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The 1981 Lo Lome Staff wishes to dedicate this yearbaaH ta the hi

Yeort 5ecor D rck

rhyFi Wash

YeorbooH Sroff (L-R): First row- Tony Beery, Chris Crondoll, Craig Hollobaugh; Second Row-Sreve Loughran, Jenene Smith, M argaret Savory, Duffy Roberts, Jill Drake; Third Row-John Cox, Sandro Doehling, Jon M eyers, Laurie Volkin, Doro­ thy Foster, Oysrein Ringstad, Brad Lohrding, Kevin Croosdell, Julie Smith, Debbie Washburn. Nor pictured: Susan Caldwell. (Photographed b y Par Carpenter)

"There's a road w e 'v e n ever walked, W e've n ever w alked before. There's a w ay n ever tried. There's a hope, a n e w idea, rhor's n ever crossed our mind. I believe rhor It 's J ust the e v e o f the downing o f rhe morning o f rime. "

Thank you, Mr. Guirerrez, sroff and phorogrophers. You've been great. Dorothy Foster Editor, 1981 La Lom a


/ am the eagle,


/ live in high country.

If I leave here tomorrow,

would you still rem em ber m e?



For I must be rroveling on n o w . .


* /C

I 12


A nd w e must dimb through time tom orrow . . .



J There ore roo m any places Tve gar to see.


] m


Because / am as free os o bird now.






Hom ecom ing i9 6 0 /

The 1980 Homecoming was a spirit raiser. The festivities got underw ay with the bon fire the night preceeding the cerem onies. On Friday morning, the p ep roiiy inspired the crow d with the cheerleaders' skit: "The Demon cam e up to Los A iom os." That evening the soccer team pla yed very well, but could do no better than tie Albuquerque A cadem y with five. The Saturday morning porode through the town was a dazzling display o f bands and floats. First prize was aw arded to the sophom ore float. A fter the parade, the crow d looked forw ard to on exciting football gam e against the Santa Fe Demons. A t halftime, Lorn Porker was crow ned the 1980 Homecoming Queen. The Toppers fought hard but w ere beaten b y the Demons, 16-9. The Homecoming dance, later that evening, was a great en d to a great day.


1. Senior spin'r! 2. " . . . and if you care ro roke a dare. I'll m oke a ber with y o u ." 3. Country style. 4. The winning Sophomore float. 5. The Rainbow Connection. 6. Moi? 7. The 1980 Homecoming Dance.


Hom ecom ing Court i9 6 0


1. 2. 3. 4. 5 6. 7

Theresa Taylor. 1980 Homecoming Queen. Lorri Parker. Suzy Lee. Kori Holder. Uso Rales. Darboro Dlewerr. 1980 Homecoming Courr.


i A Topper gers a renadous grip. 2. Tim Todd finds a hole. 3. Sreve Grieggs m okes a breok.


1. 2. 3. 4.

The epirom e o f enrhusiosm. Mr. Whipple, ear your hearr our! Concenrrorion. This better be an improvement!

Hom ecom ing/23

Fourth In District State H opes D ashed In his first year, Coach Drown lead the 1980 varsity foatball ream ta a season record o f four wins and six lasses, ending with three wins and faur lasses in District play. A fter the Toppers lost four o f their first five gom es, th ey still hod hopes o f going to State. With only three gam es remaining in the season, their store play-off hopes w ere dashed w hen rhey dropped the gom e to Albuquerque High, 9-14. Todd Kercher and Walter Em anuel w ere rhe only tw o Toppers to b e selected to the 4A A A A AH-District Team.

First row- Paul Cools, Scorr Sahling, Andy Buzbee, Greg Anderson, David Croasdell, Roger Camillo, Rod Snider, John Daly, Kevin Croasdell, Steve Grieggs, Mike Trujillo, Paul Arellano. Second row : Coach ZlllnskI, Toby PiotrowskI, Albert Olivos, John Messimer, Jo ey Torres, Kenyon Morrow, Danny Gill, Je ff Sanders, Danny Pacheco, Scott Frybarger, Eric Barber, Coach Prommel. Third row.- Coach Jones, Nils Grom, Bill Holt, Tim Hutchinson, Voil Lanin, Todd Morrison, Bret Harper, Taylor VanBuren, Je ff Armstrong, Monte Henderson, Tim Todd, Todd Kercher, Dob Lind, Coach Drown. Fourth row : Jim Agnew , Thane Floyd, Steve Daniels, Shawn Canada, Walter Emanuel, Wes Erelwald, Steve Capelll, Rick Honsinger, Larry Tellier, Tedd Rush, and Steve Waltershled. 1. David Croasdell looks for an open man. 2. Armstrong to the rescue. 3. Kevin Croasdell curs for on open field. 4. John Daly leads Topper's racklers during Homecoming. 5. Mike Trujillo rambles down the field.



J.V. Im proves The Junior Varsity Football team finished its season with one win and seven losses. Despite their record, the Toppers had m any high points throughout their season. O ffensive wingbach John M oore and defensive linebacker Donny Cosias w ere m oved up to the varsity club for their outstanding perform ance. Uli Wohlfhort and Jim Osborn w ere the nucleus o f on aggressive defense, while Robie Harris and Paul Virchow led the offense. The team was inspired b y first-year Coach Kovacevich. A ,


( if l

Firsr R ow (L-R). Robbie Harris, Paul Wirchow, Bobby Sanders, Dennis Cosias, Anrhony Morrinez, Chris Ryan, Les Dollmon, Chris Quorrieri Ronnie Ruiz. Second R ow (L-R): Drew Cummings, Dill Dicher, MIRe Kein, Darryl Drown, Paul Kossar, Brian Ray, Joe Luke, Don Djorke, David Chorleron Third Row (LR ): Coach Dill Kovocivick, Donald Cosias, Zach Parker, Tony Miranda, Andy Dareman, Mark Wagner, David Lortin, Fidel Naranjo Mike Vikdal, James Kelley, Ken Carlson, Coach Irv Lindemurh.


1. Down w e go. 2. Topper Bobby Sanders skillfully avoids a rodsle. 3. Toppers work rogerher for rhe rodsle. 4. Les Dollmon rakes core o f rhe pigskin. 5. Lighrs our for Espanola.

^ .-



First R ow (L-R): Dana Rink, Byron Thompson, Jochen Weigung, Jens Weigung, Oysrein Ringsrad, Greg Dennerr, Ross Jom eson, Tom Denham, Leonard Engelhardr, P od Spirio, Dean Dorr; Second R ow (L-R): Coach Cerniceck, Je ff Tucker, Oliver Doss, Aaron Rickenbough, Edwin Tucker, Eric M orse, Kevin Smole, Carl Cady, Chris Morris, Tom Pellerre, Frank Wolfhorr, Scorr M ow ery, Coach Dollo Derro.

Store Runner-Ups

The 1980 Days' Soccer Team copped a brillionr season b y capturing second place or the Srate play-offs. Coach Della Derra, in his first year, led his ream ra eleven wins, one loss, and tw o ties, breaking a season record. A t State play-affs the soccer team won tw o and lost one. The ream established a record b y winning eleven straight gom es. Team Captain Tom Pellerre has the n e w record o f tw enty-tw o points scored in o single season. Scott M ow ery allow ed only seven teen goals to be scored on the Toppers while his ream m ares hod a total o f seventy-eight points in seventeen gom es. Toppers elected to the All-State tryouts included Tom Pellerre, Edwin Tucker, Scorr M ow ery and Kevin Smole.


LA 12 5 2 3 9 4 2 9 5 4 6 1 3 10

Pojooque Del None Sonro Fe Prep Los Lunos Pojooque Monzono Sonre Fe High Dernalillo Albuquerque Academ y Albuquerque High Los Lunas Albuquerque Academ y Sonro Fe High Dernalillo

1. 2. 3. 4

I wouldn't wont to do this for o living. Tom goes for another score. Kevin goes for the ball. Where's the other ream, guys?


Girls' Soccer Unde feared In its first year under Coach Ed Deloir, the 1980 girls' soccer ream en ded the season with a ten win and zero loss record. The Toppers set m any standards in Its first year that ore going to be hard to follow in the years to come. Led by Molly Cernicek, the team ourscored their opponents sixty-three to seven. A m y Lucero was Impressive as goalie, allowing only seven points to be scored. The teams only overtime gom e was against Santo Fe High: T1 at the en d o f the regular period. The girls' program, which replaced Field Hockey, is a great addition to the Los Alamos High School sports roster.

I 0

First Row (L-R): Ellen Tinkle, Anita Sarwinski, Liz Deyer, Jon Hutson, Megan Farrell, Cindy Darr, Cathy Welch, Ann Cernicek, Mandy Vroomon, Debbie Edwards, Janet Dennis, Judy Doran, Manager. Second R ow (L-R): Coach Delair, Coach Drown, Laura Dabovich, Barbara Dlewetr Lori Dresback, Julie McFarland, Stacy Green, Michelle Taylor, Sharon MarInuzzI, Karl Morrell, Korhv Tniiorirn Sue Hamilton, Molly Cernicek UsaSpirio Am y Lucero, Lorn Parker, Manager, Shorolyn Anderson, Manager.


1 2 3. 4 5.


' .


Toppers score onorher one. Molly shows perfect form. Stacy, pass off! Molly goes for a score. A victory celebration.

1% '


1-5: r-!S f



F '£ .



Spikers Looking G o o d

Top Row (L-R): Coach Mrs. Quinn, Julie Lucero, Joyce Honsinger, Darb Khz, Leslie Vandergusr, Theresa Taylor. Dotrom Row (L-R).' Manager Robin Cunningham, Yolanda Vigil, Lisa Lujan, Lori Ladobour, Kelly Srokes.


The 1980-1981 volleyball ream h o d o good season. Coached b y Jean Ann Quinn, the ream achieved a season record with a Disrricr record o f four wins and three losses. Ar Disrricr, rhe girls o pen ed up with a loss ro Santa Fe and then a win against Grants ra com e in third place. The team was lead b y tw o hard-spiking seniors.- Darb Khz and Leslie Vondergurr. Throughout the season rhe ream im proved steadily.

1. Look inro m y crysrol ball. 2. This is rhe wrong season for flies. 3. Advice from rhe coach.


1. See how irs done, Gail? 2. Open your eyes.

J. V. Volleyball: Top R o w (L-R).- Gail Durkk, Undo Craig, V/esla Schwolm, Melanie Anderson Parri Travis, Sue Duffy, Coach Theresa Redman. Dorrom R ow (L-R).- Manager Robin Cunningham Barbie Dudgeon, Teh Lujan, Marcia Cochran, Angelo Socomon, Sharon Voelz



15 1. Spike ir. 2. Concenrrorion. 3. In the net ir goes. 4. Who's got ir?


Cross Country

1 Roxanne Collins is Inrent on winning.

Ir was an impressive season for both the boys' and girls' cross-counrry reams. The boys throughout the year placed high in the m eets they attended. A t District, the team com e in third, and Robby Hipwood qualified for State. A t State, Hipwood com e in third place, which put him on the 1980 Boys' AITStote Cross-country Team. The girls also did very well throughout the season. A t District the team cam e in second sending Mary Dowersox, Doreen Busch, Karen Dahlby, Andrea M ena and Rita 'barren to the State Meet. In state competition the team placed third and Andrea M ena placed fourth as on individual. M ena is also on the 1980 Girls' All-state Team. Both teams w ere young so Coach Lorry Jefferies is looking for a good yea r next year.

First Row (L-R) Andreo Mena, Mary Dowersox, Karen Dahlby, Elizabeth Thurston, Lawrence Kwei, Roxanne Collins, Je ff Sandoval. Second R o w (LR): Leslie Hoyes, Doreen Dusch, Jennifer Darrlerr, Mike Dowersox, Drer Schroeder, Rita Warren, Eric Drown. Third Row: Louis Fuka, Fidel Lopez Thomas Lamkin, Richard Dissey, Chris Modland, Jeff Darters, Marie Christman, Steve Fiull, Robbie Hipwood.




1. Let's just keep on going. 2. Jeff Sanders strides around the corner 3. Determination! 4. Toppers on their w ay up. 5. If I only had four feet as well.

Sports/37 &

The Miracle Worker Presented Dy The OHons, N ovem ber 6,7,3 The srory o f Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan was chorocrerized by Chres Peters (Helen), Sandy Derry (Annie), John Hensly (Captain Keller), and Cindy M ow ery (Kate).

1. Caproin Keller and Kore disagree on Annie's methods of reaching Helen. 2. Caproin Keller deep in rhoughr. 3. Kore comforts Helen after Annie releases her from the dining room.



