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MARCH 2013 Germany 2€ Austria 2,20€ SL 3,10 SFR

Happiness! the Danes and their happy lifestyle



Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Lauren Conrad Whitney Port

THE TRUTH What‘s In The Average Womans Closet?

65 trend pieces this spring!

Emma Watson the girl with the magic touch


EDITORIAL Hello and welcome to the second edition of THE LOOK magazine. You may have enjoyed the first version of THE LOOK magazine the other time or you may never have heard of this magazine before and it is the first time that you're holding it in your very own two hands. Either way: congratulations and thank you. You're making me a very happy person. I spent months full of joy, desperation and also of inspiration finishing this magazine. There was blood, there was sweat - and to be honest, there also were a little tears. Not only because of all the stunningly beautiful designer clothes I couldn't even afford in my dreams. Well, now all this inspiration and work - it's all in this one little magazine that you are holding in your hands. So what is there more to say than: ENJOY. Yours,

March 2013 THE LOOK






Top ten trends in march - what's a must buy Nail polish - how to get the best out of your nails Sunglasses - black, round, huge. sunglasses 2013 Accessories - these pieces round up every outfit Runway Impressions - New York Fashion Week Trends 2013 - stripes, squares, denim. Trends 2013

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COVERSTAR Emma Watson - the girl with the magic touch Photo spread - Emma Watson & Quotes


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FASHION Designer - Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad, A&M Olsen Fashion face-off - New York vs. Los Angeles Fashion quotes - famous quotes by famous people

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Beauty trends - what's in this year? Eye make up - how to lead the focus on your eyes Hairstyle - updo vs. hair down, what do you like more?

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Happiness - the Danes and their happy lifestyle Top Applications - the best apps for women! The truth - what's in the average womans closet?

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this March 1.

Metal Cube Pump by Valentino ca 800€

2. Striped Dress by Marc Jacobs ca 1000€

4. 3. Metall necklace by Morgan ca 40€


THE LOOK March 2013

Body Eau de Parfum by Burberry ca 70€


This Spring Stripes instead of animal print. A total must this spring are stripes in black and white! Combine your perfect outfit with matching accessories in either black, white or nude.

Beige Flats by Görtz 17 ca 55€

5. 6.

Rosé Glasses by H&M ca 10€

8. DONEGAL Belt by Tommy Hilfiger ca 50€

7. 9. Nude Nail Polish by O.P.I um 16€

Skirt Emerald by Saint Tropez ca 55€

10. Colour Block Clutch by Topshop ca 35€

March 2013 THE LOOK







THE LOOK March 2013


Nude tones push neon colors from their throne. This springs trend: Skin tones and all kinds of pastellish colors.

5. 4.

1. 6.


3. 7.

1. Nude by L‘Oréal, circa 13€ 2. Sandy Skin by Catrice, circa 3€ 3. Balloon by Essence, circa 2€ 4. Glimmer Rose by Catrice, circa 3€ 5. Lotus Effect by Manhattan, circa 4€ 6. Winter Skin by Essence, cicra 10€ 7. Particuliére by Chanel, circa 25€

March 2013 THE LOOK






Small, big, round and sqarish. In spring 2013 you can find the right model for any face! The trend for sunglasses continues exactly where it ended in late summer 2012.


THE LOOK March 2013


Roberto Cavalli, 200€

Prada, 220€

H&M, 6€

Roberto Cavalli, 270€

Marc Jacobs, 120€

Ray Ban, 140€

House Of Harlow, 130€

Urban Outfitters, 20€

Dolce & Gabanna, 210€

Jeepers Peepers, 25€

March 2013 THE LOOK






Golden Bracelet SIXX ca 10€

Alyssa Bracelet John & Pearl ca 130€

Scale Necklace Asos ca 24€

Geo Belt Zara ca 40€

Rapture Ring Scott Wilson ca 90€


THE LOOK March 2013

Striped Hairband Asos ca 20€


Nor Earrings Just Access ca 25€

Round Scarf Pieces ca 20€

Stede Necklage Just Access ca 30€

Lego Clutch Chanel ca 1000€

Braided Necklace Prague ca 45€

Orange Bag Louis Vuitton ca 1000€

March 2013 THE LOOK




THE LOOK March 2013


RUNWAY IMPRESSIONS New York Fashion Week Spring 2013

Louis Vuitton Chanel Balmain


March 2013 THE LOOK



LOUIS VUITTON „In green, grey, nude or black, it‘s all about squares“


THE LOOK March 2013


March 2013 THE LOOK



CHANEL „Simplicity in black and white“


THE LOOK March 2013


March 2013 THE LOOK



BALMAIN „Basic shapes in black and white“


THE LOOK March 2013


March 2013 THE LOOK




Moschino Cheap and Chic, ca 370€

New Look, ca 20€

Paige, ca 244€


THE LOOK March 2013


This spring you won‘t get around stripes. No chance. At all. Motto this year is: let the animal inside of you out! Why not start with the zebra-look, then? We show you, how to do it.

