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Official LQ KIWIN’S Newsletter Updates and news on the biggest club on campus – April Edition Volume 1 Issue 1

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The Start of a New Term Hey KIWINNERS! Welcome to the first edition of the LQ KIWIN’S newsletters for the term of 2013 – 2014! Although the 2012 – 2013 term isn’t officially ending yet, I would like to welcome the new board officers of LQ KIWIN’S! It has been an amazing experience being on board of this club for the past year. I must admit, being an officer is a quite a handful of stress, but in the end, every struggle is followed by rewards! I’ve said this before and I will do it over and over again until you get sick of me, but THANK YOU to all the members who have dedicated so much time and dedication toward this club. To be honest, I wasn’t the most dedicated member of this club when I was a freshman. I only attended 5-6 events throughout my entire freshman year… Can you believe it? I WAS A HORRIBLE MEMBER!!! I used to be that one kid who would always wait for all her friends to go to a project so she can tag along, but that was until I made new friends as the year progressed and realized that this club is basically a family… Everyone is so close together and the atmosphere is so great… I know this sounds cheesy, but KIWIN’S has changed both my personality and my perspective of others completely over a period of 2 years!!! Anyway, the point of this message is… THANK YOU. To everyone who wakes up at unearthly hours of the night… To everyone who provides us rides… To everyone who gives up their lunch time to attend our meetings… To everyone who cares enough to be reading this sentence right now… THANK YOU! Y’all are amazing. I promise to fulfill my duties to the best of my abilities and make your experience in KWIWIN’S as enjoyable as possible!

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Fun fact about me: Beside KIWIN’S, my 2nd love is water polo! I was the JV goalie this year and yes, WE BEAT BOLSA!

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WHAT’S UP? PAST EVENTS: On April 6th, 2013, La Quinta KIWIN’S travelled to the University of Irvine and spent their morning volunteering for the MS Walk! Not only did the members act as route coordinators during the race, the members also had the opportunity to run a food booth, cut fresh oranges and bananas and apples, and even set up tables, chairs, tents, and trash cans throughout the campus! Members also showed off their cheering skills by shouting their hearts out to the runners during the race. After four hours into the event, members proceeded to put away tables, chairs, tents, and signs. The trip back to La Quinta High School marked the end of the event, but of course it won’t be the last! On a bright and sunny morning, La Quinta KIWIN’S put their muscles to work by planting trees in Huntington Beach! While wearing a neon yellow vest, members utilized shovels by digging holes for buckets of tiny seedlings. Members also watered plants and trees and spread wheelbarrows full of mulch all over the soil. Afterwards, members stored the planting tools away in the shed and drove back home after three hours of hard work! On May 20, 2013, La Quinta High School KIWIN’S travelled all the way to Anaheim High School to volunteer at this year’s Colony 5K Walk/Run! With the help from Bolsa Grande Key Club, La Quinta KIWIN’S members assisted runners to registration tables and acted as route coordinators where they guided runners and walkers along the actual course. Not only that, the members showed off their cheering abilities by pumping out their spirit and shouting club cheers for the runners. After the race concluded after approximately two hours, La Quinta KIWIN’S helped with the event clean-up by disposing leftover trash, stashing away chairs and tables and tents, and taking down signs! Afterwards, members drove back home after the long day of volunteer work. La Quinta High School KIWIN’S had the opportunity to volunteer at this year’s March for Babies walk! On April 28 th, members woke up bright and early and drove all the way to Fashion Island. There we acted as cheerers, making sure that the walkers had a splendid time walking the route, and route coordinators where we pointed the walkers in the right direction as they were walking through the course. Afterwards, La Quinta KIWIN’S had a chance to socialize with other clubs, like Segerstrom KIWIN’S, La Quinta Key Club, Bolsa Grande Key Club, and many other clubs! The members also walked around the booths and acquired knowledge about the March of Dimes’ cause. After the race ended, La Quinta KIWIN’S drove home feeling refreshed from volunteering and enlightened from the purpose of the cause. Until next year!


JET JET JET JET JET JET Mr. Manatee! Do you have what it takes to be the next Mr. Manatee? If you would like to represent LQHS at JET BANQUET by becoming the next “big thing”, you should consider trying out for the title of Mr. Manatee!

Prepare a showcase of your spirit! Use a KIWIN’S cheer, make up your own cheer, whatever! Get the crowd pumped up!

Display a talent! Bizarre skills, cool skills, anything! Wow the crowd or make them laugh! Be unique!

Question-and-answer time! Be calm and charming as the judges ask you a series of questions to show your personality!

Contact HALENA NGO @ if you’re interested in participating!

JET BANQUET! Date TBA @Kiwanisland Sadly, every great year comes to an end. More information will be made available in the upcoming future, but be prepared for a Jet banquet in late May. Come for an enjoyable night of Jet divisional fun as we install the new Presidents, watch the Mr. Manatee Pageant, and celebrate a great year together!

JET JET JET JET JET JET Jet shirts! Yes! Jet Division shirts are still available for $12 each! Sizes Youth Large, Adult Small, Adult Medium, and Adult Large are available! Show off your divisional pride! Have a shirt to wear at KIWIN’S events! Make your Key Club friends jealous that they can’t have a shirt as cool as Jet’s! Talk to your club President or Treasurer!

Divisional Board! Being a board member is one of the most rewarding experiences an individual in KIWIN’S can have! As a divisional executive assistant or projects chair, you’ll find yourself helping to plan divisional events, meeting more people, making more friends, and playing an even larger role in KIWIN’S service! Applications are available here: No2EI_9eNQGDFHF75a0WbTkWPOlplRdGsClS3uLo&inline=1&ext=1367641903&hash=ASskjxlGfDvNrmsi

Talk to Halena if you have any questions or concerns about the responsibilities or the process!

LQHS KIWIN'S Newsletter - April 2013  

Volume 1 - Edition 1