/. BreoMosr or rhe Keller's. 2. Aunr Ev (Tracy Olive) is nor happy wirh Helen's new reocher. 3 Helen learns abour milk. 4. The blind girls or Perkins Insrirure say good bye ro Annie.


Sadie Hawkins


Sophom ores James Auchompough Chorlorre Arwarer Krisrie Arendo Connie Armijo Todd App Melonie Anderson

Jo e y Alcola Liz Aikin Lee Adair Tom Doch Typical Sophomore

Scorr Dogley Damon Baker Kelly Ball Ron Barnes

Steve Bornes Lisoberh Borrhel Donny Barrholmew A ndy Bateman

Det Bouke Lee Bouke Scott Boyhurst Chris Beatty Stacy Beery Julie Berry

Je ff Benhom Parry Bennett Liz B eyer Charles Blair Lisa Blair Down Bolstad


Jim Borrego M ary Dowersox

I .1

K e rn y Bowm an Marrho Bowm an

Dum de dum dum.

Connie B ow yer Chad Boyad<. Donna Brew er Lori Brod<:way Alan Brown Darryl Brown

Diana Brown MarH Brown Anita Bryant Lori Bryson Beth Bubernak Chris Bucher

Martin Bucher Kerry Builra Gayle Burick Shawn Burns Steve Butcher Cheri Byers

Julie Byers Colleen Carmichael Dennis Casias Donald Casias Alec Cosperson Jolene Catron

Bryan Chance David Charlton Erik Christiansen Marie Christman Jaime Cabo Christen Coburn



Mordo Cochran Emily Cole Barry Comer Par Conn Joon Coop Preston Cooper

Ken Cordova Diana Cowon Linda Craig

"Then he said ro me, he said

A m y Crandall Donnie Crane Boyd Cummings

Michelle Curler Collette DAnna Kathy Daly Marie Damirz Trent Davey Lori Davis

Kristine Dawson Shown DeGosperi Kevin Delanoy Carol Dioz Rich Dissly David Dory

DeAnn Drake Sue Duffy Scott Dunn A m y Dunwoody Steven Dussart David Dye

M ary Ebinger Carrie Elliot Terri Emanuel Ellen Enderock Greg Erpenbeck Pomelo Earr



Devin Farrell Lisa Feldman Michael Fella Sherry Ferguson Tonya Ferrill Undo Finley

Kyle Fisher Clay Rough Colleen Flynn Margorer Foley Sandy Ford Jo Fuko

Money Fullerton M ary Goerjens R ay Goerjens Joseph Gallegos Meriderh Gerke Victor Gibbs

Robert Gill Lee Godson Andreo Glasgow

Kathy Goldman Darbara Gonzales Cindy Gonzales

A day in the life of Leslie Cornwell.

Sylvia Gonzales Mike Gordon Kevin Gray Nadine Gregory Sonjo Griner Korhy Gross

Arlin Gurley Paul Gutacker Cormella Gutierrez Chris Hoas Audrey Hokonson Chris Honks

4 4 /Sophomores

Jeanne Hanlon Julue Harbor Richard Horgenrorer George Harper Elyn Horringron Robert Harris Susan Lyons Scon M ace Chris Madlond

Rough Stuff.

Leslie Henderson M ary Kay Henderson Rita Henins David Henry Virginia Hill Brian Hoerr u,

Alan Hoffman Chrissy Hoffman Jackie Hohner John Holcomb Karen Hollobaugh Emily Honnel

Carol Howard Albert Hsu

Heavy, man!

Shonno Hudgeons Cyndee Hull

Dane Humphrey Eronk Humphry Peter Javosrki Ellen Jensen Chris Johnson Mark Johnson



â&#x2013; f,

Corhy Jones Ted Journey Maurice Korho

Kyle Fisher Clay Flaugh Colleen Flynn Margaret Foley Sandy Ford Jo Fuko

Julie Kent Mike Kein Tom Keyser

Sonja Kidman Janice Klelnfelder M ary Knapp Deane Koepke Paul Kossar Tim Kosty

Jerry Koirmann Kim Kroem er Stephen Kraemer Chirs Ladlsh Karl Larson Scott Lathrop

Roger Larimer Nancy Law John Lawrence Charlton Lee Kim Lewis Kira Liebenberg

Rebecca Liepins Ann Lindberg Lisa Lindemuth Barbara Lindman Kathy Linke Gary Littlefield


Laurie Linlejo' ^r Sheila Looney Sam Louck Glen Loughron Ten Lujon Joe Luke

Susan Lyons Scon M oce Chris Madland

Rough Stuff.

r [

Lillemar Mognuson Corleen M ohoney Ingle Moirrud

Norhan Mann Tony Marrinez Jackie Marrinez

Yverre Marrinez Jo e y Marrz Paula Marrys Fred M ax Sean McClary Parri Mclellan

Kore M eade Susan Mechels Andrea Mena Undo Merson Rachel Mischke Sobra Mirchell

Michele Monrgomery Chuck Monroyo Mark Monroyo John M oore Eric Morse Tommy Morrensen


John Mosley Jinn Mosley Robert Moulron Stephanie Muir Tom Myers Chris Novior

Del Naranjo Laino Naranjo Tosha Neeper Erih Nelson Rebecca Neudecher Luke Ney

Adam Nichols Jenny Nielson Robert Nunes Lisa Oakley David O'Dell Mike Olcott

Mark Olive Pat Ortiz Lois Osrrengo

There's a bomb in your school."

Drian Owens David Palenek Jack Parker


Dill Parker la c k Parker Tracy Pelzer Karl Peters Dob Peterson Jennifer Pinkston

Erin Piorrowski Joseph Plossmon Lonny Poe Phil Polzer Greg Powley Stanley Pruitt

w 48/Sophomores

Chris Quarrieri Tim Rodziemshi Ann Ramsey Brian Ray Lori Reasner Tracey Reese


Jo Ann Reeves Melanie Reisfeld George Reiswig Ann Rice Alan Richrer James Riley


Suzanne Roberrson Gary Robinson Bryan Rockw ood Nadine Rodenz Paul Rodriguez Michelle Rogers

Vicki Rojos Alan Ross Erik Roybal Ronnie Ruiz Jeff Rush Chris Rutren

Chris Ryan Angelo Sacomon I The old sex appeal.

Don Solgodo Sracey Sanchez

t I

Jane Sandberg Todd Sander Bob Sanders David Sandoval Donald Sandoval Tammy Schomoun

Sophomores/4 9

Lorraine Schlosser David Schnurr David Schreiber

Marie Schurz Jerry Scorr Brian Sedlacek

Whor a smile!

Teresa Seirz Susanna Shankland Neal Shelton

Jennifer Shinn DeAnn Simundson Peggy Sindair Kevin Smale Carol Smith Kathy Sowell

Sandy Spencer James Stephens Steve Stelts Sandy Stephens Carol Stevenson Jo Ann Stewart

Ann Steyert Dennis Stewart Kelly Stokes Greg Storm Steven Storms Anne Stout

Kathleen Strong Marshal Swain Kay Taylor Lee Taylor Len Taylor Lynn Thomas


Chris Thorn Alisoberh Thursron Kevin Tobey David Tolmie Marls Tomusials Parri Travis

Par Valdez Derh Vanderborgh Dilly Vigil

A penny for your rhoughrs, Dean!

w .A ’f

^s3i;»\ * r ''v ia ?

o “ /e/

Carhy Wochodsi Carol Wadsrrom

Mark Wodsrrom David Wagner Darlene Waldo David Woldschmidr Lance Waller Richard W eber

Joe Welch Sreve W ewerka Jody Wheat Naomi Whitaker Laurice White Ann Wilde

Danny Wilson John Wilson Katherine Wipf Jackie Wirth Ulrich Wohifohrr Darryl Wood


John Whghr Kim Wrighr

leresQ Seirz Susanna Shonkland Neal Shelron

I -


, -r





Fourth In District

In irs 1980-81 season the Topper boys' boskerball ream m ode o good showing or Disrricr by plodng fourth. Coach Durr Duehrer was bock or the helm after ren years. The ream starred off to a w eak Starr, losing rheir first four gomes. But after that, they w orked hard to end the season with a record o f ren wins, fourteen losses, and a seven win, seven loss Disrricr record. Ar Disrricr, the Toppers ellminared rhe Grants Pirates with a 50-40 victory in a hom e game. They then traveled to Gallup to en d rhe season, losing to a red-hot Dengals ream. Throughout rhe season, Richie M eyers provided leadership for his team mores.

Dottom R o w (L-R): Greg Anderson, Dill Reirmann, Kris Stokes, John Dye. Middle R o w (L-R): Je ff Wodsrrom, Rich Myers, David Croasdell, Gory Shipley. Top R o w (L-R): Mickey Chorn, Je ff Sanders, Tim Brinkley, Je ff Storm



1. Rich goes for rwo. 2 Greg purs ir in wirh the rip o f his fingers. 3. Come on, David, pur your arms down! 4. Midsey lays ir up. 5. This is no place ro donee. 6. Nor rhis way, you don'r!


J. V. Showing Their Stuff Dorrom Row (L-R). Mike Duran, Fred Montoya. Middle R ow (L-R): Tim Harrison, Steven Floyd, Jeff Cotter, Charles Vigil, Lee Arellano. Top Row (L-R): Rids Honsinger, Mark Gromek, Dan Salgodo, Righard Trujillo, Roy Sandez.


1 .3


1. Thor's the w ay to shoot that boll. 2. Go for it, Mike. 3. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s using the bods board. Come on, Charles, quit fooling around.



C Team In Action

Dorrom R ow (L-R). Sreve Erpenbech, Lonny Poe, John Visser, Paul Verchow, Chris Dearry, Scorr Wood, Dill Vigil, Eric Chrisrenson. Top R o w (L-R): Glen Loughron, Scorr Hoyden, Joe Luke, Donny Wicson, Greg Srrom, Robert Chauis, Phill Polzer, Kevin Smale, Coach Jerry Drown.


Toppers Turn It A ro u n d To N um ber O ne.


1 The girls' boskerbaH ream received m ore arrenrion this year. The rurn-oround com e abour because o f rhe leadership o f Coach Dill Smith and rhe performance of Kari Holder. When the season hod ended, rhe ream hod a record of tw enty wins, four losses with on impressive District record of fourteen wins and a single loss to Santa Fe. Their record earned them a berth in rhe Stare playoffs, rhe Toppers won two out of their first four games for a total of fifteen straight victories. In rhe District championship gam e rhe girls beat Gallup, 50-40 to becom e rhe undisputed champs. In their first gom e or Store, rhe ream lost to an Impressive Hobbs ream, 61-70. Kari Holder was elected to rhe AllDistrict ream and rhe 1980-81 AllState First Team. She has also received a scholarship and will ploy for Oklahoma University. The girls' basketball program looks very exciting in rhe coming years.


fi â&#x2013; SBr

(L-R): Chris Ladish, Kelly Stokes, Emily Honnell, Sandy Stephens, Tanya Hall, Jobie Cabbel, Kari Holder, Ann Trela, Yolanda Vigil, Coach Dill Smith.

1. Emily guards a Sanra Fe player dosely.

2 Ann goes for a lay-up3. Tanya goes for rwo^ 4. DIods rhar shor. 5. Karl doing her sruff.


J. V. Working Hard


Top Row (L-R): Kim Lewis, Karhy Goldman, Linda Craig, Jan Hudson, Coach Cabbel. Dorrom Row (L-R): Deono Koepke, Melaine Anderson, Sue Homilron, Am y Lucero.

1. Ann plays defense. 2. Fast break. 3. Go for ir, Kelly.


W ere Srill The One 1. Girls Cheering or Srare.

