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Public Relations Campaign CASE DESCRIPTION | Camas, WA - Wilsonville, OR Campaign Manager: Marshall Lenhart

Project Description Stanley Kramer and Carlos Cortez, Owner and Regional Manager of Qdoba Mexican Grill®, respectively, asked Lara Media Services, LLC to manage the Public Relations campaign for the opening of two new locations. The first location was 155 NE 192nd Ave. Suite 101, Camas, WA 98607. The second was 30040 SW Boones Ferry Rd.; Suite 24, Wilsonville, OR 97070. Our mission for both campaigns was to get the community excited about the new Qdoba restaurant in the area and to do so, loudly. Our goal was to bring over 1,800 customers into the store on grand opening day, and 1,000 or more customers every day for the duration of their Grand Opening Week.

Summary Lara Media Services implemented the same strategy for both the Camas and Wilsonville campaigns. We were met with huge success and an unprecedented response. Each Grand Opening saw lines that wrapped around the block. Families and friends set up tents one day prior so they could be first in line. Qdoba was very pleased with the success of their new restaurants. They are now consistent partners in events with Lara Media Services, contributing a great deal to their local community. In working with Qdoba, our company was able to meet all of our goals. We continue to find ways to support one of our favorite restaurants and partners.

Camas Location

March 2011 – May 2011 Camas, WA

For Qdoba, the goal of the campaign was to show their gratitude to the new community they were entering. First they invited all of the surrounding local businesses to the restaurant for a free meal. Lara Media customized an invitation for each company that accepted the offer. The first three weeks were spent making cold calls to every business within a surrounding 5 mile radius. We would briefly explain Qdoba’s proposal and allow them to choose between one of two dates to get their meal - April 29th and May 13th. Many companies accepted our offer.

The next page provides an example of the invitation we sent to our guests.






Qdoba Mexican Grill 155 NE 192nd Ave. Suite 101 Camas, WA 98607


___day, May __th 7:00am – 10:00pm


This is an invitation for you to come see us at our newest location, present this flyer to get a FREE ENTRÉE & SOFT DRINK!


We want to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood by providing a free meal for your office! Thank you!

To preview our menu, visit! Hope to see you there!


We also gave our guests the option to download the .pdf of the invitation directly to their smartphone. This .pdf option allowed companies to save paper by reducing the need to print multiple copies for staff members. Once hundreds of phone calls and e-mails were sent, we took to the streets. Qdoba provided Lara Media with hundreds of gift bags for the new Qdoba restaurant. Each bag contained: •

A coupon for 1 free entree.

2 coupons for free breakfast.

A map to the new location.

1 Restaurant menu.

1 Catering Menu.

1 business card of the store marketing manager.

Throughout the campaign we found many opportunities to spark interest for the new restaurants. One example was our community outreach effort for LifePoint Church. To ensure the maximum number of guests we designed a group coupon for them to place in their weekly newsletter. The coupon also invited all of the parishoners to come in for a Sunday Social and a free meal. In the weeks leading up to the opening, Lara Media sent out a press release stating that Qdoba would provide a free breakfast to anyone who attended the grand opening day for their new locations. Additional press releases featured added incentives for people to attend the opening day including: •

Free breakfast from 8:00am – 10:00am

Guests 1-200: Will be entered to win an iPad 2

Guests 1-25: Will receive FREE burritos for 1 year (52 free orders each)

Guests 26-100: Will receive FREE Chips & Queso for 1 year (52 free orders each)

Guests 101-200: Will receive a FREE T-shirt and one order of Chips & Queso

All guests on opening day will be entered to win a pair of Club Level Tickets

to the Blazers vs. Lakers game (4/8) - VIP Guests will also be eligible to enter to win Blazers tickets

All guests will need to register for a Qdoba Loyalty Card in order to participate in the above contests!

On the day before the Grand Opening we invited select VIP guests, correspondents from each of the businesses participating in the two-week promotional period, to a ribbon cutting ceremony for the restaurant. Also invited to the ceremony were members of the local media, the Mayor, and the Chamber of Commerce. To capitalize on the Camas location’s close proximity to local schools, we printed thousands of coupons for local students. We devised a schedule for schools to visit on different days with customized coupons. High schools were scheduled 4

over 3 sepearate days. The first day specifically targeted teachers, encouraging them to spread the word to students. Day two targeted lower classmen, with the third and last day three focusing on upper classmen. Even elementary and middle school students were invited to free meals. To increase revenue, only students received free meals thus encouraging parents to purchase meals with their familes. Of the 2,000 plus guests who arrived at the Camas location, over ¼th of them appeared an hour before the official opening. The following pictures were taken on the morning of the grand opening.

Introducing our overnighters! These guys set up camp at 2:00pm the day before

6:30am, 1 ½ hours before doors open

The Camas Grand Opening day brought over 2,000 people to Qdoba. Since that day, Qdoba has proven to be one of the most popular stores in the area.



July 2011 – August 2011 Wilsonville, OR We implemented the same strategy for Wilsonville as we did for Camas and were met with equal success. The store opened its doors to an anxious crowd that circled around the block. Throughout the course of that day, the store received over 1,200 new customers. The end of the first week brought in Mayor Tim Knapp and his council for a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

With Lara Media’s assistance, Qdoba teamed up with the West Lynn Wilsonville Education Foundation to sponsor meetings and work with the local education community.

Conclusion The Public Relations campaign for the new restaurants met the goals and objectives of the campaign with great success. Each of the stores received great, consistent business within the first weeks and have maintained a sturdy customer base ever since. Lara Media Services is proud to have had the opportunity to work with Qdoba Mexican Grill® and help in their efforts to reach out to the local Oregon community.

For any inquiries about Marketing or PR work from Lara Media Services, please send an e-mail:


Case Study: Qdoba Public Relations Campaign  

A case study by Lara Media Services.

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