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Seeking Justice:

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PRESENCIA NEWS The people’s voice

Agosto del 2011

Axis of Reason by Jesse Castaneda, Jr.

Jesus Christ is my facebook friend, but i follow the devil on twitter


orality is almost extinct. We live in a time where social sites are a bleak obsession. I don’t have a Facebook personal account or a personal Twitter account; to me, this is senseless. For business purposes, it should be a must. Why deny the obstruction of morality? Life is now defined by how many Facebook Friends you have and how many are following you on Twitter. You want to have more customers, put up a facebook website for your business. If you are lonely and want some attention, and want your “so-called’ fifteen minutes of fame, set up a personal facebook page and tell the world the next time you are going to take a “piss”. You can really find so much pathetic crap on facebook. If Jesus Christ had a facebook page, I wonder how many friends he would have? What is the reason behind a personal Facebook page? Are people really that lonely? We rant and whine about security issues, but people detail their whole existence on their Facebook page. The IRS and law enforcement have found many law breakers on Facebook and Twitter. You brag about how much money you make? Believe me when I tell you big brother is watching. You are going where this weekend? The happy thieves thank you. If you are a fugitive and a moron and posted yourself on Facebook, the U.S. Marshals thank you for making their jobs a little easier. And friends? What friends? You hardly know any of these idiots befriending you. You might be conversing with your enemy. You might be conversing with a pedophile, a thief, or just a plain lunatic. So, in essence, we might all think is just plain innocence, but the real reality is that nothing is what it seems. You might think that “Jesus” is my facebook friend, but we are all following the “Devil” on Twitter. With all simplicity, you don’t know what you are getting into. We all don’t know what your sons or daughters are getting themselves entwined. Your enemy is watching

your every move. The person that is trying to take advantage of you ... has his or her eye on you. Are you really that lonely? Is it really worth posting those pathetic pictures on facebook? Do you really want people to follow you on Twitter? Why? Do you really lack leadership abilities and want to justify your lack of talents on Twitter and Facebook? Or do you just want to “follow” and “be all you can be”. I’m sorry. I’m not here to judge you. Befriend Jesus and know that the truth will set you free. Follow the Devil, and get all the pleasures of the Web. Whatever route you take, know that when its all gone, you’d be a lost soul. So, you can physically go doorto-door and have every person befriend you. So without Facebook you can go on and knock on those doors and when they answer, you’d say “Hi, the destruction of the World Wide Web led me here to you. Do you want to be my friend? Here is my photo and could you please paste it on your door? Thanks. “ I would assume if Jesus Christ was on Facebook, I would probably figure that his “Friends” would be around in the hundreds of millions and the Devil followers would be around the same. Heh, you bunch of flip-floppers! You know damn well you are playing both sides. Its just like Laredo,Texas politics. You know who you are. ... till next time, my little Facebook Friend. Tweet Tweet!

Directory Reporters Jesse Castañeda Jr. Juan Rodríguez Publisher

Susie Castañeda Editor

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PRESENCIA NEWS The people’s voice

Agosto del 2011



por Michelle Garza


a dismorfia muscular mejor conocida como vigorexia no es considerada una enfermedad sino como un trastorno o desorden emocional y alimenticio. No es muy conocida entre la población pero en la actualidad aumentan cada vez más las personas que padecen de este trastorno y por lo general se presenta con mayor frecuencia en el sexo masculino. Se trata de un trastorno que afecta de manera similar que la anorexia pero a la inversa. Las personas se obsesionan con aumentar su masa muscular a tal grado que su cuerpo se distorsiona pues la musculatura que desarrollan no corresponde con la talla del sujeto. Aun adquiriendo tonicidad y músculo en exceso, en la mente de aquellos que lo padecen nunca es suficiente convirtiéndose en dependientes del ejercicio extremo y consumo de anabólicos y suplementos alimenticios innecesarios. La ingesta de estos productos afecta a tal grado que puede producir la muerte y causar un daño irrevoca-

ble en la salud de los individuos, la razón de ello es que ingieren proteínas y carbohidratos exageradamente para incrementar su volumen corporal y eliminan por completo las grasas de su dieta diaria. Además, consumir anabólicos puede llegar a producir deficiencias en el aparato reproductor masculino como impotencia, atrofia de testículos, reducción en la producción de espermatozoides e hipertrofia prostática. Otros daños son la calvicie, crecimiento de mamas y cambios en la conducta como agresividad, ira, enojo y depresión. Para poder identificar a personas que padecen de vigorexia es necesario observar si se presentan los siguientes signos: - Distorsión de la imagen corporal - Baja autoestima (aunque tratan de ocultarlo ) - Imposición de dietas no balanceadas (altas en proteínas y consumo de anabólicos)

un trastorno en aumento!