The 1980-81 season m arked the sixth year in a ro w rhor both swimming reams returned hom e from Srare with first place trophies. A fter the m eet, Topper Coach Roger Debo was designated Coach o f the Year, the second rime in a row he has received this award. The Toppers w ere strong throughout the year. Doth reams placed high In their m eets but w ere closely follow ed b y their arch rivals, Albuquerque Academ y. The ream w orked very hard to prepare for Srare so they could be sure o f a win o ver Academ y. The hard w ork paid off: both the boys' and girls' team s beat their closest opponents by o ver 100 points. The boys w ere led b y Lee M onrhei with tw o firsts, a third and a fourth, Braxton Lathrop with tw o firsts and tw o fourths, Bryan Upham with tw o firsts, a second and a third, and Voll Lorrin with tw o firsts. The girls w ere led b y Laurie West with three third places, Linda Findly with a third, fourth and fifth, and Laurie Nelson with tw o fourths and a fifth. The m eet also m arked the lost time Coach Debo will be a Topper Coach; he is returning to school. The ream m em bers and students wish him the best o f luck. The Topper swim m ers are srill the "one In '81. "

First R ow (L-R): Janet Woods, Margie Frederidsson, Laura Nelsan, Julie Dresbads, Pauia Gentry, Caroiine Ellis, Sheila Long, Laura Hudson. Second R o w (L-R): Bern Dumgorrner, John Valentine, Jim Frederidfsan, Scott Lathrop, Barry Comer, Dan Giorgi, Joe Welch, Raeanne Sharp, Third R o w (L-R); Lee Monrhei, Brian Upham, Randy Hyer, Kory Forman, Jennifer Shinn, Linda Finley, Laurie West, Nancy Law. Back R ow (L-R): Todd Brosre, Tom Keyzer, VoilLariin, Braxton Lathrop, Bryan Gamer, Richard Keyser, Roger Feirhauser.



S ...

1. Go for ir, Janet. 2. Don't breath your arm doing that. 3. Get a good deep breath.



1. Get a good rake off. 2. Don't drown. J . Swim faster.


Varsity (LR) Cathy Cottinghom, Vich Rojos, Vida Werner, Anno Gordo, Lynn Thomos, Pom Drainord, Deth Dubernok, Liso Spino, M- ,an ew , ^ T i e e p e r , Liz Dyer, Liso Lindemuth, Sanyo Griener, Liz Aiken, ' Lisa Horshman, Mary Spirio. Top

Secon d A t District

Our six State qualifiers. Top R o w (L-R): Vidsi Rojos, Lynn Thomos, Megan Farrell. Bottom R o w (L R): Deth Dubernok, Vidsi Werner, Lisa Spirio.

The 1980-81 season brought good fortune to the girls' gymnastics team . Under the leadership o f Coach Hank DIockwell, the team established a record o f three wins, tw o losses, and cam e in second in a triangular m eet At District, the girls did very well. Vicki Rojas and Lynn Thomos set the pa ce as the Toppers ea rn ed 85 35 making them the fourth best team in the state. A t the State competition, Rojas com e in sixth in the o 'i ^ ' d competition. She also placed second in the floor exercise and on the vault to becom e on All-State Gymn^ events. The whole team w orked hard to achieve their fine finish. Coach DIockwell is hoping for an even o r ^ eor next year.










1. Derh /oote good on the beam. 2. Lisa gets a good leap on the beam. 3. Mary does well on the floor exerdse. 4. Good balance on the beam. 5. Vidsi shows her prize winning form.


Individual Effort



Top [\ow (L-R): Coach Dob Prommel, Danny Pacheco, Mike Schachrerie, Kurr Fisher, Tim Hurchinson, Cliff Gonzales, Coach Schnider. Dorrom R o w (L-R): Ronnie Ruiz, Alien Foss, Juan Gonzales, Peter Apel, Charlie Lehman, Tim Drown.



The 1980-81 wrestling season was m oderorely successful rhis year thanks to excellent individual perform ances. There w ere four Topper m arm en who w ent to Store. It was a rebuilding year for Dob Prommel In his first year os wrestling coach. Most o f the ream m em bers w ere young, explaining the season record o f three wins and nine losses. A t District, the ream placed eighth. But the ream sent Cliff Gonzales, Tim Hutchinson, Danny Pacheco, and Ronnie Ruiz to State. In Stare competition, both Ronnie and Danny did well. Pacheco placed fourth. Coach Prom mel is expecting n ext yea r to be even better.


1 2. 3. 4.

Don't move. I've lost m y contact lens. Topper style. Alright, who put gum on the mar. A mormon goes for a chicken wing.


1. Roll him over and pinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;em. Dribble rhor ball around him. 3. Mary shows form. 4. Midsey Jumps for rwo. 5. Kori shows her stuff. 6. Concentrate. Kevin Smale hustles down the floor for the boll. 8. Danny trying to pin his man. 2.




Topper R e v u e 'S i Applause was rhe rhem e o f this year's Topper Revu e, and rhe oudirorium was filled wirh applause rhroughour rhe show . There w ere rwenry-five differenr ocrs which ranged from a flure solo ro a share boarding demonsrrarion. The em cees Sara Anderson, Orion Gllberr, Sreve Loughran and Corole Usner-enrerroined rhe audience wirh Inrervlews, and radio and hospiral shirs.

1 Doubie-Doubie-Doubie. 2 Billie Dlasroff and rhe Rerro Rodsers. 3 The mime rroupe performs ro "The R ose." 4 The Srarlighr Singers singing "All The Things You A re ."

70/Topper Revue

Topper f\evue/71

Sw eethearts G oes N ew -W ove

This year's Sw eerhearrs donee featured a different type o f music. The traditional girls-osk-boys dance featured the music o f "The M odulators," a predom inately new -w ove bond. During the dance, sponsored b y the cheerleaders, Louis Fuko was crow ned 1981 Sw eethearts King.

t 1 A Modularor. 2 King Louie I. 3 . . . ali nighr long.

72/5 weerhearrs


1 See, This is h o w y o u , Pogo! 2 Enjoying rhe dance. 3 Louis Fuko is crowned 1981 Sweerhearrs King.



W;& 's

2J â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;

I 1. 1981 Sweerhearrs Courr (L-R): Tim Todd, Kris Stokes, Dill Reirman, Chris Morris, Monre Henderson, Louis Fuko, David Croasdell, Midsey Chorn. 2 Chris and Dill rogerher 3 Ler's go.



Juniors Doug Aiken Robin Ainsworth M ike Alcouffe John Allen Em m y A ndrew Paul Apodoca

Dob Apodoco Lenore Apperr Jam es Archuleta Polly Archuleta Lee Arellano Scott Auguston

Laura Dabovich

Lynne Barthe! Jennifer Dartllt Jake Dartos

Hi Poulo!

Brian Dartram Oliver Bast A m y Baughman



Fred Doyhurst Chris Deck Sandy B eery





Crystal Deery Greg Dennett Lesann Dettinger Dill Dicher Jennie Divins Don Djarhe

Chris Dlies Tammy Dobb Gory Dollmon

Mike Dorrego M ike Dowersox Chris Drodley

Lisa Drainerd

Chris Drown Chris Drown M ord Drown Je ff Dryonr David Dubernak Susan Dudge

Carl Durids Je ff Darters A ndy Duzbee Carl Cady Susan Caldwell Shown Canada

Kyla Candler Liz Cantrell Steve Cappelll Ken Carlson Q uincee Carlson Pom Carpenter


Tim Cosh Molly Cernicek Phillip Chamberlin G eorge Chandler Andreo Charmorz M argorer Chavez


Ridsy Chiles Dill Clouser Susonn Cokol Roxanne Collins Lorri Cook Paul Cook

Leslie Cornwell Je ff Correr Kenny Crobb M ike Curler John Daly Steve Daniels

Den Davis Dill Davis

Darrell Davis Loren Dovis

Christy DeMill Anne DesGeorges

An exciting game.

Paul Dicello Paul Dienes Joann DiMorco Sandro Doehling Steve D ow dy Susan Dowler


M ary Dow ner Lori Dresbock Dorbee Dudgeon Alan Dudziok Marrha Dummer M ike Duron

Tim Duron Je ff Eogon Je ff Ed^rorh Doug Ehier Enrico Elizan Carolyn Ellis

Conremplaring rhe siruorion?

Jan Engel Robert Em'nger Holly Fairchild Michelle Ferguson Sheryl Frodkin Dernodetre Fraser

M argaret Frederickson Edw ard Freer David Fritz Scott Frybarger Eric Filer Niro Findley

Kurt Fisher Nancy Flak Srevin Floyd Dob Forman Cathy Foster Norma FulgenzI

M ary Golibraith Anno Garcia Dani Ganno Susan Gardner Kirk G ow Teri Gibson


Danny Gill Dob Gillis Steve Giorgi

Donna Girard Kim Glover Dob Goosney

1 Ann Marie Gorman Sracey Grail Nils Grom

An exciting day At LAHS.

Stacy Green Don Griego Louis Grirzo Paulo Groves Theresa Guyker Kim Hofer

David Hogan Ron Hall Tania Hall Derh Holloron Sue Hamilton Anita Hammer

Carol Hardwick Don Harelson Dret Harper Wanda Harper John Harrison Ken Harrison


Tim Harrison Leslie Hayes John Hensley Teresa Herbsr Ann Higgins Charles Hill


Roberr Hipwood Greg Holland Rid^ Honsinger Lisa Horn Laura Houlron Karen House

D ee D ee Hudgins Richard Huebner Jan Hurson A ndy Hwang Drer Jackson Karen Jackson

Chris Jolberr Ross Jam eson DeAnna Joramillo Je ff Johnson Lori Juveland Terry Koin

hAox Karko Chris Keddy Richard Keel Jesse Kenyon Todd Kercher Kendis Key

Richard Keyser Lisa Kirk Jam es Klebesadel Don Knechr Sreve Knechr Cege Koch

Korhy Kurrenboch Law rence Kw ei Tom Lamkin

David Lorrin Voil Larrin Charlie Lehm an

Hey, Jon!


Liso Leaf Annerre Lewis Nancy Lirrie Sheila Lang Alfred Larber Saren Laree

A m y Lucera Lisa Lujan Venira Lujan Par Lunsfard Shelly Lyans Jahn M achen

Michelle M adland Lee Manrhei M ike Margiorra Sharan Marinuzzi Will Marsh Kari Marrell

Kim Martin Cindy M aninez Eric Martinez David M ayfield David McLanahan Rabyn McLanahan

Jon McClellan Mike McCormick

i Sandy Mclnroy Julie McFarland

Enjoying rhe sunshine.


Steve M echels John Meissner Carol M enzel Jon M eyers Greg Miller Tim Milligan


Tony Miranda John Mitchell Mihe Mitchell David M odrow Scott Molleur Fred M ontoya

Victor Morales Sondy M organ Scott M organ Alien Morris Ann Morrison Cindy M ow ery

Dorr M urphy Celio M utschlechner Rich M yers

Michelle Noronjo Ed Neely David Newcom

Having fun?

Albert Olivas Trocy Olive Mitch Oliver Jo ckee Omdahl Morion O M oro Shown Ortega

Kevin Orton Jim Osborn Dill Osh w o Id M ark On Jim Pacheco Valerie Parkin

Jenny Pore Dretr Patterson Trocy Pederson Roger Peterson Tes Phillips Toby Piorrowski





Curr Powell Karen Ralph Je ff Reasner Dana R eed Dave Reid Rebecca Richerson

Kelly Richmand Aaron Rickenbough Dono Rink Denise Rivera Drad Roach Denise Raberrs

Drerr Robinson Paulo Robinson Marcia Rodenz Tauni Roe Michele Roehling A ndy Rohane

Vicki Rom ero M ike R oof

Here's rhe sirurorion.

Lynne Russell Dyron Rurledge

Ja y Rurren R oy Sanchez

Tadd Sanders Je ff Sanders


David Sandoval Srocey Sorgenr Anita Sarwinski Catherine Scorberry Drett Schroeder Steven Schuster

Iona Schutt

Wild Women!

Wesla Schwoim

Marcello Seitz John Shafer Sara Shalek Dill Shacovski Gail Sherm an Allen Sherw ood

Todd Shipman Drenda Shuck Laura Skinner Debbie Smith Kevin Smith Todd Smith

Sandra Snavely Ken Snider Allison Snow Keith Sponde A n dy Spingler Paul Spirio

Lydia Springer Larry Sprouse Dob Stevens John Stevenson Cynthia Stew art Jo e Szoo



Korine Tolley Corhy Tallerico Sreve Torro

Whar seems to be rhe problem?

Missi Taylor Morr Teel Nancy Tholman

Lee Ann Thomas Dyron Thompson Ellen Tinkle Karen Tisinger Scorr Torres Krisri Travis

Anne Trela M ike Trujillo Pam Trujillo Je ff Tucker Tom Uher

Helen Ulibarri Dryon Uphom Toylor VonDuren Pom VanDegrifr Eric Vondergusr Eric Von M arrer

Charles Vigil Nancy Vigil Yolando Vigil Mart Vikdol Shoron Voelz Je ff Wodsrrom

M ark W agner M onique W agner Kelly Walker Tracy Walsron Mark Waugh G eorge Wecksung


Dill Welch Dill Welsh Vicki W erner Laurie Wesr Dill Whalen Je ff White

Delne Williams Ty Williams Karen Williamson Cora Wilson Teresa Winkler Frank Wohifahrt

A ndy Wolfsberg Janet Woods Having o good rime . . . .

