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Fil Rouge by Roberto Giovannini

Neolith® makes waves at Hotel Llevant

Beatrix Potter Boathouse transformed for 21st century

Interview: Oz Lancaster - Founder and Director of OS Designs

A Day in the life of a Furniture Designer: Laura Barnard

An Allusive House - Artistic Project by Ananiev Interiors with BRABBU




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Luxury Interiors Magazine is a leading bi-monthly digital trade publication within the interior design industry which can help your company reach a responsive audience of over 59,000 readers. The publication provides an extensive look at breaking news, trends, features, projects, product launches, discussions and interviews. Luxury Interiors Magazine is the most costeffective way to target decision makers within the industry and promote your brand.

Pearl 95 by Kelly Hoppen MBE

Victorian Townhouse, Highgate - LLI Design

Interview: Lay Koon Tan, Founder of Nature Squared

Going green: How to bring the outside into your home

Martyn Lawrence Bullard & PRG Hospitality Group design Sands Hotel & Spa

Boxx Creative’s redesign of Miramonti brings conscious design to Northern Italy





ARRCC Interior Design Presents City Heights On Cape Town’s mountainside stands a striking angular building by renowned local architecture firm SAOTA. Complementing this terraced home, the interiors, by interior-design leader ARRCC, are a treasure trove of gem-like materials and custom furniture which pull together the client’s brief for ultimate comfort within high- functioning entertainment zones. A profusion of metallic surfaces is juxtaposed with warm wood and splashes of bright colour, invoking a sense of dynamic living. Says ARRCC Designer Nina Sierra Rubia of the entrance hall: ‘The walnut paneling is a reflecting of the warmth in the rest of the home, while the metal fleck ceramic by Chantal Woodman for OKHA, standing on a suspended black swing server, tells you that there’s fun to be had inside,’ The patterns in the marble-like flooring and custom designed geometric grey woolen rug are complemented by ceramic installation art by Hennie Meyer, each piece inviting closer inspection in its uniqueness. SAOTA developed the house with all guest bedrooms on the bottom storey to elevate the main living area and master bedroom to a penthouse. Dividing the bedroom and bathroom is a slatted, faceted walnut screen. ‘It creates yet another beautiful point of interest, while defining the two spaces and adding privacy,’ Mark explains. The bathroom walls continue the language of the marble-like floors, presenting the notion of five-star indulgence. Director Mark Rielly. Reached via a doublevolume-glass stairwell that introduces mountainscape views, the living area is a riot of calculated contrast, where light-reflective metallics – polished, tarnished or patinated – hover above and surround precious marble and wooden surfaces. 08 Luxury Interiors Magazine February 2019

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Project This is evident in the pared-back kitchen, where a dark marble is inserted into a patinated brass countertop with granite work surface. Brightened up with an optically abstract painting by Andrzej Urbanski from Everard Read, this area also encompasses the dining suite. The walnut dining table was custom-made with a marble lazy Susan and is surrounded by Arti-forte chairs from Limeline that complement the table’s rounded form. Such circular shapes come to play in the sculptural light, too. Brass rings cast a halo over the table, an atmosphere that is mimicked in the lounge with its polygon-shaped light. Separated from the dining area by architecturally slatted walnut screens, the lounge continues the dialogue of fascinating form. Its custom sofa, with angled bend, allows for complete immersion, offering views of the ocean, courtyard and television, which also acts as a mirror, further enhancing the sense of space. On either side of this mirror is a decorative acoustic fabric with brass detailing, cleverly concealing the speakers, while below the mirror stands a biofuel fireplace surrounded by Emperador marble. Such cosiness is best enjoyed while lazing on the reclining chair up holstered in a mustard felt by COR. Two purple OKHA Gloob chairs, on either side of a Minotti side table, introduce colour to this otherwise muted area. The custom-made server and coffee table cluster create interest in their unusual design, with the Tom Dixon Melt lamp acting as sideboard sculpture, maintaining the metallic pops of attraction around the home.