- Extensas jornadas de ejercicio, realizadas compulsivamente - Aislamiento social - Adicción a la báscula Los medios de comunicación juegan un papel muy importante en relación a este tipo de trastornos, la exigencia de la sociedad de poseer un cuerpo “perfecto” despierta el ego y la vanidad en todas las personas pero actualmente son más los hombres que se dejan llevar por el mundo de la moda y la belleza. Cada persona tiene su propio concepto de belleza pero no existe algo más bello que un cuerpo saludable. Ocuparnos de mantener una dieta balanceada y un poco de ejercicio diario es lo más sano que podemos hacer, aceptar nuestro cuerpo y mantener una mente abierta nos ayudará a no caer en las trampas que nos pueden llevar al deterioro de nuestra salud.

Fernando A. Castañeda, M.D. General Pediatrics

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PRESENCIA NEWS The people’s voice

Agosto del 2011

UFO Lands, Beings Emerge

in Texas

By Billy Booth


have received an extremely interesting and rare report through the MUFON open posting archives. One thing that spiked my interest in this case is that it occurred on the outskirts of my hometown, Temple, Texas. I currently live about 8 miles from the location of this sighting. There are two reasons that make the case a rarity. The first reason is that in all of the Project Blue Book Files, there was only one listing from Temple, and that was a sighting report from over sixty years ago. Secondly, the case involves a UFO landing, and visual confirmation of three beings emerging from a door in the landed UFO. Texas, notwithstanding the recent Stephenville Sightings, has had more than its share of great UFO cases, for instance, some of the best are The Lubbock Lights, the Cash-Landrum Case, the Levelland Landings , and of course,


the Aurora Crash. The Interstate Sighting Interstate 35 runs from the very southern part of Texas all the way to Canada. If you have ever been on it during heavy traffic times, it can be quite nerveracking. The part of I-35 that runs from Waco to Temple is no exception, and even at night has a steady stream of traffic. Our case takes place just north of Temple, on March 22, 2009. Nearing Temple, a city of about 60,000, a man was driving when his wife suddenly saw a strange light in the sky moving at high speeds. As she watched the object, suddenly it stopped in midair, over a farmer’s field about a mile off of the interstate. Now aware of the unusual sight, the husband pulled the car onto the shoulder of the highway to get a better look at the object. As they watched, the UFO slowly came down,

appearing to land in the field. Landed, the UFO looked to be disc-shaped. The visibility this night was not the best, the darkness was made worse by a cloud cover. But the witness had his binoculars with him, and quickly put them to service to get a better look at the UFO. Now, he was sure that object was a saucer, and it was sitting on the ground. The man and his wife initially looked for a reasonable explanation for what they were seeing. Could it be some type of farm equipment, or feeding device for the cattle that grazed on the land? But it was flying at great speeds before landing? It was not a small plane, nor a helicopter. Helicopters can be seen from time to time in the area which sits about 30 miles east of Ft. Hood, Texas, one of the world’s largest Army bases. Beings Emerge As the man and his wife intently watched

the UFO, soon a door opened, exposing an orange/red interior. Three beings walked out of the disc-shaped object, the door shutting behind them. The eyewitnesses watched the activity at the UFO for about three minutes. They did not see the beings reenter the object, unless there was another door that was not visible to the witnesses. Then, the UFO slowly rose from the ground, hovered briefly, and then headed northward at a high rate of speed. They never saw the object again. The man re-focused on the landing site, but there was nothing now but an abandoned field. The only thoughts he had was that possibly the three visitors were walking in the direction of a rest stop near the landing location. This, he thought, because he was never able to see the three as they walked out of his range of sight. He wanted to

make a U-turn, go back northward, and visit the rest stop, but he was urged not to do so by his wife. She feared that they had just seen aliens from an extraterrestrial craft. For those of you who do not know, the rest stops on the side of Texas highways are nothing more than a few concrete tables, and can be scary at night. For more updates of this story and/or UFO updates please go to About the Writer: Billy Booth has contributed to video, photographic, and imagery in a number of television programs on the Discovery Channel, A & E, and the History Channel. He has contributed to several books on the subject of UFOs, including the books: Without Consent: Abduction and Mexico’s Roswell: The Chihuahua UFO Crash. Mr. Booth holds a Technical Degree.