Whor's up?

i forgot m y keys!

Jennifer Wright Yolanda Vigil

Liz MacMillan Tina Shalek

f 12



i Ir con'r be rhor bod, Cege! 2. Thor evil looh. 3. Whar ore you ralking obour? We're nor Juniors!

4 '


$ The Los Alamos High School Yearbook sraff would like ro dedicare the Junior secrion ro Paul Spirio.

Peace and Love I srrolled Through The park rhe orher Day. A n d I saw Som e people wirh Flowers In rheir Hair. They all sold Peace and love, Dur whar does Peace and love M ean? / don't know . Paul Spirio



â&#x2013; a'i


^ n g /8 9

fh e baseball ream had a very good yea r under rhe able leadership o f first-year coach Dabby ZiUnski. When the season com e ro on end, rhe ream hod a record o f fifteen wins and seven losses. The ream did nor go ro Store this yea r because th ey com e up short in rhe District race with a record o f eight wins and six losses. The batting o f Steve Capelli and fielding o f Bobby Leo led rhe ream. The Toppers started w eak in their pitching staff, bur they im proved steadily throughout rhe season. Despite their nor going to Stare, Coach Zillnski was pleased with the season. Coach Zilinski wos assisted b y Cooch Gordon Jones.

Firsr Row (L-R): Robert Owens, Chris Jolberr, Nathan Pinkerton, Kenny Martinez, Ronnie Ruiz, Bobby Leo, Andy Dusbee, Donny Cosis, Gteg Stotm. Second R ow (L-R): Todd Ketcher, Dill Reitmonn, Robert Cochton, Jeff Storm, Bobby Velasco, Gary Shipley, Steve Capelli, Rick Honsinger, Chris Schneider. Third R o w (L-R): Coach Jones, Coach Zilinski.


1. 2. 3. 4 5

Dobby Leo goes in face first or home. Coach Jones congroruiares Sreve Copelli. Chris Schnieder gets ready ro throw a curve. I think ir is a bali. Robby Owens rags one for a hit.


Dock To State The Sofrball ream hod o season record o f eleven wins and nine losses. That record was good enough to allow the girls to com pere in the Stare tournam ent, w here they w ere d efea ted in the first round b y Carlsbad. Theresa Toylor and Leslie Vandergust contributed greatly to the ream effort.

iii{ 1. Lee Ann goes for another run. 2. "Alrighr, this one's over rhe fence!" 3. The agony o f defear.



< <


Fronr R ow (L-R): Molly Cernicek, Am y Lucero, Deone Keopke, Lee Ann Thomas, Chris Quarrers, Chris Ladish, Melanie Anderson, Shauna Hudgeons. Second R ow (L-R): Coach Smith Julie Kent, Kari Holder, Yolanda Vigil, Jobie Cabbell, Theresa Taylor, Barb Kriz, Leslie Vandergusr, Sandy Stephens, Gayle Dutick, Coach Chtistopherson, Emily Honnell.

1. "Help m e get m y glove off. " 2. "Mom sold there would be days like this.


Second In District S even teen To State

The 1981 boys' rrock ream hod o very good season. They placed first in both the Dernolillo Invirorionol and the Los Aiom os Invirononol. The ream placed secand behind West M esa in rhe District m eet. Randy Evans set n ew schoal and District records in rhe high jum p. Louis Fuko captured a District record in rhe 1500 m erer run and Robbie Hipwood set a District record in rhe 300 m eter run. The ream also qualified seventeen m em bers far State competition. Coach Jefferies considered rhe season to be extrem ely successful. Front Row: (L-R) Robbie Morris, Kris Srokes, Jeff Dorters, Jay Dusromanre, Rondy Evans, Tim Poller, David Croasdell, Chuck Monroya, Mark Harris. Second Row.- (L-R) Mike Dowersox, Greg Anderson, Dill Shalkowski, Eric Filer, Todd Sanders, John Daly, Viaor Morales, Monte Henderson, Robbie Hipwood, Enrico Elizan, Tony Deery, Dill Whalen, Chris Thorn. Third Row.- (L-R) Kenny Crab, Roger Larimer, Tim Todd, Drerr Schroeder, Fidel Lopez, Drion Hoerr, Todd Shipman, Eric Darber, Richard Dissly, Sreve Jerr, Louis Fuka, Chris Madland, Alasrair Casperson.

3r k

f. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


A Greek Olympiad? Here, rake ir! Up and aver! Louis Fuka works hard ro ger ahead. Kris Stokes leaps for the pir. John Daly hands off ro Monre Henderson.


The girls' 1981 rrock ream , under rhe coaching o f Dill Kovocivich, had a successful season. Seven girls qualified for Srore: Sophom ore's Kay Taylor and Kelly Stakes: Junior's Paulo Groves, Jenny Pare, and Ann Treb; Senior's Lori Ladobour and Rita Warren. A r Srore, Ann Trelo placed second in rhe 100 and 200 m erer runs and Rira Warren placed fourth in rhe 1500 m erer run.





5 e c


o n d

t r







A t


Borrom R ow (L-R): Elizaberh Thurston, Diane Drown, Jane Sondaford, Sheri Ruiz, Lori Ladobour, Lisa Lindemurh. Second Row (L-R): Holly Jacobson, Kate Meade, Michelle Rogers, Diana Cowon, Kay Taylor, Laurice White, Ann Trelo. Third R ow (L-R): Manager, Cathy Golman, Rira Warren, Margaret Foliey, Sonya Griener, Cathy Daly, Kelly Stokes, Doreen Dusch. Fourth R ow (L-R): Coach Dill Kovocivich, Ellen Enderbrock, Gail Dremer, Caroline Ellis, Lacey Keel, Michelle Naranjo, Jennifer Pare, Coach Kathy Corringame.



1 Chips Ahoy. 2. Klein concenrrares on her purr. 3. Surron finishes her srroke in perfecr form. 4. Anira Sarwinski gers ready ro ree-off.


(L-R): Aniro Sarwinski, Kim Klein, Chrisry Chiles, Charlie Surron.


2. 3. 4 5.

Looking or ir for rhe losr rime. Mike Lippiorr worches rhe boll in flighr. Well, maybe . . . FOUR! Gary cancenrrares an making rhe purr.

Girls' A n d B oys' Golf The 1981 boys' and girls' golf reams w ere very young this year. Despire rheir inexperience, rhe reams did very well rhoughour rhe season. M em bers o f rhe boys' ream w ere Je ff Dryonr, Jim Elliorr, Charles Hill, MiHe Lippiorr, Jo e Szoo. Anira Sarwinski, Charlie Surron, Freshmen Kim Klein and eigrh grader Chrisry Chiles m ade rhe girls' ream. In his firsr year. Coach Jo e Segor, w orked hard wirh his ream ro rake rhem ro Srore. Ar Srare, rhe pressure on rhe reams broughr our rheir inexperience, bur Coach Segor rhinks his young ream learned much ar Srare rhor will help rhem nexr year.

hr m

i A



Nobody on the tennis ream m ode it to Wimbledon or the US. Open, bur they tried. O therwise it wos a pretty good year.

Boys Tennis

The boys did well with o young team-no seniors. Mike Duron captured first in the District 1AAAA Tournament and qualified for Store. The boys' overall record for this yea r wos 5-4. The girls did even better, Stocy Sargent and Gretchen Torres earned first in doubles or the District Tournament which qualified them for Store. Only tw o m em bers ore graduating: Kristin Anderson and Anne Thayer. The team 's overall record was 6-1.

I - -

Dock Row (L-R): Dilly Vigil, Todd Smith, Lee Arellano, Steve Michels, Coach Chrisrofferson. Fronr R o w (L-R)-. Loren Davis, Choriron Lee, Dean Dorr, Steve Schuster.


Girls Tennis Dock R ow (L-R): Mory Knapp, Srocy Sargent, Linda Andersan, Kim Hafer, Susan Hooren, Molly Cernicek, Kristen Anderson. Front R ow (L-R): Anne Thayer, Tasha Keeper, Gretchen Torres, Mary Goejtens, Theresa Winkler.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Lee Arellano making another return. Another Djorn Dorg? Pretend it's the coach's head. Next stop â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Wimbledon. Marcia Cochran waiting for a serve.


Sports Banquet '61

The Los Alam os Booster Club wos again the sponsor o f the sports banquet. The banquet was held this yea r on M ay 27, honoring oil those w ho partidpoted In Topper varsity athletics. Doctor Ann Wodstrom wos the mistress o f cerem onies with Wait Arnold as the honored guest. Kari Holder received on aw ard for nine varsity letters during her high school career, follow ed b y Kris Stokes and Theresa Taylor with seven each. A standing ovation was given to the swimming team for the fine Job this yea r and in the past. The food this yea r wos very good while the Jokes w ere . . . . well, "co rn y ." The banquet this yea r was os successful os the fine 1980-1981 Topper athletic season.


I: 8.1)



5. 6. 7. 8

Coach Prommel gives Danny Pacheco his MVP trophy for wrestling. Guest speaker Wait Arnold tells about his experiences with the Los Angeles Pams Luis Fuka was well known for his contributions in cross<ountry and track. 'A n MVP award, big deal- I should be home doing hom ework!" A t least the administration liked the jokes. Dobby Velasco is overwhelm ed with his MVP award for baseball. "And I don't have any room on m y trophy shelf!" Mickey Chorn awaits his MVP award for VarsityDaskerboll.



Coach Dueher soys goodbye to rhe ream and hello ro KR5N. 2. Aw ard for nine lerrers goes ro Karl Holder. J . Is rhar all Kris received-seven? 4. Theresa Taylor is awarded for earning seven lerrers.


Drigadoon, the Spring Musical presen ted b y the Ollons and the music departm ent, was a shaw filled with gaod music and fine dancing. Twa N ew Yorkers, ployed by Marcus York and John Hensley, stum ble on an Eighteenth Century Scottish town. Nancy Lewis, Virginia Groves, Orion Honnell and Paulo Robinson p loyed the ports o f the tow nspeople the tw o m en encounter.

1. "Let's go roaming through the heather on the hill. 2. "Sometimes I think I hear voices. " 3. "Cause I'm a loss, and you're o lad. "


1. "It's almost like being in lo ve,” Tommy explains to Jeff. 2. "V e are a most blessed group o f people. ” 3. Would you core ro dance? 4. "Come ro me, bend ro me, kiss m e gooddoy. ”


1. Moggie (Sandy Deery) donees wirh Harry (Robert Sutherland) during the fair. 2 W'e fly through the air with the greatest o f ease. 3. "I shall love ye 'til I die.'


Prom 19di

"Tropical Paradise" was rhe rhem e for this year's Junior-Senior Prom. Music for rhe evening was provided b y Rough House. The final dance o f rhe 1980-81 school yea r was held Sorurdoy nlghr. M ay 23. Kris SroPes and Lori PorPer w ere honored os King and Q ueen, while Dill 'Whalen and Sandro Doehling w ere crow ned Prince and Princess.

r- 'I

Senior Courr (L-R): Teresa Taylor, Jimmy Ellior, Suzy Lee, Chris Morris, Darb DIewirr, Kris Srokes, Teh Granere, Randy Evans, Laurie Volkin, Louis Fuka, Bill Reirman, Lisa Rales, Tim Todd, Lori Parker, Jenene Smith, Monre Henderson, Chris Naranjo, David Croasdell.


Junior Courr (L-R): Caro Wilson, Vicror Morales, Lynne Russell, Jeff Wadsrrom, Sandro Doehling, Todd Kercher, Susan Gardner, Larry Tellier, Gall Bremer, Andy Duzbee. Nor pictured: Kim Glover, Dill Whalen, Richie Myers.

1. Fashion!!! 2. Prince, Dill Whalen, Princess, Sandro Doehling, King, Kris SroHes and Queen Lori Parker. 3. The aowning o f Lori.


__ m IP X 1. A big smile from Margie. 2 Laurie decororing the gym. 3. Thar's cure Kari! 4. A look or Prom '81.




Seniors AGNEW, JAMES Foorball 2,3,4; Topper Revue 3,4; Sroge Bond 2,3,4


ALLEN, DIANE Office Educarion Assodarion 3,4.

AMEDURI, FRANK Journalism 4.


