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Looking back on our 1964-1965 school year, we, the students, remember how much bigger and newer our school was becoming. Many stu­ dents were having classes in the new Home Eco­ nomics Cottage and the new addition to E-wing in September. In the middle of October the In­ dustrial Arts wing was open to students. As Feb­ ruary 1965 came, the new gym was available not only to the eagerly awaiting gym classes but to the even more eager basketball team. As we recall the past school year, memories of our teachers, friends, and acquaintances will al­ ways remind us of the fun, excitement, and hard work we had. Our enrollment became the biggest yet in the school’s history as approximately 940 students were in attendance. Your 1965 LA LOMA strives to give you an accurate reflection of the past year’s activities. We hope you will remember the 1964-1965 school year as a very memorable one!

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La Loma

1965 Published by The La Loma S ta ff O f Los Alamos High School Los A lamos, N ew Mexico


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Dedication Goes To M r. Hanson In 1960 Mr. Lawrence Hanson began his first year of teaching at Los Alamos High School. During these five years, he taught American Government and U.S. History. This was Mr. Hanson’s second year as head of the History Department. He was recognized by students for his sincere desire to educate them in a challenging but re­ warding way. His various activities included co­ sponsoring the Student Council and the Inter­ national Relations Club. With pride, we, the 1965 La Loma staff, dedi­ cate this year’s LA LOMA to Mr. Lawrence Hanson for his dedication to students.

Jo e Daly, S tudent Council vice-president, and Andy M cQ ueen, president, discuss possible activities to raise m oney for the foreign student fund w ith M r. H anson, a Council adviser.


Cottage Is N ew With the many new facilities of the Home Eco­ nomics Cottage, the girls had more opportunity this year to entertain graciously and freely. Most of the actual entertaining was done in the spa­ cious, Italian Provincial living room-dining room combination. And after many long weeks of planning and preparation, the Home Economics department successfully gave a formal dinner for the Board of Education in mid-December. Although the dinner was the main highlight of the year, the girls also entertained at teas, luncheons, and brunches. The Cottage is equipped with five kitchens and one demonstration kitchen, a large sewing room which is also used as the general classroom, a fitting room, and an instructor’s office. Adding color and warmth to the spacious foyer which opens to all parts of the Cottage is the large glass showcase where many of the girls’ projects and ideas were displayed.

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Looking over a norm al d a y ’s work in his office is M r. Jo h n Colem an, the new assistant principal.

School Facilities This year enrollment reached an all time high of approximately 940 students. This increase was complemented by the extensive additional build­ ing and new opportunities afforded students by these facilities. A change was noted in administration also. Mr. John Coleman replaced Mr. Duane Smith as assistant principal at Los Alamos.

E ntering his office, M r. Jo y ce is read y to begin an o th e r d ay ’s work at Los Alamos H igh School. M r. George Jo y ce serves as prin cip al of Los A lam os H igh School for his third consecutive year.

8 Administration

Dr. C. W . R ic h a rd has been superintendent of Los Alamos schools for ten years.

Giving out absentee slips is one of the m any jobs of the office. Mrs. Breisch Registrar Mrs. Snowdir Secretary

Mrs. C arter Bookkeeper Mrs. Thom as Guidance Sec.

Continue Growth

Mr. Robert McGee Assistant Superintendent

In respect to this year’s graduating class, Mr. George Joyce, high school principal, stated: “We share the pride and the pleasure we know you must feel in your graduation. Los Alamos High School looks with pride on the record you have thus far made. That pride will increase as your accomplishments become more and more worthy in the years to come.” Mr. John Coleman Assistant Principal


m ssu w

M r. Eldon L. C hristensen heads th e Los A lam os B oard of E du­ c a tio n a l T ru ste es com posed of M r. W endell M iller, Mrs. Rene M ills, D r. A lv in G ra v e s, and Dr. R obert S. Shreffier.



English Stressed Emphasis on competition contiued to produce quality writing from students that was often entered in various writing contests. Special mention was made of state winner Ruth Fowler and runner-up Charles Calvin in competition sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English. Use of lay readers in grading mechanics as well as teacher evaluation gave students a careful account of their writing. Standardized English exams were used in de­ termining student weaknesses and needs and giving the student a comparative look at the school.

A u e m p tin g to define th e w ord “ e d ic t” one of .Mrs. Elizabeth Aiello’s English III classes strengthens its vocabulary.

English Department Is Largest

Mrs. Hill Head Mrs. Aiello Mrs. Pritchard



E L IZ A B E T H A. A IE L L O — English III; 15th year; B.A.; C h a th a m College. S H IR L E Y S. F R IE S — L atin, English IV ; 19th year; O ly m p ian s; B.A.; C or­ nell U niversity, C o lu m b ia U niversity, U niversity of W yom ing. W A R R E N K. G U M E S O N — English 11,1V; 3rd year; Sing Sing, Ju n io r Class; B.A.; U niver­ sity of C olorado. JE A N M. H IL L — English IV , A dvanced C om position, A d­ vanced L ite ra tu re ; 10th y ear; M .A .; D oane College, O m a h a U niversity. L U C IL L E M cC L E S K E Y — English II; 35th year; Future Teachers of A m erica; M .A.; Texas W om en’s U niversity, H ighlands U niversity. P A T R IC IA W. M E N D IU S — English III,IV ; 12th year; B.A.; U .C.L.A . R U T H H. P R IT C H ­ A R D — English III: 7th year; B.A.; P u rd u e. R O S S R A M S E Y — English IV ; 24th year; Olions; M .S.; U niversity of U ta h . L O IS S H A R P — English III; 8th year; M .A.; B riar Cliff College, M arq u e tte U niversity, S tate U niversity of Iowa. H A R R IE T W H IS L E R — English II; 2nd year; B.A.; C olorado State College, U niversity of H aw aii. M A R Y J. W Y L E S — English II; 19th year; M .A; H ighlands U niversity, D enver University. Mrs. Fries M r. Ramsey

M r. Gumeson Mrs. Sharp

Mrs. McCleskey Miss W hisler

Mrs. M endius Mrs. Wyles

Courses Change

M r. W. C. C arter gladly assists A m erican History Students with a special panel discussion.

This year an advanced class for sophomores was offered to those showing interest in American History and with a high grade average in the ubject. Sociology and Economics proved to be of in­ terest to the students. Enrollment in these classes was noticeably larger than last year. The subject formerly called International Re­ lations was renamed Geography and Current Events and more stress was placed on the loca­ tion of countries in relation to the major events. A unified department, social studies continued to offer students challenges in thinking, an aware­ ness of current problems and their historical counterparts, and foundations of government.

M r. H anson Head

M r. Barry Mr. Bodson Mr. G randstaff

Mr. Berteloot Mr. C arter M r. Nichols

Students listen while M r. Nichols points to the m ap during his new class, G eography and C u rre n t History.

Social Studies Department Numbers 7 G E R A L D C. B A R R Y , J R . — U.S. H istory, E conom ics; 2nd year; B.S.; Sul Ross College. P A U L G. B E R T E L O O T — Sociology, U.S. H istory; 15th y ear; M .A .; U niversity o f D enver, U niversity of H aw aii. R O B E R T L. B O D S O N — Economics, Sociology; 9th year; Faculty Advisory C om m ittee; M .A .; U niversity of N orth D akota. W. E. C A R T E R — U.S. H istory; 9th year; M .A .; E astern N ew Mexico U niversity. R A Y P. G R A N D S T A F F — U.S. H istory, A m erican Gov­ ernm ent. 3rd year; B.A.; N o rth eastern S tate College. L A W R E N C E H A N S O N — A m erican G overn m en t; 9th year; B.S.; U niversity of N ebraska. A R T H U R S. N IC H O L S — U.S. H istory, G eography and C u rren t E vents; 14th y ear; In te rn a tio n a l R elations C lub, Senior Class; B.A.; M acalester College, U niversity of Chicago.

Social Studies


S M S G Taught

M rs H engstenberg Mrs. Phillips

M r. Schachterle M r. W im berley

Heading the Math department and also serv­ ing as President of the New Mexico Council of Teachers of Mathematics was Mr. James Meaders. A group of four students at Stanford Univer­ sity devised a new course, School Mathematics Study Group. Mr. Meaders is helping this study by teaching the experimental class to advanced seniors. SMSG deals with the study of calculus at a college level. Reports are sent to Stanford every so often on the progress of the experimental course. Considered the best preparatory course of Calculus and College Mathematics, the Illinois Math program was again used for the fifth year.

Illinois M ath Program Continues D E L O R E S H E N G S T E N B E R G — A lgebra II, M a th II,IV ; 26th year; Sophom ore C lass; M .A .; C ollege of St. T eresa, U niversity of M innesota. JA M E S J. M E A D E R S — M ath Analysis, M ath IV, Plane G eom etry, G en eral M a th ; 21st y ear; H o n o r Society, M .S., M.A.; M idland College, C o lo rad o S tate College, U niversity o f Illinois. A N N E P H IL L IP S — M a th III, A lgebra I,II; 2nd y ear; B.S.; U n i­ versity of T exas. L E L A N D E. S C H A C H T E R L E — M a th III,IV , Consumers M ath ; 9th year; M .A .; C olorado State University, W est­ ern State College. F L O Y D W IM B E R L E Y —M ath II, Trigonom etry, P robability, C onsum ers M a th ; 14th y ear; M .S.; H ardin-S im m ons University, D enver University.

M r. M eaders Head T a k in g a test is M r. W im b erley ’s seventh period T rigonom etry class.

Board work is rew arding for th e entire class as three of the boys in one of Mrs. Phillips M a th classes dem onstrate.

12 Mathematics

M r, C ooper

M r. Elkieberry

Mrs. Fizer

M r. K ollm an

M r. W agner M r, Caswell Head

Two Science Teachers Are New R O B E R T C A S W E L L — PSSC Physics; 14th year; M .S.; M id lan d C ol­ lege, O k lah o m a S tate U niversity. L E O N C O O P E R — C hem istry, Ad­ vanced Physical Science; 14th year; Science C lub; M .S.; B ethanyN azarene College, U niversity of U tah . R O B E R T E IK L E B E R R Y — Biol­ ogy, A dvanced Biology, A dvanced Science; 6th year; M .S.; State U niver­ sity of Iowa. V IR G IN IA F IZ E R — Biology, C hem istry, M odern Science; 1st year; B.S.; M esa J u n io r C ollege, C olorado S tate T each ers College. V IC T O R K O L L M A N — C hem istry; 2nd year; Science C lub; B.S.; State College of Iow a. D U A N E W A G N E R — E a rth Science; 5 th y ear; M agm am ites; M .A .; C olorado State College.

B S S C h Mew BSSC was a new course added to the Science department this year. BSSC, Biological Science Study Committee, was mainly a lab approach to the study of biology. Chemistry, Biology, Advanced Geological Science, Earth Science, Physics, and Advance Physical Sciences were also offered to students. New faculty members who joined the science department were Miss Fizer and Mr. Kollman. The head of the department was Mr. Caswell. Patsy L ucero, G lo ria C h an g , D olores A bey ta, A n th o n y Furr, W an d a G ale, C a rla C ’D e B aca, a n d J u lie Lyon study the

L earn in g th e basic fu n d a m e n ta ls of N ew to n ’s Law of M otion is done in Physics through experim ents. Conducting this experi­ m ent is D oug T u rn e r, C hris F ram e, and Jim Dominic. effects of bacteria culture in one of the new BSSC classes, a laboratory approach to the subject.

N ew Wing Used This year a new course, Business Machines, was olTered by the business department. Through this subject students became accjuainted with the IBM machines, adding machines, electric type­ writers, calculators, and other devices employed in an office. E Wing was extended by twice its original size to accommodate the growing commercial classes and additional equipment. All business courses were located in this area.




L earn in g to type on electric typew riters rapidly an d efficiently is the m ain goal o f T y p in g II classes.

Mrs. Jo rd an M r. Pyburn

M r. Linnaus Mrs. Wingfield

Sherri S aunders practices her accuracy as she uses the IB M key p unch in one of the Business M achines Classes.

Business Ed. Enlarges Eor N ew Course

Mrs. Hegler Head

14 Business Education

BESS H E G L E R —T yp in g II, S horthand II; 11th year; T opper Busi­ ness C lub; M .A .; C olorado S tate College, D enver U niversity, U ni­ versity of New M exico. J O L E N E J O R D A N — T yping I, Personal T yp in g ; 4 th y ear; B.S.; O k la h o m a C ity U niversity. V E R N O N F. L IN N A U S — G eneral Business, Bookkeeping; 9th year; M .A .; M id­ lan d College, U niversity o f N ebraska, U niversity of O klahom a. R O G E R P Y B U R N —T y p in g I, Business I, Business M achines; 4th y ear; B.A.; Coe C ollege, S tate College of Iow a, S tate U niversity of Iow a, U niversity of C olorado. O P A L W IN G F IE L D — T y p in g I, S h o rth a n d I; 23rd y ear; B.A.; H ig h lan d s U niversity, D enver U ni­ versity.

M r. Cooley

M r. Eggleston

T he high school orch estra practices daily techniques while w aiting for instructions from M r. Eggleston.

Orchestra Director N ew This Tear M r. H eltm an

C aroling d u rin g th e C h ristm as holidays, the choir performs at different locations in Los Alamos, including the S-Site cafeteria.

T H O M A S B. C O O L E Y — C h o ir; 18th year; C lef an d Lyre; B.A.; M inneapolis College of M usic, E astern W ashington C ol­ lege of Education, U niversity of Puget Sound, New Mexico H ighlands U niversity, U niversity of M innesota. R E X EG­ G L E S T O N — O rch estra D irector, C o o rd in ato r of Strings and Vocal M usic; 8th year; B achelor of M usic E ducation; U niver­ sity of C olorado, C asp e r C ollege, U niversity o f W yom ing. R O L L IE V. H E L T M A N — B and; 33rd year; Key Club; M.A.; C olorado State College, U niversity of C olorado, N orthw estern University, U .C .L .A ., U niversity of New Mexico.

Brian N eher practices w ith the b and for its ann u al high school Guest C oncert in February.

tt ie«»®

0 Pcfioii

ijjalio®^ rcriii''®' ipitS *■

Changes Evident Changes were evident in the music department this year with a new orchestra leader. Directing the orchestra to its usual level of ex­ cellence was Mr. Rex Eggleston in place of last year’s leader, Mr. Sid Brantley. The choir was larger; enrollment exceeded 75 for the first time for Mr. Cooley’s vocal group. All State participation again gave evidence of the outstanding groups and individuals in each division of the department. M usic


After completing a practice of the “ tired sw im m er’s carry ,” the girls in one of the sw im m ing classes wait for further instruction

from M r, H udson, w ho is teach in g them Ju n io r Life-Saving.

N ew Gym Added The new gym highlighted the second semester by providing much needed space for indoor sports. Both physical education groups participated in volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, physical fit­ ness tests, and many other sport activities. Mr. Hudson supervised swimming on Wednes­ days and Fridays for girls and boys respectively.

W hile V irginia C alvin looks on, G eorgia W ilder shoots for a lay-up in basketball.

Stance is an im p o rtan t factor in archery as this E.E. squad dem onstrates behind the gym. As her classm ates spot her, K ay R oush displays ability w ith a “ spread eagle” on the tram p o lin e durin g the gymnastics unit.

3 Teachers Handle Physical Education R O B E R T C O X — Physical E ducation; 28th year; L etterm en Club; M .A .; M uskingum C ollege, O h io S tate U niversity. W IL L IA M A. H U D S O N —Sw im m ing In stru cto r; 16th vear; Social C om m ittee; M .A .; New Y ork U niversity. L U A N N E T H O M P S O N — Physical E ducation; 10th year; Pep Club, C heerleaders, GAA; B.S.; College of the Ozarks.

Vigorously exercising, a girls’ swim ming class practices the backstroke. M r. Cox Mr. H udson Miss Thom pson

A ju m p ball starts a p hysical ed u c a tio n basketball gam e in the new gym.

D iving into th e w ater, th e boys sw im m ing class begins one of the m any drills they need in o rd er to pass the course.

Before starting the different activities, Mr. Cox gives instructions to one of his classes.

T h e language lab has proved to be an excellent study aid for students, as in Mrs. R iv era’s R ussian II class.

M r. Mojica Mr. Schwarz

Mrs. Rivera Mrs. Travis

Mr. Mojica Heads Group JO S E M O JIC A — Spanish; 17th year; Spanish Club; M.A.; A dam s State College, U niversity of Colorado. D O R O T H Y R IV E R A — R ussian ; 3rd y ear; B.S.; C entral Missouri S tate College. H A R T SC H W A R Z —G e rm a n ; 2nd y ear; G e rm a n C lu b ; B.A.; W artburg College. M A R Y L O U T R A V IS — French; 6th year; French C lu b ; B.A.; T ufts U niversity, U niver­ sity of C olorado, In stitu te de T ouraine.

Listening and com prehending are fundam entals for foreign language students as shown by M rs. T rav is’ French II class.

Courses Linked Foreign language studies became more closely coordinated between the junior high school and the high school this year. This department has always been one of the most valuable assets of the school and remained in this role for the 1964-65 school year. The language labs were used throughout the year to improve pronunciation and develop variety.

M r. Mojica is a b o u t to call on one of his students for recitation in a Spanish III class.

18 Languages

Facilities Added

Jo h n M attys and K aren Sm ith play in “ A ria De C apo” in a Speech III class for interested students.

This year the speech department had many new facilities, with extra space from the conver­ sion of the old home economics room. The room provided more space for small plays and speeches. An overhead projector and stage lights added to an interesting subject for the students. The speech courses offered were speech I, which is fundamentals of speech; speech II, oral interpretation; speech III, drama; and speech IV, debate. Mr. Black was the speech teacher and also sponsor of the Hilltalkers, the speech club, and the National Forensic League, a speech honorary. He was faculty assembly chairman and also had the duty of organizing the daily announcements.

A Speech Is Varied


P A U L G. B L A C K — S p eech ; Hilltalk ers, N a tio n a l F o ren sic L eague; M .A.; San A ntonio College, U niver­ sity of A rkansas, S outhw est Texas State College.

tadiisf M r. Black

R eh earsin g for “ A n o th e r w ay O u t,” A rlie Jackson a n d M ary A nne D ugan act out th eir parts.

T ragedy, p o rtray ed by M ary J a n e Gosslee, prom pts Pete H um phrey and Bob M a rtin , two shepherds.



B ecause o f th e few stu d e n ts w ho are able to take S peech, M r. B lack teaches one of the English classes some basics in speaking.



3 Areas Included R O D N E Y Y O U N G - J o u r n a lis m , N ewspaper, A nnual Staff, English II; l l l h year; B.A.; U niversity of Colo足 rado.

M r. Young

V Practicing form al p o rtra itu re du rin g Journalism are Earl Perry, Bill Purett, an d N ancy Cole.

C hristine Pizzuto consults M erry E m bry on a story for the Lookout as M ary R oche w rites headlines.

Journalism Gams T ouring the offices of the New M exican, R od Geer looks over the pages of m etal type w ith th e rest of the Journalism class.

A ty p ical d u ty o f y e a rb o o k staff m em b ers is identifying students in pictures.

20 Journalism

Many students became familiar with the func足 tions and make-up of a newspaper in the journ足 alism class this year. The structure, printing, and general make-up of a newspaper were studied. A trip to Santa Fe to visit the office of the New Mexican was a highlight and an enjoyable ex足 perience for the journalism class. The students toured through the whole office and were shown many machines and techniques used in printing and publishing a newspaper. For the first time the journalism students published a special issue of the Lookout as a class project. Newspaper class published 12 issues of the Lookout and the yearbook staff enlarged the La Loma from 196 pages to 216 pages.

Home Ec. New The Home Economic Cottage which includes a classroom used also as the sewing room, a fit­ ting room, an instructor’s office, a cooking area with five kitchens and one demonstration kitchen, and a large living room-dining room combina­ tion, was another of the new additions. The Home Economics classes taught this year were Home Economics I,H, and IH. In Home Economics I, child care, sewing, basic cooking techniques, and family relations were taught. Home Economics II and III developed the study of those fields even further and also studied home nursing, marriage, and the home in all aspects. Family living was taught again this year. The course centered around personality, marriage, and family problems.

L inda W ittem an serves M r. Joyce the m ain course at the H om e Economics form al d in n er for the Board of Educa-



d Nw

fBMiss Lam b


deni! ,clas [die



P racticing graciousness a n d congeniality, the H om e Econom ics classes serve tea to the faculty for one of th eir m any projects.

New Quarters Used M A RG A LEE L.AMB— H om e Economics. Fam ily Living; 5th y ear; C heerleaders, G ard en C lu b ; B..A.; C o lo rad o State Col­ lege.

Sheila A rm stro n g is serving the main course of chicken w ith w ine sauce for the form al dinner.

Home Economics


Class Uses Machines T O M M Y H K iH 'rO W E R Drivers E du­ c a tio n , U .S. H isto ry ; 8 th y ea r; H.A.; Eastern N ew M exico U niversity, U niver­ sity of N ew M exico, N ew M exico State University, (Oklahoma S tate University,

M r. Hightow er

Because o f heavy snow storm s an d slick streets, driving was occasionally missed.

The gears in a transm ission can be easy to understand with a special D river’s Ed. gear box, being checked by D avid Stems.

M ichele tests her perip h eral vision w hich is valuable when driving a car. B ecom ing accu sto m ed to different phases of driving, Michele Desilets uses a m achine checking night vision.

Driving Popular Driver’s Education, taught by Mr. Tommy Hightower, is becoming an ever popular subject for sophomore and junior students. The semester course involves six weeks of class­ room work which determine a semester grade, and four weeks of actual driving practice. After this is completed the students are assigned to study hall for the remainder of the semester. Along with teaching Driver’s Ed., Mr. High­ tower taught one class of American History dur­ ing the first semester, and was later appointed athletic and physical education coordinator.

22 Driver's Education

Books Added


An addition of 300 new books were added to the library this year. The first semester hours were from 7:45 to 3:30 and open both lunches. The hours were the same second semester but closed during first lunch. About 14 students assisted Mrs. Butterfield during the day in checking books in and out along with other duties. Students often came in from their study hall to use materials for student research.

Chris M oore checks out a book from Rose Peterson, one of the school’s library assistants.

llli.llr,! Library Is A id V E L M .-\ B U T T E R F I E L D — L ib ra r ia n ; 6 th y e a r; C o lo rad o W o m e n ’s C ollege, U niversity of S o u th e rn C ali­ fornia, Blackhills S tate College, U niversity of Denver.

Mrs. Butterfield

Com pleting hom ew ork assignments often necessitates th e use of lib ra ry m aterials as show n by Dave Dvorak and M ark Nolen.

isvalluilif ^


R esearch is m ade easier th ro u g h the facilities of the school library as T o m Berg a n d Stanley D elano prove. U n d er th e guidance o f M r. Schw arz, students labor over hom ew ork d u r­ ing one of the study hall periods.



M r. Gambell Heads Department IIO R R IS C R A N E —(Graphic Arts, W ood Shop, M etal Shop 1; 1st year; B.A.; Eastern New Mexico U niversity. H (.)R A C E Cj A M B E E L M echanical D raw ing; 24th year; Industrial A rts C lub; M .S.; State U niversity of New York, College of E ducation. J O H N W. H A R D Y A uto M echanics; 1st year; Associate of A rts; H ighlands U niver­ sity. JA M E S A. M IE E E R -M e ta l Shop; 5th year; B.A.; C olorado State College. D E E B E R T T E T E R - Electricity; 13th year; Rutgers U n iversity; A ssociate ol Arts. R O B E R 'E V IS E E — A rt; 15th year; Art C lub; B.S., M .A .; Southw est T exas S tate T each ers College, C olorado S late College.


cou of StUI an

Mr. C rane Mr. H ardy Mr. T eter


M r. Gambell M r. M iller M r. Visel

C leaning m achines is also a p art of G raphic Arts as is shown by D ave C arroll who is clean­ ing the offset press.

enrt Dave P onton dem onstrates skill w ith the milling m achine.

Mr. prol

Steve Young helps J im A nderson check his car in the A uto M echanics shop.

Shops Increase P Wing was the new home for art and shop courses. With the addition of the new wing, new courses were offered. Graphic Arts was the study of printing methods. Electronics involved the study of electricity and currents. Boys were given an opportunity to work on cars during the special auto mechanics classes. Mechanical drawing, wood and metal shop, and art also were offered again this year. During the year half of the student body was enrolled in one of these courses.

E xplaining to G ary E verall how th e photostat operates, Dave C arroll centers a picture on the frame. Learning basic electronic fu n d am en tals is m ade easier as M r. T eter helps R ichard D avey and Clinton Davis complete a circuit.

M r. M iller w elds a lu m in u m w ith a h elia arc, probably the only one in N ew Mexico.

M r. V isel’s fifth period a rt class practices sketching techniques.



\ .Arts & Shops


A id Available Schedule changes, transcripts, applications for jobs and colleges were only part of the year’s activities in the guidance department. In addi­ tion to these, tests for placement in English classes and other aptitude and special interest areas were handled. Mr. Koch worked with students having special reading problems. Mr. Ross, speech therapist, was present at the school when needed and ad­ ministered hearing tests in the second semester to all students.

Mr. Lam kin Miss Lyles Mr. W oodard

Special Services Provided

M r. Ross Mr. Koch Mrs. Oakes

R O B E R T K O C H — R em ed ial R e ad in g ; 3rd year; B.A.; Pennsylvania S tate T each ers College. W IL L IA M LAM ­ K IN —D irector of G uidance; 5th year; M .A.; Baylor U ni­ versity, U niversity of T exas. G W E N L Y L E S— G uidance Counselor; 6th year; M .A .; N o rth Texas State University, Texas T echnological College, U niversity of New Mexico, N orthw estern U niversity. J O S E P H IN E O A K E S — School N urse; 1st y ear; M .N .; S k id m o re U niversity, Y ale U ni­ versity. J O H N R O S S — S peech T h e ra p ist; 12th year; M .A .; U niversity of Iowa. A U D IE W O O D A R D — G uid­ ance C ounselor; 2nd year; M .A .; M idw estern University, Southw estern S tate T each ers College.

A rth u r J a ra m illo studies the eye chart as J e r r y C h e rry has his vision checked by M rs. J o O akes.

26 Guidance and Specials

Service Offered Mrs. W inters Cafeteria Head

Overcrowding was eliminated in the cafeteria this year by the Practical Arts building which provided space for the shops, previously adjacent to the cafeteria. The additional room was an im­ provement in the whole atmosphere of the eating area. The custodial staff exercised efficiency in all aspects of their work. The well-tended campus and buildings were a point of pride with every­ one connected with the school.

T h e cafeteria staff are Mrs. V irginia Nichols, Mrs. R uth D w indle, Mrs. Je rry Fabec, an d Mrs. B arbara W inters.

□ l


/ 1

Mr. M edina Custodial Head

M r. Jose Gomez clears one of th e sidewalks after a heavy snowstorm, one of several this year. Custodial staff are T o n y Sanchez, G ilbert M artinez, Beatrice C arter, A rchie M e d in a ; Row Two: P ed ro A tencio, A ntonio G arcia, Emilio M artinez, H ector A tencio, Fidel Sandoval. Serving hot Inches in th e cafeteria is efficiently done by m em bers of the cafeteria staff d u rin g one of th e lunch periods.




i f ■'


P.E. Uses Gym I’he new gym was opened for use by the boys’ physical education classes, February 15. For years the boys’ and girls’ gym classes were held in the same building, hindering some of the activities, but with the addition of the new gym the girls have the old physical education center for themselves. Volleyball and badminton will be played more by the boys now because of the larger playing area, and when the seats are pushed back the balconies become a perfect place for gymnastics and weight lifting. If restraining nets are installed, the balconies can be used for such things as bat­ ting cages and practice areas for golf or tennis. There are two locker rooms in the gym. One for the physical education classes and the other is the teams’ locker room which features two whirlpools and will house the athletic teams.

Student Life

Student Life Is In early September, students again see the opening of a new school year. It takes a lot of adjustment to get back into the school routine after a long summer. Along with the new school hurs and the overpasses, the opening year brought a foreign student from India and sent Ba Wood­ ward, Los Alamos senior, to Brussels, Belgium. The life of the students remained as varied as always with almost countless activities.

T he crowd moves aw ay as th e Hom ecom ing bonfire burns to a victory over the New Mexico M ilitary Institute, 28-7.

S tudent C ouncil P resident A ndy M cQ ueen and VicePresident Joe D aly welcome Sathish Shenoy, Los Alamos H igh School’s foreign student from India.

J im A nderson’s car, being checked by Nelson M artinez, is either a victim of a stray spark from a w elding torch or a straying vandal.

Lead by th e J V C heerleaders, the drill team , adorned in their new uniforms, prepares to take its position in the Hom ecom ing parade.

Begun Amidst Changes

D u rin g a field trip to the New M exican th e n e w sp a p e r and annual staffs learn how a news­ p aper is published.

W ith lo ts o f p re tty girls, th e In d u s tria l A rts C lu b is a fun clu b ; at least, th a t’s w h a t D a v e C a rro ll says a t th e c lu b as­ sem b ly e a rly in the year.

Early in the fall, M r. D elbert T e te r’s electronics classes w ere held in the cafeteria as the shop in P -W ing was not yet com pleted. A m ad gas-cap pran k ste r struck durin g the H om ecom ing D ance and left them in a pile by the front steps. N ot m any students found their own gascaps, and the rest h ad to settle for som ebody else’s.

G iving th eir additions to th e pep assem bly before th e St. M ik e ’s football gam e are M r. G erald Barry and M r. R ay G randstaff, football coaches.

This was the first overpass to be completed, and w hile its stairs p rovided a change for students, th e novelty soon w ore off an d was replaced bycom plaints and fears of having an embarrassing fall. P roviding m an y form s o f e n tertain m en t, in clu d in g ping -p o n g , d an cin g, an d pool­ playing, th e Y o u th C e n te r com pletes its first successful year.

Banquets, Pranks A dd Variety

P ic tu re tim e for L A H S stu d e n ts b rin g s facial ex­ pressions com m on only to th a t tim e, as re v e a le d by S ath ish S h en o y , foreign student.

Good? This is terrible! L orena G arcia watches as Sheila A rm strong gives her opinion of her own cook­ ing. Going once—going tw ice—Sold! to the Jolly G reen G iant for his little pea-pickin’ helpers. T h e H om e Economics cottage is now home owned and hom e operated by the efficient force.


Student Life

Sports Play Role n

In Student Life

K ay B enson seem s to be strangling herself as th e suspense m o u n ts in a T o p p er basketball game.

C heerleaders Ju d y W hite and Parker V an Hecke prom ote the Foreign Student Fund along with “ T o p p e r,” the mascot. M any different expressions can be seen at bas­ ketball gam es as shown during a close game with Valley Fligh School.

A good crow d turn ed o u t for an afternoon gam e an d did not go a w a y d is a p p o in te d as th e T o p p e r s tr i­ u m p h ed 20-19.

M ark Sum m ers, T o p p e r q u arterback, is ab o u t to break his way th ro u g h th e V icto ry A rch as the players a n d fans p re p a re for

the last tw enty-four minutes of the football season. T h e Toppers cam e from b ehind to win this final game.

S w eetheart’s was a big success this year as all tension let loose after the T opper basketball team beat Valley in one of the most thrilling games of the season.

The annual V olleyball T o u rn am en t was another success this year in which a ju n io r team cam e out on top beating the seniors.

Shirley W rig h t perform s her m ajorette solo d u rin g half-tim e a t a hom e basketball game.

Volleyball, Dances, Projects Noted Although a new gym was one of the many ad­ ditions to the school this year, the old gym was frequently used for such activities as Homeroom Volleyball Tournaments and pep assemblies. Festivities held after athletic events included the annual Sweethearts Dance and the Pinata Party. Greatly improving the beauty of the town was the removal of the names on the cliff just outside of Los Alamos. This Student Council sponsored project also included painting the motley water towers in town. Drama class, also known as Speech III, proved to be an interesting and a most congenial elective in its presentation of various plays. Students were kept well informed of school functions through the use of the daily announce­ ments over the public address system. 34 Student Life

O ne ad v an ta g e of taking Speech III is shown by Ptirker V an Hecke, a dictionary salesman, and D iane M ench, the wife, in the play “ A nother W ay O u t.”

K a re n T h o m as, one of th e ten finalists, ends h er ch eer d u rin g the varsity cheerleader tryouts.

Student Pursuits Seem Unlimited ........... «p,

4. ^ 1


I' -4 ,

• -V


A n im p o rta n t call? W ell, w hat­ ever it is, th e call costs W ayne C iddio a dime!

A fam iliar voice to students every m orning was th a t of Jim Ribe, read­ ing th e n u m e ro u s a n n o u n c e m e n ts for the day.

J im Foglesong struggles to hold a rope reta in e r ag ain st surging crow ds to keep feet off the new gym floor.

Chris M atlack looks over the activity directory which gives the general school inform ation, if one can wedge his way through th e gang of boys which surrounds it a t every opportunity.


P at A n d e rso n e x p la in s h e r aw ard-w inning exhibit in th e N atio n al Science Fair to an AEG Special A w ards ju d g e, E lm er R ylander.

C heering th eir team on, the J.V . cheerleaders urge the crow d to yell.

i M a rk C h e rry beg in s a school day by raising the flag.

Science Fair Adds Special Interest A po p u lar way to raise funds for the AES is the after gam e d a n c e held in the high school cafe­ teria for all students.

Liz Pierce and C arol Sowder make out the daily absentee lists which help teachers in taking roll.

T h e final tw o hom ero o m s p lay th e w in­ n in g c h a m p io n sh ip gam e. T h e Junior homeroom won.

T he viola d ’am ore featuring 14 strings instead of the usual six as well as a carved C upid’s head at the end (show n at the left) a n d the harpsichord (above) every piece o f it h a n d m ade, m ake an entertaining assembly in the spring.

D av e P o n to n a n d L a rry Giorgi team up to work on a su rv e y in g p ro je c t for their m ath class.

M r. Casw ell explains the in strum ent for meas­ u rin g velocity a n d den sity to J im W im berley in a Physics class laboratory.

D u rin g th e ballistics assem bly, students are w arn ed of th e dangers of handling b la stin g c ap s a n d o th e r explosives by a serg ean t from Ft. Bliss, a dem olition ex­ pert, w orking in this area.

Assemblies Break Up Year’s Activity

“ N o thing of value here,” exclaim the D ogpatchers as they ru n through the final O lio n s’ re h e a rsa l before the a n tic ip a te d first perform ance.


H all lockers collect a lot more th an school books.

Ju n io rs w ait patiently in the auditorium lobby while picking u p th eir Prom invitations.

E nd o f Tear Brings Elections, Prom, Locker Check

In electing the cand id ates for S tudent Council offices, students get to use voting m achines for the first time in p rep aratio n for future voting.

“ Pegasus,” the high School’s first literary m agazine, is p u t together by a h um an chain gang in a graphic arts class.

Ju n io rs p rep a re the decor­ a tio n s a n d d re ss u p the Parish H all for Prom .

I Seniors pay th e ir ren tal fee for their caps and gow ns an d sign up for the J u n e I senior trip.


38 Student Life


Looking for th eir boxes for g rad u atio n announcem ents or w aiting to pay for them, seniors crowd aro u n d M r. Burge, the sales representative.

Literary Publication A nd New Panel Noted The end of the year was, as usual, filled with many bustling activities including buying gradu­ ation announcements, paying for the senior trip, voting for student council officers, and preparing for Prom by decorating and distributing invita­ tions to juniors and seniors. The publication of “Pegasus,” the literary magazine containing student themes and poetry, brought school wide interest and the hard work of many graphic arts students.

M a rth a G allegos a n d J a c k Fellers of the yearbook staff h a n g th e new senior panel in the lobby after several m onths of prep­ aration.

C om pleting final stages of a relief m ap of th e Je m e z M o u n ta in are a , several m em ­ bers of M r. W a g n e r’s E a rth Science class adm ire th eir project.

Seniors w ait in th e auditorium to pick up invitations to B anquet and Prom.

Caps and gowns are picked up by seniors after B accalaureate practice.


N ew Area Used A total of 575 students were enrolled in some commercial business course this year, and they were the first group to use the new business edu­ cation area in E-Wing. Five classrooms containing outstanding equip­ ment were built on to E-Wing. Also included in the new additions was a teachers’ workroom which is shared by all the teachers in the wing. Among the new classrooms are a 42-station Typing I room, a complete IBM Electric Type­ writer advanced typing room, one of the few in the state, a Shorthand I room which is also equipped with manual typewriters, and the busi­ ness machines room. “This is the most adequately equipped and modern business machines room in the Southwest as it has a data processing key punch machine, a large accounting machine, selectrics, calculators, adding machines, and regular typewriters,” stated Mrs. Bess Hegler, head of the business department, about this new course.

T he sw im m ing pool is a p o p u la r place on the senior trip and even those w ho d id n 't bring sw im m ing suits have a chance to

try the cold. T h e highlight of the swimming day is when Senior Adviser A rt N ichols goes into the water.

Seniors Enjoy One O f Best Trips Perfect weather provided the Senior Class of 1965 one of the best senior trips in recent history at the always popular, attractive Bishop’s Lodge outside of Santa Fe. Headquartered at the swimming pool of the Lodge, seniors enjoyed the horseback riding facil­ ities, the tennis courts, horseshoe pitching, shuffleboard, and improvised recreations of touch football, softball, and volleyball.

H orseback rid in g is tried by alm ost every senior on th e trip regardless of w hat he or she is wearing.

Not quite the proper equipm ent is used, but nontheless touch football games are played.

Among the varied facilities of Bishop’s Lodge are the tennis courts which are not abandoned throughout the day.