Balmain, ca 1890€

Balmain, ca 1053€ Giuseppe Zanotti, ca 950€

ASOS, ca 40€

H&M, ca 10€

March 2013 THE LOOK




Topshop, ca 40€

Unique, ca 130€ Louis Vuitton, ca 1000€


THE LOOK March 2013


The times where plaid clothes were considerd tweedy are over! Yes, you heard right. At fashion week this spring, nearly everything was covered in squares. And what Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs do, you can do, too. We show you how to.

Topshop, ca 80€

Motel Multi, ca 100€

L.A.M.B, ca 400€

Wal G. um 80€

Louis Vuitton, ca 1000€

H&M, ca 10€

March 2013 THE LOOK




STONE, ca 70€

Topshop, ca 50€

MOTO, ca 60€


THE LOOK March 2013

TRENDS Must have this year is denim. But what do we tell you... everyone has a jeans in their closet, right? So to make that clear: must have this year is not only a denim piece but TONS OF IT. So go, go and get some more denim stuff!

Topshop, ca 35€

STONE, ca 45€ New Balance, ca 50€

ASOS, ca 50€

Cheap Monday, ca 30€

March 2013 THE LOOK



Emma Watson

THE GIRL WITH THE MAGIC TOUCH Emma Watson grew up on screen but as an adult, she‘s making her mark in the fashion world. Harriet Walker meets the new face of Lancôme Emma Watson looks surprisingly grown-up, I think, when I meet her at the Savoy Hotel. Reclining on a plush cream sofa with short, slicked hair and red lips, wearing a fitted black cocktail dress, she is every inch the sophisticated socialite. Poor Emma Watson, I then counter immediately, having constantly to prove to people like me that she isn‘t 11-years-old any more. Her new role as the face of Lancôme‘s „Rouge in Love“ lipstick range will go some way towards changing that view – shot by Mario Testino, the campaign captures her youthful vitality in a new and chic, gamine expression. It‘s rather more urbane and quite apart from the reputation for precociousness that the Harry Potter franchise – fairly or not – has foisted upon her. „As I‘ve got older, and since I cut all my hair off, I‘ve felt a bit more liberated about trying different things out,“ she smiles, when I suggest she has successfully shaken off the fetters of having played a gawky teenage witch for a decade. „I think there‘s this idea that 28

THE LOOK March 2013

lipstick is something quite old or something you‘d only wear at night. The nice thing about these is that they‘re really translucent, like a tinted lip balm, so you can wear them in a more casual way.“ If she sounds like a professional, that‘s because she has been one for the majority of her 21 years. Picked from thousands to play Hermione Granger at the age of nine, after eight auditions for producer David Heyman, Watson is now – eight films later – rumoured to be worth £43m. She signed a contract with Lancôme in April to feature in the commercial for its Trésor Midnight Rose fragrance, and has been at Selfridges all day to promote the brand‘s latest launch of lipstick and nail varnish. „Make-up is actually something I‘ve always really loved,“ she continues. „The hair and make-up department on the Potter films were the people who saw me first thing in the morning and last thing at night, so that space was somewhere I felt at home. When we had spare time on set, I‘d do their make-up and get them

to teach me how to do stuff.“ Make-up artist on the films Amanda Knight remembers Watson making up extras for crowd scenes, too, but Watson has today left it to the professionals. „I haven‘t had my make-up done for two or three months,“ she says, as if expecting me to say, „No way!“ I raise my eyebrows and she laughs. „I know! But it‘s really weird for me because I used to have it done every day. So it felt like a treat today.“ She refers regularly to privileges and treats, to feeling lucky and counting her blessings, and she doesn‘t seem troubled or distracted by the host of opportunities available to her. She is studying English at Oxford, on a secondment from the American Ivy League campus Brown. „It‘s just given me time, really,“ she says. „People use their time at university and at school, which I didn‘t have, to really think about and figure out what they want to do, and who they want to be. And it‘s been so nice not to be pushed around or pushed into doing things.“

{ }


After Harry Potter Emma chopped off her long hair and now feels more confident with her short hair.

The English actress and model Emma Watson got famous for her role Hermine in Harry Potter. The 22 year old was nine when she got casted for the role and has therefore been in the business for 13 years now. She is now not only acting but also modeling for different designers and brand like Lanôme.


I love being know for the roles I play, but I‘d like to keep my personal life private. It‘s important fror me to feel like I have my own life. März 2013 THE LOOK



from long to short hair, not everyone is brave enough for a change that radical. Emma is.

In fact, Watson has carefully peppered her career with choices that pertain very closely to her own interests, putting her name to a collection for eco-fashion range People Tree as well as partnering with designer Alberta Ferretti to work on a „Pure Threads“ ethical line too. Her next film, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, will be released later this year. She paints and reads books. She has, she tells me guiltily, a university essay to hand in the next day, not yet finished. „Doing the Potters was such a bubble,“ she says, „and then having to figure out how to function in the real world has been a challenge. But it‘s been the small successes for me: I know how to use a washing machine, I can cook. It‘s worth it to me not to feel disconnected from everything, feeling


THE LOOK March 2013

like I‘m in touch with people who do other things than acting or being in the entertainment industry.“ In a few hours, she will host the Lancôme pre-Baftas party, posing in a crimson lace Valentino dress for the world‘s cameras. But for the moment, she has her bare feet hooked up underneath her and is fiddling with her BlackBerry; she looks at the basil plant poking out of my shopping bag and wonders what I‘m having for dinner.


there‘s times when I feel a bit mad, but its the balance that keeps me sane.


