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Message from the Chairman

"We encourage you to learn about the success that the Chamber has had over its 100 years of existence ..." -David Newman


Dear Friends, he Laredo Chamber of Commerce celebrated its 100th birthday this year. As one might imagine, reaching a milestone of this magnitude is something few organizations can accomplish. In the last 100 years, the Chamber leadership and its members have made countless contributions to the city of Laredo and its development. In the early part of the last century they fought bravely to bring air mail service to the area. As early as 1939, the group visualized Laredo’s future in the import/export industry and created the Laredo Port Commission (LPC), which actively promoted Laredo’s capabilities and lobbied for adequate federal funding. Later in in the 1950’s, they worked arduously to successfully obtain from the U.S. government authorization for “Paso Libre” at our port of entry during the Washington’s Birthday Celebration – a step which contributed tremendously to our retail industry. And, in 1993, once more the Chamber forces rallied in support of NAFTA and traveled to Washington, DC, to promote passage of the treaty. No one can deny that NAFTA led to Laredo’s status as leading port on the southern border. We encourage you to learn about the success that the Chamber has had over its 100 years of existence, because every single challenge and every single hurdle that the Chamber has had to overcome in this century-long trek in one way or another has been to the benefit of this community. Browse through the pages of this publication. Learn what the Chamber is and what it will con-

tinue to do in the next century … And seriously consider joining us. Together we can go further. Together we can do so much more.


David Newman

Chairman of the Board




riginally organized as the Laredo Board of Trade in 1910, the name was changed to the Laredo Chamber of Commerce in April, 1914 and the Charter was secured in April 1915. In September 1934 the Laredo Business Men’s Association was formed, which, on October 15, 1934, merged with the Chamber of Commerce, the board of Di-

rectors of the new organization becoming the board of the merged groups. In 1927, a tourist bureau was organized by the Chamber of Commerce. Both offices assisted tourists in entering Mexico and helped plan motor trips in that country. The Tourist Bureau had four employees who would serve more than 23,000 tourists every year. International affairs constituted a large part of the activities of the Laredo


Chamber of Commerce and close relations were maintained with all of the high federal and state officials of Mexico. The increasing importance of Laredo as not only the gateway to Mexico, but eventually the gateway to all of Latin America through the continuation south of the Pan American highway made this phase of the work of the Chamber of Commerce of paramount importance to our community and abroad.

Message from the President

A Century Strong!


Dear Friends,

ot too many businesses or organizations can make that boast. The Laredo Chamber of Commerce can. Founded in 1915, this year this organization reached the century year mark. And for all that form part of it, this has been a cause for celebration. A well –deserved celebration, for as the Chamber grew it has had a definite impact on a developing Laredo. In preparing for this year’s celebration, I’ve had the opportunity to review the Chamber’s history and look back and marvel at what the leadership of this organization accomplished over the years. But, more importantly, I’ve been able to truly understand how many of these accomplishments in one form or another contributed to forging the Laredo of today. Names that led this organization jump out of the pages of local history. Names like Matias De Llano, W.J. Sames, Sam Johnson, Radcliffe Killam, A.E. Guajardo , and many more. Individuals that as early as 1915 were aligning forces with surrounding communities to resist rising freight rates set for interstate commerce; securing a target range for Fort McIntosh; maintaining a customs headquarters in Laredo in opposition to efforts to transfer it to San Antonio. And, later in the decade of the 50’s, a major force in working with state and national government to advance construction of the international bridge destroyed by the flood of 1954. And, it doesn’t stop there. NAFTA came later as did a push for immigration reform and more. The tasks for a new group of leaders are ever-present. I’ve been fortunate. I have been able to work through almost a third of this organization’s history alongside many of Laredo’s best. And I have seen them unselfishly jump in and carry the banner forward. Always looking out for Laredo’s interest.

We are now headed into a new century. The goals may vary some and strategies may differ. But the need for leadership within the business community is vital. I feel satisfied that as my generation moves on, a younger generation will take its place and move this organization forward. And along with it, always the welfare of this community. I am proud to be part of this organization as it celebrates its centennial. The Laredo Chamber – A Century Strong!


Miguel A. Conchas President and CEO 8


Laredo Chamber Of Commerce Past Chairmen 1914-1915 Dr. C.F. Kenney

1932-1933 Leon Shapu

1950-1951 Alvin Hansen

1915-1916 John H. Davis

1933-1934 Geo F. Sturgis

1951-1952 Fred Winch

1916-1917 Sam W. Brown

1934-1935 C.B. Neel

1952-1953 Bud G'Sell

1917-1918 J.R. Moore

1935-1936 H.L. Jackson

1953-1955 J. James Richter

1918-1919 W.J. Sames

1936-1937 A.F. Muller

1955-1957 John Hurd

1919-1921 W.L. Guyler

1938-1939 Matias De Llano

1957-1958 Chester Wine

6 months Sam W. Mackin

1939-1940 Ed S. Russell

1958-1959 J.O. Schuyler

1921- May 1922 F.A. Matthes

1940-1941 John W. Ward

1959-1960 Max Mandel

1922-1923 Robert Lee Bobbitt

1941-1942 Sam Johnson

1960-61            Frank Y. Hill

1923-1924 Charles Deutz

1942-1943 Payne Briscoe

1961-1962 E.H. Borchers

1924-1928 O.W. Killam

1943-1945 Charles E. Richter

1962-1963 Mervil M. Moore

1928-1929 Matias De Llano

1945-1946 Radclife Killam

1963-1964 Harold Goodwin

1929-1930 Ed Russell

1947-1948 A.E. Guajardo

1964-1965 Ramiro Sanchez

1930-1931 Ed H. Corrigan

1948-1949 Sam Sulligan

1965-1966 James Richter, Jr.

1931-1932 J.C. Netzer

1949-1950 Carlos Richter

1966-1967 J.A. Slaughter


1967-1968 Robert N. Freeman

1984-1985 David Leyendecker

2000-2001 Bradford Sledge

1968-1969 Harry E. Sames, Jr.

1985-1986 Joel Muniz

2001-2002 Natividio Lozano

1969-1970 Joe Guerra

1985-1987 Hector H. Garcia**

2002-2003 Jorge Gonzalez

1971-1972 Javier Garza

1987-1988 Luis Guerra

2003-2004 Arnold Cisneros

1972-1973 A.G. Polanco

1988-1989 Larry Norton

2004-2005 Clema Owen

1973-1974 Jack LaRue

1989-1990 James Moore

2005-2006 Guillermo TreviĂąo

1973-1974 Thomas H. Yates

1990-1991 Glenn Jackson

2006-2007 John Villarreal

1974-1975 Bill Harrell

1991-1992 Ignacio Urrabazo, Jr.

2007-2008 Richard R. Valls, Jr.

1975-1976 Gary Jacobs

1992-1993 William Green

2008-2009 Lupita Canales

1976-1977 Alan Jackson

1993-1994 Sabas Zapata

1977-1978 Dennis Longoria

1994-1995 Richard Perez

1978-1979 Dennis Nixon

1995-1996 Elmo Lopez, Jr.

1979-1980 Bill Baker

1996-1997 Robert Sepulveda

2012-2013 Jose A. Palacios, Jr.

1980-1981 Ruben Garcia

1997-1998 Cynthia Mares

2013-2014 Javier Moctezuma

1981-1982 George Gregg

1998-1999 Gil Lopez

2014-2015 David T. Newman

1982-1984 Vidal Trevino*

1999-1900 John Adams


2009-2010 Alejandro Cabezut 2010-2011 Ed Ramirez, Jr. 2011-2012 Wilfredo Martinez, Jr.

NOTES: Prior to 1989 the title for the head of the Board was President. The title for the salaried manager was Executive Vice President *Vidal Trevino served two consecutive terms. He was asked to repeat, during the peso devaluation. **Hector Garcia completed the term for Joel Muniz, who moved out of town, and then served a full term.




David T. Newman

Mario Pena

B.P. Newman Investment Co.

International Bank of Commerce


Adelaido Uribe

Keystone Financial Group



John Ulbricht

Cassandra Wheeler

Laredo Medical Center

Texas A&M Int. University






Susana Melendez-Valencia

Greg Morgensen

Danielle D. Marasco

Javier S. Moctezuma

Miguel A. Conchas

BBVA Compass Bank

Family Chevrolet

McDonald's Restaurants

Moctezuma Financial Consultant

Laredo Chamber of Commerce


Pictured, from left to right standing, are Kristian Gutierrez, Administrative Assistant; Elsa Cisneros, Staff Assistant; Cinthia I. Gonzalez, Member Relations Coordinator; Edna Martinez, Administrative Assistant – LLUSBAC and Alejandro Rendon, Special Projects Coordinator. Pictured, from left to right seated, are Briseida San Miguel, Payroll and Accounts Manager; Miguel A. Conchas, President/CEO and Miriam M. Castillo, Vice President. 12

Board of Directors

BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2014-2015 CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD David Newman B.P. Newman Investments TERM: OCT. 1, 2012 – SEPT. 30, 2015

TERM: OCT 1, 2014 – SEPT. 30, 2017

Pablo Arenaz

Texas A&M International University

Rosendo Carranco

Carranco & Lawson, CPA

Drew Claes

Southern Distributing Co.

Blas Castaneda

CTA Global Solutions

Hermenegildo Gonzalez Forwarding Agency

Javier Garza

Former Chairman of the Board

Natalie Hernandez

Falcon International Bank

Dan Hastings, III

Daniel B. Hastings, Inc.

Judy Martinez

Doctors Hospital

Cliffe Killam

Killam Oil Co.

Susana Melendez-Valencia BBVA Compass

Danielle Marasco

McDonald’s Restaurants

Joe A. Palacios, Jr.

Texas Community Bank

Greg Morgensen

Family Chevrolet

Jonathan Ruiz

HR Employment Solutions

Mario Pena

International Bank of Commerce

Cristy Swisher

Swisher Martin Realty

Mike Pescador

City of Laredo

Cassandra Wheeler

Texas A&M International University

Robert Summers

Jiffy Lube


TERM: OCT 1, 2013 – SEPT. 30, 2016 Juan Arroyo

L&F Distributors

Sara De Los Santos

U.S. Border Patrol

Catalina Dickerson

Molina Healthcare of Texas

Victor Gonzalez

Laredo Lic. U.S. Custom Brokers

Jaime Loera

Rheem Manufacturing Co.

Javier Moctezuma

Moctezuma Financial Consultant

Parker Neel

Neel Title Corporation

Dr. A. Marcus Nelson

Laredo Independent School Dist.

Adelaido ‘Lalo’ Uribe

Keystone Financial Group

Jose ‘Pepe’ Zuniga

Falcon International Bank

PRESIDENT/CEO Miguel A. Conchas

Laredo Chamber of Commerce


Laura Agüero

Legend Title & Abstract

Selene Cuevas

Texas A&M International University

Blackstone Dilworth

San Isidro Development

Ed Glassford

GEO Mortgage Services, Inc.

