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Los Alamos High School 1300 Diamond Drive Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544

The statements in the opening section of the yearbook were written by the staff. These tie in with the theme; W e Will Never Pass This Way Again. This theme was chosen because our years in high school are special times - times we will have only once. Thanks must be given to everyone who has helped make this yearbook possible, especially Mr. Thalman for his time, patience, and hard work. Martha Silbert, editor

1978 La Loma Staff - (kneeling) Dawn Morris; (left-right) Denise Ferdinand. Kelley Gillis, Michele Garcia, Carol Montague, Sharon Seitz, Bernie Apel, Chris Furnish, Marilyn Myers, Donna Inglis, Jean Stratton, Brian Myers, Martha Silbert, Kathy Petrie, Keith Harlow, Trina Everhart, Tami Sherwood, Joan Gardner, Julia Evans, Teresa Neudeker; (not pictured) Bob Neill and Candy Russell.

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Bottom Left: Football is a collision sport Right: P.E. pow-wow Bottom: Gary doing his thing

rrj â– - i '

Tucked away behind all the expectations is the realization that we must live this time of our lives to the fullest, for we will never pass this way again.

Above Left: Walking a line Above Right: Reflection of the past Left: The quietness of being alone

r /


Top: Colleen Martell deep in thought. Above: Tami waits for class. Middle Right: Lisa Kellog and Mark Rislove pause between classes. Right: "Who says school can't be fun?"

Echos of the past shall never be heard over the voices of the present.

Top; Peek-a-boo! Middle Left: "What's happening back there?" asks Chris Shera. Above: And you think you have problems. Left: Jim can't believe Scott's studying.


(>1 it. .'f l-C'J*

We hold on to moments that will never reoccur.

Opposite Page - Top Left: Mrs. Boedeker giving instructions Top Right: A moment alone Bottom: Lynne smiles, "Ain't love grand!" Top Left: A unique Homecoming disguise Top Right: "Yuk, this is terrible." Bottom Left: Taking a break Bottom Right: Togetherness is Richard and Robin

Top; Brian Henderson- The Tootsie Pop Kid. Right; "I'm proud to be a what?" asks Lisa. Far Right; Dana and friend. Opposite Page-Top; Penel Metropolis and John Teel; the joys of living. Left; Little Boy Who? Middle Right; "Say what?" Bottom Right; The steps to learning.


Though time continues on, never ending, our minds are filled with memories of yesterday.


We will look back on the laughter and tears . . . and remember


Opposite Page - Top Left: "Hello Marian" Top Right: Is Julia ticklish? Bottom: What is going on Diane?

Top: Laughter in the sun Lower Left: Barton tied up in knots Lower Right: Mechanically inclined


The future is full of hopes and dreams soon to become memories.


Opposite Page-Far Left: Sarah Dummer and Diana Call entering scene. Bottom: Mrs. Mendius gives Nick Ekdahl some English wisdom. Bottom Left: Men's Lib. Ear Left: Cafeteria Style. Above Right: Janice Worlton says, "No pictures please." Top: Kelly Banks and Kelly Greenelawn lounging. Above: Alias Smith and Jones.


The days slipped by us leaving only memories of the times that were.

Top Right: Trucking to class Middle Left; Frank doing his thing Middle Right: "Hey you guys" Right; A meeting of the minds



Top: Here comes the bus! Bottom Left: Together as one Bottom Right: Rene passes the time away


Today's experiences are tomorrow's memories.


Opposite Page-Top Right: John Dummer's table manners. Bottom Left: Sharon Gilbert, Carrie Morris and Debbie Matheson-the gourmets of L.A. Bottom Right: A man-eating locker?

I i


Top Left: English class can be a decapitating experience. Top Right: Elaine DeMarsh and Tessa Lippiatt striking up the band. Bottom Left: Peter Perotti and his Thirst Quencher. Above: Who are these masked men?






kfcÂť' f

.'' ' ‘

Topper Season, 5-5; State Hopes Dashed After the Toppers lost their first three games of the season, they battled back to a 5-5 finish, ending 3-3 in district play. With only two games remaining and a change to make the playoffs, the team was upset by a spirited Gallup team, 20-14. The final game of the season saw the Toppers bounce back and drop the Grants Pirates, 27-18.


Upper left: Topper defensive unit prepares to attack. Far left: Topper Mark Archuleta returns interception against Albuquerque High. Left: Les Doehling leaps high for another LA first down. Bottom left: Raul Morales looks at camera, but forgets the ball. Bottom right: West Mesa players attempt to block Tony Brown's point after. Jim Cabell is the holder. Opposite Page - Above: Quarterback Brian Henderson finds daylight in the West Mesa defense. Center: Oops! The Topper offense forgets the ball carrier. Below: Steve Kuehl catches the pass. Les Doehling looks on.


Soccer Team Captures State Title The LANS soccer team capped a brilliant season by capturing the state championship. The overall season record was 12-2-2. Los Alamos scored a total of 66 goals, compared to the opponents' 19 goals. The leading scorers were Rich Allen and Danny McCarthy. The varsity coach was Mr. Cernicek. The final JV record was 3-1-4. Bob Carlos was their coach.


Varsity team {opposite page - left to right) - front row: Todd Jameson, Byron Wilson, Herbie Vogel, Phil Rink, Danny McCarthy, David Volkin, Mahlon Wilson, Chris Bradley, Robert Ungnade; (back row) Mark VanSoelen, Rich Allen, Johan Linder, Clare Dunning, Steve Schneider, Tom Cady, Lee Slice, Jim Thayer, Mark Vanatta, Rick Smale. Right: Pellette moves the ball down the field. Left: McCarthy attempts to work the ball free. JV team (left to right) - front row: Molly Cernicek, Sakrah Blewett, Charles Hill, Ed Tucker; (second row) Eric Tisinger, Carol Cady, David Fugelso, Tom Pellette, Jamie McCabe; (third row) Randy Bergen, Doug Schneider, Art Zemach, Paul Yasuda; (back row) Joe Mason, Darrin Cairns, Ned Parrish, Dave Lockett.

fit Varsity Soccer Scores Opponent Menaul Santa Fe Prep NMSD Sandia Santa Fe High Albuquerque High Santa Fe Prep Albuquerque Academy NMSD Santa Fe High Albuquerque Academy Albuquerque High Albuquerque High Albuquerque Academy


Girls Hockey: A Lasting Spirit The girls' hockey team may not have savored many victories, but they never lost their spirit. They finished the season with a 1-8-1 record. Most of the girls on the team this year were seniors. Some indicated a desire to go on and play field hockey in college. There will be seven girls returning to play next year.

' ’ A .r ' .

“ "5 ^ u

■ * :


w:^ yl\t Top Right: Stick it to 'em. Above: (L-R)- Bottom Row: Margaret Hwang, Rebecca Plassmann, Teresa Worlton, Susan Bennett, Kathy Petrie, Janice Worlton, Gretchen Graves, Lisa Sarwinski, jacoi Mann, Gillian Cushing; Top: Mrs. Byers (coach), Carla Tinkle, Martha Perkins, Barbara Myers, Bernie Apel, Elaine DeMarsh, Jo Ann M ezins, Joni Gehre, Donna Inglis, Ellen Vandergust, Kate Marsh (manager) Lower Right: Gillian helps Lisa with defense.


. .. v. " ;:X "

' i








■ '■ . '

Runners Stepping Up The Los Alamos High School cross country team had many individual accomplishments. The team, though, placed last in district with Jerry Lucas coming in 31st. Peter Bertino, Don Bowersox, Tom Merson, Steve Myers, and* John Schrandt came in behind Lucas. Because there are no seniors, they will keep practicing and hopefully do better next year. Top Left: Varsity-Top(L-R) Tom Merson, Jerry Lucas, Don Bowersox, Peter Bertino; Bottom: Steve Myers, John Schrandt Middle Right: And the race is on Bottom Right: Top(L-R) Greg Barthell, Mark Munyon; Bottom: Mike Bowersox, Tom Schott, Greg McQueen, David Scolman Bottom Left: Merson makes his way through the course. Middle Left: Lucas moves up along the trail.

•’ >

' 'j ^ " '- ^ ^ ' l ^

Spikers Take Third In District The 1977 volleyball team jumped to third in district competition. They were helped by the six seniors dominating the team, along with four juniors. West Mesa beat the Toppers in both district and conference games, while we held off every other team except for Santa Fe. The season record was 7-8, and the conference record was five wins and two losses. The team was coached by Mrs. Jeanne Quinn, who has now coached for two seasons.


Opposite Page; Top Left - Megan Cunningham sends ball flying. Top Right: Sherre Lilley spikes the ball over outstretched opponents. Bottom: Varsity Team (L to R) Top Row - Sherre Lilley, Susan Chorn, Susan Foster, Sherry Pequette, Laura Smith, Coach Jeanne Quinn; Bottom

Row - Donna Johnson, Sheri O'Brien, Patti Lury, Jenny Lovato, Anna Atencio. This page: Top - JV Team, (L to R) Top Row - Laurie Glascock, Diana Phillips, Valerie Hahn, Stephie Williams, Megan Cunningham, Coach Vicki Christofferson; Bottom Row: Margie

Tatro, Tammy Tucker, Susan Spingler, Laurie Russell, Emily Guenette, Leslie Randolph. Bottom Left: Laurie Glascock and Emily Guenette repel attempted score by rivals. Bottom Right: Stephie Williams spikes the ball, while Margie Tatro lends support.


Top Right: Mike Burns ^tting into the action while Kevin Johnson watches intensely. Far Right: Jim Cochran-Let the competition beware! Bottom Left: Mark Jacobson is persistant about his passing. Bottom Right: Johnny Martinez shows how it's done



Far Left: Mike Burns looks for an opening. Below: Hot Potato! Left: Tom Cady puts one up. Bottom Left: "Boy, that Gatorade really gave me a lift!"

Hilltoppers Finish Season 13-11 The 1977-78 Varsity Basketball team ended their season with a 13-11 record. Johnny Matinez had the highest scoring average with a 15.5. Mike Duffy led the team in free throws (82 % ), assists (61) and steals (39), He also made the North-South team. Mike Burns put in 55 % of his shots to lead the team in shooting while Kevin Johnson led in rebounds with a total of 182. Returning next year will be Burns and Jim Cochran. The JV team finished their season 9-9 and C team finished with an impressive 14-1


Left; Would you please get Off my back? Top: Varsity Team — Front row (LR); Johnny Martinez, Kyle Elliot, Mike Duffy, Scott Larkin, Matt Price and Mark Jacobson. Back row: Coach Jim Higgins, Todd Monaghan (manager), Terry Burge, Tom Cady, Mike Burns, Phil Hackman, Kevin Johnson, Mike Alexander, Jim Cochran, Richard Wood and Ronnie Parker (manager). Right: Hey you guys — stick 'em 'up!


I k

Top left; Junior Varsity Front (L-R): Steve Contreras and Happy Cuerette, Back (L-R): Brad Merhege, Manuel Lopez, David Brooks, Craig Stanhope, Andrew Schlosser, Dan Hackman, John Higgen, Steve Blackstone, Phil Ulibarri, Scott Brown and Coach Joe Segar. Top Right: What goes up must come down but this is ridiculous! Middle Left; Fight for possession. Left: Mark Jacobson sets it up and puts it in. Above: C Team Front (L-R): Louie Sandoval, Ron Pequette, Craig Butler, Marvin Katko, Mark Beene and Joe Vigil. Back (L-R): Gilbert Ratliff, John Polzer, Rick Brinkley, John Marinuzzi, Ben Murphy, Dar Bijarchi, Bill Sanders and Coach Bill Smith.


Girls Basketball Spirited Season Girls' Basketball made up for their poor record with a lot of spirit and dedication. This was coach Doug Anderson's first year and there were many new adjustments. The team will lose three Seniors: Sherre Lilley, Gail Murphy and Gretchen Graves, which will leave many talented players returning.


> ^ Opposite Page - Top; Back Row (LR) Roberta Todd, Martha Trella, Jean Stratton, Debbie Baber, Karen Kruse, Front Row: Megan Cunningham, Bernie Sue Sherman, Lynn Allen, jobie Cabbell, Diana Phillips, Coach jo Helen Cabbell Middle Left: Boxing in the offense. Middle Right: Jobie goes for a lay up. Bottom Left: An awkward ballet. Bottom Right: Hey, I'll get it! Top Left: "Hey Alice, I'm on your team," says Kari. Top Right: Shirley steps on the competition. Middle Left: Patti says, "Ready or not, here I come." Middle Right: Alice possesses concentration plus. Bottom Standing (L-R) Coach Doug Anderson, Teri Monaghan, Jean Stratton, Sherri Lilley, Alice Sandstrom, Gretchen Graves, Sherri Pequette, Pam Baker (manager). Bottom Shirley Ruiz, Loradawn Stone, Anna Atencio, Kari Holder, Gail Murphy


LAHS Gymnasts Tumble To Third The 1977-78 gymnastics team had a fair season. The record for varsity was 5-8 and for junior varsity it was 7-3. Varsity took third in district competition, and fifth in regionals. Karen Stokes was the only member who qualified for state, taking a sixth and a seventh in that competition. The team was young and will be losing three seniors: Marilyn Myers, Elaine DeMarsh, and Kate Marsh. Ten gymnasts will be returning for the next season. Judy Mast completed her second season as head coach. Her assistant and jV coach was Jill Bye.




Opposite Page: Top: Top row (l-r) JV Team-Laura Skinner, Martha Dummer; Middle row-Janet Butler, Laurie Volkin; Bottom row-Teri Grenier, Jenny Wecksund, Sandy Beery, Marie Springer, coach Jill Bye. Bottom: Varsity-(l-r) top-Elaine DeMarsh, Valerie Sanchez, Lisa Spirio, Liz Ryan, Shelly Gibbs, Kim Williamson, Cynthia Duong-Van: Bottom row-Kate Marsh, Laura Paas, Mary Schelonka, Annie Menzel, Karen Stokes, Marilyn Myers, Susie Bennett, coach Judy Mast.

Top Left: I saw a robin do this once! Top right: Shelly Gibbs in a graceful moment during floor exercise. Middle: Relaxing at work. Bottom Left: Anticipating the next move. Bottom right: How's that coach?


Two Matemen Place; Season Record 7-7 The LA wrestling team split their season with a 7-7 record. Coach Tom Brown entered his matmen in five tournaments, placing first in one of them. The Toppers traveled to Santa Fe for the St. Mike's tourney. When they left they took a little bit of history with them . . . the first place trophy. It was the first time in 25 tournaments that the Horsemen haven't retained the crown. At State the Hilltoppers placed 14th and 46 points. Both senior matmen. Clay Ramsey (167 lbs.) and Richard Hammer (185 lbs.), placed fourth.

