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From the attending-to-attending hand-off at transfer through eventual discharge, La Rabida partners with tertiary centers across Chicagoland to provide interdisciplinary pediatric care for medically complex conditions. – M I C H A E L H O B A U G H , M D , P H D , C H I E F O F M E D I C A L S TA F F

Treating children with medically complex conditions La Rabida is a specialty hospital for children with medically complex conditions. The only hospital of its kind in Chicago, we treat children with chronic illness and disabilities using our unique interdisciplinary and family-centered approach. Our 49-bed inpatient unit is staffed and equipped to manage: • Medical technology dependencies • Recovery and rehabilitation following surgery or a NICU or PICU stay • Acute exacerbations of a chronic illness • Conditioning in preparation for major medical procedures

On an outpatient basis, we serve as a medical home and offer a wide range of primary and specialty care outpatient clinics for children from birth through young adulthood. We strive to be your hospital of choice and a trusted partner in the medical management of children with special healthcare needs.

Last year, La Rabida provided family-centered care to 9 , 0 0 0 children with special healthcare needs. TOGETHER, MAKING MORE POSSIBLE


The staff at La Rabida is like family. We are so grateful for all of the support we have received from Oscar’s care team. –MARIBEL, MOTHER OF OSCAR, D I A G N O S E D W I T H C E R E B R A L PA L S Y A N D Q U A D R I P L E G I A

Pediatric attending physicians from the University of Chicago and Children’s Memorial Hospital provide 2 4 / 7 inpatient coverage.

Our approach is interdisciplinary and family-centered Care for every child—both inpatient and outpatient—is delivered by an interdisciplinary team of pediatric clinicians. Together and with input from the patient family, the team develops and implements a care plan that addresses the child’s immediate and longer-term medical and psychosocial needs. Our overriding goal is to optimize a child’s potential. We partner with two leading medical institutions, the University of Chicago and Children’s Memorial Hospital, for physician services to deliver care. Every member of our medical staff is dedicated to the treatment of children with special healthcare needs. One team, working under one roof, provides an array of medical and ancillary health services. A TYPICAL INTERDISCIPLINARY PATIENT CARE TEAM OF PEDIATRIC PROFESSIONALS

• Pediatrician • Pediatric subspecialist physician(s) • Nurse educator • Primary nurse • Dietician • Infant development specialist • Speech-language pathologist • Physical therapist • Occupational therapist • Child psychologist • Nurse case manager practiced in medically complex management • Social worker experienced in navigating public and private services • Child life specialist



Our approach is comprehensive and extends to developmental therapies. Our pediatric therapy specialists help ready the child who is technologydependent for movement, interaction and play. –RAJINDER ARORA, MD, PULMONOLOGIST


L A R A B I D A C H I L D R E N ’ S H O S P I TA L

Inpatient care…preparing a child to thrive at home From pre-admission through discharge, we identify what an inpatient and his or her family will require for the child to thrive at home. Typical admissions include children who are transitioning from a NICU or PICU to home; require rehab following surgery, stroke or catastrophic injuries; or have had an acute episode related to a chronic illness. Features of our inpatient care include: • 24/7 pediatric physician coverage • Wireless telemetry, monitoring children in and out of their rooms • 1:3 nurse-patient ratio depending on acuity and patient needs • Intensive and goal oriented developmental and rehabilitative

therapies • Child psychologist specializing in medical trauma • Caregiver education for at-home management of a child’s chronic

illness and/or dependence on medical technology Beyond expert medical care, we address the whole child—body, mind and spirit. Our facilities are designed to delight a child. Play and learning, when appropriate to a patient’s condition, are incorporated in a child’s daily inpatient routine.

Nearly 4 0 % of La Rabida’s daily inpatient census includes children who are technology-dependent.