42 Senior Trip

C harcoaled ham burgers are eagerly seized as seniors pass through the chow line at the an n u ally held senior trip. T h e volleyball is co n stan tly in the air d u rin g th e senior trip, b u t som etim es lunches a n d d inners are ru d ely in te rru p te d as

Activities O f Day Are Varied

M r. W arren G um eson and Buzz Cheadle try th eir skill at horseshoes.

the volleyball comes bouncing into the busy eaters’ plates and drinks, causing distraught seniors to howl.

Good food is no problem as hungry seniors eye the steaks being charcoaled for the din n er which is held at the end of the day.

A lthough there is no actual baseball field, the seniors build one in no tim e and the gam e goes on as usual.

Senior Trip


Dr, C, W. R ich ard , superintendent o f schools, begins his introduction of the guest speaker in front of the largest g ra d u a tin g class.

301 Seniors Form Largest Class 1 ,Sathish Shenoy. foreign exchange stu d e n t for the 64-65 school year, receives his diplom a and c o n g ratu latio n s from M r. E ldon C hristensen, president of the board of Education,

“ Well, it’s all over now ,” seems to be the th o u g h t b eh in d the expression on the faces of Paul Page, R oger W aterm an, an d M ark Sum m ers as they stan d outside the gym after graduating.

Speakers stand at attention as the band plays the N ational A nthem to open the pro­ gram for g raduation as the flags are represented.

44 Graduation

Commencement Set In Griffith Gym Graduation was held in Griffith Gym this year and 301 students, the largest class in the history of Los Alamos High School, were present to re­ ceive their diplomas. A near capacity audience watched as, after an address by the main speaker and presentation of scholarships and awards, Mr. Joyce made the presentation of the class, followed immediately by the presentation of the diplomas by the President of the Los Alamos Gounty Board of Educational Trustees, Mr. Eldon L. Christenson. After a Benediction, the recessional began, ending high school days for the members of the Class of 1965. M ary A nne D ugan smiles as M r. Christensen presents her diplom a with a handshake and congratulations.

To Graduate Baccalaureate Held M ay 30

C arol F u rc h n e r plays a c la rin e t selection for B accalaureate ceremonies.

S tu d en ts’ gowns billow in th e w ind as they file into th e Civic A udi­ torium for the B accalaureat'- program .

G rad u ates look solem n as they leave the au d ito riu m after a talk de­ livered by D r. A nderson, m inister of the U n ited C hurch.



Class 0 /1 9 6 5 Finishes School The senior class iDegan the year on a rather sad note when they failed to place in the Homecom­ ing Parade. They suffered a mild catastrophe when the paper mache football player came loose from its moorings on a jeep and fell to the road­ side while beittg ntoved from Barranca Mesa. For their skit in Topper Revue the seniors chose to poke fun at the national elections with a portrayal of a small New Mexican town elect­ ing its sheriff. Mr. Art Nichols was again head sponsor and had most of the responsibility for organizing and supervising numerous senior activities and spe­ cialties. The seniors happily closed their four year stay at LAHS with Baccalaureate in the Civic Audi­ torium and Commencement in the new gym. K it D aly and R oger W aterm an are senior class favorites.


R ed and Silver

Senior Favorites Chosen Flower: ■j., , . I V lO llO .

Oliver 1 rim m ing Ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them w ith your hands, but like the seafaring m an on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and, following them , you reach your destiny.

Senior class officers, seated from the left, are Peggy Roberts, treasurer; M ike Benziger, vice-president; R oger W aterm an , president; T erry N aV eaux, secretary; an d D arlene Dabney, concessions chairm an. Senior sponsors are M r. H orace Gam ble,

46 Senior Officers and Favorites

Mrs. J e a n Hill, M r. A rt Nichols, and Mrs. O pal Wingfield. N ot pictured are sponsor M r. R odney Y oung, an d student council representative, Ju d ie Ford.

C A R O LY N LEE A LEX A N D ER A little work never hurt anyone, but I ’m not taking any chances! B and 1; D rill T e a m 2.3.4; GAA 2.3; H ighlands D ay 3.4; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3.4; O lym pians 4; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SCC 1,2,3,4; Summit Seedlings 4; Secretary 4; T opper Business C lub 3. G L E N N E L L IS A L L E N To the woods. Band 1,2; In d u strial A rts G lub 1,2; R a n k e r K lub 1; Ski G lub 2.3.

J.AM ES RAY A N D E R S O N Fly by night— and raise. H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; Industrial A rts C lub 2,3,4; O lions 3,4; Sw im m ing 2; T o p p e r Revue 3,4; T rack 1. P A T R IC IA A N D E R S O N Keep smiling; it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to. All State 1.2,3,4; FN C 1,2,3,4; T reasurer 2,3; President 4; Les Miserables 3,4; M agm am ites 3,4; N ational H onor Society 2,3,4; Olions 3,4; O rchestra 1,2,3,4; T o p p er Revue 4.

R O B E R T .M IC H A E L A N D R E W S One fifty-four? HordsH Band 1,2; Football 3; W restling 1,2,3,4. ROSE M ARY A ND RU S Come September, my life begins again. Drill T eam 1,2; G AA 1,2,3; Pep C lub 1,2; SCC 1,2,3.

Seniors Begin Tear W ith Homecoming Preparations

D ave T hom as, D avid Ferguson, a n d M erry E m b ry begin to p a­ per m a c h e th e g ia n t football p la y e r w hich co m p rised the m a in p a r t o f th e s e n io r float. U n fo rtu n ately , the float did not quite m ake it to the H om ecom ­ ing P arad e.



Seniors Remember Float That Was Almost There

K E IT H E M IL A R B 'I'IN It IS someti mes said that Man is the noblest work o f God; I wonder who found that out. Chess C lub 2,3,4; D ebate C lub 2; Ililltalkers 4; In tern atio n al Relations C lub 2,3,4; President 4; O lions 2; T ennis 2,3,4.

FR A N C ES R U T H A R C H U L E T T A Tou can please some o f the people some o f the time but not all o f the people all of the time. C hoir 3; Drill T eam 4; GAA 3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 3,4; P ep C lub 3,4; A rt C lu b 2,3; D ra m a C lu b 2,3; S panish C lu b 3; S tu d e n t C ouncil 1; T o p p er Revue 3,4; V arsity C heerleader 1,2,3.

T h e sen io rs’ float d id n ’t q u ite make it to th e p a ra d e as it “ fell” off com­ ing dow n B a rra n c a M esa.

JE R R Y M IC H A E L A R C H U L E T A This test is a fe w grins. H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3; T ra c k 2. L IN D A A R M S T R O N G open wide for chunky! H om eroom V olleyball 3,4; SC C 3.

SH E IL A M. A R M S T R O N G But Vm not a brownie! I just like everyone. C hoir 4; D rill T e a m 2,3; F N C 2,3; S ecretary 3; F T A 2; G A A 2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; O lions 3,4; Pep C lub 2,3,4; T o p p er Busi­ ness C lub 2; T o p p er R evue 2. BOBBIE JE A N B A B C O C K Some women are fools— but the Almighty had to make some matches for the men. GAA 3,4; H ig h lan d s D ay 2; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; P ep C lub 2, 3; SCC 2,3.

M A R G A R E T M A RY BARD Well, I was almost ready! A rt C lub 2,3,4; V ice-P resid en t 4; H om eroom V olleyball 2; K lu b Chez Louie 3; O lions 2; Ski C lu b 1,2,3; T o p p er R evue 3,4. L IN D A M A R IE B A R N E S K lub Chez Louie 2; N atio n al H onor Society 2,3,4; Science C lu b 4.




JA N IC E Y V O N N E B A R R IN G T O N Going steady is a delusion that your boy is better than the rest. e t a 4; GAA 1; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; T reas­ urer 4; s e e 1,2,3; S tu d e n t C ouncil 4; V arsity C heerleader 2,3. G L O R Y E L L E N B A SM A N N The Jolly Green Giant is my friend, so you better watch your step. D rill Team *2; G.AA 4; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; La Lom a 4; Olions 1,2; Pep C lub 2,3; T o p p er R evue 2,3,4,

M A R Y L Y N E L A IN E B A TES Hey Linda, ya gotta help me. G A A 3,4; H ig h la n d s D ay 3,4; H o m eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; P ep Club 3; s e e 1,2,3,4; T o p p e r Business C lub 4; T o p p er Revue 4. PA UL K U R T Z BEA U CH AM P Phyllis. . . H om eroom V olleyball 3,4.

R O G E R B O N N IE B E A U C H A M P Which one is it this time, Wendy, Dustie, or Sherry? Science C lub 4. G A R Y J O H N BEG I f you don’t like it, get out and walk. B and 1,2,3; B aseball 1,2,3,4; H o m ero o m V olleyball 2,3;4; K ey C lub 2,3,4; T ennis 2; T o p p er R evue 1,2,3; W restling 1,2,3.

G R E G JA M E S B E L S H E IM Nose, Nose, Anything Goes! Football 1,3,4; L etterm en 2,3,4; Sw im m ing 1,2,3,4, C H R IS T E N K A T H E R IN E B EM IS Have fun! GAA 1,2; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2; O lions 1; T o p p er R evue 3,4.

M IC H A E L J O H N B E N Z IG E R Mike, Beezer, Toad, Peter, Stick, R.A.S.-make up your mind, boys! Basketball 1,2,3,4; Boys’ S tate 3; Class Officer 1,3,4; V ice-President 1, 3,4; H o m eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; C a p ta in 2,3; Les M iserables 4; L et­ term en 2,3,4; T re a su re r 3; N ational H onor Society 2,3,4; O lym pians 2; S tu d e n t C ouncil 2,3,4; T re a su re r 3; S tate S tu d en t C ouncil 3,4; T rack 1,2,3,4. D A V ID S T U A R T B E R G S T E IN Look, Officer, this is strictly drag. Band 1,2,3; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; Soccer C lub 3,4; T o p p e r Re­ vue 1,2,3.



C:ilARI,i;S DAVID m.ACKVVEl.I., ]R. „V« lelirr loday. I'ootball I; I liglilands Day 2; lluiiu-rooin Vollcyfjall I: Lookoiil 2,4. PA TRICIA A N N B L A N D I’O R D Airmail is fin e. . Special Delivery is heller!! C hoir 3,4; Drill Team 1,2,3; I TA 4; C A A I; llo im 'ro o in V olleyball 1, 2,3; Pc'[) C lub 1,2,1; SCC 1; Sum iuil Seedlings 4; I're a s u re i 4; 1 upper Revue 3,4.

JACK. r. B O O N E What a mess. H onierooni V olleyball 4; M ag in am ites 4; O lions 1,2,3,4; SC-C. 3; T o p ­ per Revue 4. E D W A R D G U Y R O S IE R Eat your heart out. C horus 1; C hoir 2,3; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; W restling 2.

.Uif seni' H oi

J O H N S. B O U T O N Oh gel serious, because you're just not that cool. B and 1,2; Chess C lu b 1,2; Football 1; Sing Sing C lu b 3,4; Soccer C lub 3; T o p p er Revue 2,3,4. THON4AS JA M E S B O Y D What’s her name? Band 1,2; M agm am ites 4.


W IE E IA M K E N T B O Y E R Life IS an accumulation o f brownie points. Chess C lub 1,2; H om eroom Volleyball 4; H oudini M agic C lub 3,4; Sec­ retary-T reasurer 4; J u d o C lub 2; O lions 3,4; Science C lu b 4; Ski C lub 2,3,4; Soccer C lub 3; T o p p er Revue 3,4; W restling 1,2. E L L E N M A R IE B R A U N FN C 4; H om eroom V'olleyball 4; O lym pians 3,4; Secretary 4; Pep Club 4; SCC 3,4; T o p p er Business C lub 4; T o p p er Revue 4.

R IC H A R D D EA N B R E T N E Y This is ridiculous! International R elations C lub 4; O lym pians 4. K E N N E T H E U G E N E B R O C IO U S No unusual noise makers! Baseball 2,4; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; Key C lub 2,3,4; Olions 4; O lym pians 3,4; T o p p er Revue 1,3,4.




Senior Float Is Part O f Parade Despite Accident

SUSAN JU L IA B R O P H Y O.K. Dube, I'll stand guard! FTA 2,4; T re a su re r 4; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3: Pep C lub 2,3,4; SCC 2,3,4; S um m it Seedlings 2,3; T o p p e r Business C lub 2.

NANCY L O R E N E B R O W N LE E Anyone gut a foot I can put in my mouth? I seem to have both o f mine in already. C lef an d Lyre 3; C hoir 3,4; D rill T eam 2,3; GAA 1; H o m eroom V^olleyball 2,3,4; O lions 3,4; Pep C lub 2,3; T o p p er R evue 2,3,4. A fter a d isa p p o in tin g a c c id e n t the senior float still m anaged to be in the H om ecom ing p arad e.

S T E P H A N IE B R U T N G T O N I had the most wonderjul present for you, but they made me bury it. C hoir 4; Drill T e a m 2,3,4; F N C 1,2,3,4; Secretary 3; Y'ice-President 4; GAA 2,3; O lions 3; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; V'ice-President 4; SCC 2,3; T o p ­ per R evue 1,2,3,4. G A Y LA N D E A R L B R Y A N T .Any sadists in the crowd? I got a match. B and 1,2,3; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3; Key C lub 2,3,4; Lookout 3,4; T o p p er R evue 1,2,3.

C H ER Y L LYNN BUCHANAN The Rio's Rising! A rt C lub 1,2; C lef a n d L yre 1,2,4; C h o ir 3,4; H ig h lan d s D ay 3; Hilltalk ers 2,3; H o m ero o m V o lleyball 1,2,3; Ju d o C lub 2; O lions 1,2,3,4; O lym pians 1,2,3; Sing Sing C lub 3; T o p p e r Revue 1,2,3,4. C A R L R IC H A R D B U C K L A N D Just 'cause you're on a diet, baby, it doesn't mean you can't eat. H om eroom V olleyball 1,2.3,4; Key C lub 2,3; V'ice-President 3; Projec­ tionists C lub 2; SC C 1; Ski C lu b 1,2,3; Soccer C lub 3; S tudent Council 3; T ennis 2; T o p p e r R evue 1.

L IN D A K A Y B U N C H Oh no, what am I going to do now! D rill T e a m 1,2,3,4; F T A 1; GAA 1,2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SC C 3,4 T o p p e r Business C lub 4; T o p p er Revue 3,4. A N N C A T H E R IN E B U R C IA G A It's too late now. SC C 3.


Seniors’ Enthusiasm Brings Life To Annual Homecoming Celebration

L A U R E L J U A N I T A B U R C :iA G A It's a great world i f you don't weaken, but who wants to be strong! CBcfand Lyre 1; Drill T e a m 2,3,4; UAA 3; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3; Pep C lub 2,3,4; SCC 1. M IC H A E L JA M E S B U R N S / came, / saw, I goofed!

A N N STILLN 4A N C A B LE Such IS life! C A A 2,3; H ig h lan d s D ay 4; H om eroom V olleyball 4; O ly m p ian s 3,4; Secretary 4. C H A R L E S D A V ID C A L V IN What— me worry? All S tate 1,2,4; B and 1,2,3,4; Boys’ S tate 3; H o m ero o m V olleyball 2, 3,4; La Lom a 2,4; Lookout 2,4; O rch estra 1,2,3,4; Science C lub 4; President 4; Soccer C lu b 3; T rack 4.

JA M E S P A T R IC K C A M P B E L L Ya, I ’m a Chevy man but drive a Ford. Football 1; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; W restling 1,2. C R .M G T H O M A S C A N F IE L D I'm all for it. Industrial Arts C lub 4; K ey C lub 3,4.

S tu d e n ts e n th u s ia s tic a lly do the M e x ican P o lk a w h ile c e le b ra tin g a 28-7 victory over N M M I at H om e­ com ing. JA N E M A R IE C A R M IC H A E L Eh?! What this? C lef a n d Lyre 2; Drill T eam 3,4; C A A 1,2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; K lu b C hez Louis 1,2,3; O lions 2,3; Pep C lu b 3,4; Ski C lub 1, 2,3,4; Soccer C lub 3; T o p p e r R evue 1,3,4.

't m D A V ID W IL L IA M C A R R O L L Smile?. . .D id he say watch the birdie? Baseball 1,4; Football 1; H om eroom V olleyball 1,4; In d u strial Arts C lub 1,2,3,4; President 4.



J U D IT H E L IN A C A R R O L L Who me?? But I'm not talkingHIH C lef and Lyre 2; Drill T e a m 2; Pep C lub 2; SCC 1: Sing Sing C lub 4: Spanish C lub 4. G A IL A N N C A R S O N Hey Jackie, there’s what’s his name! Drill T eam 2,3,4; FN C 3,4; T reasu rer 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Homeroom Vol­ leyball 1,2,3,4; Pep C lub 2,3,4; SCC 1; T o p p er Revue 3,4.

M IC H A E L W E N D E L L C A R S O N You haven’t seen nothing yet. Baseball 2; Football 4; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; In d u strial Arts C lub 3,4; SCC 4; T o p p e r Revue 4; T rack 3,4. T H O M A S R O N A LD CARSO N Hottest brand going! Baseball 2,4; B asketball 1; Chess C lub 3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2, 3,4; R a n k er K lu b 1; O lym pians 3; Soccer C lub 3,4; T ennis 1; T opper Revue 3,4.

M A R C IA A N N C A SA D O S Mar B and 1,2,3,4; G A A 1,2; H om eroom V olleyball 2,4; Pep C lub 1,2,3; Sum m it Seedlings 3; T o p p er R evue 2,3,4. C A R L O S E M IL IO C H A C O N Mind over Morals Baseball 3; Basketball h,2; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; Projectionists C lub 3,4; V ice-President 4; Spanish C lub 4.

D A V ID B R U C E C H A N E Y Hi, Jolly Green Giant! What’s new? B and 1,2,3,4; H o m ero o m 'V olleyball 3,4; Projectionists C lu b 3,4; Ski C lub 3; T o p p e r R evue 3,4; T ra c k 2; M an ag er 2. R IC H A R D E D W A R D C H A N G What’s the address? 36-24-36. Basketball 1,2; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; Industrial A rts C lub 4.

A N T H O N Y G IL B E R T C H A V E Z B asketball 1; C horus 4; Concessions C h airm an 3; H ighlands D ay 3; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; Pep C lub Sw eetheart 3; SCC 2,3; T o p p er Business C lub 1,2; T o p p e r R evue 2,3,4. JE S S E M. C H E A D L E Yes, Mr. Young, I w ill take my tennis racket with me on my date. B and 1,2,3,4; B asketball 1; Chess C lu b 4; Football 1; R a n k e r R lu b 2, 3; Secretary 3; K ey C lu b 3,4; S ecretary 4; La Lom a 4; L etterm en 1,2, 3,4; T ennis 1,2,3,4; C o -C ap tain 3,4; T o p p er Business C lub 3; W restling 2,3.



R E B E C C A C IIE N E (iE R A E I) A E E E N C H E R R Y I'll wrc.slle you, Art. Clioir 3,4; W restling 1,2,3,4.

E D D IE A E E E N C L A R K Down lin w one. E A R R 't’ D EA N C L A R K H om eroom V'ollevball 2,3.

M A R IL Y N A N N C L E V E N G E R h ’s not a big thing, fella! Band 1,2,3,4; H ighlands Day 3,4; M ajorettes 1,2,3,4; Pep C lu b 1,2,3,4; s e e 2,3,4; T o p p er Business C lub 3; T o p p er Revue 3,4. L E T A M A R IE C O M B S Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Class Favorite 1,2; Class Secretary 2; C.AA 1; G irls' State A ltern ate 3; H om eroom V olleyball 2,4; K ey C lub Sw eetheart 3; M ajorettes 1,2; H ead M ajorette 2; Pep C lub 1,2,4; SCC 1,4; S tu d en t C ouncil 2; T o p ­ per Revue 2; V arsity C heerleader 4.

G ERALD PE TE R CO O LEY ........Hordes, my dad is a teacher! Best Personality 4; C lef and Lyre 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1; C hoir 3,4; Business M anager 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Key C lub 3,4; Program C h airm an 3; Olions 1,2; T opper Revue 3,4; T rack 3. EVELYN C O R D O V A

TOM M Y CORDOVA Who says you can't eat meat on Fridays? JA M E S D EAN C O U R T N E Y Are you for real? Baseball 4; Chess C lub 1,2; Football 1,2; Homeroom V'olleyball 1,2,3,4; C ap tain 4; In d u strial Arts C lub 2,3; R a n k er K lub 2,3; K lu b Chez Louie 1; T o p p er Revue 4.



Seniors’ Participation In Club Projects Helps Insure Success

M IC H A E L A LA N C R A V E N H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3; L etterm en 2,3,4; Swimm ing 1,2,3,4. T O N I LY N N C R O W Gew C horus 1,2; ETA 1,2,3; GAA 2,3; Pep C lub 1,2,3; Spanish C lub I.

W IL L IA M H O W E L L C R U IS E B and 2,3,4; Chess C lu b 2,3; H om eroom V olleyball 3; O lions 4; Soccer C lub 3,4. T R E N T S T E P H E N C U M M IN G S Band 1,2; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3; K ey C lub 3,4.

D A R L E N E A N N E DABNEY Whal do you mean our stones don’t jive, didn’t you say what I toldya? C hoir 4; Concession C h airm an 4; Drill T eam 1; O lym pians 2,3,4; Pres­ ident 4; Pep C lub 1,2; Projectionists C lub 3; SCC 1,3,4; Sum m it Seed­ lings 4; President 4. M A R Y K A T H E R IN E DALY Drill T eam 2,3; G AA 1,2,3,4; Girl State A lternate 3; H ighlands Day 2, 3; H om ecom ing C ourt 4; ^lom eroom Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Les Miserables 3,4; Pep C lub 2,3,4; SCC 2,3,4; S tudent Council 4; T o p p er Business C lub 3; T o p p e r R evue 1,2,3,4; N ational H onor Society 4,

Seniors K en B rocious a n d M ark N olen sell J F K M e m o ria l A lbum s for th e K ey C lu b a t a T o p p e r foot­ ball gam e. R IC H A R D T R E N T D A V EY Come on, lay a patch.

C H R IS T IN E M A E D A V IS Choir 4; Drill T eam 2,3; GAA 2,3,4; H ighlands D ay 3; Hom eroom V ol­ leyball 2,3,4; N atio n al H o n o r Society 2,3,4, P resident 4; Pep C lub 2 3,4; SCC 3; Ski C lub 3,4; S tudent Council 4; T o p p er R evue 3,4.



Seniors Back Cheerleaders A t Athletic Events

C L IN T O N BRUCT: D AV IS Allah be fnaised. Football I; H om eroom V olleyball 2; SCC 1,

D A V ID LEE D E G E E R What do you mean can I get a car tonight? Band I; C hoir 3; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; T o p p er R evue 3, T o p p e r c h e e rle a d ers tak e tim e to pose before p a rtic ip a tin g in the E spanola H om ecom ing Parade.

J O H N JO S E P H D E IN K E N Hack Band 1,2,3,4; Section L eader 4; H om eroom V olleyball 4; Industrial Arts C lub 4; SCC 1; T o p p e r R evue 1,3,4. D O R O TH Y ANN D ER R rou’re out of your mind! FTA 4; L ib rarian 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; K lub Chez Louie 1; O lym pians 1,2; O rchestra 1,2.

N E L L IE D IA N E D O N A L D S O N Kiki C horus 1; FN C 3,4; S ecretary 4; H om eroom V olleyball 4; O lym pians 4; Pep C lub 1,4; SCC 2,3,4; T o p p er Business C lub 4; T o p p er Revue 4. M ARGARET DAW N DOUGLAS Hey, Nancy—are you as confused as I am? Drill T eam 1; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2; Pep C lub 1.

SUSAN O. D O W For Pete’s sake. . . Band 1,2; FTA 3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 3,4; O lions 2,3,4; H istorian 4; SCC 1; Spanish C lub 3; V ice-President 3; T o p p er Revue 3. E L L E N M A R IE D U B E N Brod, this time tell me i f someone is coming!! H om eroom V olleyball 2,3; M ajorettes 2,3,4; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SCC 3, 4; T opper R evue 3,4.

i 56 Seniors

JO S E P H D U B E N Oh yeah? Come on elsayH! Basketball 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; All State Football 4; H om eroom V ol­ leyball 1,2,3,4; L etterm en 2,3,4; Projectionists C lub 4; T o p p e r Revue 1,4; T rack 2,4. JO A N N D U F O U R It s too late to agree with me; I ’ve changed my mind! C lef an d Lyre 2; C horus 1; C hoir 2; Drill T eam 2; FTA 3; H om eroom V olleyball 3,4; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; T o p p er Revue 2,4.

MARY ANNE DUGAN Where’s Mr. Young? GAA 1,2,3,4; H illtalkers 3,4; Secretary 3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3, 4; L a L om a 3,4; E ditor 4; Lookout 2,3,4; N ational Forensic League 4; O lions 2; P ep C lu b 2,3,4; SC C 4; T o p p er Revue 4; H ig h lan d s D ay 2, 3,4; N ational H onor Society 4. M A R K F R A N K L IN D U R H A M I ’m sorry I ’m leaving. H AH !! Band 1,2; Soccer C lub 4; T o p p er Revue 4.

D A V ID R O B E R T D V O R A K / don’t wanna be the bottle cap. M e—/ wanna be the piece ’a glass! Basketball 1,2,3,4; G olf 1,2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; K anker K lub 2; K ey C lub 2,3,4; L etterm en 3,4; T opper Revue 1. R E E D O A K L E Y E L L IO T T J R . You’re funny all right, but fortunately looks aren’t everything. All S tate 2; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; O rch estra 1,2; Soccer C lub 3,4; V ice-President 4; Sw im m ing 3; T ennis 2; T o p p er R evue 3,4.

BARBARA LY N N E L L IS O N Hey, you guys, I have a few things to tell yaH! Drill T eam 2,3; H ighlands D ay 3,4; Hom eroom Volleyball 1,3,4; Olions 4; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SCC 1,2,3,4; T o p p er Business C lub 4; T opper R e­ vue 1,2,4. M E R E D IT H G A E L E M B R Y Snag L. Nose I Band 1; GAA 1,2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; K lub C hez Louie 1,2,3; S ecretary 2; G erm an H ead 3; N ational H onor Society 4; Olions 1,2,4; Ski C lu b 1,2,3,4; T o p p e r R evue 1,3,4.

R O B E R T A LA N E M IG H Dinosaur All State Football 3,4; B and 1; Basketball 2,3; Football 1,2,3,4; Lettermen 2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 4; T rack 2,3,4. M A R T H A L EE E N N IS But I don’t understand! Chess C lub 3; K lu b Chez Louie 3; M agm am ites 4; N ational H onor So­ ciety 3,4; Science C lu b 2,3,4; Soccer C lu b 3; T o p p er Revue 3.



Senior Girls Do Their Chasing For Boys During Sadie Hawkins Day Dance

GARY E D W A R D E V E R A L L h has been a hard day’s nigh! and I ’ve been working like a dog! Hoinerootn V olleyball 3,4; Industrial A rts G lub 4. PEGGY M A X IN E E V E R E T T H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; N atio n al H o n o r Society 3,4; O lym ­ pians 3; V ice-President 3; O rch estra 1,2,3,4; President 2,3,4; All State 1,2,3,4; Student Council 2,3,4; Class R epresentative 3; T opper Revue 1.

L IN D A D A R L E N E EABEC Choir 4; Drill T eam 2,3; GAA 1,2; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3; Olions 4; Pep C lub 1,2,3; Ski C lub 3,4; Secretary 4; T opper Revue 1,3,4; Topf)er Business C lub 1,2,3. H U G H M. FE L T Sauce! Band 1,2; Boys' S tate 3; G olf 4; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3; K ey C lub 2,3,4; Jr. Class D irector; T re a su re r 4; L etterm en 1,2,3,4; O rch estra 2; Ski C lub 4; Sw im m ing 1,2,3,4.

JE A N N E C A R O L F E L T O N Use rny policy and deny it! Drill T eam 4; GAA 4; Pep C lub 3,4; SCC 3,4; T o p p er Business C lub 4. D A V ID LEE F E R G U S O N Baseball 3; M an ag er 3; H om eroom Volleyball 2,3,4.

Bob P en la n d tries a swig of cider as Pat B landford looks on thirstily.


JO A N K A T H L E E N F IS H L E R Did / hear someone mention missionaries?! SCC 2,3; S um m it Seedlings 2,3,4; V ice-President 4; T o p p e r Business C lub 3.



C A R L M IL L E R F L O C K Pessimism is only ihe name that men of weak nerves give to wisdom. Band 1,3; Boys' State 3; C hoir 4; H om eroom \ ’olleyball 3: K lub Chez Louie 3; N ational H onor Society 3,4; O lions 3,4; Projectionists C lub 3, 4; President 3; SCO 3; Sing Sing C lub 3,4; T o p p er Business C lub 2,3; T o p p er Revue 1,3,4. JA M E S W E N D E L L FO G L E S O N G lie who loves gardens, loves greenhouses, too! Football 1,2,3,4; H om eroom Volleyball 2,3,4; L etterm en 2,3,4; SCC 1. 3,4; Ski C lub 2,3; Soccer C lub 3; T rack 2,4; W restling 1,3,4.

J U D IE .M O ORE F O R D He who laughs last has found another meaning. Band 1,2,3,4; All S tate Band 2,3,4; Class R epresentative 4; FT.A 2,3,4; T reasurer 2,3; President 4; Girl State 3; Girls' N ation .Alternate 3; Hilltalkers 4; In tern atio n al R elations C lub 4; Les Miserables 3,4; National H onor Society 2,3,4; O rchestra 2; Pep C lub 1,2,4; Secretary 4; SCC 2; Ski C lub 1,2,3,4; New Mexico Ski T eam 3,4; S tudent Council 2,3,4; Secretary 3; T o p p er Revue 2. R U T H ANN F O W L E R Les M iserables 4; N atio n al H onor Society 1,2,3,4 plans 2; O rchestra 1,2,3,4; All State 1,2,3,4.

K A T H R Y N SU E F R A N C IS Oops! FT.A 1; H ighlands D ay 2,3; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; N ational H onor Society 3,4; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SCC 1,2,3,4; T o p p er Business C lub 1,2,3,4; S ecretary 3; V ice-President 4; T o p p er Revue 2. M A R JO R IE LYN F U L L E R yothing's new besides Ho Ho Ho! C hoir 1,2,3,4; Drill T eam 3; FN C 3; G.A.A 3; H illtalkers 3; Homeroom Volleyball 4; Pep C lub 3; SCC 2; Ski C lub 1; T o p p er Revue 1,2,3,4.

C A R O L SU E F U R C H N E R You're ]ust a figment of my imagination! Band 1,2,3,4; .All S tate B and 2,3,4; C lef and Lyre 1,2; ENC 2: FTA 3, 4; G,A,-\ 2; H illtalkers 3; H om eroom A'olleyball 4; N ational H onor So­ ciety 2,3,4; O lions 1,2; O rch estra 3,4: Sing Sing C lub 3,4; T o p p er R e­ vue 1,3,4. R O B E R T A JO Y C E G A L L A G H E R Stop talking while I'm interrupting. C lef an d Lyre 1; C hoir 4; Drill T eam 2,3; G.A.A 2,3; H ighlands Day 3; Spanish C lub 3; T o p p e r Business C lub 3,4: T reasurer 4.

F R E D E R IC K B LA K E G A L L A H E R On to better things! Band 1,2,3,4; D rum M ajor 4; H om eroom Volleyball 3,4; C ap tain 4; Key C lub 3,4; Sing Sing C lub 4; President 4; T o p p er Revue 1,2,3,4. .MAR FHA A N N G A L L E G O S Oiiya! Drill T eam 2,3,4; G.A.A 1,2,3,4; H ighlands Day 3: H om eroom Volley­ ball 2,3,4; La L onia 4: Pep C lu b 1,2,3,4; SCC 1,2,3,4; S u m m it Seed­ lings 2; Spanish C lub 4; T o p p e r C lub 4.

H A R R Y CiLENN CiARCIA Hey, Mister Sand Leader. . ..l.v lonir as the heater and the wall holds out, the brothers will he there. Rand 1,2; Cdicss C'lub 1,2; I'oolball 1; (jo lf 1,2; H om eroom V'olleyball 1,2,3,1; Judo C lu b 3; L ettcrm en 1; Temii.s 1; Topper R evue 1,2,3,4; 'Track 2,3,4; W restling 2, CW ENDOLVNN CA R D N ER there's nothing wrong with being crabby. . .'the crabby tittle girts oj today are the crabby old women of tomorrow! TNC 3,4; O lions 2; Pep C lub 2; SCC 2,3; Summ it Seedlings 2,3,4.

R O G E R L, G A R D N E R Can't see it! Rand 1,2; Soccer C ltib 4. W IL L IA M R O D N E Y G E E R O f course, I believe in horoscopes. Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; H ighlands Day 3,4; H om eroom Volley­ ball 1,2,3,4; La Lom a 3,4; L etterm en 2,3,4; Lookout 3,4; Sports Editor 4; Soccer C lub 4.

S H A R O N LEE G IB SO N D ebate C lub 2; Drill T eam 1,2,3; ETA 2; GAA 2,3,4; H om eroom V ol­ leyball 3,4; Les M iserables 3; Olions 3,4; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; Ski C lub 2, 3,4; T opper Business C lub 3; T o p p er R evue 2,3,4. PA U L M U R R A Y G IL E S JR . St.x months ago I couldn’t even spell SE N IO R . . . now I are one.

GRAY G IL M O R E Grins Basketball 1,2,3,4; T ri-C a p ta in 4; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; Key C lub 2,3,4; L etterm en 3,4; O lym pians 3,4; T rack 1,2,3,4. M A R Y JA N E G O SSL E E Oh arg! Well, you weren’t supposed to be looking! Choir 3; H illtalkers 3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 4; H oudini M agic C lub 4; Olions 1,2,3,4; Sing Sing C lub 3,4; T o p p er R evue 2,3,4.

BARBARA G O U L D Gretchen Clef an d Lyre 4; C hoir 3,4; H om eroom Volleyball 2,3,4; O lions 2; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; S tudent Council 3; T opper Business C lub 2,3,4; T reasurer 3; T o p p er Revue 2,4. L IN D A KAY G R E E N W O O D What boy? Where? Clef and Lyre 3; C hoir 3; H ighlands Day 1,2,3,4; Hom eroom Volleyball 1,2; Pep C lub 1,2,3; SC C 1,2,3,4; Sing Sing C lub 3; T o p p e r Business C lub 4; T o p p er R evue 3,4.

60 Seniors

Seniors Find College Day Valuable In Planning Further Schooling

JA N IC E K. G R IL L Y “Yes, Blondes do have more fu n !” C lef an d Lyre 2; Choir 3,4; Drill T eam 1,2,3,4; FT A 1; GAA 1,2,3; H ighlands D ay 1;2,3; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; Olions 1,2,3; Pep C lu b 1,2,3,4; SC C 1,2,3,4; Sing Sing C lub 3; Ski C lub 3;4; Student Council 1,2; T o p p e r Business C lub 1,2,3; T o p p er Revue 1,2,3,4. M A R Y L EE G U E S T A write, man! Who hid my scotch tape???? GAA 2,3; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; M ajorettes 2,3; Pep C lub 1,2; SCC 1,2,3.

E L E A N O R F. H A L L Mel Drill T eam 2,3,4; G A A 1,2,3; H om ecom ing C ourt 4; H om eroom V ol­ leyball 1,2,3,4; Les M iserables 3,4; Pep C lub 1,2,3; SCC 3; Sum m it Seedlings 3; T o p p e r R evue 1,2,3,4. K A R E N LEE H A M P T O N You think so? B and 1,2; Drill T e a m 3; GA.A 3,4; H ighlands D ay 3; O lions 3; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SCC 2,3,4; T o p p er Business C lub 4; T o p p er R evue 3.

N O R M A JA N H A R B O U R Seniors don't have friends; they have comrades. Band 1; C horus 1; C hoir 1; H om eroom V olleyball 2,4; Science C lub 1; Student Council 1. JE A N E L L E N H A R L O W Don’t tell Ronnie, but. . . Drill T eam 1,2; GAA 1,2; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,4; Pep C lu b 1,2; T opper R evue 1,2,4.

T om R oche, form er g ra d u a te and now at the C oast G u a rd A cadem y, discusses the different aspects of the C o ast G u a rd w ith M u r r a y Giles d u rin g C ollege Day. TH O M A S H. H A R LO W Some men are fools— But the Almighty had to make some matches for the women

C A R O L E JE A N H A R R A L L You’re doing a good job, but you’re doing it all wrong! Olions 1; SCC 2,3,4; T o p p e r Business C lub 2.



Seniors Get Final Opportunities In Class Work

MARY K. IIA R R IN C ; TON is U m]' lault that 1 like Marines? s e e

1 ,2 ,3 , 4 .

PA T D A \ ID H A R R lN C iT O N //(')', Ron, Lei’s do “Roll over Beethoven” fir me! H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; O rchestra 1; SCXl 3; T o p p er Revue 1,2, 3,4. F red G a lla h e r a n d R o n n ie M ason work on a sim ple ex p erim en t in ele­ m entary electricity.

C H A R L E S P A T R IC K HAVES Sio thanks—I've reformed! Baseball 1,2,3; I-'ootball 1,2,3; Homeroom V'olleyball 1,2,3,4; Industrial Arts C lub 1; W restling 1,2. R O N A L D H A R O L D HAYS Girls ain't worth it; I would rather water ski, hunt out.

Hello Beautiful. Let's go

D A \ ID B R U C E H EE L EY I t’s a Jew grins. M A R K B. H ESSIN G Band 1,3; Chess C lu b 3,4; Football M anager 2; H om eroom Volleyball 3,4; Les M iserables 3,4; O rch estra 2; Sing Sing C lub 4; Ski C lub 3,4; Soccer C lub 3,4; V ice-President 4; T opper Revue 3,4.