V Top Right; Hammer shows a Monarch how to wrestle. Middle Right: Varsity - Bottom Row (L-R) F. Lee, M. Archuleta, A. Morales, V. Serda, D. Apel, J.D. Molleur; Top Row - R. Holt, R. Hammer, M. Hammer, C. Ramsey, D. Kriz, R. Ramsey, J. Novak. Above; Archie meditates in mid air. Right: J.V.-Bottom Row (L-R) B. Waskobiak, V. Serda, B. Ray, D. Archuleta, T. Pollat, A. Orlicky; Top Row - j. Vikdahl, D. Kriz, J. D. Molleur, K. Crawford, E. Tisinger, J. Marts, Coach Hayes



Top Left: Coach Brown consults with LA's masked man Jeff Novak before his match. Middle Right: Little Hammer shows how to wrestle on the mat. Bottom Left: Ramsey moves to the top. Bottom Right: Big Hammer holds on.


■ ^ ;f« T .-» AVJI*--'



■f?- -v^irs. V -".I'd E .-**^ V /'* —'1-

«« ab ^


J ^

’^ 4--V

Top Left: Carl's off to a quick relay start. Top Right: Churning to victory. Middle: I can blow a bubble this big. Bottom: Mike and Eric await their times. Opposite Page-Top: A close race down the homestretch. Middle: Landing Flaps down, Steph. Bottom Left: Tina displays her winning form. Bottom Right: Kathy catches a quick breath.


^ '- ' •!

- - V- .-.i- ' ■ ■ ••■

Swimmers Win 3 Straight Titles The Topper swimmers filled the season with many thousands of yards of hard swimming each day. Their efforts were rewarded on February 25 when both teams walked off with the State Championships for the third straight year. On the road to those victories, the girls completed an undefeated season and the boys won all but two meets. 50, 100, 200, and 500 freestyles. The 100 and 200 also set Upham set new time standards in the New Mexico State High School records. Jeff Caird set a new record in the 200 I.M. The team of Karl Manthei, Eric tier, Caird, and Upham set a school and state record in the 400 freestyle relay. Kathy Daniels set a new LAHS record for the 100 breaststroke and; Becky Wechsler, Daniels, Vicki Romero, and Sue Wolfe set a new school record for the 400 freestyle relay.


Top Right: Mike is congratulated for his record-breaking performance Top Left: Tina shows off the first place trophy. Middle: 1. Omar Juveland, 2. Karl Manthei, 3. Mike Upham, 4. Jeff Caird, 5. Voil Latten, 6. Steve Walterschied, 7. Becky Wecksler, 8. Dan Enger, 9. Craig Russel, 10. Randy Hyer, 11. Mike Kazek, 12. Peter Gram, 13. Kathy Daniels, 14. Vicki Romero, 15. Erin Hyer, 16. Tina Malanify, 17. Marika Mcleod, 18. Sue Wolfe, 19. juli Stewart, 20. Stephanie Stoddard, 21. Mary Long, 22. Janet Woods Bottom: We're number one! 44

Kris Captures States Biggest Senior linkster Kris Monaghan captured state honors and led the girls' team to a second place title. Senior Mike Clancy, after placing 5th in district, moved up a notch at state by placing 4th.



.•• Upper Left: Clancy holes another. Upper Right: Boys' Varsity Squad (LR): Chris Blewett, Craig Butler, Mike Clancy and Mark Sandoval. Middle Left: Kris shows how it's done. Middle: Two LA men wait their turn. Bottom: Girls' Varsity Squad: Anita Sarwinski, Laura Cosimi, Terry Monaghan, and Kris Monaghan.


Right; Concentration plus. Far right: Hal uses his powerful backhand. Below: Larry returns a volley during doubles. Bottom: (I to r) Back rowGilbert Ratliff, Hal Demuth, Anthony Saponara, Perry Collier, and Greg Duran. Front row-David Brazier, Mike Rowley, Mike Duran, Mark Haberstitch, and Coach Boguslawksi.


â– >




^ ^^

Netters Qualify For State The girls' tennis team had only one state qualifier,Tia Sargent. The three seniors that are leaving the team are Lori Ballance, Dori Hafer and Kay Olsen. Five girls will be returning next year. The boys team had three state qualifiers: Hal Demuth, Larry Alei and Greg Duran. Mike Rowley and Hal Demuth will be graduating, leaving seven returning lettermen.

Top Left: Laura Smith with a powerful serve. Above: (I to r) Margie Tatro, Val Hahn, Dori Hafer, Lori Ballance, Tia Sargent, Kay Olsen, Laura Smith, Cecilia Duran. Bottom Left: Dori in action! Bottom Right: Low scoop by Lori.

The girl's softball team experienced a mediocre season, winning 5 out of 13 games. Play was good, but inconsistent. The team will lose six seniors. Jennie Lovato received the trophy for most valuable player, awarded to her by coaches Vicki Christofferson and Jeanne Quinn. Pictured on the center of the page is the 1977-1978 team. Top Row (L-R) D. Baker, Manager, S. Spingler, K. Shutz, S. King, J. Lovato, L. Poe. Center Row, L. Randolph, E. Vandergust, T. Tucker, C. Ledbetter, N. Sandoval, D. Mitchell, R. Martinez, K. Hawkinson. Bottom Row, T. M oore, J. Vallejos, S. O'Brien, K. Holder, J. Koepke, G. Murphy.

Girl': Season Shaky

Top Right: Softball is not a spectator sport. Center: 1978 Softball Team. Lower Right: Ellen anticipating. Below Center: Debbie shows her quickness. Lower Left: Carolyn: Power hitter!




\ Upper Left: Karen puts forth all her effort. Upper Right: Excitement brings Jennie to her feet. Center: Practice makes perfect. Left: Teamwork!


Right: Lex Cash bites the dust. Middle Left: Gary is flying high. Middle: Henderson leads the way. Middle Right: Raul in flight over the hurdles. Bottom Left: Marc shoots out of the blocks. Bottom Right: Phil clears the high jump. Opposite page: Left: The agony of running. Right: Scott Pollat heaves the javelin. Bottom: The 1978 Track Team.


The 1978 boys' track team finished first at district under the first year coaching of Larry Jeffryes. The Toppers sent eight boys to state, with Raul Morales taking first in the 180 yd. low hurdles with a time of 19.8 seconds, setting a new school record and second in the 120 yd high hurdles with a time of 14.7 seconds. Junior jerry Lucas finished a strong fourth in the 880 yd. run with a time of 1:59:3. Steve Kuehl qualified for state in the 100 yd dash and the 220 yd dash. The 880 relay team of Craig Russell, Jim Weeks, Raul Morales, and Steve Kuehl failed to qualify for the finals at state, but ran a time of 1:32.2. Dan Hackman went in the high jump after placing 2nd at district. Scott Pollat competed in the javelin after placing first at district. Brian Henderson also qualified in the 440 yd run.


Thinclads Take First In District





-k w


Opposite page Bottom: Diana Phillips clears the bar. Top left: First one over is the winner. Top right: 1978 Girl's Track Team Front (L-R): Lori Guerrero, Julia Evans, Pam Gutierrez, Lisa Sarwinski, Chris Conn and Lisa Cash. Middle: Barb Meyers, Karen McKibbin, Lynette Ross, Martha Trela, Becky Wechsler, Laurie Helmick, Carol Cady and Sherre Lilley. Back: Coaches Diane Hyer, Stan Petermeier and Craig Hippie.

Right: Are you sure girls are supposed to have muscles? Above: Blurred vision Top: Pam Gutierrez and Martha Trela make a successful handoff. Upper left: Debbie waits for her heat.


^-.J^V ':■ ■'/ i t f / .- ^ .f ^ , , .*- '» V

* *'■ * " , ■ •

,i'" » * '

■ ' / '

• •’

Girls Take 4th At State Level The Girls' 1978 Track Team finished first in district competition and went on to take fourth at state with a total of 22 points. The Toppers took two seconds, two thirds and one fourth place. Senior Sherre Lilley took second in the discus with a throw of 116' 6". Carol Cady followed with a fourth place. Pam Gutierrez placed second in the 220 as well as third in the 100 yard dash. The 880 yard relay team of Gutierrez, Laurie Helmick, Martha Trela and Debblie Blake came in third.


1 :vY

Team Effort Lands State Crown This year's Topper baseball team surprised the state, city and school by an unpredicted 5-2 state crown win over Sandia High School. The teams overall season record was 15-10, grabbing a second in district play. The relatively young team showed miraculous talent this year and will have a very promising and rewarding season next year. Only three starters will graduate this year. Back will be standouts Tony Brown, Joe Giacolone, Bill Sanders, and Chuck Kercher.

Opposite Page Top: Brown takes a breather. Opposite Page Middle: LA Topper in full swing. Opposite Page Bottom: Coach Townsend congratulates Jim Cabbell on a good fielding play. This page Top: (L-R) Asst. Coach B. Townsend, C. Bennett, M. Siglock, J. Cabbell, J. Giacolone, S. Blackstone, B. Sanders, S. Larkin, M. Price, j. Cochran, B. Murphy, E. Orton, G. Shelton, Coach Anderson Bottom Row; M. Duffy, J. DesGeorges, D.P. Phillips, A. Ehart, K. Stokes, M. Hammer, T. Brown, G. Knapp, C. Kercher, Asst. Coach Max. Middle: joe Giacolone gives the photographer an awe inspiring gaze. Bottom: Unidentified Topper attempts a second base steal.




Richard Dunn, Assistant Princi­ pal

Robert Castille, Dean of Student Affairs


Upper Left: (L-R) Mrs. Higgins, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Hegler, Mrs. Barthell, Mrs. Hippie, Mrs. Milligan Upper Right: Mrs. Hippie deep in thought. Lower Left: Mrs. Barthell is moving in for the skill. Lower Middle: "CHEESE" Lower Right: Mrs. Thomas, "The Watchful Eye."



Below; Sitting (L-R) Mrs. Terry, Ms. Reglien, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Shankland, Mrs. Cambell, Mrs. Mueller. Standing — Mrs. Whetstone, Mrs. Aiello, Mrs. Mendius, Mrs. Fries, Mrs. DeKoker, Mrs. Waldron, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Metropolis. Upper Right; A quiet moment for Mr. BogusLawski. Lower Left; Mr. Blinde to the rescue. Left; (L-R) Mr. Hayes, Mr. Black, Mr. Thalman.

Foreign Language

Upper Left: Front Row- Mrs. Stice, Mrs. Burns. Back Row, Mrs. Miller Mr. Cernicek, Mr. Mojica. Upper Right: Mrs. Burns flashes the pearly whites. Middle Left: Mr. Cernicek intent on teaching. Middle Right: Mrs. Miller is your friendly neighborhood French teacher. Right: Mr. Mojica prepares for another day.


Upper Left: No, Mrs. Dye isn't shy. Middle Left: (L-R) Mrs. Milligan, Mrs. Dye, Mr. Visel, Mrs. Dodson, Mrs. Brackhann, Mrs. Mabry, Mrs. Critchfield. Middle Right: The many joys of reading. Lower Left: Mrs. Mabry mulls over book orders. Lower Right: "Who said that?"



Industrial Arts Below: Mr. Fox demonstrates the use of a camera. Right; Mrs. Nutter, Mr. Cambell, Mr. Fox, Mr. FHiggins, Mr. Bard. (Not Pictured: Petr Jandacek, Jason Daly) Middle: Mr. Towsend working away. Lower Left: Mrs. Boedeker and Mrs. Kalberg prepare the kitchen for another day. Lower Right: Mr. Phillips with a knowing smile.


I 62

, â–






Upper Left: Mrs. Strong is loaded down with the work. Left: Mrs. Prommel peals in the numbers. Middle: Another day at the grindstone for Mrs. Finch. Top Right: Top Row - Mr. Starr, Mr. McGauran; Middle Row: Mrs. Strong, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Finch. Bottom Row: Mr. Schachterle, Mrs. Lindsey, Mrs. Aragon. Lower Right: Mrs. Barrett hard at it.


Far Right: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do. Lower Right: Seated -Mrs. Nutter. Standing - Mr. Kalberg, Mr. McDonald, Mr. Beene. Right: Now that I know that this is a baton, what am I to do with it? Below: And them mama bear said . . Bottom: I can't believe I ate the whole thing.



r I

Upper Left: Mr. Buehrer skates the day away. Above: Mr. Buehrer, Mrs. Byers, Mr. Prommel, Mrs. Quinn, Mr. Hudson. Middle: There's only two things that you have to remember. .. Lower Right: He's at it again! Lower Left: Mr. Prommel gets down on the wrestlers.


Pupil Personnel Top: (L-R) Mr. Dalla Betta, Mr. Koch, Mrs. Cooley, Mr. Christofferson, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Waldron, Mrs. Zilinski, Mr. Lichty, Mrs. Hewitt, Mrs. Willis, Mrs. Glover, Mrs. Rowen, Mr. Dunn Middle left: Counselors lend an attentive ear. Middle right: A happy counselor? Bottom: "Me? Not again! I . ,.



Left: Ms. Cordova, Mr. Caswell, Mrs. Pongratz, Mr. Eikleberry, Mrs. Morgan, Mr. Asbelle, Mrs. Church Mid Left: Mrs. Pomgratz lectures on earth science. Middle: Mr. Caswell warming smile. Mid Right: Faculty meetings will get you everytime. Bottom: Ms. Cordova and class work on individual labs.


Social Studies

Upper Right: Sitting - Mr. Reiley, Mrs. Porter, Mr. Shinn, Standing Mrs. Aiello, Mr. Haller, Mr. Zilinski, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Blackstone. Far Left: Mr. Shinn with his new baby. Middle: Mrs. Blackstone constant smile. Right: Mr. Geotzinger is involved with chefs' club Bottom Left: Mr. Zilinski lays on the charm. Bottom Right: Mr. Berteloot gives a retirement smile.


Support Personnel Top: (L-R) Office - Terry Schlosser, Giz Szalay, Nancy Warnes Middle left: Mr. Sandoval taking a supper break. Middle right: (L-R) Custodians Fidel Romero, Rudolpho Trujillo, Benito Roybal, Pedro Atencio, Michael Vigil, Oralia Trujillo, Hector Atencio, Cruz Perez, Jose Sandoval Bottom left: (L-R) Cafeteria - Oddie Garcia, Bernie Scarberry, Carol Sanchez, Lorna Copper, Susie Vigil, Lucille Brode Bottom right: Lending a helping hand.




Some students get involved. Some students get really involved . .. and then there's Peter Pierotti. Peter represented New Mexico at the annual Boys Nation Meeting held in Washington D.C. Peter worked with Student Council, and served as Student Body President and Vice President. He was also active in Hilltalkers and the National Honor Society. In speech, he topped the 500 point mark.

Student Recognition Mike Johnson was the 1977 Bellamy representative for Los Alamos High School. Along with sixteen other representatives, Mike traveled to Princeton High School in Princeton, WV to attend the 36th Bellamy Award Presentation. All representatives stayed with host families and attended classes at the high school. The representatives also gave speeches and presented gifts to the school.


Tony Davis was chosen from hundreds of applicants as the Century III Leaders winner from the State of New Mexico. His outstanding essay and leadership potential were rewarded with a $1,000 scholarship and an all­ expense-paid trip to Williamsburg, Va. There he and other young leaders met to discuss the critical issues and needs of our country today.

