The tunes are playable on drone instruments (G/C tuning) and other melody instruments. 59 tunes in two voices. BOA793 $25.00 Massif Central Tune Book 1 by Stevens. Traditional French dance music, mainly from Central France, compiled by a member of the group, Rosbif. BOO014A $17.00 Massif Central Tune Book 2 BOO014B $17.00 Musette - Recueil de 110 Succes vol. 2 110 selections of fantastic French Bal Musette music, written in treble clef with chord symbols. 186 pages. BOK081 $28.95 Pijpersboek 130 folk tunes from France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Medieval tunes for bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, recorder, crummhorn and other instruments. Text in Dutch, but tunes for everyone! BOO419 $18.00 Volksmuziek 1 Collection of new tunes written by Belgian and Netherland composers. All tunes playable on bagpipes and hurdy gurdies in G/C tuning and other instruments. BOA792 $16.00

Guitar Instruction & Information Acoustic Guitars and Other Fretted Instruments

- A Pictographic History by George Gruhn and Walter Carter. History and development of guitars, banjos, and mandolins in America. Over 800 color photos. BOA206 $29.95 African Guitar Styles The first practical guide to playing authentic African guitar, by Sierra Leonean bandleader Folo Graff; classic styles old and new from Highlife to Afrobeat, Congolese, soukous, township jive, and more; 32 multi-part arrangements, over 100 riffs, 30 regional styles, staff and tab notations, optional basslines, and more! CD included. BOK309 $22.95 Alternate Tunings Guide for Guitar The 8 most commonly used tunings are covered in depth, accompanied by a list of songs that are played in each tuning. Fits in a guitar case BOO969 $6.95 Beginning Guitar Fits in your guitar case; a basic guide to playing the guitar. BOO970 $5.95 Bluegrass Guitar Covers every aspect of bluegrass

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playing from simple accompaniment to advanced instrumental. Over 30 bluegrass and traditional songs, graded from easy to advanced in notation and tab. Instructional CD included. BOO950 $21.95 Brazilian Guitar Book By Nelson Faria, one of Rio de Janeiro’s best young guitarists. Includes a complete guide to playing guitar accompaniment and chordal melodies in various Brazilian styles - Samba, Bossa Nova, Choro, etc. Many variations of basic comping patterns written out, each with complete chord voicings, and more. Comes with a CD of Nelson demonstrating each exercise and a tune in each style. BOA433 $26.00 Celtic Back-up for all Instrumentalists This book presents in a clear and well thought out fashion the way to approach accompaniment playing in Irish, Scottish, and other Celtic dance music. The book teaches how to develop a creative and appropriate style that enhances the Celtic Seisiún by backing up the melody with the correct chords and rhythms, and of course with the proper mood and “flavor”. BOA931 $22.95 Complete Book Of Alternate Tunings Mark Hanson. Hundreds of guitar tunings. Dozens covered in depth with history, scale positions, chord diagrams and more. Includes slide and Hawaiian “slack key” tunings. Standard notation and tab. BOA435 $18.95 Complete Book of Guitar Chords, Scales, and Arpeggios The most thorough book of it’s kind. BOA434 $22.95 Complete Fingerstyle Guitar Method with CD by Tommy Flint. Book and CD. Fingerstyle guitar is extremely popular today. You will learn chording, Travis picking, soloing, scales and accompaniment patterns, playing over the entire fingerboard, barre-chords, two-string harmony, combining hammer and slide, three-against four roll, contrary motion, crosspicking, harmonics, right and left hand agility studies, and much more. BOK160 $29.95 Complete Guitar Repair Everything every guitar repairman, player, guitar builder, and guitar owner needs to know about the proper care of every kind of guitar, including electric. Hundreds of diagrams. BOA710 $24.95 D.I.Y. Guitar Repair Easy instructions for do-ityourself acoustic and electric guitar repair, with diagrams and photos. How to fix loose frets, adjust the bridge, more. BOA608 $5.95 Famous Blues Guitar Lines Designed to help the guitarist connect with the blues; 50 common patterns are presented over a C7 chord; these are the basic building blocks of the blues, and by learning this vocabulary one learns to play the traditional blues style. Examples are written in notation and tab, and are played on the included CD. BOK112 $5.95 Fingerpicking 12-string Guitar Method how to play the 12 string guitar in the folk style, in this 56 page book with CD. Technical tips, tunes, and a lot of good information make this a must for the 12 string picker. Tunes include Under the Double Eagle, In the Pines, Down and Out Blues, Wildwood Flower, and more. Staff notation and tab. BOK257 $17.95 Fingerpicking Guitar Scales Qwikguide series; for the fingerstyle guitarist, this shows scale patterns in notation and tab. Covers major scales in several positions, pentatonic scales, cross picking scales, dim/aug scales, etc. Book/CD set. BOK126 $5.95 Flamenco Guitar—Basic Techniques by Serrano. Basic tutor written in English & Spanish, with a CD BOO316 $24.95 Gibson’s Fabulous Flat Tops Used by the Everly Brother’s in “Wake Up Little Susie”, the Gibson flat top is one of the finest acoustic guitars ever produced. History of the Gibson company and the growth and development of their flat top guitars. Every model from 1908 to the present, over 100 color photos and 150 b&w; reminiscences from performers who play flat tops, much more. BOA390 $24.95 Gruhn’s Guide to Vintage Guitars Comprehensive identification and dating reference source

for vintage fretted instruments, covering almost 2,000 models of acoustic and electric guitars, basses and mandolins from all the major American manufactures. BOO734 $27.95 Guitar Case Chord Book by Peter Pickow. Fits into your guitar case. Clear readable diagrams. BOO953 $7.95 Guitar Crosspicking Technique By Mickey Cochran, shows how to apply the Bluegrass banjo roll technique to the guitar; in tablature only. Includes exercises, patterns, solos, fiddle style, ragtime style, many songs, over 150 pages. BOK301 $19.95 Guitar For Absolute Beginners Book & 4CDs by Happy Traum, one of the world’s most experienced guitar teachers. Carefully designed, hands-on, step-by-step method for all age groups. All the basic chords and important picking and strumming techniques are taught, and the student will be singing and playing more than a dozen songs right from the first lesson! By the end of this course he or she will know over 70 songs, and be able to play in most keys using a variety of picking and strumming techniques. BOK291 $44.95 Guitar For Beginners by Traum. Book & 6 cassette package that will have you playing & singing a dozen songs by the end of the first lesson. By the 6th tape, even a novice will be playing over 70 songs in several keys using a variety of strumming and picking techniques. BOO318 $49.95 Latin American Guitar Guide By Rico Stover. An introduction to the guitar in Latin America featuring music and techniques from Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela. All are in E major or E minor. Book and CD set. BOA560 $19.95 Open Tuning Chord Book A source for chords in the open tunings of D, E, G, A and D minor; shows all chords and scales in each tuning, plus easy to follow instructions on retuning. A must for all guitarists interested in open tunings and their use. BOK124 $8.95 Rhythm Styles for Flatpicking Guitar By Joe Carr. Basics of rhythm guitar playing, walk-ups and walk-downs, many other techniques. Written in tab only. Book and CD set. BOA852 $17.95 Salsa Afro Cuban Montunos for Guitar The real way to play Afro-Cuban and Salsa music. The rhythm patterns used in playing this exciting music are presented in staff and tablature notations, and are played on the included companion CD so that the correct way of interpreting and phrasing the rhythms is clear. BOK297 $22.95 Swing Guitar Interpretation teaches the guitarist how to approach melodies and creatively make them swing by showing some of the ways jazz players rephrase tunes and enhance harmony. The CD includes recorded examples; the book is written in both staff notation and tablature. Recommended for those musicians that want to get beyond the printed versions of tunes and really swing. BOA929 $14.95 The Guitar From the Renaissance to the Present Day by Harvey Turnbull; 167 pages softcover; discusses the development of the guitar, its early relative the vihuela, the viola a mano, the 4 and 5 course guitar, the modern 6 string guitar, and much more. It has quite a number of black and white photographs of period instruments, plus musical examples from various period sources. BOA437 $19.95 NOW BOOK & CDS The Guitar of Richard Thompson taught by Richard Thompson. Booklet & CDs. Learn Richard’s fascinating arrangements of hornpipes, reels, Morris dances and jigs, featuring accompaniments, breaks and intros to 10 of his most requested songs. Lots of new ideas and approaches to traditional and contemporary picking. Includes music and tab. BOA036 $19.95 The Irish DADGAD Guitar Book Playing and Backing Traditional Irish Music on Open-Tuned Guitar. How to use the tuning, chords, hints on playing Irish music, lots of tunes in easy to read tablature and notation. BOA485 $18.95

• BOOKS • Companion Cassette. BOA538 $9.95 The Twelve-String Guitar Guide Introduction to the world of 12-string guitar guides you step-bystep through buying, strings and tuning. With tips on playing techniques. BOA494 $5.95 Tuning Your Guitar Fits into your guitar case. Easyto-follow text and diagrams - will do wonders even for the so-called tone deaf. BOO954 $5.95 Understanding Chord Progressions for Guitar Learn some of the most frequently used progressions in folk, blues, pop and jazz. Highly recommended as a concise approach to adding to your harmonic vocabulary. BOA493 $5.95 Western Swing Guitar 25 classics that keep swinging! A special introduction to Western swing guitar styles, featuring the work of great players. Tunes include Choo Choo Ch’Boogie, Faded Love, Honky Tonkin’, San Antonio Rose, Steel Guitar Rag, etc. BOK079 $19.95 You Can Teach Yourself Flamenco Guitar By Luigi Marraccini. BOA394 $10.95 You Can Teach Yourself Flamenco Guitar Book/CD Set By Luigi Marraccini. BOK247 $19.95 You Can Teach Yourself Guitar Teaches a wide variety of flatpicking accompaniment styles. 98 songs. Features a special section on blues. BOO920 $10.95 Companion CD BOK232 $15.98

Guitar Repertoire

American Primitive Guitar Taught by John Fahey, tab and notation with CDs featuring note-by-note, phrase by phrase instruction. Includes picking patterns, alternating bass, improvisational ideas, intermediate difficulty; 56 pages BOK313 $24.95 Brazilian Music For Acoustic Guitar Book/CD Set by Carlos Barbosa-Lima, one of the world’s leading classical guitarists. 5 of his most brilliant guitar solos scored in notation and tablature, ranging from classical to jazz to impressionism. BOK153 $17.95 Carolan’s Dream Music of the Harper Turlough O’Carolan arranged for the guitar. By using open tunings and special voicings, the arrangements give the effect of the old wire-strung harp that these tunes were written for. Since several tunings are used, the material is presented in tablature; BOA965 $19.00 Classic Ragtime Guitar 3CD set Book and 3 Cd’s, with 13 full hours of step-by-step instruction, The Entertainer, Maple Leaf, Silver Swan, and Hilarity, are presented note-by note. Staff and tab notation, lots of information, and a short history of ragtime guitar. BOK263 $24.95 Complete Anthology of Medieval and Renaissance Music for Guitar Book/CD set By John Renbourn. Collection of 28 guitar solos and duets drawn from medieval and Renaissance lute dance tunes, in notation and tablature, with CD. BOA998 $24.95 Favorite Guitar Pickin’ Tunes Qwikguide series; 16 must-know tunes for the “git-tar picker”; in notation, tab, and on the enclosed CD for learning by ear; includes Blackberry Blossom, Billy in the Lowground, Crazy Creek, Bill Cheatham, etc. BOK128 $5.95 Fiddle Tunes for Fingerstyle Guitar Complete step-by-step instruction by Stefan Grossman, includes Colored Aristocracy, Midnight On the Water, The West Wind, Boys, My Money’s All Gone, Last of Callahan, Druken Wagoner. Notation w/ tab, 24 pages, with 3 CD’s. BOK300 $24.95 Fiddle Tunes for Guitar 3CD set Book and 3 Cd’s, with 3 full hours of step-by-step instruction by Stefan Grossman; Staff and tab notation, this is a full note-by-note lesson teaching tunes such as Rights of Man, Colored Aristocracy, The West Wind, etc. BOK264 $24.95 Fingerstyle & Slide Guitar in Open Tunings John Fahey, a pioneer in composing and arranging guitar solos in open tunings, teaches a wide variety of techniques, textures, style, etc., all presented on 3 CDs with note-by-note, phrase by phrase

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• BOOKS • instruction. Selections include St. Louis Blues, On the Sunny Side of the Ocean, Spanish 2 Step, The Union Pacific, Steamboat Gwine ‘Round the Bend; 56 pages. BOK314 $24.95 Flamenco Guitar Solos Book/CD Set by Juan Serrano. BOA999 $24.95 Irish, Scottish and Border Melodies for Flatpicking Guitar by Bill Brennan. A rousing collection of flatpicking guitar solos from Ireland, Scotland, Northumberland, Durham and Cumbria, in notation and tablature. BOA245 $9.95 Companion Cassette BOA246 $9.98 Music of Ireland Solos penned by John Renbourn, Stefan Grossman, Duck Baker, Davey Graham and Martin Simpson. Includes Pretty Girl Milking a Cow, Lord Inchiquin, Hardiman the Fiddler, and other great tunes. Notation and Tablature. BOA766 $5.95 Music of Mexico for Acoustic Guitar By Ruben Delgado. Musically beautiful and historically significant Mexican folk melodies. The moods are rich, colorful, varied. 11 solos in notation and tablature. Book and CD BOA694 $19.95 The Music of Django Reinhardt 44 of Django’s greatest solos in staff notation (no tab, but the music does have fingerings) by Stan Ayeroff. 272 pages full of info on the real gypsy-jazz style as played by its creator. Includes analysis and annotations. BOK303 $29.95 The Music of O’Carolan compiled by Stefan Grossman. Sparkling fingerstyle guitar arrangements of 10 favorite O’Carolan compositions, in notation and tablature. BOO887 $5.95 The Renaissance Guitar Book and CD by Frederick Noad. Fine collection drawn from pieces for the vihuela, guitar, lute, bandore, and lyra-viol, including the music of Milan, Narvaez, Dowland, Cutting, and others. Fingered for the modern guitar. From beginning to advanced. BOO958 $29.95 The Scottish Collection for Guitar a compilation of 12 easy to intermediate pieces from the traditional Scottish repertoire arranged for guitar. Includes CD. BOK047 $19.95 Twenty Fiddle Tunes for Guitar taught by Russ Barenburg. Country dance tunes for both solo flatpick and dance band work. 1 audio tape, includes tab. BOA037 $19.95

Hammered Dulcimer

French Renaissance Dances For Hammered Dulcimer Transcribed and arranged for Hammered Dulcimer and for Ensemble Playing from the original 16th century manuscripts. Included are detailed instructions on technique, ensemble playing, and chords for accompanists. Book and CD set. BOA903 $19.95 Hammer Dulcimer by John McCutcheon Great book & 6 cassette combination. This very complete course teaches basic technique, more than 20 tunes and variations in several keys, rhythms and styles. BOO325 $59.95 Hammer Dulcimer Tunes by Maggie Sansone. Note for note transcriptions of one of her albums, “Hammer Dulcimer and Guitar”, with music and tablature notation, guitar chords & hammering techniques. Guide both for learning new tunes and for learning about arranging on hammered dulcimer. BOO328 $10.00 Hammered Dulcimer by Pickow Comprehensive instruction book including 25 songs in easy-to-read tablature. BOO329 $21.95 Hammered Dulcimer Chords Written to aid the dulcimer player in playing as a backup musician. Chord diagrams for the 15/14 hammered dulcimer. BOA783 $12.95 Hammered Dulcimer’s Companion by Mason. Instruction & tunes for the beginning to advanced player. BOO331 $12.95 Hills of Erin By Karen Ashbrook. 23 exquisite Irish tunes, from her album of the same name. BOA591 $7.95

Hardanger Fiddle 118

“13 More” Balchen Manual Manual and cassette of fine old tunes from various parts of Norway with comments about each one, their stories and ornamentation. Fiddle maintenance & playing technique. BOO334 $15.00 Beginner’s Course In Hardanger Fiddling by Balchen. Written notes and accompanying cassette of simple and advanced waltz, springar, wedding marches, vossarull, halling, mazurka and pois tunes. BOO336 $15.00 More From Bernt Balchen, Jr. Introduction and guidelines to maintenance and playing technique of the Hardanger fiddle. Deals with physics, rigging and care of the fiddle plus playing technique and includes many popular Hardanger tunes including: waltz, gangar, springar, reinlender, vossarull and wedding march tunes. Manual and tape. BOO335 $15.00


Basic Blues Harp - Harmonica Qwikguide series; for 10 hole harmonica in C in notation and tablature with chords; a great beginner’s guide to vibrato, bending notes, cross-harp, blues progressions, and tunes. BOK109 $5.95 Beginner’s Harmonica A step by step method for learning to play Irish, English and Scottish traditional music on the harmonica. Designed for a 10 hole harmonica in the key of D (although any key will do), this will teach you to play tunes such as Wearin’ of the Green, Keel Row, John Barleycorn, etc. 32 pages. BOA963 $12.00 Bending The Blues Simple method features the styles of Little Walter, Stevie Wonder, and Toots Thielemanns. Great for beginners or good players who want to learn how to improvise. BOO974 $6.95 Building Harmonica Technique Book and CD Package By David Barrett. An excellent technical study book. Extensive work on lead and accompaniment playing. BOA695 $17.95 Favorite Harmonica Songs Qwikguide series; for 10 hole harmonica in C and 10 or 12 hole chromatic harmonica in C; in notation and tablature with chords; all tunes are recorded on the included CD for easy learning. Tunes include Amazing Grace, America the Beautiful, Bile the Cabbage Down, Greensleeves, Closer Walk, Oh Susanna, This Train, etc. BOK111 $5.95 Harmonicare Chart Handy chart showing in considerable detail procedures for pinpointing and fixing common harmonica problems. BOA039 $3.95 Country & Western Harmonica Made Easy This book covers it all, from the easiest beginner’s cowboy songs to the most advanced country lead bending techniques. BOO975 $6.95 How To Play Pocket Harmonica A complete method for learning folk, country, blues and rock, from the very beginning to advanced techniques. BOO976 $5.95 Instant Chromatic Harmonica by David Harp. An amazingly simple blues/ jazz method. Good for the total beginner or for good chromatic players who don’t know how to jam. BOA040 $12.95 Pocket Harmonica Songbook BOA279 $6.95 Traditional Mouth Organ Book & Cassette By Sullivan. Learn to play Irish & British jigs, reels, polkas, etc. in a genuine traditional style. Totally different from the “blues harp” method described in other tutors. Book and Cassette. BOA748 $19.00 Traditional Mouth Organ Book & CD By Sullivan. Learn to play Irish & British jigs, reels, polkas, etc. in a genuine traditional style. Totally different from the “blues harp” method described in other tutors. Book and CD. BOA899 $20.50 Companion Cassette BOA042 $9.98

Harp Instruction & Information A Gaelic Harper’s First Tunes A primer for the

clairseach based on remnants of Gaelic oral tradition including the first tunes taught student harpers by Ann Heymann. Tutor for the wire

strung Gaelic harp by one of its foremost players & teachers. BOA800 $20.00 Ancient Music Of Ireland This is a reprint edition of the book originally published in 1796 containing Bunting’s notations of the 1792 Belfast Society’s Harp Meeting. A must for anyone interested in the Irish Harp! BOO349 $16.95 Arranging For Folk Harp By Kim Robertson. Basic guide to chords, accompaniment & arranging techniques for the beginner to intermediate player. BOA482 $9.95 Begin The Harp by Calthorpe. A basic tutor for the folk harp for the beginner. BOO352 $12.95 Coupled Hands for Harpers Ann Heymann shows her approach to harp technique, “Coupled Hands” which takes full advantage of the harper’s access to the same octave by both left and right hands. Presents fingering, exercises, and over 80 arrangements of tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, and more; playable on any size and type of harp, and ideal for wire harps too. BOK254 $39.95 Exploring the Folk Harp by Janna McCall Geller and Mallory Geller. Choosing a harp, how to play and sing with your harp, developing personal style and technique, improvisation, chord reading and ear playing, accompaniment, arranging and playing with a group, harmony, scales and modes, Renaissance songs, traditional ballads, folk songs and classics with lyrics and chord symbols and much more. BOA266 $22.95 Harp Exercises for Agility & Speed by Friou. Musical exercises to develop & maintain strength, suppleness and agility in the fingers & hands for all levels of players. BOO360 $17.95 Harp Music in the Nineteenth Century By Hans Joachim Zingel; makes a wealth of information available on the vital period in the development of harps and its music. It describes hooked and single action harps, non pedal “chromatic” harps, and the Erard double-action harp, the relation of the harp to piano, the influence of the harp on composers, etc. BOK050 $12.00 Latin-American Harps, History, Music and Techniques by Ortiz. Great book on Latin American harp music, written for all types of harps. Includes technique, music & history. BOO366 $18.99 Latin-American Harp Music & Techniques Cassette Companion Cassette. BOO367 $10.00 Legacy of the Belfast Harp Festival by Ann Heymann. 10 Irish harpers performed at the 1792 Belfast Harp Festival, ranging in age from young adult to 97 years old. Here is a piece of music from each harper (in most cases the music played at the festival) with extensive notes on the harpers and their music. BOA271 $10.00 Music Theory and Arranging Techniques for Folk Harps A thorough guide to the music theory and techniques needed by the harpist to make their own arrangements. Includes chords, inversions, keys, accompaniment patterns, transposing & more than 90 tunes. BOO369 $16.95 Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp by Woods. This book is an excellent introduction to the Celtic harp. BOO377 $12.95 Companion Cassette BOO378 $8.00 Companion CD BOK276 $8.95 The Harp of Ireland by Grainne Yeats. Traces the ancient tradition of harping in Ireland. Subtitled “The Belfast Harpers’ Festival, 1792, and the Saving of Ireland’s Harp Music by Edward Bunting.” Detailed account of the Festival (from contemporary sources of the time), discussion of the work of Edward Bunting in writing down the harp music for the first time, chapters on the harper-composers, particularly Turlough Carolan. Biographical details on each of the harpers who played at Belfast. BOA044 $9.95 The Historical Method of the Celtic Harp Drawing on literary and musical sources, this book reconstructs the method of the ancient British small harp the diatonic Welsh bray harp and the Irish wire strung Clairseach. Range of rhythmic and melodic types. BOO789 $27.00 The Indispensable Harp Historical Development, Modern Roles, Configurations, and Performance

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Practices in Ecuador and Latin America by John Shechter. Focuses primarily on harpists in a primarily Quechua-speaking region on the slope of Mt. Cotacachi, Ecuador, but also addresses the roots of the harp in Latin American music. Also covers tuning the instrument, construction, repertoire, and transcriptions. BOA043 $40.00 The International Rhythmic Collection for All Harps or Piano, Vol. 1 By Ortiz. 26 melodies from 14 countries, easy to advanced, some with lyrics, English/Spanish. “The Famous Traveling Melodies”, Danza de Luzma, Waiting, Las Mañanitas, much more. BOA542 $16.99 Companion Cassette BOA543 $10.00 The Small Harp Step-by-step tutor by Alison Kinnaird, with CD. 40 tunes, introduction, sections on reading music and arranging, notes on the music. From beginning to advanced. BOO991 $24.95

Harp Repertoire

40 O’Carolan Tunes for All Harps by Woods. Tunes by the famous Irish harper; each one arranged for the beginner as well as advanced player, complete with chords. BOO345 $17.95 Companion CD BOK275 $8.95 50 Christmas Carols for All Harpers by Woods. Carols arranged for beginning & advanced harpers, including lyrics. BOO346 $17.95 50 Irish Melodies for the Harp Each tune has 2 arrangements, one for beginners, one for advanced harpers. Lyrics included. BOA199 $17.95 Companion CD BOK278 $8.95 52 Scottish Songs for All Harps 52 favorite Scottish songs with lyrics, each with arrangements for beginning and advanced players. Over half are by Robert Burns, including Auld Lang Syne, Comin’ Thro’ the Rye, more. BOA563 $17.95 Companion CD BOK281 $8.95 A Tribute to O’Carolan 18 beautiful airs from Carolan, Ireland’s greatest harpist, arranged for traditional harp. BOA442 $12.95 Ballads and Court Dances of the 16th & 17th Centuries Court dances of Praetorius and Gervaise, traditional English ballads, as well as pieces from Scotland’s 2 earliest lute manuscripts. Intermediate to advanced players, with fingerings indicated BOA565 $14.95 Canon by Pachelbel. The ever-popular piece in various arrangements for beginner-advanced, in G & D, for duet and for harp & melody instrument. BOO353 $8.95 Celtic Harp Collection of airs and dance tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, England, Wales, Cornwall and the Isle of Man, arranged for easy harp. BOO355 $12.95 Classics for Pedal-Free Harp Arranged by Chuck Bird & Susan Peters. 41 arrangements and transcriptions of music by Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, Schumann, and others adapted and arranged for non-pedal harp. Book and CD set. BOA524 $24.95 Early Music for the Harp by Friou. Over 40 early tunes from the 12th through 14th centuries, arranged for folk harp. Graded for the beginner to intermediate player. BOO358 $17.95 From Harp to Harp, With Love by Ortiz. Collection of Latin American music for all harps, ranging from easy to advanced levels. Some beautiful music! BOO359 $12.99 Harp of Brandiswhere by Woods A beautiful composition about a magical harper. Accompanying cassette 9.95 BOO361 $13.95 Hymns and Wedding Music For All Harps 33 popular hymns, 3 wedding processionals and recessionals, and 7 Jewish pieces for joyous occasions. Each arranged for beginning and advanced players, with chords. Key of C or G. BOA561 $17.95 Companion CD BOK280 $8.95 Irish Dance Tunes for All Harps by Woods and Ni Chathasaigh. A collection of 50 tunes particularly appropriate for the session player. BOO364 $10.95 Companion Cassette BOK277 $8.90 Manx Music For The Irish Harp by Guard. 18 harp solos, 4 harp duets and 3 songs arranged for voice and harp of music from the Isle of Man. Arr. for intermediate harp players. BOO368 $20.00

Off The Record Ann Heymann. 13 Arrangements for the wire harp for intermediate to advanced harpists from her recordings. BOA270 $10.00 Renaissance Music for the Harp by Friou. Wonderful collection of over 20 tunes by Byrd, Dowland, Morely and others. BOO371 $10.95 Robin Williamson’s Legacy of the Scottish Harpers 101 pages of the harp arrangements of one of the world’s favorite harpers, Robin Williamson, with CD. BOK036 $24.95 Small Tunes For Young Harpists For very young children with little or no musical training. Features a progressive use of single notes, 2-finger chords, scales, triads, intervals, and arpeggios, more. BOA444 $10.95 Songs of the Harp by Woods. 20 songs about the harp and harpers. BOO376 $10.95 Taigh na Teud Traditional tunes arranged for harp by Christine Martin. BOO992 $20.00 The Calthorpe Collection Vol 2 BOK156 $13.95 The Calthorpe Collection Vol 3 BOK157 $13.95 The Harp Key Collection of 24 harp tunes arranged by Alison Kinnaird in the living tradition of Scottish harp music. Intermediate level with lots of grace notes, mostly in the key of C or 1 or 2 sharps. 59 pages of music plus about 30 pages of background notes and sources for each of the tunes. BOA296 $12.95 To Bend The Knotted Oak Arrangements for Celtic harp by excellent harper Maureen Brennan. See recordings for her albums. BOA396 $17.00

Highland Bagpipes Instruction & Information Bagpipe Tuning Manual All about how to correctly

tune the Highland Bagpipe. BOA046 $16.00 Bagpipe Tutor by Cleary. Tutor for the beginner or the piper wanting to expand his repertoire of Scottish and Irish Tunes. BOO385 $17.00 College of Piping Tutor for Piobaireachd by Seumas MacNeill. Simple, comprehensive selfteaching book for Piobaireachd, the classical music of the Highland bagpipe. BOA048 $30.00 College of Piping Vol. 1 Classic tutor for the Highland bagpipes. This book and CD set is the introduction to college piping, fingering, basic tunes, ornaments, etc. BOO386 $40.00 College of Piping Vol. 2 Focuses on the mechanics of the bagpipe , reeds, tuning and adjustment, and all the topics that a piper should be informed about. BOO820 $24.00 College of Piping Vol. 3 This volume has more advanced music and techniques BOO387 $24.00 Logan’s Tutor for the Highland Bagpipes BOO396 $18.00 Shepherd’s Bagpipe Tutor (Learn to Play) Excellent bagpipe self-tuition book & tape. Precise photographs showing all finger positions, time counting exercises, detailed descriptions in playing marches, strathspeys and reels, theory and 12 carefully chosen tunes. For the beginner with no access to a teacher. (This is the same book & tape set that comes with our “Learn the Bagpipe Kit.”) BAG001 $19.95 Teach Yourself Piobaireachd by Connell. Complete self-tuition kit with book & six cassettes. BOO404 $60.00 The “How To” Manual for Learning the Great Highland Pipes by Major Archie Cairns, MMM.; Book and CD, over 67 pages of information on finger technique, rhythm, music theory and reading as used in pipe music, tone and tuning, and extensive data on the bagpipe, practice goose, practice chanter. The CD will help with explanations, exercises and tunes, making this a concise, complete method. BOK305 $30.00 The Piper’s Helper: Exercises for the Highland Bagpipe Exercises for the piper, designed to correct specific problems that occur to pipers. BOO408 $13.00 Companion CD BOK299 $14.00

Highland Bagpipes Repertoire

“Cabar Feidh Collection” of the Queen’s Own

• BOOKS • Highlanders BOO410 $70.00 Collection of Traditional Irish Music Terry Tully Book 2, Irish music for Highland Bagpipes. BOA815 $35.00 Contemporary and Traditional Music for the Highland Bagpipe by Gandy. Interesting collection of marches, strathspeys, reels, jigs and hornpipes with the history of many of the tune’s titles. BOO388 $20.00 Gordon’s Highlanders Collection 1 BOO391 $80.00 Gordon’s Highlanders Collection 2 BOO392 $58.00 Iain MacCrimmon Book 3 A broad range of great tunes played by leading bands throughout the world. BOO394 $16.00 Neil Dickie’s “First Book” A new music book of “light tunes” or “Kitchenpiping tunes” as the author refers to them. BOO397 $12.95 Privy Piping Amazing collection of tunes practised by pipers in the strictest privacy or in the company of their closest friends. The most outrageous collection of pipe music yet. Includes many popular tunes, funny songs, and other melodies not found in the “serious” piping collections. BOO398 $11.00 Scot’s Guards Vol. 1 BOO400 $80.00 The Gem So Small 63 new pipe tunes composed and collected by Dougie Pincock, the one time piper with the renowned Battlefield Band. Music by Dougie and seven other previously unpublished composers contains tunes both traditional and modern in character. With 60+ min. cassette BOA164 $28.00 Traditional Irish Music for the Bagpipe Wonderful collection of tunes, including jigs, reels, polkas, slides and airs. BOO719 $9.95 Wedding and Funeral Music A short collection of 23 tunes, with brief synopsis of the “order of events” for the wedding or funeral piper. BOA735 $13.00


History of Indian Music and Musicians By Ram Avatar “Veer” (Vir), is a historical look at the centuries of traditional music in India, and includes studies of famous musicians and important styles of music. BOK001 $25.00 Introduction To Sitar BOO420 $14.00 Introduction to the Classical Music of North India: Vol. 1 The Music of the Baba Allauddin Gharana as taught by Ali Akbar Khan. Volume 1: The First Year’s Study. Khansahib’s vocal and instrumental compositions, in ragas of the 10 basic scales. 150+ pages of music, in all Indian rhythms. Pictures, biographies, exercises, pronunciation, rhythmic theory, song texts, much more. 375+ pages. BOO421 $59.95 Introduction to the Classical Music of North India: 2 Complete 3 Book Set BOA847 $72.95 Introduction to the Classical Music of North India: Vol. 2 Part 1 Evening Rags of Asawari That. The music of Baba Allauddin Gharana as taught by Ali Akbar Khan at the Ali Akbar College of Music. Notation and explanatory texts by George Ruckert. Vol 1 - Rag Darbari Kanra BOA844 $39.95 Introduction to the Classical Music of North India 2 Part 2 Vol 2 BOA845 $22.95 Introduction to the Classical Music of North India 2 Part 3 Vol 3 BOA846 $19.95 Jafferkhani Baaj - Innovations in Sitar Music by Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan, one of India’s most respected and innovative sitarists; with interactive CD-ROM, for PC only. Includes an outline of the Jafferkhani Baaj, basics of sitar playing, technique and style, selected compositions, illustrations, and the CD-ROM. 67 pages hardbound. A must-have for the sitarist. BOA990 $43.00 Learn to Play Harmonium Written in (translated) English by Ram Avatar Vir. Lots of pictures, technical exercises and Ragas in both Western and Indian notation. The best book available on how to play the harmonium. BOO423 $15.00

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• BOOKS • Learn to Play Sitar Pictures, historical information, technical exercises and Ragas in both Western and Indian notation. BOO424 $15.00 Learn to Play Tabla Part 1 Written in (translated) English by Ram Avatar Vir. Parts of the tabla, sitting positions, tuning, maintenance, exercises, boles (words), lots of rhythms, lots of pictures. BOO425 $15.00 Learn to Play Tabla Part 2 BOO426 $15.00 Learn to Play Veena Written in (translated) English by Tara Balagopal. Veena and its parts, how to hold, tune, care for, and play the veena, Indian notation. The best book available on how to play the veena. BOO427 $15.00 Musical Instruments of India : History and Development By Ram Avatar Vir, traces the development of the musical instruments of India, both ancient and modern. Includes material on traditional folk instruments; with photographs. 96 pages. BOK002 $25.00 Ragopedia An encyclopedia of over 650 exotic scales (ragas) of North India. Notated in Western staff and Indian sargam. Accompanying cassette contains vocal interpretations of the sample chalans listed in the book along with proper pronunciation of Raga names and technical words. BOO429 $39.95 Ragopedia CD Accompanying CD BOK188 $17.99 Sufi Music of India and Pakistan Sound, Context, and Meaning in Qawwali. BOA399 $27.50 Tabla CD for Accompaniment or Practice: Dadra (6 beats) Consists of the Theka in three different tempos - slow, medium and fast. Each track is 15 per tempo. BOA053 $19.99 Tabla CD for Accompaniment or Practice: Deepchandi (14 beats) BOA054 $19.99 Tabla CD for Accompaniment or Practice: Dhamar (14 beats) BOA055 $19.99 Tabla CD for Accompaniment or Practice: Ektal (12 beats) BOA056 $19.99 Tabla CD for Accompaniment or Practice: Jaltital (16 beats) BOA057 $19.99 Tabla CD for Accompaniment or Practice: Jhaptal (10 beats) BOA058 $19.99 Tabla CD for Accompaniment or Practice: Jhumra (14 beats) BOA059 $19.99 Tabla CD for Accompaniment or Practice: Keharwa (8 beats) BOA060 $19.99 Tabla CD for Accompaniment or Practice: Rupak (7 beats) BOA061 $19.99 Tabla CD for Accompaniment or Practice: Tintal (16 beats) BOA062 $19.99 Tabla CD Set by Ashwin Batish. All 10 tabla CDs. BOK273 $169.95 Tabla Lessons and Practice 2nd edition by Aloke Dutta. Overview of tabla music, how to sit, how to produce the different sounds, tabla rhythms, vocal accompaniment, lots of exercises. Over 180 pages. Book and CD. BOA400 $40.00


