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e Are La Rabida

2016 Annual Report

we are la rabida Dear Friends, Each day, our team of caregivers, staff, volunteers, donors and supporters are honored to say: We are La Rabida. In 2016, La Rabida celebrated its 120th birthday. The milestone was an opportunity to reflect upon our unwavering commitment to our mission of providing specialized, family-centered healthcare to Chicago’s most vulnerable children. For well over a century, La Rabida has proudly been a trusted resource in the lives of families who need us the most. In the pages that follow, you will get to know a handful of extraordinary individuals who exemplify what it means to be La Rabida. Our staff, who together form an excellent and effective multidisciplinary team, are compassionate and determined advocates for our children. They are La Rabida. Our patients, spanning every age group and so many vibrant backgrounds, are mighty champions who overcome incredible odds to realize new possibilities each and every day. Along with their families, they are La Rabida. Our volunteers are spirited givers of time, talent and love, who play with, read to and comfort our patients. They donate thousands of hours of service year after year. They are La Rabida. Our donors and supporters give to La Rabida in so many meaningful ways throughout the year, from being a part of our annual Friends of La Rabida gala, to organizing generous toy drives at the holidays for our patients. In addition, our Board of Trustees generously devote their time, resources and guidance to keep our organization strong. They are La Rabida. As you become acquainted with the people who are La Rabida, we hope you will remember the invaluable role you play as our friends. It is an honor to say that We are La Rabida with you, and because of you. Sincerely, Brenda J. Wolf Fred Berglund President and CEO Chairman, Board of Trustees

We Are La Rabida: Abria & Mom When 18-month-old Abria first came to La Rabida for outpatient care in the winter of 2016, she was unable to crawl. Today, she runs through the halls of La Rabida’s outpatient center, eager to explore the world around her—a testament to the multidisciplinary care she’s received at La Rabida.

Abria was born premature at 25 weeks, weighing in at just two pounds. She was diagnosed with bronchopulmonary dysplasia and congenital heart disease at birth. Dependent upon a ventilator and oxygen, Abria spent her first four months of life in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at a major medical center. “I’m not a first-time mom, but I’m a first-time preemie mom,” said Abria’s mother, Jennifer, who also has a 15-year-old daughter. “That’s totally different.” After Abria graduated from the NICU, Jennifer called La Rabida in hopes of continuing Abria’s follow-up care. It was then that she learned about Premier Kids, La Rabida’s medical home program for young children who are born prematurely and/or have developmental delays and complex conditions. At the Premier Kids outpatient clinic, Abria started to see a multidisciplinary team of professionals who specialized in her growth and development. Premier Kids’ Dr. Edith Chernoff became Abria’s primary care physician, and Abria also began receiving the services of an infant development specialist and nutritionist. Together, her care team continues to ensure her stable growth from a premature newborn to a strong, healthy and vivacious toddler. In the past year, Abria has grown significantly and made major developmental improvements. Today, she loves exploring, babbling and playing with others. The array of care she receives at La Rabida is so all-encompassing that she sees fewer specialists away from the hospital than ever before. The team supports Jennifer, too. Working with an infant development specialist has eased her concerns as a parent. “Helping mom and Abria through the experience has allowed them to build a deeper bond, to heal together in their relationship, and support Abria’s global development,” said Amelia Miller, Abria’s infant development specialist. Research indicates the first relationship between primary caregivers and children is an important indicator for future development and growth, which suggests great things for Abria’s childhood and beyond.

“Dr. Chernoff is heaven-sent. Abria’s care team is loving, warm and calming.” - Abria’s Mom

We are La Rabida: The Team

Under one roof, La Rabida provides access to care from an array of professionals to patients who need our services—regardless of ability to pay. To make this mission a reality requires incredible teamwork from our physicians, nurses, therapists, psychologists, social workers, care coordinators, transportation staff, and facilities management team, to name a few. Each day, the collaboration of our staff and volunteers is a living example of the motto that defines us: We are La Rabida. As a volunteer in the Child Life Department, Anais Magallanes’ mission is to deliver an afternoon of play to our patients. With toys, books and games in hand, Anais travels from cabin to cabin on the S.S. La Rabida Inpatient Unit to provide entertainment that can not only brighten a day, but also distract and calm patients during medical procedures. A junior year nursing student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Anais has volunteered at La Rabida since she was a freshman. In two years, she has donated nearly 200 hours of service to the hospital.