National Honor Society (Seated, L-R): Mike Sandford, Alice Sandstrom, Lori Lindstorm, Gail Barlich, Penel Metropolis, Jean Stratton, Lauren Carlson, Marieke McLeod, (Standing, L-R) Kelli jo juveland, Dawn Wolfsberg, Teresa Neudecker, Stacy Swartz, Barbie Bame, Catherine Jones, Hilary Coon, Anne Schermer, Brenda Dingus, Janice Worlton, Kathy Petrie, Ann Vidale, Shelly Earl, Doug Lora, Joe Hanold, George Bell, Honey Moore, Julia Evans, and Phyllis Flaugh


Los Alamos High School has always produced exceptional swimmers, but this is only the second year in the school's history that a LAHS student has placed first at Junior National Competition. Senior Mike Upham earned the honor this spring in Huntsville, Ala. with the outstanding time of 1:54.28 in the 200 yard Individual Medley. He was also one of the top five finishers in the 100, the 200, and the 500 yard Freestyles, and helped the 800 yard Freestyle Relay team and the 400 Medley Relay teams to their second and fourth place finishes, respectively.

/ ^


’ '


’■ "





■■ •



i 0 t .

The Speech Team yielded three Double Ruby Winners this year. Seniors Dawn Wolfsberg, Alecia Norman, and Peter Pierotti (pictured on page 72) all earned 500 or more competition points to qualify for this award. Dawn Wolfsberg earned her 574 points in the areas of Debate and Girls Extemporaneous Speaking. Alecia Norman won points in Original Oratory, Debate, and Girls Extemporaneous Speaking for a total of 556. Peter Pierotti competed in Debate and Dramatical Interpretation to earn 604 points. 74

Brian Henderson, Gail Barlich, Alice Sandstrom, Jean Stratton, and Tony Brown (pictured left to right) were chosen as the 1978 West Point Leadership Award Nominees. They were selected by the faculty because of their leadership potential and involvement in school functions. The nominees were interviewed at Kirtland Air Force Base by Air Force officers, who will announce the winner of the award in October.

Nine seniors were named National Merit Scholarship Finalists. The students were chosen on the basis of high PSAT and SAT scores and will receive $1,000 scholarships. Pictured are Dawn Wolfsberg, Michele Nichols, Dory Hafer, Phil Rink, Ralph Ward, and Steve M cGehee. Not Pictured are Anthony Davis, Mary Fuka, and Richard Wood.


Ralph Ward was among 121 students chosen to be Presidential Scholars. The students are selected on a nationwide scale on the basis of outstanding SAT and A CT scores. Ward received a Presidential Scholar Medallion and a trip to Washinnton D.C. where the scholars will meet Congressmen and distinguished persons and tour various museums and memorials. Herb Vogel was one of the 300 students nationwide recognized in the Westinghouse Talent Search. Herb was chosen on the basis of his scientific abilities. He was also awarded a R O TC scholarship to the college of his choice by the Air Force.

Senior Steve Marsh played his saxophone to the tune of The Most Outstanding Jazz Band Soloist at the Greater Southwest Music Festival in Amarillo, Texas. Steve was also awarded a $250 scholarship to the Stan Kenton Stage Band Clinic Workshop.


Senior Frances Dare placed fourth in the 1978 Office Education Association National Competition in Detroit. Frances earned her award in Extemporaneous Speaking. Seniors Phil Hemphill, Eric Zocher, (pictured at left) and Tony Davis took top honors in the annual New Mexico State Math Contest. Davis placed first, Hemphill took the third place honors, and Zocher ranked eighth. (Davis is pictured on Pg 73)

.I a•

----------- « r


The only LAHS athelete to earn eight varsity letters in a high school career was Sherre Lilley. She was awarded her trophy at this year's sports presentation for her three years of participation in volleyball and track, and for participating two years in basketball.


Topper Homecoming: Courtright Crowned Homecoming is the highlight of the football season. The spirit of the band, cheerleaders, drill team and student body aided in scorching the Espanola Sundevils, 20-14. The theme, "Exorcise the Sun Devils," was well represented in the parade by class, club, and community floats. Chain, Hat and Spirit Day all fell into their traditional places as the Homecoming week unfolded. The dance, featuring The Planets, provided lunar entertainment for all attending. Coronation activities took place with the presentation of the court and the crowning of queen Lynne Courtright. This years' Homecoming was a memorable event that will linger in our minds for many tomorrows.

Bottom: John Foley and Andy Motz do the muscle work. Center: Enthusiastic workers! Top: Linda Prueitt linking the Toppers to victory.


Top Left: Float, cowboy style. Top Middle: Fire breathing dragon captures first place for Art Club. Center: The winning float! Bottom Left: Clowning around. Bottom Right: Chris and Lisa hold the key to victory. Above: The Band plays on . . .


Left Center: Mary Cremer escorted by Hal Demuth. Bottom Left: Lynne Courtright escorted by Matt Price.





Bottom Right: Dana Hart escorted by Mike Clancy. Top Left: Lori Ballance escorted by John Martinez.

Below: 1977 Homecoi Lynne Cor congratulated by Mid-Bottom: Joan Gar by

een j,

jem g

, 1976 Queen, escorted ike Duffy.

ueef oeinE )uee'Cont; iDur

Top Left: The queen shining in her glory. Top Right: Debbie and Sam boogie to the beat of the band. Center: Swayin' to the music. Bottom: Planets provide galactic entertainment.


This season was an impressive one for our speech team. Over 30 trophies were received, four of them in state competition. Peter Pierotti took two of the honors in state along with C.A. W hipple, Maureen and Mark Ross, and Becky Connellee and Colleen Martell. Three talkers are receiving the Double Ruby Award this year, Pierotti, Alecia Norman, and Dawn Wolfsberg. This award is for accumulating 500 points in their speech team careers. We hosted the North East District Tournament, along with two other meets, and competed in nine away.

Hilltalkers Receive 34 Trophies

Top Left: (1-r) Suzy Frazer V.P., Alecia Norman-Pres., Linda EttingerP.R., Dawn Wolfsberg-Sec., not pictured Honey Moore-Treas. Top Right: "Honors". Bottom Left: Coach Black and Alecia Norman at work. Bottom Right: The 1977-78 Speech Team.


Top: Ride 'em cowboy! Middle Left; Rodeo court (L-R) Carol Teck, princess runner-up; Debbie Bequette, princess alternate; Cindy Teck, princess; Alana Olcott, queen; Amy Pearcey, queen alternate; Debbie Mitchell, queen runner-up. Middle Right: Amy cuts it close. Bottom: (L-R) Bottom Row- A. Stahl, B. Stahl, D. Trujillo, L. Moulton, E. Olsen, C. Brunton, C. Thompson, B. Mickles, T. Pearcey, A. Pearcey, M. Thompson, D. George, T. Buteau, R. Trujillo, J. Thomas; Middle- C. Bequette, A. Olcott, J. Stewart, B. Moulton, D. Quartieri, J. Stahl, D. George, D. Pope, T. Moulton; Top- M. Stewart, B. Munter, K. Bennett, C. Findley, T. Maes, B. Downey, S. Munter

1977-78 Rodeo Club


Touring Mexico Is An Adventure This year the Archaeology and Spanish Clubs joined Art Club in their annual trip to Mexico during Spring break. These students set up various activities to earn money for the trip. Recognition must be made to Mr. and Mrs. Reiley, Mr. and Mrs. Lichte, Mr. Phillips and all the students who participated in this worthwhile trip.


Top Right: The plans of Mice and Men. Bottom Right: Bottom Row-(L-R) D. McTeigue, D. Martinez, J. McTeigue, J. Mann, E. McGehee, Gary Smith; Second Row-K. Juveland, B. Plassman; Third Row-T. Hiteman, S. Earl, A. Thorn; Fourth Row-L. Trujillo, B. Roybal. Top-DP Below: Gary Smith files away the time.


Left: Photographing local scenery. Middle Left: We're off to see the Wizard. Middle Right: Where do we go from here. Lower Left: Ron, taking a breather. Lower Right: There's something foreign in my water.


Large Key Club Aids Community The 1977-78 Key Club, now co-ed, was productive this year. The industrious Key Clubbers shovelled the school walks in the winter, collected for the March of Dimes and UNICEF, helped with Kiwanis Kids Day and Pancake Day, and threw an appreciation dinner for the local senior citizens. Convention is always the highlight of the year for Key Club and it took place this year in Santa Fe.

Top Right: Key Clubbers look for some good advice from advisors. Middle: Los Alamos High School Key Club. Bottom: This years Key Club officers (L-R) Joan Gardner, vice-president; Julie Sul, treasurer; David Archuleta, president; Barb Branch, secretary.


OEA: More Than Business Skills O EA (Office Education Association) is a national organization for students

interested in business. OEA members also are involved in community activities. The members have the opportunity to compete in office related skills at regional, state, and national levels. This year's State OEA Conference was held in Las Cruces. Four members proceeded to National competition: Frances Dare, Extemporaneous Verbal Communications; Lisa Koch, Record Management Clerk; Mary Pat Nitz, Data Processing; and Janet Tegtmeier, Clerical II.

Top Left: Sponsors Lucy Thomas and Bess Hegler. Far Left: Guests enjoying installation ceremonies. Below: (L-R) Front: Mary Velasquez, Andy Motz, Debbie Norris, Mary Pat fslitz, Annette Romero, Sharon Bartram. Second Row: Ingrid Mjolsness, Ingrid Paas, Kerry Wallace, Susan Law, Debbie Bowen, Frances Dare, Robin Taylor, Jeanette Romero, Monica Ryan, Trina Everhart, Bonnie Leonard. Back Row: joni Gehre, Becky Law, Cathy Deschner, Linda Dye, Janet Tegtmeier, Susan King, Gloria Burkhart, and Sherry Hand.


Astronomy Club Eye To The Sky The Astronomy Club met after school on every other Wednesday with one member taking responsibility for the lecture or entertainment for the m eeting. M orning or evening viewing sessions and field trips were scheduled to coincide with celestial or terrestial shows of interest. M em ­ bers attended some of the Pajarito Astronomers meetings at the Los Alamos Scientific Labo­ ratory. The sponsor for this year's Astronomy Club was Mrs. Ross.


Archaeology: Diggers' Delight The Archaeology Club was very active this year. The club traveled a lot to archaeological sites in our area. They went on an overnight excursion to Chaco Canyon, which was an exciting learning experience. The group also shared adventures with each other, inspiring them to pursue archaeology on their own. Top Photo (L - R)- Mark Catlin, Ann Hopkins, Steve McGehee, Ron Mertz, Carol Ann Seegar, Honora Moore, Lyn Neergard, Mrs. Ross. Bottom Photo: Top row (L-R) Teresa Neudecker, Andy Orlicky, Chris Shaw; Bottom Row - Kathy Devaney, Ellen McGehee, Ann Hopkins.



Top: Ski Club relaxing in Purgatory's winter wonderland. Center: Ski Club. Lower Left: Eric Lee getting into some serious winter fun. Lower Right: Mr. Shinn getting some female help.

1977-78 Ski Club


SPECIAL PEOPLE The Special Ed class this year went to Santa Fe for the spring Olympics. They participated in the swimming, standing long jump, dash, standing broad jump, and softball throw competitions. They came back with ten first place finishes, six second place finishes, and seven third place finishes. They also went to the winter Olympics at Angel Fire.

Top right - Mr. Jake and Tina play pokeno. Center left - Terry operating the Xerox machine. Middle - Norma practices her typing. Center right - Carol and Liz learn time. Bottom right - Group picture (L R): Carol Montague, Terry McFatridge, Liz MacMillan, Tina Shalek, Norma Fulgenzi, Lynn Click, Mr. Espinosa. (Not pictured: Doug Bouchard and aide Joyce Gitomer)




"W e are part of a new environmental ethic. We are trying to see the world with new eyes . . . to hear the world with new ears . . . to feel the world with a new touch . . . to comprehend with a better understanding. What we must come to understand is that we are all part of a closed circle, and we have broken out of this circle, thus causing an environmental crisis." This is the theme of the Student Traveling Awareness Team for the Environment (STATE), a group of ten high school students and their director Mary Louise Williams. STATE travels through New Mexico, spreading environmental awareness and emphasizing this country's urgent environmental needs. This year's team visited Tohatchi, Hobbs, Raton, and Spring­ er. It also performed for many civic organizations.

Environmental Hope

Above: "The 'perfect' energy source? Ha ha ha!" Top Left: "A cowardly lion?!" Group Picture: (L-R) Rick Rogers, Ellen McGehee, Anne Wing, Tim Seay, Kathy Ferranti, Verney Green, Michele Sharp, David Ward, Penel Metropolis, Paul Ortega Lower Left: "Ever since man discovered fire, he has been using fossil fuels."


Four Students Hosted This year LANS hosted four foreign exchange students: Christina Lindborg and Johan Linder from Sweden, Lone Neilson from Denmark, and Sirpa Renko from Finland. All four participated in school activities which included music, art and sports. Graduation was one event which they shared with the class of 78.

â&#x2013; J


Top Right: Sirpa enjoys playing the flute with the band. Middle Left: Mr. Gamble's calculation helps Lone. Middle Right: Searching for their homelands: (L-R) Christina, Lone and Sirpa. Not Pictured: Johan Above: Christina talks with classmates during a break. Bottom Right: Johan, is reading really fundamental?


Chess Mates District The 1977-78 Chess Club finished third at State after a first place finish at district. The team, consisting of President Anthony Davis, David Fugelso, Clayton Watson, C.A. Whipple, Vince Brown, and Pam Gutierrez, participated in a number of tournaments taking first in everyone. Three were held in Los Alamos, including the State Tournament.


Student Council had another successful year in fulfilling the needs of student government. New procedures were introduced implementing the system used by the Federal Government. Over $700 was raised from the Christmas dance for the diabetes fund. Other activities sponsored by Student Council include the traditional Homecoming festivities and the annual carnation sales.

Right: Peter as a game show host? Center: Student Council getting together. Bottom Left: John and Julie reviewing the agenda. Bottom Right: 1977-1978 Student Council Officers (L-R) John Foley, treasurer; John Wood, vice-president; Sandie Lujan, recording secretary; Peter Pierotti, president (Not pictured: Joyce Olsen, corresponding secretary)

Council Alive, Well


Energy Workshop Stimulates Ideas Dr. Louis Rosen, director of the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility, was the keynote speaker at the Awareness Workshop on Energy, held November 17-18. In addition to Rosen, there were 17 speakers from LASL, El Paso National Gas, Colorado State University, UNM, Sandia Lab, and New Mexico Public Service Company. Subjects discussed included solar energy, coal gasification and wind energy. It was a school holiday for the students so that teachers and interested students could attend.


Band Mr. Mac's Magic Band provided a lot of spirit and entertainment during the football and basketball games this year. Their total turnout for the year was 153 people â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a new record. Twentyeight earned a trip to AllState, performing at various concerts with the best in the state.

Above; Alice Sandstrom leads the way. Top right: Mr. Mac's Magic Band in full glory. Middle: March to a different drummer? Bottom right: Is that an A flat or a G sharp?