ANDERSON, GREGORY Foorball JV 2, Vorslry 3,4; DosHerball 2, JV 3, Vorslry 4, Key Club 3,4, Yourh and Governmenr 4; Days Srare 3; Symphonic Band 2.

ANDERSON, KRISTEN Tennis 2,3,4; Ski Club 2,4; Honor Sodery 2,3,4.

ANDERSON, CHRIS Ski Club 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4, Jazz Ensemble 2,3,4.


ANDERSON, SARA Vorsiry Field Hod<ey, Coprain 2,3; Golf 3; Youth LAARC 3,4; Youth and Government 4; Student Coundl 3,4; Symphonic Bond 3,4; Orchestra 3,4; Topper Revue 4.

ANDERSON, SHAROLYN Soccer Manager 4; Drill Team 2,3; Key Club 4; Student Council 2,3,4.

A PEL, PETER Wrestling 2,4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Bond 2,3,4; All-State 3,4.

ARELLANO, PAUL Football 3,4; Gymnastics Manager 3; Concert Choir 4.

ARMSTRONG, JEFF Football JV 2, Varsity 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Wrestling 4.

AUCHAMPAUGH, LAUREL Band 2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Flag Corps 3; Candysrriper 2.


BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 1,2,3.


BEERY, TONY Diving 3, 4; Track 4; Yearbook 4.

DENHAM, TOM Soccer 4; Art Club 3.

DENNETT, PAUL Olions 3,4.


DEQUEUE, DEDR A Bond 2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4, Jazz bond 3,4; Olions 2

D ESl NANCY Srudenr Coundl 2; Ski Club 3,4, Youth and Government 3, Key Club 4, Yourh LAARC 4


DIENCOURT, ANNE (Lycee Paul Arene, Sisteron, France) Foreign Exhange 4

DLACK, JENNIFER DLEWETT, DARDARA Soccer 4; Girls' Store 3; Key Club 3,4; JV Cheerleader 2, Homecoming Court 4; Prom Court 3; Key Club Sweetheart 3.

DOHL JAKE DOOTH, DRIAN Band 2,3; Stage Bond 2,3; Ski Club 4.

DRADDURY, KRISTIN Gymnastics JV 3,4; FCA 2, Ski Club 3,4; Yourh and Government 4.

DRA5IER, LEE ANN Tennis 2,4; Key Club 2,3,4; Srudenr Council 2,3. DREMER, DAVID Youth and Government 4, Track 4, Basketball 4.

DRESHEARS, JOHN Honor Society 2,3,4; Bond 2,3,4; Jazz bond 2,3,4, All-Stare 2,3,4.


BRINKLEY, TIMOTHY Daskerboll 4, JV 3; Honor Sociery 2.3.4

DR ODE, JOHN Bicycling Club 4.

DROWN, TIMOTHY Wrestling 2,3.4.

DRYAN, TERRI Key Club 3,4; Office Education Association 4, Journalism 4.

DRYANT, RACHEL DUCHHOLZ, ARLENE Honor Society 3,4; Office Education Association 2,3,4, Ski Club 2,3,4; Youth and Government 4.

BUNKER, BRIAN Honor Sociery 2,3,4; Strategy Gome Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4

BURKHART, ARTHUR Orchestra 2,3,4; All-Stare 2,3,4.

BURNS, DOUGLAS Basketball Manager 2,3,4,- Golf 4, Student Council 4, Band 2; Jazz Bond 3.

BUSCH, DOREEN Cross Country 2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4; Lerrermenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Club 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4.

BUSTAMANTE, JAMES Track 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Ski Club 4; Youth and Government 4, Lerrermen's Club 4



DYERS, JACKIE CADDELL, JODIE Daskerball 2,3,4; Field Hod-^ey 2,3; Sofrball 2, Fellowship of Chrlsrians 2; Lerrermen's Club 3,4, Key Club 3,4, Office Education Association 3,4, Student Council Class Tteosurer 2,3,4; Youth and Government 4; Girls' State 3,


CAMPDELL SCOTT (Boise, Idaho 2; Mayfield, New Mexico 3); Ski Club 2; Track 2; Youth and Government 4.


CANTRELL, DILL Daskerball C Team 2.

CARLSON, TIM CARMEN, PAUL Stage Bond 2,3,4; AITSrare 2,3,4.

CARPENTER, PAT Yearbook 3,4; Journalism 4; Olions 4; Ski Club 4; Youth and Government 4



CASH, DAN Doseball 2,3,4; Foorboll 4.

CATRON, DOB Cde BACA, TERRY Office Educorion Assodarion 3, Treasurer 4.

CHAVEZ, THERESA CHELIUS, BRENDA Drill Team 2, Caprain 3; Yourh and Governmenr 4; Who's Who Among American High School Srudenrs 4.

CHORN, MICKEY Tennis 2,3,4; Daskerball JV 2,3, Vorsiry 4; Lerrerman's Club 4.

CHOWDHURI, NAOMI AITSrore 4; Orchesrra 4; Band 2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Sroge Band 4; Flog Corps 3,4; Topper f^evue 4.


CLARK, KC COCHRAN, ROBERT Key Club 3,4; Yourh and Governmenr 4

COLE, TOM Gomes Club 2,3,4; Compurer Club 3.


COLSTON, 5HERILYN Majorerre 2,3,4, Topper Revue 2.3.4.

COMER, DRYAN Swimming 2,3, Varsiry 4, Lerrermen's Club 4, Yourh and Governmenr 4.

CORNWELL, PHILLIP Trod-; 3,4, Student Coundl 4; Honor Sodety 3, Vice President 4, Bond 2.3.4.

CORT, DOD Ski Club 2,3,4; Topper Revue 4.

COX, JOHN Journolism 4, Yeorbook Photogropher 4.

CRAIG, CHERYL Student Coundl 2,3,4, Drill Teom 2, Lieutenonr 3; Speech Teom 3,4.

CRANDALL, CHUCK Wrestling 3; Diving 4; Tennis 4; Key Club 4

CRANDALL, CHRIS Ski Club 3.4: Art Club 3,4; Yeorbook 4; HERO 4 Choirperson; Fellowship of Christions 2,4; Peer Counseling 4; Topper Revue 4.

CRAWFORD, DONNA Office Educorion Assodorion 3.


CROASDELL, DAVID Foorboll 2,3,4; Doskerboll J V 2,3, Vorsiry 4, Trock 3,4; Key Club 3,4, Lerrermen's Club 3,4, Student Coundl 2; Youth ond Governmenr 4; Prom Courr 3, Bond 2, Jozz Bond 2,3,4; Boy's Store 3; Tri-Service Leodership A word Nominee 3; Who's Who Among Americon High School Students 3,4.


CROASr'ELL KEVIN Foorball 2,3,4; DasHerboll 2, Manager 3, JV 4, Daseball 2, Track 4; Key Club 3,4, Lerrermen's Club 3, Treasurer 4, Ollons 4, Srudenr Council 4, Yearbook 4.

CUNNINGHAM, RODIN Volleyball Manager 2,3,4; Srudenr Council 2, Class Represenrarive 3,4, Srudenr Body Vice Presidenr 3, Secrerory 4, Yourh and Governmenr 4; Topper Revue 4; Girls' Srare 3.

DAVIS, MELANIE Journalism 4.

DENNIS, JANET Field Hockey 2, Co-caproin, Mosr Valuable Player 3; Soccer Co<apraln 4; Srudenr Council 3,4, Yourh and Governmenr 4, Fellowship of Chrlsrians 2,3,4.

DICELLO, JOHN Track 2,3,4, Ollons 4; Topper Revue 3,4.

DOSS, KIRK Honor Sodery 2,3,4, Archeology Club 2, PSAT Commended Srudenr 3.

DRAKE, JILL Soccer 3; Key Club 4; Ski Club 3, Yearbook 4, Ollons 2,3, Vice Presidenr 4,- Topper Revue 2,3,4, Pajorlro Singers 2, Concerr Choir 3,4, Inrernarionol Thespian Sodery 3, honorary 4.

DRANSFIELD, MIKE Foorball 4, Track 2,4,- Yourh and Governmenr 2.

DUDOIS, ANDY Concerr Choir 2,3.

DUFFY, JAMES DUGAN, CATHY Office Educarlon Assoclarion 3, Vice Presidenr 4.

DUONG-VAN, EZRA Ski Club 4; Topper Revue 3,4.


DYE, JOHN Basketball 2, JV, 4, Baseball 3,4, Lettermen's Club 4.

DYE, MITCHELL EICHOR, JAMES Ollans 3,4: Topper Revue 3.


EMANUEL, WALTER Football 2,3,4: Basketball 2, JV 3; Baseball 3,4: Youth and Government 4

ENGELHARDT, LEONARD Hodsey Club 1,2,3,4, Ski Club 2,3,4, Soccer 4.

EUTSLER, KAREN Honor Society 2,3,4: Candystripers 2, Vice President 3,4; Olions 2; Journalism 4,

EVANS, RANDY Track 1,2,3,4, Store 2,3,4; Student Coundl 2,3; Class President 3; Youth and Government 4, Topper Revue 4

FARR, ELIZABETH Olions 2,3,4, Topper Revue 2,4.

FARRELL, LISA Band 2,3,4, Stage Band 2,3,4, All­ state 4; Candystriper 2, Olions 4; Topper Revue 3,4.

FARRELL, MEGAN CTorrey Pines High School, Delmar, California 1,2); Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Soccer 4; Field Hockey 3; Youth and Government 4; Journalism 3,4.



FEUERHERD, DEDDIE FICKETT, SUSAN Band 2,3,4; Srage Bond 4, Flag Corps 3,4; All-Srare 4, Topper Revue 4.

FLOYD, THANE Foorboll 3,4.

FLYNN EDWARD FORD, FELICIA Bond 2,3,4; Orchesrro 2,4; Choir 3, Topper Revue 2,3,4.

FOSTER, DOROTHY Olions 2, FUsrorion 3, President 4, Year­ book 3, Editor 4; Topper Revue 3,4, Inrernarional Thesbian Sodety 3, Hon­ orary 4

FRANCE, USA Soccer 2,3; Fellowship o f Christians 2,3,4; Topper Revue 2.

FREIWALD, WES Football 3,4



FUKA, LOUIS Track 2,3,4; Cross Country 3,4; Stu­ dent Council Treasurer 3; Speech Team 3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Notional Merit Semi-Finalist.




GARCIA, RAY Band 3,4


GEOFFRION, GREG Topper Revue 3,4

GILBERT, BRIAN Orchesrro 2,3,4; Chorus 2, Chamber Singers 3,4, Olions 2,3,4, Vice Presidenr 3, Fellowship of Chrisrions 2, Officer 3,4, Honor Society 3,4, Topper Revue 2,3,4, Tri-Service Leadership Aw ard 4

GILL, JOHN Band 2,3, Drum Major 4, Stage Bond 2,3,4; Chamber Singers 4, Honor Society 4, Topper Revue 2,3,4


GODWIN, ALAN Astronomy Club 2,3, Presidenr 4, Ar­ cheology Club 4, Honor Society 2,3,4, National Merit Scholarship SemiFinalisr.

GONZALES, CLIFF Football 4; Wrestling 4, Tracis 4.

GONZALES, JUAN Wrestling 1,2,3,4.

GRAN ERE, TER! Gymnastics JV 1,2, Varsity 3, Office Education Association 4, Prom Court 3.


GRAVES, MATT GROSS, SUSANNA Astronomy Club 2, President 3, Secretary-Treosurer 4, Archeology Club 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4, National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist 4.

GROVES, VIRGINIA (Seneca Volley High School, Germantown, Maryland 3) Newspaper 3, Honor Society 2,4, Fellowship of Christians 4, Band 2,3,4; Choir 2; Chamber Singers 4, Jazz Ensemble 2; All-State 4.

GUTIERREZ, LAWRENCE Soccer JV 3; Baseball 4, Ski Club 4, Topper Revue 4; Youth and Government 4

HAGERMAN, GINNY Key Club 2,3,4; Youth and Government 4, Student Council 2,3.

HAHN, MIKE Baseball 4.

HAMMOCK, TIM HANLON, CARRIE Drill Team 2,3, Key Club 4; Youth and Government 4.

HANSEL, KEVIN Ski Club 2,3,4, Topper Revue 4.

HARGENRATER, CAROL HAYDEN, DONNA Drill Team 2,3, Key Club 4; Youth and Government 4, Honor Society 3,4.