Gabriela Holloway

International Bank of Commerce

Bill Hrncir

LMS International

Sergio A. Perez

Texas A&M Int. University

John Ulbricht

Laredo Medical Center

Victoria Young


Enrique Gallegos

Laredo Medical Center




he simple act of handing over the gavel to his successor marked for David Newman the end of his administration as Chairman of the Board for the Laredo Chamber of Commerce. Newman turned over the reins of the Chamber to newly elected Chairman of the Board Mario Pena at the 2015 Recognition of Volunteers and Awards Ceremony held on September 30. The gavel exchange, however, symbolically reflected much more - the end of a year of celebration as the Chamber reached its 100th birthday and, as Pena so aptly put it, “... the beginning of a new century for the Chamber.” The gavel exchange also forged one more link in the chain of succession for the leadership of this organization. For regardless of the challenges faced over the last 100 years, the Chamber moved on there has always been a leader ready to step up. Founded in 1915, the Laredo Chamber of Commerce is the oldest established business organization in Laredo. The organization has also managed to keep up with the times and currently counts about 650 members within its rolls. The city of Laredo has reaped the fruits of the organization’s labor. They have grown the business community on the border and thus grown the local economy through their grassroots, unionized effort. The Laredo Chamber of Commerce has shown that its longevity is a result of membership participation and the leadership of past chairmen who oversee the organization for the period of one fiscal year. This revolving door policy has made the organization see a multitude of chairmen that serve first as members and then rise to the coveted leadership position. The chamber’s history directly correlates with its past chairmen due to their unique qualities and the historical events that shaped not only the local business community, but also the global economic climate. Some of these well-respected past chairmen shared their experiences: JAVIER GARZA, CHAIRMAN FROM 1971 TO 1972 Garza said he remembered that Luis Echeverria was president of Mexico during his time as chairman of the chamber. Echeverria was president from 1970 to 1976. “Echeverria had a tight pull on trade and the border,” Garza said. “It affected our retail sales, but it didn’t last too long.” According to a book authored by Jaime Suchlicki, during the Echeverria administration in Mexico, the country’s industrialization and import substitution policies, which relied on imported capital good and foreign technology failed to prove its sustainability. Additionally, Echeverria inherited a trade deficit from his predecessor. Stateside, the Nixon administration had imposed a 10 percent tax on all imports, which Mexico could not afford. “It was a little scary at the time because we had a lot of retail buyers,” Garza said. “I remember that vividly.” Garza was working for Laredo National Bank at the time, where he eventually received the title of second vice president.

Javier Garza

ALAN JACKSON, CHAIRMAN FROM 1976 TO 1977 Alan Jackson also dealt with the turmoil that came from Mexico’s flailing economy. “The most significant event that happened during my presidency was that there was a significant peso devaluation,” Jackson said. Mexico’s economic issues led to a depression in 1976. Jackson, like many chairmen before and after him, worked in the area of 16

Alan Jackson

economics. He currently serves as senior commercial producer of IBC Insurance Agency, LTD and president for InsCorp, Inc.

Dennis Longoria

Dennis Nixon

James Moore

DENNIS LONGORIA, CHAIRMAN FROM 1977 TO 1978 Rising from the rubble Laredo endured because of the peso devaluation in ‘76, the city began to stand on its own two feet again due to a growing local market and the development of the retail sector. Dennis Longoria remembered the most significant event of his chairmanship to be the opening of Mall del Norte. “We participated in the opening, and it was a huge event. ... There were dignitaries from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua. We even had Miss USA and Miss Texas there,” Longoria said. Another significant event Longoria said that occurred was the opening of another airline at the old airport. “There was only one airline passenger service coming in and out of Laredo. ... We actively sought out another airline passenger service, but we were blocked by the existing airline.” Longoria said the chamber even lobbied in front of the Texas Aeronautical Commission to open the second airline service for the growing Laredo population. At the same time that people were looking for a way to fly out of Laredo, the chamber was also promoting ways to bring people into the city as tourists. Back in the 1970s, Longoria said the city would allocate funds to the chamber’s Visitor’s Bureau. This was before the creation of the entity Laredoans know now as the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, which is a separate organization in and of itself. Still a proud member of the chamber, Longoria said he retired as director of governmental affairs for Central Power and Light Company. DENNIS NIXON, CHAIRMAN FROM 1978 TO 1979 Nixon came to Laredo in 1970, he said. He was recruited to head the Union National Bank. He would subsequently move on to International Bank of Commerce where he would serve as chairman. He said also immediately after moving to Laredo, he became active with the chamber as it was and is the “primary business organization in the city.” Laredo at the time of his chairmanship, he said, was in a period of active development. “Cross border trading was the biggest thing going on,” Nixon said. “Trade has always been the biggest industry and biggest contributor of economic growth in our city.” In addition to his year spent as chairman of the chamber, he was also chairman of the Laredo Development Foundation, a now free-standing organization that started out as one of the chamber’s committees. When asked what he loved most about the organization, Nixon said its collegiality. “The friendships that you build. I’ve met lots and lots of folks through the chamber, and it has sort of been an anchor to those relationships. It’s been a great experience to build lifelong friendships,” said Nixon. JAMES MOORE, CHAIRMAN FROM 1989 TO 1990 Like Nixon before him, Moore came to Laredo following a job offer. Moore was working as a senior credit underwriter for South Texas when he was appointed chairman of the chamber. “I got involved with Laredo Chamber of Commerce with my job at the bank. The bank expected us to be involved in the community.” He would later retire from the BBVA Compass Bank. He is still not only an active member of the chamber and various local organizations, but also teaches elementary school students every other semester through a program he implemented during his chairmanship with the chamber. Moore brought the Junior Achievement program to Laredo through the chamber. Now, it is a free-standing program. 17

According to its official website, the Junior Achievement program is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on learning. GLENN JACKSON, CHAIRMAN FROM 1990 TO 1991 Like his older brother before him, Glenn Jackson followed in Alan Jackson’s footsteps when he became chairman for the chamber. Like the good times the chamber had, there were not-so-good times as well. During Jackson’s chairmanship, he said there was a change of management. “The old one left and the new one came. ... People got their feathers ruffled,” Jackson said. “We accepted a resignation and accepted a new one for the betterment of the chamber.” A goal that every chairman said was on his or her list of priorities is to grow the membership list to 1,000 active members, and Jackson was not an exception. “It was my goal to get the membership up to 1,000, and we got pretty close,” he said. During Jackson’s chairmanship, he said the member count was just over 900. MIGUEL A. CONCHAS, PRESIDENT SINCE 1992 Conchas initially became involved with the chamber in 1986 when Dianne Mendoza Freeman hired him to be the director of the promotions department. He worked in that position for six years before being named president of the organization, a title which he holds to this day. “I’ve worked with over 20 chairmen. Each one of them is different in the way that they handle things, but I’ve always enjoyed working with them because each of them have their goals they wish to accomplish,” Conchas said. A significant event that Conchas remembers from his nearly three decades with the chamber is the political position it took supporting the construction of a now Laredo landmark. “The chamber took a very strong stand in building the arena,” Conchas said. The talks initiated in 1993, Conchas said, “We were the only group in town that went to City Council and said, ‘This would be good for our economy.’” In addition to their support for the construction of the arena, the chamber also wholly supported the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement. “There were about 12 or 15 of us that went to D.C. There was a lot of opposition from folks in Washington, and we spoke in support of it. ... We lobbied. We pushed for

it, and eventually it passed. We took a really strong stand and voiced our opinion,” he said. “Since then, international trade has been a major industry in Laredo” As president, Conchas is in charge of the office on a daily basis, creates a budget every year, supervises expenditures and supports the Chairman and executive board. Sometimes, he hosts informal meetings with members of the chamber called “Cafe con Conchas,” where members have a snack with their president and talk about current issues with the organization. The South Texas Alliance for Regional Trade, he said, meets every month to promote the entirety of South Texas as an attractive region. Representatives from Corpus Christi and San Antonio meet with Conchas and members of the chamber to discuss strategies. “I remember when Mr. Moore was chairman, they opened a tourism office in Monterrey. The city continues to have that office there today. It’s called Casa Laredo. That was also an accomplishment because there are not that many cities that open up tourist offices in other countries,” Conchas said. “We just went through a recession about four years ago. Financial situations always present obstacles. As business members, the economy affects us. That’s when we lose members. First you got to pay your bills, then your membership costs. The economy is always a major, major challenge.” WILLIAM B. GREEN, CHAIRMAN FROM 1992 TO 1993 Like Nixon and Moore before him, Green came to Laredo following a business opportunity. Green took over Laredo Morning Times as publisher at the end of 1986. Almost immediately following the move, he became an active member of the Chamber of Commerce starting in 1987. “It was not so much for me, but I think it’s important for the newspaper to be involved in the community. ... Small business owners — they are job creators,” Green said. “The newspaper should, as best it can, give back to the community.” According to Green, the Laredo Morning Times currently employs about 50 people. Back when he started, however, that number was much larger as the paper printed its own product in-house. Because Green’s chairmanship ended in October 1993, a mere three months before the passage of NAFTA, the entire year, he said, was dedicated to learning more about the massive contract the country was signing onto. “(NAFTA) would position Laredo very successfully. ... I remember the CEO of the Hearst Corporation came down to the Lar18

Glenn Jackson

Miguel A. Conchas

William B. Green

edo Morning Times’ offices in 1992 to learn more about it,” Green said. Trade in Laredo has more than quadrupled since then. Green, who at one point in his life seriously considered a career as a banker, majored in economics in college. “I’ve always enjoyed learning about trade. ... It fascinates me what it means in terms of job growth.” During Green’s chairmanship, he pointed out that Laredo had not yet constructed its third and fourth bridges. However, due to NAFTA, these infrastructure changes were made to accommodate the boom that came with the trade industry.

Elmo Lopez, Jr.

