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Julia Yule’s Jewellery Trends


ulia Yule is one of the most influential fashion and beauty editors of the moment. She has worked with many fashion houses and magazines, most recently Glamour. She invited “Treasure” magazine to the Swarovski Crystallised store in London, where she was hosting a beautiful fashion gala showcasing the most exquisite jewellery trends for this winter.

An exclusive event for ticket and Swarovski card holders only, the Crystallised concept store was decked out for a special evening of fun, fashion and frivolity. Champagne and strawberries were served as a perfect duet for the decadent evening. Invitees were shown the Sex and the City 2 jewels used in the blockbuster, and were on offer to try on and even buy. Julia looked beautiful in a simply cream top and chic jeans and boots; letting her amazing accessories like her black quilted Chanel bag do all the talking. We took her aside from all of the sparkly shopping to ask her about her favourite jewellery trends this season. Julia suggests that fashion is changing quicker than ever, and therefore she was heavily influenced this season: “There are many influences at the moment, but for jewellery I would say the Paris and Milan catwalks. They heavily featured metallics, charms and trinkets.” She now points to some beautiful items in the Swarovski cabinet: “You can see it here in Swarovski’s winter collection.” On the catwalks Miu Miu reigned supreme according the Julia because they adopted such key trends: ““Miu Miu included a strong colour palette and statement jewellery. I really like the Swarovski collection ‘Rainbow Brights’ because it makes such an impact, which Miu Miu incorporated. Fashion should be fun, not serious, which is what this trend is all about.” Julia believes this trend takes away the dullness of winter, “Injecting brights into your life.” And the top trend setter gives us some great advice for making it a wearable jewellery style: “A classic dress

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Pearl Cocktail Cuff from Sex and the City.

Interview with a large necklace with lashings of acid colour looks brilliant. Even just a Swarovski stretchy bracelet can bring a pop of colour to a daywear outfit.” Our favourite fashion editor thinks Swarovski has interpreted the trend brilliantly: “Their bracelets only cost around £14, and being that cheap you can bulk many up and create a real show stopping armful. The Acid Candy cuff is a must have to, mainly because of its jewel tones and size.” Asked whether there are more trends, Julia launches into the subject with passion: “The ladylike trend is a personal favourite of mine, and you can never go wrong with it because it is just so classic. Chanel and Chloe got it right on the catwalks, and Sarah Jessica Parker can pull it off perfectly. “Tonight we have pieces worn by the Sex and the City girls, so I would use those as inspiration. I personally love classic jewellery like pearls, but if you are weary I would recommend having a look at Charlotte’s style in the films and television show.” Julia shows us a stunning pearl cocktail cuff worn by Charlotte in the second film, and Julia suggests wearing pearls on your wrists and not on the neck adds a modern twist to a reliable trend. With Sex and the City as inspiration, there are many icons out there to forecast the fashion and jewellery styles. For the ladylike look Julia

Rainbow Brights collection

looks towards Jackie O, and SJP: “It’s interesting because Jackie O is a classic icon, and yet Carrie is known for being risky and quirky. It proves that fashion trends can be adopted by anyone.” Brooches may have gone out of fashion but Julia firmly thinks they can jazz up boring outfits, and shows one that is flattering to all skin tones, and an adorable adaption of the ladylike style. Julia is infatuated with accessorising, and continues to tell all about even more jewellery design: “French labels like Isabel Marant and Voltaire are creating a really cool continental vibe that is urban and contemporary. And it transcends into jewellery.” Julia directs us towards an avant-garde cuff designed by Helene Zubeldia, and suggests that the trend is very wearable even though urban can be difficult: “People hear urban and think chunky linked chains and dollar pendants. Urban can be cool and reserved. Swarovski have a big yet classy bird shaped necklace here tonight that is very urban and modern, without being too in your face.” Another trend that might put people off is the 1970s, but Julia assures us that it is a great adaption of fashion and jewellery: “The 1970s is coming back, and big. High waisted trousers and flares are all over the fashion pages of magazines, as is denim. Jeans are so easy to wear, and a piece of good jewellery can make it less casual and more a fashion piece. “Think incredibly gold jewellery. The sharpness

“Fashion should be fun not serious” Photography by Larissa Hirst. Clockwise from top: Guests at the Swarovski Crystallised store in Great Marlborough Street, , Rainbow Brights collection, Guests at the Swarovski bar.

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Interview of gold against denim creates a fantastic contrast. Swarovski usually keeps its items silver and white gold, but even they have gone into gold because it is such a big trend. The necklace by Gabriela Pires has a 1970s vibe and you can do two trends in one because it is also very cosmopolitan and urban looking.” Julia’s personal recommendations for the evening come thick and fast: ““I’m a big fan of Sex and the City, so I’m going to have a try on of Samantha’s amazing chandelier earrings. They are so big and luxurious. I’ve already mentioned Charlotte’s cuff that is very girly, but I really adore Carrie’s necklace, the Otazu Empress Collier. It can transform an outfit and displays the power of accessories. “The ring by Jacques Fath is very wintery looking, almost like a snow flake. And it has a pearl in the centre to round off the classic look. I would also recommend readers really into jewellery to have a look at the Glamour collection by designer Phillippe Ferrandis. It is packed with understated pearls and underlying beauty.” And so the trendsetting master of accessorising continues to socialise amongst friends, fans and shoppers, all with their hands complimentary Swarovski goodie bags. Julia Yule is a great editor, and throws a great party, with crystals scattered everywhere.

Photography by Larissa Hirst. Clockwise from top: Acid Cuff, Urban Bird Necklace, Crystallised Bar.

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