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Above all, snow is a playful element that attracts young and old alike. Everything is allowed in snow: rolling around, tobogganing, snowball fights, snow games and sleigh rides. Snow beautifies the landscape, protects from the cold, revitalises the mind, and assists travel in arctic conditions. The Finnish language has dozens of different terms for snow, all of which are needed as the subject of snow is a daily focus of discussion for the locals. While many of the world’s regions are lacking snow due to global warming, Lapland guarantees snow in the winter.

In addition to the snowy winters, the three other seasons in Lapland enchant the visitor over and over. Laplanders are proud of their climate and are themselves able to deeply appreciate the spectacular seasonal panorama. The magic of Finnish Lapland also lies in her welcoming all. The arctic but gentle winter wonderland wishes everyone a warm welcome, no matter what the weather.


Step Straight Into The Scenery Winter in Lapland is a dark and mystic performance where the northern lights and twinkling starry skies illuminate the snow shrouded landscapes round the clock.

The silent, soft twilight is a fantastic setting for celebrating Christmas, taking a sleigh ride to evenings by the open fire and plentiful servings. At the end of February the first rays of sunshine gradually begin to win over the huge masses of snow. A wonder of nature, bit by bit the ice gives way for springtime to show its true energy. The sudden amount of water is incredible. People start to remove their winter clothing one layer at a time and enjoy the blinding brightness of the ski slopes, cross-country skiing trails and snowscapes right through to May.


The Wonder of Arctic Light

Summer coming into blossom in the north is a continuation of the seasonal performance. The sunlight enticed greenness rapidly takes over areas that only a month before were covered in layers of snow and ice. The plentiful wildlife and bird populations are on the move, and it feels like there is life everywhere. Freely flowing waterways and revealing hiking routes are easily accessible for all visitors. The time of light is perfected with the Midnight Sun that shines above the horizon non-stop for around three weeks in June.

In late August the evenings start to get darker and the shades of light change. The landscape starts to prepare for winter and the bite of the night time frost turns leaves and sprays into vibrant colours of yellow, red and brown. During this period named ruska, it is easy to traverse the fell highlands with its fresh air with a hint of winter aroma.


NUORGAM, REINDEER Round-up, MARCH, 10:00 a.m.

Land of The Nomads In the beginning there were people. The Calotte Regions of Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden that lie north of the Arctic Circle are home to the northernmost indigenous peoples in Europe and the only indigenous peoples of Scandinavia, the Sรกmi.

Some Sรกmi still practice nomadic reindeer husbandry, an old tradition practiced for thousands of years. As Lapland has retained its untouched nature, the preservation of this lively culture and its livelihoods is made possible today and for the future. Lapland is home to around 7000 Sรกmi. The Sรกmi, who are settled in different national regions, are well renowned for their strong cultural identity and their cherishing of their own rich traditions. Their own language, national flag and national day strengthen the feeling of unity among the Sรกmi.


Warm People in a Cool Place The Laplander is a relaxed friend who warms from the inside. Your first impressions of us may make us seem uncommunicative, but we soon warm to conversation with visitors. The long twilight period and its challenging conditions have made us Laplanders learn to be patient. Indeed, we often take a moment to contemplate before taking action. We are also known for being helpful, hospitable and reliable.

A Laplander will welcome anyone to festivities. One of the biggest common festivities is the coming of spring, something that is very apparent in the behaviour of the locals. As the first rays of sunshine arrive to warm the early spring, the good spirits of Laplanders just cannot be stifled. You will find the Laplander to be a tolerant, sympathetic and unpretentious fighter with not only self-respect, but also respect for individuality in people.


Vikaj채rvi, village shop, April, 2:30 P.M.

Snowfight at Pyh채tunturi, March, 1:00 P.M.

When a family or group starts to plan a holiday the outcome is often a compromise. WITH Finnish

No Need to Compromise!

Lapland it´s a different Story:

Visit Kemi Snowcastle

Build a Snowman

Reindeer Safaris in Suomu

the active person always on the go, the lover of tranquil relaxations, the cultural explorer – each will find what they are looking for – from the same destination. Everyone stays happy when time is allocated for experiences felt together as well as time for yourself.

The reason for the great diversity of Finnish Lapland not only lies in its range of services, but also in the underlying characteristic of the region: it is full of contrasts. Staying in a fast-paced ski resort or bustling town, the tranquillity of the wilderness can still be reached in only a few minutes. Although the destinations are geographically close to one another, they differ greatly in characteristics. Seasonal change is also a dramatic event with weather fluctuating from warm to cold combined with meaningful experiences.


So Cold It’s Hot!

