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“It was all Shining, it was Adam and m aiden”

‘And the sabbath rang slow ly� In the pebbles of the holy stream s. . .

‘And nothing I cared at m y sky-blue trades that tim e allows in all his tuneful turning so few and such morning songs. .

Before the children green and golden follow him out of grace. . . �

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I iJbas^oung and easy under the apple boughs Aboigt th ed iU i^ h o u se and-^hjlppy a l ^e^ta^Q ^as^een^'^

^^^J^heni^iLahmeJ^^^nghM irj^^" T f me f e f me hail and climb Golden in the heydays of his eyes, ^ jm d h c ^ rp ^ m o ^ g ^ g ^ s I was prince of the apple towns A n ^ H c e BWow a tim e I lordly hkid th^-^kmu^s leaves Traibu^th daisies and*barley^ Down the rivers of the ^ ii^ a ^ d ig h t: -<»

And as I was gm^i€and carefree, famous among the barns . 1 -•‘y ^ o u 4 the Happy yard and singing as the farm was home, -^r^ h a t is young once only, ^ h t nffhp^ayand be Golomi trulfieyflercy offm jnaqns, . An(f green and g(^lden I^ a fh u n tsm a n and Sang to m y horn, the foxes>oh the h the pebbles of the holy stru m s.

• > - .« I f « •

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' ?#?? ■' 4

A ll the sun long it was rufki%g, it wow lovely,^th e hay #-* t ^ Fields high as the house, the tunes from the chmmeys, i f w asm r * And playing, i6bely-and watery % ^ .Arnhhjp'^^^qgp^i^gmss^ • ^ Arid nigh'tly u n d ^ ^ ^ sfmpie stai:^i^^ ** A s I rode to sleep the owls were bearih!^ tfw farm A ll the moon long I heard, blessed among sta b V ^ the night joM ^S^prj/ Flying with the ricks, and the horses ~ " Flashing into the dark.

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'^ll hi»-tuneful turning |0T%16’ anS swc/i' JT^oairngl^^s v Befcm% e chUd^^ sreen and golden * **^ ,^. . " Fmlow him out^SSf^e**' " : ^nait ^ ^- n F - ^ ^ ^

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’s*!T^a^ime would takwi^e; shadaw of m y hat^d. ir^ /« tfw m ^ n ji^ a tis cdways risitrg, ^ N or th at riding to sl^sp I should hear him fly with the hi^h fields

i n I k:

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Though I sang in m y cfidihs lik'e the sea.

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â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;And green and golden I was huntsman and herdsman'

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Summer: Warmest part of the year, occurin^ between spring and autumn. A year of life, especially of early or happy life. ,4 bright and prosperous period. Even with the fun. members of Boy's and Girl's State continued work, learning functions of govern­ ment. Athletic boys worked hard at summer football practice. Help­ ing with day camps and relaxing for the evening at the Los Alamos Youth Center were some of the many activities of the good .summer life.

I f Early summer practices help prepare the 1969-70 LAPS football team for hard fall season.

Prosperous Sun-Filled

Jeanne Elliott. Phyllis Gotti. Claudia Dotson. Diane Shafer. Ardis Keepin: Girl Staters.

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- i.

Mike DeField, Rick Rickman, Eric Steinhaus, Ken Gilman, Skip Alexander, Ben Tucker, Rick Rojas, Zack McCormick, Dana Christianson, 1969 Boy's Staters

Summer Days Hold Happy Memories Senior Marti Frentzel, YMCA Day Camp counselor, assists several young campers at one of many day camp sessions this summer.

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r Fa//; Season of the year occuring between summer and winter. Time of maturity and incipient decline. Hectic sunfilled summer days gave way to routine of school. Greeting old friends, making new ones; school soon got underway with Sophomore initiation; the ‘L A ’ got a new coat of whitewash. LAHS students participated in moratorium activities. The Foot­ ball season, beginning with the first August practices, rose to an electrifying peak during the Home­ coming Game. Olions’ fall pro­ duction, The Enchanted, was a great success.

A crowd greets the LAHS football team as they crash through the Victory arch at

Moratorium Conflicts Accent Autumn A salute to the flag emphasizes the reactions of some students and adults to moratorium Activities occuring this fall.

one of the final afternoon games.


Warm early morning sun invites LAHS students outside to sit on the IMC walls.

Senior, junior and sophomore girls practice steps in preparation for Drill Team tryouts.

i . Chief Albro Rile talks before Home Ec classes.

Vi- '


, rX m

Queen Stephanie Fries

Stepha le

Stef fie Fries smiles when she learns she


Kay Blackstone

Claudia Dotson

Diane Shafer

Melanie Velasco

Fries Crowned Homecoming Queen Art Club float symbolizes feelings of all Los Alamos High School students toward Roswell.

is the 1969 Homecoming Queen at halftime

It began with the bonfire, excite­ ment mounted steadily through­ out parade and game, finally reach­ ing its peak with coronation of Stephanie Fries as Homecoming Queen. Electrifying game set mood for Homecoming activities as Topper Team squeezed a narrow 12-13 victory over Roswell-Goddard Rockets. Couples danced in starry splen­ dor to “Group Axis’’ of Roswell. Decorations kept to this years Homecoming theme “Racing to the Moon’’.



.aiU*: Lighted LA on Burnt Mountain sets the mood for 1969-70 Homecoming as it shines over Los Alamos as Toppers defeat Roswell Goddard.

The Inspector (Dave Marsh) and the Doctor (Allan Treiman) confront Ghost (Bruce Bun­ ker).

Enchanted, Up The Down Staircase ‘ “You’re on in five minutes!’’ “. . .kill the house lights! . . . ” “Break a leg!”

Los Alamos High School Olions’ fall production, The Enchanted, instantly became a hit. Leading roles went to Cathy Mendius, as a slightly unorthodox school teacher; Zack McCormick, her lover; Bruce Bunker, the Ghost; and David Marsh, as the stuffy Inspector. Twelve little girls learned about flowers, stars, and weights and measures. Up The Down Staircase, the Spring production, was a success. Mardell Martinez played Sylvia Barret, a young teacher who faces the problems and frustrations of teaching for the first time. Robert, the Supervisor, (Zack McCormick) persuades Isabel (Cathy Mendius) that mortals are more interesting than spirits.

Teacher Sylvia Barrett (Mardell Martinez) confronts Joe Ferone (Brian Woods).

Olionsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Plays

Sylvia Barrett begins teaching at Clavin Cooledge High School.


As a member of Spanish Club, the group in charge of decorating the Lobby Christmas tree, Diane Shafer helps to put on the lights.

After the first snow, avid Los Alamos skiers ride up the new chair lift.

Christmas Spirit Soars, Humanities Scholars Winter: Coldest season of the year occurring between autumn and spring. A time marked by lack of life, coldness, and cheerlessness. Despite gloomy prospects of on­ coming winter, first snowfall found most LAHSites happy and excited with the hopes of good skiing season. The season officially opened with heart-felt cries of anguish and ecstacy at Sadie Hawkins Dance. Proceeding with plans for Christmas and New Years, students beautified halls and prepared for the upcoming Basketball season. Temperatures dropped, spirits soared despite grueling Semester Exams. Six humanities scholars visited the school during February to talk to Humanities classes and teachers.

Clint Dougherty and his gang hold up Taco Bell for St. Valentine â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day Massacre.

Professor G. B. Harrison, one of six visiting National Humanities Scholars, ponders a question during an evening colloquium.

Visit in Winter Season

Mr. Caswell, Mr. Berteloot, Mr. Miller, Mr. McCluney, Mr. Meaders, Mr. Sizemore, Mr. Black, Mr. Schacterle and Mr. Eikleberry rest after cheering at a Pep Rally.

“Sights and Sounds of the ‘70’s ” was the theme of this year’s Topper Review. Participants gave a pre­ view of the rapidly unfolding year. Sophomores swept audience away on imaginary flight on supersonic jet through far reaches of the future. Back on earth, Juniors told of world today through '70 news cast, and Seniors followed the “yellow brick road’’ to the polluted land of LAHS. Many individual acts and dance groups added to the quality of this year’s show. Maringe Orellana, exchange student from Chile, performs ballet on toe.

Introducing 1970 Topper Revue acts this year as Masters’ and Mistresses’ of Ceremony

1970 Topper Revue Previews Coming

Julie Wagner interviews Tim Leever in Junior Class Skit, “70 Newscast.


The Barbalellas salute their soloist


libbons in the annual Senior Boys Dance.

Members of the Senior Class act out their skit, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Wonderful Wizard of LANS. "

Joe Michel waits to be crowned after Dana Christenson, as both are named Sweethearts at the Annual Pep Club Sweethearts Dance.

Sweethearts Sets Off Feelings of Spring: Season of the year char­ acterized by growth and progress. . . This year’s spring activities began with the annual Sweethearts dance. Pep Club chose the theme ‘A Time For Us’ and Sweetheart couples danced to the sounds of the Bitter End. Spring fought hard for an early start but was temporarily under­ mined by snow. Spirits rose as the year rapidly appraoched its end. The Harlem Globetrotters visited Los Alamos again this spring and gave their usual hilarious basket­ ball show.

Couples dance to sounds of the “Bitter End, ” as they await crowning of Sweetheart '70.


Chaperones, too, can have fun, as Mr. Size­ more and Miss Moody readily demonstrate.

Spring Fever

A Harlem Globetrotter listens for instructions from the ball to help plan strategy.

Starting at the top, Maringe Orellana, from Chile, participates in a car wash.

Dana Lippiatt and Jennifer Bard assist with decorations in the Girls’ Gym for “A Thousand and One Arabian Nights, the 1970 Junior-Senior Prom.

“A Thousand and One Arabian Nights”

Led by four crown bearers, the Prom court passes between the two giant genies and advances to the raised platform to crown the royalty.

Queen Melanie Velasco receives her roses after being crowned Queen of the 1970 Prom.

Tim Bergauer, Prince, and Marti Frentzel, King, dance with the crowned princess, Dede Desilets and Melanie Velasco, Queen after the four were named Prom royalty.

Arabian Fantasy was the theme chosen for this year’s Junior-Senior Prom. The Gymnasium was dec­ orated as an Arabian Palace over­ looking the city swarming with refreshment serving harem girls. Grape vines and lilacs covered the entrance ways and balcony, creating a mystical atmosphere. Music was provided by the Hill from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Crowned King was Marty Frenzel with Queen Melanie Velasco. Prince and Princess were Tim Berghaur and DeDe Desilets respectively.

Julie Wagner attaches one of the “window.s" that emphasize the theme of Arabian Nights.

Shannon C deBaca prepares to give a slide show of many Senior activities throughout the year as part of the Annual Senior Banquet.

Seniors Have Three Eventful Days for 1970 Senior Week activities began with the Baccalaureate Service on Sunday, May 31. Music was provided by the Orchestra and the Chamber Singers. Guest speakers were: Father Milton Rohane, Rev­ erend Paul Anspach and Reverend Harold E.Rayburn. The annual Senior banquet was held at Los Alamos Inn on June 1st and was followed by the movie Wait Until Dark. Awards and scholarships were presented at Honors Convocation on Tuesday. Music was provided by the LAHS Stage Band and Chamber Singers. The Senior Dance followed the awards program. Wednesday, June 3, marked the important Senior Commencement; with this the class of ’70 ended it’s high school career. Good luck Seniors! Jim “Jinny” Babich sing.s his song at the Male Beauty Contest on the eve of Senior Week


Shannon C â&#x20AC;&#x2122;de Baca fits her graduation hat

)i Senior Week Barbie Wilson strolls down to the cafeteria on the last day of school before Senior Week. A Josten salesman measures Pat Morrison for her cap and gown for graduation.


Seniors have been preparing to graduate since the beginning of their education, but preparation came to a high point on May 29th with graduation practice. The class of â&#x20AC;&#x2122;70 was launched out into the world with Senior Commence­ ment on Wednesday, June 3rd. They wore disposable caps and gowns with boys in green and girls in white. There were 36 honor students who received their diplomas first and were followed by the remainder of the class. The address was presented by John H. Furbay, Consultant for Cultural Affairs, Trans-World Airlines.

Los Alamos High School Chamber Singers perform two hymns at the Baccalaureate Exercises.

358 Seniors Receive Diplomas

David Marsh, one of thirty-six graduates, stands at the head of 1970 graduates directing the color guard to post the colors.


Proud parents watch as their seniors march in to the orchestra’s playing of “Pomp and Circumstnace’’at 1970 Baccalaureate Service.

on June 3rd, 1970

Dr. Furbay, Cultural Affairs Consultant from TWA, addresses the graduates.

Honor Society usher Robyn Campbell guides a row of honor graduates into their seats.



Miss Pam Zukas-Winner of 1969 Junior Division Miss Wool Contest.


Miss Madeline Gere-National High School Rodeo Queen-1969-70 Miss Kathy Browne-N. C. T.E. Award Winner.






toppers Gain Several Leading Honors

Doug White-Winner of State and National Science Fair Awards.

Rick Rojas-State Track Champion and 1970 Winner of the National Federation High School Indoor Track Meet at Houston Astrodome.


LAHS Students Show Versatility James Lindsay-Winner of eight awards at 1970 National Science Fair.


Miss Barb Wilson (third person from right) and her AFS family in Brazil. Miss Claudia Dotson, Governor, Girls' State.




I ,

Zack McCormick-1969 President of New Mexico Interscholastic Press Association.


â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Time let me hail and climb, Golden in the heydays of his eyes'

Latin Club Celebrates Birth of Rome



Mark Robertson, Ramona Carol Claybrook, Lydia Lacquer,


Anna Guevarra, Evey Vigil. S E C O N D R O W : Ken Gilman, Wendy Oaks, Carolyn Mueller,

Mike Delano, Sponsor-Mrs. Huber, and Pauline Flynn.




Anna Guevarra, Mike Bailey, Anne Terrell, Sylvia Herring, Mark Robertson, Carolyn Mueller, Bob Hicks, Carol Claybrook, Jenny

Huber, and Mike Delano enjoy themselves while they wait for their Roman meat Lydia Lacquer, Sponsor Mrs. Fries. Rick Rojas, and Pauline Flynn indulge in various Latin delicacies.

Among the Latin Clubâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s many activities were slides on Rome shown and narrated by Mrs. Fries, filmstrips, films in Latin, dis­ cussions on architecture, and Roman costume displays. Members celebrated the Ides of March this year with their annual Formal Roman Banquet. They ate Roman Roast beef, played Charades, and portrayed Roman characters. Officers this year were: PresidentLydia Laquer, Vice-President-Ken Gilman, Secretary-Wendy Oakes, Treasurer-Mike Delano, HostessRamona Chavez, and Activities Chairman-Jennie Huber.

Germans Eat at Bandelier

Kim Caswell, Becky Greenwood, and Carl Bowman groove on their food.

Connie King, President delights refreshing water at Bandelier.

in the

Bill Stein turns his back as Connie King slaps the mustard on his hamburger. Members of German Club are (from top to bottom) Carl Bowman, Becky Greenwood,

Connie King, Mr. Huttenlocher, and Bill Stein.

This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s German Club enter­ tained several guest speakers who had visited Germany. The Club had many filmstrips and tried some radio plays and German converstions. The members ended the year with their annual end-ofthe-year picnic held at Bandelier National Monument. President this year was Connie King and Sec.-Treas. was Carl Bowman.

Spanish Club Brings Christmas Spirit

Standing in front of their Christmas Tree are Spanish Club members: R O W 1- Pat San­ doval. Ann Montoyax, Merinque Orellana, Pam Ruhr. Vicki Olivas, Mr. Mojica, Spon-

.sor, Lourdes Greene: R O W 2- Chris Chaffey, Paulette Salazar. Barb Yandell, Lisa Berkson, Dea Wingfield, Debbie Dominic; R ow 3-

Denise Aragon, Miss Prather, Sponsor, Tish Wagoner, Barb Laymen, Kathy Demuth, Diane Shafer, Sam Dubois.

With strings of Popcorn and glit­ tering lights, this year’s Spanish Club brought the bright Christmas Spirit to LAHS with the annual decorating of the Christmas Tree. They then spread good will to the town with their carolling. Meringue Orellano spoke to the club during a meeting, and the members went out to dinner at El Paraguas in Espanola. They sponsored a cake walk and hosted a potluck for the other Spanish clubs in the area. Many members went to the Pan American Day.

President, Diane Shafer and Vice-President. Lisa Berkson howl over a funny point made by Sponsor, Mr. Mojica, at one of their meetings.

LAHS French Club provided hospitality for French Speakers frequently throughout the school year. One highlight was an illus足 trated talk on the auto race at Le Mans. Members celebrated the Yuletide in traditional French Custom. The club planned a treas足 ure hunt and took a trip to see a French play. Officers were: Pres足 ident, Diane Machovec; Vice Pres足 ident, Holly Lewis; and SecretaryTreasurer, Marla Brooks. French Club concluded the year with its annual banquet. Cahty Pacheco, Mark Robertson, Sherrie Tepper, and Nancy Straton help themselves

to some goodies at their Christmas party while others look on.

French Club Hosts Guest Speakers

ROW 1- Mrs. Travis, Linda Maraman, Lydia Laquer, Cynthia Goldblot, Eric Loucks, Cindy Peck, Merideth Rabideau, Sue Martin, Vicki Gilbert. R O W 2- Norm

Peterson, Nancy Stratton, Mancy Elliott, Marla Brooks, Ruth Banta, Susan Banderwort, Brenda Bowman, Margie Cowan. R O W 3- Sherrie Tepper. Diane Machovec, Ardis

Keepin. Mark Robertson, Holly Lewis, Cathy Pacheco, Marian Mcqueen, Debbie Brou.sseau. Gale Wilson, Norma Wallburg.

1 S T R O W - Jeanne Elliott, Chris Nelson, Lindy Lang, Elaine McHale, Kay Blackstone, Joan Elliott, Ardis Keepin, Wendy Dodds, James Boise, and Loretta Martinez. 2 N D R O W - Lois Trujillo, Nancy Ahearne, Gigi Maes, Susan Pettitt, Kathy Kemme,

Claudia Dotson, Ann Keller, Barbara Wil足 son, and Wendy Oakes. 3 R D R O W - Anne Buckland, Nancy Stratton, Helen Pacheco, Carol Blackstone, Peggy Keller, Dotty Kasunic, Kriss Susco, and Diane Shafer. 4 T H

Carl Trujillo, Scott Andrae, Ben Tucker, Vi Trujillo, Robert Hoogterp, Spon足 sor: Mr. Bemis, Jackie Bourne, Sponsor: Sara Balcomb, Juanita Bustamante, and Angela Lujan. ROW -

Youth and Government Visits Legislature Youth and Government sponsored the annual Sadie Hawkins dance this year as a money raising pro足 ject. The members participated in the model legislature, April 8thIlth in Santa Fe at the Capitol Building. Speakers of the house was Wendy Oakes; Jeanne Elliott and Ann Keller were Clerks of Senate. Angela Lujan was Sergeant of Arms of the House and Committee Chair足 men were: Joann Elliott, Diane Shafer, Elaine McHale, and Kay Blackstone. The club sponsored peanut sales throughout the year to earn money for projects.

S co tt A n d rae questions a p o in t of d eb ate.

Joan E llio tt gives her C o m m itte e R e p o rt a t M o d e l Leg islatu re.

IRC Sends Delegates to Model UN

Mrs. Watkins reviews the itinerary for the Model UN Session.

IRC Members are: Mrs. Watkins, Sponsor; Miss Gulick, Sponsor; Debbie Jackson, Brenda Bowman, Meredith Rabideau, Kay

Sawder, Molly Rodgers, Sharon Byers, Viola Trujillo, Syd Smith, Mr. Burnett, Sponsor; Barb Grothus, Kathy Lazarus, Kim Caswell.

IRC participated in the annual United Nations Day in Santa Fe. This year they represented dele­ gations from the Soviet Union and Senegal. The members tried several money-raising projects including drawings and bakesales. The club sponsored a hilarious Male Beauty Contest again this year as last year.

Derrick Simi. David Coleman, and Becky Greenwood listen to the plans for their trip.

1 S T R O W - Ardis Keeping, Meg Barron, Betty Szalay, Terry Desilets, Sue Jones, Diane Shafer, Betsy Voorhees, Katy Buchen, Nancy Wolff, Terry Harper, Lydia Lacquer. 2 N D R O W - Jackie Farmer, Sharon Byers, Cathy Mendius, Patty O'Rourke, Donna Durham, Esther Winton, Bill Farr, Howard Weintraub. 3 R D R O W - Sam DuBois, Mike

Gursky, Doug Weintraub, Peggy Deinken, Mary Westervelt, Jerry Cowan, Bill Stein, Connie King, Kathy Browne, Eric Bjorklund. 4 T H R O W - Sponsor, Mr. James Meaders, M â&#x20AC;&#x2122;Lou Bemis, Cindy Peck, Margaret Croley, Carolyn Hull, Becky Daniels, Meredith Rabideau, Aileen Schelberg, Arlene Brown,


Greenwoon, Allan Treiman. 5 T H Randy Holm berg, Bruce Bunker, Glenn Fishbine, Sean Lanter, Zack McCor­ mick, Gene Sydoriak, George Gammel, Dan McMillan, Jeff Lory, Suzi Nutter, Jenny Huber, Terry VanDilla, Betsy Graves, Carrie Hendron. ROW -

Candy Sales Soar, Money for Scholarships This year candy sales soared at the Candy Cart, held daily in the cafeteria. Members sold goodies both lunch periods, and after school in the lobby. The Honor Society also ran tutoring services. Holding the annual banquet at the Knights of Columbus Hall this year, many new members were brought in and the departing Seniors were bid farewell.

Cynthia Goldblatt and Chris Sydoriak arrange magazines for the Honor Society Book Sale.


Candystripers Bring Joy

Susan Richardson, Paulette Salazar, Linda Crasser, Carrie Hendron, Sharon Byers, Laurie Walters, Nancy Stratton, Evelyn Vigil, Becky Deal, Jennie Huber. 2 N D R O W Dea Wingfield, Eileen Squires, Nancy Thomas, Carol Dunn, Lesley Wilson, Carolyn

Hull, Louanne Osborne. Leslie Glass, Linda Hasenbank, Jo Horton. 3 R D R O W - Sue Briesmeister, Kathy Browne, Jeanne VanEtten, Diane Gregg, Molly Rodgers, Ana Gue­ vara, Glenna Oschner, Rachel Diaz, Suzi Nutter, Leslie Smith.

Sue Briesmeister and Evelyn Vigil help patients by filling their pitchers with ice. 1 S T R O W - Dawn Hannaman, Jeannie Stone, Luanne Lederer, Becky Daniels, Betty Day, Beth Eutsler, Ellen Overton, Gloria Norris, Anne Zeltman, Cindy Childers. 2 N D R O W Susan Whitney, Nancy Brenton, EG. Hobart, Elaine Moore, Margie Houtz, Delene Grauholtz, Janet McQueen, Lois Trujillo,

Sandy Gallaher, Amanda Ortega, Leslie Matlack, Denise Glare. 3 R D R O W - Ellen Kraing, Pam Stamer, Susan Stein, Robin Else, Gere Salas, Kay Boop, Cathy Clow, Cheryl Cammel, Carol Rice, Tina MacMillan, Harriet Wilson.

