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Lab Sessions

mega-focused monthly webinars

Session 1

Repurposing your content

and staying classy at the same time

presented by learning experience designer

Larah Ritchie

where we’re going What is repurposing Reasons to do it Why we don’t How to do it right Tips & tools to get you moving

AAAH! Repurpose things!? What the hell does that mean!?

your content is kinda like

home ground flour

blog series keynote speech one-on-one consulting retreats

one ingredient as the foundation

for many recipes

online workshop ebook or print book membership program webinars countless others

one ingredient as the foundation

for many recipes

Brilliant Examples

Photographers & Artists

You + Me = Us

Why do it?

It’s smart business

Time is precious

Credibility + Accessibility = Trust

Variety is Spicy

Money is necessary. Not evil.

Money is the only way to continue your work.

What makes this feel icky?

We’ve all been suckered

It feels like cheating

This kind of fun looks an awful lot like work

How to do it right

Do something different

Directions to consider introductory go deeper different audience different delivery method different level of engagement

Levels of Engagement

Curious Connections Cautious Clients Inner Circle Core

Levels of Engagement

Curious Connections Cautious + Shy Getting to know you Establish authenticity + promise Low level offer Bite-sized Easy to digest 100% full of you

Levels of Engagement

Cautious Clients Engaged + Curious Deciding to trust you Establish credibility + integrity Low to mid level offer General how-to’s Group or public interaction A bit more complexity

Levels of Engagement

Inner Circle Respectful + trusting Ready to see proof of concept Establish accountability + results Mid to High level offer Specific-to-them how-to’s Small groups + some 1:1 Laser focused or deep + broad

Levels of Engagement

Core Love + Evangelize Long-term relationship Establish personal connection High level offer Ăœber-Personal one-on-one Time + Attention Public displays of affection

Tips & Tools to get you moving now

Use a container to percolate ideas

I made a container for you

Roll it out

Go Modular

Go Modular Cake




Go Modular 3








Use a style guide






open it up for your


the topic for the next

Lab Session

Save the date: Thursday, June 13 Pricing my program without the nauseated, palm-sweaty after effects

that‘s all i have for you today

Thank You!

photo credits Lali Masriera

Alan Cleaver

Luz Adriana Villa

Alan Levine

Brett Neilson

Jared Tarbell

Meddy Garnet

Wesley Peyton

Sean Rogers

Hansel 5569

JD Hancock

Jim Waller Art

Lab session 1 repurposing mindmeld may 2013  
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