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Review on Samsung R530 and Its Accessories The Samsung R530 can be considered as the model from Samsung which is available in the newer version that comes in the budget laptop criteria. This is the laptop that can attract the students due to its lowest price. The specifications that are involved in this laptop are really excellent which includes the hard drive of 500GB. The various major attractions that are associated with this kind of laptop include screen that is excellent, the keyboard that is comfortable and the processor which is fast. It also has Samsung R50 battery life which is descent and much amazing for the budget of the price of the laptop.

Design The laptop is looking smart with the red and clack lid. the Samsung R530 has the look which is much plan compared to most of the laptops that are provided by Samsung. The keyboard and the silver screen bezel which is plain make the overall design of the laptop. The processor that is associated with the laptop is Intel Core with the speed of 2.2GHz and has good amount of power for any of the desktop application as per your need. The 3GB RAM that is available with the system is capable of running most of the applications.

Performance Performance of R530 is much excellent and it has proved its ability to do all the tasks that are required to be done by the laptop in excellent speed. This is the laptop that is capable of coping with almost all the tasks that are related with the tasks in a better manner. Even though the processor that is associated with the laptop is much powerful, then also the Samsung laptop battery for R530 life of the laptop can last to about 4 and half hours. This is the laptop that can be much favourable for you to use for the occasional journey and also for the home. The laptop is also not much heavy that is about 2.4kg and is suitable for carrying from one place to another.

Specification There are various things that are associated with the laptop. The display of the laptop is available with 15.6 inches and the processor that is available is Intel Celeron with the speed of 2 GHz. The RAM that you get with the laptop is 2 GB. The hard disk available with the laptop is of 250 GB that can be suitable for storing all the data that you have. There is DVD writer

available with the laptop that can function effectively. The graphics available for the laptop is from Intel that is Intel GMA X4500.

Extra Specifications The other specifications that are available with the laptop and Samsung R530 adapter charger are integrated wireless which supports good amount of networking. The port of LAN that is available with the laptop can support only the Ethernet of 10/100. There is a HD audio processor available with the laptop that can provide with 3.5mm stereo line out and also mic in ports.

Pros and Cons The keyboard that is available with this laptop is really much amazing and the performance provided by it much significant. The display is glossy and there are poor angles for viewing in the case of this laptop. The CPU that is available with this laptop is similar to that of the cheaper ones.

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