Agosto del 2011

PRESENCIA NEWS The people’s voice


Alerta en las calles por inicio de clases Por Andrés Amaya


l regreso a clases llegó y con ello aumentarán los riesgos de accidentes en las calles, especialmente en las zonas escolares. Las autoridades policiacas emprenderán una campaña agresiva para detectar y multar a quienes pongan en peligro a los niños. En esta ocasión agencias de la ley tanto escolares como de la policía de Laredo, del Departamento del Sheriff, del Condestable Rudy Rodríguez y del Departamento de Seguridad Pública Estatal, se unieron para mantener operativos de estrecha vigilancia. Directivos escolares pidieron a los automovilistas respetar los límites de velocidad en zonas escolares, donde por lo general los vehículos no pueden circular a más de 20 millas por hora. Lonnie Cook, jefe de la policía del Distrito Escolar Independiente de Laredo (LISD), advirtió que no se tolerará que los automovilistas rebasen los buses escolares cuando están des-

cargando o subiendo estudiantes. “Esta violación es un delito menor clase B y por lo tanto los infractores pueden ir a la cárcel además de ser multados”, advirtió. Mencionó además que se hará respetar la ordenanza de no utilizar el teléfono celular mientras se transita por zonas escolares entre las 7:30 y las 8:30 de la mañana y entre las 3:20 y las 4:20 de la tarde. A los padres de familias se les recomendó tomar su tiempo para llevar a sus hijos a la escuela, a fin de evitar las prisas que pueden llevar a un descuido que provoque un accidente. A quienes llevan a sus niños caminando, se les pidió cuidar muy bien que no atraviesen las calles por en medio, que lo hagan por los cruceros protegidos y que volteen a ambos lados antes de atravesar. “El año escolar anterior tuvimos cero accidentes graves en zonas escolares y queremos que el nuevo año sea igual o mejor, con la ayuda de todos podemos lograrlo”, dijo el jefe Cook.

Las agencias de la ley se unieron para estrechar la vigilancia en zonas escolares.


PRESENCIA NEWS The people’s voice

Is Your Child’s

Agosto del 2011

Teacher A Bully?

Written by Mary M. Alward


e’ve all heard about kids being bullied by peers. Kids taunt, tease, pull hair, shove and push each other on a daily basis. In recent years, schools have taken steps to stop bullying and many have a zero tolerance level for any type of peer harassment. But what if your child’s teacher is the bully? New research shows that 2% of children are bullied by a teacher sometime in their elementary or middle school years. Most teachers are caring and compassionate. They became teachers in order to make a difference

in the lives of their pupils. However, some teachers, for one reason or another, take a dislike to a child in their class and pick on them on a daily basis. Such an occurrence can have a long-lasting effect on your child’s academic experience and turn his school year into a nightmare. The effects of teacher bullying doesn’t usually end when your child leaves the teacher’s class. It’s something that can stay with him his entire life. STUDENT ABUSE Teachers who are bullies treat their victims much the same as a schoolyard bully. They humiliate the child in front of his classmates, abuse him verbally and make

threats of physical harm or of giving low academic grades. The teacher may center your child out by “making an example” of him and insisting he stand in a corner. Possibly the teacher heaps homework on your child for “punishment” of some minor infraction. There are many different ways that a teacher can bully students. Suffering in Silence Chances are if your child is being bullied by a teacher he won’t say anything. Boys are more apt to suffer in silence than girls. Boys feel they should be able to “take it” and fear being teased by their peers if they tell. Your child may also fear retalia-

tion by the teacher if he says anything about what is happening. Remember, a teacher is a figure of authority and kids think that there’s nothing that can be done if their teacher acts inappropriately. Signs of Teacher Bullying When a teacher bullies kids, it is a very traumatic experience for them to go through. They are embarrassed and humiliated and have no idea what steps they can or should take to stop it. They often say nothing, but there are signs that you can watch for: Headaches, stomachaches and nightmares that occur frequently. Loss of interest in school.

Negative behavior. A resistance to attending school. Self-Deprecating remarks. Complaints of being picked on by the teacher. Complains of being constantly yelled at. Complaints of being humiliated by the teacher. Complaints of a teacher being rude, making sarcastic remarks or being disrespectful. For teacher bullying solutions or to read more of this article, go to localschooldirectory. com or for more information check out

PRESENCIA NEWS The people’s voice

Agosto del 2011



Lujo fuera

de este mundo

Por Andrés Amaya


(Comentarios en

urante los últimos 3 años un equipo de arquitectos españoles junto con un grupo de ingenieros aeronáuticos de Estados Unidos ha desarrollado el ambicioso proyecto de un hotel espacial llamado “Galactic Suite Space Resort” donde a partir del 2012, turistas y astronautas que quieran viajar al espacio podrán tener la grandiosa oportunidad de hospedarse en este increíble hotel. El “Galactic Suite Space Resort” está diseñado con un núcleo central parecido a un satélite del que salen las habitaciones en forma de cápsulas, cada capsula dispone de una gran ventanal para contemplar el exterior. Las habitaciones tienen 7 metros de largo por 4 de alto y están diseñadas con todas las comodidades necesarias para que los huéspedes puedan gozar completamente su estadía.