Top Left: Mr. Beene conducts - Ah one, two, three, four. Middle Left: Mark Beene concentrates carefully. Middle Right: The sound of music . .. Bottom Left: 101 Strings


Stage Band

Top Right: "Work Hard" is Stage Band I motto. Middle Left; "Will I be famous someday?" Middle Right; Playing good tunes - Stage Band III Bottom Left: Stage Band II make the music. Bottom Right; Dan Rand on drums.



Top Left - Gentlemen of Note (L-R); S. Tillary, D. Henry, T. Brown, C. Findley, L. Jalbert, J. Mosley, S. Wageman; (Bottom Row) B. Lundy, J. Harris Left - Repertory Singers (Top Row, L-R): S. Scofield, A. Willis, R. Rogers, M. Sharp, D. Hackenberry, K. Andrew, B. Mahoney; (Middle Row) T. Holmes, S. Caswell, H. Coon, D. Ward; (Front Row) P. Pierotti, P. Nagle, M. Carter, N. Greenfield Middle - The Los Alamos Choir Top Right - Pajarita Singers (Front Row, L-R): V. Roehling, A. Rink, C. Seeger, M. Hargenrater, K. Arellano, J. Riechman; (Middle Row) T. Baca, W. Stallings, L. Lindberg, L. Catlin, B. Myers, B. Black, P. Baker, N. Loughran, L. Mace; (Back Row) B. Parker, M. Tatro, L. Smith, P. Metropolis, J. Gehre, T. McKee, C. Parker



Fall Production: A Hit 'The Man Who Came To Dinner' was this year's fall production by the Olions. The plot was about an old man, Sheridan Whiteside, and his troubles. He falls, breaks his hip, and as an invalid, has his privacy invaded. To add to his problems, his long entrusted secretary, Maggie, falls in love with Bert, a ^ reporter, and wants to leave Whiteside. The wheel chair* ridden man, then brings his i friend Lorrain Sheldon to m L Mmm _ ] distract Bert. The whole ^


IP '





body for attention.



'm - ^

^ ^


:."i^ V 1i Ili ii â&#x2013;


Opposite Page, Left: Sheridan Whiteside (Rusty Gritzo) listens intently to eccentric Harriet Stanley (Lynne Schelonka). Right: Maggie Cutler (Ann Holland) breaks some good news. Bottom: Dr. Bradley (Tom Holmes), Miss Preen (Thea Kostacopoulos), Mrs. Stanley (Caroline Holland), June Stanley (Kirsten Mjolness), and Mr. Stanley (Brad Mahoney) gather around Whiteside. Above, Top Left: Professor Metz (David McConnell) greets Maggie with glee. Top Right: Banjo (Nelson Greenfield) enthralls Miss Preen with his jokes. Bottom Left: Bert Jefferson (Kipper Smith) explains, to no avail, his faults to Maggie. Above: Lorraine Sheldon (Marian Salgado) extravagantly dreams on about her future to Whiteside.

Sadie Hawkins: Grab Your Man! "Satin Flame" provided the entertainment for this year's Sadie Hawkins, which was sponsored by Youth in Government. This hillbilly hoedown featured many unusual activities. At this informal dance the girls asked the guys, breaking the traditional roles. The high point of the night was the chase, where the boys were set free only to be captured by their dates who lead them to the feet of Marryin' Sam. The hillbilly atmosphere added to the surroundings, making Sadie Hawkins a unique experience for all.


Top Left: Where'd he go now?! Mid Left: Newlyweds. Top Right: What? Ya don't want ta kiss her?! Left: Yep, me and the little woman are havin' a good time. Above: Drip dry. Opposite Page Far Left: Plum tuckered out! Left: Just hitched. Bottom: I now pronounce you man and wife.


Twirlers Spice Halftime Shows Majorettes for the past year have been Daisy Rodriguez, Deedee Romero, and Julie Andrews. They attended clinic in Portales to prepare for the oncoming year. Their many activities included raising money, marching in parades, ushering band concerts, and most important of all performing during football and basketball intermissions. Above: 1977-78 Majorettes Bottom Left: High-stepping julie Andrews deep in concentration. Center: Daisy Rodriguez- dazzling moves and sparkling smile. Far Right: Deedee Romero holding a pose before a routine.


1977 Drill Team Drill Team provided half­ time entertainment for football and basketball games during the 77-78 Topper season. Fashion shows, dinners, and dances were only a few of the many fund raising projects instituted by the girls to pay for uniforms. Main responsibilities include boosting school spirit, supporting the teams, and above all having a good time! This active group of girls was sponsored by Elaine Morris and Becky King.

Top Left; Juli Snow stands at attention. Top Right: Aren't we cute! Center: 1977 LANS Drill Team. Bottom Left: One if by land, two if by sea. Bottom Right: Halftime relaxation.


This past summer the cheerleaders attended the National Cheerleaders Association Clinic in Portales. They performed well and were runners-up for the National Cheerleading Award. Both squads support all 19 athletic teams. When the Varisty squad is travelling, the JV squad cheers at the home games.


i Top Right: Topper Spirit! Middle Left: (L-R) Kelly Smith, Lynne Courtright, Martha Maes, Mary Cremer, Shelly Hayden, Dana Hart Middle Right: Cheers for bubble gum. Bottom Left: I got my love to keep me warm. Bottom Right: You make me feel like dancing .. .


Top Left: A smile makes LA a brighter place. Top Right: Cheerleaders play the $20 Pyramid. Middle Left: All the way to the top. JV Cheerleaders, (L-R): Rita Martinez, Lynn Smith, Sandra Donaldson, DeEdda Simundson, Karen Schutz, Ileana Lee Lower Left: Go, Fight, Win.


. v*i*

Excitement And Spirit Cheerleaders are part of the athletic program at LAHS. They help all the other athletes by leading the fans with the spirit needed to win. Each squad sponsors one after-game dance and both squads sponsor the Sweethearts dance. To raise money for their uniforms, they have rummage sales, dances in the summer, and sell snow cones.



Top: Senior boys boogie! Above: Lynne says, "Coneheads are smart but BORING." Center: Peter and Chris during an amusing moment on stage. Far Right: Trey and Jean move gracefully through "Evergreen." Bottom Right: Annie Lilienthal and Margaret Hwang strumming to the tune of "Late Autumn." Opposite Page Top: "Have I got a show for you!" Mid-Left: Glinda (Patty Nagle) confronts Darth (Steve Schneider). Center: Caveman (Brad Mahoney) gongs the emcees. Bottom: John Foley expresses his feelings about the Junior Skit.


Topper Revue! Cosmic Journey "Journey into the Unknown" was the provocative theme for Topper Revue this year. Unique changes were seen in the show by the talents of nineteen instead of the traditional four emcees. Class skits were on the borderline between fantasy and reality while the senior boys created a "Grand Illusion" of their own. This year's show was an extra-terrestrial experience that will linger in the minds of many for years to come.


This year's Student Government Day took place on Wednesday, April 20. Students enjoyed the opportunity to run the county for an entire day. The day was filled with interesting information, an excellent guest speaker (Sam Pick, former Santa Fe Mayor), and a tour of the new police building. The highlight of the day was the mock county council meeting where the "council" passed some unusual, but valuable ordinances. The meeting was broadcast over KRSN.

County Politics Intrigue Many


i ' h

I Opposite Page; Top Left: Gabrielle Saponara getting some "words of wisdom" from Recreation Director Bob Ziemer. Top Right: Chris Morris gives the council a questioning stare. Mid-Left: Captain Maret gives some interested students police advice. Bottom: Participants of the Los Alamos Student Government Day conversing in the lobby of the County Building. Top: This year's County Council consisted of (l-r) Gail Barlich, David Volkin, Bernice Sue Sherman, Scott Rosenthal, Chris Morris, Joan Gardner, John Wood and Diane Smith. MidLeft: Trapped behind barsi Mid-Right: Sam Pick (former Santa Fe Mayor) speaking at the banquet. Bottom: Jim Weeks (Museum Director) listens intently to his counterpart.


"And you, my second wife, will have your head cut off!" "Anne of the Thousand Days", by Maxwell Anderson, is a play about Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII in sixteenth century England. Anne served as queen for only a thousand days before she was beheaded. This spring play was presented by the Olions under the direction of John Blinde. Anne was played by Betsy Partridge, and Henry VIII by Kipper Smith.

Olions Unravel English History Top Right: Being a king is tough. Top Left: I will not have your bastard. Middle Left: Even the king has problems. Middle Right: CardianI Wolsey says, "This is the king's business." Bottom: I'll do as I please


Top Left: The Boleyns and Norfolk wait for the king's arrival. Top Right: Cromwell states, "There is a way, my lady." Bottom Left: I will be queen. Bottom Right: Musicians performed the king's work.


Bequette Wins Emerald Honor The theme for the Sweetheart's Dance, Journey to the Emerald City, was portrayed by a yellow brick road leading into a dream­ like Emerald City designed by the cheerleaders (with a mural painted by Donna Hart). The music was provided by "Traveller". The highlight of the dance was the coronation, resulting in the crowning of John Bequette.

i I i \\ I III* ?


'f r 'i

i m

â&#x20AC;˘iVi:'' i f


Opposite page: Top-John Bequette escorted by Kelly Smith. Center-The crowning touch. Right-Matt Price dances with escort Mary Cremer. Lower Left-Dancers sway to the tunes of "Traveller." Top left- Mike Duffy escorted by Lynne Courtright. Top right-Do you like my tie? Lower Left-Clay Ramsey dances with escort Martha Maes. Center-Kevin Johnson dances with escort Shelly Hayded. RightJohnny Martinez escorted by Dana Hart.


Faculty Presents Student Awards Each year, LAHS students of note are recognized by the teaching staff at the Honors Assembly. This year the students were honored in categories ranging from brawn to brains.

Top Right: Mrs. Miller presents Michele McClary, Charley Cox, and Meg Shalek with awards for their excellence and dedication in French. Right: Pegasus sponsor Jean Campbell recognizes the 1978 staff for a job well done. Bottom Right: Mike Barnett awaits recognition from Officer Talley. Bottom Left: The Special Olympics Awards are received with cheers!


s Honors Convocation Top left: Dana Hart, Peter Pierotti, and Marian Salgado receive recognition from a UNM representative. Center left: Shelly Earl and Wendy Gregory await presentation of NMSU scholarships. Center right: Skip Dunn awards Matt Price a UNM scholarship while Janet Zickert looks on. Bottom: the Jazz Band brass shines at the assembly.


"A Night on the Townâ&#x20AC;? was the urbanized theme of this year's junior-senior prom. The glimmering, active, city setting and the smooth, romantic sounds of "Nightwindâ&#x20AC;? made the night an enjoyable experience. Shelly Hayden and Brian Henderson were given the honor of being princess and prince, while Richard Wood and Sharon Cake were crowned king and queen.

Top: King Richard with his Queen Sharon during the coronation dance. Above: Musicians and dancers getting it together. Bottom Left: Enter the paradise of prom. Bottom Right: Happiness is . . .


Night On The Town m rn n .

Top Left; Brian and Shelly during the coronation dance. Top Right; A crowded night in the city. Bottom Left; (L-R) Princess Shelly Hayden, Prince Brian Henderson, King Richard Wood, and Queen Sharon Cake. Above; And the band plays on.


Right: Star lights. Bottom Left: A bird in the hand . . . Bottom Right: A mellow mood.



Graduation Glimpses




Above Right: Three days to go! Above Left: Joan Gardner, senior class VP, lends a helping hand. Above: Is it going to fit, Rick? Right: Mrs. Mendius- What would they do without her?


Top Left: This time, it's for real! Top Right: Time passes and the candles burn. Above Right: A time to reflect Above: Guest Speakers (L-R) Rev. Robert Murphy, Rev. Charles Pacheco, and Rev. Dale Arnink

Right: Flag ceremonies open the festivities. Below: A well-deserved round of applause. Bottom Left: The coveted prize. Bottom Right: Walking in the future.

Right: Charley before the longest walk Below: Waiting their turn. Bottom Left: An artist at work . . . a quick sketch of Lyndon Johnson. Bottom Right: Congratulations, Frank!

W RIGHT, JAMIE (1960-1977) - (Amarillo High 2,3) Golf 2,3,4; Hilltalkers 4; FTA 3; Allied Youth 3; Publications 2; Science Club 2,3; Math Club 2,3; Spanish Club 2,3; STSOE 4



ALLEN, ELIZABETH - Olions 3,4; Pajarita Singers 2 ALLEN, RICHARD - Soccer 3,4 ANDERSON, STEVE - Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 2,3; Olions 4; Ski Club 2,3,4


ANDREWS, JULIE - Olions 2,3,4; Majorette 2,4 APEL, BERNIE - Hockey 2,3,4; Gymnastics jV 2, Manager 3; Youth and Government 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Key Club 4 -Court 4 ARCHULETA, LORETTA - Key Club 3; Art Club 3,4

ARCHULETA, MARK - Football 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; Key Club 3,4; Youth and Government 4 ARCHULETA, WAYNE ARMSTRONG, KAREN - Ski Club 2,3,4

BACA, SYNDI - Art Club 3 BACA, TERI - Pajarita Singers 4 BAKER, DENISE - Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 4; Olions 4; Hockey 3,4; Track 3; Ski Club 2,3,4

BALCOMB, MATT BALLANCE, LORI - Ski Club 2; Tennis 2,3,4; Key Club 3,4; National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 4 BANKSTON, NEIL - Honor Society 2,3,4; Chess Club 2; Soccer 4


BARTRAM , SHARON - OEA 3,4; Band 2,3 BELL, GEORGE - Ski Club 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4 BENAVIDEZ, LEIGH

BENNETT, KARL BENNETT, SUSAN - Field Hockey 3,4; Youth and Government 4; Student Council 2; Orchestra 2,3,4 - All State 1,2

BEQUETTE, CHARLA - Band 2; Rodeo Club 3,4

BEQUETTE, JOHN - Baseball 4; Key Club 4; Rodeo Club 3 BICHER, SUSAN - Olions 2,3,4; Journalism 4; OEA 4 BIRD, JENNIFER - Student Council 3,4

BJARKE, GARY - Track 2,3,4; Football 3 BLACKWELL, DAVID BLACKW OOD, H.T. - Pegasus 3,4


BLEWETT, CHRIS - Key Club 4; Golf 4 BOOTH, LAURA - Olions 2,3,4 Secretary 4 BOWEN, DEBBIE


BROOKS, DORY BROPHY, JAMES BROUSSEAU, JEANNETTE - Band 2,3,4; Olions 4; Topper Revue 2,3,4

BUDEN, BARRY - Tennis 3; Basketball 2

BURGE, TERRY - Football 3 - JV 2; Basketball 2,4 BUSICK, DAVID - Band 2,3,4; Ski Club 3,4; Stage Band 3


BUTEAU, TIMOTHY BUTLER, KRISTINA CABBELL, JAMES - Eootball 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; Baseball 4