Balinese Music an introduction to more than a dozen different types of Balinese gamelan, each with its own established tradition, repertoire and social or religious context. There are beautiful color photographs, a sonography, and a brief guide to studying and hearing music in Bali will prove indispensible to casual visitors and gamelan aficionados alike. BOK199 $19.95

Instrument Making

A Guitar Maker’s Manual Written by one of Australia’s foremost luthiers, this manual is a clear, concise, profusely illustrated guide to the construction of nylon-string, classical and steel-string guitars. Includes a useful section on creating the jigs necessary to make the job easier and more accurate, along with full size template diagrams to assist in cutting out and marking the body shape and soundboard bracing patterns. A valuable guide for the amateur and professional luthier. BOO432 $19.95 Air Columns & Tone Holes Principles For Wind


Instrument Design by Bart Hopkin. Integrates theory, design and hands-on aspects of the craft. Its focus on bore shape and tonehole layout is aimed at enhancing the maker’s understanding of what goes on inside a wind instrument and why the vibrating air column behaves as it does. Also outlines approaches to making a flute, types of mouthpieces and bells, Helmholtz Resonators and toneholes from cylindrical, conical and globular instruments. Frequency and wavelenth relationships, tuning charts, formulas for woodwind production. BOA277 $19.00 Classic Guitar Construction Irving Sloane. Everything the home craftsman needs to know to construct a fine instrument. Packed with excellent photos and diagrams. BOA445 $21.95 Constructing a 5-string Banjo A Complete Technical Guide by Roger Siminoff. Step-by-step instructions, over 200 photos and illustrations. BOA207 $16.95 Constructing a Bluegrass Mandolin by Roger H. Siminoff BOO531 $16.95 Constructing the Mountain Dulcimer by Kimball. BOO433 $14.95 Cool Cardboard Instruments to Make & Play Dennis Waring shows you how to turn cardboard objects and wooden parts into amazing musical instruments. Make lutes, zithers, a bass, drums, wind instruments, even a harp, out of these common cheap materials. 80 pages, color, softcover. BOK266 $12.95 Dictionary of Contemporary Violin and Bow Makers By Cyril Woodcock. This book covers modern makers of the violin and bow, the makers of the great treasured instruments of the future. Over 100 illustrations; plus information on labels, dealer ethics, fakes, etc. over 200 pages. Book is out of print; available while supplies last. BOK049 $29.95 EMI Wall Chart Not a book but a 24”x36” wall poster full of reference material for makers and lovers of musical instruments. Charts show frequency, pitch, and wavelength relationships, just and tempered scales, the Sachs-Hornbostel musical instrument classifications system, and much more, beautifully laid out by artist Gwendolyn Jones. BOK180 $9.00 Flutecraft: An Artisan’s Guide to Bamboo Flutemaking by Mark Shepard. An indispensable aide for the aspiring flutemaker. Step-by-step instructions on how to make and accurately tune the transverse bamboo flute. Includes flute acoustics, elementary physics of sound in relation to flute design. Working with bamboo is dealt with from start to finish: where to get it, how to select it, cutting, boring, making and placing finger holes, fashioning the mouthpiece, tuning, binding, and finishing. BOA073 $18.00 Full Scale Flute Plans Detailed Plans for 4 English flutes: R.S. Pratten 8 key, Hawkes Eb, Cahusac Baroque and 4 key. An excellent resource, with many tips on how to make the instruments. BOK057 $100.00 Full Scale Scottish Smallpipe Drawings Full scale drawings of Scottish smallpipes in keys of D, C, Bb and A, in inches. Includes reed plans. BOA767 $100.00 Full Scale Uilleann Pipe Drawings Full scale drawings of Uilleann Pipes by Rowesome and Eagan, in inches. Includes reed plans. BOO045 $100.00 Full Scale Uilleann Pipe Drawings, C Set Full scale drawings of C Uilleann Pipes by Michael Egan, in inches. Includes reed plans. BOO980 $100.00 Great Folk Instruments to Make & Play by Dennis Waring; build over 50 folk instruments to rattle, shake, pluck and strike; most are simple to construct using not only traditional materials such as wood, gourd, and bamboo, but also everyday objects you may already have on hand and are readily available, from tin cans to PVC pipe. 128 pages, well illustrated. Instrument plans include panpipes, musical bows, bass, zithers, whistles, flutes, many drums and percussion devices, dulcimer, teardrop fiddle, harp, many more. BOK181 $14.95 Guitar Repair Irving Sloane. Expert repair techniques for closing cracks, fixing loose braces,

repairing warped necks, finishing, much more. For both amateur woodworker and experienced builder. BOA446 $21.95 Guitarmaking: Tradition and Technology By William Cumpiano and Jonathan Natelson. A complete reference for the design and construction of the steel-string folk guitar and the classical guitar. BOA711 $35.00 How To Build The Hammered Dulcimer by Mason. An excellent guide. BOO435 $8.95 How To Make and Play The Washtub Bass By Ryan Thompson. Complete parts list, illustrated construction diagrams and explanations, and discussion of playing techniques. The washtub bass can be easily built for a very low cost. It is an amazingly versatile instrument that can be used to play just about any kind of music, in any key. BOA516 $6.95 How To Make Drums, Tom-Toms and Rattles by Mason. 208pp. A guide to making Native American percussion instruments. BOO436 $7.95 Make Your Own Electric Guitar by Melvyn Hiscock. Closeup photos, diagrams and patterns take you step by step through every stage of making 3 popular styles. BOA074 $16.95 Making Gourd Musical Instruments, Hardcover By Ginger Summit and Jim Widess. A fully illustrated, informative and interesting approach to making many musical instruments from common gourds. Over 60 string, wind and percussion instruments are covered in this book, including banjos, fiddles, pipes, drums, rattles, shakers, etc. Many are based on traditional instruments from around the world, and the information is so complete as to make this book useful even for those not making instruments, but just seeking more in-depth knowledge. 144 pages, hardcover BOK072 $27.95 Making Gourd Musical Instruments, Softcover By Ginger Summit and Jim Widess. A fully illustrated, informative and interesting approach to making many musical instruments from common gourds. Over 60 string, wind and percussion instruments are covered in this book, including banjos, fiddles, pipes, drums, rattles, shakers, etc. Many are based on traditional instruments from around the world, and the information is so complete as to make this book useful even for those not making instruments, but just seeking more in-depth knowledge. 144 pages Softcover version BOK265 $17.95 Making Simple Musical Instruments By Bart Hopkin. Learn to make 30 simple instruments. Xylophone, metallophone, gongs, hand drums, flute, wooden saxophone, bowed psaltery, more. Requires only basic carpentry skills and a few power tools. BOA401 $24.95 Making Wood Folk Instruments by Waring. How to make a tongue drum, Native American style drum, panpipes, wooden flute and more. BOO440 $14.95 Manual for Crafting Early Double Reeds by Loraine. Very complete & humorous book on making double reeds for early instruments. BOO254 $35.00 More Secrets of the Flute More of The Physics, Math and Design of the Non-Mechanical Folk Flute by Lew Paxton Price. Sequel to Secrets of the Flute, this book is written for those teaching or studying the physics and math of the woodwind instruments, for professional flute makers, and for serious hobbyists who wish to enhance their understanding of the principles of wind instrument design. Chapters include: Further Explanation of the Sound Mechanism, Physics of the Enclosed Air Column, Head vs. Foot, Resonance, The Overall Flute Ratio, Tunable Flutes, Equivalent Diameters, The Playing Hole Equation, Nodes and Antinodes, Minimum Playing Hole Sizes, Energy, Using Multiple Tuning or Direction Holes, The Circular Musical Scale, The Tapered Bore, Calculations for Odd Embouchures, More on Panpipes, The Tapered Head Joint, and Notched End-Blown Flutes. Appendices include a glossary of terms and list of commonly used equations. 64 pp. BOA855 $22.00 Musical Instrument Design By Bart Hopkin, editor

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of Experimental Musical Instruments; this book is a key resource for instrument makers, provides an overview of acoustic design principles, soundmaking systems familiar and exotic, practical hands-on info, instructions for many sample instruments, appendices for reference, etc. 181 pp. BOK179 $18.95 Reed Design for Early Woodwinds By David Hogan Smith. Practical instructions for making double reeds for woodwinds of the Renaissance period: Shawms, curtals, crumhorns, racketts, sordunes, more. BOA449 $17.95 Secrets of the Flute The Physics, Math and Design of the Non-Mechanical Folk Flute by Lew Paxton Price. Detailed analysis of the many different types of folk flutes in terms of their construction, acoustic dynamics and evolved design. Panpipes, whistles, nose flutes, diagonals, and end-blown flutes like the kena and native North American flute as well as transverse instruments used in traditional cultures throughout the world. Illustrations, frequency chart, genealogy of the flute. Focused on flute design and bore configuration, this guide combines an understanding of basic algebra with a love for hand-craftmanship to aid those who desire to make their own quality instruments. BOA076 $20.00 Simple Flutes: Play Them, Make Them By Mark Shepard. Guide for both making and playing transverse flutes of all kinds. Written for the beginner. BOA077 $12.75 Steel String Guitar Construction Irving Sloane. Building acoustic, six string, twelve string and arch top guitars. Construction theory, clamps, purfling, finishing, much more. BOA448 $24.95 The Amateur Wind Instrument Maker By Trevor Robinson. Classic how-to-do-it manual, with detailed descriptions of materials and methods for making a number of traditional early European woodwinds. Equipping the workshop, choosing wood, boring and reaming, sources of design, making joints, ferrules, bushings and decorations, reeds, finger-hole placement and techniques for finishing the instrument. Includes information on flute, fife, recorders, clarinet, shawm, oboe, krumhorn, rackett, cornetti, trumpets and horns. BOA501 $22.00 Wood Bender’s Handbook This book covers simple, effective techniques for bending woodwhether it be for furniture, sporting goods, or in our case, musical instruments. Covers types of wood and bending qualities, various methods including dry, lamination, kerf, and hot-pipe bending, plus steam, hot water, or hot-air gun. BOK312 $17.95 Woodwind Instruments from PVC By John Edfors. Techniques used in the flute making process, shop requirements, workshop safety, designing the instrument, joint design, bending PVCpipe, tapered and enlarged bores, outside finish, drilling holes, press fits, much more. Six sample projects are presented complete with diagrams and specifications: a Renaissance Flute in G, Bb Military Fife, 3-Way Instrument, Irish Flute, Native American flute, and a 4-keyed flute. Richly illustrated with drawing, photos and CAD layouts complete with specifications. BOA502 $48.00


100 Enduring Irish Session Tunes - Dave Mallinson This book is unusual in that the emphasis is NOT on reels; along with 23 reels there are 14 hornpipes, 15 slides, 34 jigs, and 14 miscellaneous tunes. The jigs and reels in this book are the next most popular after those found in 100 Essential Irish Session Tunes. BOA944 $19.00 100 Essential Irish Session Tunes Contains what may arguably be the 100 most widely-played Irish jigs and reels, presented in a clear layout with straightforward chords. It’s difficult when learning Irish music to decide which tunes to learn first. This book helps by selecting the most common tunes regularly played. With these tunes under your belt you can go to virtually any session anywhere in the world and be able to play quite a few tunes with almost everyone. Learning these tunes will build a firm foundation on which to build a more

specialized repertoire according to the particular sessions you frequent. BOA943 $19.00 100 Evergreen Irish Session Tunes - Dave Mallinson More in the 100 tune series, this continues with more session favorites, particularly reels, along with a few jigs and hornpipes BOA945 $19.00 100 Irish Polkas - Dave Mallinson A must for polka lovers- and for those looking for relatively “easier” Irish repertoire - this book is crammed with juicy tunes. With good phrasing and rhythm these tunes will stand their ground against reels any day. BOA946 $19.00 121 Favorite Irish Session Tunes Hold your own with other players. Favorite reels, jigs, hornpipes and set dances played at Irish sessions around the world. Suitable for fiddle, pennywhistle, guitar or any melody playing instrument. Demonstrated on tinwhistle by by L. E. McCullough, first slowly and then up-to-speed.50 page music book with chords and 4 CDs. BOK292 $44.95 A Harvest Saved : Francis O’Neill and Irish Music in Chicago O’Neill’s obsession with Irish music, his extraordinary career and his crucial role in the preservation and dissemination of Irish traditional music. BOA741 $19.95 Accompanying Irish Music on Guitar Frank Kilkelly provides a guide for the Celtic guitarist; covers four of the most popular tunings used today, standard EADGBE; dropped D, DADGBE; double dropped D, DADGBD; and DADGAD. This is a very comprehensive look at the varieties of traditional accompaniment styles, rhythms, techniques, equipment, and other aspects of the music. BOA980 $19.00 Accompanying Irish Music on Guitar CD Covers four of the most popular tunings used today, standard EADGBE; dropped D, DADGBE; double dropped D, DADGBD; and DADGAD. This is a very comprehensive look at the varieties of traditional accompaniment styles, rhythms, techniques, equipment, and other aspects of the music. Used with book of same title. BOA981 $22.00 Airs for Pairs well-known tunes from Britain & Ireland arranged as duets for 2 melody instruments plus optional chords BOO865 $15.00 Companion Cassette BOA937 $16.00 Allan’s Irish Fiddler 120 Reels, jigs, hornpipes, and set dances BOO451 $20.00 Band Swing Tunes arranged for the band by Pete Mac, with chords. An indispensable source for folk band musicians looking for suitable, playable tunes, in user-friendly settings. 48 pages, with tunes like Glenamaddy, Harvest Home, Salmon Tails Up the Water, New Rigged Ship, Ullapool, etc. BOA969 $19.00 Carolan: The Life Times and Music of an Irish Harper An indispensable tool for Irish Musicians. Contains all original sections on The Life of Carolan, with all 213 tunes, the annotations to the tunes, The Memoirs of Arthur O’Neill, complete indexes and an important new appendix which features new additional tunes and facts. BOK226 $39.95 Ceol Rince Na hEireann Vol 1 by Breathnach. One of the finest collections of Irish dance music taken from the playing of Ireland’s finest musicians. Compiled by the great player & preserver of Irish culture, Brendan Breathnach. BOO456 $18.95 Ceol Rince Na hEireann Vol 2 BOO457 $21.95 Ceol Rince Na hEireann Vol 3 BOO458 $21.95 Ceol Rince Na hEireann Vol 4 BOK007 $21.95 Ceol Rince Na hEireann Vol 5 BOK008 $21.95 Charlie Lennon : Musical Memories Original tunes rooted in the Leitrim/ Sligo traditions. Includes text about the background of the tunes and Charlie’s musical history. Some notes on fiddle techniques. Right and left hand piano and guitar chords included. BOA337 $22.00 Companion Cassette BOA338 $16.00 Companion CD BOA786 $21.00 English, Welsh, Scottish & Irish Fiddle Tunes by Williamson. More than 100 tunes from the British Isles, arranged for beginning to advanced players. Cd included. BOO656 $19.95 Everything Irish A fun book of crafts to make music to learn and lore to share; perfect for

• BOOKS • children to get a broad view of Irish culture, from St. Patrick to St. Brendan, from faeries and folklore to the famine and transport, etc. 80 pages. BOK104 $9.95 Evolving Tradition Music and words, includes biographies, contacts, discographies, photos, etc. BOA970 $17.00 Field Guide to the Irish Music Session By Barry Foy, is an informal, light-hearted yet informative look at the Irish Music Session (Seisiún), and will help beginners, casual listeners, and experienced players alike gain insights and deepen their understanding of this rich musical tradition. BOA932 $12.95 Folk Music and Dances of Ireland by Breathnach An excellent book on the history of Irish traditional music & dance, including 30 tunes. BOO466 $14.95 Gordon Tyrrall’s Irish Choice 101 Irish session tunes selcted by flutist Gordon Tyrrall. 44 pages of tunes with chords, suggested ornamentation, etc. Some of the selections are Killavel Fancy, Fisherman’s Island, Jenny’s Chickens, Leitrim Fancy, Up Sligo, etc. BOA966 $19.00 Ireland’s Best Polkas and Slides 110 all-time favorite polkas and slides guaranteed to enrich any repertoire. With guitar chords, for all melody instruments. 48pp. BOK140 $15.95 Ireland’s Best Polkas and Slides CD set 110 all-time favorite polkas and slides guaranteed to enrich any repertoire. With guitar chords, for all melody instruments. 48pp. With double CD included. BOK141 $33.95 Ireland’s Best Session Tunes double CD set 110 of the most played session tunes, with guitar chords, suitable for all melody instruments; includes reels, jigs, hornpipes, polkas, slides, airs, etc. 48pp BOK139 $33.95 Ireland’s Best Slow Airs 110 of Ireland’s most hauntingly beautiful melodies, including Laments, old Gaelic songs, and O’Carolan melodies. 48pp. For all melody instruments BOK142 $15.95 Ireland’s Best Slow Airs CD set 110 of Ireland’s most hauntingly beautiful melodies, including Laments, old Gaelic songs, and O’Carolan melodies. 48pp. For all melody instruments. With double CD included. BOK143 $33.95 Irish Traditional Session Tunes, Vol. 1 by Sullivan. Great session tunes played by Planxty, The Bothy Band, Chieftains, DeDannan, etc. Clear musical notation with chords and settings as tunes are really played. BOO013A $12.00 Irish Traditional Session Tunes 2 BOO013B $12.00 Irish Traditional Session Tunes 3 BOO013C $12.00 Matt Cunningham’s Dance Music of Ireland 298 traditional Irish tunes suitable for most melody instruments, in staff notation with chords; types of tunes are Jigs and Slides, Flings and Hornpipes, Waltzes and Mazurkas, Marches, Polkas, Reels; a very good selection of the most popular and important.and Perfect for those looking for one comprehensive book of common repertoire. Even so, there are a quite a number of lesser-known but equally great tunes making this a find for experienced players. BOA979 $21.00 Michael Coleman 1891-1945 CD SET Without doubt, Coleman’s recordings are the most influential made by a Sligo style Irish traditional fiddler. Included is a small book with fascinating history, discography and numerous old photos. The recordings contain 40 medleys, 22 of which are not included in the Shanachie reissues. 2 CDs and booklet. BOA787 $32.00 Moore’s Irish Melodies From the 1852 version. Music and biography of Sir Thomas Moore. O’Carolan tunes, slow airs, dance tunes, harmonized arrangements. BOA828 $16.95 More Airs for Pairs Well-known tunes from Britain & Ireland arranged as duets for 2 melody instruments plus chords. BOA700 $16.00

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• BOOKS • Music for the Sets - The Blue Book In the late 80’s the Piper’s Club in Dublin, on behalf of the Brooks Academy set dancing school, provided high calibre music for set dancing. 101 tunes from the series are in this volume, including : Doon Reel, Piper’s Despair, Humours of Kesh, An Comhra Donn, Neily Cleere’s, Julia Clifford’s, etc. 32 pages. BOA948 $17.00 Music for the Sets - The Yellow Book In the late 80’s the Piper’s Club in Dublin, on behalf of the Brooks Academy set dancing school, provided high calibre music for set dancing; this book has 111 of the tunes from this series, with chords. The tunes are excellent and wide-ranging, including slides and polkas along with reels and jigs such as: Blackthorn, Ivy Leaf, Lucy Campbell, Shaskeen, Luckpenny, Ballybunnion, Tuar Mor, etc. 44 pages BOA947 $17.00 Music of Ireland Series : A Mighty Tune Edited by David J. Taylor, the Music of Ireland series gives access to a wealth of tunes played throughout the British Isles at Irish Sessions. Many of the tunes are not found in satisfactory settings anywhere else, and are not just re-hashed from other collections. Tunes are presented with chords, alternate titles, and represent a cross-section of current repertoire. 32 pages; 31 reels, 21 jigs, 9 slides, 6 misc.; tunes include Colonel Rodney, Limerick Lasses, Molloy’s, Up to Your Knees in Sand, Coppers and Brass, Short Grass, Quarry Cross, etc. BOA949 $14.00 Music of Ireland Series : Fire Away Now Music of Ireland series gives access to a wealth of tunes played throughout the British Isles at Irish Sessions. Many of the tunes are not found in satisfactory settings anywhere else, and are not just re-hashed from other collections. Tunes are presented with chords, alternate titles, and represent a cross-section of current repertoire. 32 pages, 35 reels, 12 jigs, 8 hornpipes, 16 polkas, including John Doherty’s, Jug of Punch, Over the Hill, Connemara Jig, Cousin’s Delight, Tureengarbh Glen, etc. BOA953 $14.00 Music of Ireland Series : Give Us Another Edited by David J. Taylor, the Music of Ireland series gives access to a wealth of tunes played throughout the British Isles at Irish Sessions. Many of the tunes are not found in satisfactory settings anywhere else, and are not just re-hashed from other collections. Tunes are presented with chords, alternate titles, and represent a cross-section of current repertoire. 32 pages; 33 reels, 13 jigs, 7 hornpipes, 8 misc. Tunes include:Captain Kelly, Golden Wedding, Reel of Bogie, Jack Coen’s, Nehyl’s Fiddle, etc. BOA951 $14.00 Music of Ireland Series : The Big Session Edited by David J. Taylor, the Music of Ireland series gives access to a wealth of tunes played throughout the British Isles at Irish Sessions. Many of the tunes are not found in satisfactory settings anywhere else, and are not just re-hashed from other collections. Tunes are presented with chords, alternate titles, and represent a cross-section of current repertoire. 32 pages; 37 reels, 18 jigs, 14 slides, 5 polkas, with such tunes as Bird in the Bush, Green Garters, Dinkie’s, Opera Reel, Luckpenny, Bunratty Boys, Denis Doody’s, etc. BOA950 $14.00 Music of Ireland Series : Where’s the Crack Edited by David J. Taylor, the Music of Ireland series gives access to a wealth of tunes played throughout the British Isles at Irish Sessions. Many of the tunes are not found in satisfactory settings anywhere else, and are not just re-hashed from other collections. Tunes are presented with chords, alternate titles, and represent a cross-section of current repertoire. 32 pages, 30 reels, 12 jigs, 6 hornpipes, 7 slides, 12 polkas, 5 misc. tunes such as: Famous Ballymote, Lord Wellington, Mulkeen’s, Tommy People’s, Flitch of Bacon, Galway, Little Diamond, First of May, etc. BOA952 $14.00 O’Neill’s Music of Ireland—1850 Selections by O’Neill The Irish musicians bible of reels, jigs, hornpipes, airs, O’Carolan BOO044 $35.00


O’Neill’s Music of Ireland/Revised by Krassen. Updated version of O’Neill’s classic with some ornamentation added. BOO482 $22.95 Riverdance : The Music Deluxe Edition Learn the music from Riverdance. The inspired compositions of Bill Whelan enrich the finest of traditional Irish music with elements of the sounds and rhythms of other nationalities, from Spain to Bulgaria. BOA897 $24.95 Sliabh Luachra on Parade A rare book of great music from Kerry and Cork. Historical notes plus over 280 tunes. BOO015 $26.00 Sully’s Irish Music Book 100 popular Irish dance tunes notated accurately. BOO020 $13.50 The Crossroads Dance 65 tunes as played by the group Shaskeen. Selections include a wide variety of hornpipes, jigs, reels, polkas and more, with tunes like Paddy in London, the MagicSlipper, all-star Barn dance, Connemara Stockings, Mouse Behind the Dresser. 50 pages plus of great material as actually played by this band. BOO989 $17.00 The Heartbeat of Irish Music By Peter Woods, is an illustrated novel celebrating the world of traditional Irish Music from the 1920’s to the present day. BOA933 $17.95 The Library of Irish Music A treasury of all-time favorite Irish and Irish-American music; over 200 songs and dances are here. BOK045 $21.95 The Melodic Tradition of Ireland by James Cowdery. An ethnomusicological look at the music of Ireland. Historical background, language, seannós singing, decorating a song, melodic analysis, the instruments, more. BOA081 $30.00 Companion Cassette BOA082 $16.00 The Old and the New - Robin Dunn Dances and dance tunes traditional and novel from fiddler Robin Dunn; 32 pages. Tunes are from his early repertoire or are his compositions. Includes the Back Braes, Phillipe Dumont’s visit to England, Mona Cameron, etc.; with chord changes and selected dance instructions. BOA968 $16.00 The Piper’s Chair by Micho Russell. Collection of tunes, songs and folklore from Ireland by well known flute and whistle player. BOO495 $7.95 The Piper’s Dream Original tunes and poems of Pat McNulty, acclaimed Irish piper and fiddler. BOO868 $12.50 Through the Half Door A collection of 70 Irish traditional dance and session tunes played by the group Shaskeen. over 50 pages of great melodies as played by this wonderful band. tunes include Bank of Ireland, Fahy’s, Banks of Lough Gowna, etc. BOO988 $17.00 Traditional Irish Music - Karen Tweed’s Irish Choice 99 Irish session tunes from the repertoire of accordionist Karen Tweed, with hints on style, technique and ornamentation. Tunes such as Siobhan O’Donnell’s, Miner’s Jig, Hare in the Corn, Hand Me Down the Tackle, etc., are presented with chords and performance notes. 46 pages, for accordion or any traditional Irish instrument. BOA967 $19.00 Traditional Music In Ireland By Tomas O Cannainn. A look at Irish music today. Filled with musical examples, song texts and tranaslations, and descriptions of the styles of piper Paddy Keenan, fiddler Matt Cranitch, and singer Diarmuid O Suilleabháin. BOA635 $14.95 Traditional Slow Airs of Ireland While dance music of Ireland has been well catered-for in many collections, one of the jewels of Irish music, the Slow Air, has been largely neglected. Over 100 of the most beautiful Irish Airs, compiled by Tomas O Cannainn. Suitable for all instruments. BOA451 $19.95 Double Audio Cassette BOA452 $15.95

Irish & Scottish Songs

100 Irish Ballads Vol 1 Book and CD. Perfect for the singer, musician & lover of the Irish vocal tradition. BOK149 $21.00 100 Irish Ballads Vol 2 Book and CD. BOK150 $19.95 130 Great Irish Ballads Book and CD set by Robert Grogan. The book is spiral bound, with music, words, guitar chords and chord symbols. The CD

contains the first verse and chorus of every song. BOA778 $19.95 50 Songs of Burns by Burns. BOO649 $20.00 A Bonnie Bunch of Roses by Milner and Kaplan. 150 traditional songs from England, Ireland & Scotland with historical information, original source, melody line, chords and lyrics. Lots of great songs. BOO450 $22.95 A Jacobite Legacy From Bonnie Dundee to Bonnie Prince Charlie: A short history of the Jacobite Risings in songs and words. Cam Ye Oer Frae France, Oer the Water Tae Charlie, 34 songs woven in with historical notes on the 3 Jacobite Risings. BOA419 $16.00 A Treasury of Old Scots Songs Vocal and piano arrangements of 37 great old tunes from Scotland. BOK040 $18.95 Ballads from the Pubs of Ireland Vol 1 by Healy. Music, words, chords and background on 43 songs. Includes The Jug of Punch, the Moon Behind the Hill, more. BOO455 $8.95 Ballads from the Pubs of Ireland Vol 2 BOA087 $8.95 Ballads from the Pubs of Ireland Vol 3 BOA088 $8.95 Ceolta Gael Vol 1 Irish songs in Gaelic. BOO459 $8.95 Ceolta Gael Vol 2 BOO460 $8.95 Christy Moore Songbook Over 100 songs as sung by the popular Irish singer. BOO461 $11.95 Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem Songbook Over 50 songs from the repertoire of the popular Irish group. Includes complete lyrics, standard notation and guitar chords. BOO462 $12.95 Dubliners Songbook Songs made famous by the world famous Irish group. BOO465 $16.95 Folk Songs and Ballads of Scotland by Ewan MacColl. 70 traditional songs with words, music and chords. Historical notes and glossary included. BOO659 $14.95 Folksongs & Ballads Popular in Ireland Vol. 1 by Loesberg. Great songs with music, words, guitar chords and notes. BOO467 $7.95 Folksongs & Ballads Popular in Ireland Vol. 2 BOO468 $8.95 Folksongs & Ballads Popular in Ireland Vol. 3 BOO469 $8.95 Folksongs & Ballads Popular in Ireland Vol. 4 BOO470 $8.95 Folksongs of Britain & Ireland Edited by Kennedy. An excellent collection of 360 songs from Ireland and the British Isles, in English, Gaelic, Welsh, Manx, Cornish and French. History on each song, melody line, lyrics and chords. BOO471 $49.95 Ireland Sings by Behan Anthology of Irish songs & ballads complete with lyrics, melody line and chords. BOO816 $19.95 Ireland The Songs 1 A fresh collection of songs and ballads with photographs from the famous Father Brown Collection. Music notation, guitar chords, background information. BOA089 $6.95 Ireland The Songs 2 BOA090 $6.95 Ireland The Songs 3 BOA091 $6.95 Ireland The Songs 4 BOA092 $6.95 Irish Songbook 75 all-time favorites by the Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem, arranged for piano and guitar. BOO474 $21.95 Kerr’s Buchan Bothy Ballads 1 Selected songs by G. S. Morris, lyrics, staff, sol-fa, piano and accordion accompaniments. BOO661 $18.00 Kerr’s Buchan Bothy Ballads 2 BOO662 $18.00 Little Irish Songbook 27 of Ireland’s best-known and loved songs, with music, chord notations and illustrations. BOO751 $9.95 Play 50 Irish Ballads Vol. 1 Play 50 Irish ballads with only 6 chords. Featuring the words and chords of Ireland’s popular songs and ballads. BOA616 $7.95 Play 50 Irish Ballads Vol. 2 BOA617 $7.95 Play 50 Irish Ballads Vol. 3 BOA618 $7.95 Pocket Guide to Irish Pub Songs BOO485 $7.95 Popular Irish Songs by Leniston. Includes Danny Boy, My Wild Irish Rose, When Irish Eyes are Smiling, 37 songs in all. BOO798 $12.95 Seventy Scottish Songs by Hopekirk. Auld Lang Syne, Blue Bells of Scotland, Comin’ thro’ the

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Rye, more. BOO797 $14.95 Singing in Irish Gaelic by Mary McLaughlin, is a phonetic approach to singing in the Irish language for non-Irish speakers. It has a CD which shows the pronunciation, both spoken and sung. Most attention is paid to the sean-nos, or “old style” singing of the small rural communities in a living oral tradition. BOK302 $17.95 Songs and Dances of Ireland A collection of popular Irish dance tunes and songs arranged for recorder, pennywhistle and any instrument in C. BOO489 $14.95 Songs and Dances of Scotland Collection of Scottish music for any instrument in C. Includes full lyrics and chords. BOO675 $14.95 Songs of Ireland by Silverman. Over 100 clasic Irish songs in 3 categories: “Thr’ Tara’s Halls, All in Americay, and The Troubles.” Includes melody line, lyrics, historical information and guitar chords. BOO490 $12.95 Songs of Scotland by Silverman. 86 Scottish songs in 3 categories: traditional ballads, songs of Bobbie Burns, and Republican broadsides. Includes melody line, lyrics, guitar chords and historical content. BOO676 $12.95 Soodlum’s Irish Ballad Book 158 popular Irish ballads with words, music, guitar chords and great photographs of Ireland. BOO493 $17.95 The Corries Complete 62 of their favorite songs from Scotland, including words, music and guitar chords. BOO987 $36.00 The Irish Pub Songbook 36 of the very best Irish Pubsongs. BOO050 $8.95 The Scottish Songs of Robert Burns 40 of Robert Burn’s songs. BOA342 $8.95 The World of Percy French by Brendan O’Dowda. A salute to the great Irish songwriter Percy French. Biography, 80 songs, poems, parodies, recitations and sketches. BOA094 $22.95 Traditional Folksongs & Ballads of Scotland Vol. 1 Ballads, love songs, light hearted songs. BOA343 $8.95 Traditional Folksongs & Ballads of Scotland Vol. 2 Volume 2 BOA344 $7.95 Traditional Folksongs & Ballads of Scotland Vol. 3 Volume 3 BOA345 $8.95 Traditional Songs of the North of Ireland By Derek Bell and Liam O Conchubhair. The rich and largely unknown musical tradition of the northern half of Ireland. Words, music, translations. BOK009 $17.95

Jewish & Klezmer

Beloved Yiddish Folksongs 20 beloved Yiddish folksongs with piano accompaniment. Includes: Lomir Zich Iberbeten, Der Rebbe Elimelech, more. Includes full texts and annotations. BOA570 $12.95 Compleat Klezmer Definitive Klezmer anthology from two of its best-known practitioners, Henry Sapoznik & Pete Sokolow. Historical & background information as well as wonderful tunes & photos. BOO499 $14.95 Compleat Klezmer with Cassette With Companion Cassette. BOA753 $22.95 Compleat Klezmer with CD With Companion CD. BOA754 $29.95 Giora Feidman - From the Repertoire of Giora Feidman Transcriptions of famed Klezmer Clarinetist’s music. BOO834 $13.95 Giora Feidman - Klassic Klezmer More transcriptions of his music, particularly from the album “Klassic Klezmer.” (See our Recordings section) BOO836 $13.95 Giora Feidman - The Dance of Joy More transcriptions of his music, particularly from the album “The Dance of Joy.” (See our Recordings section) BOO835 $13.95 Hebrew Songs for All Seasons 91 songs with vocal line and guitar chords. Hebrew, transliterations and translations. Includes Israile, Holiday, Sabbath and Love Songs. BOA097 $19.95 Israel In Song Israeli folk songs, with melody line chords, transliterations, texts translations and annotations. BOO832 $14.95 Jewish Music: Its Historical Development by Idelsohn. Development of Jewish music from

the earliest appearance of Semitic song 2,000 years ago to the early 20th C. Synagogue and folk songs, technical sections, liberally illustrated. A fascinating book! BOO982 $16.95 Klezmer Collection for C 120 melodies trancribed from recordings by the masters of the klezmer style, including Dave Tarras, Naftule Brandwine, Abe Schwartz, and many more. Written in standard notation for C instruments, includes chordal accompaniment and discussions of each piece. BOA552 $24.95 Klezmerantics Waltz, Freilach, Sher and Czardas all scored for ensemble. BOO504 $19.95 Let Jasmine Rain Down Song and Remembrance among Syrian Jews. When Jews left Aleppo, Syria, in the early 20th C. and established communities abroad, they carried with them a repertory of songs (pizmonim) with sacred Hebrew texts set to melodies borrowed from the popular Middle Eastern Arab musical tradition. The story of the pizmonim as they have continued to be composed, performed, and transformed through the present day. BOA833 $25.00 Nico Castel Ladino Songbook with Cassette 35 exquisite Judeo-Spanish songs and ballads, for voice, piano, guitar and flute. BOA752 $24.95 Piano and Keyboard Guide by Sokolow. “How to” play Klezmer and Hassidic style for intermediate keyboardists BOO507 $16.95 Sephardic-Oriental Songbook Hauntingly beautiful songs from the liturgy, zmirot, festivals and folk repertoire. Includes 55 songs with melody line, chords, Hebrew and Ladino texts, transliterations, translations. BOO508 $19.95 The Essential Klezmer by Seth Rogovoy; a guide to Jewish roots and soul music from the Old World to the Avant-garde. One of the first books about this rediscovered music which attracts both Jewish and Gentile musicians, it covers the shtetl roots, early 20th century American popularity, the “underground” years of assimilation, and revival in the 70’s. Includes a discography, and listing and description of many working bands. 280 pages, softcover. BOK148 $15.95 The International Jewish Songbook with CD The most comprehensive edition of popular Jewish folk and compsed songs of the 20th C. Comes with Companion CD remastered from the original artists’ recordings. BOA749 $39.95 The Joy of the Jewish Wedding Music for processionals, recessionals, dinner music, Israeli Horas and traditional dances. Also customs, history and Jewish wedding traditions. Melody line, chords, texts, transliterations and translations. BOA706 $19.95 The Klezmer Collection Band Folio, key of Bb 12 authentic Klezmer arrangements for full band meticulously transcribed from the repertoire of the Yale Klezmer Band. Scored for any Bb instrument, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, bass etc guitar chords BOA704 $29.95 The Klezmer Collection Band Folio, key of C 12 authentic Klezmer arrangements for full band meticulously transcribed from the repertoire of the Yale Klezmer Band. Scored for any C instrument, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, bass, guitar chords. BOA703 $29.95 The Klezmer Plus! Folio 27 selections (with chords) previously not in print, by the authors of the Compleat Klezmer. Contains 2 full Klezmer band orchestrations which are designed for flexibility. BOO511 $14.95 The Klezmer Wedding Band Folio 15 Horas, Freilachs and traditional Dances selected from the “Mazel Tov” book, arranged for C, Bb and Eb instruments, trombone BOA705 $19.95 The Music of Israel : From The Biblical Era to Modern Times The rise and growth of Jewish music of 5000 years, new edition by Gradenwitz. Hardcover. BOA719 $39.95