“La Rabida is so unique. No other children’s hospital has so many resources available in one place.” - Natasha Bhayani, M.D., Medical Home Program

For Anais, the volunteer experience at La Rabida has given her the confidence she needs to excel in a medical setting. “I was scared at first,” she said. “But when I started volunteering, I realized I could do it. I get to see what the nurses do and I can envision myself as a nurse now.” One of the nurses that Anais has had the privilege of learning from is Julie Catarello, a registered nurse on

La Rabida’s inpatient unit. “Julie is an incredible resource,” said Dr. David Soglin, La Rabida’s Chief Medical Officer. Julie’s colleagues know her by her constant willingness to support her team and provide top-notch care for all patients, whether it is something as simple as helping get an IV started or as multifaceted as organizing the care for a patient with complex needs.

Families adore Julie just as wholeheartedly as her colleagues do. As she expertly carries out her duties as a nurse, she remains keenly aware of her families’ needs and stays interested in making them as comfortable as possible. Several have noted her kindness and compassion when caring for them. At La Rabida’s outpatient clinic, the strong staff-family bonds are notable too, according to Dr. Natasha Bhayani, who joined La Rabida this summer. “There are so many teams working toward the common goal of providing holistic care for our patients,” she said. “It is a perfect medical home.” “Everybody is so invested in the care of the patient,” said Dr. Bhayani, who treats patients with medically complex conditions, chronic conditions or behavioral health issues. Patients, parents or caregivers can call a staff member any time with questions. This communication enables Dr. Bhayani and all staff to truly serve families in the most effective ways. “Everybody has time to talk during a visit, and there is always someone here to listen.”

We are La Rabida: The Team Board of Trustees 2016 -1 7

Executive Leadership Trustees Neal Baker

Mark Hanna

Ryan Lawrence

Vice Chair – Terence Donnelly

Richard M. Burridge

John Harney

Randy Markowitz

Vice Chair – Cedric Shaw

John Clifford

Patricia Brown Holmes

Craig Miller

Bruce Cohen

Drew Horowitz

Daniel Real

Brian Devane

Lisa Haley Huff

Richard Rodgers

Adam Fox

Mark Jacobs

Emilio Salvi

Brian Gaspardo

Gloria Jacobson

Kathy Schaeffer

John Gyann

Allen Kanter

Frederick Thomas

Patricia Halper

Allen Kutchins

Fred Walz

Secretary – Bob Arthur Treasurer – Mark Renfree President and Chief Executive Officer – Brenda J. Wolf


Officers Chairman – Fred Berglund

Brenda J. Wolf President and Chief Executive Officer Anna Carvalho, FACHE Vice President, Strategic Integration Aden Henry, M.S.N., RN Vice President, Patient Care Services Mark D. Renfree Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Administration David Soglin, M.D. Chief Medical Officer Michele A. Wysoglad Vice President, Development and External Affairs

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Medical Staff Diabetes Rosemary Briars, ND, PNP-BC, CDE Anita Swamy, M.D. Asthma/Allergy/Pulmonology Courtney Finlayson, M.D. Chakina Brunson, A.P.N. Cathy Geraci, A.P.N. Rajinder Arora, M.D. Jennifer Miller, M.D. Maria Dowell, M.D. Amanda Reed, A.P.N. Anna Fishbein, M.D. Jill Samis, M.D. B. Louise Giles, M.D. Hospital Medicine Satyanaryan Hegde, M.D. Parag Shah, M.D. Luis Torero, M.D. Jennifer Ziemianin, D.O. Cardiology Rishi Agrawal, M.D., M.P.H. Peter Koenig, M.D. Barbara Amakye, M.D. Farshad Sedaghat-Yazdi, M.D. . Chief Medical Officer David Soglin, M.D.

Nicole Anania, D.O. Beverly Brown, M.D. Mohammed Hameeduddin, M.D. Jennifer Matczak, M.D. Kerby Samuels, M.D. Oawale Shekoni, M.D. Caroline Skolnik, M.D. Renwick Taylor, M.D. Infectious Disease Allison Bartlett, M.D. Medically Complex Care Izhar Qamar, M.D. Natasha Bhayani, M.D.

Edith Chernoff, M.D. Nancy Fritz, M.D. Renee Zubay-Fife, A.P.N.

Psychiatry Andrea Mann, D.O. Susan Scherer, M.D.

Neurology Carol MacMillan, M.D. Chalongchai Phitsanuwong, M.D.

Rheumatology Linda Wagner-Weiner, M.D.

Neonatal Follow-Up Bree Andrews, M.D. Orthopedics Christopher Sullivan, M.D. Physiatry Laura Deon, M.D. Lisa Thornton, M.D.