Laurie Walters and Jennie Huber learn the proper method for making a hospital bed.

Candystripers, the junior branch of the Hospital Auxilary at LAMC, have been extra busy this year. In addition to work on the floors every night from 4 to 7 and on weekends from 10 to 1, Senior girls in the program have been helping at the Lobby Shop, and the group has made several trips. Visiting Four Seasons Nursing Home at Christ­ mas, the girls brought cookies, Christmas tree decorations, songs, and cheer. Other trips were made to Casa Angelica, Home for Retarded, and to the State Hospital in Las Vegas. As part of monthly meetings, several movies were seen, and an Army Major spoke to the girls on Nursing in Vietnam.

Student Council Plans Project

Sponsors-Mr. Robert Caswell, Mr. Russ Shinn, Miss Gloria Cordova; Sherrie Tepper, Syd Smith, Kay Blackstone, Lois Trujil­ lo, Patti Porto, DeDe Desilets, Diane Shafer, Claudia Dotson, Libby Russell, Paula

Tim and Jeanne listen to new ideas.

Jackson, Meringue Orellana, Ron LaBerge, Nina Segura, Pam Koch, Jeanne Elliott, Jeanne Pettitt, Carol Blackstone, Kirss Susco, Ed Clifton, Jilly Myers, Kathy Laza­ rus, Terry Desilets, Debbie Koch, Lisa Berk-

son, Steph Smith, Rick Rickman, Phyllis Gotti, Alan Wilson, Chuck Green, Skip Alexander, Peggy Daly, Marla Brooks, Bill Farr, Eric Steinhaus, Ben Tucker, Mike De­ field, Beth Eutsler.

Sponsor, Mr. Caswell, was a great attribute to Student Council this year.

Officers this year are Rick Rickman—President, Diane Shafer—Secretary, Tim BergauerVice-President and Barb Wilson—Treasurer.

Claudia Dotson and Chuck Green spend their free time working in the Bookstore.

■iitaiUmis. Sam DuBois stands to a point of question.

Rick presides over one of the meetings.

LAHS Student Council was very active this year. They began several new projects, among them an egg drive, where they made up to $5 per egg, selling door to door. They planned for the giant “L A ” to be laid in tiles in the lobby, and raised $100 for the Gary Seever Fund. Members attended District Stu­ dent Council meetings, working for the March of Dimes and electing new officers in April. Alan Wilson was elected State President and Diane Shafer acted as District Secretary. A new election system was de­ veloped for electing the officers and representatives for next year.

Craig White, David Delano, Dan Baggett, Sam Dubois, Steve wash cars for money-raising project.

Father Cyrillos helps celebrate Key Club’s 20th Anniversary.

This year for the first time, morning devotionals were incor­ porated into school activities through Key Club’s Topper Chris­ tian Fellowship, featuring such speakers as Dr. Carroll and Eugene Boyd, well-known evangelist speaker. The boys also visit two churches a month to better pro­ mote understanding between dif­ ferent religions. Father Cyrillos was grateful for the help Key Club gave to his home for retarded boys, Santa Maria El Mirador. They also assisted Jemez House and Goodwill Industries. They did many service projects for LAHS this year, including paint­ ing bleachers and sponsoring car washes. Key Club won the annual club float contest in the Homecoming Parade and, chose their Sweetheart, Wendy Oakes.

Mixner, and Fred Warren

Los Alamos High School I

Key Clubbers work project this year is painting bleachers at Sullivan Field. Key Club Court--Madeleine Gere; DeDe Desilets; Sweetheart, Wendy Oakes; Becky Daniels; and Terry Desilets.

R O W - Paul Yandell, Jim Cox, Kent 3 R D R O W - Jim MacMillan, Randy HolmWood, Ken Gilman, Derek Foster, Robert berg, Tim Davis, Bob Myers, Mark Sawyer, Lawton. 2 N D R O W - Steve Hansen, Milo Jack Davis, Howard Weintraub, Dan Bagget, Burdette, Mark Bailey. Jim Dabney, TomTodd Caswell, Bob Bergen, Doug Weintraub. Trujillo, Mike Kemp, Ted Torrey, Gary 4 T H R O W - Tom Thorne, Lance Campbell Dugan, Mark Rann, Mr. Bertloot, Sponser. 1ST

Sam Dubois, Peter Reum, Jim Horton, Steve Work, Chuck Green, Mike Delano, Bruce Bower, Steve Eliot, Steve Bingham, Karl Bowman,Richard Claiborne. Dave Delano, Steve Mixner,Craig White.

Key Club Dedicated to Service

First place winner in Club Float division is Key Club.


Mr. Brent---Sponsor.

Sponsor--Mr. Shinn, Dana Sherwood, Nancy Swickard, Kurt Steinhaus, Richard LaCas.'ie, Emily Dreiser, DeDe Desilets, Nancy Strat­ ton, Becky Daniels. Jim Cox. Todd Lindblom, Kenny Jennings, ('ynthia (loldblat, Steve Koczan, Eileen Squires. Mary Beth Apprill, Lisa Cramer, Ron LaBerge. Mike

Hansen. Debbie Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;hillips, Robert Sherwood, John Lyon, Tom Munyon, Steve Hemphill, Mark Rand, Rick Rickman, Lindy Lang, Claudia Dotson, Debbie Koch, Diane Shafer, Ann Keller, Danny Porto, Steve Berkson, Nancy Wolff, Kyle Thorne, David A lei.

James Boise, Chris Swickard, Kathi Geoffrion, Jackie Bourne, Jim Velasco, Sarah Bennorth, Barb Grothus, Lisa Berkson, Marla Brooks, Tim Jennings, Bill Farr, Holly Lewis, Peggy Keller, Jackie Keenan, Meg Barron.

Ski Club Trip

Ron LaBerge and Harold Hall form part of the assembly line to pack ,ski poles into the vehicle for the trip to Taos.

An unidentified flying object leaps over onf

Jim Kennedy, Eric Loucks, Phillip Apprill, Bryce Harper, Cindy Harper, Beth Coulter Sponsor--Mr. Burnett, Ingrid Peterson, Glen Larson, Evelyn Treeman, Steve Bersiaga, Jen Longmire, Marcy Lucero, im Lamkin, Shelley Boyer, Jan Mosher, Kris Har­ rington, Madeline Gere, Melanie Velasco, Ron LaBerge, Cheryl Johnston, Cheryl

Clevenger, Nancy Segar, Larry Ahearne, Kay Blackstone, Becky Chavez, Danny Arntzen, Harold Hall, Carolyn Hull, Cindy Childers, Jeff Daniels, Sharman Edeskuty, Ken Rut­ herford, Mary Barber, Karla Penya, Carla Campbell, Virginia Lazarus, Chris Nelson, Debbie Dominic, Kriss Susco, Liz Lazarus, Angela Lujan, Jill Myers, Maggie Griffin,

to Taos Success

of Los Alamos Ski Area’s fantastic moguls'.

Pam Koch, Dana Christensen, Betsy Voorhees, Jeannie Eliott, Eric Steinhaus, Loretta Martinez, Dotty Kasunic, Kay Rohwr, Sue Jones, Ernie Ulibarri, Kitten McDonough, Carol Blackstone, Terry Bruington, Jennifer Bard, Eric Cox, Susie Leland, Janet Mc­ Queen, Shellie Mullins.

The one major out-of-state over­ night skiing activity to Purgatory, Colorado, fell through for LAHS ski club, but they did manage to ski at Taos Ski Basin several times. The winter really was not the best for skiing in Los Alamos. Ski club held several bake sales to earn money for their trips, earn­ ing more money than any previous club was able to earn.

Some of the adult Ski Club members work on the new chair lift which opened this winter, making trips up the hill a little bit more luxurious.

Drill Tram Members: B O T I'O M Mnr\ l.\nn Dvorak, Karol Wooten. Julie Wavtuer. ('athy Mendius, 'l\rry Harper, Paula Jackson. Elaine Dropesky, Angela Lujan, Lindy

Lang, Chris Hummel, Susie Leland, Janet Potter. Minnie Ramirez. Susan Craigmile, Susan Vanderoort, Jill Myers. T O l ’ - Katy Buchan. Eileen Dugan, Pam Zukas, Maringe

Orellana, Luanne Lederer. Melanu Velasco, Jeanne l ‘eltitl. Donna .Steieart. Jana ( amphell, Irma Loi>ez, Sharon Baxrnan, DeDe Desilets, and Becky Daniels.

Drill Team Attends All-State Contest Mission Impossible theme.. Brasilia Sock It to Me This year's drill team provided many excellent performances dur­ ing games and Pep Assemblies. The girls put forth extra hours of prac­ tice for competition at the AllState Drill Team Contest held at Sandia High School.

Drill Team poses in “T" formation.


“Two bits. . Four bits . .Six bits, a dollar.” Pep Club boosted spirit at LAHS this year with their cheers at pep assemblies. The signs in the lobby every week were painted diligently by all the girls. “The Bitter End” provided msuic at the annual Pep Club Sweetheart dance, and the walls showed the season, for the theme “A Time for Us”. Seniors Joe Michel and Dana Christenson were chosen co-sweet­ hearts and reigned over the dance. Other services of the Pep Club included a “Spirit Door” for the football team and ribbons for each basketball and football game. Pep Club members do their weekly decorating of the lobby before the game.

Mrs. Marga Baedeker, Sponsor, spends many hours working with Pep Club and Drill Team.

Pep Club Boosts Toppers

Eileen Dugan, Donna Stewart, Meringe Orellana, Gigi Maes, Donna Lyttem, Loretta Martinez, Connie Cruise, Melanie Velasco, Karol Wootem, Mary Lynn Dvorak, Paula Jackson, Katy Buchen, Jana Campbell, Janet Potter, Jackie Ciddio, Sharon Baxman. Dotty Kasunic, Mardell Martinez.

Cathy Mendius, Claudia Dotson, Wendy Oakes, Joan Elliot, Jeanne Pettitt, Angela Lujan. Dede Desilets, Madeline Gere, Patti Porto, Shelli Millins, Carol Blackstone, Susan Vandervoort, Patty Court, Lindy Lang, Kay Blackstone, Diane Shafer. Ardis Keepin, Elaine McHale, Phyllis Gotti, Terry Harper,


Janet Babb, Kriss Susco, Jilt Myers, Pam Koch. Cherly Johnston. Chris Hammel. Deb­ bie Weber. Debbie Dominic. Cheryl Cle­ venger. Mary Beth Laymen. Suzie Leland, Julie Wagner. Kathy Fitzgibbon. Elaine Dropesky, Pam Zukas, Cheryl Collier. Irma Lopez. Minnie Ramirez.

Science Club and Astronomy Club Join

Merrill Gibson shines his flask.

Science Club: Mr. Robert Eikleberry, Mike Prme, John Newcom, Barry Cooper, Doug White. Nancy Elliott. Kay Rohwer, David

Astronomy Club members discover interesting things about outer worlds.

Emigh. Lydia Lacquer, Jeff Lindsay, Glenn Fish bine.


White. Jim

to Form Science League This Year

Astronomy Club: F IR S T George Machovec, Jeff

R O W - J e r r y Peek, Lory; S E C O N D

ROW-Mrs. Ross, Ronnie Dunn, Gammel, Bill Stein, Alice Tallmadge.


Astronomy and general science merged this year at LAHS in the formation of the Science League. Although the two clubs are united in name, they still function seperately. Night viewing sessions were frequent projects of the Astronomy Club. Also planned were field trips to Roswell to tour the rocket museum and to Sunspot, N.M. to the new observatory of the .sun. Many individual projects were done The Science Clubâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s main project for this year was the lighting of the LA on Burnt mountain as part of Homecoming activities. They sponsored various lectures and trips to LASL lectures.

Members of the Astronomy Club examine the eclipse.

Hilltalkers Take

Paul Black, Mr. Black, Derrick Simi, and Mr. Gallegos, student teacher, tabulate rounds of speech tournament.

First in North District Tournament

Cheryl Gammel, Arlene Brown, Shelli Mul­ lins, and Art Sheinberg -1 S T R O W . 2 N D R O W - Paul Black, Betty Szalay, Janet Pot­

ter, Phyllis Gotti, Meg Barron, Mike Cum­ mings, Becky Greenwood, Kim Caswell, and

Bruce Bunker put their District trophies in the trophy case.

The Topper Speech team hosted a 15 school speech tournament this year along with their large number of activities. After pro­ viding two KRSN Programs each week and reading the daily an­ nouncements, members also found time to give demonstrations at ele­ mentary school speech contests. Several Hilltalkers entered speaking contests and the club provided speakers for the community on request. The year was ended with a picnic and the election of next year’s officers.

Entries in American Begion Gratorical Contest are Kim Caswell, Bruce Bunker, Phyllis Gotti, and Arlene Brown. Kim Caswell placed first.

Officers on trampoline: Wendy Dodds, Vice Pres.: Vicki Olivas, Secretary-Treasurer; Lourdes Greene, President; Evy Vigil, Sports Head 1 S T R O W - Ann Miller, Brenda Bow­ man, Leslie Matlock. Jeanne VanEtten, Chris Chaffey, Julie McGurn, Patty Vigil, Terry Simmons, Sally Marsh, Kathy Pitz-

gibbon, Debbie Koch, Terry Rein, Meg Bar­ ron, Susan Holmes, Nancy Ahearne, Cindy Childers, Becky Lester, Linda Wilson, Beth Munyon, Becky Miles, Sharon Byers, Kay Sowder, Gale Wilson, Lindy Lang, Melanie Velasco, Jana Campbell, Liz Lazarus, Jeanne Pettitt. 2 N D R O W - Barb Nelson, Fran De

Does, Miss Stice, Debbie Ortiz, Virginia Lazarus, Margy Cowan, Gale Borkenhagen, Elaine Dropesky, Susie Mohr, Jennie Huber, Virginia Blevins, Carolyn Hull, Pauline Flynn, Cindy Childers, Dian Shafer, Claudia Datson, Miss Herman, Debbie Jackson.

New in GAA was the initiation of Sports Days to the activities this year. LAHS hosted three this year for volley-ball, basketball, and softball. Girls also attended sports days at NM SU and Penasco. One important event of the year was a giant slumber party held for a group of Arizona Girls.

The Senior Girls’ Basketball Team--The Nothings--managed to take first place in the tournament after a morning of struggles.

GAA Provides Athletics for Girls

DeDe Rhodes and Susan Holmes struggle to get the ball for their team.

Meg Baron, Carolyn Hull, Cindy Childers,

Members of GAA cheer “Rock it to ’em Top­ pers ’’ in this year’s Homecoming Parade.

Steff Smith, and DeDe Desilets participate in one of GAA's Baseball Days.

1 S T R O W - Becky Johnson, Paula Jackson, Cheryl Collier, Madeline Gere, Debbie Muetshler, Ester Winton; 2 N D R O W - Luanne Lederer, Nancy Dannewitz, Vicki Covington, Kay Sowder, Patti Vigil, Beth Coulter,

Sherry Lewis, Peggy Deinken: 3 R D R O W Chris Nel.son, Leslie Wilson, Patti Porto, Sandy Gallaher, Sharon Walters, Jeanette Noris, Jane Hawes, Theresa Coffelt, Carol

Barbara Tegtmeir, Linda Ford, Francis Montano. Delene Grauholtz, Barbara Fair, Marta Cole, Kay Hoop, Sue Blackwell, Pauline Flynn.


LAHS Office Education Association OEA began this year with Instal­ lation of officers and induction of new members. The club did several service projects and initiated new competative Office Education Pro­ grams. Many members were sent to the annual Highlands Day Com­ petitions.

Donna Thomas, Susan Bates, and Mary Lynn Dvorak work diligently practicing for awards to be earned by the business department.

Annette Rodriquez, Secretary; Nancy Thomas, Sponsor; Luci Chavez, Parliamentarian; Mary Lynn Dvorak, Historian; Mrs.

Bess Hegler. Sponsor; Gail Gritsko, President; and Gere Salaz, Treasurer,


Hands--what could thev do without them?

Travels to Portales for State Contest

1 S T R O W - Becky Chavez, Nancy Segar, Jessica Sandoval, Ruby Maes, Mary Ann Barber, Carolyn Caldwell, Carolyn Cooper, Luci Chevez; 2 N D R O W - Gail Gritsko, Annette Rodriquez, Debbie Weber, Irma

Lopez, Betty Day, Elaine Martinez. Laurie Earl, Mary Ann McClenahan. Liz Pacheco; 3 R D R O W - Linda Hasenbank, Su.san Bates, Loretta Stallings. Cheryl Clevenger. Cheryd

Johnston. Nancy Thomas. Mary L\nn Dvorak. Wendy Dodds. Luanne Brush. Minnie Ramirez. Geri Salaz; not .shownDonna Lytten.

Head Majorette, Patti Court, Shelli Mul­ lins, Connie Crusie, Kathy Larson, Janet

Babb, Kathy Hues, Rexanne Hampton, and Linda King.

Majorettes Provide Entertainment

Kathy Larson

Linda King

Rexanne Hampton

Majorettes take the field for a half-time performance.

LAHS Majorettes performed at every home game this year and at every away game attended by the band. Each girl did a solo. The girls also ushered at band concerts and twirled for pep rallies. Flag baton, dance twirling, and duet twirling were used for the first time this year.

•S /•'?'

■*’ H





Mr. Scott Ramsey calmly awaits the presentation of the LAHS Marching Band at halftime, while band members wait for their introduction.

Scott Ramsey Becomes New Director

■ Drummers play a lively cadence while the band takes its place on the field.

Band members prepare to taki their halftime show.


'd for

LAHS Marching Band played for every Basketball and Football game. Their exceptional music added to the spectacular half time shows. The bands performed many good concerts, including one with pro­ fessional Saxophone player, Fred Hempe. The Marching band performed at State Fair parade in Albuquerque in the fall, and the Stage band performed in Topper Review. Band members hosted members from the Mayfield band in early May. New band director this year is Mr. Scott Ramsey a graduate of LAHS.

The Wind Ensemble plays at the 1969 New Mexico State Fair.

t( of LAHS Bands

Drum Major, Lance Campbell, keeps the hand in step while marching down the field.


Orchestra Performances Feature Student


LAHS Orchestra performed a Fall concert with the Los Alamos Sinfonietta and a “Concerto” Concert. The group played in con­ cert with the choir's and joined in an all school Orchestra concert in May. Several members went to the annual All-State Music Festival in Albuquerque. President of the Orchestra this year was Bruce Bunker with Donna Burham as Vice-President and Wendy Oakes, Secretary-Treasurer.


Mr. Beene, orchestra director, also chaper oned the Chamber Singersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; trip.

Christy Hammel, flutist, and Dave Marsh, cellist, are featured soloists. Ric Cox, soloist, Mr. Scott Ramsey, Mr. Don Beene, and Mr. Sheldon Kalberg re­ hearse music for musical performances.


The award winning Chamber Singers are: Colleen Hamlin. Dennis Hoak, Dana Lippiatt, Anne Buckland. Jerry Cowan, Janet Linke, Ric Cox. Sue Felt. Anne Terrell, Donna Durham. Scott Chesney. R O W 2:


Director Sheldon Kalberg, Clinton Dougherty, Cathy Mendius, Terry Smith, Sheila Farmer, Neil Colyer, Meg Barron, Becky Naffzigger, Vicki Kestell, Jeanetter Starkey, Bruce Bunker, Bill Hayes. R O W 3:

Luanne Lederer, Dave Marsh, Betty Szalay, Larry (Hbbons, Kim Wallwork, Kim Beck­ with, Mary Lynn Dvorak, Craig Conner, Derek Fuller, Janet Potter, John Waldschmidt, Anne Tynan, and Chuck Amies.

Chamber Singers Earn Superior [

Mary Lynn Dvorak and Colleen Hamlin, members of the Chamber Singer.s, get ready for one of their many performances.

Minnie Ramirez, Cheryl Johnston, and Debbie Weber, members of the Girls' Choru.s, centrate on the music for the Pop Concert.

Mr. Kahlberg prepares choirs for a concert.

Chamber Singers start Topper Revue by singing "Nothing Can Stop Me Now ’

Rating, Other Choirs Successful Too The choirs’ performed in four major concerts this year including the Cherubini Requiem. To celebrate Christmas, the choral department held a party for the ex-choir members from the past four years. They sold candy to raise money. This year for the first time the LAHS Chamber Singers went on tour. Their trip in late April took them to the Buccaneer Music Festival, held in Texas. The Chamber Singers sang concerts in schools and churches in Hobbs, Big Springs, San Antonio, and San Angelo. The tour was highlighted by the Superior (§1) rating earned in Corpus Christi.

Members of the Acappela Choir practice diligently for the Spring Pop Concert.

Future Teachers of America Take Trip

F IR S T R O W : Betsy Graves, Margy Houtz, Rosemary Abeyta, Rachael Diaz. Steve Uickman, E G. Hobart. Lois Trujillo, Nancy

Starner. Sue Wit; S E C O N D R O W : Randy Crabb. Ellen Theim, Amanda Ortega. Evelyn Vigil. Terry Harper, Patty Abeyta, Ann

Tynan, Diane Hanson, Donna McClenahan, Leslie Smith, Sponsor Mrs. McClesky.

The Future Teachers of America got in plenty of practice this year at LAHS. Several members served as student assistants in American History/Government classes and some seniors also worked as student teachers this spring. Club members observed for a day in the elementary schools, and reported at a meeting on what the y had seen. When the PTA Open House was held, FTA members worked as guides for the lost parents. The FTA Convention was held in Portales in April this year and several members attended.

FTA officers are Margi Houtz, President; Evelyn Vigil, Vice-President; Ellen Hobart, Secre­ tary; Lois Trujillo, Historian; Ellen Theim, Vice-President Elect.


The Stamp and Coin Club is LAH S’s newest club. They held several auctions and trading sessions for avid stamp and coin collecters. They also had several guest speakers, and took trips to the bank and Post Office. Members participated in state and local exhibits and collection shows.

Jeff Lory, David Prine, George Machovek, Richard Dings, and Ronnie Dunn investigate the workings of the Post Office in downtown Los Alamos.

Collectors Trade Stamps and Coins

Such problems with inflation this year cause members to laugh over the value of a penny. A guest speaker to one of the club’s meetings exhibits one of his collections. ■m



Another foreign exchange student serves cake at the party that was held for Kathy Demuth before she left for Africa.

Maringe Orellana, LAMS’ foreign exchange student, proudly points out her home town on the map of her country. Chile.