John Adams

ELMO LOPEZ, JR., CHAIRMAN FROM 1995 TO 1996 Recently named CEO of Gateway Community Health Center, Lopez, at the time of his chairmanship, was working for IBC. Because of Laredo’s increasingly strong bonds to Mexico, Lopez capitalized on this occurrence and took members of the chamber to an economic outlook conference in Mexico City. He said there were a large number of attendees from both sides of the border. In addition to the Mexico City trip, the group also traveled to Washington D.C. to lend expertise on U.S.-Mexico relations. “To close the year, we had (then) Governor George Bush at the Laredo Country Club,” Lopez said. “All the members were impressed, and he spoke about U.S.-Mexico relations, and he loved Laredo. He had been here several times. And he went on to be president (of the U.S.). That’s exciting!” JOHN ADAMS, CHAIRMAN FROM 1999 TO 2000 Although he no longer lives in Laredo, past-Chairman Adams, who now works for the A&M system’s economic development department in College Station, said he has fond memories from his time with the chamber. “There are very few chambers that make it to 100 years,” he said. “There can’t be very many. ... It shows how engaged Laredo is, and that people are working to improve the community. It’s very significant.” Through his experience with the chamber, Adams was able to pen the text “Conflict and Commerce on the Rio Grande,” about business in Laredo for the last 150 years. “I was there at a time when Laredo was really taking off and growing. NAFTA was kicking in, the Colombia Bridge was being built,” Adams said. “First I worked on committees, then I worked on the executive committee, and after that I was nominated

Clema Owen

as part of the process of become chairman. ... They’re developing new chairmen all the time. Miguel Conchas is the critical thread that keeps everything going.” Adams worked in banking in Laredo for nearly 10 years before transitioning to the position of president of the Laredo Development Foundation, another chamber affiliate. According to the 2000 census, Laredo was ranked as the second-fastest growing city in the U.S. This label, Adams said, attracted a lot of attention, especially in terms of interest in trade and maquilas on the other side of the border. “I remember I did an interview with the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal. It’s like, all of sudden, everyone discovered Laredo,” Adams said. “We began to use the word branding. ... We began to use the term ‘Los Dos Laredos’ very heavily back then.” CLEMA OWEN, CHAIRMAN FROM 2004 TO 2005 Owen was only the second woman to ever be named chairman of the chamber — Cynthia Mares being the first. “We started seeing a transition that allowed women to be chairman of the board,” Owen said. Owen came to Laredo with her husband Chuck from Corpus Christi following growing opportunities in the hospitality industry. “I’ve always said that the chamber was the vehicle that kept my late husband, Chuck, and I in Laredo,” Owen said. Owen worked at the Holiday Inn–Civic Center at the time she was named chairman. She worked there as a logic consultant. Subsequently, she and her husband opened the Hampton Inn property, and she worked at the Homewood Inn and Suites as general manager. Following these titles, she moved to the Embassy Suites, and she now works as a logic consultant at the Courtyard Marriott. “Due to our location with Mexico, and logistics and the shopping nature of our travelers coming from the south, we were continuing with a new onslaught of hotels at that time,” Owen said. During her chairmanship, Owen said she pursued obtaining group insurance for members of the chamber and established an event calendar. “It has been such a wonderful experience to live and work in this community. Being chairman of the chamber has been the highlight of my career. ... I’m a Laredoan by choice, not by birth,” Owen said. Gabriela Trevino Laredo Morning Times By: Gabriela Treviño


Laredo Morning Times

A Look Back


Sam D. Quay, center right, Executive Vice President of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce speaks at an orientation for newly assigned personnel at Laredo AFB. After speaking on the Laredo Community and the services offered by the Chamber of Commerce, Quay answered questions from CWO Kenneth R. Peters, 24th Weather Sq.; 2nd Lt. Charles H. Kouyoumkian, Supply Sq.; A2C Jesus Verdin, Supply Sq.; Msgt. Richard P. Harrison, Support Sq.; and A2C Robert F. Samson, Organizational Maintenance Sq. (Official USAF Photo).

Laredo Chamber of Commerce salutes United Gas Corporation for feature story “Seven Flags Over Laredo�, which appeared in the United Gas Log in the February Issue. Pictured, from left to right, are Mr. Tom Herring, Chairman of Tourist committee; Mr. Leroy Killingsworth, District Manager, United Gas Corp.; Mr. Ramiro Sanchez, Chamber President and Mr. George Spence, Chairman of Conventions Committee.

Support the Chamber

LAREDO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: 1929 INDUSTRIAL DIVISION CAMPAIGN Statement by Robert Lee Bobbitt, Campaign Chairman


ll people who live here and really love this community, who understand and appreciate the value of organized and cooperative effort in civic matters, and who have confidence in the future of this good city and this fine section of Texas, will be interested in the work of the membership campaign of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce for 1929, and will be glad to consider this request from a group of their fellow citizens.� Officers and directors that devoted their time, money, and their best judgement to the carrying on of the work of



the Chamber of Commerce: O.W. Killam, President; Matias de Llano, Vice President, M.W. Brennan, Treasurer; and the following directors Carlos Richter, Robert Lee Bobbitt, E.G. Clingenpeel; James B. Roark, Teodosio Gutierrez, Jr., W.B. Hamilton; J.W. Ward; B.M. Alexander; R.L. Champion and Ed Mann; Charles Mumm, Secretary and Miss Bettie Adkins, Assistant Secretary. The officers and directors served without any compensation other than satisfaction which they have of knowing that they have done their best for the City they love and the organization which chose them to serve in this civic institution.

“The inauguration of an Industrial Division of the Chamber of Commerce is the greatest forward step ever taken by this organization. I am confident in the vision and liberality of Laredo institutions, and that they will back the Chamber of Commerce campaign one hundred percent.”

–O.W. Killam

CHAMBER AT WORK • Increased tourist traffic has caused construction of modern tourist camps, hotels, and garages. • Government recognition of Laredo section as the future citrus producing center, on a commercial scale. • Wide spread publicity through syndicating tourist facilities unique on the border. • Goodwill and cooperation of Mexico federal officials through policy of conciliation and mutual help. • At the time when the Mexican government was undecided as to whether it should complete the Monterrey highway or not due to financial considerations, the Chamber of Commerce organized automobile caravans with view of increasing that city’s trade that urged in personal contact with Mexican road officials, that the road be completed. • The Department of Commerce with which very close contact was maintained and with which the Chamber of Commerce worked very closely in stimulating export trade, decided to appoint the Laredo Chamber of Commerce cooperative office of that Department. This gave Laredo constant national publicity. • Due to the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce, the American Bed Company, established for long years in Monterrey, Mexico, moved its entire plant to Nuevo Laredo, giving both cities an additional payroll. The Laredo Chamber of Commerce based this action on the theory that industries which cannot possibly be established on the American side should be secured for the Mexican

side, as it represents a benefit to our city. Besides this factory, the Laredo Chamber of Commerce was instrumental in securing for Nuevo Laredo the Miller Textile plant which employs a considerable number of men. • After a hard fought battle against very heavy odds, the International Air Mail route to Mexico was secured for Laredo in competition with Brownsville. It was a matter of record that not only the Houston, Corpus Christi, Brownsville and Tampico Chambers of Commerce did everything in their power to secure that service, but the most serious obstacle for Laredo was the fact that the Postal Department in Washington openly favored the Brownsville route. The vigorous campaign to secure the air mail was conducted by the Chambers of Laredo, San Antonio, Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey for over half a year. It was furthermore a matter of record that the Postmaster General of Mexico requested the Laredo Chamber of Commerce to help him in having the air mail routed by way Laredo. The matter reached its climax when Assistant Postmaster General, Irving Glover, made his trip to Mexico and at that point of the proceedings, a representative of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce went to Brownsville to meet him, and another one went to Monterrey to enlist the aid of the Governor of the State. It is again a matter of record, that due to this energetic action of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce, the Mexican government in spite of everything, finally decided on the Laredo route. • The Laredo Chamber of Commerce succeeded in interesting the City Council in the project of building a first class municipal airport, and the result of all this work was not only the establishment of the air mail route,

and the proposed building of the airport, but nationwide publicity for our city, as the connecting link on the air mail line to Mexico and South America. Letters coming in every day inquiring about the airport are a plain evidence of this fact. • The Laredo Chamber of Commerce initiated the great work of building a concrete road on the Corpus Christi highway. Officials of the Chamber of Commerce made frequent trips to Austin for the purpose of thwarting such efforts as were made to build a cheaper type of road in Zapata County. It is due solely to personal efforts of the Directors and staff of the Chamber of Commerce and their constant personal contact with the members of the State Highway Department that after so many years of fruitless efforts, the Department was sufficiently interested to grade the entire stretch through Zapata County. Quite a number of trips were made by members of the Board to Austin, San Antonio, Cotulla and other towns on the line, and a result of all this work was construction of the first stretch between Dilley and Cotulla. • For a number of years a condition existing in reference to shipments imported from Mexico which caused constant inconveniences and extra expense to shippers, and seriously threatened Laredo’s position as foremost port on the border. After a meeting called by the Chamber of Commerce, which was attended by shippers and American and Mexican customs and railway officials, a petition was made to the Mexican government to authorize issuance of a certified copy of the bill of lading for the Mexican National Lines. This petition was granted, solving a problem that seriously threatened Laredo’s position as the foremost border port.

“There are many institutions in Laredo enjoying the same number of memberships in the Chamber of Commerce as they did ten years ago. This despite the fact that they have acquired great wealth and growth with the city. I hope that these institutions will show the proper civic spirit by increasing memberships in proportion to their present business growth”

–Matias De Llano

Chamber Committees


U.S. Border Patrol This committee consists of a group of over 25 selected business representatives that conduct groundbreaking or ribbon cutting ceremonies for any business opening, expanding or moving to a new location. You can view the Upcoming Ribbon Cutting Schedule by visiting the Chamber Online Calendar (www.laredochamber.com) MISSION: To welcome new members to the Laredo Chamber of Commerce by fostering a business friendly environment at Chamber events and grand opening ceremonies. Activities and responsibilities of the Committee include the following: 1) Monthly committee meetings to go over the schedule of events 2) Attend Ribbon Cutting / Groundbreaking Ceremonies 3) Active participation at the Annual Business Expo for new members 4) Participation as master of ceremonies For more information about the Chamber Ambassadors or to schedule a ribbon cutting or ground breaking ceremony, email us at chamber@laredochamber. com.


HR Employment Solutions The Customer Service Committee is responsible for the promotion of high quality customer service practices among Chamber Members. MISSION: To develop an annual Customer Service Program that consists of a series of Customer Service Oriented workshops offered at no cost to all Chamber members. To constantly deliver tips and techniques of exceptional service to Chamber Members; fostering positive image among all Laredo residents. The committee may contact members via email to promote the advancement of principles and techniques necessary to maintain favorable relations with their customers. Activities and responsibilities of the committee include the following: 1) Facilitate Customer Service workshops on a monthly basis 2) Organize the Annual 5 Star Service Awards 3) Attend monthly meetings to discuss new ideas regarding Customer Service Seminars & Programs 4) Volunteer for on-site customer service trainings as per member’s request.


Chamber Committees


City of Laredo Utilities Dept. The Education Committee promotes continuing education and connects industry needs with educational programs to ensure a skilled workforce for our community. MISSION: To identify, develop and implement the Laredo Scholars student programs that are beneficial for our business community through volunteerism by business leaders. Activities and responsibilities include: 1) Volunteer for on-site Laredo Scholars presentations to students of both school districts. 2) Attend monthly meetings to identify new areas of improvement. 3) Promote Laredo Scholars by contacting school officials to schedule presentations. 4) Organize and participate at the annual School Bell Awards honoring local teachers with the golden bell award.


Texas A&M International University Youth Leadership Laredo Initiative is a comprehensive youth program that creates confident, leadership- oriented students who can achieve personal success. The Youth Leadership Laredo Initiative is made possible through a partnership between the Laredo Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Laredo with a strong collaboration by students home schools. Leadership Laredo was established in 1986 under the auspices of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce through the collaborative efforts of Leadership Texas Alumni. Leadership Laredo continues to be a non- profit program aimed at challenging Laredo’s best to take an active role in shaping the future of our community. MISSION: To identify proven leaders and nurture local individuals with leadership potential. To expose leaders to the working of our urban system and enable them to broaden their knowledge beyond their particular fields of expertise and improve lines of communication among present and future leaders. The organization boasts many alumni considered to be some of Laredo’s most prominent and successful professionals including Mayor Betty Flores, the Most Revered Bishop James Tamayo, US Representative Henry Cuellar, Tx-28 and many others.