L A W R E N C E M. H IC K S Nobody wants to kiss when they are hungry. H ighlands D ay 3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; Projectionists C lub 4; s e e 3,4; T o p p er Business C lub 3,4; President 4; T rack 3. B REN D A K AYE H ID Y NO!! I didn't do it skiing!?! Drill T eam 2,3; GAA 2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; Pep C lub 2, 3,4; s e e 1; S tudent Council 4.



JA N E LEE H IL T O N Love thyself and you shall have no competition. Band 1: F N C 1; G AA 1/-.3; Sports D ay 1,3; G irls’ State A lternate 3; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; J A ’. G heerleader 2,3; H ead 3; Pep C lub 1>2,3,4; President 4; Sum m it Seedlings 2,3; T reasurer 2; V ice-President 3; S tudent C ouncil 1,3; S tate S tu d en t Council 1,2,3; Class Officer 1; Popper R evue 1. M IC H A E L E D W A R D H OBBS Football 1.2; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; Industrial A rts C lub 1,2, 3,4; Projectionists C lub 4.

L IN D A JO A N H O IT O M T Drill T eam 2,3; O lions 2,3; Pep C lub 1,2,3; SCC 2,3,4; T o p p er Revue 2,4. LARRY C H A R LES H O LM B ERG B and 1,2,3,4; Boys’ S tate .Alternate 3; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; Industrial Arts C lub 4; K ey C lub 1,2,3,4; O rchestra 2,3,4; Projectionists C lub 3,4; Science C lub 4; T reasu rer 4; Sing Sing C lub 4; T o p p er R e­ vue 4; W restling 1,2,

JA C Q U E L IN E L EE H U E S IJyou Ignore it long enough, it will go away. Drill T eam 1,2,3,4; FN C 4; G.A.A 1,2,3,4; H ighlands Day 3; K lub Chez Louie 3; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SCC 3; T o p p er Revue 3,4. B EV E R L Y A N N H U L T S Might as well! Can’t dance!! Drill T eam 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; H om eroom V'olleyball 1,2,3,4; Olions 1,2; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SC C 1,2,3,4; T o p p er Business C lub 3,4; T opper Revue 1,2.

RONALD FRANK HULTS Maybe it is just an ambulance. Football 1; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; Industrial .Arts C lub 3,4; Pro­ jectionists C lub 2,3,4; V ice-President 3; T rack 1,2; W restling 1,2. PETER JO H N H U M PH R E Y At least my chin doesn't get wet when it rains. Band 1; Basketball 1; M an ag er 1; Choir 3; Football 1,2,3; M anager 2, 3; H illtalkers 3,4; H o m eroom V olleyball 2,3; Ju d o C lub 1; Key C lub 3,4; President 4; L a L om a 3; L etterm en 2,3; O lions 1,2,3,4; Stage M anager 4; Sing Sing C lub 3,4; T o p p er Revue 1,2,3,4.

CAROLE R U T H H U TC H ESO N It’s a bit o f all right you know! Clef and Lyre 4; C hoir 4: FN C 1; FT.A 4; Pep C lub 3,4; SCC 2,3; Topper Revue 4. R EB EC CA R O S E H Y A T T .Art C lub 4; S ecretary -T reasu rer 4; Band 1,2; G.A.A 1,2,3; Secretary 2; H ighlands Day 3,4; H om eroom A’olleyball 2,3; Pep C lub 1,3; SCC 3,4; T opper Business C lub 4: T o p p er Revue 2,3,4.

.Seniors ti3

A R i.IN C H O N c; h a r l e s j a c :k s o n AR T H U R L. JA R A M IL L O Band 1,2; H ighlands D ay 2; H om eroom Volleyball 4; Key C lub 4; M r. BUS 3; N ational Forensic L eague 3; N ational H onor Society 1,3,4; s e e 2; Science C lu b 2,3; S tu d en t C ouncil 3; T o p p er R evue 4; T rack 2.

JO S E P H C, JA R A M IL L O Forget it!!!! H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; Industrial A rts C lub 4. P A T R IC K C H A R L E S JE N N IN G S Why is It always me? Hom eroom V olleyball 3,4; Sw im m ing 3,4; T rack 1,2.

A R T E. JO H N S O N Football 1,2,3,4; All State Second T eam 4; All S tar 4; L etterm en 2,3,4; Projectionists C lub 1,2; T ra c k 1,3,4; W restling 1,2,3,4; State C ham pion 2.

JA N IC E K A T H L E E N JO H N S O N / wondered what those other two wheels on the car were for. Pep C lub 4.

i K)


J U D IT H M A R IE JO H N S O N Whaddya mean! I can’t go to school tomorrow! GAA 1,2,3,4; K lub C hez Louie 1,2,3; O lions 1,2,3; O rchestra 1,2; Pep C lub 1,2; s e e 1; Sing Sing C lub 4; Ski C lub 1,2,3,4; Soccer C lub 3. BARBARA SU E JO R D A N / toldya I wouldn't be there i f I didn’t need group therapy. GAA 2; H om eroom Volleyball 2,3; SCC 1,3.

J O H N K E N N E T H JO R D A N What do you mean dish-pan hands? That’s my foot! Swimming 1,2,3,4; C o -C ap tain 4.


E D D IE K A IN Come on, let's raise cam. Football 1,2,3; Industrial Arts C lub 4; T rack 1,2,3; W restling 1,2,3,4.

64 Seniors

Seniors Provide Experience For Class Projects

D EB O R A H J O K E R R A ll right, Pascal, what did you do to him this time? Band 1; Drill T e a m 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; K lu b C hez Louie 2,3,4; O lions 1,2; Pep C lub 2,3,4; SC C 2 ,3 ,4 ; Ski C lub 3,4; Soccer 3; T o p p er Revue 1,2,4.

C H A R L E S S T E P H E N K IN G Industrial Arts C lub 4. J o h n M a tty s, J o h n B o u to n , and M ary A nne D u g an presen t th e play " M is for M o th e r” w ritte n a n d d i­ rected by A rlie Jackson.

JO A N N E M A R IE K IN K E R When you make your mark in the world, watch out for guys with erasers. Drill T eam 2; GAA 1,2; P ep C lub 2; SCC 1,2,3; T o p p er R evue 3,4. J E R R Y W A Y N E K L E IN Cooley, you go long. Football 3,4; H o m eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; K ey C lub 2,3,4; L etterm en 1,2,3,4; S tu d en t C ouncil 2; Sw im m ing 1,2,3,4; C o -C aptain 4.

M A R G A RET ANN K O O N T Z Sleep is man’s happiest condition! All S tate 3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 1; K lu b Chez Louie 1,2; Les Miserables 3,4; N atio n al H o n o r Society 2,3,4; O lions 1,2,3; O rchestra 1,2, 3,4; T o p p er R evue 3,4. M IC H E L E F R A N C E S K R A V IT Z A smile is a pleasant wrinkle, so make it nice around the edges. All S tate 2,3; C le f a n d L yre 1,2,3; C h o ir 1,2,3,4; F T A 1,2,3; GAA 1; 2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 3,4; M agm am ites 3,4; Secretary-T reasurer 3,4; N ation al H o n o r Society 2,3,4; O lions 1,2,3,4; P ep C lu b 1,2,3,4; Sing Sing C lu b 3,4; T o p p e r R evue 1,2,3,4.

W A LTER ERN EST K U N Z The coon B and 1; H om eroom V olleyball 2,4; Swim m ing 2.


C A T H E R IN E L O U IS E L EW IS That indescribable expression peculiar to people who hope they have been asleep but know they haven’t. Drill T eam 2,3; G A A 1,2,3,4; H om ecom ing Q ueen 4; H om eroom V ol­ leyball 1,2,3,4; L a L o m a 4; Les M iserables 3,4; S ecretary 4; P ep C lub 2,3,4; T o p p e r Business C lub 3; T o p p e r Revue 2,3,4.



Seniors Remain Continually Active In M any Aspects O f School Life

R IC H A R D H A R R E L L L II.IL N 'I’H AL Where ihere. is ei will there is a way for L A l/S. Hand 1,2,3; Haschall 2; Chess C lub 1,2,3; V ice-President 4; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,1; H o n d in i M agic C lub 3; Key C lu b 4; M ag m am itcs 3; Olions 1,2,3; O rch estra 3; Ski C lub 1,2,3; Soccer (ilu b 1,2; T ennis 1; T o p p er Revue 2. L LIZ A B L 'l'H A N N L O V A TO Usually we praise only to he praised. LTA 3; O lions 3; Pep C lu b 2,3,4; SCC 1,3.

PA U L L U C E R O Water! Henry, I said I was thirsty, not flirty. Ba.sketball 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; C ap tain 4; All State second team 4; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; In d u strial A rts C lu b 3,4; L e tterm en 2, 3,4; T opper Revue 4; T rack 1,2, N E L L IE L O U R D E S L U JA N It’s a matter o f opinion and in this case your opinion doesn’t count. Pep C lub 1,2; Spanish C lub 4.

Y V O N N E B O N N IE L U JA N I'm growing— but the wrong way. Drill T eam 2,3,4; FN C 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 3,4; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SCC 1,2,3,4; Spanish C lub 3,4; T o p p er Business C lub 2,3,4. B E N JA M IN C L A U D E M A ES A Bennie shaved is a Bennie earned. Chess C lub 4; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; SCC 3; Soccer C lub 4; T ennis 1; T o p p er R evue 4; T ra c k 2,3,4. D espite senior Bob M o rriso n ’s state­ m ent th a t tires m ake a good padding for indoor pole vaulting, he grimaces as he hits. H e m u st h av e lan d ed in the hole of a tire. R O B E R T E D G A R M A R T IN I t’s not how you play it; it’s who you play against! Basketball 1; E T A 3,4; F ootball 1,2,3,4; L ette rm e n 2,3,4; T o p p er Revue 3,

B E R N IC E L O U IS E M A R T IN E Z C’mon. . . don’t be so like that!! A rt C lub 1; B and 1,2,3,4; FN C 3; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SCC 3,4; Spanish C lub 1; T o p p er Business C lub 2,3,4.

66 Seniors


D A N N Y A R K L IN M A R T IN E Z Football 4; H illtalkers 3; H om eroom V'olleyball 1; K ey C lub 3; Topper Revue 3,4. E D V A R D O F E D E R IC O M A R T IN E Z Worl and his little brown jug! Basketball 1,2,4; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; L etterm en 4.

N E L S O N H. M A R T IN E Z .. .And this is K D C E Radio, 970 on your dial, 1000 watts o f power serving Northern New Mexico........................ Band 1,2,3; H ighlands Day 3; H om eroom Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Industrial Arts C lub 3,4; Projectionists C lub 2,3,4; President 4; W restling 1,2. R O SE E L L E N M A R T IN E Z Let’s compromise and do it my way. Drill T eam 2; FN C 3,4; GAA 2; H om eroom V olleyball 4; Pep Club 2, 3,4; s e e 1,2,3,4; Spanish C lu b 4; T o p p e r Business C lu b 3,4; T opper Revue 4.

SY LV IA K A T H L E E N M A R T IN E Z No, I ’m not a sophomore! Drill T eam 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; Olions 1; 2,3; Pep C lu b 1,2,3,4; Spanish 2,3; T o p p e r Revue 1,2,3. R O N A LD LYNN M A SON Today we fight; tomorrow we rest! B and 1,2,3,4; S ection L ea d e r 4; C h o ir 1,2; Sing Sing C lu b 4; T o p p er R evue 4.


jwlac [.It'p V lS iK -

JO H N W EN D ELL M ATTYS Our cafeteria was everything you could ask fo r . . . .But who asked for it??! H illtalkers 2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 4; M agm am ites 3,4; H istorian 3; V ice-President 4; O lions 1,2,3,4; T o p p er Revue 1,2,3,4. C H A R L E S R O B E R T M cC L E N A H A N Tau Football 1; G olf 2; Les M iserables 3,4; L etterm en 2,3,4; S w im m ing 2, 3,4,

D E N N IS D. M cC L O S K E Y Just watch. I ’ll dunk it yet. B asketball 2,3,4; C h o ir 3; G o lf 1,2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; L etterm en 1,2,3,4; S e c re ta ry -T re a su re r 4; T o p p er R evue 3; P ep C lub Sw eetheart 4. JU D Y L Y N N M c C O N N E L L Oh Dah! Sounds familiar. Drill T eam 1,3; G AA 2,3; H om eroom V olleyball 4; O lions 4; Pep C lub 1,2,3; s e e 1,2,3,4; T o p p er R evue 4.

H iL i.v ( ; k n h M cD o n a l d Once a kiiti’ always a king, once a knight. . .! Hand 1,2; Baseball 1; C h o ir 3,4; Football 1,2; G olf 4; H ig h lan d s Day 3,4; H om eroom Volleyball 2,3,4; R an k er R lnb 3; Key C lub 2,3,4; SCC 1,3; T opper Rcvnc 2,3,4. C H F R R V L LYNN M cF A R L A N D I'd rather switch than fight.' Hep C lub 1,2; SCC 1,2; T o p p e r Business Clidr 2.

A N D R E W H O O P E R M cQ U E E N I he snnw isn't nearly as deep down there. Band 1; Class T reasu rer 2; Student Council V'ice-President 3; President 4; Sw im m ing 2; T rack 1,2; W restling 1. DONALD M EADERS Anybody seen a grave lying around? H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; L etterm en 2,3; O lions 1,2; Soccer C lub 3,4; T rack 2,3,

J O E L A. M E D L IN Hi, Sherry, let’s go. . ..' H om eroom V olleyball 2. D IA N E L Y N N E M E N C H BC D rill T eam 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; H om eroom V olleyball 1; P ep C lu b 1,2, 3; T o p p er R evue 2,4.

R A L E IG H E D W IN M IC H E L Who, me? Never! H om eroom V olleyball 4; In d u strial A rts C lub 2,3,4; R a n k e r K lub 3,4; L etterm en 4; O lions 3,4; R adio C lub 1,2; SCC 3; W restling 1,2,3,4. C A R O L JE A N M IL L E R They want to see me in whose office again???? C hoir 3,4; G AA 3; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3; O lions 3; P ep C lub 3, 4; T o p p er R evue 3,4.

K E N N E T H M IL L S H illtalkers 4; H oudini M agic C lub 4; W restling 4. D A N IE L S. M IN E R How did the camel go again? H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; M agm am ites 3,4; Science C lub 4.



Seniors Remember Spanish Club’s Annual Rinata Party

T E R E S A M A R IE M O JIC A Well, Beck—that's the way the water falls! A rt C lub 4; GAA 1,2; H ig h lan d s D ay 3; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; O lions 2; Pep C lu b 1,2,3; SCC 1,3,4; T o p p er Revue 2,3,4. V IN C E N T G IL B E R T M O N T O Y A H om eroom V olleyball 2,3.

C H R IS T O P H E R W A R R E N M O O R E Guess what! We won our debate! Choir 4; H illtalkers 4; P arliam entarian and Public Relations 4; H oudini M agic C lub 3,4; S ecretary -T reasu rer 3; President 4; Lookout 4; N a­ tional Forensic League 4; O lions 2,3,4; T o p p er Revue 2,3,4. K E N N E T H L EE M O R R IS But, officer, I am only going one way. H om eroom V olleyball 3; SCC 3.

R O B E R T E. M O R R IS O N They say they’ll catch me some night— but they haven’t—TET. Basketball 1,2; C hoir 3; Football 4; Homeroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Lettermen 2,3,4; President 4; Secretary 3; T rack 1,2,3,4; C ap tain 4. E L IZ A B E T H F R E N C H M U E L L E R I f Liese did not exist, I would have to invent her. All S tate O rch estra 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; K lu b C hez Louie 1; Les Miserables 3,4; Olions 1,2,3; O rchestra 1,2,3,4; Sing Sing C lub 3; Ski C lub 2,3,4; T o p p er R evue 1,4.

Sm iling in an ticip atio n , senior M u r­ ray Giles pays his adm ission fee into the Spanish C lu b dance. PA UL ED W A RD M U N N O Our cafeteria really knows how to hurt a guy! H ighlands Day 4; In ternational Relations C lub 3,4; Secretary-Treasurer 4; K ey C lub 4; Projectionists C lub 1; SCC 3,4; Soccer C lub 4; Tennis 2,3,4.

KATHY M A R TH E LL E N M U RPH Y “Mother Murph’ ”— leader o f the clan. C horus 1; C hoir 2,3; Drill T eam 3,4; GAA 1,2; O lym pians 2; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; T o p p er R evue 3,4.



C A R O L ANN M YERS . . Am! i f you pan ihe inilialion, you can join our lilllc fiang—er—group rlowri in H'/iilc Rock. Drill I’cain I; I'N C 3; C A A 2,3; 1loincroom V olleyball 2,3; L a lyoina ■1; Rep C lub 2,3. BARBARA L O U IS E N A C l IL lN G liR Ilry, what shall we do after the game tonight? C hoir -1; CA.A I; G irls' S tate 3; H om eroom V olleyball I; J . V. Gbeerleader 2; H ead b’reshniaii C heerleader I; Rep C lub 1,2,3,4; R a d i o C lub 1; SC(.I 2; S um m it Seedlings 3; Ski C lub 4; Soccer C lub 4; S tudent Council 2,3,4; State S tudent Council 2,3; V arsity C heerleader 3,4, H ead 4.

TERRY SU E N A V E A U X I just think that dreams are best, just to sit and fancy things. All S tate 4; A rt C lu b 1,2,3,4; R resident 4; Band 1,2; C lef a n d Lyre 2, 4; C hoir 4; H istorian 4; Class Officer 4; S ecretary 4; F N C 1,2; H om e­ room Volleyball 2,3,4; C ap tain 2; N ational H onor Society 2,3,4; Olions 2,4; Ski C lub 2,3,4; S tudent Council 2; T o p p e r Revue 1,2,3, P H Y L L IS L O U IS E N EA L Paul. . . Drill T eam 1,2; GAA 1,2; H om eroom V olleyball 4; Pep C lub 1,2; SCC I ,2,3,4.

DOUGLAS LELAND N EH ER Honest, she’s only a friend. Band 1,2,3,4; M agm am ites 4; T o p p er Revue 3,4. JE R R Y D O N N E L S O N Basketball 1,2; Football 1; Ind u strial Arts C lu b 3; T o p p e r Business C lub 3.

RONALD BART NEM EC Hey, Pat! What are we gonna play next?—Hey, Pat!! Golf 1; Industrial Arts C lub 4; O rchestra 1; Projectionists C lub 2; T o p ­ per Revue 2,3,4. DAN NY W A Y N E N E T U S C H IL "Spain” that's out o f the country! L etterm en 1,2,3,4; W restling 1,2,3,4.

M A R K D eW A Y N E N O L E N Band 1,2; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; Key C lub 4; SCC 3,4; W restling 1, 2.

T H O M A S E D W A R D O 'C O N N O R To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. All S tate Band 1; All S tate O rch estra 2,3,4; B and 1,2; O lions 1,2,3,4; T reasu rer 3; Best S u p p o rtin g A ctor 3; President 4; O rc h e stra 1,2,3,4; Ski C lub 2,4; T reasu rer 4.



Seniors Lead Students In Cheers A t Games


JA C Q U E L IN E M A R IE O L IV E R Well, all the guys from Spain aren’t—// Band 1,2,3,4; GAA 3; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; O lions 2,4; O r­ chestra 3; Pep C lub 2,3,4; SCC 3. J u d y W hite an d B arb a ra N achlinger w atch th e actio n w hile L e ta Combs an d P ark er V an H ecke applaud.

J E N IF E R M A R IA O N S T O T T All State 3,4; B and 1,2,3,4; Hom eroom Volleyball 2,3,4; Ees Miserables 3,4; Secretary 3; T re a su re r 4; O lions 2,3,4; Secretary 4; O rchestra 2,3, 4; SCC 2,4; T o p p e r R evue 1,2,3,4. L E SL IE P A U L P A G E III I f someone wants to run over me, I won't stand in their way. Basketball 1,2,3,4; T ri-C a p ta in 4; Boys’ State 3; Football 1; Hom eroom Volleyball 2,3,4; La Lom a 3; Assistant Editor 4; E etterm en 1,2,3,4; Prom Prince 3; S tu d e n t C ouncil 3,4; S tate S tu d en t C ouncil 4; T reas­ urer 4; T rack 1,2,3,4; C o -C ap tain 3.

B R U C E P H IL IP P A N O W S K I Sorry about the match, Mr. Young, but I did promise Peggy. . . Basketball 1,2; Chess C lu b 4; C hoir 4; H om eroom 3; L a L om a 4; Letterm en 1,2,3,4; SC C 3; Soccer C lub 3; S tudent Council 3; T en n is 1,2, 3,4; C o-C ap tain 3,4; T o p p er Revue 3,4.


C H A R L E S P H IL IP P A R K E R Gee, I ’m thirsty. Football 3; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; C ap tain 4; T o p p e r R evue 4; T rack 2.

B R U C E B O S W O R T H P A R T R ID G E H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; Industrial A rts C lub 4; Secretary 4; K anker K lu b 2,3; Soccer C lub 4; Tennis 1. JA M E S M IC H A E L PA W L E Y You really know how to hurt a guy! Baseball 2,3,4; M a n ag er 3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; K anker K lub 2,3; T o p p e r Business C lub 4; T o p p er Revue 4.

Seniors’ Anticipation Rises A s Graduation Nears

M V R N A SUE PE D E R SO N You'd better believe it! Drill T eam 2,3,4; ETA 3; G ,\A 2,3,4; Secretary 4; H om eroom Volley­ ball 2,3,4; Ea Eorna 4; N ational H onor Society 3,4; O lions 4; Rep C lub 1,2,3,4; T reasu rer 3; S tudent Council 3,4; T opper Revue 2,3,4.

R O B E R T E M M E T T PEN LAND I wish that I was better at sports, instead of being so handsome. ■All S tate 1,3,4; B and 1,2,3,4; Boys’ S tate 3; Eootball 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; H om e­ room Volleyball 1,2,3,4; C ap tain 2,3; La Lom a 4; L etterm en 3,4; Look­ out 4; O rchestra 1,2,3,4; Spanish C lub 1,2,3; S tudent Council 1,2,3; T ennis 1; T o p p er R evue 1,2,4; T rack 1,4. C a p a n d gow n m e a s u re m e n t for seniors m ean s th e en d of th e fourth year is com ing.

A N N E T T E KAY P E T E R S O N Oh heavens, another meeting. Drill T eam 3; H om eroom V olleyball 3,4; Pep C lub 3,4; SC C 1,3,4; S um m it Seedlings 1,2,3,4; T re a su re r 4; T o p p e r R evue 4. K A R E N E L IZ A B E T H P E T E R S O N “A beautiful lie?” Listen! That’s creativity. Chess C lub 2,3; Secretary 3; D ebate C lu b 3; In tern atio n al Relations C lub 3.

N O R L E N E M A E P H IL L IP S Run, Spot, Run. Drill T e a m 2,3; GAA 1,2,3,4; H om ecom ing C o u rt 4; H om eroom V’olleyball 1,2,3,4; O lions 1,2; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SCC 2,3,4; S u m m it Seed­ lings 3; Secretary 3; S tu d en t C ouncil 2,3; T o p p er Business C lu b 2,3,4; T o p p er R evue 2,3,4. E L IZ A B E T H A N N P IE R C E Candy is divine. . .but love won’t rot your teeth. GAA 1,2,3; H o m eco m in g C o u rt 4; J . V . C h eerle ad er 1,2,3; P ep C lub 1,2,3,4; Prom Princess 3; S um m it Seedlings 2,3. M A R IL E E E L IZ A B E T H P IE R O T T I The only trouble with being a liar is that you have to have such a darn good mem­ ory! Band 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; H ighlands D ay 3,4; H om eroom Volleyball 1, 2,3,4; International R elations C lub 3; M ajorettes 1,2,3,4; Assistant H ead 1,2,3; H ead 4; N ational H onor Society 4; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; Projection­ ists C lub 3,4; S ecretary -T reasu rer 3; SCC 3,4; S tu d en t Council 2,3; T opper R evue 1,2,3. C H R IS T IN A A N N P IZ Z U T O Do ya git it?? B and 1,2,3; FTA 3,4; R eporter 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; V ice-President 3; Pres­ ident 4; H ighlands D ay 2,4; H om eroom Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Lookout 4; Pep C lub 2,3; T o p p er Revue 4.



D A V ID A R T H O R P O N T O N Do It tomorrow;you’ve made enough mistakes today. B and 1,2,3,4; In d u stria l A rts C lu b 4; V ice-P resident 4; R a n k e r K lub 3; O lym pians 3; SCC 4. E IL E N E C A R O L Y N P R E W IT T Out, Bartholomew! Class Favorite 3; Class Officer 3; Planning C om m ittee C hairm an 3; ETA 3,4; G irls’ S tate A ltern ate 3; H ighlands Day 2,3; J V. Cheerleader 2; Les M iserables 4; N ational H onor Society 3,4; Olions 3,4; Pep Club 2,3; S tudent Council 1,2,3.

W IL L IA M E D W A R D P R U E T T Willy. All State Football 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; H om eroom Vol­ leyball 1,2,3,4; K ey C lub 2,3,4; Senior Class D irector; L etterm en 3,4; W restling 1,2,3,4. L O U IS E O L L IE P U L L IA M Hey, you guys! I can’t fin d my keys. C lef an d Lyre 1,2; D rill T e a m 1,2; H ig h lan d s 3; P ep C lu b 1,2; SCC 1,2,3,4; T o p p er R evue 1.

G R E G B. P U T N A M / want a gulenoy. Clef an d Lyre 4; G olf 1,2; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2; O lions 1; Radio C lub 1, Ski C lub 1; S tu d en t Council 2; T o p p er Revue 1,2,4. B ELIN D A J O R A M IR E Z Little girts do too cry! B and 1; D rill T e a m 2,3,4; G AA 1,2,3; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; Olions 4; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SCC 3,4; Spanish C lub 2,3,4; T o p p er Busi­ ness C lub 3,4; T o p p e r R evue 2,3,4.

R IC H A R D O T IS R A R R IC K Just call me Chig. Baseball 4; Chess C lu b 1,2; Football 1; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; C aptain 4; Industrial Arts C lub 4; R an k er K lub 2,3; K lub Chez Louie 1; Sing Sing C lub 3,4; W restling 1; H om eroom V ice-President 3. JA M E S K E M P R IB E Who is not with us is a mills! D ebate C lub 2; H illtalkers 2, President 4; International R elations C lub 4; N ational Forensic League 2,4; Soccer C lub 4; T o p p er Revue 2,4; W restling 1.

P.-\TR IC IA M A E R O B E R S O N My candle burns at both ends. . . Band 1; Class Secretary 1; FN C 1,2; FTA 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; H om eroom Volleyball 1,2,3,4; K lu b Chez Louie 3; Olions 1,2,3,4; Secretary 4; Pep C lub 1,2,3; S um m it Seedlings 3; Ski C lub 3,4; S tudent C ouncil 4; T o p ­ per Revue 2,3,4; Class Act D irector 3,4. M A R G A R E T E L IZ A B E T H R O B E R T S Hey. . .that’s real snifty! All State O rch estra 2,3,4; Class T reasu rer 3,4; GAA 3,4; G irls’ State 3; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; K lu b C hez Louie 1,2; N ational H onor Society 2,3,4; O lions 1,2; O lym pians 3; O rchestra 2,3,4; V ice-President 3; S ecretary -T reasu rer 4; Sing Sing C lub 4; T re a su re r 4; Ski C lub 1,2, 3,4; T o p p er R evue 1.



Seniors Remember A nd Help With Opening O f N ew Gymnasium

E U (iE N E S A N T R O B IN S O N Iky, yim guys, lei's have a party! BENNY EO U R O B IN S O N A-a-a-menf Drill 'Eeam 1,3; GAA 1,2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 3,4; O lions 1,2,4; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; Ski C lub 4; T o p p e r R evue 1,2,4,

M A RY K A T H R Y N R O C H E Ouoh, 1 gil it!! Drill 'Eeam 1,2,3; E'EA 1,4; CAA 1,2,3,4; T re a su re r 3; V ice-President 4; C irls’ State A ltern ate 3; H ighlands D ay 3; H om eroom V olleyball 1, 2,3,4; Eookout 3,4; Copy E ditor 4; Pep C lub 1,2,3; SCC 2 ,3,4; T o p per Revue 4. R H O N D A E O U IS E R O H W E R you're gonna get yours, Shan! FN C '2,3; Pep C lub 2,3.


C h ery l G u e rre ro b uys a souvenir program from Ja n ic e Barrington at the d ed ica tio n o f th e new gym. M IC H A E L J O H N R O U S E H om eroom V olleyball 2; M agm am ites 4; Olions 1,2,3; SCC 1; T o p p er Revue 4.

C A R M E N M A R IE R O Y B A L Jokes are for jokers! Drill T eam 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; H ighlands Day 2,4; H om eroom V ol­ leyball 2,3,4; L a L om a 4; Business M an ag er 4; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SCC 1,2,3,4; Spanish C lub 4; S tudent Council 2; T opper Business C lub 2,3,4.



E L IZ A R O Y B A L Tou egg! Drill T eam 1,2,3; FN C 1.2,3,4; FTA 1,2,3,4; G.AA. 1.2,3,4; Homeroom Volleyball 1,2,3,4; L a Lom a 3,4; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SCC 1,2,3,4; Span­ ish C lub 1,2,3,4; S ecretary -T reasu rer 4; T o p p er Business C lub 1,2,3,4; T o p p er Revue 4. M A R Y B ET H R O Y E R Well that’s nothing! Let me tellya! FN C 2,3; V ice-P resident 3: H om eroom Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Pep C lub 3,4; SCC 2,3,4; T o p p er Rev’ue 3.

A N T H O N Y R.YY M O ND SA N C H EZ Hit the road, Jack, come back no more, no more, no more. E S T H E R R A M O N A SA N D O V A L Forget it. H om eroom Volleyball 3,4; Pep C lub 2.

C A R O L A N N E T T E SASS Pork-choppin Choir 4; Drill T eam 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Hom eroom Volleyball 2,3; C ap ­ tain 2; J.V . C heerleader 1; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SCC 1; S um m it Seedlings 3; Ski C lub 4; T o p p er Revue 1,2,3,4. S H E R R Y LEE S A U N D E R S / hate you too!!! C hoir 3; Drill T e a m 1,2; F T A 1; GAA 1,2; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SCC 1,2,3; T o p p er Revue 2,4,

LU A N N E BEV ERLY SC H L A TT E R E R All S tate B and 2; All S tate O rch estra 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2; H om eroom V olley b all 2,3,4; N atio n al H o n o r Society 2,3,4; O lions 2, 3,4; Best Actress 3; Secretary 2; T reasu rer 4; O rchestra 2,3,4; Pep C lub 1,2; T opper R evue 1,2,3,4; Mistress of Ceremonies 4. E L A IN E S C H O F IE L D Six months ago I couldn’t even spell “librarian’ now I are one. SCC 1,2,3; S um m it Seedlings 3,4; T o p p er Business C lub 2.

R .A Y M O N D G R A N T S C H O F IE L D J R . Hey, Dad, guess what happened to the car? Basketball 2; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; R a n k er K lu b 2,3; Projec­ tionists C lub 3. F R E D A. S C H O N F E L D Girls...........aaarrgh. Chess C lub 1,2; H om eroom Volleyball 4; Science C lub 2,3; Soccer C lub 3,4; T opper R evue 2.

D O N N A M A R IE S C H U IV . Class S ecrclary 3; G A A 1,2,3,4; G irls’ S tale 3; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4: K lub C hez Louie 1,2,3; M agm am ites4; N alional H onor Society 2,3,4; \'ice-P resid e n l 4; O lions I; Science C lub 3,4; Secretary 3,4; Stu­ dent Council 2; T opper Revue 2,3,4. W IL L IA M L EE SC O I T I'll take two. . .! B aseball 3; H o m e ro o m V olleyball 1,2,3; Judo C lub 4; Projectionists C lu b 3.

FL O Y D L E R O Y S E G U R A / knew I had two o f ’em when I came in here. Basketball 1,2; Football 3,4; H om eroom Y'olleyball 2,3,4; Key C lub 3,4; Letterm en 1,2,3,4; 'Popper Revue 4; T rack 1,2,3,4; C aptain 4. S A N U R S A T H IS H S H E N O Y Hey! How about giving a .speech in Hindu about Hindustan? H illtalkers 4; H oudini M agic C lub 4; Industrial A rts C lub 4; In te rn a ­ tional R elations C lub 4; Key C lub 4; N ational Forensic L eague 4; N a ­ lional H onor Society 4; Science C lub 4; V ice-President 4; S tudent Council 4.

T H O M O S E. S IN G L E T O N Baseball 1; Basketball 1; H ighlands Day 2; Lookout 2,3. J IM SIS N E R O S Uh-huhH

C A N D Y S M IT H Hey, you guys, no more gag gifts!! GAA 1,2,3,4; H ighlands D ay 3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 2 ,3,4; Pep C lub 1,2,3,4; SCC 2,3,4; Spanish C lub 4; T o p p er Business C lub 3,4. M: P A T R IC IA D O L O R E S S M IT H Chorus 1; Olions 1.

SA N D RA JE A N S M IT H Life is very complicated, isn’t it? C lef and Lyre 4; C hoir 4; GAA 1; H illtalkers 3; Olions 1,2,3,4; Pep C lub 1; T o p p er Revue 3,4. S H A R O N SN Y D E R GAA 1,2,3,4; H ighlands D ay 3,4; H om eroom Volleyball 2,3,4; La Lorn a 4; Les M iserables 4; Lookout 3,4; E ditor 4; N ational H o n o r Society 4; Pep C lub 3; SCC 1,3; Sing Sing C lub 3,4; Public R elations 4; Student Council 4.



Seniors A dd Their Skills In M aking Annual Topper Revue Memorable

PA U L JA M E S S P A R K S Let s hit Spain; Blows with St. .Mike’s; Do something sexy—for I can’t play. B asketball 1; Football 1,2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3,4; L etterm en 1,2,3; T o p p er R evue 4; T rack 1,2,3; W restling 2,3. K EN N E T H ALLEN SPENCE Ale bowl! Never! Baseball 1; C lef an d Lyre 4; C hoir 4; Football 1,2; H om eroom Volley­ ball 1,2,3,4; In d u strial Arts C lub 4; T o p p er Revue 3,4; T rack 1.

S T E P H E N L E E ST. C L A IR Anger in disguise— “The Saint.” B R U C E M A R T IN ST A A K E “C’mon, Parker, the school won’t fin d out-Oh they did uh.” G olf 1,2,3,4; H o m ero o m V olleyball 1,2,3,4; L etterm en 2 ,3 ,4 ; T o p p er R evue 4.

CANDACE STA R N ER “It can’t be that bad!” E TA 3,4; GAA 4; Les M iserables 3,4; O lions 1,2; P ep C lub 1; SCC 3. E D IT H A N N S T E P H E N S Pat, don’t forget to save Junior and me a seat!! B and 1,2,3; C hoir 1,2; GAA 1; H om eroom Volleyball 1; T opper Revue 1, 2.

“ D o n ’t w orry, w e’ll fin d som eone with a p ro b lem ,” says J im A nderson to D o u g N e h e r d u rin g th e ir skit “ R o u te 99” in T o p p e r R evue. R O B E R T N O R M A N S T R E IN / don’t care what you think; I still like Barry. H om eroom V olleyball 3; M agm am ites 3,4; V ice-President 3; President 4; Olions 1,2,3,4; T o p p er R evue 2,3,4.

JU D Y L Y N N S T U R M How about that!! B and 1; Drill T eam 2; F N C 3; ETA 3,4; H om eroom Volleyball 1,4; M ag m am ites 3,4; P ep C lu b 2,3,4; SCC 1,2,3,4; Science C lub 2,3,4; T o p p er R evue 2,3,4.



K R IS TI l.EK S U M M E R S C lionis I; Concc-ssions C h a irm a n 3; CAA 1,2,3; H om eroom Volh ' 1,2,3,4; Lcs M iserables 3,4; President 4; O lions 1; Pep C lu b 1,2, Cbil) 3; S ludetil Couneil 4; Topper Revue 3,4. M A R K C iA V A N N A C H S U M M E R S Baseball 1,2,3,1; Basketball 1,2,3; Boys’ S tate 3; l■'ootball 1 , 2 , 3 ,4 , 1 ricap ta in 1; All S late H o n o rab le M ention 3,4; H om eroom V olleyball U 2,3,1; Key C lu b 4; L elle rm e n 1,2,3,4; N atio n al H onor Society 2,3,4; S tudent Council 1,4; Class R epresentative 1; Public R elations M anager 1; T o|)per Revue 4,

HAN D O R IA N S U S C O A we! bird never flies at mghi. Basketball 1,2; Chess C lu b 3,4; President 4; C hoir 3,4; All S tate Choir 4; H ighlands D ay 1; E etterm en 1,2,3,4; Soccer C lu b 3,4; T e n n is 1,2, 3,4; T o p p er Revue 3,4. K A T H E R IN E A N N S Y D O R IA K It's the dulls that get all the prizes. Clel and Lyre 1,2; C borus 1; C hoir 2,3; GAA 1,2,3,4; H om eroom V ol­ leyball 4; K lu b C h ez Louie 1; N ational H onor .Society 1,2,3,4; Olions 1,2; Ski C lub 1,2,3,4,

M A R G IE J O E E E T O R Bojo A rt C lub 4; SCC I. R A N D A L L K E IT H T E T E R Everall, use your head; its the little things that count. Chess C lub 2; Football 1; H om eroom Volleyball 4; M agm am ites 4; H istorian 4.

