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Lapwing Newsletter

Student Diary Richard W, Lapwing Student and ace Environmentalist 11 Oct Litter Pick in Bury Town Centre. I liked litter picking again today. I liked cutting all the cable ties off the lampposts. It was surprising to find two of the same hair combs, a pair of scissors and a pair of compasses used for drawing. We found hair bands, cans and lots of fast food wrappers. I did get a little stressed about doing lots of walking. We also went to the Infobar and I saw a worker there who used to go to my school called Peter.

Richard has just begun a new work placement with St Edmundsbury’s Council in the Waste and Recycling Department. Everyone at Lapwing wishes him all the very best of luck!

15 Oct Beyond the Wall We rebuilt my scarecrow and next week we will put safety pins in his hat and gloves to make sure they do not blow away. We started to make a fourth compost bin for rooting leaf litter. I hated it when it was really wet and muddy because when we had our breaks we had to keep taking our muddy boots on and off before we could go inside. We also spoke to Karen about the AQA units I would start before Christmas and in the New year. 17 Oct Beyond the Wall We finished building the compost bin for the leaf litter. It was a stressful job because it was even more muddy and it was hard work moving all the wet mud. Sam and Sophie came to look at the stuff at Beyond the Wall that I and Mark had both been doing. I showed them my scarecrow which had a lot more fatness to him and he had gloves and a hat. The scarecrow in the greenhouse looked like a dead zombie because he was all in white. The greenhouse also looked like a broken church. Sam and Sophie asked what work I was doing. I kind of liked them coming to visit. I liked showing them my plot and scarecrow. But it was annoying showing them all the things I’d done. Richard asked us to sort out the big shed. We had to get all the stuff out and sweep it. Once we had sorted it all out it was a lot easier and tidier and so you could get all the stuff in and out of it. I got annoyed because people could not be as smart as me and sort out their recyclables and non-recyclables into the right bin. 14 Nov Beyond the Wall We finished off the greenhouse. Hooray! When we did the operating on him we pulled his head off and now his head looks a bit skinnier. We might be getting a new hat for him too.


Lapwing Newsletter

positive learning in Suffolk

Christmas! Lapwing student and Rosi on the origins of Father Christmas

Left to right: 1881 illustration by Thomas Nast who, with Clement Clarke Moore, helped to create the modern image of Santa Claus. Basil of Caesarea, also called Saint Basil the Great. Père Noël (‘Daddy Christmas’) Sinterklaas (Dutch folklore)

We asked some students questions about Christmas to see what they thought. We started by asking them what their favourite festive thing was. Most students said their favourite festive thing was receiving presents. When asked what they would most like to find wrapped under the Christmas tree they weren’t sure or they didn’t mind what they got. We then asked what was the best present they had ever received which, in general, was chocolate. Then we asked them what they most disliked, to which the overall consensus was the weather and being cold. Hannah Foster said her favourite Christmas carol was “Santa Claus is coming to town” however some other students weren’t particularly interested in Christmas carols. The last and possibly most important question... Do you believe in Santa? Our students were tied 50/50, but what do you think?? We have attached some images of possible origins of Father Christmas above and Saint Nicholas left. We wish all our students and their families a very special Christmas whichever ‘Santa’ visits you.


Lapwing Newsletter

positive learning in Suffolk

AllTitle I want for Christmas... ...according to the students at Beyond the Wall

Mark Strickland: “Family time is the most important part of Christmas” Leon Jackson: “ I like Christmas because I have fun with my Family” Darryl Nutter: “I like decorations the best, especially bawballs, lights and tinsel” Darryl has asked for Thomas the Tank Engine DVD and driving games. His favourite foods are Roast turkey and Christmas pudding. Darryl is also hoping for a white Christmas so he can go out and play and build a snowman. Darryl is also going to make Christmas cards for his mum, dad, and sister this year. Richard Emery: “I like the presents” Richard would like a new camera with a big lens, like Will’s and Fifa 13 for the PS3.

Walk at Felixstowe At the beginning of term seven students enjoyed a trip to the seaside at Felixstowe rather than to their usual Aldeburgh Music Session. Hannah, Timmy, Alex, Daniel, Jed, Roland and Claire ordered themselves fish and chips before enjoying them in the fresh air. Then it was off to sample the delights of the Pier and the Penny Slot machines and some ice cream topped off a great day!

Aldeburgh Music 5 December saw a Celebration Workshop for students. Trustee Dolores Fisher says ‘it was a wonderful experience of inclusion and participation and made me very proud to be involved with Lapwing. There was terrific energy and fun and much laughter for all of us there. If Christmas is about sharing then Aldeburgh Music and Lapwing have got it spot on! I never realised how percussion could communicate so much.’


