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Strategic plan 2018-2021


Through our work, L’Arche Canada will provide: L’Arche leaders with: > > >

Increased competency and commitment to L’Arche core values and vision; Enthusiasm and skills for the organization and people development in a culture of learning; Passion and skills for collaboration with members, friends and partners.

L’Arche communities with: > > > >

Increased capacity for discernment / evaluation of ways of living core values; Improvement of methods and support systems for a healthy, dynamic and qualitative community life; A spectrum of innovative, person-centered support options; Increased capacity for participation and engagement

Partners for belonging in society with: > > >

L’Arche wisdom and expertise in developing gifts, sharing life, compassion, living with/thriving through difference and vulnerability; Models and best practices regarding sharing life and communities of belonging; A stronger network of advocacy and community capacity development for the full inclusion of persons with an intellectual disability.

Our funders and donors with: >

Stories and data that demonstrate how their investment supports L’Arche in carrying out all aspects of its mission.

L’Arche International with: > >

Human and material resources to promote increased self-sufficiency in communities in developing countries; Increased experience of solidarity, collaboration and belonging within the Federation.

Profile for L’Arche Canada

L'Arche Canada Strategic Plan  

L'Arche Canada Strategic Plan