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laloma'68 1967â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 1968; the year of the new

Ids alamos high school los alamos, new mexico volume 25

table of contents calendar ......................................8 faculty, a c a d e m i c s ..................36 o rg a n iz a tio n s ............................60 s p o r t s ......................................




index, a d v e r t i s i n g ................


Los Alamos Reflects the New The year of the new is 1967-68, and the face of Los Alamos — “ The Hill City ” — , its new c o m m u n i t y buildings, its modern landscaping, its rapidly expanding residen­ tial areas, and its progressive s c h o o l s y s t e m r e fle c t th e modern trend. Los Alamos High School is in k e e p i n g w i t h t h e f r e s h t e n d e n c ie s . The L e a r n i n g Materials Center, completed in March, is an unprecedente d c o n c e p tin th e fie ld o f l e a r n in g , an d is t h e o n l y structure of its type between the Mid-west and California. P ro m o tin g independent study, LMC can lead to total m o d u l a r , o r m o r e fle x ib le , scheduling fo r each student. A lr e a d y severaI g r o u p s of



educators come ' -I'-'-' •' - *

weekly to inspect


the c i r c u l a r structure, which also c o n t a i n s complete library and audio-visual facilities. Mr. R o be rt ’■*" r -

Sr-St ','4


Loar, p r i n c i p a l , and Mr. Paul

h s iii# lW |

S iz e m o re , viceprincipal. brought new ideas to both the learning circumstance and discipline this year. New teachers and new courses, especially those in the social studies field, en­ riched the c urriculu m . The sports program at LANS mirrored the newness of ’67-’68 as it was expanded. Because of increased enrollment, the Hilltoppers moved up to District AA competi-

LAHS Keeps Up With New Trends tion . . . doing quite well. S t u d e n t life r e fle c te d t h e m o d e r n trend, colorful, modish dress and new activities, such as German Club, Am a­ t e u r Radio Clu b, and H o b b y Clu b, were indicative of progressive ten de n­ cies. F o r t h e f ir s t t i m e , LAHS s t u d e n t s received letter grades instead of nu­ m e r i c a l g r a d e s on t h e i r IBM r e p o r t cards. Student publications too k on a “ new lo ok ” at LAHS du rin g the year. The LOOKOUT newspaper was printed in Albuq ue r­ que, u s in g new t y p e faces. And LA LOMA y e a r b o o k adopted new three-column layout and added color pic­ tures and blocks to its pages. ln s h o rt,th e y e a ro fth e new p r o v id e d u n i q u e and enjoyable concepts and ex­ p e r ie n c e s f o r t h e f o r w a r d th in k in g student at Los Alam o s H i g h S c h o o l — p a r t of the total c o m m u n i t y of “ The

6 Introduction

Secre t C i t y , ” or “ The A t o m i c C i t y , ” w h ic h is c e l e b r a t i n g its twenty-fifth anniversary, secretly b e g in n in g w h e n to p -n a m e scientists pushed boys out of an exclusive boarding school over­ looking Santa Fe. Also during the “ Year of the N e w ,” 1967-68, Hill high s c ho ol s t u d e n t s witn esse d another change in the cafe­ teria, as vending machines gave way to a la carte menu selections, with both hot and cold foods. For the first time, the enrollmen t was too large — by 69 students — for all pupils together to attend one assembly in the auditorium; so seniors and juniors went to one session and sophomores to another. And when IMC opened, juniors whose petitions we re a p p r o v e d by teachers got to d r o p t h e i r s t u d y ha ll s to do i n d i v i d u a l study on “ ho n­ or status.”

In troductio n 7

1967â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 1968: the year of the new Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated event of this year was the opening of the Learning Materials Center. Other new happenings this year were the Christmas formal and the Hilltopper participa­ t io n (and t a k i n g secon d place) in t h e AA s t at e ba s k e tb a ll tournament.

September Begins The New Year S e p t e m b e r m a r k e d th e be­ g i n n i n g of the b e g i n n i n g fo r the sophomores and the begin­ ning of the end for seniors. The first day of s ch oo l was new, exciting, and confusing to the e n t e r i n g s o p h o m o r e s . They s t u c k in herds, p r o b a b l y f o r s e c u r i t y , se e k in g d i r e c t i o n s f r o m t h e up p e r c la s s m e n . To juniors and seniors, the busi­ ness of finding rooms was pret­ ty " o l d h a t . " The sch ed ul e s o f te n g o t m ix e d up, and s t u ­ dents found themselves sched­ uled for three study halls and no English class, or two classes at the same time. The lines to t h e g u i d a n c e office of te n ex ­ t e nd ed past th e ma in office. But these problems were soon overcome, and students found themselves situated c o m fo rt a ­ bly in the proper classrooms. A b o u t t h r e e weeks a f t e r sch oo l st a rt e d , s t u d e n t s a r ­ rived at school to find the lob­ by turned into a playground; a h a l f- a s s e m b l e d m o n k e y - b a r was propped up on trash cans. No b o d y q u i t e knew who brought it, for the pranksters wh o pu t it t h e r e d i d n ' t mak e much use of it. A few days lat­ er, the monkey bars were dis­ m a n t l e d and r e t u r n e d to U r ­ ban Park. September was a month for planning and getting adjusted. Fo o tb a ll gam es and a f t e r ­ game dances provided recrea­ tion. By the end of September, t h e s t u d e n t s f e lt like e s t a b ­ lished members of LANS.

10 Calendar

Enthusiastic crowd packs the gym fo r the first pep rally of the year, giving a rous­ ing send-off for the Toppers before their first game, against Santa Fe High School — and a victory. Decidedly out of place in the lobby,'the monkey bars loom, to the great delight of students, and to the not-so-great delight of the a d m inis tratio n. The pranksters must have felt the students needed a change.

After-game dances offer a welcome change of pace fro m the routine of classes and homework, and are well attended by LAHS students.

Though everyone reluctantly returns to school, sum m er spirit does not di­ minish. Jake and Mark are still able to find tim e to clown around.

"M a jo rity of One" tryouts in September offer students a chance to prove their act­ ing talents. “ Majority of One" was one of the many Olions plays produced during the school year. Mr. Ross Ramsey, director of the plays, intently watches as stu­ dents vie for various parts.

Calendar 11

Homecoming Sparks October For th e first year at LAHS, O c to b e r ca m e like a feline, leaving the M ar ch t r a d i t i o n behind, and everyone was hur­ ried and pushed around. School seemed to tak e the place of an "insanity factory." The Hilltoppers were winning games, Habte Kidane was run­ ning the cross country, Olions were choosing cast members, the Lookout was being printed and distributed, and photogra­ phe r Ri chard Haase was still leaving the light s on in the darkroom. Seniors declared war on the sophomores during that month. The traditional paint­ ing of the " L A ” seemed to have been neglected by the sopho­ more class.

Annual h o m e co m in g parade breaks traditio n this year by taking place under clear skies! Here the c o lo rfu lly costumed drill team executes a skillful maneuver on cen­ tral downtown.

Cheerleader Marcy McClosky leads crowds in a cheer as she promotes spirit at the annual bonfire, d u rin g week-long ho m e c o m in g festivities.

Along with many other Octo­ ber a c t iv i ti e s , h o m e c o m i n g exploded with the traditional bonfire, parade, game, and dance. Cheerleader Betty Ann M u ll in s was c r o w n e d h o m e ­ coming queen. H om ecoming Queen Betty Ann Mullins smiles as she dances the coronation dance with Neno Segura.

Sadie HawkinsHighlights November With the sun t h a t usu a ll y shone on the half-painted “ LA” c a m e the first day of N o v e m ­ ber. The trees m Los A l a m o s had already left their leaves in p a t t e r n s of soggy c o r n flakes s i m i l a r to t h a t left in one's breakfast bowl. Nea rly 80 s t u d e n t s of Mr. Paul Bertloot's sociology class­ es t o u r e d the New Mexico State P e n i t e n t i a r y and State C a p ito l B u i l d i n g in Santa Fe. And. as r u m o r had it, several students got stuck in Governor David F. Cargo's private eleva­ tor. While S t u d e n t C o u n c i l was f o r m u l a t i n g G roa dy Day, the Y o u t h and G o v e r n m e n t Club was m a k i n g plans f o r its a n ­ nual Sadie Hawkins Dance. Charlie Bunch, junior, weighs the merits of Josten's rings as Mr. Roy Burge, c o m ­ pany representative, gives advice. N ot to b e o u t - g r o a d i e d by s tu d e n ts , te a c h e r s don t h e i r best G ro a d y Day a p p a re l and jo in in th e s p i r i t of th e event.

14 Calendar

While Glenn Michell waits his turn, M a rry in ’ Sam hitches Tina Hockett and Larry Keil at the Sadie Hawkins dance.

Karen Wilson, ravishing on Groady Day. smiles at Craig Olsen, happy he doesn’t have to tu ck in his shirt.

Boys’ Staters tell the student body about their adventures at the annual governm ent convention at N.M.M.I.

Jeff. Bill, and Chip, stage crew fo r “ Majority of One," have their hands full with curtains, lights, and props. Craig Olsen, senior, looks a little out of place at the desk of the Governor of New Mexico. But then again

Calendar 15

Jan A n s te y and Bill H u d s o n are d w a rfe d by th e ic ic le s w h ic h f o r m e d on E Wing.

Skiing has its ups and downs. For Bill Lyon, caught here at a ra ther embarrassing mom ent, it m ust be a definite downer,

Snow Finally Comes and Comes While a few LAHSites just listen, most students dance wildly to the pulsating beat of the "Fe Fi Four Plus T w o â&#x20AC;? at the Los Alamos High School 1967 Christmas fo rm a l held In the girls' gym.

er e'^banas'


Two weeks before C hristm as vacation, the lobby suddenly explodes in all its festive array. Marcia and Bev place the final touches on the tree. G irls a re a llo w e d to w e a r s la c k s to school when the snow is at its worst.

A healthy 42 inches of hardpacke d p o w d e r c o v e r e d the g r o u n d d u r i n g D e ce m b er . M an y s t u d e n t s f o u n d jo y in w i n t e r s p o r t s ; bu t th e o t h e r s were upset wh en s now c a n ­ celled the ‘‘great water buffalo h u n t ” usually held in Decem­ ber. A l o n g w i th th e s now c a m e controversy and confusion in Student Council over the nev­ e r - p a in t e d “ L A ” on B u r n t M o u n t a i n , t h e n h id d e n by a white blanket. New was Student Cou nci l’s Christmas formal. Forty-three LAHSites qualified for All-State orchestra, band, and chorus. The m u s i c d e p a r t m e n t p r e ­ sented a C h r i s t m a s C a n ta ta f o r t h e Mesa E l e m e n t a r y School and the high school.

Small cars are at a disadvantage when passing snowplows cover th e m with snow, and George Griffin's Volkswagen is no exception.

Calendar 17


■?lL,i. -L

Bruce Johnson blocks out the raucous laughter and screams fro m A-2 as he vainly tries to study fo r semester finals with his fingers in his ears.

Jerry Buchen has perfected a m ethod of studying in A-2. He lays o u t all his books and papers, and then cleans his finger nails with his pen.

At "Topper Review” practice, held th ro u g h o u t January, Becky Dow, Joe Curfm an, Linda Kasik, Jeanne Van Gemert, and Fred Thomas work at perfecting the senior skit, "The Secret City Is Now Open,”

18 Calendar

Larry Kyle and Linda Kasik enjoy snowmobile rides, a fund-raising drive fo r the March of Dimes at the Golf Course.

Crazy Hats Day finds LAHSites sp o rt­ ing a surprising variety of wierd head gear. Gail Lemmons, junior, wears one that really socks it.

January Divides the Semesters Senior Don Money, not co n te n t with merely making snowmen, yields to the te m p ­ tation the new snow offers.

As one looked up to the mountain where the “ LA” was, all one c o u ld see was snow. No bo dy c o m p l a i n e d m u c h a b o u t th e u n - p a in t e d “ LA ” d u r i n g J a n u a r y , because n o ­ body could see it. Now, everyone tried to tell us t h a t it did n o t snow in J a n u ­ ary. But, if t h a t w a s n ’t snow f a l l i n g o u t of th e sky, h i p p o ­ p o t a m u s e s d o n ' t s w im in the Congo. The m o n t h of J a n u a r y seemed to get w h i t e r and whiter. If it wasn’t snowing, the White Knight was sure making a lot of house calls. S t u d e n t C o u n c i l held t r y ­ outs for “ Topper Review” d ur ­ ing January. Hilltalkers partici­ pated in m a n y speech c o n ­ tests, i n c l u d i n g th e S t u d e n t Congress speech t our nam ent in Albuquerque. Other happenings included a pot-luck supper sponsored by t h e J o u r n a l i s m - P u b l i c a ­ tions Department, a ski trip to Santa Fe, and SAT a c h i e v e ­ ment tests. Calendar 19

Beki Holmes, senior, " c a n ’t get a man with a gun."

Kim Hayes, Barry Baily, and Pat Kennedy have invented a better way to produce music which could make th e m fam ous if Kim doesn’t strangle first.

Marcia Brooks and Linda Kasik flash smiles as they put the finishing touches on the senior g irls ’ dance.


m • •


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# • # J *


• •

, % * 1

• ' •


Laurel Lyon, ju nio r, sings " J o h n n y Has Gone fo r a Soldier."


I e



This graceful exhibition of dancing prowess is given by the senior boys, who display their talents by creating and executing their original rendition of "P re tty Baby.”

Topper Review’ Sparks February With t h e i r s ilv e r c o s t u m e s h i g h li g h t e d by s tr o b e lig h ts , j u n i o r g ir ls d a n c e to "House of the Rising Sun."

Phil B ro w n and B ru c e J o h n s o n t u r n everyone on with "L ig h t My Fire.”

Mr. Paul Sizemore grins d u rin g a Feb­ ruary press conference.

Ardis Keepin examines an in s tru m e n t display at All-State Music Clinic.

Leap Year Activities Varied “ Topper Review’’ ushered in the month of February. High­ l i g h t s o f the a n n u a l v a r i e t y show were the junior skit and the tra d itio n a l senior boys’ dance. Valentine’s Day was bright­ ened by the leap year tradition of g i r l s ’ b e in g th e agr esso r. The female contigency rivalled for dates for the com in g sweet­ hearts’ dance. LAHS s t u d e n t s e n j o y e d a h a l f - d a y h o l i d a y as t e a c h e r s g a t h e r e d to de ci de if th ey w o u ld p a r t i c i p a t e in a s t a t e ­ wide s t ri k e . To pup il d is m a y, the problem was resolved be­ fore the instructors had time to take action. T h e m e of the m o n t h was “ Traffic S a f e t y . ’ ’ L o o k o u t newspaper initiated a posterand-press campaign, climaxed by Jud g e Ja m es M a lo n ey of Albuquerque and a film. Representatives of Los Ala­ mos High S c h o o l ’ s band, o r ­ c h e s t r a , and c h o r u s w e n t to the University of New Mexico during the month for All-State M usic C li n ic , w h e re the y co pp ed to p p o s i t i o n s in the mass concert.

Janet Babb bestows a valentine on Scott Andre to celebrate Leap Year.

A new semester begins and Tina Flockett is swamped with homewo rk

22 Calendar

state Police Sgt. Frank Young and Judge James Maloney join Kim Flayes and Steve Ciddio at the Lookoutâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s traffic safety assembly. Mrs. Polly Turner and Miss Linda Miller read a r t ic le s on th e A lb u q u e r q u e teacher strike.




I O th e r A

GUY L o o k o u tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s traffic safety poster contest draws a variety of entries.

Calendar 23


Pep Club Sponsors Sweethea



Stephanie Oliver dances to the beat of Doc Rand and the Purple Blues at Pep C lu b’s sweetheart dance.

March came in like a lion as the Hilltopper basketball team cinched third in district c o m ­ petition and headed for state finals. At state the T o p p e r s upset Sandia to pai r t h e m w ith Hobbs f o r th e c h a m p i o n s h i p final. LANS won second. Jim LaMonica was crowned king to the tune of "Doc Rand and th e P u rp le B l u e s " at the Pep Club sweethearts’ dance. The Learning Materials Cen­ t e r was fi n a l ly c o m p l e t e d . Sporting such features as wallto-wall carpeting, lounge f urn i­ t ur e , and TV-film ca rre ls, it encouraged individual study.

Sophomores Barbie Wilson, Steve Berkson, Nancy Wolffe, Diane Shafer. Claudia Dotson are “ up a tree” about white washing the snow-covered “ LA.”

24 Calendar

m C R ftL


:h I ■perception


Visitors to the co u n ty science fa ir view many varied exhibits.

AEC Chairman Glenn Seaborg speaks in th e a u d i t o r i u m a f t e r Meson P la n t groundbreaking.


Learning Materials Center Opens s/




A rounded roof gives a saucer-like appearance to the inside of the Learning Materi­ als Center, while carpets reduce noise and add co m fo rt.

Allen Herring goes for a shot in co m p e ­ tition at the state tournam ent.

Calendar 25

On its way to the New Mexico High School Press Association convention, the Carryall, bearing'eager jo urnalism students, refuses to cooperate. Here it is seen with a flat tire, incurred ten miles outside of Las Vegas. Seniors Larry Keil, Dick Meyers, and Rick Luders enjoy a rare m o m e n t of sunshine on the wall of the IMC. (Three minutes later it snowed.)

Couples dance to sounds of â&#x20AC;&#x153; Sunday F u n n ie s " a t Key C lu b s w e e th e a rts dance.

26 Calendar

Spring Fever Hits in April

Hector Garcia, one of the Southwest’s most noted guitarists, gives a concert of Spanish, Cuban, and Latin American music to LAHS students. Griffith Gynasium houses the NASA traveling lecture-demonstration of rocketry e q u ipm e n t used in the past and present U.S. space programs.

The m o n t h of Apri l opened at LAHS with a snow storm and a special “ April Fools’ ’’ edition of the LOOKOUT. Many s t u ­ dents believed the newspaper sto ri es a b o u t a t e a c h e r s ’ strike, and the closing down of th e r e s tr o o m s ; p r o b a b ly the biggest fo ol s of all were the staffers who printed it. D u r i n g t h a t m o n t h , Olions held t r y - o u t s f o r th e p r o d u c ­ tion “ David and Lisa,’’ and Key Club sponsored a youth panel di sc us s io n f o r t h e s t u d e n t body. LAHSites tra v e le d to H i g h ­ lands Day, whe re so m e s t u ­ dents were awa rde d c e r t i f i ­ cates in both j o u r n a l i s m and business. V a l d i m i r D e m 'y a n o v , a C o m m u n i s t fro m the USSR, tells Mr. Russ Shinn's Russian history class about C o m m u n ­ ist life in his country.

Painting of 'LAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Highlights May B e tty Gage, LANS s e n io r, in s p e c ts a w h it e m o u s e b e fo r e a s s e m b l in g her e x h i b it at th e I n t e r n a t i o n a l S c ie n c e Fair in Detroit, Michigan.

Bill Lyon, head yearbook photographer, is forced to get his feet wet while mopping up the dark room which Richard Haase flooded. Student Council members Lynn Smith, Eppie Trujillo , and Shelley Roberts take over the responsibilities of co u n ty co m m is sioners on County Day.



J u n io r girls follow the Oriental th em e of the annual junior-senior prom by decorat­ ing the gym with bright paper flowers. Roger Holmes and Charlie Thorn, more industrious juniors, add th e ir artistic abili­ ties to prom decorations.



Recently elected cheerleaders fo r the 1968-69 school year are busy with fund raising projects. They are: Dolly Susco,

Busy in th e m o n t h of May were t h e s t u d e n t at Los A l a ­ mos High School. Seniors were preparingfortheirfin alsa nd practicing for their June grad­ uation. Juniors were making way for their up-and-coming senior year, and th e s o p h o m o r e s were being h a m m e r e d down for their excuses over the un­ painted “ LA.” Well, the sophomores finally painted the “ LA” . . . only eight months late. Seniors were winning schol­ arships, applying for college, and thinking about what to do d u r i n g th e long s u m m e r months. Juniors were preparing the 1968-69 La Loma, S t u d e n t C o u n c i l, and o t h e r o r g a n i z a ­ tions’ activities. Some eleventh gr a d e rs were p l a n n i n g t h e i r summers for accomplishment. The rest of the students were looking forward to more fresh­ men. S o p h o m o r e s h a d n ’t p l a nn e d a n y t h i n g f o r the s u m m e r , and if t h e y wo u ld have, it p r o b a b l y w o u l d n ' t have g o t t e n don e an yw ay, laughed upperclassmen.

Marty Lujan, Claudia Dotson, and Debbie Bradshaw. Peggy Day, a fifth yell leader, is not shown.

Jeanne Van Gemert flashes a delighted smile as she finds she is the 1968 Prom queen. Paul Andrews closely and hopefully exam ­ ines th e p u n c h Debbie Heath is s e rv in g , looking fo r strawberries and other fr u it in it.

Luci Lundgren and Joe Wilson find it not too difficult to dance in their prom attire when they are inspired by the Moonrakers.

Members of the 1968 prom court, elected by the ju n io r class, include Queen Jeanne Van Gemert, King Robert Pacheco, seniors, and Princess Shelley Rob­ erts, and Prince Leroy Montoya, eleventh graders.

Queen Jeanne Reigns over Prom Queen Jeanne Van Gemert receives a c o n g r a t u l a t o r y kiss f r o m M a s te r of Ceremonies Tim Van Hecke. junior.

These happy people, Jim, Vicki, Becky, Joe, Steve, and Mary enjoy themselves at the â&#x20AC;&#x153; Goodyâ&#x20AC;? table. The Moonrakers, fr o m Denver, Colorado, provide the music fo r prom with their psychedelic sounds.

Busy Senior


Kaziya Nakashima gets ready for his A m e r i c a n g r a d u a t io n f r o m h ig h school. Mrs. P a tr ic ia M e n d iu s . head s e n io r s p o n s o r, gets re a d y to te ll 'Class of '6 8 e rs how to m a r c h in and o u t of graduation.

Parents, townspeople, and graduates leave Civic A u d ito riu m a fte r Baccalaureate serv­ ices. Father Borgeman urged the seniors to

Special guests at th e senior class banquet are Superintendent of Schools C.W. Rich­ ard and his wife. Dr. Richard will retire from the Los Alamos Schools System at th e end of the 1968-69 term. Fie cam e to th e Flill 12 years ago fro m various educational posi­ tions in Montana.

32 Calendar

®6lncludes Picnics, Dances, Films



o n t i n u e s e e k in g " m o r e a n d f u ll ccaiaors:: .g.^^^ n o w le dge” in years ahead, in his talk.

Dea Petty and Karen Hill listen after the banquet as Dick Meyers reads the class wills and prophecies.

Beginning right after finals w i th B a c c a la u r e a t e services p r a c t ic e and continuing through graduation night with n u m e r o u s p r iv a t e parties, m a n y of t h e m “ off the H i l l , ” s e n i o r week was busy and happy. Highlights of the week were: B a c c a la u r e a t e services in Civic Auditorium, with Catho­ lic Fa th er B o r g e m a n n as sermonist. Senior banquet and dance at Los Alamos Inn. H o n o r s c o n v o c a t i o n in the auditorium. Movie n ig h t , aga in in the auditorium, with a double-fea­ t ur e , “ O ur Man F l i n t ” and “ Fantastic Voyage.” — And fi n a l ly c o m m e n c e ­ ment, in Griffith Gym, with Dr. Earl C. B o lt o n , U n i v e r s i t y of C a l i f o r n i a v ic e - p r e s i d e n t , as speaker. Dottle Smith, Lynn Smith, and Michelle Sniezek lead senior girls in graduation m a rch practice.

Calendar 33

Mike Allen receives his diploma with a smile and a hearty handshake.

Seniors try to remove anxiety as they wait im p a tie n tly fo r 45 m inutes in line before co m m e n ce m e n t begins.

Seniors, in a great h u rry to attend the parties after co m m e n c e m e n t, shed th e ir caps and gowns in the lobby.

34 Calendar

K Class of 1968 Graduates!!!


V. Mr. Robert Loar, LANS principal, introduces the Class of 1968. ar:;:^

Junior members of the National Honor Society. Kathy Wooten, and Gail Goodfellow, usher in the graduates.

Dr. Earl C. Bolton, vice-president of the University of California at Berkeley, addresses the graduates, th e ir parents, teachers, and friends.


5 â&#x2013; 1


Calendar 35

1 '

} s ..J '

I 1

1967 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 1968: the year of the new

"5 o hS "O c (U (/) o E 0) "D (U o (U â&#x2013;

An e n t i r e l y new m e t h o d of i n s t r u c t i o n was g r a d u a l l y being adopted by LANS. Teachers were now able to record their lectures to be played in th e L e a r n i n g M a te r i a ls C e n te r to s t u d e n t s who have missed them. The semi-modular system of programming was provided for a more efficient scheduling of classes.

Board S triv ^ for Top Syste




One new member was added to the Board of E d u c a t io n a l Trustees this year. Mr. George Bjarke, l o n g t i m e Los A l a m o s resident, joined the board. The School Board continued guidance and aid in programs f o r i n s t r u c t o r s and s t u d e n t s d u r in gt he '67-’68 school year. Dr. C. W. Ri ch ar d w e n t on another year fulfilling his du­ ties as S u p e r i n t e n d e n t of Schools. His varied duties in­ clude recruiting teachers, su­ p e r v is i n g all a c t iv i t i e s of the system, and k e ep in g the School Board informed on all educational matters. He also frequently talks to “ Hill” civic groups on instructional prog­ ress in “ The Secret City.”

DR C W. RICHARDS — Superintend­ e n t o f S c h o o ls ; A.B. — Wayne S tate, M.A..D.Ed. — University of Nebraska.

38 Faculty

MR. ROBERT LOAR — Princi­ pal: B.S. — Oklahoma State, M.A. — New M e x ic o S tate, W a s h in g to n , New M e xico , Western New Mexico.

MR. PAUL SIZEMORE — Vice-Principal; B.S. — Delta State, Wyoming, M.S. — Mis­ sissippi.

New Heads Launch New Programs Principal Robert Loar addresses the fa culty in the little theater.

Both Principal Robert Loar and As s is ta n t P r in c ip a l Paul S iz e m o re were new to Los Alamos this year. The two a d m i n i s t r a t o r s w o rk ed hard to in i t i a t e LAHS g r a d u a l l y in to a m o d u l a r sc he d ul e to m ake the f u l l e s t use of the IMG. A m a j o r a c h i e v e m e n t was scored at the March opening of the Center, which not only will serve as more advantageous to students here, but as a model situation for others to observe. To e n c o u r a g e schoo l s p i r i t Mr. Loar gave special time for pep rallies.

Faculty 39

English Utilizes New Equipme


MRS. SHIRLEY S. FRIES — Latin, English: Cornell: New M e xico : A riz o n a : V e rilia n S ch o o l at C u m a e , Ita ly : Wyoming: American Acade­ my of Rome.

MRS. LOIS C. SHARP — English: B.A. — B r i a r C l i f f , M.A. — Iowa.

MRS. PATRICIA W. MENDIUS — English, depa rtm e n t head: B.A. — C a li f o r n i a , M.A. — New Mexico.

MRS. JANET McGAVRAN — E n g lish : B.A. — M ic h ig a n , M.A. — New Mexico.

Meg Stevens, Miss Linda Miller, and Doug Farr discuss an article in the magazme "Practical English.”

40 Faculty

MRS. INEZ A. ROSS — Eng­ lish: B.A. — Michigan State.

MISS LINDA GAYLE MILLER — E n g lis h : B.A. — T exas Tech. B ru c e J o h n s o n a p p e a rs to be s tu d y in g hard, but can he really read upsidedown?

MRS. LUCILLE McCLESKEY — E n g lis h II; B.A. — N o r th Texas S tate. M.A. — S o u t h ­ ern Methodist.

MRS. MARY WYLES — Eng­ lish II: B.A. and M.A. — High­ lands, Denver, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Chicago.

MISS NANCY JO ALTPETER — E n g lish III & IV; B.A. — M a s s a c h u s e tts , M. Ed. — Bridgemater State.

MRS. JEAN CAMPBELL — English IV, advanced co m p o ­ sition, advanced literature: B.A. — Duane College, M.A. — Omaha.

MR. ROSS RAMSEY — English IV: B.A. and M.A. — Utah, Highlands, New Mexico.

MR. MICHAEL FLYNN — Eng­ lish III: B.A. — Arizona.

Revealing gr eat li t e r a t u r e and how it can be r e le v a nt to one's own life, and strengthen­ ing g r a m m a r , p u n c t u a t i o n , and spelling are primary goals of English courses. This year LANS English i n ­ s t r u c t o r s used the new EMC, rec ord s, films, TV tapes, and other audio-visual aids to indi­ vidualize their courses — and to make them more meaning­ ful.

Robert Pacheco works hard to finish an English exam.

Faculty 41


Students Better Communicatic i To com mu nic at e well is the goal of journalism and speech students. D e v e lo p in g t h o u g h t , body control and voice are the main o b j e c t i v e s of speech. Tapes and t e le v i s io n , as well as s t u ­ dent and teacher criticism, are used for instruction. A p r e p a r a t i o n f o r colleg e and a career is offered in jo ur ­ nalism courses. Yearbook staffers work together in gather­ ing pictures and inform ation.

MR. JIM W. PINKERTON — journalism, newspaper, year­ b o o k: B.A. — New M e xico , Highlands, Georgia, N o rth ­ ern I llin o is , C o lo r a d o C o l­ lege, Texas T e ch ., Kansas State, Northwestern.

42 Eaculty

MR. PAUL G. BLACK — speech: A.A. — San Antonio, B.S, In Ed. — Southwest Tex­ as State, M.A. — Arkansas.

Jim Harper, ju nio r, delivers a speech before class.

MR, WILLIAM HUTTENLOCH ER — German, A,B, — Ober lin.

MR, A, D, CERNICEK — Ger­ m a n , R ussia n, d e p a r t m e n t head: B,A, — Masaryk, Brno, Czechoslovakia: M,A, — Chi­ cago, Denver, San Francisco State,

MISS BILLYE KAY PRATHER — S p a n ish : B,A, — Oh io State,

MRS, MARYLOU TRAVIS — French: A ,B ,— Tufts, M ,A ,— Middlebury,

MR, JOSE MOJICA — S p a n ­ ish: M,A, — A d a m s S tate, Colorado, Texas,

Speaking, reading, writing, and c o m p r e h e n s i o n are all a part of the audiolingual meth­ od now used in the Foreign Languages department. To incorporate visual aids of the I n s t r u c t i o n a l M a te ri al s Cen ter w it h a u d io aids of the lab is th e goal of the f o u r cour ses offered. These s u b ­ jects are: Spanish, French, Russian, and German,

Car ro ll Savage and Lesley P ic k e tt s tr u g g le w it h th e spoken language in the ALM Lab,

Faculty 43


Understanding Society Stressed

44 Faculty


, ', 10. •

MR. PAUL G. BERTELOOT — S o c io lo g y . American government. American history: B.A.. M.A. — M o r n in g s id e . Denver. Hawaii, A m e ri­ can.

MR. RUSS SHINN — American government, American history, Rus­ sian h i s t o r y : A.A. — S o u th e r n C o lo r a d o State, B.A. — Colorado, Kansas.

MR. MIKE BURNETT — American history: B.S. — Ohio State.



MR. EUGENE B. McCLUNEY — A m e r ic a n government, American h i s to r y . H is t o r y of th e Far East: B.A..M.A. — Texas Christian, Colora­ do.

One of Mr. Paul Berteloot's classes works diligently at notetaking.


In helping students to c o m ­ prehend man's society and his behavior within it, LAHS social studies instructors use various methods of teaching. " M u l t i - m e d i a , ” Mr. A r t h u r Nic ho ls , d e p a r t m e n t head, said was the term for the new learning devices. Such devices include tapes and films. F u t u r e plans i n c l u d e te am teaching and more independ­ ent student study time to bet­ ter use the Materials Center. Faculty 45


MR. DUANE WAGNER e a rth s cie n ce ; B.A.,M.A. Colorado State.


MRS. ESTHER W. CHURCH — BSCS b io lo g y : B.A. — W a y n e s b u rg , P it ts b u r g h , New Mexico, Montana.

MR. LEON COOPER — chem­ istry; B.A. — Bethany Nazarine, M.S — Utah, California.

Mr. Duane Wagner identifies and explains different minerals to his students.