AFS Sponsors Le Petit Grand Prix The Los Alamos branch of the American Field Service hosted a girl this year, Meringe Orellana from Chile. As last year, members sold Christmas cards that were hand-designed by students all over the world. Several bake-sales were held during both lunch periods in the cafeteria. A F S’s new feature this year was Le Petit Grand Prix, a tricycle race held in the Girl’s Gym in April. The group also sold their ‘69-’70 edition of LAHS Telpehone Directory. The Spaghetti Dinner has become a normal activ­ ity and they are co-sponsors of the 2nd Annual United Nations Male Beauty show. Barb Wilson, Guy Best, and Kathy Demuth are AFS sponsored Americans Abroad.

Mr. Joe Phillip.'i' Wrecker Service picks up a demolished vehicle at the Le Petit Grand Prix.


LAARC members are Nancy Stratton, DeDe Desilets, Janet McQueen, Sherrie Lewis, Sponsor Mrs. Price, Paula Salazar, Peggy

Deinken, Chris Nelson, Esther Winton, Bob Whitney, Angela Lujan. Diane Shafer, Steff Smith, Betsy Voorhees, Kaye Boop,

Jeanne Pettit. Melissa Biggs, Carolyn Seitz, Ginger Sul, Jean Van Etten.

LAARC’s Gain Knowledge in Work The Los Alamos Association for Retarded Children worked extra hard this year. In addition to working on school days with classes, they began Saturday recreation programs and an Interdenom­ inational Sunday School class. They continued with the luncn program in which members handle the students while Mrs. Price goes to lunch. LAARCer’s sold Flame of Hope Candles to pay for attending State convention.

-ZE: Eric Steinhaus shows two of the children how to shoot a basket at Saturday recreation.

Mrs. Price, devoted teacher, helps Linda Plagueman learn to embroider.

Pat Longmire meditates on his project.

Barb Grothusand Marilyn Moore work on their creations at one of the night meetings.

Art Club Members Participate in Show

Miss Yahn and Derek Fuller look over a picture.

Art Club 1970 created a new way to make money by selling their art projects, among which were zodiac posters and matalic rings. The money raised was used to pay for the spring trip to Portales. A sand casting party held by the Rio Grande, collecting local clays, and work on the Homecoming Dance and a float combined to make 1970 a successful year for the Art Club. Thelma Dominquez, president, get her pottery smooth.



Mary Ann Treece and Lisa Cramer work to finish their almost-due project.

Members^ include: Mark Edwards, Roy Hayes, Sponsor Mr. McHale, Dave Hill, Andy Olivas, Tim Lampkin, Danny Williams,

David Moss, Dave Jennings. Carl Trujillo. Greg Oshner, Mark Regan, Terry Bruington,

Phil Turner, Pat Hodson, Larry Fuhr, and Jim Jarvis.

Industrial Arts Club Goes to Denver LAHS Industrial Arts Club made trophies for the city organizations as a money-raising project. The funds raised were used to finance field trips to industrial plants and factories. On one trip, the club attended the Sabreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Car Show in Denver. lA Club also sponsored the Car Bash at the High School Art Show held in May. Officers this year were: PresidentDoran Smith, Vice-president-Don Stelzer, Secretary-Jim Babich, and Treasurer-Don Harrow.

Two club members practice their skills.


J C’s Assist March of Dimes Campaign

Jr. Ciuitans are Pauline Flynn, Gene Lucero, Sue Blackwell, Harold Hall, Phyllis Emmel, Becky Crook, Syd Smith, Gail Finley, Karen Anstey, Ken Williams, Becky Chavez, and Ron La Berge.

This year’s Junior Civitan Club ^ found itslef very busy this year helping with the Los Alamos March of Dimes Campaign. The Club sponsored dances to raise money for a trip to Father E d’s Boy’s Ranch. Members from Santa Fe and A Albuquerque Junior Civitan were guests of the Los Alamos members. This year’s officers were: President—Vada Nemec, Vice- r President—Donna Thomas, Secretary--Becky Crook, TreasurefSue Blackwell, Chaplain--Debbie Phillips, Historian--Phyllis Emmel.

Gary Katcher, Gene Lucero, Becky Chavez, Mike Graves, Gail Finley, Pauline Flynn, Nancy Seegar, Syd Smith, Karen Anstey, and Ken Williams look up from their discus.sion on problems and plans for Junior Civitan Club for this coming year and years to come.


Cheerleaders Boost Topper Spirit

Mardell, Madeline, and Sue jump tall for the Topper Basketball Team.

The Varsity Cheerleaders for the Toppers this year are Claudia Dotson, Sue Felt, Debbie Koch, Madeline Gere, and Mardell Martinez.

LAHS Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleaders cheered the teams to victory. They cheered at every basketball and football game and at every pep assembly. Their ef­ forts greatly improved school and team spirit. This spring many girls tried out for next year’s varsity squad and the lucky ones who made it have al­ ready begun earning money for next year by selling snow cones in the girls gym.

Gigi Maes, Lisa Cramer, Maggie Griffin. Delpha Ramirez, and Geri Benavidez rooted for all athletic Junior Varsity teams for the 1969-70 school year.

Roy and Dale, alias Mark Robertson and Marilyn Moore ride off into the sunset.

Molly Rodgers, Sharon Byers, and Julie McGurn amuse the audience in the Junior Skit.

Olionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Big Success With Performances LAHS Olions, the High School Dramatics club, presented The Enchanted as their fall production. This deep play was produced very well by actors and stage crew. Public attendence was excellent, and several English classes, which studied the play, also were there to observe. Topper Revue exploded during the winter months, and many Olions members were on hand to manage casting, capture lead roles in class skits, and make general merriment. The spring production was Up The Down Staircase, a funny yet touching story of a big city high school. A young teacher is besieged by complicated directives and hostile students but finds her life in the school system. The year was finished out with the final meeting, at which new officers were elected. No annual picnic was held. The Mayor. Supervisor, and Doctor sit like humps on a log in one of the many scenes of the Olionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s production. T h e E n c h a n te d .

Olion’s officers are: Clint Dougherty, Jim Davis, Betty Szalay, Terry Desilets, M ’Lou Bemis, Cathy Mendius, Sandy Cox, and Marilyn Moore.

The Olions'Members

Zack, Terry, and Julie pose for a picture at an Olion’s meeting.

Los Alamos High School Radio Station went into its second year of broadcasting with the full sup­ port of the student body. LAHSites decided to pay $2,000 required to effectively operate the station. They still had quite a fight to get on the air. Members of the staff hope to get an FM band and begin limited broadcasting. The KOLA crew provides music for the cafeteria and for some classrooms, by request.

KOLA Crew: (1st row) George Price, Jim Davis, Sandy Cox, Brian Wood. (2nd row) D.J. Nagle, Mike MacMann, Clint Dougherty.

Things Go Better With KOLA

Program Director, Mike MacMann tapes what the .students want to hear.

Director, Clint Dougherty unfamiliar sounds.


Jim Davis. Engineering dJigently on tapes.



New Inductees Pledge Quill & Scroll

This year's new members are: Jackie Farmer, Becky Deal. Kay Blackstone, Diane Shafer, Sue Jones. Mike Gursky, Donna Lytten,

James Boise, Mike Delano, Sharon Byers, Tish Wagoner, and Lois Trujillo, (not pictured is Shannon C'de Baca and Linda Burkhardt.)

Old Timers include Cathy Mendius, Kathy Browne, Pat Thrap, Lindy Lang, Zack Mc­ Cormick, and Elaine McHale (not pictured are Beth Eutsler, Sara Lyon, and Gordon Venable.) •\


Thirteen new members were inducted into Quill & Scroll at this year’s annual banquet. Rep­ resentatives and Sponsors from McCurdy and Espanola High School Publications Departments were present to join in festivities. After enjoying such a feast it was hard for the returning members to seriously witness the impressive candle-lighting ceremony.

1970 Pe^asas Stresses Happy Life LA H S’s top literary works came out again in the annual Pegasus publication. The Art Club provided attractive illustrations and Graphic Arts used some new ideas in print­ ing and page size. And this year’s publication was smaller and con­ tained less copy than any previous editions. Editor, Kathy Browne, and Advisor, Mrs. Jean Campbell, worked diligently to present Pegasus in the best possible way. According to Kathy: “It may not be the best ever, but last year’s works were really grim, and this year’s aren’t quite so pessimistic, we seem to have a happier and more hopeful outlook on life. ’’

P iT

Who can this interested patron be? Even Mr. Sizemore

reads Pegasus!

While advisor, Mrs. Jean Campbell studies plans for this year's Pegasus, Editor, Kathy

Browne and A ss’t. Editor, Jeff White look at old editions.

“Can you get me that beat story... page four needs more ads . The typewriter is jammed!” This year’s Lookout staff conquered most of the set-backs in publication, and a fairly regular LAHS paper was released from the press. Cub reporters had to improve on their own after loosing the advisor, but most pulled through to make topnotch reporters. New advisor, Mr. Paul Black, blended well with the staff, to help produce a well-written Lookout. Mary Maret and Chris Pullman hang up awards won by the Journalism Department.

Lookout Expresses Varied Opinions

Editor- Zack McCormick.

Ass’t. Editor-- Pat Thrap.

Beth Eutsler, Cathy Gilman. Ann Reads, and Linda Burkhardt survey the finished product.

Advertising Manager- Shannor C'de Baca. Business Manager- Don Mikkelson

Lois Trujillo. Elaine McHale. James Boise, Lindy Lang, and Becky Deal take their jobs seriously to help produce an outstanding yearbook. Yearbook Editor, Cathy Mendius and Ad­ visor. Mr. Paul Black check last minute details. Photographers Gary Griffin. Mike Delano, Tom Rojas, Zack McCormick, and Bob Mclnteer, leave their work long enough for a picture.

1970 LaLoma Staff Kay Blackstone and Diane Shafer, Organizations Editors, climb the walls to meet deadlines,

Sara Lyon whistles while she works!

While Don Mikkelson, Business Manager, counts money from yearbook sales. Shannon C ’de Baca, Advertising Manager, sells another ad.

Loses Advisor but Still Pulls Through A

new organizational system of La Loma Staff was initiated this year. The job of Assistant Editor was replaced by Layout and Copy Editors. The staff worked doubly hard to compensate for the loss of original advisor. More color prints and new printing methods will add to the quality of ’70 La Loma. According to Chief Editor, Cathy Mendius: “I t ’s great, I love it!” Copy Editors, Sharon Byers and Tish Wagoner, show expressions of satisfaction and disgust while figuring out what to say. Jerry Cowan checks the spelling of a word Rick Rojas has dictated for the Sports Section.

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;On to the fields of praise

Varsity Footballers Fight

Junior Barno Romero dives over the Alamosa goal line for a touchdown.

Fullback Scott Mariott charges through a large hole opened up by the Topper offensive linemen.

Varsity gridders for 1969 are: (first row) Larry Ahearne, Richard Bingham, John Lyon, Don Steltzer, Jack Davis, Mike Pacheco, Mike Taylor. Chris Pullman. Joe Pacheco, Manny Olivas, Danny Hall, Rus.sell Clayshulte, (second row) managers Mike Smith and Willie Vonderheide, Ron LaBerge, Phil Apprill, George Bjarke, Wayne Martinez, Doran Smith, Phil Sisneros, Eric Brundige, Chuck

Green, Randy Fox, Barno Romero, Marty Frentzel, (third row) head coach Glen Howl, assistant coach Hollick, Mike Faudre, Scott Marriott, Dana Christensen, Dennis Sizemore, Skip Alexander, Alan Wilson, Mike Kirby, Jim Babich, Steve Gallegos, Ben Tucker, assistant coaches Floyd Highfill and Mike Burnett.

For 6-3 Win-Loss Season Record Los Alamos Hilltoppers com­ menced this years season in a blaze of glory with their two succes­ sive victories over Alamosa and Durango. Sucess was soon for­ gotten, however. The varsity team literally defeated themselves in a game with Del Norte. Contin­ uing misfortune they again lost in battle against Roswell. Spirits were down, and yet faint hopes still remained when the Toppers met Goddard for Home­ coming. A t half-time Goddard had taken the lead, but team deter­ mination was unbeatable. In the last two minutes of the game Hilltoppers scored the seven needed points to make them victors. All hopes of placing first in class lAAAA died as the LA team lost to Farmington. A little sad but not disheartened, Hilltoppers went on to three smashing victories over Gallup, Espanola, and Santa Fe, giving them second place. Varsity team fought hard for their 6-3 season record. According to Head Coach Howl, the team had every reason to fold, but because of their undauntable spirit they went on to try for victory.

Coach Howl and manager Mike Smith anxiously watch an important third down play develop. Topper defensemen Skip Alexander (82), Manny Olivas (24), and Steve Gallegos (11), move in to smother a Farmington player.

1969 Varsity Scorecard L.A. LA. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A.

17-0 6-0 9-18 6-42 13-12 7-30 26-6 47-14 16-14

Alamosa Durango Del Norte Roswell Goddard Farmington Gallup Espanola Santa Fe

Toppers Second in District lAAAA

Dana Christensen attempts to two Del Norte defenders for a pass.


Toppers Steve Gallegos (II) and Danny Hall (20) quickly stop an opponent with their hard tackling.

Los Alamos defenders rush fiercely trying to block a Goddard punt during the Toppers homecoming game.

Hilltoppers combined the forces of all three classes to make up a fantastic team. 36 of its members were Lettermen and 13 of the 36 will be returning to play again in next years season. The Toppers had everything going against them, mainly the fact that they were outweighed by every team they played. In spite of the odds the team had tremen­ dous will power and spirit and fought with all they had to secure their 6-3 season record. As Coach Howl put it: “We had every reason to fold, but because of the type of person our players are, they had a very sucessful season. The men played the game on the principles on which it was designed to be played. ” The next season looks very prom­ ising, with 13 returning Lettermen. Coach Glen Howl feels that, even though defensive may be poor at first, the team has a good nucleous, and incoming players from this years Junior Varsity team will make the prospects for Hilltoppers next season very hopeful and prom­ ising.

Skip Alexander takes a drink of water during a short rest from action. Steve Gallegos gains large yardage around the left end of the Topper line.

Los Alamos cheerleader Sue Felt and an Espanola cheerleader watch halftime activities together.

The sun sets and the stands empty as the scoreboard slowly blinks off after the last game of the 1969' season. season An unidentified player runs a pass pattern during daily afternoon practice.

1969 J.V. Scoreboard L.A. LA . L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A.

0-28 7-68 0-36 36-8 6-31 34-30 8-20

Rio Grande Santa Fe Sandia Espanola Manzano Robertson Highland


^ ^ ^





I. S





Junior varsity players are: (top row) Alan Wilson, Randy Sibbitt, Cliff Pollock, Tim Leever, Wayne Stone, Bruce Bender, Bill Tanner, Gene Lucero, Ron Ellis, Gary Gritsko, Tim Jennings, Jim Velasco, Wayne Fair, (middle row) Larry McHale, Tim Davis, Robert Sher­ wood, Mike Graves, Allan Mick, Steve Finley, Ken Lady, Mark

' 't-

Lee, David Emmilety, Pete Mendiola, Eric Loucks, (bottom row) Darrel McClenahan, Bob Bergen, Joe Pacheco, Don Ellis, John Lyon, Glen Barber, Kit Roush, Ernie C ’de Baca, Alan Kirk, Art Hudson.

Junior Varsity Ends Losing Season Two Toppers battle for a little yardage while the coaches look on.

Los Alamos Junior Varsity Foot­ ball Team started out this year’s season in rather poor form. They lost four games, failing to score in three out of the four. Despite streak of bad luck with Rio Grande, Santa Fe, Sandia, and Del Norte, JV Hilltoppers fought hard for a 36-8 victory over Espanola. LA team again lost to Manzano, squeezed a four point victory over Las Vegas Robertson, finally con­ cluding the season with 20-8 loss to Highland. Doug Anderson sucessful met the task of Head coach even though this was his first year. He was helped by assistant coach, Karl Max, who made the job easier. Many members of this year's JV Team will be returning to play again next season; several on the Varsity Team. With a little more determination. Topper skill should provide an exceptional season in the upcoming year.

Cross Country Takes Third in State

Rick Rojas pulls out of the pack at the start of the state cross country meet in Albuquerque.

Recording times for Los Alamos B team runners are Rick Rojas and George Bjarke.

Jim MacMillan runs down a galley that is part of the Santa Fe cross country course.

LA Cross Country Team ran this year’s season in good form. Their hard workouts captured fourth place in both Santa Fe and Las Vegas meets. Falling to a fifth at Bernalillo and seventh at Los Alamos Invitational, the team gathered their courage and strength to attain second place at the Highland meet. Cross Country boys went on to take sixth at the Capitol City Invitational. Placing second and third in quadrangular and quintangualr meets, runners continued on to take second in district, losing to Santa Fe. At State Meet, CC Team defeated Santa Fe, but lost to Highland and Valley, giving them third place. Rick Rojas again captured first place in State, The loss of Rick may be a deficit to next year’s team, but with hard work and determi­ nation, the CC boys should have a successful season in ’71. Greg Dickey keeps up a fast pace on the rough Bernalillo course.

Running through the sand near the end of a race is John Stephenson.

Cross country runners for 1969 are' Coach Bob Cox, Mark Bjorklund, Jim MacMillan, Robert Jensen, Tom Rojas, Eric Bjorklund, Ernie Maestas, Rick Rojas, David Emeigh, Arthur Sandoval, Steve Work,

Greg Sarwinski, John Stephenson, Jerry Cowan. Gary Penney, Gret Dickey, Al Bridge.


Skip Alexander (34) and Eric Steinhaus (22) battle two St. Mike's Horseman for control of loose ball. Varsity roundballers for 1969-70 season are: (bottom row) manager Sean Lantern, Joe Pacheco, Rick Lujan, Greg Dickey, Danny

Sophomore Bob Dvorak goes high to pull in a rebound.

Hall, Jim Dabney, Rick Martinez, manager Dan Knobeloch, (top row) Scott Marriott, Ken Williams, Erick Steinhaus, Kim Hilton,

David Coleman, Bob Dvorak, Alan Kirk, Skip Alexander, Mike Antos.

Topper Players Young, Inexperienced

Eric Steinhaus and two St. Mike’s players bat­ tle to keep ball in bounds as the referee

watches closely for violations.

Varsity Coach Burt Buehrer advises Topper

starting five on game strategy.


This year’s Varsity team had a rather poor season. With only two returning lettermen, Greg Dickey and Skip Alexander, the team attained a 5-19 record. Varsity boys managed to defeat Gallup, Espanola, Portales, and Las Vegas Robertson. According to Coach Beuhrer the team was young, timid, and inexperienced. Many of this year’s opponents were teams containing many returning and experienced lettermen which handicapped LAHS players. Mr. Beuhrer’s hopes are much higher for the next season. With six re­ turning lettermen: Rick Lujan, Rick Martinez, Bob Dvorak, Joe Pacheco, Alan Kirk and Kim Hil­ ton, the coach feels that the team has a good chance to win more than half of their games. Due to added experience the team should improve, taking anywhere from 1st to 3rd place in the district. Coach Beuhrer is also counting on David Coleman, Kenny Williams, and Scott Mar­ riott. Acting as assistant coach this year was Barry Kelmer, a stu­ dent teacher from Adam State. Next year, for the first time, the Varsity team will be playing Academy.

Five Sophomores, Six Juniors Gain

Senior Skip Alexander crashes boards for rebound against Sandia.

Rick Martinez tips the ball as the toppers defeat Las Vegas Robertson.

Cheers are lead by (right to left) Mardell Martinez, Sue Felt, Claudia Dotson, Debbie Koch, and Madeleine Gere.

Experience in Varsity Games

LA. 53 36 51 44 54 56 61 49 92 47 54 55 57 59 78 94 51 76 96 46 63 72 73 76

Opponent Portales Manzano West Mesa Espanola St. Mikes Santa Fe Alb. Academy Alb. Academy L. V. Robertson St ana Fe Gallup Valley Sandia St. Mikes Espanola Farmington Santa Fe Gallup Farmington Toas Bemallio Espanola Santa Fe Espanola

Visiting coach consoles Los Alamos mentor Burt Buehrer after narrow loss. Strong sophomore Alan Kirk Stretches for re-

High scoring Bob Dvorak teams upper­ classmen against Sandia.

Guard Joe Pacheco drops in a layup.

36 45 58 59 68 63 74 50 70 52 49 57 65 63 82 107 61 59 101 47 76 67 93 80

Junior Varsity Finishes 11-6 Season

Jim Dabney and two Viking players pursue the ball while another Vally player seemingly follows another ball.

Junior Varsity Coach Joe Segar talks to Alan Kirk as the other players take a rest during a timeout.


The Los Alamos Junior Varsity Team did the best of all three basket­ ball teams with an 11-6 win-loss record for the season. The boys had a great deal of team spirit and played extremely well. The school had a better turn out for JV games than ever before. C-team had the second best record of the teams with a 5-8 record.' Many C-team and JV players will be returning again to play on one of the three teams next year. A host of players tangle arms for rebound. C team players are; (bottom row) Steve Noyes, Steve Hansen, Milo Burdette, John Laws, Kim Beckwith, (second row) Coach Joe

GiGi Maes leads a cheer for the J. V. team. Boguslawski. Jim Horton, Jeff Sweet, Bob Meyers, Steve Meixner, (top row) Steve


Finley, Mike Wolf, Mike Linke, Chuck Cum­ mings.

Varsity wrestlers for 1969-70 season are: (bottom row) Ken Gilman, Don Steltzer,

Mike Smith, Joe Michel, Mike Maes, Eric Bjorklund, (top row) Mike Taylor, Steve

Gallegos, Doran Smith, Marty Bamo Romero, Dave Smith.


Wrestlers End Disappointing Season Senior Steve Gallegos gains position over his opponent in attempt to capture another match.

LAHS Wrestling Team had a rather unsuccessful season this year, however, hopes are higher for next year. With 10 returning lettermen, the team managed a 3-9-0 season and captured 2nd in District. Placing in District were Ist-Eric Bjorkland, 2nd-Joe Michel, Doran Smith, Barno Romero, Jim Babich, Marty Frentzel, and 3rdMike Smith, Mike Taylor, and Steve Gallegos. The team sent W to state, but only Steve Gallegos placed with a 4th, the worst LA has done in State. Next year four lettermen will return to wrestle: Mike Smith, Dave Smith, Barno Romero, and Mike Taylor. Prospects look much better for the â&#x20AC;&#x2122;70-â&#x20AC;&#x2122;71 season.


Junior Mike Taylor tries to work his way out from under a Rio Grande wrestler.

Coach Tom Brown talks to sophomore Dave Smith.

Doran Smith, showing the strain of competition, reverses opponents attack at a Topper home match.