HAKONSON, KELLY Varsity Softball 1; Bike Club 4, Pegasus Staff 4


HEMVIK, CHARLOTTE HENDERSON, MONTE FoorboU, JV 2, Varsity 3,4: Tracis 2,3,4; Lerrermen's Club 3,4, Tapper Revue 4

HENRY, STEPHANIE Swimming 3; Office Educarlan Associarlon 4

HOHNER, MATT Baseball 4

HOLDER, KARI Valleyball 3, JV 2; Daslserball1,2,3,4, Softball 1,2,3,4; Key Club 4, OEA 3; Student Council President 2,3, Vice President 4, Youth and Government 4; Lerrermen's Club 3,4.

HOLLADAUGH, CRAIG Yearbook Phorogropher 4.

HOLT, WILLIAM Football JV 2,3, Varsity 4; Student Council 2,3,4; Honor ^ ciety 2,3,4; National Merit Semi-finalist 4, Youth and Government 4, Lettermen's Club 4; Fellowship of Christians 2.

HOMUTH, LORI Student Council 2,3,4; OEA 3.

HONNELL, BRIAN Concert Choir 2,3; Chamber Singers 4; Ollons 4; Topper Revue 4

HONSINGER, JOYCE Volleyball 4, JV 2,3, Dasiserboll JV 2, Ski Club 2; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 2; Key Club 3,4; Student Council, Class Secretary 4; Youth and Government 4; Lettermen's Club 4

HOPKINS, BARBARA Student Council Class Secretory 3, Honor Society 3,4; Girls' Store Archeology Club 2, President 3,4; Astronomy Club 2,3,4; Gome Club 4; Bond 2,3,4.




HUDGEONS, DEBRA Cheerleader 4, JV 2; Ski Club 3-

HULL STEPHEN (Ames High School, Ames, Iowa 2); Baseball 2, Doskerboll 2, JV 3, Crosscountry 4, Track 4.

HUNTER, BRUCE HUTCHINSON, TIM Foorboll JV 2, Varsity 3,4,- Varsity 'Wrestler 4.

HYER, RANDY Swimming 1,2,3,4, Student Council, Vice-President 2,3,4.

JACOBSON, HOLLY Track 2,4; Orchestra 3,4, Chamber Orchestra 3,4, All-Stare 3,4.

JARAMILLO, KATHLEEN JENSON, JULIE Honor Society 2,3,4; Choir 4, Orchestra 2, 3,4.

JETT, STEPHEN Cross-country 3,4; Student Council Band 2,3,4; National Merit Commended Student.



JOHNSON, KENNETH Bond 2,3,4; Computer Club 4.

JOHNSON, KERRY Office Education Association 4, Fellowship of Christians 4, Cooperative Office Education 4.

JONES, LESLIE Key Club 3, Treasurer 4, Pajoriro Singers 2, Concert Choir 3.

KEANE, SANDRA Youth and Government 4; Chorus 3,4; Pajoriro Singers 2,3,4.

KEEL, LACEY TracK 2,3,4, Key Club 3; Office Education Association 4; Art Club 4.


KELLEY, MICHAEL Cross-country 2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; National Merit Commended Student 4.

KENT, JENNIE Drill Team 2,3; Ski Club 2,3; Student Council 2,3.



KIMBROUGH, KELLY Fellowship o f Christians 4; Band 2,3,4; Concert Choir 3; Chambers Singers 4.


KIRCHER, FRANCESCA KLEDESADEL, RA YE ANN Honor Sodery 2,3,4, Key Club 4; Fellowship of Chhsrlans 4, Narional Merir Seml-finallsr 4


KOCH, LORI Bond 2,3,4.

KOSTY, LISA Drill Team 2

KOZUDAL, LIZ AF5 Secrerary 3,4, Youth Advisory Board 3,4; AAajorerre 4, Topper Revue 4.

KRIZ, BARBARA Volleyball 2,3,4; Basketball J V 2,3; Softball 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 4.


LADABOUR, LORI Volleyball JV 2, Varsity 3,4; Trods 2,3,4; Basketball JV 2, Varsity 3; Lettermen's Club 4; Youth and Government 4; Yearbook 4, Topper Revue 4.



LATHROP, DRAXTON Swimming 1,2,3,4

LAUER, MARTHA Olions 2,3, Seaerary 4, Choir 2,3, Chamber Singers 4.

LAVY, LAWRENCE Building Trades 2,3,4.

LAWRENCE KELLY Key Club 4; Yourh and Governmenr 4, Yourh LAARC 4, SHI Club 4.

LEA, ROBERT Baseball 3,4.

LEE SUZY Baskerball JV 2, Vorsiry 3,- Trads 3,4; Key Club 2,3; Yourh and Governmenr 4; Honor Sodery 2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; Topper Revue 3,4; Prom Court 3, Homecoming Court 4.

LEWIS, NANCY Key Club 2,4; Orchestra 2,3,4, Concerr Choir 2; Chamber Singers 3,4; Chamber Orchesrra 2,3,4, AIT Store Chorus 2,3,4; Solo and Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Topper Revue 3, Honor Society 2,3, Secretory 4.


LIPPIATT, MIKE Golf 8rh, 1,2,3,4; Baskerball 2; Lertermen's Club 4

LOUGHRAN, STEVEN Diving 3; Band 2,3; Jazz Ensemble 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Topper Revue 3, MC 4.



LUNA, MIKE LODD, TED LOHRDING, BRAD Ski Club 2,3,4; Bond 2,3,4; Jazz Ensemble 2,3,4, Narional Merir Scholarship Commended Srudenr,Yearbook 4; Topper Revue 3,4.

LOONEY, JOLENE Drill Teom 2,3; Choir 2,3; Journalism 3; Cheerleader 4, Lerrermen's Club 4.



(Pojoaque High School; Pojooque, NM 1,2); Band 1,2,3,4; Honor Soclery 1, 2 .

LUCERO, JULIE (Pork Hills High School, Fairborn, OH 1); Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1; Track 2; Student Council 1,2,3; Key Club 4.

MAHONEY, SHAWN Key Club 2, JV Cheerleader 2; Choir 3,4.

MAIER, WILLIAM Olions 2,4; Foreign Exchange President 4.

MANN, ARTHUR Student Council 2; Youth and Government 3.

MARSHALL, KIMBERLY OF A 3; Ski Club 2,3,4; Student Council 3, Concessions 4.



MARTINEZ, MARTY M A TH Em , ANN Field Hod-^ey JV 2, Varsity 3; Soccer 2; Olions 4; Symphonic Band 2,3,4, Orchestra 4

MCGRATH, THERESA DosHetball Team Manager 2, OEA 4, Ski Club 3.

MCMULLEN, BOD MENLOVE, LYNELLE Honor Society 2,3,4; Chamber Orchestra 2,3,4; All-Store 1,2,3,4.

MESSIMER, JOHN Football 2,3,4; Key Club 4.

METROPOLIS, CHRIS Youth Advisory Board 2,3; Choir 2,3,4.

MEYER, LOR! Track 4; Ski Club 4.

MITCHELL, MICHAEL Computer Club 3,4; Strategy Games Club 4; Society for Distinguished High School Students 4.

MORRIS, CHRIS Football 2; Soccer 3,4, Frock 2; Youth and Government 3, President 4; Lertermen's Club 4; Topper Revue 4.

MORRISON, TODD Football JV 2, Varsity 3,4; Art Club 3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4.

MORROW, KENYON Basketball 2, JV 3, Varsity 4; Football JV 2, Varsity 3, Captain 4; Key Club 3,4; Lertermen's Club 4, Youth and Government 4; Student Council 3,4; Band 2; New Mexico Boys' Stare 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Prom Court 3; Topper Revue 4.


MOSLEY, LAURA Hillraiders 4; Honor Sociery 2,3,4, Condysrriper 2,3, Flog Corps 3,4, Band 2,3,4.

MOV/ERY, SCOTT Soccer 4.


NARANJO, CHRIS Field Hockey Manager 3; Key Club 2,3,4; Yourh and Government 4. â&#x2013;º

NELSON, DRUCE Speech Team 2.

NEUDECKER, LOLA Student Council 2,3,4; Pegasus 3,4, Class Concessions 2,3; Girls' State 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3.

NEWELL, MAUREEN Key Club 2,3,4; Youth and Government 4, OEA 4; Student Council 2,3; Honor Sociery 2,3,4.

NEWTON, CLAY NICHOLS, JULIA Condystriper 2; OEA 4, Fellowship of Christians 2,3,4; Topper Revue 3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4.

NIELSEN, KARL (Workman High School; Stow, Ohio 1) Bond 1,2,3,4; Student Council 2.

NORRIS, WILLIAM O'DELL, JEFFREY Varsity Track 2,3; Honor Society 2,3, President 4; Bond 2,3,4; Hugh O'Brian Aw ard 2, Notional Merit Semi-finalist 4.


OLCOTT, MARK Ski Club 2,4,

ORTEGA, SUZANNA Field Hockey Team Manager 3; Olions 4.

O'SHEA, RENEE Ski Club 4, Arr Club 4, Journalism 4


PACHECO, DANNY Varsiry WresrIIng 2,3; Varsiry Foorball 4.

PACK, JOHN Chess Club 4; Comparer Club 3, President 4, Strategic Games Club 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4.

PARKER, LORRI Soccer Manager 4; Band 2,3; Flag Corps 2,3; Key Club 3,4, Key Club Court 3; Homecoming Court, Queen 4; Prom Princess 3; Fellowship of Christians 4.

PARTRIDGE, NANCY Olions 2,3, Treasurer 4; Thespians 3,4; Mime Troupe 2, director 3,4, Topper Revue 2,3,4; Fellowship of Christians 3.

PASIEKA, MICHAEL (JFK High School, Denver CO 2,3); Honor Roll 2,3; Drama 2,3; Thespians 3,4; Olions 4.

PATTERSON, ANNE Office Education Association 3,4; Cooperative Office Education 4.

PATTERSON, MARGARET Spanish Club 3; Student Council 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Youth LAARC 4.




PAULS. TAYLOR PEDERSON. SHELLY Key Club 2; Office Educarion Associorion 3, Presidenr 4

PELLETTE. THOMAS Soccer 2, Co<aproin 3,4; Honor Sociery 2,3,4; Key Club 3, VicePresident 4; Who's Who Among American High School Srudenrs 4, Boys' Store 3; Tri-Service Leadership Aw ard Nominee 4-

PINKERTON. NATHAN (Holp High School; Holp Ml, 2,3); Basketball JV 2, Baseball 2,3,4; Football JV 2; Journalism 4, Art Club 4.

POLLAT. TIM Football 2; Track 2,3.


PRICE. LINDSAY Swim Team Manager 3; Youth and Government, Sergeant or Arms 4.

QUINTANA. KENNETH Ski Club 4; Key Club 2,3,4.

RAIES. LISA Key Club 4; Fellowship of Christians 4; Topper Revue 4,- Homecoming Court 4.


REITMANN. WILLIAM Baseball 3; Basketball 2, JV 3, Varsity 4; Track 4; Lerrermen's Club 4; Who's Who Among American High School Srudenrs 3.


RICHARDSON, PATRICIA Condysrriper 2, Bond 2,3,4

RINSTAD, OYSTEIN (Osreros Ungdomskoie, Norway 2,3), Soccer 2,3,4, Handball 2,3, Foreign Exchange 4, Yearbook 4


ROBERTS, BUFFY Yearbook 4, Key Club 4,



RUIZ, SHERI (Donning High School, Californio); Volleyball 2; Daskerboll 2, Softball 2; Spanish Club 2, Lerrermen's Club 2.

RUSH, TEDD Foorboll 4; Arr Club 3,4.



SAHUNG, SCOTT Foorball 4; Ski Club 4.

SALGADO, RICK Hillrdkers 2,3,4, Presidenr 4, Journalism 4.




SAVORY, MARGARET (Aylesbury High School, Aylesbury, England 2,3) Public Speaking 2; Darn Theatre Company 2, Treasurer 3; Ollons 4; Foreign Exchange 4; Topper (Review 4, Yearbook 4, Thespians 4; Choir 4.

SAXMAN, A M Y Orchestra 2,3,4; All-Stare 2,3,4,Honor Society 2,3,4; Fellowship of Christians 2,3,4, Treasurer 4,- National Merit Semi-Finalist 4.


SCAR DERRY, DWAYNE SCHACHTERLE, MIKE Wrestling 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4.

SCHNEIDER, CHRIS Daskerball 3; Journalism 4.

SCHNEIDER, CURT JV Daskerball 2, Baseball 4; Journalism 4.




SCHOTT, NANCY Key Club 3,4, Art Club 4, Srudenr Council 4.