She is terribly normal – if elfishly beautiful – in her rendition of a wellbrought-up young woman.

„I think humour has been a help,“ she says. „I have schoolfriends, a group of people around me, who have carried me through this whole experience and aren‘t fazed if they ask, ‚Oh what are you doing tomorrow?‘ and I say, ‚I‘m going up to see Mario [Testino] in Notting Hill, he‘s shooting me for the new Lancôme campaign.‘ I don‘t know – it is mad, and some days I feel a bit mad, but it‘s the balance that keeps me sane. I don‘t fully live it, this side of my life.“ Watson is sanguine about the attention she receives and is logical about it; she plans to travel more now that she has a more lax schedule, and talks about going to the post office, buying milk, getting the Tube, though I can‘t believe for a minute that she is actually able to do these things fussfree. „Some days, for some

COVERSTAR For her carreers sake she has to grow her hair back out. „With long hair you just fit more roles.“

reason, I can‘t go anywhere and I‘m like, ‚That was a mistake,‘ and other days no one will even notice me.“ There was a time, though, towards the end of the Potter franchise, when Watson came of age and began appearing on front rows at shows such as Chanel and Burberry, in whose billboard campaigns she featured along with her younger brother in 2009. „I was fully game for ‚Throw me in this, throw me in that,‘“ she admits, „but I‘d like to develop my own sense of style, and dress for myself. The press destroyed me over this Rodarte dress I once wore – it was bright blue with chains on it.“ She laughs and shivers slightly. „I loved it. And I wore a leather Christopher Kane dress with embroidered flowers all over it. It wasn‘t that crazy, but at the time...“ She seems to have ridden out the post-Potter publicity

admirably, though. „Fashion gave me a chance to feel like I was something outside of Potter,“ she explains, of her appearances front row at shows such as Chanel and Burberry. „I‘m a multidimensional person and that‘s the freedom of fashion: that you‘re able to reinvent yourself through how you dress and how you cut your hair or whatever.“ Her haircut was, of course, an international sensation, and turned into a global debate. Was it a good idea, did she regret it, why did she do it?


Some Journalist even asked me if I was coming out of the closet. If I was a lesbian.


Watson faced compliments and criticism in equal measure, staggeringly so. This was more than the average celeb ‚do and more like a

more Quotes and Pictures of Emma on the next page!

cultural event: Potter fans were horrified, while the fashion industry discreetly applauded the severing of Hermione‘s bookish locks. „I had journalists asking me if this meant I was coming out, if I was a lesbian now.“ She rolls her eyes. „That haircut did make me realise how subjective everyone‘s opinion is. Some people were crazy for it and some people just thought I‘d lost my shit. All I can do is follow my instincts, because I‘ll never please everyone.“ Emma‘s golden rule for a happy relationship: Not dating other actors! „I try not to date other actors. It definitely makes me nervous. I haven‘t tried to make others celebrity friends or date people who are in my industry, because it‘s difficult and it can be superficial. I‘m lucky that most of the people I‘ve dated I‘ve been at university with.“

March 2013 THE LOOK




THE LOOK March 2013






THE LOOK March 2013



March 2013 THE LOOK




THE LOOK March 2013



M채rz 2013 THE LOOK




THE LOOK March 2013


M채rz 2013 THE LOOK



young DESIGNER let us introduce you to...

this time: Whitney Port with Whitney Eve, Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen with the Row and Lauren Conrad with Papercrown

March 2013 THE LOOK



WHITNEY PORT about her clothing line


THE LOOK March 2013


INTERVIEW I’m inspired by so many different things, other Designers, or even cities like L.A and New York.

I am looking at presenting at some other shows coming, like Coterie and Projects in Las Vegas.

Whitney, what does inspire you and your designs the most? I’m inspired by so many different things. I think for the Spring 2013 Collection it was really a mix of my Los Angeles aesthetics and my New York aesthetics. It’s kind of like that easy going vibe of Los Angeles mixed with that more sophisticated street style of New York. And, I love color! I work with this print artist in the United Kingdom who helped me develop some really cool prints that I think represented my personal aesthetic, and I use them in more fun, flirty silhouettes.

bought licenses, like Strawberry Shortcake and Carebears, and then printed them on simple t-shirts and lounge wear.

Okay, so what design influences have contributed to this personal aesthetic and your ideas for designing? Well, influences…I really grew up in the fashion industry. My dad had been working in the apparel industry for forever, and my mom is an artist and art teacher, so I think the mix of those two definitely had a major influence on me becoming a fashion designer. You‘re talking about your Dad, but what exactly did your dad do in the fashion industry? He was always in manufacturing. He

Alright. So, what are you all about as a designer? Well, I really want girls to feel comfortable and sexy, but at the same time something they can wear from day to night. I think its important to be eclectic and provide clothes that women can wear on a number of different occasions, depending on how they style it. You mentioned styling for women, and you obviously cater to women – have you thought about doing a men’s line? Umm…I don’t know. It’s not really on my radar right now, but I’m not opposed to it. Okay, okay. So, you’ve shown your WhitneyEve Collection at New York Fashion Week before – can we possibly look forward to seeing you in September for Sprin/Summer 2014? As of right now, I’m not scheduled to show my line in September. But I am looking at presenting at some other shows coming, like Coterie and Projects in Las Vegas.

