Petals - 2023 Exhibition Catalogue Lara Provost

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2 0 2 3 E X H I B I T I O N C A T A L O G U E
Sold works updated as of April 17, 2023. 1

All paintings will be exhibited at The Artist Project April 14-17, 2023. Prices are in Canadian dollars and works can also be purchased by email (, or by direct message on Instagram and Facebook. Shipping not included.

Midnight Overture 30"x48", Oil on Canvas C A D $ 2 9 0 0 3
Sublime 36"x36", Oil on Birch C A D $ 2 7 5 0 5
Angel's Touch 36"x36", Oil on Canvas C A D $ 2 7 5 0 7
36"x36", Oil on Canvas C A D $ 2 7 5 0 9
Pink Passion
Night Magic 30"x40", Oil on Canvas C A D $ 2 3 5 0 1 1
Glow36"x24", Oil on Linen C A D $ 1 6 5 0 1 3
Sweet Harmony30"x22", Oil on Birch C A D $ 1 3 5 0 1 5
Forever 24"x24", Oil on Birch C A D $ 1 2 0 0 1 7
Magenta Memory 20"x20", Oil on Birch C A D $ 7 5 0 1 9

C A D $ 6 7 5

Afterglow 20"x20", Oil on Birch
2 1
20"x20", Oil on Canvas C A D $ 6 7 5 2 3
Quiet Love
20"x16", Oil and Gold Paint on Birch C A D $ 6 7 5 2 5
Charisma 16"x16", Oil on Birch C A D $ 5 7 5 2 7
16"x16", Oil on Birch
A D $ 5 7 5 2 9
Orange Charm

Cherry Love


A D $ 5 7 5 3 1
on Birch C
16"x16", Oil on Birch
A D $ 5 7 5 3 3

Prelude to Spring

12"x12", Oil on Birch

C A D $ 3 7 5

3 5

Promise of Spring

12"x12", Oil on Birch

C A D $ 3 7 5

3 7

Creating a painting is like alchemy.


I was originally trained as an engineer. But with an undeniable passion and interest for painting, I walked away from being an engineer to start a new career. Initially when I first started to paint, my work ranged from still life, figurative and nature paintings, however for the past few years, I have gravitated to florals to which I am now dedicated. In a sense I feel my art echoes the principle of transformation and growth by the magic of converting a blank canvas into as much beauty and enchantment as I can possibly muster. My work also reflects how a singular element (a flower) can be emotionally expressive. For me, creating a painting is like alchemy - a magical, mysterious combination of light, dark, colour, form and human emotion. 4 0


I describe myself as an emotional and sensory expressionist. I use the beauty of the floral form to express the human condition by exploring their unique and nuanced shapes and colours. In my work, I reflect the delicate, the drama, the sensory, and the emotion that exists within all of us. My florals exist beyond their botanical, realist representations. Rather, I try to create a profound resonance between my soul, my work and my audience through colour, texture and form. To me, a rose isn't necessarily a rose. Instead, I see it as an image that communicates emotive, human experiences, and that can start a conversation. My paintings and drawings are mostly in private collections in Canada, US, New Zealand, and Europe. I work full-time from my home studio in Oakville, Ontario. 4 1
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