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PORTFOLIO Lara Monacelli

Lara Monacelli Bani Architect at AAM, Switzerland

16 -11-1990 +39 349 3548554 (I) Via Broccaindosso 53 Bologna Italy

BACKGROUND _ WORK 2018/2019 2016/2018 2018 2018 2016 2016 2016 2015/2016 2015/2016 2015 2015 2015 2014 2014 2012 2011 2011/2015 2010

Direction assistant of head of Viabizzuno, lighting design, Bologna, (I) Atelier Peter Zumthor & Partner, Haldenstein, (CH) Light designer responsable for Atelier Peter Zumthor & Partner, Chur, (CH) Competition for Mextropoli Pavilion, Mexico city, (MEX) Studio Mumbai, Pavillion, Arsenale,16° Venice Biennale, Reporting from the front, (I) Collaboration with Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine of Living Architectures, (FR) 1st price Competition, Camera Obscura, Pennabilli, (I) Private Sauna and Hammam, personal project, Bergamo, (I) Young architects Competiton for a Light house Hotel in Syracuse, (I) Collaboration with Domus Magazine, Milan, (I) Partecipation at "Student award for steel structure SZS”, (CH) Workshop of Cinema and Architecture with Bêka and Lemoine, Mendrisio, (CH) Workshop, Wall Room, 14° Venice Biennale “Foundamentals”, Venice, (I) Workshop in Gando, Burkina Faso, with Francis Kéré, (BF) Internship at Pezo Von Ellrichshausen office, Concepcion, (CHILE) Internship at AS. Architecture Studio, Shanghai, (CHINA) Student work at Library and Art Gallery of AAM, Mendrisio, (CH) Internship at Via Piranesi Office and Luca Molinari

BACKGROUND _ EDUCATION 2015/2016 2015 2015 2014 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009

Etching class, Fine Arts Carrara Academy, Bergamo, (I) Seminar with Piet Oudolf, Bergamo, (I) Architecture degree with professor Quintus Miller at AAM, Mendrisio (CH) Atelier Quintus Miller, Mendrisio, (CH) Atelier Francis Kéré, Mendrisio, (CH) Atelier Valerio Olgiati, Mendrisio, (CH) Erasmus at Marne la Vallée, Ecole de la ville et des territoires, Paris, (FR) Atelier Kersten Geers, Mendrisio, (CH) Atelier Botta, Mendrisio, (CH) Classic High school Diploma, Liceo Classico P. Sarpi, Bergamo, (I)

PUBLICATIONS 2015/2016 2014 2014 2012

"Europe’s top 100 schools of architecture and design 2016", by Domus Magazine, Milan, (I) Short articles about "Salone del Mobile 2014" on Domus Web, Domus Magazine, (I) Thesis about "The costruction of space and the meaning of the room, in the trilogy of the movie director Roy Andersson", with Prof. M. Mueller, (CH) "Sky One City, the highest chinese Skyscreaper", Il giornale dell'architettura, n°111, Milan, (I)

LANGUAGES Italian, mother tongue English, fluent French, fluent Spanish, fluent German, B1-B2

SKILLS Vectorworks, Autocad, Rhino, Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) Model construction: cardboard, wood, polystyrene, plaster, clay, ciment, wax, ceramic watercolours, etching, pastels, oil painting, handrawing

INTERESTS Cinema and theatre Mountain, walking and climbing Lighting design Singing Travelling Etching and painting Gardening Backing bread


Atelier Peter Zumthor & Partner - Haldenstein - Switzerland Studio Mumbai - Venice - Italy

Atelier Peter Zumthor & Partner

Architect for: LACMA Museum, Los Angeles, USA House for Sheikh and Sheika Mayassa, Doha, Quatar Renovation of Cadonau, Elderly House, Chur, Switzerland Renovation of Doctor Trepp’s Praxis, Chur, Switzerland

Light designer and consultant between APZ and Viabizzuno for: Chivelstone House on a Hill, Devon, UK Exhibition “Dear to me”, Bregenz, Austria

Model builder for: LACMA Museum, Los Angeles, USA Pavillions in a garden, Nantesbuch, Germany Tea Chapel, Korea Fondation Bayeler extension, Basel, Switzerland


LACMA Los Angeles_USA

Landscape studies and graphic research Schematic build-ups 1:5 Plans and sections 1:200



Preliminary programming phase Cost estimation

Model Builder


Composing with pigments and stained wood, the ample land of fields, swamps, forests, ponds, channels and grazing animals.