On the opposite end of this floor is the bar, a stylish nook for mixing drinks under Lee Broom hanging lights from Crema. It’s here that the combination of material and form is at its most condensed, with the slatted ceiling wrapping itself over the back wall, blurring into the wooden splashback that doubles up as illuminated shelving. The bar itself is a custom structure, fronted by Pietra Paesina Laminam slabs. Tom Dixon bar stools and Classicon side tables from Limeline add vibrant colour and light reflection to this intimate hangout. ‘This entire living-area floor opens up to an enclosed terrace,’ Mark explains, ‘which can be closed completely for weather protection.’ Here, Nina and the ARRCC team created two outdoor entertainment areas – one encompassing another lounge with custom furniture in neutral tones, reflecting Cape Town’s beach lifestyle, and the other sporting a cantilevered bio-fuel fireplace for dry ing off after a swim in the infinity pool. Entrance at the back of the building is deliberately understated; a modest canopy shelters the front door opening onto a landing from which a broad spine gently traces down the natural gradient alongside a generous garden courtyard. The corridor ends at the kitchen, whose island – a solid block of granite – forms a fulcrum with the principle living areas placed at right angles, parallel with the lagoon. The kitchen looks out over open-plan dining and lounge areas towards a fireplace and picture window framed in a massive concrete hearth wall. The top-storey master suite continues the home’s affinity for walnut, grey, mustard, and curvaceous forms, bringing these to play in a more masculine way, and then softening the aesthetic with linen effect curtains.

10 Luxury Interiors Magazine February 2019

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Tarryn was originally born in Johannesburg, South Africa but raised in the UK. She has a great love for the African bush, its simple lifestyle and the lessons it teaches us. Personal and professional reasons in their family recently lead to a new career change and starting this new business.

Have you always been passionate about interior design for the home?

Talk us through the inspiration behind your latest collection?

I have always loved design, as I have grown older my love for home design and style has grown too. Our modern lifestyles are really challenging both mentally and physically and I really believe that the home is a place of sanctuary which allows us to rebalance and find our centre again. How we style our homes plays a vital role in achieving a peaceful space for us to live well.

Our collections have been inspired by elements of nature and places. We have two cushion collections which are inspired by the beach from sandy shores, to palm trees and crashing waves. We have used buttons made from coconut husks and included cowrie shells with coconut beads, both details are subtle nods to the natural elements. Our other two cushion collections have been inspired by African landscape and wildlife. We take careful consideration with the sourcing of our textiles, whilst we want to ensure that the essence of the natural world, we do not want to create too similar of a replica so we can create more of a sophisticated style.

What inspired you to create your own business? Many things! From being our own bosses to creating and sharing ideas to being a positive force for change by thinking outside of the norm. My brother and I bought our first homes around the same time as each other and as we were developing our style, we found ourselves having to work really hard to source the pieces we wanted. A lot of pieces we were importing, days were spent scouring through Chelsea harbour to source textiles for cushions and I took lessons to learn how to sew my own cushions. During this process we found that the interior world can be quite closed off to the ordinary person who wants to have an active role in their home styling process, I wasn’t able to purchase the high quality textiles I wanted unless I had a trade account and then when I did I had to order minimum quantities so it ended up being a costly and wasteful exercise.

Luxury Interiors Magazine spoke with Tarryn Ginsberg, Co-Founder of Khayni about the business and the inspirations behind the latest collection

From our experiences, we are really passionate about looking to create premium soft furnishings and home accessories that are more accessible to everybody and different from what is currently readily available. We have also spent considerable time curating beautiful artisanal products from different countries, so that everybody who wishes to can accessorise their homes with them. We feel that there is a real need and space to start opening up the interior design industry to new smaller brands of designers and giving customers more choice. If we look at the fashion industry, firstly the accessibility is much easier with big fashion brands and e-commerce platforms like Net A Porter. For those who enjoy fashion and styling they have the ability to access everything they need without having to hire a professional stylist. Whereas, home design still heavily relies on interior designers for accessibility. Secondly, there is a much wider choice for customers at all levels and in recent years we have seen smaller, new design brands start to emerge which has made it more exciting as a consumer. Whilst the home design world is slowly adapting with e-commerce platforms like Lux Deco and Amara, it would be wonderful to see the inclusion of smaller e-commerce brands become more frequent like we have seen in fashion.

What is your favourite collection and why? My favourite is our Bush Bound cushion collection, it was a labour of love! The African bush is one of my favourite places to be and creating a collection inspired by the wildlife and landscapes that reminds me of this every time I see the pieces is really special. The collection ranges includes a sophisticated reference to animal prints with a leopard print in a soft velvet textile, a striking patterned print inspired by zebra hides and a woven faux leather in an earth brown. My absolute favourite is our Khaki Fever cushion which is made from a linen blend textile and is designed with beautiful horn buttons and specialised stitching detail. How important is it to source natural products? Natural products play such an important role in home style. Our range of curated products are made by local communities from natural materials, from different woods to shells. We have also created designs with natural details, incorporating shells, buttons made from coconut husks and horns to leather rope.