Lapwing Newsletter

Aldeburgh Students get arty with their produce

In Autumn 2012 Lapwing students at the ActivLives Chantry Park Project were approached by the prestigious Aldeburgh Food Festival to create 10 table decorations to feature at the Festival’s VIP Dinner. This was the first time the students had been asked to work on such a project. After a trial run and some creative inspiration from Lapwing mentor Bridget Staton, table decorations featuring home-grown fruit, vegetables, conkers, dahlias, geraniums, onions, marrows and rosehip berries were assembled and carefully transported to Aldeburgh. The VIP Dinner was hosted by the directors of the festival and attended by celebrity chefs and food writers including Matthew Fort, Food & Drink Editor, Emma Crowhurst EADT Cookery Writer, TV Chef & Teacher at The Cookhouse Suffolk Food Hall, Lucas Hollweg, Sunday Times Style Magazine Food Writer, Angela Hartnett MBE, Chef Proprietor, Murano and Thomasina Miers, past-Masterchef winner, Restaurateur & Author. Once the meal was finished the table settings were moved to the ActivLives and Lapwing Stand at the Festival so that they could be admired by a wider audience. The project was such that a success the Lapwing students were asked to create table settings for an event at the Suffolk Foundation in November. See story on page 6.


Lapwing Newsletter

positive learning in Suffolk

Chantry Title Fundraiser Christmas Coffee Morning On 12 December The Chantry Walled Garden hosted a Christmas Coffee Morning and raised a fantastic £98.87 selling teas, coffees, cakes, Yorkshire Tea Breads and chutneys. There was also a ‘Guess the weight of the Christmas Cake’ competition. The cake was kindly made and donated by Tutor Jan’s brother Steve. Bob also made some money on the plant sale. Everyone enjoyed turning out on a very cold and frosty morning. The proceeds will go towards making the cooking facilities in the kitchen easier for the students to access. There is a list of equipment needed and Jan can’t wait to go on a spending spree hee hee.

Suffolk Foundation They’ve done it again Students from The Chantry Park Project have been been busy again making beautiful table settings for a prestigious event in Suffolk. This time guests included Foundation Chairman and joint-acting Chairman of the FA David Sheepshanks and Lord-Lieutenant of Suffolk Lord Tollemache.

Home grown The new term at Chantry has continued to offer students the chance to grow and cook their own food and to learn skills for life, alongside numeracy and literacy.


On 19 December the project hosted a Christmas lunch for 12 people including students, volunteers from ActivLives and staff and trustees from Lapwing. Guests were treated to Secret Santa gifts, roast turkey and an unfeasibly large number of festive trimmings.

Lapwing Newsletter

Term Round up Success stories already The latest academic term at Lapwing Suffolk got off to a flying start. 67 students with complex barriers to learning embarked on life-changing bespoke educational programmes, combining activities including photography, film, horticulture and conservation. Venues range from world-renowned Aldeburgh Music to Beyond the Wall, a charitable project based at Thornham Walled Garden, on the 2000 acre Thornham Estate in North Suffolk. First year student Luke B (17) is pursuing is passion for filmaking at ICTV@ CSV in Ipswich . Second year student Troy W has been making films with Luke as well as working at Sudbury Theatre. We are eagerly awaiting their next joint production. Andrew F has been learning new skills in bicycle maintenance and garden maintenance at The Yard Project in Lowestoft, a social enterprise in Lowestoft. Andrew is making fantastic progress with Lapwing. Claire B started at Lapwing as a student and has gone on to become a Mentor at Aldeburgh Music. She is very musical, playing the piano and singing (see her on page 4). Claire recently achieved her goal of performing her own composition to a live audience, appearing with the Waveney Choir at the Corn Hall in Diss, and received a warm reception. She is now even more determined to pursue a career in the music industry. New student Richard E is at Beyond the Wall in Thornham every Friday. Richard enjoys the Photography sessions and is already producing some wonderful pictures. He has taken on a plot of land, which he has prepared for planting next March and engages in a variety of horticultural tasks. When he’s not snapping and digging he really enjoys walking the dog, ‘Holly’.