DAV ID R. T H O M A S / don t claim to be a ladies' man; I never did; just give me time. Golf 1; H om eroom Volleyball 1,2,3; K an k er K lub 2; Olions 1,2,3; SCC 1; Ski Club 2; Soccer C lub 3,4; Swimm ing 2; T o p p er Revue 1,2,3, JE R R Y ALAN T H O M A S Whatdaya say, people? Band 1,2,3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 4; Key C lub 3,4; O lions 4; O r­ chestra 3,4; SCC 1; T o p p er Revue 4; W restling 1.

M A RY KAY T H O M A S Whoopee—hoo and all that. All State 1,2,4; C lef an d Lyre 1,2,3,4; C hoir 2,3,4; President 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; H ighlands D ay 3,4; Les Miserables 3,4; N ational H onor Society 2,3,4; S ecretary-T reasurer 4; O lions 1,2,3,4; Sing Sing C lub 3,4; Topp>er Revue 1,2,3,4. P .^T R IC K A N T H O N Y T R U JIL L O Art C lub 4; Choir 4; Class President 3; Class Vice President 2; Key C lub 3; La Lom a 4; Lookout 4; O lions 3,4; Student Council 2,3,4; As­ sembly C hairm an 4; T o p p er Business C lub 1,2,3; Snowball K ing 1; Topper Revue 1,2,3,4; W restling 1.

78 Seniors


A \

Senior Boys A dd Special Life To Topper Revue

SY REN A SU E T U C K E R O f all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable. Drill T eam 1,2,3,4: GAA 1,2,3,4; Girls State 3; H om eroom Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Les M iserables 3,4; N ational H onor Society 3,4; Pep C lub 1,2, 3,4; V ice-President 3; Ski C lu b 3,4; S tu d en t Council 3,4; Secretary 4; T opper Revue 2,3.

Poise, agility, a n d gracefulness al­ ways distinguishes th e S en io r Boys’ D ance from any o th er act in T opper R evue, as d isplayed by M a rk S um ­ mers an d C h arles P ark er.

DOUGLAS N ELSO N T U R N E R To err is human; to forgive is a mistake. ETA 1; H om eroom V olleyball 4; N ational H onor Society 2,3; Orches tra 1,2,3; Science C lu b 3; Spanish C lub 1.

BARBARA A N N T Y N A N He’s only a friend, really. Drill T eam 3; E T A 4; G A A 1,2,3; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; La Lom a 4; O lions 1; P ep C lu b 1,2,3; Projectionists C lu b 4; H istorian 4; s e e 1,2; T o p p er Revue 4. JE A N N E L IL L IA N U N G E R

I’m dizzy. PN C 4; GAA 3; H ig h lan d s D ay 3; H om eroom V olleyball 3,4; K lub C hez L ouie 3; P ep C lu b 1,3,4; SC C 3,4; T o p p er R evue 2,3,4.

CHARLES PA R K ER VAN HECKE Hey, coach, where’dyou hide my pom poms? V arsity C h e e rle a d e r 4; B and 2; H om eroom V olleyball 2,3; K ey C lub 2,3; L etterm en 1,2,3,4; Lookout 3; Sw im m ing 1,2. PA M E L A JE A N N E W A L L IS Come on, you guys, just because there is ten feet o f snow on the ground doesn’t mean its my fault. . .just my idea. B and 1,2; C h o ir 4; G A A 1,2,3; L a L om a 3,4; O lions 1,2,4; Ski C lub 1,2,3,4; S ec re ta ry -T re a su re r 2; V ice-P resident 4; P resident 3; Student C ouncil 1,3; T o p p e r R evue 4.

5 I

R O G E R E L L IS W A T E R M A N Ah fiddle! Baseball 1,2; B asketball 1,2,3,4; T ri-C a p ta in 4; Boys’ S tate 3; Class President 1,2,4; Football 1,2,3,4; T ri-C a p ta in 4; All State Football 3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 1,3,4; L etterm en 2,3,4; N atio n al H o n o r Society 1,2,3,4; S tu d e n t C ouncil 1,2,3,4; T re a su re r 2. LARRY JO E W ATERS In this world o f ordinary people, thank Heaven there’s me! Baseball 2; Boys’ S tate A ltern ate 3; Football 1,2,4; L etterm en 3,4; T e n ­ nis 3; T o p p er R evue 4.



Seniors Take Final Last Look A t School Tear Remembering Opening D ay

C H R IS T IN E VEK W E A V E R C hoir 4; Drill 'I'eam 4; EN C 2,3; FEA I; Eep C lub 1,2,4; SC C 3,4; T o p p er Revue 1,2,4. JU D E E H A N N W llE E E lie who lies flown with the dogs, rises with the fleas! C hoir 4; Drill T e a m 2,3; G A A 2,3,4; H ig h lan d s D ay 3; H om erw jm V olleyball 2,3,4; J . V. C h e e rle a d e r 3; Rep C lu b 1,2,3,4; S C C 1,2,4; Sum m it Seedlings 3; T o p p er Business C lu b 2,3; T o p p e r R evue 2; V a r­ sity C heerleader 4.

C A R O L Y N B A R B A R A W IL D E R I ’m just a hue Wilder. C hoir 2,3,4; C lef a n d Lyre 1,2,3; FN C 3; O lions 1,2,3,4; Pep C lub 2,3; Sing Sing C lub 4; S tudent Council 4; T o p p er Business C lub 3,4; Secre­ tary 4; T o p p er R evue 1,2,3,4. C Y N T H IA E L A IN E W IL L IA M S Well-we’ll see about that, I really don t like it, but— C horus 1; Pep C lu b 2,4; SCC 2,3.

K A T H L E E N M A R IE W IN S L O W You know what I been doin'. Drill T eam 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3,4; H ighlands Day 2; H illtalkers 4; H om e­ room V olleyball 1,2,3,4; K lu b Chez Louie 1,2,3,4; N atio n al H onor So­ ciety 2,3,4; O lions 1,2,3,4; Pep C lub 1,2,3; Ski C lub 4; S tu d en t Council 2; T o p p er Revue 1,2,3,4. R IC H A R D A LLA N W O O D Football 1; K ey C lu b 3; L etterm en 3,4; T ra c k 2,3; W restling 2,3.

Q uoth th e seniors, “ Never m orel’

R O B B IN A D R IE L W O O D Football 1; Key C lub 3; L etterm en 3,4; T rack 2,3,4; W restling 2,3,4.

BARBARA W O O D W A R D AFS 4; Clef and Lyre 2,3; FN C 3; G irl State 3; N ational H onor Society 3; Olions 1,2,3; O rchestra 1; State Student Council 2,3; Student Council 2,3; T o p p er R evue 1,2,3; Skit D irector 1,2,3; Les M iserables 3; T reas­ urer 3.

80 Seniors


W ith her “ Belgian sister,” Elsje, B arb ara W oodward, Los Alamos H igh School’s foreign exchange student in Brussels, Belgium, responds to questions during a special interview.

Seniors Remember Ba Spending Tear In Belgium

JO H N STEPH EN Y OU NG Why not! Football 1; H om eroom V olleyball 2; Industrial Arts Club 3,4; T reasurer 4; K an k er K lu b 2,3; O lions 2,3,

S H A R O N E. Y O U N T S O.K., Joel, where to? S H IE L A M A Y Z E IG L E R I ’m too busy! F N C 2,3; H o m ero o m V olleyball 1,4; Les M iserables 3; O rch estra 1,2, 3,4; T opper R evue 3,4.

C A R M E N V A L D E T E Z IE L IN S K I Three hundred and thirty miles never seemed so far. D rill T eam 1,2,3; ENG 1,2; GAA 1,2; H ighlands D ay 3,4; H om eroom V olleyball 1,2,3,4; O lions 1,2,3,4; P ep C lu b 1,2,3,4; S C C 1,2,3,4; S tu ­ d ent C ouncil 1; T o p p e r Business C lub 1,2,3,4; T o p p er R evue 1,2,3. R O B E R T L E E Z IM M E R M A N So long, suckers! H om eroom V olleyball 2; Soccer C lub 4; Sw im m ing 2,3,4.



Juniors Show Ingenuity, Skill After electing class officers in September, the Junior Class faced their yearly problem — raising money for the Junior-Senior Prom. Money was raised by selling candy, soda pop, and gum at both football and basketball games. A novel idea in concessions at football games was selling hot baked potatoes. Baked at home, the foil covered potatoes were usually all sold by half-time. A first place float in the Homecoming parade won the Juniors recognition and cause for pride in their covered wagon in connection with the homecoming theme of “Topper Roundup.” One of the highlights of the year was the arrival of the school rings in October. The title of the Junior Class skit for Topper Revue was “ God Save the World.” In this skit England was pictured as it might be if Ringo Starr became Prime Minister.

For the first tim e at L A H S a tie in elections results in having two girl favorites for th e J u n io r Class. T h e Class Favorites are from left to right, Sylvia N achlinger, Joe Daly and Lee C ham bers.




Junior Favorites Recognized

> Ju n io r class officers are left to right, A1 Teshe, treasurer; Nancy D abney, secretary; J im Bridge, president; Jim Griffin, vice president; and J o h n T rujillo, concessions chairm an. T he spon­

82 Junior Officers and Favorites

sors for the Ju n io r class are left to right, M r. W arren Gumeson, M r. D uane W agner, an d M r. D elbert T eter.

Charles Abeyta W illiam Aldrich Kaye Allen

K atie Anderson Donald Andrus Liz Apodaca

Eddie A rchuleta Paul Argo Ju d y Baxman

W aiting for th e doors to open, students mill in front of th e a u d ito riu m for the o p ening assem­ bly of school.

C athy Bay Steve Beaty A ntoinette Beaucham p

Juniors Begin Another Tear

Stormy Benton Jody Benson T hom as Berg

G ena Berrett S andra Billings K aren Blandford Susan Blatz Chet Boise


Paula Bolton Marlyss Boone Jim Borkenhagen Tom Boyle Dennis B randt



A drienne Brashear lA-nn Brewer Jim Bridi^e Lonna Brown Phyllis Bryan






T erri Buchen Riehard Bueschel M ike Burkheim er Tim Burns Edward C arballo

M artha C arballo Bonny Carlson Lavelle Calvert Claudio Chacon Lee Cham bers

W illiam Chaney Gloria Chang Emily Chavez M ark Cherry

Dave Chezem W ayne Ciddio Patsy Cordova

Junior Classes Challenging

Jo h n Criss Roy Cromer



Gail C oburn Nancy Cowan

Nancy Cole W endy Cox

Nancy D abney L aD onna Daily

Joe Daly Mike Daly

84 Juniors

Tomm y Darrell Gwen Davis Vicki Davis Ja n DeGeer Ann Deinken

Stanley Delano Gloria Diaz Jam es Dominic Charlene Douglass Michael Dugan

Rick Dvorak Ja n e t Edeskuty Pete Eyster Jack Fellers Gilbert Ferran

Brian Fishbine Jean ette Fishier Joe Fitzgibbon Kris Fram e

"â– I l i A jeep is being transform ed into a covered wagon which won a first place in the H om ecom ing P arade for juniors.

Junior’s Covered Wagon Wins

Lorina G arcia Pearl G arcia

David G arrett Ronald Geoffrion

D ana Gifford Ryan Gilbert



Larry Giorgi Viki Ciore K aren G rav

K aren Greenwood Jam es Griffin Jam es Cirover

Charles H aferkam p Susan Hall W arren Hall

Elizabeth H am m el Thom as Hawflborne Lexi H eath

“ Daily up steep and w eary stair he cam e� only to go back dow n again. W. E. Doane

Juniors Climb Overpass


R obert Hengstenberg Pat Hicks

Suanna Hicks Steve Hill Tom H ockett Stephen Hodson G retta Holmes

Ron Holmes L aura Holt Gerry H uber M artin Hughes R obert Hughes

86 Juniors

Esther Johnson Colyer Johnson Barry Jones

Ronnie Keil Larry K napp Jean n e K night

John Kemme Brad Kennedy Deborah Kerns

Dwayne Hull Cindy H urt Linda Jensen

Jo h n H um phreys Dale Jarvis Bill Johnson

Dewayne Ketchell Nancy Knobeloch Gloria Korte

After its a n n u a l p re m a tu re burning, juniors work diligently to rebuild the bonfire.

Juniors Help W ith Homecoming Bonfire

Bruce K rohn Joe LaBauve Diane Lamkin

Francine Lawrence Jo h n Lazarus M ark Leachm an

a x

Mike K ing Jo h n I). LelTler B arbara Lehm an Lelo Lehm an Ross Ijcmons




Jam es Lilienthal Dave Lindblom Linda Linnaus Henrv' Longmire Jim Lory

R ita Lovato David Lyon Ju lie Lyon Je a n Mackey

Juniors Use N ew Buildings

N orm an M acm ann Larry M aestas

M ichael M eans Paul M cG uire Russell M iller

C harlie M anger Jo e M ariner Barry M cCracken B arbara M cK own

Jo h n M arshall R onnie M artinez

Chris M atlack K enneth M eaders



Steve M cC artney W endy M cGuire Bonnie Mills

Steve M iner Patricia M ollett Susan M olleur Jo h n M oney Bonnie M ontoya

M argaret M ontoya Tom M oore Patty M orton R obin M ottaz K athie M ullins

Patricia M urphy Scott M urray Sylvia N achlinger Ricky Nichols Lester N orm an

H iding from em barrassm ent, this student carries out her task of chivalry d u rin g T w erp Week.

Junior Girls Support Twerp Week

Patricia Oakes Mike Osborn M ichael Owen

Jean Ogle Paula Osborn Charles Pacheco

Sharon O ’Keefe George Overton

■ k ’

v 7 Juniors


Leroy Pacheco Prances Pallone Daryl Panowski

I Lynn Panowski Sue Partridge Earl Perry

K aren Peterson Susan Peterson Lee A nn Petty

R uth Prime Linda Porter Dana R abideau

Dennis Raines Charles Ramsey Beth Rasmussen

M ark R ayburn Linda Rice M ichelle R iebe R obert Riley Paula Robyn

Juniors Remember Heavy November Snow

Don Rohwer

90 Juniors

Lourdes R om ero

Nancy Romero

K ay Roush

K athleen Rose

Paul Rexroth Rochelle R ichard Coni Riedel Cindi Robertson Jim Rogers

Linda Ross

M ary R um iner Frank Sandoval Charles Schelberg

Linda Schofield M arla Schoolcraft Patsy Scott

C hecking for flaws, ju n io r Lee C ham bers exam ines her recently a c q u ire d school ring.

Paul Scott Douglas Seegmiller A m adito Segura

Shari Shadden Charles Shafer Debbie S hannon Linda Shoopm an

R ay Shopp Susan Shopp Conway Smith Ernest Smith

Juniors Study Every Line O f N ew School Rings

Jim Smith

K aren Sm ith

R obert Smith

M ary Sniezek

Carol Sowder

Cheryl Sowder



K arla Slcin Lorraine Stephenson William Stewart

David Stems Paul Strom M arth a Swickard

Edward T aylor Sally T aylor Allan Tesche

Jim Thom as K aren Thom as Sheriden T hom as

Larry Thom sen Charles Trask

T h e chase is o v er a n d C h a rle n e D ouglas has alread y d rag g ed P h ilip D u n a g a n th ro u g h the “ m a rry in g � line at th e Sadie H aw kins dance.

Juniors Try Dogpatch Life Lee Trexler Roger T u rn er

92 Juniors

D onna Trujillo Arlene U rizer

Joh n n y T rujillo Robert V an G em ert

M ichael Trujillo Gloria Velasco

Peter Tuck Luis Vigil

G ary W aggoner M ichael W aldschm idt Sandra WaU C athy W eaver Bernie W eber

R ichard W eintraub C herri W enslay Jo h n W ertz Ja n e W herritt Bill W hite

Bob W hitm ore Linda W hittem an Georgia W ilder Jam es W ilhelm Sue W ilkerson

Patsy W illiams Stacy W illiams Jam es W im berley M argaret W ohlberg

D uring half tim e at a basketball game, ju n io r Sally T aylor entertains the crow d w ith her m ajorette solo.

Junior Majorette Entertains

Shirley W right M arilyn Wood

W illiam W ycoff David Y eamans




Bill Y oungm an Pam Zogg



Sophomores Try H igh School Life The soi:)homores, forming the largest class ever to enroll in Los Alamos High School, were wel­ comed by English Achievement Tests as they en­ tered high school. After the initial shock, they were confronted by the problem of initiation, but because of the administration’s decision to ban initiation, the sophomores were asked to white-wash the LA on Burnt Mountain. The class undertook the annual sophomore task of selling popcorn at the football games and highlighted the football season with a third place in the Homecoming Parade. Homeroom volleyball and Topper Revue were activities in which the sophomores successfully participated. The J.V. basketball team, coached by Jim Hig­ gins, was composed entirely of sophomores and ended with a winning season. Another highlight of their first year of high school was the ordering of school rings.

Iren e G onzales a n d T e d W a te rm a n are chosen as the Sophom ore Class Favorites. T ed is active in several sports a n d president of his class. Irene is a Ju n io r V ar­ sity C heerleader and concessions chairm an.

Sophomore Favorites Recognized

Sophom ore class officers are left to right, B arb ara Seegmiller, secretary; T ed W ate rm an , president; Iren e Gonzales, conces­ sions ch airm an ; an d M ike Busse, vice president. N ot shown is


Sophomore Officers and Favorites

Jim Bowlin, treasurer. T h e Sophom ore class sponsors are Mrs. Delores H engstenberg, M rs. P atricia M endius, and Mrs. Anne Phillips.

Doloros Abeyta Jim Adams Jo h n Adams

Jo h n Agnew Daniel A hearne Priscilla Alire

Elsie Allex M artin Allex M ichael Allsman

Bob Anderson Pam Anderson Johnny A rchuleta

P a rtly rep lacin g in itiatio n , reb u ild in g th e LA on B urnt M o u n tain has been delegated to the incoming sophom ores w ith supervision by seniors.

, r



Sophomores Work On L A R ichard Baker

.4 \



Jo h n Barnes Greg Bayhurst Roger Beaty


Joy Beckwith K athryn Benson Patsy Benton M arth a Best Bob Bivins


Eugene Blankenship L auren Bornofska Jim m y Bowlin Toni Brazfield G lenn Breish



Frank Hix-wei M elanie Briscoe Joe Bropliy R ichard Brower Gary Brown

Fay Brninglon Patricia Bunch CliarloUc Burke Gwen Burke K aren Burns

M ichael Busse Ernestine C 'de Baca Patrick C adenhead Virginia Calvin C laud C am pbell

Shelley Cam pbell Chris Carson Linda Carson JefT Casados

Lee Caswell Bill Cham bers Mitchell Chavez

Sophomores Learn Ways O f H igh School

Steve C laiborne Ja n e t Clevenger Dan Chaney Pat Chelius

Linda Chavez Roy Christensen

Patty Coburn Susan C oburn

Eric Cole Sandra Cole

96 Sophomores

R ita Combs Tom Cook Nancy Cooper Shirley Cordova Sharon Cote

Jo an C oulter Charles Cowan Barbara Cox Doug C ram er Steve Craven

Mar>’ Crisler Charlie Davis Del Davis D iane Davis Larry Davis

Debbi Day R obert Day Michele D'esilets M anuel Diaz

Building their th ird place float for the H om ecom ing P arade, sopho­ mores find stuffing napkins easier sitting down.

Sophomore Float Wins Third

Paul Dion Art D ougherty

DeU'line D ufour Linda Duke

Phil D unagan G erald D uncan



(ii-ollrcy Farr M aria l''crris Frank I’islicr

K ay Fisher Ken I'isher Cihris Fitzgiblx^n

Lee F’lynn Charles Foglesong R obert Foglesong

Bob Forest M ary Fowler Carol Freym an

M ary Edgett Barbara Elliot Jock Embry Bill Enloe

Jtidy Eimer Edith Elliot Ted Emigh Dewayne Enright

Sophomores Sell Popcorn A t Football Games

L inda Fritch Geri Fulgenzi A nthony F urrh

W anda Gale Peggy G am ble V ernon G arcia Lois A nn G ardner M ark G ardner

W illiam G arrett R oberta GeofFrion Linda G erm an Doug Gibson Irene Gonzales

98 Sophomores

Dan H an n a R onald H arper Jim H arrall



Deborah H arris Ellen H arrison Ja n e t H arrow


I â– 1

Albert Hawkins Jo h n H aw thorne Ju d y Hayes

Arnie Gore Eva G rant Linda Hall

Pam Gould Cheryll G uerrero Steve H am m el

Ron Heinze Anne H em m endinger Dennis H em m endinger

J V c h e e rle a d e r try -o u ts give underclass­ men a chance to com pete for th e coveted title of J V cheerlead er, given only to the five girls who receive th e most votes.

Sophomores Try Out For J V Cheerleader

Sharon H enicksm an N atalie H enry

Vicki H erbert JefTery Hill Jay n e Hobbs

Nancy H obday Edw ard H olcomb Larrv Holmes

Ciary H orpcdahl Susan I lovtTson loni Howliii I'inney H um phreys J a n Janecka

Lvnn Jennings Bryan Johnson Sieve Jolinson Blair Jones Robert Jones

C laudine Kasunic Je a n Keller Bruce K err M ichael Kilgore

Sophomores Receive First High School Grade Cards

Steve Knight Don K oetter

K en Leibee D an Lewis Alex Lovato

B arbara L eland J u a n Lopez W illiam Lowery

Bob Leonard Lynne Loucks Don Lucero

Joe Koetter Patricia K rieger

'â– i Renee LaBauve Charles Landahl

T im Lang Jeffrey Leary

100 Sophomores

Patsy Lucero Charles Luders R uth Lynch Gene Maes Gloria M aes

B arbara M ann Paul M anzanares Jeff M artin K athy M artin David M artinez

Jackie M artinez Virginia M artinez Doug M ather Linda M cC reary

Sophomore Girls Remember Topper Revue M irro r, m irro r in m y h a n d . . .th e new est styles in fad are fashioned by sophom ore girls du rin g T opper Revue.

Barbara M cD onald Bette M cKown Kim M eyer

Jo an M cH ale Becky McNeese Paul M iera

Ja n e t McKee R ichard M endius Steve M iller



D eborah M iner Fred M inor Lee Mitchell

Louie Mojica Paul Moody Vicki M organ

Gail M osher Allan M oulton Michael M oulton

Becky M utschler D onna Neal Brian N eher

Pam Nelson David Nereson Tom Netuschil

H arriet Newton Mike O ’Keefe R ichard O rndoff Scott O sborn M argie Padilla

Sophomores Buy Publication Subscriptions

Nick Nogar Peggy O nstott C athleen O ’R ourke Pam O tt Gregory Page

M ary P arker Eric Parnes M arth a Penland Arleen Perez Lynn Peterson

102 Sophomores

Linda Prestwood Susan Pretzel Joseph Q uintana

Ronnie R andolph M ary R arrick Pat Reade

Linda Rector Keith Rendell Paul Rickerson

Rose A nn Petersen Jackee Phillips N ancy Porto

Becky Pettit Jean e tte Phillips Bill Porton

Sophomores Try Different Clubs

M ary Riedel M anuel Rivera Rebecca Roberts

S tarting out in its second year, the Soccer C lub is growing. Ben M aes and Steve M c­ C artney show th ere is m ore th a n one way to stop a d eterm in ed o p ponent. R ichard Robyn Cordie R odriquez B arbara Roensch

Paul Roensch Irene Romero Sheila Ross

K ip Roush Joh n n y Roybal Charles Rowley

B arbara Royer Tom Sattizahn Lynda Scott Dennis Sham pine

Cheryl Royer Linda Scarbrough Carolyn Sears Dave Shaykin

C arl R udnick M arth a Scarbrough Barbara Seegmiller W illiam Shopp

R obert Russo T ony Schofield Brian Seegmiller Rick Shores

Susan Sack W illiam Schrandt Larry Segar Jo h n n y Silva

Jo h n Sanchez Lani Schuster G loria Segura R obert Smith

h 1'

Steve Smith T erry Smith J o h n S tarner Jam es Stearns D onna Stein

K aren Stein C harles Stephens J a n Stephens Sherri Stephens Paul Stephenson

104 Sophomores


M ichael Sterkel Jo h n Slice G erald Strickfaden K ay Strom G err)’ Swickard

K athryn Talafous M arcia T attan D an Tesche A rm ando T rujillo Joyce T rujillo

M ike Trujillo Pat T rujillo Patricia Trujillo K aren T u rn er Jo h n V an De V alde

T ed V aughn Sandi V elasquez G reg W aggoner Pam W allis Scott W arner

Ted W aterm an Wendell W illiams L aura Winslow

M ike W eldon J o h n W ilson J a n e M uriel W ood

Bill W illiams Vicki W inburn Amy Woods Ja y W ooten Ed Young

Jam es Young Ja c k Zastrow

Chris Zeigner Mike Zinolli


1 Sophomores


Gym Dedicated


xr \ '




On February 5, 1965, the Los Alamos Hilltoppers played their first game against Santa Fe High in the newly completed gymnasium. The modern $750,000 gym was constructed to provide many advantages that the old gym could not. Among these include a 3,150 seating capacity, completely furnished locker rooms which have two whirlpools, and a bigger lobby with the facilities for each class to serve larger crowds with refreshments. Preceding the dedication ceremonies, the jun­ ior varsity played the Santa Fe J.V .’s. Dr. C. W. Richard, Superintendent of Schools, gave the opening address and Andy McQueen, President of the high school student body, gave the formal dedication. The game was attended by many local prominent citizens and their wives. To commemorate the occasion, special souvenir programs were printed.

Sports n

Cheerleaders A dd

B arbara N achlinger head

Sylvia N achlinger

At basketball and football games where the cheerleaders couldn’t show up, the performances of the teams showed that something was missing. Senior, Barbara Nachlinger, was the head cheerleader, and the other varsity yellers were Sylvia Nachlinger, Judy White, Leta Combs, and Parker Van Hecke. With the added strength of a boy cheerleader, it was possible for a larger variety of cheers, such as pyramids, and also many handsprings by Parker himself

> L eta Combs

Parker V an Hecke

T h e J. V . C h eerle ad ers, B arb ie S e e g m iller, Stacy W illia m s , S u s a n H all, Irene Gonzales, and K arla S te in , h e a d , m o d el th eir uniform s used d u rin g the fo o tb all season as they form a “ sta r.”




special Something To Athletic Events Varsity cheerleaders were busy last summer raising money by bake sales at the labs so they could attend the week long cheerleading school in Albuquerque. Funds given by the school paid for the major part of the varsity uniforms. Pepping up some of the sparsely attended jayvee games were the Junior varsity cheerleaders. Karla Stein headed this group. The others were Stacy Williams, Susan Hall, Irene Gonzales, and Barb Seegmiller. This group had a bake sale at Mesa Market to help pay for their uniforms.

' *

4 f

t j R iding in the H om ecom ing parad e, B arb ara, L eta, Parker, Sylvia, and Ju d y give a big smile for the crowd.

K a rla , S u san , S tacy , B a rb ie , a n d Irene stop long en o u g h for th is p ic tu re before leading the crow d in cheers d u rin g a J.V . game.

One of the favorite form ations of th e varsity cheerleaders features Ju d y as the base with P arker an d B arb ara holding Sylvia and Leta.

r i

^0 27

F R O N T ROW: ] \ m T hom as, Jim Griffin, L arry W aters, R onnie R andolph, E rnie Sm ith, P aul L ucero, H a rry G arcia, Leroy Pacheco, T e d W a te rm a n , Bob M orrison. SE CO N D ROW: Bobby Russo, G lenn B reisch, Brian Seegm iller, M ike Carson, Jim Foglesong, Bob M a rtin , M ark Sum m ers, A rt Johnson, Bill Enloe, W ayne C iddio, P ete Eyster, T im Burns, T e d Emigh.

T H IR D ROW: D oug Seegm iller, J o h n K em m e, D anny M ar­ tinez, R o n n ie H olm es, L arry K n a p p , B arry Jones, Bob Penland, Bill P ruett, R oger W aterm an , T om m y H aw thorne, Buzz E m igh, Je rry K lein , L y n n B rew er, R ick D vorak, Greg Belsheim, Dave Chezem.

Grid Squad Compiles 7-2 Record Single W ing Team Upsets Toppers

C oach G erald B arry, H ead C oach T om m y H ightow er, and C oach R ay G ran d staff led th e H oppers to a successful 7-2 season.

The 1964 version of the Los Alamos High School Hilltoppers fought their way to a respect­ able seven win and two loss season. The losses were dealt by Santa Fe and Santa. Fe St. Michael’s. The Toppers hit the height of their season during the Raton and NM M I contests. After this high spot was obtained the Toppers tailed off when they met two single-wing offense teams in a row, the last being St. M ike’s. The Horsemen nipped the Toppers to take the district crown. For the second year the head coach was Mr. Tommy Hightower. Mr. Ray Grandstaff was the line coach and Mr. Gerald Barry concentrated on teaching the backfield its tricks. In the two years before Mr. Hightower became coach the Toppers had a combined record of four wins and 14 losses, but have now reversed that in the last two seasons with a 15 win and four loss record, plus one district title and one appearance in the state tournament. Football


M ark Sum m ers, senior; tri­ c a p ta in ; b a c k ; H o n o ra b le M ention Defense. P a u l L u c e ro , se n io r; tri­ c a p ta in ; g u a rd ; 2nd T e a m Offense; 2nd team Defense. A ju b ila n t T o p p er team carries Coach H ightow er off the field after clinching an o th er win.

A rt Jo h n so n gains v alu ab le y ard ag e as a N M M I player tries to stop him . T h e T oppers ended the gam e w ith an impressive 28-7 victory over the strong Institute team.

Santa Fe A nd M ud Bog Opener Playing in the mud for their first game, the Toppers seemed to be slowed more than their opponents, Santa Fe, and lost. After this first game the Toppers lost Tom Tesche for the remainder of the season. Up until that time he had been one of the starting half­ backs. Roger Waterman then moved into take Tom’s place. This proved to be a smart move as Roger won the Most Valuable Player and Hardest Running Back awards which are voted upon by the team at the end of the season. St. Mike’s scored first in the all-important last district 2A game, but the Toppers came storm­ ing back with a 30 yard field goal kicked by Art Johnson and a touchdown, and -led up until the last minutes of the final period when the Micks blocked a Topper punt and moved in for the winning score. St. Mike’s later moved on to take the state title with a win over St. Mary’s. 112 Football

R o g er W a te rm a n , senior tri-ca p tain ; back; 2nd T eam Offense; e n d - 1st T e a m D e­ fense; N o rth All Stars; Most V a lu a b le P lay er; H ardest ru n n in g back. M a n a g e rs J im W im b erley a n d B ern ie W e b e r looking over the first-aid kit.

Bob M orrison, reserve h alfb ack for the T oppers, is run n in g for good yardage against the E spanola H ornets.

Score Box Santa Fe



Rio Grande


Los Alamos



*Los Alamos



Los Alamos


N.M .M .I.


Los Alamos




*Los Alamos




*Los Alamos


St. Mikes


Los Alamos




Los Alamos


Los Alamos

* indicates district games

0 13

A rt Jo h n s o n , senior; back; 2nd T eam Offense; H onor­ able M e n tio n Defense; N orth All Stars. Bill P ru e tt, se n io r; tack le; 2nd T e a m O ffense; N orth All Stars. T o m H a w th o rn e , ju n io r; back; 2nd T eam Defense.

Rick D vorak, ju n io r; tackle; 1st T e a m O ffense; 2nd T e a m D efense; T oughest Linem an. Buzz Emigh, senior; center; H o n o ra b le M e n tio n O f­ fense; M ost Spirited. D oug S eegm iller, ju n io r; en d ; H a rd e st B lo cker and Tackier.

.A host of T oppers are in on the T ackle of a N M M I Colt.

Art Johnson holds a St. M ike’s H orsem an while Rick Dvorak, Bill Pruett, an d Jim Foglesong move in to bring him down.

L ynn B rew er, ju n io r; end. J im Griffin, ju n io r; back. Je rry K lein, senior; end.

In ju re d Jo e D u b e n , senior; en d ; 2nd T e a m Defense. Bob M a rtin , senior; guard. Bob P enland, senior; guard.

J im Foglesong, s e n i o r ; tackle. J im T h o m a s, ju n io r; back. R o n n ie H olm es, ju n io r; tackle.

M ark Summ ers, pilot for th e T oppers, tries to gain yardage by run n in g aro u n d right end against St. M ike’s Horsemen.



J im Thom as, a little too eager to get the football, commits pass interference on St. M ike’s intended pass receiver.

L arry K n ap p , ju n io r; guard. D ave C hezem , ju n io r; back.

B arry Jo n es, ju n io r; guard. Leroy Pacheco, ju n io r; back.

T im Burns, ju n io r; guard. Ernie Sm ith, ju n io r; back. W a y n e C iddio, ju n io r; tackle.

Greg Belsheim, senior; back. L a r r y W a te rs, s e n i o r ; center. Pete E yster, ju n io r; tackle.

M ark Sum m ers leads the te a m back onto the field at halftim e through the victory arch in a gam e against the Belen Eagles.



M ark Sum m ers is on his way to give the ball to halfback R oger W ate rm an while T opper line­ men block the Belen Eiagles.

Bill Enloe, sophom ore; end. R o n n ie R a n d o lp h , sopho­ m ore; back. D a n n y M a rtin e z , senior; tackle.

H arry G arcia, senior; back. Ted W aterm an, sophomore; back.

J im T hom as shows T o p p e r fierceness as he brings dow n a St. M ike’s H orsem an in the gam e which the T oppers lost 21-15.

G lenn Breisch, sophom ore; back. T ed E m ig h , sophom ore; center.










J V Season Is Even In his first year as head coach, Mr. Audie Woodard led his primarily sophomore team to a three win and three loss season. The jayvees opened the campaign with a 20-19 win over the Imps of Santa Fe High. They then eased by Espanola 26-7 and later in the year stopped the Bees, 13-6. The Topper losses were a 14-6 whip­ ping from Manzano’s Barons, a 20-6 loss to the McCurdy varsity, and a hard fought 21-7 defeat by the hands of the Cardinals from Las Vegas Robertson High School. In the McCurdy game the Toppers gave up all the Bobcat points in the first half and were the only team to score after that.

G len n B reisch stra in s to get aw ay from an opponent for extra yardage.

.An un id en tified J u n io r T o p p e r brings dow n a varsity M cC urdy B obcat in a gam e J u n io r T oppers lost 20-6.

Ju n io r T opper D an Tesche moves in to tackle a M cC urdy opponent.

F R O N T ROW: Phill D u n ag an , M an n y R ivera, Ed Young, D an Tesche, Bob Forrest, Steve Sm ith, Bill C ham bers; Jo e Fitzgibbon, B lair Jo n es, E d Flolcom b. SE CO N D ROW: Bill Porton,

C laude C am pbell, R o b ert Sm ith, Lee T rexler, Bruce K err, C harles Luders, T o m M oore, Lee M itchell, M artin Allex, L arry Holmes, J o h n Starner.

j? f*.

Toppers’ B id For 2nd Crown Upset There was a sudden end to the Hilltoppers’ basketball season this year when they were upset by St. Pius X in the first game of the State Tournament. The Toppers were going for their second straight Class A crown. They won the title in 1964 with a win over arch-rival St. Michael’s. The Toppers finished the season with 21 wins and seven losses; three of these losses were dealt by St. Michael’s. The Toppers did have many good nights throughout the season, however. Their first good performance of the campaign was when the Espanola Hornets, a team which set three state tournament records, were beaten by the Toppers, 74-53. Coach Burt Buehrer’s team showed their stuff in the first two games of the Farmington Tourna­ ment. They won over Grand Junction Central, 84-38, and over Center, Colo., 106-37. The second St. Mike’s game proved to be the best of the three, but the Horsemen managed to pull ahead in the closing minutes of the see-saw battle to win, 89-81. The Toppers upended the Class AA cham­ pions, Valley, in an overtime, 93-90. The Toppers trailed by as many as nine points at times but came back for a 13 point overtime period and the win. All in all the Hilltoppers turned in a top season. F R O N T ROW: M anagers, C harles Pacheco, Bob V an Gemert. B A C K ROW: E rnie Sm ith, Steve H ill, Ja c k Fellers, Doug Seegm iller. Bill W ykoff, T o m H a w th o rn e , R ick D vorak, Dave

M r. Burt Buehrer, head coach for his first year, successfully led the T oppers to a fine 21-7 season record.

D vorak, P a u l P age, R oger W a te rm a n ; G ray G ilm ore, Eddie M artinez, M ike Benziger, D ennis M cCloskey, Leroy Pacheco.

(Jray G ilm o re, se n io r; 6 ft. 1 in.; T ri- c a p ta in ; .All Dis­ trict ro n r n a m e n t Team .

Paul Page, senior; 6 ft. 3 in.; T ri-c a p ta in ; All S ta te ; .All S tate T o u rn a m e n t T e a m ; .All D istric t T o u r n a m e n t T eam .

K e e p in g th e te a m averages is an im p o rtan t Job as shown by Bob V a n G e m e rt, m a n ­ ager.

R oger W a te rm a n , senior; 6 ft. 3 in.; T ri-c a p ta in ; H o n ­ o ra b le M e n t i o n All S ta te ' T o u r n a m e n t T e a m ; All D istrict T o u rn a m e n t Team .