Sickle Cell Disease Radhika Peddinti, M.D. Wendy Darlington, M.D. Tanisha Jones, A.P.N. Gabriell Lapping-Carr, M.D. Ruth Rudinsky, M.D.

We are La Rabida: Donors Estates Estate of June M. Boldt Estate of Cassie M. Brown Estate of Berenice Caprile Estate of Susan E. Grabin Estate of Joan Kruckenberg Estate of Carole B. Miller $100,000+ ANONYMOUS ANONYMOUS Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Chicago Tribune Charities, a McCormick Foundation fund

Blum-Kovler Foundation

Kensington Square Foundation

BMO Harris Bank

Randy & Hadrian Markowitz


Helen Brach Foundation

Mesirow Financial, Inc.

Peggy & William Gann

Richard M. Burridge

Craig & Mary Alice Miller

Peter G. Horton Charitable Foundation

Michele B. Bush & Michael Cooper

Morton’s The Steakhouse

Paula K. Jaudes

Chicago Bulls Community Assist Fund, a McCormick Foundation Fund

The Northern Trust

Allen & Genie Kutchins Magellan Corporation

The Chicago Community Trust

The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund

Polk Bros. Foundation

Chicago Sky

PNC Bank

Daniel & Susan Real

Chicago White Sox Community Fund, a McCormick Foundation Fund

Primera Engineers, Ltd.

CHUBB & Son, a Division of Federal Insurance Company

Cedric & Pepper Shaw

John Q & Karen Smith Spirit of Halloween Superstores, LLC

“Our patients start with insurmountable odds, and they overcome them.”


- Jill Nikkel, RN, Staff Nurse, Outpatient


Morgan Stanley Foundation

Special Kids Foundation Frederick & Elizabeth Thomas The University of Chicago Sandra J. & Bruce Wall

The Brinson Foundation Crown Family Philanthropies

Rooney Rippie & Ratnaswamy LLP Schiff Hardin LLP

Julius N. Frankel Foundation

Alvin H. Baum Family Fund

Edmond and Alice Opler Foundation

Fred & Marilyn Walz Washington Square Health Foundation, Inc. Brenda J. Wolf & Fred Siegman $10,000-$24,999

CVS Health

Joni Young

Deloitte Services LP Brian & Julie Devane



Fred & Jean Allegretti Foundation

Accenture LLP

Howard & Frankie Alper

George M. Eisenberg Foundation for Charities

Bob Arthur & Susan Anderson


Vincent & Pat Foglia

Berglund Construction

Sharon Barner


HBK Engineering, LLC

Fred & Kathy Berglund

Charles & Mary Anne Bobrinskoy

The Barker Welfare Foundation

Hubbard Radio, LLC

Harry S. Black & Allon Fuller Fund

Martin and Mary L. Boyer Foundation

Chicago Equity Partners

Charles Kahn

Block Electric Company

Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund

Michael & Rosalind Keiser

Cedar Hill Associates, Inc.

Aldridge Electric Inc.

We are La Rabida: Donors Edward & Glenys Chen

Loretta Rosenmayer

Norine & Christopher Baker

David & Lisette Eisendrath Foundation

Chicago Fire Soccer Club


Sherry Barnes

Trevor Fennell

Bruce R. Cohen

Dee Robinson

Thomas & Amelia Bayer

First Bank of Highland Park

David & Lynn Coughenour

Kathryn Schaeffer & Gary Roll

Alvin Bell

Joshua A. Fisher

Brian Dacy

Kaye Scholer LLP

William Blair & Company, LLC

Food 4 Less Fund

James A. Gammon Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Dr. Scholl Foundation

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

Foot & Ankle Associates, Ltd.

Karen Stratton

Clarence & Sharon Bourne

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Brian & Paula Gaspardo

Textura Corporation

Michael & Karen Buoscio

Denise B. Gardner

John & Kathleen Grady

United Airlines

Anna & David Carvalho

Robert & Dawn Geras

John P. Harney

A. Montgomery Ward Foundation Carol Warshawsky

Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program

Matthew J. Gibbons

Drew & Anne Horowitz

Chicago Blackhawks

Theresa & Robert Goldberg

Chicago Cubs

Goldman Sachs & Co.

Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company

Max Goldenberg Foundation


“Volunteering at La Rabida has been a joy and a blessing because it has given me the opportunity to help others and give back to the community.” - Michael Yabes, Volunteer

Alan Cole The Collins Family Fund Conway & Mrowiec

Allen E. Kanter Sharon & Steven Kase Sheila & John Kelly

$1,000-$4,999 Access Eforms Alan F. Adducci

Jeffrey & Leslie Cox Jerry Dent d’Escoto, Inc.

