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ABOUT Who I am I am a BA Product Design student at Nottingham Trent University. I enjoy being faced with projects that will challenge me and make me think in a new way. My main strengths are using sketching as a method of ideation, and CAD software to communicate my ideas. With high levels of creativity and logical thinking, I aim to explore new ideas in product design while remaining within the restraints set.



A project following research conducted focusing on how to change the smoking habits of young people for the better.


A project working with GAFA University for insight into the Chinse market, designing a stool for a young Chinese family.


Women’s Swim Sock following a brief from Speedo to research what would encourage young women in China to swim.


Minimlaist desk timepiece designed for the company Instrmnt.

BareFaced Clocks

A personal project outside of university work, developing a range of simple clocks to be batch produced.

15 20

Compact cigarette case with connected application. Tracks your quitting progress. You control when cigarettes will be released through your phone, as well as measuring how much money you have saved and sharing your progress online.

3 - 50

03 A sleek companion to help you cut down on cigarettes. You set when you plan to smoke through the day and will be alerted by LED strips when a cigarette is released. Made from stainless steel and aluminium, the Quitt will help you to stop smoking at a pace that suits you.

WOODEN HIGH STOOL A project designing for the Chinese market, working with GAFA univeristy in China. This allowed me to get accurate feedback throughout my design process and create a piece of furniture that was well suited to the target market.


White Birch

A flat packed, easy to assemble stool, avaliable in a range of timber combinations to suit your interior. Designed for the home of a young, modern Chinese family, with a sliding back making the chair adapt to be suitable for children and adults.


01 Horizontal rests hammer into legs 02 Legs hammer into seat 03 Back slides down to back foot rest if required

Recieved flat packed as four legs, back, seat and two foot rests. The joints are hammered into slots for quick and easy assembly.

Slide in back makes it child friendly, but can be removed for use as a simple bar stool.

A second skin to enhance your swimming experience, both in the pool and out. Featuring a thin, flexible mesh support panel designed to aid women’s high arched feet.

10 Modelling This helped me to decide on the materials and best design, especially on the sole.

Nylon toggle Elasticated Neoprene Neoprene

Elasticated Semi-Permeable net

Thin rubberised covering The flexible neoprene won’t restrict your movement, plus it’s machine washable and quick drying, making it easy to look after.



The dynamic swim sock has a toggle that adjusts around the ankle to make it fit all sizes comfortably. Its rubberised sole gives you grip while walking on wet tiles, and acts as a barrier against bacteria and viruses, making swimming a worry free exercise.


Minimalist Timepiece A refined clock made from a combination of painted and powder coated steel. A subtly stamped leather pull slides out the back for access to the mechanism.


Modelling I developed the shape and function of the clock through multiple models using different materials to reach the final design.


Hands Body Mechanism Mechanism holder Stand Painted Aluminium Painted Steel Painted Steel with Leather Pull Powder Coated Steel


Personal Development Project I have adapted the Instrmnt clock design into a simple wooden clock which I batch produce. The range is called BareFaced as it focuses on the natural textre and colour of the wood, with a subtle strip of colour around the edge.


This project allows me to use the workshop reguarly and learn about methods and machinery that I haven’t used before. It has also developed my busniess skills asI am learning about the stages of setting up a small business.


Portfolio March 2018 - L D Smith  

A collection of my favourite work from my time studying product design at Nottingham Trent University, with a section showing my personal pr...

Portfolio March 2018 - L D Smith  

A collection of my favourite work from my time studying product design at Nottingham Trent University, with a section showing my personal pr...