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Interview When we curate products we select items that are classic and adaptable to most home styles. Africa has some incredible craftsmanship and beautifully styled pieces and it is really important for us to showcase the effortless blend between tradition and modernity of their work. A lot of the time when African pieces are styled they can become over the top and lack subtlety. I also really like the fact that these pieces whilst one of a kind all share the same history and are rich in tradition and culture. For me there has always been something very calming about styling my home with meaningful ornaments and accessories as each time I see them it brings a sense of reflectiveness and some perspective in contrast to our modern lives. What have been the biggest challenges you have faced so far? We have been incredibly fortunate to work with some wonderful people who have worked very hard to help us bring our designs to life. I think the biggest challenge for us now is to establish our name in the market-place and try and lead the same innovation of smaller designers for home design, that we have seen take place in the fashion industry. How important is sustainability to you and how do you ensure that your products promote this? I think it is really important to consider the impact that your actions have in whatever you do. For our own designed products we have chosen to work with local artists and tailors. This helps support our local communities economically as well as reducing the impact that we have on the environment. Our curated products come from local communities within Africa and Indonesia, ensuring that we put profits back into those communities.

Tradition mixed with modernity, can be a hard task, how do you go about creating a new collection that is in keeping with both? It helps when you look at the pieces as a whole before you get started, what elements that you keep as authentic and natural as possible and where can you elevate the product to introduce more modern elements. Our tableware is a great example, the tradition comes from generations of pottery making skills that our artist uses but it is met with contemporary designs and detailing. Whilst the pieces look contemporary they are in fact products of years of tradition which makes them incredibly special. Continued >

Who inspires you? Africa, nature and wildlife, travel and landscapes. I like the idea of introducing the natural world into your home as nature is very healing and in turn this creates a healing space. Do you have a signature style? Less is more, finding the balance between minimalism and warmth in a home is really important. Whilst you want your space to be contemporary and stylish you don’t want to lose comfort and coziness. I am a big fan of natural colour schemes and understated style where the luxury comes with the pedigree furnishings, craftsmanship and luxurious textiles. 14 Luxury Interiors Magazine Winter Edition 2019

Winter Edition 2019 Luxury Interiors Magazine 15

16 Luxury Interiors Magazine Winter Edition 2019





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If you could collaborate with any brand in the world, who would it be and why? That is a tough one as there are so many! Of the top of my head the fashion brand, The Row, they are effortless in their style, understated with their looks, timeless in their designs and luxury with the textiles and materials that they use as well as the high details to tailoring and craftsmanship. What are the plans and goals for the future? It would be a dream come true to establish Khayni as a household home décor and lifestyle brand internationally and to continue to produce products that we love and believe help make homes more meaningful.


Awards News

Awards News

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson honored with 2019 AIA Interior Architecture award for Apple Store, Upper East Side The American Institute of Architects have selected the Bohlin Cywinski Jackson-designed Apple Store, Upper East Side as one of nine projects to receive its prestigious award. The awards program honors notable achievements in architecturally spectacular interior spaces. Located at Madison Avenue and 74th Street, the project is an adaptive reuse of the 1922 U.S. Mortgage & Trust building designed by Henry Otis Chapman, and is now home to one of Apple’s Manhattan retail stores. The neighborhood is characterized by a mixture of luxury-brand retail shops and several notable landmarks, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum designed by Marcel Breuer. Apple collaborated with Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and its consultant team to restore the building’s general ambiance and grandeur. The project included exterior restoration that required significant repair to many of the original windows; exterior paint, stone, and grout were also reconditioned. The interior finishes, such as the marble entry, plaster coffered ceilings, and chandeliers, were reconstructed 14 Luxury Interiors Magazine February 2019

with the help of historic photographs and blueprints. Sensitive alterations were made to the original banking hall, which now serves as the store’s main sales floor. To recover the light and airy qualities of the space, partitions and mezzanines were recreated, and columns and thick bearing walls were removed. The original vault room, repurposed as a private sales space, allows for a more personal customer experience. In addition to careful restorations and modifications, many upgrades to building services were made during the renovation. “To become a recognizable and active Apple retail environment, while respecting the original design, this project required dedicated focus to reinterpret and recreate the spatial qualities and the unique architectural detailing of the interior,” said Karl Backus, design principal from Bohlin Cywinski Jackson’s San Francisco office. “We’re thrilled with the outcome and proud of the team’s work in restoring the grandeur of the space. We are honored to receive this recognition.” This is Apple’s seventh New York retail store to be designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. Others include Apple Store World Trade Center Oculus (2016); Apple Store, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; Apple Store (2016), SoHo (2002, 2012); Apple Store, Upper West Side (2009); Apple Store, West 14th Street (2007); and Apple Store, Fifth Avenue (2006, 2011). Photography: © Peter Aaron February 2019 Luxury Interiors Magazine 15

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