Latin America

Capoeira, A Brazilian Art Form : History, Philosophy, And Practice By Bira Almeida, 181 pages, in English. A study of the Brazilian martial art developed by slaves and now a world-respected tradition. BOK173 $14.95

• BOOKS • Inside the Brazilian Rhythm Section By Nelson Faria and Cliff Korman. Comprehensive book & 2CD set lets you learn Brazilian rhythms like samba, frevo, bossa nova, baiõ, etc. and play along with a top notch rhythm section. Perfect for practicing both accompanying and soloing; over 100 pages. BOK310 $28.00 The Brazilian Music Workshop By Antonio Adolfo. Comprehensive book & CD. BOA455 $29.95 The Drums of Vodou The sacred rhythms of voodoo spirit possession, with some discussion of politics in Haiti and the religious and cultural context of vodou. BOA195 $19.95 The Essence of Brazilian Percussion & Drum Set by Ed Uribe. Learn the instruments, how to get different tones from each instrument, rhythms, the rhythm section, from bossa nova to samba. Comes with a cassette. BOA456 $21.95 The Essence of Brazilian Percussion & Drum Set CD Set as above, with CD. BOA457 $24.95 The Latin Real Book, key of Bb Over 550 pgs of the best in contemporary and classic Salsa, LatinJazz and Brazilian music. Detailed arrangements, exactly as recorded, to help your band play in authentic Latin styles. On many tunes includes bass lines for each section, piano montunos, drum and percussion appendix, horn counter-lines and lyrics in Spanish, Portuguese and/or English. Key of Bb. BOA544Bb $40.00 The Latin Real Book, key of C BOA544C $40.00 The Latin Real Book, key of Eb BOA544Eb $40.00 The Latin Real Book Sampler CD 12 of the greatest Latin Real Book tunes as played by the original artists. É by Gonzaguinha, Changüirí by The Puerto Rico All-Stars, Song for Chano by Ray Barretto, Dejame Soñar by Tito Puente, Virou Areia by Batacoto, Virgen De La Caridad by Conjunto Céspedes, Kalinda by Andy Narell, Eastern Joy Dance by Tito Puente, Mountain Flight by Tom Lellis, El Cantar Del Coquí by The Puerto Rican All-Stars, Rainsville by Don Grolnick and Páginas De Mujer by Francisco Zumaqúe. BOA545 $16.00 The Music of Santeria Book/CD Set Traditional Rhythms of the Bata Drums. Santeria is a religion that has its roots in Cuba, combining West African religious traditions with Catholicism. Authors transcribe the concise musical prayers of ritual bata drumming. BOA900 $24.95 The Salsa Guidebook for piano & ensemble. Complete method, with musical examples for piano, bass, drumset and salsa percussion instruments, for beginning to advanced players. Also includes excerpts of musical scores showing how each instrument fits into each variation of salsa, an historic synopsis, numerous photos of salsa artists and an extensive discography of Afro-Caribbean music. Says Carlos Santana: “A true treasure of knowledge and information about Afro-Cuban music.” BOA346 $25.00


Das Erst Buch by Hans Newsidle, c. 1508-1563. edited and transcibed into French tablature. One of the few lute books from the 16th C. designed expressly for beginner, with 42 simple and attractive pieces carefully graded in order of difficulty. BOO984 $30.00 Eight Pieces by Cuthbert Healy for 10-Course Lute by Matthew Spring. The complete lute works of this remarkably original 17th C. composer, in French tablature and keyboard transcription. BOA310 $23.00 Gut-Strung Plucked Instruments Contemporary with the Lute by Gill. BOO521 $11.00 Lessons for the Lute Intermediate pieces selected and fully fingered by Anthony Bailes and Anne van Royen. 47 pp. BOA797 $25.00 Lute Construction BOO522 $14.00 Lute Songs of John Dowland : First and Second Books Considered the greatest lute virtuoso and composer of the English school in the early 17th C., John Dowland composed over 80 pieces of

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• BOOKS • solo lute music. Transcribed for voice and guitar, including Dowland’s original lute tablature. BOA739 $11.95 New Lessons for Lute Fred Gilbert has put together a collection of new pieces for Renaissance lute, in the traditional style, both in lute tablature and in guitar staff notation. The pieces are also playable on guitar, tuned EADF#BE, lute fashion. 28 pages; includes Fantasia, Almain, Pavan, Galliard, more. BOK094 $20.00 Partie in Bb Major by Wolff Jacob Lauffensteiner, 1676-1754, for 11-course baroque lute. Suite of 6 movements in the tuneful galant style, reproduced from a manuscript in the Robert Spencer Collection. Facsimile and modern tablature edition. BOO985 $15.00 The Complete Works of John Danyel, Vol. 1 7 solos and 2 duets by one of the finest “Golden Age” composers, with concordances and critical commentary, 29 pp. BOA824 $20.00 The English Lute Song before Dowland, Vol. 1 Songs from the Dallis Manuscript c. 1583. 19 songs (16 with original texts, 1 with suggested text, 3 without text), transposed where necessary for a lute in G, 2 lute solos, and a lute quintet. 47 pp. BOA823 $30.00 The Scottish Lute By Ron McFarlane, has over 50 tunes from original lute tablature of traditional Scottish music. The French lute tablature is supplied along staff notation for the guitarist and modern tablature. Taken from sources circa 1620 including the Pickering Lute Book, the Straloch Lute Book, the Rowallen Lute Book, etc. Artist has CD available. BOA936 $16.95 Wire-Strung Plucked Instruments Contemporary with the Lute by Gill. BOO524 $11.00 Working Drawings: Chitarrone BOO525 $42.00 Working Drawings: Seven-course Lute BOO526 $21.00 Working Drawings: Six-course Lute BOO527 $21.00 Working Drawings: Ten/Eleven-course Lute BOO528 $21.00

Mandolin Family

Mandolin, Cittern, Bouzouki, Laud, Bandurria, Greek Bouzouki Anthology of Mandolin Music Master collection of mandolin music in notation and tablature. Classical, early country, bluegrass, fiddle tunes, blues, gospel and ragtime. BOA645 $24.95 Beginning Mandolin Instruction book from ground zero on how to play the mandolin BOA636 $5.95 Bluegrass Mandolin Complete instruction from basics to fancy fingerwork, including great tunes and instruction record. BOO530 $21.95 Celtic Encyclopedia Mandolin Edition This comprehensive book contains over 120 Celtic tunes arranged for mandolin in staff notation and in tablature; includes airs, marches, jigs, reels, strathspeys, country dances, hornpipes, and O’Carolan compositions. BOK022 $19.95 Chords for Mandolin, Irish Banjo, Bouzouki, Tenor Mandola, Mandocello with easy chords in all keys, sections on tunings, capos and chordrelations. BOO217 $8.95 David Grisman Teaches Mandolin David Grisman helps mandolinists develop their playing in new and exciting directions! In this six-CD series, he covers all aspects and facets of “Dawg Music” - his own innovative fusion of musical forms that has inspired a whole new genre of acoustic music. Grisman teaches amazing tunes, powerful techniques and important pointers on all aspects of the mandolin, including detailed instruction on soloing, modal chord changes, position shifts, harmonic arpeggios and scales, transposing and much more. Includes detailed breakdowns of twenty of David’s most popular instrumentals. Each CD in this series is an invaluable resource for any level of student, from beginners to the most advanced players. BOA912 $59.95


Escuela del tremolo para Mandolina Espanola o Bandurria Laud method, in Spanish; mostly exercises and technical studies. This instrument is also played in Cuba, as by Barbarito torres on the Buena Vista Social Club. BOO702 $12.00 Exploring the Bouzouki by Cowdery. Book and CD tutor for the intermediate player of the Irish cittern. BOK237 $12.00 Fiddle Tunes & Irish Music for Mandolin Book/ CD Set By Gelo. 62 favorite fiddle and Irish tunes arranged in notation and tablature for mandolin solo. Includes CD. BOA696 $19.95 How to Play Mandolin by Tottle. A basic instruction book for mandolin covering traditional bluegrass and folk styles written in standard notation & tablature. BOO534 $12.95 In the Pines : 13 Classic Old-time Instrumentals Very good settings of some of the best in Oldtimey mandolin music, in notation and tablature. BOK027 $9.95 Mandolin Chord Book by Major. Complete chord reference book that fits easily into a mandolin case. BOO535 $5.95 Mandolin Chords by Mel Bay. All of the basic mandolin chords in all keys, plus movable chords. BOA267 $4.95 Mandolin Crosspicking Techniques By Mickey Cochran. This method book offers the intermediate to advanced mandolinist a new voice. Each song includes a preperatory study that allows you the opportunity to gain a solid footing before attempting the piece itself. Styles discussed are: Two-String, Bluegrass, Fiddle, Classical and Jazz/Ragtime. Tab only. BOA853 $14.95 Mandolin Picker’s Fakebook by Brody. Over 250 jigs, reels, rags, hornpipes & breakdowns from all the major traditions. BOO536 $24.95 Metodo de bandurria y mandolina Method for bandurria and mandolin in Spanish. Mostly a technical manual, with many picking and left hand exercises. BOO709 $10.00 Teach Yourself Bluegrass Mandolin by Statman. Clear and comprehensive guide to get you started on the bluegrass mandolin. Book and CD set. BOO821 $17.95 The Irish Bouzouki by O’Callanain & Walsh. Playing hints, alternative tunings & favorite tunes by Donal Lunny, Andy Irvine, Alec Finn & others. BOO219 $17.75 The Irish Bouzouki Book/CD by O’Callanain & Walsh. Playing hints, alternative tunings & favorite tunes by Donal Lunny, Andy Irvine, Alec Finn & others. Book and CD Set. BOK271 $32.00 The Irish Mandolin by Padraig Carroll. Comprehensive tutor for the beginner who wants to learn Irish music. BOO537 $19.00 You Can Teach Yourself Mandolin by Dix Bruce. Accompany yourself and others, common chords and useful strums, reading simple melodies, and much more. Notation an tab. BOO829 $10.95 You Can Teach Yourself Mandolin Book/CD Set by Dix Bruce. Accompany yourself and others, common chords and useful strums, reading simple melodies, and much more. Notation an tab. BOK248 $19.95


Los Mariachis! An Introduction to Mexican Mariachi Music History, instruments, music. Large format book with narration and additional information, study questions, musical transcriptions, map & photos, with companion CD by El Mariachi Uclatlan BOA099 $16.95

Middle Eastern

A Near Eastern Music Primer For musicians who’d like to start playing Middle Eastern music, 7 easy to medium level Arabic, Turkish & Armenian pieces with music, words & translations, as well as some basic Near Eastern music theory. No quarter tones; may be played on Western or Eastern instruments. BOA407 $20.00 Ancient Egyptian Dances by Irena Lexova; Originally published in Czech in 1935; over 160 pp. softcover. Through extensive research the author has recreated the dances of the Egyptians

and describes them in detail, in many diagram illustrations, along with explaining the cultural setting and many other details of artistic life. BOK304 $7.95 Arabic Tambourine by Mary Ellen Donald. Comprehensive course in techniques & rhythms for the tambourine, tar and mazhar. Comes with 2 companion cassettes BOO041 $49.00 Aspects of Afghan Music by Lloyd Miller, his doctoral dissertation in Middle East Studies. Focuses on the music of Herat from 1970-1975. Very readable book includes information on instruments, playing technique, the music itself, the artists, and lots of transcriptions (written music). BOA184 $50.00 Beginner Cymbal Tape for Bellydancers by Mary Ellen Donald. 60 minute tape covering cymbal technique and patterns drum accompaniment for your practice. BOO544 $10.00 Best Oud Method - Ud Metodu “Gelenekle Gelecege” by Mutlu Torun, professor of ud and teacher of many top ud players. Very detailed clear method, written in Turkish but well worth buying a Turkish dictionary. Lots of music in Western notation, lots of diagrams, 350+ pp. Includes detailed tuning information. By far the best ud book I’ve seen, and a particularly fine instruction book by any standards. Includes info on tuning, picking, ornamentation, basic maqam and rhythm, musical examples, transposition, much more. BOA240 $39.95 Cumbus Method in Turkish, with photocopied English translation of the instructional portion. BOO864 $24.00 Dance Modes and Melodies of Persia, Central Asia and Afghanistan by Lloyd Miller. Book of dance music. Divided by which instrument should play it: ney, kemence, tar (stringed instrument), ud, santur, and zarb (dumbek) tambur, rebab, doira, many others. Also music for ensemble. BOA186 $40.00 Darbuka Method - for Dumbek by Behnan Gocmez, is a book and CD set that teaches the real technique of playing the darbuka, better known in America as the dumbek. Covers both Egyptian and Turkish style darbukas, playing position, hand techniques, snaps, slaps, advanced techniques, This book will work well in combination with other dumbek teaching materials that are geared towards learning specific rhythms as it fills in important information and provided needed exercises. In English, French and German BOK190 $19.95 Doumbec Delight by Mary Ellen Donald. Comprehensive tutor including Middle Eastern rhythms, tips for accompanying bellydancers and basic music theory. Comes with 2 companion cassettes BOO043 $39.00 Gems of the Middle East - Instrumental By Mimi Spencer; musical notation of instrumental arrangements from the audio cassette series of the same title. 23 classic pieces of varying lengths, maqam scales, rhythm patterns, glossary, bibliography, discography, etc. 69 pages. One of the best books of its kind so far. BOK074 $30.00 Gems of the Middle East - Songbook By Mimi Spencer; musical notation of vocal arrangements from the audio series of the same title. 11 classic songs, several of which are lengthy and complex, texts in the original languages of Arabic and Greek, English transliteration and pronunciation guide, translations, maqam scales, rhythm patterns, glossary, bibliography, discography, etc. 50 pages BOK075 $30.00 Gems of the Middle East Volume 1 by Mary Ellen Donald. Belly dance favorites from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece. Recordings feature Mary Ellen Donald on dumbek and tambourine, and Mimi Spencer on qanun and voice. Books provide rhythmic analyses of the music on the corresponding recordings. Great for dancers and drummers alike. BOK010 $25.00 Gems of the Middle East Volume 1 CD by Mary Ellen Donald. Belly dance favorites from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece. Recordings feature Mary Ellen Donald on dumbek and tambourine, and Mimi Spencer on qanun and voice. Books provide rhythmic analyses of the music on the

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corresponding recordings. Great for dancers and drummers alike. BOK233 $18.00 Gems of the Middle East Volume 2 by Mary Ellen Donald. Belly dance favorites from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece. Recordings feature Mary Ellen Donald on dumbek and tambourine, and Mimi Spencer on qanun and voice. Books provide rhythmic analyses of the music on the corresponding recordings. Great for dancers and drummers alike. BOK012 $20.00 Gems of the Middle East Volume 2 CD by Mary Ellen Donald. Belly dance favorites from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece. Recordings feature Mary Ellen Donald on dumbek and tambourine, and Mimi Spencer on qanun and voice. Books provide rhythmic analyses of the music on the corresponding recordings. Great for dancers and drummers alike. BOK234 $18.00 Gems of the Middle East Volume 3 by Mary Ellen Donald. Belly dance favorites from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece. Recordings feature Mary Ellen Donald on dumbek and tambourine, and Mimi Spencer on qanun and voice. Books provide rhythmic analyses of the music on the corresponding recordings. BOK014 $20.00 Gems of the Middle East Volume 3 Cassette by Mary Ellen Donald. Belly dance favorites from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece. Recordings feature Mary Ellen Donald on dumbek and tambourine, and Mimi Spencer on qanun and voice. Books provide rhythmic analyses of the music on the corresponding recordings. Great for dancers and drummers alike. BOK015 $12.00 Gems of the Middle East Volume 3 CD by Mary Ellen Donald. Belly dance favorites from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece. Recordings feature Mary Ellen Donald on dumbek and tambourine, and Mimi Spencer on qanun and voice. Books provide rhythmic analyses of the music on the corresponding recordings. Great for dancers and drummers alike. BOK235 $18.00 Ilahiyat-I Ken’an Mevlevi, Sufi Music. 200+ pages of music and lyrics (in Turkish). BOA361 $32.00 Kanun Metodu - Method for Kanun By Dr. Umit Mutlu; in Turkish; a very good method for learning to play the kanun; includes tuning info, setup, basic music theory, makam, many pieces of music, transposition, etc. Perfect for beginners or advancing players. 178 pages. BOK063 $40.00 Karadeniz Turkuleri Notalariyla, by Hamdi Tanses; over 238 pages of Black Sea regional Turkish folk music, in staff notation with lyrics. Includes some music from the Black Sea kemence, the wild fiddle style played on the small 3 string bowed instrument of this region. Many selections including: Ata Bari, Bom Bili Bili Bom, Dere Kenarinda, Emine, Horn, Niyazi, Oy Trabzon, Teyze Kizun, etc. BOK118 $20.00 Oud Method - Ud Metodu in Turkish. 100+ pages. Lots of diagrams, lots of music; you don’t need to know Turkish to benefit from this book. BOO861 $20.00 Ozanlarin Dili Notalariyla, by Hamdi Tanses; 256 pages; includes Deyisler, Nefesler and Semahlar. This book focuses on the music related to the Bektashi sufi tradition. Unlike the Mevlevi, which prizes the ney as its primary instrument and is associated with Turkish Art Music, the Bektashi favor the saz, the most popular folk instrument in Turkey. All songs and melodies are in staff notation with lyrics, and include Ali Yar Semahi, Divana, Efendiler, Kara Toprak, Kime Ne, Nasib Olsa, Turnalar Semahi, etc. BOK119 $20.00 Persian Music Brief overview of Persian music’s history, theory, modes, artists, instruments and philosophy. 40pp. BOA174 $6.00 Practice Music Vol. 1 Cassette by Mary Ellen Donald. Music designed for extended practice on cymbals, dance, drum & tambourine, featuring drum, oud and nay. BOO545 $13.00 Practice Music Vol. 2 Cassette BOO546 $13.00 Radif-e Raqs Book Music and dance of Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Thailand, India and Korea. Spiral bound. BOA175 $44.00 Radif-e Raqs CD 1 the old masters of the Classical Music of Iran. RCE583 $20.00 Radif-e Raqs CD 2 the old masters of the Classical

Music of Iran. RCE584 $20.00 Radif-e Raqs CD 3 Folk and Traditional Music of the Persian Empire: Uzbek, Tadzhik, Uighur, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Kashmir. RCE585 $20.00 Radif-e Raqs CD 4 Folk and Traditional Music of the Persian Empire: Uzbek, Tadzhik, Uighur, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Kashmir. RCE586 $20.00 Rhythms of the Nile/ Introduction to Egyptian Dance Rhythms 2 CD SET A Workshop by Egypt’s Master Percussionist Hossam Ramzy, on CD. Learn how to play dumbek, mazher, duf, and other Egyptian hand drums with simple concise instructions and play-along examples. CD booklet includes a glossary of terms. Learn 11 drum rhythms: Masmoudi, Maqsoum, Saaidi, Fallahi, Zaar, Malfuf, Karachi, Elzaffa, Three Four Time, Samaai and Abu El Khasma. BOA888 $28.00 Rumeli Turkuleri Gufte ve Besteleri, by Alus Nus; Turkish traditional songs from the Western region of Turkey, in staff notation with lyrics; an excellent source for Turkish music. Over 300 pages, with charts for the Turkish scales and rhythms used. Some of the many songs are Aksam Aksam, Aman Dayler, Bahar Oldu, Ben Bir Sabah, Bulasik, Dama Bulgur Sererler, Elveda Dost, Kara Tavuk, Makbule, Mavilim, Olan Olan, Sabah Sabah, Uzun Kavak, etc. BOK117 $20.00 Sadika’s Tunes A Collection of Near Eastern Melodies Transcribed and Arranged by Mimi Spencer. 14 pieces, 7 with quarter tones, 7 without. List of rhythms, glossary, more. All pieces suitable for dance accompaniment or pure musical pleasure. BOA408 $20.00 Saz Method for Baglama Saz in Turkish. Contains a large selection of traditional folk music in western staff notation. Method for the aspiring saz player, or those wishing to add to their Turkish folk repertoire. BOO863 $12.00 Saz Method - Turkulerle Buram Buram Anadolu - Baglama Icin Egitim Metodu ve Turku Repertuari By Temel Hakki Karahasan; this is a detailed saz method with focus on the important tunes of Anatolia In Turkish. BOK062 $18.00 Strictly Belly Dancing Middle Eastern dance music suitable for Western instruments. Piano notation with percussion rhythms. Great for accompanying dancers, or to expand your repertoire. BOA839 $12.99 Strictly Belly Dancing Companion Cassette By Eddie “The Shiek” Kochak and Hakki Obadia. BOA840 $9.00 The Arabo-Turkish Musical Tradition by Korosh Ali Khan. Lots of music and some music history of the places that Arab/ Turks settled: the Arab World, Turkey, Greece, Armenia, Middle East, USSR, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. BOA187 $50.00 The Art of Persian Music Book and CD by Jean During, Zia Mirabdolbaghi and Dariush Safvat. A complete introduction to Persian Classical music. Important terms, instruments, repertoiries, personalities, scales, rhythms, forms, much more. Replete with paintings, calligraphy and poetry as well as photographs. BOA858 $65.00 The Center for Preservation and Propagation of Iranian Music The Center was created to preserve traditional Persian music in Iran. All of the top Irani musicians in the 1920s came out of the training program at the center, where they learned from old masters the lifestyle of Persian music. Only 12 students were allowed to attend this course, where the students learned music, yoga, English, philosophy, ate a pure diet, etc. Some of the famous musicians to emerge from this program were Ali Zadeh and Lotfi, now considered masters themselves. BOA182 $10.00 The Music of the Arabs Habib Hassan Touma. Encompassing a history of more than 2000 years, an overview of the musical life of the Arabs, secular and sacred, instrumental and vocal, improvised and composed music. Describes musical structures, detailed bibliography, discography. “A remarkable introduction to the music of the Arab world, leading the reader to a better understanding of the structures, beauty, and significance of this fascinating musical form.” Hardcover. BOA536 $29.95 The Oud Elementary Course of Study, by Fred

• BOOKS • G. Elias. Basic oud tutor, in English. A knowledge of reading music is helpful. 24 pp. For both Arab and Turkish tunings. BOA773 $15.00 Türk Sanat Musikisi Genel Bilgileri Good book on classical Turkish music, written in Turkish but with plenty of diagrams and music. Includes rhythm cycles, Turkish intonation, basic and complex makam, musical examples, more. A great source for rhythms and scales used in Ottoman music. BOA360 $18.00 Turkish Instrument Method - Baglama Saz By Temel Hakki Karahasan. The first English language method for the baglama saz family; includes tunings, technique, historical background, fingerboard diagrams, a selection of tunes, etc. For all size sazes. BOA895 $20.00

Mountain Dulcimer Instruction & Information Complete Dulcimer Handbook by Mark Biggs.

Comprehensive guide and sourcebook for all dulcimer players. Modes and tunings, how the dulcimer works, a detailed look at strumming, finger and chording techniques, much more. Lovely arrangements by Biggs, in tablature and notation. BOO785 $19.95 Companion Cassette BOO786 $9.98 Dulcimer Chord Book Over 500 chords for the 5 widely used modes, plus jazz and 4-string chromatic tuning. Includes transposition, using a capo, more. BOA102 $5.95 Larkin’s Dulcimer Book and CD by Bryant. Memphis’ “First Lady of the Dulcimer” presents a very complete method for beginning and intermediate players. BOO550 $29.95 The Dulcimer Book by Jean Ritchie. Clear, basic instruction method on how to tune and play the dulcimer. Includes the words and music of 16 traditional songs plus tuning instructions for 6 modes. BOO945 $12.95 Traditional Mountain Dulcimer by Ritchie. A book and tape lesson set intended as an introduction to the instrument by the one and only Jean Ritchie. BOO554 $14.95 You Can Teach Yourself Dulcimer by Madeline MacNeil. Comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to the dulcimer. Tuning, scales, strumming, fingering, chords, alternate tunings, using the capo and the “noter”. Lots of tunes in notation and tablature, as well. BOA253 $10.95 You Can Teach Yourself Dulcimer Book/CD Set by Madeline MacNeil. Comprehensive, easy-tounderstand guide to the dulcimer. Tuning, scales, strumming, fingering, chords, alternate tunings, using the capo and the “noter”. Lots of tunes in notation and tablature, as well. BOK245 $19.95

Mountain Dulcimer Repertoire Blues & Ragtime for Fretted Dulcimer Standard

notation and tablature. BOA776 $14.95 Complete Book of Celtic Music for Appalachian Dulcimer By Mark Nelson. Dance music, harp tunes, airs and popular melodies from Ireland, Scotland, Britain, Wales and Brittany. Features a historical overview of Celtic music. BOA553 $22.95 Companion CD BOA554 $15.98 The Wonderful World of DAA Arrangements for dulcimer in DAA tuning; with CD. This tuning, although requiring jumps along the melody string and a large amount of time in the upper register, more than compensates for the technical demands through its richness of sound. Staff notation with tab, 32 pages. BOK217 $17.95

Musical Instruments

Antique Musical Instruments & Their Players by Bonanni. 152 plates from 1723 BOO555 $11.95 Antonio Stradivari, His Life and Work by Hill, et al. Great work on the violin, construction

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• BOOKS • methods, woods, varnishes, known instruments, etc. BOO556 $12.95 Discovering Bells and Bellringing by John Camp, is a history of the art of change-ringing as practiced in Britian, which is the ringing of bells in special sequences. Includes much fascinating information on famous bells and towers, inscriptions, peal boards, ringer’s rules, ringers versus clergy, and a glossary of ringing terms.56 pages. BOK296 $10.00 Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics by Benade. BOA198 $19.95 Gourd Musical Instruments Book and CD set of music played on many instruments, all made from gourd as described in the included 88 page book. 45 selections ranging from the berimbau to banjo, ektar to sitar, plus many others. Illustrated. BOK182 $20.00 Instruments of Burma, India, Nepal, Thailand, and Tibet All of the Burmese, Indian, Nepalese, Thai and Tibetan wind, percussion and stringed instruments from one of America’s major collections of musical instruments. Fully-illustrated with fifty black and white photos, two in full color. BOO561 $11.00 Musical Instruments of the East by Lloyd Miller. History, description, pictures of instruments of Iran, Arabic countries, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, Java. Over 200 photos. BOA183 $40.00 Musical Instruments of the World: An Illustrated Encyclopedia A comprehensive, profusely illustrated guide to all the musical instruments of the world from primitive wind instruments to electronic gadgets. BOO564 $19.95 Old-Fashioned Music Illustrations A delightful compendium of yesteryear’s illustrations of musicians and musical instruments both serious and comic. All are ready to use and in the public domain, no copyrights, and are printed on one side for easy use. It even includes info on using clip art. Quite a feast for the eyes; a great example of line drawings and engravings used before photographic illustrations were common. BOK091 $7.00 Our Tuneful Heritage : American Musical Instruments from the Metropolitan Museum of Art This catalog highlights 60 American musical instruments. BOA782 $25.00 Physics, Music Theory and the Hammered Dulcimer By Rick Fogel. Musical tones, consonant intervals (and why they are consonant), Ohm’s law, the musical tone of struck strings, scales and how the notes relate to one another, more. An interesting study using the hammered dulcimer to illustrate the physics of plucked strings. 30 pps. BOA878 $7.00 Polynesian Sound-Producing Instruments by Moyle. Introduces a variety of Polynesian instruments, from slit drums to nose-flutes. BOO565 $12.50 Science Experiments with Sound & Music a fun way to learn about acoustics and music, great for the teacher or for one’s own enjoyment. The experiements in this book are more like play, yet they concretely demonstrate the concepts usually only found in science texts, and require mostly common everyday materials, with some special equipment needed at times BOK267 $10.95 Shrine to Music Museum Pictorial Souvenir Lots of full color pictures of the instruments in the museum, how the museum was started, more. 64 pp. BOA831 $17.00 The History of the American Guitar From 1833 to the Present Day 148 pages hardcover, illustrated. A marvelous look at the development of the guitar in the USA, from the earliest wooden body acoustics of the 1830’s to the lastest plastic electrics of the 21st century. BOK311 $29.95 The New Langwill Index The essential Dictionary of Musical Wind-Instrument Makers and Inventors by William Waterhouse. The definitive work on historical wind instrument makers. A must for


every brass and woodwind collector and institution that has a musical library. Hardcover. BOA192 $135.00 The World of Romantic & Modern Musical Instruments by Jeremy Montagu. History and development of Romantic and modern musical instruments, from violins guitar and harps to harpsichords, organs, cornets, serpents, timpani, percussion, electronic instruments, more. Lots of photos. Hardcover. BOA193 $33.00 Woodwind Instruments and Their History by Baines. Reprint of superior study by a leading authority on woodwind instruments. First half details the history of woodwinds from primitive times to the present, second half outlines the more recent processes of “mechanization.” With pictures, musical examples and fingering charts. BOO566 $14.95


A Folk Musician’s Working Guide to Chords, Keys, Scales and More Forming chords, modes and scales, key signatures, circle of 5ths, intervals, transposing, musical notation, basic music theory, consonance and dissonance, sharps and flats, rhythms, folk instruments and keys, scale notes for every key, notes for every chord type, and more! BOA517 $16.95 Confident Music Performance by Barbara Schneiderman. Perfect for any musician who longs to feel more comfortable while performing. This book offers a rational and workable program of personal exploration and discovery by providing performers with a host of preventitive ideas and strategies which can significantly reduce stage fright. BOA250 $14.95 Making Money Teaching Music Musician’s who plan to teach full time or want to supplement their income need this guide! How to market yourself as a professional, design a home lesson studio, recruit students, handle budgeting, insurance and taxes, deal with problem students, and more. BOA875 $18.99 Planet Musician The World Music Sourcebook for Musicians by Lieberman. Whether you’re a novice or an accomplished musician you can expand your musical horizons with this book’s practice material from around the globe. Lots of world rhythms and rhythmic exercises, more than 150 world scales and modes, mental and technical exercsies, a complete glossary of world instruments and styles, and a 74 minute CD. 152 pp. BOA826 $22.95 Practice Techniques for All Musicians How to practice to achieve the best results in the shortest time. Includes breathing exercises to reduce tension, how to find the most comfortable playing positions, overcome problem passages, develop good playing habits and other valuable insights that will benefit all instrumentalists and vocalists. Book and tape. BOO569 $19.95 Songwriter’s Workshop 5 of the country’s top professional songwriters share the secrets of their success, providing invaluable insights into their craft for all aspiring writer. Tape 1, Pat Alger: Using the Guitar as a Writing Tool; Tape 2, Fred Koller: Developing Your Lyrics; Tape 3, Steve Gillette: The Drum Machine as a Writing Tool; Tape 4, Eric Kaz: Using the Piano for Melodic Inspiration; Tape 5, Eric Kaz: Developing Ideas on Electronic Keyboards; Tape 6, John D. Loudermilk: The Business of Songwriting. BOA104 $49.95 Start Reading Music Proven method to mastering sightreading basics. Whether you are an instrumentalist, singer or composer, you can take a giant leap forward by learning to read music. BOA492 $5.95 The Musician’s Survival Manual by Richard Norris, M.D. A guide to preventing and treating injuries in instrumentalists. BOA249 $19.95 Theory & Harmony for Everyone by L. Dean Bye. A thorough, easily understood workbook of basic music fundamentals. Includes many examples and exercises, as well as an excellent section on harmony. BOO912 $8.95 Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns The world’s greatest scale book - a must reference

for all serious musicians. Scales from all over the world. BOA566 $29.95 Transforming Tradition - Folk Music Revivals Examined Edited by Neil Rosenberg; offers the first serious look at the “folk revival”, from its origins in the 50’s and 60’s to the “named-system” revivals of the 70’s to the present day. Many aspects of this wide topic are addressed, including the stereotypes of folksingers, the subject of authenticity, in-group values, the “new aesthetic”, outsider roles, etc. 340 pages. BOK051 $29.95 You Are Your Instrument: The Definitive Musician’s Guide to Practice and Performance Music medicine specialists urge musicians to care for their own physical condition with the same attention that they devote to the upkeep of their instruments. This is the first book to offer musicians effective procedures for injury prevention and medically documented self-help techniques should an injury occur. Also included are invaluable warm-up, memory and rehearsal techniques; recording studio and travel tips; discussion of breathing, muscular problems, and muscle balance; and a directory detailing each major physical and mental therapy currently available. BOO796 $20.00 You Can Read Music Learn to read & write music in just a few weeks. Teaches melodic & harmonic intervals, all major & minor key signatures, ornaments, accents & articulation. Book and CD. BOA462 $17.95 You Can Teach Yourself About Music by L. Dean Bye. A creative self-teaching text which gives anyone interested in music both a thorough reference book and an excellent learning resource. Includes a musical dictionary, self-instructional theory lessons designed to motivate, and a wealth of background information on music history and most of the great composers. BOO913 $10.95 You Can Write A Song Book and CD by Amy Appleby. Innovative songwriting workshop is a must for composers, lyricists, and arrangers at any level. CD is loaded with useful exercises and professional arrangements. BOA463 $17.95

Native American

Moving Within The Circle: Contemporary Native American Music and Dance by Bryan Burton. A dynamic book and CD set of 24 social songs and dances, flute songs and guided listening experiences, as well as instructions for making present day instruments. Representing the music of the Pueblo, Lakota, Kiowa, Nanticoke, Hidatsa, Haliwa-Saponi, Seneca and other peoples, this set includes an in-depth cultural and historical background. Featured artists include Carlos Nakai and Jackalope. 18 musical transcriptions, 43 photographs and numerous illustrations, and a companion tape of every selection in the book performed by Native American singers and musicians. BOO929 $29.95 Music of the American Indian Collection of songs composed by Charles Wakefield Cadman, with illustrations by George Catlin. Biography included. BOO572 $5.95 Myth, Music, and Dance of the American Indian (Teacher’s Resource Guide) An introduction to the American Indian culture, with pronunciations, detailed tribe information, about 30 songs, maps and instructions on making Indian instruments. With cassette. BOO574 $21.95 The Indian’s Book by Curtis. Songs and Legends of the American Indians. 583pp BOO576 $16.95 Visions of Sound Musical Instruments of the Native People in Northeastern North America. Focuses on interpretations by elders and consultants from Iroquois, Wabanati, Innuat, and Anishnabek communities. Over 200 photos of instruments, interviews with music makers, and an appended catalog of over 700 instrument descriptions, the relation between sound and motion, much more. BOA413 $20.00 Voices of the Wind : Native American Flute Songs By Bryan Burton. Beautiful collection of authentic, traditional and contemporary Native American flute songs, arranged for the non-professional player. Transcribed in easy keys for recorder and flute. Love or courting songs, stomp dance, round

