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- Cebuanos desire „new things“ - Easy going mentality - Fast urban development leads to saving culture - Recent increase in money supply led to extensive consumption 7.8% - Real estate and Furniture is booming: 2.2 billion CHF

The Passive Amplifier.

The abundance of natural resources and quality craftsmanship in Cebu were key to the design process of this product.

Customer Segments. - Niche Markets in the Philippines - International - 100 million people / various social statuses - 15 to 35 years old - Young adventurous adult - Adult socializing at home - Persons searching for classy home accessories - Anyone with a built in speaker device

Value Proposition. - Hand crafted - Filipino tradition integrated with a modern lifestyle - Environmentally sustainable - Personal experience of sharing

Channels. - Various distributors - Direct and indirect online retail - Resellers buy in bulk into personal retail chains Example: - Domestic and International aiports in the Philippines - High End national sounvenir shop: KULTURA - Loudbasstard Website - Blogs/newsletters

Customer Relationships. - Priortize customers and distributors as the same - Post-purchase support Social Media: - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

Revenue Streams. - Amplifiers: 24.40 CHF in the Philippines 49.90 CHF in Switzerland - Bank deposit, wire transfer, PayPal, check or cash. - Part of profit is donated to the Loudbasstard Music Education Program - Sistemang Pilipino - Preserves Filipino craftsmanship

Key Resources. - Intellectual Property: Trademark - Space for manufacture - Man Power - Adds value to the product as unique

Key Activities. - Iteration - Seminars and forums - Constant sharing of knowledge - Raising awareness of Loudbasstard

Key Partnerships. - In-house - Vendors - Distributors

Cost Structure. - Value Driven - Initial investment of 20,000 CHF from family - Staff and Product must be synchronised - Solely hand-made : Longer Production - Pricing based on demand

Marketing Case Study - Loudbasstard  

As a universtiy project, I was able to directly contact an emerging company, and create a presentation showing its development and future po...