Swimmers Capture Second at State

■,-"■•* -

■« ■■■^. . . . - ■ ■


Bob McClenahan swims the breast stroke leg of the State record setting 200 yard medley relay. Topper tankmen are: (bottom row) Brian Ramsey, Kip Roush, (second row) Bob McClenahan, James Mariner, Jeff Daniels, Bruce Stewart, Bobby Alei, (third row) Eric Loucks, Mark Lee, Shawn Wallwork. Ronnie Romero, Jeff Herrick, Brian Jones, Perry Wexler (top row) Ben Herrick, John Whitehead, John Kelly, Terry Doehling, Cliff Naueaux, Manager Clinton Dougherty.

Mark Lee exhibits fine form in executing a difficult dive.

LAHS Swimming team had the most successful season ever. Taking four firsts in the state meet, swim­ mers broke two state records, and took second in the meet. Shawn Wallwork broke state record in the 400 yard freestyle and a LA team broke the record for the 200 yard medley relay. The team took second in the 400 yard freestyle relay; had they taken first they would have tied with Highlands for first in State. The team broke nine out of ten school records, besting all but that for the 100 yard Butterfly. Coach Hudson stated that though there were no superstars, every team member improved, reaching their peak for State. The boys put forth great team effort. The top point scoring team members were; John Kelly, Shawn Wallwork, Cliff Neveaux, and Ben Herrick. Swim team is only losing one senior, Russell Sullivan while Highland and Santa Fe will gradu­ ate most of their swimmers. Next season looks very good. Coach Hudson confers with tip topper tankmen Russell Sullivan (left) and John Kelly.

Swimmers show team spirit as they cheer on fellow swimmer in close race.

There were 18 lettermen on the Los Alamos Track Team this season. Six new school records were set this year by team members. Rick Rojas set the record for the 880 and the mile; Jim Marsh for the High Jump; Dave Marsh on the Low Hurdles; Anthony Sandoval for the two mile; and Dave Pacheco, Dana Christensen, dreg Dicky, and Rick Rojas for the Mile Medley. LA boys won the four dual meets and took two Ists and a second in triangular meets. The team came in first out of eight in the Alamosa relays, second out of ten in the Capitol City relays and third out of eight in the NMMI relays this year. Los Alamos took second in District and would have taken first if not for the disqualification of a relay team. The track team took fifth in State with Rick Rojas, setting a new state record for the one mile run. Junior Jim McMillan breaks the tape just edging out teammate Willie Vonderheide and an unidentified Academy runner. Mike Pacheco hands off to Rick Rickman as they sprint to an 880 relay victory over Senior co-captain Marty Frentzel exerts himself in the javelin throw.


Topper tracksters are: (seated) managers John Laws and Tommie Trujillo, John Rand, John Stephenson. Mark Bailey, Don Ellis, Iruing Trujillo, Jack Davis, Shawn Wallwork, Mike Smith, Greg Sarwinski, Tom Rojas. Dave Pacheco, (kneeling) Danny

Cake. Ernie Maestas, Anthony Sandoval, Jay Lory, Dave Emigh, Jeff Sweet, Ken O' Neal. Mark Bjorklund, Dave McNeese, Jim McMillan. Dennis Hayes, Jim Marsh. Ken Knight, Ron Ellis, (standing) Coach Bob Cox, Marty Erentzel, Alan Kirk, Rick

Rojas, Greg Dickey, Randy Sibbitt, Tim Davis, Mark Lutes, Jeff White, Rick Rick­ man. Gary Gritsko, Tim Jennings. Dana Christensen. Steve Einley, Willie Vonderheide, George Ejarke, Lerry McHale, Scott Marriott.

Track Team Is Second in District Albequerque Academy.

Jim Marsh Fosbury Flops over the bar in the high jump.


Four boys lettered this year in (iolf. Mike Antos teas the only lettering seniors with Junior Keith Acree and Sophomores Fred Sealy and Steve Rich the other three. There were 15 boys out for golf this year and they had a very successful year considering weather conditions. The Golf team has participated in state every year since the teams formation 15 years ago. The boys took second in district and fifth out of eight teams in State, which was good in view of their limited experience.


V’ 7’tro


n . ^

. .if’ :

4. :

Topper linksters enjoy the natural beauty of the Los A lamos Golf Course.

Young Team Takes Fifth at State The lone .senior on this year's golf team. Mike Antos showed exceptional leadership in pacing the team to fifth at state.


Sophomore Glen Barber, exhibiting good form, watches his tee shot on the 18th hole.


Sophomore Fred Sealy should prove to be an outstanding player in upcoming seasons.

Steve Rich powers the ball well down the fairway.

Topper golfers for 1970 are; (front row) Jim Acree, Mike Antos, Fred Dabney, Glen Barber, Bob Myers, Mark Lee, Rich, BillFoxx, Brad Bowyer. Jerry Antos, (top row) Brent Bowyer, Keith




Bill Foxx was no exception to the dominance of sophomores over spring sports.

Topper baseballers are: (kneeling) Ernie Cde Baca. Mike Linke, Dave Urlicky, Joe Pacheco. Milo Burdette. Albert Biddle, Lee Lopez, (standing) Orlando Atencio. Dave

Nichols, Bob Meketa, Gary Guerrero, Danny Hall, Jim Horton, Mike Wynn, Mark Osborn, Steve Berkson, Bob Dvorak, Bob Jaramillo,

Dale Armstrong, Paul Valigura, Ken Cooper, Eric Brundige, Dan Delaney, Dave Rendon, Steve Osborn, Coach Doug Anderson.

Baseball Team Ends 10-12 Season (Jutstanding sophomore player Joe Pacheco comes in to score a run.

The Topper Baseball Team ended the ’69-’70 season with a 10-12 record. The boys placed third out of five in District, being defeated by Farmington and Santa Fe, and defeating Gallup and Espanola. Pitchers this year were: Sopho­ more, Dale Orlicky pitching 37 2f3 innings. Junior Mike Winn with 34 2/3 innings. Freshman Lee Lopez, 23'A innings. Senior Ronnie Trujillo with 13 innings. Dale Arm­ strong, Junior, pitching 12 and Steve Osborn Freshman with 4 innings. The teams record this year was; 11-1 and 7-6 with Flighland 6-9 and 2-7 with Boys Academy, 6-1 and 8-1 with Las Lunas, 9-3 and 3-6 with Monzono, 11-1 and 3-1 with Santa Fe, 3-11 with St. Mikes, 7- 15 and 5-16 with Espanola, 9-11 with St. Mikes, 16-2, 9-5, and 8- 1 with Farmington, 2-1 and 5-7 with Gallup, 4-9 with Espanola and 3-2 and 2-10 with Santa Fe. Coach Anderson wants to play 30 games next year instead of only 22 as in this season.


Netters Field Strong, Young Team

Varsity netmen are; (kneeling) Todd Caswell, Alan MacMillan, Jim Bernard, Wayne Scoggins, Rick Cummings, (standing) Coach

Joe Boguslawski. Steve Schlosser, Mike Cummings, Chuck Cummings, Art Sheinberg.

Chuck Cummings practices his net shots.

Mike Cummings returns a shot during a Topper home match.

Los Alamos High School Tennis Team had a fairly good season this year. Mike Cummings, senior, was 14-4 in District Champ Singles. He was defeated by Doug Harbert of Manzano in the first round at the State Tournament. Dan Mac­ Millan, also a senior, will not be returning next year. Six lettermen will be returning, among them Art Scheinberg, a junior, who took third in District competition, and Paul Black, who took third in doubles. Coach Boguslawski says Sheinberg and Black will both be working for first next year on the team. From the sophomores, Allan MacMillan, Chuck Cummings, and Wayne Scoggins, he expects im­ provement. Eighth grader Bobby Alie and his brother. Sophomore David Alie, are looking good. Coach feels. However he reports, Santa Fe will be very strong next year.


Varsity girl swimmers are: (left to right) Jill Myers. Steff Smith, Jan Mosher. Debby Wallwork, Eileen Schelberg, Cindy Gold-

blatt, Tina Nereson, Anne Bennorth, Debby Weschler, Terry Rein.

Girls Take First Place at State Jan Mosher, holder of two state records, accepts the team trophy for first place at the first annual girls state swim.

The Los Alamos High School Girls Swimming Team competed for its second season this year. The girls attended a dual meet at Santa Fe and returned victorious. Of the six teams participating in the Santa Fe Invitational Meet Los Alamos placed third. The team then placed first in the in a tri­ meet with Santa Fe and High­ lands. The Los Alamos team hosted the first state meet, in which they took first. Three of the girls set two state records each. The team has excellent prospects for next year with ten returning lettergirls on the team.

Members of the girls gymnastics team practice on the balance beam in preparation for an upcoming match.

Gymnasts Compete for First Time Miss Herman, coach for both girls swimming and gymnastics, is thrown in the pool during victory celebrations.

LAHS Gymnastics Team had its first season of competition this school year. Out of the eleven girls on the traveling team, four lettered. Of those four, two were seniors, one junior and one a sophomore. The girls participated in three meets this year. Competing against nine teams in Regionals, Los Alamos placed third, with a good chance for second nex t year.

' -.A />.'''

'iยงM 0W i

' *9'




School Board “We are dedicated to doing the best possible job of educating each individual. “ This remark is quoted from the school hoard’s statement of philosophy. Introduction of a five-year in­ novative plan for Los Alamos schools was set up by the school board under the direction of super­ intendent Joseph Carroll. Pupil and parent views were considered in the plans. George O. Bjarke was elected president of the school board. He remarked, “Hiring of the new superintendent, Joseph Carroll, was quite a change. ” According to the new school board policy on student dress, nobody has to cut hair or lengthen a skirt.

Mr. Robert Loar, Principal, confers with Doc. Carroll, Mr. Walter Smith, and Mr. Edward Spence, at a school board meeting.

Board Sends Parent Questionnaire

Mr. George O. Bjarke, Mr. John F. Spaulding, Mr. Edward Hammel, and Mr. Edlon Christensen; school board members.

College Registration System Introduced » . W



"A Mr. Paul L. Sizemore. B.S.-Delta State College, M.S.-University of Mississippi. Assistant Principal.

This year, Mr. Robert Loar and Mr. Paul Sizemore have seen the first class to go through all three years with them graduate from LANS. Mr. William Valigura, assistant principal, has been in charge of the new college registration for the 1970-71 school year. The new system has provided the students with the opportunity to choose their own teachers and arrange the schedules for convenience. Speaking at assemblies, taking cheerleaders to out-of-town games, judging male beauty contests, presenting awards, and maintaining discipline are only a few of Mr. Sizemore’s duties. Mr. Loar has had to make major decisions, and keep students in line.

Mr. Robert L. Loar. H.S.-Oklahoma State itniversity. M.A.-New Mexico State University. Principal

“/ can read 1000 words a minute and actually understand what I have read! ” Speed reading is being taught by Mr. Ramsey in his English classes. Team teaching made both the Sophomore and Junior English classes more exciting this year. Sophomore team teaching included speech. Books read by English classes this year included “Wuthering Heights”, “Oliver Twist”, “Scarlet Letter”, and “Huckleberry Finn”.

Mrs. Patricia W. Mendius, B.A.-U.C.L.A., M.A.-University of New Mexico; Advanced Placement English IV; Mrs. Jean M. Camp­ bell. B.A.-Doane College, M.A.-University of Nebraska; Senior English, Advanced Composition, and Advanced Literature; Mr.

Ross Ramsey, B.S. and M.S.-University of Utah; English IV; Mrs. Jayne Simmonds, B.S.-University of Kansas; English IV; Miss Carol Hughey, M.A.-Ball State Uni­ versity; English IV.

Visiting National Humanities Scholars

Mr. Paul Black; Mrs. Jeanne Lawton B.A.University of New Mexico; English; Mrs. Lucille McCleskey. B.A.-Texas Women's University, M.A.-Highlands University;

Mrs. Janet McGavran. B.A.-University of Michigan, M.A.-University of New Mexico; English III.

English; Mrs. Inez Ross, B.A.-Michigan State University; English; Mrs. Danee Wilson, University of Texas; English. Mrs. Mendius is English Department Head.

Miss Jeanne Moody, University of Northern Iowa; English III.


Mrs. Nancy Jo Terry, B.A.-University of Massachusetts, M.E.-Bridgewater State University; English HI.

Mr. Clebsch, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Richardson, Dr. Hammel, Mr. Sculley, Mrs. Macklin, Mr. Noyes; Humanitarians.

Conduct Week Long Seminar

Mrs. Inez Ross, Mrs. Lucille McCleskey, Mrs. Jeanne Lawton, and Mrs. Danee Wilson

Mrs. Inez Ross displays her new vehicle.

console a frustrated English student.

Humanitie.s course, which was new last year, was increased to a two semester course. Humanities is a course designed for free discussion among students, teachers, and lecturers. It studies music, literature and arts. Six nationally known scholars visited the humanities course for a week. This program included dis­ cussions between the scholars and students. The scholars met with different groups from the humanities classes. “It was enlightening, ” com­ mented one of the students who participated in the program.

Mr. Eugene McCluney and Mrs. Patricia Mendius; Humanity teachers.


A great many students enrolled in the Business Education Depart­ ment this year. The department is helped in its financing by a vo­ cational program of the State and Nation. The department sent a large num­ ber of typing and shorthand stu­ dents to the annual Highland Day Activities in mid-April. Many of them placed and showed great skill. The department has added a great many new facilities making it much easier for a larger number of stu­ dents to learn the essentials faster and more efficiently. New in the Business department is Miss Gulick who graduated from the University of Texas. Miss Bulick teaches Typing 1 and was assisted by a student teacher from Adam State University. Mr. Paul G. Black, A.A.-San Antonio Col­ lege, B.S.-Southwest Texas State College, M.A.-University of Arkansas; Speech I, II,

III, IV, Fundamentals of Speech, Journalism, and Yearbook advisor.

Mr. Black, Mrs. Rose New Advisors i 1

i I 4 1




J Mr. Paul Black takes a .spin around the yearbook room in an effort to check on staff.

Mr. Paul Black and Mrs. Evelyn Rose, journalism advisors, go through papers of the

journalism. Lookout, and yearbook staffs to find mistakes.

Vocational Office Education Offered

Mrs. Jolene H. Jordan, B.S.-Oklahoma City University; Bookkeeping, General Business, Business Law, Typing I, Personal

Typing: Miss Cookie Gulick, B.S.-University of Texas; Typing I.

Mrs. Bess M. Hegler, B.A. and M.A.Colorado State College and Greeley; Business Education, Typing II, Shorthand II, Voca­ tional Office Education.

Mrs. Lucy Thomas, B.A.-University of Kansas: Business Machines I and II, Typing II Economics: Mrs. Opal Wingfield, B.A.-

Highlands University; Shorthand I, Typing II.


Foreign Language Department Gains Learning a language does not mean just acquiring a skill at speaking and writing that language, it includes learning about the history and culture of the country where that language is spoken. Special instruction is given by Mrs. Shirley Fries, Latin teacher, in the history and culture of Greece. Language students can receive extra practice in speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension in the ALM Lab and in the IMC. There are many tapes which can help the students. Included in the language courses offered at LAHS are French, Latin, German, Russian, and Spanish. There are five teachers to instruct the students. Mrs. Mary Lou Travis, who was injured in an accident, was re­ placed at semester by Mrs. Phaedra Shiverly.

Mrs. Phaedra R. Shively. French I-IV; Miss Billye Kay Prather, B.S.-Ohio State Uni­ versity: Spanish II, American History 10: Mrs. Shirely Fries, Cornell University,


William Huttenlocker listens intently to another AL-M student recitation.

American School of Classical Studies; Latin I-II, English IV; Mr. Alois David Cernicek, B.A.-Majaryk University, M. A.-University of Chicago: German III-V, Rusian I-IV; Mr.


Jose Mojica. B.A. and M.A. Adams State College; Spanish /, III, and IV. Mr. William K. Huttenlocker. M.A.-Oherlin College: German I-II.

A New French Teacher

Mr. Jose Mojica smiles at a student blundering through a Spanish translation.




is department head.





Pausing to listen to a student; Miss Billye Kay Prather conducts the lesson.

M.A. -Middleburg; French I, II. Ill, and IV.

Mr. Russ Shinn: A. A.-Southern State College, ti.A.-University of Colorado, M.A.Vniversity of Kansas: American History II. Government. Russian History. Con­ temporary Problems.

Mr. Michael C. Burnett: B.S.-Ohio State University: History 11, Sociology.

History Classes Sponsor

Mr. Stanley L. DeGcer: A.B.-Whither College. M.A. Colorado College: Economics and Developmental Education.


Mr. S. Grant, guest speaker gives a talk about his political views on the creation of a "wholesome" New Mexico.

Mrs. Evelyn Rose, B.A. New York State College; Miss Billye Kay Prather, Mr. Glen E. Howl, B.S.-Eastern New Mexico Univer-

sity; Mrs. Mary Louise Bolsterli, B.A.University of New Mexico; American History 10 instructors.

“New Mexico is the only part of the country that hasn’t gone to pot. ” This feeling was expressed by Ulysses S. Grant, potential guber­ natorial candidate, who spent two days talking to Social Studies classes at LAHS. Other speakers for the History and Government classes included a member of the John Birch Society. A visit to the State Penitentiary, and a visit to the Mental Hospital in Las Vegas highlighted field trips this year. The Contemporary American Problems class visited a monastary. Pollution was a major subject in Mrs. Bosterli’s Sophomore classes. Earth Day became one of the many projects for the Depart­ ment.

Several Unusual Guest Speakers

Mr. Paul G. Berteloot, A.B. and M.A.University of Denver; American History, American Government, Sociology, Far Eastem History; Mrs. Mary Louise Bolsterli,

Mrs. Ruth Watkins, B.S. and M.A.-Texas Tech; American History It Government; Mr. Eugene B. McCluney, B.S. and M.A.-


Texas Christian University, M. A.-Univer­ sity of Colorado; North American Indian, Contemporary Problems, Humanities.

Mr. Harry McGavran explains a difficult math problem to Kurt Adams.


Computer Theory was offered as a new course this school year. Eric Bjorkland and George Price work on a computer homework assignment.

Computer Theory Course Added to Mr. Otto Espinoza, math student teacher, checks with department head, Mr. James Meaders.

Training in operation of computers was added to the math courses at LAHS. Mr. Harry McGavren was in charge of this course. Students in this class were given special access to the computer in an E-wing storage room. Many math students participated in a program allowing them to study on their own. They were able to learn at a quicker rate than the students in class. Attendance in class was required only for tests. Courses offered in the Math Department included General Math. Algebra I & II, Geometry, Analysis, Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, and Consumersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Math. Scholarships and recognition were offered through contests to many of the math students. Math films in the IMC are offered for the use of any student wanting to use them. Miss Pat Blast was added this year to the staff of the Math Department. 126

Mrs. Patricia Blasi, B.A.-Nebraska Wesleyan University: Consumer Math, General Math and Algebra I

Math Program Student Molly Rogers has and after class discussion with Mr. Leland Schacterle.

Mr. James J. Meaders: M.A.-Colorado State College, B.S.-Midland College, M.S.University of Illinois: Geometry and Algebra II: Mr. Harry G.McGavran Jr.: B.A.-University of Michigan, M.A.University of New Mexico: Computer Theory

and Pra'ctice, Algebra I and Advanced Physics: Mr. Roy Brent: B. A.-Western Kentucky University, M.A.-University of Kentucky: Geometry and Calculus: Mr. Leland Schacterle, B.S.-Colorado State


Ltniversity, M.S.-Western State College: Algebra II and Introduction to Analysis: Mr. Floyd Wimberley: B.A.-Hardin-Simmons University, M.S.-University of L'tah: Prob­ ability. Algebra II. and Trigonometry .

Mr. Robert Eikleberry lectures on mutations.

Dean Bums. Biology student, seeks the aid of Mrs. Esther Church.

Frogs, Fetal Pigs Cause Problems Quite a panic occurred among the biology teachers when it appeared that there would be no frogs to dissect. Much to the disappointment of many students, frogs were found in plenty of time for the experiment. One teacher was greatly surprised when she turned around and found a tarantula crawling along the floor behind her desk. Biology was the science class most demanded. The majority of classes were full with more students wanting to take biology. Physiology classes dissected fetal pigs instead of frogs. Miss Cordova, chemistry, was the only new teacher in the Science Department.




.. t

Vickie Covington and Mr. Duane Wagner go over her earth science

Mr. Robert Caswell, B.S.-Midland College; M.S.-Oklahoma State University; Physics, Biology; Mr. Duane Wagner, B.A. and M.S.-State University of Iowa; Genetics, Physiology, Biology; Mrs. Esther W. Church, V.A.-Waynesburg College; Biology, Health

Ed.; Miss Gloria Cordova, V.A.-College of Mount St. Joseph-on-the-Ohio; Chem­ istry; Mr. Leon Cooper, B.A.-Bethany Nazarene College; M.S.-University of Utah; Chemistry. Mr. Robert Caswell explains a Biology chart.

ms For Biology, Physiology Departments

Mr. Leon Cooper works a Chemistry problem for junior Phillip Regenie.

Miss Gloria Cordova is new in department.

Mr. Don Beene instructs Ramona Chavez and Art

Sheinberg during



Mr. Sheldon Kalberg sight-reads new music.

Students Win 50 Places at All-State LAHS Music department had an exceptional year. Chamber Singers went on tour to Buchaneer Music Festival in Corpus Christi, Texas. Orchestra combined with the LA Symphonietta and ACC Chorus to present Cherubini Requiem. The band appeared with Saxophonist, Fred Hemke. With 50 musicians, LAHS sent more students to AllState than any other school. Directors of the department feel that this is the best quality we hade ever had. They are happy the depart­ ment is still growing. According to Mr. Beene, this year’s orchestra has the finest quality for most high school groups and some colleges. The combined efforts of Ramsey, Kalberg, Beene, and students make for a most successful musical year and high hopes for next year.

Mr. Sheldon Kalberg, B.F.A.-U.N.M.; Music Theory and Literature, Girls’ Glee Club, Acapella Choir, and Chamber Sing­ ers; Miss Virginia Valloni, student teacher; Mr. Don W. Beene, B.M.E., B.M., and M.M.

E.-University of Kansas; Orchestra; Mr. Scott A. Ramsey, B.F.A.-U.N.M; Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Stage Band, and Theory.

Two New Teachers Join Art Staff

^ Mr. Frank Sacco. Auto Mechanics; Mr. Delhert Teter, B.S.-Highlands University; Electricity /, Electronics I and II; Mr. Leland Norman, B.A.-Kearney State College; Woodworking and Auto Mechanics; Mr. Joe Phillips, B.A.-Eastern New Mexico


University; Art II-V; Mr. Ray Morrison Jr., B.S.-Oswego State Teachers College; Graphic Arts / - / / / ; Mr. John McHale, B.A. and M.A.-Colorado State College; Metal Shop; Mr. Horace Gambell, B.S. and M.S.State University of New York; Drafting.

Mrs. Betty J. Blackstone, B.S.-University of Texas; Home Ec. II.

