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Call for Articles { seeking progressive policy ideas & analysis } The Louisiana Progress Initiative is seeking original articles for its second publication to be offered in November 2009. LPI is a not-for-profit endeavor advancing progressive state policies through careful research and analysis. Our mission is to foster a robust marketplace of ideas through the dissemination of periodic journals directly to policymakers, community organizations, and concerned citizens. We welcome your input.  The focus of the next Louisiana Progress Journal will be Louisiana’s public education system  Articles should focus on progressive proposals to meet the challenges of Louisiana public education and/or analyses of weaknesses or problems with current education policy  We will choose articles which are supported, well-reasoned, and relevant, with preference for those that are forward-oriented and persuasive (please feel free to contact us with questions)  If you are interested in submitting an article, report, or essay, please contact us at for article parameters and subject matter review. We welcome articles of all types, including student work.  Priority submission deadline is October 9, and final deadline is October 25, 2009.

Louisiana Progress Initiative Phone 504.322.4702

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