Ann R. Gillespie

Norman & Cynthia Goldring David Gonda Barbara L. Gordon W.W. Grainger, Inc. Lindsay Green Robert & Kelly Guglielmi Gregory & Andrea Gyann

Alex Aldridge

Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management

Harvey Alter American Auto Guardian, Inc.

James & Karen DeZellar

Janet Haines

Mass Mutual Retirement Services

Angel Gifts, Inc.

David & Susan Diamond

Patricia & Matthew Halper

Margaret Nash Foundation

Betty Angelos

Terence & Joan Donnelly

Glen Hampton

The Negaunee Foundation New Prospect Foundation

Assurance Agency

Mary Lou Downs Foundation

Dr. Lewis A. Hare & Ruth Lerman Hare Charitable Foundation

Bruce & Deborah Pfaff

James W. Atkinson

Mark & Kathy Renfree

Neal & Beth Baker

Latkin Family Foundation Marquette Associates, Inc.

Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP Delona E. DuBois

John & Francine Gyann

The Daniel & Janet Hidding Foundation Richard & Joyce Hirsch

Hogan Marren Babbo & Rose, Ltd.

Thomas F. Nolan

Barry & Nancy Schultz

Travelers Insurance

Horizon Financial Management

William J. Schwass

Jack & Susan Tribbia

Vickie M. Horn

North America Stevedoring Company, LLC

Scott Steel Services Inc.

US Bank

IBM Employee Services Center

O’Neill & Gaspardo, CPA

Kevin Shea

David & Gay Vajda

Robert L. James

Terrence O’Rourke

SHI International Corp.

Eddie & Audrey Ward

Kenneth Johnson

Mary Anne Ostrenga


Weinberg Family Foundation

Korli & Lynn Kamara

Mary & Ken Owens

Gregory & Sheetal Kanter

Oystercatcher Media

Arthur Kessler

John V. Painter Trust

Jeffrey & Lisa Kessler

Frank Paolillo

Patrick & Ann Kitchen

Kristie P. Paskvan

Joseph & Helen Komarek Foundation

Patelco Credit Union

Anthony Kramer

David B. Patzwald

Deborah Simmons

Samuel Weinstein Family Foundation

Robert H. Kramer

Gloria & William Peoples

Skokie School District 73 1/2

Keith & Karen Weiss

LA-CO Industries, Inc.

PEPSICO Foundation Employee Giving Program

Andre J. Smith

Nate Weiss

James M. Snyder

James R. Wesner

Paul & Edith Sobel

Hugh Williams

Drs. David & Lori Soglin

Joni S. Williams

James & Yvonne Southwell

Joyce E. Williams

Gale & Carson Sprow

Wisdom Tree Asset Management, Inc.

Lakeside Financial Group, LLC Life Tech John & Joen Loeb Michael & Renee McMahon Richard Meek Midway Dodge John Moran Heather L. Morris Joseph & Vicki Morris Leslie Morse-Dudley Netrix, LLC Antony Nettleton Next Level Health Partners, LLC

Christopher & Sara Pfaff Anne R. Prammaggiore Juliette & Walter Pryor Terrence & Amy Real Juergen Roennau Alan Rose

“I have the opportunity to work with our patients and families. Watching them as they become self-sufficient and confident is a priceless, rewarding experience.” - Rosalva Torres, MSN, RN, CCM, Case Manager, Inpatient

James & Joanne Steinback Joel M. Stender


Morton & Leona Rosen

Walter and Caroline Sueske Charitable Trust

Jeremy & Emily Adler

Harold & Linda Rosenson

Fredric S. Tatel, DDS

Emilio & Julie Salvi

Dale Taylor

Allen & Esther Schechter


Ute & Richard Schlake

Richard & Karen Timmons

Alan Schriesheim

Frank & Mary Trager

Ronald C. Roselli

Aflac Ursula Anderson Andrean High School Dr. Bree Andrews ANONYMOUS Jerry Antos

We are La Rabida: Donors Ariel Investments, LLC

Bruce Eatroff

Molly Ingraffia

Johnny L. Ramsey

The Alben F. Bates and Clara G. Bates Foundation

Scott Fauque

Gloria & Gary Jacobson

Carol Rizzie

Paul Feehan

Ronald & Gail Kahn

Anthony Rosignolo

Brenda Battle

Patrick Fosnacht

Patricia S. Kraning

Dr. Ruby Roy & Thomas Busse

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Dr. Nancy Fritz

Richard & Virginia Labotka

Daniel C. Rudolph

Stacy & Theodor Bilharz

Michael & Cheryl Gill

John & Margaret Lagana

John & Denise Rudolph

Binstein Family Helping Hand Foundation

Robert E. Goldberg Trust

Dale LaGesse

Scott & Victoria Severson

Maria C. Green & Oswald Lewis

Ryan & Kelly Lawrence

Robert & Cathleen Shultz

Robert & Janice Hamilton

Carolyn & Jesse Lee

Skolnik Industries, Inc.