The science d e p a r t m e n t gives a basic e d u c a t i o n to LAHSites. In the four courses offered — biology, e ar th s c i­ ence, chemistry, and physics — in v e s ti g a t iv e m e t h o d s are used. Modern techniques just be­ ginning to be applied in other classes are not bra nd new here. Experimentation, among various other aids, have been used for years.

46 Eaculty

MR. ROBERT 0 . EIKLEBERRY — a d v a n c e d b io lo g y , b io lo g y ; B.A., M.S. — State University of Iowa.

MR. ROBERT R. CA­ SWELL — p h y s ics , d e ­ p a rtm e n t head; B.S. — Midland College, M.S. — Oklahoma State.

Jean Williams, Lani Moore, and Marlene Spence busy themselves in ch e m istry class.

MR. DENNIS BELAU — chemistry; B.A. — Colo­ rado State.

MR. DAVID L. PUTNAM — b io lo g y , c h e m i s t r y ; B.A. — D a ko ta W e sle y­ an, M.S. — University of Omaha.

Rod C h r is t e n s o n and L a rr y L o u c k s p re p a re an e x p e r i m e n t in physics.

Faculty 47

S It 1

Math Offers Basis for Future

MR. ROY BRENT — algebra, c a lc u lu s : A.B. — W estern Kentucky, M.A. — Kentucky. MR. DALE A. PERINI — alge­ bra, consumers' math: B.S., M.Ed. — Oklahoma.

MR. LELAND SCHACHTERLE — g e o m e t r y , p re - c a lc u lu s , d e p a r t m e n t head: B.S. — Colorado State, M.A, — West­ ern New M e x ic o , C o lo ra d o , Illinois. MRS. ANNE PHILLIPS — in­ t r o d u c t i o n to a n a ly s is , a d ­ vanced physics: B.S. in phys­ ics — Texas,

Knowledge to prepare students for further studies in math is one of the goals of the cur­ riculum, Pupils not going on in the subject are given a basic understanding. Work has begun on films for the Instruction­ al Materials Center, where dependent study 48 Faculty

MR. FLOYD WIMBERLEY — algebra, probability and trig ­ onom etry; B.A, — Hardin — Sim mons. M.S. — Utah. MR. HARRY McGAVREN — g e o m e t r y , g e n e ra l m a th ; B.A. — M ic h ig a n . M.A. — New Mexico.

will be e n c o u r a g e d . O t h e r m a t h t o p i c s will hopefully be expanded there soon. General math, Algebra I & II, geometry, anal­ ysis, calculus, pre-calculus, probability and trigonometry, and Advanced Physics I are the courses presented.

Business Department Modernizes

MRS. JOLENE H. JORDAN — MR. DAVE AGARD — typing, general business, bookkeep­ p e rs o n a l ty p in g : B.S. — Mankato State. ing, ty p i n g : B.S. — O k l a ­ homa City. MRS. LUCY THOMAS — typ ­ MRS. OPAL W. WINGFIELD — in g, b u s in e s s law, b u s in es s ty p in g , s h o r t h a n d : B.A. — machines: B.A. — University H ig h la n d s , Denver, New of Kansas, Kansas State. Mexico.

MRS. BESS M. HEGLER — ty p in g , s h o r t h a n d , office education: B.A., M.A. — Colo­ rado S tate, Denver, New Mexico.

Business education contin­ ued to u p d at e m a t e r i a l s and e q u i p m e n t to keep pace w it h th e c o m p u t e r age. A m u l t i ­ channel shorthand is the latest addition. TV fi lm s are to be placed in the new IMC to be used individ­ ually by students. Susan Turner gives all attention to the task at hand — im proving shorthand skills.

Faculty 49

MR. JOSEPH PHILLIPS — a rt; B.S — Eastern New Mexico.

i rJit

MISS MARGA L. LAMB — h o m e e c o ­ n o m ic s , a d v a n c e d f o o d s . a d v a n c e d c l o t h i n g , i n t e r i o r d e sig n a n d h o m e planning, personal and social devel­ opment: B.A. — Colorado State.

I n d u s t r i a l arts, w h ic h in ­ cludes drafting, metals, woods, graphic and commercial arts, e l e c t r i c i t y , e l e c t r o n i c s and automechanics, offer a basic understanding of technologi­ cal society. To give L A H S i te s a general comprehension and apprecia­ tion of art is an aim of the five classes t a u g h t . S t u d e n t s are al low ed to e x p l o r e th e field a c c o r d i n g to t h e i r sk ills and interest. Six s u b j e c t s are offered at th e LANS H o m e E c o n o m ic s Co ttage : a d v a n c e d fo od, a d ­ vanced c l o t h i n g , H o m e Eco­ nomics I and II, interior deco­ rating and personal and social development.

S e n io r g ir ls d e m o n s t r a t e c o o k i n g skills to Mesa Elementary School girls.

50 Faculty


a S

MR. HORACE GAMBELL — drafting, depa rtm e n t head; B.S., M.S. — New York State. MR. HORRIS CRANE — g r a p h i c a rts : B.A. — E ast­ ern New Mexico.

MR. FRANK SACCO — a u to mechanics: Kenosha Tech, Highlands, Eastern New Mex­ ico. MR. JOHN B. McHALE — m e ta l: B.A. — C o lo ra d o State, M.A. — Colorado State College.

MR. DELBERT F. TETER — electricity, electronics: A.S. — Rutgers, Highlands.

Mr. Frank Sacco lectures an autom echanics class of fu nctio ns of an automobile.

Faculty 51

General Ed Strives to Aid All

Special e d u c a t i o n classes are designed f o r s t u d e n t s who have had serious trouble in, or who have failed to achieve in th e re g u la r c u r r i c u l u m . In so m e areas it is re me dia l, wh il e in o t h e r s a c o m ­ pletely new approach is used. It is hoped t h a t t h r o u g h these classes LANS will meet more of the needs of more of the students.

Members of general education class p o i n t o u t th e b u l le t in b o a rd as th e y pose with Mr. Stanley De Geer.

52 Faculty



A Cappella Choir Fresh Addition Tom Shrandt, Mrs. Patricia Mendius. and Jim Ander­ son sing as Mr. Sheldon Kalberg plays.

Mr. Jan McDonald strikes up the band one more ti me.

Students are encouraged to develop t h e i r own a b i li t i e s in LAHS music classes. A variety of courses ranging f r o m o r c h e s t r a to band to choir allow vocal and playing skills to grow.

Faculty 53

Driver’s Ed Emphasizes Safety

MR. BURTON F. BUEHRER — driver education: B.S., M.S. — Western Ne\w Mexico.

Through studies in the text, film s and ac t u a l expe rien ce, students learn how to handle a car sately. D r iv i n g I n s t r u c t o r Bu rt Buehrer teaches pupils basic k n o w le dg e of traffic laws, e m e r g e n c y s it u a t io n s , and make-up of a car. Six hours driving time is giv­ en LAHSites, p r o v i d i n g p r a c ­ tice of road skills.

Mr. B u r t B u e h r e r le c tu r e s a d r i v e r ’ s education class on the rules and regu­ lations of a safe driving.

54 Faculty

S o p h o m o r e s gain m ore knowledge of exercise and var­ ious sports during the required year of physical education. Girls' P.E., w h ic h in clu de s exercising, volleyball, archery, soccer, and basketball, is i n ­ s t r u c t e d by Miss Luanne Thompson. Mr. Robert Cox teaches boys’ P.E. with a curriculum of the same activities plus foot­ ball. Swimming classes give prac­ tice in water skills.

Coach Robert Cox ponders photographer about to "shoot.'

P.E. Strengthens Sports MR. WILLIAM HUDSON — swim m ing; B.S., M.S. — New York.

Sophomore girls listen to Miss Luanne T h o m p so n ’s instructions on their day's P.E. activities.

g S

In Various Facets of School Life Secretaries perform various du t ie s in LAHS office work. Mrs. Helen Breisch, Mrs. Nancy Warnes, Mrs. Gen Dvorak, and Mrs. Myrt Snowden help keep chores to a min im um . Typing notices, answering calls, tak­ ing care of absentees, and meeting individual needs are several of such chores. Substitutes, including Mrs. Na ncy F i tz gi bb o n and Mrs. Evelyn Rose, “ brave s tra n ge s u b j e c t s and s o m e t i m e s i m ­ possi ble c la s s e s " to replace absent teachers.

^Special Services Help LAHSite

MR. MEL LORA — Guid­ ance Counselor; Azusa C ollege, A riz o n a S ta te College.

MRS. JOSEPHINE OAKES — School Nurse; M.N. Skidmore Universi­ ty, Yale University.

MISS GWEN LYLES — G u id a n c e C o u n s e lo r; M.A. — N o rth Texas State University, Texas Technological College, University of New Mex­ ico, Northwestern Uni­ v e rs ity .

MR. WILLIAM VALEGURA — G u id a n c e C o u n s e lo r; W h a rto n County Junior College, Texas A & I College.

Each department in special services is designed to fit the needs of students and teachers alike. Guidance offers aid in sched­ uling and personal problems, as well as vocational infor ma ­ tion. Mrs. Jo s e p h in e Oakes, Nurse, advises s t u d e n t s on health matters, giving check­ ups periodically. David Adams says " a a h ” while Mrs. Oakes looks into the situation.

Faculty 57


IMC Becomes Model for State B e g i n n i n g a new sy s te m of le a rn in g , th e I n s t r u c t i o n a l Materials Center has the facili­ ties to accommodate individ­ ual learning at LAHS. The building itself is round, having the main library in the m id d l e w i th r o o m s off to the side. These quarters specialize in certain methods or areas of study. Video-tapes, films, slides, and language labs are some of the materials available for stu­ dent use. The modernistic structure, with a stained-glass dome and windows, is the only center of its type between the Mid-West and C a l i f o r n i a , and has be­ c o m e an e d u c a t i o n a l s h o w ­ case in the state. Several New Mexico and re g io n a l t e a c h e r groups plan conventions in it for next year. Los A l a m o s High School a d m i n i s t r a t o r s and te a c h e r s have st u d ie d and observed o t h e r such cent er s, and are planning more modular sched­ uling so that students can bet­ ter use it.

MRS. FRANCES TATEN Audio Visual Assistant.

MR. ROBERT VISEL — A u d io V is u a l MR. CARL NORDWALL — IMC Director: C o o r d in a t o r ; B.S. — S o u th w e s t B.S. in Ed. — N o r th D a ko ta State, Texas State. M.A.. Ed. S. — Colorado U n iv e r s i ty o f M o n ta n a , U n iv e rs ity State. of Oregon. MRS. VELMA BUTTERFIELD — Librari­ an: M.A. — Colorado Womens, Univer­ s ity of D enver, B la c k h i ll s S ta te , U n i­ versity of Southern Colorado.

i s





Cooks, Janitors Better LAHS The custodial staff provides cleaning and fix-it service for all buildings and rooms, while cafeteria cooks prepare a la carte hot meals daily.

â&#x2013; {



Faculty 59

1967-1968: the year of the new The 1967-68 school term gave life to several new school organi­ zations. Ski Club was given a new charter and Quill and Scroll was re-activated by the journalism students of Sandia High School. Plastic Models Club was also organized during the year.




(KNEELING) Joe Shores, Mike Macmann. (ERONT ROW) David Shaffer, Peter Richards. Don Rose, Steve Dickman, Berry Coop足 er, Kenny Brandt. (BACK ROW) Dick Hanneman, Howard Patrick, Don Kain, Tim House, Mr. Stanley De Geer.

Club Does Model Building To foster interest in building and d i s p l a y i n g all kinds ot mod els w h ic h are b u i lt by members is the object ot Hob足 by Club. Highlighting club events dur足 ing the year was the lecture by a local model enthusiast, Mr. Joe Hartshorne. Mr. H a rt s h o r n e , who owns an extensive model collection, spoke to the club concerning sources ot i n f o r m a t i o n on models such as magazines and catalogues. This f irs t-y ear c lu b has 12 m e m b e rs , m os t ot who are in the Class ot '70. The Hobby Club e x h ib it ed various types ot models in the display case in front ot the Los Alamos High cafeteria.

Building a model are Dick Hanneman, Don Kain, Kenny Brandt. Joe Shores, and How足 ard Patrick.

62 Organizations


Officers of Hobby Club are President Don Kain (THIRD EROM LEFT), VicePresident Howard Patrick (LEFT), Secretary and Treasurer Dick Hanneman (RIGHT), and Sponsor Mr. Stanley De Geer.

(SEATED) Gayle Goodfellow, Peggy Eutsler. Marilyn Ba­ bich, Claire Larson. Terry Brousseau, Joe Shores, Susan Reider. (S T A N D IN G ) B eth E u ts le r, Susie S c h u ltz , Jo h n Ashcraft, Jan Whitehead. Patsy Dickinson, Janet Carpen­

ter. Gail Stroope, Dawn Gibbons. Barbara Tegtmeir, Dona McClanahan. Cathy Mendius, Margie Houtz, Alice Bolin, Shelly Weiss. Jo Chavez. Mr. Paul Bertloote. Mrs. Lucille McCleskey, Mrs. Inez Ross.

FTA Studies Teaching Aspects New FTA o ffic ers and s p o n s o rs a f t e r candlelight service are: Gayle Goodfel­ low, p re s id e n t: Peggy E u ts le r. vicepresident: Marilyn Babich, secretary: Claire Larson, treasurer: Terry Brosseau, librarian: Joe Shores, historian: Susan Reider, publicity chairm an: and Mrs. Inez Ross, Mrs. Lucille McCleskey, and Mr. Paul Berteloot.

Future Teachers of America co n tin uedto le a rn a b o u tth e va r io u s asp e ct s of be in g a teacher. The c lu b a t t e n d e d m a n y state conventions and visited c la s s r o o m s in m a n y of th e local schools. Several guest sp ea ke rs spoke to the club on the teach­ ing profession. The club had its traditional candlelight service for initia­ tion of officers.


FTA members Cathy Mendius, Jan Whitehead. Janet Carpenter. Jo Chavez, and Susie Schultz light candles for initation of officers.

Organizations 63

(BACK ROW) (STANDING) Wayne Brownlee, Andrea Ara足 gon, Roy Feber, Jeannette Schofield, Emily Laquer, Kathy Clayshulte, Karen Warren, Jacqueline Krohn, Dick Hanne-

m a n . (SEATED) Jean Feber, C in d y W a rre n , Peg Mc足 D o n o u g h , L o r r a in e S te p h e n s , Jean M a n g e r, Ja n e t Killough, Marilyn Babich.

Olympians Keep Roman Traditions Olympians study and prac足 tice customs, dress, and food of the a n c i e n t Greeks and Romans. Highlight of the year was the an n u a l O ly m p ia n b a n q u e t in March. Roman-type food was served the toga-dressed m em 足 bers. At meetings of the classicaltype organization, members, un d er the t u t o r a g e of Mrs. Sh irl ey Fries, learn Ro ma nGreco heritage.

P e r f o r m i n g an i n i t i a t i o n c e r e m o n y are Peggy M c D o n o u g h , Jean Manger, Lorraine Stephens, and Jacqueline Krohn.

Officers of Olympians are Jacqueline Krohn, president; Mrs. Shirley Fries, sponsor; Lorraine Stephens, secretary; and Wayne Brownlee, treasurer. Not shown is Allen Herring, vice-president.

64 Organizations

Magmamites Study Specimens

l s


M a g m a m it e o ffic ia ls lo o k a t specimens. T h e y are: Mr, Daune Wagner, sponsor; Doug Driesner, vice-president.

field trip chairman; Margaret Crowley, secretary-treasur­ er; and Caryn Larson, president.

Main in t e r e s t of M a g m a m ­ ites is collecting rock, mineral, and fossil s pe c im e n s . H o w ­ ever, th e c lu b does st u d y other things pertaining to the natural sciences. Magmamites take field trips in ear ly fall and late spr ing . Each w i n t e r m o n t h the cl u b has a g ue s t sp ea k er on some interesting related topic. The c l u b ' s n a m e c o m e s f r o m tw o wo rds , “ m a g m a ” m e a n i n g m o u l t o n roc k, and “ mite,” a c om m o n ending for names of rocks.

(FRONT ROW) Deborah Meadows, Lani Moore, Margaret Croley, Caryn Larson, Rita T ra v is . (SECOND ROW) D oug D rie s n e r, C h a rle s Fowlkes. Randy Crab, Steve Koczan. Rick Cox,Richard Dings.

Organizations 65

(SEATED) Mike Robertson, Linda Kasik, Alice Bolin, Mich足 elle Sniezek, V ick i S la vik. (STANDIN G) Jo yce G rim e s , N o rm a R a m ire z, D elores M o n ta n o , Susan Reider, Pat

Reaves, Isabel Flynn, Candy Turner. Myra Wilier, Susan H a h n , M a ty A nn L a m b , Jan A n s te y , G lo ria Beckwith, Diann Dufour.

New OEA Helps Carrie Tingley Collecting and repairing toys and gifts for crippled children at the Carrie Tingley Hospital was the main project of Office Education Association. In April OEA had business days when m e m b e r s visited Los Alamos Scientific Labora足 tory and Los Alamos Monitor. OEA is a charter member of the National Office Education Association Club. The club was formerly known as the Topper Business Club. It affiliated with the National Association because of voca足 tional education opportunities. The club offers scholarships or m o n e y d o n a t i o n s to o u t 足 standing business students. 66 Organizations

Mrs. Robert L. Loar, Mrs. Paul Sizemore, Gloria Beckwith, and Sharilyn Mollett group around the refreshment table during OEA installation ceremonies.

Officers of the Office Education Asso­ ciation are: Alice Bolin, vice-president; Linda Kasik, secretary: Mr. Paul Size­ more, installing officer: Mike Robert­ son, treasurer: Michelle Sniezek, presi­ d ent: and V ic k i S la vik, m e m b e r at large.

3 i


Office Education Association members prepare to sell candy as a money m a k ­ ing project fo r the club. This is one of several f u n d - r a i s i n g p r o g r a m s OEA has.

Hospital IG el

OEA sponsors are Mrs. Lucy Thomas, Mr. Eldon Christensen, Miss Lano Jo Allsman, Mrs. Bess Hegler, and Mrs. Jolene Jordan.


Organizations 67

(FRONT ROW) Sally Burkheimer, Shirley Cordova, Ellen Z ie lin s k i, S h e rry Jones, Kay B e rry , J o d y B e rg s te in . (CENTER) Donna LaDoux, Sandy Stallings, Vada Nemec,

Andrea Koonce, (BACK) Dick Hannemann, Craig Russell, Mary Lee Mather, Judy Bjarke, Terry Smith, Sara Lyon, Pat Sass.

Folk Song Club Enjoys Singing Folk Song Club began its second year at Los A la m os High School, M em be rs b r in g gu it ar s, tambourines, and banjoes for the i n f o r m a l sings at weekly meetings. The cl u b sings t u ne s f r o m early America and other coun­ tries. Miss Linda Miller, junior Eng­ lish teacher, is sponsor of the group.

Officers of the Folk Song Club are: Sa ly Burkheimer, Terry Smith, Kay Ber ry, and Andrea Koonce.

Beth Ann Lemons practices "S o cie ty’s Child" fo r the Folk Song Club before her preform ance in "Topper Revue.”

68 Organizations

Choir Performs Many Moods (FRONT ROW) Kathy Fitzgibbon. Dan­ ielle Morel, Jane Hawes. Cheryl Cleven­ ger, Jan Ritter. David Rile, Joe Riedel, Bill Heath. (SECOND ROW) Nancy Pot­ ter, Grace Hawes, Janie Hones, Julia B u r k h a lte r . P a lm e r Graves, N ie lC o lyer, J im H a rp e r. J im A n d e rs o n . (THIRD ROW) J a n ic e Cake. C aorle e P la g e m a n , C arol Fis h ie r, L o ra in e Bingham, Dianna Dickson, Joycelyn Starner, Adrien Huellete. Lloyd Gibson, Carl Christensen. (BACK ROW) Mary Osborn, Jackie Cote, Marlene Spence, Linda Walters. Jean Brambell, Robin Elze, Karen Blatz, Molly Cox. Lorraine P o n to n . K a th y Nilsen. Mr. S h e ld o n Kalberg Is in fro n t of the group.

Los A l a m o s High Scho ol Choir makes an annual trip to Po rta le s to p a r t i c i p a t e in a choral festival for two days. Chosen choir members also participate in All-State at UNM in February. The choir and the chamber singers produce fou r concerts each year. Chamber singers are chosen by a u d i t i o n . The size of th e group is limited and specializ­ es in p r e f o r m i n g f o r s m al l groups. Chamber singers open “ Top­ per Revue” and participate in all choir concerts. Mr. Sheldon Kalberg is direc­ tor of all LANS choral groups.

(FRONT ROW) Shelly Weiss, Alice Prince, Yvonne Zeigler, Holly Wagoner, Donna Beg, Julie Richards, Terry Devine. (SECOND ROW) Dale Thomas, Kim Wallwork, She r y K ear, C aro I D u n n , A m y A d a m s, Susan S c h o fie ld , Ethel G a rd n e r, Karen Schuster. (THIRD ROW) Bruce Johnson, Dave Buckland, M'Lou Bemis, Ann Camp­ bell, DIAnn Chapman, Myra Wilier, Carol Hones, Vicki Thomas, Harriet Scott, Betty Deal. (BACK ROW) Barbara Stoms, Joan Munyon, Patty Trupp, Dons Hall, Pat Sass, Sherry Jones. Terry Smith, Lynn Smith. Pianist is Teri Devine.

C h a m b e r sin g e rs are: (FRONT ROW) Cathy Nilsen, Nancy Potter, Mary Os­ born, Ann Tynan, Cathy Mendius, Jan­ ice Hones, S h elia F a rm e r, A m y M c ­ Cormick, Ann Campbell, Sherry Kear, Shelly Weiss, Terry Devine. (SECOND ROW) Tom Schrandt, Jim Harper, Dale Thomas, Dave Buckland, Carl Chris­ tensen, Derek Fuller, David Rile, Jerry M a tty s , Bill Heath, Neil C o ly e r, Joe Riedel.

Organizations 69

Orchestra Holds Two Conc^irts,

Mr. Donald Beene, orchestra director, conducts the orchestra during a Christ­ mas concert, held in Civic A uditorium .

70 Organizations

1Dominates UNM All-State Clinic

John Ashcraft, a ju nio r, prepares fo r a May concert in Civic A uditorium .

Patty O’ Rourke, Donna Durham, John McClary, and Janet Fuller practice fo r an u p co m in g concert.

Los A la m os High School o r c h e s t r a is rated one o f t h e best in New Mexico. M o n t h s are spent practicing in prepa­ ra ti on f o r c o n c e r t s t h a t are given t h r o u g h o u t th e school year. In October the string players a t te n d e d the S t r in g C l in ic in Albuquerque under the direc­ t io n of Dr. Ku rt Frederick, d i r e c t o r of th e o r c h e s t r a at UNM. A joint concert with the band in December featured four vio­ linists and one soloist. These were Kay Johnson, Ben Goodier, Patty O’Rourke, and Betty Gage. Mr. John Kennedy, a Ford Foundation composer in resi­ dence, wrote the “ Christmas Cantada” for another Decem­ ber concert. Asa r e s u l t o f t h e t r y o u t s i n December, twenty-one orches­ tra members, under the direc­ tion of Mr. Donald Beene, qual­ ified for All-State. Those who played in first vio­ lin were Paul Bombardt, Betty Gage, Ben Goodier, P a t t y O ’Rourke (principal player), Ann Ph illips, L a r r a y n e Stephens, Ellen Usner, and Janet Wilson. In the second violin section was Carol Nagle. Those who played in the vio­ la section were Jim Anderson, Br uce Bun ker , Jan et Fuller (principal player), Steve Good­ ier, Tina Nereson, and Gary Strom. Dr. Frederick conducted d ur­ ing a March concert. Prepara­ tions for this concert lasted a month. John A s h c r a f t , a j u n i o r , conducted during a May con­ cert. Kay Johnson played the first m o v e m e n t of B r a h m s ’ Violin Concerto with the orchestra. Organizations 71


a 3 5

Band, Majorettes Serve School

Members of the band get ready to give a concert.

Los A l a m o s High School Band took an active part in the activities of LANS this year. The m a r c h i n g b a n d played and marched at home football games last fall. Pep band made pep rallies and h o m e ba s k e tb a ll games more lively this winter. And the g r o u p played f o r the Drill Team routines. The three bands — concert, stage, and s y m p h o n i c wind ensemble — put on three con­ cer ts d u r i n g th e schoo l year. And the stage band performed in “ Topper Revue.” F o r t y -t w o band m e m b e r s t o o k p ar t in th e solo -a nd- ens e m bl e c o n t e s t f o r th e N o rt h Central district here. All-State Band members in­ cl u de d Joan Sadlier, Chip Smith, Mike Wagner, Richard Pen lan d, S t e p h a n i e Oliver, Caryn Larson, Kathy Lazarus, Greg Chesney, Mike Sheinberg, and Toni Wagner. Mr. Jan M ac Do n al d , band director, and the hard work of the students was the cause of th e fine shows the band p r o ­ duced during the school year.

72 Organizations

1967 majorettes are Jan Bay: Patti Court: Dolly Montano: Linda Walters, head: Janet Babb: Barbi Wilson: and Carol Schoolcraft. The girls participated in every home game the band attended and also at three out-of-town games. Each m a jo r­ ette was featured as soloist at one of the home basketball games, with the pep band's accom panim ent. The goals of the majorettes are to add more variety and provide better e n te rta in m e n t to the m a rch in g and pep bands' performances. An­ o t h e r f u n c t i o n is to im p r o v e te c h n i q u e on t h e b a to n . P r a c tic e s a re h eld a fte r school and on weekends if necessary to keep up the constant exercise required by baton twirling. Mrs. June Court, majorette sponsor, and Mr. Jan McDonald, band director, guided the group's program this year.

with Concerts, Game Ceremonies

I 'S


Members of th e wind ensemble are (FRONT ROW) Kathleen Schelberg, LaDawn Gibbons, Cathy Larson. Toni Wagner, Fred Ribe, J a n e t T a u b , S te p h a n ie O liv e r, V ic k e Z ie g n e r ; (SECOND ROW) Mike Sheinberg, Peter Dunn, Scott Davis, Ardis Keepin, Terry Desilets, Ann Campbell, Roy Feber, Da­ vid Flenkel, Bill Keepin: (TFIIRD ROW) Peter Argo, David Rile, Sue Stephens, Ted Argo, Bob Aiello, Gloria Beckwith, Vickie

LAHS band mem bers rehearse fo r an im p o rta n t concert.

M e m b e rs o f th e w in d e n s e m b le are (c o n tin u in g around th e note) Mr. Jan M c D o n a ld , d i r e c t o r : T e r r y D e sile ts, Frances Manger, Toni Wagner, Janet T a u b , A n n C a m p b e ll , V ic k ie S la v ik , Dea P e tty , V ic k ie Z ie g n e r , Jo a n S a d ­ lier, Caryn Larson, Sue Schofield, LaDawn G ib b o n s . A rd is K e e p in g , Jean Manger, Gloria Beckwith, and Sue Ste­ phens.

S la v ik , F rances M a n g e r, Joan S a d lie r, M ary C a lvin : (FOURTH ROW) Jim Campbell. John Shadel, Fred Roensch, Guy Best. Fred Vigil, Chip Smith, Glen Stearns: (FIFTH ROW) Feid G ilm o re , Sean L a n te r, Jo h n C a sh w e ll, L o u is Rojas: (SIXTH ROW) GregChesney, Ken Battat, Dick Penland, Jean Manger, and Mr. Jan McDonald.

Hilltalkers Compete in Tourneys




(FRONT) Craig Russell, Mark Robertson, Beth Ann Lem­ ons, Danielle Morel, Debbie Embry, Marty Daly, Sue Ste­ phens. (M ID DLE) Dan M a c M illa n , A lla n T r e im a n , H o lly W ago n e r, Steve D ic k m a n , A ndi K oonce, J u d y Lindsey,

Sponsoring the Los Alamos High School Invitational Speech T o u r n a m e n t in No­ v e m b e r w h ic h a t t r a c t e d over 200 s t u d e n t s f r o m 14 state schools, and partcipating in 10 other tourneys were 1967-68 highlights of Hilltalkers speech club. Other activities of the organ­ iza tion in c lu d ed r e a d i n g the da il y b u l le t i n over the i n t e r ­ com, presenting a Wednesday schoo l newscast over KRSN, and holding weekly meetings to study debate, extemporane­ ous speaking, and d r a m a t i c reading. 74 Organizations

Debra Krikorian, Mr. Paul Black, (TOP) Gary Storm, Mike S h e in b e rg , Liz L in d sey, Z ack M c C o r m i c k , M a ry Deal, Bruce Bunker, Fred Vigil.

Deb Krikorian, Marty Daly, and Chris Mills (LEFT) receive speech pointers from Mrs, Shirley Black, co-sponsor.




Mr. Paul Black video tapes Mary Deal and Debbie Krikorlan for a later showing. The Hilltalkers ready for a speech tourney. They are Sue Ste­ phens. secretary: Martha Daly, vice-president: Fred Ribe, presi­ dent; Mike Sheinberg, treasurer: and Holly Wagoner, public relations officer.


^ .4

Mary Deal, Debbie Krikorian. and Andi Koonce receive stage instructions fro m Mr. Paul Black, sponsor.

Organizations 75

o r*

(SEATED) Shelley Roberts, Karen Blatz, Kathy Wooten, Jeanne Elliot, Suzanne Leep, Susan Donahue, Barbara Myers, Diane Shafer, Joan Elliot. (SECOND ROW) Mac En­ nis, Mike Robertson, Chuck Craig, Becky Maes, Ronnie

Trujillo, Mike Maes, Gino Trujillo . (THIRD ROW) Joe Curtman. Jim Graebner, Bill Hudson, Darrel Rogers, Jim Hoogterp, David Cook. Larry Loucks, Louis Rojas.

Youth, Government Studies Bills Although sponsored by the local Y.M.C.A, Youth and Gov­ ernment has played an im po r­ t a n t role in LANS s t u d e n t s ' lives. The Youth and Government Club has been es t a b li sh e d to develope an interest and pro­ mote a deeper understanding of t o d a y ’ s y o u t h in state and national government. Main program of the club is c e n t e r e d a r o u n d th e Model Y.M.C.A. L e g is l a tu re held in Santa Fe each year. Y o u t h and G o v e r n m e n t sp o n s o r s t h e a n n u a l Sadie Hawkins Day Dance.

Lynn Smith, Youth and Government chaplain, reads an address to club members.

Officers of Youth and Government are: Dick Penland, pub­ licity chairman; Vicky Zeigner, treasurer; Dolly Susco,

secretary; Wayne Brownlee, vice-president; Beverly Shaf­ fer, president: and Lynn Smith, chaplain.

_ r r - i

(SEATED) Erederic Laquer, Melvin O'Neal. Don Johnson. (STANDING) Allen Treiman. Kathy Clayshulte, Dan Mac­ Millan, Dick Hannemann, Mike Hansen. Steve Koczan, Jim Fickett. (NOT PICTURED) Glenn Fishbine, Ralph Beckett,

c m s iO N

David Marsh, David Lyle, Jim Lindsey. Chris Holm, Robert M eketa, M a rk O r lic k y , Randy C ra b b , M ike S h e in b e rg , Wayne 'V'ucenic, Dave Orkicky, George Machovec.

Chess Club 'Inspires’ Members ■‘Chess Club had one of the most successful seasons since its s t a r t in 1 9 5 1 , " Fred eric Laquer, president, said. The club, formed to promote in te r e s t in th e g am e of chess on th e high sch oo l level, has increased in membership over the last year. Chess team participated in the district chess tour nam ent held in Pojaque in March. The winner of the northern district competition played in t h e state t o u r n a m e n t held yearly in Socorro. " A b o u t all we do in Chess Club is play chess," Fred add­ ed. Dan MacMillan, vice-president, plays Frederic Laquer, president, as Mr. Alois Cernicek. sponsor, and Ralph Beckett, secretary-treasurer, kibitz.