CADY, THOMAS - Soccer 2,3,4; Art Club 2,3,4; Basketball 3,4 CAKE, SHARON - Drill Team 2; Basketball 3 - Manager; Hockey 3 Manager; Choir 3; Key Club 4; Youth and Government 4 CARDON, COLLEEN - Choir 2,3,4

CARTER, MARY - Olions 2,3,4 Historian 4; Chamber Singers 3,4; Band 2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4 - All State 2,3,4 CASWELL, STARR - LA Choir 1,2,3,4 President 4 - All State 1,2,3,4; Choral Society 2,3,4; Olions 3; Topper Revue 2,3,4; German Club 3 - Vice-President 3 CATES, LISA - journalism 3; Key Club 3 - Court 3; LA Choir 3,4; Pajarita Singers 4

CATLIN, LORI - Choir 2,4; Candystripers 3,4 CHAVEZ, FLORENCE - Drill Team 2,3,4 - Captain 4; Key Club 3,4; Art Club 3 CHELIUS, CHERYL - Drill Team 4; Key Club 4


CHORN, SUSAN - Basketball 2,3; Volleyball 3,4; Hockey 2 CHRISTENSEN, ROBERT - Rodeo Club 3,4 CLANCY, MICHAEL - Golf 8th, 1,2,3,4

CLAYTON, ELLEN - Band 3,4; Stage Band 3; Society of Distinguished American High School Students 3 COLLINS, CONRAD - Art Club 2,4; Ski Club 4 CONTRERAS, CHRISTINA - Art Club 4

CO O K, SHARON - OEA 3; German Club 3 - Award 3 CO RT, WILLIAM - Ski Club 1,2,3,4 COURTRIGHT, LYNNE - Basketball - JV 2; Track 2; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Girls' State 3; Girls' Nation Nominee 3; Tri-Service Academy Leadership Award Nominee 3; Lettermen's Club 3,4; Hilltalkers 4; Cheerleader 3,4

COX, CHARLES - Honor Society 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,4 CRAWFORD, LOU ANN - Pajarita Singers 2; Concert Choir 3,4 - All-State 3,4; Olions 3,4 - Secretary 4; Society of Distinguished American High School Students 3; Topper Revue 3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4 CREMER, MARY - Gymnastics 1,2,3; Youth and Government 2,3,4; Prom Court 3; Cheerleader 4; Homecoming Court 4



DANIELS, KATHRYN - Swimming Team 1,2,3,4; Band 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Ski Club 4 DARE, FRANCES - Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 2; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Society of Distinguished High School Students 3; German Club 2,3; OEA 3,4 - State and Regional Competition 3; Ski Club 3; Alternate - Century III Leaders Scholarship DEGRUYTER, MARY

DEMARSH, ELAINE - Band 2,3,4; Hockey 2,3,4; Gymnastics 2,3,4; Track 3,4; Olions 2; Key Club 4; Youth and Government 4; Journalism 3 DEMUTH, HAL - Tennis 8th, 1,2,3,4; Youth and Government 4; Key Club 4; Lettermen's Club 4 DENNIS, ROBERTA - Olions 3

DESCHNER, CATHERINE - OEA 4 DEVANEY, KATHLEEN - Organizer and President of Folk Dance Club 4; Archaeology Club 2 - President 3,4; Spanish Club 4 DIAZ, ANDELA - Band 2,3,4; Candystriper 2; Olions 3,4


DICK, VERNON DINGUS, BRENDA - Orchestra 2,3; Honor Society 2,3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4; French Club 2 DOEHLING, LES - Football - JV 2, Varsity 3,4; Lettermen's Club Treasurer 4; Youth and Government 3,4

DUGAN, DAVID DUMMER, JOHN - Ski Club 3; Youth and Government 3,4; Hospital Intern 4 DURAN, DEBORAH


DVORAK, DANIEL - journalism 4 DYE, KEVIN DYE, LINDA - Ski Club 3,4; OEA 4; Key Club 4; journalism 4

EARL, SHELLY - Candystriper 2; Band 2,3; Topper Revue 2; Honor Society 2,3,4; Key Club 4; Girls' State 3; journalism 4 EDDLEMAN, JOHN - Band 2,3,4 EKDAHL, NICHOLAS - Cross Country 3; (Newfield) NCA - Track 1; Frisbee Club 1,2


ELIZAN, ROWENA ELLIOTT, JENNIEER ELLIOTT, KYLE - Basketball "C " 2, JV 3, Varsity 4; Law Enforcement 3

ELLIS, ELEANOR - Orchestra 2,3,4; Youth LAARC 3,4; Candystriper 2 ELSBERRY, KAREN - Basketball JV 2 ENGLEMAN, WILLIAM - Ski Club 2,4; Band 2; Stage Band 2; Olions 4; Student Council 2

ETTINGER, LINDA - Candystriper 2; Public Relations 4; Hilltakers 2,3,4 EVANS, JULIA - Band 2,3 - Secretary 4; Honor Society 2,3 - Treasurer 4; Honor Usher for Graduation 3; Yearbook Photographer 4; Track 2,3,4 - State 3,4; Bellamy Candidate 3 EVERHART, TRINA - OEA 3,4; Yearbook 4; Topper Revue 2

FERDINAND, DENISE - Yearbook 4; Art Club 3,4 FINDLEY, CHARLES - Band 2; Football JV 2, Varsity 3,4; Lettermen's Club 4 FOLEY, JOHN - Student Council 2,3 Treasurer 4


FOSTER, SUSAN - Ski Club 2,3,4; Band 2,3; Volleyball 4 - JV 3 FRASER, SUSAN - Gymnastics 2; STSOE 2; Flilltalkers 3 - Vice President 4; Candystriper 2; Band 2,3,4 FUKA, MARY - Olions 2,3,4; French Club 2; FHilltalkers 3; Mime Troupe 2

FURN1SF3, CFiRIS - Yearbook Photographer 4; Ski Club 4; Wrestling 1,3; Student Council 3 GARCIA, MICHELE - Softball Manager 2; Student Council 3; Key Club 4; Yearbook 4; Foreign Exchange Club President 3 GARDNER, JOAN - OEA 3; Key Club Court 3,4 - Vice President 4; Yearbook 4; Topper Revue 2,4; Ski Club 2,4; Hockey 2; Track 2; Honor Society 2,3,4; Senior Class Vice-President 4; Student Council 3,4; German Club President 3


GILBERT, SHARON - Youth LAARC 3,4 GILLESPIE, MILTON - Student Council 2,3,4; Olions 3,4; Pegasus Staff 2,3; Nominee West Point Leadership Award 3 GILLIS, KELLEY - OEA 3,4; Art Club 4; journalism 4; Yearbook 4


GOODFELLOW, DOUG - Tennis 2,3 GOOSNEY, SUSAN - (Westford Academy, Massachusetts) Drill Team 2,3; Band 2; Pep Club 1,2,3 GRAVES, GRETCHEN - Hockey 2,3,4; Basketball 4 - JV 2,3; Softball 2

GREENFIELD, NELSON - Olions 3,4 Treasurer 4; Choir 3,4 GREENLING, SCOTT - German Club 2,3 GREGORY, WENDY - Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 2,3,4; STSOE 2; Topper Revue 2,3

GRIEGO, ROSANNE - Journalism 4 GRITZO, RUSTY - 2nd Place Engineering, State Science Fair 3; Olions 3,4; Hilltalkers 4 GROM EK, JOHN

GUENETTE, ELAINE - OEA 3,4; Key Club 4 GURLEY, LAURA - Band 2,3,4; Girls Choir 2; Honor Society 2,3,4; Society of Distinguished American High School Students 4; Ski Club 3,4; Archaeology Club 3,4 GURULE, ANGIE - journalism 4


GUTHRIE, HOWARD GUTIERREZ, PAM - Track 2,3,4 - State 2,3,4 - Outstanding Trackster 3; Chess Club 4 HAAS, JACQUELINE MARIE - (Idaho Falls High School/ldaho) Spanish Club 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4

HACKMAN, PHIL - Track 2,3,4 - High Jump Record Holder 3 - High School All American Track 3; Basketball 3,4; Lettermen's Club 4 HAFER, DORI - Band 2,3,4 - All-State 2,3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Key Club 2; National Merit Finalist 4; Tennis 2,3,4; Journalism 4 HAMMER, RICHARD - Wrestling 2,3,4; Football 3,4 - JV 2

HAN, JAE - Orchestra 2,3; Pegasus Staff 2

HAND, SHERRY - Track 3,4; Archaeology Club 3,4 HANOLD, LYNN - Gymnastics 2; Speech Team 3,4; Band 2,3,4

HARLOW, KEITH - Yearbook Photographer 4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4 All-State 1,3 HARPER, DEBBIE - German Club 2,3; Chamber Singers 2,3,4; Topper Revue 2,3 HARRINGTON, DALE


HARRISON, MARY - OEA 4 HARSHMAN, STEVE HART, DANA - Cheerleader 2,3,4; Homecoming Court 4

HART, DONNA - Track 2,3,4; Prom Court 3; Art Club 3,4; Lettermen's Club 4; Honor Society 2,3,4 HAYTER, JANET - Pajarita Singers 2; Band 2,3; Journalism 4 HEIL, BERNARD - Honor Society 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 4

HELLAND, BRENDA HEMPHILL, RICK - Soccer 3,4; Hilltalkers 2; Ski Club 3,4 HERBST, BETH - Student Council 2,3,4 - District Vice-President 4; Youth and Government 3,4; Basketball JV 2; Youth Advisor Board 4

HITEMAN, TERESA - Honor Society 2,3,4; Candy Striper 2; Spanish Club 4 HOHNER, RORY - Baseball 2,3,4 HOLLAND, ANN - Olions 2,3,4 President 4; Candystriper 2,3; CASH Co-Manager 4


HONNELL, KEVIN - Ski Club 2,3,4; Bridge Club 2; Soccer 4; Boys' State 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4; Olions 4 HOULTON, TOMMY HOVERSON, MARK - Orchestra 2,3,4

HUME, DENNIS HUMPHREY, CATHERINE - OEA 3,4 HUSTED, SANDRA - Pegasus 3,4; Southwest Creative Writing Award 3

HWANG, MARGARET INGLIS, DONNA - OEA 4; Key Club 3,4 - Court 3; Track 2,4; Topper Revue 2,4; Yearbook 4; Drill Team 4 JACOBSON, MARK - Track 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 4; Honor Society 3,4

JALBERT, LOUIS - Olions 2,3,4 JAMESON, TODD - Soccer 2,3,4; Pegasus 3,4 - Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4; Olions 3,4 JANUZZI, DEAN


p F


JOHNSON, ELLEN JOHNSON, KEVIN R. - Basketball 3,4 JV 2; Lettermen's Club 4 JOHNSON, MATTHEW

JOHNSON, MICHAEL - Student Council 2,3,4; Junior Class President; Senior Class President; Honor Society 2,3,4; Bellamy Delegate 4; Youth and Government 2,3,4 - Vice-President 4 JONES, SETH JUVELAND, KELLI JO - Honor Society 2,3,4; Spanish Club 4; Eolk Dancing Club 4




KEPHART, GEORGE KIEREN, LEONARD F. - Swimming 2 KING, SUSAN J. - Softball 3,4; Band 2,3; Majorette 3


> I* KOCH, LISA - Field Hockey 2,4; Basketball Manager 2; OEA 3,4; Hilltalkers 3,4 KOSTY, MONICA S. - Band 2,3,4; LA Choir 3,4; Olions 2,3,4; Topper Revue 2,3,4; Candystriper 2 KRUPKA, NILDA - Field Hockey 3; Ski Club 3; Youth LAARC 3,4

KUEHL, STEVE - Football 3,4, jV 2; Track 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 4 - Vice President 4; Youth and Government 3,4; Band 2,3,4 - Stage Band I 3,4 KYLE, WINONA - LA Choir 2,3; Spanish Club 2; Student Council 2 LARKIN, SCOTT - Basketball 4, JV 3, C-Team 2; Golf 3, jV 2; Baseball 4


LAW, SUSAN - OEA 3,4; German Club 3 LAWS, REBECCA - Olions 2; Ski Club 2; Field Hockey 3; OEA 4 LEDBETTER, CAROLYN - Drill Team 2,3; OEA 3; Softball 3,4; Journalism 4

LEE, ERIC - Football 3 - jV 2; Key Club 4; Ski Club 2,3,4 - President 4; Youth and Government 3,4 LEHMANN, DEBORAH - Key Club 4; OEA 3,4 LEONARD, BONNIE - OEA 4; Band 2,3; Candystriper 2; Volleyball jV 2

LILIENTHAL, ANNIE - Youth and Government 2,3,4; Key Club 4; Track 3; Hockey 2,3; Band 2,3; Journalism 4 LILLEY, SHERRE - Volleyball 2,3,4; Basketball 3,4 - JV 2; Orchestra 2,3,4 All-State 2; Track 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4 LINDAHL, MARK

LINDBORG, CHRISTINA LIPPIATT, TESSA - Youth and Government 4; Band 2,3,4 LITTLEJOHN, LIZ - Art Club 2,3,4; Ski Club 4


LOBB, TERESA - Pep Club 2; Student Council 2,3,4 - Concessions Chairman 4; Yearbook 3; Youth Advisory Board 1,2; Candystriper 1,2,3,4 LOCKYER, TOM - Football 3,4 - JV 2 LONGFIELD, DEBBIE - Volleyball 1,2; Foreign Language Club 3; Chorus 2; Pep Club 1,2

LOPEZ, DELIA LOVATO, JENNIE - Volleyball 2,3,4; Softball 2,3,4; Topper Revue 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 2 LUJAN, BECKY - Art Club 4

MAES, MARTHA - Cheerleader 3,4 JV 2; Key Club 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3 MAHONEY, BRAD - Chorus 2,4; Olions 4 MALANIFY, JUSTINE - Swimming 1,2,3,4

MALTRUD, STEVE - Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 2,3,4 MANN, JACOI - Hockey 2,3,4; Art Club 2,3,4 MARET, BRUCE


MARSH, KATE - Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3; Hockey 2,3,4; Key Club 4; Orchestra 2,3,4 - All-State 2,3,4 MARSH, STEVEN - Honor Society 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4 - All-State 3,4 - Drum Major 4; Stage Band 3,4; Orchestra 3; Olions 3 MARTINEZ, DEBBIE - Art Club 2,3,4; STSOE 3,4; Student Council 2,3

MARTINEZ, JOHN - Basketball 3,4 - jV 2

MARTINEZ, TOM - Wrestling 3,4; Lettermen's Club 4 MASON, JOHN

MATHESON, DEBBIE - Hockey 2; OEA 3,4 MATHEWS, GREG - Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 2,3,4; Key Club 4; Prom Court 3; Ski Club 4; Topper Review 3,4; Youth and Government 2,3,4; Youth LAARC 4 MAVEETY, TERRI - Pegasus 3; Southwestern Creative Writing Award 3

McCLANNAHAN, SHAWN M cCURDY, MICHAEL M c Fa r l a n d , e r ic - Hllltalkers 4; Ski Club 4