Neel Title Corporation Over the last 27 years, the Cola Blanca Big Buck Contest has risen to become one of the best recognized hunting contests in the state. With support of Webb County and the City of Laredo, members of the Laredo Chamber's Cola Blanca Committee travel across the state to participate in hunting trade shows and promotional events. Cola Blanca ads appear regularly in Texas and regional magazines and television broadcasts. The success of Cola Blanca can only be rated by the growing number of registrations recorded annually by the Laredo Chamber of Commerce. Contest participants hail from different parts of the state and from areas of the country as distant as the states of New York and Minnesota. Ranch leases, retail stores, hunting stores, outfitters, hotels, restaurants, even welding shops, all benefit from the economic impact generated by local and out of town hunting enthusiasts. 26

Chamber Committee


Chair: Rossy Chase

small businesses as well as an awards ceremony. The Small Business Committee recognize businesses and individuals in 10 different categories presented to small and growing businesses for their outstanding achievements in management, community involvement and innovation. -Micro Business of the Year (less than five employees -Small Business of the Year (one to 50 Employees) -Small Business of the Year (50 to 100 Employees) -Corporate Achievement -Social Responsibility -Partner of the Year -Emerging Business of the Year -Entrepreneurial Spirit -Community Support -Young Professional(s) of the Year Another project led by this committee is the annual “Small Business Saturday”, a nationwide campaign that promotes small businesses during the Christmas shopping season with the participation of more than 50 small businesses.

BBVA Compass The Small Business Committee organizes several events throughout the year including the Distinguished Business Awards Ceremony, hosted annually by the Laredo Chamber of Commerce with the support of the Laredo Morning Times. The selection of the honoree is based on an adaptation of the criteria used by the U.S. Small Business Administration for their annual awards, including: -Honorees should demonstrate staying power, a substantiated history as an established business; -Growth in the number of employees, which judges the impact of business on the job market; -Response to adversity, which assesses problems faced in the nominee’s business and methods used to solve them; and contributions to community-oriented projects, using the nominee’s personal time and resources. In 2015, the committee held the first annual B2B Small Business Summit & Expo in commemoration of the Chamber’s Centennial Celebration. The program includes presentations on topics of interest for


Centennial Press

Chamber readies for 100th

Mario Alvarado and Blas Castaneda at the Guillermo Bermudez, Dora Clark, Brenda Perez, and Bill Hrncir, Deedee Hrncir, David Newman, and Lulu NewLEA during the Laredo Chamber of Com- Francisco Martinez at the LEA during the Laredo Cham- man at the LEA during the Laredo Chamber of Commerce merce 100th Anniversary Logo Unveiling. ber of Commerce 100th Anniversary Logo Unveiling. 100th Anniversary Logo Unveiling.

Rudy Gonzalez, Roque Vela Jr, and Xavier Villalon at the LEA during the Laredo Chamber of Commerce 100th Anniversary Logo Unveiling.

Erika Santos, Miguel Conchas, Michelle Delgado, and Erika De Luna at the LEA during the Laredo Chamber of Commerce 100th Anniversary Logo Unveiling.

Mayor Pete Saenz, Miguel Conchas, David Newman, Tano Tijerina, and Mario Pena at the LEA during the Laredo Chamber of Commerce 100th Anniversary Logo Unveiling.


he Laredo Chamber of Commerce is kicking off its 100th anniversary by throwing a series of year-long events. The organization will celebrate its 100th birthday in April but starting Jan. 21, the organization will kick off its centennial celebration with a campaign unveiling event, where a new marketing campaign, celebration logo and a schedule of events will be presented. The public will be invited to enjoy a series of festivities, which will include a nationally recognized keynote speaker, music, picnics, dancing and surprises. “We are celebrating an important mile-

Mayor Pete Saenz and Mario Pena at the LEA during the Laredo Chamber of Commerce 100th Anniversary Logo Unveiling.

Dan Ramirez, Sabas Zapata III, Lupita Zepeda, and Ruben Lopez at the LEA during the Laredo Chamber of Commerce 100th Anniversary Logo Unveiling.

stone,” said A.B Barrera, PMDG Marketing director. “We have so much to share with the community.” This will also be the first time David Newman, chairman of the board of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce, organizes the event. In September, former board chairman Javier Moctezuma passed the gavel to Newman. “Not many organizations have the opportunity to say they are turning 100 years old,” Newman said. “It’s a very long time. This is a really good opportunity for the

chamber to do a lot of things this year.” First established in 1915, the Laredo Chamber of Commerce is one of the oldest business organizations in Laredo, representing more than 600 members in various industries ranging from financial institutions and retailers to transportation and logistics. The nonprofit organization promotes business and economic development. Its mission is to promote and protect the business, tourism, industry and educational interests of the Laredo area and encourage orderly development of its resources, people and infrastructure. By: Judith Rayo Laredo Morning Times | Jan. 9, 2015


Centennial Press


Chamber celebrates milestone

ne-hundred colorful balloons decorated the sky Thursday morning as the Laredo Chamber of Commerce celebrated promoting businesses for 10 decades. First established in 1915, the Laredo Chamber of Commerce is one of the oldest business organizations in Laredo, representing over 650 members in various industries ranging from financial institutions and retailers to transportation, logistics and service providers. During the ceremony held to commemorate the chamber’s 100th anniversary, Mayor Pete Saenz officially proclaimed April 1 as “Laredo Chamber of Commerce 100th Anniversary Day.” Saenz applauded the organization’s work

in ensuring the success of the Laredo metropolitan area. “It is a truly deserving recognition,” Saenz said. The proclamation comes 100 years after the chamber was chartered by the state of Texas on April 1, 1915. The nonprofit organization kicked off its anniversary celebration in January. To honor the milestone, the organization launched a new marketing campaign and a celebration logo. The marketing campaign’s main focus is to communicate how the chamber has assisted businesses by connecting buyers and suppliers. The logo’s tagline, “A Century Strong,” demonstrates the strength of the chamber

and its members. David Newman said he was eager to attend to all his new responsibilities as chairman of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce's board of directors. “I didn’t realize when I took on the role that it would be the 100th anniversary,” he said. “I’m looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring for us.” The chamber will continue its year-long celebration with numerous business and social events. One of the events, the Centennial Gala, will feature former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw. The event is set for May 7 at the Laredo Energy Arena. By: Judith Rayo Laredo Morning Times | April 3, 2015

Mayor Pete Saenz, presented the State of the City as the Laredo Chamber of Commerce kicked off it Centennial Speaker Series at the IBC Annex Building.


Saenz kicks off speaker series at IBC

ayor Pete Saenz addressed nearly 200 business and civic leaders Wednesday with a detailed presentation titled: Vision 100: The City. This served as the city’s first official “State of the City” address since Saenz took office. The event, hosted by IBC Bank, was the official kick-off of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce’s 100th Anniversary Centennial Speaker Series. Saenz discussed many of the significant projects currently under development in the Gateway City, including the latest updates on the city’s budget, the unemployment rate, bridge and sales tax revenues, and building permits among others.

The Speaker Series will host two more engagements with high-profile speakers touching on the progress and future of Laredo and its surrounding areas. Future series dates are tentatively scheduled for June 3 and Aug. 12. On June 3, the Centennial Speaker Series will welcome Webb County Judge Tano Tijerina with an update on the State of the County. The 100th Anniversary Centennial Celebration is a year-long celebration commemorating the chamber’s 100 years of existence in Laredo. The festivities include numerous business and social events for chamber members and the Laredo public. The momentous occasion celebrates over

10 decades of significant milestones that the Laredo Chamber has reached and established since its founding in 1915. This landmark birthday positions the Laredo Chamber among a small and elite group of chambers throughout the country that have reached the 100-year mark. The Laredo Chamber of Commerce is the oldest established business organization in Laredo, Texas and represents over 650 members in various industries ranging from financial institutions and retailers to transportation, logistics and service providers. For more details on the 100th Anniversary Centennial Celebration visit laredochamber.com and stay connected on Facebook at Laredo Chamber of Commerce. Laredo Morning Times | Jan. 9, 2015


Centennial Press


Celebrating 100 years

n honor of celebrating 100 years of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce, members of the organization felt they deserved a little something special. Terry Bradshaw, former NFL quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers who led the team to four Super Bowl championships, was invited to give the keynote address at the chamber’s dinner and gala event Thursday night at the Laredo Energy Arena. Bradshaw had the crowd laughing for an hour straight. His speech was motivational, albeit erratic, and sprinkled with hilarious one-liners. Bradshaw began by telling the crowd about his career and how he had to face naysayers. “Now, I’m 66 (years old), and I don’t really care, and I don’t hear most of it anyway,” he said. He said he dated his current wife, Tammy, for 15 years before getting married in July. “You could be butt ugly, but if you’re rich, you could have the prettiest woman on your side,” he said. “I love being ugly. There are no high expectations for us,” he said. “I married up, you know. Fellas, if you’ve ever been divorced, you know. We’ve got a mobile home now!” The crowd roared in laughter at Bradshaw’s high energy and off-color humor. He used his body as well during his speech, even rolling on the floor at one point in the night. His humor, however, was outshined by his positive outlook on life as he tried to tie his experiences as a football player to the local business community. “Sometimes business doesn’t come in. I understand that. … Sometimes, you’re going to get hit. Let me tell you, that stuff hurts! Getting

hit. If you play poorly, you will get booed … Happiness comes and goes based in the day’s activities and the hugs and kisses from your wife and whether your kids are sick or not. … Hope gets you to tomorrow. Hope is cool,” he said. Earlier he had mentioned how a hurricane was set to strike the area around his home, and how he hoped everything would be fine when he arrived. “If not, we are going to buy us a house here in Laredo, and I hope we get a good deal,” he said, laughing. At one point, Bradshaw made the crowd reach out to the person next to them and shake their hands. Then, he urged them to give each other a hug, and after that he ordered them to kiss. “That’s what I’m bringing tonight – love! What am I gonna do? Impress you with my knowledge? I got a reputation for being stupid … I would lose you all just talking about football though. I am a caphorphsis of knowledge,” he said as everyone laughed. “That’s not the word, but it sounds good. God called me to be a football player. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.” Bradshaw’s ability to poke fun at himself is what made him likeable and made the crowd laugh at his self-deprecating jokes. At Louisiana Tech University, Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, played first-string quarterback, ahead of Bradshaw. “I would have quit a long time ago when I couldn’t make a football team … Duck Dynasty beat me out!” Bradshaw said. “There’s nothing greater than perseverance. … If you’re not happy, get into something else. Don’t do something for the money. There is nothing greater in the world than making a dream come true. … We are the

difference-makers. We are not normal. Thank you, Laredo. Where can I get my check?” After the speech, as everyone was shedding tears from laughing so hard, Miguel Conchas walked up to the stage and presented Bradshaw with a gift on behalf of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce. “You said you liked the Cowboys right?” Conchas said, jokingly, referring to the football team. Conchas then presented Bradshaw with a painting by renowned local artist Armando Hinojosa. Hinojosa has been commissioned to produce sculptures all around the state of Texas including the Tejano Monument in Austin. The painting presented to Bradshaw was a portrait of a cowboy on horseback. Miguel Conchas, president and CEO of Laredo Chamber of Commerce, said Bradshaw was invited to give the keynote because the chamber was looking for a guest who would attract attention and a crowd. Two of the four Super Bowl championships Bradshaw won with the Steelers were against the Dallas Cowboys in 1976 and 1979 – two feats that are forever engrained in the minds of diehard Cowboys fans, such as Conchas and other members of the Chamber of Commerce. “Most of us men know who Terry Bradshaw is because we like football, and we’re Cowboys fans. And a lot of women knew who he was because he does a lot of television appearances like (The) Ellen (Degeneres Show). When we approached members of the chamber of commerce about bringing Terry, some of them said they had already seen him give speeches in other places and said that he was really funny and motivational,” Conchas said. By: Gabriela Treviño Laredo Morning Times | May 9, 2015


Centennial Press

Francisco Ruiz, Jose Zuniga, Alfredo Gutierrez and Ve- Andrea Garza and Gina Palma at the Laredo Corina Martinez, Rodrigo Solis and Cindy Jasso ronica Ramos at the Laredo Chamber of Commerce B2B Chamber of Commerce B2B Small Business Sum- at the Laredo Chamber of Commerce B2B Small Small Business Summit & Expo. mit & Expo. Business Summit & Expo.


