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The Best Laptop Desks For Bed - Logitech Comfort Lapdesk ______________________________________________________ By Maxxi- Despite its name, it is usually quite uncomfortable to use the laptop from your lap. Laptops produce an extraordinary amount of heat, slowing roasting your lap into a pair of friend drumsticks. To solve this problem many companies have come up with laptop desks that are designed to comfortably support your laptop while you sit on a chair, sofa, or bed. Most of the laptop desks in the market right now are electrically powered. They are usually fitted with some small fans to cool the laptop and come in shades of black and white. Click Here

Among the many models available in the market, my favorite laptop desk would have to be Logitech's Comfort Lapdesk. The lap desk is actually a high tech piece of cushion that shields your legs from the laptop's heat. It has a cool, space-age design that is good enough of a reason for anyone to get one of these.

The Comfort Lapdesk does is not electrically powered and does not rely on any fans to cool the laptop. The lower layer of the pad is curved upwards, creating an air chamber that allows air to flow through. This process cools down the laptop. The curvature of the pad also creates minimum contact with your lap. This laptop desk is at contact with your lap at only four points, minimizing the transfer of heat from the laptop to your lap.

According to Logitech's research, nearly 60% of all laptop users use their laptop while they are on a couch. Because of this, the design of the laptop desk is of such that it naturally tilts 12 degrees upwards. Here, you can comfortably use your laptop without having to bend your kneed up.

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