McFATRIDGE, TERRY McGEHEE, STEPHEN - Stage Band 2,3,4 McQUEEN, GREGORY - Cross Country 3,4

McTEIGUE, DOREEN - Candy Striper 2; Pep Club 2; Key Club 3,4; Art Club 3; OEA 4 McTEIGUE, JOLYN - Candy Striper 2; Student Council 2,3; Olions 2,4; Drill Team 3; Art Club 3; Youth and Government 3; Key Club 3,4; Hilltalkers 3; Journalism 4; OEA 4 MESSIMER, VINCENT - Football - JV 2 Basketball C Team 2, JV 3

MIERA, JOHN MILLER, ANDREA - Candy Striper 2; Journalism 3; Hockey 2; Topper Revue 3 MILLER, PAUL

MILLIGAN, MICHAEL MJOLSNESS, INGRID MONAGHAN, KRIS - Volleyball 2; Basketball 2,3; Golf 3,4 - All-American 3; Lettermen's Club 4; Ski Club 3


MONTAGUE, CAROL - Key Club 4; Band 2,3; Yearbook 4; Candystriper 2 MONTGOMERY, JEANNE - Honor Society 2,3,4 MOORE, HONORA - Hilltalkers 2,3,4; Astronomy Club 2,3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Candystriper 2,3,4

MOORE, SUSAN MORALES, RAUL - Track 2,3,4; Eootball 4 MORGAN, ROBERT - Eldorado Spanish Honor Society 2; Symphonic Band 2; LA Bridge Club 3,4

MORRIS, CARRIE - Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Topper Revue 3,4; Youth LAARC 3,4President 4 MORRIS, DAWN - Tennis 2; Key Club 2,3,4; Journalism 3,4; Yearbook 4; Drill Team 4; Student Council 4; Youth and Government 4 MORRISON, SANDRA

MOSLEY, JAMES - Band 4; Choir 4; Los Cantantes 4; Olions 4 M OTZ, ANDREW - Junior Class Concessions Chairman 3; OEA Treasurer - Regional 4; Senior Class Treasurer 4; Student Council 3,4; Boy's State 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; CASH Officer 4; Olions 3,4; Topper Revue 3,4 MURPHY, GAIL - Hockey 2,3; Basketball 4 - JV 2,3; Softball 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4


MYERS, BRIAN - Yearbook Photographer 4; Band 2,3,4 MYERS, MARILYN - Gymnastics 2,3,4; Youth and Government 3,4; Yearbook 4; Band 2; Honor Society 2,3 NAGLE, PATRICIA - Honor Society 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 3,4; Olions 2,3,4; All-State Chorus 3,4

NARANIO, ALBERT NEERGAARD, LYNN NEILL, ROBERT - Football-JV 2, Varsity 3,4; Wrestling 3,4-JV 2; Yearbook 4

NELSON, LINNEA - Hilltalkers 3,4; Pajarita Singers 3; LA Choir 4; National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4 NICHOLS, BARRY NICHOLS, MICHELE - Orchestra 2,3,4All-State 3; Ski Club 2,3,4; National Merit Finalist 4; Candystriper 3

NEILSON, LONE NITZ, MARY PAT - OEA 3,4; Who's Who Among High School Students 3 NORMAN, ALECIA - Hilltalkers 3,4 President 4


NORRIS, DEBORAH - Drill Team 2,4; Key Club 3,4; Student Council 3; LA Choir 3,4; Girls State 3; OEA 4 NOVAK, MICHAEL - Art Club 3,4 O'BRIEN, SHERI - Softball 3,4; Band 2; Journalism 4; Golf 2; Volleyball 2,3,4

OLCOTT, ALANA - Rodeo Club 3,4; Rodeo Queen 4 OLSEN, JOYCE OLSEN, KAY - Tennis 3,4; Swimming Manager 2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4

OLSON, ERIC - Band 3,4 ORTON, MARY KAY - Olions 2,3,4; Youth and Government 2,3,4; Hilltalkers 4 OSBORN, DAVID - Football 3,4 - JV 2




PARKER, BRAD - Key Club 4 PARKER, CATHERINE - Choir 3,4; Honor Society 3,4 PARKER, CHRIS - Eootball 3,4 - JV 2,3

PARSONS, DAVID - Eootball 4 - JV 2,3 PAYNE, GREG PEARCEY, AMY - Rodeo Club 2,3,4

PEDERSON, DONNA - Hockey 3 PELLETTE, DENISE - Olions 2,3,4; Candystriper 2,3,4; Erench Club 2; Honorable Mention-Math Contest 3; German National Exam Award Winner 2,3 PERKINS, MARTHA - Olions 2,3,4; Track 2; Honor Society 2; Youth and Government 3,4; Key Club 4; Band 2,3,4


PERLMAN, ROBIN - Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 2,3 PETERS, JEFF - Stage Band 2,3,4 PETRIE, KATHY - Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; Class Secretary 4; Field Hockey 2,3,4; Basketball JV 2,-Manager 3,4; Yearbook 4; Topper Revue 4

PHILLIPS, DAVID - Football jV 2; Art Club President 3,4 PIERCE, JUDY PIEROTTI, PETER - Class President 2; Student Body President 4; Boys' State 3; Boys' Nation 3; Student Council 2,3,4; Hilltakers 2,3,4; Topper Revue 2,3,4; Band Announcer 3,4

PINKSTON, DENISE - Band 2,3,4; Pajarito Singers 2 PIRTLE, ROBIN - Journalism 3,4-Editor 4 POLLAT, SCOTT - Football 4-JV 2; Track 3,4-JV 2

POLZER, DANIEL PONDER, BRAD - Band 2,3,4-Stage Band 2,3,4; Society of Distinguished American High School Students 4 PRICE MATTHEW - Basketball "C " Team 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 4


PRUEITT, DANIEL - Ski Club 4; Topper Revue 4; Cross Country 4 QUINN, PATRICIA - Basketball 2; Youth and Government 3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; Society for Distinguished American High School Students 4; Youth Advisory 3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4 RAMSEY, CLAY - Wrestling 2,3,4 - JV 2; Football 3,4 - JV 2; President of Lettermen's Club 4

RAMSEY, CINDY - Key Club 4; LA Choir 3; Pajarita Singers 2 RAND, DANIEL - Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 3,4; Ecology 3 RATLIFF, GREG - Ski Club 2,3,4; Key Club 2; Youth and Government 3,4; Tennis 3; Student Council 2

RENKO, SIRPA - Band 4 RINK, PHIL - Olions 3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; National Merit Finalist 4; Youth LAARC 2,3 ROCKW OOD, LISA - Olions 4; Speech Team 4; Folk Dance Club 4



ROSENTHAL, SCOTT - JV Football 2 Varsity Manager and Trainer 3,4; Youth and Government 2,3,4; Class President - 3; Student Council 4; Key Club 4; Lettermen's Club 4 ROSS, MAUREEN ROWLEY, MIKE - Tennis 3,4; Youth and Government 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 4

ROYBAL, ALRIC - Art Club 3 ROYBAL, BERNADETTE - LA Choir 3,4; Key Club 3; Pajarita Singers 2,3,4; Art Club 3,4 RUPPEL, WENDY - Band 2,3,4 - All State 2,3; STSOE 2

RUSSELL, CANDY - Track 2; Journalism 3; Candystriper 2; Hockey 2 RUSSELL, CRAIG - Swimming 2,3,4; Class Treasurer 2; Student Council 2; Art Club 3,4; Ski Club 3,4 SAHLING, TRACEY - Topper Revue 2; Ski Club 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Girls State 3; Prom Court 3; Youth Advisory Board 3,4; Youth and Government 4

SALAZ, MARK - Boys State 3; Basketball C-Team 2, jV 3; Key Club 3,4 SALAZAR, FRANCES - Volleyball JV 2 SALGADO, MARIAN - Softball 2; Hilltalkers 3,4; Olions 3,4


SANDFORD, MICHAEL - Honor Society 2,3,4; Cash Co-Manager 3,4; Boys' State 3; Spanish Club 4 SANDOVAL, DAVID SANDOVAL, FRANCIS

SANDSTROM, FREDRICK - Football 2.3.4 - JV 2; Basketball C-Team 2; Band 3.4 SAPONARA, GABRIELLE - Ski Club 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Youth and Government 3,4; Hockey 2; Youth Advisory Board 4 SAYER, CYNTHIA - Journalism 3,4; Pep Club 2; Ski Club 4

SCHELL, PAUL - Art Club 3 SCHELONKA, LYNNE - Band 2; Youth and Government 3,4; Prom Court 3; Key Club 4; Ski Club 4; Olions 4 SCHMAL, JAY

SCHNEIDER, STEVEN - Honor Society 2,3,4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 2; Soccer 2,3,4; Olions 3,4 SCHOFIELD, SAMUEL - LA Choir 3,4; Chamber Singers 4; Orchestra 2 SCOLMAN, DAVID - Cross Country 1,2,3; Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 2,3,4; Thespians 4


SEBASTIAN, KIM - Choir 2,3; Swim Team 2,3 SEITZ, KAREN - Orchestra 2,3,4 - All State 4; Hilltalkers 3,4 SEITZ, SHARON - Orchestra 2,3,4 - All State 4; Yearbook 4; Hockey 2

SHAFFER, FRANK - Rodeo Association 2,3,4; Journalism 3,4; Rodeo Club 2,3,4 SHAW, CHRISTOPHER - Who's Who Among American High School Students 4; Boys' State 3; Cross Country 1,2,3 - Captain 3 - Most Valuable 3; Track 2,3; Key Club 4; Archaeology Club 4 SHELDON, JAMES - Cross Country 3; Track 3,4

SHELTON, PATRICIA SHERWOOD, DAN - Ski Club 2,3,4; Student Council 2 SHERWOOD, TAMI - County Fair and Rodeo Princess 2; Softball 3; Yearbook 3,4 - Photographer 4; Topper Revue 4; Lettermen's Club 4

SILBERT, MARTHA - Yearbook 3,4 Editor 4 SLICE, LEE - (Livermore High 1,2) Chess Club 1,2; California Scholarship Federation 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Track 1; Soccer 3,4 SMALE, RICKY - Soccer 2,3,4; Olions 3,4


SMITH, CINDY - Student Council 2,3; Youth LAARC 2,3; Youth and Government 2; Archeology Club 3,4 SMITH, GARY - Art Club 3,4 SMITH, KELLY - Gymnastics 1,2,3; Track 2,3,4; Hockey 2; LA Choir 3; Key Club 3; Youth and Government 1,2; Cheerleader 4

SNOW, JULI - Olions 2,3,4; Thespians 3,4; Topper Revue 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Drill Team 4; LA Choir 3,4; Pajarita Singers 2 SPENCER, KEVIN STAHL, JOYCE - Volleyball jV 2; Track 3; Rodeo Club 3,4

STEWART, MICHAEL D. - Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 4; Gentlemen of Note 2 STEWART, MICHAEL R. SUL, JULIE - JV Cheerleader 2; Key Club 3,4 - Treasurer 4 - Court 3,4

SULLIVAN, LORRAINE - Art Club 2,3 Vice-President 3; Cross Country 2; Youth and Government 2; Student Council 2 TAYLOR, ROBIN - JV Basketball 2; Track 2; Softball 4; OEA 4 TEGTMEIER, JANET - OEA 3,4; Key Club 3,4; Drill Team 3; Pajarita Singers


THAYER, JAMES - Soccer 3,4; Stage Band 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4 THOMSON, DAVID - Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 2,3,4; Youth LAARC 3 - Vice President 3; journalism 4 THORN, TAMMY

TINKLE, CARLA - Band 2,3,4; Hockey 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Candy Striper 2,3,4 TREGELLAS, ALAN - Youth and Government 3,4; Key Club 4; Youth LAARC 4 TUCKER, TAD - Wrestling 4 - jV 2,3; Track 4; Ski Club 4

TUNING, BRAD TUNING, NAN - Candy Striper 2,3,4; OEA 3 TURNER, LEIGHANNA - journalism 4

ULIBARRI, CAROLYN UPHAM, MICHAEL - Swimming 1,2,3,4; Honor Society 3,4 VALDEZ, ANDREW - journalism 4







VALDEZ, DOROTHY VANDERGUST, ELLEN - Hockey 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4; Track 3; Softball 4 VANDERLAAN, MARIEKE - LA Choir 3,4

VARNES, MIKE - FFA 2,3 VELASQUEZ, MARY - Drill Team 3; OEA 3,4 VIGIL, ANNA - Orchestra 2,3,4 All-State 2,3,4; Softball 2,4; Lettermen's Club 4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Youth LAARC 4

VOELZ, BRIAN - Band 2,3,4; Jazz Band 2,3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4 VOGEL, HERBERT - Soccer 2,3,4; Ski Club 3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Science Fair 2,3 - International Science Fair Finalist 3 VOLKIN, DAVID - Soccer 3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Youth and Government 2,3,4; Key Club 4; Student Council 3,4; Class Vice President 4; Boys' State 3; Debate 4; Ski Club 3,4

WAGEMAN, STEVE - Band 2,3,4 - AllState 3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4 - All-State 2; Stage Band 2,3,4; LA Choir 4; Men's Choir 4; Amateur Radio Club 4 President 4; Olions 3,4; Thespians 3,4 WALLACE, KERRY - Candy Striper 2 WARD, RALPH - Honor Society 3,4; Boys' State 3; Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 3,4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; National Merit Finalist 4; Olions 4; Academic Excellence Award 2,3


WEBB, CRAIG - Journalism 4 WEEKS, JIM - Track 2,3,4; Eootball 3; Soccer 4; Youth and Government 2,3,4 - Sergeant of Arms 3 - President 4; Key Club 4; Student Council 4; Debate 4 WHALEN, PAUL - Ski Club 2,3,4; Track 2,4; Student Council 2,3 - Class VicePresident 2

WHITTLESEY, TOM - Football 4; Track 4 WICKLINE, CINDY - Band 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4 WILSON, MAHLON - Olions 3,4; Ski Club 3,4; Soccer 2,3,4

WING, CATHY - Topper Revue 2,4; Youth and Government 3,4; Key Club 4; Youth LAARC 4; Prom Court 3; Student Council 2,3 WITHERSPOON, DONALD - Rodeo Club 3,4 WISEHART, TERRY - Drill Team 2; Pajarita Singers 2; LA Choir 4; Topper Revue 4 WOLFE, STEVE - Youth and Government 2,3,4; Key Club 4 WOLFSBERG, DAWN - Hilltalkers 2,3,4 - Secretary 4; Band 2,3 - All-State 2; Honor Society 2,3,4; Olions 3; German Book Prize 3; Academic Achievement 2; National Merit Finalist 4; Student Council 3 W OOD, RICHARD - Ski Club 3,4 Treasurer 3 - President 4; Youth and Government 3,4 - Treasurer 4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Basketball 4 - JV 3 - CTeam 2; Topper of the Month 3; Renssellaer Medalist 3; Brown University Book Award 3; West Point Leadership Award Nominee 4

WORLTON, JANICE - Hockey 2,4; Honor Society 2,3,4 - Vice President 4; Stage Band 2,3,4; Youth and Government 3,4; Key Club 4 WORLTON, LINDA - Band 2,3,4; German Club 3 YOUNG, CHRIS

YOUNG, VANESSA ZICKERT, JANET - Track 3,4; Pajarita Singers 2 ZIEMER, DENNIS - Football JV 2; Wrestling 3,4 - JV 2

ZOCHER, ERIC - Football 3,4 - JV 2; Wrestling 3; Lettermen's Club 4; Armed Services Leadership Award Nominee 4 BOND, JOE BOWLES, MARGARET

BRADLEY, CHRIS - Soccer 2,3,4; Chess Club 2,4; Olions 3,4 DAVIS, ANTHONY - Chess Club 1,2,3,4 - President 4; Astronomy Club 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4 HELLAND, BOB - Band 2,3,4 - Drum Major 4; Stage Band 2,3,4; Olions 3


Aiken, Dave Albertson, Lisa Alei, Larry Allen, Lynn Allen, Scott Amsden, Charlie

Juniors Mary asks advice.