El increíble viaje comenzará recogiendo a los turistas en su casa y llevándolos a una isla donde serán acomodados en un lujoso hotel rodeado de un entorno natural. Este hotel estará al lado del puerto espacial que cuenta con todo lo necesario para el entrenamiento de los futuros huéspedes galácticos. Ahí serán sometidos durante 16 semanas, en las que tendrán que prepararse para todo tipo de situación y finalmente serán lanzados al espacio a bordo de la nave con destino al “Galactic Suite Space Resort”. El costo de todo este viaje es de ni más ni menos que de 3 millones de euros ( 4.4 MDD) pero eso no parece ser un problema ya que hasta ahora se han registrado 38 personas entre ellas 8 estadounidenses y 4 latinoamericanos, reservando su habitación para este viaje de ensueño. Todo parece indicar que en un futuro hospedarse en un hotel fuera de este mundo y observar nuestro planeta será parte de los planes vacacionales.



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PRESENCIA NEWS The people’s voice

Seeking Justice:

Agosto del 2011

The Rape And Murder Of Baby Katherine

Reported by Juan Rodriguez Written by Jesse Castaneda, Jr.


n the 5th of September 2009, Laredo awoke to a horrifying nightmare. A two year old girl had been found dead inside an abandoned dresser drawer. Whoever killed Katherine Cardenas was obviously unstable or just plain evil. The bloody body of this two year old child was hidden away by the attacker that had strangled her and sexually assaulted her. Presencia News tried to confirm more details of the homicide from District Attorney Isidro Alaniz , but a ‘gag’ order had been in place by the Honorable Judge Joe Lopez of the 49th district Court to prevent a tainted case. Who can forget such a tragedy? A two year old child strangled, raped and left for dead. The residents of the 1600 block of Burnside Street were the first to encounter Katherine’s body. Neighbors were suspicious when a blood stained dresser drawer was left outside the victim’s home. The neighbors, out of curiosity and concern, investigated the matter and called police when they found little Katherine dead inside in one of the dresser drawers. There were no arrest for several days, until it was known that there was a suspect and that he was found in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. The suspect was arrested and jailed in Nuevo Laredo and extradited to the United States for capital murder. The suspect, Jose Eduardo Arredondo is currently detained at the Webb County Jail and is awaiting trial. Since Arredondo was 16 years old when the murder was committed, capital murder does not apply, but the district attorney will seek the maximum penalty allowed by law. Jose Eduardo Arredondo

A History of Horror › Katherine’s death has been the most hideous crime in Laredo history in regards to a child › The accused, Jose Eduardo Arredondo awaits his fate before the 49th District Court in Laredo, Texas › Is possible that Katherine’s’ Mother Norma Patricia Olguin will testify against Arredondo › Norma Patricia Olguin

received two years for the abandonment and neglect of a her child, Katherine. › Norma Patricia Olguin could be charged with sexual indecency of a child. › Jose Eduardo Arredondo was given a psychological exam to distinguished if he was “mentally unstable” or if the act of murder was done with pure intentional malice.

Home where Katherine Cardenas lived. She was found dead on the 5th of September 2009

has tattoos all over his body and is considered a drug addict. According to law enforcement, the evidence of Katherine’s murder points to Arredondo. According to Jose Baeza, spokesperson for the Laredo Police Department, the murder was perpetrated in-between the late hours of the evening and sunrise; when booze and drugs were consumed by those that were at the

victim’s house. It was such a horrible tragedy that detectives could not believe what they had encountered. “Homicide investigators are accustomed to see all types of fatalities, but this particular death and how she died was beyond what any of our investigators had ever seen, “ stated Jose Baeza, but did not deliberate any further details. Although the word on the street is

Dresser Drawer where Katherine’s body was found.

that there might have been others involved in her death, but the only evidence that was gathered was that of a speck of blood in Arredondo’s clothing which went via a DNA process. Presencia News tried to contact the Webb County Attorney Ana Laura Cavazos and Arredondo’s attorney Eddie Pena for further details of the up-coming September trial, but calls were left unreturned. Syliva Bruni, Director of the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) told Presencia News, “This tragedy would have been prevented if the school’s truant officer would have acted on the truancy matter a day before. The truant officer had found six children alone at the victim’s house. If this person would have done what the law stated and reported the matter to authorities, Katherine’s death would never have happened.” Presencia News will update the details as the trial unfolds or if any other scenarios regarding this case develops. In the meantime, justice for Katherine will have to wait.

Baby Katherine. A life taken away much

9 Justicia para Katherine: PRESENCIA NEWS The people’s voice

Agosto del 2011

La historia de un macabro homicidio U Por Juan Rodriguez Lopez

The accused, Jose Eduardo Arredondo is now 18 years old and is soon to be tried in a Laredo court room.

too soon by a vicious assault.