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dance, honoring and popular songs. Includes anecdotes and cultural background for each song; copypermissible scores and map showing where songs originated; playing tips, typical ornaments and embellishments; history of the traditional Native American flute, more. Comes with a companion CD with each song performed on Native American flute, and also on soprano or alto recorder; plus performances by R. Carlos Nakai and Robert Tree Cody. BOA842 $20.95 When The Earth Was Like New : Western Apache Songs & Stories Musical transcriptions of social, traveling and game songs and Apache violin pieces; photos of instruments, ceremonies and social life; fully illustrated instructions for making and decorating the Apache violin; complete background about each song; traditional legends. Comes with a CD of every selection. BOA363 $29.95

New Age Music

The Healing Sound of Music Did you know music of the right sort can: strengthen our immune system, lower stress, boost endorphines, reduce pain, ease labor, lower blood pressure, slow down aging, and more? This book and CD set, which reveals the hidden power of music, explains in detail how sound and frequencies affect us and the profound ways music effects healing. With practical exercises, a series of meditations, and recommendations for particular kinds of music, the reader is lead to a state of better health and peace of mind. Much of the world discarded music as a healing modality as science seduced medical practitioners, but as we learn more science itself is proving that music does heal. BOK216 $19.95


A Basic Tutor for the Northumbrian Small Pipes by Butler. Comprehensive instruction book with many tunes. BOO578 $23.00 A Basic Tutor for the Northumbrian Small Pipes Cassette Companion Cassette. BOO579 $23.00 Bewick’s Pipe Tunes Delightful book of airs, dances and variations for the Northumbrian Smallpipes.New enlarged addition, tunes fully annotated. BOO001 $16.00 Charlton Memorial Tune Book A collection of nearly 100 fine tunes for smallpipes and fiddle. BOO580 $14.00 Four Winds by Seattle. A collection of new Northumbrian tunes for fiddle. BOO010 $10.00 Great Northern Tune Book Part 3 18th century collection of country dances by the fiddler William Vickers. BOO011C $14.00 Handbook For The Northumbrian Small Pipes by Butler. Everything you want to know about keeping the smallpipes working and sounding good. BOO581 $23.00 Northumbrian Piper’s Duet Book Lovely collection of 42 tunes to be played on small pipes and other folk instruments. BOO582 $16.00 Northumbrian Piper’s Tune Book Vol. 1 Great books containing lovely tunes that make up the foundation of a Northumbrian piper’s repertoire. Of wide appeal to other musicians as well. BOO583 $16.00 Northumbrian Piper’s Tune Book Vol. 2 BOO584 $16.00 Northumbrian Piper’s Tune Book Vol. 3 BOO585 $16.00 Pauline Cato’s Northumbrian Choice 89 tunes with chord from the Northumbrian tradition suitable for most melody instruments. Tunes such as the Cliff, Fairly Shot of Her, Felton Lonnen, Rusty Gulley, Small Coals and Little Money, and many others are presented with chords. 48 pages total. BOA962 $19.00 Peacock’s Tunes Reprint of airs and variations for the smallpipes first published in the 19th century by John Peacock. BOO587 $16.00


Art of Organ Building Vol. 1 2 volume set by Audsley. Includes history, acoustics, construction, voicing of organs up to 1905. BOO557 $19.95 Art of Organ Building Vol. 2 BOO823 $22.95 The Organ by David Baker. Introduction to the

organ, its design, pipes, sounds, mechanism, layout, history and repertoire. Extensively illlustrated. BOA160 $14.00


Fun With the Pan Flute by Kristopher Faubion. An easy-to-understand beginner’s approach to Romanian pan flute or pan pipe. Requires a range of 14 pipes in the key of C major, starting from G. Book and CD set. BOO908 $15.95 How To Play Romanian Panpipes by Valeriu Apan. A step-by-step method of how to care, feed, tune and play the instrument made famous by Zamfir. This book and tape are perfect for beginners and intermediate players. For panpipes in G starting on a B. BOO022 $24.00 Learning To Play The Panpipe For Romanian panpipes in G, with the bottom note D or lower. BOO598 $15.00 Little Method for the 8-10 Tube Panpipe in Eb Method for beginners on the panpipe, in English and French. Construction and types of panpipe, care and tuning, 23 progressive pieces. BOA805 $8.00 Mel Bay’s Complete Pan Flute Book By acclaimed panflute player, Costel Puscoiu. This is a serious, thorough method for the Romanian style panpipes; over 200 pages of information, exercises, and music from how to start playing to advanced music. This is one of the best methods available; best used with a 20 tube panpipe in G with a range from B below middle C to G three octaves above middle C. BOK034 $22.95 Moving Away From Silence by Thomas Turino. Study of the Andean panpipe and flute traditions in the light of recent rural-urban migrations and turbulent politics. Based on Conimeño musical performance, rehearsals, composition, and festivals in the highlands and Lima, Peru. BOA213 $30.00 Playing The Panpipe Book and tape, 12 tunes for Romanian Panpipes. For panpipes in G, with the bottom note D or lower. BOO599 $15.00 You Can Teach Yourself Pan Flute By acclaimed panflute player, Costel Puscoiu. Fun, easy to understand panflute method. By practicing the lessons in this book, the beginner can successfully learn to play the pan flute in a short time. For panflutes of 12 notes or more in the key of C starting on C. BOA637 $10.95 Companion CD BOK249 $15.98

Pennywhistle Instruction & Information Complete Irish Tin Whistle Tutor by McCullough. A comprehensive, detailed approach to playing Irish music on the tin whistle, good for the beginner to advanced player. Book/CD set. BOO602 $17.95 Fun With The Tin Whistle Beginning method/ songbook for pennywhistle in D. Music theory, fingering diagrams, note studies, and pages of songs from practice. BOA108 $4.95 Fun With The Tin Whistle Book/CD Set Beginning method/ songbook for pennywhistle in D, with CD. Music theory, fingering diagrams, note studies, and pages of songs from practice. BOK243 $14.95 How to Play the Pennywhistle by Landor & Cleaver. A simple method requiring no previous musical knowledge. BOO603 $6.95 Instant Tin Whistle Folk Well-known Folk melodies, with simple instructions suitable for any tinwhistle, in instant play tinwhistle tablature as well as staff notation. BOA975 $12.00 Companion CD BOA991 $19.00 Instant Tin Whistle Irish 26 well-known Irish melodies, with simple instructions suitable for any tinwhistle, in instant play tinwhistle tablature as well as staff notation. BOA349 $12.00 Companion CD BOA987 $19.00 Instant Tin Whistle Popular Well-known Popular melodies, with simple instructions suitable for any tinwhistle, in instant play tinwhistle tablature as well as staff notation. BOA974 $12.00 Companion CD BOK272 $19.00 Instant Tin Whistle Scottish Well-known Scottish melodies, with simple instructions suitable for any

• BOOKS • tinwhistle, in instant play tinwhistle tablature as well as staff notation. BOA350 $12.00 Companion cassette BOA976 $12.00 Irish Pennywhistle by Cathal McConnell. Comprehensive tutor with 3 cassettes by the flute and whistle player from Boys of the Lough. Highly recommended! BOO604 $34.95 Penny Whistle Book by Williamson. A clear and complete guide to the penny whistle for beginning to advanced players. Contains a nice variety of 56 tunes. BOO609 $12.95 Pennywhistle For Beginners Tape By Ryan Thompson. 60 minute instructional cassette teaches how to play by ear with musical examples and careful explanations of fingerings, breathing, and playing techniques. All that a learner needs is a pennywhistle in the key of D and this tape to get started playing traditional folk melodies, in the American style. BOA522 $11.95 Pennywhistle Primer by Pickow. Good beginner’s book with 27 songs written in easy-to-read tablature. Suitable for all ages. BOO610 $5.95 Pocket Tinwhistle by McPeake. Irish pocket book of instruction and tunes for the beginner. BOO611 $7.95 Soodlum’s Tinwhistle Tutor Vol 1 Fully diagrammed way to learn the whistle with 28 tunes. BOA110 $7.90 Soodlum’s Tinwhistle Tutor Vol 2 Selection of tunes and further instruction for beginners. BOA111 $7.90 The Tin Whistle Book by Tom Maguire. An easy, straightforward approach to playing tin whistle, complete with a selection of tunes and traditional songs and dance airs. BOO941 $8.95 Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor by Cotter . A complete method book for Irish tinwhistle with 100 Irish airs, songs & dance tunes. BOO616 $17.95 Companion CD BOA985 $14.95 You Can Teach Yourself Tinwhistle Step by step method, including a section on Irish ornamentation. BOA414 $10.95

Pennywhistle Repertoire

Deluxe Tinwhistle Songbook Ireland’s Patrick Conway has collected 71 favorite Irish ballads, hornpipes, jigs, and reels. Notated for tinwhistle, with guitar chords. BOA107 $6.95 Ireland’s Best Tin Whistle Tunes 110 of the tunes any whistle player should have in their repertoire; graded for difficulty from beginner to advanced; with guitar chords. BOK144 $15.95 Ireland’s Best Tin Whistle Tunes CD set 110 of the tunes any whistle player should have in their repertoire; graded for difficulty from beginner to advanced; with guitar chords. 48pp. With double CD included. BOK145 $33.95 Irish Tin Whistle Legends by Walsh. Favorite tunes as played by renowned tin whistle players, including Sean Potts, Mary Bergin & Micho Russell. BOO605 $11.00 Irish Whistle Tunebook 42 of the finest old Irish Dance Tunes, Song Airs and O’Carolan pieces in easy settings and easy traditional keys. (D, G & A) BOA691 $11.95 Companion double CD BOA984 $14.95 Whistler’s Pocket Companion Book/CD set By McCaskill and Gilliam. Over 150 tunes for tinwhistle in a colorful variety of musical styles. Classical, folk and Irish melodies are presented with guitar chords shown. BOK058 $14.95

Piano Instruction & Information Interview With A Vamper by Peter Barnes. How to

play back-up piano, focusing on accompaniment styles for American contra and square dancing. Starts with the basics, continues on through bass runs, ‘thumb-leading’, chord voicings, syncopation, substitutions and special effects. BOA351 $22.00

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• BOOKS • Piano and Keyboard Guide By Sokolow. “How to” play Klezmer and Hassidic style for intermediate keyboardists. BOO507 $16.95 Piano Technique : Tone, Touch, Phrasing and Dynamics By Philipp. Noted pianist and teacher’s guide to sound piano technique: tone production, fingering, pedaling, chords, sightreading, more. Illustrated. 90pp. BOA486 $8.95 Piano Tuning by Fischer. Guide to piano tuning as well as simple repairs. Includes method of tuning by flattened fifths. BOO621 $7.95 Pianos & Their Makers by Dolge. Famous piano makers and the instruments they created. BOO622 $16.95 The Pianist’s Chord Manual The most useful chords in every key. Tips on scales, note-reading, accompaniment, harmony and a bit of theory for the beginner. This book can be used by people who cannot read music. BOO933 $8.95 You Can Play Piano Book and CD by Amy Appleby. You can master the basics of piano playing in just a few weeks. 1-hr. CD includes over 100 useful exercises and professional song arrangements. BOA466 $17.95 You Can Teach Yourself Piano By Ear by Robin Jarman. Ideal for anyone who wants to learn to play the piano quickly. Teaches how to accompany songs on the piano without music, change key when a song is too low or too high, and provide accompaniment when only the melody and chords are given. BOA113 $7.95

Piano Repertoire

Allan’s Irish Pianist Part 1 Containing reels, jigs, hornpipes, & set dances”. Written in standard notation for piano or piano accordion. Same tunes as in Allan’s Irish Fiddler. Can be played by itself or as accompaniment. BOO452 $20.00 Allan’s Irish Pianist Part 2 BOO453 $20.00 Ancient & Modern Songs of Ireland for Piano by Gail Smith. Jigs, Reels, hornpipes, marches, slow airs, polkas, flings, slides and set dances that translate the rich culture and history of Ireland into sound. BOO905 $17.95 Classic Keyboard Riffs and Rhythms 40 short, 4 to 16 measure, riffs that are essential in blues, funk, jazz, Latin, rock, etc. Include analysis, and hints on the way to use this material in your music. CD has examples at regular and slow tempo. BOK308 $22.95 Irish Tunes for Piano More than 175 traditional Irish tunes for piano, keyboard, harp. Alphabetical. BOO750 $17.95 Kerr’s Collection of Reels and Strathspeys for the Piano Reels, strathspeys, highland schottisches, country dances, jigs, hornpipes, flirtations, and many tunes suitable for square dancing, as featured by B.B.C., Luxemborg, and on records. BOO623 $18.00 Latin Jazz Piano This book helps with the unique, complex rhythm structures that challenge the pianist in Latin Jazz; 8 different songs in varied styles of Latin Jazz are presented in detail. Includes CD. BOK307 $22.95 O’Carolan’s Tunes for Piano Piano arrangements of the works of blind harper O’Carolan. Includes all his “hits’, like Planxty Burke, Eleanor Plunkett, Fanny Power, Carolan’s Concerto. BOK185 $8.95 Salsa and Afro Cuban Montunos for Piano 100 pages; informative and accurate with 400 musical examples that teach playing in the Cuban style; with CD of musical examples. BOK306 $22.95 Scott Joplin Complete Piano Rags From original sheet music editions. BOA819 $11.95 The Israeli Piano Book A mix of new and nostalgic favorites with exquisite piano settings by a noted Israeli arranger. Includes Chai, Hal’luya, Hora, more. Guitar chords and Hebrew text included. BOO833 $9.95 The Melrose Collection Vol. 1 38 pieces of Scottish Dance music for accordion and piano. BOO629 $18.00 The Melrose Collection Vol. 2 38 pieces of


Scottish Dance music for accordion and piano. BOO630 $20.00 The Scott Skinner Collection 18 of Scott Skinner’s masterpieces, arranged for piano or accordion. BOA163 $20.00

Pipe and Tabor

Exercicis de Mechanisme per a Flabiol i Tambori Method for Flabiol, the Spanish tabor pipe, in Spanish. BOO710 $12.00 Tabor-Pipe Primer by George Kelischek. Learn to play the tabor pipe - fingering, the basics, rhythm and some repertoire. BOA222 $5.95

Recorder Instruction & Information Fun With The Alto Recorder by Franz Zeidler.

BOA122 $5.95 How to Play the Recorder Complete easy to follow course for the beginner. BOO635 $5.95 Recorder in the Baroque Era By Robert Bancalari. Baroque music for soprano recorder with chords for guitar or keyboard accompaniment; features composers such as Couperin, Corelli, Handel, Bach, Purcell, and many others. 31 pages. BOK070 $7.95 The Recorder Guide by Joanna Kulbach & Arthur Nitka. A book for the complete beginner including a concise outline of the mechanics of music, names of notes, rhythmical notation, and musical symbols. Basic recorder techniques are explained in easy to understand text and diagrams. BOO944 $17.95 You Can Teach Yourself Recorder Ideal for any age, this excellent text incorporates clear visual presentation with a wealth of music of all styles. Exercises and over 140 songs. BOO642 $9.95 You Can Teach Yourself Recorder Book/CD Set Ideal for any age, this excellent text incorporates clear visual presentation with a wealth of music of all styles. Exercises and over 140 songs. BOK239 $17.95

Recorder Repertoire

30 Irish Tunes for Easy Recorder 30 Irish airs and melodies arranged for soprano recorder. BOA777 $6.95 An Irish Tunebook Part 1 airs and dance tunes suitable for all instruments. BOA633 $11.95 Bach - Duets for 2 alto recorders BOA117 $11.00 Bach - From Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook for soprano and alto. BOA118 $12.00 Bach - Movements by Bach for 2 Sopranos. BOA119 $11.00 Bach - Partita Solo for Alto Recorder, challenging. BOA120 $11.00 Carolan for Recorder by Gunn. Easy to play collection of classics by the famous Irish harpist. BOO633 $11.95 Celtic Tunes for Recorder By Marcia Diehl, is a collection of 26 Celtic melodies arranged for Soprano or Tenor recorder, with chord changes for accompaniment. The tunes have been chosen for their beauty and suitability for the recorder. BOK023 $7.95 Early Music for Recorder by Robin De Smet Outstanding collection of recorder solos spans the years from the 10th to the 16th C. 47 famous airs and dances. Easy to play, suitable for class use as well as home enjoyment. BOA631 $12.95 Handel - Duo in F for SS or SA, challenging. BOA123 $11.00 Handel - Pieces and Dances bk. 1 for SA, medium difficulty BOA124 $12.00 Handel - Pieces and Dances bk. 2 for SA, medium difficulty BOA125 $12.00 Hotteterre - 48 preludes in 24 Keys Around 1719. Solo for Alto Recorder, medium difficulty. BOA126 $13.00 Hotteterre - Duo & Rondeau for AA. BOA127 $11.00 Hotteterre - Echos Around 1719. Solo for Alto Recorder, medium difficulty. BOA128 $11.00 Irish Music for Recorder arranged by Robin De

Smet. Irish songs and melodies famous the world over, easy to play. BOO942 $12.95 Italian Dances of the Early 16th C. for ATTB. BOA129 $12.00 Love Songs of the Renaissance by Kitts. Lovely tunes for soprano, alto, tenor recorders, gemshorns or crumhorns. BOO637 $5.95 Medieval and Renaissance Music for Recorder This is a collection of great melodies from the 11th to 17th century for C recorder. BOK033 $7.95 Music for the Recorder - Folk Songs of the United States This book has many tunes from the Revolutionary and Civil War periods, many taken from the fife repertoire, and are challenging and intriguing music; used in the classroom this book would enliven any American history curriculum. For the recorder player it offers many great tunes from the American tradition. 64 pages; lyrics to many songs are included; special section on military music and camp music. BOK035 $9.95 Native American Tunes in 3 & 4 part settings for recorders or flutes by Gerald Moore. Ring bound, SAT & SATB BOO638 $7.95 O’Carolan’s Tunes for Descant / Soprano Recorder All the best melodies from blind harper O’Carolan for soprano recorder; with chords; 44 selections, includes Blind Mary, Planxty Burke, Lord Inchiquin, Planxty Irwin, Carolan’s Receipt, etc. BOK186 $8.95 O’Carolan’s Tunes for Treble / Alto Recorder All the best melodies from blind harper O’Carolan for treble/alto recorder; with chords; 44 selections, includes Blind Mary, Planxty Burke, Lord Inchiquin, Planxty Irwin, Carolan’s Receipt, etc. BOK187 $8.95 Recorder Book of Medieval and Renaissance Music by Franz Zeidler. Early music ranging from Gregorian chants and Medieval dances to lateRenaissance compositions. BOA130 $6.95 Susato - Dances from Danserye Susato wrote wonderful recorder music in the 1500s. For ATTB. BOA131 $13.00 Susato - Danserye 64 dances in a complete modern edition of Susato’s “Third Book”, for SATB recorders. BOA132 $28.00 Susato - The Susato Collection 25 dances for 4 instruments. BOA133 $11.00 Telemann - 12 Short Duets for SA or ST BOA134 $10.00 Telemann - 6 Fantasias Solo for Alto recorder. BOA135 $13.00 The Irish Collection: Traditional Music Arranged for Recorder by Gunn. A collection of traditional Irish tunes. BOO636 $12.95 van Eyck - 5 Duets for 2 Sopranos or 2 Tenors. BOA136 $4.00 van Eyck - Der Fluiten Lusthof van Eyck wrote in the mid 1600s. Solo for Soprano Recorder. BOA137 $19.00 Village Dance Music From Around the World 20 tunes from 20 countries arranged for three and four recorders, but suitable for mandolin, guitar, accordion, violin, etc. See “Village Dance Syllabi” in our Dance Book section for dance instruction for these dances. BOO641 $20.00


Ancient Traditions - Future Possibilities: Rhythmic Training Through the Traditions of Africa, Bali and India by Montfort. Comprehensive training manual in non-Western rhythms. You needn’t be a percussionist or even read music to benefit from this book. BOO646 $32.00


Battlefield Band - Forward with Scotland’s Past A collection of songs & music by the popular Scottish group, including 25 pipe tunes, 65 fiddle tunes, 44 songs. BOO652 $19.95 English and Scottish Tunes Cassette Companion Cassette. BOO009 $14.00


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New Recordings Caledon Wood, Al Petteway Al Petteway

is an award winning fingerstyle guitarist and composer including Washington’s “Musician of the Year”, “Best Contemporary Instrumentalist”, and “Best Traditional Instrumentalists”. This CD contains 12 selections celtic selections performed on guitar, dumbek, mandolin, piano, Uilleann pipes, viola, cello, hammered dulcimer, and various percussion. RCE713 $16.00 Mambo This! Excellent CD of local Mendocino California coast Afro Cuban group Mambo This. Featurres seven traditional Afro Cuban tunes. RCE711 $17.00 Whistleworks CD For over ten years, we have carried the Chieftain pennywhistles from Phil Hardy. Now, we are pleased to offer his new CD, “Whistleworks”, featuring Phil and his many musical friends. This recording features twelve tracks of original compositions and traditional aires. RCE709 $22.00 Master Daryush Safvat, Persian Santur & Setar Former director of the Center for Preservation and Propagation of Iranian music who saved traditional music from obliteration in the 70’s. Performances of traditional modes (dastgah) on Santur and Setar. RCE707 $20.00 Persian Traditional Music Performances by various instrumentalists including kamancheh master Morteza Varzi, multi-instrumentalist Mohammad Nejad, santurist Azar Hashemi in the 1970s in Iran, Dr.Lloyd Miller and other artists featured at Eastern Arts concerts in Tehran and the U.S. RCE706 $20.00 Parisa, premier Persian vocalist Iran’s best classical vocalist Parisa featured in performances from the 1970’s when she burst forth as the highly acclaimed traditional vocalist that correctly represents the Dastgah (classical modal) tradition. She performs with young masters in the 1970s who are now Iran’s most celebrated instrumentalists. RCE705 $20.00 Turkic & Kurdish Music Features Turkic vocal master Latif Bolat, Kurdish vocalist Kamal Bewar & Dr. Lloyd Miller. Turkic classical and Sufi music, Iraqi Kurdish classical and folk music plus the music of Turkic cultures. RCE704 $20.00 Iraqi Traditional Music Santur, jaoza (2 string fiddle), vocals, darbuka, and def. RCE702 $20.00 Rare Traditional Persian Music from old records Early 1900’s RCE700 $20.00 Enchanted Journey - Jazayer The newest and most beautiful music yet from composer Vince Delgado, performed on kanun, violin, oud, bass and percussion by Jazayer. Fabulous for listening or dancing. A must-have item for everyone! RCE699 $18.00 Eternal Rhythms of the Middle East, Vol. 1 Practice CD for Middle Eastern dancing. Featuring 4 rhythms. Each rhythm plays continuously in the same tempo for at least 14 minutes. Ideal for teaching, practice or listening. Vol. 1 Slow & medium baladi, medium 6-8, slow Masmudi. RCE695 $10.00 Eternal Rhythms of the Middle East, Vol. 2 Slow chifte-telli, medium karsilama, slow rhumba, slow sa’udi. RCE696 $10.00 Eternal Rhythms of the Middle East, Vol. 3 Medium and fast ayyoub, medium fast karsilama, medium sa’udi. RCE697 $10.00 Eternal Rhythms of the Middle East, Vol. 4 Medium masmudi, fast baladi, fast 6-8 and fast chifte-telli. RCE698 $10.00 Wicked Tinkers - Loud “Loud” brings a new, and at the same time very old sound to Celtic music. The pounding drums and raging pipes are joined by Ireland’s equivalent of the

Australian Didgeridoo - the Bronze Age Irish Horn. These horns were made and played throughout the island from 1,100 to 700 B.C. The horn you hear on this CD was made by Simon O’Dwyer of Galway in late 2001, using bronze casting techniques similar to those used by the ancient craftsmen themselves, and was modified slightly to be able to tune with the bagpipe. RCE686 $18.00 Aeolus & Music of the Rolling World CD RCE684 $17.00 A Celebration of Pipes in Europe Bagpipe music from 14 countries: Asturias, Austria, Belgium, Brittany, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Galicia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Northumberland, Scotland and Yugoslavia. A special invitation went out to pipers across Europe to play at the Cornuaille Festival of Quimper France. Includes a country-by-country text on each instrument; represented are the highland pipes, uilleann pipes, boudego, graile, gaita asturiana, zampogna, musette de cour, gaida, moezelzak, pip’sac, vueze, dudelsack, torupill, bombarde and biniou, tsambouna, and Northumbrian smallpipes. A two hour world tour of piping! RCD603 $30.00


Herati Dutar Music on the Dutar, long neck lute of Persia. Performed by virtuosos. RCE587 $20.00 Inside Afghanistan Almost lost Afghan music, these are the field recordings of ethnomusicologist Deben Bhattacharya; features nomadic tribal dances, Pashtun love songs RCE658 $18.00 Logari Instrumental Music Rebab, tambur, dilruba, dhol (double-headed barrel drum), harmonium. Good fun! Logari dances involve pauses in the music, where the dancers must hold still or be reprimanded. RCE592 $20.00 Memories of Herat: Instrumental Music of Afghanistan Beautiful instrumental music and folk songs from Afghanistan by Aziz Herawi, virtuoso on the 14 stringed dutar and rubab (Afghan lutes). Joined by Siar Ahmad Hazeq on tabla and Omar Herawi on the zirbaghali drum. RCD962 $18.00 Ozbaki Music From the North Fun dance music! Kaichek (folk fiddle), zerbaghali (drum) and dambura (long-necked lute.) RCE591 $20.00 Tambur Music on the tambur, long neck lute of Afghanistan. RCE588 $20.00 Tambur & Tabla Music on the Tambur & tabla, long neck lute and drums of Afghanistan. Performed by virtuosos. RCE589 $20.00


Africa A dozen cuts, each showing a facet of the music of Africa; Johnny Clegg, Oom, Habib Koite, Afia Mala, Oliver Mtukudzi, Diaou Kouyate, and others are featured playing various styles of music from the Mother continent. Titles include Anoma, Doly, Manuela, Ya Mbemba, Sa Ntima, more! RCE401 $15.98 Africa Today - Best of Contemporay African Folk Music - Zulu Folk, Shangaan, Zulu Soul, Sotho This CD features different styles of African folk music ranging from mbube (Zulu a capella singing) to styles with instruments such as accordion, concertina, guitar, bass, drums, etc. RCE547 $18.00 Africa Today - Best of Contemporay Zulu Folk Music 5 groups on this CD: each has had great impact on the South African scene; Zulu guitar and concertina with vocals. RCE548 $18.00 African Oddesy An acoustic musical journey from the haunting melodies of Mali and Kenya to the soulful songs of Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau. RCE673 $15.98 African Rhythms and Instruments Vol. 2 Congo Brazaville, Chad, Cameroon, Sudan, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe. Xylophone, ziterharp, giant horns, percussion, voices. RCD804 $19.00 African Tribal Music and Dances RCE033 $10.00 Ancient Wisdom Ephat Mujuru is one of the world’s most accomplished players of the mbira, or Afri-

• MUSIC • can thumb piano, and this recording presents a beautiful blend of spiritual and contemporary songs. RCE165 $18.00 Balafons & African Drums Recorded on location at festivals, ceremonies and “jam sessions” in Cameroon, Guinea, Sahara, Senegal, Tanzania, and Togo. RCD005 $20.00 Mandingo Drums by Adama Dramé, touring professional drummer from the Ivory Coast. RCD649 $20.00 Master Drummers of Dagbon 1 Drumming of the Dagbamba people of West Africa RCD575 $18.50 Masters of the African Mbira Also called thumb piano or kalimba; instrumental and vocal pieces by renown masters Dumisani Maraire and Ephat Mujuru. RCE546 $18.00 Ngoma : Music from Uganda This is the most comprehensive collection of traditional Ugandan music to date. Compiled by the acclaimed Ndere Troupe, the recordings from the Ngoma Project present a wealth of traditional music from Uganda. Inspired performances by master musicians from the region’s most important ethnic groups utilize a wide range of instruments including harps, mbiras, zithers, xylophones, and an array of African percussion. RCE152 $18.00 Ravi - The African Kora -Journeys of the Sunwalker West African kora, a harp/lute, with djembe and balafon. RCE545 $18.00 Sabar - The Soul of Senegal Excellent drumming CD of the Serer people of Senegal, by Omar Thaim. RCE330 $15.95 Tribal Chants, Drums and Songs of Africa RCE025 $10.00


Airplang II - Fiddle Music New England Contra Music by fiddler Rodney Miller, with Peter Barnes on keyboards and John McGann, guitar and mandolin. 43 minute CD, 12 tracks, great contra tunes like Swimming in the Gutter, Pincushion Polka, Cattle in the Cane, Pull Down Your Vest, etc. This Cd is a good example of Miller’s adventurous style, which mixes traditional New England music with influences from jazz, Celtic, Quebecois, etc. RCE603 $18.00 American Banjo, Scruggs Style Reissue of the Very First Bluegrass LP with more than 40 tracks featuring Snuffy Jenkins and 14 others. Recorded 1956. RCD759 $19.00 Bluestein Family - Shut Up and Sing The Bluestein Family Sampler CDA retrospective look at recordings by The Bluestein Family collectively as the family band and in other musical combinations as well, starting with Evo and Jemmy’s oldtime string band in 1978 (The Roundtown Boys) continuing through six Bluestein family albums, wo solo albums by Evo and three releases by Evo and Jemmy. This collection includes something from almost every recording in the Bluestein discography. Guest performers include: Dewey Balfa, Christine Balfa, Kenny Hall, Ira Bernstein. RCE422 $20.00 Charlie Parker - The Best of Bird The great sax player plays Koko, Cheryl, Bebop, Sly Mongoose, and 11 other cuts. RCE649 $10.00 Fandango At Sonoma A celebration of the ethnic music that was brought to California during the 1800’s coming together on almost any occasion and playing the music from their varied ethnic background, Mexican, South & Central American, Hawaiian and Russian immigrants arriving at California’s shores and borders.Played in a spontaneous style that one would have encountered in early California while attending a fandango, a wedding, a birthday, or simply an informal gathering of friends who would have enjoyed coming together on almost any occasion and playing the music from their varied ethnic backgrounds. RCD950 $20.00 Instrumental Music And Songs Of The Southern Appalachians RCE031 $10.00 Missippi Blues Classic blues form Memphis, New

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• MUSIC • Orleans, and the Delta region. RCE668 $15.98 Music From the Lost Provinces : Old-Time Stringbands From Ashe County, North Carolina and Vicinity, 1927-31 Reissue of 78 rpm recordings featuring Grayson and Whittier, Frank Blevins & His Tar Heel Rattlers, Ephraim Woodie & The Henpecked Husbands, others; most tracks have never before been reissued RCE087 $17.00 New Orleans on Parade - the Roots of Dixieland Jazz Louis Armstrong, Muggsy Spanier, Albert Nichols, Sidney Bechet, Kid Ory, Jimmy Noone, Barnet Bigard, George Lewis. These guys could rock - and it’s folk music! RCE652 $10.00 Pure Quill New England Contra Music by fiddler Rodney Miller; Pure Quill is a New England expression for “the real thing” and indeed this is! With Bob McQillen, legendary contra piano player and accordionist. 13 tracks, over 51 minutes on this CD, with such tunes as McQuillen’s Squeezebox, the Huskin’ Bee, Elvira’s Waltz, the Gem Varsoviana, more. RCE602 $18.00 Rodney Miller’s Airdance New England Contra Music by fiddler Rodney Miller; Celtic, traditional and jazz tunes flower on strong Contra roots, making an exciting and unique musical sound. With Mary Cay Brass, piano, David Surette, strings, Suart Kenney, bass, Sam Brewton, drums. Over an hour on music on this CD; some of the tunes are Gypsy Stomp, Rambling Pitchfork, All That You Ask Me, Jigjazz, Forvantan, Ice on the water. RCE604 $18.00 Susan Kevra’s Full Swing New England Contra Music and Dance by caller Susan Kevra, with fiddlers Sara Blair, Becky Tracy and Mary Lea, Mary Cay Brass on piano, and Stuart Kenney on bass. Cd, over 55 minutes of music; with dance calls on Goodbye My Lady Love, Chorus Jig, and November Breakdown called to the tunes Carolina Breakdown and Sandy Boys. Most of the tunes are “dance length”, over 7 minutes; recorded in Putney Vermont at Pierce’s Hall. RCE605 $18.00 The Immortal Charlie Christian Rare recordings of the birth of bebop, featuring the legendary genius of the electric guitar, Charlie Christian, and artists like a young Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonius Monk. These cuts were taken from live discs made after-hours in New York in the early 1940’s. RCE653 $10.00 The World Turned Upside Down Barry Phillips and Friends. From elegant Colonial drawing rooms to rollicking waterfront taverns to homely frontier hearths, the emerging society of a new nation was reflected in the colorful variety of music popular at the time. The title cut is a fife tune played, according to legend, by Cornwallis’ surrendering troops at Yorktown. Guitar, harp, flute, fiddle, cello, dulcimer, mandolin and more in a fascinating anthology of the music of late 18th and early 19th C. America. Liner notes provide background information on the songs and musical tastes of the period. RCD913 $18.00 Things Ain’t What They Used to Be - Early American Rural Music - Classic Recordings of the 1920’s and 1930’s Vol 5 A fascinating overview of traditional musical styles from the Civil War to the 1920’s, including all phases of both white and black genres, fiddle tunes, rags, banjo songs, religious selections, ballads, blues, etc. Includes rarities never before reissued. RCE621 $21.00 Things Ain’t What They Used to Be - Early American Rural Music - Classic Recordings of the 1920’s and 1930’s Vol 6 A fascinating overview of traditional musical styles from the Civil War to the 1920’s, including all phases of both white and black genres, fiddle tunes, rags, banjo songs, religious selections, ballads, blues, etc. Includes rarities never before reissued. RCE622 $21.00 Victory Music Washington Notebook New Songs of the Northwest Sung By Northwest Musicians”. Songs of suffragettes and miners, basketweavers and quiltmakers, the voices of interned JapaneseAmericans and a visionary Native prophet, union struggles of Mexican-American farmworkers and


Wobblies, sentimental songs, lullabyes, and an ode to the dandelion. RCD460 $16.00 Violin, Sing the Blues for Me - African-American Fiddlers 1926-1949 24 selections of early blues fiddle playing! Taken from collections of rare 78’s, this CD features such performers as Lonnie Johnson, “Dad” Tracy, the Mississippi Sheiks, the Memphis Jug Band, Big Joe Williams, the Mobile Strugglers, and more artisits. The Violin was an important instrument in the 1800’s among Black musicians, and here one can sample archaic styles from ballads to blues. Excellent liner notes! RCE290 $18.00 Wondrous Love Barry & Shelley Phillips. The American tradition of shape note singing has produced an incomparable treasury of music - deeply rooted in the folk tradition, imbued with the fervent spirit of faith and fellowship. Instrumental arrangements from the shape note tradition: selections from the Sacred Harp (shape note “songster” or songbook), on exquisite combinations of cello, harp, flute, oboe, fiddle, guitar, dulcimers, banjo and more. Beautiful music - I kept a copy for myself! RCD910 $18.00