March 2013 THE LOOK



New York‘s style is more sophisticated and worldly, while L.A‘s is just a little more beachy.

Are you hoping to return to Fashion Week sometime in the future then? Oh, of course! Eventually once the company becomes a little bigger I will want to go back for sure. So, you’re a Cali girl at heart. How do you think New York fashion differs from Los Angeles fashion? I think, you know, that New York is just so culturally diverse and it is just this big melting pot of cultures that you are just getting these styles from all different pockets of the world, and I think its just a little more sophisticated and worldly. Los Angeles is just a little more jeans and t-shirt – a little more care free and beachy. Right. I completely agree. And it’s really interesting how the two places are just so vastly different in terms of what you see people wearing when you are walking down the street. Yes, exactly! Just going over your career highlights: you have done everything from Teen Vogue, to DVF. You’ve planned and help runway shows, you’ve styled, you’ve


THE LOOK March 2013

Designing my line is definitely the best part of my day. It‘s simply what I love to do the most.

become a fashion designer, and now you have modeled – I mean, you seriously have an amazing resume. Which do you truly love the most? Fashion design is my favorite part of my life. It’s what I have always wanted to do. Even before I was on television I knew that I would eventually get to this point, if I was lucky enough. Designing my line is the absolute best part of my day. So, even though you knew you wanted to be a designer, you got your degree in Gender Studies from USC. What was the reasoning behind that? Well, I think…well, that’s a really good question. I think that what you study in college doesn’t have to be what you do for a career. I guess I just thought I would get a life skills kind of background and then I would be able to teach myself of the things in the fashion world. Obviously that plan is working out! What do you see next for the WhitneyEve line? I’m working on my Spring 2014 Collection right now, and I’m just hoping to grow it and continue to learn who I am as a designer, what girls want, and what I’m the best at.


A job in the fashion industry actually is hard work and takes up a lot of time, so you really have to love it.

Well, I wish you all the luck in the world, and we will be looking out for that collection to be released. I just want to shift gears again and talk about what you like to wear. When you have time to shop, what are you favorite stores to hit up? I love Opening Ceremony, I love Scout. I love….hmmm, that’s a good question. I love this store called The Reformation here in Los Angeles. I think those would by my three favorites. Oh, okay! So what is your favorite item you have in your closet at home? Right now my favorite items are these Camilla Skovgaard ankle boots that I just wear with everything. I’m like over-wearing them right now [laughs]. So, just to wrap everything up, there are thousands of people who would love to be in your shoes. Can you offer any little bit of advice for people looking to enter the fashion industry? Yeah! The key is to start early, and to intern at as many different places as possible to see what you like best. And obviously realize it is not as glamorous as it looks, and it is A LOT of hard work, and you really have to love it. But, remember,

there is so much opportunity in fashion and you just have to start small and be patient. Awesome, and I agree! Once again, Whitney, I want to thank you for your time! This has been amazing! I appreciate it and look forward to seeing what is next for you, and maybe we’ll talk to you again in the future! Oh, it was no problem, and thank you!

March 2013 THE LOOK



MARY-KATE & ASHLEY OLSEN about her clothing line


THE LOOK March 2013


INTERVIEW When we were twelve we learned to be aware of what was in the market and what wasn‘t.

The main thing lacking in the luxury market were basic pieces that could go with everything.

You’re talking to someone who just barely bought a TV, so, you know, I only know you as fashion people. Does the level of credibility you’ve established within the industry surprise you? ASHLEY OLSEN: I think my sister and I just focus on working hard. We started off working with Wal-Mart on our first clothing line as an extension of our personal brand when we were 12, and we got to learn about being aware of what was in the market and what wasn’t. When we were 18, we decided to take a step back and go to school. But after a year at NYU, I think we were kind of bored because we were used to constantly juggling both worlds!

sizes; we wanted it to be timeless. So it was learning about production and manufacturing, one piece at a time.

The Row began with the search for the perfect T-shirt, right? MARY-KATE: It was a project for a great T-shirt that we thought maybe we would do for a certain campaign. ASHLEY: We didn’t end up doing that, but we loved the fabric and got the best fit that we could create. MARY-KATE: It all started with us talking with our friends about the T-shirt—just putting it on bodies, on anyone from 12 to 60, and different sizes. ASHLEY: We wanted it to be different

What came next after the T-shirt? When did you realize that you were creating a collection? ASHLEY: It was a T-shirt, and then a tank top, and then a dress— MARY-KATE: And then a blazer, and then the stretch-leather leggings—which I think people thought was a crazy idea at first. But then everybody wanted them! I know Lauren Hutton’s a fan. ASHLEY: I think our first-ever magazine cover was of her on Forbes on a motorcycle in the leggings. You couldn’t ask for a better fit model than Lauren Hutton. She’s the epitome of a smart, understated, take-no-prisoners woman. I think The Row skews toward an older market—an educated consumer who’s been shopping for years. The main thing we thought was lacking in the luxury market were basic pieces that could break up an outfit so you didn’t feel like you were totally dressed in one designer. You could add some ease and comfort, tone it down.