Norma Patricia Olguin is the victim´s mother, she is in jail.

na tranquila mañana de 5 septiembre del 2009, la comunidad de ambos Laredos se horrorizó al conocer la fatal noticia de la espeluznante y dolorosa muerte que sufrió una niña de apenas dos años, cuyo cuerpo fue encontrado aún sangrante, en un cajón de un peinador que estaba en el patio de su casa en el lado oeste de la ciudad. La niña, identificada como Katherine Cárdenas falleció al parecer golpeada y estrangulada, aparentemente, después de haber sido violada sexualmente, causa que las autoridades no han confirmado debido a que existe un ordenamiento judicial extendido por Joe López, juez de la Corte 49 de Distrito, para no revelar detalles a la prensa sobre este homicidio. Aquel trágico día que Laredo jamás podrá olvidar, los vecinos del barrio ubicado en la cuadra 1600 de la calle Burnside fueron los primeros que dieron cuenta de esta muerte, por lo que los detectives del Departamento de Policia iniciaron las investigaciones. Aunque no hubo un arresto inmediato, las autoridades lograron identificar al presunto responsable de este infame asesinato, se trataba de José Eduardo Arredondo, un vicioso de entonces 16 años de edad y con varios tatuajes en su cuerpo. Gracias a los acuerdos de colaboración entre las autoridades policiacas, Arredondo fue boletinado, ubicado e interceptado al mes siguiente en Nuevo Laredo, de donde fue extraditado hasta esta ciudad donde enfrenta cargos de homicidio capital. El acusado se encuentra actualmente en la cárcel del condado de Webb en espera de ser procesado en el mes de septiembre de ser encontrado culpable, Arredondo no recibirá la pena capital porque era menor de edad cuando se registraron los hechos. Para Arredondo la pena máxima será cadena perpetua, después de que fuera certificado como adulto, según informo el fiscal de Distrito Isidro Alaniz. LOS HECHOS El lugar donde murió asesinada esta niñita, se convirtió de la noche a la mañana en un esce-

Una Historia de Horror

› La muerte de Katherine Cárdenas es considerada el peor abuso contra un menor en la historia de Laredo › José Eduardo Arredondo irá a juicio el 9 de septiembre › Es posible que la mamá de la Katherine sea testigo en contra de Eduardo › Norma Patricia Olguín recibió dos años de cárcel por el abandono y descuido de sus hijos, incluida Katherine › José Eduardo Arredondo fue sometido a un examen mental para determinar si está bien de la cabeza o está perturbado

nario dantesco. Así lo reveló Joe Baeza, el portavoz del Departamento de Policía, quien aseguró que los detectives que acudieron al patio de esa casa, observaron una escena del crimen horrible, al grado que ellos quedaron impresionados, lo que da una idea de la forma tan salvaje e inhumana en que murió Katherine. “Los investigadores de Homicidios están acostumbrados a ver escenarios sangrientos, pero nunca habían visto ninguno como ese”, agregó el vocero sin dar mas detalles sobre la o las causas de la muerte de esta menor. Sin embargo, por algunos vecinos, se supo que el patio de esa casa estaba tinto en sangre y que había rastros de violencia sin límites en una noche de todo tipo de excesos, como el uso y abuso de alcohol y drogas. Actualmente, también se encuentra arrestada la madre de esta criatura, Norma Patricia Olguín, quien enfrenta cargos de cometer indecencias sexuales contra un menor de edad, acusaciones que confirman lo manifestado por los vecinos. Aunque se dice que otros individuos participaron en este ase-

sinato, no existen más evidencias ni más líneas de investigación y si Arredondo fue acusado, es porque resultados de ADN encontraron una microscópica mancha de sangre de la menor en sus ropas, nada más. Se trató de contactar al abogado de Arredondo, Eduardo Peña y a la procuradora del condado Ana Laura Cavazos para obtener mas información de este homicidio, pero se negaron a regresar las llamadas telefónicas hechas por Presencia News. HABLA LA MADRE: “SE TIRO A LAS DROGAS” Entrevistada en su centro de trabajo, Gaby Arredondo, madre del inculpado, asegura que si su hijo cometió este crimen (aunque lo duda), sería porque se tiró a las drogas, debido al estado de abandono en que se sintió durante dos años. “Nosotros, mi esposo y yo, estuvimos encerrados por dos años y, pues, en ese tiempo Eduardo se sintió solo y se empezó a drogar”, comentó la entrevistada. Dijo que su esposo estuvo en la cárcel por residir ilegalmente en el paía y que ella fue arrestada también, pero por tráfico de indocumentados. “Yo sé que mi hijo es inocente, él no pudo haber sido capaz de eso, pues el quería mucho a esos niños; es más, él los cuidaba cuando éramos vecinos en otro barrio, así que él no puede ser el asesino”, agregó la señora al punto de lágrimas. SE PUDO HABER EVITADO Para Sylvia Bruni, directora del Centro de Apoyo Infantil (CAD, por sus siglas en inglés), este atroz crimen pudo haberse evitado, sino hubiera sido por la visitadora escolar que no reportó que un día antes había encontrado a seis niños solos en la vivienda donde ocurrió el asesinato. “Si ella hubiera hecho el reporte como lo marca la ley, la niña se hubiera salvado, ya que ese mismo día pudieron haber intervenido las autoridades escolares y policíacas, ahora esta empleada escolar está suspendida por su error”, dijo Bruni. (Comentarios en