Chants & Music from Buddhist Temples Authentic field recordings from temples in Tibet, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, China and Taiwan RCE517 $18.00 Chung Woong Korean Traditional Music Ensemble A cross section of traditional music from Korea, court, ceremonial, contemplative and rural music are represented, played on authentic instruments, with descriptive booklet RCE549 $18.00 Four Thousand Years of Korean Folk Music RCE008 $10.00

Australian & Aboriginal

Adam Plack and Johnny White Ant - Nomad Nomad is an entrancing fusion of Aboriginal didgeridoo melodies, Senegalese Wollof drumming, Native American chants & flute and up-tothe minute dance beats.The driving force here is Nomad’s didgeridoo magic.” Billboard Magazine RCE167 $20.00 Adam Plack - Dawn Until Dusk Adam’s 3rd album with didgeridoo maker Johnny White Ant Soames and tribal songmen from the Ku-Ku Imaji and Ku-Ku Yalanji clans of far north Queensland. On location, they recorded 40,000 year old tribal songs and several contemporary Didgeridoo wildlife totems. RCD371 $18.50 Adam Plack - Winds of Warning A dynamic album of didgeridoo rhythms accompanied by chanting, drumming and modern sounds. RCD370 $18.50 The Sounds of the Aborigine Music From the Australian Bush. Didj, rhythm sticks, chant. RCE002 $10.00


Clarity Autoharp like you’ve never heard it before from International Autoharp Champion Karen Mueller. Joined by Tony Trischka on banjo and Tim Britton on Uilleann pipes, as well as fine performers on fiddle, cello, bass, piano and percussion.From Irish jigs to American tunes to original compositions. RCD499 $20.00 Evoharp Evo Bluestein’s autoharp album. Previously released as “Evo’s Autoharp.” Just released for the first time on CD with 5 bonus tracks (seventeen cuts total). Special guests include Mike Seeger, Kenny Hall, The Bluestein Family. RCE420 $20.00


78th Fraser Highlanders Live In Scotland RCD971 $20.00 A High Cut Above Double album of piping for Highland Dancing, from the Simon Fraser Pipe Band’s best dance pipers. Many dances at varying tempos. Pas de Basques, Highland Fling, Sword, Earl of Errol, Highland Laddie, much more. RCD455 $21.00 Art Music for the Highland Bagpipe Meditations and Marches by Peter Kapp. Wonderful solo piping, including Cabar Feidh (march), The MacLeaods’

Controversy (Pibroch), Amazing Grace, more. RCD941 $20.00 Bagad Kemper - Hep Diskrog Breton band Bagad Kemper features the cornameuse (biniou braz), which is now the same as the Highland Pipes, the bombard, and la batterie, the drums! They are Brittany’s leading exponent of the pipe band, winning 16 national championships since 1968. RCE254 $20.00 Bagad Kemper Volume 4 The Breton bagad or pipe band uses bagpipes, bombards (folk oboe), and drums. Bagad Kemper is one of Brittany’s finest bands, holding the record to the number of national championships titles. RCD613 $20.00 Bagpipe Marches And Music Of Scotland RCE044 $10.00 Border Seasons - Matt Seattle, Border Pipes With Mr. Mcfall’s String Quartet; a wonderful idea, border pipes with strings! The sweet sound of the traditional bellows blown pipe of the Scotland and Northumberland region blends well with the strings, making music that is sometimes earthy, sometimes ethereal, but always beautiful. RCE629 $20.00 Highland Pipes and Drums Bagpipe music of Scotland. RCE055 $10.00 Highland Pipes Vol. III - from the Golden Age of the Renaissance Faire Music by Peter Kapp, frequently played pipe tuned from the Renaissance Pleasure Faire from 1972 to 1983; 45 minutes of great piping. RCE278 $20.00 Ian Duncan and Roddy MacLean Volume 4 of the 1997 Recital series of the Piping Center; two of Scotland’s greatest pipers perform treasures of the Highland repertoire such as Highland Wedding, Earl of Seaforth’s Salute, Monymusk, Donnie MacGregor. 60 minutes playing time. RCE306 $18.00 Masters of Piobaireachd 2 With Robt. Brown and Robt. Nichol; traditional ancient Scottish pipe music from the Highlands. RCE348 $22.00 Piobaireachds of the Western Fencibles Regiment by Peter Kapp. Ancient Gaelic pipe tunes as played during the time of the American revolution. RCE173 $20.00 Piping for Highland Dancing CD Double album designed for highland dancing. 38 dances in various forms and tempos (for example, there is a 4 Step Normal Tempo Fling, 6 Step Normal Tempo Fling, and a 6 Step Slow Tempo Fling.) Good for students and teachers of Highland Dancing. RCD454 $20.00 Spielmanns Notenbuch CD By Katharco Consort. 33 tunes from the book on Praetorius bagpipes, dudey, fidel, pochette d’amour, mandolin, virginal, hurdy gurdy, zarb, duval, bendir, recorder, hümmelchen and viola da gamba. BOA795 $22.00 The Edinburgh Military Tatoo Pipes and Drums, Massed Bands, Bagpipe Bands. RCE062 $10.00 Wicked Tinkers - Hammered The Wicked Tinkers are a group of 3 roving musicians playing the music of Scotland, Ireland, and other Celtic lands on Highland Pipes and drums. Of course, the music of the Highlands of Scotland is featured, along with Irish, Canadian and even American tunes rounding out the repertoire. Aaron Shaw plays the pipes and tin whistles, is an award winning piper; John MacAdams plays snare drum guitar, and sings, and his drumming adds new meaning to the phrase “That’s LOUD!”; and Warren Casey plays big drum and bodhran, adding a deep bottom end. This is their latest CD and it shows their powerhouse style at its best, in 15 tracks including Hammer on the Anvil, Those Marching O’Neills, Just Some Jigs, and more. RCE394 $18.00 Wicked Tinkers - It’s Not About Pretty The A group of 3 roving musicians playing the music of Scotland, Ireland, and other Celtic lands on Highland Pipes and drums. Of course, the music of the Highlands of Scotland is featured, along with Irish, Canadian and even American tunes rounding out the repertoire. Aaron Shaw plays the pipes and tin whistles, is an award winning piper; John MacAdams plays snare drum guitar, and sings, and his drumming adds new meaning to the phrase “That’s LOUD!”; and Warren Casey plays big drum and bodhran, adding a deep bottom

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end. 14 tracks; some selected tunes are Wallop the Cat, Pumpkin’s fancy, Fiollaighean, A Flame of Wrath RCE393 $18.00


Black Banjo Songsters The sounds and social history of African American banjo playing. 32 superb instrumentals and vocals, recorded between 1974 and 1997. Extensively annotated with performers’ life histories, tunings, lyrics, bibliography, discography. RCE108 $19.00 Dueling Banjos Bluegrass banjo. Old Joe Clarke, Fire on the Mountain, more. RCE003 $10.00 Feuding Banjos Bluegrass Banjo of the Southern Mountains. Roger McGuinn (of the Byrds), Eric Weissberg (of Dueling Banjos) and Mason Williams, Eric Darling, David Lindley, more. RCE042 $10.00

Early, Baroque, & Classical Music C’est la Fin - Istanpitta A spirited and well

researched realization of early period music, mostly dance music of the Middle Ages, on lute (ud), long-neck lute (saz), shawm, hurdy gurdy, recorder, flute, crumhorn, harp, etc. 10 selected tracks, featuring the title track Trotto, Tre Fontane, Salterelli, Estampie, and other period instruments. One of the better versions of these pieces, making this music come alive. RCE347 $20.00 Chevrefoil - Istanpitta More early period music on lute, long-neck lute, shawm, hurdy gurdy, recorder, flute, crumhorn, harp RCE681 $20.00 Il Libro della Sordellina - Horst Grimm Known only from written and iconographical sources, the sordellina is a bellows-blown bagpipe similar to the zampogna, having two chanters and at least one drone; the two chanters are supplied with a varying number of keys; the book “Libro per scriver l’intavolatura per sonare sopra le sordinelline”, by Giovanni Baldoni is the only method book for this instrument and the related buttafuoco, another Neapolitan pipe. Written circa 1600, this book provides the musical basis for the reconstructed sordinella and the tunes for this CD. Along with viola da gamba, vielle, chitarra battente, percussion, etc., this Italian baroque pipe music comes to life. 25 selections are performed, including L’allemana, La Violetta, Spagnoletto, Tordione, etc RCE333 $22.00 Magic of the Mandolin RCD548 $20.00 Musik der Spielleute Vol. 3 - Zeitreise A wonderful collection of over 70 minutes of Early music and folk/traditional music, played by several of Europe’s premier ensembles, done “by musicians for musicians”. Groups include Poeta Magica, Saltarello, Trecento; instruments include many types of bagpipes, nykleharpa, bombard, lute, harp, percussion, etc. 19 tracks. RCE334 $16.00 Musik der Spielleute - Zeitreise Teil 1 A wonderful collection of over 70 minutes of Early music and folk/traditional music, played by several of Europe’s premier ensembles, done “by musicians for musicians”. RCE332 $16.00 Musik der Spielleute - Zeitreise Teil 2 A wonderful collection of over 70 minutes of Early music and folk/traditional music, played by several of Europe’s premier ensembles, done “by musicians for musicians”. RCE331 $16.00


The Best of Lightnin’ Hopkins Guest artists Brownie McGhee, Sonny Terry and Big Joe Williams. RCE032 $10.00 The Best of the Blues 20 favoritesby Ray charles, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, John Lee Hooker, Leadbelly, Memphis Slim, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Josh White and Big Bill Broonzy, Brownie & Sonny, and Big Joe Williams RCE651 $10.00

Bowed Psaltery

Bowed Psaltery Pastimes featuring Gregg E Schneeman and Glenno Falkenberg, bowed psaltrists. Music of the British Isles and Renaissance on bowed

psalteries and bass bowed psaltery, with hammer dulcimer, harp, guitar and percussion. Includes Southwind, Boys of Wexford, Tarleton’s Ressurection, Piper in the Meadow Straying, a Welsh Christmas Carol, more. RCE625 $18.00

Brazil Brazil Encanto Talented guitarist and singer from Rio de Janeiro on his first North American recording. RCD040 $18.00 Carnival In Rio Sambas and Music of Brazil RCE043 $10.00 Traditional Music of the Brazilian Rain Forest Vocal harmonies, guitar, rattles, bamboo flute, other stringed instruments. Modern interpretations. RCE027 $10.00


Storvan - Digor ‘N Abadenn - Join In The Round Storvan is an instrumental Breton group using flutes, bombards, violin, pedal board and bouzouki. Traditional Breton tunes and dances. Driving yet relaxing - great hypnotic uplifting music. RCD610 $20.00

Cajun & Zydeco

Bad Boys Zydeco - Step In the Right Direction more original than most of the current crop of zydeco groups from Louisiana and half of the songs are in French to boot. RCE421 $20.00 Cajun Journey to the bayou country of Louisiana for this joyous collection of Cajun party music. RCE455 $15.98 Jr. Melancon and the Come Down Playboys Havin’ Fun A recording from deep in Cajun country, with all the fun and funk the way the real guys play! Jr. Melancon sings and plays accordion and really tears it up on tunes like Fools Waltz, Tee Galop Pour Mamou, Hicks Wagon Wheel, Cajun from Church Point, etc. 15 cuts. RCE316 $17.00 Keith Frank - Get On Boy This was the recording that put Louisiana Keith Frank on the top of the Zydeco heap! Driving single row Cajun-style button accordion, rhythm section, and his humorous lyrics shine on tunes like “Huh”, Soileau Zydeco, Get On Boy. 11 cuts in all. RCE310 $17.00 Lagniappe - Cajun Music Vol. 1 A sampler of Louisiana Cajun musicians, featuring Kevin Suire & Louisiana Spice, Les Jeunes Gens de la Prairie, Simply Cajun, Joe Simon, Aldes Broussard & the La. Cajuns, and Fred Charlie & the Acadiana Cajuns. 20 selections in all, recorded in Eunice, La. RCE312 $17.00 Mo Belle Creole - Moise and Alida Viator La Famille Viator of Eunice, La., are a family of traditional Cajun/Creole musicians and violin makers, and the brother and sister team of Alida and Moise have been playing professionally for eight years. RCE291 $17.00 Murphy Richard and the Zydeco Kings - Doin’ the Zydeco Richard, his diatonic Cajun accordion, and his band play the real thing, Louisiana Zydeco music, with funky soul. Tunes like Let’s go to Grand Cocteau, Madeline’s Waltz, Got a Sweet Little Woman, etc., are wonderful examples of the authentic Zydeco sound. 12 tracks total. RCE311 $17.00 Stomp Down Zydeco 60+ minutes, virtually all previously unissued. Buckwheat Zydeco, John Delafose, Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas and more. RCD263 $18.50 The Old Tymers Cajun Band This band is made up of 5 professional musicians with a combined experience of 250 years! 3 members are in the CFMA Hall of Fame; all are wonderful players of hot Cajun dance music. 12 tracks, with tunes like Mon Vieux Wagon, Calcasieu Waltz, Crowley 2 step, and a particularly fun version of Lafayette 2 step. RCE425 $17.00 You Can Speak Cajun French Conversational basics in audio and PC form; Cajun speaker Fred Charlie presents an introduction to Cajun French as spoken in South Louisiana. RCE426 $24.00 Zydeco An unfortgettable musical adventure in Southwest Louisiana with Buckwheat Zydeco, Beau Jocque, Boozoo Chavez, Queen Ida, and others. RCE667 $15.98

• MUSIC • Music from Lark Camp Instructors A Cid Symphony Ernie & Deborah Fischbach and

their friend Charles Ewing, along with a few other buddies, recorded this for release as a 3-LP set in 1967; it has since become a collector’s item, prompting this double-CD re-release. Critics have described it glowingly as “world music before it was called world music”; it’s a beautiful musical portrait of innocent knowingness, a time capsule of the original flower children. Amazing mixtures of vocals, flamenco guitar, swirling dulcimer, percussion, with touches of blues and raga plus a few surprises make this a uniquely wonderful musical experience. RCE309 $18.00 Holly Tannen- Rime of the Ancient Matriarch CD Holly Tannen, Mistress of Folklore and her Entities from the Half-Astral Plane, present a selection of wonderful, witty and humorous “folk” songs. Guests include Gene Parsons, Meridian Green, Chris Caswell, Nada Lewis, and others. “A blowtorch aimed at every sacred cow in the spiritual strip mall.” RCE182 $18.00 Suzanne Teng - Mystic Journey Virtuoso flute player Suzanne Teng plays wonderful trancedance music on this CD, reflective of her years of experience on modern and traditional flutes from around the world. Accompanied by tabla, dumbek and other traditional drums, she weaves a magic spell of sound making music deep enough for meditation but also rhythmic enough for dancing. RCE344 $20.00 Todalo Shakers Vintage Jug-band blues and rags are featured on this recording by the Todalo Shakers, who are WB Reid on vocal, banjo-guitar and fiddle, Frannie Leopold on vocal and guitar, Suzy Thompson on vocal and fiddle, Eric Thompson on vocal, mandolin, guitar, and Steven Strauss, vocal and bowed bass. This band brings a fresh and funky excitement to the 1920’s party band sounds of black street bands; blues mixed with ragtime, clever songs, cool instrumentals RCE226 $20.00

Caribbean & Steel Drums

Caribbean Party Whether in Martinique, Jamaica, or Barbados, Caribbeans know how to party; start one yourself with Tabou Combo, Arrow, Bunny Wailer, Kali RCE672 $15.98 Changui Grupo Changui and Estrallas Campesinas play the funky cousin to the son cubano, the changui; “low-class” dance music today regarded as one of Cuba’s most exciting styles. Field recordings from Guantanamo show this wonderful music. RCE609 $18.00 Dominican Rhythms Traditional and contemporary rhythms and songs from the Domican Republic RCE644 $18.00 Groupo Cimarron de Cuba - Cuban Classics Sones Populares de Cuba More Cuban music from “Group Cimarron de Cuba”. Over 55 minutes of Cuban classics and favourites! Here’s the list: 1. La cancion del tiburon 2. Carlota 3. Colores 4. Por tu luna nueva 5. Guantanamera 6. Son de la loma 7. Suerte 8. La vieja Fela 9. No, 10. Que pasa? 11. Miss Bella 12. Tres perlas. RCE542 $18.00 Groupo Cimarron de Cuba - Son Popular de Cuba 100% Cuban Music from this great Cuban group capturing the magic of the golden era of Cuba in the 1950’s. The songs: 1. Que manera de quererte 2. El son de Ana Maria 3. La Bilongo 4. Chan Chan 5. Longina 6. El tumbaito 7. Una vez mas 8. Madrigal 9. Asi estoy yo por ti. 10. Rabo de nube 11. El traguito 12. Yolanda. RCE541 $18.00 Grupo Cimmaron - Live in Havana 100% Cuban musicians and music! Sones, boleros, cha-chachas, and other Cuban rhythms; Cd with booklet in English, German and Spanish. RCE518 $18.00 Jorge & Techi - Most Famous Cuban Classics More famous Cuban songs from the golden era of Cuba

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• MUSIC • in the 1950’s, including: Cumbanchero, Manisero, Solito, Bilongo: La negra Tomasa, El vaiven de mi Carreta, Dulce amor, Medley: Perfidia/Quizas/ Quiereme mucho/Me voy pa’l Pueblo, Jopate, Frenesi, Guantanamera, Cantinero de Cuba, Rosa Rosita & Cuando Sali de Cuba. RCE544 $18.00 Sergio Alvarez Y Amigos - Sones Y Guajiras de Cuba Sergio Alvarez and his friends are happy to present this traditional music to their listeners. The booklet contains the lyrics in Spanish and translations of the contents in English and German. The instruments used in this recording are the guitar, trumpet, percussion, tiple (guitar with 12 metal strings), requinto (guitar on A), bass. RCE543 $18.00 Steel Band Music of the Caribbean RCE064 $10.00 Steel Drums Of Trinidad RCE041 $10.00 Steel Drums, Percussion and Flute Afro/ Caribbean Rhythms RCE045 $10.00 Steelosophical - Caribbean Steel Drums This is the follow-up to Steelosophical’s best-selling debut album and includes steeldrums versions of the massive hits Girl from Ipanema, Summertime, I Have a Dream, El Cumbanchero, Hotel California and many more. CD with booklet in English, German and Spanish. RCE515 $18.00 Trinidad Steel Bands Carnival RCD045 $20.00

The Caucasians

Armenian Music Through The Ages by Richard Hagopian, renowned Armenian/American master of the oud and his small ensemble perform both Armenian classical and folkstyle which has been rarely heard outside of the Armenian community. RCD767 $19.00 Folk & Regional Persian music Zurna, dohol (bass drum), tambur (long-necked lute) doira (frame drum), RCE574 $20.00 Hossein Farjami - The Art of the Santoor from Iran Teheran-born Hossein Farjami is an excellent player of the santoor - a ‘dulcimer’ originating from the Middle East and one of the oldest instruments in the world. RCE503 $18.00 Hossein Farjami - Traditional Folk Music from Iran Apart from the santoor this CD presents other traditional Iranian instruments such as the tar, setar (string instruments), ney (reed flute), zarb, and daf (drums). RCE502 $18.00 Tar Solo - Shur RCE570 $20.00


Ballinasloe Fair - 1920-1930 Early Recordings of Irish Music in America, CD with excellent notes, Remastered from original sources, this is a treasury of ballads, jigs, reels, polkas, dance hall and stage material, by immigrant and American-born Irish musicians. RCE608 $18.00 Celtic Crossing Guitarist Willaim Coulter has a beautiful touch on airs, reels and jigs from Ireland and beyond. With guests artists Kevin Burke (fiddle), Kim Robertson (Celtic harp), Todd Denman (uilleann pipes), Theo Paige (bodhrán), Shelley Phillips (oboe), Barry Phillips (cello, tabla), Lars Johanesson (flute), Benjamin Verdery (guitar), Paul Machlis (piano), Neal Hellman (mountain dulcimer), RCE144 $18.00 Celtic Mist - Quiet Moods from Ancient Lands Soul-soothing music from the deep well of Celtic tradition; featuring harp, fiddle, guitar, cittern, dulcimer, woodwinds, cello, percussion, pipes, etc. Artists include Maggie Sansone, Robin Bullock, Sue Richards, Bonnie Rideout, Ceoltori, and Al Petteway; playing “The Osprey”, “Get Up Early”, “Da Day Dawn”, “Feuntuen an Aod”, “ Laoidh Rebecca”, etc. RCE222 $16.00 Celtic Tides - A Musical Odyssey Take a tour of Celtic music from your own home with this Cd, 13 of the best of a wide variety of musical styles from Ireland, Scotland, and Canada & the USA; artists include the Rankin Family with the Chieftains, Clannad, Dougie Maclean, Solas, Mary Black, Altan, Seamus Egan and Capercaillie. RCE399 $15.98


Celtic Voices A wonderfully diverse collection of great Celtic vocalists, including Loreena McKinnet, Capercaillie, Altan, Dan ar Braz, Karen Matheson, Tannas, Skolvan and many more, sing music from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, some in English, some in Gaelic. RCE220 $18.00 Citternalia - Joseph Sobol Joseph Sobol shows the special sound of the cittern on this CD, along with his banjo and guitar, in a variety of Irish traditional tunes, accomapnied by John Williams on accordion and flute, Laurence Nugent on flute and whistle, Brendan McKinney on Uillean pipes, and Paddy League on percusion. Chicago based Sobol has been wowing audiences with his playing for years- cittern builder Rich Westerman says that Sobol’s chops “will flat out stop your gob”. RCE453 $18.00 Fiona’s Folly by “Mickie & Elizabeth,” Mickie Zekley and Elizabeth Clark of Lark In The Morning. Instrumental Irish & Scottish Music with dark undertones on Hammered Dulcimer, Irish Harp, Wooden Flutes, Cittern, Bagpipes, Double Flageolette, Concertina, Tenor Banjo and more. LACD032 $15.00 Gerry O’Connor - Myriad Gerry O’Connor plays banjo, his main instrument, fiddle and guitar on this CD with such artists as Manus Lunny, Vinnie Kilduff and others. Fine session tunes and original music with hot banjo picking up front. RCE473 $20.00 Green Fields: Celtic Music of Cittern and Guitar by Robin Bullock on cittern, 6- and 12-string guitar, bass guitar and fiddle. RCD625 $17.00 Green Linnet Records - 25 Years of Celtic Music A commemorative specially priced 2 CD compilation from the pioneering Celtic-American label. 32 tracks, 120 minutes of music by artists including Altan, Deanta, Niamh Parsons, Patrick Street, Silly Wizard, and many more. RCE462 $18.00 Hesperus Early Music Ensemble - Celtic Roots Explore the old tunes from the living tradition and the oldest printed sources with Hesperus in elegant but lively performances; featuring viol, fiddle, recorder, dulcimer, harp, lute, etc. RCE189 $16.00 Shelley Phillips and Friends - Fairie Round A boquet of Irish, English and Welsh tunes, pieces from the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical eras, and more, by Shelley Phillips, oboe, flute, piccolo, recorder, harp, English horn, mandolin and dulcimer. Joined by Barry Phillips, William Coulter, Robin Petrie, Neal Hellman and others, weaving cello, guitar, hammered and mountain dulcimer into Shelley’s magic tapestry of sound. RCD914 $18.00


Bluestein Family - A Horse Named Bill and Other Children’s Folksongs THE BLUESTEIN FAMILY CD— This album is a favorite for all ages— infants to seniors— a classic children’s record and a survey of American folkinfluences and styles . Fun and participatory! RCE424 $20.00 Bluestein Family - Good Mornin’ Blues The Bluestein Family — Features a terrific variety of instrumentation and musical styles from many places, specifically for kids. “.a very wonderful tape of people singing and having fun—a welcome relief from the world of synthesizers and rock ‘n’ roll.”-Early Childhood Music. RCE423 $20.00


Ancient Music From the Chinese Dynasties Beijing Instrumental Ensemble plays folk songs from the provinces of China RCE678 $10.00 China’s Instrumental Heritage Sheng, hsiao, hsuan, cheng and nan hu; played by master musicians. An excellent introduction to the art music of China. RCD795 $19.00 Eleven Centuries of Traditional Music of China Music from the T’ang, Sung, Yuan and Ming Dynasties (600-1600). Pipa, chi’in, cheng, hsiao, suona. RCE006 $10.00 Living Music of the Steppes : Instrumental Music and Songs of Mongolia Instrumental music and song from the nomadic shepherding peoples of Mongolia. With song specifically designed to coax

and soothe the herd, music and dance are interwoven with the survival and livelihood of the people. Highlights from this collection by fieldworker Haruo Hasumi include numerous traditional “urtun duu” (long songs) and 8 examples of “koomiy,” a form of vocal instrumentation where glottis is utilized to produce two simultaneous tones. 60 minutes, 16 page booklet. RCE123 $20.00 Miao Xiaoyun - The Art of the Chinese Lutes Ms Miao Xiaoyun is a virtuoso player of various Chinese lutes. Here she presents a fascinating array of Chinese traditional and ancient pieces. On some of the pieces she is accompanied by her husband, the internationally acclaimed Chinese dulcimer player Xu Pingxin. RCE534 $18.00 Professor Xu Pingxin - The Art of the Chinese Dulcimer Xu Pingxin started playing the Yang Quin (Chinese dulcimer) at the age of six. Xu Pingxin’s great virtuosity and musicianship have won him international acclaim and he is considered one of the most successful Yang Quin players of the world. RCE533 $18.00

Drum & Percussion

25 Essential Rhythms of Middle Eastern Drumming Armando (of Sirocco) plays 25 of the most important drum rhythms for Middle Eastern music, with the basic patterns written out in an easy to follow way RCE204 $20.00 Dance Latitude Innovative World Music featuring over 30 exotic percussion instruments with multikeyboards and drum set. Moods range from full-on dance to introspective with unusual instruments and rhythms. Performed by Tony D’Anna, Kendrick Freeman and Kim Atkinson. RCE450 $20.00 Dancers Journey The Small Village Ensemble is a project of three Northern California drummers who collectively have over 70 years of experience with rhythms songs and dances of the Caribbean, Africa and Brazil. Arthur Hull, Kim Atkinson, and Michael Pluznick have performed with Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Ethnic, and Experimental music groups as well as serving as lead drummers for many dance classes, companies and projects.Their latest release, “Dancers Journey” is an album of original percussion compositionswith a variety of instruments. RCE451 $20.00 Dangerous Rhythms Solo dumbek improvisation by world class percussionist Vince Delgado. RCE080 $18.00 Drummers Journey The Small Village Ensemble is a project of three Northern California drummers who collectively have over 70 years of experience with rhythms songs and dances of the Caribbean, Africa and Brazil. Arthur Hull, Kim Atkinson, and Michael Pluznick have performed with Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Ethnic, and Experimental music groups as well as serving as lead drummers for many dance classes, companies and projects. On “Drummers Journey” they continue to blend original and traditionalrhythms with modern instruments RCE452 $20.00 Drumsongs for Dancers Armando Mafufo (of Sirocco) plays 14 exciting and extremely danceable pieces on multiple percussion instruments. RCD970 $20.00 Layne Redmond - Since the Beginning Landmark recording filled with music of the cosmos, conjured up with drumming and chanting, windwands, a chorus of rainsticks and Tibetan singing bowls. Features the women’s drumming ensemble, The Mob of Angels and Steve Gorn on Indian Bamboo flutes, Vicki Richards, violin and Amit Chatterjee, vocals. RCD500 $18.00 The Art of the Dumbek RCD813 $19.00 The Drums of Gorée African Djembé Orchestra. The small island of Gorée, located in front of Dakar, is famous for the quality of the drummers and percussionists living there. Recorded on location. RCD385 $20.00


A Dulcimer Harvest CD by Ruth Barrett and Cyntia Smith. Beautiful rich dulcimer music. The duo’s first all instrumental album featuring favorite selections from their first 3 releases, plus new traditional pieces and original compositions by

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Cyntia Smith. RCD832 $17.00 Autumn in the Valley Neal Hellman and friends. Folk and classical treasures (both early and new), in a warm weave of mountain and hammered dulcimer, guitar, cello, violin, flute, harp, banjo, mandolin and more, in upbeat old-timey favorites from Appalachi; beautiful Celtic airs; classical arrangements from Mozart and Ravel; and a crop of Hellman originals with guests Barry and Shelley Phillips, William Coulter, Joe Weed, Robin Petrie, Martin Simpson and others. RCD912 $18.00 Oktober County Neal Hellman. Features many of Neal’s originals, arrangements of French and Italian early music, Irish Airs and more. Accompanying Neal Hellman’s viruoso mountain dulcimer are Kim Roberstson, Celtic harp; Joe Weed, mandolin, fiddle, guitar; Shelley Phillips, recorders and English horn; Robin Petrie on hammered dulcimer and Danny Carnahan on guitar. RCD911 $18.00 The Heart Is The Only Nation CD by Ruth Barrett and Cyntia Smith. Beautiful music on the mountain dulcimer. RCD833 $17.00

Eastern Europe

Art of the Balalaika by The Odessa Balalaikas. The first document of the collaboration between The Odessa Balalaikas and Emanuil Sheinkman, the arranger from one of the finest folk orchestras in Russia. Many of the tunes are true folk songs or home-grown Russian compositions in the song form. RCD917 $23.00 Balalaika of Russian Gypsies Kol Aviv Ensemble RCD697 $21.00 Barinya, and Other Virtuoso Performances on the Balalaika by Alex Eppler, one of the finest balalaika players around. RCD555 $18.75 Cimbalom Traditions Alexander Fedoriouk, cimbalom, buben and drymba, joined by Walt Mahovlich, accordion and clarinet, Marko Dreher, violin and viola, Andrei Pidkivka, sopilka, nai, tylynka, fujara, Gheorge Trambitas, taragot, saxophone, Paul Morrissett, bass, with special guests, perform great Eastern European music from the Ukrainian, Romanian, Moldavian, Rom, Russian, and related traditions. 42 minutes of music, 11 selections. RCE679 $20.00 Derdan : Urban Folk Music of the Former Yugoslavia Combining classical tradition with folk traditions from the many cultures of the former Yugoslavia, Slavko Silic and Derdan perform unique arrangements of traditional songs and dance melodies from Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, and beyond. Violins, guitar, cello, accordion, flute, drums and vocals. Benefits the Bosnian Refugee Education Center in San Francisco, California. RCD984 $20.00 Gypsy Music From Hungary and Romania Zoltan and His Gypsy Ensemble, featuring Dark Eyes and Hora Staccato. RCE035 $10.00 Hungary and Romania : Descendents of the Itinerant Gypsies Melodies of Sorrow and Joy.” The folk songs captured in this recording serve as a direct expression of traditional Gypsy life. From sadness to sheer delight and “joie de vivre,” the focus of the recordings lies in two distinct styles of song- the “loki d’ili” with it’s slow tempo and rhythmic flexibility and the “khelimaski d’ili” with it’s fast tempo and rhythmic precision. Together they highlight the widely expressive and improvisational choral style of the Gypsies. 70 minutes, 20 page booklet. RCE131 $20.00 Huun-Huur-Tu : 60 Horses In My Herd Tuvan Overtone singing. RCD921 $19.00 Song of the Crooked Dance - Early Bulgarian Traditional Music 1927-1942 Rare recordings from the 1920’s and 30’s, some of the finest Bulgarian traditional music ever recorded. RCD999 $21.00 The Art of the Belorussian Dulcimer By Olga Mischula and Kermash. Traditional cimbalom (dulcimer) of Belarus, the tsimbali, is masterfully played by Olga Mischula of Minsk, an award winning musician, accompanied by the Kermash folk ensemble featuring instruments like violin, bayan (Russian accordion), bass, clarinet, flute and Russian reedpipe jaleika. 16 tracks, including Beloruskije tanzi, Polka Dedaushkaja, Czardas,

Bratka-belorus, Korobeiniki, etc. 52 minutes RCE326 $22.00 The Art of the Romanian Taragot - Dumitri Farcas accompanied by Grammy winner Marcel Cellier; virtuoso performances on the taragoto. RCE645 $18.00 The Edge of the Forest This unique collection of Romanian music highlights instrumental & vocal songs of celebration from Transylvania, including lyric songs (hore), drinking songs, and dance tunes. Vocals, violins, violas, kettle drums and pipes combine to create a fascinating listening experience featuring some of the best known musicians in the region. Wild, raw and engaging, this music reflects the pathos of Eastern European culture. RCE151 $18.00 The Stars of St. Petersburg - Balalaika Russia’s most beautiful tunes, played by great musicians led by balalaika virtuoso Mikhail Danilov, with bayan (Russian accordion), guitar, bass balalaika, gusli (peasant harp), and other folk instruments. RCE557 $18.00 Traditional Gypsy Music From the Balkans Zoltan and His Gypsy Ensemble. RCE001 $10.00 Ukrainian Voices In solo, duets or large groups of 50 singers, backed with accordions, suberb recording. RCD623 $20.00 Yugoslavian Music Music from the 1960s, off of old 33s and 78s. RCE597 $20.00


Bare Necessities - English Country Dances Take catchy English country dance tunes, devote some instrument to the melody, to the pulse and flow of the dance, and free the rest for boldly improvised countermelodies, runs, ornaments and soaring flights of fancy: this is the way of Bare Neccessities.” Albert Blank. Jamaica, Dick’s Maggot, Maiden Lane RCE084 $18.00 Bare Necessities - Take A Dance Scotch Morris, Knives and Forkes, Nonesuch RCE085 $18.00 Caper Diem - Bruno A wide-ranging collection of traditional Dance music, from the Morris dances that began the Brunos legendary success as Pipe and Bowl Morris of the Rennaisance Faire days, to music from France, Ireland, even Afghanistan! Great version of dance tunes as played by guys that know how to dance as well as play their instruments RCE341 $20.00 Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbick - Life and Limb What do legendary British folk-rock groups Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, Brass Monkey, Whippersnapper and the Watersons have in common? Martin Carthy on guitar, vocals etc. and Dave Swarbick on fiddle RCD317 $18.00 Silly Sisters Incredible powerful harmony singing by Maddy Prior & June Tabor. RCD438 $19.00 Silly Sisters - No More To The Dance Incredible powerful harmony singing by Maddy Prior & June Tabor. RCD439 $19.00 Steeleye Span - All Around My Hat Excellent traditional band. Great arrangements of folksongs and ballads, wild fiddle, guitar, mandolin. Maddy Prior’s compelling vocals, Martin Carthy on guitar, vocals etc. and Dave Swarbick on fiddle. RCD450 $19.00 Steeleye Span - Below The Salt Excellent traditional band. Great arrangements of folksongs and ballads, wild fiddle, guitar, mandolin. Maddy Prior’s compelling vocals, Martin Carthy on guitar, vocals etc. and Dave Swarbick on fiddle. Highly recommended! RCD446 $19.00 Steeleye Span - Hark The Village Wait RCD449 $19.00 Trip To Kilburn : Playford Tunes and their Ballads Lovely treatment of English Country Dance tunes by the Baltimore Consort. On treble and bass viols, rebec, cittern, Baroque guitar, recorder, voice, lute, wooden flutes and bagpipe. Includes Parsons Farewell, Jenny Pluck Pears, Newcastle, more. RCD949 $20.00


