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Strategic plan 2018-2021




ACTIONS 1.1 Structural Review

L’Arche Canada

will build a vibrant national structure that respects the diversity of L’Arche across Canada

> We will complete Activities Analysis to reorganize the operational structure of L’Arche Canada;

Strengthen support to L’Arche communities in Canada

> We will finalize the work of the mediation committee with the AAQ;

1.2 Information Collection and Measurement > We will develop and implement a methodology for impact measurement;

> We will develop processes and targets for information sharing;

1.3 Operational Support > We will create a centralized asset pool for L’Arche Canada content;

> We will build a National L’Arche Community Support Center;

2.1 Compelling vision > We will engage in the L’Arche International project on the renewal of the Charter to deepen ownership of the vision and mission of L’Arche;

L’Arche Canada

will continue to nurture and integrate our fundamental principles, core values, and spirituality in everything we do.

Share learning & nurture Innovation

> We will contribute to Canada’s implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities;

2.2. Leadership Development > We will establish an online learning platform;

> We will update the Leadership Development Curriculum;

2.3 Impact Practices > We will increase our Impact and Strategic Clarity Capacities at all levels of the organization;

> We will highlight the increased social outcomes of people with disabilities in community development;

3.1 Maximize opportunities > We will build and engage our alumni network;

L’Arche Canada

will help build a more human Canadian society where everyone belongs

Engage in strategic partnerships

> We will strengthen relationships & collaboration with policymakers and public advocates on accessibility & rights;

3.2 Learning Organization > We will implement the three phases of the Social Development Partnerships Program project plan;

> We will proactively contribute to forums for inclusion and social justice;

3.3 Citizenship > We will contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by fostering Diversity and Inclusion Work Initiatives;

> We will convene diverse organizations and leaders to co-create options for housing, employment, learning, and belonging;

Profile for L’Arche Canada

L'Arche Canada Strategic Plan  

L'Arche Canada Strategic Plan