Kelsey L. Hanna

Adam Levine

Gwendolyn Steele

Marguerite & William Hark

Magnificent Events

Steve A. Stender

Colleen Harper & Brian Boyer

Lucy & Robert Mayhugh

Scott Stiller

Michael & Stella Hatcliffe

Anthony M. McWhorter

Strategic Wealth Partners

Millies Engineering Group

Lee & Sue Stufflebeam

MJ Search Partners, Inc.

Gerald Sullivan

Martin & Cheryl Morris

Jonathan Swain

Patrick & Noreen Morris

Douglas & Tammy Swill

C. Nelsen

Matthew J. Turk

Edward C. Haupt

Gus Noble

John Vratsinas

Aden A. Henry

West Monroe Partners

Ian & Patty Hirt

The Northridge Group Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation

Edward & Carol Hogan

Kweku & Shannon Obed

Erica Wiegel

Robert & Sheila Hohmann

Fred Olmsted

Sherry & Andy Winick

John & Mirna Holton

Terrence & Barbara Palmer

Beverly T. Yoder

Claude Howard

Judith Picman

Robert Howard

Paul J. Piechowski

Joel & Jill Hurwitz

PJH & Associates, Inc.

Illinois Institute of Technology - African American Association

Quadrangle Development Co.

Hans & Christa Boden James Capodice Career Builder, LLC Al Carter Brian & Barbara Cronin

“Our primary goal is what’s best for each child that we serve.” - Molly Swenson, PT, DPT, Physical Therapist

Mark & Karen Cronin Dr. John & Marie Cunningham Dennis Dean Diagnostics Technical Support Paul & Roberta Diamond Julie Dorfman & Jerry Herst Richard & Michelle Drehobl Dana M. Dressler Angela Drexel Liethia Easterly

R & R Sports Collectibles

Aaron Wiegel

La Rabida is a special place, not only because of what we do, but also because of who we are. For our patients and families, our caring and compassionate volunteers are an integral part of the La Rabida experience. From our after-school tutors to our nursing volunteers, there is no shortage of generous spirits who make a difference in the lives of our kids. From July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016, 186 volunteers gave 9,234 hours of service to La Rabida. Our volunteers’ generous gifts of time, cheer and goodwill help smooth the way for our patients and their families each and every day. Without our dedicated volunteers, we could not fulfill our mission. For that, we are forever grateful.


We are La Rabida: Our Volunteers

Financial Review (July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016) * Auditor’s report for fiscal years ended June 30, 2016 and 2015 is available upon request.

FY 16 Unrestricted Revenues and Other Support

FY 15

$ 52,945,145

$ 48,248,331

52 , 154,154

48 ,7 7 7,228

Expenses Operating (Loss)



Other Income



Revenue in Excess of Expenses

$ 3,576,972


Current Assets

$ 12,237,0 93

$ 1 1 ,7 7 7,391


32,7 76,398

1 12,343,779

107, 1 8 7,038


3 1 ,369,336

Total Assets

$ 185,296,213

$ 183 , 1 1 0,163

Current Liabilities



Net Assets of the Foundation Investments and Long-term Assets Net Property and Equipment

Long-term Liabilities Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets


6 ,1 24,235


11 ,127,670


168,550, 1 1 5

1 7 1 , 1 5 7,220

$ 185,296,213

$ 183, 1 1 0,163

Our Mission La Rabida Children’s Hospital provides specialized, family-centered health care to children with medically complex conditions, disabilities, and chronic illness. Through expertise, compassion, and advocacy, we help children and their families reach their fullest potential, regardless of their ability to pay. (773) 363-6700 6501 South Promontory, Chicago, Illinois 60649

2016 La Rabida  

This publication highlights the patients, families, caregivers, volunteers and donors who embody the mission of La Rabida. In their own spec...

2016 La Rabida  

This publication highlights the patients, families, caregivers, volunteers and donors who embody the mission of La Rabida. In their own spec...