Score Box Los Alamos Los Alamos *Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos *Los Alamos *Los Alamos *Los Alamos Los Alamos ** Los Alamos

75 74 87 74 55 74 75 93 49 66 57 84

**Los Alamos 106 **Los Alamos 68 **Los Alamos 63 *Los Alamos 88 *Los Alamos 81 Los Alamos 86 Los Alamos 108 *Los Alamos 88 Los Alamos 93 Los Alamos 56 Los Alamos 84 *Los Alamos 91 ***Los Alamos 99 ***Los Alamos 68 ***Los Alamos 49 ****Los Alamos 76

Roswell NM M I Robertson Manzano Portales Espanola Pojoaque Taos St. M ichael’s Raton Sandia Grand Junction Central Center Grand Junction Farmington Taos St. M ichael’s Santa Fe St. Catherine’s Raton Valley AHS Farmington Robertson Taos Raton St. M ichael’s St. Pius X

*District 2A games **Farmington Tournament ***District 2A Tournament ****State Tournament

94 60 31 55 49 53 41 48 65 47 68 38 37 66 68 59 89 75 56 70 90 50 68 65 63 67 52 78





B locking out tw o S a n ta Fe o p p o n e n ts for a possible re­ bound is Paul Page, No. 32, a n d M ike Benziger, No. 14.

Dave D vorak, No. 22, w atches D ennis M cCloskey, No. 10, alm ost steal the ju m p ball from a m uch bigger Las Vegas player. Ja c k Fellers, No. 24, and a crow d of S a n ta Fe players can only w atch Ja c k 's shot d ro p through the nets.

G ray G ilm ore, No. 30, brings dow n th e reb o u n d as Rick Dvorak, No. 34, adds his help as Las \ ’e g a sC a rd in a ls look on.

O u tju m p in g a R a to n player, D ave D vorak, No. 22, is about to snatch an o th e r reb o u n d for a T o p p e r w inning cause. D a v e D v o ra k , s e n io r; 6 ft. 4 in.

J a c k F ellers, ju n io r ; 10 in.

5 ft

Basketball 121

D ennis M cC loskcy , senior; 5 ft. 10 in.

Steve Hill, ju n io r; 5 ft. 9 in.

Paul Page, No. 02, passes to Dave D vorak, No. 22, who is closely guarded by a S an d ia M ata d o r.

Ja c k Fellers shoots for an o th e r two points as the taller S andia M a ta ­ dors try to defend d u rin g a mid-season game.

Steve H ill, No. 5, hits for tw o points d u ring the second district gam e with St. M ik e’s.

T w o St. M ike’s p lay ers look on as P au l Page, No. 32, recovers a rebound for one o f the T oppers m any fast breaks. G ray G ilm ore, No. 30, a n d D ave D vorak, No. 22, a n ticip ate a reb o und against the Horsemen.

R ick D v o ra k , j u n i o r ; 6 ft. 3 in. E ddie M artin ez, senior; 6 ft.

M ike B enzi?er, senior; 5 ft. 10 in. T o m H a w th o rn e , ju n io r; 6 ft. 1 in. M ike Benziger, No. 14, is fouled by a S an ta Fe D em on during the process of shooting for two points. Dennis McCloskey, No. 10, skillfully weaves a pass between two S an ta Fe players in a gam e w hich the T oppers won easily.

Snow Possible Factor In Season The season was marred by an unfortunate situation when a snow storm hit Los Alamos and the surrounding areas the afternoon before the first St. Michael’s game. Los Alamos school officials were under the opinion that since no make-up date could be de­ cided upon between the two schools that St. Michael’s was going to show up for the game the evening of the snow. When the Horsemen didn’t show up and their school officials heard that the game had been de­ clared a forfeit they protested to the New Mexico Activities Association. There were many opinions voiced by the var­ ious downtown newspapers, with some favoring the case presented by Los Alamos and others favoring what St. M ichael’s said. The final de­ cision, however, stated that the forfeit would be upheld, unless Los Alamos wished to play the game anyway on a date decided by Los Alamos officials. Topper officials, not wanting to have a forfeit on their record offered to give St. Mike’s another chance. The Horsemen, of course, ac­ cepted this offer and won the game, 65-49.

A Las V egas p lay er c a n ’t go any farth er as R ick D vorak, No. 34, a n d G ray G ilm ore, No. 30, move in on him.

Eyes are facing the basket as R ick D vorak, No. 34, shoots in a gam e w ith the M an z a n o M onarchs. R oger W ate rm an , No. 31, goes up high for a shot against V'allev in an overtim e gam e w hich the T o p p ers won 9390.



Bill Wykoff, ju n io r; 6 ft. Leroy Pacheco, ju n io r; 5 ft. 9 in.

D o u g S e e g m ille r, ju n io r; 6 ft. E rn ie Smi t h , j uni or ; 5 ft. 8 in.

Preventing a fast break by th e Farm ington Scorpions is R oger W aterm an, No. 31, G ray G ilm ore, No. 30. a n d Dave D vorak, No. 22.


J V Basketball Has 9-6 Season The Los Alamos junior varsity basketball team started the season off with five straight wins but then slowed down and finished with nine wins and six defeats. In games against jayvees of district schools the Toppers had four wins and one loss. This one de­ feat was dealt by ever present season spoiler St. Michael’s. Jack Zastrow was the team ’s leading scorer with a 16.2 point per game average.

M r. J im H ig g in s looks on tensely as th e ju n io r varsity sq u ad battles in a close game.

G reg Page, No. 13, shoots over a V alley Viking,

Score Box Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos

72 67 46 51 66 61 62 42 54 80 80 56 38 60 74

Robertson Manzano Espanola Pojoaque Taos Sandia Taos St. M ichael’s Santa Fe St. Catherine’s Raton Valley AHS Farmington Robertson

40 57 38 30 63 65 47 71 55 58 64 83 41 70 72

R o b ert Jones, No. 20, tries to get the ball b u t is fouled by a Valley Viking in a gam e th a t the ju n io r varsity lost 81-56.

Ja c k Z astro, No. 14, drives against th e M anzano ju n io r varsity as R obert Jones, No. 20, looks on.

FROj\ T ROW: Bill Enloe, R o b ert Jones, K ip R oush, Jackie M a rtin ez , E rnie S m ith , Bob R usso, T e d W a te rm a n , Ja c k Zastro, B A C K ROW: M a n a g e r C hris C arson, B rian Seegmiller,

R onnie R an d o lp h , T om Cook, Bill Wykoff, W endell Williams, Bruce K err, D oug Seegmiller, G reg Page, Bob A nderson, G ary H o rp ed ah l, M itchell Chavez.

F IR S T RUH': Ed H olco m b , G ilb ert P’erra n , K en Liebee, R aleigh M ichele, C hico D iaz, R ick N ichols, T om N etuschil, T o m S attizah n , B ernie W eb er (m an ag er). SE CO N D ROW: M ickey T ru jillo , M ike A ndrew s, E ddy K ain e, J im T hom as, Steve H udson, J o h n LefTler, D a n n y N etuschil, R obin W ood,

J o h n W ertz, Allen M olten. T H IR D ROW: .Mr. T om Brown (coach), D avid L in d b lo m , P au l Argo. Bill P ru ett, J im Foglesong. Art Johnson, T im Burns, Je rry C herry, Lynn Brewer, Bob P’orrest, M r. R ay G ra n d sta ff (coach).

Wrestlers Turn In Fair Season Coach Tom Brown’s wrestling team finished this season with another better than average campaign. The squad won six dual meets and had three third place finishers in the state meet. Jerry Cherry captured third in the 165 lb. class, while Art Johnson gained third for the second year in the 180 lb. class. Jim Folgesong finished third in the HV\T division and was the only wrestler not to be pinned by the eventual champion.

Senior w restler, J im Foglesong, receives co n g ratu latio n s from two district to u rn a m e n t officials after ca p tu rin g first place for the unlim ited w eight class.

M r. Ray G randstaff is assistant coach to M r. T om Brown, head coach.

Score Box Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos


W re s tlin g

33 3 39 15 25 24 43 23 24 16 21 50

Espanola Manzano Robertson Albuquerque Santa Fe Santa Fe Del Norte Valley Espanola Sandia Tucumcari McCurdy

21 47 9 37 26 20 3 29 20 27 27 5

Jim Foglesong, senior; H W T ; T h ird Place State

L y n n B rew er, ju n io r; 154 1b.

T im B u rn s, ju n io r; 145 1b.

Steve H odson, ju n io r; 138 1b.

A rt Johnson, senior; 180 lb.; T h ird Place State

Je rry C herry, senior; 165 lb.; T h ird Place State

R ick N ich o ls, ju n io r; 103 lb. C h ic o D ia z , so p h o ­ m ore; 95 lb.

Bill P ru e tt, HWT

sen io r;

M ike A ndrew s, senior; 154 lb. R obin W ood, senior; 133 lb. J o h n L effler, ju n io r ; 120 lb.

D an n y N etuschil, senior; 112 lb. R aleigh M ichele, senior; 112 lb.

\\'rc sllin g


Topper Swimmers Third In Stat Coach Bill Hudson’s swiinniing Icani had another fine season this year, cai^tnring third place in the state meet. Highland was first and Sandia second. Highland scored flH points, and Sandia 5fi. The 'hoppers had 55. John Jordan ended his high school career by gaining his fifth and sixth state championships at the state meet. W 'henjohn was a sophomore and junior he set the 200 and 400 yard free style marks and re-

PROMT ROW: Steve S u lliv an , J o h n B arnes, T o n y C herry, C harles C allen, Paul Stevenson, M ike H atch, Bill Hudson. SECOMD ROW: C hu ck R am sey, M ike O sborn, M ark Cherry, Steve C raven, Bill A ldrich, M ark L eachm an, G reg Bayhurst,

Oorter set these again tfiis year. He finisf' distance in 1:53.2 and the longer i ; -■rs was A highlight of the season for i • inyersity, when they routed New Mexico Si -: 80-15. competifhe Toppers had some more ■'' Academy tion when they met the Air J':freshmen in Colorado Springs. The; col ege team is too much for the Toppers a:: Los Alamos ost was by a fairly close margin, 55-40.

C h ip L ilien th al, Bob M o rrison, H u g h Felt. T H IR D ROW: C oach Bill H ud so n , P eter T u ck , P at Je n n in g s, M ike C raven, Bob Z im m e rm a n , J o h n J o r d a n , J e r ry K lein, G reg Belsheim, C huck M cC len ah an .

Coach Bill H udson outlines strategy to Je rry Klein duing a sw im m ing m eet.

J o h n J o rd a n is th e only d o u b le w'inner in the 1965 S tate T o u rn a ­ m ent, w inning the 200 yard freestyle and 400 yard freestyle in record times, 1:5,32 an d 4:12.6 respectively. This is the third year in a row Jo h n has taken both of these honors.

shorter .



hvetsir '^ontper.




C huck R am sey, ju n io r.

C huck M cC le n a h a n . senior.

M ark C h erry , Junior.

Steve C raven, sophomore.

Athlete O f Tear Bob M orrison, senior H ugh Felt, senior.

At the first annual All Sports Banquet spon­ sored by local organiza­ tions, the New Mexican awarded the first annual Topper A thlete of the Year Award to John Jordan. John received this award because dur­ ing his high school years he has received over a hundred medals and trophies. John was also undefeated for three years in the 200 and 400 yard freestyle. Je rry K lein, senior. Greg Belsheim, senior.

Bill Aldrich, junior. Mike C raven, senior.


A I'antaslic 14 new records were set this year as tlie 4’opper track team proved itself to be the top cinder men in Class A as they won the State Championship held at UNM Stadium. The final score had it Los Alamos 59'/2, Lovington 47%, and Tucumcari 34. Bob Morrison set a new pole vault record at 13’‘/2” which was previously held by Steve Sydoriak of last year’s team, and Floyd Segura tied the century mark at 10.0 sec. held by Paul Sparks of last year’s team.

Track W ins State; 14 Records Broken

Track Records EV'ENT 100 yard 220 yard dash 440 yard dash Mile Run 120 Highs 180 Lows High Ju m p Broad Ju m p Pole \'a u lt Discus 440 yard relay 880 yard relay M edley R elay Mile Relay

WHO Floyd Segura Floyd Segura Jo e LaBauve Ron R andolph Tom Tesche Tom Tesche Paul Page Glen Breisch Bob M orrison Buzz Emigh Leroy Pacheco, T om Tesche, Jim Thom as, Floyd Segura Leroy Pacheco, Tom Tesche, Jim Thom as, Floyd Segura Leroy Pacheco, Jo h n W ertz, Jo e LaBauve, Jo e M ariner Mike Benziger, Lynn Brewer, Jo e LaBauve, Leroy Pacheco

T IM E O R M A R K 9.9 21.5 52.2 4:59.2 15.9 19.6 6’2y4” 21’9 ” 13’‘/2” 141’ ll'/4 ” 43.8 1:31.7 3:46.5 3:34.6

Bob M o rrison, w ho set a new Class A pole vault record, clears the b ar in a dual meet.


C oaches T o m m y H ightow er an d Bob Cox e x p e rtly co ach ed th e T o p p e r track team to th e C lass A te a m ch am p io n ship.


F R O N T ROW: R oger W aterm an, Bob M orrison, G ray Gilmore, Paul Page, T om Tesche, M ike Benziger, Buzz Emigh. SECOND ROW: Joe LaBauve, Jo h n W ertz, Jack Fellers, Bill Aldrich, Jim Lory, Jim Thom as, Lynn Brewer, Leroy Pacheco, Jo e M ariner, Paul Strom , Steve Hodson, Dave Lindblom , W ayne Ciddio, M anager. T H IR D ROW: Coach R obert Cox, J o h n Starner,

R ick O rndoff, C hris C arson, Phil D u n n ig an , J im Johnston, R onnie R a n d o lp h , G reg Page, G ilbert F erran , J im Y oung, Bill S ch ra n d t, C h arles L uders, B ruce K err, G len Breisch, C harles Rowley, T o n y Schofield, T o m Cook, Bob Forrest, T e d W ater­ m an, T ed E m igh, Bob D ay, Coach T om H ightow er.

F oyd S e g u ra is way a h e a d of his co m ­ p etito rs in th e 100 yd. dash at State.

M ike Benziger strains for an extra burst of energy as he finishes his q u arter-m ile leg of the mile relay.

T o m T e sc h e is al­ re a d y a h e a d of his o p ponent in th e high hurdles.

Buzz E m igh gives a gru n t as he heaves the discus.

Jo e M arin er breaks the tape in the medley relay.

G le n B reisch sails th r o u g h th e a ir as he attem p ts to better his re c o rd of 21’9” .

Leroy P acheco enters th e last 110 yards of the mile relay and he m aintains a lead for the Los Alamos team.

P a u l P a g e goes up high as he clears the b a r a t 6 ’.

R o n n ie R a n d o lp h gives it e v e ry th in g he h as as he b reak s th e previously oldest m ile re c o rd in the school’s history.

J im T hom as, g rittin g his teeth, prepares to h a n d off the baton to the th ird m a n in the 440 relay.

Baseball W ins


S tev e W illia m s , a fre sh m a n at P ueblo J u n i o r H ig h Sch(xrl this y e a r, p ro u d ly holds one of the balls he used d u rin g his n o -h it sta te charnpi ons hl p game against the P anthers of A n th o n y -G a d s den, w hich o f course th e T o p p e rs won, 2- 0 .

Rick D vorak finishes his second full y ear as first string catc h er this season a n d still has a n o th e r y ear to show off his talents at the receiving position.

F R O N T ROW: ] \ m Griffin, Steve W illiam s, M a rk Sum m ers, Steve Hill, R od Geer, Blair Jones, Ernie Sm ith, Ja c k Zastrow, Brian Seegmiller. SECOND ROW: Eddie A rchuleta, R obert

Jo n es, D oug S eegm iller, T o m H a w th o rn e , R ick D vorak, Bill P ru e tt, W en d y W illiam s, R o n n ie K eil, M ike Busse, Mike W aldschm idt.

Coaches J a y Barry an d Jim Higgins.

A ll-state first basem an. Bill P ru ett of the T oppers, stretches for a throw durin g infield practice.

r -


â– %


State A Title

T w o of th e to p Los A lam os batters this year are Doug Seegm iller a n d Bill P ru e tt. D oug leads the team in fewest strike outs, and Bill has the team ’s highest b atting average. itnii?


Team Compiles Record Season

If there is any such honor as “ M ost V aluable Player,” Tom H aw th o rn e w ould be the most likely choice. T om has an 11-0 pitching record; he leads the team in hits, rbi’s, a n d runs; and he is tied for the lead in th e h om erun d e p a rtm e n t w ith three. T om also led the team last year in this same category.

Score Box Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos Los Alamos ’"Los Alamos Los Alamos ’'L os Alamos Los Alamos *Los Alamos Los A lamos Los Alamos *Los Alamos Los Alamos ■"Los A lam os *Los A lamos Los A lamos Los A lamos *Los Alamos *Los Alamos

4 11 3 3 4 7 6 11 5 11 11 2 11 11 9 3 7 13 2

A lam osa A lam osa V alley V alley Taos E spanola R obertson R obertson Taos Taos A ntonito R obertson R obertson R aton R aton Belen Belen Los Lunas AnthonyG adsden

1 6 2 11 6 6 2 10 1 11 0 1 10 7 5 2 6 1 0

The Hilltopper baseball team, composed mostly of juniors and sophomores, gave Los Alamos High School its best squad in the history of the school. The Toppers won their first state champion­ ship by defeating the favored Panthers of Anthony-Gadsden High 2-0. Altogether the Big Green completed the cam­ paign with a record of 17 wins and 2 losses. Los Alamos also placed six boys on the All-State team. Tom Hawthorne and Steve Williams were two of the three pitchers named. Bill Pruett was chosen as the first baseman, Robert Jones as the hot corner man, and Steve Hill and Mark Sum­ mers were honored for their play in the outfield. The Toppers also had a win over the Class AA title holders. Valley of Albuquerque. Ernie S m ith, short stop, flips the ball to second basem an. Jack Zastrow, as the com bination tries for one ofits m any successful double plays.


*D istrict 2A Games ‘ State T ournam en t


Tennis Duo Win Title Climaxing three years as doubles partners, Bruce Panowski and Buzzy Cheadle, team co-captains, captured the state cham­ pionship doubles trophy in the A division as well as the District 2A championship to lead the Hilltopper tennis squad of Coach Rodney Young to its best season. A dual meet record of six wins and eight losses was one of the best seasons and best percentages for the Topper net men follow­ ing a one win and seven loss record in the preceding year. Scoring 1 point for a singles win and V2 point for a doubles win, Bruce was high point for the year with 17 points followed by Tom Carson with 12. Buzzy, who missed the early part of the season because of illness, was third with 1 0 '/2 .

Buzzy C headle an d Bruce Panowski display the two tro p h ie s th a t th e y w on in D istrict and S tate m eets. B uzzy a n d B ruce end ed th e sea­ son w ith a 15-2 doubles record.


Bruce Panowski, senior; co-captain.

Buzzy C headle, senior; co-captain.

Los Alamos 3 Los Alamos 3 Los Alamos 5 Los Alamos 7 Los Alamos 7 Los Alamos 1 Los Alamos 5 Los Alamos 6 Los Alamos 2 Los Alamos 3 Los Alamos 12 Los Alamos 3 Los Alamos 2 Los Alamos 3

S a n ta Fe Las Vegas V alley D el N orte A lb u q u e rq u e 2 F arm ington 6 Del N o rte 4 V alley 1 S a n ta Fe 5 L as V egas 6 R aton 0 D u ran g o 6 F arm in g to n 8 A lb u q u erq u e 4 A cadem y

F R O N T ROW: Lee Caswell, R onnie H arp er, D ave Shaykin, M ike W eldon, Bruce Partridge, Roger T u rn e r, Dick L ilienthal. SECOND ROW: Bob Bivins, Bob H engstenberg, D an Susco, Jo e Daly, J o h n Agnew, Bruce Panowski, Tom Carson, Buzzy Cheadle. C oach R odney Young



Golf Team Wins District 2A Title

F R O j \ T ROIV: R oy C hrist­ en sen , D o u g C r a m e r , Bob Russo, L a rry Segar. SEC­ OND R O W : Steve M cC a rt­ ney, D e n n is M cC loskey, T om Boyle, Bill VVykoff, Bruce Staake.

Measles Prevents State B id

Golf Results

Ending one of their best seasons, the LAHS Golf team shot their way to a District 2A cham­ pionship. As the team entered state competition, several members were felled by measles and were unable to play. The divoters managed to secure fifth place despite the measles. Bruce Staake and Dennis McCloskey led the A division pack at the end of the first day’s round but failed to place at the tourney’s end. Bill Wykoff shot a hole-in-one during the first day’s practice round but was unable to continue with his luck during the remainder of the state meet partially because of an attack of the measles.

Socorro Invitational.......... 5th out of 10 Albuquerque Relays.......... 9th out of 15 Santa Fe-Los Alamos............ 1st out of 2 Capital City Relays............ 7th out of 12 Santa Fe, Tucumcari, Sandia, Los Alamos “B” . . . . 1st out of 5 Paradise Hills Invitational. 7th out of 12 Santa Fe-Los Alamos............ 1st out of 2 Las Vegas, Santa F e,............ 1st out of 3 District.................................... 1st out of 3 State........................................ 5th out of 8

S en io r D en n is M cC loskey m aintains good form as he hits a drive.

Senior Bruce S taake practices his p u t­ ting before playing nine holes.

C oach B urt B uehrer



P -W ing Is N ew One of the new courses offered this year was Electricity, which was held in the new practical arts wing. The first semester of this two-semester class dealt with the study of circuits and funda足 mentals of the subject. Second semester students concentrated mainly on the vacuum tube and its use in circuits. Metal Shop I and II were offered again this year. Metal I concerned itself with foundry and study of welding. Metal II was a continuation of Metal I and also included the heliarc and arc welding in the course. Another addition to the curriculum was Auto Mechanics. The class afforded students the op足 portunity to learn the fundamentals of automo足 bile repair. Students generally worked on their own cars and used school supplied machinery in the well equipped garage attached to the practi足 cal arts building.

Top Students Noted Valedictorian, Salutatorian Address Class

The honors of Valedictorian and Salutatorian are the highest honors to be attained by graduating seniors. The requirements are that these students place first and sec­ ond in their class standings according to grade points. The Valedictorian for the Class of 1965 was Linda Barnes. Linda achieved extremely high marks during high school and with this, won the respect of the faculty and her fellow students. The honor of Salutatorian went to Donna Schutz. Donna was active in National Honor Society, being vice-president in her senior year. She also participated in varied class activities as well as language and science work.

/ L in d a B arnes Valediclnrian

D onna Schutz Salutatorian

Giving the farewell for the Class of 1965, Linda Barnes, V aledictorian, conveys the feeling of her class to the school before the final act or re­ ceiving the diplom as.

T he big night is finally here for some 301 seniors an d D onna Schutz, S alu ta to ria n , welcomes th e seniors, paren ts, a n d guests to th e final high school cerem ony for her class the night of J u n e 2, 1965.

I iiiB HI ■

M r. A nd M iss L A H S K it D aly

Special A w ard Goes To K it A nd Andy Of all the honors featured in the yearbook, only the one of Mr. and Miss LAHS is exclusively chosen by the faculty. This award goes to a boy and girl that the fac­ ulty would most like to have represent the high school. Kit Daly and Andy McQueen were chosen as this year’s Mr. and Miss LAHS. Kit has been active in Pep Club, GAA, the French club. Topper Revue, and Student Council. She attended Highlands Day three times and was a Girls’ State Alternate and a member of the Home­ coming Gourt. Andy has been active in the Student Gouncil, serving as vice-president as a junior and presi­ dent as a senior. He has been a class officer and partici­ pated in track, wrestling, and swimming in his freshman and sophomore years. Also nominated for the honor were Myrna Pederson, Leta Combs, Mike Benziger, and Mark Summers.

A ndy M c Q u een

W ith the enlarged cafeteria, the Senior B anquet for some 300 students is again possible, fe a tu rin g a p p ro p ria te dishes for a T h ro u g h th e L ooking Glass T ea Party.

Banquet A n d Prom

H ugh Felt is readied for the M ad H a tte r’s T ea P arty with a special h a t from Dr. R ichard, who added special life to the T ea P arty theme of the Senior B anquet.

Lewis Carroll’s “Through The Looking Glass” came to life in this year’s Junior-Senior Prom. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was the theme of the senior banquet, and the speakers took the name of Carroll’s characters. Pat Trujillo’s mural, showing many of the characters of Alice’s fantasy land, set the mood for the Prom as did the huge mushroom centerpiece. Highlighting the dance was the crowning of Stevie Bruington and Jim Foglesong as queen and king. Chosen as princess and prince were Sue Partridge and Dave Chezem.

Ju n io r girls efficiently serve the B anquet guests a dessert of Alice’s Fantasy, following the m ain course of Filet of M ignon. W ith a b ack d ro p of a giant teacup, the Playm ates provide vocal e n tertain m en t at the Banquet.


Patience pays off as the tasty meal finally comes to one o f the later served tables.

H appily read ju stin g her crown. S ue P a rtrid g e is a n n o u n c e d P ro m P rin cess for 1965 by C h u c k R a m se y . P ro m c h a ir­ m an a n d emcee for the event.

Jim Foglesong

Stevie Bruington

Successful Prom Royalty Recognized

R eceiving th e crow n as K ing of the 1965 Ju n io r-S en io r Prom is J im Foglesong. C huck Ram sey makes the presentation.

Banquet and Prom


T ruly one of th e highlights of the Prom was the huge m ural depicting the T hrough the Looking Glass them e of Alice in W onderland. Pat Trujillo, a m em ber of the Senior Class, lent his talents in creating the drawing.

Even as A lice step p ed th ro u g h the Look­ in g Glass, sen io rs ste p p e d th ro u g h the doorw ay to p ro m a n d the fantasy land of Carroll.

M ushroom s as big as tables were certainly a p a rt of th e Looking Glass world and here m em bers of the Ju n io r Class ad d final touches to the giant m ushroom , the centerpiece of th e dance, w hich was topped by a large caterpillar.

Fantasy Land Comes To Life The land of Alice came to life through the decorations of the Junior Class for the 1965 Junior-Senior Prom with the special high­ light of a giant mural featuring the characters of the Looking Glass Land. Drawn by Senior Pat Trujillo, the mural truly brought the Prom guests to a fantasy land. A hidden water well, a giant mushroom, and a solid draped ceiling were noteworthy parts of the decorations. Lindy and the La Veils of Albuquerque was the featured musical group.


A caterpillar sits in safety on top of the m ushroom as students dance a Spanish polka, finding it difficult in formals.

Set off by th e P rom decorations, students seem to enjoy one o f th e occasional slow num bers played by L indy an d the L a Veils.

)iTheme Is Through The Looking Glass

Interm issio n provides a chance to rest a n d co n v erse for m any P rom atten d ers.

S tead ily busy serving, ju n io r girls a tte n d e d th e re­ freshm ent table.

T h ro u g h th e Looking Glass them e at Prom was vividly portrayed by the m u ral d raw n an d painted by P at Trujillo.

Boys’ A n d Girls’ State Noted

“Meeting new people was the best part of Boys’ State,” commented Paul Page and Mike Benziger, two of the delegates, when asked about the convention. Taking place at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell June 7-14, the convention was held to teach the boys basic government procedure. The delegates set up a gov­ ernment of their own similar to that of the state of which elections and political rallies were a part. The delegates were Roger Waterman, Paul Page, Chuck Calvin, Mike Benziger, Hugh Felt, Mark Summers, Robert Penland, and Carl Flock. Similar in design to Boys’ State was Girls’ State which took place one week later in Albuquerque at the Univer­ sity. When the girls arrived they were divided into six cities which later participated in elections. State elections were then held. A trip to the Santa Fe Legislature was one of the highlights of the week. The delegates were Barbara Nachlinger, Judie Ford, Donna Schutz, Sue Tucker, Peggy Everett, and Christine Davis.

0 ^ Jan b

Christine Ju d ie B arbara Peggy D onna Sue


N M M I w as th e site of last y e a r’s Boy’s State.

Mike Charles H ugh Carl Paul Bob M ark Roger


Boys’ and Girls’ State

Mai Ben: ieni(



Pep Club Names N ew Sweetheart Highlighting the annual Pep Club dance was the crowning of the Sweetheart, Denny McCloskey, by the club’s president, Jane Hilton. Each year the Pep Club selects one senior letterman who has been an asset in sports and to the school. Candidates for this honor were Mike Benziger, Dave Dvorak, Buzz Emigh, and Roger Waterman. Denny has been especially active in basketball and golf all four years of high school.

D a



D ennis M cCloskey, P ep C lu b Sw eetheart, proudly shows the crow n he w as p resen ted at th e dance. J a n e H ilto n , P e p C lu b P re s id e n t, bestow s th e tr a d itio n a l kiss o n this y ear’s P ep C lu b S w eetheart.

M ak in g th e v arsity te a m tw o years, D en n is w as fo u rth in sco rin g in his senior year.

D ennis has been on the golf team all four years in high school.

Pep C lub Sw eetheart


L in d a W ittc m a n (far leftj, Sally T a y lo r, P a tty M u r p h y , K aren T h o m a s, a n d K a rla S tein p crio rrn the ro u tin e ol th e C ym bells, a m od­ ern dance group.

Joe M ariner (in the dress), and M ark R ayburn (in the high chair) do a variety act called “ Q uacker O ats,”

T W 3 Is Theme

M r. Ross R am sey, adviser a n d faculty supervisor for T opper Revue, directs the crew from the micro­ phone while L u a n n e S ch latterer, mistress of cere­ monies, looks on from the side.

“That Was the Year That Was” was the theme for this year’s Topper Revue. Again spon­ sored by the Student Council, Topper Revue was a big success with acts ranging from concert piano solos to modern dances featuring the “swim” and the “surfer.” The class skits which were the main highlights of the show were “Election Day at Topolabambo” by the seniors, “Mods and Rockers” by the jun­ iors, and “Fads and Fancies” by the sophomores. This year’s Topper Revue was fortunate to have “The Boys’ Shy Ballet,” a lovely ballet pre­ sented by several of the senior boys. M ary K ay T hom as plays “ T e n d e rly ” as a piano solo as one of the non-com edy num bers of the show.

H e n r y L o n g m ire , ju n io r portrays Ringo S ta rr of th e B eatles in th e J u n i o r Class skit.

R onnie M ason, L arry H olm berg, R ay Shopp, Bob W hit­ m ore, an d D ave C h a n e y sound out a tu n e as a G erm an Band.

For Topper Revue Dressed in light pink tutus, the boys proved to be an asset to the entire shovy. Three performances vyere given this year be­ ginning with a Friday evening show, a Saturday matinee, and a hnal Saturday evening perform­ ance. Introducing the acts and adding warmth and continuity to Topper Revue were Luanne Schlatterer and Tommy O ’Conner, mistress and master of ceremonies. Only through many long hours of rehearsal and the much needed instructions of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ramsey were the students able to pre­ sent such a successful show again this year. J a n e t H arro w a n d D eb b ie D ay d o uble w ith the G alaxies for this musical act d u rin g this y ear’s T o p p er Revue.

Several m em bers o f th e S enior Class p a rtic ip a te in a c a n d id a te ’s fiesta in the Senior Class skit.

_ _



R iding in the p arad e, the 1965 H om ecom ing Q ueen C ath y Lewis is sur­ rou n d ed by a tte n d a n ts Liz Pierce, N orlene Phillips, E lean o r H all, and Kit Daly as the festivities begin.

Jack ie Fellers, representative of the L etterm en’s C lu b , p resen ts C a th y Lew is, H om eco m in g Q ueen, with a b o uquet of roses during the half­ tim e cerem onies at the H om ecom ing game.

T he H om ecom ing dance took on a w estern air m connection with the them e ol "T o p p e r R o u n d u p ” and was decorated w ith a chile tree, tu m ­ bleweeds, and saddles to com plete the roundup idea.

T h e H o m eco m in g C ourt, a lo n g w ith th e ir escorts fro m th e L e tt e r m e n ’s C lu b , pose on th e field after h alftim e H o m eco m ­ ing cerem onies. T h e y are K it D aly , D e n n is McC lo sk ey , E le a n o r H all, D a v e D v o r a k , C a th y Lewis, Jack ie Fellers, N or­ len e P h illip s, P a u l Page, L iz P ie rc e , a n d M ike Benziger.

K it D aly

Theme Is Western Celebration Covers Three Days Because of the many interfering activities and gen­ eral pandemonium, Homecoming was held over a three day span this year. Beginning with the tradi­ tional bonfire on Wednesday night and carrying over through the parade and game against New Mexico Institute on Friday, the festivities were climaxed with the dance on Saturday night. The theme for the activities sponsored by the Stu­ dent Council, was “Topper RoundU p.” As usual, each class and various group organizations partici­ pated in the parade with the Junior Class float win­ ning first prize. Cathy Lewis reigned as queen for this occasion with Kit Daly, Liz Pierce, Elea­ nor Hall, and Norlene Phil­ lips as attendants.

C athy Lewis

C row ning the H om ecom ing Q ueen C athy Lewis is done by one of the football captains, M ark Summ ers.

N orlene Phillips

E leanor H all

M ost Attractive One award given by the seniors to two members ol their class, is that of Most Attractive. This honor is awarded on the basis of a neat and attractive ap­ pearance and a friendly personality. Janice Barrington and Bob Morrison were out­ standing members of the student body. Janice was a varsity cheerleader as a sophomore and junior and served as Pep Club treasurer as a senior. Bob partici­ pated in football, basketball, swimming, and track, of which he was captain. He was secretary of Lettermen’s Club in his junior year and president of that organization as a senior.

Bob M orrison

Jan ice B arrington

J a n ic e B arrin g to n a n d Bob M orrison c a p tu re d the titles of M ost A ttractive senior girl an d boy, as voted on by the Class of 1965.


M ost Outstanding Most Outstanding this year were Judie Ford and Andy McQueen. This honor is awarded to the senior boy and girl who have excelled in leadership, participation in extracurric­ ular activities, and academic achievement. During her junior year Judie was secretary of Student Council, class favorite, and active in many clubs. She was also a Girl’s Nation Alternate, and state representative three years in a row. Andy was Student Council vice-presi­ dent during his junior year and was president in his senior year. When he was a sophomore, he served as class treasurer and participated in swimming, wrestling, and track.

As P re sid e n t of th e F u tu re T eachers of A m erica, Ju d ie speaks at a clu b m eeting.

As President, A ndy presides over one o f th e m a n y S tu ­ dent Council meetings.

Ju d ie , a m em b er of th e Ski C lub for four years, is shown here racing in a giant slalom at S a n ta Fe.

J u d ie F ord a n d A n d y M c­ Q u e e n w ere ch o sen as the o u ts ta n d in g se n io rs o f the class of ’65.

.•\ndy in tro d uces a speaker at a F oreign S tu d e n t as­ sem bly.

Hap Cooley Is Personality Choice


Jerry C'ooley was voted Best Personality by the Senior Class. “Hap” has participated in football and track and is active in several clubs. He is program chairman of Key Club this year. His sense of humor and smile have made Hap’s presence an asset to the school and student body.

» f < crr»

1 \lI


h/ 1

:C H ap Cooley

Choices For Best Personality Noted

H a p ’s try in g to direct Stevie in an a tte m p t to sing pro v es to be an a m u sin g situ atio n .

Stevie Bruington

Stevie Bruington’s Personality Tops This year the girl selected as Best Personality was Stephanie Bruington. Stevie is vice-president of Pep Club and Future Nurses Club. She has been active in various organizations throughout her four years at Los Alamos High School. This honor is awarded a senior girl and boy on the basis of a pleasing appearance, friendliness, and a willingness to help. Both recipients are examples of these qualities. 152 Best Personality

M ost Talented Have Special Skills Music Plays Special Part

T om m y O ’C o n n o r

D ue to Peggy’s daily practice and ability, she was All-State O rch estra C oncert M istress d u rin g her senior year. T om m y's m usical abilities w ere show n in being a fe a tu re d oboe soloist with the O rchestra.

Most Talented this year were seniors Peggy Everett and Tommy O’Connor. This is an award given by the students to the two seniors most talented in music or any other field. Peggy has been first chair violinist in Or­ chestra since she was a freshman and has gone to All State all four years of high school. During her senior year she was concert mis­ tress, or first in state. She has also been active in such organizations as Student Council and Honor Society. Tommy is especially noted for his ability to play the oboe and ranked first in state during his junior year. He was also in All State Orchestra for two years. When he was a junior Tom m y was awarded best supporting actor in Olions for his role in “Teahouse of the August Moon.” Tommy was also president of the Olions as a senior. T hrough their ex traordinary talents Peggy and T om m y earned the honor of M ost T a le n te d for 1965.

Most T alented


Facilities Added /■

\ \/



' ’


Art students had more storage and working room this year due to the addition of the Prac­ tical Arts wing. Interested students attended an impressionistic art exhibit in Albuquerque and the University of New Mexico opened competi­ tion to allow Los Alamos students to compete in recruiting poster contests. Advanced students worked in the commercial art line. Stationery, calling cards, note paper, and mail­ ing labels were only a few print jobs open to Graphic Arts students. In addition to these op­ tional projects, students were required to work on a booklet dealing with some facet of the art and shop department. This will be printed and used in enrollment in future years. Wood Shop was contained in the new build­ ing. Wood Shop I was concerned with foundry and metal spin patterns while Wood Shop II concentrated on carpentry. Students were re­ quired to build scale model houses. Later a cross section of a full-scale house was constructed by the class.


F R O N T ROW: T eresa M ojica, K aren Thom as, Peggy Bard, T erry N aV eaux, B a rb a ra M a n n . M a rth a Swickard. SECOND ROW: Becky H y att, M ary R uininer, Susan Blatz, Sue P ar­

tridge, N ancy R om ero, Sue M oileur, L in d a Porter, Jo d y Ben­ son.