March 2013 THE LOOK



We just go from season to season and hope people enjoy what we make, that‘s what we love.

When you start working on a collection, are you thinking about specific pieces that are missing from most wardrobes? ASHLEY: Our core business are those pieces that you really want to have accessible to you but you don’t really want to worry about, like a great white button-down. MARY-KATE: But now we have daywear, nightwear, the item that goes anytime, too. At what point did you realize that you were successful and being taken seriously as designers? ASHLEY: I don’t think we ever did. MARY-KATE: We still don’t. We just go from season to season, hoping that people enjoy what we make.You’re not being looked at as celebrities designing but as designers who are designing things women want. ASHLEY: Well now it’s funny because most designers have become celebrity-type figures. I hate that word, celebrity, but it’s not necessarily the brand that’s being branded, it’s they themselves. You guys have worked the reverse magic. MARY-KATE: It’s a non-branded


THE LOOK March 2013

As for other designers, we really like Yohji Yamamoto, Karl Lagerfeld and Dries Van Noten.

brand. I’m noticing a very tasteful logo here. I think it would be good to talk just a little bit about how you came up with your hardware and made those kinds of decisions. We didn’t like tags. We didn’t like labels. We wanted something very chic, very minimal. So we always go back to metals as our hardware for branding. ASHLEY: We didn’t want a lot of hardware at all. We just let metal be our label. Our first season we just did gold, and then we introduced silver for resort. It’s very discreet. Who’s your favorite designer? Other than yourselves... ASHLEY: We like Yohji Yamamoto and Karl Lagerfeld, and Dries Van Noten, the way he uses color. Then old Coco Chanel as well. MARY-KATE: I remember the first time we walked into Prada—was it in Rome? ASHLEY: No. I think before. MARY-KATE: Well, I remember going in, and then traveling. We had to drive from Milan to—from Florence to Milan? Or from Florence to Rome? ASHLEY: It was the outlet—the Prada/Miu Miu/Jil Sander outlet—outside of Florence. I was going nuts there because and the dollar was so strong at that point.


We want to make women feel comfortable about their own body. And chic - and understated.

Right, that’s when Italy was still a Third World country and everything was lire. So 3,000 lire was $40. ASHLEY: Our dollar was so strong. And all the nylon bags... I think we were all on shopping heydays in the mid-’90s. So what do you think it is that women are looking for now when they go out in search of personal style? Because you’ve obviously always been looked up to as style icons. ASHLEY: I think women just want to feel comfortable. MARY-KATE: And chic ASHLEY: And understated. MARY-KATE: That‘s what we‘re trying to communicate with our clothing line. Do you feel your style has changed as you’ve become designers? I think there’s an imprint in everybody’s mind of, you know, the grunge inspiration from your NYU days. MARY-KATE: People were really fascinated by it, but I just think it was laziness on our part! We came to New York from California, and we didn’t know what to wear in the snow. So it’s like, whatever I could find I just put on.

Who would you say are your biggest fans? ASHLEY: A lot of men love it, actually. I think we almost get more compliments from men about the clothes than from women. Seriously? Interesting. What do they say? ASHLEY: They just like how it feels when... When they’re molesting their dates? MARY-KATE: Yeah, exactly. ASHLEY: But I think all guys have this perception of wanting women to be in jeans and a T-shirt looking naturally beautiful. That’s kind of where we come from. A lot of these are just basic clothes, nothing crazy or ridiculous. Well, they’re easy, they’re relaxed, and ultimately, they’re sexy, in a way that men can relate to, so you’ve done it. ASHLEY: And there’s so much more to do!

March 2013 THE LOOK



LAUREN CONRAD about her clothing line


THE LOOK March 2013


INTERVIEW I would never include a piece in my collection that I would not want to wear myself.

I have had many missteps along the way, but I learned from each of them .

Lauren, how would you describe the Paper Crown collection? Feminine, a modern take on classic style. Understatedly elegant, effortless, and lovely.

I obtained in the previous years spent in the industry. Paper Crown is really a passion project. I created the line because I‘m in love with the process of design, and I wanted to have my own contemporary collection that allowed me to follow my own rules and be creative. The pieces are current with a classic feel— investments that will last throughout the seasons. I have had many missteps along the way, but I learned from each of them and the next time I didn‘t make the same mistake. I am still learning. Everything from design, sales, and production through partnering with our retailers, I am constantly learning things about this industry.

