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What Makes the Dell Latitude D610 Battery Unique? The Dell Latitude D610 Battery is one of the best features that make this ultraportable laptop a must have in this modern day world. Nothing can be disappointing and inconveniencing than a defective and an inefficient laptop battery more so, a power guzzler that will keep you plugged to your socket for long hours. Well, the good news is that this battery was custom made to address such issues and is adapted to fit in any situation for purposes of user convenience. This battery simply provides dependable power. What are the distinct features of this battery for Dell Latitude D610? Extended battery life Equipped with the most recent 6-cell battery technology, Battery for Dell Latitude D610 has a promising 7 hours of battery life, giving you more than enough productivity time. This battery life is also guaranteed at high performance (4 hours) e.g. streaming videos, and screen brightness at more than 50%, and even greater at low performance. Owing to the gain in efficiency over preceding technologies, they therefore have exceptionally little discharge rates and improvements in efficiency. Light net weight With 315 grams of net weight, Dell Latitude D610 Battery makes your laptop easy to carry around. It also offers a greater recharge life. This battery can be recharged for up to 500 hundred times while still retaining 80% efficiency in storing charge. Generally, they can last for more than one year and still remain viable, before you consider replacing. Environmentally friendly Made of Lithium-ion battery technology, Dell Battery does not poison the environment when disposed compared to other technologies used like Ni-Cad (Nickel-Cadmium). The Dell Latitude D610 adapter on the other hand has its distinct features: • A smart and unique design that is made to greatly reduce recharge time. Its 100-240 volts input and 65 watts power rating makes it universal. • Has an LED power indicator on the face- this shows that the unit is plugged and powered and also helps you check on individual status of the charging battery. • A 3 pin plug for universal compatibility • They also have the ability to charge multiple types of Dell Latitude batteries that you can use. The Battery and Dell Latitude D610 adapter are quality replacements as well as originals that come with the laptop. They are highly economical for individuals who fundamentally use their laptops while plugged in then later charge their laptops overnight at their homes, or for those who depend on the laptop as backup to the main or desktop PC.

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The Dell Latitude D610 Battery is one of the best features that make this ultraportable laptop a must have in this modern day world......htt...