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BUZZ CUTS, and styles from TV shows are popular, says Omar Alarcon at the Larchmont Barber Shop, successor to barber shops on the boulevard since the 1920s.

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(Continued from page 13) long and managed with a wand brush. Some styles are simply not for “wash-and-go” types. Highlights are her favorite and, with the different chemicals and colors involved, she draws on skills she learned in her higher math classes. The result is worth it. “There’s no

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JaNuary 2018


COLORIST and stylist Amy Robinson has been at Jessica from Sunset on the boulevard the past 13 of her 35-year career.

one better at doing hair color than me,” she says proudly. • • • Haircuts and styling have been taking place on Larchmont Blvd., since the dawn of time, or at least since 1921, when Julius La Bonte built most of the brick building on the east side of Larchmont Blvd., north of First St. Legend has it that women

(and men) have been visiting establishments at 136 N. Larchmont ever since 1921, as that address has been home to on (and men) have been visiting establishments at 136 N. Larchmont ever since 1921, as that address has been home to one salon after another, including Haas & Co., which closed last year after 30 years on the Boulevard.

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A MULTI-STEP process results in Amy Robinson’s caramel-colored highlights. It draws on math skills, says the stylist.

New tenants of the space, Vincent De Marco and Jurgen Sauer, opened Vincent Hair Artistry, at 136 N. Larchmont, last spring and have assembled a team that Vincent describes as “hair artists.” “When you walk out of our space, we are confident you’ll feel the best you have ever felt about your hair. I’ll stake my name on it,” said Vincent. “The hair industry, like fashion, is constantly evolving with hairstyles morphing into the next version of their former selves... “‘It’s all been done before’ is an old adage but still rings true, only this time there have been some fresh takes on seen-before styles,” he added. Blunt cuts resting on the shoulder or just below the collarbone with textured layers sparingly placed are popular, with one, maybe two, rotations around a closed curling iron or wand with the ends left out, explains Vincent. “Hair trends appear to be led by the Japanese right now — hair that looks sun-drenched and like you surf regularly.” Vibrant colors inspired by Japanese animé are in vogue. “I really like the pastels like pale pink or dusty rose; lilac is also hot right now,” adds Vincent. Brunettes do well with caramel accents, he says, also ob-



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serving that “natural-looking blondes also have a place at the table. Bombshell blondes are timeless, and we love to see it for the drama!” Highlighting techniques at the salon include balayage and two-step, and products here are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the hair. “Olaplex is a game changer in that the technological breakthrough allows for zero breakage when applying bleach or hi–lift tint. Keratin treatment is for smoothing and reversing volume on overly thick hair,” notes Vincent. ••• Unlike other parts of the city, “people here tend to have a clear picture of what they want,” says Omar Alarcon at Larchmont Barber Shop, 142 ½ N. Larchmont Blvd. “They often bring in pictures of a character in a TV show. Popular styles are from the 1950s, and from the 1919, England, gangster era of ‘Peaky Blinders.’” Buzz cuts are popular, says Alcaron, who also trims beards and goatees along with standard cuts. Women stop in to have a side of their head shaved, a style originated by musicians. “Now it’s mainstream.” Owner Jorge Hilario took over the reins from Jerry Cottone, who called it quits after 40 years. Jerry’s father, Vince, preceded him as a Larchmont barber. Hilario says he believes that his space, which also is in a La Bonte building, has — like the space of Vincent Hair Artistry — been providing hair care continuously since the building’s construction in the 1920s. Hot-towel shaves are still on the old-school menu. • • • Larchmont Beauty Center, 208 N. Larchmont Blvd., has it all, and then some. Walk past counters of make up, rows of candles, moisturizers, soaps, shampoos and jewelry, and you will find the salon. Two stylists are available. Salon Provence, 417 N. Larchmont Blvd., opened in the Village in 1999 and has been serving customers for “close to” 20 years, says one happy patron.

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