Bellas Artes Promotes Tule Spirit

Officers of th e A rt C lu b a re T erry N aV eaux, president; Becky H yatt, secretary; M r. R obert Visel, sponsor; Peggy Bard, vicepresident; and L ind a Porter, treasurer.

Art C lub m em bers brig h ten up th e lobby w ith ty p ic a l C h rist­ m as m u rals d e p ic tin g th e N a ­ tivity scene. T h ese m u ra ls are alw ays w elcom ed by students, a n d th e w ork of m em b ers of C lu b de las Bellas A rtes is a p ­ p re c ia te d as a r e m in d e r th a t the C hristm as holiday is nearly there.

156 Art Club

Christmas season would hardly be complete without the eye-catching Yuletide scenes put on the lobby windows every year by the Art Club members. These drawings seemed to typify the feelings of the students for the major holiday. Early in the year Art Club members accom­ panied students in the regular art classes on a trip to Albuquerque to visit the University of New Mexico gallery. A later trip was planned for the club to visit some of the Taos galleries. As always, Art Club members were available to assist groups with posters or other projects re­ quiring the special talents of art training. Club members adopted a new name this year pertinent to the Southwest culture, Club de las Bellas Artes.

F R O N T ROW: C a th y O ’R ourke, Vicki M organ, B arb ara Cox, S haron S nyder, M a ry A nne D ugan, M argy K oontz, M ary K ay T hom as, C arol F u rch n er, Nancy C ow an, C harlene D oug­ lass, K aren T hom as, L in d a Barnes, Lee C ham bers, Lavelle C alv ert. G lo ria Diaz, M a r th a E nnis. SE C O N D ROW : K athy Francis, M a rth a P en la n d , V irginia C alven, Bob W hitm ore, Jo h n L azarus, D ana R a b id e a u , Sathish Shenoy, M ike Means, B rian F ishbine, T e rry N a V e a u x , G eorgia W ilder, M arth a

Swickard, P at A nderson, S andy B eaum ont, T H IR D ROW: M a n u e l Diaz, K it D aly, C hris Davis, T e rry Sm ith, M ichele K ravitz, R u th Fow ler, J a n e t Edeskuty, Ju d ie Ford, K athy Syd oriak, K risti S u m m ers, B onnie M ills, D o n n a Schutz, Ricky M endus. F O U R T H ROW: ] o c Daly, Jim Rogers, M ark Sum ­ m ers, M ike B enziger, C a rl Flock, E arl P erry, C harles Schelberg, Jo h n A gnew, A ndy M cQ u een , D avid Stoms, C harles Cowan, Jo h n Starner.

Honor Society Adds 37 Members

D o n n a S ch u tz aw ards G lo ria D iaz w ith a N H S m em bership card as M r. M ead ers calls th e next new m em ber forward.

Andy M cQ ueen sells can d y to M ike D ugan after school to raise m oney for th e N atio n a l H o n o r Society scholarship fund.

Attended by 130 people, the annual National Honor Society banquet, held March 18, was a great success. Thirty-seven new members, a record high, were initiated during the banquet which was held on St. Patrick’s Day. This year the club took on the project of raising money for a scholarship to be given to a deserving senior at the end of the year. Selling candy in the lobby after school was the main source of income for this project. They also sold paperback books and held occasional bake sales during lunch in the cafeteria. Only students who meet the requirements of good grades, active leadership, and participation in extra-curricular activities are considered for membership in the organization. N ational H onor Society officers are M ary K ay T hom as, secre­ tary -treasu rer; C hristine Davis, president; and D onna Schutz, vice-president. Sponsors are M r. L eland Schacterle, M r. Jam es M eaders, a n d M rs, J e a n Hill.


F R O N T ROW: N an cy Cole, L a u ra H olt, M ary A nne D ugan, J a n D eGeer, K atie A nderson, Sherri Stephens, Jo a n M cH ale. SECO ND ROU': Ju d ie Ford, R ich ard R obyn, Barry M c­ C racken, R onny G eoffrion, Sathish Shenoy, Ciary Brown, Bob

W hitm ore. T H I R D ROW: C hris M oore, J im R ib e. Jo h n M attys, Fete H u m p h re y , K en M ills, Bob V an G em ert, ic M endius.

Hilltalkers Host Speech Tourney

H illtalk er officers this y ear are, front row, M ary A nne D ugan, S ecretary; Jim R ibe, p resid en t; Sherri Stevens, vice-president (replacing M ike Daly). Back row, Chris M oore, parliam entarian and public relations; Bob V an G em ert, treasu rer; a n d M r. Paul Black, sponsor.

The New Mexico North Speech Tournament hosted by Los Alamos clim axed more than a dozen tournaments the Hilltalkers competed in. Los Alamos was the top school winning 14 out of 19 positions to be taken to the state tourna­ ment. The success of the speech club was due to the weekly meetings where members practiced de­ bating with an average of 15 members attending every meeting. Another contributing factor was the responsibility assumed by each member in following the Hilltalker Oath. The club also sponsored an assembly of a heckling debate between the top teams. Mike Daly, a Hilltalker and NFL member, was afforded the chance to see exciting debate in action. On Decmber 26 he left Los Alamos to be­ come a Senate page in Washington, D.C.

M ary A nne D ugan checks the deb ate c h a rt on w hich d ebaters keep track of their points earn ed from wins an d losses.

Some energetic d eb ate rs display th e gaiety of one of the m em ­ orable out-of-tow n trips ta k e n th ro u g h o u t the year.

158 Hilltalkers

O IK .

■ Jo k

H a v in g e a r n e d th e re­ q u ir e d 25 p o in ts th ro u g h interscholastic com petition to becom e m em b ers of the N a tio n a l Forsenic L eague are, front row: J im R ibe, K atie A nderson, J o a n McH a le , S h e rri S tep h e n s, M ary .Anne D u g an . Second row: Bob W h itm o re , Chris M oore, K en M ills, R onny G e o ffrio n . B a r r y M c­ C ra c k e n . N o t sh o w n is B ob V a n G e m e r t. W ith c o n tin u e d in te rs c h o la s tic c o m p e titio n , m o re H illtalk ers a re e x p e c te d to be accep ted in to th e n atio n al o rg a n iz a tio n .


lamen! than a

:ouniato the eddc-

adiiia o rra berii



J im R ibe an d R ichard R o b y n p rep are for a debate in the district to u rn a ­ m ent by taking notes an d checking th eir inform ation.

H illtalker Oath I promise in the name of my own con­ science and as a responsible representa­ tive of Los Alamos High School that I will never speak m public unless I have substance worth saying and unless I put it into a coherent form that caa be easily understood. I further promise that when I appear before an audience I shall think of its welfare and not of my own pride, and shall present m y ideas with such sincerity, earnestpess, and consideration for the audience, that none can fail to hear or comprehend..

W ith H illtalk ers fd lin g th e front row, M r. Black welcomes the out-of-tow ners a n d explains the to urn­ a m e n t’s sc h e d u le . J im a n d R ic h a rd , ju b ila n t over receiving th e to p a w a rd in ex p e rie n c e d d e b a te , are co n g ratu late d by Dr. C. W . R ichard.

Chris M oore presents “T h e Blue D og” in the tournam ent s individual event of oral in terp re tatio n .

Sum m ers, C h arlie T rask , M iller, H a p C ooley; Jo e Daly, M ike T ru jillo , B arry .M cC racken. Jim D om inic, F O U R EU ROW: Mr. Riley, K iw anis advisor, T im B urns, J im Bridge, J o h n K einm e, M ark N olan, Je rry T h o m a s, L arry K n a p p . Bill P ruett, T ren t C um m ings, C raig C anfield, G ayland B ryant, Dan Tesche,

l’R O . \ T ROH': Paul M un n o , W ayne Ciddio, M ike Means, Pete Eyster, D avid C hezcrn, l-’ete H u m p h rey , Paul M cG uire, Sathish Shcnoy, Mr. W im berly, M r. H eilm an. SECOND ROW: J im Thomas, Paul Re.xroth, R onnie Geollrion, Jim W im berley, J im Rogers, Bob H engstenbcrg, Dick L ilienthal, Eloyd Segura, M ike O 'K eefe, Bill Porton, Bill M cD onald, G ary Beg. II lIR D ROW: D ave L indb lo m , L arry H olm berg, K en Brocious, M ark

Key Club Still Outstanding Group The Key Club, a service organization for both school and community, was once again one of the most outstanding clubs in the school this past year. In order to further scholastic goals, the Key Club started raising funds for a Key Club schol­ arship. On January 29, they sponsored a dance and at Thanksgiving and Christmas sold fruit cakes. All profits went into the fund. In community service the club painted house numbers on curbs and aided in the fund raising project for the John F. Kennedy Memorial by selling Kennedy Albums at football games. M em bers of K ey C lu b sold booklets o f J o h n F. K en n ed y ’s visit to Los A lamos d u rin g football games to raise m oney for a con­ tribution for the m em orial.

T h e S prints are a big a ttra c tio n this y ear at the d an ce spon­ sored by the K ey C lu b to raise m oney for projects.

Officers for Key C lu b this y ear are J im Rogers, treasu rer; Pete H u m p h re y , p re sid e n t; D ave C hezem , v ice-p resident; a n d Jesse C headle, secretary. M r. H e ltm a n serves as club sponsor.

Pete H um ph rey presents a $75 check to A ndy M cQ ueen, S tu ­ dent C ouncil p resid en t, as a d o n atio n from the K ey C lu b to the Foreign S tu d en t program for next year.

160 Key Club

Students In A. V. Provide Service


Members of the Audio Visual Club learned how to operate the combination projector this year, an instrument which handles slides as well as film strips. Projectionists who belonged to the club also had practice splicing film and working with the tape recorders. The purpose of the club is to provide the school with students trained in audio-visual tech­ niques. Besides being capable of showing films for classroom use, members are qualified to pre­ pare transparencies from magazine pictures which can supplement the teacher’s materials. C laude C am pbell shows M ike T rujillo one of the m any asp>ects of a high school movie projector.

P re s id e n t o f th e A udio V isual C lub, Nelson M a rt­ inez, tak es a b re a k as he le a n s a g a in s t a fa m ilia r piece of A .V . eq u ip m e n t.

Looking on in ten tiv ely , L a rry H o lm b erg w atches C arlos C hacon load a projector prior to show ing a class film.

M r. Visel d em o n strates to M ike K ilgore a n d C lau d e C a m p b e ll th e m e th o d of “lif tin g ” c o lo r p ic tu re s from m a g a z in e s to use w ith th e o v e rh e a d p ro ­ je cto r. ■Audio V isual C lub


FRO.\'I ROH': Ciail C arson, Stevie U ruington, Pat A nderson, Susan Shopp, K aren Peterson, S haron O 'K eefe, Ellen Braun, Lavclle C alvert. SECO.XD ROW: Pay B ruington, Jack ie Hues, J a n e t M cK ee, Rose Ellen M artinez, Lisa Roybal, Bonny C arl­

son, S andy M ills, W endy G a rd n e r, K iki D onaldson, Pat Reade. I l I I R D ROW: Mrs. J o O akes an d Miss K aye Fizer, sponsors.

FJVC Studies Mentally Retarded Service was again the primary goal of the Future Nurses Club. This year the girls interested themselves in the mentally retarded. In Decem­ ber the members gave a Christmas party for the mentally retarded children of Los Alamos. Later in the year, the club sponsored a school program assembly on mental retardation. During the year, several speakers gave inform­ ative talks to the club on possible medical occu­ pations for girls. One of the most interesting was a talk by Mrs. Emily Hines of the Los Alamos Medical Center on physical therapy. The girls of the club felt they gained much by the services they performed and the information they obtained through the FNC.

Grow m

Mrs. J o Oakes, sponsor of the F u tu re N urses C lub, talks to the retard ed children class at C en tral School as FN C members Vk'atch and learn techniques from the back of the room. Kiki Donaldson, secretary: Gail Carson, treasurer; Stevie Bruington, vice presi­ dent; and Pat A nderson, president, take the oath as club ofTicers.


Future Nurses Club

A ccepting th e duties o f her office, Pat Anderson lights the candle of the presidency from Mrs. Oakes.

F R O N T ROW: N ancy D ab n ey , L a D o n n a D aily, E die Elliott, B arbara M ann, Shelly R iebe, G loria D iaz, C andy Starner, G ail M osher. S E C O N D ROW : W endy Cox, C h erri W enslay, C arole H utcheson, C arol F urchner, Lisa R oybal, Ja y n e W her-

ritt. T H IR D Ju d y S turm , Lee C ham bers, D orothy Derr, K ris Pizzuto, J u d ie Ford, M ary R oche, M arcia T atto n , Susan Brophy.

Future Teachers Hear Speakers FTA members learned about the teaching pro­ fession this year from the various guest speakers who attended the meetings. A former LAHS stu­ dent, now a student teacher, talked about prob­ lems in teaching and explained the purpose of the Student Education Association, a collegelevel teacher’s club. At the Christmas meeting, freshman college students returned to Los Alamos to discuss col­ lege life and the teaching courses that they were taking. Other speakers instructed the club members on the teaching of retarded and handi­ capped children. Career Month in April provided the FTA members with an opportunity to observe class­ room activity in local schools. The spring ban­ quet closed the year. Installation of officers is co n d u cte d by M r. Jo h n Colem an, assistant principal, as Mrs. Lucille M cCleskey, club sponsor looks on. O fficers are N a n c y D ab n ey , secretary; W en d y Cox, historian; Susan B rophy, treasu rer; Ju d ie Ford, president; Kris

Mrs. R u th Rowley, special education teacher, gives pointers to prospective teachers on teaching retarded children. Pizzuto, public relations; D o ro th y D err, lib rarian ; an d La D onna Daily, vice president. N ot shown are M r. Paul Berteloot and Miss G w en Liles, club sponsors.

F u tu re T eachers


F R O N T ROW: E dith Stevens, G eorgia W ilder, K aren G reen­ wood, K aren T hom as, Geri Fulgenzi, Shelly Riebe, P am A n­ derson, Pam O tt, R o b erta GeofTrion. SECOND ROW: Ja n e t H arrow , K athy M artin , L inda W hittam en, W endy Gox, Cathy W eaver, C indy H u rt, L in d a Fritch, V icki W in b u rn , Becky M cN eese, M ary K ay T h o m as, D o n n a Schutz. T H IR D ROW:

C heryl Royer, P atty M u rp h y , Sandy Billings, P at Hicks, Sally T ay lo r, P a tty K rieg er, Ja c k e e Phillips, C hris Z eigner, Linda B unch, M ary ly n Bates, M ary A nne D ugan. F O U R T H ROW: Susan Pretzel, S usan B latz, Sue P artrid g e , D aryl Panowski, A nn D einken, Bonny C arlson, C harlene Douglas, Jackie Huee, J a n D eCeer, J a n e t Edeskuty, Glory B asm ann, D orthy Derr.

GAA Plans Powder P u ff Basketball The Girls’ Athletic Association started a new activity this year when their all-star girl’s team challenged the Pep Club to a powder puff bas­ ketball game. It is hoped that this will become a traditional game between the two clubs. Along with this activity, the members partici­ pated in tournaments in ping-pong, badminton, archery, softball, volleyball, and basketball. The girls in GAA also were the referees for the home­ room volleyball games. Another new service was helping at the track meets. The Girls Athletic Association was one of the many clubs to contribute to the Foreign Exchange Fund. D iane L am kin re tu rn s th e bird ie in a p ractice m atch of bad­ m inton as her p artn er, G loria M aes, stays ready for action.

Showing some of the equipm ent used in G A A sports a re K ris Pizzuto, p resid e n t; M a ry R o ch e, vice presi­ d e n t; G eo rg ia W ild er, treasu rer; P aula O sborn, sports head; and Bon­ nie C arlson, secretary. Miss L uanne T h o m p s o n is th e c lu b sp o n so r for GAA.

164 GAA

F R O N T ROW: Sheila A rm strong, M y rn a Pederson, M argaret HerTera, L inda R ector, Pat T rujillo, Vicki M organ, Irene G on­ zales, K a th y T alafo u s. S E C O N D R O W : Sue T u ck er, C andy Sm ith, Beverly H ults, M a rth a Gallegos, C arm en R oybal, Pat A nn T rujillo, C heryl G u errero , D ebbie D ay, K arla Stein, Lee

Flynn, B arb Seegm iller, B arb Elliott. T H IRD ROW: Gloria Velasco, T erry B uchan, Je a n n e Felton, K ris Pizzuto, Marv’ Roche, P au la O sborn, K ay Storm , C laudine K asunic, Jan e C arm ichael, D ebbie K err, Ju d y Jo h n so n , L inda H all, Gail Mosher.

Against Pep Club’s Special Team

C hristin e Davis misses a shot in volleyball aim ed for G loria Maes. Pat Hicks, scorekeeper, watches the GAA action.

“ I t’s mine I tell you!” Peggy Roberts seems to be saying to Pat Roberson as referee Daryl Panowski hurries to where the action is. After defeating all o th er com petition in G.AA T ab le Tennis, sisters K a rla Stein, jun io r, an d K aren, sophom ore, compete for the cham pionship. K aren m anaged to defeat her older sister.



M agic Promoted By Houdini Club

D em onstrating their act, Ja m e s G rover and Sathish Shenoy help Chris M atlack into the tru n k where she will vanish as Ken Mills prepares to ad d to the mystery by tying it shut.

C hris M atlack, vice presid en t; M r. L eland Schachterle, spon­ sor; and K ent Boyer, secretary-treasurer, give approving smiles as C hris M oore, president, pulls not a rab h it, but a skunk out of the hat as a typical exam ple of prestidigitation.

The Houdini Magic Club, now in its second year, continued the promotion of magic through an act in topper Revue, an annual magic show, and several separate shows done by individuals. At the early meetings in the fall, the old mem­ bers put on exhibitions for the new ones to get them more accustomed to the principles of magic. Mr. Leland Schachterle, the club sponsor, seemed to enjoy the repeated teasing and threatening that the club would vanish from him. The Houdini Magic Club issued special thanks to Mr. Robert Visel, the art teacher, for the donation of his magic tricks for the year.

“ Pick any c a rd ,” says Sathish as he shows M ary J a n e Gosslee, Chris, and Jo h n K incaid his card trick with help from a puppet.

A n en d less su p p ly of scarves is pulled out of the hat by Chris, K ent, Jam es, M a ry J a n e , C h ris , K en, S ath ish , an d J o h n as a group trick.

F R O N T R OW: D ave S haykin, Bob L eonard, Raleigh Michel, M ike K ing, M ike O wens, Jim Anderson, Sathish Shenoy, Dale Jarvis. SECOND ROW: Pat Chelius, Russ M iller, Lee M itchell, M ichael C arson, D ave C arroll, Steve Y oung, G ary Everall,

D ewayne K etchell. T H IR D ROW: Kris Fram e, D avid Ponton, Lester N orm an, R on H ulls, M ike Hobbs, K enneth Spence, Ja y D einken, Bruce P artrid g e, R onnie N e m e c .Jim Borkenhagen, D avid Yeamans.

I A Club Expands Into New Areas Expansion has been the highlight of the re­ cently formed Industrial Arts Club. The club has expanded into the newer and bigger areas of Auto Mechanics, Graphic Arts, and Electronics. The costly new Practical Arts building has greatly helped the club in this ex­ pansion movement. For the last two years the Industrial Arts Club has entered the Students Craftsman Fair in Portales. Last year they entered two steam engines both of which won excellent ratings, the highest given in this high school competition. The club also assists the community as a serv­ ice organization with its projects. Officers of the In d u strial A rts C lub are D ave P onton, vice president; Bruce P artrid g e, secretary; D ave C arroll, president; and Steve Y oung, treasurer.

In d u strial A rts C lu b sponsors are M r. H orris C rane, M r. Jim M iller, M r. H orace C am bell, and M r. J o h n Hardy.

Using the surface grin d er w ith skill, J im Anderson grinds a piece of steel to th e desired shape and smoothness.

Industrial .\rts Club


Yearbook La Loma Enlarges In Several Sections


To Improve Coverage

M ary A nne D ugan Editor

C arm en R oybal Business Manager T yping for the ann u al is a m ajor task and a key one in meeting deadlines. Lisa R oybal, Y vonne L ujan, an d C andy Sm ith type T h e ju n io r a n d so p h o m o re sections, p a rt of the first deadline, nearly everyday in p rep arin g pages for final editing. are put together by Gheryl Sow der and Bruce Panowski.

T ak in g pictures o f school activities for the yearbook and news­ p aper are the school photographers Chuck Calvin, Bob Penland, J o h n H um phreys, a n d th eir supervisor M r. Young.

G lory B asm ann provides a stu d e n t life p ictu re for th e senior section handled by C ath y Lewis an d M a rth a Gallegos.

Continues Complete Tear Coverage An early year vote by the students strongly supporting the continuance of the summer de­ livery book along with the increase in size of 196 to 216 pages helped bring about many changes. More space in the senior section enabled the activities to be set off separately and gave each senior more individuality. More coverage was also possible in the student life and athletics sec­ tions. Student life grew from six to eight pages and in athletics, football and basketball each re­ ceived two additional pages. Extensive artwork by Pat Trujillo on the in­ troductory and theme pages provided for striking features and extra development of the themes. The Lookout staff again helped by writing some department stories and picture captions.

Indexing 900 students page by page, Ja c k Fellers and Tom H aw thorne stop d u rin g class for a quick picture.

S h aro n S n y d er a n d M y rn a P ederson pick a pose from one of the aw ard photographs.

A first deadline includes the faculty section and Lynn Hall and J a n e W h erritt discuss a picture problem with B arbara T ynan.

W ith a m u ltitu d e o f clubs, C arol M yers and Stacy W illiam s p o n d e r p ictures, scheduling, stories, a n d cap tio n s of a difficult section.

T h em e ideas com e to life t h r o u g h P a t T ru jillo ’s special pencil draw ings.

A ssistant ed ito r P a u l P age discusses one of the sports pages w ith Buzzy Cheadle and R od Geer.

La Loma


K ris P izzuto ty p es a story for M ary Anne D ugan to m eet a n o th e r new spaper deadline.

Lookout Changes Pasting w indows for pictures and readying the paper, C huck Blackwell an d G ay lan d B ryant start an issue.

The Lookout was printed by photographic offset this year rather than the letterpress method used in the past. The reduced cost involved in the new method enabled the staff to put out twelve issues in­ stead of the usual eight. The new method presented a challenge to the staff with the new appearance and different types of layout. Sharon Snyder, editor, and Rod Geer, sports editor, began doing the paste-up for the paper on the third issue with the help of Mr. Rod Young, sponsor. The Lookout made use of the new varityper in the Practical Arts building by staff members setting some of the copy on the machine to obtain different type sizes and variety. At Highlands Day the staff members attended workshops and saw how their stories compared with those of students from other schools.

Sharon Snyder, editor, an d R od G eer, sports editor, look over the paste-u p of a past issue of the L ookout w ith M r. Rodney Young, sponsor, for areas of im provem ent.

Sharon Snyder Editor

M erry E m bry asks M ary K ay about her Looking O u t colum n as Ju lie Lyon checks another story, all part of the daily operation of publishing the Lookout.

To Offset Printing A n o th er h e a d lin e is w ritte n to fit after careful editing by M ary Roche, a n d P a t T ru jillo to u c h e s u p one of his m an y c a rto o n s d ra w n for the editorial page of the paper.

Newspaper Uses School Equipment R od G eer Sports Editor First sem ester stu d en ts C hris Moore, Doug C ram er, an d Bob Bivins look over their final issue an d note changes made since the first, especially w ith th e paper quality.

G etting a lesson on th e V a rity p e r from R od G eer, sports w riter A1 T esche sees how stories can be set for the newspaper with the school's special new graphic arts equipm ent.



FRO NTRO IV: Doug N eher, R andy T eter, Pat Anderson, D onna Schutz, M a rth a E nnis, J u d y S turm . SECO ND ROW: Jo h n

M attys, T. J . Boyd, Bob S trein, Ja c k Boone, M ike Rouse, Lester N orm an, C h arlie T rask , D avid Yeam ans.

Magmamites Take Several Field Trips

C lub officers J o h n M attys, vice president; R obert Strein, presi­ dent; and R andy T eter, historian look through samples of rocks and m inerals in the E arth Science classroom.

Jo h n , R obert, R an d y , and M r. D uane W agner, club sponsor, discuss th e v ario u s rocks found around this area.


M agm am ites

During their second year, the newly formed Magmamites, a geology organization interested in everything from local minerals to valuable gems, traveled throughout the surrounding area on their monthly field trips. A tour of Ojo Galiente included the Petaca Mines, and later the club visited the Pecos and Socorro areas. The club is mainly interested in New Mexico minerals not only because of their locality but also because of the many varieties of minerals to be found in New Mexico. The second annual picnic in May, several guest speakers including a lapidarist who gave a talk on grinding and polishing stones, working with their own lapidary equipment, demonstrations and slide shows were other highlights of the Magmamites.

F IR S T ROW: D onn a T ru jillo , Rose E llen M artinez, Cathy O ’R ourke, C arm en R oybal, Yvonne L ujan, K athy Rose, Bon­ nie M ontoya. S E C O j\D ROW: Pearl G arcia, P au la Osborn,

Nellie Lujan, M arcia T a tta n , M arth a Gallegos, Carlos Chacon. Lisa R oybal, M arg aret W ohlberg.

Spanish Club Termed Successful L istening atten tiv ely to Mrs. Jessica B urns, m em bers of T he Spanish C lub learn a b o u t th e old an d new of Spain.

C athy O ’R o u rk e a n d B onnie M ills deco rate the C hristm as tree a n n u a lly p u t in th e school lobby by the Spanish C lub.

“In spite of the fact that the club is small, with limited activities and membership, it has been successful this year, especially with regards to the Pinata Party,” stated Kathy Rose, Spanish Club president. The club’s most outstanding project was the annual Pinata Party held in December. It brought in $110 profit, more than the club had ever made. This was due mostly to radio station K R SN ’s help in advertising and supplying the music. The club’s purpose is to provide students with activities where they can enjoy the Spanish language, along with the history and culture.

Posing with flags of contrasting cultures are officers Lisa R oybal, secretarytreasu rer; B onnie M ontoya, vice president; K ath y Rose, p resident; an d Mr. Jose M ojica, Spanish C lub sponsor an d Spanish teacher.

Spanish Club


Scientists Try Balloon Launch Launching a balloon with a camera and in­ strument package attached was the Science Club’s main project for the year. Made from dry cleaning bags, the entire balloon weighed less than 20 pounds. 1 he movie camera, which took pictures every few seconds, helped the students trace the exact path of the balloon, aiding them in their study of air currents of northern New Mexico. The club also designed a workable recovery system which enabled them to retrieve the movie camera.

Mr. V'ictor K ollm an, sponsor; Chuck Calvin, president; D onna Schutz, secretary; L arry H olinberg, treasurer; Sathish Shenoy, vice president; a n d M r. Leon C ooper, sponsor, check the pos­ sible flight path of the balloon they plan to launch.

C ondu ctin g an ex p erim en t, K en t Boyer works with m agnetic flame deflection w ith assistance from L arry H olm berg.

A project of w orking with a radio requires close attention from K ent, .M artha Ennis, and Sathish.

T o launch a balloon is the m a in p ro je c t o f th e Sci­ ence C lub. C h ec k in g the c le a n in g b ag b a llo o n for use are m em bers L arry, S athish, C h u ck , D onna, and M artha.


Science Club

OND ROW: Jo h n S tarn er, M arth a Best, Susan Sack, Linda M cCreary, Sharon Snyder, Lavelle C alvert, R onnie Mason.

F R O N T ROW: R en ee L aB auve, C lau d ia K asunic, M ary Ja n e Gosslee, M ary K ay T hom as, G loria Diaz, Fred G allaher, Peggy R oberts, J u d y C arro ll, C aro ly n W ilder, M ark Hessing. SEC­

Sing-Sing Club Enjoys Folk Music No, Sing-Sing is not an organization for incor­ rigible students; it’s a club for those who enjoy “pickin’ and singin’.” Having held by-monthly meetings throughout the year, the sing-singers amused themselves with familiar and new folk songs. Along with several parties, the club helped the Southwestern Folksingers Guild sponsor a hootenanny. In its second year of existence, Sing-Sing is one of the newest as well as one of the most active clubs in the school. L eading th e Sing-Sing m em bers, M r. W arren Gumeson, spon­ sor, displays his ability to “ pick” an d sing. G uitars are a fam iliar accom panim ent of the m any “ hootenan­ nies” the club has for its re g u la r evening meetings.

OfTicers G loria D iaz, recording secretary; M a rth a Best, vice p resident a n d song secretary ; M r. G um eson; S h aron Snvder, public relations; Peggy R oberts, treasurer; and Fred G allagher, president, display a v ariety o f in stru m en ts th at m ight be used at a typical m eeting.



F R O N T ROW: Polly T u ck , R o b e rta G eoffrion, L in d a Linnaus, Vicki W in b u rn , R arb R oensch, Susan H overson, Joyce 'rrujillo, C athy O 'R ourke. SECOND ROW: M ike Kilgore, M ary Ja n e Gosslee, V irginia C alvin, L inda W itternan, K aren Thomas, Linda M cC reary, K aren Stein, C arla C ’D eBaca, D ebbie Day. I H I R D ROW: P at R eade, J o h n M attys, S andy Sm ith, Pat

M urphy, Sheridan T hom as, D ebbie D unning, Sandi Cole, Je a n K eller, C heryll G uerrero, Lois A nn G ard n er. F O U R T H ROW: Bob S trein, M ichele K ra v itz , J a n e W h e rritt, P atty Oakes, K athy W inslow, P enny R obinson, S haron H enicksm an, J a n Stephens, Lynn Jen n in g s, D on Rohwer.

0 lions Produce Two Popular Plays Two well-known plays were produced by the Olions this year, offering entertainment to mem­ bers of the community. The fall production, “The Mouse That Roared,” by Leonard Wibberley, was a great success. Again offering stu­ dents a chance to participate in a successful Broadway musical, the Olions along with the high school orchestra and choir put on “Li’l Abner” in the spring. Other activities of this organization included supplying ushers for the Little Theatre and Light Opera groups, supplying the stage crew for Top­ per Revue, and holding a Christmas and an endof-the-year party as well as presenting a scholar­ ship to one of its members.

Mr. an d Mrs. Ross R am sey, sponsors, c h a t w ith officers T om O ’C onnor, p resid en t; L u a n n e S ch latterer, treasu rer; Jo h n L azarus, vice presid en t; P at R oberson, correspondence secre­ tary; Jenifer O nstott, recording secretary; and Susan Dow, his­ torian, about the com ing spring play “L i’l A b ner.”

To accurately portray characters on stage is im portant as shown by M r. R am sey, w ho is giving some helpful hints to Pat T ru ­ jillo in “ T h e M ouse T h a t R o ared .”

F R O N T ROW : N ancy C ole, Je n n ife r O n sto tt, P a t Roberson, Pam Wallis, K ent Boyer, Sheila A rm strong, P at Anderson, H arriet N ew ton. SE C O N D R O W : ]o \\r\ L azarus, T om O ’C on­ nor, L u an n e S chlatterer, P au l M cG u ire, Jo ck E m bry, Lee C ham bers, C heryll B u c h a n n a n , Sue P artrid g e , G ary Brown,

K enny Brocious, T e rry N aV eu ax . T H IR D ROW: Pete H u m ­ phrey, Rick M endius, C hris M oore, Susan D ow, Susan Blatz; J a n DeGeer, W endy M cG uire, Gloria Velasco, Ja n e t Edeskuty, Jo h n T rujillo, Jim Y oung, J o h n M arshall.

A s Top Projects

D uring re g u lar rehearsal M u rry Giles, Fred G allah e r, a n d Carl B uckland anxiously aw ait c u rta in tim e as production d ate for “ L i’l A bner” draws n earer an d nearer.

Paul D ion looks on w ith interest while D an M inor d em ­ o n strates th e c o m p lic a te d lighting system used in stage productions of the Olions.

M r. R ex E ggleston tak es a m in u te to give th e o rc h e s tra some instruction d u r­ ing p ra c tic e o f the m usical m em b ers of th e O lio n s ’ sp rin g m usical, “ L i’l Ab-



Fall Play Comedy

T ullv Bascom, or P a t T rujillo, talks w ith tourists during one of the early scenes of “ T h e M ouse T h at R oared," a com edy ab o u t a sm all E uropean nation which becomes th e most powerful country in the entire world. Professor K okintz, play ed by C hris M oore, tells o th e r m em bers of the cast about the newly developed weapon, the Q-Bomb. From left to right are R ick M endius, w ho is p laying the S ecretary of State, C huck R am ­ sey, o r G eneral S n ip p ett, an d C arl Flock, w ho is p o rtra y in g th e Presi­ dent of the U nited States of A m erica.

T om O ’C onnor a n d L u a n n e S ch latterer practice a scene during dress rehearsal for the O lions’ fall pro­ duction “T he M ouse T h a t R o ared .” “ W atch out, th e slightest m otion m ight discharge the bom b!” So Professor K okintz seems to caution the soldiers from G ra n d Fenwick as th ey steal aw ay w ith the newly invented Q-Bomb.

This fall the Olions put on the comedy play, “The Mouse That Roared.” Luanne Schlatterer portrayed Gloriana the Twelfth, queen of the European duchy of Grand Fenwick. Pat Trujillo played Tully Bascom, leader of the Grand Fenwickian army. The plot involves Grand Fenwick coming in contact with the Q-Bomb, the most powerful weapon in the world. Before Grand Fenwick secures the ultra-powerful bomb the country declares war on the United States honing to lose. This is because the U.S. takes care of their defeated enemies. But the Fenwickian army of 26 bowmen wins the war. M r. Ross R am sey d em o n strates an action to P a t T ru jillo w hile, other members of the cast, Brian Fishbine, D on R ow her, P aul M cG uire, Jerry Thom as, and Ja m e s Rogers look on attentively.


T om O ’C onnor, p o rtray in g M a rry in ’ Sam , talks to E arth ­ quake M cG oon, played by D avid C arro ll, ab o u t his four dollar w edding an d his m ore exclusive eight dollar one.

L uanne Schlatterer an d C huck Ramsey, one of the two pairs play­ ing Daisy M ae an d L i’l A bner, sing “ N am ely Y ou” in front of the D ogpatch R oad backdrop especially draw n for the play.

Dogpatch Comes Alive V aried types o f audience reactions w ere a p p a re n t as S tu p e f y in ’ J o n e s , p la y e d by K a r la Stein, stepped o u t of h e r booth.

“ I has S p o k en !” W ith these w ords, P a p p y Y okum , alias Jo h n L azarus, finds his co u rag e an d finally stands up to M am m y Y okum , played by Sheriden T hom as. Below, K en Brocious, K en Spence, D ave Chezem, an d M ark Hessing, p o rtra y in g g o v e rn m e n t scientists, sing “ O h, H appy D ays” after testing the Y okum berry tonic.

Four of the six w ives— P am W allis, M ichele K ravitz, K a tie A nder­ son, and M ary K ay T h o m a s— talk to M a rry in ’ Sam ab o u t their trip to W ashington, D .C ., to pick up th eir new ly beautified husbands.

The comic strip village of Dogpatch and its lively, lovable characters came alive on the Olions’ stage with their production of “Li’l Abner.” The spring musical was again double cast. Daisy Mae was played by Luanne Schlatterer and Susan Blatz while Chuck Ramsey and Fred Gallaher filled the big boots of Li’l Abner. Rick Mendius and Tom O ’Connor were cast as Mar­ ryin’ Sam, and Earthquake McGoon came to life in John Trujillo and Dave Carroll. The antics of the characters and the colorful scenes will live in the memories of the cast and the audience.

Daisy M ae, played by Susan Blatz, watches L i’l Abner, or Fred G al­ laher, take a d rin k of “ C o rn p o n e’s Passionizin’ an d R om anticisn’ Potion” so he can be ro m an tic an d m arry Daisy M ae.

IR C Participates In Model U N

T h e p a rlia m e n ta ria n presiding at the general sessions o f the m odel U nited N ations com m ends the p articip an ts for their conduct d u ring the weekend of meetings.

Fhroughout the year the members of the In­ ternational Relations Club attended meetings, listened to lectures, and researched diligently in preparation for the model United Nations con­ vention held this year April 24 and 25 in Santa Fe. Los Alamos representatives depicted Nation­ alist China, presenting that country s views and attitudes on various matters of world affairs brought up in the sessions. Ten other New Mexico schools participated in the meetings, each one representing a nation be­ longing to the United Nations or dealing with that organization.

Jim R ibe states N ationalist C h in a ’s views on the ad­ mission of R ed C h in a, one issue discussed in the G eneral Assembly of all m em ber nations.

Los Alamos representatives a tten d a caucus of W estern powers to devise a joint declaration to present in the G eneral Assembly.

Jim Ribe consults Lee C ham bers before addressing the assembly.


F R O N T ROW: P eter T uck, Brian Fishbine, M ark Hessing, D oug Seegm iller, M ike Benziger, T om O ’C onnor, Jim Ribe. B A C K ROW: J o h n Agnew, Liese M ueller, Lee Cham bers,

C ath ie Lewis. E lean o r H all, C an d y S tarner, V irginia Calvin, Peggy O nstott, A nn H em m endinger, Lynn Loucks, Kristi Sum ­ mers, Jenifer O nstott, M argy K oontz, R uth Fowler.

French Banquet Popular Activity The French club, Les Miserables, proved very successful in its second year with increased mem­ bership and participation and doubled attend­ ance at the annual banquet. The first activity of the year was a talk by Jim Ribe on his year of study at the Institut auf dem Rosenberg in St. Gallem, Switzerland. Jim ac­ companied his talk with various pictures, maps, and samples of textbooks and tests. The other event of the year was the annual banquet, held at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Loucks. The dinner serves the dual purpose of entertaining as well as educating club members in the art of French cookery. The menu included pate de foie gras, la soupe a I’oignon, whiting with veloute, coq au vin rouge, and flan. In Eng­ lish this would be chicken liver pate, onion soup, chicken baked in wine, and pudding with cara­ mel sauce.