Django Reinhardt The gypsy genius of the jazz guitar, Django Reinhardt, plays with the Quintette of the Hot Club of France, circa 1947. RCE654 $10.00

• MUSIC • Folk Music from Sweden Kurbits from Dalarna; Swedish folk fiddle tradition. RCE522 $18.00 German Drinking Songs and Beer Garden Songs All time favorites by the Bavarian Beersingers. RCE013 $10.00 Nordic Roots 2 - A Northside Collection 22 tracks, over 75 minutes, of wonderful Nordic music, showcasing recent releases from the diverse and exciting Nordic roots revival; bands and musicians from Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark playing traditional music and instruments with a modern twist, on instruments such as Hardanger fiddle, nykleharpa, and kantele, along with fiddle, guitar, mandolin, percussion, etc. RCE664 $10.00 Nordic Roots 3 - A Northside Collection 15 tracks, including 4 live at the Nordic roots Festival, of wonderful Nordic music on instruments such as Hardanger fiddle, nykleharpa, and kantele, along with fiddle, guitar, mandolin, percussion, etc., and features bands from the thriving and vibrant traditional music scene; incredible playing, catchy tunes, brilliant arrangements, and a lot of fun. RCE665 $10.00 Nordic Roots - A Northside Collection 20 tracks, over 75 minutes, of wonderful Nordic music, featuring bands from the thriving and vibrant traditional music scene; incerdible playing, catchy tunes, brilliant arrangements, and strange and lovely instruments such as Hardanger fiddle, overtone flute, jaw harp, nykleharpa, and kantele, along with fiddle, guitar, mandolin, percussion, etc. play pre-medieval as well as modern compositions. RCE663 $10.00 Panpipe Songs and Dances of Transylvania (The Land of Dracula) and Other Mysterious Regions. RCE024 $10.00 The Hot Frittatas : Cafe Liscio A collection on CD of Italian and Sicilian music, much of it learned at the Cafe Trieste in San Francisco’s North Beach “little Italy”. Gus Garelick, violin and Mandolin; Dennis Hadley, accordion; Don Coffin, guitar. RCE513 $20.00 Traditional Music & Songs Of Italy RCE058 $10.00 Viennese Zither - The Third Man Theme and Other Favorites Anton Karas. RCE009 $10.00 Yodeling Songs of the Alps Switzerland, Germany and Austria. RCE004 $10.00


Aarnion Sisarukset: Hameen Polkka Rare historic Finnish recordings made from 1930-40 on kantele, fiddle and clarinet by a Hame family band. RCE562 $20.00


Stan Rogers - From Fresh Water Canadian folk singer/ guitarist/ songwriter. Writes in many styles, including Sea Chanties . RCD592 $20.00 Stan Rogers - Home In Halifax Canadian folk singer/ guitarist/ songwriter. Writes in many styles, including Sea Chanties . RCD591 $20.00

French & Hurdy Gurdy

Ethan James : A Garden of Hurdy-Gurdy Delights Instrumental music featuring hurdy gurdy and middle eastern percussion. RCD991 $18.00 Ethan James : The Ancient Music of Christmas Ancient Christmas music on the hurdy gurdy, mostly Renaissance and Medeival music. A good combination of lively folk and darker medieval pieces. RCD951 $18.00 Fait en Californie CD Great French traditional music from California’s French Creek. G.F. Cloud on guitar, Penny Cloud on hurdy gurdy, and Dorothy Hawkinson on fiddle, and guest artists on a variety of instruments. I’m keeping one of these for myself! Sheet music available in our French book section. RCE076 $20.00 La Marmotte The new CD of the German group ‘La Marmotte’ contains traditional French songs and tunes played on bagpipes, hurdy gurdy, accordeon, recorder, etc. Most of the tracks are

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• MUSIC • made for dancing - even the songs (An Dro, Hanter Dro, Pilé Menu, Waltz . ). Musicians:Ulli Rüdiger: Cornemuse francais, Biniou koz, Nyckel-Harpa, vocals; Konstanze Kulinsky: vocals, Hurdy-Gurdy; Christoph Pelgen: vocals, Bombarde, French bagpipes, Gaita galega, Recorder; Jürgen Treyz: Akkordeon, Guitar, vocals; Guest musicians: Herbert Wachter: Perc.; Gudrun Walther: vocals RCE431 $21.00 Oswald CD Well known Medieval and Renaissance songs and tunes, played on historic and folk instruments: hurdy gurdies, bouzouki, mandolin, violin, rebec, harp, flute, rauschpfeife, lute, guitar, dudelsack, and krummhorn. Great sound! RCE069 $18.00 Trio Grande Nabucodonosor CD New compositions on hurdy gurdies, accordion, guitars, conga, darabukka, djembe and conga. RCE072 $16.00


Milladoiro - As Fadas De Estraño Nome Milladoiro is the leading exponent of Galician music, the Celtic music of Spain. Combines the warmth of Celtic melodies, the spacious cadence of medieval music and the feel of improvisational jazz. Recorded live in Spain in 1995, captures over 60 minutes of spectacular performances by this world renowned band. Rich in instrumental variety, incorporating gaita (Spanish bagpipes) and uilleann pipes, Celtic harp and violin, tin whistle and oboe, bodhran and caixa, Milladoiro combines Roman, Medieval and even Moorish influences with Celtic roots to create a fiery mix and international flavor. RCE101 $18.00 Milladoiro - Galicia No Tempo RCD289 $18.00

Gongs and Singing Bowls

Gong Meditation By Hans de Back. Traditional Asian gongs sounded in a very fine, subtle interplay. RCE079 $16.95 Ocean Bowls - Karma Moffett Tibetan singing bowls collected and played by Karma Moffit, at the Point Reyes Seashore. The pure tones and energy of the Tibetan bowls penetrate and stimulate the subtle energy bodies, along with the endless rhythm of the waves which wash and cleans your being and balance energy. Ideal for movement, meditation, relaxation, massage, etc. RCE662 $20.00


Art of Bouzouki Dances 23 Greek favorites performed by the Athens Popular Orchestra, with solos on bouzouki and baglama. Great tunes like Frangosyriani, O Horos Tou Sakena, Aponi Zoi, Oniro Demeno, etc. With dance instructions. Opa! RCE340 $20.00 Authentic Greek Folk Songs And Dances Royal Greek Festival Company. Vocals, violin, clarinet, percussion, lauota, vocals, tsambouna (bagpipe), Cretan lyra. RCE067 $10.00 Greek Belly Dance Hot music with very cool arrangements! Played on 8 string bouzouki, 6 string bouzouki, tzouras (lots of the melodies!), and bagalama, with violin, cooking bass and percussion; 17 cuts, like Kles Ke Magapas, Barba Yani, Aftos, Baglamadaki. RCE617 $20.00 Music of Crete Off of old 78s. Lauta, lyra and vocals. RCE598 $20.00 Viva Bouzouki From the Roots of Greek Music series. The inside jacket includes descriptions of Greek dance steps. RCE116 $20.00

Gregorian Chant

Gregorian Chants Greatest Hits RCE047 $10.00


Gypsies of Romania From Transylvania and Banat, played by Taraful din Baia; traditional instruments, famous Romanian songs. Booklet in English, German and Spanish. RCE523 $18.00 Gypsy Brass from Romania - Fanfara din


Cozmesti CD with booklet in English, German and Spanish. Amazing Gypsy brass band music. RCE524 $18.00 Kalman Balogh - The Art of the Gipsy Cimbalom Kalman Balogh was born in Miskolc, North Eastern Hungary. He started to play the cimbalom (dulcimer) at the age of eleven. He then studied classical music in Budapest. Playing with the “Avas” folk dance ensemble in Miskolc, he was introduced to authentic folk music. He stayed mainly with folk music but he has also gained success and recognition playing in jazz and ragtime bands. In 1980 he graduated as a teacher of the cimbalom from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. RCE532 $18.00 Legends of Gypsy Flamenco 14 tracks on this CD of the finest in Spanish Flamenco as only the gypsies can play; Manitas de Plata, La Paquera de Jerez, Pepe Nunez “El Loreno”, Curro Malena, Juan Torres “El Ciclon de Jerez”, Manuel Jimenez Rejano. RCE521 $18.00 World of Gypsies CD with 15 tracks by the biggest names in Rom music; 11 countries represented. Artists include Goran Bregovic & Kayah, Esma Redzepova, Kocani Orkestar, Kalman Balogh, Roby Lakatos, Vera Bila. RCE520 $18.00

Hammered Dulcimer

A Traveler’s Dream Hammered dulcimer by Maggie Sansone, with flute, fiddle, harp, and many other instruments. 63 minutes. Includes music from Ireland, Scotland, Northumberland and Sweden; a musical vision of early Celtic exploration and migration. RCE188 $16.00 Ancient Art Music of China by Lily Yuan, solo Yangqin, the beautiful and serene chinese hammered dulcimer. RCD811 $19.00 Carole Koenig: Encore! An elegant selection of relaxing classics by Bach, Handel, Praetorius and other great Baroque and Renaissance composers. With hammered dulcimer, flute, guitar, strings, keyboards nd percussion. CKO009 $16.00 Carole Koenig: Palace Act Elegant recording of Baroque symphonies by England’s best known Baroque composer William Boyce (1710-1779). If you’re a Mozart or Vivaldi fan, this one’s for you! Selections originally played between acts in the theater. Arranged specially for hammered dulcimer and grandly accompanied by strings, keyboards and percussion CKO010 $16.00 Ceoltoiri - Celtic Lace Tunes from Ireland & Scotland on Celtic harp and hammered dulcimer. Karen Ashbrook, hammered dulcimer; Sue Richards, Celtic harp. Backed by guitar, bouzouki, bodhran, and concertina. RCD525 $16.00 Fiona’s Folly by “Mickie & Elizabeth,” Mickie Zekley and Elizabeth Clark of Lark In The Morning. Instrumental Irish & Scottish Music with dark undertones on Hammered Dulcimer, Irish Harp, Wooden Flutes, Cittern, Bagpipes, Double Flageolette, Concertina, Tenor Banjo and more. LACD032 $15.00 Karen Ashbrook - Hills of Erin Hammered dulcimer, Irish flute, pennywhistle, piano, soprano sax, viola da gamba, bass, percussion, by the author of “Playing the Hammered Dulcimer in the Irish Tradition.” RCD843 $16.00 Kirvani Tarun Bhattacharyas, one of the most sensitive and innovative santur players India has produced, along with tabla accompanist Bikram Ghosh. RCD963 $18.00 Maggie Sansone - Celtic Meditations - Into the Light Music that soothes the soul, a rich tapestry of Celtic moods for gentle moments from her earlier Cds. RCE659 $12.00 Maggie Sansone - Mist & Stone Winner of the 1990 NAIRD award, 2nd place, for Best Celtic Album of the Year. Tunes from Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man and Galicia on hammered dulcimer with harp, cittern, pennywhistle, guitar, violin, mandolin, bodhran and other instruments. Nice arrangements, good tunes! RCD078 $16.00 Maggie Sansone - Traditions Double CD album containing the albums “Hammer Duclimer & Guitar-”Irish, American, Scottish, French Canadian & Old-time favorites on hammer dulcimer and fingerstyle guitar, with fiddle, bodhran and

bones. Nice harmonies and arrangements. - and “Hammered Dulcimer Traditions” - Irish, Scottish, English, French-Canadian, and medieval music on hammered dulcimer, concertina, pennywhistle, viola da gamba and recorder. RCD079 $16.00 Music in the Great Hall Maggie Sansone, Sue Richards, Bonnie Rideout & Ensemble Galilei. Instrumental music from the ancient Celtic lands performed by 2 US National Scottish Harp & Fiddle Champions & an early music ensemble with hammered dulcimer, recorders and viola da gamba. RCD526 $16.00 Through the Looking Glass By The Whamdiddle Quintet. Rick Fogel, hammered dulcimer, double-bass dulcimer; Jennie Linehan, hammered dulcimer; Greg Youmans, acoustic bass; Phil Marple, guitar; Sheila Tasker, flute. A wonderful variety of music featuring hammered dulcimers; Ravel’s Bolero, English country dance Nonesuch; O’Carolan’s Planxty George Brabazon, and more. RCE171 $15.00 Tony Elman - Shakin’ Down the Acorns Irish, Scottish and Appalachian dance tunes, featuring hammered dulcimer, recorder, piano & guitar, by well known artist Tony Elman. RCD844 $18.00 Tony Elman - Shakin’ Down the Acorns 2 with fiddler Richard Greene, hammered dulcimer, dobro, banjo, mandolin RCD845 $18.00 Tony Elman - Swinging on a Gate International Folk tunes: Irish, French-Canadian, American, Celtic and original. Hammered dulcimer, violin, pedal steel, recorder, tin whistle & much more. RCD846 $18.00


Larry Adler - Harmonica Virtuoso Adler plays classics like Rhapsody in Blue, Bolero, Romanian Rhapsody, Carmen, etc. Unbelievable harmonica wizardry! RCE656 $10.00


Alfredo Roland Ortiz - Harp for Quiet Moments Vol. 1 leading performers on the Paraguayan harp. This is one of his mellower recordings, with traditional and original music. Una Luz en el Mar (A Light in the Sea), Yavapai, Sueño Español (Spanish Dream), more. RCD727 $15.00 Alfredo Roland Ortiz - Harp for Quiet Moments Vol. 2 - Sand and Silk RCD728 $15.00 Alfredo Roland Ortiz - Serenata The romantic side of the Paraguayan harp; some new pieces and old favorites like Moliendo cafe, Sabor a Mi, Besame Mucho, and more. RCE646 $15.00 Alfredo Roland Ortiz - The South American Harp Vol. 1 Alfredo is one of the leading performers on the Paraguayan harp. Music from Venezuela, Paraguay and originals. RCD725 $15.00 Alfredo Roland Ortiz - The South American Harp 2 Harp music from Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia and originals. RCD726 $15.00 Irish Traditonal Folk Songs Mary O’Hara RCE036 $10.00 Peruvian Harp & Mandolin The Blind Musicians Of Cusco: This fine selection of Peruvian folk songs was recorded in Cusco, the ancient capital of the Incas. The artists, blind street musicians, sing and play thirty-three string Indian harp and tenstring armadillo-shell mandolin. These beautiful love songs and haunting melodies represent one of the strongest musical traditions in the Americas. “Unpretentious and heartfelt performances that are both elegant and beautiful.” Dirty Linen RCE155 $18.00

Harp, Africa

Morikeba Kouyate - Music of Senegal Virtuoso performance on the kora, the African harp-lute; Kouyate is from one of the most prominent jaliyaa, or musical families that pass their art down from generation to generation, providing oral history, musical diplomacy and entertainment. RCE640 $18.00

Harp, Celtic

Ceoltoiri - Silver Apples of the Moon A powerful mix of traditional and new music on Celtic harp, hammered dulcimer, guitar and vocals in Gaelic.

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RCD524 $16.00 Clairseach - Heman Dubh Performed by Ann Heymann on the Gaelic harp, harmonium, and whistle; Charlie Heymann, vocals, button accordion, cittern, guitar, concertina, bodhran, etc. 55 minutes, 12 tracks; includes the King James Set- King James’ March to Dublin, Planxty Kelly, Athlone, The Battle of Aughrim, Limerick’s Lamentation, the Wild Geese. RCE486 $16.00 Fiona’s Folly by “Mickie & Elizabeth,” Mickie Zekley and Elizabeth Clark of Lark In The Morning. Instrumental Irish & Scottish Music with dark undertones on Hammered Dulcimer, Irish Harp, Wooden Flutes, Cittern, Bagpipes, Double Flageolette, Concertina, Tenor Banjo and more. LACD032 $15.00 Holy Wood - Chris Caswell Chris Caswell displays his mastery of the Celtic metal-strung harp (along with whistles, recorders, and percussion), along with guest artists like Barry and Shelley Phillips, Arrigo d’Albert, Sylvester Bel Mondo Cane, and others on this 65 minute CD; 12 selections, such as The Macleaod’s Big Tune, The Red Piper’s Melody, Terre D’Auvergne, Tail Todle. RCE624 $20.00 Kim Robertson - Treasures of the Celtic Harp Maureen Brennan - To Bend the Knotted Oak Beautiful collection of music for Celtic harp; traditional aires and dances, Medieval and baroque pieces, 13 songs. Includes violin, cello, dulcimer, and guitar. Her newest recording (1994), highly recommended! RCD874 $17.00 Sue Richards - Grey Eyed Morn US Scottish harp champion plays music from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and the Shetland Isles on harp with fiddle, viola da gamba, guitar and hammered dulcimer. RCD082 $16.00 Sue Richards - Hazel Grove Award-winning harper Richards presents more delightful Celtic music in this, her latest CD. Along with Karen Ashbrook on flute, whistle and dulcimer, Myron Bretholz on bodhran, Marcia Diehl on recorder, Calum MacKinnon on fiddle, Billy McComisky on accordion, and other musicians, Richards’ harp sings and soars through a variety of traditional material including “Brian Boru’s”, “O’Farrell’s Welcome to Limerick”, “Bi Falbh o’n Uinneig”, “Hazel Grove” and many more. RCE225 $16.00 Sue Richards - Morning Aire Celtic harp champion brings an inventive approach to music from Ireland & Scotland with fiddle, button accordion & viola da gamba. RCD527 $16.00 The Celtic Harp Siobhan Breathnach. Traditional Airs and Dance tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, England, Wales, Cornwall and the Isle of Man. 31 tunes, included are some like Rising of the Lark, Come Under My Plaidie, Rhiwabon, Difyrrwch Argwyldds Owen, Mairi Bhan Og, Sally Gardens, An Alarc’h. RCE372 $19.00

Harp Guitar

John Doan - Departures Harp Guitar is the focus of this album, with many other supporting instruments including flute, violins, piano, bodhran, vocals, tinwhistle and cellos. All original music ranging from “Celtic Jazz” to Gregorian Chant. RCD880 $19.00 John Doan - Remembrance Melodies from the Victorian era arranged wonderfully for harp guitar, classical banjo, banjuierine, harp mandolin, harmonium, voilin, keyboard, piano, concert harp, violin, cello, mandolin, accordion, mandobass. Many guest artists. RCD881 $19.00


Drum Dance Chants: Sounds of Power in Time These recordings, made between 1923 and 1989, feature solo chants or chanting accompanied by dances, drum and percussion. Chants for prayer, chiefs, and documenting history and genealogy are rich traditions still maintained by a handful of Pahu masters. RCD568 $19.00

India & Pakistan

Baluji Shrivastav - The Art of the Indian Dilruba Baluji Shrivastav is one of the great instrumentalists India has produced. He has gained fame as a master of the Dilruba and Hindustani classi-

cal music. Here he presents five classical ragas that really document his mastery of this Indian instrument. Booklet contains explanations about the music and the instruments in four languages. RCE509 $18.00 Dr. Mustafa Raza - The Art of the Indian Veena The Raag “Ahiri” is one of the rarest ragas of Indian classical music. The raga has been called “Ahraimin” in Persian which means “the Rising Sun”, in India it became “Ahiri”. On this CD Dr. Mustafa Raza plays the veena, an ancient Indian instrument. He plays Alaap, Jor, Jhala, followed by two Gats, Madhya (medium) and Drut (fast). Both the Gats are in Teentaal (16 beats cycle). This raga is always played during the morning session of the day. RCE506 $18.00 Flute & Sitar Music Of India RCE059 $10.00 Gurdev Singh - The Art of the Indian Sarod Gurdev Singh is one of the world’s foremost exponents of the Sarod. Gurdev plays three well-known ragas: Raag Ahir Bhairav (a morning raga), Raag Malkauns (an evening raga) and Raag Bhairavi. He is accompanied by Navinder Singh (tabla) and Surjit Singh and Shruti Singh (tanpura). RCE510 $18.00 Indian Music for Sitar and Surbahar Ustad Imrat Khan on Sitar and Surbahar (bass Sitar) with his son Shafaat on tabla. 2 extended ragas intended for evening, a time of meditation and romance. RCD808 $19.00 Mandolin Dreams : Indian Mandolin & Tabla Evocative ragas and Indian folk music by Mozumder and Chatterjee. RCD959 $18.00 Native Flute Music of India Vijay Raghav Rao, bansuri, Alla Rakha, tabla RCE655 $10.00 Rash Behari Datta, Dr. Mustafa Raza - Masters of the Indian Sitar & Veena The raga ‘Charu Keshi’ belongs to Karnatik music which originates from southern India. The recording represents the first time a duet of Sitar and Vichitra Veena - this makes this album a true collectors’ item. Rash Behari Datta and Dr. Mustafa Raza play Alaap followed by a Gat in Teentaal (16 beats cycle), accompanied by Sarvar Sabri on tablas. The overall mode of the raga is one of love and separation. RCE505 $18.00 Ravi Shankar Presents the Master Drummers of India Alla Rakha, Zakir Hussain, Chatur Lal, Pulghat Raghu, A.K. Palinivel and P.K. Kalimurthi. RCE012 $10.00 Talking Tabla By Bikram Ghosh. A spectacular display of classical Indian drumming performed on tabla (the most popular drums of North India). Bikram Ghosh is one of the most exciting percussionists in India, and for the past several years has been the regular accompanist for Ravi Shankar. On this recording he is accompanied by sarangi, a fretless bowed instrument with a haunting sound, and santur (hammered dulcimer). “Brilliant. one of my favorite accompanists.” Ravi Shankar. RCE153 $18.00 The Authentic Music of the Snake Charmers of India Iqbal Jogi and party. Amazingly beautiful trance-like music from the snake charmers; played on the murli (bin or pungi), a reedpipe specially designed for this music.Although a folk instrument the murli is played with great grace and raga-like melodies. RCE049 $10.00 The Dagar Brothers - Rag Kambhoji The Dagar Brothers. Indian classical music on tanpuras, pakhawaj drum and vocals. RCD089 $18.00 Traditional Songs and Dances of India Ragas with Sitar RCE050 $10.00 Traveling Artists of the Desert : The Vernacular Musical Culture of Rajasthan Featuring the Bhopa people, who specialize in song, dance and epic narration with instruments such as the bagpipe, whip, hand drum and bowed stringed instruments; and the Langa and Manganiyar people, the Muslim folk musicians of the Thar Desert. 20 page booklet. RCE121 $20.00 Ustad Sabri Khan - Indian Sarangi Recitals This is the second album of the great sarangi maestro Ustad Sabri Kahn on the ARC label. It contains three ragas: 1. Komal Rishab Asawari, an early morning raga with a serious and devotional mode. 2. Mian Ki Todi. The mode of this raga is serene and congenial for depiction of pathos. 3. Sau-

• MUSIC • gandh, an early afternoon raga with a serene, devotional and meditative mode. Booklet gives detailed information about the music, instruments and artists. RCE508 $18.00


Music of the Gambuh Theater - Bali’s Ancient Dance Drama performed by the Seka Gambuh Pura Desa Adat Batuan, the Gambuh ensemble of Batuan’s Village Temple. Melodies of great breadth and beauty are played on bronze percussion and gongs, featuring meter-long bamboo flutes called sulings, and accompany Bali’s oldest dramatic dance form. Extensive notes. RCE448 $20.00 Music of the Gamelan Gong Keybar Vol. 1 Bali’s National Institute of the Arts led by composer I Wayan Berata is featured on the recording of the kebyar gamelan, one of the most exciting forms of gamelan music. The senior faculty of the Institute perform Berata’s compositions Swa Buana Paksa, Tabuh Pat Jagal, Gabor, Kebyar Duduk, Cita Utsawa, Topeng Arsa Wijaya, and Teruna Jaya. RCE446 $20.00 Music of the Gamelan Gong Keybar Vol. 2 Several of Bali’s top orchestras perform the music of I Nyoman Windha, the acclaimed gamelan composer; his pieces are almost always among the winners in the annual competitions. Four of his award-winning works are recorded here; Jagra Parwata by the Mrdangga Giri Kasuma of Munduk, Buleleng; Gora Merdwana and Cendra Wasih by the Candra Metu of Batubulan of Gianyar; Gandung Kasturi by Dharma Kasuma of Pinda, Gianyar. RCE447 $20.00


50 Favorite Irish Pub Songs Sean O’Neill ‘s band performs 50 great pub songs, like Wild Rover, Brennan on the Moor, Rose of Tralee, Juice of the Barley, Finnegan’s Wake. RCE415 $10.00 50 Irish Drinking Songs Sean O’Neill ‘s band performs 50 great sing-along tunes. Includes McNamara’s Band, Spancil Hill, Jug of Punch, Whiskey on a sunday, Mother Malone, Forty Shades of Green RCE414 $10.00 A Celtic Celebration Featuring The Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem, The Dubliners, Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, Mary O’Hara, Seamus Ennis, The Edinburgh Military Tatoo, Alan Lomax. RCE026 $10.00 Altan- Island Angel RCD495 $18.00 Altan - The Best Of Altan has captured the heart of Irish music fans worldwide, making centuries old music sound fresh and vital while never straying far from its roots. This group’s inspiration is the music of the Donegal region - the tunes raw, deep and achingly exciting, with a marked Scottish influence. Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh and Frankie Kennedy on fiddle & flute, Ciaran Curran on bouzouki and guitarist Mark Kelly. RCE092 $18.00 Altan- The Red Crow RCD118 $18.00 Boys Of The Lough - Farewell and Remember Me Wonderful Celtic music on fiddle, whistle, flute, vocals, cittern, mandolin and more. RCD120 $19.00 Carolan’s Gift: A Tribute to the Legendary Irish Bard Performed on Celtic harp, Irish flute, fiddle, hammered dulcimer, viola da gamba, guitar and piano; artists include Sue Richards, Karen Ashbrook, Robin Bullock, Maggie Sansone, Al Petteway, and the Ceoltori Celtic Ensemble. RCE661 $16.00 Ceoltori - Women of Ireland Ceoltori Celtic Ensemble explores the mystical legends and lore of Celtic Women, through such tunes as “Cruel Sister”, “Mna na hEireann”, “Caledonia”, etc. Features Connie McKenna on guitar and Irish Gaelic vocals, Karen Ashbrook on hammered dulcimer, Sue Richards on Celtic harp, with Billy McComisky, button accordion, Kieran O’Hare, uillean pipes, and more. RCE224 $16.00 Cherish the Ladies - New Day Dawning Cherish the Ladies are the most successful and sought-after

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• MUSIC • Irish-American group in Celtic music. Featuring six of the most talented musicians on either side of the Atlantic, most of the women in Cherish the Ladies come from an impressive musical lineage, often learning the music from their families. Joanie Madden (flute, whistles), Mary Coogan (guitar, banjo, mandolin), Siobhan Egan (fiddle), Mary Rafferty (accordion, flute, whistles), Donna Long (piano, fiddle), and Aoife Clancy (vocals in Gaelic and English, guitar). RCE095 $18.00 Cherish the Ladies-The Back Door RCD295 $18.00 Clannad - Banba RCD532 $20.00 Clannad - In Concert RCD428 $19.00 Come Dance With Me in Ireland - Classic Irish Dance Music 12 tracks of some of the great tunes from the Irish tradition, such as the Ace and Deuce of Pipering, Kerry Slides, Jackson’s MOrning Brush, LOrd Gordon’s Reel, Have a Drink With Me, Willy Clancy’s Paidin O Raifeartaigh.Artists include CRAN, Sean Potts, Gay McKeon, Dolores Keane, Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford, others. RCE416 $20.00 Déanta A County-Antrim quintet of youth distinguished by remarkable virtuosity, Deanta features Mary Dillon: 2 time All-Ireland singing champion; Kate O’Brien: fiddle/viola/guitar; Paul Mullan: flute/ tin whistle; Clodagh Warnock: bouzouki/ fiddle/bodhran/percussion; Eoghan O’Brien: harp/guitar/bells. RCD359 $18.00 Déanta - Ready For The Storm A County-Antrim quintet of youth distinguished by remarkable virtuosity, Deanta features Mary Dillon: 2 time All-Ireland singing champion; Kate O’Brien: fiddle/ viola/guitar; Paul Mullan: flute/ tin whistle; Clodagh Warnock: bouzouki/fiddle/bodhran/percussion; Eoghan O’Brien: harp/guitar/bells. RCD854 $18.00 Déanta - Whisper of a Secret First rate vocals, impressive instrumental chops, innovative arrangements, and a varied and original repertoire” (Dirty Linen). The sweet, strong voice of Mary Dillon (two time All-Ireland champion singer) bestows astonishing depth and range to her songs, all of which are stunningly integrated into the band’s overall sound. A majority of the tunes are originals by the band members or their friends; all are arranged with elegance, incorporating harp, cello, uilleann pipes and saxophone as well as the more expected combination of driving fiddles, flutes, bouzouki and percussion. Déanta, prounounced “jaunt-a”, “specializes in the elegant side of the tradition.” RCE096 $18.00 Far from the Shamrock Shore - Mick Moloney A collection of popular and traditional songs depicting the experience of early Irish immigrants performed by Mick Moloney and guests such as Eileen Ivers, Robbie O’Connell, Jerry O’Sullivan and Jimmy Keane. 17 tunes, with a booklet that tells about the songs; tunes include The Boatman’s Dance, Skibereen, The Irish Volunteers, Paddy on the railway, Clancy’s wooden Wedding, Daisy Bell. RCE623 $20.00 Gael Force CD Recorded live in Concert at Dublin’s Point Theatre. Sinead O’Connor, Sharon Shannon, De Dannan, Mary Black, Maura O’Connell, The Chieftains, Frances Black, Carlos Nunez, Christy Moore, Altan, Ashley MacIsaac and more. RCE075 $23.00 Irish Pipe & Tinwhistle Songs Featuring Seamus Ennis, Tommy Makem, & The Dubliners RCE060 $10.00 Kevin Burke & Micheal O Domhnaill - Portland Artists from the Bothy Band. Sweet soaring fiddle, strong guitar rhythms, songs, mouth music. RCD134 $18.00 Loreena McKennit - Elemental Loreena is an excellent singer and songwriter from Canada who accompanies herself on Celtic harp on some songs, with many other instruments. New Celtic. Lark In The Clear Air, Carrikfergus, many others. RCD855 $19.00 Loreena McKennit - Parallel Dreams Loreena


composed the music or wrote the lyrics on most of these songs. Includes Samain Night, Standing Stones, more. RCD856 $19.00 Matt Molloy/ Tommy Peoples/ Paul Brady More of Matt’s great fluting, Tommy Peoples on fiddle, Paul Brady on guitar and voice, great music. RCD345 $18.00 Oisin - Bealoideas CD (tradition). A second tape with the group Oisin playing and singing The Rambling Soldier, Fear and Bhara, The Cow Ate The Piper, The Star of Munster and many other favourites. Text included. RCE369 $16.00 Oisin - Celtic Dream CD The very best of Irish traditional session music, songs and airs. With a host of guest artists: Davy Spillane, Paddy Glackin, Gerry O Connor and many others. (70 min.) Words to all songs included. RCE374 $19.00 Oisin - Over the Moors to Maggie CD A third selection of Traditional songs and dance music. The Bird in the Bush, Sonny Brogans Jigs, The New Market Day, and many others. Text included. RCE370 $16.00 Planxty! Well known Irish band with great vocals, Irish pipes, cittern, hurdy gurdy, mandolin, bodhran, and more. RCD129 $19.00 Planxty - The Planxty Collection RCD131 $19.00 Seamus Creagh, Aidan Coffey with Sean O Loinsigh on bouzouki; this recording has 15 tracks by one of the finest fiddle/accordion duos around today. Tunes include the Gold Ring 1 and 2, Johnny O’Leary’s 1 ans 2, ‘S e Fath mo Bhuartha, Paddy Taylor’s, more. RCE383 $22.00 The Bothy Band - 1975 The First Album Brilliant selection of jigs, songs and reels, with these well known Irish musicians: Paddy Keenan, Irish pipes; Matt Molloy, Flute; Donal Lunny, cittern; Triona Ni Dhomhnaill, keyboard, voice; Micheal O Domhnaill, guitar. Joined on this album by Tommy Peoples, an excellent Irish fiddler. RCD368 $18.00 The Bothy Band - Afterhours: Live in Paris Upbeat jigs, reels and songs recorded in Paris. RCD138 $18.00 The Bothy Band - Live In Concert Recorded by the BBC at 2 London gigs in 1976 and 1978. The group sizzles on this live collection of some of the group’s standards - Fionnghuala, Do You Love an Apple, Farewell to Erin - and some new surprises. There’s never a dull moment or a sour note with the Bothy Band. RCD902 $18.00 The Bothy Band - Out of the Wind Into the Sun RCD139 $18.00 The Bothy Band - The Best of the Bothy Band RCD137 $18.00 The County Bounds - Music and Song from the Cork-Kerry Border Featuring many great performers including Jackie Daly, Maire O’Keeffe, Johnny O’Leary, Matt Cranitch. Recording of a concert series from 1998 in the area of Cork city, as part of the Sean O Riada International Conference. Some of the best music from Sliabh Luachra, a region of Ireland noted for wonderful music, is presented here. OSS113 $19.00 The Lark In The Clear Air Traditional music played on small instruments. This album comprises song airs and dance tunes played on modest instruments such as would fit in your pocket. A fascinating collection of tunes played by John Doonan-piccolo & whistle, Paddy Neylon-spoons, Noel Pepperharmonica, John, Dave and Mike Wright-Jew’s Harp RCE375 $19.00 The Mountain Road - Traditional Music of Cork and Kerry This compilation gives a flavor of this region’s music with recording made from the 1950’s to the 1990’s, with musicians that include the last traveling fiddle masters. Anyone looking for an introduction to the music of Munster will enjoy this CD. RCE382 $19.00 Twisted Oak By Elizabeth Clark. Exciting hammered dulcimer music from Ireland, Scotland and the Shetland Isles.With Fiddle, Concertina, Cittern, Bodhran, Flute, Accordion and Tinwhistle. LACD031 $15.00

Irish Accordion

Sharon Shannon Sizzling new button accordion

player with Donal Lunny, Gerry O’Beirne and others. RCD539 $20.00 Sharon Shannon - Out the Gap Brand new 1995 recording by this great accordion player. Wonderful stuff! RCD878 $18.00 Best of Sharon Shannon One of Ireland’s top box players, Sharon Shannon, plays both traditional and modern music in this CD; 21 tunes spanning 10 years of recording. RCE218 $18.00 Traditional Irish Accordion by Tony MacMahon RCD671 $19.00

Irish Concertina

Terry Bingham - Concertina Traditional music from Doolin, County Clare, a part of Ireland known for concertina playing; Bingham carries on the tradition in fine fashion, playing 12 selections on this CD, including the Eel in the Sink, Charlie Harris’, the Tap Room Set, and many more. RCE380 $19.00