PRESENCIA NEWS The people’s voice

Agosto del 2011

Scout’s Honor: A Lesson In Generosity R

olando Gerardo Ortiz II will begin the new school year as a sophomore at Alexander High School. He is also a member of Eagle Scout Troop # 407. Ortiz observed that many students in our community need a little extra help when it comes to obtaining much needed school supplies. This energetic, caring and innovative young man responded to the call for help by organizing a backpack and school supply collection effort that also served as his Eagle Scout leadership project. The project required that he conduct research and develop a detailed plan of implementation. Ortiz placed collection boxes

in numerous facilities throughout United I.S.D. and recruited volunteers from his troop to assist him with a door to door collection in North Laredo. As of early August Ortiz has collected 65 backpacks and an impressive sum of school supplies. The backpacks and supplies will be distributed to needy students in United I.S.D. and the Sacred Heart Children’s Home. Ortiz’ dream is to become a structural engineer.

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PRESENCIA NEWS The people’s voice

Agosto del 2011

Oficial enfrenta



20 AÑOS 10,000 DE CÁRCEL in Presencia News

Circulation & with several thousands of readers on our Website. Combined readership estimate:

Por Juan Rodriguez


l oficial del Condestable del Precinto Uno del condado de Webb, Eduardo García, quien fuera arrestado por agentes del FBI a principios de agosto, podría pasar hasta 20 años en la cárcel. García, un veterano con 20 años como oficial de la ley, recibió tres cargos federales, durante su comparecencia ante el juez federal Guillermo García. El acusado, de 44 años de edad, fue acusado de dos cargos de haber escoltado, por el pago de 500 dólares, mas 500 gramos de cocaína del sur al norte de Laredo, utilizando una camioneta Van propiedad del condado en ambos casos. Además se le acusa de haber cobrado 200 dólares por utilizar una computadora oficial para investigar el estatus y la propiedad de un vehículo, ingresando a un sistema confidencial de datos. La investigación federal, según el boletín informativo de la Fiscalía Federal del Sureste de Texas, a cargo de José Angel Moreno, se inició desde el año 2008 con la participación de agentes encubiertos del FBI

15,000- 20,000 Eduardo García, un oficial de la ley durante 20 años, fue arrestado por agentes del FBI.

y de la DEA, con quienes el acusado realizó algunas actividades ilícitas hasta que fue aprehendido en las oficinas del Condestable Ruddy Rodriguez, con quien tenía un año 11 meses laborando. García era parte de la unidad de salud mental de dicha corporación y se encargaba del transporte de pacientes con problemas mentales hacia hospitales de la región. El Condestable Rodríguez,

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n this publication, I am reminded of the true meaning of life. The main story of Katherine Cardenas should remind us all that all moments should not be taken for granted, especially moments with your children. The power of consideration and just the simple act of listening to your child is beyond an adult’s trivial existence. A child’s life is just a ripple in the ocean, but a roar of thunder in the universe. We, as adults, are here to take care of and teach our children, so they can become better people. Our children need to become greater than us. We must break the cycle of poverty, drugs and sublime

mentality that our community is so use to seeing. Our children deserve comfort and haven from the world’s ignorance. Our children deserve an expanded learning experience, not a mal-educated system that limits their power to excel. All of us grow-up and see what we want to see. There are only a few lucky people out there that broke out of the ignorant cocoon that we were raised in. Life is what you feed the mind. So, what are you feeding your children? What is society feeding your children? Do they live by limited portions? Expand the mind and we expand our world. Baby Katherine lived by what she was fed - a cycle of

dijo que si García cometió esos delitos, fue estando en otra agencia policíaca y no en la suya. “Nos hemos manejado muy transparentes con nuestro personal”, comentó Rodríguez. Ahora, García deberá comparecer otra vez en la corte federal, pero ante el juez Scott Hacker, donde se determinara si se le otorga una fianza en tanto que es procesado penalmente.

the same negative barrio mentality! She lived in an environment full of selfish, delinquent and self-absorbed people that never gave her a chance to grow-up and failed her with her right to live. .... And maybe, just maybe, she could have been one of the lucky ones that would have broken out of the barrio mentality cocoon and made a difference in the world. To Katherine Cardenas, I hope you have your justice and may you rest in peace. Jesse Castaneda, Jr Presencia News Media, August 2011 “Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.” - Anonymous