Chamber to hold Small Business Summit, Expo

rom steps on how to open a business to online marketing, from business security services to staffing, the latest trends, products and services will be exhibited by local companies at the Laredo Chamber of Commerce B2B Small Business Summit & Expo on Wednesday, June 24. Rossy Chase, chairman of the chamber’s Small Business Committee, made the official announcement of this free event as part of the chamber’s Centennial Celebration schedule of events. The expo is open to the business community and professionals seeking ways to grow their business while networking and learning from the experts. In addition to forging business relationships and learning about the latest local services and products, business professionals may attend a series of business-focused presentations. These presentations are designed to provide practical information that can be used right away to protect and grow their businesses as well as improve their marketing strategy. Andrea Garza from Lift Fund will open the summit with “Business Planning,” an insight into the steps to open a new business, such as required permits, financing options and tips to create a business plan. She will also discuss how to launch a new business and plan for the future, as well as tips on how to expand an existing business.

The summit will also highlight a presentation on “The Importance of Online Advertising” featuring Matt Gibson of Liquid Studio Group, who brings over 25 years of graphic design and marketing experience specializing in digital marketing. He will discuss ways to use social media and online advertising to effectively achieve results for client campaigns and keep followers engaged. In addition, the summit will include a presentation by Rebecca Esparza, who is an authorized local expert for Constant Contact, a leading online marketing company. Her presentation “The Power of Email Marketing” will provide a deeper look into the importance and effectiveness of email marketing and how to engage with customers and prospects. She will also discuss why email is more important than ever – to the communication efforts of businesses and nonprofits; and to the customer, client or supporterof those organizations. The summit will conclude with “Risk Management: How to Keep Your Employees Safe and Manage Workers Compensation Claims” by Tina Wheeler, risk manager for Manpower. With over 20 years on insurance expertise and experience, Wheeler provides risk, insurance, loss prevention, liability and workers-compensation management and oversight for 14 states. She has been with Manpower for nine years and is also a licensed claims adjuster in the state of Texas. Awards banquet

To conclude the program, the Small Business Committee will be recognizing businesses and individuals in 10 different categories presented to small and growing businesses for their outstanding achievements in management, community involvement and innovation. Micro Business of the Year (less than five employees): Narvaez Flower ShopSmall Business of the Year (one to 50 Employees): Neighbor WorksSmall Business of the Year (50 to 100 Employees): Daniel B. Hastings Inc.Corporate Achievement: H-E-BSocial Responsibility: Imaginarium of South TexasPartner of the Year: Lift FundEmerging Businessof the Year: Liquid Studio GroupEntrepreneurial Spirit: Momentum Running Co.Community Support: South Texas Food BankYoung Professional(s) of the Year: Cindy Garcia-Pope & Eliud Garcia/Gold’s Gym The Laredo Chamber of Commerce is the oldest established business organization in Laredo, Texas and represents over 650 members in various industries ranging from financial institutions and retailers to transportation, logistics and service providers. The Laredo Chamber of Commerce is accredited by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with a 4-star accreditation rating. It is a member of the Texas Association ofMexican American Chambers of Commerce (TAMACC), the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE), and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Laredo Morning Times | June 16, 2015


Centennial Press

Centennial Speaker Series: VISION 100

Javier Rizo and Liz Saldivar at the chamber Centennial Speaker Series event at the IBC Annex Building.

Salo Otero, Javier Garza, Mike Kazen and Miguel Conchas at the Laredo Chamber of Commerce Centennial Speaker Series event at the IBC Annex Building.

Rudy Rodriguez, Alex Gutierrez, Cynthia Mares, Harold Devally and Federico Garza at the Laredo Chamber of Commerce Centennial Speaker Series event at the IBC Annex Building.

Maria E. Calderon-Porter, Gabriel Castillo and Cristy Swisher at the Laredo Chamber of Commerce Centennial Speaker Series event at the IBC Annex Building.

Tony Arce and Lalo Uribe at the Laredo Chamber of Commerce Centennial Speaker Series event at the IBC Annex Building.

Federico Schaffler, Judge Tano Tijerina, Ray M. Keck III at the Laredo Chamber of Commerce Centennial Speaker Series event at the IBC Annex Building.

Cayetano and Rosalinda Tijerina, Judge Tano Tijerina and Lalo Uribe at the Laredo Chamber of Commerce Centennial Speaker Series event at the IBC Annex Building. Webb County Judge Tano Tijerina was the keynote speaker at the Centennial Speaker Series. Laredo Morning Times | June 4, 2015


Centennial Press


Businesses receive service awards

ine businesses were honored Thursday night during the annual Five Star Service Awards Dinner and Ceremony at Embassy Ste.s. Hosted by the Laredo Chamber of Commerce, the Five Star Service Awards honor businesses that provide superior customer service. This year’s winners are: Falcon International Bank – Financial Services Doctors Hospital – Wellness and Medical Services Embassy Ste.s – Hospitality and Entertain-

ment Services South Texas Food Bank – Nonprofit Community Services Stewart Title Company – Professional Businesses Services Chili’s North Laredo – Best Franchise Restaurant Border Foundry Restaurant and Bar – Best Independent Restaurant Dr. Ikes Home Centers – Retail, Small Businesses KGNS TV – Media and Communication Services As the chamber continues to celebrate

its 100th anniversary, the Laredo Chamber of Commerce’s Customer Service Committee presented International Bank of Commerce Bank the 2015 Five Star Centennial for striving toward the highest levels of professionalism by fostering customer service and employee growth. "We are very excited to kick off the chamber’s Centennial Celebration with an event that honors chamber members that stand out for their customer service in different industries." said David Newman, chairman of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce board, in a statement. By: Judith Rayo Laredo Morning Times | March 14, 2015

Chamber hosts 4th of July tailgate Chamber of Commerce President Miguel Conchas serves up a plate of tortilla chips at Uni-Trade Stadium during the Chamber of Commerce 4th of July tailgate.

Macy Vasquez donned red white and blue clothing as she smiles while participating in a game of musical chairs outside Uni-Trade Stadium during the Chamber of Commerce 4th of July Tailgate.


Students win in chamber contest

he Laredo Chamber of Commerce recently presented scholarships to three local students during the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors. Miguel Pescador, chairman of the chamber’s Education Committee, announced the winners of the Centennial Scholarship Poster/Essay Contest. Receiving the awards were Ricardo Barrientos, a senior at United High School, who received a $750 scholarship for his winning essay; Dangelo Hernandez, a senior

at Martin High School, also recipient of a $750 scholarship for his winning poster; and Kina Lee Matthews, a senior at Alexander High School, whose honorable mention for a poster entry earned her a $500 scholarship. In presenting the awards, Pescador underscored the creativity and commitment of each of the students, stating, “The Education Committee wanted to highlight the chamber’sCentennial Celebration and what better way than by recognizing the

work of Laredo’s future leaders." Certain criteria was established both for the essay and the poster submissions, but participants were asked to adhere to one general theme – “A Century Strong!” which forms part of the chamber’s 100-year anniversary celebration. The Education Committee raised funds to provide the scholarships through the sale of ads for the School Bell Awards Ceremony Program, another committee initiative. Laredo Morning Times | June 2, 2015


Centennial Press


Businesses get chamber recognition

s part of the Chamber’s Centennial Celebration, the Small Business Committee is proud to recognize businesses, organizations and individuals for their outstanding achievements in management, community involvement, and innovation. Corporate Achievement: H-E-B This award is presented to an individual or company that demonstrates leadership, innovation, commitment and good corporate citizenship in our community. Micro Business of the Year: Narvaez Flower Shop This award is presented to a successful small business owner with five or fewer employees whose business has experienced substantial growth and whose leadership provides a positive impact on the business community in Laredo. Small Business of the Year: Neighbor Works This award is presented to a successful small business or organization with 10-50 employees whose business has experienced substantial growth and whose leadership provides a positive impact on the business community in Laredo. Small Business of the Year: Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. This award is presented to a successful small business or organization with 50-100

employees whose business has experienced substantial growth and whose leadership provides a positive impact on the business community in Laredo. Social Responsibility: Imaginarium of South Texas This award is presented to a business or organization that demonstrates dedicated involvement and unyielding commitment to community service. Partner of the Year: LiftFund This award will recognize a non-profit partner that supports the mission of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce. Emerging Business of the Year: Liquid Studio Group This award is presented to a company on the leading edge of innovation by creating milestones in technology and/or business practices. Entrepreneurial Spirt: Momentum Running Co. This award recognizes a business which has developed an innovative product or a valuable new service, or one which has adapted and improved a current product or service to keep pace with the times and the needs of its clients. Community Support: South Texas Food Bank This award recognizes an individual or

organization who’s civic and community service creates a lasting and beneficial impact for all residents. Young Professionals of the Year Cynthia Garcia-Pope Eliud Garcia, III This honor is presented to an individual(s) with a demonstrated commitment to Laredo through civic and business involvement, especially during the past year. SMALL BUSINESS COMMITTEE Committee Chair: Rossy Chase, BBVA Compass Anabelle Flores, Inter-National Bank Armando Gonzalez, International Bank of Commerce Alfredo Gutierrez, Falcon International Bank Araceli Guzman, Allison James Estates Gabriela Holloway, International Bank of Commerce Hugo Lozano, BBVA Compass David Mata, CSI Security Service Gina Palma, LiftFund Adelina Perez, Inter-National Bank Antelmo Rodriguez, International Bank of Commerce Elizabeth Saldivar, Manpower Rodrigo Solis, At Work Personnel Services Guillermo Ugalde, Commerce Bank Jose Zuùiga, Falcon International Bank Laredo Morning Times | June 22, 2015


Centennial Press

Commemorating the last day of 100 years


ne of the city’s oldest organizations, the Laredo Chamber of Commerce, celebrated its centennial year this year, and its events and achievements culminated into what was the 2015 Recognition of Volunteers and Awards Ceremony at the Laredo Country Club. The ceremonial passing of the gavel was also done, which connoted the end of the chamber’s 100 years, and as Chairman-elect Mario Peña put it, “the first day of the next 100 years.” Incumbent Chairman David Newman addressed the crowd of members, board executives and past chairmen presenting the “State of the Chamber,” outlining the year’s past events. A need for money, he said, was what inspired the gala event where past NFL hero, Terry Bradshaw, was the keynote speaker. “As long as I live, I’ll remember that night, and I’ll remember this year,” Newman said. “Here we had this 67-year-old with rheuma-

toid arthritis and he was rolling on the floor, making us laugh.” The chamber also announced a speaker series where Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz and Webb County Judge Tano Tijerina participated as guests of honor. Newman reminded the incoming chairman and executive committee of the importance and “the need to work with our youth.” A section of those honored at the event were chairman appointees, which were young adults who acted as interns for the chamber. Newman also shared the obstacles he faced throughout the year as chairman. “A lot of people say that the years are going by quickly, but this year went slow for me. I love the chamber, but I had to be somewhere every freakin’ day. It drove me crazy,” Newman said, laughing. Another event the chamber executed was the annual 4th of July Tailgate BBQ event.