Irish Fiddle

Celtic Fiddle Festival with Johnny Cunningham, Kevin Burke and Christian LeMaitre, with master guitarist John McGann. Live recordings from 3 concerts on the Celtic Fiddle Festiva Tour. Strathspeys, reels, solos, Breton tunes, Scottish airs. RCD708 $18.00 Irish Traditional Fiddle Music Reels, Jigs, Polkas - Ceili Band Music. RCE063 $10.00 Johnny Doherty - Bundle and Go There are fiddlers, and then there are Irish fiddlers, and then there’s John Doherty. The bardic tradition in Donegal remained intact in the Doherty family. Marches, mazurkas, highlands, airs, jigs and reels. RCD360 $18.00 Kerry Fiddles Fiddle Music from Sliabh Luachra, way out in the fastness of this district on the Cork/ Kerry borders. With Padraig O Keefe, Dennis Murphy and Julia Clifford. A particularly well-known style is played in this area, often with fiddles in octaves! A must for the Irish fiddle enthusiast- these are the folks that influenced so many of the younger fiddlers. RCE371 $19.00 Kevin Burke - Sweeney’s Dream Kevin Burke plays fiddle tunes from Co. Sligo. This ex-Bothy Bank fiddler plays here the very best of Sligo style, backed up by some fine musicians on guitar, mandolin, banjo, autoharp RCE376 $19.00 Liz Carroll Legendary All-Ireland fiddle champion Liz Carroll stops you in your tracks. Beautiful accompaniment Daithi Sproule. RCD341 $18.00 Martin Hayes - Under the Moon RCD885 $18.00 Matt Cranitch - Take a Bow Fiddler Cranitch plays 15 tracks of great traditional Irish fiddle music, including dance music from all over the country, some wonderful slides and polkas from Sliabh Luachra, slow airs, and a beautiful setting of the set dance tune Madame Bonaparte. RCE381 $19.00

Irish Flute

Matt Molloy - Heathery Breeze RCD672 $19.00 Two for Two By Laurence Nugent. Excellent, exciting Irish flutist. RCE141 $19.00

Irish Pennywhistle

Geraldine Cotter -100 tunes double CD 100 tunes by the great whistle player on 2 CD set. RCE385 $20.00 Mary Bergin - Feodoga Stain 2 Excellent pennywhistle recording by tinwhistle legend Mary Bergin. RCD669 $19.00 Micho Russell - Ireland’s Whistling Ambassador CD jacket includes a 26 page booklet about Micho’s life and music. Best loved whistler from Doolin, Co. Clare. Collage of pieces from Micho’s last three visits to the U.S. Complements the video of the same name, with only 2 selection overlapping. Great whistle music, some of the tunes never before recorded. RCD884 $18.00 The Totally Traditional Tin Whistle CD 16 tunes by great traditional players: Willie Clancy, Miko Russell, John Doonan, Fintan Vallely, Josie McDermott, Michael Tubirdy and Cathal McCon-

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nell. OSS153 $19.00

Irish Songs

Clancy Bros & Tommy Makem - Irish Folk Songs And Airs RCE038 $10.00 Clancy Bros & Tommy Makem - The Best Of RCE054 $10.00 Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem - Irish Songs of Drinking and Rebellion RCE057 $10.00 Dolores Keane - Night Owl One of Ireland’s bestknown proponents of Celtic traditional music in the world. This CD features traditional ballads with contemporary arrangements with musicians including John Faulkner guitar and Eoin O’Riabhaigh pipes, whistle. RCE343 $20.00 Joe Heaney CD Irish traditional songs in Gaelic and English. Irish singing at it’s best. Born in 1920 in Galway, in an isolated region rich in folklore; it is one of the last remaining Gaelic speaking areas. Heaney learned many of his songs from his father, and all are treasures of the old singing style. 11 tracks, includes Casadh an tSugain, Peigin is Peadar, Cunnla, Caoineadh na dTri Mhuire, An Tighearna Randal, Bean an Leanna. RCE377 $19.00


Ayako Lister - The Japanese Koto The koto is a purely Japanese instrument, its history spans more than 12 centuries. It is the longest of all zithers of East Asia and has a convex body with 13 silk strings, each supported by its own moveable bridge. Ayako Lister, a Japanese national, holds the teaching diploma for koto. RCE538 $18.00 Gagaku Ancient Japanese Court and Dance Music, the Imperial Court Ensemble. RCE030 $10.00 Japanese Masterpeices of the Shakuhachi RCD797 $19.00 Nihon Daiko - The Japanese Drums Nihon Daiko is a Japanese drum ensemble similar to the world famous “Kodo-Drummers”. RCE537 $18.00 Soh Daiko Taiko Drum Ensemble Virtuoso 15 member Taiko ensemble plays the massive thundering traditional Taiko drums of Japan. With bamboo flute, conch shells, brass bells, gongs and other instruments. RCD812 $19.00 The Art of the Japanese Bamboo Flute Traditional Japanese bamboo flutes and shakuhachis; titles include Take no Odori, Kurui Fumon, SagiMusume, Rinmon, Ukigomo, Akebono-Jishi, Netori, and Inaka-bue. RCE052 $10.00 Traditional Music of the Japanese Geisha RCE011 $10.00 Yamato Ensemble - The Art of Japanese Bamboo Flute and Koto This ensemble presents Japanese chamber music performed by Kikuko Satoh, Aiko Hasegawa and Richard Stagg. The CD booklet gives extensive information on the music and the artists. RCE539 $18.00 Yamato Ensemble - The Art of the Japanese Koto, Shakuhachi and Shamisen A selection of old and contemporary Japanese chamber music performed by Aiko Hasegawa, Kikuko Satoh, Stagg, and Hasegawa. RCE540 $18.00

Jewish & Klezmer

Authentic Israeli Folk Songs And Dances Typical bar-mitzvah music. Hava Nagila, Shalom Al Israel, Hora Medura, more. Vocals, guitar, flute, accordion, drums. RCE056 $10.00 Giora Feidman - Magic of the Klezmer The outstanding Jewish clarinetist of our generation. Yiddish songs, Klezmer compositions, Hassidic nigunim, cantorial masterpieces and the great world classics. RCD153 $22.00 Giora Feidman The Dance of Joy RCD365 $22.00 Klezmer Music 1910-1942 Recordings from the YIVO Archives: Naftule Brandwine, Harry Kandel, many others. RCD158 $22.00 The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band What is klezmer music? An intoxicating, swinging, life affirming Jewish folk music band tradition with roots in Russia and Eastern Europe. A typical klezmer band combines instruments like fiddle, clarinet, accordion, double bass and percussion in a wild mixture of dances and songs that express the joys

and sorrows of its creators. RCD409 $18.00 Tumbalalaika - Jewish Melodies of the Old Country (Instrumental) 14 songs of the East European heritage, including Tumbalalaika, Yome Yome, etc. RCD155 $22.00

Latin America

Afro-Latino 2 world meet and produce powerful rhythms that move over your feet and lift your soul; 4 Etoiles Africando, Ricardo Lemvo, Makina Loca, Sam Mangwana RCE669 $15.98 Bandoneon Pure : Dances of Uruguay by Rene Marino Rivero on bandoneon (Latin “concertina”). This internationally known master performs 24 traditional dance pieces. RCD769 $21.00 Brasil- A Century of Song - Folk and Traditional Brazilian music, ranging from early pop hits to choros. Features instruments such as cavaquinho, flute, guitar, piano, clarinet, concertina, percussion, etc. 15 tracks total. RCE444 $15.98 Brasil- A Century of Song - the Bossa Nova Era 16 cuts from the best Bossa Nova artists of Brazil, over 60 minutes of unforgettable music; includes Sylvia Telles playing Dindi, Joao Gilberto playing A Felicidade, Baden Powell performing Pescador, and more. Bossa Nova has been an enduring style with world-wide acceptance and has become a part of musical culture. RCE443 $15.98 Brasiliero 13 representative selections from Brazil, home of the Carnival, samba, choro, bossa nova, and baion. Artists include Silvia Torres, Beth Carvalho, Jorge Ben, Joao Bosco; some of the tunes are Vatapa, Despedida, Berekere, Mama Africa. Informative notes. RCE400 $15.98 Colombia A fun and danceable collection of cumbia, vallenata, and porro, all native styles to Colombia. RCE671 $15.98 Cuba A 10-track journey to the land of Cuba, home of some of the greatest music ever made, a blend of African, Moorish and European elements. Some of the best artists of Cuba are featured, such as Eliades Ochoa and Ibrahim Ferre (known from the Buena Vista Social Club), living treasure Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Pinero, Irakere, the amazing jazz-oriented Irakere, and others. RCE398 $15.98 Latino! Latino! A selection of exceptional salsabased songs featuring Oscar D’Leon, Willie Colon, Pancho Sanchez RCE402 $15.98 Maria Ochoa Y Corazon de Son - Asi Quiero Vivir “La Dama de la Musica Campesina”. Her interpretation of the Son is masterful, and her soulful vocals are spellbinding. With tres player Rey Cabrera Castelanos and the rest of her band. RCE445 $15.98 Puerto Rico Exhilarating bombas, plenas, and sones from the Isle of Enchantment; among the artists Eddie Palmieri, Jimmy Bosch, Plena Libre. RCE670 $15.98 Republica Dominica from the Dominican Republic comes this collection of rootsy son, merengue, bachata, with artists such as Raulin Rodriguez, Chichi Peralta, Luis Vargas and Cheche Abreu. RCE404 $15.98 Routes of Rhythm Vol. 3 By Isaac Oviedo, legendary maestro of the Tres guitar and one of Cuba’s greatest musicians. Recorded live in Havana. RCD931 $18.00 Samba Bossa Nova An alluring collection of contemporary Brazilian music from samba and bossa nova’s “new wave”. RCE628 $15.98 The Drums of Vodou The sacred rhythms of Haitian spirit possession plus vodou-jazz. RCD925 $15.95 William Cepeda - Afrorican Jazz - Branching Out An amazing mixture of traditional Puerto Rican rhythms and styles with influences from Africa, the Middle East and India, and even Japan showing the universality of the music of Puerto Rico. Cepeda is a wonderful trombone player, and has special guests like Yomo Toro on cuatro. RCE512 $15.98


Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan Their first recordings from 1937-1949. The band was founded nearly 100 years ago. One of the stellar mariachi’s of

• MUSIC • the 50s. 60+ min. RCD559 $19.00 Mexico Savor the spicy and romantic flavors of Mexican music, from the sones of Veracruz to the boleros of Oaxaca, featuring Llasa, Los Lobos, and more. RCE626 $15.98 The Marvelous Mariachis of Mexico RCE016 $10.00 Traditional Music of Mexico Singing Boys of Mexico, The Mariachis of Jalisco RCE034 $10.00 Viva Mexico! Mariachis & Marimbas with The Mariachis of Mexico, a famous high-class mariachi band. RCD180 $20.00 Xavier Quijas Yxayotl - America Indigena Precolumbian music, intense and deeply spiritual. Mayan & Aztec drums and clay flutes, tarahumara drums, turtle shells and Mayan ocean drum. RCD940 $16.00

Middle Eastern

Aboud Abdel Al - The Best of Modern Belly Dance from Arabia This is a unique belly dance recording, from one of the best violinists in the Middle East. Aboud Abdel Al, called “King of the Violin” by his friends, is originally from Lebanon, where he started his musical career and gained his fame. RCE500 $18.00 Ali Jihad Racy - Ancient Egypt Nay, flutes, buzuq, ud, tar, sajat, mijwiz, and mizmar. Selected as one of CD Review Magazine’s 50 Definities World Music Recordings! RCD807 $19.00 Ali Jihad Racy - Mystical Legacies Nay, ud, buzuq, bowed tanbur, with Souhail Kaspar on Egyptian tablah and other percussion instruments. From their concert at the Los Angeles Festival. RCE168 $19.00 Arabic Groove A collection of funky, contemporary music from North Africa and the Middle East; features Khaled and Natacha Atlas. RCE666 $15.98 Art of Zakari Khan Music from the Silk Road on the baglama saz, with violin , dumbek, and spoons; 17 selections of melodies like Lay Out the Rug, Under the Vineyard, I Found You in the Pasture, and more. RCE352 $20.00 Assary u Stekhvar - Maestro Omar Ait-Vimoun North African Preludes ; a collection of overtures representing all the modes of the Andalus tradition, played on the mandol, a fretted lute similar to a mandocello, and sung in the Shaabe style by master musician Omar Ait-Vimoun. These pieces are the introductions to the Nuba, a suite of pieces in the same mode. 11 selections, Sahli, Iirak, L’hsinn, Mezmum, Kabila, Sidan, Ghrib, Muwal, Sika, Maya, and Gherka. 54 minutes. RCE440 $20.00 Aswan Music and Dance Ensemble The real tribal music of Upper Egypt played on folk instruments of ancient design such as Mizmar, Rebaba, Mijwiz, Arghul, Tabla (arabic drum), etc. Excellent firey performances; tunes include Balady Mahboob, Leylat al Farha, Hezzi il Asaya, Sabr Ya Alam, Rababa Wa al Nay; 12 selection total. RCE386 $20.00 Authentic Belly Dance Music Middle Eastern dance music. RCE680 $10.00 Bashir Abdel Al - The Art of the Arabian Flute - The Nay Bashir Abdel Al is a widely acclaimed virtuoso nay (ney, nai) player. Here he presents a CD of outstanding beauty and very intense and emotional music played with awe-inspiring mastery. Accompanied and supported carefully and sensitively on keyboards. RCE495 $18.00 Belly Dance 2000 - Dance with Mesmera The orchestra of the Salatin El Tarab of Syria; bass and mizmar, Maad Moosalli, oud, Amer Ammouri, violin, Badr Tabaa, kanun, Mustafa Saghir, tabla, Abdo Shammiye, daf Shammiye. RCE339 $20.00 Best of Mouhamad Housein Arab buzuk player and vocalist; traditional music augmented (not ruined for a change) by modern rhythm section with a great bass and drum team; along with Arab traditional instruments and the vocals and buzuk stylings of Houssein. RCE350 $20.00

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• MUSIC • Best of Setrak Sarkissian Setrak Sarkissian is widely accepted as one of the finest (if not THE finest) dumbek player of the Middle East. This is a collection of his best work from over the years. RCE351 $20.00 Celebrate Armenian - John Vartan John Vartan plays traditional Armenian music on oud, tar, santoor, kemanche, kanoon, duduk, sring, yayli tanbur, saz, etc., along with performers such as Peter Boorujy on dumbek and haig Ansoorian on tamborine. 15 selections, such as Aman Aman, Laz Bar, Sepastia Bar, Tamzara, and Yegur Aghvor Aghchig. RCE677 $20.00 Chalf Hassan - Belly Dance from Morocco This is an exciting release from the acclaimed Moroccan artist Chalf Hassan. Hassan’s first album ‘Songs & Dances from Morocco’ has been a constant success. This is a first in terms of a whole collection of Moroccan bellydance music, delivering a new flavour. The album is very ethnic and authentic capturing the real live spirit of Morocco. RCE498 $18.00 Chalf Hassan - Songs & Dances from Morocco In traditional Moroccan folk music the Bendir (a large wooden frame drum, with snare strings to create a buzzing sound) is used as the main part of the rhythm section. Other instruments played on this CD are the Oud (lute), the violin and the Ney. The lead singer sings the main part and the other singers repeat after him in the traditional Arabian question and answer fashion. RCE496 $18.00 Djivan Gasparian - Doudouk Armenian master player Gasparian performs the soulful music of Armenia on the duduk, known in the USA from the Peter Gabriel recordings and the Xena TV show soundtrack! Beautiful music from the native tradition. RCE354 $20.00 Djivan Gasparian - From the Soil Master duduk player Gasparian, featured on the Peter Gabriel recordings, plays his magical music on this CD. Selections include Gomitas’ Dle Yaman, traditional tunes like Madjkal, Vorsgan Akhper. 9 total. RCE336 $20.00 Eastern Arts : Performance Highlights Noted multi-instrumentalist Dr. Lloyd Miller performs in comcert with traditional singers and musicians from Iran, Afghanistan, India, Turkey, Central Asia, etc. This music was presented in concert from 1964-1999. RCE227 $20.00 Echoes of the Nile : Aspects of Egyptian Music Field recordings of the music of Egypt. Modern and Classical Arab music; Coptic and Islamic religious ceremonies, featuring choral song; and the rhythmic patterns and folk songs of the Nubian people, in their highly expressive vocal style, and with the tamburah (five-stringed lyre) and numerous drums. 61 minutes, 20 pg booklet. RCE122 $20.00 Fish on the Desert - Rhythmic Essence Rhythms and music of North Africa and the Middle East by R.A. Fish, dumbek; Scott Wilson, oud, kanun, saz; Jorge Alfano, shenai, bansuri, clarina, oud, saz, bass; and Jon Kass, violin. RCE342 $19.00 Gypsy Fire Richard Hagopian on oud, and Omar faruk Tekbilek, ney and winds, play exciting Belly Dance music; accompanied by Turkish and Bulgarian gypsies, including Yuri Yunakov. RCE607 $18.00 Hossam Ramzy - Baladi Plus Great Egyptian dance music, on tabla (dumbek), reque, doholla, duf, mazhar, sagat, triangle, oud, quarter tone accordion, mizmars and rebaba. The majority of the music is solo drumming. RCD966 $18.00 Hossam Ramzy - Best of Farid Al Atrash Farid was a household name in the Middle east, known for his virtuosic oud playing, lush voice, and his love songs and films. Ramzy treats the listener to love songs and dance music by this master. RCE491 $18.00 Hossam Ramzy - Best of Mohammed Abdul Wahab Mohammed Abdul Wahab was a unique and respected Arabic composer, with his own sound blending “new” Western elements into


Arabic music still steeped in tradition; his compositions are presented on this CD by Hossam Ramzy. RCE490 $18.00 Hossam Ramzy - Best of Om Kolthoum Instrumental arrangements of beloved singer Om Kolthoum’s music by world renowned Hossam Ramzy and his Ensemble RCD967 $18.00 Hossam Ramzy - Secrets of the Eye New & soulful compositions from Hossam Ramzy, Egypt’s “Ambassador of Rhythm”. This is the follow up CD to “Source of Fire” and has performances by some of Egypt’s finest soloists. Each track features a different instrument, such as the “magrouna” (Egyptian double reed flute), trumpet, saxophone, accordion, oud., all powered and carried by the rhythmic drive of Hossam’s Egyptian percussion. RCE494 $18.00 Jazayer - Hijaz City, Bayyat State Middle Eastern dance music composed by Vince Delgado in the traditional style. Qanun, violin, acoustic bass and percussion. RCE081 $18.00 Jazayer Plus Ali Jihad Racy Great Classical Arabic music on nay, oud, viola, darbukka and duff. Recorded by Mickey Hart. RCE083 $18.00 Jazayer - Remembrances Classical Arabic music, with Mimi Spencer al-Khayyam, qanun; Vince Delgado, riqq and bendir; Devi-ja Delgado Croll, Arabic violin; Tom Shader, acoustic bass; and guest Coralie Russo, oud. RCE082 $18.00 Kamanchabar by Sergey Beautiful Armenian music on the kemanche (kamancha), the native bowed instrument of Armenia, Iran, Uzbekistan (kemane), etc. With Santur, Accordion, Dumbek, 18 tracks with titles like Es Ko Ghimetn, Eshkhemet, Hey Jan, Shadakhi. RCE616 $20.00 Kanoun Around the World - Solo Kanun An amazing assortment of tunes played on the kanun, the Middle Eastern lap harp/zither. Typical arabesque tunes like Banat Iskandariya share the spotlight with atypical material such as Waves of the Danube (listed as Waves of the Tuna!), Dark Eyes, and Cielto Lindo (listed as Swedish folk dance!); even a surprisingly convincing Hava Nagila. RCE480 $20.00 Laço Tayfa - Çiftetelli CD Turkish Rom (Gypsy) Improvisations; driving renditions of Turkish regional folk and dance music featuring clarinetist Husnu Senlendirici. RCE612 $18.00 Lalezar - Music of the Sultans, Sufis, and Seraglio Vol 1 - Sultan Composers Showcases the works by sultans themselves. RCE631 $18.00 Lalezar - Music of the Sultans, Sufis, and Seraglio Vol. 2 - Music of the Dancing Boys Music of the köçek, the boys dressed in women’s attire who for over 2 centuries entertained at courts and taverns in Istanbul. Their music fuses classical, Anatolian, Sufi and Balkan elements. RCE632 $18.00 Lalezar - Music of the Sultans, Sufis, and Seraglio Vol 3 - Minority Composers From the 17th to 19th century ethnic and religious minority composers were a part of the music culture of the Ottoman Empire, patronized by sultan and dervish alike; in the modern age they flourished in the new nightclubs; features works by Jewish, Armenian and Greek composers RCE633 $18.00 Lalezar - Music of the Sultans, Sufis, and Seraglio Vol 4 - Ottoman Suite A suite (fasil) of Ottoman court music, in this case in Makam Segah, consisting of driving improvisations and lyrical compositions ranging from classical works to Sufi-influenced 19th century Istanbul vocal pieces. RCE634 $18.00 Magical Fingers - Middle Eastern Tabla - Dumbek 8 selections of the finest in Arab style drum solos featuring the dumbek - tabla in Arabic, which means drum- from Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. Featuring Sayyed El-Artist, Magdi Mshmosh, Mhamma Johari, Gamal Goma, Haysam, Safad Sroor and Hsen Zahhar. RCE611 $20.00 Mostafa Sax - Hayati - Best of Egyptian Belly Dance This CD spotlights Mostaf sax, born in Shoubra-Cairo, learned sax at an early age, and by 16 was playing with the top musicians in Cairo. His sax playing is a special Baladi perfect for dance. RCE493 $18.00 Night Silence Desert - Khorasan Suite featuring M.R. Shajarian, vocals, and Kayhan Kalhor, kemanche spike fiddle, along with master musicians of

Tehran and folk musicians from the Khorasan region of Iran. Instruments include setar, oud (barbat), santur, daf, doira, tombak, tar, cello, ney, dotar, etc. RCE635 $18.00 Oasis - A Ceremony with Nay Traditional endblown flute of the Middle east, the Nay (nai) over a new-agey background of soothing sounds, gentle synth pads, and other sounds. I’m not a fan of “modern” synth oriented Middle Eastern music, but I liked this one very much, because of the soulful ney playing. RCE387 $20.00 Pianoud - Art of Unison - Piano and Oud A surprisingly good combination of instruments! the Oud, the ancient lute of the Middle East, finds a sympathetic partner in the piano, and together create a delicately beautiful sound with the best features of both instruments. 10 tracks; some selected titles are Yesterday’s Joy, Solos in Art, Springtime Memories. RCE390 $20.00 Qanun el Tarab - Maged Serour & Hossam Ramzy Tarab is the pleasure and joy felt when listening to music, and this recording features one of Egypt’s finest qanun (kanun) players with world-renowned dumbek player Hossam Ramzy. Maged Serour was voted “Best Qanun Player in the Middle East” at the Cairo Opera House Music Awards. RCE643 $18.00 Rafat Misso & Hossam Ramzy - Ahlamy Percussionist Ramzy teams up with Arabic saxophonist Rafat Misso, who is one of Egypt’s top sax players. RCE492 $18.00 Richard A. Hagopian - Best of Armenian Folk Music The Armenians remained in their native land in eastern Anatolia but became subjects of the Ottoman (Turkish), Persian and Russian empires, which greatly influenced their culture. The diversity of musical styles is significant and here Richard Hagopian presents his own unique form of Armenian music. RCE504 $18.00 Right Where I Want to Be - Mimi Spencer, Kanun with Vince Delgado, riq, and Tom Shader, acoustic bass; kanun as you’ve never heard it before playing traditional music from Egypt, Greece, and Armenia, plus two of Mimi’s own works. RCE647 $15.00 Saz and Naz - Gypsy Dance Excellent saz playing is the feature on this CD, playing Gypsy oriented Turkish folk dance music. Accompanied by dumbek and other percussion, the saz weaves a magic spell of irresistable dance music on tunes like Hopla Gypsy Baz, Hankerchief Dance, Dance of the Spoons, 10 tunes total. RCE388 $20.00 Sirocco I Newly on CD. Middle Eastern music by Sulieman and Uncle Mafufo on oud, ney, violin, dumbek, etc. RCE417 $20.00 Sirocco II Newly on CD. Uncle Mafufo on dumbek and Suleiman on strings and winds play music from the Middle east for dancing and listening. RCE418 $20.00 Sirocco III Newly on CD; travel to Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Egypt, Morocco and Spain with Sirocco and guest artists A Ishmael and Isabel Tercero. RCE406 $20.00 Solos and Melodies - Arab Music Performances by Abdel Hamid Tnnari, oud; Badr Dbaah, violin: Hassan Tnnari, kanun; Talaat Skouty, nai; Abdelader Kassab, darbukka; Samir Saado, percussion. A great collection of traditional Arabic music. Very traditional style small group. RCE338 $20.00 State Dance Ensemble of Armenia A beautiful recording of the traditional instruments of Eastern Armenia, such as kemanche, tar, duduk, shree, etc RCE353 $20.00 Sulukule - Rom Music of Istanbul Authentic Turkish Gypsy Bellydance music, recorded in Sukulule, the district of Istanbul legendary for its Rom music; 10 tracks on violin, kanun and clarinet. RCE606 $18.00 Tanburi Cemil Bey Vol 1 Tanburi Cemil Bey is the most renowned composer of Ottoman art music, composing some of the finset peshrev and semai. These remastered and digitally enhanced CD recordings are taken from acoustic masters made between 1910 and 1914. Cemil Bey plays his own original compositions and improvised taksims. RCE613 $18.00 Tanburi Cemil Bey Vol II & III - 2 CD set

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RCE614 $26.00 Tanburi Cemil Bey Vol IV & V -2 CD set RCE615 $26.00 The Music of Kyrgyzstan The Kambarkan Folk Ensemble plays exotic music from Central Asia, on native instruments; with booklet and text about this award-winning group. RCE641 $20.50 The Silk Route Music of Persia, Central Asia, Afghanistan. RCE581 $20.00 Tribal Tales - Armando Uncle Mafufo The latest CD featuring the Mafufo ensemble drums AND ney, arghul and santur! RCE405 $20.00 Udi Hrant - Early Recordings Vol. 1 A compilation of recordings from the 1920’s and 30’s ; includes rare recordings of his violin playing and his most famous taksims. Over one hour, plus detailed liner notes. RCE637 $18.00 Udi Hrant - Early Recordings Vol. 2 A compilation of recordings from the 1920’s and 30’s ; includes rare recordings of his violin playing and his most famous taksims. Over one hour, plus detailed liner notes. RCE638 $18.00 Udi Hrant Kenkulian rare recordings from the 1950’s documenting an oud lesson on taksim; the raw brilliance and uninhibited exploration of the instrument makes for some of the most vital oud playing ever. RCE636 $18.00 Udi Yorgo Bacanos The standard-bearer of the modern school of Turkish oud playing; these are his landmark recordings from 1920 to 1960. Includes rare radio performances never before issued commercially. RCE639 $18.00

Native American

Authentic Music of the American Indian Cheyenne, Sioux, Pawnee, Ute, Apache, many other tribes. RCE061 $10.00 Canyonspeak: Native American Flute Music by Douglas Spotted Eagle. Recorded live at Mesa Verde with the Navajo singer James Bilagody. RCD271 $19.00 Dancing Buffalo - Dance & Flute Songs from the Southern Plains Cornel Pewewardy & The Alliance West Singers. Dances, flute songs and hymns from the Kiowa and Comanche people of the Southern Plains. Highly recommended! RCD863 $18.00 Gathering of Nations 2000 Millenium Celebration - Various Northern Drums, 1 20 of the best songs from the 2000 festival, featuring Walking Buffalo, Tha Tribe, Black Stone, Mandaree, Red Bull, and more. RCE619 $20.00 Gathering of Nations 2000 Millenium Celebration - Various Southern Drums, Vol. 2 The best of the 2000 festival; 17 songs, includes groups such as Cozad, Zotigh, Cedar Tree, Eagle Claw, etc. RCE620 $20.00 Matriarch - Iroquis Women’s Songs By Joanne Shenandoah. INDIE Award Winner, Best Native American Recording of 1996. Beautiful, eloquent singing. “This woman can sing like the birds and streams.” RCD990 $18.00 Pow-Wow Highway Songs by the Black Lodge Singers. This Blackfoot family has travelled thousands of miles performing at Pow-Wows. RCD269 $20.00 R. Carlos Nakai and the Music of James DeMars - Native Tapestry The pure haunting sound of Nakai’s cedar flute combines with African percussion, piano, cello, saxophone and chamber orchestra. RCD864 $17.00 R. Carlos Nakai - Canyon Trilogy Dreamlike music as heard in the canyons of the Southwest. RCD463 $17.00 R. Carlos Nakai - Changes 14 tunes for solo flute. Traditional Zuni, Blood and Lakota, and original. RCD461 $17.00 R. Carlos Nakai - Cycles 8 melodies for Native American Flute Music against a background of synthesizer music providing the sounds of nature. R. Carlos Nakai RCD290 $17.00 R. Carlos Nakai - Earth Spirit Native American Flute Music. Eagle bone whistle and solo Native American flute RCD292 $17.00 R. Carlos Nakai - Journeys Carlos writes “At birth we embark on a good journey seeking a destination of happiness.a way of true power and wisdom.” Nakai performs on several different handmade

wood flutes. 8 pieces for solo flute and 5 with nature sounds, 55 min. RCD462 $17.00 R. Carlos Nakai - Spirit Horses Four classical compositions featuring R Carlos Nakai on Native American flute. Contains a concerto for Native Flute and chamber orchestra, duet for Native flute and European flute, quintet for Native flute, cello, saxophone, African percussion and synthesizer. Composed especially for Carlos Nakai. RCD291 $17.00 R. Carlos Nakai & William Eaton - Ancestral Voices Native American flute accompanied by guitar, lyre, harp-guitar and synthesizer guitar. Includes 2 selection with the Black Lodge Singers of the Blackfeet. RCD465 $17.00 R. Carlos Nakai & William Eaton - Carry the Gift Native American flute accompanied by guitar, lyre, harp-guitar and synthesizer guitar as well as 2 solo guitar pieces. RCD464 $17.00 Schemitzun World Championship Hand Drum Songs From the festival in 2000, where top honors went to the Whiteswan, WA Black Lodge; features 2 songs from each of the top five hand drum groups. 15 songs total. RCE630 $22.00

Nepal & Tibet

Tibetan Folk Songs and Dances Tibetan National Ensemble RCE657 $10.00

Portuguese Guitar

Guitarra Portuguesa By Carlos Paredes. Instrumental Fado, folk music of Portugal. RCD933 $22.00


Ad Vielle Que Pourra - Ménage à Quatre French/ Breton/ Québecois new-traditionalists Ad Vielle Que Pourra mix and match instruments and traditions with originality and taste. Hurdy gurdies combine with 19th C. clarinets and piano; Arabian darbouka and bluegrass mandolin deliver a new take on Greek traditional dance tunes and gypsy guitar accompanies diatonic button accordion on 30s-style swing. Unbelievable electric hurdy gurdy soars over muscular guitar and vocals. Add Flemish bagpipes, marimbas, fiddles, melodeon, feet, bones and more and you have perhaps the most engaging and accomplished offering from Ad Vielle Que Pourra to date. RCE105 $18.00 French Canadian, Irish and Scottish Fiddle Music Jean Carignan. RCE014 $10.00

Renaissance & Early Music Anno Domini CD Songs and tunes from the 13th

C, played on historic instruments: schalmei, harp, recorder, citole, jew’s harp, percussion, portative organ, bagpipes RCE070 $16.00 Saltarello CD Well known medieval and renaissance music, played on historic and, on some tunes, modern instruments. Dudelsack (bagpipes), schalmei, flute, krummhorn, rauschpfeife, zink (brass), dulcian, synthesizer, percussion, and more. RCE071 $19.00 Songs and Dances of the Middle Ages By Sonus, on voice, shawm, recorder, harp, saz, oud, psaltery, gemshorn, lute, chitarra, percussion. Songs of Love, Chivalry, Worship, Pilgrimage, and Dance; featuring James Carrier, John Holenko and Hazel Ketchum. RCE181 $15.98


Amerika Spel - Loretta Kelley - Hardingfele A fine CD of Hardanger fiddle, the Norwegian bowed instrument with a rich ringing tone. RCE487 $20.00 Knut Buen - As Quick as Fire - The Art of the Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle The Hardanger fiddle is a living art passed down through the centuries bowstroke by bowstroke, with harmonies so intricate it’s hard to believe they are produced on a single instrument. Knut Buen is one of the foremost players today in Norway. 14 selections. RCE302 $18.00

• MUSIC • Scotland

Alasdair Fraser and Tony MacManus - Return to Kintail Fiddler Alasdair Fraser and guitarist Tony MacManus collaborate on this recording of Celtic music from the heart of the Scottish tradition. RCE190 $18.00 Alasdair Fraser - Dawn Dance Exhilirating new music deeply rooted in the Scottish tradition. Alasdair Fraser, fiddle and viola; Eric Rigler, Highland and uilleann bagpipes; Chris Norman, wooden flute and piccolo; Tim Gorman, piano and keyboards; Peter Maund, percussion; and Todd Phillips, bass. RCD905 $18.00 Alasdair Fraser & Paul Machlis - Skyedance Skyedance features ancient Gaelic melodies in timeless and spellbinding arrangements, along with a few more recent tunes, performed on fiddle, viola, and keyboards. Guest musicians Todd Phillips, bass; Tommy Hayes, bodhran; and Ron Wilson, drums. RCD909 $18.00 Alasdair Fraser & Paul Machlis - The Road North Second album from dynamic partnership of Alasdair Fraser on fiddle and viola, and Paul Machlis, piano and keyboards, features original tunes by both of these artists and wild improvisations, as well as exuberant dance tunes and wistful airs from the Scottish tradition. Guest musicians are bassist Glen Moore, guitarist Michael O’Domhnaill, and Tommy Hayes on percussion. RCD906 $18.00 Alasdair Fraser - Portrait of a Scottish Fiddler Incredible Scottish Fiddle playing, including strathspey and reels, pipe marches, hornpipes, jigs and plaintive slow airs. Piano, accordion, drums and guitar add a traditional Scottish country dance band sound to several tracks. CUL109 $18.00 Alasdair Fraser - The Driven Bow With legendary guitarist Jody Stecher. Most of the tunes on this album were played in 18th C. Scotland and are still popular in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia where Scottish music and dance have thrived since the mass emigrations of the Highland Clearances. The distinctive, driving rhythms of this tradition give the album its name. RCD908 $18.00 Auld Lang Syne A rich, evocative compilation of the best old and new music from Scotland, Featuring gorgeous female vocals, fiddle, harp, pipes, guitar, percussion, etc. by such artists as Skyedance, Chantan, Bachue, Alasdair Fraser, and the Cast on 16 tracks. RCE396 $18.00 Bonnie Rideout - Gi’me Elbow RoomFolk Songs of a Scottish Childhood One of the world’s leading Scottish fiddlers, Rideout introduces Scottish fiddle music, pipe and drums, children’s chorus, harp, songs, poetry, street rhymes, and children’s folklore in this delightful CD, with narration by flutemaker Rod Cameron. Winner of the Parent’s Choice Gold Medal, this recording will delight young and old alike. RCE223 $16.00 Bonnie Rideout - Kindred Spirits A Musical Portrait of Scotland’s Women by 3-time US National fiddle champion Bonnie Rideout. Guest artists include Eric Rigleron Uilleann pipes and Highland pipes, Al Petteway on guitar, Maggie Sansone on hammered dulcimer, Chris Caswell on wire-strung Celtic harp. 12 selections, 60 minutes. RCE483 $16.00 Bonnie Rideout - Scottish Fire One of the world’s leading Scottish fiddlers, Rideout brings a brilliant virtuosity to the music of the Highlands. Guest artists include Jerry O’Sullivan on Uilleann pipes and Scottish smallpipes, Mike Green on Highland pipes, Al Petteway on guitar, Maggie Sansone on hammered dulcimer. 12 selections RCE477 $16.00 Capercaille - Dusk til Dawn the best of Capercaillie; 17 selections from their last 6 recordings including Coisich a Ruin, the first top 40 Celtic single, Ailein Duinn, the theme from “Rob Roy”. RCE465 $20.00 Capercaille - Sidewaulk RCD210 $18.00 Capercaille - The Blood is Strong Music written for three television programs; “The Blood is Strong”, about the world-wide legacy of the Gaels, “A Prince Among Islands” documentary about Prince Charles’ return to the Isle of Bernaray, and “Highlanders”

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• MUSIC • which celebrtated the history and heritage of the Scottish Highlands. 25 tunes. RCE466 $20.00 Capercaille - To The Moon When the groundbreaking Scottish band Capercaillie interprets traditional music, it demolishes ancient boundaries. With crystal-clear singing from Karen Matheson, Donald Shaw on accordion and keyboards, Mark Duff on whistles, Manus Lunny on bouzouki, Charlie McKerron on fiddle and John Saich on bass, plus percussion and pipes. RCE100 $18.00 Ewan MacColl - Bothy Ballads of Scotland In NE Scotland it was the practice, until fairly recent times, for male farmworkers to be accommodated in buildings separate from the farmhouse proper. Such buildings were known as bothies. 18 bothy songs, giving rare insight into the life and attitudes of the workers. RCE378 $19.00 Ewan MacColl - The Jacobite Rebellions with Peggy Seeger. 15 songs from the Jacobite wars of 1715 and 1745. RCE379 $19.00 Journey Begun Fiddling duo Athena Tergis and Laura Risk - exciting harmonies and arrangements of traditional Celtic melodies. 2 fiddles with guitar, percussion and bass. CUL205 $18.00 Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle One Alasdair Fraser, fiddle, and Paul Machlis, piano, perform Scotland’s melodic masterpieces, with guest artists Natalie Haas on cello and Todd Phillips on bass. 21 selections including The Beauty of the North, Sean Trubhais Uilleachain, Mrs. Jameson’s Favorite, Niel Gow’s Lament for the Death of his Second Wife, Earl Haig. RCE463 $18.00 Old Blind Dogs - The World’s Room For ten years Old Blind Dogs have stood at the leading edge of the roots revival that has reawakened and energized Scottish traditional music. Features the deft ensemble vocals and new lead singer Jim Malcolm, Rory Campbell on Border pipes and whistle, Jonny Hardie on Fiddle, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, etc., Buzzby McMillan, bass, cittern, and Paul Jennings, djembe and conga. RCE285 $18.00 Paul Machlis - The Bright Field Composer/pianist Paul Machlis has an unerring talent for writing fine melodies and lovely harmonies. His music is innovative, yet respectful of the Scottish tradition which inspires it. This album retains some of the flavor of Paul’s acclaimed collaborations with Alasdair Fraser (Skyedance and The Road North), appearing on 5 tracks. RCD907 $18.00 Return of the Wanderer - Puirt a Baroque The third CD by the popular Celtic/Baroque fusion group continues their exploration of the traditional music of the Baroque period in Scotland and its evolution into today’s Cape Breton music. RCE289 $20.00 Scottish Country Dances Jigs, Waltzes and Reels. RCE018 $10.00 Silly Wizard - Caledonia’s Hardy Sons From heartbreaking vocals to sizzling reels. The excellent Scottish band with Andy M. Stewart, Scotland’s outstanding singer, on vocals and tenor banjo; John Cunningham, fiddle; Phil Cunningham, accordion, keyboard; and Gordon Jones and Martin Hadden on bodhran, whistle, keyboard and vocals. RCD440 $19.00 Silly Wizard- Live Wizardry These recordings capture Silly Wizard at their best. Live in America and Golden Golden combined. RCD212 $18.00 Silly Wizard - So Many Partings RCD441 $19.00 Silly Wizard - The Best of Silly Wizard RCD444 $19.00 Silly Wizard - Wild and Beautiful RCD442 $19.00 Skyedance - Labyrinth New music in the Celtic tradition by Skyedance, made up of musicians such as Alasdair Fraser, Chris Norman, Paul Machlis, Eric Rigler, and others. 13 tunes, such as La Gallega, Fite Fuaite, Evensong, the Iron ring, more. RCE397 $18.00 Skyedance - Way Out to Hope Street Skyedance is Alasdair Fraser on fiddle, Chris Norman on flute, Paul Machlis, keyboards, Eric Rigler, pipes, Mick Linden, bass, and Peter Maund, percussion, playing creative music in the Scottish tradition.


