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A southern girl full of charm who believes she can change the world. Yes, you read correctly I believe I can change the world with each encounter made in life. On December 15, 2017 I recieved a bachlors of Interior Design from the University of Louisiana at lafayette. I call this the first step to my goal of creating communities geared toward the development of individauls faced with poverty. To feed my passion while working toward this goal I put Zero Limiations in place. This non-profit organization focus on aiding the individuals in the everyday lives through community

service. Now I invite you on my journey to change the world!!

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RE-IMAGINED Homeless Shelter The cost of living in Boston, Massachusetts is at an all time high, however the average household’s income has not increased. The spike in housing cost has caused a spike in family homelessness. In 2015 the amount of family homelessness alone had risen 25%.


Next Stop: HOME is my take on re-imagining homeless shelters. The facilitiy not only houses these families but provides necessary resources for rehabilitation back into society.

THE FACILITY MEDIA CAFE LOBBY ENTERANCE A fully functional temporary living facility for homeless families. The facility features spaces such as: Childcare, Work café, Media Center, Support Offices, and Prefab Homes. This facility is located in Boston, MA close to schools and parks. It is filled with elements to remind residents of home.

THE APARTMENT PRE-FABRICATED FULLY FURNISHED Prefab homes feature fully functional kitchen and livivg spaces to make the residents feel right at home. With a large bedroom and bathroom residents are offered a comfortable place to rest and relax.

Brew Lafayette



Brew Lafayette is a facility designed by a former architecture student. I was brought into the project to design the apartments.This concept was submitted to the TOP’S Taste of the Real World competition. We placed in the top five of the competition. Here is my solo design for the building’s micro apartments.

Port sample  
Port sample