Ten teachers make up the Art Department at LAHS. This in­ cluded Home Economics, Com­ mercial Arts, Graphic Arts, Elec­ tronics, Metals, Drafting, and Auto Mechanics. Because of the demand for Home Economics and Commer­ cial Art, two teachers were added to this staff. Mrs. Betty Blackstone has taken over some of the Home Economics classes, and Miss Paula Yahn is teaching art. Students taking Auto Me­ chanics spend two hours each day learning what makes a car run. Many of them bring in their own cars or family cars to repair, or add a new coat of paint too.

Mr. Joe Phillips studies a student’s project.

Mr. Frank Sacco and John Waldschmidt check the wheel axles of John’s car.

Mrs. Marga L. Boedeker, B.A.-Colorado State College; Interior Design and Home Planning, Home Economics I, Personal and Social Development, Child Develop­

ment, Advanced Foods and Nutrition, Advanced Clothing Construction and Tex­ tiles.

M r.

Robert Cox: Boys' Physical Education

Mr. Burton F. Buehrer, B.S. and M.S. Western New Mexico University: Drivers'

Mr. William Hudson, B.S. and M.A.-New York University: Swimming and Health Ed.


Coach Also Teaches Drivers’ Ed. “Keep in your lane. That’s not your lane!” “Make a right turn. Not left, right!” “Aren’t you going to stop at this red light? Stop!” Driving is very hard and danger­ ous, especially with a beginning driver at the wheel. Mr. Buehrer, the drivers’ education teacher, has to test his nerves on new drivers every day. Thirty hours in class and six hours in a car prepares a person for the road. But is the road ready for him ? Health education, taught one hour each week, was not very popular with the majority of sophomore physical education classes. Students felt that the time could be better spent playing basketball, volleyball, or base­ ball. Miss Emmy Stice was added to the faculty to help teach health education. She presented many films on drug abuse.

Miss Julie Herman, University 'of Arizona, Northern Arizona University: and Miss

Emmy D. Stice, B.S. -U.C.L A.: Physical Education and ftealth Ed


Key Club, LAARC Assist Special Ed. Special Education went into its second year at Los Alamos High School. The class was repeated by many of last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s students, so acquaintances were easily made. One hour each morning was spent taking Physical Education. The students enjoyed the workout. This class is to help students become active in society. Classes are held in one of the D-wing rooms. The students decorated this room with their art work, including paintings and paper flowers. Members of the Key Club and LAARC help Mrs. Price teach the course. They are allowed to take over the class and help whenever necessary.


Margaret Price,


of Michigan; Special Education.

Tommy Fries, Bobby Kemp, Cindy Mutschler, David Elliott, Mrs. Margaret Price. Linda Plageman, Carlos Cordova, Phil

Salazar, and Bruce Blankenship (not pic­ tured).

Guidance Office Gives Entrance Exam "I want to drop chemistry and take typing in its place. " “No, you cannot replace your English class with a study hall. ” Each semester, the counselors go through the tedious job of rearranging students' schedules, and adding The counselors also help stu­ dents plan future schedules, choose colleges, and find jobs. They aiso try to give advice and help with the personal problems of many stu­ dents. Mrs. Oakes, the school nurse, gives hearing and seeing tests, and also assists in case of accidents. Mr. Jerry Miller, B.S.-University of Wyoming; Guidance Counselor.

Mrs. Geneviene L. Dvorak; Secretary.

Mr. William M. Valigura, B.S. and M.S. Texas A&l; Guidance Counselor, Assistant Principal. Miss Gwyn Liles. B.S.-North Texas State University, M.E.-Texas Tech University; Guidance Counselor.

Mr. Melvin Lora, B.A.-Azush College, M.A. Arizona State University; Guidance Counselor.

Miss Michelle C. Beekman, B.S.-Ball State University, M. A.-University of Denver; Library Science I and II.

Mrs. Mary Jean Amtzen, Mrs. Sylvia Wohlberg; Library aides.

Peggy Ehrenkranz, Mrs. Nancy Bazzell, and Mrs.

History Classes Are Held in the IMC “Please be quiet” was the most common sentence heard in the IMC this year. The atmosphere made everyone want to talk instead of work. Because of team teaching in Junior history and government classes, the Social Studies Re­ search Room was used quite frequently this year. Many students made use of the equipment in the audio-visual room.

Mr. Robert F. Visel, B.S.-Southwest Texas State College, M.A.-Colorado State College;

Audio-Visual, Materials Production Advanced Materials Production.

and Mrs.

Francis Tattan; Audio-Visual Clerk

Mrs. Drexel Cady, Accountant





College, M.N.-Yale University; Nurse

Office Help Keeps School Orderly Each and every day is a busy day for the secretaries. There are many letters to mail and records to record. Transcripts must be mailed to colleges. Excuses have to be written for students who are late or have missed a day of school. All of this work keeps the sec­ retaries very busy. Student assist­ ants help out with many of the chores. Mrs. Drexel Cady, accountant, keeps track of the school’s money. Mrs. Betty Hall; Registrar

Mrs. Nancy Wames, and Mrs. Myrtle Snowden; Secretaries

Main Item on Menus: Hamburgers!

Mr. Archie Medina, Mrs. Sanchez, Mr. Hector Atencio, Mr. Gilbert Martinez, Mr. Antonio Garcia, Mr. Emilio Griego,

Mr. Jose F. Sandoval, Mr. Roybal, Mr. Pedro Atencio, and Mr. Cruz Perez; Custodians.

Mr. Jose Gomez finishes up night chores.

Among the many chores of the custodians are picking up gum wrappers and peanut shells off the floor, and cleaning up the food left on the tables by the students. Not a very glamorous or exiciting job, is it? Hamburgers seemed to be the most common food put out by the cafeteria staff this year. Food in the cafeteria was accepted and eaten by a majority of the students in the school. Cooks worked all morning making the food and cleaning up the kitchen. Students were bothered all year by machines which insisted on keeping money in return for nothing.

Mrs. Louise Harrow; Cafeteria Head.


‘The children green and golden'

-f'. i 'Si

'i f

f:h i


Seniors Get Sized Up CHRISTINE M A R Y A A M O n r AIMEE LEE ADAMS Accapella Choir 2,3,4 JACK WILLIAM ALEXANDER, JR. Eootball 2,3,4 (All-State 3); Basketball 2, 3,4: Track 2,3: Key Club 3: LI.N.Club 3: Student Council 4: Letterman's Club 3,4

CHARLES PA TRICK AMIES SCOTT WILSON ANDRAE Football 3: Homeroom Volleyball Youth and Government 3,4


GIGIANSPACH Art Club 2,3,4

MICHAEL LA WHENCE ANTOS Basketball 2,3,4: Golf 2,3,4: Letterman's Club 2,3,4: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4 PHILLIP MORGAN APPRILL Football 2,3,4: Basketball 2; Topper Revue 2,3,4: Ski Club 4: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4 JANET LYNN BABB Majorette 2,3,4: Band 2,3: Topper Revue 3: Pep Club 4



JAMES MARTIN BABICH MICHAEL GLENN BAILEY Industrial Arts Club 2; Latin Club 3,4 Homeroom Volleyball 3


MARYANN BARBER Ski Club 3,4; O.E.A. 3.4; G.A.A. 3,4; Swimming Team 2; Gymnastics 3 SUSAN DIANE BA TES A.F.S. 3,4; Pep Club 3; O.E.A. 3.4; Choir 4 SHARON RAE BAXMAN Band 2,3,4; (Jlions 3; Ski Club 2,4; Topper Revue 2,3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 3.4; Pep Club 4; Drill Team 4; Highlands Dav 3 BARBARA BAYHURST Pep Club 2; Ski Club 2; Swim Team 3; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4 MAR Y LOUISE BEMIS Honor Society 2,3,4 (Vice President 3. President 4); Olions 2,3,4 (Secretary 4); Student Council 3,4; Pep Club 2,3; G.A.A. SA RA H JANE BENNOR TH Youth and Government 2; Ski Club Folk Song Club 2; Anthropology Club G.A.A. 4

STEPHEN TODD BERKSON Ski Club 2,3,4 (Treasurer 3, President 4); Baseball 3,4; Class President 2; Junior Civitan 4; L.A. Ski Racing Club 2,3,4 RICHARD KEITH BINGHAM Football 2,3,4; Track 2,3.4; Wrestling 3 GEORGE NELS BJARKE Football 2,3,4; Wrestling 3.4; Track 2,3,4

JUDYALLASON BJARKE Fold Song Club 2; Art Club 3,4 (Publicity Chairman 4); A.F.S. 4;F.T.A. 4

ERIC ALAN BJORKLUND Wrestling 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Cross Country 4

Seniors. James Boise and Shannon C de Baca, pick up their .senior por­ traits.

MARY KA THLKKN HIA ( 'KSTONK Pep Club Ski Club :!,1; Youth and Government Topper Revue Stu­ dent Council 4: Senior Class Secretary' 4; La Loma Staff 4; lloniccomini’ Court 4 DARRKU. HLANKKNSHIP STEVEN EARRIS BLANKS

JAMES OTIS BOISE Ski Club 3,4: A.E.S. 3.4: Topper Revue 2,3.4: Youth and Government 4: La Loma Staff 3,4: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4: Hifthlands Day 3 ROBIN LYN BOLTON Olinns 2: Art Club 3: O.E.A. 3 KAYE LESLEY BOOB Youth and Government 3,4: O.E.A. 4: Topper Revue 3.4: A.E.S. 4: Art Club 3


,‘ r



KA THERINE ELIZABETH BROWNE Olions 3,4: Honor Society 4; Candystripers 2,3,4 (Secretary 3)

Brady Means takes advantage of warm weather to study


Seniors Get Pictures for La Loma ANGELA SUE BROWNFIELD TERR Y EUGENE BRUINGTON MARTHA LUANNE BRUSH G.A.A. 2; O.E.A. 3,4; Ski Club 4; State Commerce Club 2,3,4

KATHLEEN MARIE BUCHEN Pep Club 2,3,4 (Vice President 3, President 4); Drill Team 2,3,4 (Captain 4); G.A.A. 2,3,4; Honor Society 3,4; State Commerce Club 3 BRUCE CONRAD BUNKER STEVE VAN BURCIAGA


CAROLYN JOYCE CALDWELL Pep Club 3,4; A.F.S. 3,4; O.E.A. 3,4 CHRIS CAMPBELL JANA CECILIA CAMPBELL Girls State Alternate 4; G.A.A. 2,3,4 (President 4); Olions 2; Pep Club 2,3,4 (Treasurer 4); Drill Team 3,4 (Treasurer 4) Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Topper Revue 2,3,4; Candystripers 3



Corkey Pruner and Judy Bjarke decorate Senior Float

MARK EDWARD CASADOS Band 2,3,4 CAROL SHANNON C ’DE BACA Ski Club 3,4; La Loma Staff 4 (Ad Manager 4) Lookout Staff 4 (Ad Manager 4); Quill and Scroll 4; Pep Club 4; G.A.A. 3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 3,4; Powder Puff Football 4 (Coach) Highlands Day 3,4 LUCILLE MAXINE CHA VEZ


DANA CARL CHRISTENSEN Football 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Track 2,3; Golf 4; Letterman’s Club 3,4; Ski Club 3,4; Student Council 3; Boy’s ’sta te 4; Homeroom Volley ball 2,3,4 RICKIJEAN CLAIBORNE G.A.A. 2; Youth and Government 3 ANTONETTE CLARCK Olions 4; Honor Society 4


POLLY CLARK RUSSELL NOLAN CLA YSHULTE Track 2,3; Wrestling 3,4; Football 4 CHERYL HELEN CLEVENGER Pep Club 2,3,4; O.E.A. 4; G.A.A. 2,3; State Commerce Club 3

Senior Float Takes 2nd Place

EDWARD CHARLES CLIFTON Key Club 2,3; Student Council 4; Youth and Government 3,4 (Vice President 4) U.N. Club 3 KATHLEENMARIE CLOW Candy strippers 2,3,4; Ski Club 3,4; G.A.A. 4; Anthropology Club 4; Latin Club 3 ROBERT NEAL COLYER

CA THERINE A N N CONN Ski Club 2,4; Youth and Government 3,4; Spanish Club 3; L.A.A.R.C. 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Candystrippers 2,3; Student Council 2; Gymnastics 2 CRAIG ALLEN CONNER BARRY COOPER

CAROL YN A N N COOPER F.N.A. 2; Pep Club 2,3; O.E.A. 3,4; Olions 4; Topper Revue 4 K E N A L L Y N COOPER Football 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3; Key Club 3; Track 2 ELIZABETH FAITH COULTER Band 2; Olions 2; O.E.A. 4; Topper Revue 2; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4


PA'I'ltlCIA LEE COURT Rep Club 2,3,4: Majorette 2,3,4 (Head 4); Ski ('tub 4; Youth and Government 4; Topper Revue 2,3.4 GERA LI) STANLE Y VO WAN Cross Country 3,4; Soccer 2; Swimming 2,3: Track 2,3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Olions 2; Lettermanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ('tub 3.4; QuiU and Scroll 3,4 LANCE ERIC COX Stage Band 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 3,4; All-State 4; Ski Club 2,4

Burgundy and Pink, Class Colors RANDALL LEE CRABB Olions 3; Astronomy Club 2,3,4; Chess Club 2; Latin Club 3,4; F T.A. 4; Magmanites 2 MARGARET ELIZABETH CROLEY Magmamites 2 (Secretary-Treasurer 2) A.F.S. 4; Honor Society 3,4; Olions 2,3,4; Orchestra 3,4; Band 2,3,4; Topper Revue 2.4 CONNIE JO CRUISE Majorette 3,4; Band 2,3; Pep Club 3,4




■JAMES WILLIAM DAVIS ELIZABETH ANN DA Y E.N.A. 2; Pep Club 2; O.E.A. 3.4: (LA.A. 2; Candy strippers 2,3,4 (SecretaryTreasurer 4) Ski Club 4: ()lions4 LA URIE DA WN DEI) OES

JAMES MICHAEL DEFIELD Basketball 2,3,4: Track 3: Boys State 3; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4: Student Council 4: Ski Club 3,4 MARGARET ELLEN DEINKEN G.A.A. 2; Olions 2: Pep Club 2; Honor Society 3,4: O.E.A. 4; L.A.A.R.C. 4: Home­ room Volleyball 2,3; Topper Revue 2 MICHAEL GENE DELANO Honor Society 2,3,4: Key Club 3.4: Latin Club 2,3,4 (Treasurer 3,4) TERR Y LEE DESILETS A.F.S. 2; E.N.A. 2,3 (Treasurer 2, Sec­ retary 3); Student Council 2,3,4; Band 2,3; Orchestra 3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Olions 2,3,4 (Vice Pres. 3): G.A.A. 2,3 (Secretary 3); Honor Society 2,3,4; Ski Club 3: Prom Princess 3: Topper Revue 2,3 GREG OR Y / I LLEN DICKEY Cross Country 3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Key Club 2,3,4: Student Council 3,4: Senior Class Vice President Youth and Government 3 STEVE PAUL D ie KM AN Hilltalkers 2; F.T.A. 4

RICHARD NEWTON DINGS Magmamites 2; Stamp and Coin Club 4 WENDY ALICE DODDS G.A.A. 2,3,4 (Secretary 4); Pep Club 3,4; Student Council 2; Homeroom Volley­ ball 2,3,4; Ski Club 3,4; Youth and Govern­ ment 3,4; Topper Revue 2,3,4

Senior boys intently watch girls try out forJV cheerleaders.


Seniors Cooperate With Each Other THELMA DOMINGUEZ Olions 2: Art Club 3,4 (President 4); L aL om a4 DEBORAH SUE DOMINIC Club 2; Pep Club 2,3,4: Ski Club 2,3,4: Olions 4: Topper Revue 2,4: Youth and Government 3,4: Candy stripers 3 CLAUDIA KA YE DOTSON Pep Club 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Student Council 2,3,4: Art Club 2,3: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4: Sophomore Concessions Chairman: Girls State Governor: Key Club Sweetheart Court 3: Youth and Govern­ ment 4: Varsity Cheerleader 3,4: Home­ coming Court 4: Topper Revue 2; Ski Club 2,3,4 CLINTON STUART DOUGHERTY Band 2,3,4: Olions 4 (Vice-President 4); Radio Station 3,4 KA THERINE JEAN DUERRE EILEEN MARIE DUGAN

CAROL BARBARA DUNN Band 2,3,4: A.F.S. 3: Candystripers 3,4: Choir 2,3,4: Olions 2,3,4: F.N.A. 3 DONNA LYNN DURHAM Orchestra 2,3,4: All-State 2,3; Honor Society 2,3,4: Chamber Singers 3,4: French Club 2 MARY LYNN DVORAK Pep Club 2,3,4: Drill Team 4; Olions 2,3; O.E.A. 3,4: G.A.A. 4: Chamber Singers 4; Choir 3,4: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Topper Revue 2,3,4; Youth and Govern­ ment 4 MARK ALLEN ED WARDS JEANNE FRANCES ELLIOTT Student Council 2,3,4: Pep Club 2,3,4: Youth and Government 2,3,4 (Treasurer 3, President 4); Ski Club 2,3,4: Girls State 3 JOAN YVONNE ELLIOTT Pep Club 2,3,4: Youth and Government 2,3,4: Topper Revue 2: Band 2; Drill Team 3 k




NORMAN EUGENE ELLIOTT ROBIN LYNNE ELZE Folksong Club 3; Topper Revue 3; O.E.A. 4;L.A.A.R.C. 2,3 JUDITH DA WN ENDERS La Loma 3; Student Council 2,3: Ski Club 2; O.E.A. 4

BETH EUTSLER Lookout Staff 3,4; La Loma Staff 4; A.F.S. 3,4 (President): Candy stripers 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; F.T.A. 2; Homeroom Volley­ ball 2,3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4 SHEILA MARIE FARMER Pep Club 2; Olions 2,3; Chamber Singers 2,3,4: Topper Revue 2,3,4; All-State 3; O.E.A. 3 CHER YL L YNN FA RNS WOR TH Pep Club 2,3; A.F.S. 3

MICHAEL EARL FAUDREE Football 4 GREGORY DEAN FAXON ELIZABETH SUZANNE FELT J.V. Cheerleader 2,3; Varsity Cheerleader 4; Honor Society 2,3,4; G.A.A. 2,3 Pep Club 2,3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4; I.R.C. 3,4; Topper Revue 2,3,4

JAMES WILDON FICKETT Key Club 2; Chess Club I R C . 2; Astronomy Club



GLENN MORRIS FISH BINE Olions 2; Chess Club 2,3,4: Astronomy Club 3,4; Key Club 2; Science Club 2,3,4; Honor Society 3,4

Happiness is being together


KA THLEKN FITZGIBhON a.A.A. 2.3.4: Pep Club 2,3.4: Choir 2,4



I.INDA SUSAN FORI) RANDALL ALVIN FOX Football 2,3,4: Ba.sketball 2: Ski Club 2,3, 4: Lettvrman's ('lub 4: Student Council 2: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4

MARTIN WILLIAM FRFNTZFL Football 2,3,4: Wrestling 2,3,4: Track 2,3, 4: Letterman '.s Club 3.4 STEPHANIE DIANE FRIES DEREK LEE FULLER Olions 3,4: Art Club 4: Chamber Singers 2,3,4: Topper Revue 2,3,4

STEVEN MICHAEL GALLEGOS F'ootball 2,3,4: Lettermanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Club 4; Wrestling 3,4: Homeroom Volleyball 3,4 GEORGE GAMMEL Astronomy Club 2,3,4 (Vice-President 3, President 4): Chess Club 3,4: Honor Society 3,4: Soccer Club 4 WYLMA FA YE GARDNER A.F.S. 3: G.A.A. 2: O.E.A. 4

Jim Jarvis learns the fundamentals or computer programming.



Seniors Learn New Skills LARK Y BRENT GIBBONS Football 2,3: Topper Revue 2,3,4: Band 2,3,4: Olions 3,4: Chamber singers 3,4: Choir 4: Homeroom Volleyball 2,4 KEN ALLEN GILMAN Key Club 2,3,4 (President 4, Secretary 3): Wrestling 2,3,4: Football 2,3: Honor Society 2,3,4: Latin Club 3,4 (Vice Presi­ dent 4): Boys State: Soccer Club 4; Letterman's 3,4: Track 2 ROBIN GILMORE

LESLIE AN N GLASS a.F.S. 3,4: Pep Club 4


F.N.A. 2,3: F.T.A.

PATRICIA ANNE GOOD Choir 4 STEVEN KOENIG GOODIER Soccer Club 2,3,4: Olions 2,3: Revue 3,4: Orchestra 2


PHYLLIS LILLIAN GOTTI Student Council 2,3,4; Assembly Chair­ man 4: Honor Society 2,3,4; Olions 2,3; G.A.A. 2: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Prom Chairman 3: Girl’s State Delegate 3 HELENE MARIE GRAUERHOLZ Pep Club 2: G.A.A. 2; F.N.A. 2; O.E.A. 3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Olions 4; L.A.A.R.C. 4; Candystripers 2,3,4 REBECCA SUSAN GREENWOOD Topper Revue 2; Olions 3,4; German Club 2,3,4: Honor Society 3,4; Chess Club 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 4); Astronomy Club 4; Highlands Day 2,3 PAUL THORNTON GREGG GARY VIRGIL GRIFFIN La Loma Staff 3,4; Lookout Staff 3,4; Topper Revue 4; Band 2,3,4 GAIL THERESA GRITSKO Band 2,3,4; O.E.A. 3,4; State Commerce Club 2,3; Highlands Day 2,3; Candy­ stripers 3

GAli YLEE GUERRERO Cross Country' 2,3,â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;1; Basketball 2,III: Baseball 2,3,4: Key Club 2, 3,4: Student Council 2,3,4: Letterman 's Club 3,4

Claudia Dotson models for North American Indian class.