Members of the organization also visited Washington D.C. Parker and the late George Neel Jr. were recognized by the chamber as the 2015 Businessperson of the year for their contributions to the local title and abstract industry. Before stepping down and passing the podium space to Peña, Newman said, “It’s all yours, sweetheart.” After the audience erupted into giggles, Peña commended Newman for his honorable work as chairman in throughout the year. The items he announced he would be focusing on during his time as chairman would be increasing memberships, membership retention, improving program development and adding new committees on transportation and border issues. Peña concluded by repeating a phrase that Pope Francis had repeated at every stop on his recent trip to the U.S. “Remember to pray for me,” Peña said. By: Gabriela Treviño Laredo Morning Times | October 2, 2015





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210-430-0102 956-726-9019 956-286-1920 956-724-1040 956-725-2551 956-286-4208 905-790-2333 956-726-6658 956-724-8221 956-630-1740 956-753-5000 956-728-7377 956-753-6003 956-791-0999 956-727-8922 956-764-2900 956-712-8888 956-753-3000 956-796-0117 956-523-0988 956-717-5720 956-717-2971 956-701-3425 956-225-5660 956-763-1022 956-712-2717 956-723-7400 956-712-1122 956-725-8382 956-723-9999 956-568-5762 956-728-7019 956-725-2731 956-791-5000 956-723-9100 956-722-6221 956-763-4364 956-489-2977 956-794-2828 956-722-8921 956-728-1114 956-383-6712 956-722-4533 956-729-8111 956-723-6903 210-978-1405 956-722-1303 956-857-1620 956-753-3404 956-763-9094 956-724-3241 956-726-2000 956-725-7418 956-723-3611 956-727 3354 210-385-6677 956-725-1832 956-701-3495 956-728-0262 956-795-4776 956-729-7677 956-791-1801 956-728-8700 956-795-1437 956-729-0004 956-723-4308 956-723-7251

5108 McPherson 6202 Mcpherson Ste. 2 5301 Springfield Ave. 217 W Village Blvd. #1 1302 Calle del Norte Ste. 1 401 Shiloh Dr. # 18 16 Melanie 8730 Aida Court 7060 N. San Bernardo Ave. Exit # 4 801 N. Ware Rd. 7611 North Bartlett 9902 McPherson, Ste. #6 2397 E. Saunders St. Ste. 3. 1812 Commerce Dr. #6 P.O. Box 450443 12110 Sara Rd. 2210 Guadalupe St. 6019 McPherson Rd. Ste. 9 7301 McPherson Rd. 2438 Monarch Dr. 216 W. Village Blvd. Ste. 302 P. O. Box 450447 6909 Springfield Ave. Ste. 305 1705 Del Mar Blvd, A119 11119 Kirby Dr. #114 2903 Victor Hugo Ct. 7220 Loop 20 6010 McPherson Bldg. C 5603 SAN DARIO 10211 McPherson Rd. 6550 Springfield #103 6999 McPherson Rd. Ste. 328 101 Omeara Circle 8333 Milo Road 110 Calle del Norte 1505 Calle Del Norte Ste. 440 1412 Alamdeda Dr. 4205 Jaime Zapata Memorial Hwy. C2 7802 Bob Bullock Loop 5201 Tesoro Plaza 10414 Medical Loop P O BOX 1078 700 W. Hillside 13701 N. Lamar Drive 9803 Sterling Lp. Unit 190 402 Dwyer Avenue 1420 Corpus Christi 9101 San Mateo dr. 2438 Monarch Dr. Ste A-160 3112 Spring Creek 3164 Dos Reals Loop 27700 FM 1472 901 Victoria Street, Ste. A 1320 Trey Dr. 10504 Winrock Dr. 1201 E Del Mar Blvd. 4201 McPherson Drive, Ste. 3 1029 Bob Bullock Loop Ste. 1 5901 McPherson, STE.1A 6999 McPherson, # 220 815 Grant St. 1001 San Rio Blvd. 9901 McPherson, # 101 320 Logistic Dr. Ste. C 2315 E. Saunders, Plaza Two 6219 Gilbert Rd. 701 N. Stone Ave.


Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Brampton Laredo Mcallen Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Edinburg Laredo Laredo Laredo San Antonio Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo


Wireless Communication Security Guard & Patrol Service Consultants Accountants, Certified, Public Property Management Laboratories-Testing Construction Individual Chamber Memberships Hotel/Motels Magazines Storage Insurance Restaurant - Mexican Food Payroll Service Custom Brokers Freight Forwarding Insurance Decorating Supplies & Gifts Tire Dealers Medical Clinics Restaurant Medical Office Dentists & Dental Clinics Health Care Graphic Designers Accountants, Certified, Public Restaurant Newspapers Restaurants, Bar & Grills Restaurants, Bar & Grills Staffing Services Radio Communications Individual Chamber Memberships Industrial Park Hotel/Motels Health Care Student Recruitment Appliances, Dealers Forwarding Agencies Restaurants - Fast Food Real Estate Companies Manufacturers - Tortillas Hotel/Motels Transportation Home Health Agencies Non-Profit Non-Profit Importers/Exporters Restaurants - Fast Food Accounting & Tax Service Individual Chamber Memberships Golf Courses Associations/Organizations Funeral Homes Advertising/Advertising Specialties Fast Food Dance Instruction/Schools Funeral Homes Florist Gastroenterology Blood Banks Detention Center Mortgage Services Custom Brokers Chiropractors & Clinics Distribution/Warehouse Non-Profit


Global Technologies GNC Gold's GYM of Laredo Goodwill Industries of Laredo Gordita Dona Tota Graphitiks Advertising Design, INC. Great American Cookies GSM Insurors Guadalupe Quintanilla Guerra Communications H&R BLOCK H.E.B Mobile Habitat for Humanity of Laredo Harmony Science Academy Health Natural Solution Int., Inc. Hector Javier Hi Hillside Funeral Home HKG Duty Free - HK Global Trading Ltd. Holding Institute, Inc. Community Center Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Ste.s Homewood Ste.s by Hilton Housing Authority of the City of Laredo Howland Engineering & Surveying HR Employment Solutions, LLC. Humana Inc. Hurd Enterprises Imagen 94.1 FM Imagine Dental Import & Export Consulting Inc. Inspire Social Business Club Inter-National Bank International Trading & Dist., Inc. Jackson Real Estate Group James A. Dickey James Fowler Janette Campos Jesus A. Davila, P.C. JETT BOWL NORTH Jiffy Lube #2439 Joe Jackson, III Johnstone Supply - Laredo Jorge Luis Ortega Jorge Mckenzie Jorge Vigil JOSE D. GONZALEZ CHB Jose Jacobo Joseph Michael Dickerson LLP Attorney at Law-Mediator J's Party Town Juan C. Sanchez-Farmer's Insurance Judith Coronado Junior Design & Construction LLC. Kaplan College Karla Robles Kawas, Cynthia M. Kelly Services Kelly's Western Wear Krispy Kreme KRK Homes L Bufalo Pawn L. Prevention Security Services La Bota Development Co. /A.F.Muller Co. La Posada Hotel & Embarcadero La Quinta Inn & Ste.s Laredo Airport La Terraza at Lomas del Sur, Ltd Lago Del Mar Apartments Laredo Animal Protective Society Laredo Area Community Foundation

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956-729-8324 210-862-2311 956-791-4653 877-74 A HAND 956-753-3898 956-723-4389 956-726-0399 956-724-9373 956-740-5873 956-724-9800 956-723-7626 956-754-6701 956-724-3227 956-712-1177 956-723-1040 956-740-0167 956-724-6060 956-728-5180 956-718-2070 956-218-8888 956-753-9200 956-722-4521 956-722-4411 956-568-3466 210-617-1089 210-829-5255 956-725-0682 956-267-8501 956-523-3500 956-324-4273 956-721-7100 956-724-1705 956-722-9400 956-722-4822 210-223-6383 956-224-0063 956-717-2228 956-724-2695 956-725-4339 956-722-0001 956-727-2235 956-723-2265 956-334-9647 956-434-9773 956-728-7636 956-758-2110 956-791-5422 956-602-1077 956-791-6511

402 E. Hillside 7815 McPherson #111 P.O. BOX 450382 5901 San Dario 2019 NE Bob Bullock Loop 5415 Springfield 6A 5300 San Dario # 3511 P.O. BOX 1478 305 Windsor Rd. 6402 N Bartlett, Ste. 1 7807 McPherson Ave. Ste. 203 1911 N.E Bob Bullock Loop 4703 Warehouse Lane 4401 San Francisco Ave. 401 East Hillside 10610 Cabo Wabo 310 Hillside Road P.O. Box 451130 1102 Santa Maria Ave. 7223 Bob Bullock Loop 98 Calle Del Norte Mrs. Laura Llanes 7615 N. Bartlett Ave. 9803 Sterling Loop Ste. 170 8119 Datapoint Second Floor 7373 Broadway St., Ste. 200 213 W. Village Blvd. Ste. 7 7807 McPherson Ave. Ste. 205 111 Flecha Ln. 6999 McPherson Rd. Ste. 211 7219 McPherson Rd. 13492 Port Drive 6425 Pollaris Dr. Ste. 9 7917 McPherson, # 201 4242 IH 35N P.O. Box 5770 1004 E. Hillside Rd. Ste. A 5823 Mcpherson Rd. 1307 E. Del Mar Blvd. Joe Jackson Funeral Chapels 4114 Airpark Dr. Ste. 4A Falcon International Bank 311 Exter Drive 110 West Village Apt. 6. 4506 Modern Lane 5762 Saint Charles Loop 2 Lindenwood 6516 McPherson 6909 Springfield Avenue Ste. 104 Falcon International Bank 6419 McPherson Rd. Ste. E 6410 McPherson Ave 2401 Maida Ln. 10511 McPherson Rd. 709 E. Calton, #104 4220 Santa Ursula 6627 San Dario Ave. P.O Box 451130 4001 McPherson Rd. Ste. 202 916 Hidalgo St. 307 Muller Memorial Blvd. 1000 Zaragoza St. 7220 Bob Bullock Loop 3201 S. Ejido Ave 7550 Country Club Dr. 2500 Gonzalez St. 616 Leal St.