Model Builder


From paper to fabric. Study for the delicate, leaning lantern rooms.



New lamps to design, and old ones to transform in led technology: Bregenz Kunsthaus exhibition “Dear to me”, 2017 “House on a hill”, Chivelstone UK, 2018

Studio Mumbai Arsenale Pavillion_Venice Biennale

One month of manual, creative, improvised work. A group of architects followed carefully the skillful hands of Jain’s indian carpenters. We assembled, tied and painted fragile wooden panels. Ephimeral funeral monuments of bambu’ sticks has been decorated with golden leaf. Hand made small bricks, slowly piled with black earth, to riproduce indian impressive, massive buildings. Around this sequence of fragile rooms, only salt and lacquer.

Pigments and bricks models

Bambu’ and cow shit panels covered with colored lacquer


Mextropoli - Muro de Muros - Mexico city, Mexico 1st Price - Camera Obscura - Rimini, Italy Youth hostel in a Light House - Syracuse, Italy Sauna and Hammam in the wood - Bergamo, Italy

Open competition


Public Pavillion Wall of walls is our answer to the destination of residual materials, of left overs, provoqued by heartquackes or natural calamities. We want to collect them and give them back the meaning they left. To rebuild a wall is a sensitive action. Reassemble differently, not to forget. The ruins become the filling of light metal cages, that can be piled without any ciment. The weight of the materials itself avoid any dangereous mouvement and the modul, of 50x50x100, allows endless variations of space, colour, typology... On the ground, is left what can not be used, the thin powder, the material as its old nature. Above this soft sand, people can walk, sit, share and inhabit. The geometry defines a room, enriched of niches, steps and a small stage, a window to look at the park and at the crowded sidewalk all around. The pavillion works as an enclosed space, for gathering, sitting, listening to a lecture or a concert or just to stay, feeling the intimate presence of dizeins of walls, homes, rooms.

1st price competition Camera obscura

ARGENTIQUE Pennabilli_Italy

Through the wooded region of Montefeltro is frequent to see many sighting outpost and towers, decorating the hilly suggestive landscape. The historical festival of street artists happens every year all over the old village of Pennabilli. Three incliend poles, as for an ancient fixed camera, one wooden disk with a holl and a wooden ring, compose the very simple structure of our instrument to watch the landscape in an unconventional way. The waterproof upholstery of thermal aluminum thin foil, keeps the dark inside space fresh and during the day works as a shining light house for the so called floating mountains around. In the moonlight the silver skin becomes bright and sparkling, perfect scenario for jugglers and performers.

Site and Construction materials

The installation and its visitors...

Open competition Renovation of ancient light house

LIGHT HOUSE YOUTH HOSTEL Capo Murro di Porco_Siracusa, Italy

A stick, 180x4.5 metres long, connects the ancient structure of the Light House of Murro di Porco to the sea. The staircase, whose rhythm is beated by the slope of the promontory, allows all visitors, to touch the water and to plunge in it, to discover underwater caves, archeological finds, or just to contemplate the breaking waves. In opposition to the exterior steps, inside, a series of ramps takes the guest from the restaurant, through the terrace and the lounge, to the bedrooms. A porous concrete wall, made out of white and yellow calcareous rock aggregates, blends with the surrounding stones. The openings, tall and thin as embrasures, become cavities eroded by the salty sea air, passages for the incoming southern light and for people walking on the rocks. We reduced the total area of the project to the minimum, 525m2, choosing the linear development system, in order to preserve the precious ecosystem of the promontory and the stunning landscape.