Did you design the collection with yourself in mind? Is every piece something you would wear? Or do you have other muses, and if so, who? My inspirations are translated in different ways throughout the process. We do keep our various customers in mind, but I make sure each style is true to my vision and brand. I usually end up slipping into every piece after the fit model during fittings, and sneaking samples as soon as I am able to. I wouldn‘t include a piece in my collection that I wouldn‘t wear personally. Besides, half the fun of designing is getting to wear the clothing! How is Paper Crown different from your previous design endeavors, and what did you learn from your previous experiences that helped you in launching Paper Crown? Paper Crown is different from what I have done in the past because I was able to enter into the line with the experience

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection? My favorite pieces vary depending on the occasion. My favorite style to dress up in is our tiered chiffon maxi, the Ella Dress. I love the way it moves. For everyday wear, I am obsessed with our faux leather leggings: I wear them all the time! In general my favorite pieces in my wardrobe change little by little, but I always have a basic black shoe and bag, so they go with everything. essories, I always try to find pieces I can work

March 2013 THE LOOK



I tend to gravitate towards the more classic, feminine looks. I enoy being grown up and dress as such.

around, so I always have a basic black shoe, I always have a basic nude shoe, a black bag, and clothing-wise, I always have some sort of black skinny pants whether it‘s leather or a denim or some sort of knit. I always have a blazer depending on the season, and I wear a lot of maxi dresses. How do you think your style has changed and evolved since you were a Teen Vogue intern? In the past five years I have developed my own personal style. Dressing myself has become less of a chore and more of something I can enjoy. Through trial and error, I learned what worked for me and what didn‘t. Now I tend to gravitate towards the more classic, feminine looks. I enjoy slipping into a platform to run errands, or throwing my hair into a polished up-do to head to my office. I have fun with it. Any fashion faux pas from your interning days that you wish you could erase? Too many to remember, but I wouldn‘t erase them. Well... mostly I can‘t erase them because most of them were captured on camera and will forever haunt me!


THE LOOK March 2013

At Teen Vogue I learned to trend forecast. As a fashion designer you need to stay ahead of trends.

How did interning at Teen Vogue influence your sense of style? What was the most valuable thing you learned from your time there? During my time at Teen Vogue, I learned about trend forecasting. We would shoot editorials three months before they would appear in the magazine. We would have swimwear in the closet in the winter. It always felt so odd, but it taught me to try and stay ahead of trends. This is important when you are designing pieces that won‘t hit stores for another six months. Any celebrities you would love to dress? As a designer, you are flattered to see anyone in one of your designs, whether it‘s on a red carpet or passing by you in the market. It‘s this wonderful little high every time. I get it every time I see someone in an LC Lauren Conrad Piece, and I can‘t wait to see someone in Paper Crown. What‘s next for Paper Crown? How do you see it growing down the road? I am currently working on my Spring 2012 collection. The first season, Fall 2011, is


When I have a free afternoon, I love taking my dog for a walk as well as hanging out with my girls.

now available in stores and we will be doing in-store events with Nordstrom. I want to allow Paper Crown to grow organically. I would like to slowly expand the line but maintain its specialty feel. What‘s next for Lauren Conrad? You are always working on so many things at once. What else do you have up your sleeve right now? I just completed my manuscript for the first of three books in my new series, The Fame Game. I have my Paper Crown clothing line, as well as LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls. I also have two websites, and thebeautydepartment. com, which monopolize a lot of my time. I have a couple other projects that I am currently working on, but nothing that I can talk about right now! What do you like to do when you‘re not working? Fitness is a luxury when you are busy! When I have a free afternoon, I love taking my dog, Chloe, for a hike at Runyon Canyon. Spending time with my friends and family is also very important, and I love nights in with my girlfriends watching movies and eating frozen

yogurt and just chat about the latest gossip and have a good time! Do you see yourself returning to TV in any respect in the future? And what kind of project would you want to be involved in? As of now, I have no plans to return to television. That being said, I have learned to never say never (yes, I did just intentionally quote Justin Bieber). Where do you see yourself in five years? I am not sure where I will be five years from now. I hope that I will still be doing something that I love, and that I will be as happy as I am today. We hope that for you, too. Thanks for the interview, Lauren. Thank you.

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New York

vs. Los Angeles 54

THE LOOK March 2013



LOS ANGELES VS. NEW YORK CITY When it comes to strutting your stuff on the streets of Los Angeles and New York City, the looks are as far apart as the distance between the two cities. The answers to why may be obvious: weather and overall lifestyle. „The clothing is depicted on the seasons,“ Miriam Sternoff, a stylist, said. She and her partner Micaela Beckwith run MacandMir, Inc. „In New York, the minute you leave your house to the time you go home in the evening, you are bringing all of your stuff with you. In LA, you get to go in your car,“ she added. And while in NYC, the coats and boots reign supreme, the choices in LA vary. „You will see more accessories because we cannot layer as much in California

because of the weather. So there are a of lighter weight scarves with prints, earrings, bangles you play around more with your accoutrements,“ Beckwit said. Local designer and songwriter Hannah Rochelle makes wears for both women and men. Her Lyric Culture line features clothes with famous quotes from some of your favorite songs. The line is made in Los Angeles and the songwriters are paid royalties for the lyrics used on her clothing as a way to support local artists. The Pink Floyd collection for men is now at Bloomingdales at Beverly Center. „LA is a very casual place so the clothing needs to reflect that and a lot of the fabrics that we used are super soft, silicone and enzyme washes,“ Rochelle said. Urban chic and casual clothing maker, Woodleigh runs its production out

of an office in Glendale. Its clothing is enriched with crochets and lace and made in LA. Creator Monique Moizel designs for both coasts. „East coast is definitely more conservative. They don‘t like too much ruffles. They don‘t like too much color, but then you go to the west coast and ask about colors and ruffles, make it more different? Where‘s the lace,“ Moizel said. „Everyone likes to get a little attention here and everybody comes here to do that. They want to express themselves,“ she added describing fashion in the city of Angels.The designers and stylists insist the differences don‘t mean you can‘t have a little of both. You can use items in various ways depending on which coast you are on.