956-235-8695 956-717-5909 956-635-3520 956-723-2265 956-724-5324 956-729-1126 956-795-1122 956-712-9970 956-717-2340 956-771-4354 956-726-9891 956-722-1701 956-724-7222 956-568-3100 956-753-6800 956-724-8364 956-326-2843


Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Rockport Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo San Antonio San Antonio Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo San Antonio Zapata Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo


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Laredo Association of Realtors Laredo Bargain Book Laredo Cargo, Inc. Laredo Catholic Communications, Inc. Laredo Center For The Arts Laredo Chamber of Commerce Laredo Development Foundation Laredo Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Laredo Energy Laredo Energy Arena Laredo Freight Company, LLC dba Unishippers Laredo Laredo Home Health Laredo Home Medical Equipment Laredo Independent School District Laredo Lemurs Baseball (Laredo Baseball Investors, LLC. Laredo Lic. U.S. Customs Brokers Association Laredo Little Theatre, Inc. Laredo Monument Co. Laredo Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Laredo PCS DBA Metro PCS Laredo Philarmonic Orchestra Laredo Quality Home Health Laredo Ready Mix Co. Laredo Specialty Hospital Laredo Sports Medicine Clinc PA Laredo Stroke Support Group Laredo Title and Abstract Laredo Toast Masters Club Laredo Transit Management Inc. - El Metro LAREDO WEBB NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSING SERVICES INC. Laurel Insurance Agency & Associates, Inc. Law Office of Sergio Lozano Legend Title & Abstract Leonelo Cruz Real Estate Co. LLC Lewis Energy Group, LP Liberty Tax Service Lift Fund, Inc. Lin's Chinese Restaurant, Grill & Buffet Liquid Studio Group, LLC. LMJ Imaging Services Open MRI, Inc. LNV, Inc. LOZANO TRAVEL Luby's M&M Air Cargo & Delivery Services Maiva Issa Garcia Mallory Alexander International Mambo Sea Food Restaurant Manuel Gomez III State Farm Agent Manufactured Housing Consultants, Inc. March of Dimes Market Barbeque Mattel, Inc. Mattress Firm MBA Mortgage McAllen Valley Roofing Co. McCoy's Building Supply McDonald's Rests./Vobel MDR Advertising Medina Electric Coop, Inc. Melissa J. Gonzalez Mel's Boutique (Shop, Inc.) Mendoza Maintenance Group, Inc. Mercy Kids Rehab Merlin Management Metlife MG Builders Michael A. Lecea

956-712-4400 956-722-0100 956-753-4600 956-722-4167 956-725-1715 956-722-9895 956-722-0563 956-267-8830 713-600-6000 956-791-9192 956-754-9776 956-796-3266 956-794-8220 956-795-3370 956-753-6877 956-791-2151 956-723-1342 956-723-8480 210-828-5686 956-999-3369 956-326-3039 956-725-5533 956-237-6095 956-753-5353 956-727-2122 956-763-6132 956-726-9665 956-795-2400 956-795-2280 956-712-9100 956-724-9083 956-722-4357 956-722-5700 956-724-3333 210-384-3206 956-717-1040 956-718-0900 956-523-8886 956-251-7576 956-725-OPEN 956-462-5511 956-791-4455 956-722-3397 956-723-0737 956-251-4772 956-717-0674 956-624-8888 956-333-0000 956-727-2280 956-682-7114 210-589-2151 956-728-2441 956-722-1893 956-717-3400 956-279-8292 956-722-0596 956-740-3354 361-883-6327 830-741-7350 956-723-2265 956-286-1832 956-728-0114 956-791-4800 956-727-2870 956-523-0638 956-726-4212 956-763-8931

616 Leal St. 3100 Hwy 359 8514 El Gato Rd. 1901 Corpus Christi 500 San Agustin 2310 San Bernardo Ave. 616 Leal St. 6320 Bob Bullock Loop 13430 NW Fwy. Ste. 1000 6700 Arena Blvd 659 Aspen Ln 1700 Hendicks Ave. 2nd Floor 1610 Bustamante Ste. #A 1702 Houston 6320 Sinatra Pkwy 1211 San Dario PMB 720 4802 Thomas 1414 E. Saunders St. 1701 Tournament Trail Drive 3702 S. Zapata Hwy 5201 University Blvd. 6414 McPherson Rd. Ste. # 2 18015 FM 1472 2005 Bustamante St. 9652 Mcpherson Ste.#12 3408 E. Frost St. 9901 McPherson Ste. 203 1110 Houston St. 2nd Floor 1301 Farragut St. 216 Bob Bullock Loop 4519 San Bernardo Ave. 1618 Chihuahua St. 216 W Village Blvd Ste. 201 604 Shiloh Dr. St. 3 10101 Reunion Place Ste. #1000 1102 N. Meadow 902 E. Calton Rd. 6633 San Dario Ave. 107 Calle Del Norte Ste. 115 6262 McPherson Ste. 105 6010 McPherson Ste. 110 201 W. Del Mar Blvd. Ste. 13 710 West Calton Rd. 5103 Maher Ave. 3201 Iris 18705 Metropolitan 5706 San Bernardo Ave. 4311 Clark Blvd. Ste. K 5221 S. Zapata Hwy Ste. A 3900 North 10th Street Ste. 920 10719 McPherson Rd. Ste. A 8702 Killam Ind. Blvd. 4419 San Bernardo Ave. 7019 W. Village Blvd. # 207 107 Calle Del Norte STE 5C 3809 E. Saunders 1607 Corpus Christi 2767 Santa Fe St. P.O. Box 370 Falcon International Bank 5303 Springfield Ave. 2335 E Saunders Plaza # 3 216 W. Village Blvd # 302 709 E. Calton Rd., Ste 102 1302 E. San Pedro 507 A. Magnolia Ln.


Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Houston Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo San Antonio Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Mcallen Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Corpus Christi Hondo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo


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Mike Cortez Allstate Insurance Mike's Paint Place Minerva Santos Mines Road Self Storage Mobile Destination,Inc.Verizon Wirless Premium Retailer Mobile Mini Moctezuma Financial Consultants Modern Construction, Inc. Molina Healthcare, Inc. Momentum Running Co. Monica Hurtado Mood Texas Motel 6 - Laredo Airport Motel 6 North MPT Industrial Inc. Mr. Juan Carlos Mendez Mundo Montessori Munizitos Learning Center My Sunny Gardens Narvaez Flower Shop NC Communications & Publications Nevill Document Solutions New York Life Nexgen Solutions NORTH PARK LEXUS Office Depot Oliveira Audiology & Hearing Center, P.L.L.C. Onyx & Associates Real Estate Services Orozco's, Inc. OXXO Pablo Valencia CHB Palenque Grill Park Avenue Construction LTD Pat's Kitchen LLC Pedraza Forwarding Inc. Performance Food Services Roma Victoria Peter Pan's Studio Peter Venegas, Inc. DBA STWS Pexim, L.C. Pino Burger Plaza Las Palmas PMDG Marketing Communications Posh Sushi Express Powell-Watson Motors Prague Boutique Premier Inc. Prime Momento LLC Primped The Style Bar Pronto INSURANCE Prospect Mortgage LLC ProValue Media Pure Line Nutrition Quail Creek Self Storage Quality Air Conditioning & Heating Quarter Mile, Inc. R & R Private Security Service R Communications Radio & Television R+L Global Logistics Ramirez Tire Ramiro E. Menchaca, CPA Rancho Las Tejanas Raquel Mata RDO Equipment Co. RE/MAX Real Estate Services Red Roof Inn Red Roof Inn - South Laredo RedCarpet Boutique

956-723-6453 956-729-8080 956-723-9094 210-3428097 956-568-6932 956-227-0905 956-290-2100 956-724-9001 956-728-5700 956-726-4786 956-7535833 210-223-6383 956-568-0646 956-722-8133 956-727-2370 512-897-5841 956-791-6620 956-568-6832 956-763-6487 956-791-1446 956-712-1122 956-753-7312 956-630-9101 956-717-6000 210-308-8900 956-712-8558 956-727-3801 956-729-7808 956-724-3549 956-568-8575 956-795-1710 956-728-1272 956-727-7275 956-753-7287 956-726-1862 956-624-4706 956-723-4642 956-726-9444 956-722-6476 956-754-0446 956-729-1536 956-753-5900 956-753-7674 956-722-5182 956-727-2844 956-722-7212 832-643-4605 956-790-9092 956-724-2110 956-645-8066 956-235-6374 956-568-2273 956-712-9086 956-712-4247 956-722-7690 956-722-4135 956-725-1000 239-337-8710 956-724-2040 956-712-2727 956-740-1530 956-723-2265 956-718-1909 956-568-4257 956-712-0733 956-724-7300 956-796-1139

201 W. Del Mar Ste# 16 6410 Polaris 103 Sand Dollar Ct. 9807 Mines Road. 5724 San Bernardo 6209 B McPherson Rd. 104 Ohio Circle 2120 Blaine St. 6999 McPherson Road Ste. 213 1202 E. Del Mar Blvd Ste. 103 401 Shiloh Dr. Ste #12 4242 N. PAN AM EXPRESS WAY 7124 Rosson Lane 5920 San Bernardo 216 W Village Blvd. Ste. 102 7550 Country Club Dr. Apt. 9202 1701 Peaceful Meadow Units 4-6B 501 Marina Ct. 1320 Laredo St. 1620 San Bernardo Ave. 6010 McPherson Rd. Building C 6414 McPherson Ste. 10 5350 South Staples Ste.101 6826 Springfield Ste.204B 611 Lockhill 5718 N. San Bernardo 7917 McPherson Ste. 207 5918 McPherson Rd. Ste. 6 8370 Mines Road 1219 Farragut 1909 Aduanales Ln. 7220 Bob Bullock Loop # 2 213 Village Blvd. 5517 McPherson Ste. 12 8810 Killam Blvd. 204 N. Brownson 102 W. CALTON 428 Hilltop Dr. 2500 Pinder Avenue 4205 Jaime Zapata Memorial Hwy Ste. D1 2824 E. Bustamante Ste. C 1719 Matamoros 7019 W. Village Ste. 101 1 Auto Rd. South 2715 E. Del Mar Blvd. Unit D-1 801 Lincoln 19901 Southwest Fwy. Ste. 124 7718 McPherson Rd. Ste. 1 1315 San Dario Ave. 1705 E. Del Mar Blvd. Ste. A 104 1202 E. Del Mar Blvd. Ste#6 2402 Jacaman Rd. Ste. 10 2110 Quail Creek Rd P.O. Box 451189 6420 Polaris Dr. Ste. 4 420 Zaragoza St. 107 Calle del Norte Ste. 212 4310 Pan American Blvd. 3210 Loop 20 6414 McPherson, Ste. 13 2 McPherson Dr., Apt 2 Falcon International Bank 102 Wilcox Rd 6402 N Bartlett #3 1006 W Calton Rd 2010 Lomas Del Sur 1705 E. Del Mar Ste#A123


Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo San Antonio Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo CorpusChristi Laredo San Antonio Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Victoria Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Sugar Land Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo