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Agosto del 2011

The Big

Fat Truth: An Aid For Eliminating Obesity Article written by LeeAnn Mullen Headline by Jesse Castaneda, Jr


ccording to, 58 million Americans are either overweight or obese, a number that has been growing steadily over the

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past several decades. With the increase in obesity and overweight comes an increase in cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and type II diabetes among obese or overweight individuals. While many products are on the market to help people lose weight, one fruit, the African mango, shows great promise in helping individuals who struggle with excess weight shed the extra pounds, which can stave off obesity-related illnesses. In addition, the fruit has also showed promise in reducing cholesterol levels. THE STUDIES The studies conducted by professors at the University of Yaoundé in Cameroon show that the supposed wonder fruit’s seeds contain an extract

that, when consumed as a supplement, helps patients to lose weight and stabilize cholesterol levels.The study was performed by prescribing 102 overweight or obese adults to take African mango seed extract or a placebo (inactive sugar pill) for 10 weeks at a dosage of two pills per day. At the conclusion of the study, the group taking the African mango seed extract supplements had lost a total of 12.5 kilograms-or 28 pounds--while the placebo group had no notable changes. Both groups adhered to their usual diets and usual exercise levels. Participants in the group that took the supplements also had declines in LDL (bad) cholesterol and nominal improvements in their blood glucose levels, according to the study.

CONSIDERATIONS Some participants of the study reported side effects associated with the supplement, but these reports were similar in rate among the group taking the inactive placebo pills. The reported side effects were excess gas, sleep problems and headaches.The researchers in the study speculate that the African mango seed extract helps the bodies of obese patients become more sensitive to lepitin, a hormone that is excreted by the body that controls fat storage, especially in the midsection. According to the researchers at the University of Yaoundé, many overweight or obese individuals are resistant to lepitin. The African mango extract helps the body to overcome this resistance, resulting in weight loss, according to the researchers.

Agosto del 2011

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l a n o i t a N The Buzz . r J , a d e n a t s a C by Jesse

We all know by now that Texas Governor Rick Perry is running for President. If you think we are currently in bad times and if Perry wins, we should hear the “last trumpet” sound. Good-bye world. U.S. President Obama shows approval ratings of less than fifty percent in most U.S. States. He said in a statement that the Gallop Poll was not counting African-Americans. The Gallop Poll staff responded by stating, “The Poll was done only on African-Americans and a couple of guys in Hawaii.” Frank Newport, editor in chief of the Gallop Poll was puzzled by the forty-five percent approval ratings. He thought that Obama’s ratings should have come out even lower due to the economy. He stated that no

other president has come out with those numbers in a dwindling economy. He was also over-heard saying, “The American public must be on malt-liquor or some crap like that!” The Stock Market crashed and investors said, “We want to invest in something we have some control over and manipulate ... so, we decided to invest in “The Gallop Poll!” The say bananas are going extinct. Monkeys are going ape-shit and crying out, “Who the hell is Dairy Queen and where the hell can I find her?”


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Agosto del 2011

The Good , The Bad and The Ugly by The Finger THE GOOD No que no hacían caso Lo que los residentes de la colonia Los Centenarios no pudieron conseguir en varios años lo consiguieron en unas cuantas semanas. Ellos pedían mejores calles porque los autobuses escolares no pueden entrar debido a las pésimas condiciones de los caminos, pedían una segunda toma de agua potable, más vigilancia y recolección de basura. Para hacer sus peticiones formaron un grupo de colonos dirigido por Alejandro Obregón quien ya se daba contra la pared porque simplemente en la Corte de Comisionados nadie le hacía caso. De manera casual Obregón encontró apoyo en el agente aduanal Eduardo Garza, quien decidió ayudar a los colonos y personalmente comenzó a lla-

mar al Juez Danny Valdez y a los cuatro Comisionados para pedirles que escucharan las peticiones de esta gente. Como por arte de magia la Corte de Comisionados entró en acción, aprobó recolectar la basura y luego hasta fueron a la colonia Los Centenarios junto con oficiales del gobierno de Laredo para prometer ayuda y ponerse a trabajar de inmediato. Bien por Eduardo Garza y es que sin su influencia sobre estos políticos los pobres colonos de Los Centenarios seguirían igual o peor. Ni hablar, el que manda, manda. THE BAD Protectora La que se sigue viendo muy mal es la Abogada del Condado Ana Laura Cavazos, quien se mantiene empeñada en no tomar

ninguna acción legal contra los que defraudaron y abusaron de los fondos federales de la Agencia de Acción Comunitaria. La Corte de Comisionados se ha dado varios “encerronas” en sesiones ejecutivas con ella y le han pedido que haga algo, cuando menos que les cobre el dinero que se robaron pero a Cavazos le entra por un oído y le sale por el otro. Y es que para la Abogada del Condado es difícil actuar contra amigos personales como el ex Juez del Condado Andrés Ramos Jr., quien logró beneficios del programa de climatización en su casa sin necesidad alguna, ya que no es pobre ni necesita que le hagan reparaciones y menos que las haga su propio hijo que actuó como contratista. La pregunta es ¿hasta cuándo se le permitirá a Ana Laura Cavazos ignorar la ley?