Personal Project_2015-2016


Few weeks after my graduation, I received the task to design a small private Spa (20m2), with sauna, hammam and relax area, reusing an old shelter nearby the wood, in a natural parc, close to my hometown, Bergamo. Materials were wood, local stone and glass (the same as the villa’s ones). Several local craftmens helped us, a friend architect and me, in the effort to make everthing custom made. The project is finished and ready to be built, but unfortunately it is waiting for better times...

Hammam, Section


Sauna + Shower, Section


Tower in Engadin - Surlej - Diploma Miller AAM Elderly house - Lugano - Atelier Miller More than one House - Tuscany - Atelier Olgiati Women Center - Tenkodogo - Atelier Kéré Workshop in Gando - Burkina Faso The theme of Double - Housing - Milan - Atelier Geers Erasmus - Housing - Paris

Diploma Miller_Mendrisio 2015

A TOWER IN THE ALPS Surlej_Upper Engadin

How would it be to live inside a big infrastructure in the Alps, without destroying the landscape itself, and keeping the cultural, historical and formal heritage? The objects of my thinking have been the “mountain towers�, the trusses (electric and for the cable car systems), imposing and lasting structures, but light and essential, integral and integrated elements for every anthropic landscape of nowadays. Surlej, a small town in the upper Engadin, has been since more then seventy years the landmark for tons of mountain sports lovers, who, once left the car, take the cable car up to the imposing glaciar of Corvatsch, 3451 metres high. Out of scale parking areas and second houses for short vacations, grow along the unique street going directly to the cable car station, avoiding the village to develop public spaces, to keep the fields for agriculture and pushing the limit of the wood higher and higher. My intervention would like to separate the activities connected to sport and to high altitude tourism, from the daily life of the village, gathering more functions together in just one tower: an underground parking, a cable car station over the Spruces and the Larches foliage, an Hotel for young and sporty people with lounge areas and restaurants and finally a public concert hall as a night attraction for all Engadin. The exterior structure made in welded steel elements, independent and selfstanding, holds, together with the central concrete core, the concrete slabs and defines the shape and the geometry of the windows. The unusual shape of the profils, squared with a concave side, comes from the intention to produce light shadows effects over the structural elements and to give them a sculptural and tridimensional aspect.

The glass facade behind, follows the direction of the structural grid and is composed of squared, forty-five degrees rotated elements, transparents and translucid, that like a precious and fragile fabric, reflect and blend the clear light of Engadin and the changing colours of the lake and the surrounding trees.

Atelier Miller_Mendrisio 2014

ELDERLY HOUSE IN THE GARDEN Lugano Paradiso_Switzerland

Topic: Renovation Two old abandoned Villas. An introverted atmosphere, protected from the traffic along the lake. The terrain becomes garden and orchard, the terracings a vegetable garden and the pre-existing structures become a restaurant and public services. The new building, surrounded by vegetation, stands following the principle of a tree: the trunk, the open core where the stairs move, generating common spaces, unusual and cozy, and the brenches, the walls, which separate different flats for every old person. Structural forces, are always transmitted to the concrete central core and discharged down to the hearth. The entire building is made out of dark green concrete and is envelopped by vertical panels, a wooden skin, his bark.

Atelier Olgiati_Mendrisio 2014

MORE THAN ONE HOUSE Bagno Vignoni_Florence

A house hiding itself Holiday house for a couple on the hills, next to the ancient roman city of Bagno Vignoni, Tuscany. Along the line of the thick central wall, spaces run flowing, changing the atmosphere and the soul of the house. The niches, in the day part just service spaces, towards the centre of the baroc spiral become the served living spaces, almost touching the hot thermal pool, geometrical centre of the house and deep expression of the surrounding landscape. I started from a circle and I played with its deformation to find a space hierarchy and a change of character with just a line, thicker or thinner. Servant and served Spaces.