Organizations 77

(FRONT ROW) Lourdes Roybal, Loretta Martinez, Barbara Meyers, Tina Hockett, Becky Maes. (SECOND ROW) Clau­ dia Dotson, Jeanne Elliott, Tina Wilson, Marla Mann, Deb­ bie Martin, Jeanette Trujillo, Cassy Lee. (THIRD ROW) Jill

Miller, Jan Bay, Barb Jones, Kay Treece, Debbie Dodds, Nancy Wolfe, Vicki Weldon, Dianne Shaffer, Terry Desilets, Wendy Dodds. Barb Wilson, Ann Keller, Vicki Ziegner.

SC Works to Improve School

(FRONT ROW) Kathy Wooten, Janet Wilson, Eppie Trujillo, Karen Hill. Jody Bergstein, Ardis Keepin, Cathy Mendius. (SECOND ROW) Steve C id d io , E rnie R o m e ro , C h a rlie Bunch, Leroy Montoya, Jerry Mattys, Janet Fuller, Bev

78 Organizations

Shaffer, Lucy Lundgreen, Marsha Brooks, Linda Kasik, D o tty S m ith . (THIR D ROW) Jo h n B e n z ig e r. L a r r y Kiel, Dave B u c k la n d , M ike R o b e rts o n , R ic k R ic k m a n . Steve Berkson. Rory Gauthier.

Dick Penland makes a motio n at a typical student council meeting. Bruce Byers (LEFT), T im b o Van Hecke, Debbie Dodds, Kathy Fulgenzi, and Kay Treece listen with interest.

" T h e f e e li n g seems to be there are tremendous oppor­ tunities for improving student representation," said Mr. Wil­ liam Morris, Student Council sponsor. C o u n c i l m e m b e r s feel t h a t SC gives students a chance to expresstheiropinions, prac­ tice in using forms of govern­ men t, and so m e in fl ue nc e in school life. Each year S t u d e n t C o u n c i l s po n s or s h o m e r o o m v o l l e y ­ ball, H o m e c o m i n g , and the Christmas formal. This year members attended the state Student Council con­ v e n t io n , s t a rt e d a n A F S c o m mittee, and sponsored a " c a m ­ pus cleanup.”

Student Council sponsors are Mr. Pau Black, Mr. William G. Morris, and Mr. H o ra ce G a m b le . N o t p i c t u r e d is Mr. A u th u r Nichols.

Student Council officers are Mike Rob­ e rts o n , v i c e - p r e s id e n t; L o u is Rojas, p re s id e n t: Steve C id d io , a s s e m b ly chairman: Bev Shaffer, secretary; and Janet Fuller, treasurer.

Organizations 79

Mr. Mike Burnett, Elsa Kunz, Holly Wagoner, Liz Lindsey, Rene Rabideau, Jane Deinken, Bill Heath, Mr. Paul Berteloot.

IRC Represents Denmark at UN Climaxing the year’s activi­ ties, I n t e r n a t i o n a l Relations Club represented Denmark in the Model UN Assembly held in Santa Fe in May. Members spent most of their m e e t i n g t i m e le a r n in g a b o u t customs, geography, and polit­ ical ideas of Denmark. Bake sales were spo n s or ed by th e cl u b t h r o u g h o u t the year to raise money for its ac­ tivities. Sp onsors of I n t e r n a t i o n a l Relat ion s Club are Mr. Paul Bertloot and Mr. Michael Bur­ nett, both history teachers.

Holly Wagoner, treasurer; Rene Rabi­ deau, president; and Liz Lindsey, sec­ retary, are IRC officers.

80 Organizations

Hillchargers Sponsor Activities

(KNEELING) Bob Hollen, Chip Greco, Willie Vonderheide, C h a rle s B u n c h . (S T A N D IN G ) D o u g S u m m e r s , J im Ber-

gauer, Bryce Harper, Jon Bourne, Marcy McCloskey, Clint Dougherty, Ron Miller, Jay Crowe, Mike Cunnington.

Active in th e club are Vice-President Chip Greco, Jon Bourne, Hillcharger Sweetheart Marcy McCloskey, President Charles Bunch, and Ron Miller. Not pictured are Secretary Jay Crowe and Treasurer Willie Vonderheide.

A l t h o u g h una ffi li at ed w it h extra-curricular school activi­ ties, t h e new ly f o r m e d Hillc h a r g e r s proved to be one of t h e bu si est c lu b s in Los A l a ­ mos. Prime purpose of the club is to p r o m o t e traf fi c safet y a m o n g th e m e m b e r s and to c o n s t r u c t safe car s in good running condition. The H i ll c h a r g e r s , led by President Charles Bunch, have sponsored many events in and out of Los Alamos. H i g h l i g h t i n g such events were a “ coffee-stop” held be­ tween Santa Fe and the “ Duke City.” The c l u b also s p o n s o r e d a traffic sa f e t y s how w i t h th e State Police and da nc es wi th top hit bands th ro ugh ou t the United States. Organizations 81

National Honor Society held Its a n n u a l b a n q u e t to in d u c t new members during April. Speaker was Mr. Roy Rieder. He to ld m e m b e r s t h a t the y sh ou ld al re a d y k n o w a b o u t d e v e lo p in g t h e i r m i n d s but s h o u ld learn to de ve lo p t h e i r bodies “ because in o r d e r fo r the mind to function properly the body must be in good con­ dition.” To be a m e m b e r of NHS a person m u s t be in t h e t o p 15 per c en t of his class and be approved by teachers. The top two-thirds of these candidates are then chosen. National Honor Society is set up to p r o m o t e s c h o l a r s h ip , lead ers hip , c h a r a c t e r , and service. LA members sell candy after school and at lu n c h to earn money in order to give a schol­ arship. The Hill chapter has 88 and 37 provisional members. Honor Society m em ber Shelly Roberts sells candy to a hungry student after school.

NHS Builds Character, Leadership

(FRONT ROW) Marla Mann, Emily Laquer, Tina Hockett, Lin­ da Kasik, Marty Daly, Ruth Merryman, Patty Rose, Kathy Maraman: (SECOND ROW) Debbie Martin, Cassie Lee. Shar­ on Sibbitt. Gayle Goodfellow, Cathy Conley, Debbie Brad-

82 Organizations

shaw, Jeanne Van Gemert: (THIRD ROW) Liz Phillips, Wilmer Sibbitt, Leslie Fickett, Mickey Tattan, Chris Mills, Paul Lee, Mary Calvin, Jon Cashwell, Dave Church, Jacquie Krohn, Dave Henkel, Barbara Crithfield, and Becky Dow.

i t

Science Club Tours Meson Site il

Mr. Don Milligan, of the LASL electron­ ics field, gives a talk on electrical c ir ­ cuits.

(TOP) Henry Mueller, John Turner, Robert Little, Steve Sullivan; (BOTTOM) Bruce Blevins. Hal Hendran, Doug White, Glenn Fishbine, Jim Lindsay. Tom Robinson.

A special t o u r of th e Meson Site was th e h i g h l i g h t of Sc i­ ence Club activities during the 1967-1968 school year. Group projects such as mea­ suring lightning voltages were performed by the club. “ Apollo Project’’ was one of the several special films shown at the weekly meetings. Guest speakers c o n d u c t e d programs of scientific nature at different times throughout the year. Officers of the group includ­ ed: Steve Sullivan, president: Bruce Blevins, vice-president; H e nr y Mue ll er , s e c r e ta ry : Ralph Beckett, treasurer. Sp on so rs are Mr. Dennis Belau and Mr. Leon Cooper.

STANDING are sponsors: Mr. Leon Cooper and Mr. Dennis Belau. SEATED are: Steve Sullivan, president: Bruce Blevins, vice-president; and Henry Mueller, secre­ tary.

Organizations 83

Busiest Campus Group, Key ulub

Officers and sponsors of Key Club are: (FRONT ROW) Peter Argo, Eppie Trujillo, Mike Allen, Scott Davis, Kim Hayes,

Key Club at Los Alamos High School was very ac ti ve ir school and c o m m u n it y service projects this year. Key Club d i s t r i b u t e d and picked up Go odw il l bags. Go odw il l e s t i m a t e d the c lu b helped it earn over $5,000. The o r g a n i z a t i o n held a traffic road block to get dona­ tions for the March of Dimes. M e m b e rs also we n t o u t and collected money for the MOD. Key Club members acted as ushers at a tea held to earn m o n e y f o r th e chapel at the Los A l a m o s Medical Center. They also painted the chapel. The Key Club had several car washes. It d o n at e d $78.48, w h ic h was earned at one car wash, to a needy family. The c lu b also had a sign made for the new Instructional Materials Center. Key C l u b â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s main s ou r c e of income is selling fruitcakes. 84 Organizations

and Barry Bailey. (SECOND ROW) Mr. Larry Blair, Mr. Roy Brent, Chris Mills, Ken Gilman, and Mr. Paul Bertloot.

Key Club sponsors are Mr. Larry Blair, Mr. Roy Brent, and Mr. Paul Bertloot.

JHelps Others, Collects Clothes



Key Clubbers Peter Argo, Eppie Trujillo, and Scott Davis help with a panel discussion on youth problems th at was sponsored by the organization.

(FRONT ROW) Mike Allen, Barry Bailey, Kim Hayes, Scott Davis, Eppie T rujillo , and Peter Argo. (SECOND ROW) Greg Dickie, Ken Gilman, Chris Mills, Bob Sawyer. Mario Villa. Mike Wagner, David Lopez, Henry Mueller, Randy Holmberg , J o h n S w eeny, J im F ic k e tt, a n d C ra ig D a v id s o n .

(THIRD ROW) Bruce Gallaher, Don Herrera, Mike Leibee, Doug York, Mike Arson. Steve Ciddio, John Turner, Mike Loar, Tom Robison, Robert Little, Jon Cashwell. and Nor­ man Petersen.

Organizations 85

Ski Club

Cassie Lee and Cata Hill pledge their allegience to the new club in spite of in­ juries sustained while s k in g a t Santa Fe Basin.

(FRONT ROW) Bruce Johnson, Sue Felt, Steve Hackenbarry, Ted O'Conner, Kandy Frame, Jan Mosher, Dotty Kasunic; (SECOND ROW) Barbara Jones, Susan Reider, Karen Hill, Peggy McDounough, Debbie Miller, Lydia Laquer, Marla

86 Organizations

Mr. William Morris and Mr. Russel Shinn, sponsors,

Mann, Jeanne Van Gemert, Debbie Koch, Claudia Dotson, D ebbie H a r r i n g t o n : (THIR D ROW) R a n d y Fox, E ric Cox, Grant Godbolt, Gene Sydoriak, Jim Campbell, Emily Ranken, Kirk Tatom.


Reorganized in Year of Snow Asa n e w c l u b t h i s y e a r . t h e Skihilltoppers planned special events such as one-day trips to Santa Fe and Taos. ■‘ Because th e r e was a need for it in terms of student inter­ e s t " and to pr ovid e a “ c o m ­ munity Service", Mr. William Morris, sponsor, explained why the club was formed. Officers for '68 are Cata Hill, pre sid ent : Sco tt Boyer, vicepresident: Barbara Jones, sec­ retary: Cassie Lee, treasurer: and Bruce Johnson, activities chairman. Othe r sp on so rs f o r the g r o u p in c lu d e Mr. Mike B u r ­ nett, Mr. Russell Shinn, and Mr. Michael Flynn. wishfully hope fo r a good snowfall, just before 42 inches fell in 9 consecutive days.

SEATED ARE: Cassie Lee, t r e a s u r e r : Cata Hill, president: Barb Jones, secre­ ta r y . STA N DING IS B ru c e J o h n s o n , activities chairm an.

Organizations 87

’A Majority o One,’ 'i -vidif


01 ion members Scott Davis. Henry Mueiier, and Eppie T ru jiiio work on effective stage iighting.



(FRONT ROW) Linda Kasik, Caroi Nagie, Martin Matiack, Chris Miils, Scott Davis. Peter Argo. Palmer Graves. Jerry Mattys. David Riie. Ruth Merryman. Joan Sadiier. (SEC­ OND ROW) Beth Couiter. Ted O’Conner. Jana Campbeii. Tina Nereson. Nancy Potter, Janet Potter, Kay Milier, Ka­ tie Nichois, Eisa Kunz, Ethei Gardner, Liz Phiiiips, Eiien Zieiinski. (THIRD ROW) Kathy Phillips, LaDawn Gibbons,

88 Organizations

Kathy Larson, Barb Dinegar, Diana Dufour, Cathy Mendius, Jim Anderson, Zack McCormick, M'Lou Bemis, Terry Desiiets, Betty Szaiay, Janet Taub, JoAnna Wesier, Becky Dow. (FOURTH ROW) Mary Westerveit, Toni Wagner, Dave Buckiand, Joyce Grimes, Jo Grace Oakes. Gary Storm, Jean Manger, Barb Tegmier, Mary Lynn Dvorak, Phyliis Gotti. Peggy Dienken. Meg Stephens, and Mary Calvin.

avand Lisa’ Highlight ’68 Season

Officers of Olions are (FRONT ROW) Carol Nagle, treasurer: Joanna Wesler, secre­ tary: Jo Grace Oakes, corresponding secretary. (SECOND ROW) Chris Mills, vicepresident: Jerry Mattys, president: and Dave Buckland, historian.

Olion m em bers Dave Buckland. Janet Potter, Betty Szalay. and Amy McCorm ick get ready fo r ‘‘ David and Lisa.”

Highlights of the Olions’ '67'68 season were “ M a j o r i t y of One” in the fall, and the spring play, “ David and Lisa.” Adrea Koonce, Carol Nagle. Jo Grace Oakes, Jerry Mattys and Dave Buckland starred in “ A Majority of One.” Director Ross Ramsey chose th e play f o r “ the c h a l le n g e it offered the cast.” “ A M a j o r i t y of O n e ” deals with an intense American-Jewish widow who goes to live with her daughter-in-law in Japan. On the b o a t o v e r s h e m e e t s a Japanese diplomat who tries to win her over. The c o m p l i c a ­ tions involved in this romance are hilarious. The s p r in g play put on by Olions’ was “ David and Lisa.” Am y M c C o r m i c k and Gary Storm played the leading roles. The 52-scene play, never befor e pr od u c e d on stage, c o n c e r n s two t een ag er s in a school for disturbed children. David is afraid to be touched; Lisa has a split personality and talks only in rhymes. Olions is the n am e chosen by the LANS Dr am a Club. It comes from the word “ Olio,” which in show business means a c o l l e c t i o n , any kind of act, drama, or skit. The c lu b was f o r m e d by Director Ramsey and students in 1951. The name Olions was adopted in 1954. Olio ns gives s t u d e n t s an e d u c a t i o n a l e x p e ri e n c e in a cooperative activity, to present a q u a l i t y p r o d u c t i o n , bo th in acting and setting. Each year Olins gives a scholarship to the senior who has c o n t r i b u t e d th e m o s t to d r a m a at LANS. This is the only scholarship given where the student has done the work for himself. Organizations 89

Cheerleaders Give Spirit Awards

Winners of the spirit award are (FRONT ROW) Gino Trujillo. Claudia Dotson, Wendy Dodds. Cathy Mendius. Elaine Marti足 nez; (SECOND ROW) Roger Holmes, Joanna Westler. Mike

Spirit awards were given to classes and individuals by the v a r s it y c h e e rl e a d e rs f o r the first time this year. Six s o p h o m o r e s , tw o j u 足 niors, and six seniors won spir足 it awards. The s p i r i t b o t t le passed m o s tl y between th e j u n i o r s and sophomores. C h ee rle a de rs hope t h a t by g i v in g s p i r i t aw ard s school s p i r i t will be c o m e b e t t e r and better in future years. S p ir it e d v a r s ity c h e e rle a d e rs B e tty A nn M u llin s , M a rc y M cC le sky, and Tina Hockett lead classes in spirit bot足 tle competition.

90 Organizations

Robertson, Ed Clifton; (THIRD ROW) Henry Mueller, Jack Gauthier, Stephanie Oliver, Larry Kiel. Susan Rieder, and Joan Munyon.

(FIRST ROW) Becky Greenwood, Lydia Laquer, Emily Laquer, Kathy Phillips, Connie King: (SECOND ROW) Cathy Hues, Jo Ann Moody, Ardis Keepin, Keirn Roach, Sharon Sibbitt, Cathy Menduis, Mary Beth Rosen: (SPONSORS) Mr.

Alois Cernicek, Mr. William Huttenlocher. Not pictured are: Paul Andrews, Jacquie Krohn, Craig Blatti, LaDawn Gib­ bons, and Luci Lundgren.

Conversation Stressed by Club Movies, slides, and pictures were sho w n by t h e G er m an Club. These visual aids includ­ ed slides of th e Rhine River and pictures of southern Ger­ many. To p r o m o t e i n t e r e s t in th e la n g u a g e and c u l t u r e of Ger­ many is the major goal of the members. New t h i s year, t h e G er m a n Club was f o r m e d u n d e r the d i r e c t i o n of Mr. W i l l i a m H u t ­ tenlocher. H i g h e r m e m b e r s h i p and more activities are hoped for next year. Officers in c l u d e d : Keirn Roach, president: Sharon Sib­ bitt, vice-president: and Emily Laquer, secretary-treasurer.

Officers are Sharon Sibbitt, vice-president: Keirn Roach, president: Emily Laquer, secretary-treasurer.

Organizations 91

Danielle Morel Helps French Club A se v e n -c o u rs e b a n q u e t of Fr ench dishes f o r 48 gue sts was p r e p a re d by Les Miserables as a highlight of the year. The club sponsored several bake sales to raise money for the occasion held in late April. To a c q u a i n t s t u d e n t s wi th the customs and culture of the French people i s t h e p r i m a r y goal of the group. Danielle Morel, LAFIS French f o r e ig n e x c h a n g e s t u d e n t , talked to members of geogra­ phy of France and the chang­ ing needs a city faces. At m e e t in g s students l earned gam es and songs in French. Officers are Carroll Savage, pr e si d e n t; Donna D u r h a m , vice-president; and Janet Wil­ son, secretary-treasurer.





Danielle Morel (CENTER) explains French cultu re and custom s to Carroll Savage, Mark Robertson, and Melvin O'Neal.

(FRONT ROW) Lydia Laquer, Donna Durham, Emily Laquer. Margaret Usner, Patsy Dickinson; (BACK ROW) Mary Calvin, Emily Rankin, Carroll Savage, Shelly Roberts, Mrs. Mary Lou Travis.

92 Organizations

Future Nurses get plenty of on-the-job t r a i n i n g and p r a c t ic a l e x p e rie n c e . Donna Lytten, sophomore, cares for a patient at the LAMC.

F u tu re Nurses Club, s p o n ­ sored by school nurse Mrs. Jo Oakes, p a r t i c i p a t e d in a p r o ­ gram of lectures and tours this year. Guest speakers lectured the girl s on a v a r ie t y of to pic s, from medical chart recording to m e n t a l hea lth in th e c o m ­ munity. One of FNC’s main projects was a valentine party given for the retarded children. Dr. Michael Stewart, a path­ ol ogi st, c o n d u c t e d a t o u r of the Los Alamos Medical Labo­ ratory for FNC members. Officers are: C a th y Conley, vice-president; Diana Dufour, secretary; Teri Desilets, trea­ sur er; and Donna Beg, p r e s i­ dent. By l i g h t i n g th e t r a d i t i o n a l c a n d le s , Mrs. Jo Oakes installs Terry Desilets, Diana Dufour, Cathy Conley, and Don­ na Beg into their offices.

FN Club Gives Career Prep (BOTTOM ROW) Carol Hengstenburg, Diana Dufour, Cathy Conley, Lydia Laqueur, Lesley Glass, Diane Craig; (SECOND ROW) Christine Potter, Katy Nichols, Jocelyn Starner, Don­ na Beg, Terry Desilets, Jean Wahman, Donna Durham, Dar­

lene Grauerholtz: (STANDING) Ann Apprill, Carolyn Cooper. Pam Pawley, Chris Sandoval, Patty Garrety, Kay Fair, and Mrs. Josephine Oakes, sponsor.

(FIRST ROW) Mary Lehman, Ellen Usner, Thelma D o m in ­ quez, Kathy Pacheco, Andrea Doonce, Kathy Wooten, Chris Aamodt: (SECOND ROW) Karen Warren, Lauri Wilson, Karen B la tz, M ary S y d o ria k , K ia n e H e a th , J ill M ille r, Pat H olt,

Diana Wimett, Sylvia Gere, Marilyn Moore: (THIRD ROW) Mr. Joe Phillips (sponsor), Carl Christenson, Steve T atom, Craig Olsen, Kirk Tatom, Roy Newton, Harvey Bra m lett, Claudia Wimett, Pat Sass, Jean Lindsey.

Creativity Abounds in Art Club While Jean Lindsay (RIGHT) works on a w ood c a rv in g , K arla K e lly g a th e r s ideas fo r her next project.

Pu rpose of the LANS Art Club is to encourage new crea­ tive interest in the arts. This year, with Mr. Joe Phil­ lips as its new adviser, the Art Club had promoted many ac­ tivities. A massive canvas was painted during halt time at the homecoming game. Encased in b r i g h t c o l o re d c a r d b o a r d T o p p e r hats. A rt Club m e m ­ bers m a r c h e d in the h o m e ­ coming parade. At we ekly m e e t in g s ot the Art Club, members work with new i d e a s i n a r t , s u c h a s p s y chedelic posters. D e c o r a ti o n s f o r the Sadie Hawkins Dance were designed by the Art Club. Officers include: David Ad ­ ams, president; Mary Lehman, vice president; Lynn Williams, se cr et ar y ; and Ellen Usner, treasurer. Pauline Hessing and Harvey Bramlett make good use of their Art Club tim e by making practical objects — steam rollers.

94 Organizations

Purpose of the I n d u s t r i a l Arts Club is to create interest in industrial arts by providing members with the opportunity to use the shop equipment. Also, the Industrial Arts Club performs service for the c o m ­ m u n i t y by c o n s t r u c t i n g v a r ­ ious things on request. Bench­ es b u i lt f o r th e Golf Cou rse were among these projects. Major project of the Industri­ al Arts Club was the building of the Dune Buggy, a car remod­ eled by the members. Under the leadership of Mr. Morris Crane and Mr. Frank Sacco, advisors, the traditions set by th e c l u b in pr evi ou s years were maintained. Fred Edeskuty, Rod Christensen, and John Meadows make use of th e equip­

ment offered at Industrial Arts Club to tim e the engine of their car.

IRC Performs Community Service (BOTTOM ROW) Weldon Scoggins, Mike Bailey, Gary Davis, Doug Gallagher, V ictor Cox, John Cashwell, Rick Wilhelm; (SECOND ROW) Jim Fickett, Charles Fowlkes. Robert A r m ­ strong, David Lopez, Bob Davis, T o m Robison, Craig Bend­

er, Rod C h ris t e n s e n : (S TAN D IN G ) Mr. Flo rris C ra n e . Mr. Frank Sacco, Margo Martinez, Kent Wicklin, Paul Schlosser, John Meadows. Fred Edeskuty, Doug Bailey, Robert Fletch­ er, Mr. Jack McFlale.



Though not all included m the AFS program, these students took part in foreign exchange programs: Habte Kidane fro m Ethiopia, Sharon S ib b ittw h o went to Turkey, Daneille Morel fr o m France, and Kazi Nakashima fr o m Japan.

LAHS Has 3 Foreign Exchangers LAHS's branch of American Field Service sponsored three student in the past year. Martha Best, 1967 graduate, lived in Australia fro m January 1967 to January 1968. Sharon Sibbitt, senior, spent t w o s u m m e r 1967 m o n t h s a s t h e AFS s u m m e r r e p r e s e n t a ­ tive in Istanbul, Turkey. Flabte Kidane, f r o m Decamere, Ethiopia, represents AFS as t h e f o r e i g n e x c h a n g e s t u ­ de n t at LAHS. His A m e r i c a n family was the George Bests of 32 Manhattan Loop. Da ni e lle Morel f r o m Paris was a gue st of th e M e t h o d i s t Y o u t h F e ll o w s h ip g r o u p and International Christian Youth Exchange. She spent her year with junio r Sherry Kear. Katy Nic hol s, j u n i o r , and Judy Dickenson, senior, placed as AFS s e m i- fi na li s ts , bu t be­ cause of a shortage of Europe­ an ho u si ng , were una bl e to become finalists.

At A m e r ic a n Field S e rvice m e e tin g s members learn of AFS's plans and pro­ jects for the present and the future.

96 Organizations

Flabte and Daneille point out the geographical locations of th e ir home countries.

Spanish Club Preserves Traditions

(FIRST ROW) Karla Flayes, Debbie Fleath, Donna LaDoux, Ellen Zielinski. Cassie Lee, Chris Sandoval, Debbie Dominic: (SECOND ROW) Diana Wimett, Susan Rieder, Patty Rose,

Ingrid Peterson, Angela Lujan. Mary Beth Laymen: (TFIIRD ROW) Chuck Craig. Denise Keller, Jean Wahman, Sharon Sibbit, Chris Potter. Claudia Wimett.

Denise Keller, Spanish Club president, helps to c arry on the org a n iza tio n ’s tr a d i­ tion of decorating a C hristmas tree fo r the lobby each year.


Purpose of the Spanish Club is to preserve the t r a d i t i o n s , f o l k l o r e , and la ng ua ge of the Spanish people. Many m e e t in g s were i n ­ volved with the planning of ac­ tivities for the Pan-American Festival w h ic h t o o k place in Espanola d u r i n g A p r i l . LANS Spanish Clu b pr es en te d a group discussion and a skit as part of the festival. The following week was held a Pan-American dinner. Mexica n dishes were p r e ­ pared by c lu b m e m b e r s , and th e Espanola Spanish Club Officers, who had hosted the Festival, were invited. Other activities included the t r a d i t i o n a l d e c o r a t i n g of a Christmas tree for the school lobby. Officers include; Denise Kell­ er, p r e s id e n t : Ellen Ze lins ki, vice-president: Sharon Sibbitt, t r e a s u r e r : and Debbie B r a d ­ shaw, secretary.

Organizations 97


General team support is the m a j o r p u r p o s e of Pep Club. M e m b e rs are e n c o u r a g e d to a t t e n d all LAMS’ a t h l e t i c events. Pep Club promotes spirit in many ways. Rallies, skits, and lobby decorations are among the many activities. "R a in d ro p s o n Roses"was the t h e m e of PC's an n u a l sweethearts’ dance. Coke bot­ tle drives and a car wash were held to raise funds. The d ril l te a m , a m a j o r o r ­ gan o f t h e Pe p C Iu b , h a s p r e formed at games and pep ral­ lies throughout the year. The drill tebm won first place at the State Fair parade in Albuquer­ que. Officers are: D o tti e S m it h , president; Mickey Tattan, sec­ retary: Barb Myers, vice-presi­ dent; Dea Petty, treasurer; and Jeanette Kinker, spirit chair­ man.

Many skits are preform ed the members of the Pep Club d u rin g pep assemblies. Here a few girls are shown to be "suckers."

Pep Club officers Mickey Tattan, Jeanette Kinker, Barb Meyers, Dottie Smith, and Dea Petty have done a good job leading the gro up this year. (FRONT ROW) Cassie Lee, Kathy Wooten, Bruce Johnson, Chris Benson, Mark Andrae, Art Bridge, Louie Rojas, Fred Thomas, Robert Pacheco, Mike Quintana, Jim Bergauer, David H enkel, P a tric ia M a r tin e z , K a y T r e e c e ; (SECOND ROW) Mary Fitzgibbon, Linda Kasik, Liz Lindsay, Myra Wili­ er, Karen Nielson, Kay Miller, Carol Quintana, Becky Maes, Debbie Bradshaw, Carolyn Hones, Kathy Fulgenzi, Vicki T h o m a s ; (THIR D ROW) B arb Myers, J u d y M a r r io t t , Joan Munyon, Debby Koch, Melanie Velasquez, Lordes Roybal,

Loretta Martinez, Shelly Roberts, Betty Ann Mullins, Sue Felt, D ia n e S h a ffe r, V ic k i W e ld o n , V ic k i Hues, P a tty O '­ Rourke; (FOURTH ROW) Luci Lundgren, Dale Hughes, Jan­ ice Cake, Martha Boone, Carroll Savage, Susan Reider, Kar­ en Blatz, Janet Carpenter, Diane Norris, Janet Potter, Ester Winton, Mary Lynn Dvorac, Betty Szalay, Nadine Salmi, Ter­ ri Parrott; (FIFTH ROW) Suzanne Leep, Stephanie Oliver, Vicki Zeigner, Tina Duben, Gail Goodfellow, Dolly Susco, Meg Stephens, Elsa Kunz, Katie Nichols, Chris Potter, Patty

Pep Club officers pose with th e ir sweethearts. They include: Mickey Tattan, Robert Pacheco. Barb Myers. Bruce Runyan. Dottie Smith. Jim LaMonica. Dea Petty. Jake Espinoza. Jeannette Kinker. and Allen Herring.

Pep Club, Drill Team Boost Spirit Rose. Alison McHale. Nancy Wolff. Sue Petty. Katie Brad足 shaw ; (S IXTH ROW) M a rla M a n n . T in a H o c k e tt. C a ro le e Plageman. Carol Fishier, Sharon Sibbitt, Merry Trupp, Deb足 bie Dodds, Bev Williams, Marcia Wilson, Jeanne Elliott, Clau足 dia Dotson, Wendy Oakes, Joan Elliott. Mickey Tattan. Je足 anette Kinker: (EIGHTH ROW) Tina Wilson, Kris Horpedahl, Katie Buchen, Patty Martin, Pam Nachlinger, Ann Keller.

The d r i ll te a m has e n te r ta in e d s p e c ta t o r s a t m a n y f o o t b a ll gam es. Here i t d o e s a r o u t i n e a t half-time at homecoming.

Organizations 99

GAA Prorr otes

Ping pong is one of the many indoor competitive sports of GAA. Here Gretchen Von Berg displays her talent by returning a play by a team mate.

Softball is a popular GAA activity, especially as the days get warmer. While Elaine Moore catches, Donna McClenahan, an o th e r sophomore, takes a m ighty swing.

(THIRD ROW) Carol Quintana, Jan Mosher, Betty Day, Dar­ lene Graverholz. Jan Whitehead, Karen Ainsworht, Laurie Wilson, Candy Barrington, Carla Hayes, Karen Blatz, Mary Sydoriak, Meg Stephens, Vicky Anderson. Kathy Fitzgibbon:

(SECOND R O W )W ilm a G a r d n e r, M a r y A n n M cC le n a h a n , Karen Turner, Gloria Beckwith, Betty Deal, Mary Calvin, Mary LaCasse, Barb Sembach, Jean Williams, Laurie Chany, Molly Cox, Vicki Zeigner, Kathy Wooten; (FIRST ROW) Lindi

a n m / M H B


e Active Athletic Participation

Barb Meyers, Vicki Ziegner, Karen Hill, Joan Munyon, and Sue Stephens, GAA officers, are so anxious to play basketball that they do n 't even bother to change clothes.

Fisher, Debby Hicks, Vicki Hues, Mary Cordova, Christy Da­ vidson, Dottie Smith, Gretchen Bon Berg, Patsy Dickenson, Sharon Sibbitt, Cassie Lee, Carol Savage, Dolly Susco, Tina Hockett, Shelly Roberts, Becky Maes.

Girls A t h l e t i c A s s o c ia ti o n has added its w i n n i n g s to the Los A l a m o s High School sports. Even t h o u g h G.A.A. was g r e a t ly reduced in size of membership this year. Karen Hill, pr esi de nt , and Miss Lua nn e T h o m p s o n , spo nsor, kept the girls busy and enthu­ sia sti c w it h baseball, ping pong, tennis, badminton, vol­ ley ball, archery, and gymnas­ tics. Officers are: Karen Hill, pres­ ident; Vicki Zeigner, vice-presi­ dent: Barbara Mayer, treasur­ er: Joan M u n y o n , s e c r e ta ry : and Sue Stephens, s po r ts head. Organizations 101

Pegasus Magazine Notes Changes Patsy Dickinson, ju n io r assistant editor, and Rene Rabideau, senior editor, review the 1968 Pegasus. Patsy will be editor next year. Rene was one of fo u r state Na­ tional Council of English "O u ts ta n d in g English Scholars" — and won tirst national prize in Harper magazine's high school student w ritin g contest, held in th e fall.