SEAY, CINDY Ski Club 2,4: Key Club 4, OEA 3; Youth and Government 4

SERNA, CHRIS Honor Society 2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Archeology 3,4; Astronomy Club 2,4; Fellowship of Christians 4; Art Club; Olions 4.

SERRANO, VICTOR SHALEK, TINA SHARP, RENIDA Cheerleader 2; Majorerre 3, Art Club 4; Youth and Government 4,Topper Revue 3,4^

SHERA, KATHY Orchestra 2,3,4; All-Stare 2,3,4, National Merit Semi-Finalist

SHERWOOD, KEITH Archaeology Club 2,3,4; Game Club 2, President 3, Vice President 4; Astronomy Club 3,4.

SHIPLEY, GARY Daskerball-3,4; Baseball 3,4; National Merit Semi-Finalist

SIEMON, M ARY DETH Daskerball Manager 2; Cheerleader 3,4, Captain 4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Lerrermenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Club 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3.

SITZDERGER, JEANNE Band 2,3,4; Flog Corps 3,4.

SMITH, BRIAN Daskerball Manager 3,4.


SMITH, JENENE Key Club 2,3,4, Journalism 3, Editor 4, Yearbook Secretary 4-

SMITH, JULIE Journalism 4, Yearbook 4, Key Club 4

SMITH, SUSAN Drill Team 3; Office Education Association 4, Cooperative Office Education 4.


SNIDER, ROD Football 4; Topper Revue 4.

SPIRIO, LISA Gymnastics 1,2,3,4, JV Soccer 3,Girls' Varsity Soccer 4,


STEWART, DAVID STOKES, KRIS Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 3, President 4, Honor Society 2,3, Prom Prince 3.



5TROIK, ANNE Office Educarion Assodorion.

STRONG, CARRIE SUTHERLAND, ROBERT Concerr Choir 2,3, Chamber Singers 4; Ski Club 2; Archeology Club 2, Olions 2,3,4, Thespians 3,4, Topper Revue 2,3,4, Honor Thespian 4, Soaery o f Disringuished American High School Srudenrs 3.

SUTTON, DAVID Choir 2,3,4, Olions 2

SWAIN, MAR! Track 4.

TATRO, SANDRA Tennis 2,3, Swim Team Manager 3; Honor Soclery 2,3.4; Youth LAARC 4; Band 2,3,4.

TAYLOR, THERESA Swimming 1, Manager 2, Volleyball JV 2,3, Varsity 4; Softball 2,3,4, Key Club 2,3,4, Court 3; Student Council 2; Youth LAARC 3,4, Fellowship of Chrisrians 3,4, Lerrermen's Club 4; Journalism 4, Hillrdkers 4, Homecoming Court 4

TELLIER, LARRY Football 4.


THOMPSON, SCOTT (New Mexico Military Insrirure 3); Boxing 3, War Games Club 3; Notional Rifle Assodorion 4.

THORN, DILL TODD, WILLIAM Foorboll JV 2, Varsity 3,4; Track 3,4; Topper Revue 4.


TORRADO, GONZALO (Licero NO. 28, Norevideo, Uruguay) Hillralkers 4, Foreign Exchange 4, Choir 4

TORRES, JOEY Foorball JV 2, Vorsiry 4, Topper Revue 4.

TREZONA, USA (Albuquerque High School 3).

TROUT, RUSSELL (Dos Pueblos High School. Sonra Dorbaro CA 2); Foorboll JV 3, Ski Club 3, Vice President 4, Soccer 2, Track 2.

TRUJILLO, SANDY Drill Team 2, Leiurenonr 3, Captain 4, Youth and Government 4, OEA 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4, Topper Revue 4


TUCKER, EDWIN Soccer 1.2,3,4; Geology Club 2; Topper Revue 3,4.


USNER, CAROLE Tennis 2; Youth LAARC 2,3,4, Olions 2; Honor Society 2,3,4; Youth and Government 4, Topper Revue Emcee 4.

VANDERDORGH, CRAIG Orchestra 2,3,4; Jazz Ensemble 3, All-State 1,2,3,4; Topper Revue 2,4.

VANDERGUST, LESLIE Softball 2,3,4; Volleyball 3,4, JV 2, Lettermen's Club 3,4.


VELASCO, DOD Doseball 3,4; Foorbdl 2, Ski Club 2,3,4: Youth and Government 3,4


VIGIL, DENNIS Doskerbdl 2,3, Honor Society 2,3,4, Band 2,3, Drum Major 4, Jazz Ensemble 2,3,4; All-Stare 4

VOLKIN, LAURIE Gymnastics 1, JV Cheerleader 2; Key Club 3,4, Secretary 4, OEA 3, Ski Club 3; Student Council 3, Senior Class President 4, Yearbook 4, Youth and Government 4, Topper Revue 4.

WADSTROM, BARBARA Choir 2,3,4; Chamber Singers 4; Key Club 3, President 4, Fellowship of Christians 2,3, Officer and Representative 4; Youth LA ARC 3, Secretory-Treasurer 4; Spanish Club Vice-President 3; Student Council 3, Representative 4, Topper Revue 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 2; Tri-Service Leadership Aw ard Nominee 3, AllStare 3.

WAGNER, GLENN Ski Club 2,3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4

WAHLEN, KEITH German Club 2

WALLACE, JON! Ski Club 2,3,4; Wrestling Manager 4.

WALTER5CHEID, STEVE Football 4; Swimming 2,3.

WALTON, EMILY Key Club 4; Student Council 4, OEA 3,4; Topper Revue 4.

WARREN, RITA (Poolesville High School, Poolesville, MD 2,3); Cross Country 2,3,4, Track 3,4; Doskerbdl 3, Yearbook 3; Newspaper 2,3; Honor Society 3.


WASHBURN, DEBRA Fellowship o f Chrisrians 3,4, Cooperarive Office Educarion 4, Key Club 4; Office Educarion Assodarion 3,4; Yearbook 4,

WHEELER, GARY WILLIAMS, MARCY JV Field Hockey 2, Tennis 4, Daskerball Manager 2; Drill Team 3, Srudenr Council 4; Office Educarion Assodarion 4; Key Club 4; Yourh LAARC 4; Topper Revue 4.

WOOD, ANNE Band 2,3,4; Orchesrra 4, Olions 2; Hillralkers 4; Flog Corps 4, Topper Revue 4.


WRIGHT, JOHN Arr Club 2,3,4

YORK, MARCUS Orchesrra 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2; Chamber Singers 3,4, Chamber Orchesrra 3,4; Srage Bond 2, AIT Srare 3; Olions 2,4; Topper Revue 2,3; Musicals 2; Oursronding Pionisr Aw ard 2,3.

ZERWEKH, JOHN Work Experience.

ZICKERT, KEN Foorboll Manager 2; Building Trades 2,4.



Nor Pictured: Eric Drown Alistair Cospersen Cynthia Church well Steve Erpenbech James Fulwyler Anthony Gallegos Janet Gillespie June Guy Leslie Hudgins Kerry Kennedy Shag Larson Cheryl Ledbetter Ken London Fidel Lopez Eddie Lynch Kevin Mitchell


Mike Moore Tim Pacheco Jeff Parkinson Marie Neely Daryll Neergaard Jim Rickman Joanna Ruppel Shaugn Ryan Drion Sandford Jeff Schuster Andy Shaw Anne Thayer Richard Wheat Jocelyn Whitcomb Jason White



Senior Favorites

Best D ressed

M ost Talented


Dorb Dlewerr

<* 'V'4k, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x2013;


> W o5/


M ost Shy


M ost Spirited

Prettiest E y es



ohno' Hayden

Prettiest E y e s


M ost Original

d o ss Flirts


Class Mouths

M ost Originol


I 1"

Lo b b y Sitters


Best Personality


Cutest Couple


t' ■ '

it *


^ '*

»• ■.> /

«*. ■

Best Personolity


w Cops A n d G ow ns

1 Posror Anspoch of Derhiehem Lurheron Church, Reverend Horringron of The Church of Chhsr, ond Forher John Conwoy of Immoculore Heart of Mory Catholic Chruch await their presentations. 2 A few excited Seniors anricipore Daccelaureote while they wait in the lobby. 3 A proud father snaps some memories of his daughter ond her friends.

D accaloureote


Tuesday- June 2


Regina ZelinsRi honors Drion Gilberr wirh his Tri-Service Leadership award. 2. Nancy Lewis, Perer Ape! and John Dresheors receive congrorulorions from Mr. McDonald on rheir music scholarships. 3. Many of rhe Narional Merit Finolisrs and commended students ore recognized by Mr VoLiguro.


Com m encem ent 7 :3 0 p.m . W ednesday June 3 Griffith Gym

c ;’ ^

$w \#

a\ # "kj



■A 0^'# \'^ .. 0 ""' -V


-1 1

i t





Student Recognition

Rick Solgodo has been involved with rhe Topper Speech Team, rhe Hillralkers, for three years. During his senior year, he served as president, and he quickly earned the 500 point double ruby aw ard o f the Notional Forensic League. Rick also placed first on tw o levels o f rhe Am erican Legion Oratorical contest.

During rhe 1960-81 year, rhe special education students traveled around rhe store porridpoting In the Special Olympics. In Espanola, rhe students partlclpoted In a bowling tournament. Then they w ent downhill and cross-country skiing at Angel Fire. Ricky Chiles attended rhe Notional Special Olympics and placed third in downhill skiing. The students also rake parr in track and field, swimming and basketball.

(L to R) Robin Ainsworth, Jimmy Archeiero, Ricky Chiles, Liz MacMillan, Norm! Fulgenzi, Paul Gutoker, and Tina Sholek

164/Srudenr Recognirion

Leslie Vondergusr is an arhlere who concentrates her skills on tw o sports: volleyball and saftboll. She has been Involved in both sports for three years. For tw o years she has been a m em ber o f the Letterm en's Club, and os a senior, she was in All-District volleyball. She plans to attend N ew M exico State University in Las Cruces.

Dave Croasdell has been actively involved in three sports during his high school careen football, basketball, and track. Fie has been quarterbacking the football team since he was a sophom ore, and h e started playing varsity basketball os a Junior. In track, h e won third place in the Javelin at the 1980 Junior Olympics In Denver, Colorado. In addition to his athletic accomplishments. Dove was nom inated for the Tri-Service Leadership Aw ard, porridpored in the 1980 N ew M exico session o f Boys' State, and was chosen for Who's Who Am ong Am erican High School Students in both his Junior and senior years. He plans to attend Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington.

Student Recognition/165


This year, tw elve students w ere chosen as National Merit Scholarship Finalists. In the top plaure (L to FO ore Alan Godwin, John Gill, Je ff O'Dell, Sue Gross, Raye Ann Klebesadel and Louis Fuko. Pictured in the second photo ore Gory Shipley, John Dreshears, Am y Saxmon, Cathy Shera, Drion Bunker, and Dill Holt.

166/Srudenr Recognition

Marcus YorH is on oursronding musician. He is best know n for his abiliry to play the piano, bur h e also plays the viola and rhe violin. The N ew M exico Music Teachers' Assoclarion aw arded him rhe Oursronding Pionisr A w a rd rw o years running. Am ong rhe music courses h e has roken during high school are orchesrra, cham ber singers and sroge band. He plans ro orrend rhe O eveland Insrirure o f Music In Cleveland, Ohio.

Orion Gilberr received rhe Tri-Service Leadership aw ard during his senior year. The aw ard recognizes leadership abiliry and involvem enr in rhe communiry. Orion has been involved in Fellowship o f Chrisrians and Olions for rhree years and held rhe posirion o f an officer in borh orgonizarions. He has also been a parriciponr in m any o f rhe music courses offered here or rhe high school.

Srudenr Recognirion/167



The five students pictured above ore visiting Los Alam os and attending school here for the duration o f their stays. Each is from a different country. They ore (L-R) Lilionni Peterson (Drazil), M argaret Savory (England), Bin Djork Johonnesdorrir (Iceland), Gonzolo Torrodo (Uruguay), and Oysrein Ringsrod (Norway). A udrey Hakonson, Carrie Strong, and Corole Usner ore oil traveling ro foreign countries next year. Carrie is leaving for rhe Netherlands in lore August ond will remain there for one year. Corole, who is being sponsored b y rhe Rotary Club, will leave lore this sum m er for Drazil w here she will be living with three different families. A udrey Hakonson, o m em ber o f rhe Am erican Field Service, is heading for France in-June.