Since becoming a Lapwing student Jed W has progressed so much that his residental home has been able to take him on an enriching holiday. Thanks to his programme, with combines music, gardening and horticulture, Jed is much more relaxed and confident.

positive learning in Suffolk

Lapwing Newsletter

Radio Lapwing on the mix desk Lapwing student Dan G has created his own studio radio show on Lapwing Radio. As well as playing some cracking tunes, Dan talks about Lapwing’s aims and successes and engages in some football chat too, in particular some discussion on new Ipswich Town Manager Mick McCarthy. Listen yourselves using this website address: http://i.mixcloud. com/CBwNfh And Michael W’s mixing too The ‘My Little Pony: Music is Awesome’ show discusses how an unlikely audience has come to love a cartoon about pastel coloured equines, and how this audience has created their own music, and the impact it has had on Michael. He compiled a selection of these songs as well as a small info segment about the song, the fandom, or the feelings the songs evoke. Listen at

Film Luke B and Troy W have started their work experience placement at ICTV. These two students have been involved in some filming for ICTV and about their interests (Luke about his love for animals and Troy about his diabetes). Luke has just released his latest film which stars fellow Lapwing student Troy. The film is called The Werewolf (the man). Check it out on You Tube: Troy (pictured left with his Level One Arts Award) has written an audio drama that has been recorded and which should be ready before christmas to be aired on Ipswich Community Radio.


Jordan has been working to complete his ITQ Level 1 qualification and is currently editing a short film called “Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Code”, which was filmed in the summer with several Lapwing students. He has also participated in a car mechanic course at Gipping Valley Centre in Stowmarket.

positive learning in Suffolk

Lapwing Newsletter

Paige’s Elves

Crafty Success Lapwing student Paige Clifford has gone from strength to strength this year, stitch by stitch! Having been diagnosed with ME in 2008 Paige had to leave mainstream education. When planning her Lapwing Programme she said “ I just want to be in control again, so I can have a stable routine. I hope a tutor will help me with this.” When Paige started work with Lapwing in October 2011 she was only able to work with a textiles tutor for 2 x 20 minute sessions per week and each session had to have a 10 minute rest period in between. By late 2012 Paige was accessing 3 x 3 hour sessions a week. Textiles and crafts has become the core focus of Paige’s education programme during 2011 and 2012. She is fully committing to pursuing a career in textiles and fashion. She has designed and created a concept and brand, including logo design, slogans and products. She has expanded the brand to a further project aimed at raising money for a charity that she researched and chose. She has developed her own blog and designed a shop



window display of her work. Paige also presented a successful stand at the 2012 Lapwing Celebration event and has a range of craft items for sale in a high-end gift shop in Ipswich. Paige is now able to go out more often and is going to her first network meeting with Women in Rural Enterprise (WIRE) in December 2012, with a view to working with new contacts to gain business skills for working from home.

Paige’s aim is to have an exhibition of her work and to have her online business up and running by the time she leaves Lapwing in July 2013.

positive learning in Suffolk

Lapwing Newsletter

Hatchlings Bar’s back We’ve just welcomed Bar back from her maternity leave and were delighted to hear about the safe arrival of her daughter Summer who was born on 9 August weighing 7lb 6oz. Bar is looking forward to catching up with everyone in the New Year!

Sue’s new puppies Having all the Lapwing students under her care obviously doesn’t keep Lapwing Director Sue Chesworth busy enough! This month she’s bringing home two special cocker spaniel puppies born on 18 October 2012. ‘Holly’ will be staying with Sue and her sister ‘Betsy’ is a surprise Christmas present for Sue’s grandchildren!

Jed’s Superb Christmas Card


positive learning in Suffolk

Lapwing Newsletter

Hannah By Lapwing student journalist 1. Q. How old are you? A. I am 17 years old. 2. Q. What’s your name? A. Hannah Foster 3. Q. Where are you from? A. Unknown 4. Q. What have you been doing today? A. Looking for materials for a craft project. I am working towards an AQA.


5. Q. What is the company called that you work at? A. Recreate. 6. Q. What does the company do? A. Uses recycled materials to make things and sell them. 7. Q. How long have you been coming here? A. 3 weeks. 8. Q. What do you like most about it? A. Not sure yet (early days). 9. Q. What do you like least about it? A. Again not sure yet as it’s early days.

embossed plastic, paints and many other things.

an accident here? A. Luckily no.

11. Q. What happens to the materials after you use them? A. They get sold and any waste materials get recycled again.

15. Q. How do you get to your job? A. Jan, my learning mentorpicks me up and brings me here in her car.

12. Q. How do the materials get here? A. Many other companies donate them.

10. Q. What kinds of materials do you work with?

13. Q. How many people work here? A. There isn’t a fixed number; however today there are 10 on the ground floor including me.

A. Different colour card, wool,



Q. Have you ever had

16. Q. Is there a special uniform or clothing you have to wear? A. No, I just wear my own clothes. 17. Q. How many hours do you work here a day? A. 4.5 (just on a Monday).

Lapwing Newsletter

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