A new m e t h o d of Pegasus selection of student work was used this year. Instead of Eng­ lish teachers’ picking student’s w o r k by gr ad e level, th e i n ­ s t r u c t o r s s u b m i t t e d t he best compositions from their own classes. These t h e n were t a ke n to Mrs. Jean Campbell, Pegasus s p on s or , and the t w o e d i to rs for publication. Pegasus is dependent upon t h r e e d e p a r t m e n t s : English, art, and g r a p h i c arts. The ar t students added to the 1968 lit­ erary magazine with 20 origi­ nal illustrations. Pegasus be c a m e th e nam e of the a n n u a l LANS c re a t iv e w r i t i n g p u b l i c a t i o n , on the su g g e s tio n of Mrs. S h irl ey Fries, English and Latin teach­ er.

Advisers to Pegasus confer about printing deadlines and type faces that will make the 1968 edition different. They

are Mr. Joe Phillips, art; Mrs. Jean Campbell, English; and Mr. Morris Crane, printing.

Sandia and Highland High School chapter members install Los Alamos members in a candlelight ceremony. LAHSites being inducted are Mary Deal (THIRD FROM LEFT), newspa­ per; Susan Tiano (FOURTH), yearbook: and Peggy Eustler

(FIFTH), Journalism 1. Also receiving pins and membership cards were Lookout staffers Cliff Mills and Marty Daly, and La Loma staffers Lynn Smith and Elsa Kunz.

Seven Reactivate Quill, Scroll LA HS ’ c h a p t e r of Quil l and Scroll, organized in 1965, was re-activated on April 19, when members fro m Highland and Sandia Highs in Albuquerque inducted seven “ Atomic City” students at a catered banquet and candlelight service. Quill and Scroll is an interna­ t i o n a l h o n o r a r y s o c i e ty f o r outstanding high school jo u r ­ n a l is m and p u b l i c a t i o n s s t u ­ dents. Members must rank in the top third of their junior and senior classes and be approved by t h e n a t i o n a l s e c r e t a r y , at the University of Iowa. Officers of the LAHS chapter were Peggy Eustler, president; Marty Daly, vice-president; and Lynn S m i t h , s e c r e t a r y - t r e a ­ sur er . A d v is e r is Mr. J i m W. Pinkerton. Next year, QS will offer a s­ sistance to ju nio r high publica­ tions staffs. Lynn Smith and Elsa Kunz, both of the yearbook staff, prepare a linen-covered table fo r the fo rm al silver-and-candle induction.

Organizations 103

Advertising salesgirls Judy Lindsey. Jeand June Whitmore, with Adviser Jim prepare fo r a staff party.

y. on.

Assistant Editor Mary Deal and Editor Cliff Mills meet another m o n th ly deadline. (Newspaper students not

■' J’S

Paper, Practical Journalism Lab,

I Senior Cliff Mills, editor, interviews Dr. Nancy Black, child psychologist, fo r back­ ground facts for one of this controversial columns.

Participation in Kemper Insurance C o m p a n y ’s annual safer teenage driving campaign included assemblies, intercom talks, films, a poster contest, a special issue of Lookout, and press releases. Editor Cliff Mills and Mr. Jim W. Pinkerton,

104 Organizations

adviser, accept national seventh and tenth awards in the left picture. Albuquerque Judge Jim Mahoney speaks in the other picture.


'-oaches Bert Buehrer and Jim Higgins are interviewed by Lookout Reporter Abel Chavez and Sports Editor Steve Ciddio.

shown on these pages include Marty Daly. Bill Lyon Stan Smith, John O'Mara. and T im Van Hecke.)

a Wins Several National Honors

Business Manager Bob Freyman and Exchange Editor Liz Lindsey work in the main office to d istrib u te papers.

S p o r t i n g a “ new l o o k " th is year, caused by a new printer’s c h a n g i n g to m o d e r n type faces, Lookout was for the first t i m e d i s t r i b u t e d free to s t u ­ dents. The Lookout also for the first time accepted advertising, to help pay increased expenses. The monthly publication is pu b li s h e d by th e news pap er class and printed by Newspa­ per Printing Corporation, Albu­ querque. The two Journalism I classes published the April issue of the paper w h il e ne w spa pe r class m e m b e r s w o rk e d at Los A la ­ mos Monitor and New Mexican to gain more practical experi­ ence. Accolades received by staf­ fers d u r i n g th e year were AllAmerican Honor Rating from National Scholastic Press As­ s o c i a t i o n , seventh and t e n t h prizes in a n a t io n a l saf ety c a m p a i g n , and seven aw ard s at New Mexico High Scho ol Press Association convention. Organizations 105


La Loma Staff

Seniors Debbie Hyatt, Susan Donahue, and Jeanette T ru jillo (STANDING) offer ad­ vice to new staffers Cliff Mills and Patti Thrap.

Senior Photographer Bill Lyon cleans up dark room flood.

Lynn Smith tells yearbook class about the advertising campaign.

106 Organizations

Mr. Jim W. Pinkerton, adviser, confers with Lauren Hull, layout editor (STANDING), and Susan Tiano, editor, about the new three-column streamlined layout which the staff tried this year.

Produces 216 — Page Yearbook

Sports Editor George Griffin and Sports Writers John O'Mara and Dick Meyer work on the Class of ’68 picture panels, on display in the main foyer of A-Wing. Special art work fo r the project was done by Mr. Joe Phillips. LAHS art instructor.

“ Get t h a t p r i n t NOW!" . . . “ Can i bleed th is c u t ? " “ The deadline is t om o rro w! ” . . . These c o m m e n t s were heard frequently in Room A-8 as a staff of 18 pr epa red the '68 La Loma. New features included color pi ctu re s, s t r e a m l i n e d t hr e ec o l u m n layout, c o l o r blocks, and duotones. Julie S c h r a n d t was e d i t o r first sem ester, w it h Susan Tiano filling the position sec­ ond term. All was not work, as the staff had a p o t iu c k di nn er , party, and banquet.

Peggy Day, faculty-academic editor, and Elsa Kunz, who will be editor of the '69 LaLoma, index and check pages before they are sent to the printer, American Yearbook C o m p a n y in T o p e k a , K ansas. As p a r t of their inspection duties, th e two ju nio rs also v e r ify s p e llin g s o f s t u d e n t a n d t e a c h e r names, c orrect any c ropping mistakes on pictures, and catch oth e r "g o o fs ” th a t staff members may have made in th e ir h u rry to meet constant deadlines.

Publications Department photographers display some of th e cameras they use to take yearbook and newspaper pictures. The LAHS photo facilities are considered to be the best of any high school in the state. The "cam era boys" are Don Money, negative and proof file clerk: Bill Lyon, head photographer: Brad Baum, first-year photographer: and Richard Haase, creative photogra­ pher.

Organizations 107

1967-1968: the year of the new This year brought a change for the Hilltoppers. Due to the in­ creased enrollment of LANS, the Toppers found themselves c om ­ peting against larger schools in the AA League. But despite the seeming disadvantage, the Toppers made an outstanding per­ formance and captured second place in the State Tournament.



Toppers Capture Third in Class AA A l t h o u g h th e H i ll t o p p e r s moved up to Class AA com pet i­ t i o n t hi s year, led by Coach Dale Perini, they ended with a winning season — six victories and four losses. Highlight of the season was a win over always tough Albu­ querque High, which went on to capture second place in the state t o u r n a m e n t . The meet with AHS had a special mean­ ing because it was also the Toppers' homecoming game. Los A l a m o s always had a chance of winning district title, w ith th e c h a m p not decided u n til t h e last game. T h e T o p pers were in a four-way tie, but were defeated by Del Norte of Albuquerque, 20-6. C o n s e c u t iv e v ic t o r ie s over Santa Fe, Raton, St. Michael's of Santa Fe, and Valley of Albu­ q u e r q u e set th e H i l l t o p p e r s ’ mo mentum. Then after drop­ ping a widely disputed contest to Durango, Colorado, 7-0, the LAHS team squeaked by Albu­ querque, 7-0. A loss to Manzano of “ The Duke City” started t h e T o p p e r s ’ dec line, a s t h e y dropped two of their final three games, to Roswell Goddard and Del Norte, and beat Gallup. Two LAHS players were elected to the All-State team — B o b B u t l e r a s a g u a r d o n first t e a m offensive, and Bruce J o h n s o n as h o n o r a b l e m e n ­ tion defensive tackle. Johnson was one of few tac­ kles to get a t o u c h d o w n , d u r ­ ing the Manzano game.

110 Sports

Proving to their Hilltopper football team th a t Class AA co m p e titio n isn't too tough are Coaches Mike Burnett, Glen Howl, Dale Perini, and Dave Agard. Mr. Perini has been appointed to the grid coaching staff of University of New Mexico Lobos after two years with the Toppers.

(FRONT ROW) Manager Gino Trujillo. Danny Valdez, Bruce Runyon, Jack Simpson, Leroy Montoya, John Anderson, Bob Butler, Rick Blakely, Mac Ennis, Jake Espi­ noza, Charlie Thorne, Manager Willie Vanderhide. (SECOND ROW) Manager John Stamm, Paul Andrews, Bruce Gallager, Steve Hackenberry, Don Barnes. Steve Wil­ liams, Neno Segura, Guy Hargrove, Louis Rojas, Joe King, Chip Greco, Manager Mike Penny. (THIRD ROW) Coach Mike Burnett, Mark C de Baca, Tim Van Hecke,

Art Bridge (12) shares ru n n in g duties with the oth e r backs as he scampers fo r a substantial gain against th e Del Norte Knights of Albuquerque.

David Lu te s. Joe C u r t m a n , Joe H a rs t sh o n e , K e rin Roach, Ron M ille r, C o n ra d Green, Jim Graebner, Bob Harelson, Coach Dave Agard. (FOURTH ROW) Coach Glen Howl, Steve Phillips, Joe Wilson, Robert Pacheco, Jim Bergauer, Doug Enloe, Ray Z im m e rm a n , Bruce Johnson, Kirk Tatom, Chris Benson, Art Bridge, Mark Andrea, Coach Dale Perini.

H il lt o p p e r L e ro y M o n t o y a (3 2 ) c o m ­ p letes a pass set up by A r t B rid g e as Los Alamos griders win another game.

Sports 111

Hilltoppers Place 2 in All-Stat

112 Sports

An u n i d e n t if ie d Hi I I t o p p e r t a c k le s an u n ­ willing Valley High of Albuquerque Viking player. In pursuit are LAHS' Steve Williams (80) and Bruce Ruynon (67).

A tough Roswell Goddard defense hinders Doug Enloe (22) with his pass receiving.

Sports 113

J.V. Toppers Undermanned in


Facing Double A t e a m s fo r the first time, the junior varsity f o o t b a l l squad f are d a d i s a p ­ pointing season. Winning three of their eight contests, the Los Alamos lads realized how un­ dermanned they were. Some­ times opponents outweighed them by 50 pounds per player. Experience was the main accom plishm ent for th is year’s J.V, "They will be much b e t t e r pl ayers next s e a s o n ," the coaches said.

Despite their 3-6Necord, ju n io r varsity gridders th ro u g h th e season show great spirit. Their opponents reportedly resort to tactics such as clipping.

(FRONT ROW) Willie Vanderhide, Pat Dugan, Ronnie T ru ­ j illo , M ike Maes. C ra ig R a n d o lp h , George B a ja r k y , Phil Apprill, Phil Sisneros. (SECOND ROW) Coach Eugene McC lu ney, R o n n ie Boyd, M a rk J o h n s o n , D ic k ie B in g h a m , Mike Pacheco, Wayne Martinez, Ben Tucker, Doran Smith,

114 Sports

Craig Yost, Wayne Wanek, James Godbolt. (TFIIRD ROW) C oach M ike B u r n e t t , B e n n ie M a r tin e z , M a r tin Frenzel, Randy Gordon, Roger Flolmes, Tom Schrandt, Skip Alex­ ander, Jim Harper, Larry Gibbons, Marvin Boone, Coach Dennis Belau.

'Toppers Big Surprise in AA Allen Herring

Neno Segura

Dick Meyers

Neno Segura (5) and Dick Meyers (15) are selected fo r the all-to u rn a m e n t team in Class AA at the state finals in Albuquerque.

Allen Herring drops in the w in n in g free th ro w as the Toppers beat Albuquer­ que High.

After a mediocre regular season, the T o p p e r s b l o s ­ somed f o r t h in d i s t r i c t and state tournaments. In the dis­ t r i c t t o u r n a m e n t , th ey first defeated Santa Fe, 100-70, set­ ting a district record with 100 points. Then t he y beat Far­ mington, 63-62, gaining a state berth. They then lost to Sandia, but followed with another narrow victory over Del Norte, 71-70, for third place in District lAA. A f t e r d e f e a t in g Clovis, in t h e i r first g am e of t he state t o u r n a m e n t , th ey again m et Sandia, this time pulling “ the upset of the year" by beating the Matadors, 79-69. Meeting “ a l m ig ht y ” Hobbs in the finals seemed to bother the Toppers very little for 2 1/2 q u a r t e r s , b u t t h e n the LAHS cagers gave in, and HHS' depth showed through as the Eagles won the state c r o w n , 103-79, with LAHS ending a surprising second.

Roundballers Take Second in St £e

(FRONT ROW) Dick Penland, Manager; Allen Flerring: Vic Trujillo: Morris Flughes; Neno Segura: Jim McNeese: Ed Langley, manager: (BACK ROW) Jim Eyster, Stan Smith,

Lee Brundige

David Lang

Gary Strein, Lee Brundige, Paul Gray, Dick Meyers, David Lang, Bruce Beyers.

Paul Gray

Vic Trujillo

Jim McNeese

Morris Flughes

Stan Smith

Bruce Beyers

Jim Eyster



e Coach Burt Buehrer c o n te m p la t e s th e next game.

Lee Brundige shoots over a Sandia Matador, as the Top­ pers are defeated in th e ir first encounter with the defend­ ing state AA champs, 68-66. David Lang scores on a fast break, as a Highland Hornet tries in vain to stop him.

Jim McNeese (4) hits fo r two as a Gallup player stands defenseless.

Vic T ru jillo seems to be a tte m p tin g a field goal as the ball goes out of bounds in the game with Santa Fe.

Paul Gray (3 1 ) s tr e tc h e s h ig h as he sco re s tw o m o r e p o in ts against the Gallup Bengals.

Sports 117

J.V. Cagers Net 15-4 Tally > Coach Jim Higgins

The J u n i o r V a rs it y , w i t h m a n y fine i n d i v i d u a l p e r ­ formers, ended its successful season with a 15-4 record in the first year of AA competition. Using a full court press, and playing fast-break basketball all of the time, the squad forced its taller opponents into numerous mistakes. The o u t s i d e s h o o t i n g of T i m Van Hecke and Greg Dickey, and the rebounding by Tracy Manes and Skip Alexander gave the Junior Toppers a well balanced at­ tack.

Coach Dave Agard

(FRONT ROW) Eddie Sanchez, LeRoy Montoya, Greg Dickey, Jack Hughes, Ernie Romero, Tim Van Hecke. (BACK ROW) Tracy Manes, Skip Alexander, Mike Antos, Bruce Beyers, Jim Eyster.

FRONT ROW — Ron Trujillo, Sean Lanter, Rick Rojas: BACK ROW — Dana Christensen, Rick Rickman, Ken Cooper, Dave Rendown, Eric Steinhaus, James Godbolt.

Senior Habte Becomes First AFS Letterman Rick Rojas

Enthusiasm is the name of the game.

(FRONT ROW) Grant Godbolt. David Marsh, L am ent Scho­ field, Paul Dixon, Melvin O’ Neal, Oris Mills, Fritz Lacquer: (SECOND ROW) Coach Russ Shinn, David Lang, Flal Hen-

This y e a r ’ s cross c o u n t r y team, with the coaching of Mr. Russ Sh inn , be ca me the f ir s t LAHS s p o r t to have a f o re ig n exchange student earn a “ let­ ter.” Habte Kidane, from Ethio­ pia, is well adjusted to the rug­ gedness of the overland race, and has li tt le t r o u b l e in r u n ­ ning the course. All previous school records were broken this year through the brilliant running of sopho­ m o re Rick Rojas. Fi n is h i n g f i r s t or second in a race be­ came a natural ocurrence for Rojas. dron, Robert Stovall, Robert Coulter, Doug York, Flabte Kidane, Ernie Romero, Rick Rojas.

I he 1967-68 Hilltopper wres­ tling squad, paced by the out ­ standing individual p er fo rm ­ ances of Glenn Michel, Bruce Runyan, Mike Leibee, and Ron Posey, fought its way to a sec­ ond place d i s t r i c t finish, be­ hind Albuquerque Sandia. In the state meet, both Mich­ el and Posey c a p t u r e d first place honors. Michel took first in the 13 8 -p o u n d class and Posey won the 180-pound divi­ sion. Other Toppers who finished high were Runyan, who placed second, and Mike Allen, who finished fourth. As a team, the grapplers won a t h i r d place finish beh ind Carlsbad and Las Cruces.

Bruce Runyan

Mike Leibee

Glenn Michel

Ron Posey

(FRONT ROW) Mike Maes, Joe Michel, Mike Allen, Mark Carson, Bill Hamlin; (SECOND ROW) Glenn Michel, Mike Leibee, Bruce Runyan, Jim Rector, Bennie Martinez, Ron Posey, James Ross.

120 Sports

Wrestlers Finish Season in Second Jim Rector locks legs and arm s with his foe in a tte m p t to reverse his position.

Bruce Runyan gets his opponent in a position to pin him.

(BOTTOM ROW) Doran Smith, Marty Frentzel, Mike Pacheco, Mike Arntzen; (TOP ROW) Ben Tucker, Eric Bjorkund, Mario Villa. Not Pictured are Art Hudson, Mike Kirby, Ken Gilman, Robin Hamlin, Guy Hargrove.

Sports 121

Tankers Paced by Standouts

(FRONT ROW:) Cliff NaVeaux, John Kelly, Robert Herrick, Sean Wallwork, Eric Loucks, Doug Hatch: (SECOND ROW:) B ill H u d s o n , Bill S te in , Russell S u lliv a n , J e r r y Cow/an: (T H IR D ROW:) Dave L a b a rg e , M e lvin O 'N e a l, Paul Lee,

Mike Hatch. (FOURTH ROW:) Wencil McClenahan, David Hoverson, Robert Sawyer, John Benziger, Jack Gauthier, Dick Watts.

Dave Hoverson shows the fo rm th at made him one of the top divers in the state.

itMike Hatch gets off to a good start in the breast­ stroke.


After reaching the peak of his dive, David Hoverson comes out of the tu c k position with good balance.

This y e a r ’ s H i l l t o p p e r s w i m m i n g team posted two first place finishes in relay meets and had a record of 8-2 in dual meets. The squad was led during the season by John Kelly, Dick Watts, and Mike Hatch. At the state meet, the team finished in sixth place as Highland High of Al­ buquerque once again dominated the meet. Those placing in state were Dave Ho verson, Mike Hatch, and C l i f f NaVeaux. Coach Bill Hu dson will have a fi ne team next year with many fine swim­ mers returning, according to reports.

John Kelly plunges into the pool well ahead of his opponents. Fast starts such as these lead the sw im m ers to big advantages and even­ tual wins.

David Hoverson stretches in an a tte m p t to give his team another win in the diving com petitio n. P e rfo rm ­ ance such as this gave David a fourth place finish in state.

Sports 123

Cheerleaders Elevate Game Spirit Thi s y e a r ’s v e r s io n of the Hilltopper cheerleaders elevat­ ed s p i r i t a t t h e s c h o o l h i g h e r than it has been in a long time. The c o n s t a n t pep rallies, o b ­ t a i n i n g ot buses t o r away games, and th e e v e r l a s t i n g encouragement ot the cheer­ leaders made LANS one ot the most spirited student bodies in the state. Much credit is due to

Tina Hockett, Betty Anne Mul­ lins, Marcy McCloskey, Marty Luja n, and Dolly Susco f o r a job well done. The J.V. cheerleaders, Peggy Day, Lou rd es Roybal, Wendy Oakes, Diane Shafer, and Sue Felt, also did a tine job ot rais­ ing s p i r i t , even t h o u g h th e r e were tew fan s at m o s t j u n i o r varsity games.

Marty, Betty Anne, Marcy, Tina, and Dolly strike this pose before leaving fo r the d istrict basketball tournam ent.

Dolly Susco

Sports 124

Marty Lujan

The cheerleaders p ro m o te school spirit th ro u g h o u t both th e football and basketball seasons and help both teams to fine seasons.

The J.V. cheerleaders look down on the playing floor before a home basketball game.

The J u n io r Varsity cheerleaders, Lourdes, Sue, Peggy, Diane, and Wendy, use this u n fa m ilia r pose to have th e ir picture taken.

Sports 125

Toppers Take Fourth in State Fourth-place finish in state meets was th e T o p p e r t r a c k ­ m en ’s 1968 record. Only five Fl ill to ppe rs q u a l i ­ fied for the meet — but all five turned in performances which enabled the team to finish just behind Flighland, Hobbs, and Valley. Jim LaMonica pole-vaulted 13 feet, 7 inches, a new school record, and placed first in that event. Roberto Pacheco, team co­ captain and leading point get­ ter, placed second in th e 180 low hurdles. David Lang was a close third. A s o p h o m o r e . Rich Rojas, finished second in the mile and third in the 880. It is predicted that he will become one of the best distance men in the state. G ra n t G o d b o lt g a r n e r e d a first place in the track race.

Coach Bob Cox checks the height of the pole-vault bar.

(FIRST ROW) Conrad Green, Charlie Thorne, Roger Holmes, Pat D ugan, J im G ra e b n e r, Paul A n d re w s , D a n n y Valdez, Mark C'de Baca, Ray Z im m e rm a n , Doug Enloe, Neno Se­ gura, Robert Pacheco, Jim LaMonica, Grant Godbolt, Rick Luders, Kim Hayes, Barry Bailey, Vic Trujillo, Dave Lutes, Dave Lang, and Mike Leibee; (SECOND ROW) Robert Stovall, Z ack M c C o r m i c k (M a n a g e r ), M ike P e n la n d , Russ Cla ys-

126 Sports

chulte, Greg Dickey, Jack Gauthier, Roger Cardon, Mike Ulibarri, Jerry Cowan, George Bjarke, Mike Defield, Ernie Rom­ ero, Eric Stienhause, Eric Cox, Dave Marsh, Guy Hargrove, Dana Christenson, Rick Rojas, Skip Alexander, Bruce Byers, LaMont Schofield, Mike Pacheco, Dave Church (Manager), John Anderson, and Habte Kidane.

Jim LaMonica soars to 12'7" in bi-district. He qualified for district with a I S ' l ” valut and went on to state, where he placed with 13’7", setting a new school record.

Ernie Romero easily wins the 880.

Robert Pacheco again has the lead — as usual. He placed th ird in the state meet.

C o -C a p ta in R o b e rt P acheco c le a rs 5 ’7 " easily.

Ending his part of the race. Neno Se­ gura (RIGHT) passes the baton to Doug Enloe.

Sports 127

Tough Year for Baseball End Due to i n e x p e r ie n c e , poo r weather hampering practice, and ke en er c o m p e t i t i o n of class AA, th e LANS baseball t e a m t a ll ie d an 8-10 rec or d. Two of the losses were forefeited when rain caused the dou­ ble-header with Albuquerque to be unplayable. Six other losses were by onerun margins. Morris Hughes was the Top­ pers' le ad in g b a tt er , s t r i k i n g well over .900, while Steve Wil­ liams and Leroy Montoya were top pitchers. Hughes’ first championship was a s h u t o u t o ver A n t h o n y Gadsden when he was a fresh­ man. Two years later, he lost a heartbreaking 2-1 game to the same squad. A t h l e t e - o f - t h e - y e a r awa rd went to Williams.

Rabin Hamlin (23) raps a hard single to left against Santa Fe.

(K NEELIN G) M a n a g e r Ed L a n g le y , Jake Espin oza. Jack S im p s o n . Lero y M o n to y a , M a rc J o h n s o n , Don J o h n s o n , Bennie Martinez, Ronnie Trujillo, Steve Williams, Morris Hughes, Tim Van Hecke; (STANDING) Coach Dave Agard,


128 Sports

C h ip Greco, Les D u fo u r , S ta n S m i t h , A r t B rid g e , T ra cy Manes, Ronnie Miller, Allen Herring, Lee Brundige, Dick Meyers, Robin Hamlin, Coach Jim Higgins.

In e x p e r ie n c e was th e main f a c t o r in th e T o p p e r te n n i s team's 6-9-1 record. Coached by new head man Mike B u r ­ nett, several individuals turned in fine performances. David Lopez became the top singles player, compiling a 106 slate. The d ou bl e s of Lopez and Darrell Rogers was able to accomplish a fair record. Mike S h e in b e r g and Craig Russell also pr ov id ed the squad with steady playing. H ig h lig h to fth e y e a rw a s a second-place finish in the Los Alamos Invitational. The e n t ir e t e a m will r e t u r n next spring.

, t I

David Lopez practices daily on hom e courts. He became the Hilltoppers' leading singles player.

Inexperience Hinders Tennis Team (FRONT ROW) Paul Black, Brad Tepper, Todd Caswell, Gino Trujillo, Posy Anderson, John Sweeny, Art Nichols, Mike Penny; (MIDDLE ROW) Debbie Krikorian, Alan MacMillan, C ra ig R ussell, L a n c e C a m p b e ll , Eddie S o e n k e , T o m

Schrandt: (BACK ROW) Coach Michael Burnett, Art Shein­ berg, Dan McMillian, Mike Sheinberg, Ralph Beckett, David Lopez, Reid Filmore.

Sports 129

Golfers Capture Third in State 'A

Led by mainstays Paul Lee. Eddie Sanchez, Dave Cook, and Ben Acree, along with fine effo rts f r o m Crai g D u n n i n g . Joh n Stam, and Mike Antos, Hill Golf team won many firstplace trophies in its first year of AA play. The squad finished t h i r d at state matches in Albuquerque, after winning district in L.A. With only senior Acree grad­ uating, the golf team looks for a “ superb finish’’ next year.



David Cook, varsity golfer, sinks a putt on the sixteenth hole at the local course.

(BOTTOM ROW) Steve Fogleson, Jim Hoogterp, Hal Whiteman, Wayne Martinez, Eddie Patridge: (BACK ROW) Paul

130 Sports

Lee, Ben Acree, David Cook, Mike Antos. Eddie Sanchez. Craig Dunning, and John Stam.

Athletes Aid Charlie

Jim Graebner, Ray Z im m e rm a n , and Doug Enloe display artistic talents while help­ ing to repain the M.S.” (FRONT ROW) LeRoy Montoya, Johnny Anderson, Tim bo Van Hecke, Eddie San­ chez, Bill Hudson: (MIDDLE ROW) Rick Luders, Mike Allen, Mac Ennis, Jake Espi­ noza, Neno Segura, David Church, Allen Herring: (BACK ROW) David Lang, Dick Meyers, Joe King, Bob Butler, Bruce Johnson, Chris Benson, Art Bridge, Mark Andrae.

Lettermen this year were not o n ly a c t iv e at LANS, bu t also aided Del Norte High School to raise money for an injured star a t h l e t e . T h e c l u b s e n t $ 50 to help pay medical expenses of Charlie Romero, who had been partially paralyzed earlier in an automobile accident. Other activities of the organ­ iza tio n were s e ll in g c o n c e s ­ sions at games and providing esc or ts for hom ecom ing court.

Sports 131









v >%i-%

1967 — 1968: the year of the new A new a t t e n d a n c e re c or d was set as L A H S ’ e n r o l l m e n t was boosted to 1068. Students began to adopt new methods of learn­ ing as they made use of the Learning Materials Center and its fa­ cilities for individual instruction.

(/) 0) (/> (/) eg o

Seniors Graduate with Memories

Reflecting on their past three years at LAHS, '68 seniors re­ call the traditional painting of the “ LA" and their sophomore float placing third in the home­ com ing parade. A s j u n i o r s , t h e C l a s s o f ’68 concentrated most of its fund­ raising projects to finance the junior-senior prom. It's theme was “ Ecstacy in the Stars.” A m a in s o u r c e of aid f o r the prom came from the produc­ t i o n of " T o p p e r R e v u e . " The junior class participated with a satire on the Roaring 2 0’s, fea­ t u r i n g " A l C a h u r t and Idiot Ness." The seniors’ final year began w i th t h e 6 8 e r s ’ t a k i n g first in th e h o m e c o m i n g class float c o m p e t i t i o n . The year p r o g ­ ressed w i th p r e p a r a t i o n s f o r comme nce me nt and final ar­ rangements for senior week. Eager and p r o u d , t h e 1968 se ni or s leave LAHS and each looks forward to a new future.

Senior class officers of 1968 are: President Jim McNeese, Vice-President Rick Luders; Secretary Dea Petty; Treasur­ er Jeanette Turjillo; Concession Chairman Karen Hill.

134 Seniors



mock epic


1968 Senior Class sponsors are: (FRONT ROW) Mrs. Janet McGavran, Miss Linda Miller, Mrs. Lois Sharp, Mrs. Opel Wingfield; (BACK ROW) Mrs. Pat Mendius, Mr. Mel Lora, Mr. Dennis Belau, Mr. Stanley DeGeer.

Class of ’68 Commences June 6 Members of the senior executive co m m itte e are: (FRONT ROW) Marla Mann, Karen Hill, Louie Rojas, Rick Luders, Jer­ ry Mattys: (MIDDLE ROW) Debbie Martin, Jeanette Trujillo, Cassie Lee, Jody Bergstein, Teri Devine, Marcia Brooks, Lin­

da Kasik: (BACK ROW) L a rr y Kiel, David H o v e rso n , John Benziger, Janet Fuller, Steve Ciddio, Luci Lundgren, David Buckland, Suzanne Leep, Bev Shafer.

Foreign Exchange Students Here

Danielle Morel A senior fro m Paris, France, Danielle is one of LAHS's foreign exchange students. She is s p o n s o r e d by t h e I n t e r n a t i o n a l Christian Youth Exchange. Speech, history, and choir are Danielleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s favorite subjects. A f t e r g r a d u a t i n g as a m e m b e r of the Class of 1968, Da ni e lle will r e t u r n to France and attend the University of Paris next fall.

Habte Kidane Habte, f r o m Ethi op ia , is on a f o r e ig n e x c h a n g e p r o g r a m s p o n s o r e d by the American Field Service. He is a L e t t e r m a n and p a r t i c i p a t e d in track and as a cross-country runner. Following graduation Habte will resume his studies at Haile Selassie I University in Addis Ababa.

136 Seniors

Eight Seniors Awarded

Most Attractive Betty Anne Mullins and Larry Loucks Other nominees are: Marcy McCloskey Tina Hockett Jeanne VanGemert Robert Pacheco Bruce Runyan Ray Zi mmerman

Best Personality Dotti Smith and Allen Herring Other nominees are; Dea Petty Jeanette Trujillo Karen Hill Wayne Brownlee Jake Espinoza Art Bridge

Honors by â&#x20AC;&#x2122;68ers Class

Most Talented Kay Johnson and David Buckland Other nominees are: Janie Hones Teri Devine Janet Fuller Pat Kennedy Bruce Johnson Jerry Mattys

Most Outstanding Rene Rabideau and Louie Rojas Other Nominees are: Bev Shafer Sharon Sibbitt Jacquie Krohn Dick Meyers EppieTrujillo Jim McNeese

Seniors 139

Ice Blue, Silver Chosen ’68 Colors BEN AGREE G o lf 2.3: L e t t e r m a n ’s C lu b 3: Baseball 4. DAVID ADAMS Art Club 4 (President 4): Topper Revue 3,4. DANIEL AHEARNE Chess Club 3: Choir 2.3.

MIKE ALLEN Key C lu b 2 .3 ,4 ( S e c r e t a r y 3, Treasurer 4): Letterm an's Club 2.3. 4: Football 3: Wrestling 2,3.4: Pep Club 4: Olions 2. MARK ANDRAE Football 2.3,4: Letterm an's Club 2,3.4: Pep Club 4: Topper Revue 3, 4: Key C lu b 3: H o m e r o o m V o ll e y ­ ball 2,3,4: Track 2.3. PAUL ANDREWS F o o tb a ll 2 .3,4: W r e s t lin g 2.3,4: Track 2,3.4: Letterm an's Club 4.

ANN APPRILL Olions 2,3: State Commerce Club 3: Pegasus 3: T o p p e r Revue 2,3: Pep Club 2,3.4. PETER ARGO T o p p e r Revue 3.4: H o m e r o o m Volleyball 2,3: Key Club 2,4: Olions 2.3: Band 4. MARILYNN BABICH Pep C lu b 3,4: O ly m p ia n s 3,4 (Secretary 3): Future Teachers of America 4 (Secretary 4).