Our medical home approach to primary care We also provide primary care for children with special healthcare needs, using the medical home model. We deliver routine care and coordinate specialty care for children with medically complex conditions due to disease, developmental disabilities, genetic disorders, failure to thrive, catastrophic injuries and conditions associated with low birth weight, premature birth or trauma in utero or at birth. We adhere to the American Academy of Pediatrics definition of medical home. Our care model is family-centered, comprehensive, coordinated, culturally sensitive, continuous and accessible. Many of the specialty and subspecialty services children may require are available on site, offering families the convenience of easy access. An exam, immunizations, developmental and rehabilitative therapies, nutritional counseling and check-ins with the family’s nurse case manager and social worker often can be scheduled in a single visit. A cornerstone of our approach is patient and caregiver education. La Rabida accepts referrals of children up to 16 years of age to our medical home programs. We follow patients with medically complex conditions from birth through 21 years of age.

At La Rabida, E V E R Y physician and healthcare worker is a pediatric professional specializing in children with medically complex conditions. 6

L A R A B I D A C H I L D R E N ’ S H O S P I TA L

The Premier Kids medical home program has been wonderful for Vincent. They look out for his every need. – MARILU M O T H E R O F V I N C E N T B O R N AT 2 6 W E E K S G E S TAT I O N



Outpatient care: primary and specialty care services We extend our interdisciplinary team approach to all outpatient care. We offer a wide range of primary care programs and specialty medical clinics with on-site access to our wide range of ancillary services. MEDICAL HOME PROGRAMS

• Adolescent • Bronchopulmonary dysplasia • Chronic disease • Failure to thrive • Premier Kids (for children with special healthcare needs birth through age 5) • Sickle cell SPECIALTY CLINICS

• Asthma, allergy • Developmental/behavioral* • Diabetes • Down syndrome • G-tube* • Nephrology* • Neurology* • NICU follow-up • Orthopedics* • Pediatric incontinence • Physical medicine and rehabilitation • Podiatry* • Psychiatry* • Rheumatology • Spasticity multispecialty management • Traumatic brain injury The care teams devise individualized treatment programs to give young patients the best-possible chance to grow and develop physically and psychosocially. * For La Rabida patients only; unable to accept referrals


L A R A B I D A C H I L D R E N ’ S H O S P I TA L

We help children and their families integrate disease management into their daily routine so children can incorporate the joys of childhood in their daily living. – ROSE BRIARS, ND, PNP-BC, CDE, CO-DIRECTOR, C H I C A G O C H I L D R E N ’ S D I A B E T E S C E N T E R AT L A R A B I D A

Our 5-bed treatment room provides urgent care services to La Rabida patients 3 6 5 days a year.



Our intensive developmentally-based therapies improve a child’s overall functioning. – COLLEEN HARPER, PT, MANAGER, DEVELOPMENTAL AND REHABILITATIVE SERVICES


L A R A B I D A C H I L D R E N ’ S H O S P I TA L

Developmental and rehabilitative therapies Each year we help hundreds of children reach their full potential through comprehensive developmental and rehabilitative services. Our developmental specialists and therapists—all pediatric professionals—pace, encourage and challenge in ways appropriate to a child’s condition. Intensive and goal oriented therapy is provided to inpatients following surgery, stroke, traumatic burn or brain injuries, and cancer treatment. We address deconditioning associated with long inpatient stays and intervene when developmental delays are suspected. We also provide one-on-one and group therapies on an outpatient basis. We help children accomplish the work of daily living: playing, exploring, communicating and completing tasks independently. We focus on mobility, communication, cognition, social-emotional connections, selfcare and/or feeding. Specialized clinics—oral motor/feeding, adaptive seating and orthotics—address problems with eating, seating, mobility and bracing. La Rabida’s team meets each child’s needs through play-based group therapies or individual activities that target specific developmental areas. Services are provided on an inpatient and outpatient basis to children who meet the hospital’s eligibility requirements. Our bright, state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities—designed with the child in mind—include a large gym, four customized rooms for individual/quiet therapy, a group room, and a pool for aquatic therapy. All are specially equipped for children with special healthcare needs.