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FASHION QUOTES If it comes to fashion, it‘s always good to have a good advice. Usually we ask our girlfriends for fashion advices, like: „Does this dress make me look fat?“, „Am I too overdressed for this casual after work party thing?“. If the answer is „No, you look absolutely fabulous!“, we smile at our reflection in the mirror and nod. Yes, we do look good, indeed. But there will always be this whispery voice in our head asking: „Did she just say that because she is my friend and did not want to offend me? Can her words be trusted?“ Good advices are rare. True advices even more. That‘s why we collected the most inspiring quotes and advices of the fashion icons of our time for you.

The woman is the most perfect doll that I have dressed with delight and admiration. - Karl Lagerfeld


ne is never overdressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress. - Karl Lagerfeld


eauty is also submitted to the taste of time, so beauty is something that changes with time. - Karl Lagerfeld

To reinvent a newly impeccable you in the most modern of outfits, don’t skip on makeup and be sure to have flawless skin and hair. That will have more impact than expensive clothes. - Karl Lagerfeld


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legance is the only beauty that never fades. - Audrey Hepburn

Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony. - Coco Chanel


ive a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. - Marylin Monroe

„Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.“ - Yves Saint Laurent

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they speak one of the ugliest languages in the world and yet they‘re on top of the World Happiness Report. Well, there must be something special about Denmark! Authour Christoph Schumann lived in Denmark for a while and knows about it..


arly in the morning on Vesterbrogade. Bike after bike is rushing from Vesterbro towards city centre. My bike and I among them. Happy people smiling at whoever is biking past them: Stress? Not more than a word. Even at rushhour no one seems to be stressed. The little Danes in their child seats wear the brightest smiles on theit faces, their parents seem relaxed. Official numbers show that this is not the exception but the rule - at least in Denmark‘s capital Copenhagen. 36% of the citizens of Copenhagen bike to school, university or work. No, not once a year when the weather is nice, but daily. Is that the reason for our nordic neighbors to be so lykkelig - so happy? Danes love the nature and spend a lot of time outside. They enjoy long summer days as well as cold winter walks during the few hours of sun: „In a country where no city is further away from the coast than 50 km, it always drags you out there - to the sea.“, says my danish friend Mette Bang. There - at the sea - you actually can find the most famous version of danish happiness: The Sommerhus, the summer cottage. More than 200 000 of those are lined up along


THE LOOK March 2013

the 7000 kilometers of danish coast. If you don‘t have one of your own, you just stay in your friend‘s one and enjoy a few peaceful days filled with freedom. In Denmark you can‘t escape the happines. We don‘t just say that, no, you can even measure it! According to OECD the 5.5 million Deens are the happiest people alive. Every year, the Organisation für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung interviews a 1000 people in 155 countries worldwide that are over 15. The result: On a scala from 0 to 10 the Danes are on top of the World Happiness Report with an 8. That makes them happier than the Finnish and the Norwegians. And that for the second time. „I think, after all, what makes the people so happy is money, wealth and financal security“, knows Professor Bent Greve. I meet the society scientist at his work in the former homecity of the king - Roskilde. Greve knows what he is talking about. The 59 year old studies Hapiness. „Denmark is a rich country and people in rich societies are generally happier than the ones in poorer Nations“, says Greve. „Our country has a homogeneous society, just like other northern countries like



* happy

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Us Danes, we are theLatinos among the Snadinavians.I don‘t understand, why everyone always compares us to the Sweeds and Norwegians. Danes have a good sense of humor also if it comes to literature! Autor Jussi Adler-Olsen (62)

Norway or Sweden. There aren‘t many economical or socially differences between people. In relation, there aren‘t as many poor and lonely people as in other countries. Also, the social network between people is closer. We trust each other. And we are proud of our well working welfare state. School and health care system for example are free of any costs. That means, we Danes can feel safe and taken care of - while being taken care of. Not only socially but also when we go outside on the street, we can feel safe, because there aren‘t many crimes going on, as there is no need for it“, explains the sociologist. A fact that makes people happy and satisfied, also, is, that men and women have equal chances at the job market. And Young Danes get supported by the country, that way, they can plan their lives better and have more freedom to do what they want to do. Students at Gymnasien and University for example get Statens Uddannelsesstøtte,