DOUGLAS BAILEY Industrial Arts Club 3.4 (Secre­ tary 4). DONALD LINDSAY BARNES F o o tb a ll 2,3.4: W r e s t lin g 3,4: Track 3,4: Key Club 2: Pep Club 4: L e tte rm a n ’s Club 4. MYRA SUE BARNES

140 Seniors

,C '

DONNA BEG Future Nurses of America 2,3,4 (Secretary 2, President 4): Candy Stripers 2,3,4 (N om inating Chairm an 4): Choir 4) Topper Revue 3,4, DENISE BELLMAN CHRISTOPHER SCOTT BENSON Football 2,3,4: Key Club 2: Youth and Govern足 ment 4: Letterman's Club 3,4: Topper Revue 4: Pep Club 4: Wrestling 3,

JOHN BENZIGER Football Manager 2,3: S w im m in g 2,3,4: Stu足 d e n t C o u n c il 2 ,3 ,4 (V ic e - P r e s id e n t 3): H o n o r Society 2,3,4, JIM BERGAUER JODY BERGSTEIN Olions 2,3: Folk Song Club 3,4: Band 2,3: Stu足 dent Council 4: Topper Revue 3,4,

LARAINE BINGHAM Olions 2,3,4: Pep Club 3,4: Girls Athletic Asso足 c i a t i o n 3: S ta te C o m m e r c e C lu b 2,3: T o p p e r Revue 2,4: International Relations Club 2, RICK BLAKLEY Baseball 2: Football 3, MIKE BLOSSOM

B o b b y B u tle r, Karen H ill, and S a lly B u r k h e i m e r have fu n p l a y in g in th e senior lounge.

Seniors 141

Robert Pacheco and Art Bridge, Lettermen, eat and sell pop c o rn at T o p p e r b a s k e tb a ll games.

Senior Float Takes First ALICE ANN BOLIN Girls Athletic Association 3,4: Future Teachers of America 3,4: Spanish Club 3: Honor Society 3, 4: Office Education Association (Vice-President 4). MARTHA BOONE Pep C lu b 2,3,4: H o m e r o o m V o lle y b a ll 2,4: Olympians 3,4: Topper Revue 2. JONATHAN B. BOURNE Industrial Arts Club 2,3: S w im m in g 2,3,4: Letterm an's Club 4: Key Club 2.

JEAN ANN BRAMBLE Pep Club 2: Girls Athletic Association 2: Top­ per Revue 3. HARVEY BRAMLETT ARTHUR L. BRIDGE President of Class 2,3: Football 2,3,4: Lettermen's Club 3,4 (Treasurer 4): Boys' State 3: Pep Club 4: Student Council 2,3,4: Topper Revue 2,3, 4.

MARCIA BROOKS Spanish Club 4: Topper Revue 2,3,4: Olions 4: F re n ch C lu b 2; S tu d e n t C o u n c il 2 ,3,4: G i r l s ’ State 3: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4: Pep Club 3. TERRY BROUSSEAU Future Teachers of America 2,3: Candy Stri­ pers 2: Olympians 2; Topper Revue 2,3. WAYNE BROWNLEE B a s k e tb a ll 2: O ly m p ia n s 3,4 ( T r e a s u r e r 4) Youth and Government 3,4 (Vice-President 4) H o m e r o o m V o lle y b a ll 2 ,3 ,4 : T o p p e r Revue 4 Pep Club 3,4: Golf 3,4: Soccer Club 3.

142 Seniors

JERRY BUCHEN T r a c k 2: Pep C lu b 3: S tu d e n t Council 2: Topper Review 3: Letterman's Club 3,4. DAVID BUCKLAND Key Club 2,3,4; Track 2; Basket­ ball 2; Olions 2,3,4: Folk Song Club 3 (President 3); Choir 3,4 (Chamber Singers 3,4); All-State Mixed Cho­ rus 3,4: S o c c e r C lu b 2.3; T o p p e r Revue 2,3,4 (Master Of Ceremonies 4): Student Council 3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Boy’s State 3; Na­ tional Honor Society 2,3,4. ROBERT JOSEPH BUESCHEL

Place at Homecoming SALLY BURKHEIMER ROBERT REED BUTLER Football 3,4; Key Club 3,4; Home­ room Volleyball 3,4; Lettermen's Club 3,4. MARK C'DE BACK Track 3,4; Football 4; Ski Club 2, 3,4; Topper Review 3,4; Key Club 4; Soccer Club 2,3.

JANICE LYNN CAKE C h o ir 2 ,3 ,4 ; Pep C lu b 2; H o m e ­ room Volleyball 3; Topper Revue 3, 4. ANNE CAMPBELL Olions 2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Band 2, 3,4. SELMA CAMPBELL H o m e r o o m V o ll e y b a ll 2 ,3 ,4 ; Olions 2; State C om m erce Club 4; Ski Club 4; Topper Revue 4.

MIKECANDIOTTI MARK CARSON Wrestling 2,3,4; H o m e ro o m Vol­ leyball 2,3,4; Baseball 4; Track 3. JONATHAN CASHWELL G o lf 3,4; Key C lu b 3,4; S c ie n c e Club 3; Industrial Arts Club 4; Hon­ or Society 3: Orchestra 3,4; Stage Band 3.4.

Seniors 143

Senior Class Studies??? in A DIANN CHAPMAN Pep Club 4: Popper Revue 3: H o m e ro o m Vol­ leyball 3; Choir 4. ELIZABETH JO CHAVEZ Future Nurses Club 2,4; Future Teachers of America 2; French Club 2; Topper Revue 2,4. ROD CHRISTENSEN Science Club 3; Industrial Arts Club 3,4.

DAVID CHURCH L e t t e r m e n ' s C lu b 4; T r a c k M a n a g e r 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4; H o m e ro o m Volleyball 2; Science Club 2,3; National Merit Commended Student 4. STEVE CIDDIO Key Club 2,3,4 (S ophom ore Advisor 2); Bas­ k e tb a ll M a n a g e r 2,3; B o y s ’ S ta te A lt e r n a te 3; S t u d e n t C o u n c il 4 ( A s s e m b ly C h a ir m a n 4); Lookout 4 (Sports Editor 4). LORRAINE ROBERTA CLIFTON Pep Club 2,3; H o m e ro o m Volleyball 2,3.

KERRY P. COFFELT A r tC lu b 4 . JOSEPH THAD COLE Key Club 2,3; H o m e ro o m Volleyball 3. MARY M. CORDOVA Girls Athletic Association 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3, 4; French Club 4.

SHIRLEY CORDOVA VICTOR COX Key Club 2,3; Industrial Arts Club 4. BARBARA CRITCHFIELD Orchestra 2,3,4; Band 2,4 (All State 2,4); Hon­ or Society 3,4.

TOM CROMER EUGENE MICHAEL CUNNINGTON Key Club 2: Hillchargers Car Club 4. JOSEPH R. CURFMAN Football Manager 2,3: Football 4: Golf 3: Key C lub 2,3,

^Merocii, BILL CUSHING MARTY DALY H il l t a l k e r s S p e e ch C lu b 2 ,3 , 4 ( V i c e - P r e s id e n t 2 ,3 ); O lio n s 3,4; French Club 2.

Teacsf; Seiue^i

MICHELLE DAMOUR T o p p e r Revue 3,4: " S o u n d Of Music" 3: Olions 3,4: Future Nurses Club 4: Pep Club 4: O lym pians 4.

larap': <'te'tc it Coni"?

dvisor?: te llte '-rChairfi'

LAHS cheerleaders Marty Lujan, Tina Hockett, Betty Ann Mullins, and Marcy McCluskey prepare to travel to an outof-town game.


CHRISTINE LOUISE DAVIDSON Girls Athletic Association 2,3,4 ( V ic e - P r e s id e n t 3): S ta te C o m ­ merce Club 4: H o m e ro o m Volley­ ball 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4; Topper Re­ vue 4; Powder Puff Basketball 2,3,4; Stage Band 4; N.M.S.D, Volleyball Sports Day 2,3. ROBERT R, DAVIS Industrial Arts Club 3,4; H om e­ room Volleyball 2,3. SCOTT DAVIS Key Club 2.3,4 (D istrict Secretary 4. President 4, Treasurer 3. District Treasurer 3); Olions 2,3,4; Topper Revue 2,3.4: B an d 2 .3 .4 ; H o m e ­ ro om Volleyball 2,3.

Seniors 145

MARY DEAL u o q aH i l l t a l k e r s S p e e ch C lu b G irls A t h l e t i c A s s o c ia t io n 2.S.4; Olions 2,3,4; Lookout 3,4 (Assistant Editor 4): Folk Song Club 4. JANE ELIZABETH DEINKEN Band 2; H o m e ro o m Volleyball 2; Highlands Day 3; International Re­ l a t i o n s C lu b 4: S ta te C o m m e rc e Club 3,4. MARY DENNIS F u tu r e T e a c h e rs Of A m e r ic a 3; Olympians 3.

Seniors Finally Win Spirit Award TERI DEVINE B and 2: C h o ru s 3,4 (C h a m b e r S in g e rs 3,4): Pep C lu b 2,3,4; S tu ­ dent Council 4 (Student Activities C o m m i t t e e C h a ir m a n 4); To p p e r Revue 2,3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4. JUDY ANN DICKINSON Olions 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Folk Song Club 3. DEANNA DIXON O lio n s 4: C h o ir 4; S tate C o m ­ merce Club 4.

SUSAN DONAHUE Pep Club 2,3; Youth and Govern­ ment 4; Topper Revue 2,4; La Loma 4; Hom eroom Volleyball 3. BECKY DOW B and 2,3; F u tu r e T e a c h e rs of A m e r ic a 2; S p a n is h C lu b 2 (VicePresident 2); Ski Club 4: Pep Club 4: Olions 4; Topper Revue 3,4; State Com m erce Club 4. GAILDRUMHILLER

DIANE DUFOUR State C om m erce Club 2,3,4; Girls Athletic Association 3; Topper Re­ vue 3,4; Future Nurses Club 4 (Sec­ retary 4); Office Education Associa­ tion 4; Olions 4; Candy Stripers 2,4. PETER DUNN Band 2,3,4; Key Club 2, MARY JO EARL C a n d y S t r i p e r s 4; O lio n s 3,4; T o p p e r R e v u e 3 ; Office E d u c a tio n Association 3: H o m e ro o m Volley­ ball 4.

146 Seniors



FRED EDESKUTY Science Club 3; Industrial Arts Club 3.4 (Sec­ retary 3, President 4); Ski Club 2. DOUG ENLOE Lettermen's Club 2,3.4: Football 2,3,4; Track 4. MAC ENNIS Football 2,3,4: Wrestling 2: Youth and Govern­ m e n t 4: H o m e r o o m V o lle y b a ll 2,3,4: T o p p e r Revue 4.



JAKE ESPINOZA Lettermen's Club 4; Football 2,4; Wrestling 2, 4. MARGARET ANNETTE EUTSLER Olympians 2,3 (President 3); Future Teachers of America 3,4 (Vice-President 4): Topper Revue 4. SHARON MARIE FARLEY

ROYC. FEBER Olympians 3,4; Band 2,3,4: Graduation Activi­ ties 4. LESLEY ANN FICKETT Pep Club 2,3: Honor Society 2,3,4; Drill Team 3: F r e n c h C l u b 3 , 4 : T o p p e r Revue 2,3; H o m e ­ room Volleyball 2,3. CATHIE FISHLER Pep Club 2,3; Girls Athletic Association 2.

Steve Hackenberry and Rick Leaders "sh o o t the breeze" in the hall between classes.

Seniors 147

Senior Girl Attends Atom MARY FITZGIBBON Pep Club 2,3,4: Drill Team 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2; Hom eroom Volley­ ball 2,3,4; Topper Revue 2,4; Girls Athletic Association 2,3. ROBERT FLETCHER Key Club 2; Industrial Arts Club 3,4 (Treasurer 4). ISABEL FLYNN Pep Club 2,3,4; Hom eroom Vol­ le y b a ll 3,4; F u tu re N u rse s C lu b 4 (President 3); Olympians 2,3 (VicePresident 3): Olions 4; Topper Re­ vue 2,3: H ig h la n d s Day 3; Office Education Association 2.

CHARLES FOWLKES SHELLEY FOWLKES KANDY FRAME Olions 2,3,4; Topper Revue 2,3: Ski Club 2.4; Hom eroom Volleyball 3.4.

ROBERT W. FREYMAN O lio n s 2 ,3,4; Key C lu b 2,3,4; S wim m in g 3,4; La Loma 4; Lookout 4. JANET PATRICE FULLER Student Council 2,3,4 (Treasurer 4): A ll-S ta te O r c h e s tra 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Assistant Track Manager 3: H o m e r o o m V o lle y b a ll 2,3,4; Orchestra 2,3.4; Choir 4. MICHAEL PULLMAN Wrestling 4.


148 Seniors

*<j; T

' ■- ,-i •V'

-a* .? IV

Convention in Chicago


PATRICIA GARRITY S tate C o m m e r c e C lu b 2,3,4: C h o ir 3,4; F u tu r e N u rse s C lu b 2: Girls Athletic Association 3: Office Education 2: 01 ions 2: Pep Club 3,4; Topper Revue 2,3,4. ALLEN GAULER JACK GAUTHIER S w i m m i n g 3,4: T r a c k 3,4: Key Club 2: Ski Club 2,4.

MIKE GEELAN SYLVIA GERE LADAWN GIBBONS B and 2,3.4: F u tu r e T e a c h e rs of America 3,4: Olions 4: Topper Re­ vue 4.

Louis Rojas and Eppie T rujillo (STAND­ ING) discuss their S um m er 1967 Boys' State activities at an assembly. In the background are John Benziger, Keirn Roach, Larry Keii, Marcia Brooks, and Dave Buckland.

Seniors 149

Foreign Pupils Graduate in ’68

KATHY GIBSON GRANTGODBOLT Basketball 2,3: Baseball 2: Track 3.4: Cross C o u n try 4: Ski Club 4. JIMGRAEBNER Football 2,3.4: L e tte rm e n ’s Club 3.4: Topper Revue 3.4: In te rn a tio n ­ al Relations Club 4: Youth and Gov­ e rn m e n t 4: H om eroom Volleyball 2,3,4: Fencing Club 4.

ROBERT GREGERSEN Key C lu b 2 .3 ,4 (V ic e - P r e s id e n t 4): Topper Revue 3,4: Hom eroom Volleyball 3.4. GEORGE GRIFFIN B a n d 2: La L o m a 4 ( P h o t o g r a ­ pher 4). JOYCE GRIMES Olions 4: Office Education Asso­ ciation 4: Topper Revue 4: Fencing Club 4: Candystripers 4.

RICHARD WAYNE HAASE Industrial Arts Club 2,3: Home­ ro o m Volleyball 3: La Loma 4 (Pho­ to g ra p h e r 4). STEPHEN A. HACKENBERRY Football 2,3,4: Track 2,3,4: Ski Club 4: H om eroom Volleyball 2,3,4. NANCY HALL G irls A t h l e t i c A s s o c ia t io n 3,4: H om eroom Volleyball 3,4: Topper Revue 4: French Club 4: Pep Club 2, 4.


150 Seniors

GRACE HAWES Olions 4; Topper Revue 3,4; Future Teachers o f A m e r ic a 2,3: C h o ir 3,4; Pep C lu b 2; S ta te C o m m e r c e C lu b 3; H o m e r o o m V o lle y b a ll 3: "Sound Of Music" 3. KARLA HAYES Girls Athletic Association 4; Spanish Club 4. WILLIAM REA HEATH IV Boys' State Alternate 3; International Rela­ tions Club 4 (Vice-President 4); West Point Lead­ ership Award Nominee 3; Olions 3,4; Chess Club 2,3; Industrial Arts Club 3: Hom eroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Choir 4 (C hamber Singers 4); Pep Cub 4; Topper Revue 2,3. IRENE HENGSTENBERG Future Nurses Club 2,3: Pep Club 2,3; Ski Club 3: Topper Revue 2,3,4; Highlands Day 3,4; Band 2.3: O lio n s 2; F u tu r e T e a c h e rs o f A m e r ic a 4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4. BRETT HERMAN TEDL. HERRERRA Homeroom Volleyball 4. ALLEN HERRING Olympians 4 (Vice-President 4); Basketball 2, 3,4 (Tri-Captain 4); Baseball 2; Track 3,4; Boys' S tate 3: L e t t e r m e n 's C lu b 3,4; Pep C lu b 3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3.4. KAREN HILL Olions 3: Student Council 2,3,4 (D istrict 3,4: State 3); Girls Athletic Association (Sports Head 3, P r e s id e n t 4); Ski C lu b 2 ,4 ( P r e s id e n t 4); S u m m it Seedlings Garden Club 2; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Topper Review 2,3,4; Conces­ sions Chairman 4; Candystripers 3; Powder Puff Basketball 3,4; La Loma 4; Girls Athletic Associa­ tion Sports Day 2,3; Highlands Day 3; Youth and Government 3: State Com m erce Club 3. TINA HOCKETT Class Treasurer 2; Band 2; Student Council 2, 3.4; Pep Cub 2,3,4 (Publicity Manager 3); Girls Athletic Association 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Jun io r Varsity Cheerleader 3; Varsity Cheerlead­ er 4 (head 4); Girls' State 3; H om ecom ing Court 4; H om eroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Topper Revue 2, 3.

Geena Van Gemert and Bruce Johnson get “ h itc h e d u p " d u r i n g th e a n n u a l YMCA Youth and Governments Club's Sadie H a w k in s Dance, “ M a r r y in g Sam" is Mr. Michael Flynn.

Seniors 151

Marcia Brooks, Beverly S h a fe r (P A RTIA LLY HIDDEN), Tina Hockett, Dea P e tty , a n d B e tty Ann Mullins sing a song th e y le a rn e d a t G irls ' State,


Many Varied Activities Scheduled

RICHARD HODSON Amateur Radio Club 4. ROBERT HOLLEN Topper Revue 3; Track 3. BEKI HOLMES Art Club 3: Topper Revue 3,4.

PAT HOLT H i l lt a lk e r s 2,3: A r t C lu b 4; Ski Club 2,4; LaLoma 3,4; Lookout 3,4; Olions 2. JANIE HONES WILLIAM G. HOOPER

DAVID HOVERSON S wim m ing 2,3,4; Student Coun­ cil 4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3.4; Science Club 2; Lettermen's Club 3, 4. VICKI DIANE HUES Band 2,3; Girls Athletic Associa­ tion 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Drill Team 4; Topper Revue 2,3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3. DALE E. HUGHES Olions 3,4; Pep Club 4; Ski Club 4; Topper Revue 4.

152 Seniors

ADRIENNE HULETTE LAUREN HULL Topper Revue 2.3; Pep Club 2.3; Drill Team 2; Girls Athletic Associa足 tion 3; Ski Club 2.4; LaLoma 4. LARRYW. HULTS

for Gala Senior Week on 'Hiir MARTY LYNN HURT Pep Club 2.3; Drill Team 3; Girls A t h l e t i c A s s o c ia t io n 2.3; T o p p e r Revue 2.3; F u tu r e T e a c h e rs o f America 3; Hom eroom Volleyball 2. 3; Olions 2; Co-Ed Correspondent 4; A rtC lu b 4 . JOANNE HUTCHESON Pep Club 3.4; Choir 3.4. DEBBY HYATT Pep Club 2.3; H om eroom Volley足 ball 2.3.4; Topper Revue 2.3.4; La足 Loma 4; Art Club 2; Olions 2.

GENE JAEGER BRUCE JOHNSON Football 2.3.4; Lettermen's Club 2.3.4; T o p p e r Revue 3.4; S econd Team All-State Football 3; Honor足 able Mention All-State Football 4; Ski Club 4; H om eroom Volleyball 2. 3.4; Pep C lu b 4; S ta te C o m m e r c e Club 4; LaLoma 3.4. KAY ELLEN JOHNSON O lio n s 2; Pep C lu b 3; T o p p e r Revue 3.4; O r c h e s tr a 2 .3 .4 (A llState Orchestra 2.3.

STANLEY W. JOHNSTON Band 2.3; State C om m erce Club 3.4; H ig h la n d s Day 3.4; T o p p e r Revue 4. DAVID JONES JUDY JONES Olions 2.3.4; Folksong Club 3,4; Girls Athletic Association 2; Topper Revue 2,3,4; Pep Club 3.

Seniors 153

Class of ’68 Promotes Volleyball MARY JORDAN Girls Athletic Association 2: State Commerce Club 2,3: H om eroom Volleyball 2,3.4; Topper Revue 2,3. TOBY KAIN CURT KARLEN Hom eroom Volleyball 4.

LINDA M. KASIK Girls Athletic Association 3: Topper Revue 2.3 4; Pep Club 3.4; Olions 2,4: Honor Society 3.4 Student Council 4: H omeroom Volleyball 3,4 S tate C o m m e r c e C lu b 3,4: H ig h la n d s Day 3 Office Education Association 4 (Secretary 4). LAWRENCE MICHAEL KEIL Band 2,3; Track 2; Lettermen's Club 3,4: Boys' State 3: Pep Club 4; Student Council 4; Topper Revue 3.4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4. DENISE KELLER O l i o n s 2 : P e p C l u b 2 ; D r i l l T e a m 2; S panish Club 4 (President 4): Homeroom Volleyball 2,3.

PATRICK KENNEDY Key Club 3,4; Topper Revue 3.4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Wrestling 2; Ski Club 2. ALAN K. KERNODLE Track 2,3,4; Football 2. HABTE KIDANE Cross C ountry 4; Student Council 4; Track 4; Debating Society 4; Soccer 4; Literary Campaign 4.

JANET KILLOUGH Pep Club 3,4; Girls Athletic Association 2,3,4: Olympians 3,4; Future Teachers of American 4; Homeroom Volleyball 3,4. JEANETTE E. KINKER Pep Club 3,4 (Spirit C hairm an 4); Olions 2,3: Topper Revue 2,3 (Class Director 2): Drill Team 3.4; Girls Athletic Association 2: H om eroom Vol­ leyball 2,3. JACQUELINE KROHN S cie n ce C lu b 2; S ta te C o m m e r c e C lu b 3; Olympians 3.4 (President 4); Honor Society 2,3, 4.

154 Seniors

MARYANN LAMB Pep C lu b 3,4: D rill Team 4: H o m e r o o m V o lle y b a ll 2,4; Office Education Association 2: Olympi­ ans 3: Future Nurses Club 3: High­ lands Day 3. JAMES LAMONICA Basketball 2; Homeroom Volley­ ball 2.3.4: Track 2,3,4: Lettermen’s Club 3.4. FREDERIC CLAYTON LAQUER Chess C lu b 2,3,4 (P re s id e n t 4. Secretary-Treasurer 3): Olympians 3,4: N a tio n a l M e r it C om m ended S tu d e n t 4: Cross C o u n t r y 3,4: Track 3: Lettermen’s Club 4. CLAIRE JEANNE LARSON Band 2: F u tu re T e a c h e rs of America 2,3,4 (Treasurer 2, Histori­ an 3): Olions 2: Folk Song Club 3.4: Art Club 3,4. CASSANDRA MARIE LEE H o n o r S o c ie ty 2.3,4: F u tu re Nurses Club 3 (Secretary 3): Home­ room Volleyball 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3.4: P o w d e r Puff B a s k e tb a ll 3,4: Girls Athletic Association 2,3,4: Ski C lu b 2,4 ( T r e a s u r e r 4): T o p p e r Revue 2,3,4: Pep C lu b 2.3,4: D rill Team 4: Art Club 4: Student Coun­ cil 4. SUZANNE LEEP Drill Team 4: Pep Club 3,4: Top­ per Revue 3: Y o u th and G o v e rn ­ ment 3: Student Council 4: Home­ room Volleyball 4.

Seniors Karen Hill and Peggy Day “ get carried away" tryin g on designer hats while modeling fo r an advertisement fo r the Lookout newspaper.

MARY ADELINE LEHMAN Pep C lu b 2,3: D rill T e a m 2: A rt Club 4 (President 4). ELIZABETH LINDSEY Hilltalkers 2,3,4: National Foren­ sic League 3,4: O lio n s 2 ,3,4: Pep Club 2,3: H omeroom Volleyball 2: I n t e r n a t io n a l R e la tio n s C lu b 4: Topper Revue 2: Choir 3: Lookout 4 (Exchange Editor 4): S u m m it Seed­ lings 4. ROBERT M. LITTLE Key C lu b 2 ,3,4: S c ie n c e C lu b 4: H om eroom Volleyball 2,4: Lighting of LA on B urn t Mountain 4.

Seniors 155

JOHN LORY Track 2,4; H o m e ro o m Volleyball 2,3,4. LAURENCE LOUCKS Youth and Government 4, ALEX A. LOVATO Choir 2,3,4: Art Club 2.

’68 Class Skit Satire on School RUDY LOVATO RICK LUDERS Key C lu b 2; T o p p e r Revue 3,4; Hom eroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Foot­ ball 2.3: T r a c k 2 ,3 ,4 (C a p ta in 4); Vice P r e s id e n t o f Class 3,4; Ski C lu b 3: L e t t e r m e n ’ s C lu b 2,3,4; Student Council 3,4. LUCILLE LUNDGREN S t u d e n t C o u n c il 3,4 (S ta te 3): Topper Review 3; State Commerce Club 2; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3: O r c h e s tr a 2.3 (All S ta te 3); Girls Athletic Association 2; Pep Club 2. 3.4; Drill Team 3,4; Key Club Court 3,4: Key C lu b S w e e th e a rt 4; Ger­ m a n C lu b 4; F e n c in g C lu b 4; Ski Club 2.4; Honor Society 2,3,4. WILLIAM N. LYON Ski Club 2,4; Homeroom Volley­ ball 2.4; B aseball 2; L aLom a 3.4 ( P h o t o g r a p h e r 3.4); L o o k o u t 3,4 (Photographer 4). JEAN ELIZABETH MANGER Band 2,3.4; Olions 4; Olympians 4. MARLA MANN

JUDY MARRIOT Pep C lu b 2,3,4; G irls A th le tic Association 2,3,4. DEBBY LEE MARTIN Office Education Association 3: Student Council 4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Topper Revue 2,3; Lookout 2, 3; Pep C lu b 2 ,3,4; G irls A th le tic Association 2,3: Hom eroom Volley­ ball 2,3,4; Girl's State Alternate 3. MARJORIE E. MARTINEZ Choir 2,3; Pep Club 2,3; Industri­ al Arts Club 4; Hom eroom Volley­ ball 2; Topper Revue 2.

156 Seniors

CAROL MASANZ Pep Club 2,3,4; Girls Athletic Association 2,3: Olions 2,3. JERRY MATTYS Olions 2,3,4 (President 4); Choir 3 (A Capella C h o ir 3,4, All S ta te ): M ixe d C h o ir 3.4: T o p per Revue 4: Wrestling 2. WENCIL McCLENAHAN

MARCY McCLOSKEY Junior Varsity Cheerleader 3: Varsity Cheer­ leader 4: Pep Club 2,3,4: Drill Team 2: Girls A th ­ letic Association 2.3: Topper Revue 2,3; Ski Club 4: Homecoming C ourt 4: Prom C ourt 4. MARY MARGARET McDONOUGH Orchestra 2; Olions 2,4; Girls Athletic Associa­ tion 4: Ski Club 4. JAMES ARNOLD McNEESE Student Council 2,4: Basketball 2,3,4; Track 2: Vice President of Class 3: President of Class 4: Boys' State 3; H om eroom Volleyball 2,3,4.

JOHN MEADOWS Key Club 2,3; Industrial Arts Club 3.4 (VicePresident 4). RUTH MERRYMAN Band 2,3,4: Orchestra 2,4: Girls Athletic Asso­ ciation 2: Olions 2,4; Topper Revue 2,3,4: State C o m m e rc e C lu b 2,3: H ig h l a n d s Day 3; H o n o r Society 2,3,4. RICHARD MARK MEYERS Baseball 2.3,4: L e tte rm e n ’s Club 3,4; Home­ room Volleyball 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; LaLoma 4.

Mr. Roy Burge, representative of Jost e n ’ s, show s s e n io rs a t an a s s e m b ly possible choices fo r their graduation announcements.

Seniors 157

Roundhouse Opens for GLENN MICHEL Wrestling 2,3,4: Track 2,3,4. RONALD RAY MILLER Football 3,4; Letterm en’s Club 4; Homeroom Volleyball 3,4; Hillchargers Car Club 3,4 ( President 4). CLIFF W. MILLS Newspaper Editor 4: Homeroom Volleyball 4; Student Council 4: La Loma 4.

SHARLYN MOLLETT State Commerce Club 3,4; Office Education Association 4; Girls A th­ letic Association 2. DOLORES MONTANO DANIELLE MOREL Hilltalkers Speech Club 4.

HENRY MUELLER Key Club 2,3,4; Science Club 2,3, 4 (Secretary 4); Oiions 2,3,4 (Vice President 4); Band4; Topper Revue 3,4. ELIZABETH ANGELA MULLINS Powder Puff Basketball 3: State Commerce Club 3: Student Council 2 ;F u tu re N u rs e s C lu b 2 ,3 (S e c re tary 2); Ski Club 2,4; Girls Athletic Association 2,3,4; Drill Team 2; Pep C lu b 2,3,4; T o p p e r Revue 2,3: J u n i o r V a rs ity C h e e rle a d e r 3 (Head 3): Class Favorite 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4; French Club 4: Girls' State 3: Homecoming Queen 4. JOAN MUNYON Girls Athletic Association 2,3,4 ( S e c re ta ry 4); Pep C lu b 2,3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Girls Athletic Association Sports Day 3.4.

CAROL NAGLE Hilltalkers Speech Club 2; Oiions 2.3.4 (Treasurer 4); Orchestra 2,3,4 (All-State 3,4): Junior Opera Guild 2.3.4 (President 3). KAZUYA NAKASHIMA SANDRA NEAL

158 Seniors

Use of Nearly 325 Seniors KATHLEEN NIELSON Olions 2: Choir 2,3,4 (Chamber Singers 4): Highlands Day 3: Office Education Association 4; Folk Song Club 3: Topper Revue 2,4, DANNY NORRIS H o m e r o o m V o lle y b a ll Wrestling 3.


TED O'CONNOR Olions 2,3,4: Ski Club 2,4; Topper Revue 3,4,

JOHN JOSEPH O'MARA Basketball 2: H om eroom Volley­ ball 3,4; Golf 2; La Loma 4, JO GRACE OAKES Pep C lu b 2; S p a n is h C lu b 3; Olions 4 (Secretary 4), GAYLA OCHSNER Pep Club 2,3; Girls Athletic Asso­ ciation 2,

STEPHANIE OLIVER Band 2; Youth and Government 4; Candy Stripers 3; Pep Club 2, CRAIG FREDRICK OLSEN Ski Club 2,4; Key Club 4; Home­ room Volleyball 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3: A rtC lu b 2 , CARL W. OSBORN S w im m in g 4; Track 4,

T in a H o c k e tt be­ g in s an a s s ig n ­ m e n t as Cassie Lee gets interest­ ed and th e n helps.

Seniors 159

About 300 Complete Senior Year ROBERT ESTEVAN PACHECO Football 3,4; tr a c k 2,3,4 (Captain 4); Letterm en's Club 3,4 (President 4): H o m e ro o m Volleyball 2,3,4. TERRI PARROTT Youth and Government 3,4; Pep Club 2,4; Drill Team 2,4; Folk Song Club 3; H o m e ro o m Volleyball 2,3,4; Ottice Education 3. RODNEY PETERSON

DEA PETTY S tudent Council 2,3,4 (State 3); C la ss S e c r e t a r y 4; P e p C l u b 2 , 3 , 4 (Treasurer 4); Girls Athletic Asso­ ciation 2,3; H o m e ro o m Volleyball 2 ,3 ,4 ; T o p p e r Revue 2 ,3 ,4 ; D rill Team 2,3,4; Girls’ State 3; Powder Puff Basketball 3. MARGARET ANN PHILLIPS O r c h e s t r a 2 ,3 ,4 (A l l- S t a t e 3,4); Olions 3,4; Topper Revue 4. ELIZABETH PHILLIPS Band 2,3; Olions 2,4; Honor So­ ciety 3,4 (President 4); Pep Club 3; Pegasus 3; International Relations Club 4; Topper RevueStageCrew 3, 4.