L A R A B I D A’ S developmental and rehabilitative staff includes infant development specialists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and speechlanguage pathologists. TOGETHER, MAKING MORE POSSIBLE


Every day, we witness what children are capable of overcoming when given the support and encouragement to express themselves. – C AT H Y M AV R O L A S , P H D , C H I E F P S Y C H O L O G I S T

Addressing the child’s psychosocial needs Our pediatric clinical and child psychologists and licensed clinical social workers have pioneered nationally recognized programs for child trauma and abuse that help build confidence, esteem and independence. Our ratio of behavioral science professionals to patients is impressive among acute care pediatric hospitals. In concert with the child’s care team, these clinicians work side-by-side with children who are: • In pain and require coping strategies beyond pharmaceutical

therapeutics • Noncompliant with or fearful of medical treatment plans and/or

associated medical technologies • Recovering from and coping with the consequences of brain, burn or

other catastrophic injuries • Learning how to manage a chronic illness up through adolescence

and into young adulthood • Traumatized by family, social or other medical experiences

Our pioneering trauma and abuse programs have served as the model for hospitals across the United States.

La Rabida is one of just T H R E E hospitals in Illinois who has on staff a child psychologist who specializes in medical trauma. TOGETHER, MAKING MORE POSSIBLE


Nothing surprises us. We help families get what they need to take care of their children successfully at home. – SUSAN OLSON, RN, MSN, DIRECTOR, CASE MANAGEMENT


L A R A B I D A C H I L D R E N ’ S H O S P I TA L

Meeting a family’s needs Even in the best situations, having a child with a chronic or medically complex condition presents enormous challenges for a family. Many of our patients require a broad range of services, including at-home care. Case management represents an essential element in our continuum of care. La Rabida’s nurse case managers help families by coordinating all aspects of their child’s care in and out of La Rabida, assuring that nothing falls through the cracks and that all needs are met. Our social workers are skilled at locating community resources, coordinating referrals, advocating on behalf of patients and supporting their families. We want to help make sure each child thrives at home, school and at play. Sometimes that means securing access to special education services at schools and finding recreational and camp programs for children with special care needs. Patient and caregiver education is central to every child’s treatment. Our education programs are delivered in English or Spanish and are tailored to the child’s condition and parents’ preferred learning style, culture and literacy level. Patients learn how to manage their chronic condition. Parents learn a wide variety of skills, from caring for central lines, vents and trachs to nutrition protocols. Inpatients are discharged only after caregivers master the competencies key to success.

La Rabida regularly helps families navigate Home and Community Based Services Waiver programs. We average 3 3 DSCC discharges per year. TOGETHER, MAKING MORE POSSIBLE


The care Sydney received at La Rabida has changed her whole life. She is finally able to enjoy her life like a normal kid. – S H A R I TA A N D S T E V E PA R E N T S O F S Y D N E Y, D I A G N O S E D W I T H A S T H M A

La Rabida: the next step in a child’s care Providers across metro Chicago and northwest Indiana refer pediatric inpatients to La Rabida, typically following a NICU or PICU stay or emergency room treatment. Providing the next step in a child’s care, La Rabida admits children who require more services before they can thrive safely at home. We work closely with referring physicians and discharge planners to ensure smooth transfers of children to La Rabida. We work collaboratively with providers through the hand-off back to the child’s physician(s). HOW TO MAKE AN INPATIENT REFERRAL

We are happy to discuss an inpatient referral anytime, day or night. Simply call 312.498.4408 and speak to the on-duty admissions coordinator. The coordinator, our first responder to requests for transferring patients to La Rabida, is the liaison between La Rabida and the referring provider from the initial call through admission. Referrers are invited to visit La Rabida and observe how we work. Call the admissions coordinator to arrange a tour and introductions to medical staff. HOW TO MAKE AN OUTPATIENT REFERRAL

Referrals to La Rabida’s outpatient services are also welcome. The La Rabida Access Center coordinates outpatient referrals. Call 773.753.8627.

L A R A B I D A accepts patients with either public or private insurance.



La Rabida Children’s Hospital


East 65th Street at Lake Michigan Chicago, IL 60649

Inpatient (24/7): 312.498.4408


Outpatient (M-F, days): 773.753.8627

La Rabida Provider Brochure  

La Rabida Children's Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Services

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