CLA YTON LISTON HALLIDA Y CHRISTINE EUGENIA HAMMEL Candystripers 2,3,4; Olions 2,3,4; Hilltalkers 4; Drill Team 4; Pep Club 4; Band 2,3,4; Topper Revue 4 CHARLES ANTHONY HANNAFORD Homeroom Volleyball 3,4; Anthropology Club 4

MICHAEL DA VID HANSEN DIANE LOUISE HANSON G.A.A. 2; Band 2,3; F.T.A. 3,4; A.F.S. 3.4 ROBERT DENNIS HARBERT Key Club 2; Olions 4; Topper Revue 2.3.4

BR YCE EUGENE HARPER Junior Civitan Club 4 TERRY SUE HARPER Drill Team 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; F.T.A. 3; G.A.A. 2,3; Olions 2,3,4; Honor Society 3.4 (Secretary 4); O.E.A. 3; Youth and Government 4; Concessions Chairman 3.4 DEBORAH LYNN HARRINGTON Ski Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Tooper Revue 2; Youth and Government 2; Art Club 2; G.A.A. 2,3; Gymnastics 2


DONALD LLOYD HARROW LINDA MARIE HASENBANK Candy stripers 3,4: O.E.A. 3,4; Pep Club 2; F.N.A. 2 JANE HA WES Pep Club 2,3; Drill Team 2; Choir 2,3; O.E.A. 4; Candystripers 3; Topper Revue 4

Seniors Face the Sunshine




KRISTINE ANN K II ORE EDA IIL Youth and (lovernment 2; Ski Club 2,:i,4: G.A.A. 2

TAD EREEMAN HOUSE MARGUERITE ELLEN HOUTZ E.T.A. 2,3,4 (Treasurer 3, President 4); ( 'andystripers 2,3,4



Land of LAHS - Senior Skit

CA THERINE DENISE HULETTE GARLAND MARK ISOM PAULA K A Y JACKSON Drill Team 3,4: Pep Club 2,3,4 (Secretary 4): Student Council 4; A.F.S. 3; O.E.A. 4: State Commerce Club 2,3,4


MARK GORDON JOHNSON REBBECCA MARIE JOHNSON O.E.A. 4; E.T.A. 4; Band 2,3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 2 CHER YL JO JOHNSTON Pep Club 2,3,4: G.A.A. 3,4; Ski Club 3,4; State Commerce Club 2,3,4; O.E.A. 4

SHERR Y W'A YNELLE JONES SUSAN HAZEL JONES G.A.A. 2.3: Ski Club 2.3.4: Pep Club 2.3: Highlands Day 3: Olions 2: Honor So­ ciety 3.4: Topper Revue 2.3.4: French Club 2,3: La Loma Staff 4: Posder-Puff Football 4 DONALD LA WRENCE KAIN Baseball 2: Football 3: Homeroom Volley­ ball 3.4 DOROTHY ANN KASUNIC Band 2: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Youth and Govern­ ment 3.4: Pep Club 3.4: Ski Club 2.3.4: Senior Class Treasurer ARDIS ELIZABETH KEEPIN Band 2,3.4: Orchestra 2.3.4: Olions 2.3.4: Honor Society 2.3,4: All-State 2.3,4: Top­ per Revue 2.3.4: Girls State: French Club 2: Homeroom Volleyball 2.3.4: Youth and Government 3.4 CAROL ANN KELLER Student Council 2: Pep Club 2.3: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Ski Club 2.3:l)rill Team 2


CONSTANCE HELEN KING Honor Society 2,3,4: German Club 2,3,4 (Secretary 3, Presi­ dent 4): Olions 2.3,4: A.E.S. 2,3,4: Topper Revue 2 DEBORAH ANN KOCH Varsity Cheerleader 4: Student Council 4: Ski Club 2,3,4: Youth and Government 2: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Highlands Day 3: Pep Club 2,3,4

Bob Harbert imitates John Waxne.

The lion, the tin-man, and the straw man discuss Dorothy's problem.



Class of ’70 Looks to Future KENT RICHARD KOCH STEVEN ALBERT KOCZAN Chess Club 2,3,4: Astronomy Stamp and Coin Club 4

Club 4;

THOMAS KOETTER Key Club 2: Wrestling 3

ZDENKA KOMURKA MELINDA LEE LAND (LA.A. 2,3,4: Youth and Government 3,4: Pep Club 2,3,4: Drill Team 3,4: Ski Club 3,4: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Topper Revue 2,3,4; Powder Puff Eootball 4; Gymnastics 2; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Highlanda Day 2 SEAN KEITH LANTER Honor Society 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4; Basket­ ball 2,3,4 (Manager 3,4); Topper Revue 4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4; All-State 4 L YDIA JUSTINE LA QUER Latin Club 2,3,4 (President 4); Science Club 4 (Secretary 4); G.A.A. 2,3,4; German Club 2,3,4; French Club 2,3,4: Honor Society 3,4: Ski Club 2,3,4 MARY BETH LAYMEN Spanish Club 2; Ski Club 2,4: Topper Revue 2,4; Youth and Government 3,4; G.A.A. 2; Candystripers 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4 KA THARINEJANE LAZARUS

DONNA JEAN LEDOUX Spanish Club 2; Folk Song Club 2; Clubs SHARON LEE LEWIS Art Club3,4; L.A.A.R.C. 2,3,4 BRI ICE / I NTH ON Y LIND

JAMES DA VII) GRIFFITH LINDSA Y Science Club 2,3,4; Radio Club 3,4; (Vice-President 3,4); Honor Society 3,4 IRMA BELLA LOPEZ Drill Team 4; Pep Club 2,4; O.EA. 4; State Commerce Club 2,3,4 JEFFREY KURT LORY Honor Society 2,3,4; Astronomy Club 4 (Vice-President 4); Stamp and Coin Club 4 (Vice-President 4)

LUIS ANTHONY LUCERO ANGELA MARIE LUJAN Ski Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Drill Team 4; Youth and Government 3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Hilltalkers 3 Student Council 2; Candystripers 3; L.A.A.R.C. 3,4. TERRY ALAN LYLE Honor Society 3,4; Chess Club 3

DONNA JEAN L YTTEN Olions 4; Pep Club 2,4; Homeroom Volley­ ball 3; Topper Revue 3,4; Drill Team 4; La Loma Staff 4; Candy Stripers 2,3 SARAH JEAN LYON Folk Song Club 2,3; La Loma Staff 3,4 (Organizations Editor 3, Layout Editor 4) State Commerce Club 2,3,4; Highlands Day 4; Quill & Scroll 3,4 (Treasurer 4) SUE ANN MACAULEY


GEORGE STEPHEN MACHOVEC Astronomy Club 2,3,4: Chess Club 2,3,4; Stamp and Coin Club 4



Paula Jackson Review.

“does her thing" in Topper


MICHAEL PIERRE MAES Wrestling 2..'1,1: Eoothal! 2; Youth and (loL’crnment 2.3.t: Key Club 2; Base­ ball 4: Lettcrman's Club 3.4 RUBY MARIE MAES

IRENE MAESTAS Honor Society 4 LARRY LEE MARR DA VII) IVAN MARSH All-State 2.3,4: Letterman's Club 3,4: Track 2,3.4: Cross Country 2,3: Honor Society 2,3.4: Dlions 4: Chess Club 2,3

PATRICIA SUZANNE MARTIN LORETTA ANTONETTE MARTINEZ Pep Club 2,3,4: Olions 3,4: Student Council 2: Ski Club 3,4: Homeroom Volley­ ball 2,3,4: Youth and Government 4: Topper Revue 3,4 ELAINE LOISE MARTINEZ

WILLIAM WA YNE MARTINEZ Student Council 2; Key Club 3: U.N. Club 3; Letterman's Club 3,4: Football 2,3,4: Basket­ ball 2,3; Golf 2

DONA MARLENE MCCLANAHAN Gallegos brings down a Demon. Alexander is in close persuit.


Seniors Backbone of Football Team LARR Y RAY MCCLELLAN M A R Y A N N MCCLENAHAN ZACHARYLORNE MCCORMICK Hilltalkers 2; Olions 2.4: Quill and Scroll 3,4: Honor Society 2,3,4: Boys State: La Loma 2,3,4: Lookout 2,3,4: Topper Revue 2,3,4: Band 2,3,4: A.F.S. 3: Highlands Day 3,4

PA TRICK JOSEPH MCD ONO UG H Science Club 2: Radio Club 3: Golf Team 4 ELAINE CECELIA MCHALE Pep Club 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Olions 4: Topper Revue 2,3,4: Youth and Govern­ ment 3,4: La Loma 3,4: Homeroom Volley­ ball 2,3,4: Quill and Scroll 3.4: French Club 4 ROBERT BRUCE MCINTEER La Loma 4: Band 3,4


CATHERINE WINTER MENDIUS Topper Revue 2,3,4: All-State 2,3,4: Olions 2,3,4: Honor Society 2,3,4: Drill Team 3,4: Pep Club 2,3,4: Quill and Scroll 3,4: La Loma 3,4: Editor La Loma 4: Mistress of Ceremonies Topper Revue 4: Student Council 2: Chamber Singers 2,3,4: SFOSS 4: Who’s Who in American High Schools 4 JOSEPH EDWARD MICHEL Wrestling 2,3,4: Cross Country 3,4 MARY JANE MOJICA


Mr. Roy Burge displays possible announce­ ments.

MARIE YN HOPKINS MOORE Olions 3,4: Hilltalkers 3; Art Club 2,3,4; Folk Song Club 3 (President 3) PATRICIA LYNN MORRISON G.A.A. 3 GERALD THOMAS MORTON

JAN ALLISON MOSHER Ski Club 2,3,4; G.A.A. 2,3; Gymnastics 3,4; Swim Team 3,4; Junior Class Secre­ tary; Band 2; Pep Club 2,3 DA VID EARL MOULTON PAMELA KA YNACHLINGER Pep Club 2,3; Drill Team 2; G.A.A. 2,3, Olions 3

MICHAEL ALLEN NEHER CHRISTINE ELISE NELSON O.E.A. 3,4; Pep Club 2,4; Olions 3; G.A.A. 3; Youth and Government 3,4 VADA MARGARET NEMEC


CHRISTINE ELAINE NERESON 0 lions 2,3,4; Swim Team 3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4; All-State 2,3,4 ROY WALTER NEWTON Orchestra 2,3,4; Art 2,3,4 JOHN RENE NICHOLS

Seniors Order Announcements

WENDY JEAN OAKES Pep Club 2,3,4; Cheerleader 2; G.A.A.; Youth and Government 3,4; Latin Club 3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4 GREGORYDUANNE OCHSNER MARK DUNACY OGLE

ANDREW RUDY OLIVAS MARIA ANGELICA ORELLANA Art Club 4; Pep Club 4; Student Council 4;A.F.S. 4 DA VID JOSEPH ORLICKY Chess Club 2,3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Wrestling 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4

PATRICIA AN N O ’ROURKE Honor Society 2,3,4; Olions 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Drill Team 2; All-State 2,3,4; Top­ per Revue 2,3,4 LOUANNE CHRISTINE OSBORN Art Club 3; Youth and Government 3,4; Ski Club 3; Topper Revue 3,4 ELIZABETH GRACE PACHECO

KA THERINE JOAN PA CHECO Art 2 MANUEL ANTHONY PACHECO MICHAEL DAMIAN PACHECO Letterman's 2,3,4 (President 4); Student Council 3,4: Football 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3; Track 2,3,4

Class of â&#x20AC;&#x2122;70 Sponsors Western Dance CYNTHIA LOUISE PECK Honor Society 2,4 (Vice-President 4); Olions 2,4; Candystripers 2,4; Topper Revue 2; Pep Club 2,4; U.N. Club 2; Choir 4 DOROTHY JEAN PETERSEN Pep Club 2; Art Club 2; G.A.A. 2 INGRID KRISTINE PETERSON Spanish Club 2; A.F.S. Club 3,4; Pep Club 4; Ski Club 3

NORMAN CHARLES PETERSON Key Club 2,3 MICHAEL ANDREW PETTIT JEAN JESELLE PETTITT Pep Club 2,4; Drill Team 4; Latin Club 3; Student Council 4; Topper Revue 3,4; Youth and Government 3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 4; L.A.A.R.C. 4; A.F.S. 4

SUE ELLEN PETTY KA THR YN AMANDA PHILLIPS Olions 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; German Club 2; Topper Revue 2,3; Ski 2; A.F.S. 3,4; Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 3 ANTHONY JOSEPH PORTO

JANET EDITH POTTER G.A.A. 2,3; Olions 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Drill Team 3,4; Hill talkers 3,4; L.A.A.R.C. Topper Revue 2,3,4; Homeroom Volley­ ball 2,3,4 MICHAEL LEE PRINE ROBERT ELLIOT PRUNER Football 3

CHRISTINE RAMIREZ Drill Team 4; Homeroom Volleyball 2

m i n e r \/A

CRAIG ALLEN RANDOLPH VICTORIA ANN REGENIE Honor Society 3,4; Youth And Govern­ ment 2


JANET L YNN RITTER Pep Club 2; Candystripers 2,3; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4 LESLIE BRYAN R OBER TS

Seniors Kay Blackstone, James Boise, and Shannon C de Baca study while taking advantage of the spring sun.

Class of ’70 Active in School MARK SCOTTKOHERTSON Oiions 2,3.4: French Club 2: Hilltalkers 2; A.F.S. 2,3: Latin Club 4: Topper Revue 3.4: Art Club 3 MARIE ANTOINETTE RODRIGUEZ G.A.A. 2,3,4: Pep Club 2,3,4: Drill Team 3: F T.A. 3: O.E.A. 3,4: Homeroom Vollevball 2.3.4 RICARDO FRANCES ROJAS Student Council 3: Junior Class President: Cross Country 2,3,4: Track 2,3,4: Letterman's Club 2,3,4

DANIEL DELBERT ROSE LOURDES ALICE RO YBAL Cheerleader 2,3: Pep Club 2,3,4: U.N. Club 3,4: L.A.A.R.C. 3: Student Council 2,3: Topper Revue 2,3,4: Gymnastics 3,4: G.A.A. 2,3,4: (Secretary 3, Vice-President 4): Home­ room Volleyball 2 KENNETH MARK RUTHERFORD Ski Club 3.4

JOAN LESLIE SADLIER Olions 2: Honor Society 2,3.4: French Club 2,3: Band 2,3,4: Homeroom Vollevball 2.3.4 GERALDINE ROBERTA SALAZ Candystripers 3,4: Pep Club 2,3,4: Youth and Government 3.4: L.A.A.R.C. 2,4: Homeroom Volleyball 2; O.E.A. 3,4 (Treasurer 4); F T.A. 2 PA ULETTE ANN SALAZ A R Homeroom Vollevball 2: Candystripers 3,4: L.A.A.R.C. 3.4: Spanish Club 4


WELDON JA Y SCOGGINS DIANE LECLAIR SHAFER Student Council 2,3,4 (Secretary 4) Pep Club 2,3,4; Cheerleader 2; Olions 2,3,4; L.A.A.R.C. 3,4; Sophomore Class Vice-President; Honor Society 2,3,4; La Loma Staff 4; Girls State; Homecoming Court 4; A.F.S. 2; Topper Revue 2.3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3; G.A.A. 2,3; Youth and Government 2,3,4 PHILLIP FRED SISNEROS Football 2,3,4; Letterman's






DORAN QUINTON SMITH Football 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; Lettermanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Club 3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4 TERESA JEANNE SMITH Folksong Club 2; Pep Club 2; Topper Revue 3,4; All-State 2; Olions 2; Student Council 2; Ski Club 4; Candystripers 2

WILLIAM HUGHES SMITH Band 2,3,4 BRIAN ZYGMUND SOJKA Band 2,3,4 LORETTA JANE STALLINGS Pep Club 2,3,4; Candystripers 3,4; O.E.A. 4; Choir3,4

Lynn Farnsworth poses with friend.

JEANETTE SUSAN STARKEY Pep Club 2; Olions 4; Topper Revue 4

WILLIAM EARL STEIN JR. Astronomy Club 3,4 (President 3); Honor Society 2,3,4; German Club 4


ERIC DA VII) STEINHAUS Junior Class Vice President: Boys State: Key Club 3: Youth and Government 4 (Chaplin 4): Student Council 3,4: Basket­ ball 2,3,4: Latin Club 3: Track 2,3: Ski Club 2,3,4: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4 DONALD EUGENE STELZER PATRICK LOUIS STEIVENS

DONNA ARLENE STEWART Pep Club 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Drill Team 4: State Commerce Club 3 PA UL D 0 UG LA S S TIB BA RD Band 2,3,4: Soccer Club 2,3,4 GAIL SUE STROOPE Pep Club 2: F.T.A. 2

JOHN RUSSELL SULIVAN JOHN ED WARD S WEENEY Key Club 2,3,4: Tennis 2,3,4: Topper Revue 3,4: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3 CHRISTINE SWICKARD Band 2,3: Art Club 4

Senior Class Officers Dotty Kasunic, Terry Harper, Kay Blackstone, Ben Tucker, and Greg Dickey look over the decorations for the senior banquet. PAUL EUGENESYDORIAK Science Club 2: Chess Club 2,3,4; Olions 3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Soccer Club 4; A.F.S. 3; Ski Club 3,4

ELIZABETH AN N SZAL Y Pep Club 2,3,4: Drill Team 3 Olions 2,3,4 (Treasurer 4) G.A.A. 2,3; Honor Society 4, Topper Revue 2,3.4; Hilltalkers 4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Youth and Government 3,4

Seniors Number 378 This Year BARBARA JEANETTE TEGTMEIER F.T.A. 2; Pep Club 2; Olions 2; O.E.A. 4; State Commerce 2,3 BRADLEY DAVID TEPPER Tennis 2,3; Soccer Club 3 DONNA LEA THOMAS Pep Club 2; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Junior Civitan 3,4 (Vice-President); O.E.A. 4

NAN CY A N N THOMAS O.E.A. 3,4; G.A.A. 2; Band 2,3,4; Candystripers 3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4 KAREN THORN KYLE ANDREA THORN Ski Club 2,3,4; Art Club 3

TOMMY LEE THORN Football 3; Key Club 3,4 PATRICIA ELIZABETH THRAP La Loma Staff 2,3,4; Lookout Staff 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Highlands Day 2 ALLEN HARVEY TREIMAN Chess Club 2,3,4; Honor Society 4; Hilltalkers 2; Olions 4; Science Club 2,3,4

CARLO AN THO N Y TRUJILLO Youth and Government 2; Football Manager 2,3; Tennis 2,3,4; Art Club 4 JOESEPH RONALD TRUJILLO Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Football 2,3; Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Youth and Government 2,3,4 (Secretary 4); La Loma Staff 3; Topper Revue 4 LEONARD TITO TRUJILLO Wrestling 2,3,4; Lettermanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s



BEN MORRIS TUCKER Football 2,3.4: Wrestling 2; Track 2: Senior Class President: Key Club 3; Letterman's Club 3,4 (Secretary-Treasurer 4): Ski Club 2,4: Boys State 3 : Student Council 3,4

MAR Y ELIZABETH TURNER Art Club 4; Olions 4; G.A.A. 4

Ann Keller and Jeanne Elliot Model Legislature.

are clerks at the Y.M.C.A. Youth


RICHARD JEROME VANHECKE Basketball 3; Baseball 4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4 MELANIE AN N VELASCO G.A.A. 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Youth and Government 3,4; Gymnastics 3,4; Drill Team 4; Homecoming Court 4 MARIO ALEX VELASQUEZ Basketball 2; Baseball 3

DOUGLAS GORDON VENABLE NEVA VOGT WILLIAM JEROME VONDERHEIDE Football 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 3; Lettermanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Club 3,4


ELIZABETH EDWIN A VOORHEES Pep Club 2,3; Honor Society 3,4; L.A.A.R. C. 3,4 (President 4); Ski Club 2,3,4 WAYNE VUCENIC JEAN HELEN WAHMAN Pep Club 3; A.F.S. 3; Spanish Club 2; F.N.A. 2,3; Candy stripers 3

Senior Class Has Unity in ’70


DEBORAH ANNE WEBER Pep Club 2,3,4; Drill Team 4; Candystripers 3,4; O.E.A. 4; Youth and Govern­ ment 3 KATHLEEN SUZANNE WEISGERBER VICTORIA LOU WELDON Student Council 2; Ski Club 3,4; Honor Society 3,4



BARBARA DALE WILSON Topper Revue 2,3,4> A.F.S. 3,4 (Exchange Student to Brazil); Majorette 2; Pep Club 2,3,4; French 2,3; Sophomore and Junior Class Treasurer; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Prom Court 3 ESTHER LOUISE WINTON NANCY ANNE WOLFF Student Council 2,3; Sophomore Class Secretary; Drill Team 2,3; Honor Society 3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3

Seniors Graduate 3rd of June




Miss and Mr. LAHS Phyllis Gotti and Rick Rojas

Class Favorites Jeanne Elliott, Phillip Apprill, and K ay Blackstone 172

Outstanding Rick Rojas and Claudia Dotson

Talented Clint Dougherty and ( ‘notpictured’) P atty O ’Rourke

Most Attractive Jerry Cowan and Wendy Dodds 174

Best Personality Marty Frenzel and Sue Jones

Patti A beyta Rose Mary A beyta Larry A hearne Kim Allen Karen Anstey Denise Aragon

Albert Archuleta Dale Armstrong Dauin Armstrong Dan Baggett Judy Baird Rene Balagna



a |

Carolyn Hull speaks with bank director. Mr. James Steward


Peace. Make love not war several Juniors this year partici­ pated actively in Moritorium day protest across the street from the school. The Mid-classman started Prom Plans by late November with the selection of “Arabian Fantasy” for the theme and appointment of committees. All Juniors have now been granted released time. One teacher switched from Sophomore to Junior English to avoid team teaching system, only to find it also in Junior English and History classes this year.

Paul Black Sue Blackwell Phil Blanks Kim Blatti Virginia Blevins Barbara Boegli

Guy Booth Jackie Bourne Bruce Bower Carl Bowman Shelley Boyer Sue Briesmeister

Marla Brooks Michele Brower Arlene Brown Randy Brown Eric Brundige David Buchanan

Anne Buck land Paul Bunker Lynn Burger Linda Burkhardt Sharon Byers Lance Campbell

Robyn Campbell Carrie Carman Kim Caswell Todd Caswell Leslie Chambers Becky Chavez

The Junior Class float takes first place in annual Homecoming Parade.

Voting for Annual Prom Queen Eddie Chavez Ramona Chavez Scott Chesney Cindy Childers Vicki Chiles Dave Clark

David Clark Carol Clay brook Lori Coburn Theresa Coffelt Gracia Coffin Marta Cole

David Coleman John Collier Cheryl Colyer Steve Conley Susan Conner Carlos Cordova

Vicki Covington Sandy Cox Susan Craig mile Reeky Crook Mark Cummings Shelly Cummings

Margaret Daly Becky Daniels Jack Davis John Davis Becky Deal Kathy Demuth

DeDe Desilets Rachel Diaz Bobbi Dickinson Cindi Dike Deborah Dirk David Diven

and King Traditional to Junior Class Mary Diven Elaine Dropesky Sam DuBois Gary Dunagan Cheryl Dwinelle Laurie Earl

David Elliot Nancy Elliott


David Emigh Phyllis Emmel

“Newscaster” Bill Petty announces “A Look at the News of the ‘70's” the Junior Skit.

Junior Class Participates in Annual Bobbie Eutsler Barbara Fair Jackie Farmer

Bill Farr Jim Felthauser Gail Finley

Pauline Flynn Steue Ford Bill Fox

Tommy Fries Larry Furrh Sandy Gallaher Harold Hall takes a short break before he makes another run during the Ski Club trip to Taos.