SUSAN PORTON NANCY POTTER C h o ir 2 ,3 ,4 ; O lio n s 4; T o p p e r Revue 2,3,4; State C om m erce Club 4. STEVE POTTER W r e s t li n g 2; G o lf 2; H o m e r o o m Volleyball 3,4; Ski Club 4.

LINDA ANN PROVOST O lio n s 2; F re n c h C lu b 2; Office Education Association 4; Pep Club 4. MICHAEL QUINTANA S wim m in g 2; Key Club 2,3; Top­ per Revue 2,3,4; Hom eroom Volley­ ball 2,3,4, RENE RABIDEAU N a tio n a l H o n o r S o c ie ty 2,3,4; I n t e r n a t io n a l R e la tio n s C lu b 3,4 (President 4); "Pegasus" Editor 3,4; Girls Athletic Association 2,3; Les Miserables 2,3; Homeroom Volley­ ball 2,3; D.A.R, Award 4; NCTE Cita­ tion 4; United Nations Pilgrimage 2; Lions International Peace Plan 3; V.F.W. "Voice Of D emocracy" 3,

160 Seniors


NORrvlA RAMIREZ A r t C lu b 2: H o m e r o o m V o lle y b a ll 2,3: Pep Club 3: Office Education Association 4. PAT REEVES Office E d u c a tio n A s s o c ia t io n 4: Pep C lu b 3; H om eroom Volleyball 3; Girls Athletic Associa足 tion 2. SUSAN REIDER Future Teachers of America 2,3,4 (Publicity Chairman 4): Topper Revue 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Ski Club 2,4; Office Education Association 3, 4; Olions 2; Pep Club 2,3,4; Hom eroom Volley足 ball 3,4.

LEO JOSEPH RIEDEL JR. DAVID RILE Band 2 ,3 ,4 ; O r c h e s tr a 2 ,3 ,4 : C h o r u s 2.3: Olions 2,3,4. W. KEIRN ROACH Football 2,3,4; Basketball 2; Student Lounge Committee 3; H o m e ro o m Volleyball 2,3.

JUDY ROBERTS THOMAS ROBISON Key C lu b 4; S c ie n c e C lu b 2; I n d u s t r i a l A rts Club 2. LOUIS ROJAS Student Council 2,3,4 (President 4); Band 2,3, 4; H o m e c o m i n g F lo a t C h a ir m a n 2,3; P ro m C h a ir m a n 3: B o y s 'S t a t e 3; T o p p e r Revue 3,4; B a sk e tb a ll 2; B a se b a ll 2 ,3,4; F o o tb a ll 4; U.S. Senate Youth Program State Finalist 4; Home足 room Volleyball 3,4.

Student Council President Louis Rojas tries to sell tickets fo r the h o m e co m 足 ing dance as he conducts a meeting of the student government body.

Seniors 161

During a senior test, Bruce Johnson is surprised by a question, Rick Luders contem plates an answer, and Chris Benson falls asleep.

9 Class of '68 Members Named DEBI ROTH G irls A t h I e t i c A s s o c ia t io n 2,4; O lions 4 - Ski Clu b4. JERRY ROTH BRUCE RUNYON

ROBERT RUTHERFORD Olions 2,3. GERALD E. SANDOVAL Football 4: State Com m erce Club 4. CARROLL I. SAVAGE Pep C lu b 4; Ski C lu b 4: Fre n ch C lu b 2,3,4 (President 4): Olions 2,3: Girls Athletic Associa­ tion 3,4; NHS 2,3,4; Topper Revue 2,4.

ROBERT SAWYER Key Club 4; S wim m in g 2,3,4; Hom eroom Vol­ leyball 3,4. KATHLEEN SCHELBERG Girls Athletic Association 3; Band 2,3; State Commerce Club 2,3. JEANINESCHOFIELD

162 Seniors

SANDRA SCHOFIELD JULIE SCHRANDT Orchestra 2 (All-State 2); Art Club 4. SUZANNE SCHUTZ G irls A t h l e t i c A s s o c ia t io n 4: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3: Ollons 2.

f Merit Scholarship Test Finalists MARY SERRANO NENO JAMES SEGURA Lettermen's Club 3,4 (Vice Presi­ dent 4): Football 2,3,4; Basketball 2.3.4 (Tri-Captain 4); Track 2,3,4: Hom eroom Volleyball 2,3.4. BARBARA MARIA SEMBACH Girls Athletic Association 2,3,4: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4: Band 2.3.4. BEVERLY SHAFER Honor Society 2,3,4 (Secretary 3, 4): S t u d e n t C o u n c il 2 ,3 ,4 (S e c re ­ ta r y 4): D is t r ic t S t u d e n t C o u n c il S e c re ta r y 4: Pep C lu b 2 ,3,4: G irls Athletic Association 2,3: Ski Club 2: Youth and Government 2,3,4 (Sec­ retary 3, President 4): Class Secretery 3: Girl's State 3; Girl's Nation Nominee 3: Key Club Sweetheart 3: H o m e c o m i n g C o u r t 4; A m e r ic a n Field Service 3 (Secretary 3). SHARON SIBBITT Pep C lu b 2,3,4: Ski C lu b 2,4; Spanish Club 3,4 (Publicity Chair­ man 3, Treasurer 3): Girls Athletic Association 2,3,4; Honor Society 2, 3.4 (Vice-President 4): Art Club 4: German Club 4; International Rela­ tions Club 4; American Field Serv­ ice T rip to T u r k e y 4; H o m e r o o m Volleyball 2,3: Topper Revue 2,3,4: U n ite d N a tio n s W r i t i n g C o n te s t Semi-Finalist 3: Pegasus 2; Nation­ al Merit Com m e n d a tio n 3: Olions 2, 3.4. JACK SIMPSON Football 2,3,4: Baseball 3,4. VICKI LYNN SLAVIK B and 3.4; S ta g e B an d 3: W ind E n s e m b le 4: Pep C lu b 4; Office Education Association 4 (Publicity C h a ir m a n 4): C a n d y S t r i p e r s 4: Topper Revue 3,4. CHIP SMITH Band 2,3,4 (All-State 3,4): Olions 4. DAVID SMITH

Seniors 163

Seniors Enjoy Leisure in Lounge DOTTIE SMITH Class Concessions Chairm an 2,3; Pep Club 2, 3.4 (Vice-President 3, President 4): Girls Athletic Association 2,3,4 (Secretary 3); Prom Princess 3: Highlands Day 3,4; N.M.S.D. Volleyball Sports Day 2,3,4; H om eroom Volleyball 3,4; Drill Team 3.4 (C a p ta in 4); G irl's S ta te F irs t A lt e r n a te 3; Safe Driver of the Month 4; Student Council 2,4; Powder Puff Basketball 3,4. FRED SMITH Ski Club 4; 01 ions 4; Key Club 3. LYNN SMITH Student Council 4; Hom eroom Volleyball 2,3, 4; Olions 2,3.4; Spanish Club 3; Pep Club 4; Top­ per Revue 2,3,4; Ski Club 4; La Loma 4 (Assistant Editor 4).

MICHELLE F. SNIEZEK Pep Club 2,3,4; Olions 3.4; Office Education Association 2,4 (President 4); Spanish Club 3; Topper Revue 3. MARLENE SPENCE Olions 2,3; State Commerce Club 2.3; Topper Revue 2; Choir 2,3.4. LARRAYNEIRMA STEPHENS Olympians 3,4 (Secretary 4); Future Teachers Of America 3; Orchestra 2,3,4; Honor Society 3, 4.

THAD STEVENS Amateur Radio Club 4. BARBARA STOMS Girls Athletic Association 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 2. GARY STREIN Industrial Arts Club 2,3; Art Club 3,4; Football 2; Basketball 2,3,4; Track 2,4.

CAROL STROOPE Pep Club 2,3,4. DOUG SUMMERS LAUREL SUSCO Ski C lu b 4; H o m e r o o m V o lle y b a ll 4; T op per Revue 2,3; Olions 2,3; Pep Club 2,3.

164 Seniors


KIRKTATOM Football 2.3.4: Ski Club 2.4: Art Club 2.4: Topper Revue 2.3.4: Pega­ sus 2.3: Homeroom Volleyball 2.3. 4: Track 3.4: Spanish Club 2.3: Key Club2. MARGARET ANN TATTAN Drill Team 3.4: Girls Athletic As­ sociation 2.3: Girls’ State Alternate 3: H o m e r o o m V o lle y b a ll 2.3.4: Highlands Day 3: Honor Society 3.4 (Treasurer 4): Pep Club 2.3.4 (Sec­ retary 4): State Commerce Club 3. 4: Office Education Association 2.3. JANET TAUB Band 2.3.4: Olions 2.3.4: Topper Revue 3.4: Les M Iserables 2: Pep Club 3.4: Solo and Ensemble 2.4.

On a jo u rn a lism — publications field trip to Albuquerque, seniors Suzanne Leep a n d B a rb a ra H a r r i n g t o n rest while waiting fo r other students to a r­ rive fo r lunch at La Hacienda.

TERRY TEETOR B a s k e tb a ll 2.3: Key C lu b 2.3,4 (Special Projects Head 4): Home­ room Volleyball 2,3,4. FRED THOMAS B a s k e tb a ll 2: Key C lu b 3.4: Pep C lu b 4: T op per Revue 3.4: H o m e ­ r o o m V o lle y b a ll 2,3.4: Baseball Manager 2. SUSAN TIANO LaLoma Editor 4: National Honor Society 4: Ski Club 4.

Seniors 165

EPPIE I RUJILLO Key Club 2,3,4 (P arlia m entarian 3: Lieuten­ ant Governor 3: District Governor 4, In te rn a ­ tional Delegate 3,4: International Council 4): Olions 2,4: Wrestling 3: Boy's State 3: Tennis 2: Orchestra 2,3: Student Council 2,3,4 (State 2, Parliamentarian 4): H o m e ro o m Volleyball 2,3, 4: West Point Leadership Award Semi-Finalist 3. JEANETTE TRUJILLO Student Council 2,3,4 (State 3): Girls Athletic Association 2,3,4: Future Nurses Club 3 (Vice President 3): Pep Club 2,3,4: Drill Team 2,3,4: Girl's State Alternate 3: H om eroom Volleyball 2,3,4: Topper Revue 2,3,4: Class Secretary 2: Class Treasurer 4: Candy Stripers 2,3: Choir 4: Powder Puff Basketball 3,4: LaLoma 4. MERRY AMELIA [ RUPP Pep C lu b 3: G irls A t h l e t i c A s s o c ia t io n 3: Hom eroom Volleyball 3: Topper Revue 3.

’68ers Complete for Scholarships PATRICIA ANN TRUPP Hom eroom Volleyball 3: Spanish Club 3: Pep Club 3,4: Future Nurses Club 4: Topper Revue 4. SUSAN TURNER O lio n s 2,3: Ski C lu b 2,4: Pep C lu b 3: Girls Athletic Association 3: Topper Revue 3. LIESL UNGNADE Olions 2,4: Topper Revue 2,4: French Club 2: 0 l y m p ia n s 4 : S k i C lu b 4 : Fencing Club 4.

DANIEL VALDEZ JR. Football 3,4: Track 3.4: Boy's State First Al­ ternate 3: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4: Lettermen's Club 4. JEANNE LOUISE VAN GEMERT Pep Club 2,3,4: Drill Team 2,3,4: Girls Athlet­ ic Association 2,3: Ski Club 4: National Honor Society 3,4: State Commerce Club 4; Topper Revue 2,3,4: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4: Pow­ der Puff Basketball 3,4: LaLoma 4. CLOYD VOGT.

LINDA WALTERS Majorette 2,3,4 (Head 4): Topper Revue 4: Choir 4. CYNTHIA RENEE WARREN Magmamites 2: Latin Club 2,3,4: Olympians 2,3,4: Pep Club 4. RICHARD P. WATTS S w i m m i n g 2 ,3,4 (C a p ta in 4); Let te r m e n 's C lu b 3,4: G olf 3: S p a n is h C lu b 3: Ski C lu b 2: West Point Leadership Nominee 3: Homeroom Volleyball 2,3.

166 Seniors

ROCHELLE WEISS Pep C lu b 2: O lio n s 4: F u tu r e T e a c h e rs of America 2,3,4; Olympians 3,4; A-Capella Choir 4; "Sound Of Music" 3: Topper Revue 4. GEORGE WHITE A m ateur Radio Club 4, MYRA EVELYN WILLER Olions 2,3,4: Pep Club 3,4; Office Education Association 4; Highlands Day 3: Albuquerque Journal Correspondent 4.

JEAN T. WILLIAMS Girls Athletic Association 3,4. LYNN WILLIAMS Ski Club 2: Olions 2: Art Club 4. STEVE WILLIAMS L e tte rm e n ’s Club 2.3.4; Football 2,3,4: Wres­ tling 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4.

TOM WILLIAMS KAREN WILSON Future Teachers Of America 2.3: Pep Club 2,3: O lio n s 2 ,3.4: G irls A t h l e t i c A s s o c ia t io n 2,3,4: Topper Revue 2,3,4: H om eroom Volleyball 2,3,4. RAY ZIMMERMAN Football 2,3,4 (Co-Captain 4) Wrestling 3,4; Track 2,3,4: Letterm en's Club 3,4: H omeroom Volleyball 2,3,4.

Secretary Dea Petty hands ballots to Mike Allen (LEFT) and Tom Robinson prior to a senior class meeting in Civic A uditorium .

Seniors 157

Class of ’69 Still Ranks Large

Junior Class officers are Guy Hargrove, president; Tim Van Hecke, vice-president: Shelly Roberts, treasurer: Kathi Fulgenzi, secretary: and Debbie Bradshaw, concessions chairm an. They stand in back of a casing of one of the first a to m ic bombs.

^ 1

Again, th e j u n i o r s ' special achievement was the planning and carrying out of prom. One money-making project for the event was selling con­ cessions. “ T o p p e r Rev ue. ’ ’ in wh ic h the juniors acted out a h u m o r ­ ous satire of “ Sleeping Beau­ t y , ’ ’ helped also in f u n d r a is ­ ing. Sp on so rs headed by Mr. Russell Shinn were: Miss Inez Ross. Mr. D e l b e r t T e t e r , Mrs. Lucy T h o m a s . Mr. David Agard, Mr. David Putman, Mrs. Esther C h u rc h , and Mr. Glen Howl.

168 Juniors

Sponsors fo r the Junior Class are (STANDING) Mr. David Putman, Mr. David Agard, Mr. Russell Shinn (head), Mr. Delbert Teter, (SEATED) Mrs. Esther Church, Mrs. Lucy Thomas, and Mrs. Inex Ross.



Class favorites fo r the Class of '69 are Leroy Montoya and Janet Wilson.

Juniors 169

Class of â&#x20AC;&#x2122;69 Grows Academically

Abeyta, Dennis Acomb. John Aiello, Robert Ainsworth. Karen Allen. John

Anderson. Jim Anderson. Johnny Anderson, Posy Anderson, Vicky Andrus. Buddy

Anspach, Debbie Anstey, Jan Aragon. Andrea Armstrong, Bruce Arnold. Mike

Arntzen, Mike Ashcraft, John Asmus, Bonnie Bailey. Barry Baird. Barbara

Balestrini, John Barnes, Doug Barnes, Judy Barrington. Judy Battat. Ken

Baum, Brad Bay, Jann Beckett. Ralph Beckwith. Gloria Bender. Craig

170 Juniors

Berry. Kaye Blackburn, Randy Blatti. Craig Blatz, Karen Blaut, Pam

Blevins. Bruce Blossom, David Boegli. Gina Bolton, Richard Bombardt. Paul

Booth, Sandy Boyer. Paul Bradshaw. Debby Bramlett. Donna Brown, Phillip

Brundige, Lee Bunch. Charlie Burkhalter, Julie Burns, Kathy Byers. Bruce

Guy Hargrove (LEFT) seems eager to have his picture taken, but th e others — Peter Deinken, Bob Stovall, and Mike Hatch appear to want to eat more than to be “ shot.”

Kathi FulgenzI (LEFT BESIDE BOARD) and Shelley Roberts direct a ju n io r class meeting to discuss a th em e fo r their h o m e co m ­ ing float.

Mid-Classmen Get School Rings Cadenhead, Sherry Calvin, Mary Campbell, Jim Candiotti, Lee Cardon, Randall

Carpenter, Janet Case, Diane Chaney, Laurie Chavez, Abel Cherry, Tony

Chesney, Grey Christenson, Carl Clayshulte, Cathy Coburn, Marcia Conley, Catherine

Conley, Mike Cook, Dave Cote, Jacque Cottrell, Gary Coulter, Robert

172 Juniors

Cox, Molly Craig, Chuck Critchfield, Doug Crook, Linda Crowe, Jay

Deal, Elizabeth Davis, Kathy DeYampert, Gary Deinken, Peter Dickinson, Patsy

Denigar, Barbara Dodds, Debbie Driesner, Douglas Dropesky, Phillip Duben, Tina

Dufour, Les Dugan, Pat Duke, Tom Dunning, Craig Durmat, Richard

Farr, Doug Feber, Jeannie Felt, John Fisher, Lindi Fishier, Carol

Fletcher, Mike Foglesong, Steven Fulgenzi, Kathi Fullman, Ava Garcia, Anna

Juniors 173

Gardner, Ethel Glass, Steven

Gauler, Mary Gonzales, Gilbert

Gay, Wayne Goodfellow, Gayle

Gibson, Doug Goodior, Ben

Gibson, Lloyd Grasser, Pam

Gilmore, Reid Graves, Alvin

Membership of Junior Class Gray, Paul Greco, Chip Green, Cody Green, Conrad Green, Philip

Greenwood, Cathy Grieggs, Carol Griffin, Jamie Guest, Mickey Guthrie, Anna

Hahn,Susan Hall. Doris Hall, Yvette Hamlin, Robin Hannemann. Richard

Harbert. Jim Harelson, Bob Hargrove, Guy Harper, James Hartshorne. Steve

174 Juniors


Hatch. Mike Henkel, David

Hayes, Kim Herman. Lila

Heath, Debi Hernandez, Kathy

Heath, Diane Herrera, Don

Helland. Cristina Hicks. Deborah

Hendron, Hal Hicks, Nancy

Composed of 369 Members Holm, David Holmes, Roger Hones, Carolyn Hoogterp, Jim Horpedahl, David

While shopping fo r an eve­ n in g g o w n to w e a r to th e junior-senior prom, Peggy Day looks at hats.

Huffaker, Joyce Hudson, Bill House, Tim

Hume. Peggy Hughes. Jack Jaynes. Andrew

Jennings. John Jennings, Ralph Johnson, Don

Juniors 175

Juniors Work Hard to Plan P

Johnson, Rick Jones, Barb Jones, Gayle Kear, Shearyl Keepin, Bill

Kelly. Karla Kennedy, Brian Kennedy, John King, Joe Koch. Ron

Koonce, Andrea Krikorian, Debra Kunz, Elsa LaBerge, David LaCasse, Mary

Landahl, Nancy Lang, David Langley, Edward Laquer, Emily Larson, Caryn

Larson, Kathleen Lee, Paul Lelbee, Mike Lemons. Gail Lindsey, Jean

Lindsey, Judy Loar, Mike Long, Andra Longmire, Jon Lopez, Berta

176 Juniors



Lopez. David Lujan, Marty Lutes. David Lyon. Laurel Maes. Becky

Maestas, Susan Manes, Tracy Manger, Frances Maraman. Kathy Mark, Chris


Martinez, Martinez. Martinez. Martinez, Martinez,

Barbara Bennie Carmen Selma Trish

Martins. Norma Matlack, Martin McCorm ick, Amy McFarland, Dixie McHale, Alison

Before he rushes to h o m e ro om , ju n io r Bill Hudson pauses at his locker to decide which books he will need to take to his m o r n ­ ing classes.

Juniors Steve Phillips (CENTER) and David Holm (RIGHT) use library facilities on groady day. Not dressed down fo r the Novem­ ber occasion is senior Rick Blakely (LEFT).

Juniors Look Toward Graduation McKee, Brenda Meadows, Deborah Medlln, Chris Metz, Edward Miller, Gail

Miller, Jill Miller, Kaye Mills, Christopher Mingo, Rex Mohr, Deborah

Montano, Edward Montano, Robert Montoya, LeRoy Moore, Lani Morris, Diane

Munno, Chris Munyon, Tom Myers, Barbara NaVeaux, Marie Nichols, Katie

178 Juniors

Nilsson, Karen Norris, James O'Neal, Melvin Onstott, Nicky Orlicky, Mark

Osborn, Mary Overton, John Pacheco, Michael Partridge. Edward Penland. Richard

Penny, Mike Perry, Roger Peterson. Stan Phillips, Steve Plageman, Carolee

Ponton, Lorraine Posey, Ron Potter, Chris Powers. David Prince, Alice

Relyea, Doug Renfro, Larry Reynolds, Cindi Ribe, Fred Richards. Peter

Richerson, Nancy RIebe, Lorraine Riley. David Robbins, Cathy Roberts. James

Juniors 179


Roberts, Shelly Rose, Patty

Robertson, Mike Rottmayer, Kay

Roensch, Fred Russell, Craig

Rogers, Darrel Salmi, Nadine

Romero, Ernie Sanchez, Eddie

Romero, Mike Sanchez, Therese

â&#x20AC;&#x2122;69ers Operate Basketball Sandoval, Chris Schaffer, David Schlosser, Paul Schofield, Susan Schoolcraft, Carol

Schrandt, Tom Schuster, Gail Scott, Harriet Serrano, Virginia Shadel, John

Sheinberg, Mike Sibbitt, Bill Slocum, Deborah Smith, Jan Smith, Kelvin

Smith, Stan Soenke, Edward Stallings, Sandy Stam, John Starner, Jocelyn

180 Juniors

Stearns, Glen Sullivan. Steve

Stephens, Margaret Susco, Dolly

Stephens, Sue Sydoriak, Mary

Stewart, Robert Tatom, Steve

Storm, Gary Taylor, Donald

Stovall, Robert Thomas, Dale

Concession Stand for Prom Thomas, Vicki Thorn, Linas Thorne, Charlie Tiano, Bert Travis, Rita

Joe K in g a c c e p ts p a y m e n t from a hungry basketball fan a t th e j u n i o r c o n c e s s io n stand.

Treece, Kay Tru)illo, Robert Trujillo, Victor

Turner, Darrel Turner, John Turner, Karen

Ullrich, Dave Usner, Ellen Valdez, Diane

Juniors 181

Juniors Enter Float in Homecoming

Vallejos, Margie Valasquez, Lenni Van Hecke, Tim Vigil. Fred Vigil. Mary A.

Vigil. Mary M. Villa, Mario Von Berg, Gretchen Waddy, Leslie Wagner, Toni

Wagner, Mike Wagoner, Holly Waldschmidt, Mary Wanek. Michael Warren, Karen

Weber, Patty Wells, Marcene Wenzel, Marsha Wesler, Joanna Whitehead, Jan

Whitmore, June Whitmore. Peggy Whittemore. Rita Wicklin. Michael Williams, Bev

Williams, Evelyn Wilson. Janet Wilson, Joe Wilson, Laurie Wilson, Marcia

182 Juniors

Wimett. Claudia Winburn. Barry Wingfield, Francine Witteman, Hal Wooten. Kathy

Yandell, David York. Doug Yost, Craig Ziegler, Yvonne Zeigner. Vicki

Zielinski, Ellen

Miss Patricia Lorm an, m ath replacement fo r Mr. Dale Perini. and Mrs. Polly Turner, English fill-in fo r Mrs. Lois Sharp, relax in the teachers' lounge after th e ir first day of teaching at LAHS.

C h u c k C ra ig , j u n i o r , h e lp s to d e c o r a t e th e Christmas tree in the mam foyer.

Wearing a mundane western hat, Joe Wilson admires the more imaginative head dress atop John Turner on Crazy Hat Day.

Sophomore class officers are: Barbie Wilson, secretary; Diane Shafer, vice-president: Steve Berkson, president: Nancy Wolfe, treasurer: and Claudia Dotson, concession chairman.

Soph Class Has 372 Members Meeting new teachers . . . Having t r o u b l e f in d i n g classes .. . Facing o v e r - p o w e n n g sen io rs . . . Being " l o w men on the t o t e m p o l e " , . These were new events f o r t e n t h graders. S o p h o m o r e s pr ov id ed a few smiles when they joined in ‘Toppe r Review.” They demonstrated some of the best schoo l s p i r i t seen at LAHS in years. The " w i s e f o o l s " had only four more members than the junior class — but won the s p i r i t b ot tl e more times. T h e C la s s o f'7 0 w o rk e d h a rd o n Its homecoming float, but came in third. A d j u s t i n g to two new p r in c i p a l s and semi-modular scheduling, over­ coming “ Julius Caesar," and learn­ ing to do i n d i v i d u a l s t u d y in the L e a r n in g M a te ria ls Center, the sophs prepared for two more years.

184 Sophomores

S o p h o m o r e s p o n s o rs are: (FRONT ROW) Mr. R o b e rt F. Visel. Mr. Leland Schacterle, Mr. John McFlale. (SECOND ROW) Mr. Flarry McGavern. Miss Gwen Liles, and Miss Billye Kay Prather.

Barbie, Rick Sophsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Favorites

Class favorites of Sophomores are Barbara Wilson and Richard Rojas.

Sophomores 185

Aamodt. Mary Adams. Aimee Adams, Biily Alexander, Skip Andrae, Scott

Year of Soph Begins at LAHS Antos, Mike Anspach, GIgi Apprill, Phil Argo, Ted Babb. Janet

Babich, Jim Bailey. Mike Bates, Sue Baxman, Sharon Bayhurst, Barbie

Bemis, M'Lou Bennorth. Sarah Berkson, Steve Bingham, Richard Bjarke. George

Bjarke. Judy Bjorklund, Eric Blankenship, Darrell Blanks, Steve Bock, Richard

Boise. James Bolton. Robin Boone. Marv Boyd, Ronald Bradshaw, Katie

186 Sophomores

Bryce Harper. Russel Sullivan. Luanne O s b o rn , and C li n t o n D o u g h e rty , all sophomores, look fo r a classroom on the first day of school.

Burns, Pat Brandt. Kenneth

Bronson. John Browne. Kathern

Brownfield, Susie Bruington. Terry Brush. Luanne Brush, Roxanne Buchen, Katy

Busse, John Bunker. Bruce Burciaga. Steve Cadenhead. Lucia Cady, Allen

Caldwell, Carolyn Calvin, John Campbell, Jana Cantrell, Carol Cardon, Roger

Casados, Mark Chavez, Lucille Chavez. Michael Chavez. Nick Chrisman. Mike

Christenson, Dana Claiborne. Ricki Clayshulte, Russel Clevenger, Cheryl Clifton, Ed

Sophomores 187

Class of ’70 Wins Spirit Bottle

Mrs. Molly Wyles demonstrates the different parts of a sentence to a sophom ore English class. Mr. Ross R am sey and Mrs. Lola R a m se y w a tc h re ­ hearsal of a sophom ore act (in "T o p pe r Revue."

Clow, Kathy Colyer, Neal C onn,C athy Conner, Mary Cooper, Bary

Cooper, Carolyn Cooper, Ken Cottrell. Vickie Coulter, Beth Court. Patti

Cowan, Jerry Cox, Rick Cunnington, Guy Cruise, Connie Croley, Miargaret

Cramer, Linda Crabb, Randy Dannewitz, Nancy David, Jack Davidson, Craig

188 Sophomores

Davis. Gary Davis. Jim Day. Betty DeDoes. Laurie Delano. Mike

Deinken. Peggy Defield. Dese Desilets. Terry Dickey. Greg Dickm an. Steven

Dings. Richard Dixon. Paul Dodds. Wendy Dominquez. Thelma Dom inic. Debbie

Dotson. Claudia Dotson. M itch Dougherty. C lint Dugan. Eileen Dvorak. Mary Lynn

The sophom ore flo a t travels down T rin ity d u rin g h o m e co m in g parade.

Durham , Donna Dunn, Carol Elliot, Jeanne Elliot, Joan Elliot, N orm an

Elze, Robin Eutsler. Beth Eyster, Barbara Farmer, Sheila Farnsw orth, Lynne

Faudree, Mike Felt, Sue Fickett, Jim Fishbine, Glenn Fitzgibbon, Kathy

Ford, Linda Fox, Randy Frazier, Glenn Frentzel, M arty Pullm an, Chris

Fuller, Derek Gage, Bill Gallegos, Steve Gam m el, George Gardner, Wylma

Gauthier, Rory Geoffrian, Kathi Gibbons, Larry Gilbert, D orothy Gilman, Ken

Glass, Leslie Godbolt, James Goodier, Steve Gotti, P hyllis Gould, Tom

190 Sophomores

Sophs Largest Class in History G rauerhotz. Delene Greenwood. Becky

Gregg, Diane Gregg, Paul

Griffin. Gary Gritsko. Gail Guerrero, Gary Hall, Ed H alliday, Clayton

Ham m el, C hristine H annaford, Chuck Hansen, Diane Hanson, Mike Harbert, Robert

Harper, Bryce Harper, T erry H arrington, Debbie Harrow, Don Hasenbank, Linda

Hawes, Jane Hayes, Roy H engstenburg, Carol Hicks, Bob Holm, Chris

H olm berg, Randy H orpedahl, Kris House, Tad Houtz, M arguerite H ulette, Cathy

Sophomores 191

Isom, Gary Jackson, Paula Jarvis, Jim Jennings, David Johnson, Becky

Johnson, Mark Johnson, Sam Johnston. Cheryl Jones. Sherry Jones. Sue

Kain. Don Kasunic. Dotty Keane, Jim Keepin, Ardis Keller, Ann

Students listen to a lecture on W illiam Shakespeare and "J u liu s Caesar" in one of Mrs. Lucille M cCleskyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sophom ore English classes.

192 Sophomores

More Sophs on Varsity Teams f

Mr. Paul B e rtlo o t discusses the th reatened teacher w a lk­ out w ith Mr. Russell Shinn, a fellow A m erican history in ­ s tru cto r. Later, Los A lam os teachers request tw o days off

fo r professional study of the sta te ’s educational monies plight, b u t the board of education refuses because of tim ­ ing.

Kernodle. Gary King, Connie Koch, Debbie Koch. Kent Koczan, Steve

Koetter, Tom Lang, Melinda Lanter. Sean Laquer, Lydia Laymen, Mary Beth

Sophomores 193

LeDoux. Donna Lemons, Beth Lewis, Sherri Lindsay. Jim Lopez, Irm a

Longm ire, Pat Lory. Jeff Lucero, Anthony Lujan, Angela Lyle, Terry

Lyon, Sarah Lytten, Donna McCauley, Susie Machovecc, George Marsh, Dave

MacMann. Mike Maes. Mike Maes, Ruby Maestas, Irene Maestas. Rex

M acM illian, Danial Mark, Mare Marr, Larry M artin. Patti Martinez, Loretta

Martinez, Elaine Martinez. Wayne Mather. Mari

McClanahan, Dona McClanahan, Mary Ann McClary, John

7I 194 Sophomores


M cC orm ick, Zack M cDonough, Pat McHale, Elaine McQueen, Marian Meadows. Bill

â&#x20AC;&#x2122;70 Grads Study 'Julius Caesarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Means, Brady Meketa, Robert Mendius, Cathy Michel, Joe Mills, Susan

Mojica, Mary Montano, Frances Moody, Jo Moore, Elaine Moore, M arilyn

Morreson, Patricia M orton, Jerry Mosher, Jan M oulton, David N achlinger, Pam

Nash, Jeff Neher, Mike Nelson, Chris Nemec, Vada Nereson, Tina

Newton, Roy Nichols, John Oakes, Wendy Ochsner, Greg Ogle, Mark

Sophomores 195

Underclassmen Sell Concessions

Pupils in a study hall, required fo r all underclassm en, do a variety of a ctivitie s â&#x20AC;&#x201D; study, day-dream , look at one another, and whisper.