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Regent Care Center Residence Inn by Marriott Restaurante La Unica Retama Manor Laredo South Retama Manor West Rheem Manufacturing Co. Rich Nutrition Riojas Bookkeeping Systems River Bank Village Rosemont - Laredo Vista Roser & JCowen Logistical Services, Ltd. RPI Electric Ruiz Custom Meat Rush Truck Center Ruthe B. Cowl Rehabilitation Center S.E. Mares, Inc. Fwdg. Service Saint Joseph Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, PA Sames Motor Company San Antonio Apartments for Rent Magazine San Isidro Management Sandra Zimmerman Insurance Sarita's Tortilla Factory Inc. Secur-It, Inc. Shah Eye & Lasik Vision Center Sigma Alimentos International Inc. Siros Inc. Sound Connection Sounds International South Texas Blood & Tissue Center / N.M.D.P. South Texas Business Journal South Texas Credit Advisors South Texas Energy & Economic Roundtable South Texas Food Bank South Texas Shooting Complex, Inc. South Texas Spine & Rehab South Texas Training Center Specialized Customs Services, Inc. Speedy Cash SpringHill Ste.s by Marriott Springleaf Financial Services St. Augustine Schools Staff Force STAT Emergency Center of Laredo State Farm Ins. Co. - Kevin S. Romo State Farm Insurance - Anabella R. Herbig Staybridge Ste.s Stewart Title Company Stripes Studio 55 Day Spa & Salon Sun Control Systems Super 8 Super Transport Intl., L.T.D Swisher & Martin Realty Taco Palenque Taco Palenque, Jr. Talk N Talk Wireless Terri McGraw Texadelphia Texas Community Bank Texas Fleet Supply Texas Legacy Cheer LLC Texas Organ Sharing Alliance Texas Outlaw Grill The Back Porch Mail Center The Carlson Law Firm The Honorable Tracy O. King The UPS Store #6642

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956-723-7001 956-753-9700 956-568-8072 956-723-2068 956-722-0031 956-725-5000 956-740-7923 956-753-5622 956-378-6725 956-717-2991 956-718-2800 956-796-1003 956-724-3013 956-724-7383 956-722-2431 956-722-5139 956-795-1010 956-721-4700 210-377-3116 956-796-1101 956-796-1115 956-568-5578 956-727-2232 956-753-0202 956-417-2695 956-723-8132 956-717-9600 956-645-5903 956-236-8662 956-763-1096 956-242-7466 210-208-8227 956-726-3120 361-586-4281 956-726-9886 956-727-4909 956-718-2400 956-722-3268 956-717-0800 956-728-0660 956-724-8731 956-712-1150 956-791-3000 956-753-9337 956-725-1617 956-722-0444 956-791-5810 361-693-3752 956-712-4444 956-725-7866 956-722-6321 956-791-9002 956-725-3800 956-725-9898 956-717-1888 956-712-3626 956-874-7440 956-753-3311 956-722-8333 956-723-2231 956-712-9344 210-614-7030 956-771-1919 956-723-3997 956-712-2588 512-463-0194 956-724-8777

7001 McPherson Rd. 310 Lost Oaks Boulevard 8919 San Dario Ave. Ste. A. 1100 Galveston 1200 Lane 13601 Mines Road 4610 San Bernardo Ave. Ste. 3 5705 Springfield Ave. 202 Aquero Blvd. 5606 Saint David Lane 12114 J.E.F Drive 512 Market St. Ste. 2 2119 E. Lyon 10216 Union Pacific rd. 1220 N. Malinche Ave. P.O. BOX 7025 1519 Bustamante, Ste. B P.O. Box 879 14402 Blanco Road Ste. 100 9901 Mcpherson Rd. Ste. 201 3515 N. Arkansas Ste. 107 3510 Springfield Ave. 5810 McPherson Rd. 8607 McPherson Rd Ste. #102 1009 Black Diamond 1112 Hidalgo St. 5220 San Bernardo Ave. 4202 Juarez Ave. 6211 IH 10 West at 1st Park Ten P.O Box 200023 408 Shiloh Dr. Ste. 1 P.O. Box 831668 1907 Freight St. P.O. Box 450536 9114 McPherson Rd. Ste. 2505 5460 Springfield #111 806 Union Pacific Blvd. 7120 San Bernardo 5940 San Bernardo Ave. 3210 Jaime Zapata Memorial Hwy., Ste. 6 1300 E. Galveston 1505 Calle Del Norte, Ste.100 2502 NE Bob Bullock Loop 7917 McPherson, # 208 315 Calle Del Norte, Ste. 103 7010 Bob Bullock Loop 1016 Monaco Blvd. 2519 Jacaman Rd. 7815 McPherson #102 2408 Jacaman Rd. Ste. D 2620 Sta Ursula 801 Pellegrino Ct. 9114 McPherson, Ste. 2518 4515 San Bernardo 5726 San Bernardo Ave. 4702 Marcella Ave #1 5309 McPherson Rd. Ste.#7 1408 E. Del Mar Blvd. Ste. 4B 6721 McPherson Rd. 129 Flecha Lane 3304 Windsome Ct. 8122 Datapoint Dr., # 200 5209 Springfield Ste. 4 1211 San Dario Ave. 5112 McPherson Ste. 106 P.O. BOX 2910 2438 Monarch Dr. Ste. A-300


Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo San Antonio Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo San Antonio Austin Laredo San Antonio Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo San Antonio Laredo Laredo Laredo Austin Laredo


Nursing & Rehabilitation Care Center Hotel/Motels Fast Food Nursing & Rehabilitation Care Center Nursing & Rehabilitation Care Center Manufacturers Health Care Bookkeeping Property Management Forwarding Agencies Electricians - Commercial & Residential Meat Markets Truck & Trailer Dealers Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Services Forwarding Agencies Dentists & Dental Clinics Automobile Dealers - New & Preowned Apartments Complex Commercial Real Estate Insurance Manufacturers - Tortillas Alarm Systems Optometrists Forwarding Agencies Sporting Goods Electronics Co. Audio/Visual Equipment & Production Blood Banks Advertising/Advertising Specialties Credit Counseling Oil & Gas Producers Non-Profit Shotgun Range Health Care Training Seminars Custom Brokers Loan Companies Hotel/Motels Financial Consultants Schools - Private Employment Agencies & Counselors Medical Clinics Insurance Insurance Hotel/Motels Title Co. Convenience Stores Spa Salon Auto & Truck Parts/Supplies, Rebuilders Hotel/Motels Transportation Real Estate Companies Restaurants - Fast Food Restaurants - Fast Food Wireless Communication Individual Chamber Memberships Fast Food Banks - Commercial Truck and Trailer Parts Gymnasiums Health Care Restaurant Packaging Service Attorneys Individual Member Packaging Materials



The Wings Time Warner Cable Time Warner Cable Business Class Time Warner Media Sales Titey's Cookies & More TM Logistics, Inc. Tony Roma's Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry, P.C. Towne East Investment Properties TownePlace Ste.s by Marriott Laredo Trade & Transport Solutions LLC. Trailer Repair Services LLC Transcontinental Distribution Services, Inc. Transmaritime Inc. Trevino, Valls and Haynes LLP True Blue Twenty One Textiles Inc. U.S. Army Recruiting Station U.S. BORDER PATROL Union Pacific Railroad United Day School United Independent School District UPS UTHSCSA-Laredo Campus Extension c/o CSTP Utility Trailer Sales SE Texas, Inc Valley Day and Night Clinic Vaquillas DBA Windsor Place Apartments Vaswani Soccer Ventures, LLC Vectium LLC Vegas Interiores Victor D. Chapa Vilore Foods Co., Inc. Vision Construction Company, Inc. Vista Fwdg. Inc. Vital Med Urgent Care Vizta Property Development Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Wal-mart Super Ctr. Wiegand, S.A. de C.V. Wilfredo Martinez Wilkinson Gary Iron & Metal Workforce Solutions for South Texas Wright Realty & Insurance Yardart Garden Center Yelitza Howard ZAFFIRINI COMMUNICATIONS Zarsky Lumber Co., Inc. Zen Seafood & Sushi Grill

956-568-5919 956-721-0600 956-285-2496 956-568-4781 956-949-6094 956-712-4304 956-722-7427 956-725-3100 956-723-3689 956-717-5700 956-727-9212 956-693-7669 956-724-8417 956-724-8417 956-722-1417 956-728-9800 956-723-3566 877-513-2172 956-764-3200 210-364-5080 956-723-7261 956-473-6244 956-206-0216 956-523-7400 956-717-5300 956-728-9979 956-523-0491 956-723-4700 (52)(81)81438868 956-724-8251 956-763-9676 956-726-3633 956-724-8833 956-791-1051 956-602-8595 956-725-1297 956-727-0492 956-231-5575 956-791-3303 867-711-4400 956-722-7611 956-724-7183 956-794-6480 956-723-6622 956-726-3796 956-326-2171 956-724-8379 956-724-1804 956-568-7767

7124 Bob Bullock Loop 1313 W. Calton Rd. 1313 W. Calton Rd. 6402 N Bartlett Ave. # 7 5901 McPherson Rd. Ste. 6A 13491 South Unitec Dr. 5300 San Dario Ste.278C 9902 McPherson Rd. #4 1219 Victoria 6519 Arena Blvd. 11130 Entrada Loop 7418 El Dorado Ct. 14213 Transportation Ave. 14213 Transportation Ave. 6909 Springfield Ave. Ste. #200 2601 E. Saunders 6202 McPherson Ave. 9902 McPherson Ste.# 4 207 W. Del Mar Blvd. 1711 Qintana Rd. 1701 San Isidro Pkwy. 201 Lindenwood Dr. 417 Union Pacific Rd. 1937 East Bustamante 4320 Trade Center Blvd. 5502 N. San Bernardo Ave. 2447 Monarch Dr. 7220-A Bob Bullock Lp. Ste. 2A Au. Puerta Del Sol 260-7 4002 San Bernardo 8806 Shalom Circle 8220 San Lorenzo 6017 McPherson Rd. Ste. A1 13806 N. Unitec Dr. 5711 McPherson Rd. Ste. 103 5219 McPherson, Ste. 300 4401 Hwy 83 South 2615 N E Bob Bullock Loop 2320 Bob Bullock Loop P.O. Box 6057 1200 San Bernardo 2300 Scott St. 2389 E. Saunders 2212 N Seymour Ave. 2517 E. Del Mar Blvd. 5201 Univeristy Blvd. P O BOX 627 1906 Freight Dr. 5517 McPherson Rd. Ste. 8


Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Monterrey Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo


Restaurant Television - Cable Telecommunications Media Advertising Bakeries Broker Agency Restaurants, Bar & Grills Dentists & Dental Clinics Real Estate Companies Hotel/Motels Importers/Exporters Truck and Trailer Parts Custom Brokers Forwarding Agencies Attorneys Employment Agencies & Counselors Exporters/Importers Army Recruiting Government Offices - Federal Railroads Schools Schools Mailing Schools - Universities & Colleges Truck and Trailer Parts Family Practice Apartments Complex Sports Team - Professional Custom Furniture Student Recruitment Distribution/Warehouse Construction Bonded Warehouse Health Care Real Estate Companies Retail Retail Department Stores Manufacturers Individual Chamber Memberships Scrap Metals Employment Agencies & Counselors Real Estate Companies Tree, Plant, etc. Nurseries Communications, Sales & Service Lumber - Retail Restaurant

To become a member of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce or for more information, call 956-722-8895 or visit laredochamber.com

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