Anderson, Cathy Andrew, Kathy Apel, David Apgar, Scott Aplanalp, Leanne Archuleta, David

Archuleta, Victor Arnold, Laura Asbridge, Gary Atencio, Anna Baber, Dan Baca, Paula

Baker, Terry Balog, John Bame, Barbara Banks, Kelly Baran, Linda Barber, Jeff

Barlich, Gail Barthell, Greg Bartholomew, Jeff Bartram, Scott Becknell, Christy Beldring, Ken


Bennorth, Mary Benton, Jean

Bequette, Bryan Bingham, Dan

Life of a mechanic.

Black, Jeff Blackstone, Steve Blair, Crissy Blais, Neil Blume, Randy Borrego, Louis

Bouchard, Doug Bovversox, Don Bowyer, Carlton Breshears, David Brock, Gary Brown, Tony

Brown, Dayna Brown, Scott Brown, Teri Bryson, Lisa Buchen, Tina Bucholz, Elaine

Burkhart, Gloria Burnett, Ardyce

Burns, Mike Byers, David

Herbie and Phil exchange glances with the dummy.


Byers, Mark Caird, Jeff Call, Diana Cameron, Ruth Campbell, James Campbell, Shawn

Cardenas, David Carlson, Kathleen Carlson, Lauren Catlin, Mark Catron, Addie Cauchi, Sissy

Chamberlin, Cindy

Charmatz, Albert

Chiles, Lori

Click, Lynn Coburn, Allen Cochran, Jim Collier, Kari Collier, Perry Conn, Chris

Connellee, Becky Contreras, Steve Coon, Hilary Cornwell, Fred Cort, Brian Cosimi, Laura


Cox, Ed Crawford, Kevin Crismon, Chris Cross, Shelly Croteau, Victor Cruft, Steve

Cushing, Gillian Daly, Ed Davis, Larry Deal, William DesGeorges, John Douglas, Dennis

Downey, Bruce Drake, Daniel

Drake, Roger Dummer, Sarah

Dunning, Clare Duran, Greg

Eberhardt, Nancy Ebinger, Annie Ehart, Adam Elliott, John Engelhardt, Fred Erpenbeck, Mike

Essington, Laura Evans, Frank Ferdinand, Mike Ferron, Craig Field, Renee Filip, Fred


Flaugh, Phyllis Flynn, Mike Foley, Tim

Foster, Louise Fowler, William Fox, Tina

Fulgenzi, Norma Fullerton, Gail Gaetjens, John

Gardner, Dan Gehre, Joni Gentry, David

Gerke, Sharon Gibbs, Ricky Gill, Linda

Gillis, Kathleen Goforth, Max Gonzales, Anya

Gonzales, Ken Graser, Karen Gray, Julie


Your kidding!

Green, Walter Greene, Kelly Griffin, Wayne Gruhn, Melanie Guerette, Happy Guerrero, Lori

Gursky, Dan Gutierrez, Gina Gutierrez, Joe

Gutierrez, Lisa Haarman, Cindy Haberstich, Marc

Hackenberry, David Hackman, Dan Hahn, Valerie

Hakkila, Gregg Hamberg, Mike Hammond, Sue

Hanold, Joseph Harbur, Randel Hardwick, Monie

Oh my gosh!


Harelson, Peggy Harris, Selita Harrison, Kate

That's what you think, Bernice Sue. Harry, Jennifer Hawkins, Gene Hayden, David

Hayden, Shelly Hedstrom, David Helmick, Laurie

Helmick, Paul Henderson, Brian Henderson, Holly Henry, Don Henson, Stacey Hesch, Stephen

Holcomb, Dolores Holland, Brennan Holland, Caroline Holliway, David Holmes, Larry Holmes, Tommy

Holt, Robert Honey, Wayne Honsinger, Charles Hopkins, Ann Horton, Nancy Hudgins, Sheri

Hudgins, Steve Hudson, Ty Huebner, Lisa Hunter, Lynn Hunter, Scott Hupke, Patrick


Hyer, Erin Imel, Kelli Inglis, Matt Jackson, Jim jalbert, Marie Jones, Catherine

Karry, Todd Kasik, Randy Kazek, Mike Keane, Patti Kearns, Sharon Keddy, Michele

Keddy, Mike

Keenan, Boh

Kelley, Mary Lou Manning the mike.

Kellogg, Lisa Kennedy, Maureen Kercher, Chuck Kestell, Laura Kiemle, Scott Kirhy, Liza

Kircher, Dorcas Klehesadel, Larry Kocela, Andrew Koepke, Julie Koonce, Richard Kortegaard, Kathy


Kossar, Mary Ann Kriz, Dennis Kruse, Gary

Kuderer, Cindy Kutac, Chris Land, Dale

LaRotunda, Judy Larson, Curt Lauer, Terry Danny, the hot dog king.

Lawrence, Cathy Laymen, Eddie Lazazzera, Linda Lee, Franz Lewis, Tracy Lier, Eric

Linder, Johan Lindstrom, Lori Little, Cindy Lockett, David Lockyer, Tracy London, Dan

Lopez, Manuel Lopez, Rich Lora, Doug Loughran, Nancy Lucas, Jerry Lujan, Sandra

Lundberg, Bruce MacMillan, Liz Maes, Brenda Malmberg, Steve Manthei, Karl Martell, Colleen


Practice makes perfect.

Martinez, Jerome Martinez, Loretta May, Debbie McClellan, Brenda McCurdy, Tim McGehee, Ellen

Mclnroy, Bill McLeod, Marieke Meade, Mitchell

Medina, Sid Meehan, Donna Menlove, Steve

Menzel, Ann Merhege, Brad Merts, Ron

Metropolis, Penel Meyer, Steve Meyers, Barbara

Man, am I hungry.

Meyers, Carole Mitchell, Debbie Mitchell, Roger Mjolsness, Kirsten Monaghan, Terri Monaghan, Todd


John exerts himself.

Montgomery, Gwen Montoya, Patrick Montoya, Randy

Moore, Terri Morales, Tony Morelli, Monty

Morris, Colin Motz, Barb Munyon, Mark

Mydock, Chris Naranjo, Theresa Neudecker, Teresa

Novak, Jeff Nowak, Starr Nunz, Jamie Oliphant, Carol Olivas, Susie Orlicky, Andy

O'Rourke, Carol Owens, Chuck Pacheco, Linda Parker, Karen Parker, Ron Parkinson, Scott

Parsons, Tom Partridge, Betsy Pasieka, Laurie Peaslee, David Pequette, Sherry Phillips, Diana


Cheryl gives a soothing word.

Piotrowski, Mike Plassmann, Becky Poelakker, Denise Pope, Debbie Preciado, Erin Prueitt, Linda

Puckett, Debbie Pyburn, Lisa Quintana, Dina Randolph, Leslie Ray, Brett Reavis, Janet

Reichelt, Jim Reichelt, Steve Reinig, Mary Ann Rickenbaugh, Kim Rislove, Mark Robinson, Clifton

Rodriguez, Diana Roehling, Valerie Romero, Terri Ross, Mark Rowen, Peter Ruhe, Tom

Ruiz, Shirley

Russell, Mark

Pensive moods.


Now you've got it Lori.

Ryan, Dan Ryan, Monica

Salazar, Angela

Sanford, Dawn Sandoval, Jim Sandoval, Mark Sandoval, Natalie Sandstrom, Alice Santana, Dudley

Santana, Jim Sarwinski, Lisa Schachterle, Maureen Schermer, Anne Schilling, Scott Schlosser, Andrew

Schmidt, Leslie Schneider, Doug Schrandt, Connie Schweier, Lucy Scolman, Susan Seay, Tim

Self, Stuart Shalek, Tina Sharp, Michele Shera, Chris Sherman, Bernice Sue Sherwood, Kim


Showalter, Margie Siglock, Mark Simmonds, Karen Siverly, Cindy Skahan, Rylee Smith, Kipper

Smith, Jay Smith, Laura Smith, Sandra Spurgeon, Chuck Stahl, Bill Stallings, Wanda

Stanhope, Craig Stapleton, Robert Staton, Ginny

David Cardenes says, "Take that!"

Stephens, Barbara Stephens, Doug Stevens, Sally Stewart, Joel Stewart, Julie Stewart, Vicki

Stoddard, Stephanie Stokes, Karen Stokes, Laura Stone, Loradawn Stratton, Jean Stroik, David

Sughrove, Dave Sutphin, Chip Swartz, Stacey Sweet, Peggy Talley, Brent Tatro, Carolyn


An around about way to eat lunch. Taylor, David Teel, John Thiebolt, Karl

Thieme, Randy Thompson, Chris Thompson, Verna

Tietjen, Lauretta Todd, Roberta Tregellas, Sandy Trout, Tina Trujillo, Don Trujillo, Liz

Trujillo, Richard Trump, David Ulibarri, Phillip Ungnade, Robert Upham, David Vanatta, Mark

VanDegrift, Mary jane Vanderham, Mike VanLyssel, Ross

Vaughn, Randy Vidale, Ann Vigil, Angela We want youl

Vigil, Ivan Vigil, Ralph Vikdal, Jim Wahlen, Ivy Waldschmidt, James Walker, Donell


Warren, Carol Warren, Dianna Wechsler, Becky

Weeks, Joanne Wei, Henry Whitworth, Gina

Williamson, Kim Willis, Anita Wilson, Corby

The sheer pleasure of munching. Wilson, Lori Winburn, Randy Winkler, Carolyn Wolfe, Sue Wood, John Wood, Margaret

Wood, Patrick Woodall, Jared Worlton, Teresa Wright, Janet Yandell, Neal Yarnell, Martha

Young, David Zemach, Art Dalrymple, Keith

Maes, Tony Moore, Hilde Rodriguez, Daisy Patty Nagle involved in Olion business.


Allen, David Alexander, Scott Amsden, Elaine Archuleta, Becky Arellano, Karen

Sophomores Checkmate

Armstrong, Philip Auguston, Erik Baber, Debbie Babovich, Jennifer Baker, Darrell Baker, Deborah

Baker, Pam Barber, Doug Barber, Joel Barnes, Bobby Barnes, David Barnett, Michael

Barr, Glenn Beattie, Cora Becknell, Jon Beene, Mark Benton, Clara Bergen, Randy

Bertino, Peter Bicher, Carol Bijarchi, Daryoush Bitsuie, Elizabeth Black, Darrell Blake, Debbie


The Sophomore Six.

Blewett, Sarah Bobb, William Bouchard, Kathy Boulden, Steve

Bowler, Julie Bowman, Eric Branch, Don Brasier, David Brinkley, Rick Bronisz, John

Brown, Danny Brown, Nicholas Brown, Paul Brown, Vince Brown, Walt Bubernak, Jana

Bunch, John Bunker, David Burditt, Nancy

Burick, Ray Butler, Craig Butler, Erin

Cady, Carol Caldwell, Roy Campbell, Jim

Aleta Tinkle; Hospital Helper.


Campbell, Kathryn Carlson, Susan Carnes, John Chamberlin, Alan

Chance, Bev Chavez, Lucille Chavez, Mark Chavez, Regina

Churchman, joe Clayton, Sara Colston, Michael Contreras, Rick

Medical technician Jim Weeks works the tools of the trade.

Cosimi, Mark Cowan, Annette Cox, Cathy Cox, Sally

Tap .. . Tap ,

Cremer, David Crowe, Michele Cruz, Willie Cunningham, Megan Cutler, Wendy DeGruyter, Kent


JV Cheerleaders boost spirit.

Delanoy, Melanie DeVault, Richard Dienes, Nancy Dingus, Aaron Donaldson, Sandra Dudziak, Kathy

Dunning, Angelique Duong-van, Cynthia Duran, Cecilia Eash, Susie Eddleman, Rich Edwards, Randy

Elizan, Amy Elliott, Denise Elliot, Tom

Enger, Dan Ettinger, Steve Evans, K.C.

Fenstermacher, Chris Ferris, Michael Filip, Marie

Finch, Eric Findley, Martin Fink, Susan

Mary Jane on ice.


The eternal search.

Fisher, Robin Ford, Matt Forman, Bill Foster, Mary Fritz, Peter Fugelso, David

Gallegos, Gina Gallegos, Mike Gardner, Sam Gehre, Jeff Geoffrion, Angelique George, Don

Gerwin, Michael Giacalone, Joe Gibbs, Shelly Gibney, Pat Gill, Traci Glascock, Laurie

Gore, James Gram, Peter Green, Justin Gribble, John Griego, John Greier, Jean


Ron Requeue hosts a Christmas feast.

Gromek, Chris Gruhn, Missy Guenette, Emily Gurule, Mike Gutscher, David Haarman, April

Hagerman, Barry Hamberg, Carl Hammer, Mike Hand, Robert Hanlon, Mike Harelson, Penny

Harlow, James Harris, Jeff Harrison, Eddie Hatcher, Bernard Havens, Tammy Hawkins, Barb

Hayden, Vicki Hebron, Ellen Hemphill, Debbie Henderson, Roger Herbst, Catherine Herrera, Carla


Herring, Catherine Hesch, Greg Higgins, Mike Hiteman, Caroline Hodson, Lori Hohner, Patrick

Holmes, David Holt, Laura Houlton, Brenda Humphry, Lillian Jacobson, Seth Johnson, John

Johnson, Michelle Juveland, Omar Kasman, Lisa Katko, Marvin Keaton, David Kelley, Kerry

Kent, Cindy Kephart, Phil Kimbrough, Kathryn Kirby, Kate Knapp, Gary Knapp, Robert

Knight, Jerry Kollman, Lisa Kossar, Andy Kostacopoulos, Thea Kosty, Charles Kramer, John Julie Snow comforts a friend.


Kruse, Karen

Kruse, Mike

Andy, Peter and Jean hold a conference.