Orlicky, Dave O'Rourke, Patty Osborn, Luanne Pacheco, Kathy Pacheco, Liz

Pacheco, Manuel Pacheco, Mike Patrick, Howard Pawley, Pam Petersen, Dottie

196 Sophomores

Peterson. Ingrid Peterson. N orm P e ttitt. Jean P e ttitt. Mike Petty. Sue

Phillips, Kathy Phillips, Randy Porto, Andy Potter, David Potter, Janet

Pretzel, Tom Pruner, Corkey

M rs. Jean C a m p b e ll g ra d e s p a p e rs a n d M r. Paul B e rtlo o te drinks coffee and th in k s abo u t a lecture d u rin g a conference period, in the teachers' lounge.

Enjoying a day at Los Alamos ski h ill a re V ic k ie C o ttr e ll and Kyle Thorne, both ten th graders.

Sophomores 197

Ramirez, M innie Randolph, Craig Ranken, Emily Regenie, Vicki Rendon, Dave

Richard, Julie Rickm an, Rick Rile, Mary Ritter, Jan Robertson, Mark

Rodriguez, Marie Rojas, Rick Rose, Daniel Roybal, Lourdes R utherford, Ken

Sadlier, Joan Saiaz, Geri Salazar, Paulette Salmi, Bill Schell, Tom

Scholfeild, LaMon Schuster, Karen Scoggins, Weldon Shafer, Diane Shores, Joe

Sisneros, Phil Slavik, Gary S m ith, Doran Sm ith, Mike S m ith, Bill

S m ith, Terry Sojka, Brian Stallings, Loretta Starkey, Jeanette Steinhaus, Eric

198 Sophomores

Stelzer. Don Sterkel, Steve Stevens, Pat Stewart, Donna Stibbard, Paul

10th Graders Oriented Here

Stroop, Gail Sullivan, Russell

Sweeney, John Swickard, Chris Vickie Weldon and Kyle Thorne, sophom ores, "eager­ ly â&#x20AC;? walk to class a fte r a snow storm .

Sydoriak, Eugene Szalay, Betty Tegtm eier, Barbara Tem plem an, T erry Tepper, Brad

Thom as. Donna Thom as, Nancy Thorn, Kyle Thorne. Tom Thrap, Patti

T reim an, Allan T ru jillo , Geno T ru jillo , Ronnie Tucker, Ben Turner, Hugh

Sophomores 199

Turner, Ma? T yn a n ,A n n U libarri, Ernie Van Etten, Don Van Hecke, Rick

Velasco, Melanie Velasquez, Alex Venable, Gordon Vogt, Neva Von derheide, W illiam

Voorhees, Betsy Vucenic, Wayne Wackerle, Mark W ahman, Jean W aller, David

W allw ork, Kim W alters, Sharon Weaver, Kelley Weber, Debbie Weisgerber, Kathy

N ational M erit S cholarship sem i-finalists are Kathleen Gibson, Carol Nagle, Peter Dunn, Alice Nolin, Elizabeth Gage, and George White, Not pictured are Barbara Meaders and Allen Gauler,

200 Sophomores

Sophomores Present 'Starwreck

Mr. W illiam Valigura discusses guidance affairs w ith sophom ore Jan Ritter.

Weldon, Vicki W estervelt, Mary White, Douglas W ilhelm , Rick Wilson, Barbara

Wilson, Tina W inton, Esther W olfrum , Debbie Wood, B ernard Wood, Jill

Wolff, Nancy W orlton, K athryn W orstell, Mark W right, Carol York, Jack

Sophomores 201

1967 — 1968: the year of the new



As Los Alamos continued to expand, its n u m b e r of stores and s h o p p in g c e n te rs grew r a p id ly la rg e r. W h ite Rock P h a rm a c y , Wacker’s, Viking Model, and Zales were am ong the new places of com merce.

(U RACK'■ (/) 0)


"T h e Pleasant Place to Shop on the H ill”

Los Alam os. New Mexico

Y our co m p le te d e p a rtm e n t store where you can get shoes fo r the e n tire fa m ily

I Iv AUTO SERVICE AND GLASS INC. 200 D. P. Road 2-6565 THE JACK IN THE BOX C on g ra tu la tio n s to the Class of '68

Auto Body, Paint, and Glass , 24-H our W recker Service

C om plete line of toys, hobbies, and g ifts

HALL’S SHOE STORE The F am ily Shoe Store Where the Teenagers Go In the C o m m u n ity Center

index Students A am odt, Mary C. (2) 94, 186 Abeyta, Dennis G. (3) 170 Acom b, John L. (3) 170 Acree. M. Ben (4) 130, 140 Adams. Aimee L. (2) 69, 186 Adams, B illy (2) 186 Adams, David (4) 57, 140 Ahearne, Daniel L. (4) 140 Aiello. David R. (3 )7 3 ,1 7 0 A insw orth, Karen (3) 100, 170 Alexander, Jack W. (2) 114, 118, 126, 186 Allan, John N. (3) 170 Allen, W illiam (4) 84, 126, 131, 140, 167 Anderson, James C. (3) 170 Anderson, Johnny (3) 110, 126, 131, 170 Anderson, Rosemary (3) 129, 170 Anderson. V ictoria (3) 100, 170 Andrae, Mark R. (4) 11,98, 111, 131, 140 Andrae, Scott W. (2) 22, 186

204 Advertising, Index

Andrews, Paul F. (4) 91, 110, 126, 140 Anspach, Debbie (3) 170 Anspach, Je n n ife r (2) 186 Anstey, Janice K. (3) 16, 66, 170 Antos, Michael L. (2) 118, 130, 186 A pprill, Ann L. (4) 93, 140 A pprill, P hillip (2) 114, 186 Aragon, A ndria (3) 64, 170 Argo, Peter S. (4) 73, 84, 85, 88, 140 Argo, Theodore R. (2) 73, 186 A rm strong, Bruce (3) 170 A rnold, Michael H. (3) 170 Arntzen, Michael (3) 85, 121, 170 Ashcraft, John W. (3) 63, 71, 170 Asmus, Bonita L. (3) 170 Babb, Janet L. (2) 22, 72, 186 Babich, James M. (2) 186 Babich, M arilynn (4) 63, 64, 140 Bailey. Barry H. (3) 20, 84, 85, 126, 170 Bailey, Douglas W. (3) 140 Bailey, Mike G. (2) 186 Baird, Barbara L. (3) 170 B alestrini, John (3) 170 Barnes, Donald L. (4) 110, 140 Barnes. Douglas D. (3) 170 Barnes, Judi A. (3) 170

Barnes, Myra S. (4) 140 B a rrin g to n , Candace (3) 100, 170 Bates, Susan D. (2) 186 B attat, Kenneth C. (3) 73, 170 Baum, Karl B. (3) 170, 216 Baxman, Sharon R. (2) 186 Bay, Rhoda (3) 7 2 ,7 8 ,1 7 0 Bayhurst, Barbara (2) 186 Beckett. Ralph C. (3) 77, 19, 170 Beckwith, Gloria (3) 66, 73, 100, 170 Beg, Donna L. (4) 69, 93. 141 Bellm an, Denise M. (4) 141 Bemis, Mary L. (2) 74, 88, 186 Bender, Craig L. (3) 170 B ennorth, Sarah J. (2) 186 Benson, C h risto p h e r (4) 98, 111, 131, 141, 162 Benziger, John R. (4) 78. 122, 135, 141, 149 Bergauer, Jim S. (4) 8 1 ,9 8 , 111, 141 Bergstein, Jody (4) 68, 78, 101, 135 Berkson, Steve (2) 24. 78, 1 8 1 184 186 Berry, M. Kaye (3) 68, 171 Best, Guy (3) 73 B ingham , Loraine (4) 69, 141 B ingham , Richard (2) 114, 181, 186

LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL BANK Home Owned, Home Operated A Member of F.D.I.C. Dial 2-5201 Use Our Drive-In Window

FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP THE CLOTHES RACK All Your Insurance Needs Fast. - Fair Friendly C redit Union B uilding Call 2-2545

C ongra tu la tio n s to the Class o f 1968 From the Fashion C enter of Los Alam os

Bjarke, George N. (2) 114, 181, 186 Bjarke, Judith (2) 68, 181, 186 Bjarkund, Eric A. (2) 121, 126, 181, 186 Blackburn, Randall (3) 171 Blakley, P a tric k (4 ) 110, 141, 178 Blankeship, D arrell (2) 181, 186 Blanks, Steven F. (2) 181, 186 Blatti, C ra ig T . (3) 171 Blatz, Karen E. (3) 69, 76, 94, 98, 100, 171 Blaut, Pamela A. (3) 171 Blevins, Bruce A. (3) 83, 171 Blossom, David (3) 171 Blossom, James M. (4) 141 Bock, Richard A. (2) 186, 187 Boegli, Regina (3) 171 Boise, James 0 . (2) 181, 186, 191 Bolin, Alice A. (4) 63, 66, 67, 142, 200 Bolton, Richard D. (3) 171, 186 Bolton, Robin L. (2) 181 B om bardt, Paul A. (3) 171 Boone, M artha (4) 98, 142 Boone, M arvin (2) 114, 181, 186 Booth, Sandra L. (3) 171 Bourne, Jon (4) 81, 142 Boyd, Ronald G. (2) 114, 181, 186 Boyer, Paul K. (3) 171 Bradshaw, D eborah 82, 98, 168, 171 Bradshaw, Katie (2) 98, 181, 186 B ram ble, Jean (4) 69, 142 B ra m le tt, Donna (3) 171 B ra m le tt, Harvey (4) 94, 142

B randt, Kenneth (2) 62, 187 Bridge, A rth u r (4) 98, 111, 112, 128, 1 31,142 Bronson, John B. (2) 187 Brooks, Marcia (4) 20, 78, 135, 142, 149, 152 Brouseau, Therese (4) 63, 142 Brown, P hilip (3) 21, 171 Browne, K atharine (2) 187 Brow nfield, Angela S. (2) 187 Brownlee, Wayne (4) 64, 142 B ru in g to n , T erry (2) 187 B rundige, Lee(3) 116, 117, 128, 171 Brush. M artha (2) 187 Brush, Roxanne (3) 187 Buchen, Gerald W. (4) 18, 143 Buchen, Kathleen (2) 98, 187 B uckland, David C. (4) 69, 78, 88, 89. 135, 139, 143, 149 Bueschel, Robert (4) 143 Bunch, Charles (3) 14, 78. 81, 171 B unker, Bruce (2) 74, 187 Burciaga, Steve (2) 187 B u rkh a lte r, Julia (3) 69, 171 B u rkheim er, Sally (4) 12, 68, 141, 143 Burns, Kathleen (3) 171 Burns, P a trick (2) 187 Busse, John (2) 187 B utler, Robert (4) 110, 112, 131, 141, 143 Byers, B ru c e (3 ) 79, 116, 118, 126, 171 C'De Baca, M a rk (4) 111, 126, 143 Cadenhead, Sherry (3) 172

Cadenhead, Lucia (2) 187 Cady, Allan (2) 187 Cake, Janice (4) 6 9 ,9 8 , 143 Caldwell, Carolyn (2) 187, 187 Calvin, John (2) 73, 82, 88, 92, 100, 172 Calvin, Mary (3) 69, 73, 143 Cam pbell, Anne (4) 73, 86, 172 Cam pbell, James (3) 73, 86, 172 Cam pbell, Jana (2) 88, 187 Cam pbell, Selma (4) 143 C andiotti, Michael (4) 143 C andiotti, Lee (3) 172 C antrell, Carol (2) 187 Cardon, Randall (3) 114, 172 Cardon, Roger (2) 126, 187 Carpenter, Janet (3) 63, 98, 172 Carson, Mark (4) 120, 143 Casados, Mark (2) 187 Case, Dianne (3) 172 Cashwell, Jonathan (4) 73, 82, 85. 143 Chaney, L a u re y(3) 100, 172 Chapm an, Diann (4) 69, 144 Chavez, Abel (3) 105, 172 Chavez, Elizabeth (4) 63, 144 Chavez, Lucille (2) 187 Chavez, Michael (2) 187 Chavez, Nick T. (2) 187 C herry, A n th o n y (3) 172 Chesney, Greg (3) 72, 73, 172 C hrism an, Michael (2) 187 C hristensen, Rod (4) 144, 147 C hristensen, Dana (2) 118, 126, 187

Advertising, Index 205

HAYES JEWELERS N ationally Advertised Watches Fine China S terling Silver , D iam onds. . Sam sonite Luggage . Watch & Jew/elry Repair C ongratulations to the Class of 1968

Charge A ccounts Invited 2-3030 1623 C entral, Los Alam os, N. M.



Clothing forTeens

208 D. P. Road Nursery Supplies - Seeds S pring and Fall Bulbs

THE PASTRY SHOP All yo u r fa vo rite baked goods —Cakes fo r all occasions

Christenson, Carl (3) 69, 94, 172 Church, David R. (4) 82, 126, 131, 137, 149 Ciddio, Stephen (4) 23, 78, 79, 85, 105, 135, 144 Claiborne, Ricki (2) 187, 191 Clayshulte, K. J ,(3 ) 6 4 ,7 7 ,1 7 2 Clayshulte, R. N, (2) 126, 187 Clevenger, Cheryl (2) 69, 187 C lifton, Ed (2) 90 C lifton, Lorraine (4) 144, 187 Clow, Kathleen (2) 188 Coburn, Marcia (3) 172 Coffelt, Kerry P. (4) 144 Cole, Joseph T. (4) 144 Colyer, Neal (2) 69, 188 Conley, Catherine (3) 82, 93, 172 Conley, Michael (3) 172 Conn, Catherine (2) 188 Conner, Mary (2) 188 Cook, David (3) 76, 130, 172 Cooper, Barry (2) 62, 188 Cooper, Carolyn (2) 93, 188 Cooper, Ken (2) 118, 188 Cordova, Mary (4) 100, 144 Cordova, Shirley (4) 68, 144 Cote, Jacqueline (3) 69, 172 C ottrell, Gary (3) 172 C ottrell, Vicki (2) 188, 191, 197 C oulter, E, F. (2) 89, 188 C oulter, Robert (3) 119, 172 C ourt, Patricia (2) 188 Cowan, Gerald (2) 122, 126, 188

206 Advertising, Index

Cox, Eric (2) 65, 86, 126, 188 Cox, M olly (3) 69, 100, 173 Cox, V icto r (4) 144 Crabb, Randall (2) 65 Craig, Charles (3) 78, 97, 173, 183 Cramer, Linda (2) 188 C ritchfield, Barbara (4) 82, 144 C ritchfield, D. W. (3) 173 Croley, Margaret (2) 65, 188 C rom er, Tom (4) 145 Crook, Linda (3) 173 Crowe, Jay (3) 81, 173 Cruise, Connie (2) 188 C unnington, Michael (4) 81, 145 C unnington, Guy L, (2) 188 C urfm an, Joseph R. (4) 18, 76, 111, 145 Cushing, W illiam (4) 145 Daly, Martha A, (4) 74, 75, 82, 103, 104, 145 Damour, M ichelle (4) 145 Dannewitz, Nancy (2) 188 David, Jack L. (2) 188 Davidson, C hristine (4) 100, 145 Davidson, Craig (2) 85, 188 Davis, Gary S, (2) 189 Davis, James W. (2) 189 Davis, Kathy (3) 173 Davis, Robert R. (4) 145 Davis, Scott (4) 73, 84, 85, 88, 145, 216 Day, Elizabeth A. (2) 100, 189 Day, Margaret (3) 78, 125, 155, 175, 216

DeYampert, Gary (3) 173 Deal, Elizabeth A. (3) 69, 100, 173 Deal, Mary K. (4) 74, 75, 103, 104, 146 DeDoes, Laurie D. (2) 189 Defield, James M. (2) 126, 181 Deinken, Jane E. (4) 80 Deinken, M argaret (2) 88, 146, 189 Deinken, Peter H. (2) 171, 173 Delano, Michael (2) 189 Dennis, Mary A. (4) 146 Desilets, T erry L. (2) 73, 78, 88, 93, 189 Devine, Terese M, (4) 69, 135, 146 Dickey, Greg A. (2) 85, 118, 126, 189 Dickenson, Judy A. (4) 146 Dickenson, Patricia S. (3) 63, 92, 100, 102, 103, 173 D ickm an, Steven P. (2) 62, 74, 189 Dickson, Dianna (3) 74 Dinegar, Barbara (3) 74, 88, 173 Dings, Richard N. (2) 65, 189 Dixon, Deanna L, (4) 146 Dixon, Paul B. (2) 119, 189 Dodds, Debra A. (3) 78, 79, 98, 173 Dodds, Wendy (2) 78, 90, 184 Dominguez, Mary Thelm a (2) 94, 189 D om inic, Deborah (2) 97, 189 Donahue, Susan E. (4) 76, 104, 146 216 Dotson, Claudia K. (2) 24, 78, 86, 90, 98, 161, 184, 189 Dotson, M itchell W. (2) 189 D ougherty, C linton (2 )8 1 , 187, 189


/jriil ijKf Jta


j«a iitl Sion

IHlOi 13 Enni

U tspii i; tut


Los A lam os Branch M em ber F.D.I.C.

LOS ALAMOS PAINT & WALLPAPER CO. 1831 C entral Los Alam os, New Mexico 2-2370

S m art footw ear Santa Fe. New Mexico

ABC LIQUORS 1400 18th C o n g ra tu la tio n s to the Class of 1968 PEAK DRIVE IN

P icture fra m e s . . . A rt supplies

W hite Rock Shopping Center

Dow, Rebecca (4) 18, 82, 8 8 , 145 Driesner, Douglas (3) 65, 173 Dropesky, B ruce P. (3) 173 D rum hiller, Gail (4) 146 Duben, C hristine (3) 98, 173 Dufour, Diana (4) 6 6 , 93, 146 Dufour, Leslie (3) 8 8 , 128, 173 Dugan, Eileen M. (2) 189 Dugan, P a trick G. (3) 114, 126, 173 Duke, T hom as E. (3) 173 Dunn, Carol B. (2) 69, 190 Dunn, Peter E. (4) 73, 146, 200 Dunning, C raig L. (3) 130, 173 D urham , Donna L. (2) 7 1 ,9 2 , 93, 190 D urm aj, Richard A. (3) 173 Dvorak, M ary Lynn (2) 8 8 , 98, 189 Earl, M ary J. (4) 146 Eaton, V iccii L. (3) 173 Edeskuty, F rederick (4) 147 E lliott, Jeanne F. (2) 76, 78, 98, 190 E lliott, Joan Y. (2) 76, 98, 190 E lliott, N orm an E. (2) 190 Elze, Robin L. (2) 69, 190 Embry, Deborah A. (3) 74, 173 Enloe, C. D o u g (4) 111, 113, 126, 127, 131 ,1 4 7 Ennis, C arol A. (3) 173 Ennis, M alcom b E. (4) 76, 110, 131, 141 Espinoza, Jacob (4) 1 1 ,9 9 , 110, 128, 131 -7 Eutsle; M argaret (4) 63, 103, 147

Eutsler, Neva E. (2) 63, 190 Eyster, Barbara L. (2) 190 Eyster, James FI. (3) 116, 118, 173 Fair, Jeanne (3) 93, 173 Farley, Sharon (4) 197 Farm er, Sheila M. (2) 69, 190 Farnsw orth, C. L. (2) 190 Farr, John D. (3) 173 Faudree, Michael (2) 190 Feber, Jean H. (3) 64, 147, 173 Feber, Roy C. (4) 54, 73, 147 Felt, Elizabeth S. (2) 8 6 , 98, 125, 190 Felt, John FI. (3) 173 Fickett, James W. (2) 77, 85, 147 Fickett, Lesley A. (4) 43, 82 Fishbine, Glenn M. (2) 83, 190 Fisher, Lindi S. (3) 100, 173 Fishier, Carol (3) 69, 98, 173 Fishier, Doris C. (4) 147 Fitzgibbon, Mary (4) 98, 148 Fitzgibbon, K. (2) 69, 100, 190 Fletcher, Michael (3) 173 Fletcher, Robert (4) 148 Flynn, Isabel M. (4) 6 6 , 148 Foglesong, Steven (3) 130, 173 Ford, Linda S. (2) 190 Fowlkes, Charles (4) 65, 148 Fowlkes, Shelley (4) 148 Fox, Randall (2) 8 6 , 190 Frame, Kandy J. (4) 8 6 , 148 Frazier, W alter G. (2) 190

Frentzel, M artin (2) 114, 121, 190 Freyman, Robert W. (4) 105, 148, 216 Fulgenzi, Kathleen (3) 79, 98, 169, 172, 1 73,216 Fuller, Derek L. (2) 69, 190 Fuller, Janet (4) 71, 78, 79, 135, 148 Fullm an, Ava C. (3) 173 F u llm a n ,C . N. (2) 190 Fullm an, Michael (4) 148 Furrh, Ruth E. (4) 148 Gage, Elizabeth (4) 148, 200 Gage, W illiam A. (2) 190 Gallagher, Douglas (4) 148 Gallaher, Bruce M. (4) 85, 110, 149 Gallegos, Chris (4) 149 Gallegos, John B. (4) 149 Gallegos, Steve N. (2) 190 Gammee, George N. (2) 190 Garcia, Anna G. (3) 173 Gardner, Ethel N. (3) 69, 8 8 , 174 Gardner, Wylma F. (2) 100, 190 G arrity, Patricia (4) 93, 149 Gauler, Allen L. (4) 149 Gauler, Mary R. (3) 174 G authier, John (4) 90, 122, 126, 149 G authier, Rory P. (2) 78, 190 Gay, Wayne E. (3) 174 Geelan, Mike (4) 149 G eoffrion, K. R. (2) 190 Gere, Sylvia (4) 94, 149 Gibbons, LaDawn (4) 63, 73, 8 8 , 91, 149

Advertising, Index 207

TIANO’S SPORTING GOODS Girls' & Boys’ gym clothes and tennis shoes In the C o m m u n ity Center Phone 2-2459

famoi IfisuraHorld'i ^r/ice



SHALAKOSHOP Box 970 Los Alam os, New Mesico

LOS ALAMOS MONITOR 256 D. P. Road Y our Local Newspaper

A u th e n tic Indian Arts and C rafts

"S ervin g Los Alamos Day In and Day O u t"

Nambe W are-Loma PotteryKaibab Moccasins RAY’S ENCO In the C o m m u n ity C enter 51 Rover Blvd. W hite Rock

Gibbons, Larry B. (2) 114, 190 Gibson, Douglas (3) 174 Gibson, Lloyd H. (3) 69, 174 Gibson, Lynn (4) 150, 200 Gilbert, D orothy (2) 190 Gilm an, Kenneth A. (2) 84, 85, 190 G ilm ore, James R. (3) 73. 129, 174 Glass. James S. (3) 174 Glass, Leslie A. (2) 93, 190 Godbolt, Harry G. (4) 8 6 , 119, 126, 150 Godbolt, James W. (2) 114, 118, 190 Gonzales, G ilbert (3) 174 Gould, Thom as E. (2) 19 Goodfellow, Gayle (3) 63, 82, 98, 174 Goodier, B enjam in (3) 174 Goodier, Steve K. (2) 19 Goodier, Steve K. (2) 19 Gotti, Phyllis L. (2) 8 8 , 190 Graebner, Jim P. (4) 76, 111, 126, 131, 150 Crasser, Pamela T. (3) 174 G raurhotz, D. (2) 93, 100, 191 Graves, Palm er A. (3) 69, 8 8 , 174 Gray, Paul W. (3) 116, 117, 174 Greco, A nthony (3) 81, 110, 128, 174 Green, Cody D. (3) 174 Green, Conrad D. (3) 111, 126, 174 Green. P hillip (3) 174 Greenwood, Cathy (3) 174 Greenwood, R. S. (2) 91, 191 Gregersen, Robert (4) 150 Gregg, Diane E. (2) 191 Gregg, Paul T. (2) 191

208 Advertising, Index

Grieggs, Carol (3) 174 Griffin, Gary V, (2) 191 Griffin, George E. (4) 17, 150, 216 Griffin, Jam ie L. (3) 174 Grimes, Joyce M. (4) 6 6 , 150 Gritsko, Gail T. (2) 191 Guerrero, Gary L. (2) 191 Guest, Mickey D. (3) 174 Guthrie, Anna Marie (3) 174 Haase, Richard W. (4) 150, 216 Hackenberry, Stephen (4) 8 6 , 110, 147 Hahn, Susan M. (3) 6 6 , 174 Hall, Doris R. (3 )6 9 , 174 Hall, Ed 0 .( 2 ) 191 Hall, Nancy L. (4) 150 Hall, Yvette (3) 174 Halliday, Clayton (2) 191 Ham lin, Robin (3) 128 Ham lin. W illiam C. Jr. (4) 120, 150 Ham m el, C hristine (2) 191 H am pton, Gary W. (4) 150 Hannaford, Charles (2) 191 H annem ann, Richard (3) 62, 64, 6 8 , 77, 174 Hansen, Michael D. (2) 77, 191 Hanson, Diane L. (2) 192 Harbert, Jim R. (3) 174 Harbert, Robert D. (2) 191 Harelson, Bob E. (3) 111, 174 Hargrove, Conan Guy (3) 110, 126, 168, 171, 174 Harper, Bryce E. (2) 81, 187, 191 Harper, James D. (3) 42, 69, 114, 174

Harper, T erry S. (2) 191 H a rrin g to n . Barbara (4) 165 H a rrin g to n , Deborah L. (2) 8 6 , 191 Harrow, Don L. (2) 192 H artshorne, Joseph (4) 111, 150 H artshorne, S. C. (3) 174 Hasenbank, Linda (2) 191 Hatch, Michael D. (3) 122, 171, 175 Hawes, Grace (4) 69, 151 Hawes, Jane (2) 69, 191 Hayes, Karla D. (4) 84, 97, 100, 151 Hayes, Kim C raig (3) 20, 23, 85. 126, 175 Hayes, Roy C. (2) 191 Heath, Deborah J. (3) 97, 175 Heath, Diane J. (3) 94, 175 Heath, W illiam R. (4) 69, 74, 80. 151 Helland, C. E. (3) 175 Hendron, Harold R. (3) 83, 119, 175 Hengstenberg, Irene ( 4 ) 151 Hengstenberg, C. A. (2) 93, 191 Henkel, David R. (3) 73, 82, 98, 175 Herm an, B rett (4) 151 Herm an, Lila (3) 175 Hernandez, K. R. ( 3 ) 1 7 5 Herrera, Ted L. (4) 1 5 i Herrera, W illiam (3) 85. 1 7 5 H erring, Allan N. (4) 25, 99 115 1 1 6 128, 131, 136, 138, 151 ’ Hessing, Pauline (4) 9 4 Hicks, Deborah A. (3) 100, I 7 5 Hicks, Nancy L. (3) 175 Hicks. Robert L. (2) 191

OT'iJ M l , 151 5,!lt Christ i l l 100,1

raRichai >sri, Robert :iCtinsL ri,0a»i(iR ■■»k8rg,Rai Tes,Bekii

•'Patsy(4 -s , Janie '•’S, Virgin ■%p,Jai

W a h l,[ 'W a h lj


■■ise,Tad ■nt,M ar ■iterson, '■iJson.W 131,171


loiiaker, ^ fc ,| ■liighes, “Ibghes.



- INSURANCE M elnick Famo er Car Insuran. or Value . . . W orld's La, me C laim Service N etw ork 'Suring More Cars T han Any O th ­ C om pany A uto - Life - H om eowners M exican Ins. & T itle Ins. Old Radio B u ild in g


C o n g ra tu la tio n s to the Class of 1968 fro m the LOS ALAMOS INN 2201 T rin ity Drive Los Alam os, N. M.

C ongratulations, 1968 Seniors C o m p lim e n ts of SPARKY’S SODA BAR Serving Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper 1054 17th Phone 2-4481

DECOL’S INC. SPRING ONE-HOUR CLEANERS C o m m u n ity C enter If i t ’s p h o to g ra p h ic a t all, th in k of Decol's

Hill, Karen (4) 78, 86, 87, 101, 134, 135, 141, 151, 155 Hockett, C hristina (4) 12, 14, 22, 78, 8 2 ,9 8 , 100, 124, 137, 145, 151, 152, 159 Hodson, Richard K. (4) 152 Hollen, Robert M. (4) 81, 152 Holm, C hris L, (2) 191 Holm, David R. (3) 175, 178 Holmberg, Randy W. (2) 85, 191 Holmes, Beki A. (4) 20, 152 Holmes, Roger A, (3) 90, 114, 126, 175 Holt, Patsy (4) 94, 152, 216 Hones, Janie P. (4) 69, 70, 152 Hones, V irginia C. (3) 69, 70, 98, 175 Hoogterp, Jam es C. (3) 76, 130, 175 Hooper, W illia m G. (4) 152 H orpedahl, David (3) 175 H orpedahl, K. A. (2) 98, 191 House, Kelvin T. (3) 62, 175 House, Tad F. (2) 191 Houtz, M arg u e rite (2) ^3. 191 Hoverson, David B. (4) 123, 152 Hudson, W illia m J. (3) 16, 7 6 ,1 2 2 , 1 3 1 .1 7 5 ,n n Hues, V icki 0 .( 4 )9 1 ,9 8 ,1 0 0 , 152 H uffaker, Rita J - (3) 175 I 98. 152 Hughes, Dale F 8. 175 Hughes, Jo' ^6 ,1 2 8 Hughes Me ,9, 153 H ulette, H ulette, 06, 153, 216 H ull "

fo r the finest professional dry cleaning

Los Alam os, New Mexico

H illto p Center Los Alam os, N. M.

Phone 2-3091


H ulls, W illiam L, (4) 153 Hume, Peggy A. (3) 175 H urt, M artha L. (4) 153 H utcheson, Joanne (4) 153 H yatt, Deborah A. (4) 104, 153, 216 Isom, Gary M. (2) 192 Jackson, Paula K. (2) 192 Jaeger, Gene A. (4) 153 Jarvis, James .H, (2) 192 Jaynes, Andrew E. (3) 175 Jennings, David L. (2) 192 Jennings, John W, (3) 175 Jennings, Ralph E. (3) 175 Johnson, Bruce E, (4) 18, 2 1 ,4 0 , 69, 8 6 ,8 7 ,9 8 , 111, 112, 131, 151, 153, 162 Johnson, Don M. (3) 77, 128, 151 Johnson, Janis V, (4) 175 Johnson, Kay E. (4) 139, 153 Johnson, Marc C. (3) 114, 128 Johnson, M ark G. (2) 192 Johnson, Rebecca (2) 192 Johnson, Richard (3) 176 Johnson, Sam J. (2) 92 Johnston, Cheryl (2) 192 Johnston, Stanley (4) 153 Jones, Barbara A. (3) 78, 86, 87, 176 Jones, David (4) 153 Jones, Gayle (3) 176 Jones, Ju d ith M. (4) 153 Jones, S herry W, (2) 68, 69, 192 Jones, Susan H. (2) 192 Jordan, Mary A, (4) 154

Kain, Donald L. (2) 62, 192 K a in ,T o b y E ,(4 )1 5 4 Karlen, C u rtT , (4) 154 Kasik, Linda (4) 18, 19, 20, 66, 67, 78, 8 2 ,8 8 ,9 8 , 135 Kasunic, D orothy (2) 86, 192 Keane, James M. (2) 192 Kear, Sheryl Lee (3) 69, 176 Keepin, Ardis E. (2) 22, 73, 91, 192 Keepin, Bill (3) 73, 176 Keil, Lawrence M. (4) 14, 19, 26, 78, 90, 135, 149, 154 Keller, Carol A, (2) 78, 98, 192 Keller, Denise S. (4) 97, 154 Kelley, Karla G. (3) 94, 176 K ennedy,John M. (3) 176 Kennedy, P atrick (4) 20, 154 Kernodle, Alan K. (4) 154 Kernodle, Gary L. (2) 193 Kidane, Habte (4) 96, 119, 126, 136, 154 Killough, Janet (4) 64, 154 King, Constance H. (2) 91, 193 King, Joe D. (3) 110, 137, 176, 181 Kinker, Jeanette (4) 98, 99, 154 Koch, Debra A, (2) 86, 98, 193 Koch, Kent R. (2 )1 9 3 Koch, Ronald E. (3 )1 7 6 Koczan, Steven A. (2) 65, 77, 193 Koetter, Thom as D. (2) 193 Koonce, Andrea S, (3) 68, 74, 94, 176 K riko ria n , Debra (3) 74, 75, 129, 176 K rohn, Jacqueline (4) 64, 82, 91, 154

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PIEROTTIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S LOS ALAMOS FLORAL Flowers fo r All Occasions

601 Sixth S treet C orner of T rin ity and DP Road

Wedding & G ift A rrangem ents Are O ur S peciality

Phone 662-3310

C o n gratulations to the Class of 1968

Hi-Fi and Stereo Needs Hobby and E lectronic Supplies

C ongratulations Seniors



Y our M ayflower Agent Packing - Storage C rating - S hipping

H illto p Center Los Alamos, N.M.