Atelier KĂŠrĂŠ_Mendrisio 2014

WOMEN CENTER Tenkodogo_Burkina Faso

A buffer between the chaos of the street, full of ephemeral daily markets kept mainly by women and more protected semi private courtyards. The architecture follows this line: from the messy street to the dusty fields, the direct contact with the production. Everything is gathered in one big area, 200m x 50m: selling, production, storages, healthcare informations, schools, water wells, or just chilling and working spots in the shadows, surrounded by trees. The entire women centre is made out of clay, metal sheets and typical colourful fabrics, hanging and fluttering from the canopies, providing shadow and freshness.

Baobab on the street to Tenkodogo

Women Market

6 weeks Workshop with Francis KĂŠrĂŠ_2014

ATELIER FOR GANDO Gando_Burkina Faso

We started from a clay study model to build a real brick clay building. Meanwhile we drew the survey of our compound to understand its organic shape, the development and the cultural functions, asking details to the inhabitants. We peeled tons of eucalyptus trunks to study samples of possible not steal pillars. We lived deeply in touch with the people from Gando, working, building, sleeping and talking with them. We tried to learn, by listening and watching their habits, how to behave in the savannah and how to respect time, tradition and nature.

Village survey

Working site

Atelier Geers_Mendrisio 2012


Starting from the building of Via Quadronno in Milan, by Angelo Mangiarotti, we have reflected upon the idea of Copying. How and what do we copy? Which are the rules to follow, to keep the soul of the initial model or to apparently escape from any proximity? The fragmented plan is simplified in two pentagons, two towers, joined by the central common living room. The facade is lightened by metal modular panels and small coloured loggias.

Atelier Scaranello ERASMUS_Paris Marne la VallĂŠe_2013


Thoughts about the concept of Social Housing with no context and no site. The square: no hierarchy, no main facade. Hollow as a fence, as a single block, as a ring. In the middle there could be a hill, a garden, a lake or just nothing. The building as a closed line, a border.

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8 logements T2, 25m2

16 logem Duplex Duplex


Internship at Pezo von Ellrichshausen - Chile Internship at AS Architecture Studio - China Fine art Academy - Italy

4 months Internship_2013


Cien, the small rough concrete tower made by Sofia and Pezo, appears on the top of a hill, providing an amazing view towards the Ocean and the woods around Concepciรณn. Among models, perspectives, visits to the site work, painting sessions, working accurately with dedication and precision, four months run out quickly. And after that, an unforgettable trip with a friend, through Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Pubblic commission

LAMP MUSEUM Concepciรณn_Chile

Once the survey was over, we started thinking in therms of proportions, geometry, space. Everything was about columns and especially about spread light. The amount and the thickness of the vertical elements changed several times. The first floor of the foundation/museum is dedicated to a great chilean philantrophist, painter and collectionist. The project is under construction right now.

Study Model for LAMP museum

Models and Paintings

6 months Internship_2012


Six months working on projects of Masterplan, landscaping of huge green areas, urban design and city renovations. Everything was L and XL scale. I had a little time to travel around, from the extreme north of China close to Russia, until the region close to Vietnam. I was very young and inexperienced so I felt very humble and I behaved like a sponge, to assimilate and learn all the new things that I saw, felt, tasted and met, in that astonishing country.

Private Competition_2011


Dalian, in Manciury, is a metropolis facing the sea. The site was a huge land, between the beach and some dry hills. The library wants to be part of this buffer landscape. The cealing grows like a voulted coral formation. The only openings are on the top, to allow a relaxing reading moment and to preserve books from direct light. The plan, inspired by the limitless library by Louis Borges, is organised in irregular exagons and both the circulation and the reading areas are created by topography.

Etching Academic Class_2015-2016


Monotypes Gravings on Copper and Plexiglas Linoleum Oil Painting Watercolors ...

Acquatinta on Copper

Acquatinta, Punta secca and Acquaforte on Copper

Profile for lara Monacelli Bani

Lara Monacelli Bani, Portfolio 2019  

Lara Monacelli Bani, Portfolio 2019  

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