Kurtenbach, Julie Kutac, Vincent Kyle, Lynne Lauer, Joe Lavy, Kelly Lee, Ileana

Lehman, Charlotte Lewis, Beata Liebenberg, Karl Lillberg, Eric Lilley, Michael Lindahl, Robin

Lindberg, Lisa Littlejohn, Lisa Lockyer, Tia Long, Mary Lundberg, Terry Lundy, Bill

Lury, Patti Luster, Jeff Lynch, Teresa Mace, Laurel

Mader, Charles Maes, Charlie Magnuson, AnnaMonika Mahoney, Kristen A picture in the yearbook is all the reward we seek.


Malenfant, Nicki Malmberg, Elise Maltrud, Matt Mangum, John Marinuzzi, John Marsh, Mike

Martell, Michele Martinez, Raymond Martinez, Rita Martinez, Tracy Marts, Gerald Mason, Joe

Mayfield, Chris McCahe, Jamie McCarthy, Danny McClary, Michelle McClements, John McCloud, Dina

McConnell, David McCormick, Don

McCurdy, Don McGehee, Lester

McKihhen, Karen McNairy, Heather

Environmentally conscious students.

Meade, Lisa Meissner, Heidi Merson, John Meyer, Ross Mezins, Joanne Miller, Kirsten


"Hurry, or you will be late for class!"

Milligan, Daniel Molleur, John Montague, Julie Moore, Michael Morales, Denise Morgan, Elizabeth

Morgan, Merik Morris, Kim Morris, Steve Morton, Gary Mudd, Laura Murphy, Ben

Maffziger, Peter Neeper, Indra Newell, Matthew Newman, Liz Nichols, Michele Nicol, Danny

Nunnaley, Ellen Nunz, Marta O'Brien, Matt Olivas, Sheila Olsen, Chris O'Neil, Joanne

Orton, Eric Osborn, Roger Oschwald, Jim Ott, Marty Paas, Laura Padilla, Pepper

Parker, Rebecca Parrish, Ned Patton, Becky Payne, Lori Peaslee, Jim Pederson, Chris


Requeue, Ron Perkins, Ann Perrault, Geri Peterson, Carl Peterson, John Phillips, jolene

Piotrowski, Sarah Poe, Lori Poelakker, Pam Polzer, John

Poquette, Scott Price, Miles Pyburn, William Quartieri, Dan

Ramsey, Ryan Rand, Joe Ratliff, Gilbert Reisfeld, Brad

The Chain Gang

Rich, Hugh Richberger, Rex Richter, Don Rickenbaugh, Donnie Ridlon, Allen Riebe, Bruce

Riechman, Jane Rink, Ann Roach, Sara Robinson, Kathy Rochester, Rick Rockwood, Julia

Rodenz, Sonja Rogers, Rick Rogers, Tracy Rohane, Tim Romero, Dee Dee Romero, Rita


Ross, Lynette Rouillard, Felicia Rowen, Bruce Rupprecht, Kathy Russell, Laurie Ryan, Liz

Sanders, Bill Sandoval, Louis Saponara, Anthony Sargent, Tia Schamaun, Coene Scheer, Kathryn

Schermer, Carol Schott, Tom Schrandt, John Schutz, Karen Schweier, George Scott, Kathy

Seeger, Carol Seitz, Nancy Serda, Victor Shalek, Meg

Sheldon, Judith Shelton, Gary Simmonds, Melanie Simmons, Kelly

Simundson, DeEdda Sinclair, Julie Siverly, Sherri Smale, Elizabeth

Smith, Lynn Snow, Shari Spicochi, Debby Spingler, Suzie

Are you sure they dressed this way in the '20's?


Springer, Marie Starr, Laurie Steyert, David Stoll, Paul Stone, Brenda Stout, Mark

Stunkel, Randy Sullivan, Patty Swenson, Phyllis Talbert, Cynthia Talley, David Tatro, Margie

Taylor, Craig Taylor, Kathryn Taylor, Scott Taylor, Teddy Tech, Cindy Thalman, Bill

Thomas, Audrey Thomas, James Thorn, Arleen Thurston, David Tillery, Stephen Tinkle, Aleta

Tisinger, Eric Tobey, Karen Tolmie, Debbie Torrey, Kelly Trela, Martha Tucker, Tammy

Tuning, Brenda Ulibarri, Sandra Upton, Rocky Valentine, Greg Valentine, Mike Vallejos, Janet

Vanderham, Judy VanderLaan, Martine VanMarter, Bobby Varnes, Steve Vaughan, Larry Vigil, Joe


Vigil, Victor Vikdal, Jeff Wagner, Steve Waldschmidt, Paul Wallace, Janice Wallace, Slieryl

Walterscheid, Jeff Ward, David Warren, Mindy Warren, Russell Waskowiak, Bryan Watson, Clayton

Wecksung, Jennie Weeks, Jerry Weeks, Tom Welch, Kathleen Wells, Margo Welson, Matt

Wewerka, Diane Whalen, Mike Whipple, Charles Whitcomb, Mike Whitmore, Colleen Whittlesey, Lloyd

Williams, Steffi Wilson, Byron Wilson, Sandy Wilson, Scott Wing, Maggie Winkler, Jennifer

Winn, Teresa Winslow, Chuck Wolfsberg, Mark Wood, Sarah Worthington, Duke Yasuda, Paul

Yates, Lee Yusnukis, Ariene Zemach, Dorothy Ortiz, Carrie Forman, Bill




Your Complete Beauty Center

P.O. Box 940 Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544

123 Longview Drive in the Village in White Rock 672-9595 We Offer You the Best in Salon Services

AKIIQUE PHOTOS o f the Finest Quality

WHITE R O CK BUILDERS SUPPLY EVERYTHING T O BUILD ANYTHING 140 Meadow Lane White Rock, New Mexico 87544 phone 672-3871

.C o stu m es Fit Over Your C lo th in g «No A ppointm ent Necessary ♦R easonable Prices


227 Don Gasper Sante Fe Village 983-5737



Dealers For: Radio Shack*RCA* Litton Your Complete Electronics Center

Hush Puppies-Vasque Red Wing-Converse Keds-Scholls Also Texas Boots

672-9824 In the White Rock Shopping Center White Rock, New Mexico


Community Center-Los Alamos phone- 662-3329



Natural Vitamins Snack Bar Frozen Yogurt Open Daily in the Community Center


1790 17th Los Alamos, New Mexico

Floral and Garden Center

Phone 662-4900

Village Shopping Plaza White Rock 672-3889

in the Community Center Los Alamos, New Mexico phone 662-3091


ZIA CREDIT UNION 1137 18th St. Los Alamos, N.M.

THE HIM SHOP Boy's, Young Men's and Men's Clothing

Congratulations Seniors "78" in the DeVargas Mall Santa Fe, New Mexico phone 982-1396

DAN ELLIOTT'S LOS ALAMOS PHOTO SHOP 1731 Central phone 662-2523

ORANGE JULIUS — Hamburgers — — Hot Dogs — — Corn Dogs — — Shakes — — Sundaes — — Ice Cream —






SUITE 206 MILES BUILDING POST O FFICE BOX 365 LOS ALAMOS, N . M . 87544 B U S .: (SO SI 6 6 2 -9 0 4 0 R E S .: (5 0 5 ) 0 7 2 -3 5 7 6

DeVargas Mall — Santa Fe member

Twenty-five years of residential, com mer­ cial, property man­ agement, and invest­ ment service. Fi^cl *

tcicZ-7i00j\ L o» /^) LTnos


WORLD LEADER IN RELOCATION inter-city relocation service

COMPUTER CODE CONSULTANTS 1680 Camino Redondo Los Alamos, NM 87544 (505) 662-9616

Wallace E. Johnson D elores R. Johnson





Jiaf 662-3241

CLEM ENT & BENNER The Pleasant Place to Shop on the Hill Pick From Famous Brands in Men's, Women's, and Children's Clothing 1735 Central Los Alamos, New Mexico phone 662-2864


Congratulations 1978 Graduates



ojo de d io s

C o m m u n ity C e n te r I 149 18th St.


Los Alam os, N .M .



f M cDonald's

"Integrity in Fit, Style, and Value" Central Shopping Center Los Alamos, New Mexico phone 662-5705

LOS ALAMOS MONITOR Your Home Owned Community Newspaper


265 DP Road phone 662-4185 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of "78"

Store Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m. Saturday 9:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Sunday 12 noon-5 p.m. Also to Serve You Our Catalogue Dept. 982-3891 and Optometrist Shop De Vargas Mall 600 Rosario Santa Fe, New Mexico phone 982-2681

2 00

Trinity Square Complex, Suite C / 2101 Trinity Drive / Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544

phone 662-9280

"W e are here to serve you' Patricia Sander - Owner

Susie Roybal Alma Harrison Elaine Robinson

Eleanore Leavitt Linda Van Dyck Joan Gardner

Congrafulaliont Seniors

MR. D - STORE FOR MEN Botany 500 Suits Yves Saint Laurent Arrow Shirts Levis De Vargas Mall Santa Fe phone 988-8093


los alamos aatioaal bank Y o u r Hoi nci own N j i i o i u l Hank

Professional Men's and Boys' Hairstyling by Eddie Martinez and Julian Ortiz

THE SPORTS B A G 1504 Iris

phone 662-2454


CABBELL ABSTRACT AND TITLE CO M PA N Y Jim Cabbell Agency - Realtors Suite 202 Miles Building 1907 Central P.O. Box 578 Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544 phone 662-5188

THE TLC DELI SCOTT'S MUSIC Sheet Music Instruments Accessories 4095 Sycamore Los Alamos, New Mexico phone 662-5351

We have cheeses and sausages as well as sandwiches. Next to the Sports Bag on Iris. phone 662-2844

The $17,000 Question Can You Meet the Challenge?

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$17,000. That's about what it costs us to train you in the Navy's Advanced Electronics or Nuclear Power Programs. But the value of that training to you . . . who can say? It will enable you to operate and maintain the most advanced electronics systems or nuclear power plants. In the Navy or later on. To qualify, you need a high school diploma and a good head, good hands, and a real desire to stick with thor­ ough and sophisticated training. And a willingness to do your share of the housekeeping chores. So the answer to the $17,000 question is really up to you. Think you can meet the challenge?

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& TradhiorM i Weaving


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201 Knecht St. Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544


W all Hangings Looms

For the Weaver Wood Carvings by

Knitter & Crocheter

phone 662-9743

Supplies Books

Auto - Body - Glass 6L CENTRO M ALL


METZGER'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION — Hardware — — Garden Supplies — — House Plants — — Tools — — Auto Parts — — Records — 128 State Road #4 White Rock, NM phone 672-3856









2601 Trinity Suite 4 Los Alamos, New Mexico


Congratulations seniors 78 Ask about Sear's Convenient Credit Plan


SEARS RO EBU CK AND CO. Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back in the Community Center Los Alamos, New Mexico phone 662-5531

ciesoN â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s


DISCO UN T CENTER 31 Sherwood White Rock, N.M. phone 672-3702

DE VARGAS ARTS & CRAFTS FAIR Jewelry, Pottery, Glass, Macrame, Leather and other hand-crafted goods in the DeVargas Center Santa Fe, New Mexico phone 988-1110

LOS ALAMOS STATIONERS Office Furniture Drafting Supplies Cards and Party Goods 1907 Central phone: 662-4229

H ittb in A ? o it



In the White Rock Village 672-3515 June Warren, Owner


1400 17th St. 662-9959

Located in th« Los Alamos SH EA R G EN IU S

Angie Charlton

Eva Montoya

for the Discriminating Women and Man W e O ffer S ly le C u ts ■Hah’Coloring 'M anicuring ■fedicuring .'Facials €yelash Application 'Lash and Brow Dyes ♦ialr Processing 662-9099 Full Service RetaS C en ter

LAKEVIEW BARBER Credit Union Building Los Alamos, New Mexico Owner: Berne Lujan Phone: 662-3880

Hours: 8 : 00- 6:00 Saturday: 8:00-4:00

ELBERT E. EARNEST AGENCY "for all your insurance" representing The Travelers Insurance Companies

1910 Deacon L t s ^ / a m o ^ , A/. 9:30-5:30 Monday-Saturday

Phone 662-4449

Suite 201-Miles Building Los Alamos, New Mexico phone 662-3540


White Rock Shopping Center O pen Six Days a Week W e Specialize in Carpets, but W e Also Have Paint, Formica, Drapes Cabinets, and Corian.


LOS ALAMOS DRUG INC. — Candles — — Cosmetics — — Film — — Tobaccos — 1619 Central Los Alamos, New Mex. phone 662-3735 emergency and after hours phone 662-4391

White Rock

phone 672-1333

Phone 982-3388

CORNWELL'S GALLERY paintings • woodwork • stoneware jewelry • candles • leather


e s t e r n

& Sc

C aa ss uu , a l


e a r

De Vargas Center 542 Rosario Santa Fe, N.Mex. 87501

114 Long View Drive in the White Rock Village phone 672-1112

PIEROTTl'S FLORAL AND GIFTS Plants and Flowers For Every Occasion 1743 Central Los Alamos, New Mexico

phone 662-6093 We Deliver!


i F T m





____ 1


m n trl m



B C 1—

M )


8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

H 1

8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Saturdays Congratulations Seniors!


1739 Central Los Alamos, NM

Your Specialty Connection in the Village phone 672-1313

phone 662-9933

STRINGS 'N SPOKES "Featuring the Finest in Bicycle, Tennis, Alpine and Cross Country Service and Equipment" Mari-Mac Village Los Alamos, NM phone 662-3456

Jeff Sweers Bruce Norman

PETS UNLIMITED Your Pet Center in the White Rock Shopping Center, phone 672-9565 "Home of Brownie the Skunk" We Also Have: Puppies, Cats, Tropical Fish, and a Full Line of Pet Supplies

THE SH ALAKO SHOP Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grothus Nice Things for Nice People

MARANATHA CHRISTIAN SUPPLY in the White Rock Village phone 672-9673 (WORD) Christian Books, Tapes, Records, Cards, Music, Gift Items, Sunday School Supplies

Silver and Turquoise Jewelry Indian Pottery — Rugs Ojos — Things from Mexico Southwestern Books — Good Books In the Community Center Los Alamos, New Mexico phone 662-2539


'T H E STO RE W ITH THE G O LD EN SERVICE" Village Shopping Center, W hite Rock, N.M. 672-1966 - J'-

THE CLOTHES RACK her Favorite Fashion Store in Los Alamos 1627 Central • 662-2830 Jack Winter • Modern junior Graff of California • Jody Bobbie Brooks • Miss Elaine Devon • Betty Rose • & Others

SILVER AND STONES Jeweler's & Rockhound Supplies Herman & Bess Owens In the Community Center P.O. Box 513 Los Alamos, N.M. 87544 phone 662-7888


AZTEC O PTICA L LA B O R A TO R Y DeVargas Center Mall 167 Paseo de Peralta Santa Fe, New Mex. 87501 phone: 982-3356 Mon. - Fri. Jim S. Perez, 10a.m.-9p.m. Manager Sat.10a.m.-6p.m. Mike Griego, Sunday by Assistant Appointment Manager


Los Alamos High School 1978 Yearbook  

Los Alamos High School 1978 Yearbook

Los Alamos High School 1978 Yearbook  

Los Alamos High School 1978 Yearbook