Jen ifer O nstott, T rea su re r; C athie Lewis, Secretary; Mrs. M arylou Travis, Sponsor; an d K risti Sum m ers, President, are the French clu b ’s officers this year. Jo h n L azarus an d J o h n M arsh all help them selves to la soupe a I’oignon w hich th ey a n d the o th er m em bers o f the cooking com m ittee had spent the whole day preparing.

E leanor H all serves M r. a n d Mrs. T rav is pate de foie gras on bread as part of the ap p etizer course of the dinner.

Les Miserables



F R O j\T ROW: Bob M orrison, Ernie Sm ith, Rod Geer, Raleigh M ichel, Leroy P acheco, Floyd Segura, Buzzy C headle, Mike Benziger, M ark Sum m ers, L arry W aters, Ja c k Zastrow, Roger W ate rm an , SE C O N D ROW: Bob M artin , Jim Foglesong, Jim Thom as, Jo e Daly, Bruce Panowski, Jo h n LefUer, Bruce Staake; Parker V an Hecke, T om Tesche, Jim GrifTin, Bill Aldrich, Paul

Lucero, Art Jo h n so n , L ynn Brewer. T H IR D ROW: Jerry Klein, Buzzy Em igh, D ennis M cCloskey, Ja c k Fellers, G ray Gilmore, D an Susco, T om H aw th o rn e , Jo e D u b en , R on H olm es, Dave Dvorak, Paul Page, Rick D vorak, Bill P ru ett; Bob Penland, Joe M ariner.

Lettermen Improve Sportsmanship The Lettermen’s Club, composed of any ath­ lete who has lettered in a varsity sport, continued the tradition of improving the sportsmanship and cooperation between the various schools in New Mexico. Lettermen sold popcorn at basketball games, provided escorts for Homecoming, presented flowers to the Homecoming Court, and super­ vised the gym floor during home basketball games as part of their service to the high school. Dennis McCloskey, a senior letterman, was honored by the Pep Club as the 1965 Sweetheart at the annual Sweetheart Dance. L etterm en officers are Bob M orrison, president; D ennis McGloskey, treasu rer; an d J im Griffiin, vice-president. Sponsors are M rs. Ray Grandstaffi, M r. T om m y H ightow er, and M r. R obert Gox J a c k Fellers and P au l Page, L e tte rm e n ’s G lub members, are two of the escorts at the H om ecom ing Coronation.

Selling delicious popcorn at all hom e basketball games is one way the L etterm en ’s C lub earns m oney during the year as shown by Bob M orrison an d D avid Chezem.

Chess Matches Limited By Conflicts


Playing practice matches and challenging for ladder postions were primary activities of the Chess Club during the first semester. One inter­ scholastic match was played in which Los Alamos beat Santa Fe 5'/2-4'/2. Other matches were un­ able to be scheduled because of conflicts. The promising team did not enter the District Tournament or the State Tournament because most of the members were involved in tennis and other spring activities. The officers of this year’s Chess Club were Dan Susco, president, and Karen Peterson, secretary. Mr. Hart Schwarz was the sponsor of the organ­ ization. Dan Susco was top on the club’s performance ladder this year. He was followed in order by Tom Carson, Keith Arbtin, Bruce Panowski; Mark Hessing Paul Roensch Melanie Briscoe, Karen Gray, Karen Peterson, Bill White, and Ricky Mendius.

M em bers M ark H essing an d Bruce Panowski concentrate on one of their m atches. M ark grins as he seems to see a move that will win him the game.

D a n S usco su rv e y s th e s itu a ­ tion, w hile T o m C arso n exe­ cutes his move.

Even the club sponsor, M r. H a rt Schw arz, tries his h and occasionally at Chess. H ere he concentrates on his next move against Bruce.

Chess Club


FRO .^ T ROl\': K athie M ullins, Rochelle R ichard, C athy T alafous, K athy M urphy, B elinda R am irez, K aren S m ith, Jacq u e O liver, C arolyn A lexander, R u th L ynch, Sylvia M artinez, C athy W eaver, K ay Roush. SECOND /^OBV Ju d y Sturm , Susan Peterson, C y n th ia W illiam s, K aren G reenwood, L inda Bunch, M ary A nne D ugan , K ath y Francis, J e a n n e U nger, K aren H am p to n , Rose Ellen M artinez, M ary Royer, C indy H urt, Laurel Burciaga. TH IRD ROW: Susan Shopp, Amy Woods,

Sandy Billings, C h a rle n e Douglass, L in d a W ittem an , Daryl Panowski, Lynn Panow ski, C arole H utcheson, L au ra Winslow, Je a n n e K eller, P earl G arcia, L ourdes R om ero, J a n e t M cKee, B arb ara M cD o n ald , Gail C arson. F O U R ! I I ROW : Rose Ann Petersen, M arilyn W ood. W endy Cox, P at Hicks, Bonny C arl­ son, S h aro n H en ick sm an , J e a n n e Felton, J a n e H ilto n , Jan ice B arrin g to n , J u d ie F ord, J a c k ie H ues, P a u la O sb o rn , Beverly Hults. '

isW 'jnl, 1

Pep Club Activities Promote Spirit

OlFicers of th e Pep C lu b this year are Ju d ie Ford, secretary; Ja n e Hilton, president; Miss M arga Lamb, sponsor; Janice Bar­ rington, treasurer; and Stevie Bruington, vice-president.

Leading the student body in school spirit and team enthusiasm, the Pep Club again cheered and supported the Toppers in their athletic events. Fall activities included decorating the goal posts, forming victory arches for the team to run through, and half-time performances given by the drill team at the home games. In February the club gave their annual Sweet­ heart Dance. The dance was again a success. This year’s Sweetheart was Denny McCloskey crowned by President, Jane Hilton. The theme of the dance was Japanese and the cafeteria was brightly decorated in multicolors. Spring activities included an athletic banquet for which sixty of the members served and a bas­ ketball game against the GAA. Although the Pep Club team was greatly defeated in their game, much spirit and hilarity were prevalent. Points were given for attending any athletic event, serving on committees, being in the Drill Team, and taking numbers. These points were used in presenting letters at the end of the year.

After the crow ning of the Pep C lub Sw eetheart comes the tradition of giving the next dance to the Sw eetheart and Pep C lub President along with the candidates an d their dates.



FROM J e a n e tte Phillips, J o a n n D ufour, N ellie D on­ aldson, G eri hulgenzi, V icki H erb ert, Vhcki W in b u rn , R oberta GeofTrion, \ I y r n a Pederson, Stevie B ruington, K aren Thom as, N ancy C o o p er, L a D o n n a D aily, J a n e t H arrow . SECOND ROW: L o rrain e S tephenson, D ebbi Day, L ani Schuster, Becky M cNeese, C ath y O R ourk e, N ancy D abney, L orina G arcia, B ernice M a rtin e z , M a r th a G allegos, C a rm e n R o y b al, M aria Ferris, Y vonne L ujan, Sylvia N achlinger, S andy B eaum ont,

T H IRD ROW: C a rla C â&#x20AC;&#x2122;de Baca, K aren Stein, J a n e t Clevenger, M a rth a P en lan d , Ja c k e e Phillips, C heryll G uerrero, M arcia T a tta n , P atty M u rp h y , Susan Blatz, Susan Brophy. Ellen D uben, C hris Z eigner, L in d a R ector, P at T rujillo. F O U R T H ROW: L in d a P o rter, J u d y B axm an, Gail C oburn, D onnabcth Stein, Pat T rujillo, Sue P artridge, Linda Fritch, P atty Coburn: Lee Flynn, B arb ara Elliott, L ynne Loucks, G loria Velasco, T erri Buchen, M arilyn Clevenger. Lexi H eath.

Provide Support For Athletics

Displaying th eir usual spirit d u rin g the football gam e against Belen, the last gam e o f the season. Pep C lubbers cheer a touchdow n.

Pep C lub m em b ers form a n e n tra n c e for th e football te a m as the cheerleaders hold th e V ictory A rch.

Pep Club


D rill Team N ow Honorary Uniforms Distinguish Members New to the Pep Club this year was the honorary system of choosing girls to partici­ pate in Drill Team. Because of this system, the Drill Team was more efficient and adaptable. The bright gold uniforms distinguished the members from those girls only in Pep Club. Aside from their annual Homecoming perform­ ance the members also presented pompon routines during half­ time of some of the basketball games. Always skilled in its per­ formance, the Drill Team’s Precision marching highighted the Homecoming parade; the formations with the band leading up to ♦^he presentation of the Queen at halftime added to Homecom­ ing ceremonies. The gold uni­ forms augment­ ed by the green pompons vividly c a r r i e d t he school colors be­ fore the public.

186 Drill Team


F R O N T ROW: E llen B raun, N ellie D onaldson, D aryl Panowski, L a u ra H olt, M ary J a n e Gosslee, K a re n G ray , T om Berg; and J a n e W herritt. SECO N D ROW: Fred G allaher, Jo h n Criss,

Bob Riley, D arlen e D abney, Sandy B eaum ont, K en Brocious, G ary G ilm ore, A nne C able, and L arry Giorgi.

Olympians Hold Roman Banquet Organized for the purpose of learning about ancient Roman and Greek culture, the Olym­ pians encourage students who are interested to join, even if they are not taking a course in Latin. The highlight of the year is the Roman Ban­ quet, this year a catered affair held at the Lodge. Members dress as did the ancient Romans and partake of the same types of foods. Free admis­ sion was won by Darlene Dabney and Tom Berg for wearing the best costumes.

.dMik. R o m an diets consist mostly o f fruits, so th e O lym pians have a wide variety to choose from at the banquet. T h e R o m an s really know how to live well. S c ru m p tio u s foods a d o rn th e tab les at the catered b an q u et at the Lodge.

Officers are D aryl Panow ski, tre a su re r; a n d Ellen B raun, sec­ retary. S tanding are S and y B eaum ont, vice-president; D arlene Dabney, president; an d M rs. Shirley Fries, sponsor.


Iff.'. A'i *• ‘


Is-tf 18

| T.

X. maL

F R O N T ROW: K e n t Boyer, P am W allis, L u an n e S chlatterer. SECOND ROW: L inda Fabec, Ju d ie P’ord, Sue Tucker, THIRD ROW: Jo h n Agnew, C ath ie Lewis, Tom O ’C onnor, B arbara

N achlinger, Jim Foglesong, C arl B uckland, P eter T u ck , Hugh Felt, Charles Shafer, D ave Y eam ans, Jo e M ariner, Lester N or­ m an, C arl R udnick, H enry L ongm ire, Russell M iller.

Ski Club Again Takes Trip To Taos The Ski Club again took an overnight ski trip to the Taos Ski Valley December 21 and 22. This trip gave the participating members a chance to try their skills on new and different slopes and to watch topnotch skiers in action. Several members of the club including Jim Foglesong, Carl Buckland, Pam Wallis, and Judie Ford entered competitive races throughout New Mexico and Colorado. Carl Buckland and Jim Foglesong ended their year with a trip to Sun Valley, Idaho, where they competed as part of the New Mexico Boy’s Ski Team against other top teams in the Western States Junior Cham­ pionships. L uanne S ch latterer a n d J im B orkenhagen pu t on th eir skis in front of the lodge at Los A lam os’s Pajarito M ountain.

Ski C lub officers— P am W allis, vice-president; T om O ’Connor, treasurer; an d L in d a F abec, secretary — pose n ear the lodge at the Los Alamos ski area. N ot shown are J im Rogers, president, and Bill H udson, sponsor.

C a rl B u c k la n d goes o v er th e log j u m p at th e to p o f th e A spen Slope.

188 Ski Club

J im Foglesong, J u d ie Ford, an d T om O â&#x20AC;&#x2122;C onnor are caught in the act of being themselves on the ski slopes.

Competitive Skiing Continues To Attract Club Members Pam W allis, Class I racer, runs a slalom course a t the A rapahoe Ski area in Colorado.

Jim Foglesong, Class I racer, goes all out on a dotvnhill course in Sun V alley, Idaho.



C arl B uckland, Class I racer, cuts a gate on a slalom course at A rap ah o e Basin in th e C olorado Rockies.

Ski Club


F R O N T RO]V: A nnette Peterson, Jo a n Fishier, D arlene Dabney. BACK ROW: W endy G a rd n e r, E laine Schofield, P at M ollett,

A nn D einken, T e rry Garcia.

B uchen, C aro ly n A lexander, Lorina k

pi! id

Summit Seedlings Carry Out Motto Sum m it Seedlings officers this year are Jo a n Fishier, secretary; A nnette Peterson, treasu rer; D arlene D abney, president; Miss M arga L am b, sponsor; Mrs. Pat Edm onds, sponsor; and C aro­ lyn A lexander, vice-president.

Under the direction of Mrs. Pat Edmonds and Miss Marga Lamb, the Summit Seedlings club again this year carried out their motto of beauti­ fying Los Alamos by planting and gardening the flower bed adjacent to the Civic Auditorium. Among other fall projects the garden club par­ ticipated in the Homecoming festivities for the first time this year. Their float won third prize in the parade. In December several of the members visited the annual Christmas idea show in Albuquerque sponsored by the garden clubs of that area. Highlighting their spring program and adding much color and warmth to the Home Economics style show were the floral table arrangements made by the Summit Seedlings. Thus the goal of basic flower arrangements was obtained.

F inding the most a p p ro p ria te a rra n g e m e n t for flowers is one facet of the S um m it Seedlings C lub as shown by M rs. Leonard B uettner A nnette Peterson, J o a n Fishier, an d P at M ollett.


After m aking a beautiful arran g em en t, W endy G ardner, Elaine Schofield, T e rry B uchen, A nn D einken, L orina G arcia, D arlene D abney an d C arolyn A lexander smilingly adm ire their work.

190 Summit Seedlings

Soccer Group Turnout Good Organized last year by U lf Henke, the Ger­ man foreign student, the Soccer Club again had a good turnout with 40 boys interested in the sport. Their first game, held in the fall, came as a disappointment when they lost 4-0 to St. Michael’s College after a hard fought battle. The snow melted and practices were again held at Urban Park. Also along with spring came plans for a game with the Santa Fe Preparatory School, a school well known for its team.

B allet p ractice a t U rb a n P ark? No, actu a lly it is C hip Lilienthal a n d C harles S chelburg n ear a goal durin g a spring Soccer C lub practice at the park.


T h e ability to kick th e ball well is a vital p a rt of soccer as show n here by J o h n M arsh all. Below, Del Davis smashes the ball at a Soccer C lub practice.

F R O N T ROW : M a rty H ues, Dell Davis, P aul R ickerson, Dick Lilienthal, Lester N o rm an , C ris O verton, Jo h n M arshall, M ike M eans. S E C O N D R O W : R e e d Elliot, F red Schonfeld, Don

M eaders, D an Susco, Ben M aes, D avid T hom as, M a rk Mes­ sing, Bruce P artrid g e, Jim Bridge.

Soccer Club /m


A ndy M c Q u e e n President

Jo e D aly Vice-President

S ue T u c k e r Secretary

Projects Planned To Raise Money A fter gam e dances also a d d ed greatly to the Foreign Student Fund, especially w ith th e d o n a te d music of the K R S N radio station.

F R O N T ROW: Pat R oberson. B renda H idy, L inda Prestwood, K it Daly. J u d ie F ord. B a rb a ra N achlinger, C hervil G uerrero, Lee Flynn, N ancy Porto, L ynne Loucks, J a n e t H arrow , Barb Seegm iller. BACK ROW: M ark C h erry , C huck R am sey, Jim

192 Student Council

The Student Council had several projects throughout the year to raise money for the For­ eign Student fund. These included such activities as after-game dances, blanket throws, and bake sales. “Topper R ound-Up” was the theme for this year’s Homecoming festivities, again sponsored by the Council. Members of the Student Council traveled to Tucumcari in March to learn various duties and activities of a council during the annual State Student Council Convention. Campaigns and elections were held in May for the 1965-66 school year officers. Griffin, Sathish Shenoy, Ja m e s Rogers, E arl Perry, Jo h n Laza­ rus, Je rry D uncan, R onnie R andolf, Paul Rickerson, Del Davis; T ed W aterm an, Bob A nderson.

■sip hJtt,

P at T ru jillo Assembly Chairman

P au l P age Treasurer

M ark Sum m ers Public Relations

For A F S Fund B la n k e t c o lle c tio n s at all h o m e b a s k e t­ ball gam es p ro v ed to be p ro fita b le for the Foreign Student Fund.

Led by p re sid e n t A n d y M cQ u een , C ouncil m em bers disouss plans for rem oving the initials off the w ater towers and the cliff by the road com ing into town.

F R O N T ROW: C h ip L ilien th a l, C hris Davis, K risti Sum m ers, Georgia W ilder, C aro ly n W ild er, M y rn a Pederson, Sharon Snyder, J a n ic e B arrin g to n , M ike B enziger. B A C K ROW : Bob

V an G em ert, M ike Busse, Jim B ridge, R ich ard R obyn, John T rujillo, J im W im berley, D ave C hezem , T om T esche, Buzzy ÂŁm igh, R oger W aterm an .

Student Council


F R O N T ROW: M arcia T a tta n , J e a n M ackey, RoseEllen M ar­ tinez, G loria C h an g , M ary Sniezek, K aren H am p to n , Nellie D onaldson, T oni B eacucham p, L inda B unch, M arilyn Bates.

B A C K ROW: ] \ m Paw ley, P aul M cG uire, L inda Jen sen , Bev­ erly H ults, N o rlen e P hillips, R o b e rta G allagher, B arbara G ould, Pat Hicks, Ellen B raun, K ath y Francis, L arry Hicks.

Business Club Emphasizes Careers

Officers of the T o p p er Business C lub this year are R oberta G allagher, treasurer; K ath y Francis, vice-president; an d C ar­ olyn W ilder, secretary. M issing is L arry Hicks, president.

Topper Business Club was again one of the most active clubs in the school. Meeting at least once a month and with an approximate mem­ bership of 45, the club emphasized careers in business by visiting various business offices in Los Alamos and invited prominent leaders in the field of business to speak to the members. Other undertakings included the installation of officers, after which members and their parents toured the school’s new business department and were served refreshments. A good money raising pro­ ject, again this year, was selling candy which was also one of the many ways members were able to achieve points. Headed by Larry Hicks, the Topper Business Club, ended one of its most successful years.

M em bers of the T o p p er Business C lub listen attentively as M r. Joyce speaks to them about the im portance of business at the club initiation. Mrs. Jo len e Jo rd a n an d Mrs. Bess H egler are the sponsors of the T o p p er Business Club.

194 Topper Business Club

N ew Business Day Highlights Tear In place of the annual Snowball Dance, Busi­ ness Day, held March 11, was the highlight of the 1964-1965 school year for the Topper Busi­ ness Club, headed by Mrs. Bess Hegler and Mrs. Jolene Jordan. Approximately 25 members par­ ticipated in Business Day. They toured the Com­ puter Center and an accounting area of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. A dinner was held that same evening and out­ standing members were honored. Kathy Francis, vice-president of the club, was honored as Miss Ideal Secretary. Larry Hicks, president, and Roberta Gallagher, treasurer, were also honored for their work in the club. The observation of the practical aspects of the business field did much to show members and prospective business workers what the profession IS.

K athy Francis receives an honorary aw ard from Mrs. Hegler in being selected as “ Miss Ideal Secretary,”

L arry Hicks, K a th y Francis, an d R o b erta G allagher look over the m edals they received for being officers of the T o p p er Busi­ ness C lub this year.

i =# G uest speakers at th e T o p p e r Business C lu b installation were M r. T o m Cook, from th e Z ia fiscal d e p a rtm e n t, M r. R obert P orton, from th e la b o ra to ry p u b lic relations, a n d Dr. R obert M cGee, assistant su p erin ten d e n t of schools.

E n te rta in m e n t is p ro v id ed a t the aw ards b an q u et by M r. W a rre n G um eson.

Topper Business Club


PROMT ROW: C arol F u rch n er, Bob W hitem ore, Allan M oul­ ton, B arbara R oensch, C laudine K asunic, Beth Rasmussen, Arnie Gore, A nne H em m endinger, Bonnie Mills, V irginia C al­ vin, J a c q u e O liver, T in n e y Sue H u m p h rey s, L u a n n e Schlatterer. SECOMD R O W : V'icki G ore, M a rth a S carb ro u g h , Bar­ b ara L eland, B arb ara M cK ow n, Susan Shopp, Sandy Billings, Vicki W inburn, D avid Ponton, Patti Oakes, Gail Mosher, Carl R udnick, C arolyn C ooper, Ricky M endius, Ja m e s Grover, M an n y R ivera, Peggy O n sto tt, J o d y Benson. T H I R D ROW: Renee LaBauve, L inda Scarbrough, Kay Fisher, Roy Christen­ son, Je ff F arr, Steve H am m el, Ju d ie Ford, D avid C haney; Bill C ruise, C huck C alv in , M a rth a Sw ickard, R ita C om bs, Lynn Jen n in g s Fred G a lla h e r,J a y W ooten, Lee Caswell, Paul Rex-

roth, N o rm an M acm an n , R o b ert P en lan d , Bob H engstenberg, Art D ougherty, D ennis B randt, Je ff Casados, M ark Leachm an, M ike K ilgore. F O U R T H R O W : M r. R ollie H eltm an , Jay D einken, D oug N eh er, M a rtin H ues, C o n w ay S m ith, Bruce K err, Pat C a d e n h e a d , Brian N eher, R on n ie M ason, W illiam S hopp, D an Lewis, Ja m e s W ilhelm , R ick W e in stra u b , Scott O sborne, C h a rle n e D uglass, Ja m e s L ilien th al, R oger T u rn er, Ray Shopp, G erald D un can , M ark R ay b u rn , Jo e M ariner, Roy Crom er, Paul Roensch, L arry H olm burg, Je rry Thom as, Jim m y Stearns. F I F T H R O W : W endy M cG u ire, Susan H overson, C harles S tep h en s, C h a rle s S ch elb u rg , M ike B urk h eim er, Joe Q u in tan a, Buzzy C headle, D avid Lyon, L inda Linnaus.

Topper Band Numbers Over 100 The familiar Topper band was larger than ever this year, numbering 102 musicians. As usual, the group added spirit to all home foot­ ball and basketball games with their rousing marches. One of the high points of the year for the band was their par­ ticipation in the North Central Large Group Festival at w hich they received several excellent ratings. The organiza­ tion also made an im­ pressive showing at their M r. H eltm an three public concerts, one of which featured Mr. James L. Whitlow as guest soloist and Mr. William E. Rhoads as guest conductor. The band again performed at com­ mencement. D em onstrating their skills in the parad e for the New M exico S tate F air is the talen ted Topper m arching band.

196 Band

A ll State Band

M em b ers of th e All S ta te B an d this y e a r are F R O N T R O H â&#x20AC;&#x2122;: B a rb a ra R oensch, A nn Hemm indinger, J im Stearns. SECO ND ROW: Ricky M en d iu s, C aro l F u rc h n e r, J e n ife r O n sto tt, Brian N eher. T H IR D ROW: Paul Roensch, Bob P e n la n d , J u d ie F o rd . C a rl R u d n ic k , and C harles Schelberg.

A nnouncing the arriv a l o f the Los A lam os b an d are heralders Roy C rom er, L arry H olm berg, and M ark R ay­ burn.

Fred G allah e r, d ru m m ajor, p ro u d ly leads th e Los Alamos b and th ro u g h the streets o f A lbuquerque at the N ew M exico S tate Fair.

M ajorettes this y ear are Ellen D uben, M arilee Pierotti, M arilyn Clevenger, R ita Lavato, Shirley W right, P au la O sborne, a n d Sally Taylor.



F R O N T ROW: Peggy E verett, Brian Johnson, J a n e t Edeskuty, Vicki M organ, Bill S ch ran d t, M argy K oontz, G ary Brown, Liese M ueller, P at .\n d e rso n . SE C O N D ROW: B a rb a ra Cox, M a rth a P en lan d , G loria Diaz, B arb ara M cK ow n, Bob W hit­ m ore. T in n y Sue H u m p h rey s, Carol F urchner, J im Young, L uanne S ch latterer, C hu ck C alvin, T om O ’C onnor, John S tarn er, S heila Z iegler, H a rrie t N ew ton, D avid Nereson.

THIRD ROW: G loria Velasco, M a rth a Best, R uth Ann Fowler, Gail M osher, R ick M endius, C arl R ud n ick , C arolyn Cooper, R oger T u rn e r, R ay Shopp, Je rry D uncan, Je rry T hom as, Roy C rom er, Paul R oench, T ony Schofield, Peggy R oberts, Chuck Ram sey. F O U R T H ROW: C harles Stevens, C harles Schelberg, W endy M cG uire, Susan H overson, M r. Rex Eggleston.

Orchestra M aintains High Standards The high school orchestra was quite active this year. In addition to their three annual concerts held in the fall, at Christmas, and in the spring, they performed at two school assemblies. At one of these assemblies, instruction was given to the student body about the instruments of the orches­ tra. For the first time this year the group com­ peted in a state-wide music festival in Artesia in late spring. A majority of the orchestra students were chosen to participate in the annual All State Music Clinic at which Peggy Everett was named concert mistress. A further activity for many members of the group was playing for the Olions spring musical. M r. Rex Eggleston, o rch estra directo r, pro u d ly poses with Peggy E verett w ho is h o n o red w ith the title of “C oncert M is­ tress of the All S tate O rch e stra .”

A ll State Orchestra F R O N T R O W : Bob W h itm o re , Tom O ’C onner, T inney Sue H um phreys, Liese M ueller, P at .Anderson, H a rrie t Newton, B rian N eher. S E C O N D ROW: Vicki M organ, G loria D iaz, M a rth a Best, Bar­ bara Cox, M argy K oontz, Shiela Ziegler, TH IRD ROW: B arbara M cK ow n, M artha Penland, G loria Velasco, J a n e t Edeskuty, R u th A nn Fow ler, J o h n S ta rn e r, Gary Brown, Peggy R oberts. F O U R T H ROW: Bill Schrandt, Brian Jo h n so n , T ony Scho­ field, C harles Schelberg.

198 Orchestra

y 'f ' f

f f


t I #






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" f



f '







t #



F R O N T ROW: C hris W eaver, D onnabeth Stein, N ancy K nobelock, Sheila A rm strong Lavelle C alvert, E d ith Stephens. SEC­ OND R O W : K ay Benson, L in d a Scott, C arolyn W ilder, Ju d y W hite, L a D o n n a D aily, L in d a Fabec, L ynn Panow ski, Daryl Panowski, M ary K ay Thom as, Cheryl B uchanan, J a n Stephens, K aren B landford, Stacy W illiams, Sharon Cote, Patsy Lucero, M r. T o m Cooley, director. T H IR D ROW: B a rb a ra Gould, R oberta G allagher, S uanna Hicks, C athy Johnson, Susan Blatz, C hristine Davis, M ary E dgett, B arb ara N achlinger, Janice

G rilly, P am Wallis. F O U R T H ROW: P at T ru jillo, B ruce P a­ nowski, Chris M atlack, N ancy Brownlee, D arlene Dabney, Pat B landford, Stevie B ruington, K atie A nderson, S andy Sm ith, M arjorie F u ller, S h erid en T hom as, B a rb a ra M cD onald, M ichele K ravitz, Je a n n e K night. FIFTH ROW: David Chezem, H a p Cooley, D an Susco, K enny Spence, C arl Flock, Chris M oore, Jo h n T ru jillo , T ony Chavez, C harles M anger, Lonna Brown, Barry W inters, M ark Cherry, Bill M cD onald.

Choir Provides Singing Opportunity The choir is organized for the purpose of giv­ ing interested students with sufficient singing ability the chance to participate in group singing and gain more knowledge about music. The choir took part in various activities throughout the year, including several assemblies, concerts, and the traditional caroling at Christmas. In addition, it participated in the music clinic held at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, the AllState Festival held in Albuquerque, and Topper Revue. A highlight of the year was the Olion’s pro­ duction of the spring musical, “Li’l Abner,” in which the choir, with the leadership of its di­ rector, Mr. Cooley, participated.

M em bers o f the choir who atten d ed All State this year are D o n n ab eth Stein, M a ry K ay T hom as, D an Susco, T erry N aV eaux, and Susan Blatz, N ot shown are K atie A nderson and J a n Stephens.

M r. T hom as Cooley, choir director, skillfully conducts the choir d u ring a C hristm as song at the S-site cafeteria.



Memories O f Town W ill Accompany

P h o to g rap h s C ourtesy of LASL Public R elations Office



You will get the best of haircuts at the

Facultv Elizabfth Aiello 10 Gerald lian\ 11, 111 Paul Berteloot . . 11,103 Paul Black 10.1.5H Robert Bodson . 1! \ ’elma Butterfield .. .2 3 VV. C. Garter 11 Robert Caswell 13 I'hontas Clooley 1.5,199 Leon Cooper , . 13.174 Robert Cox .......... 17. 130.182 Morris (Vane ... 24,107 Rex Eggleston ................... 15,198 13 Robert Eiklebcrry 10,187 Shirlev Fries Horace CJambell..................... ,24,167 Ray Cirandstaff ... 11,111, 126.182 Warren Ciumeson................... . 10,175 11 Lawrence Hanson . . 24.167 John Hardy . . . . 14,194 Bess Hegler ..................... Rollie Heltman 15, 1()0.196 Delores Hengstenberg............ .. ,12 Thomas Hightower . 22,111. 130,182 Jean Hill ............................ . 10,157 William Hudson 17, 128,188 , 14,194 Jolene Jordan .26 Robert Koch .................. V'ictor K o llm an ..................... 13.174 Marga L a m b ...................... 21, 184,190 William L am k in ..................... . ..26 .26 Gwyneth Liles.................... .. .. 14 \ ’ernon Linnaus................. .. 9 Robert M cG ee............ James Meaders ..................... .12.157 Patricia Mendius ................ ....... 10 James Miller ....................... 24.167 . 18,173 Jose Mojica ............... 10.163 Lucille McCleskey II Arthur Nichols ................... 26,162 Jo Oakes 12 Anne Phillips........................ . .. 10 Ruth P ritch a rd ................... ,, , 14 Roger Pyburn ................. Ross Ramsey.............. . . . 10,176 Dorothy Rivera ................... .. .1 8 John Ross ................... .......26 Leland Schachterle . .12 .157,166 Han S ch w arz......................... 18,183 Lois Sharp ........................ ., .10 Delbert Teter........................... ...... 24 Lucy Thomas........................... ........ 9 Luanne T hom pson............... 17.164 Marylou T ra v is...................... 18,181 Robert Visel ......................24, ,156,161 Duane Wagner..................... .13,172 Harriet Whisler........................ ,. -10 Floyd W im berley................... ...... 12 Opal Wingfield........................ .......14 Audie Woodard...................... . .26,117 Mary Josephine W y les.......... . .10 Rodney Young.............20,134 .168,170 .... 8 George F. Joyce, Principal John Coleman, Asst. Principal. . .. .9 .......9 Helen Brcisch, Registrar .9 Mary Carter, Accountant .. 9 Myrt Snowden, Secretary

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461 5 A rk a n sa s Phone 2-631 0

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Audio V'isual Club ,161 Band ............196,197 Chess Club 183 Choir 199 Club de las Bellas Artes 156 Future Nurses Club . 162 Future Teachers of America 163 Girls' Athletic Association . 164.165 Hilltalkers . 158.159 Houdini Magic Club .166 Industrial Arts Club 167 International Relations Club .180 Key Club . 160 La Loma 168.169 Les Miserable . 181 Letiermen . . 182 Lookout ., 170,171 Magmamites .. .172 National Honor Society . 157 Olioms . Olympians . 187 Orchestra . , 198 Pep Club .. 184.185.186 Science Club . 174 Sing Sing Club 175 Ski Club 188,189 Soccer Club . .191 Spanish Club . . 173 Student Council 192.193 Summit Seedlings......... .190 Topper Business Club 194,195

Advertisers American Legion .210 Baskin Robbin's 31 Flavors . .205 Carson's Conoco ,208 Central Beverage.............................209 Centre Theatre 207 Clement & Benner . , 204 Community Broadcasting Co.......... 207 Corbett Cleaning Co. . .......... 202 Creamland Dairies Inc....................209 Draggon Drugs 212 Decol's Inc. . 211 First National Bank 202 The Guarantee Inc. 209 Hayes Jewelers . 202 Hill Auto Supply Inc.......................209 Kahnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Shoe Store . .210 La Fonda .210 Lakeview Barber Shop .202 Lyon Moving & Storage . . .203 The Lodge .211 L. .A. Beauty Shop . .. 204 L. .A. Building & Loan . .205 L. A. Drug .207 L. A. Floral .207 L. A. Garden Center .............. 210 L. A. Golf Club , . 209 L. A. Monitor 206 L. A. National Bank 204 L. A. Photo Shop 211

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Index W hen You Think of Fashions Think of L. A. Soda Bar .205 1. A. Stationcrv . ............ 204 1- A. i'ransrcr Co. ,, ............... 20b Mat- Ann Heautv Salon . .20B M & S Markri . . ................... 207 Mesa Market. ................203 Metzger Stores ..................20.5 Monti'ornerv Ward. ................... 212 Moore's Motors. .......206 Moore’s Stationery . . 208 C)lsc)n's ...................208 Pastry Shop ................. 206 Pflueger's ................... 210 Schaumberg Optical. ................. 212 Shalako Shop .212 Speedway Drive In Food Stores 208 Speer's............. ..............204 State Farm Insurance Co. . 202 State Securities Inc. 206 209 White .‘\uto Store. . . ..................208 V. F. W, ...................204 X’alley F^ngineering ............206 Zia Co. ................. 203


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VETERANS OF FOREIGN V/ARS Post 8 8 7 4 C o ckta il Lounge and D ining Room

S tu d e n ts

1 9 0 7 Central

1 7 0 3 D eacon St. John D. G am b le

A Charles Abeyia . Dolores .Abeyta

.............83 ...................95 95 John Adams .................... 95 John .Agnew .95,134,157.181,188 Dan Ahearne .................. 95 William Aldrich 83,128.130.182 Carolyn Alexander . ,184,190 Priscilla Alire........... .................. 95 Glenn Allen............. ................. 47 Kay Allen . ....................83 Elsie A ile x .............. .....................95 Martin Ailex ......... ............ 95.117 Michael Lee Allsman ...................95 Katie Anderson ... 83,158,159,199 ................ 167 Jim Anderson ... Pam Anderson ....... ..............95,164 Pat Anderson........... 157,162,172,198 Robert Anderson . . .............95,125 Mike Andrews .........126,127 Don Andrus.............. .................... 83 Rose Mary Andrus ................... 45 Liz Apodaca . . ................... 83 Keith Arbtin............ .................... 48 Eddie Archuleta....... ..............83,132 Jerry Archuleta . . . ,48,95 Johnny Archuleta . . .................95 Ruth Archuleta ... .................... 48 Paul Argo ................ ..............83,126 Linda Armstrong .. .................48 Sheila Armstrong. . . , 48,165,199 B Bobbie Babcock . .....................48 Richard Baker.......... .................... 95 Peggy Bard ..............48,156 John Barnes............ .......... 95,128 Linda Barnes. . 48,157 Janice Barrington . ,49,150,184 Glory Basmann . , .49,164,168


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Ph 2-4481

49,164.194 Marylyn Bates. . Judy Baxman . . . ............. 83.185 Cathy Bay ....... ....................83 Greg Bayhurst .......... .............95,128 Roger Beaty................. ................... 95 ....................83 Steve Beaty . 83.194 Antoinette Beauchamp .............. 49 Paul Beauchamp .............. 49 Roger Beauchamp. . 83.157.185,187 Sandy Beaumont .............. 95 Joy Beckwith . ,, .49,160 Gary B e g ................. Greg Belsheim.......... 49,111.115,128 ........... 49,95 Christen Bemis. .83.156.196 Jody Benson .............95,199 Kathryn Benson . . ..................95 Patsy Benton....... Stormy Lee Benton. . ....................83 Mike Benziger - . 49,1 19,123,130,144 157,181,182 ................... 83 Thomas Berg ......... ....................49 David Bergstein . . ....... 83 Gena Barrett......... .. 95,175,198 Martha Best 83,164,184.196 Sandy Billings . .. .95,134.171 Bob B ivins............. ........ 50,170 Charles Blackwell ........ 83,199 Karen Blandford. ............. 50,199 Pat Blandford ..................95 Eugene Blankenship 83.156,185.199 Susan Blatz ................ 83 Chet Boise ................ 83 Paula Bolton . .. 150,172 Jack Boone.............. . .. 83 Marlyss Boone Jim Borkenhagen. .83,167,188 Lauren Bornofska. ................. 95 ................... 50 Edward Bosier John Bouton......... ................. 50 ..................95 Jimm Bowlin . .. , .50,172 Tom Boyd................ ,.50,166,188 Kent Boyer ............ .............83,135 Thomas Boyle. .............83.196 Dennis Brant 50,162,187.194 Ellen Braun ............84 Adrienne Brashear ................... 95 Tony Brasfield 95.111,116,130 Glen Breish ..........50 Richard Bretney .................. 96 Frank Brewer . 84, 111,114,126,127 Ralph Brewer 130,182 , ,82.84,160.191 Jim Bridge .................. 96 Melanie Briscoe....... Ken Brocious . . , . 50,160,187 Joe Brophy................. .....................96 .51,163,185 Susan Brophy 96 Richard Brower . ,96,158,198 Gary Brown.............. ..........84,199 Lonna Brown , , 51,191 Nancy Brownlee .......... 96,162 Fay Bruington . 51,152,172 Stephanie Bruington 185.199 Phyllis Bryan............. ................... 84 . ,51.160,170 Gayland Bryant 51,191 Cheryl Buchanan 84,165,185,190 Terry Buchcn .51,188,189 Carl Buckland . 84 Richard Bucschel. . . . 51.164.184,194 Linda Bunch

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W hen You Think of Fashions Think of 1-. A. Soda Bar L. A StiUionrry 1. A. rransl’cr Clo...................... Mac Ann Boautv Salon......... M & S Market Mesa Market Metzger Stores. . .... Montgomery Ward ......... Moore's Motors Moore's Stationery Olson's ... ................ Pastry S lio p ................ Ptliieger's . . Schauinberg Optical Shalako Shop. . Speedway Drive In Food Stores. Speer's .. . State Farm Insurance Co. . .. State Securities Inc. Tiano's. .................. White .\uto Store. V. F. W. , . X’altey Engineering Zia Co...................