THE UGLY El comal le dijo a la olla… El pleito político que se avecina en el sur de Laredo le pone la carne de gallina al más valiente. Y es que la contienda entre el actual Comisionado del Precinto Uno, Frank Sciaraffa y su contrincante, el ex Juez del Condado y ex Regidor Louis H. Bruni, de verdad sacará “chispas”. Ya es de todos conocido que Bruni es duro, ataca en serio a sus contrincantes y en este caso le sabe muchas cosas a Sciaraffa quien fuera su guardia personal cuando fue Juez del Condado y en una ocasión hasta lo demandó porque no le pagó un préstamo que le hizo. Pero también Sciaraffa le conoce algunas cosas a Bruni y no es ninguna perita en dulce, así que las “quemadas” estarán

de a peso en el Precinto Uno del condado de Webb. Por el bien de la gente ojalá y se dedicaran a trabajar por el bien de la gente y a realizar una campaña seria. Lo dudamos mucho. Se está secando Es lamentable ver como el tradicional lago Casa Blanca está quedándose más seco que la cara de un Marine. La intensa sequía ya provocó que los encargados del parque estatal adviertan a los visitantes que si se meten al agua en lancha, es bajo su riesgo porque el nivel está muy bajo y se pueden registrar accidentes. Ya urge que una comitiva de Laredo viaje a Eagle Pass a los casinos de los indios Kickapoos pero no para jugar en las maquinitas sino para pedirles que le bailen al Dios Tláloc para que mande agua.

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Agosto del 2011

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Perry decided to




n August 13, 2011, Rick Perry announced his candidacy for President of the United States, declaring “It’s time to get America working again… The change we seek will never emanate out of Washington, D.C. It will come from the windswept prairies of Middle America, the farms and factories across this great land, from the hearts and minds of the goodhearted Americans who will accept not a future that is less than our past…patriots who will not be consigned to a fate of less freedom in exchange for more government. We do not have to accept our current circumstances. We will change them. We are Americans.” The 47th governor of Texas, Rick Perry grew up in the small community of Paint Creek, located along the rolling plains of West Texas. Rick Perry is the son of Ray Perry, a World War II tailgunner who flew 35 missions over war-torn Europe, and Amelia Perry, who provided a loving, nurturing home for Rick and his older sister Amelia. Ray and Amelia Perry started out as tenant farmers, providing a modest upbringing

for their children. Rick Perry grew up without indoor plumbing the first five years of his life, wore clothes hand-sewn by his mother, and was even bathed in a number 2 washtub as a young boy. Perry was one of 13 students in the Paint Creek Rural School’s Class of 1968. He played six-man football, worked on his family farm, and devoted himself to the Boy Scouts, earning the rank of Eagle while in his teens. Perry was among the first generation in his family to attend college, enrolling at Texas A&M University in the fall of 1968. He joined the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets and was elected twice to serve as an Aggie Yell Leader. Perry graduated in August 1972 with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. Upon graduation, Perry took a commission in the United States Air Force, flying C-130 tactical aircraft to destinations around the globe, including South America, Europe and the Middle East. In 1977, Perry was honorably discharged from the Air Force with the rank of Captain, and he returned home to the family

farm, where they grew dryland cotton, milo and wheat. During the next few years, Perry would become one of millions of conservative Reagan Democrats, and marry his high school sweetheart, Anita Thigpen, 16 years after their first date. In 1983, Rick and Anita Perry welcomed a son, Griffin, and their daughter Sydney arrived in 1986. It was in 1984 that Perry set his sights on public office, running to represent his rural neighbors in the Texas House. Perry would serve three terms in the House, ultimately switching to the Republican Party toward the end of his final term, before taking the bold step of running statewide for Agriculture Commissioner against a popular Democrat incumbent. Perry scored an upset in 1990 and easily won re-election in 1994. Four years later, Perry won a close election to become the first Republican Lieutenant Governor in more than a century. He became Governor in December 2000 when George W. Bush resigned the office to become President. Since then, Perry has won three full terms as governor.


PRESENCIA NEWS The people’s voice

Agosto del 2011

Presencia News Laredo Texas  

Presencia News from Laredo, Texas. Who raped and murdered Baby Katherine? News and more from the border. Bilingual publication

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