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I am María Laura Guerrero Pat, Industrial Designer. My goal as a professional is to create or develop new products or services always focusing on the customers’ needs. I love to learn; therefore I will never hesitate to try something new and exciting. I consider myself as a very passionate person in every project I work on. Whether I’m working by myself or with a team I try to make the best of it, in order for the project to come out as best as it can. I hope you enjoy going through my portfolio.

Rhoo is a dining set designed for small middle class families. Its objective is to make eating and working easier by the use of two surfaces. Its size is ideal for small spaces such as apartments. It is made from pine wood from Oaxaca, Mexico. Designed for the sustainable business ‘Tip Muebles’.

RHOO Industrial Design

Verled is a lamp that focuses on fomenting the use of the Led bulbs instead the environmental damaging ones. Its concept is to play with the light, which is allowed by the flexible reticular panels that give it shape.

NutriSandwich Industrial Design

The NutriSandwich packaging is a project that had the objective of inviting youngsters into consuming a more nutritional snack. Its organic shape is inspired in a spinning toy in order to give them the idea that healthy food can be fun. The packaging’s materials are wide pet and polystyrene in order for it to be reused as a toper.

Space Monkeys Industrial Design

SpaceMonkeys is a candy wrapper designed for children to use as collectable toys or models after they consume the chocolate inside. It is made of cardboard and it comes in different colors. Its objective is to be a fun packaging and have a longer life than other wrappers.

Basket Words Industrial Design BasketWords is a didactic game for children with mental disabilities to teach them to read and write. It contains a board in which a word is spelled and the players have to use the balls (that contain syllables or letters) and ‘write’ the word by scoring the ball in the long netted basket in the correct order.

Sale fåcil is an oven accessory designed for the Dyson’s Company Contest. Its objective is to help elders use an oven without getting burned. The accessory has a mechanism that will make the contents of the oven come out slowly as the user opens the door, so the person doesn’t have to introduce their arms into the oven with the risk of getting burned. Its size is designed to adapt to the oven in order for someone to acquire and install it easily.

Drink Set is a design that aspires to make people realize it is healthier to drink water instead of soda. It is aqua colored ceramic on the outside and black one on the inside.

Drink Set

Industrial Design

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Portfolio 2012  
Portfolio 2012  

New version of my professional Porfolio and in English this time! :)