Madeleine Gere Merrill Gibson Cathy Gilman Wendy Gilmore Cynthia Goldblatt Dave Goldstein

Debbie Gould Linda Grasser Betsy Graves Mike Graves Chuck Green Harold Greene


Variety Show-Topper Revue Bill Greenwood Brian Gregg Diane Grieggs Beu Griffin Barbara Grothus Ana Guevara

Michael Gursky Terry Hahn DanHall Harold Hall Colleen Hamlin Chris Harrington

"Groovy Grubworms" for this year's Topper Revue are Mardell Martinez. Carolyn Hull. Janet McQueen. Karol Wooten. Nancy Stratton, and DeDe Desilets.

Dermis Hoak Patrick Hudson Robert Hoogterp Karl Horak Jo Horton Jenni Huber

Juniors Sponsor Spirit Chain Author Hudson Cathy Hues Mike Hughes Cindy Hulette Carolyn Hull Bruce Jaeaer

Chris Johnson Karen Johnson Gary Katcher Terry Keane Jackie Keenan Karen Kell\

John Kelly Tom Kelly

u\ ^A

Ellen Kraig

Contest Junior Class Officers: President, Sylvia Herring: Vice-President, Jack Davis: Secretary. Shelly Mullins; Treasurer, Steph Smith; and Concessions Chairman, Lois Trujillo.

Diane Krohn Laura Kunz Ron LaBerge Richard LaCasse Tim Lamkin Glenn Larson

Kathy Larson LuAnn Lederer Richard Leever Susie Leland Holly Lewis Todd Lindblom

Janet Linke Dana Lippiatt Jennifer Long mire Winifred Lopez Gene Lucero Gerald Lucero

Ricky Lujan Mark Lutes Diane Machovec Joan Maes Wanda Maes Ernest Maestas

Walter Maez Leslie Mann Wanda Mantonya Linda Maraman Mary Maret Jack Markham

Scott Marriott Jim Sue .Martin Mardell Martinez Rick .Martinez Terry .Mathis


Robert Mcdenahan Al McDonald Kathry n McDonough Julie McGurn Tim McKee Jim McMillan

? P i


. ^.-1


Football Team Contains 14 Juniors

David McNeese Janet McQueen Shelly Medlin

Alan Mick Mariel Mills Susie Mohr

Clara Montano Ann Montoya Marti Moore Mike Taylor, defensive player of the year.

David Moss John Mottaz Caroline Mueller Michelle Mullins Beth Munyon Cindy Mutschler

Debbie Mutschler Patty Myers Becky Naffziger Cliff Naveaux Gilbert Nelson John Newcom

Jan Nilsson Jeanette Norris Suzi Nutter Manuel Olivas Vicki Olivas Joy Orr

?â&#x20AC;˘ :7 V ' ,

Amanda Ortega Patricia Osborn Amy Osvath David Pacheco Johnny Pacheco Dorothy Pallone

Jacqueline Parker Sandi Pettit Bill Petty Vanessa Phelps Debbie Phillips Victor Pizzuto

Patty Porto Jerry Potter Linda Prebyl Tom Pretzel George Price Randall Priddx

Jerry Rupert Cynthia Rutledge }â&#x20AC;&#x2122;hit Salazar Josephine Sanchez Jessica Sandoval dreg Sane in ski

Eileen Schelberg Jerry Scott Nancy Segar Rita Serrano Mike Sharpless Art Sheinberg

Robert Sherwood Darrick Simi Dennis Sizemore Cynthia Smith Gary Smith Holly Smith

Jan Smith Leslie Smith Steph Smith Sydney Smith Kay Sawder Kerry Sawder

Eileen Squires Carrie Stein John Stephenson Nancy Sterner Sue Stockly Dale Stone

Nancy Stratton Chris Sydoriak Alice Tallmadge John Taschek Judy Taub Cathy Taylor

Mike Taylor Sherrie Tepper Anne Terrell Gary Thompson Bob Travis Carl Trujillo

1 -f/


Lois Trujillo Viola Trujillo Philip Turner Beth VanDeveer Terry VanDilla Alan VanVessem

Valerie Vandergust Evelyn Vigil Patricia Ann Vigil David Volz Nancy Voss Julie Wagner

Tish Wagoner John Waldschmidt Lori Walters Fred Warren Marilyn Warren Doug Weintraub

Howard Weintraub Carrie Wei.s.s Marcella Wells Don Westervelt Jeffrey White John Whitehead

Robert Whitney Peggy Wicklin Danny Williams Ken Williams Alan Wilson Gale Wilson

Leslie Wilson Rhonda Wilson Leza Wimett Mike Winn Sue Witte Kent Wood

Renie Woodwell Karol Wooten Paul Yandell Ann Zeltmann Pam Zukas Teri Pederson

Team Teaching and Release Aamodl. Kric ,4 beyta

A comb. Tim Acrec. Keith Adams. Kurt .4gneu\ ('onnie Ahearne. .Nancy Alei. David .Alexander. Salli .Alorich. ('harte.s .Amies. Richard .Anderson. Dave .Antos, Jerry .Apprill, .Mary .Archuleta. Nadine Archuleta. Sally Arntzen. Danny Atencio, Orlando Baca. Joe Hailey. Gail Bailey. Marc

Sophomore picture.






Balog, Su.san Banta, Ruth Basinger. Debby Bates. David

Beckwith, Kim Benavidez, Geraldin Bender. Bruce Bennet, Debi

Bennorth, Anne Bergen, Robert Berkson, Lisa Best, Sarah

Biggs, Melissa Bjorklund, Mark Blackstone, Carol Boone, Marcia

Borkenhagen, Gale Bowman, Brenda Bowyer, Bradley Bowyer, Brent


Time are New for Sophomores Trying to overcome being the lowest academic class for several years, sophomores really belted out cheers in pep assemblies, proving exceptional spirit. Teachers soon learned of their enthusiasm in extra-curricular activities. Even though losing Float Compe­ tition, lower-classmen showed their creativity by winning Christ­ mas Hall Decoration Competition. History Team Teaching has been initiated; a few lucky sophomores have been granted released time. A guest speaker in the Biology class listens very intently as a student asks a question. Bowyer, Clint Branham. Kathy Brenton. Nancy Bridge. Richard Brotherton. Janey Brousseau. Debbie Browne. Pamela Brown. Kathi Bucholz, John Burciaga, Tim Burdette, Robert Burns. Dean Basse. William Bustamante, Juanita Cake, Danny Caldwell, Bobbie Cambell, Jackie Campbell, Carla Case. Debbie C'deBaca, Ernie Chaffe. Christy Chapman, Janice Chavez, Darlene Chavez. Fran Childers, Linda Christensen, Janie Ciddo, Jackie Claiborn. Richard Click, Marsha Clifford, Jeannie Cooper, Jan Cote. Candy Cowan, Margy Cox. Jim Cox. Robert


‘Take-off of the 747’ Sophomore Skit Crabb. Pam Craigmile, Judy Cramer. Lisa Cromer. Donna

Crowe. Sam Crowley. Sue Cummings, Charles Cunnington. David

Cutler. Wilma Dabney. Jimmy Daly. Paul Daniels. Jeff

Davis, Jim Davis, Tim DeDoes, Fran Delano. David

Dick, Shan Dreicer, Emily Duggan. Gary Dunn. Ronald Lisa Berkson sings in Sophomore Skit.

Dunwoody. Cathy Duran, Susan Dvorak, Bob Dyson, Jerree Edeskuty, Sharman Elliot, Stephen Elliot. Susan Ellis. Donald Ellis. Ronald Emelity, David Fair, Wayne Ferrell. DeAnne Finley. Steve Fitzgihbon, Teresa Florin. Russell Folkner. Charles Forrest, Susan Foster. Derek Francis, Lynette Frederick. Kathy Furrh. Pam


Sophomores Win Christmas Hall Decorating Gammel, Cheryl Gardner, Neil Gauler, Marcia Geer, Debby Gilbert, Vicki Gilmore, Alan Glass, Nancy Glass, Kary Glare, Denise Greco, Jill Gregory, Bonn Griffin, Margaret Gritsko, Gary Grothus, Tom Hall, Jeff Hall, Xandra Hammel, Chris Hampton, Rexanne Haney, Ruth Hanneman, Dawn Hansen, Gary Hanson, Steve Harbert, Sue Harper, Dana Hatch, Doug Hayes, Dennis Hawes, Nancy Heinrich, Bill Hemphill, Stephen Henkel, Ron Herman, David Herrick, Geoffrey Hessing, Peggy Hill, Valerie Hilton, Kim Creative sophomores utilize faculty pictures for pre-Christmas Hall Decorations.




ores Ranked as Lowest Academic Clasi Uinnjiisa, tlilda Hoak, Patty Hobart. FAlvn (lail Holmes, Susan Horton. Jim In^werson, Xâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;alerie Jackson. Debbie Jarvis. David Jennings, Tim Johnson, Linda Justus. Tory Kandarian. Richard Ka.sik. Robert Keller. Julie Keller. Peggy Kelley. Richard Kelly. Mickey Kemme. Kathy Kemp, Michael Kennedy. John King. Charles Kinker, Jean Kircher. Monica Kirk, Alan Koch. Pam Koczan, Margy Lady. Ken Langhorst, Beth Dave Anderson poses for the school photographer. Larson, Karen Laws. Michael Lawton, Robert Lazarus, Liz

Lazarus, Virginia Lea, Jesse Lee, Debbie Lee, Mark

Lester, Becky Linke, Mike Little, Susan Locke, Debi

Lopez, Bootie Lory, Jay Loucks, Eric Lucero, Marcy


)ljbut Show Exceptional Spirit Lynch, Jerry Lyon, John MacMillan, Alan Maes, Marguerite


Maestas, Elaine Marsh, Dianne Martinez, David Martinez, Gilbert

s Lisa Cramer tries out for 1969-70 JV cheerleader McMullen, Tina Meade, Maureen Means, Stacy Meixner, Steve Melnick, Mitchel Mendiola, Pete Meyers, Bob Meyers, Jill Miles, Beki Miley, Janet Miller, Ann Mills, Leon Minor, Pat Mollett, Ronald Morrison. Enid Mosley. Robert Nagle, D. J. Nelson, Barbara Nereson, Brian Nichols, David Norris, Gloria Noyes, Steven Ochsner, Glenna O â&#x20AC;&#x2122;Hara, Steven Olenslager, Marie O'Mara, Maureen O â&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neal, Ken Ortiz. Debbie


Eric, Steve, Peggy, Shan, and Susan Osborne, Ross Osvath, Ginfier Ott, Kevin Overton, Ellen Pacheco, Helen Pacheco, Joe Pacheco. Patsy Pacheco. Sue Pecarich, Pat Peek, Jerry Pena. Carla Penny, Gary Perlman, Philip Peterson. Cheryl Pettitt, Susan Phillips, Marcene Pickett, Minette Pimbley, Robert Pirn b ley, Rob bin Preciado, Gina Price, Lynn Pollock. Cliff Porto. Dan Ramirez, Delpha Ramsay, Bryan Rand. John Rand. Mark Rauchfuss, Suzy Reavis, Ann Reeves, Frank Reiley, Mary Relyea, Don Rhodes, Diane Rice, Carol Rich. Michael

Sophomore Class Of足 ficers: Treasurer, Shan Dick: Concessions Chair足 man, Susan Pettitt: Sec足 retary, Peggy Keller (not shown): Vice President, Steve Wilson: and Presi足 dent, Eric Loucks.


t are 1970 Officers Rich, Steve Roach, Pamela Robbins, Ellen

Rodriguez, Kathi Rogers, Amy Rohwer, Catheleen

Rojas, Tom Romero, Ronnie Roush, Kit

Russell, Libby Rutherford, Vic Sandoval, Anthony Sophomore float takes 3rd place in Annual Homecoming Parade. Sandoval, Helen Sandoval, Pat Sawyer, Mark Schofield, Phillip Scoggins, Wayne Seagrave, Jean Clave Seay, David Seely, Fred Segura, Nina Seitz, Carolyn Shaffer, Brad Sherwood, Gregory Shiplett, Richard Sibbitt, Randy Simmons, Teri Smith, Mike Stapp, Lee Stamer, Pam Stearns, Bob Steinhaus, Kurt Stein, Susan Stephens, Cathy Stephens, George Sterkle, Barb Stewart. Kenny Stockly, Annie Stoll, Douglas Stone. Donna


Sophomore Class Picks Joe and Jill Stone, Jennie Stone, Wayne Strait. Becky

Stratton, Gail Sul, (linfâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;er Su.'ico, Kri.'i.s

Sweet, Jeff Swickard, Nancy Tanner, Bill

Taylor, Marcella Tegtmeier, John Theime, Ellen

Torrey, Ted Treece, Mary Ann Treiman, Evelyn Ulysses S. Grant speaks to Sophomore History classes about his ideas. Trujillo, David Trujillo, Irvin Trujillo, Tom Tynan, Sheryl Ullrich, Stephen Unger. Joyce Valdez, Steve Vallejos, Marian Vanetter, Jeanne Vandergust, Rod Vandervoort, Susan Velasco, Jim Vigil, Bernadette Vigil, Michael Visscher, Wendy Volz, Roger Wackerle, Bruce Waldschmidt, Kathy Wallwork, Shawn Walters. Ted Wanek, Mary


for their 1970 Class Favorites Warner, James Weinbrecht, Ed Weisgerber, Terry' West. Jeff Whetstone, Karin White, Craig White, Ricky Whitmore, Bonnie Whitney, Sue Williams, Dean Wilson, Harriet Wilson, Linda Wingfield, Dea Witte, Dan Wohlberg, Norma Wolfe. Mike Woods, Brian Work, Steve Worlton, Mary Yarnell, Barbara Young, Abby

Sophomore favorites are Joe Pacheco and Jill Meyers.


â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;M y wisher raced i-.rough the house high hay'

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Aamodt, Chris 140 Aamodt, Eric IH8 Abeyta, Patricia Ann 176 A heyta. Rose Mary 176 A comb, Tim. 188 Acree, Keith 188 Adams, Aimee 140 Adams, Kurt 188 Agnew, Connie 188 Ahearne, Larry 176 Ahearne, Nancy 188 A Idrich, Charles 188 A lei, David E. 188 Alexander, Salli L. 188 Alexander, Skip 140 Allen, C. Kim 176 Amies, Charles P. 140 Amies, Richard 188 Anderson, David 188 Andrae, Scott 140 Anspach, Jennifer 140 Anstey, Karen 176 Antos, Gerald 188 Antos, Michael 140 Apprill, Mary 188 Apprill, Phillip 140 Aragon, Denise 176 Archuleta, Albert 176 Archuleta, Nadine 188 Archuleta, Sally 188 Armstrong, Dale 176 Armstrong, David 176 Amtzen, Mary Jane 188 Atencio, Hector 188 Atencio, Orlando 188 Babb, Janet 140 Babich, James M. 140 Baca, Joe 188 Baggett, Daniel 176 Bailey, Lauren Gail 188 Bailey, Michael G. 140 Bailey, Marc 188 Baird, Judith K. 176 Balagna, Rene 176 Balog, Susan 188 Banta, Ruth 188 Bard, Jennifer 176 Barber, GlenE. 176 Barber, Mary A. 141 Barnes, Jeri 176 Barrington, Bonnie 176 Barron, Margaret 176 Barylski, Alicia 176 Basinger, Debby 188 Bates, R. David 188 Bates, Susan D. 141 Baxman, Hod 176 Baxman, Sharon 141 Bayhurst, Barbie 141 Beckwith, Kim 188 Bemis, Mary Lou 141 Benavidez, Geraldine 188 Bender, Bruce 188 Bendt, Karen A. 176 Bennett, Daborah 188 Bennorth, Anne 188 Bennorth, Sarah J. 141 Bergauer, Timothy 176 Bergen, Robert 183 Berkson, Lisa 188 Berkson, Steve 141 Best, Sarah 188 Biggers, Patricia Anne 176 Biggs, Melissa A. 188 Bingham, Richard 141 Bingham, Steve 176 Bingham, Sue A. 176 Bjarke, George 141 Bjarke, Judy 141

Bjorklund, Eric 141 Bjorklund, Mark 188 Black, Paul G. 177 Blackstone, Carol 188 Blackstone, Kay 142 Blackwell, Sue 177 Blankenship, Darrell 142 Blanks, Phill 177 Blanks, Steve 142 Blatti, Kim 177 Blevins, Virginia 177 Boegli, Barbara 177 Boise, James 0. 142 Bolton, Robin L. 142 Boone, Marcia Karen 188 Boop, Kaye 142 Booth, Guy 177 Borkenhagen, Gale 188 Bourne, Jackie 177 Bowman, Brenda 188 Bowman, Carl 177 Bowyer, Bradley G. 188 Bowyer, Brendt 188 Bowyer, Clint 189 Boyd, Ronald 142 Boyer, Shelly 177 Bradshaw, Katherine 142 Brandt, Kenneth 142 Branham, Kathy 189 Brenton, Nancy 189 Bridge, Richard A. 189 Briesmeister, Susan 177 Bronson, Paul 142 Brooks, Marla 177 Brotherton, Robin 189 Brousseau, Debbie 189 Brower, Michele 177 Brown, Arlene 177 Brown, Kathi 189 Brown, Randy 177 Browne, Katherine E. 142 Browne, Pamela 189 Brownfield, Angela 143 Bruington, Terry 143 Brundige, Eric 177 Brush, Martha L. 143 Buchanan, David 177 Buchen, Kathleen 143 Bucholz, John 189 Buchkland, Anne L. 177 Bunker, Bruce 143 Bunker, Paul 177 Burciago, Steven 143 Buciago, Tim 189 Burdette, Milo 189 Burger, Lynn 177 Burkhardt, Linda K. 177 Bums, Dean 189 Burns, PatJ. 143 Busse, John 143 Busse, William M. 189 Bustamante, Juanita 189 Byers, Sharon 177 Cady, Allan 143 Cake, Danny 189 Caldwell, Bobbie 189 Caldwell, Carolyn 143 Campbell, Carla 189 Campbell, Jacqueline 189 Campbell, Jana 143 Campbell, Lance 177 Campbell, Robyn 177 Campos, Linda 144 Cardon, Roger 144 Carmon, Carol 177 Casados, Mark 144 Case, Debra Lynn 189 Caswell, Kim 177 Caswell, Todd 177



Casual Clothes From Clement and Benner Clement and Benner Clement and Benner Clement and Benner Clement and Benner Clement and Benner


C de Baca, Carroll Shannon 144 C de Baca, Ernie IH9 Chaffee, Christine IH9 Chambers, Leslie 177 Chapman, Janice 1H9 Chavez, Darlene IH9 Chavez, Eddie I7H Chavez. Erancesca IH9 Chavez, Lucille 144 Chavez, Mike 144 Chavez, Nick 144 Chavez, Ramona M . 178 Chavez, Rebecca 177 Chesney, Scott 178 Childers, Cindy M. 178 Childers, Linda 189 Chiles, Vicki 178 Chrisman, MikeD. 144 Christensen, Dana 144 Christensen, Janie 189 Ciddio, Jaqueline 189 Claiborn, Richard 189 Claiborn, Ricki 144 Clark, Antonette 144 Clark. David 178 Clark. David E. 178 Clark. Folly S. 145 Clay brook, Carol J. 178 Clayshulte, Russell 145 Clevenger, Cheryl 145 Click, Marsha 189 Clifford, Jeannie 189 Clifton, Edward 145 Clow, Kathy 145 Coburn, Lora 178 Coffelt, Theresa 178 Coffin, Gracia 178 Cole, Marta 178 Coleman, David 178 Collier, John E. 178 Colyer, Cheryl 178 Colyer, Neal 145 Conley, Greg S. 178 Conn, Catherine A. 145 Conner, Craig A. 145 Conner, Susan 178 Cooper, Berry 145 Cooper, Carolyn 145 Cooper, Jan 189 Cooper, Ken 145 Cote, Candy 189 Coulter, Elizabeth 145 Court, Patricia 146 Covington, Vicki 178 Cowan, Jerold 146 Cowan, Marjorie Cox, Jame,s 189 Cox, Rick 146 Cox, Robert 189 Cox, Sandra 178 Crabb, Pam 190 Crabb, Randy 146 Craigmile, Judy 190 Craig mile, Susan 178 Cramer, Lisa 190 Croley, Margaret E. 146 Croley, Susan 190 Cromer, Donna 190 Crook, Becky 178 Crowe, Arthurs. 190 Cruise, Connie 146 Cummings. Mark 178 Cummings, Charles 190 Cummings, Michael 146 Cummings, Shelly 178 Cunnington, David 190 Cunnington, Guy 145 Cutler, Wilma 190 Dabney. James W. W. 190

Dannewitz, Nancy 146 Daly, Margaret L. 179 Daly, Paul 190 Daniels, Rebecca Jo 179 Daniels, William J. 190 David J.L. 146 Davidson, Craig 146 Davis, GaryS. 146 Davis, James C. 190 Davis, James W. 147 Davis, Jack 88 Davis, John C. 179 Davis, John R. 179 Davis, Tim 190 Day, Elizabeth A. 147 Deal, Rebecca 179 DeDoes. Frances 190 DeDoes, Laurie 147 Defield. Michael J. 147 Deinken, Margaret E. 147 Delano, David R. 190 Delano, Mike 147 Demuth, Kathy 179 Desilets, Denise 179 Desilets, Terry 147 Diaz, Rachel 179 Dick, Shan 190 Dickey, Greg 147 Dickinson, Barbara 179 Dickman, Steven 147 Dike, CythiaH. 179 Dings, Richard N. 147 Dirk, Deborah 179 Diven, David 179 Diven, Mary 179 Dodds, Wendy A. 147 Dominguez, Thelma 148 Dominic, Debbie 148 Dotson, Claudia K. 148 Dougherty, Clinton 148 Dreicer. Emily 190 Dropesky, Elaine 179 DuBois, Sam 179 Duerre, Kathy 148 Dugan, Eileen 148 Duggan, Gary 190 Duagan, Gary 179 Dunn, Carol 148 Dunn. Ronald 190 Dunwoody, Cathy 190 Duran, Susan M. 190 Durham, Donna 148 Dvorak, Mary Lynn 148 Dwinelle, Cheryl 179 Dyson, Jerree Elaine 190 Earl, Laurie A. 179 Ediskuty, Sharman 190 Edwards, Mark 148 Elliott, Jeanne 148 Elliott, Joan 148 Elliott, Nancy 179 Elliott, Norman 149 Elliott, Stephen H. 190 Elliott. Susan 190 Ellis, Donald 190 Ellis, Ronald F. 190 Elze, Robin 149 Emigh, David 179 Emelity, David 190 Emmel, Phyllis K. 179 Enders, Judi D. 149 Eutsler, Elizabeth 149 Eutsler, Roberta 180 Fair, Roberta 180 Fair, Wayne 190 Farmer, Jaqueline E. 180 Farmer, Sheila 149 Farnsworth, Cheryl 149