THE LOOK March 2013

the danish student support. But that‘s not everything. In Denmark you also get women and family support for 14 weeks after giving birth as well as 52 weeks parental leave. Also reassuring is the gurantee on a space in kindergarten for your child. „Besides, almost all employers are very child-friendly“, tells the 24 year old Karen Poulsen, who studies economic studies in Aarhus. „You can decide wether you want to work fulltime or parttime and you can easily get a really flexible job.“ And thats not an exception in Denmark, but the rule. Official numbers show the positive effect of this methods. In Denmark there‘s almost as many women working as men and many of them even have leading positions. Back in Copenhagen. On Amagertorv, a central square near the shopping street Strøget, I meet Stefanie Bischof for a coffee at Café Europa. The 31 year old German has been living in Copen-

Copenhagen has a special flair and love and happiness in the air. Designerin Stine Goya (34)


I would never consider moving to Hollywood, even though it would be good for my carreer. Denmark is my home and all my family and friends are here. Our roots are and will always be in Denmark. Schauspieler Mads Mikkelsen (47)

hagen for five years now. „Denmark is home to the most relaxed and happiest people. You can see it especially in Copenhagen. I haven‘t ever experienced a European capital city with such a relaxed vibe“, says Bischof. „Family life and free time are very important here and work-life-balance is taken seriously in most companies. Transfered to daily life this could possibly lead to the manager leaving a meeting early to pick up his little kid from kindergarten. Carreer and family life don‘t exclude each other but go hand in hand in Denmark.“ The German Maren Krogen (34) knows this, so called, Danish-Effect. „Danes keep the expectations of others low“, she sums up. „When I moved to Denmark with my family, we bought a lot of new furniture. The delivery time was expected to be six weeks, they said. But within seven days, everything was already delivered. In Germany it‘s the other way around. Such positively surprising

things happened to me quite often already.“ What she also finds remarkable? Their freedom of their minds. Their carelessness - in a good way. „In Denmark it‘s not uncommon to buy a property at young age. Many of our friends have about 500000 Euro depts. But resteless night because of that? No, thank you!“, she tells me. If she want‘s to go back to Germany? „Not really, at least not in the next few years“, she says and laughs. If the Danes are going to be able to keep all that happiness? Yes, says happiness scientist Greve: „The OECD-Study is not a random sample. The same questions were asked over and over again. We can disitinguish between short-term happiness and deep satisfaction. And deep satisfaction you can not only find in the younger Danes, no, it lasts.“ That‘s true, I think to myself, watching people of all ages bike happily around their city of love: Copenhagen.

Danes are so warmhearted and loving and Denmark is a beautiful country. Kronprinzessin Mary von Dänemark (41)

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Top APPLICATIONSen Yes, there‘s an app for just about everything these days and many of them simplify your life. Here are the five best apps for women.

for w o m



Instagram is photo sharing, reinvented. First, there‘s the aesthetic appeal: This app allows you to make a mediocre iPhone snapshop lovely. Just choose your favorite vintage filter and apply it to your photo to completely transform the look and feel. Then there‘s the spectacular functionality. In just a few seconds, you can share your photo via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and/or Tumblr. If you love the way vintage photographs look but probably aren‘t going to go be dabbling in photography anytime soon, this is the app for you.

Circle of Six With the tagline “an App that prevents violence before it happens,” Circle of 6 lets you choose 6 people in your circle and if, let’s just say you’re lost and need to be picked up or don’t know where you are, you tap on the car icon and it sends a text to your circle with your GPS location. This is perfect for women in college or any women that go anywhere alone. This app is available for Apple devices.

2. 62

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INTUITION if you‘re having trouble organizing, this organization app may be the one for you. The easy interface allows you to quickly enter your to-dos, grocery lists, ideas, and appointments and display them in a way you can get your mind around. You can also share your tasks via Facebook or Twitter, and get alerts when you‘re near a store where you have a pending errand.



Period Tracker


Sure, you know it‘s coming every month. But have you noticed how you still sometimes manage to forget that you‘re about to get your period until you‘re in a place where it seems impossible to find a tampon, or some Advil? The period tracker app can help mitigate a few of the unfortunate circumstances that tend to accompany your period. The app tells you when your period is coming, how much longer you have and what moods you may be feeling on what day. It‘s also an easy way to recognize when you‘re late and when you‘re most fertile.

THE PILL If remembering to take your birth control is a constant struggle, you‘ll love this app. The Pill sends you a daily reminder at a time you choose by email or message alert. It can take into account the 7 days of stop pills, or it can continue to send the reminders for the full 28 days of your pack. The beauty of this app is that it doesn‘t need to be running to remind you.

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he ’s In T t a h W

e g ? a t r e e s v A n’s Clo a m o W the average woman has

the average woman spends at least 15 minutes in front of the mirror a day




of women think their clothing reflects their personality.

buy at least one new coat a year

es ho




sories ces c A




THE LOOK March 2013

of women shop online for 15-30 minutes while at work. DAILY.

22 unworn pieces

The Average Womans Closet Contains:



think their closet is too small and want a bigger one


70 %

30 20 20

tops pair of shoes cardigans

15 15 15

dresses lingerie scarves



5 10 8

nightwear sportswear hats



5 5 5

trousers coats sunglasses



4 3

belts wallet

prefer black lin gerie

shop at least once a month & say they get more happy when they shop


have more than 20 pair of shoes

women have up to 6 pair of shoes that will never be worn once.

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