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The problem with your best clients


The last thing I remember him say was...

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“there’s a big project coming through in a couple of weeks...” - These were the words of a well-meaning and optimistic designer before it happened. Let me fill you in on the back story: I spoke to, let’s call him John, almost 12 months ago when he was struggling to get in front of enough qualified prospects. He had pretty impressive projects under his belt and a team of 3 designers. Up until we spoke he had coasted steadily with enough new projects coming from a building project manager he had worked with on previous designs. John wasn’t greedy, he just wanted enough work to keep the business (and his staff) going and to enjoy the design projects. But then it happened.... The PM who had referred him plenty of work over years had moved to another company and someone else had taken the position - the goose had stopped laying eggs. The project he was counting on to keep his team busy in the coming months wasn’t going to be easy to get. Previously he’d been short-listed and had a high win-rate but now he was starting from the ground up again. Not all bad news: He won the project! ... But more importantly he realised how close he’d come to letting his team go because he was SINGLE-SOURCE DEPENDENT. I wanted to share this with you because John had only focused on his easiest client - the client he didn’t have to market to. I don’t wish this situation on you or any designer (even with the happy ending) YOUR ACTION: Analyse where your projects are coming from and make sure you have multiple sources of leads funneling into your business, not a single-source. String Nikolic *If you are interested at how to generate more leads for your design practice then shoot me an email at with your question. I reply to all emails personally.

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The problem with your best clients  
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