RCE191 $18.00 Tannahill Weavers - Capernaum Kenny Forsyth, Highland pipes, Roy Gullane vocals, great guitar, bouzouki, fiddle & whistles. RCD868 $18.00 The Best of Scotland in Music and Song Pipes and drums, dance bands, folksongs, various artists including Ewan Maccoll and Peggy Seeger. RCE010 $10.00

Sea Shanties

Billy Bones and Other Ditties - Skip Henderson Sailor’s songs from the San Francisco waterfront, some common and some obscure, played on Anglo concertina, melodeon (button accordion), bass, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and of course voices! Shanties include The Mermaid, Bold Jack, Chivalrous Shark, Kerry Recruit, 17 total. RCE183 $20.00 Mystic Seaport - American Sea Chanteys Forebitter, the quartet of shanteymen, join other Mystic Seaport singers in this wonderful CD. RCE217 $16.00 Mystic Seaport Chanteymen - Songs of the Sailor Songs of sailors used by the current chantey staff at Mystic Seaport in their chantey program (wherein they demonstrate how sailors’ work songs, chanteys, were used at the capstan, windlass, halyards and aloft). Reuben Ranzo, John Cherokee, Heiland Laddie, RCD993 $16.00 Mystic Seaport’s Forebitter - Unmooring 16 traditional and original shanties, songs of the sea and instrumentals backed by fiddle, guitar, banjo, percussion and mandolin. Clear Away The Track, Unmooring, Pull Down Below, more. RCD992 $16.00 Port of Dreams by Williams Pint & Felicia Dale. The first album by this powerful Pacific Northwest male - female duo. Superbly produced shanties, interspersed with French music. Guitar, Hurdygurdy, and whistle backing excellent vocals and instrumentals. RCD736 $18.00 Round the Corner By Williams Pint & Felicia Dale. Excellent harmonies and instrumentals featuring: “The Beaches of Leukannon”, “Ruchenista”, and more. The Hurdy-gurdy intro to “Round the Corner Sally” alone is worth the price of admission! RCE268 $18.00 Sailing and Whaling Songs of the 19th Century Sung by Paul Clayton. Saturday Night At Sea, Old Stormalong, much more. RCE015 $10.00 Stan Hugill in Concert at Mystic Seaport Rare performances by the renowned sailor/singer, the late Stan Hugill, one of the last of the working seamen. RCE216 $16.00 Sur le Pont de Brest 96 Brest 96 was probably the largest gathering of sailing vessels ever at the port of Brest, and this is a recording of seafaring songs performed by the crews and recorded on the ships. 15 songs from a dozen different nations. RCE265 $20.00 The Curse of the Somers : Billy Budd’s Ghost Ship Soundtrack for the A&E history channel documentary. Includes 20 chanteys and folksongs of the period, performed by the same group that produced Victory Sings at Sea. RCE073 $16.00 Victory Sings at Sea Chanties and songs from Northwest Musicians, including Santy Anno, John Cherokee, Rollin Down To Old Maui, A Sailor’s Prayer, and 15 other great sea songs. Many singers, banjo, bodhran, concertina, guitar, mandolin and whistle. RCD270 $16.00

South America

Andean Guitar - Rafael Arias All instrumental classics on guitar, performed by Rafael Arias. Hailed by critics as one of the best guitarists in Bolivia. He has performed with the world renowned Savia Andina, and is an acceptional soloist, as you will hear. RCE565 $18.00 Heritage of the Andes Vol. 1 Authentic music of the Andes by Group Aymaran from Bolivia; panpipes, flutes and charango are the featured soloists. 10 cuts, all over 5 minutes except for one; includes Altiplano, Aymara, Andes, Kantuta, Mita, Pancha Mama, Sicus, El Condor, Fiesta, Challa. SPS054 $12.00 Heritage of the Andes Vol. 2 SPS057 $12.00 Heritage of the Andes Vol. 3 SPS056 $12.00 Eddy Navia - En Charango Director of Sukay

displays his mastery of the charango, the small stringed instrument of the Andes RCD618 $18.00 Flute Music of the Andes RCE053 $10.00 Peru - Music from the Land of Macchu Picchu Traditional Peruvian music. Festival songs and dances with charango, cajon, guijada de burro (donkey’s jaw), clarinet, harp and saxophone. RCD800 $19.00 Savia Andina - Classics 3 Savia Andina’s latest collection of great Andean music in their open, clear magical style. Vocals, charango, guitar, panpipes, etc. Performers include Eddy Navia, Alcides Mejia, Julio Cesar Paredes, Oscar Castro. RCE198 $18.00 Sukay - Instrumental Music of the Andes A compilation of the earlier music of Sukay originally released on the Flying Fish label. RCD957 $18.00 Sukay - Navidad Andina Beautiful native music from the Andes for the holiday season on charango, guitar, flutes, etc. Includes: Noche de Paz, La Pastora, Reyes Morenos, Estrella de Sur, etc. RCE194 $18.00 Traditional Music of the Incas Flute and Indian Music Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia. RCE028 $10.00

South Pacific

Tahiti: Dream Island Traditional chants and rhythms which accompany the most traditional Polynesian dances. RCD229 $20.00

Southeast Asia

Landscape Of the Highlands Tran Quang Hai. The mesmerizing and exotic sound of the dan tranh, a sixteen-string zither from Vietnam, is the focus of this recording. Five compositions for solo dan tranh are played by Tran Quang Hai, a talented musician who comes from a family of five generations of musicians. RCE160 $18.00 Music from Thailand and Laos 70 minute CD with informative booklet make a musical document of these still mostly unknown lands. Collected by David Fanshawe who has spent many years exploring the world and preserving the music of indigenous peoples. RCE555 $18.00 Music from Thailand - Field Recordings by Master Ethnomusicologist Deben Bhattacharya This CD with 20 page booklet presents live field recordings made in Thailand; many authentic instruments are played, including the Khawng wong yai, the gong circle. RCE556 $18.00 Music of Vietnam Music from field recording, 78s and 33s from the early 60s. Vietnamese music is similar to Chinese with more of a “blues” sound - earthy and a little twangy. RCE599 $20.00


Gerardo Nunez- Calima Calima means “heat”, and there’s plenty of fire here as Nunez and his smoking guitar make spectacular music, with guests like Strunz and Farah, John Pattucci, Arto Tunboyaciyan, and others. 10 tracks featuring Sevilla, Tabaco y Oro, Sancti Petri, Solea por Bulerias, and an amazing 7 minute Solea, Plazuela. RCE323 $20.00 Gerardo Nunez- Jucal Wonderful Nuevo Flamenco guitar music by Gerardo Nunez, the breakout player and composer of his generation; rapid-fire virtuosity mixed with soul-stirring passion and lyricism. 9 tracks including bulerias, tango/rumbas, seguirillas, etc. RCE324 $20.00 Sabicas Flamenco Fiesta Spanish guitar favorites with Los Trianeros. RCE019 $10.00 Susana Seivane Susana Seivane is one of Galicia’s top young pipers, having learned from her father and grandfather, and her playing is enthusiastic, joyful, and virtuosic. Her piping is a fine example of the modern Celtic Spanish style, rooted in tradition but absorbing contemporary influences, creating music that is both satisfying and full of surprises. RCE461 $18.00


Bayram Traditional Turkish Music played on Baglama Saz. RCD232 $18.00 Benim Anadolum - Traditional Music of Turkey 13 examples of Turkish music, played on baglama saz, cura saz, ney, kaval, zurna, keman, and other

Phone (877) 964-5569 • Fax (707) 964-1979 • Online • Email

traditional instruments RCE362 $17.00 Best of Ethnic Music A potpourri of Turkish folk music, on instruments like clarinet, percussion, ud, darbuka, ney, kaval, and more; 9 cuts- Serap, Col Ruzgari, Asya Gunesi, Yagmur, Uzaklar, Yolculuk, Duet Klarnet, Ethnic Klarnet, Ethnic Ney. RCE436 $17.00 Best of Mystic Music - Instrumental 11 selections of Sufi music from turkey, masterfully played by a large ensemble. RCE364 $17.00 Bitmese Sevgi - Munip Utandi Three different maqam “suites”are presented in this Cd, with 17 tracks featuring the rich vocals of Munip Utandi and the music of composers like Huseyni Saddettin Arel, Haci Arif Bey, and with musicians including Goskel Baktagir on kanun, Birol Yayla on tambur, Aiziz Filiz on ney. RCE363 $17.00 Can Elleri - Tasavvuf Musikisi ve Zikir - Sufi Music - Sir Vocal and instrumental Sufi music from Turkey, featuring Ismail Soyyigit and Berat Dalsaldi, vocal soloists, along with a choral group and beautiful instrumental music on the ney, kanun, kemence, tambur, mey, bendir, kudum and def. 13 selections including Can yine bulbul oldu, Yandir beni, Tubanin dallari, Guzel Asik, Allah Allah Rabbuna; and sing along lyrics (in Turkish) included. RCE437 $17.00 Dergah - Sufi Music of Turkey Ercan Irmak plays the ney on this recording of Turkish Sufi music; a beautiful spiritual mood is the result, on pieces such as Yunus, Bulbul, Veysel Karani, Demedim Mi, etc. RCE234 $17.00 Echoes of Anatolia : Music from Istanbul Istanbul - the cultural crossroad of Turkey, where East meets West. Songs, recordings of traditional instrumental solos (on the kanun, kemence, ‘ud and yayla tanbur) and examples of the complex, microtonal classical music of the region. RCE136 $20.00 Erkose Ensemble - Turkish Gypsy Music Rom music from Anatolia, on violin, ud, kanun, low G clarinet, and dumbek. RCE618 $19.00 Halay 3 - Elazig-Erzincan Featuring mey (Turkish duduk), clarinet, and davul, this CD has 16 selections of authentic Turkish dance music; tunes include Ayre, Gel Bari, Halas Havasi, Uc Ayak, etc. RCE357 $17.00 Harem II - Time of Rhythm 16 new tracks by the Turkish percussion band, with additional musicians and instruments. Bunyamin Olguncan and Almanyah Suat on Darbuka, Serkan Balta on Hollo, and Ercumet Ipin on Bass Darbuka; plus keyboards, trumpet, sax, bouzouki, clarinet, def, bendir, bongo, tabla, violins, viola, bass; 76 minutes of music. RCE610 $17.00 Harem Turkish Percussion Group - Rhythm Colour 12 tracks of high energy Turkish drumming, featuring dumbeks, bendirs, shakers, tef, zils, and other world percussion like djembes, bongos, and tablas. Some of the tracks are only percussion, some have melody instruments too, like Turkish violin, clarinet, and cello. Musicians include Yasar Akpence, Bunyamin Olguncan, Kemal Taspinarli, Tarik El Zubeyr, plus guest melodic players. RCE438 $17.00 Hicaz Huzzam Fasli Turkish classical music; Turkish traditional orchestra with vocalist Kemal Gurses; selections such as Hicaz Humayun Pesrev, Alim, Nicin Bulbul in two fasli suites, one in Hicaz and one in Huzzam. RCE235 $17.00 Mahur Mahur and several other maqam of Turkish Classical Music are performed by A Senol Filiz on ney and bendir, Birol Yayla on tanbur, Samim Karaca, ud, Taner Sayacioglu, kanun, Kemal Caba, keman, and Lutfiye Ozer, kemence; 10 tracks, like Mahur Sazsemaisi, Suzidil Sazsemaisi, Sehnaz Sazsemaisi, Cecen Kizi, Hicaz Sazsemaisi. RCE366 $17.00 Okyanustaki Sesler 2 - Goskel Baktagir, Kanun Sounds from the Ocean”; Cananim; traditional Turkish art music on Kanun, with Osman Tokcan, ud, Baki Kemanci, keman (violin), and Oxer Arkun, viyolonsel (cello), Yurdal Tokean on ud, Lutfiye Coskun on kemence, Ender Dogan on ney, Kemal Caba on rebab, plus more musicians. 15 tracks, with Nihavend Longa and Sirto, Hicaz Cesitleme, Dalgalar, Cambaz, Nefes-2, among the selections. RCE360 $17.00 Okyanustaki Sesler - Goskel Baktagir, Kanun

Sounds from the Ocean”; traditional Turkish art music on Kanun, with Osman Tokcan, ud, Baki Kemanci, keman (violin), and Oxer Arkun, viyolonsel (cello). 15 beautifully performed pieces, including major works like Nihavend Peshrev, Hicaz Saz Semaisi, Muhayyerkurdi Saz Semaisi. RCE273 $17.00 Oriental Dance House Belly dance star Burchin Orhon presents her latest dance music, a creative mix of traditional instruments, rhythms and melody with modern production incorporating electric instruments and studio techniques. Produced by Ethem Zeytinkaya, the result is exciting and highly danceable. RCE237 $17.00 Saz Eserleri ve Taksimler - Ustadlardan Sazlarin Dili 60 minutes of gorgeous Turkish art music. Halil Karaduman, kanun; Ercument Batanay, yayli tambur; and Ergin Kizilay, ud, play famous works of the classical repertoire of the Ottoman court. RCE250 $17.00 Simurg - Asitane Turkish classical music, from the Sultan’s court and the Sufi tekes, played by Aslihan Ozel, kemence, Ozer Ozel, tanbur, and Kemal Karaoz, ney and bendir.9 selection, such as Tekbir ve salat-i ummiyye, Sallahu ala Muhammed, Dolap Nicun Inlersin, Severim Seni Ben. RCE365 $17.00 Sufi Music Of Turkey Vol 2 Ney Taskimleri by Zeyzenbashi (master flute player) Dogan Ergin; solo ney playing improvised taksim, 13 cuts total, including Nihavent, Saba, Hijac, Ussak, Senaz; wonderful trance music. RCE229 $17.00 Sufi Music Of Turkey Vol 4 Neyzen- instrumental performances of Sufi music by ney player Hakan Polat, with Sefyi Ayta on bendir, playing taksim and rhythmic pieces such as Saba Taksim, Ah Nice Bir, Kabenin Yollari. RCE230 $17.00 Sufi Music Of Turkey Vol 5 Semazen instrumental by Hakan Polat; deeply moving, meditative improvised taqsim performances on the ney; makams include Segah, Rast, Nihavent, Hicaz, etc. RCE231 $17.00 Sufi Music Of Turkey Vol 7 Vuslat - Hakan Polat, ney player, plays instrumental music for the Sufi ceremony; Hicaz, Taksim, Allah Bize Luftetti, Seher Vakti, and six other pieces are performed. RCE233 $17.00 The Best of Anatolia - Turkish Folk Music Vol. 3 Mehmet Erenler plays more great tunes from Turkey; 14 cuts include Kara Cadir, Ne Aglarsin, Dersini Almista, etc. RCE242 $17.00 Traditional Music from Turkey This group was chosen to represent Turkey at the International Festival Mondial des Cultures in Canada - where this album was recorded. The music is from all over Turkey - from Anatolia to the Black Sea and includes the famous song “Adana Ciftetellisi”. CD with booklet in English, German and Spanish. RCE514 $18.00 Turkish Classic Belly Dance Vol. 1 Fantastic clarinet and ensemble playing hot music for oriental dance. Many tunes are included, such as Azize, Istanbul Oyun Havasi, Tulum, Reyhan, Adananin Yollari Tastan, are played as long medleys, just like the way it’s done in the Turkish nightclub scene. RCE433 $17.00 Turkish Classic Belly Dance Vol. 2 Klarnetle Oyun Havalari; more hot clarinet and ensemble for the oriental dance.10 tracks, with famous tunes like Anadolou, Mastika, Yesillim, Silfiken Yogurdu, Eminem, Misket, and others. Put on your coin belt and wiggle those hips! Great for listening, too. RCE434 $17.00 Turkish Classic Kanun By Necati Yildizdogan; instrumental Turkish art music by great composers including Refik Fersan and Tamburi Cemil Bey; taksim, peshrev,. Kanun, bendir. RCE249 $17.00 Turkish Folk Guitar 1 By Ethem Adnan Ergil; lovely Turkish folk music RCE238 $17.00 Turkish Folk Guitar 3 RCE248 $17.00 Turkish Folk Guitar Vol 6 CD RCE356 $17.00 Turkish Folk Music Vol. 5 Saz Ile Oyun Havalari; Arif Sab on baglama saz accompanied by the Doruk Onatkut Orkestrasi perform instrumental folk music from Turkey. They play classics like Misket, Fidaya, Zeybek, Aslan Mustafa, 11 selections in all. Several size sazes including an electric baglama are featured, along with darbukka, spoons, and other folk instruments. RCE243 $17.00

• MUSIC • Turkish Folk Saz Vol. 1 Mehmet Erenler plays instrumental selection on baglama saz, the traditional Turkish long neck lute on 18 tracks including Urfanin Etrafi, Havada Bulut Yok, Mendilimin Yesili, etc. RCE244 $17.00 Turkish Folk Saz Vol. 2 Mehmet Erenler plays traditional folk music of Turkey on the baglama saz; also on the divan, tanbura and cura sazes, with bendir, spoons, etc. RCE245 $17.00 Turkish Folklor Music - Instrumental Delightful instrumental performances on baglama saz, percussion, etc. Adanali, Mevlana, Tren Gelir Hos Gelir, and others. RCE247 $17.00 Turkish Military Band Mehterhane is the official Turkish Military Band; in the days of the sultans, it consisted of 8 zil , 8 zurna, 8 nakkara kettledrums, 8 borozan trumpet, 8 drums, and each group had a head musician, making 9 of each instrument. RCE246 $17.00

Uilleann Pipes

Jerry O’Sullivan - The Invasion Breathtaking Irish piper Jerry O’Sullilvan joined by Mick Moloney on guitar, Joanie Madden on flute, Eileen Ivers on fiddle, and Seamus Egan on flute, banjo and whistle. RCD340 $18.00 Seamus Ennis - The Wandering Minstrel Seamus Ennis on Uilleann Pipes. Double jigs, hornpipes, slow airs and set dances galore. RCD361 $18.00 Willie Clancy, The Minstrel from Clare Willie Clancy, from Miltown Malbay, a center of traditional music, was acclaimed as a piper and whistle player of the highest degree, and loved as a singer. 14 tracks display some of his artistry on tunes like Langstern Pony, Caoineadh an Spailpin, the Dear Irish Boy. RCE373 $19.00


Cape Verde The remote Cape Verde islands offer a unique and exquisite blend of music with influences from Africa, Portugal, and Brazil; some of the featured artists are Ceasaria Evora, Bana, Boy Ge Mendes. RCE674 $15.98 Globe Trot - A Musical Journey Around the World 20 track sampler featuring field recordings from around the world. RCE120 $15.00 Hassan Hakmoun - Life Around the World Hakmoun is the scion of a musical family of Morocco, of the Gnawa tribe, known for their trance powers and healing music. He plays sintir, a large three stringed skin bellied lute of the gimbri family, and mixes his traditional music with a variety of musicians ranging from the late Don Cherry to oudist Radwane Laktib, on 12 cuts like Allah, Amoulay, Chabakouni, etc. Wonderful and captivating music. RCE321 $20.00 Jamaica Legendary Reggae artists offer a compelling overview of one of the world’s most popular music styles RCE627 $15.98 Music from Coffee Lands Cool music from countries that grow coffee! Colombia, Brazil, Jamaica, Mexico, Kenya, Hawaii. RCE675 $15.98 Music from Coffee Lands II More cool music from countries that grow coffee! RCE676 $15.98 The Gypsy Road - A Musical Migration from India to Spain A wide-ranging collection of Gypsy music, presenting sounds and instrumentation that change as the perpetual migrations of the Gypsies continue. RCE329 $20.00 The Spirit of the Flute Flute & Pipe Music from Around the World. The Andes, Irish Pipe and Whistle, Japanese Shakuhachi, Romanian Panpipe, India, Hawaii, Afro/Caribbean, Scottish Bagpipes, Chinese Bamboo Flute, Israel, the Amazon Indians, Rampal. RCE021 $10.00


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• VIDEOS • Beginning Appalachian Dulcimer Mark Nelson shows you everything you need

to start playing music on the Appalachian dulcimer including tuning, strums, finger positions and movement, ornaments and more. Starting out with the basics and teaching you how to develop your own style for maximum enjoyment. Many songs and tunes. LAR005 $29.95

Dynamic Dulcimer Mark Nelson’s self instruction video for

dulcimer players wishing to expand their repertoire and learn new techniques. Flatpicking and modified fingerpicking, tuning, cross-tuning, left hand positions and much more. Includes twelve tunes from around the world played on French epinette, Swedish hummel and Hungarian citera that you can play on your Appalachian dulcimer. LAR006 $29.95

Bowed Psaltery: An Instructional Guide Gregg Schneeman’s Step by step guide

to the bowed psaltery. Tuning, scales, slides, simple single bow tunes, double bow tunes, improvisation and 3 bow tunes. To get the most out of this video, 2 bows are recommended. LAR029 $29.95

Beginning the Appalachian Autoharp Evo Bluestein demonstrates the main

steps that make up his style of playing: Pinch strum (for rhythm accompaniment), Pinch strum (for melody picking) and Full Rhythm strum (for melody picking). Start at the beginning of the tape. Repeat each segment, playing along with Evo, until you can duplicate what Evo is doing. LAR001 $29.95 Advanced Autoharp Series, Volume One Evo’s techniques taught on this tape include melody picking, syncopated swing strum and drag notes LAR023 $25.00

”Mister Bones”

How To Play The Bones. Percy Danforth started playing the bones in 1908 when he was eight years old. He is the master of twohanded bones playing. Percy says, “Playing the bones with one hand isn’t playing. It’s just rattling the bones.” This is the definitive work on playing the bones! Learn to Play, The History of the Bones, The Life and Times of Percy Danforth, Lots of Great Music with Percy and some of Mendocino’s finest musicians. Learn all Percy’s secrets, alignment, tone, subtlety, and how to hold the bones. There are examples of rolls, taps, triplets, flams, syncopated rhythms, different time signatures, and segments using slow motion video. Included are lots of examples with live (and very lively) music. You need 2 pair of bones to get the most out of this video. LAR027 $29.95


Irish Tenor Banjo & Mandolin Seamus Egan teaches tuning,

basic melody, techniques including: picking, triplets, slides, moving triplets, longnotes, different rhythms and repertoire. Recommended for players of the Tenor Banjo, Mandolin, Cittern, Mandola and Irish Bouzouki. LAR028 $29.95

Beginning Old Time Mandolin Jemmy Bluestein is a

well-known teacher and performer on many instruments. He has a number of albums with the Bluestein Family and his brother Evo with whom he often performs. You will learn tuning, picking techniques, chording techniques, rhythms, basic chords for the keys of D, G, A & C, embellishments, variations and singing accompaniment LAR016 $29.95

Mandolin Lesson

This video music lesson by Jody Stecher is for the mandolin player who has reached a plateau and wants more techniques and inspiration. Bluegrass, Scottish, Greek, Old Time and Irish tunes are used as examples on this lesson. Included on this tape are right hand picking patterns, tone colors of different keys, rhythmic variations, melodic variation and ornamentation, double stops, alternate fingerings, and more. LAR011 $29.95

Basic Irish Fiddle

Dale Russ shows you the elements of the Irish fiddle style. Included are exercises to develop coordination in both hands, basic bowing techniques, slides, grace notes, rolls, and bowed triplets. He combines these techniques within various dance rhythms to make the traditional Irish fiddle style accessible LAR009 $29.95

Learn to Play the Fiddle Appalachian Style Evo Bluestein

demonstrates the proper old time fiddle techniques of bowing, finger position, slides, rhythmic emphasis with a selection of tunes. The Appalachian fiddle style stems from the unique combination of Celtic dance music and Afro/American tradition. This tape is ideal for the beginner or the folk music enthusiast wanting an authentic approach to the Appalachian folk style. LAR002 $29.95

Beginning Folk Guitar

In this video Evo Bluestein teaches how to hold and tune your guitar, chords for the keys of D, A, G and C, basic strum, flatpicking for accompaniment in 4/4 and 3/4 (waltz) times, bass runs, and beginning melody flatpicking. You will learn a series of songs while learning these techniques. LAR014 $29.95

Beginning Old Time Banjo Evo Bluestein is a well-known teacher and

performer of many folk instruments and has recorded a number of albums with the Bluestein Family and as a solo artist. Evo teaches you basic frailing (clawhammer), double thumbing, drop thumbing, hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides. Tunings included are open G, double C, G modal, using a capo for other keys. LAR015 $29.95

Beginning Folk Harp

Kim Robertson’s step by step approach to learning the nylon strung folk harp. Starting with beginning exercises to develop tone & strength, continuing on to chords, beginning pieces, chord patterns and special effects. The beginner is taught a personal approach to accompaniment and improvisation. Many sample tunes are included. LAR008 $29.95

Arranging Folk Harp

Folk harpist, Kim Robertson has created a unique style of playing. On this tape you can learn many of her techniques and arranging ideas. Explained are left-hand chord patterns, bass lines, dampening, tremolo, ethnic tunings & improvisation. Many sample tunes are included. LAR007 $29.95

Harp And Voice Laurie Riley’s Guide

for Using The Harp to Accompany Songs is an excellent guide introducing simple techniques that will enable you to develop your own accompaniment arrangements, freeing you from written music and enhancing your creative ability. Easy-to-understand explanations of techniques for all levels. LAR012 $29.95

Seaman's Concertina A Beginning Guide to

the Anglo Concertina in the Nautical Style with John Townley is a basic approach to the 3 row anglo concertina that requires no previous knowledge of music or music training. Teaches basic melody, harmony, left and right hand accompaniment, arpeggios, inverted positions, ornamentation, and more LAR017 $29.95

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New Videos & DVD’s Video: Juan Serrano - The Art of

Accompanying Flamenco Dance Featuring Andrea Sanchez; in this video Serrano shows the interaction of the guitarist and the dancer in 3-camera filming techniques. Includes Sevillanas, Farruca, Tangos, Romeras, Alegrias, Zapateado, and Bulerias. 37 minutes. VID213 $24.95 Advanced Autoharp Series, Volume Two LAR023A $25.00 Advanced Autoharp Series, Volume Three LAR023B $25.00 Video: Highland Bagpipe Tutor - DVD format LAR054DVD $39.95

Beginning Appalachian Clogging With Sandy Silva. Using this tape requires no

previous dance experience! Besides being a wonderful way to learn an exciting dance form, it’s a great form of aerobic exercise. Teaches these basic steps: the Chug, Tennessee Walking Step, The Indian, Buck & Wing, and Wagon Wheel plus stretching, choreography, and a creative approach combining the various steps in your own arrangements LAR010 $29.95

How To Repair Your Diatonic Accordion Or Concertina John Townley & Jehan Paul’s entertaining guide to maintaining and repairing diatonic accordions and concertinas. Learn to safely dismantle your instrument, bellows repair, fixing reed problems, replacing pads, basic tuning, what to avoid, and much more. LAR019 $29.95

Making Music With Construction Guide To Homemade Instruments By Mark Nelson. Easy to make children’s musical instruments, regardless of age or dexterity. Examples of gut bucket bass, hollow drums, panpipes. Make a banjo, dulcimer, simple percussion and more. LAR030 $29.95

Lark In The Morning

“A Celebration Of Music And Dance” Filmed at the 1985 Lark Summer Camp of 300 folks playing music, dancing, cooking and having fun. Lots of great traditional music! 48 minutes LAR003 $24.95


A selection of Irish & Scottish songs and tunes from a live television performance by Michael Hubbert and Mickie Zekley. Instruments played on the tape include Irish Harp, Hurdy Gurdy, Bodhran, Pennywhistle, Flute, Fiddle, Mandolin, Harp Guitar, Cittern, and Guitar. Songs and Tunes include Farewell To Tarwathy, The Other Night Drunk, Tim Maloney’s Reel, The Orange Rogue, Em Reel, The Night Visitor, The Steeple Chase, Tomeen O’Day’s, Cait’s Reel, Molly Bawn. 25 minutes LAR020 $24.95

The Seaman's Fantasy

Songs Of The Sea From The 18th & 19th Centuries with John Townley & Jehan Paul. A collection of wonderful old sea songs sung in harmony by two great musical characters with concertina and button accordion accompaniment. This video was shot at various

locations on the Mendocino Coast (Northern California). Songs and Tunes include: The Big Bow Wow, Port Arthur, Jim Jones, OutwardHomeward Bound, Whaling Johnny, Row On, The Liverpool Packet, Bound For The Rio. LAR018 $24.95

Accordion & Concertina Videos Accordion Styles and Techniques Joey Misku-

lin. Learn to play the piano accordion. Includes breathing, phrasing, bellows shakes, vibrato plus rhythms, fills and leads. Cajun, Tex-Mex, Polka, Cowboy and more. 80 min. LAR137 $39.95 Beginning Zydeco and Cajun Accordion By Evo Bluestein. Tutor for 1 row diatonic (key of C) and 2 row diatonic (key of CF) accordions. Starts with repertoire common to both zydeco and Cajun accordi on styles and continues with songs more specific to zydeco/blues LAR068 $40.00 Conjunto Button Accordion By Joe Torres. Beginning with basic scales and chords, Joe shows you step by step how to play the button accordion. 30 minutes. VID108 $19.95 Learn To Play Irish Button Accordion By John Williams. For B/C 2 row accordions. Starts with how to hold the accordion, simple scales, bass notes, chords and arpeggios. Triplets, waltz rhythm, use of the air button, fingering techniques, learn to add depth and color with use of the piping regulator style and the standard 5-note roll. 70 minutes. VID109 $29.95 Learn To Play Irish Concertina By John Williams. Teaches all the fundamentals of 20 or 30 key Anglo concertina. How to hold the instrument, use the keys, bellow and air button, and move beyond the basic C and G scales. Plus more advanced techniques: producing 2 simultaneous tones, double-octave style playing, cross fingering and bellows work, the alternate C patterns, chords, triplets, grace notes and sustain, much more. VID114 $29.95 Tex-Mex Accordion Learn Norteña Accordion with Flaco Jimenez. 3 row G/C/F button accordion. VID003 $39.95

Autoharp Videos

Advanced Appalachain Autoharp Evo Bluestein Teaches melody picking, syncopated swing strum and drag notes. LAR023 $25.00

Fiddle Videos

A Fiddler’s Guide to Waltzes, Airs and Haunting Melodies Jay Ungar. If you liked the music on the recent PBS Civil War documentary, this video is for you. Designed for people who already play fiddle. 90 min. LAR150 $39.95 Learn to Play Cajun Fiddle Michael Doucet. The title says it. Designed for intermediate fiddlers. 90 min. LAR151 $39.95 Learning Bluegrass Fiddle Kenny Kosek. Start at the beginning and become a bluegrass fiddler. 90 min. LAR140 $29.95 New England Fiddles : Playing Down the Devil Alan Lomax says this film “takes us past the solemn facade of clambakes and town meetings into a lively world of all night dances and local musicians who could have helped Daniel Webster play down the devil”. The film includes performances of seven of the finest traditional musicians in the Northeast including Joe Cormier, Jerry Robichaud, Ben Guillemette, Paddy Cronin, Wilfred Guillette, Harold Luce, and Ron West playing