168/Srudenr Recognirion

Peter Ape! is a student who is very involved in music. He is on excellent drum m er and is involved in Sym phonic Band, Jazz Ensemble ond Orchestra. He also plays in the band Dilly Blastoff and the Retro Rockers, a group o f musically talented high school students. A t the West M esa Jazz Festival, Peter was honored os an outstanding soloist and he received a scholarship. Arlene Buchholz placed third in the Office Education Association's Regional competition in the category o f Accounting and Related II. This high placem ent m ade Arlene eligible to attend the State competition in Albuquerque. There, in the som e category, she placed second which qualified her for the Notional OEA competition to be held in San Antonio, Texas. She is the only student from Los Alamos to attend this competition which includes people from all o ver the country.

Srudenr Recognition/169

. xl A

John Gill, A m y Soxm on, Phil Cornwell, Orion Bunker, A ndy Eril^on, Arlene Duchholz and Je ff O'Dell w ere chosen os rhe oursranding science students during the 1980-81 school year. They w ere nom lnored b y rhe reochers In rhe science deporrm enr. Congrarularions!

I-1 -

Kori Holder is an excellent arhiere. She's been involved in volley boll ond softball, bur rhe sporr that she has excelled in rhe m ost is baskerball. Because o f her orhieric obiliry in this sporr, Karl was chosen ro be on rhe Norrh/Sourh. AITSror ream and rhe AITSrare first ream. She has also received a full scholarship or rhe University o f Oklahoma In Normon, Oklahoma.

I 1




170/Srudenr Recognirion

John Gill and Je ff O'Dell w ere chosen this y ea r os rhe recipients o f the Jo y W oodw ard Mem orial ^holorship. This aw a rd is given to rhe outstanding graduating seniors.

Srudenr Recognirion/171

Adminisrrarion (L-R): Joyce Deery, Assisronr Principal; Wiliam Valigura, Principal; Ship Dunn, Vice-Principal-


v> ^

Support Staff

Supporr Sraff (L-R): Giz Szalay, Kay Dyers, Terry Schlasser, Mary Tayiar.

Career Center

Career Cenrer (L-R): Mel Lora, Evelyne Giiberr.

,!â&#x2013; '


Physical Educarion Depanmenr (L-R): Anne Drown, Durr Duehrer, Emmy Srice, Dill Hudson.

Physicol Education Departm ent M oth Deportm ent

Marh Deparrmenr (L-R): David Langley, Roberr Nelron, Carhy Srrong, Mary Finch, Linda Fry, Srephony Douchier, Lee Schacrerle, Deverlie O'Dell. Nor picrured: Dill Smirh, Gordon Jones.

Mr. Cernicek srudying hard.


Social Studies D eportm ent

Social Srudies Deparrmenr (L-R): First Row- M ory Lou Williams, Derry DIocksrone, Marilyn Asbridge. Dock Row- Jock Drawer, Jam es Reiley, Mary Joe Lundy, Dobby ZilinskI, Jim Goerzinger, Marilyn Gooley. Nor piaured- Derry Aiello.

Business Deportm ent

Dusiness Deporrmeni (LR): Jerry Drown, Sharon York, Jolene Darrhell, Lucy Thomas, Jerilyn Thornron.

■:T '■'('•

I.M .C Staff

I.M .C Staff (L-R): Cheryl Srraub, Rosmorie Frederickson, Donnie Mabry, Marsha Flunr, Arlene Smith.


r 1

Pupil Personel

â&#x2013; %

Pupil Personel (L-R): Branding- Gordon Hoffman, Vic Dalla Derra, Tom Chrisrofferson, Tim Burns, M el Loro, Regina ZiUnski, David Driskell, Korhy Kernodle. SirringKoy Dyers, Mary Nichols, Dee Wilson, Jo y Deery, Evelyn Gilberr. Fine Arts Deparrmenr (L-R): FIrsr Row- Darbora Nurrer, Perr Jondecek, Jon McDonald. Dock Row- Don Deene, Leslie Doran, Sheldon Kolberg, Missing- Sue Mogon.

Fine Arts Departm ent


Industrial Arts D epartm ent

Indusrrial Arts Deparrmenr (LR): Branding- (Gordon Hoffman, Dab Vise!, Jim Race, David Richerr, Dob Marrin, Anderson Dobenson, John Henry, Dough Schnirer. Sirring- Jon Philips, Alice Lundberg, Barbara Nurrer, Morga Doedeker. MissingSran Primak. Foculry/175

Science Depanmenr: (L-R) 'Wilbur Derquisr, Dorothy Morgon, Tom Drown, Ruth Tier, Chris Foster, Cheryl Pongrarz, Robert Caswell, Robert Eikleberry.

Science Deportm ent Foreign Longuoge D eportm ent

Foreign Languague Deportment: (L-R) Soroh Duehrer, Alois Cernicek, Linda Anderson, Jessica Burns.

English Deportm ent

English Department: (L-R) Jean Cambell, Becky Shankbnd, Rick Thalman, Sharon Waldron, Nancy Terry, Jennifer Reglien, Inez Ross, Shirley Fries, Lois Sharp, Jeanne Whetstone, Joe Dowguslowski, Par Mendius, David Gutierrez.


Cham ber Singers Concert Choir Vi.

Pojorito Singers









Los Alam os Laboratory Youth D ay ’s r ^




'"--7— T.%,

• r«

A group o f Los Alamos High School srudenrs arrended a Youth Day at the Los Alamos Laboratory. They w ere Just one o f m any groups from this and other states who visited the laboratory over a three day period. In the morning the students attended lectures and various demonstrations. The afternoon was spent visiting the Om ega Site (a reactor), the Dtodbury Science Hall, Anteres (losers) and the Health T\eseorch Laboratory.


Concert Bond

1. Di/ly Welch anxiously woirs ro play rhe piano. 2. Joze Ensemble I ploys ar rhe Store Capiral for rhe Governor's wife and Senator Stoddard.


Ja zz Ensem ble I Ja zz Ensem ble II

Ja zz Ensem ble III


Mojorerres 1. Sreppin' our! 2. The con-can is srill alive and well in LANS. 3. Mojorerres (L ro R): Sher Colsron and Liz Kozubol.

Drill Team Drill Team. (L ro R): Sheryl Frodkin, Sandy Trujillo, Doni Ganno, Pom Trujillo, Erin Pirroski, and Louise Orrego.



1. Cheerleaders (L-R): Debbie Hudgeons, Kim Glover, Lydia Springer, Jolene Looney, Cora Wilson, Touni Roe, M ary Derh Siemon and Sandro Doehling. 2. Do you e ve r ger the feeling that you're being followed? 3. Melts In your mouth, not in your hand. 4. Learn to draw in three easy lessons.



Youth A nd Governm ent (Y.M.CA. Sponsored) Youth and Governm ent officers (L-R): Michele Roehling, Vice President; Chris Morris, President; Deth Holloran, Parliamentarian; Lindsay Price, Sergeant at Arms. Not PicturedKevin Orton, Treasurer; Jennie Bivins, Secretary.

Astronom y Club Astronom y Club (L-R): Karl Nielsen, Susanna Gross, Mrs. Ross, Richard Dissly, Alan Godwin.


K ey Club K ey Club officers (L-R): Laurie Voikin, Treasurer,Tom Pellerre, Vice Presidenr; Barbara Wadsrrom, Presidenr,Leslie Jones, Secrerory.

Olions Olions officers (L-R)-. Eric Von Marrer, Hisrorian; Nancy Parrridge Treasurer, Dororhy Foster, President; Martha Louer, Secretary; Jill Drake, VicePresident.


Arr Club A n Club (L-R): Ted Rush, Todd Morrison, Leslie Henderson, Mrs. Doran, Lacey Keel [kick Row (L-R): Becky Nuedecker, Celia Murschlecrner, Chris Crandall, Jahn Machin, Shawn DeGasper, John Wrighr.

Chess Club fli

Chess Club (L-R): Richard Keel, Lisa Horn, Andy HwangCaprain, Allen Morris, Ernest Visarriagas, Mr. Block, Victor Gibbs.


Honor Society (L-R): Phillip Cornwell, David Fritz, Dean Dorr, Tom Lomkin, Je ff O'Dell, John Gill, A m y Soxman, Margaret Patterson, Karen Eutsler, Darboro Hopkins, Kim Hafer, John Dreshears, Brian Gilbert, Lyn M enlove, Gail Sherman, Ray Ann Klebesadel, Julie Jensen, Holly Jacobson.

Honor Society Honor Society Officers (L-R): Vice-President, Phiilip Cornwell, President, Je ff O'Dell; Secretary, Nancy Lewis, Treasurer, Chris Serna.

Speech Team speech Team (L-R): DaVid Dory, Cheryl Craig, Laura Mosley, Kelly Richmond, Anne Wood, Lee Douke, Ann Morrison, Ernest Visorriagos, Rick Salgodo.

Orgonizations/18 7

o .

E. A. O .E A. (L-R): Shirley Carr, Terry CdeDoca, Anne Porrerson, Cheryl Ledberrer, Georgia Joramillo, Julie Nichols, Jackie Dyers, Kerry Johnson, Shelly Pederson, Debbie Woshburn, Carhy Dugan.

A rcheology Club Archeology Club (L-R): Anne Thayer, Keith Sherwood, Mrs. Doran, Suzanna Gross, Darbaro Hopkins.

Game Club (L-R): Ken London, Darbaro Hopkins, Keith Sherwood, Scorr Morgan, Mike Mitchell, John Pock, Mark Tomsiok, Dob Forman, Drian Dunker.



I r u Q b t e t




G a

m e



Lenerm en’s Club: Fronr Row (L-R): Doreen Bush, Sara Anderson, Lori Lodobour, Kris SroKes, Am y Lucero, Karl Holder, Mary Derh Siemon, Jolene Looney, and Thresa Taylor. Dads row (L-R): David Croasdell, Jobie Cobbell, Monre Henderson, J.J. Dusromonre, Lawrence Kwei, and Vicror Moralas.

Letterm en Club

• a

- ..






Wj sm »

Foreign Exchange 1


1. Foreign Exchange (L-R): Oysrein Ringstod (Norway), Anne Diencourr (France), Margaret Savory (England), and Gonzalo Torrado (Uruguay). Nor Pictured; Regina Koziol (Switzerland) and Lilianni Peterson (Brazil). 2. ToKe it on the run. 3. Anne viewing Los Alamos High School.


M a y Day- A G reat Success For Student Council For rhe first rime in Los Alam os High's history o M ay Day was sponsored b y Student Coundl. On Friday, M oy 8, school was dismissed for one day for students to attend M oy Day. In rhe morning, each hom e room com pleted cleon-up projects. Oeon-up projects Included picking up trash, planting bushes and trees, and pointing garbage cans. In the ofrernoon, gom es w ere offered. Such gom es included the three-legged race, potato sock race, ond a class competition tug-ofwar. The even t was o great success and a lor o f fun for everyone.







1. Well, You don 'r say 2 A Youth in Governm ent m eeting 3. I got it. 4. W e're the champs.


■ ■



s p e c ia l


^i 1

1 Liz MacMillan, Tina Shoiek, and Suzl Prueirr are quick wirh a smile. 2.


Special Education (L to R): Suzl Prueirr, aide; Paul Gutacker; Liz MacMillan,- Ricky Chiles,Robin Ainsworth; Norma Fulgenzi; Jimmy Archulero; Tina Shalek,- and Ed DeLair, Special Education teacher. Peek-o-boo, som eone's watching you!


Youth LA A R C i


A I 1- Officers: Darbara Wodsrrom, secretary; Carole Usner, President; and Sara Shalek, Vice President. 2. Mr. Ed DeLair, hard at work. 3. Youth LAARC (L to R).- Front Row — Yolanda Vigil, Nancy Dest, Carrie Strong, Barbara V/adsrrom. Second R ow — Theresa Taylor, Joe Welsh, Jennifer Shinn, Lisa Coll, Sandra Tatro. Third R ow — Sheryl Fradkin, Carole Usner, Sara Shalek, Roxanne Collins, Sheila Long, Janet Dennis, Sara Anderson. Fourth Row — Chris Serna, Louis Fuko, Kelly Lawrence. Marcy Williams. Margaret Patterson, Carol Menzel.



1. It’s nor just for breakfast anymore. 2. Urbane Cowboy. 3. Hot o ff the press. 4. Super Jocks? 5. Now what, StonP


li V'


■ -V-J-

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Los Alamos High School 1981 Yearbook  

Los Alamos High School 1981 Yearbook

Los Alamos High School 1981 Yearbook  

Los Alamos High School 1981 Yearbook