Kunz, Elsa E. (3 )8 0 , 88, 98, 103, 176, 216 LaCasse, Mary J. (3) 100, 176 LaBerge, David (3) 122, 176Lamb, Mary (4) 66, 155 LaMonica, James (4) 99, 126, 127, 155 Landahl, Nancy E, (3) 176 Lang, David E*, (3) 116, 117, 119, 126, 131, 176 Lang, Melinda L. (2) 193 Langley, Edward L. (3) 116, 128, 176 Lanter, Sean K. (2) 73, 118, 193 Laquer, Emily K. (3) 64, 82, 9 1 ,9 2 , 176 Laquer, Fred (4) 77, 119, 155 Laquer, Lydia J. (2) 86, 91 ,9 2 , 93, 193 Larson, Caryn Alice (3) 65, 72, 176 Larson, Claire J. (4) 63, 155 Larson, Kathleen (3) 73, 88, 176 Laymen, Mary B. (2) 97, 193 LeDoux, Donna J. (2) 68, 94, 195 Lee, Cassandra M. (4) 78, 82, 87, 97, 98, 100, 135, 155, 159 Lee, Paul A. (3) 82, 122, 130, 176 Leep, Suzanne E. (4) 76, 98, 135, 155, 165 Lehman, Mary (4) 94, 155 Leibee, Michael J, (3) 85, 120, 126, 176 Lemons, Beth A. (2) 68, 74, 195 Lemons, Linda G. (3) 19, 176 Lewis, Sharon L. (2) 195 Lindsay, James D. (2) 83, 195 Lindsey, Elizabeth (4) 74, 80, 98, 105, 155

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Lindsey, Jean A, (3) 94, 104, 176 Lindsey, Judith F, (3) 74, 104, 176 Little, Robert M, (4) 83, 85, 155 Loar, Michael (3) 85, 176, 216 Long, Andra J. (3) 176 Longm ire, Jon L. (3) 176 Longm ire, P atrick (2) 195 Lopez, Berta L, (3) 176, 177 Lopez, David (3) 85, 129 Lopez, Irm a B. (2) 195 Lory, Jeffrey K. (2) 195 Lory, John C, (4) 156 Loucks, Laurence (4) 47, 76, 138, 156 Lovato, Rudy A. (4) 156 Lucero, Luis A, (2) 194 Luders, Richard D, (4) 26, 126, 131, 134, 135, 147, 162 Lujan, Angela M. (2) 97, 194 Lujan, Martha A. (3) 124, 145, 177 Lundgren, Lucille (4) 78, 9 1 ,9 8 , 135, 136 Lutes, David (3) 111, 126, 177 Lyle, Terry A. (2) 195 Lyon, Laurel E. (3) 20, 177 Lyon, Sarah J. (2) 68, 195 Lyon, W illiam (4) 16, 104, 106, 156, 216 Lytten, Donna J. (2) 93, 195 Macauley, Sue Ann (2) 195 Machovec, George (2) 195 MacMann, Michael (2) 62, 195 M acM illan, Daniel (2) 74, 77, 129, 195 Maes, Michael P, (2) 76, 114, 120

Maes, Rebecca L. (2) 76, 78, 98, 100, 177 Maes, Ruby M. (2) 195 Maestas, Irene (2) 195 Maestas, Rex M, (2) 195 Maestas, Susan (3) 177 Manes, Tracy (3) 118, 128, 177 Manger, Frances E. (3) 73, 177 Manger, Jean E. (4) 64, 73, 88, 156 Mann, Marla G. (4) 78, 82, 86, 98, 135 156 M aram an, K atherine (3) 82, 177 Mark, Chris A. (3) 177 Mark, Mary E. (2) 195 Marr, Larry L. (2) 195 M arriot, Judy B. (4) 98, 156 Marsh, David I. (2) 119, 126, 195 M artin, Debra L. (4) 78, 82,135, 156 M artin, Patricia (2) 98, 195 M artinez, Barbara (3) 177 Martinez, Bennie (3) 114, 120, 128, 177 M artinez, Carm en (3) 177 Martinez, Loretta (2) 78, 98, 195 Martinez, Louise E. (2) 90, 95 M artinez, M a rjo rie (4) 156 Martinez, P atricia (3) 98, 177 M artinez, Selma N. (3) 177 M artinez, W illiam (2) 114, 130 M artins, N orm a M. (3) 177 Masanz, Carol J. (4) 157 Mather, Marian L. (2) 68, 195 Matlack, M artin C. (3) 88, 177

A ttention, Students! Order your school rings now! Open a Student A ccount Today Only $5.00 down Boy's, $29.50 — Girl's, $25.50 C om plim e n ts to the Class of '68

ZALE’S JEWELERS Los Alamos C o m m u n ity Center

WACKER’S STORES White Rock Shopping Center

C o n g ra tu la tio n s to the Class of 1968

THEZIA COMPANY M aintenance and S upport C o n tra cto r to the A to m ic Energy C om m ission and Los Alam os S cientific Laboratory

SPEER’S INC. Featuring Ladies' Fashions th a t are exclusive but not expensive — C o m m u n ity C enter— Phone 2-3241

M attys, Jerry G. (4) 68, 78, 89, 135, 157 McClanahan, Dona (2) 63, 195 M cClary, John A. (2) 71, 195 McClenahan Mary (2) 100, 195 M cClenahan, Wencil A. (4) 122, 157 McCloskey, M artha (4) 12, 13, 8 1 ,9 0 , 124, 145, 157 M cC orm ick, Am y A. (3) 68, 89, 177, 216 M cC orm ick, Zachary (2) 74, 88, 126, 195 McDonough, Mary M. (4) 64, 86, 157 M cDonough, Pat (2) 195 M cFarland, Richard (3) 177 McFlale, Alison J. (3) 98, 177 McHale, Elaine C. (2) 195 McKee, Brenda C. (3) 178 McNeese, James A. (4) 116, 117, 134, 157 McQueen, M arian (2) 195 Meadows, Deborah (3) 65, 178 Meadows, John L. (4) 157 Meadows, W illiam (2) 195 Means, Brady K. (2) 195 M edlin, C. C. (3) 178 Meketa, Robert (2) 195 M endius, C athryn W. (2) 63, 69, 78, 88, 9 0 ,9 1 , 195 M errym an, Ruth (4) 82, 89, 157 Metz, Edward E. (3) 178 Meyers, Richard (4) 26, 115, 116, 128, 1 3 1 ,1 5 7 ,2 1 6

Michel, Glenn A. (4) 14, 120, 158 Michel, Joseph E. (2) 120, 195 M iller, Gail S. (3) 178 M iller, Jill A. (3) 78 ,9 4 . 178 Miller, Katherine (3) 86, 88, 98 Miller, Ronald R. (4 )8 1 , 111, 128, 158 Mills, C hristopher (3) 74, 82, 84, 85, 89, 119, 178,216 Mills. Cliff W. (4) 103, 104, 106, 158, 216 Mills, Susan J. (2) 195 Mingo, Rex C. (3) 178 Mohr, Deborah A. (3) 178 Mojica, Mary J. (2) 195 M ollett, Sharlyn (4) 66, 158 Money, Don L. (4) 19, 216 Montano, Dolores (4) 66, 72, 158 Montano, Edward (3) 178 Montano, Mary F. (2) 195 Montoya, LeRoy A. (3) 78, 110, 112, 118, 128, 131, 169 Moody, Jo A. (2) 91, 195 Moore, Elaine Shaw (2) 100, 195 Moore, Lani (3) 47, 65, 178 Moore, M arilyn FI. (2) 94, 195, Morel, Danielle (4) 69, 74, 92, 96, 136, 158 M orris. Naomi D. (3) 178 M orrison, Patricia (2) 195 M orton, Gerald T. (2) 195 Mosher, Jan (2) 86, 100, 195 M oulton, David E. (2) 195 Mueller, Flenry (4) 83, 85, 88, 90. 158

M ullins, Betty Ann (4) 12, 13, 90, 98. 124, 138, 145, 152, 158 Munno, Chris A. (3) 178 Munyon, Joan K. (4) 69. 90, 98, 101, 159 Munyon, Thom as J. (3) 178 Myers, Barbara A. (3) 76, 78, 98, 99, 101 N achlinger, Pamela (2) 98, 195 Nagle, Carol J. (4) 88, 89, 158, 200 Nakashima, Kazuya (4) 96, 158 Nash, Jeffrey A. (2) 195 NaVeaux. Marie E. (3) 178 Neal, Sandra K. (4) 158 Neher, Michael (2) 195 Nelson, C hristine (2) 195 Nereson, C. E. (2) 88, 195 Nemec, Vada (2) 68, 195 Newton, Roy W. (2) 94, 195 Nichols, John R. (2) 129, 195 Nichols, Mary K. (4) 88, 93, 98, 178 Nielson, Kathleen (4) 159 Nilsson, Karen K. (3) 69, 98, 179 Norris, Danny (4) 159 Norris, James W.<3) 179 Norris, Diane 98 O'Connor, Edmund (4) 86, 88, 159 O'Mara, John J. (4) 104, 159, 216 O'Neal. Melvin R. (3) 119, 179 Oakes, Jo Grace (4) 88, 159 Oakes, Wendy J. (2) 98, 125, 195 Ocshner, Gregory (2) 195 Ocshner, Gayla (4) 159

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m the C o m m u n ity Center and Diam ond Drive

1733 1/2 C entral Ave. Los Alam os, New Mexico

Appliances & Hardware Home & Auto Supplies

Congratulations to the Class of 1968 MESA MARKET INC. LION MOVING AND STORAGE

4615 Arkansas Phone 2-5310

Agent fo r N orth A m erican Van Lines Inc.

Rover Blvd. & State Rd. 4 W hite Rock

Los Alamos. New Nexico Phone 2-5343

Ogle, Mark D. (2) 195 Oliver, Stephanie (4) 24, 72, 90. 98, 159 Olsen, Craig F. (4) 15, 94, 159 O'Neal. Melvin (3) 77, 92, 122 O nstott, Nicholas (3) 179 O rlicky, David (2) 196 O rlicky, Mark V. (3) 179 O'Rourke, Patricia (2) 71, 98, 196 Osborn, Carl W. (4) 159 Osborn, LouanneC. (2)187, 196 Osborn, Mary E. (3) 69, 179 Overton, John D. (3) 179 Pacheco, Liz (2) 196 Pacheco. Katherine (2) 94, 195 Pacheco, Manuel A. (2) 196 Pacheco, Michael (3) 179, 196 Pacheco, Michael (2) 114, 121, 126, 196 Pacheco, Robert (4) 41. 98, 99, 111, 126, 127, 142, 160 P arrott, Terrie L. (4) 98, 160 P artridge, Edward (3) 30, 179 Patrick, Howard (2) 62, 196 Pawley, Pamela J. (2) 93, 196 Penland, Richard (3) 72, 73, 79, 116, 179 Penny, Michael 0. (3) 110, 129, 179 Perry, Roger (3) 179 Petersen. D orothy (2) 196 Peterson, Ingrid (2) 97, 197 Peterson, N orm an (2) 85, 197 Peterson. Rodney (4) 161

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Peterson, Stanley (3) 179 Pettit, Michael A. (2) 197 Pettit, Jean J. (2) 197 Petty, Dea J. (4) 52, 99, 134, 161, 167 Petty, Sue E. (2 )9 8 , 197 Phillips, Elizabeth A.(4) 82, 89, 161 Phillips, Kathryn (2) 88, 91, 197 Phillips, M argaret (4) 161 Phillips, Randy B. (2) 197 Phillips, Stephen (3) 111, 178, 179 Plageman, Carolee (3) 69, 98, 179 Ponton, Lorraine (3) 69, 179 Porto, A nthony J. (2) 197 Porton, Sue M. (4) 161 Posey, Ron (3) 120, 179 Potter, C hristine (3) 93, 97, 98, 179 Potter, David (2) 197 Potter, Janet E. (2) 89. 98, 197 Potter, Nancy (4) 69, 88, 161 Potter, Stephen (4) 161 Powers. David W. (3) 179 Pretzel, Thom as G. (2) 197 Prince, Alice (3) 69, 179 Provost, Linda A. (4) 161 Pruner, Robert E. (2) 197 Q uintana, Carol A. (3) 98, 100, 179 Q uintana, Michael (4) 98, 161 Rabideau, Rene D. (4) 80, 102, 103, 139, 161 Ramirez, Jose P. (3) 179 Ramirez, Minnie C. (2) 198 Ramirez, N orm a A. (4) 66, 161 Randolph, Craig A. (2) 114, 198

Ranken, Em ily A. (2) 86, 92, 198 Rector, James M. (3) 120, 121, 179 Reeves, Pat L. (4) 66, 161 Regenie, Diane M. (3) 179 Regenie, V ictoria (2) 198 Reider, Susan (4) 63, 66, 86, 90, 98, 99. 161 Reinig, P hilip M. (3) 179 Relyea, Douglas W. (3) 179 Rendon, Dave S. (2) 118, 198 Renfro, Larry L. (3) 179 Reynolds, C ynthia (3) 179 Ribe, Erederick (3) 75, 179 Richard, Julene L. (2) 198 Richards, Peter J. (3) 62, 69, 70 Richerson, Nancy (3) 179 Rickm an, Ricardo J. (2) 78, 118, 198 Riebe, Lorraine C. (3) 179 Riedel, Leo J. (4) 69, 161 Rile, David (4) 6 9 ,7 3 ,8 8 , 161 Rile, Mary C. (2) 198 Riley, David W. (3)179 Ritter, Janet L. (2) 69, 74, 198 Roach. W illiam K. (4) 91, 111, 161 Robbins, Cathy A. (3) 179 Roberts. James M. (3) 179 Roberts, Ju d ith L. (4) 161 Roberts, Shelley (3) 76, 82, 92. 98. 100, 168, 172, 216 Robertson, Mike (3) 66, 57, 76, 78, 79, 90. 180 Robertson. Mark A. (2) 74, 92, 198


1324 17th Phone 2-2100

'Professional Care Is Best fo r Flairâ&#x20AC;?

- Free Pick-up and Delivery - C om plete Laundry Service - A lte ra tio n s - Rug and U pholstery Cleaning - Rental E quipm ent

Phone 2-3745 1258 17th St.

THE HILL AUTO SUPPLY J . idiu' Best Wishes and Thanks

A utom obile, Truck, T ra cto r Parts Service Is Our Business

THE GUARANTEE on the Plaza Where Flilltoppers shop w ith confidence" Santa Fe, New Mexico Phone 982-4491

DRAGOON DISCOUNT DRUG Across fro m LAFIS . . . A C om plete Drug Store

Robison, T hom as S. (4) 83, 85, 161, 167 Rodriguez, M arie (2) 198 Roensch, Fred R. (3) 73, 180 Rogers, Darrel W, (3) 76, 180 Rojas, Louis A, (4) 73, 76, 79, 98, 110, 135, 139, 149, 161 Rojas, R ichardo F. (4) 118, 119, 126, 185, 195, 198 Romero, Ernest C, (3) 78, 118, 119, 126, 127, 180 Romero, Mike R, (3) 180 Rose, Daniel (2) 62, 198 Rose, P atricia O. (3) 82, 97, 98, 180 Rosen, M ary Beth 91 Ross, James L. (3) 120 Roth, Debi A. (4) 162 Roth, Lesley J. (4) 162 R ottm ayer, Kay M. (3) 180 Roybal, Lourdes A. (2) 78, 98, 125, 198 Runyan, Bruce (4) 99, 110, 113, 120, 121, 162 Russell, C raig FI. (3) 68, 74, 129, 180 R utherford. Robert (4) 162 R utherford, K. M. (2) 198 Sadlier, Joan L. (2) 72, 73, 88, 198 Saiaz, G eraldine (2) 198 Salazar, Paulette (2) 198 S alm i, N adine A. (3) 98, 180 S alm i, B ill (2) 198 Sanchez, Juan E. (3) 118, 130, 131. 180 Sanchez, Therese (3) 180

Sandoval, C. M. (3) 93, 97, 180 Sandoval, Gerald (4) 162 Sass, Pat (3) 68, 69, 94 Savage, C arroll (4) 43, 92, 98, 100, 162 Sawyer, Robert A. (4) 85, 122, 162, 216 Schaffer, David M. (3) 62, 180 Schelberg, Mary K. (4) 73, 162 Schell, Thom as W. (2) 198 Schlosser, Paul J. (3) 180 Schofield, Jeanine (4) 64, 162 Schofield, Sandra (4) 163 Schofield, Susan (3) 69, 73, 180 Schofield, L a M o n t(2 ) 119, 126, 198 S choolcraft, Carol (3) 72. 180 Schrandt, Thom as (3) 53, 69, 114, 1 2 9 ,1 8 0 Schrandt, Julie (4) 163 Schuster, Gail Lisa (3) 180, 198 Schuster, Karen I. (2) 74 Schutz, Suzanne (4) 63, 163 Scoggins, Weldon (2) 198 Scott. Flarriet M. (3) 69, 180 Serrano, Mary A. (4) 163 Serrano, V irginia (3) 180 Segura, Neno J. (4) 13. 110, 115, 116, 126, 127, 131, 163 Sembach, Barbara (4) 100, 163 Shadel, John F. (3) 73, 180 Shafer, Beverly (4) 12, 76, 78, 79, 152, 163 Shafer, Diane L. (2) 76. 78, 98, 125, 161, 184, 198, 191

Sheinberg, E. M. (3) 72, 74, 75, 129, 180 Shores, Joseph P. (2) 62, 63, 198 S ibbitt, Sharon (4) 82, 91 ,9 6 , 97, 98. 100, 163 S ibbitt, W ilm er (3) 82, 180 Sim pson, Jack J. (4) 110, 128, 163 Sisneros, P hillip (2) 114, 198 Slavik, Gary W. (2) 198 Slavik, Vicki L. (4) 66, 67, 73, 163 Slocum , Deborah (3) 180 S m ith, David (4) 163 S m ith, Doran Q. (2) 114, 121, 198 S m ith, D orothy FI. (4) 78. 99. 100, 136, 138, 164 S m ith, Flans C. (3) 72, 73 S m ith, James F. (4) 164 S m ith, Jan (3) 180 S m ith, Louis C. (4) 15, 163 S m ith, Lynn L. (4) 69, 74, 76, 103, 106, 164, 216 S m ith, Michael E. (2) 198 S m ith, Stanley W. (3) 104, 116, 128 S m ith, Bill (2) 198 S m ith, Teresa J. (2) 68. 69, 74, 198 Sniezek, M ichelle (4) 66, 67, 164 Soenke, Edward FI. (3) 129, 180 Sojka, Brian Z. (2) 198 Spence, Marlene A. (4) 69, 70, 164 S tallings, Sandra (3) 68, 180 Stallings, Loretta (2) 198

S tam ,JohnG .(3)110, 130, 180 Starkey, Jeanette (2) 198

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S tarner, Jocelyn (3) 69. 93, 180 Stearns, Glen B. (3) 73, 81 Steinhaus. Eric D. (2) 118, 126, 198 Stelzer. Don (2) 199 Stephens. Irm a L. (4) 54, 164 Stephens. M argaret (3) 40, 88, 98, 100 181 Stephens, Susan (3) 73, 74, 75. 101 181 Sterkel, Steve E. (2) 199 Stevens, P atrick (2) 199 Stevens, Thad C. (4) 164 Stewart. Donna A. (2) 199 Stewart. Robert E. (3) 181 S tibbard, Paul D. (2) 199 Stoms, Barbara J. (4) 59, 164 S torm , Gary B. (3) 74. 88, 181 Stovall, Robert M. (3) 119, 126, 171, 181 Strein, Gary D, (4) 116, 164 Stroope, Carol (4) 164 Stroope, Gail S. (2) 63, 199 Sullivan. John R. (2) 122, 187, 199 Sullivan, Stephen (3) 83, 181 S um m ers, Charles (4) 81, 164 Susco, Dolores J. (3) 98, 100, 124, 181, 216 Susco, Laurel E. (4) 164 Sweeney, John E. (2) 85, 129, 199 Swickard, C. (2) 199 Sydoriak, Eugene (2) 86, 199 Sydoriak, Mary H. (3) 94, 100, 181 Syska, John F. (4) 155 Szalay, Elizabeth (2) 88, 89, 98. 199 Szkiarz, Eugene G. (4) 165 Taschek, Carol J. (4) 165 Tatom , Steven C. (3) 94, 181 T atom , Tyre K. (4) 86, 94, 111, 165 Tattan, M argaret (4) 82, 98, 99. 165 Taub, Janet (4) 88, 165 Taylor, Donald B. (3) 181 Teetor, T erry L. (4) 165 Tegtm eier, Barbara J. (2) 63, 88, 199 Tem plem an, T erry (2) 199 Tepper, Bradley D. (2) 129, 199 Thom as, Dale 0. (3) 69, 181 Thom as, Donna L. (2) 199 Thom as, Fred L. (4) 18, 98. 165 Thom as, Nancy A. (2) 199 Thom as. V ictoria (3) 69, 98, 181 Thorn, Kyle A. (2) 197, 199 Thorn, Linas T. (3) 181 Thorne, C harlie J. (3) 110, 126, 181 Thorne, T om m y L. (2) 199 Thrap, Patricia E. (2) 106, 199, 216 Tiano, Bert (3) 181 Tiano, Susan (4) 103, 106, 165, 216 Travis, Rita S. (3) 65, 181 Treece, Myra Kay (3) 78, 79. 98, 181 Treim an, Allan H. (2) 74, 77, 199 T ru jillo , Carlos A. (2) 76, 90, 110, 129, 199 T ru jillo , Epifanio (4) 78. 84, 85, 88. 149, 166 T ru jillo . Jeanette (4) 78, 106, 134, 135, 166, 216 T ru jillo , Robert (3) 181 T ru jillo . R onald (2 ) 76, 114, 118, 128, 199 T ru jillo , V icto r (3) 116, 117, 126, 181 Trupp, M erry (4) 98, 166 Trupp, Patricia (4) 69, 166

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Tucker, Ben M. (2) 114, 121, 199 Turner, Darrell E. (3) 181 T urner. Flugh C. (2) 199 Turner, John M. (3) 83, 85, 181, 183 Turner, Karen L. (3) 66, 100, 181 Turner, Mary E. (2) 200 Turner, Susan D. (4) 49, 166 Tynan, Ann M. (2) 69, 200 U libarri, Ernest (2) 126, 200 U llrich, David (3) 181 Unganade, LiesI A. (4) 165 Usner, Margaret E. (3) 92, 94, 181 Valdez, Daniel (4) 110, 126, 166 Valdez, Diane G. (3) 181 Vallejos, M. (3) 182 Van Etten, Donald (2) 200 Van Gemert, Jeanne (4) 18, 82, 86, 151, 166 Van Hecke, T im o th y (3) 73, 79, 111, 118, 128, 131, 168, 182 Velasco, Melanie (2) 98, 200 Velasquez, Lenila (3) 182 Velasquez, Alex M, (2) 200 Venable. Douglas (2) 200 Vigil, Fred R. (3) 73. 74, 182 Vigil, Mary A. (3) 182 Vigil, Mary M. (3) 182 Villa, George M. (3) 85, 121, 182 Vogt. Cloyd (4) 166 Vogt, Neva J. (2) 200 Von Berg, Gretchen (3) 100, 182 Vonderheide, W illiam (2) 81, 110, 114, 200

W illiam s, Jean (4) 47, 100, 167 W illiam s, Steve S. (4) 110. 113, 128, 167 W illiam s, Thom as (4) 167 Wilson. Andy J. (3) 111, 182, 183 Wilson, Barbara (2) 24, 72, 78, 161, 184, 185 Wilson, C h ristin e (2) 78, 98 Wilson. Janet (3) 78, 169, 182 Wilson, Karen (4) 15, 157 Wilson, Laurie (3) 94, 100, 182 Wilson, Marcia (3) 98, 182 W im ett, Claudia (3) 94. 97, 183 W im ett, Diana (4) 94, 97 W inburn, Barry (3) 183 Wingfield, Francis (3) 183 W ittem an, Hal (3) 44, 130, 183 Wolff, Nancy (2) 24, 78. 98. 161, 184 Wooten, K athy (3) 76, 78. 94. 98, 100, 183 Yandell, David (3) 183 York, Douglas (3) 85, 119, 183 York, Jack (2) Yost, Craig (3) 114, 183 Zeigler, Yvonne (3) 59, 183 Zeigner, V ictoria (3) 73, 78, 93, IOC, 101, 183, 216 Z im m erm an, Allen (4) 111, 126. 131, 167 Zielinski. Ellen (3) 88, 97, 183 Zogg, Patricia (4) 167

Voorhees, E. E. (2) 200 Vucenic, Wayne (2) 200 W ackerlie, Mark S. (2) 200 Waddy, Leslie L. (3) 182 Wagner, Michael D. (3) 72, 85, 182 Wagner, Toni K. (3) 72, 73, 88, 182 Wagoner, Holly S. (3) 69, 74, 75, 80, 182 W aischm idt, Mary (3) 182 Wahman, Jean H. (2) 93. 97, 200 Waller, Michael D. (2) 200 W allwork, Marilee (2) 69, 200 Walters, Linda K. (4) 69, 72, 166 Walters, Sharon E. (2) 200 Wanek, Michael S, (3) 114. 182 Warren, Cynthia (4) 64, 166 Warren, Karen E. (3) 64, 94. 182 Watts, Richard P. (4) 122, 166 Weaver, Kelley A, (2) 200 Weber, Deborah A. (2) 200 Weber, Patricia (3) 182 Weisgebber, Kathy (2) 200 Weiss, Rochelle (4) 63, 59, 157 Weldon, V ictoria (2) 78, 93, 199 Wells, Marcene (3) 182 Wenzel, Marsha (3) 182 Wesler, Joanna C. (3) 88, 90, 182 Westervelt, Mary (2) 88 White, Douglas W. (4) 83, 167 White, George (4) 200 Whitehead, Jan L. (3) 63, 100, 182 W hitm ore, June L. (3) 104, 182 W hitm ore, Peggy A. (3) 182 W hittem ore, Rita (3) 182 W icklin, Michael (3) 182 Wilier, Myra E. (4) 65, 69. 98, 167 W illiam s, Beverly (3) 98, 182 W illiam s, E. L. (4) 167 W illiam s, Evelyn (3) 182

Faculty A g a rd .M r. David 49, 110, 111, 118, 128 A ltpeter, Miss Nancy Jo 41 Beene, Mr. Donald 53, 70 Belau, Mr. Dennis 47, 83, 114, 135 Berteloot, Mr. Paul 45, 63. 80, 84, 193, 197 Black, Mr. Paul 42, 74, 75. 79, 129 Brent, Mr. Roy 48, 84 Brown, Mr. Tom 120 Buehrer, Mr. B urton 54, 105, 117 B urnett. Mr. Michael 45, 80, 110, 111, 114, 129 B utterfield, Mrs. Velma 59 Cambell, Mrs. Jean 41, 102, 103, 197 Caswell, Mr. Robert 47 Cernicek, Mr. Alois 43, 77, 91 C hurch. Mrs. Esther 46 Cooper, Mr, Leon 46, 83 Cox, Mr. Robert 55 Crane, Mr. H orris 51, 102, 103 DeGeer, Mr. Stanley 52, 62, 135 Eikleberry, Mr. Robert 49 Flynn, Mr. Michael 41 Fries, Mrs. Shirley 40 Gambell, Mr. Horace 51, 79 Hegler, Mrs. Bess 49, 67 Higgins, Mr. Jim 105, 118, 128 Howl, Mr. Glen 44, 110, 111, 120 Hudson, Mr. W illiam 55 H uttenlocher, Mr. W illiam 43, 91 Jordon, Mrs. Jolene 49, 67 Kalberg, Mr. Sheldon 53 Lamb, Miss Marga 50 Lyles, Miss J. Gwyneth 57, 184

Loar. Mr. Robert 39 Lora, Mr. Meivin C. 57, 135 M endius, Mrs. P atricia 40, 135 M iller, Miss Linda 23. 40. 135 M ojica, Mr. Jose 43 M orris, Mr. W illiam 44. 79, 86 McCleskey, Mrs. Lucille 4 1 ,6 3 , 192 McCluney, Mr. Eugene 45. 114 M cDonald, Mr. Jan 53, 72, 73 McGavran, Mr. H arry 48, 184 McGavran, Mrs. Janet 40. 135 McHale, Mr. John 51, 184 Nichols. Mr. A rth u r 44 N ordwell. Mr. Carl 58 Oakes, Mrs. Jo 57, 93 P etrini, Mr. Dale 48. 110, 111 Phillips. Mrs. Anne 48 Phillips. Mr. Joe 50, 94, 102, 103 P inkerton, Mr. James 42, 104, 106 P rather, Miss B illy 43. 184 Putnam , Mr. David 47 Ramsey, Mr. Ross 11,41 Ross, Mrs. Inez 40, 63 Sacco, Mr. Frank 51 S chacterle, Mr. Leland 48, 184 Sharp, Mrs. Lois 40, 135 Shinn, Mr. Russell 45, 86, 119, 193 Sizem ore. Mr. Paul 22, 39, 67 Teter, Mr. Delbert 51 Thom as, Mrs. Lucy 49, 67 Thom pson, Miss Luanne 55 Travis, Mrs. M arylou 43, 92 T urn er. Mrs. Polly 23, 183 Valigura, Mr. W illiam M. 57, 201 Visel. Mr. Robert 58, 184 Wagner, Mr. C. Duane 46, 65 W im berly, Mr. Floyd 48 W ingfield, Mrs. Opal 49, 135 Wyles, Mrs. Mary 41



T I L D O W ' g P H O IO » S H O P 1731 Central


Advertising 215

□5 RtHnO! M rs. E s th e r C h u rc h in tro d u c e s ‘ ‘ T h e F o x ,” a night visitor, to her class.

New G lrls‘ Staters Kathi Fulgenzi, Shelley Roberts, Dolly Zeigner co n te m p la te th e ir s u m m e r at UNM.

Busy Year Ends on June 7


ic h



Key Clubbers Scott Davis, Robert Sawyer, Mike Loar, and C hris M ills finish th e ir o rg a n i­ za tio n ’s sign at th e ir southwest entrance to the cam pus.

M o st o f ‘ 68 L a L o m a ’ s p ic tu re s w ere taken by staff student photographers. H ow ever, a few o f th e p ic tu re s w ere fu rn is h e d by th e fo llo w in g , to w h o m the yearbook class is m ost grateful: Dan E lliott W. Maxwell Mathieson Bill Jack Rodgers Los Alam os M onitor New Mexican Los Alam os S cientific Labs School Pictures

P atti T h ra p takes her Journal­ ism I final.

LA LOMA is published annually by the yearbo ok class of Los Alamos High School, Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544. Price per copy is $6.00 (or $7.00 on installm ent). Advertising rate is $20.00 per eighth of advertising portion of page. LA LOMA is a m em ber of Columbia Scholastic Press Association, Na­ tional Scholastic Press Association, National School Year­ b o o k A s s o c ia tio n , and N e w M e x ic o I n t e r s c h o la s t ic Press Association. E d ito r.................................................................. . Susan Tiano Assistant E ditor-A dvertising Manager . . . Lynn Smith Business M a n a g e r.......................................... Bob Freyman Layout E d it o r .................................................... . Lauren Hull Sports Editor .................................................... George Griffin Faculty Editor-Index E d ito r............................ Peggy Day O rganizations Editors .................................. Patt I Holt FI • Elsa Kunz. P atti Thrap Senior Editor ...................................................... ........ Ju n io r Editor ........................................................ S ophom ore Editor .......................................... Senior P h o to g ra p h e r.................................................... Photographers ...................... Brad Baum, Richard Staffers ..........................................................................

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Jeanette T ru jillo Susan Donahue Debbie Hyatt y B ill Lyon ack i''"C o rm ick, ' L ,n Money ''®FJoh; 0 ‘Mara

Los Alamos Public School 1968 Yearbook  

Los Alamos Public School 1968 Yearbook

Los Alamos Public School 1968 Yearbook  

Los Alamos Public School 1968 Yearbook