. JOf) . 204 206 . 2t)8 .207


2o:i .205 .


206 208 208 , .206

Community Center 2-3241 1258 17th St.



212 ,212 208 .204 202

.206 209 208 204 206 .203

C on gratu lation s to the C la ss of 1 9 65


A Charles Abeyta . . . . 83 Dolores Abeyta.................................95 .................................. 95 Jim Adams John Adams 95 John Agnew 95.134,157,181,188 Dan Ahearne 95 William Aldrich , , .83,128,130,182 Carolyn A lexander..................184,190 Priscilla Alire.....................................95 Glenn Allen 47 Kay Allen..........................................83 Elsie Allex.........................................95 Martin Allex 95,117 Michael Lee Allsman....................... 95 Katie Anderson............. 83,158.159,199 Jim Anderson .............................. 167 Pam Anderson .................. 95,164 Pat Anderson...............157,162,172,198 Robert A nderson.......................95,125 Mike Andrews 126,127 Don Andrus.......................................83 Rose Mary Andrus .............. 45 LizApodaca. 83 Keith Arbtin..................................... 48 Eddie Archuleta ....................83,132 Jerry Archuleta. . . 48,95 Johnny Archuleta ........................ 95 Ruth Archuleta................................ 48 Paul Argo 83,126 Linda A rm strong................. .48 Sheila Armstrong. . 48,165,199

B Bobbie Babcock 48 Richard Baker 95 Peggy B a rd ................................ 48,156 John Barnes ....................... 95,128 Linda Bames................... 48,157 Janice Barrington .............49,150.184 Glory Basmann. . . 49,164,168

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Marylyn Bates. 49,164.194 Judy Baxman 83,185 Cathy Bay. 83 Greg Bayhurst.............................95,128 Roger Beaty ................................95 Steve Beaty 83 Antoinette Beauchamp . . 83,194 Paul Beauchamp.......... 49 Roger Beauchamp............................ 49 Sandy Beaumont .83,157.185,187 Joy Beckw ith..................... ... .95 Gary Beg 49,160 Greg Belsheim ............49,111,115,128 Christen Bemis ................... 49,95 Jody Benson .............83.156.196 Kathryn Benson . . ...............95,199 Patsy Benton .. . 95 Stormy Lee Benton .............83 Mike Benziger. 49,119.123,130,144 157.181.182 Thomas Berg ... .......................... . 83 David Bergstein ......................... 49 Gena Barrett.......... ...........................83 Martha Best ...........95,175,198 Sandy Billings , 83,164,184.196 Bob B ivins............. 95,134.171 Charles Blackwell .................... 50,170 Karen Blandford . ....................83.199 . Pat Blandford......... ............... 50,199 Eugene Blankenship .................. 95 Susan Blatz . 83,156,185,199 Chet Boise......................................... 83 Paula B o lto n ....................................83 Jack Boone............................ 150,172 Marlyss Boone................................... 83 Jim Borkenhagen............... 83,167,188 Lauren Bornofska.............................. 95 Edward B osier................................. 50 John Bouton...................................... 50 Jimm Bowlin ............................ 95 Tom Boyd....................................50,172 Kent Boyer .................. 50,166.188 Thomas Boyle............................. 83,135 Dennis Brant...............................83,196 Ellen Braun ..........50,162,187,194 Adrienne Brashear. 84 Tony Brasfield . . 95 Glen Breish.................... 95,111,116.130 Richard Bretney................................ 50 Frank Brewer.................................... 96 Ralph Brewer . 84,111,114,126,127 130,182 Jim B rid g e...................... 82.84.160,191 Melanie B riscoe.................... .96 Ken Brocious........................ 50,160,187 Joe Brophy........................................ 96 Susan Brophy............ - .51,163,185 Richard Brower....... , ,96 Gary Brown ... 96,158,198 Lonna Brown ......... .............. 84,199 Nancy Brownlee ............. 51,191 Fay Bruington , , .96.162 Stephanie Bruington 51,152,172 185.199 Phyllis Bryan ,. ............. 84 Gayland Bryant . ,51.160,170 Cheryl Buchanan 51,191 Terry Buchen Carl Biickland 51,188.189 Richard Bucschel 84 Linda Bunch

Hand Packed Ice Cream W a lly & Mo G en o

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Patricia Bunch 9B Ann Burciafi'a .51 Laurel Burciaga 52.184 Charlotte Burke 98 Ciwendolyn Burke 98 Mike Burkheimer 84,196 Karen Burns . , . 96 Mike Burns .52 Tim Burns,127.160 Mike Busse 96.132

TRANSFER CO. Your M a yflo w e r A ge n t

THE PASTRY SHOP W here Friends Meet In the Com m unity Center Phone 2 -2 7 5 4




.-\nne Cable 52,187 Pat Cadenhead . 96,196 Lavclle Calvert 84,162.157,175.199 Charles C^alvin . 52,144,168,196,198 Virginia Calvin 96, Claud Campbell 96.117,161 Jim Campbell . . 52 Shelley Campbell 96 Craig (ilanfield ......... . 52,160 Edwardo Carballo .84 Martha Carballo 84 Bonny Carlson . 84,162.164,184 Jane Carmichael . .52,162 Dave Carroll . . .52,167 Judi Carroll 53,175 Chris C a rs o n .................. 96,125.130 Gail Carson . 53,162.184 Linda Carson....................................96 Michael Carson .................53,111.167 Thomas Carson ................ 53.134.183 JefT Casados ............................ 96,196 Marcia Casados................................ 53 Lee Caswell 96,134,196 Carla C'de Baca . .96.176,185 Carlos Chacon . .. 53.161,173 Claudio Chacon............................... 84 Bill Chambers 96.117 Lee Chambers 82.84.157,163,181 Dan Chaney......................................96 Dave Chaney 53,196 William Chaney 84 Gloria Chang 84,194 Ricky Chang ................................53 Anthony Chavez. ................ 53,199 Emily Chavez ........................ 84 Linda Chavez.................................... 96 Mitch Chavez ....................... 96,125 Jesse Cheadle . 53,134.169,187.196 Pat Chelius 96,167 Rebecca Chene 54 Gerald Cherry...................................... 54.126,127 Mark C h e rry ......................84,128,199 David Chezem . 84.111,115,160,199 Ray Christensen 96.196 Wayne Ciddio, . 84,111,115,130.160 Steve Claiborne................................. 9( Eddie Clark ................................54 Larrv’ Clark ..................................... 54 Janet Clevenger......................... 96,185 Marilyn C levenger................... 54,185 Gail Coburn 84,185 Pat Coburn 96,185 Susan Coburn 96 Eric .Malcolm Cole 96 Nancy Cole 84,158,177 Sandra Cole , 96,176 Leta Combs. ..54,108 Rita Combs 97,196

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in the Com m unity Center Dial 2 -4 0 1 2

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Thomas Cook Gerald P. Cooley . Carolyn Cooper Nancy Lee Cooper Evelyn Cordova Patricia Cordova . Shirley Cordova . . Thomas Cordova Sharon Cote......... Joan Coulter . James Courtney Charles Cowan Nancy Cowan. . Barbara Cox......... Wendy Cox............ Doug Cramer Michael Craven Steven Craven Mary Crisler John R. Criss. Roy Cromer Toni Lynn Crow William Cruise Trent Cummings

.............. 97 -54,152,160,199 ........ 196,198 ...............97,185 ....................54 .............. 84 ....................97 ................ 54 .............97,199 ..................... 97 ....................54 ...............97,157 ............... 84,157 .. 97,157,196 .84,163.164,184 .............. 97,171 .............. 55,128 ......... ,97,128 .................... 97 .............84,187 ...84,196,198 ..................... 55 ............... 55,196 .. , 55.160

D in the Com m unity Center


S a n ta Fe, Los A la m o s, Espanola N orthern N ew M e xico â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Le a d in g Su p e r M arkets

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Los A lam o s Floral C o m p a n y G ifts for all occasions W e d d in g A rran gem ents C o rsa g e s-P la n ts-H o sp ita l and Hom e Arrangem ents Cut flo w e rs-T ab le Arrangem ents

187.190.199 Darlene Dabney . .84,163,185 Nancy Dabney . . . LaDonna Daily. . . . . .84, 163.185.199 84,157 160.182.192 Joseph Daly Katherine Daly . .55,84 148.157.192 .............. 85 Thomas Darrell .............55 Richard Davey ,,, .97 Charles Davis 55,144 157.193.199 Christine Davis ...............56 Clinton Davis....... .97,191,192 Delacroix Davis. .............. 97 Diane Davis......... .............. 85 Gwendolyn Davis .............97 Lawrence Davis .............. 85 Vicki Davis .97 ,165,176,185 Deborah Day . . .............. 97 Robert D ay......... .............. 56 David DeGeer 85 158.164,177 Jan DeGeer 85,164,190 Ann Deinken ,56.167,196 John Deinken......... .............85 Stanley Delano. ,56,163,164 Dorothy Derr . .............. 97 Michele Desilets Gloria Diaz . . 85,157, 163,175,198 Manuel Diaz . . . , , . . .97, 126,127,157 ............97 Paul Dion.............. .......85.160 James Dominic. 185,187,194 Nellie Donaldson . . 97,196 Art Dougherty ...............56 Margaret Douglas 85, 164,184,196 Charlene Douglass Susan Dow . . .......... 56 56,185 Ellen Duben 57,114.182 Joe Duben . . 97 Darline Dufour. . . 57,185 Joann Dufour Mary Anne Dugan . ,57, 157.158.159 164 168,170,185 .85 Michael Dugan 97 Linda Duke Phill Dunagan 97.117.130 Jcrrv Duncan 97,196 Debbie Dunning 176 57 Mark Durham

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Index David Dvorak Rick Dvorak

57.119.182 123.132,182




In the Community Center

Janet Kdcskuiy . .85.157,184,199 Mary Kdgcii ...........98,191 Judy Klrner ......................... 98 Barbara Elliou . 98.165.185 Edith Elliott ....... 98,163 Reed Elliott , . .57,191 Barbara Ellison .............. 57 Jock Embry . , ................ 98 Merry Embry. . , , .57.171 Robert Emigh 57,11 1,1 13.130.182 Ted Emigh . 98.111,116.130 Bill Enloe 98.111.116,125.130 Martha Ennis 57.157,172 Dewayne Enright ..................... 98 Gary Everall ..................... 58.167 Pegg>' Everett. .............. 58,152,198 Pete Eyster . . 85,111,115,160

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Com m unity Center

and Seat Covers


F Linda P'abec ................ 58.188,191 GeofTrey Farr 98,196 Jack Fellers 85,119,121.130.169,182 Hugh Felt ..............58.128.144,188 Jeanne Felton ................ 58,165,184 David Ferguson................................. 58 Gilbert Ferran .................85.126.130 Maria Ferris ....................... 98.185 Brian Fishbine...................... 85,157,181 Frank Fisher......................................98 Kay F ish er................................ 98.196 Ken Fisher. 98 Stanley F i s h e r ................................58 Jeanette Fishier................................. 85 Joan Fishier 58.190 Chris Fiizgibbon 98 Joe Fitzgibbon.............................85,117 Carl Flock 59,144.157,199 Lee F'lynn . ... .98,105.165 Charles Foglesong . 98 James Foglesong .59,111,114.126,127 182,188,189 Robert Foglesong..............................98 Judie Ford . .,158,163 184.188,196,197 Robert Forrest 98.117,126,130 Mary Fowler ..................... 98,181 Ruth Fowler .59,157,198 Kris Frame .. . .85,167 Kathryn Francis . .59,157,184,194 Carol Freyman 98 Linda Fritch . 98,164,185 Geri Fulgenzi .................. 98,164.185 Marjorie F u lle r......................... 59,199 Carol Furchner............. 59,157.163.195 197,198 Anthony Furrh . ,98



Wanda Gale...................................... 98 Roberta Gallagher 59,194,199 Frederick Gailaher .59,175,187,196 Martha Gallegos 59,165,168,173.185 Peggy Ann Gamble...........................98 Harry Garcia .............. 60,111,116 Lorina Garcia 85,185,190

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In Los A lam o s 1 4 0 0 17th Phone 2-5 092



BOYS’ WEAR Hart Schaffn e r and M arx Arrow Shirts

C on gratulations to the 1 9 6 5 Seniors


1 5 5 0 Iris Credit Union Buiiding

Index TIANO’S SPORTING GOODS Best W ish es and A ll the Luck in the W orld

CENTRAL BEVERAGES De Baca B u ild in g

Ph. 2 -6 6 0 0


Fill all your hunting, fish in g, and other sporting needs at T ian o ’s. In the Com m unity Center Phone 2 -2 4 5 9

C o n g ratu latio n s to the C la ss of 1 9 6 5

•Autom obile, Truck,


Tractor Parts “ Se rvice is O u r Business’’

4 2 5 0 D iam on d Drive Phone 2 -5 8 8 3

of Flavor

Sure Sign

CREAMLAND DAIRIES INC. Los A la m o s, N ew M exico

85.173.184 Pearl Garcia. ............98 Vernon Garcia 60.162,190 Gwendolyn Gardner .98,176 Lois .A.nn Gardner .........98 Mark Gardner .60 Roger Gardner .............. 85 David Garrett . . .98 William Garrett 60,132, 169,170,182 Rod Geer .85, 158.159,160 Robert GeofFrion Roberta GeofTrion . . 98, 164,176,185 .......... 98 Linda German .......... 98 Doug Gibson ..............60 Sharon Gibson ............. 85 Dana GifTord .......... 85 Ryan Gilbert . .6 0 Murray Giles Gray Gilmore 60,119,120, 130.182.187 86,187 Larry Giorgi .98 108,109,165 Irene Gonzales , 96,196 Arnie Gore....................... Viki Gore ............. .......86,196 Mary Jane Gosslee. 60.166. 175.176.187 Barbara Gould ............... .60.194,199 Pam Gould ........ 99 Eva Grant ............ ., , 99 .86,187 Karen Gray................... Karen Greenwood . . 86.164.184 , 60 Linda Greenwood . James Griffin , 82,86 ,111,114,132 Janice Grilly ................. .61,182,191 86.166.196 James Grover......... Cheryll Guerrero . . .99,,165,176,185 61 Marv Lee Guest

H ............. 86 Charles Haferkamp 61,149,181 Eleanor Hall. , . 99,165 Linda Hall 169 Lynn Hali .......... .99,165 Susan Hall . . .............86 Warren Hall ..........86 Beth Hammel ,99,196 Steve Hammel 61,184,194 Karen Hampton ........ 99 Dan Hanna ........ 61 Jan Harbour ............61 Jean Harlow . . Tom Harlow. . ............61 . ,. .99,134 Ronald Harper . . . .6 1 Carole Harrall ....................99 Jim Harrall . . . .62 Mary Harrington . ...................62 Pat Harrington . .. 99 Debbie Harris ... 99 Ellen Harrison . Janet Harrow. .99,164,185 .99 Albert Hawkins John Hawthorne - . ................... 99 Tom Hawthorne. . .86,,111.11,117,123 132,169,182 Pat Hayes . . 62 Judy Hayes.................. ....................99 Ronnie Hays. 62 Lexi H e a th .............. ,86,185 David Heeley 62 Ron Hcinzc . 99 Ann Hemmendinger 99,181.196.197 Dennis Hemmendinger 99 Bob Hengstenberg 86,134,160.196 Sharon Hrnicksman 99.176

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Index The

KAHN’S SHOE STORE Natalie Henrv ............99 \'ieki Herbert 99.1Hfj Margaret Herrera 165 Mark Hessiru' 62 175.181,18:5,191 Larr\ Hicks .. . 62,lf)4 Pat Hicks Suanna Hicks . 86,191 Brenda Hidy .................62 JefTcry Hill ............... 99 Steve Hill 86,1 19,122,1:52 Jane 1lilton 63,184 javne Hobbs .....................99 Michael Hobbs . 63,167 Nanc\ Hobdav ................. 99 Tom Hocketl 8(5 Stephen Hudson 86.126.127 Kdward Holcomb 99,117,126 Linda Hoitomt , . (53 Larrv Holmberg 6: Greita Holmes ................. ,86 Larrv Holmes 99.117 Ronnie Holmes 86.111,114,182 Laura Holt 86.158.187 Garv Horpedahl . . . 100.125 Susan Hoverson 100.176.196,198 Tom Howlin ,, . . , 100 Gerry Huber .................... 86 Jackie Hues 63.162,164.184 Martin Hushes . . 86.191,196 Robert Hushes .................... 86 Dwayne Hull .................87 Beverlv Hulls .63,165,184.194 Ronald H u lls ........... ............ 63.167 John Humphreys ..............87,168 Pete Humphrey ,63.158.160 Tinney Sue Humphreys . 100,196.198 Cindv Hurl ........... ... .87.164.184 Carole Hutcheson 63,163,184 Becky Hvatt ..............63,156


on the Pla za in S a n ta Fe For Popular Priced Shoes

“ W here Hilltoppers shop with co n fid e n ce ” Phone 982-5991 S a n ta Fe, N ew M exico

G et Your Com plim ents of the

C o rsa g e s at the



Frank G . Franier 2 0 8 D P Road 2-5 8 5 2

J Arlie Jackson.......... 64 ..........100 JanJanecca Arthur Jaramillo . 64 JoeJaramillo . . .64 Dale Jarvis , , .87,167 Lynn Jennings. 100.176.196 Pat Jennings ............. 64,128 Linda Jensen ....... .............87,194 Art Johnson 64.111 113,126.127.182 87 Bill Johnson Bryan Johnson ........ ..........100,198 Esther Johnson 87 Kathie Johnson , 64,199 Judy Johnson . ..64,165 Steve Johnston 100,130 Colyer Johnstone ,8 7 Barry Jones .87,111,115 Blair Jones ‘ .......... 100.117,132 Robert Jones . . . . .100,125,132 ............... 64 Barbara Jordan......... John Jordan . . 64.128

K . . 64.126 Eddie Kain Claudine Kasunic . .. 100,165.175.196 Ronnie Keil .87,132 100,176,184 Jeanne Keller 87.111,160 John Kemme. . . . Brad Kennedy ............ 87

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h nuecfet? 1 I u

The Place in Santa Fe where You Buy "Sm art Footwear'

Phone YU 2-5851

The Inn at the end of the trail in O ld San ta Fe, New Mexico It’s the place to d in e. . the place to stay in the Capital Restaurant, C o ffe e Sh o p , and Sw im m ing Pool



Com m unity Center The h ead q u arters in Los Alam os for Hermes Typewriters

Soles and Service

THE LODGE Your Host on the Hi

Index 87 Deborah Kerns 117,125,130.196 Bruce Kerr . .65.165 Debbie Kerr , .87,167 Dewayne Ketchell Mike Kilgore ... 166 John Kincaid ...................65 Charles King .88,167 Mike King . ,65 Joanne Kinker Jerry Klein 65,111.114,r>8,182 87.111.115,160 Larry Knapp 87.199 Jeanne Knight 100.130 Sieve Knight . . .87.199 Nancy Knobeloch 1(H) Don Koetter .. .100 Joseph Koetter .65,157.181.198 Margy Koontz . , 87 Gloria Korte 65.157,176.199 Michele Kraviiz 100.164 Patty Krieger ................. 87 Bruce Krohn 65 Walter Kunz

L .......... 87.130 Joe LaBuave 100.175,197 Renee LaBauve 87 Diane Lamkin 100 Charles Landahl 100 Tim Lang 87 Francine Lawrence . 87,157 John Lazarus . 87.128,196 Mark Leachman ................. 100 Jeffry Leary 88,126,127.182 Jdhn LefTler 88 Barbara Lehman 88 Lelo Lehman 100,126 Ken Leibee 100,196 Barbara Leland .88 Ross Lemons 100,167 Bob Leonard Cathie Lewis. ,65.149,168.181,188 , . 100.196 Dan Lewis 66,134,160.191 Dick Lilienthal . 88.128.196 James Lilienthal 88,126.130.160 Dave Lindblom 88,176,196 Linda Linnaus 88.188 Henry Longmire 100 Juan Lopez 88.130 Jim Lory 100,181,185 Lynne Loucks . , 100 Alex Lovato . . 66 Betts Lovato .88 Rita Losato .100 William Lovvery 100 Don Lucero 101 Patsy Lucero 66.111.112,182 Paul Lucero 101,117.130 Charles Luders (i6.l73 Nellie Lujan 66.173,168.185 W'onne Lujan 101.184 Ruth Lynch 88,196 David Lyon 88,171 Julie Lyon

M Jean Mackey Norman Macmann Ben Maes Gene Macs Gloria Macs

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88.194 88,196,198 66,191 101 101


Index Best W ish es l.atrv M.icsias ('hai'U'N Manner Uaihaia Maim Itil, 1 l*aul M anzanairs............................. HH Jot- Marmci juhn Marshall BH.191 Hnl> Marlin (ih,111.11 I.1B2 JflV Martin KM Kaihv Mai tin 101 ,l(i4 Hcriuco Mariincz Oh.lBf) David Martinrz . 101 Danm Martinez .07,111.111) laddie Martinez 07,119,1211 Jackie Martinez 101,125 Nelson Martinez B7,l()l Ronnie Martinez 8H Rose Ellen Martinez 67,162.173,1(14 194 Sylvia Martinez...................... 67,184 Xâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ir^inia Martinez 101 Ronald Mason 67,175,196 Dou^ Mather 101 Chris Matlack , 88.166,199 John Mattys ,67,158,172,176 Steve McCartney .88,135 Chuck McClenahan....................67,128 Dennis McCloskey . . 67,119,122,135 145,182 Judy McConnell . -67 Barrv McCracken 88,158,159,160 Linda McCreary. 101,175,176 Barbara McDonald ,68.160.199 Cherrvl M cF arlan d..................... 68 Paul McGuire...................... 88,160,194 Wendy McGuire. , , . ,88.196.198 Joan McHale 101,158,159 Janet McKee 101,162.184 Barbara M cK ow n.................... 88.196 Bette McKown.......................... 101,198 Rebecca McNeese . . 101,164,185 Andy McQueen 68,151,157,192 Don Meaders 68,191 Ken Meaders . 88 Mike Means. . . Joel M e d lin ......................................68 Diane Mench . . .. . 68 Rick Mendius . . 101.157,158.196,197 198 Kim M e y e r ................ .101 Raleigh Michel 68.126,127,167,182 Paul Miera .............. 101 Carol Jean Miller..............................68 Russ Miller 88,160,167.188 Steve Miller , 101 Bonnie Mills . 88,157.196 Kenneth Mills............... 68,158.159,166 Daniel M in e r...................................68 Deborah Miner 102 Steve Miner . ,89 Fred Minor .102 l^ee Mitchell . 102,117,167 Louie Mojica 102 Teresa Mojica 69.156 Patricia M o lleit........................ 89.190 Susan M olleur...........................89,156 John M o n ey ........................... 89 Bonnie M ontoya....................... 89,173 Margaret Montoya 89 X'incent M ontoya............................ 69 Paul Moody......................................102 Chris Moore . ..69,158,159,166,171

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an d Thanks

SCHAUMBERG OPTICAL SERVICE 1 733Vi Central Ave. Los A la m o s, N ew M exico

C ongratulations to the C la s s o f '6 5

MONTGOMERY WARDS Catalog Store 1851 Central Los A la m o s, N ew M exico

A Com plete Drug Store


Ph. 2-5591


.:!5 R l' if


Los Alamos, New Mexico

Authentic Indian Arts and Crafts Nambe'Ware-Loma pottery-Kaibab Moccasins

Index Tom Moore. 89,117,132 Vicki Morgan 102.157,165,198 Kenneth Morris ........................... 69 Bob Morrison . 69,111.114.128,130 150.182 Patricia Morton . 89 Gail Mosher ,102.163,165,196,198 Robin Mottaz....................................89 Allan Moulton .......... 102,126,196 Michael Moulton .................... 102 Elizabeth Mueller ........... 69,181,198 Kathie Mullins............................89.184 Paul Munno................................ 69,160 ......................69,184 Kathy Murphy Patricia Murphy ..........89,164.176,185 Scott M u rra y ............................... 89 Becky Mutschler ...................... 102 Carol Myers................................ 70,169

N Barbara Nachlinger .

70,108,109.144 188,199 Sylvia Nachlinger. .82,89,108.109,185 Terry NaVeaux .................. 70,156.157 Donna Jean Neal ..........................102 Phyllis Neal 70 Brian Neher ................ 102,196,197 ..............70,172.196 Douglas Neher Jerry Nelson ............................. 70 Pam Nelson . 102 Ronald Nemec ............. 70,167 David Nereson .............. 102,198 Danny Netuschil ............... 70,126,127 Thomas Netuschil ............. 102,126 Harriet Newton ................... 102,198 Ricky Nichols........................89,126,127 Nick Nogar ......... . 102 Mark Nolen................................ 70,160 Lester Norman 89,167,172.188,191

O Patricia Oakes 89,176,196 Shirley O a k e s................................... 71 Tom O’Connor 70.152,181,188,198 Jean Ogle...........................................89 Mike O ’Keefe. . . 102,160 Sharon O'Keefe 89,162 Jacqueline O liv e r ...............71,184.196 Jenifer Onstott ............ 71,181,197 Peggy Onstolt 102,181.196 Rick Orndoff ................... 102,130 Cathleen O ’Rourke. . . 102,157,173.176 185 Michael Osborn 89,128 Paula Osborn .89,165,173,184 Scott Osborne 102,196 Pam O n . 102,164 George Overton 89.191 Mike Owen 89,167

P Charles Pacheco Lerov Pacheco Margie Padilla Greg Page Paul Page Frances Pallone

89,119 90,111.115.119,124 130.182 102,125,130 71, 169.182,193

Bruce Panowski

.71.134.168,182,183 199 90.164,184.187,199 ............. 90,184.199 .................... 71

Daryl Panowski Lynn Panowski Chuck Parker Mary Parker . . . . . 102 Eric Parnes ...102 Bruce Partridge . .71.134,167,191 Sue Partridge. . James Pawley . , . .71.132.194 .Myrna Pederson. . Martha Penland . . 102.157,185.198 72,111,114,144,168 Robert Penland. 182.196,197 Arleen Perez ......................102 ............... 90,157 Earl Perry 72,190 Annette Peterson. Karen Peterson . . .............. 72,90.162 .......................102 Lynn Peterson Rose Ann Peterson 103 90,184 Susan Peterson ................. 103 Becky Pettit ......................... 90 Lee Ann Petty. . 103,164.185 Jackee Phillips 103,185 Jeanette Phillips Norlene Phillips . ............. 72,149,194 Liz Pierce . . . .................... 72,149 . . . . . .72,197 Marilee Pierotti .72,163,165.170 Christina Pizzuto . ...73,167,196 David Ponton . .90,156,185 Linda Porter . . . 103 Nancy Porto 103,117,160 William Porton Linda Prestwood . ........................103 Susan Pretzel . . ...................103,164 .......... 73 Eilene Prewitt Ruth Prime . . .......................... 90 Bill Pruett . . . 73,113,126,127,132 160.182 .......................... 73 Louise Pulliam

Q 103,196

Joe Quintana

R .90,157 Dana Rabideau Dennis Raines........................ ,, , 90 .73,184 Belinda Ramirez Charles Ramsey 90, 128.198 Ronald Randolph , 103,111,116,.125,130 .... 103 Mary Rarrick ..73 Richard Rarrick ,90,190 Beth Rasmussen ,90,196 .Mark Rayburn .162,176 Pat Reade ,165,185 Linda Rector . 103 Keith Rendell . .160,196 Paul Rexroth ,159,181 James Ribe . .90 Linda Rice 90,184 Rochelle Richard 103,191 Paul Rickerson 90. 163,164 Michelle Riebe . ... 90 Coni Riedel 103 Marylee Riedel . ., 90 Robert Riley 103 117.196 Manny Rivera . .73 Patricia Roberson 73,144 Margaret Elizabeth Roberts 175 103.198 Rebecca Roberts 90 Cindi Robertson . .,74 Eugene Robinson 74,176 Penny Robinson . .90 Paula Robyn 103,158 Richard Robyn

Mary Roche . . . . .74,163.165,171 Cordie Rodriguez . ...................... 103 Barbara .\nn Roensch 103,176,196.197 Paul Roensch 103,196,197,198 James Rogers. ............90.157,160 Donald Rohwer .... 90,176 Ronnie Rohwer . . . .74 Irene Romero .................... 103 ........................74 Joseph Romero Lourdes Romero ............... 90.184 ................,90.156 Nancy Romero Kathleen Rose .. . .................... 90.173 ......................... 90 Linda Ross Sheila Ross........... ..................... 103 ..........................74 David Rourke . Michael Rouse ................. 74,172 .90,184 Kay Roush ................103,130 Charles Rowley Carmen Roybal 74.165,169,173,185 .................103 Johnny Roybal 75,162,163,168.173 Lisa Roybal. .......................104 Barbara Royer. ................104.164 Cheryl Royer ........... 75,184 Mary Royer Carl Rudnick 104,188,196.197.198 Mary Ruminer ........... 91,156 Bob Russo . . . 104.111,125,135

s Susan Sack . .......... 104,175 John Sanchez. . . . 104 Tony Sanchez .................75 75 Esther Sandoval Frank Sandoval .................... 91 Carol Sass . . 75 Thomas Sattizahn 104.126 Sherry Saunders ............... 75 Linda Scarbrough 104,196 Martha Scarbrough.................. 104,196 Charles Schelberg 91, Luanne Schlatterer 75.188.196,198 ...........75.190 Elaine Schofield Linda Schofield .......... 91 104.130.198 Tony Schofield ............... 75 Rav Schofield . . 75.191 Fred Schonfeld ...............91 Marla Schoolcraft .104,130.198 Bill Schrandt . 104,185 Lani Schuster 76.144,157.164,172 Donna Schutz ... 104,199 Lynda Scott ........................91 Patsy Scott .91 Paul Scott 76 William Lee Scott .....................104 Carolyn Sears Barbara Seegmiller .. 104,108.109.165 104,1 11.125,132 Brian Seegmiller. 91.111,113,119 Douglas Seegmiller 124.125,132.181 104.135 Larry Segar .9 1 .Amadiio Segura 104 Gloria Ann Segura 76,130,160.182 Floyd Segura 91 Shari Shadden 91.188 Charles Shafer 104 Dennis Shampine 91 Debbie Shannon l(H,134,l(j7 Dave Shaykin 76,157,158.160.166 Saihish Shenov 167 91 Linda Shoopman 91,196,198 Ray Shopp Susan Shopp 104,196 William Shopp 104 Richard Shores 104 Johnny Silva

Tom Singleton......... ...................... 76 .......................76 Jim Sisneros . . .. 76.165.168 Candy Smith , 91,196 Conway Smith Ernest Smith 91,111.115,119.124.125 132,182 Jim Smith ............. 91 Karen Smith ....... 91.184 Patricia Smith .......... 76 , , , .91.104,117 Robert Smith Sandra Smith 76,176,199 Steve Smith , 104.117.130 Terry Smith 104.157 Mary Sniezek .......... 91,194 Sharon Snvder .,175 Carol Sowder . .91 91,168 Cheryl Sowder .................... 77 Paul Sparks Kenneth Spence .........77.167,199 Bruce Staake . . 77,135,182 Candace Starner 77.163.181 John Starner . 104,1 17,130,157,175,198 . . 104,196.197 James Stearns .77 Stephen St. Clair Donnabeth Stein 104,185.199 Karen Stein . 104,176.185 . , .92.108,109.165 Karla Stein Charles Stephens 104.196 Edith Stephens 77.164.199 Jan Stephens ... .104.176,199 Sherri Stevens . .. 104,158.159 Lorraine Stephenson 92,185 Paul Stephenson 104 Mike Sterkel 105 Bill Stewart . 92 .105 John Stice . ................92,157 David Stoms Robert Strein .77,1 72.176 ......... 105 Gerald Strickfaden Kav Strom 105,165 Paul Strom 92,130 . 77,163,184.192 Judy Sturm Kristi Summers . 78,157,181 Mark Summers 11.78,1 12,132,144 157.160.182,193 Dan Susco 78.134,182,183,191,199 Gerald Swickard 105 Martha Swickard 92.156.157,196 78.157 Katherine Sydoriak

T Kathv Talafous Marcia Tattan Edward Taylor Sally Taylor Margie Teetor A \ ’Fesche Dan Tesche Tom Tesche Randall Teter David Thomas Jerry Thomas Jim Thomas

105,165,184 105,163,185.194 92 .92,164 ....... 78 . . . 82,92 105.117.160 114.130.182 78,172 78.190 78,160,196.198 11,92.114,126,130 160.182 Mary Ka\ 'Fhomas 157.164.171 17.5.199 Shcriden Thomas 92.176.199 Karen I'homas 92,15<).157,164,176 185 Larry Thomsen 92 Charles Trask 92.160,172 Lee Trexler 92,117 .Armando Trujillo 105 Donna Trujillo 92,173 John Trujillo 82,92.199 Joyce Trujillo j, 105,176

John Van de \'akle 105 Parker Van l lecke .. .79.108.109,182 l ed \ ’aughan ............................105 Gloria Velasco . , . .92,165,185,198 Saudi Velasquez..............................105 Puis Vigil , ,92

Index Michael 'IVujillo Mike Trujillo. . Pal Trujillo Pal Ann I rujillo Patricia 'rrujillo Peter Tuck Polly Tuck Sue Tucker Doug Turner Karen Turner Roger Turner Barbara Tynan

. . 92.126 105,160,161 78,169,171,19:1.199 105,165,185 . . . . 105,165,185 92.128,181.188 92.176 .79.144.165,188.192 ........................79 ........................ 105 ..............92.1:14.196 .................... 79,169

U Jeanne Unger . Arlene Urizar

184 . ,92

V Robert Van Gemert


W Gary Waggoner 93 (.ircg Waggoner 105 Micheal Waldschniidt 93 Pamela Wallis 105 Pam J. Wallis, , ,79.177.188,189,199 Scott Warner 105,130 Roger Waterman 79,111,112,119,120 144.182 Ted Waterman . . 105,111,116 Larry Waters . . .79,111,115,182 Sandra W att......................................93 Gaihy Weaver...................... 93.164,184 Ghristine W e a v e r .................... 80,199 Bernie Weber 93,112,126 Richard W 'einlraub.................. 93,196 Mike Weldon ................ 105,134 Ghcrri Wenslay...........................93,163

John Wertz Jane Wherriii Bill White Judith Ann While B»)b Whitmore



,93 163,K.9,176,187

, .93 . ,80,108.109,199 93,157,158,159 196,198 80.175,199 Carolyn Wilder . . 93.157,164 Georgia Wilder ...........93,196 Jim W'ilhelm . ....................93 Sue Wilkerson .................... 105 Bill W'tlliain.s. .......... 80.184 Cynthia Williams ......................93 Palsy Williams . . .Stacy Williams. . 93 108.109,169,199 . 125,132,195 Wendell Williams. .................... 105 John Wilson, 93,112,160 Jim Wimberley 105 .164.176,185,196 Vicki Winburn ...............80,176 Kathy Winslow 105,184 Laura Ann Winslow 199 Barry Winters. .93,164,176,184 Linda Wutteman. .............93,173 Margaret Wohiberg. .93,184 Marilyn Wood .................105 Muriel Wood .

80 Richard W'o«h1 80.126,127 Robin Wood 105.184 Amy W'oods. . 80 Barbara Woodward . . 105,196 Jay Woolen . 93 Shirley Wright 93,119,124.125,135 William Wykoll

David V’eamans Kd Young.......... James Young Steve Young Bill Youngman Sharon Younts

Jack Zastrow Shiela Zeigler Chris Zeigner Carmen Zielinski Bob Zimmerman Mike Zinolli Pam Zogg

93.167,172 . .. 105,117 105,130,198 81,167 . . . 93 81

105,125,132,182 .81,198 105,164,185 . .81 ............81,128 ................ 105 ..................... 93

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Yearbook Covers Facets O f School The 1965 La Loma Staff sincerely hopes that your yearbook has helped you recall the many aspects of this past year and that this book will give you remembrances. The staff extend their thanks to the following: Mr. Delbert Teter Mr. Robert Visel Mr. James Miller Mr. John Agee The Los Alamos Public Relations Monitor Department of LASL

'â&#x2013; .--'A' V

V h


La Loma 1965 II

4 r 'Z ,


La Loma 1965






' ’' ' - ' A

■' ■A'


A '

A"':.>t- ..A' "'. '

A ->vv-:’ .::-,;A ' . ;

' a l a x -v a .;'; - :;; '. ; -.a .. ;,■

i^!^y. '■'■'//

' 'y


-A ' //■ / / ■■

Los Alamos Public School 1965 Yearbook  

Los Alamos Public School 1965 Yearbook

Los Alamos Public School 1965 Yearbook  

Los Alamos Public School 1965 Yearbook