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Farr, Bill IHO Faudree, Mike 149 Faxon, Greg 1). Felt, Elizabeth S. 149 Felthauser, Jim IHO Ferrell, Kathy I). 190 Fickett, Jim 149 Finley, Gail A. IHO Finley, Steven 190 Fiahhine, Glenn M. 149 Fitzgibhon, Kathleen 1.50 Fitzgibbon, Teresa 190 Florin, Rus.selA. 190 Flynn, Pauline IHO Folkner, Charles Jr. 190 Ford, Linda 150 Ford, Steven M. IHO Forrest, Su.san H. 190 Foster, Derek G. 190 Fox, Randy 1.50 Fox, William R. IHO Francis, Lynette 190 Frederick, Kathy 190 Frentzel, Marty 1,50 Fries, Stephanie 150 Fuller, Derek L. 1.50 Fullman, Chris HH Furrh, Pam IHO Furry, Larry W. 190 Gallagher, Sandra L. 180 Gallegos, Steve 1.50 Gammel, Cheryl 191 Gammel, George 1.50 Gardner, Neil D. 191 Gardner, Wylma 1,50 Gauler, Marcia 191 Gauthier, Rory 1.50 Geer, Deb by 191 Geoffrion, Kathleen 150 Gere, Madelaine 180 Gibbons, Larry B. 151 Gibbons, Merrill A. 180 Gilbert, Vicki 191 Gilman, Cathy 180 Gilman, Ken 151 Gilmore, Alan 191 Gilmore, Robin 151 Gilmore, Wendy 180 Glass, Kary 191 Glass, Leslie A. 151 Glass, Nancy L. 191 Glare, Denise 191 Goldblatt, Cynthia A. 180 Goldstein, Dave 180 Good, Patricia A. 1.51 Goodier, Steve K. 151 Gotti, Phyllis 151 Gould, Debbie 180 Crasser, Linda 180 Grauerholz, Delene 151 Graves, Elizabeth A. 180 Graves, Mike 180 Greco, Jill 191 Green, Carlton 180 Greene, Harold 180 Greenwood, Rebecca 151 Greenwood, William 181 Gregg, Brian 181 Gregg, Paul 151 Gregory, Donna T. 191 Grieggs, Patricia 181 Griffin, Beverly 181 Griffin, Gary 151 Griffin. Margaret 191 Gritsko, Gail 151 Gritsko, Gary 191 Grothus, Barbara 181 Grothus, Tom 191 Guerrero, Gary 152

Guevara, Ana 181 Gursky. Michael 181 Hahn, Terry 181 Hall, Dan 181 Hall, Edward 152 Hall, Jeffrey 191 Hall, Harold 181 Hall, Xandra 191 Holliday, Clayton 152 Hamlin, Colleen 181 Hammel, Chris P. 191 Hammel, Christine E. 152 Hampton, Rexanne 191 Hanaford, Charles 152 Haney, Ruth 191 Hannemann, Dawn 191 Hansen, Gary 191 Hansen, Mike 152 Hanson, Steve 191 Harbert, Robert 152 Harbert, Sue 191 Harper, Bryce 152 Harper, Dana 191 Harper, Terry 152 Harrington, Christine 181 Harrington, Debbie 152 Harrow, Don L. 153 Hasenbank, Linda 153 Hatch, Doug 191 Hauser, Janet 181 Hawes, Jane 153 Hawes, Nancy 191 Hayes, Dennis 191 Hayes, Jeff 181 Hayes, Lynn A. 153 Hayes, Roy 153 Hayes, William B. 181 Healy, Robert 153 Heinrich, Willaim 191 Helland, William R. Jr. 181 Hemphill, Stephen J. 191 Hendron, Carrie 181 Hengstenberg, Carol 153 Henkel, Ronald 191 Herman, David 191 Herrick, Ben 181 Herrick, Geoffrey 191 Herring, Sylvia 181 Hessing, Margaret 191 Hewitt, Lois E. 181 Hicks, Bob 153 Hiebert, Steve 181 Hill, Charles D. 181 Hill, David 181 Hill, Valerie 191 Hillman, Gregory L. 181 Hilton, Kim K. 191 Hinojosa, Hilda 192 Hoak, Dennis A. 181 Hoak, Patty 192 Hobart, Ellen G. 192 Hodson, Patrick 181 Holm, Chris L. 153 Holm, Cliff H. 153 Holmberg, Randy W. 153 Holmes, Su.san 192 Hoogterp, Bob 181 Hopkins, HamesR. 153 Horak, Karl 182 Horpedahl, Kristine 154 Horton, Jim 192 Jorton,JoM. 182 House, Tad 154 Houtz, H argue rite 154 Huber, Jenny 182 Hudson, Art 182 Hues, Cathy 182 Hughes, Mike 182 Hulette, Catherine 154

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Hulette, Cynthia 182 Hull, Carolyn L. 182



alam os


■ M O IT IT O R . LAGA Holding to Coirpete A nnu.lEv,„, ■, K_ughls .,! PythifflCj.,le«t

Monitor Monitor

'- '

Monitor Monitor

Lang, Hargrove, Sane Honored at Sports Be reirsen


Duting jAids

H i'l




Ingwerson, Valerie 192 Isom, Gary 154 Jackson, Debbie 192 Jackson, Paula 154 Jaeger, Bruce 182 Jarvis, David 192 Jarvis, James 154 Jennings, David 154 Jennings, Tim 192 Johnson, Chris 182 Johnson, Jeff 154 Johnson, Karen 182 Johnson, Linda 192 Johnson, Mark G. 154 Johnson, Rebecca M. 154 Johnston, Cheryl 154 Jones, Sherry 155 Jones, Susan H. 155 Justus, Victoria 192 Main, Donald 155 Kandarian, Richard 192 Kasik, Robert 192 Kasunic, Dorothy A. 155 Katcher, Gary 182 Keane, Terry 182 Keenan, Jackie 182 Keepin, Ardis 155 Keller, Carol A. 155 Keller, Julie 192 Keller, Margaret 192 Kelley, Karen 182 Kelly, John T. 183 Kelley, Richard 192 Kelley, Tommy E. 182 Kelly, Mickey 192 Kemme, Kathryn 192 Kemp, Michael 192 Kemp, Bobby 182 Kennedy, Ann 155 Kennedy, John 192 Kemodle, Gary 155 Kerns, Clifton T. 182 Kestell, Vicki 155 King, Charles 192 King, Constance 155 King, Linda 182 Kinker, Jean 192 Kirby, Mike 182 Kircher, Monica 192 Kirk, Allan 192 Kirkpatrick, Debbie 182 Klaer, Kathleen 182 Kmetko, Allison 182 Knight, Kenneth 182 Knobeloch, Dan 182 Koch, Debbie 155 Koch, Pamela 192 Koch, Kent 156 Koczan, Margaret 192 Koczan, Steven 156 Koetter, Tom 156 Komurka, Zdenka 156 Koonce, Debra 182 Kraig, Ellen 183 Krohn, Diane 183 Kunz, Laura 183 LaBerge, Ronald 183 La Casse, Richard 183 Lady, Kenneth 192 Lamkin, Tim 183 Lang, Melinda 156 Langhorst, Beth 192 Lanter, Lean 156 Lar.son, Glenn 183

Larson, Karen 192 Larson. Kathy 183 Laquer. Lydia 156 Laws, Michael 192 Lawton, Robert 192 Laymen, Mary Beth 156 Lazarus, Elizabeth 192 Lazarus, Katherine 156 Lazarus, Virginia 192 Lea, Jessie 192 Lederer, LuAnne 183 Ledoux, Donna 156 Lee, Debbie 192 Lee, Mark 192 Leever, Richard 183 Leland, Suzie 183 Lester, Becky 192 Lewis, Holly 183 Lewis, Sharon 156 Lind, Bruce 156 Lindblom, Todd 183 Lindsay, James 157 Linke, Janet 183 Linke, Mike 192 Lippiatt, Dana 183 Little, Susan 192 Locke, Debra 192 Longmire, Jennifer 183 Lopez, Gloria 192 Lopez, Irma 157 Lopez, Winifred 183 Lory, Jay 193 Lory, Jeffrey 157 Loucks, Eric 193 Lucero, Anthony 157 Lucero, Gene 183 Lucero, Gerald 183 Lucero, Marce 193 Lujan, Angela 157 Lujan, Rickey Lutes, Mark 183 Lyle, Terry 157 Lynch, Jerry Lyon, John 193 Lyon, Sara 85 Lytten, Donna 157 Macauley, Sue Ann 157 Machovec, Diane 183 Machovec, George 157 Macmann, Michael 157 MacMillan, Allen 193 MacMillan, Dan 158 Maes, Joan 183 Maes, Marguerite 193 Maes, Michael 158 Maes, Ruby 158 Maes, Wanda 183 Maestas, Ernest 183 Maestas, Elaine 193 Maestas, Emelia 158 Maez, Walter 183 Mantoya, Wanda 183 Maraman, Linda 183 Maret, Mary 183 Markham, Jack 183 Marr, Larry 158 Marriott, Wayne 183 Marsh, Diane 193 Marsh, David 158 Marsh, Jim 183 Martin, Patti 158 Martin, Susan 183 Martinez, David 193 Martinez, E.L. 158 Martinez, Gilbert 193 Martinez, Loretta 158 Martinez, Mardell 183 Martinez, Michael 193 Martinez, Rick 183

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Martinez, Shirley 19,'! Martinez, Steve 19.'! Martinez, William W. I.5H Mathis, Terry IHI! Matlack, C. 19.'! Matlock, Leslie 193 McClanahan, Darrell 193 McClanahan, Dona M. 158 McClenahan, Mary Ann I.5H McClenahan, Robert L. 1,59 McCormick, Zachery L. 159 McDonald, AI 183 McDonoufjh, Kathryn 184 McDonoufih, Patrick 159 McGurn, Julie 184 McHale, Elaine 1.59 McHale, Larry 193 Mclnteer, Robert 1.59 McKee, Glenda f . 19,3 McKee, Tim 184 McMillen, Jim 184 McMullen, Tina 193 McNeese, David 184 McQueen, Janet 184 McQueen, Marian 1,59 Meade, Maureen 193 Means, Brady 1.59 Means, Stacy 193 Medlin, Shelly 184 Meixner, Steve 193 Meketa, Robert W. 1.59 Melnick, Mitchel 193 Mendiola, Pete Luna 193 Mendius, Catherine 159 Meyers, Robert A. 193 Michel, Joe 159 Mick, Alan 184 Mickkelson, Donald 85 Miles, Rebecca 193 Miley, Janet 193 Miller, Ann 193 Mills, Leon 193 Mills, Mariel 184 Minor, Pat 193 Mohr, Susie 184 Mojica, MaryJ. 159 Mollett, Ronald 193 Montano, Clara 184 Montano, Francis 160 Montoya, Ann 184 Moore, Elaine S. 160 Moore, Marilyn 160 Moore, Marti 184 Morrison, Enid 193 Morrison, Patrica L. 160 Morton, Jerry 160 Mosher, Jan 160 Mosley, Robert 193 Moss, David 184 Mottaz, John M. 184 Mueller, Caroline 184 Mullins, Michele 184 Munyon, Elizabeth 184 Mutschler, Debbie 184 Mutschler, Cindy 184 Moulton, David 160 Myers, Jill 184 Nachlinger, Pamela 160 Naffzieger, Becky 184 Nagle, D.J. 1 9 3 Naveaux, Clif 184 Neher, Michael A. 160 Nelson, Barbara 193 Nelson, Christine E. 160 Nelson, Gilbert 184 Nemec, Vada 160 Nereson, Brian 193 Nere.son, Tina 161-

Newcom, John 184 Newton. Roy 161 Nichols, John R. 161 Nilsson. Janis L. 184 Norri.s, Gloria 184 Norris, Jeanette 184 Noyes, Steve 193 Nutter. Suzi 184 Oakes. Wendy 161 Ochsner, Glenna 193 Oshsner. GregD. 161 Ogle, Mark 161 O ’Hara. Steven 193 Olenslager, Margie 193 Olivas, Andrew R. 161 Olivas, Manuel Jr. 184 Olivas, Victoria 184 O'Mara. Maureen 193 O ’Neal. Ken 193 Orellana, Maringe 161 Orlicky. Dave 161 O ’Rourke, Patricia Ann 161 Orr, Joy 184 Ortega, Amanda L. 185 Ortiz, Debbie C. 193 Osborn, Louanne 161 Osborn, Patricia Jo 185 Osborne, Ross C. 194 Osvath, Amy 185 Osvath, Ginger Ann 194 Ott, Kevin 194 Overton, Ellen 194 Pacheco, David E. 185 Pacheco, Elizaoetn 161 Pacheco. Helen 194 Pacheco, Kathy J. 162 Pacheco, Johnny 185 Pacheco, Joseph 194 Pacheco, Manuel 162 Pacheco, Michael D. 162 Pacheco, Patsy 194 Pacheco, Sue 194 Pallone, Dorothy 185 Parker. Jaqueline 185 Pecarich, Pat 194 Peck, Cynthia L. 162 Pederson, Teri 187 Peek, Jarold D. 194 Pena, Carol 194 Penny. Gary 194 Perlman, Philip E. 194 Peterson, Cherye 194 Peterson, Dorothy J. 162 Peterson, Ingrid 162 Peterson, Norman C. 162 Pettit, Michael A. 162 Pettit, Sandra 185 Pettitt, Jeanie 162 Pettitt, Susan 185 Petty. Bill 185 Petty. Sue 162 Phelps. Vanessa 185 Phillips, Deborah 185 Phillips, Kathryn A. 162 Phillips, Marcene 194 Pickett. Minette 194 Pimbley, Robert T. 194 Pimbley, Robert T. 194 Pimbley, Robin 194 Pizzuto, Victor 185 Pollock, Clif 194 Porto, Anthony J. 163 Porto, Daniel 194 Porto, Patricia 185 Potter. Janet 163 Potter. Jery 185 Prebyl, Linda 185

I’n’ciado, Gina I9 t Pretzel. 'I'hama.'i a. IH.5 Price. Georfie IH5 Price. Lynn 19-1 Priddy. Randy IH5 Prine. Daeid IH5 Prine. Michael 163 Pruncr. C'orky 163 Rabideau. Meredith IH5 Ramirez. Delpha 194 Ramirez. Minnie 163 Ram.say. Brian 194 Rand. John 194 Rand. Mark 194 Randalff. Craig 163 Randolff. Rita 185 Rauchfu.'i.'i. Suzy 194 Reaei.s. Ann 194 Reeces. Frank W. 194 Regan. Mark 185 . Regenie. Philip 185 Regenie. Victoria 163 Reiley. Mary E. 194 Reinig. Dennis 185 Relyea. Don 194 Rendon. Dave S. 163 Ream. Peter 185 Rhodes. Debra A. 185 Rhodes. Diane 194 Rice. Carol 194 Rich. Michael D. 194 Rich. Steven 195 Richards. Hannelore M. 185 Richardson. Susan 185 Richerson. Jeffrey 185 Richman. Rick 163 Riebr. Joseph 185 Rile. Janet L. 163 Roach. Pamela 195 Robbins. Ellen L. 195 Roberts. Laurel L. 185 Roberts. Les 163 Roberts, Sam 185 Robertson. Mark 164 Rodgers, Molly M. 185 Rodriguez, Marie A. 164 Rodriguez, Kathy 195 Rogers, Amy M. 195 Rogers. R. Scott 185 Rohu'er, Cathleen A. 195 Rojas. Rick 164 Rojas, Tom 195 Romero. Bamo 185 Romero. Evelyn 185 Romero, Ronnie 195 Rose. Daniel 164 Kit 195 Roybal, Lourdes 164 Roybal, Phillip 185 Rupert, Jerry L. 186 11. Libby 195 Rutherford, Bob 195 Rutherford. Kenneth 164 Rutledge, Cynthia 186 Sadlier, Joan L. 164 Salaz. Gere 164 Salazar, Paulette 164 Salmi, Bill 164 Sanchez, Josephine 186 Sandoval, Anthony 195 Sandoval. Jose F. 186 Sandoval, Helen 195 Sandoval, Patricia 195 Sarwinszi, Greg 185 Sawyer, Mark 195 Schelberg, Eileen 185 Schofield, LaMont 164

Schofield, Phillip 195 Schuster, Karen 164 Scoggins, Wayne 195 Scoggins, Weldon J. 165 Scott, Jerry 185 Seagrave, Jeanclare 195 Seay. David 195 Seeley, Fred 195 Segar, Nancy 185 Segura, Nina 195 Seitz, Carolyn 195 Serrano. Rita C. 186 Shaffer. Brad 195 Shafer. Diane 165 Sharpless, Michael 186 Sheinberg, Arthur L. 186 Sherwood, Gregary 195 Sherwood, Robert 186 Shiplett, Randy 195 Sibbitt, Richard 195 Simi, Darrick 186 Simmons, Teresa 195 Sisneros, Phillip 165 Sizemore, Dennis 186 Sizemore, Mr. Paul 82 Slavik, Gary W. 165 Smith, Cynthia 186 Smith, Doran Q. 165 Smith, Gary 186 Smith, Holly 186 Smith, Janet 186 Smith. Leslie 186 Smith. Mike 195 Smith. Stephani S. 186 Smith, Sydney 186 Smith, TeresaJ. 165 Smith, William H. 165 Sojka, Brian 165 Sowder, Kay 186 Sawder, Kerry 186 Squires, Eileen M. 186 Stallings, Loretta 165 Stapp, Lee 195 Starkey, Jeanette 165 Starner, Pamela 195 Stearns, Robert G. 195 Stein. Carrie 186 Stein. Susan 195 Stein, William E. 165 Steinhaus, Eric 166 Steinhaus, Kurt 195 Stelzer, Don 88 Stephens, Cathy 195 Stephens, George 195 Stephenson, John 186 Sterkel, Barbara 195 Sterner. Nancy 186 Stevens, Pat 166 Stewart, Donna A. 166 Stewart, Kenny 195 Stibbard, Paul 166 Stockly, Annie 195 Stockly, Sue 186 Stoll, Douglas D. 195 Stone. Dale A. 186 Stone, Donna 195 Stone, Jeanie 196 Stone, Wayne 196 Strait. Becky 196 Stratton, Gail 196 Stratton, Nancy 186 Stroope, Gail 166 Sul, Ginger 196 Sullivan, Russell 166 Susco, Kriss 196 Sweeney, John E. 166 Sweet, Jeff 196 Swickard, Christine 166 Swickard, Nancy 196

Miss Mardell Martinez Prom Princess 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970

Sydoritik, Christine M. IHH Sydoriak, Eugene 166 Szalny. Elizabeth .4. 166 Tallmadge, ('hristine M . Tanner. Hill 196 Taschek. John IH6 Tauh. Judy IH6 'Taylor, Cathy IH6 'Taylor, Marcella 196 'Taylor, Mike 166 'I'egtmeier, Barbara 167 'Tegtmeier, John 196 'Tepper, Bradley I). 167 Tapper, Sherrie L. 166 Terrell, Anne 166 'Thieme, Ellen 196 'Thomas, Donna L. 167 'Thomas, Nancy A. 167 'Thompson, Gary L. 166 'Thorn, Karen L. 167 'Thorn, Kyle A. 167 Thonre, Tom 167 'Thrapp, Pat 167 Torrey, Ted 196 'Travis, Bob 166 'Treece, Mary Ann 196 Treiman, Allan H. 167 Treiman, Evelyn 196 Trujillo, Carlo 167 Trujillo, Carl 166 'Trujillo, David 196 Trujillo, Irvin 196 Trujillo, J.R. 167 Trujillo, LoisM. 187 'Trujillo, Tom 196 Trujillo, Thomas 167 Trujillo, Viola A. 187 'Tucker, Ben 168 Turner, Mary E. 168 Turner, Philip L. 187

'Tynan, Ann 166 'Tynan, Sheryl 196 I'libarri, Earnest 166 Ulrich, Steve 196 Unger, Joyce 196 Valdez, Stephen K. 196 Vallejos, Marian 196 Vandergust, Rod 196 Vandergust, Valerie 166 Vandervoort, Susan 167 Van DeVeer, Beth 167 Van Dilla, Alan 167 Van Etten, Don 166 Van Etten, Jeanne 196 Van He eke, Rick 168 Van Ves.sem, Alan 167 Velasco, James 196 Velasco, Melanie 166 Velasquez, Alex 168 Venable, Gordon 166 Vigil, Bernadette 196 Vigil, Evlyn I. 167 Vigil, Michael 196 Vigil, Patricia 187 Visscer, Wendy 196 Vogt, Neva 166 Volz, David 167 Volz, Roger 196 Vonderheide, William 168 Voorhees, Elizabeth E. 169 Voss, Nancy 187 Vucenic, Wayne 196 Wacherle, Bruce 196 Wagner, Julie 187 Wagoner, Ellen 187 Wahman, Jean 169 Waldschmidt, John 187 Wallwork, Kim 169

Wallwork, Shawn 196 Walters, Lori A. 167 Walters, Sharon 169 Walters, Ted 196 Wanek, Mary 196 Warner, James L. 197 Warren, Ered 187 Warren, Marilyn 187 Weaver, Kelley A. 169 Weber, Deborah D. 169 Weinbrecht, Edward 197 Weintraub, Doug 167 Weintraub, Howard 187 Weisgerber, Kathleen 169 Weisgerber, Terry 197 Wimett, Leza 167 Wingfield, Dea 197 Winn, Michael 187 Winton, Esther L. 170 Witte, Dan 197 Witte, Sue L. 187 Wohlberg, Norma 197 Wolff, Mike 197 Wolff, Nancy 170 Wood, Kent 167 Wood, Jill 170 Woods, Brian 197 Woodwell, Maria R. 167 Wooten, Karol 187 Work, Steve 197 Worlton, Kathryn 170 Worlton, Mary A. 197 Worsted, Mark 170 Yandell, Paul M. 187 Yarned, Barbara 197 York, Jack D. 170 Young, Abby 197 Zeltmann, Ann 187 Zukas, Pamelas. 187

W- *


. J f e „ :.'

N qth in g l car^d, in t f i e ^ ^ b w h ite daysf th a t tim e w ou ld iake^me Up to the swcdljpw thronged loft by the shadow of m y hand, , In the m oon th a t is alw ays rising,^ * N o f th a t Mding to sleep y ^ ^ f sh ou l^ h ear him fly i^ith th e high field s A n d w ake to the-farm forei^er fled from the ch ild less land. Oh as^ was youfig and easy m fifeg m ercy of his m eans, * T im e held m e green and d y i n g ^ Though I sang in my^chaihs like the sea. ^ »



T h » L a L om a staff -extend/r special thanks to M r. B ill Jack Rodgers, M r. B ill Regan, and 9lr. Dan E llio tt for their help with the colqgpictures used in the introduction. , '

m m

Los Alamos Public School 1970 Yearbook  

Los Alamos Public School 1970 Yearbook

Los Alamos Public School 1970 Yearbook  

Los Alamos Public School 1970 Yearbook