The ski resorts are full of life during the skiing season: daytime is enjoyed on the slopes, the crosscountry skiing trails and on different excursions. The day perhaps continues with a visit to the spa before it is time to dine well! You can find plenty of organised activities and interesting places to see in Finnish Lapland, enough for every moment of your holiday. During the wintertime there are a number of ways to traverse the glistening snowscapes: pulled by reindeer or huskies, riding a snowmobile, hiking with snowshoes, and of course skis and snowboards.

As the evening sets in, the festivities go on through till the early hours. In the resorts and towns you can choose from night club rhythms, a pleasant pub atmosphere, or perhaps a stylish and delicious dinner. There are certainly plenty of options to choose from, as the Laplanders always gather to have fun whenever given the opportunity.


YLLĂ„S, MARCH, 1:30 P.m. Rovaniemi, beach party at CAFE TIVOLI, febrUary, 00:15 a.m.

Party in Levi

Go Snowboarding in Yll채s

Take a town break in Rovaniemi

At the river kemijoki, June, 5:30 p.m. Brown Bear at Ranua Zoo, August, 12:00 p.M.

Here Comes the Sun!

Finns themselves say that Lappish nature “casts a strange spell on you”. This magic doesn’t merely mean fun winter activities, it also extents out through summer. The amount of light is unbelievable, as the sun shines round the clock during midsummer. This strange magic affects everyone: sleeping takes second place, as the time can be used for something much better. Each family member will discover their favourite from summertime in Finnish Lapland: fishing, canoeing, white water rafting, wildlife, hiking and a variety of entertaining places to visit fill your days in an unforgettable manner. Summer is also the time the Finns take their holidays – the local habit being packing the family

in the car and start driving whichever way the car is facing! Adventures can be experienced without the search.


Fly fishing on River Simojoki

Visit Ranua Zoo

Learn to ski

Know your Santa!

Santa Claus cherishes secrecy, but he does understand the interest people have in him. Consequently, he has given his approval to reveal some fascinating tales of the lives of folk at Ear Mountain. Lapland’s travel portal at holds plenty of facts and fables about Santa Claus. You can become part of the year-round Christmas magic already before your trip to Lapland.

The Path is Yours to Find Finnish Lapland is full of experience trails that belong to you alone. Find the place for you and you will get access to the untouched nature experiences of the wilderness or be immersed in true, northern culture.

Birdwatching in Pyh채-Luosto

You will be able to explore Lappish life near and far, while at the same time taking with you some closeness of nature to help you through everyday life. When travelling, you can rely on the services of the fell resorts, towns and villages that are available no matter what the season.

Visit the UKK National Park

Midsummer of Aavasaksa RUSKA in INARI, SEPTEMBER, 5:30 p.m.

After the end of the winter season, the summer tranquillity is also felt by the visitor. The autumn season is highlighted by the splendid ruska, a time when the frosty nights of winter approach to freshen the air and paint the foliage with vibrant autumnal shades.


Buy a pair of Nutukkaat

Go Ice Fishing on Lake Kilpisjärvi

Visit Sámi Museum Siida

Reach The Sky

There are plenty of wonders in Lapland right down to the grass roots, but lift your head and admire the unreal spectacle. The heavens are dominated by massive waves of changing colours seen on almost every clear night. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are more spectacular the further north you travel. According to old tales of Arctic peoples, the Northern Lights were a display of the dramatic deaths of ancestors.

The northern skies also have a surprise for the summer. During midsummer the Sun never sets below the horizon, it shines all night long. This is why summer is such an active time for the Laplanders. The shade of the Midnight Sun is soft and hazy, and filled with ambiance. A warm and sunny summer night persuades you to stay awake and continue enjoying the fun moments of the day.


NOrthern lights at Saariselk채, January, 11:15 P.m.

We Dare You! Finnish Lapland is the place where there are possibilities for new experiences around every corner. Take an open minded step somewhere you thought you would never go – such as a 100-degree Celsius steamy sauna followed by a refreshing dip in an ice pool dug out of the frozen river or lake. Your courage will be awarded with memories that will definitely stand the test of time!

In addition to special places, experiences and memories, Finnish Lapland also provides special and individual souvenirs for you to take home with you. The rich design culture based on traditions offers discoveries that rise high above the everyday norm.


SALLA, January, 6:45 p.m.

Hike the Nordkalottleden Trail

Ride the Offpistes of Pallas

Treat Yourself with Leipäjuusto and Cloudberry jam

Walking on Air

Space, plenty of room and shelters. Lapland is the opposite of noise, bustle and HIGH performance. Drink pure water from a crystal clear stream and take a deep breath. This is how to fuel your mind and body. Let others pamper you and let you experience the best quality Arctic wellbeing can offer.

It’s a fact: North Lapland has Europe’s cleanest air. Sense the fresh purity around you with sparkling crystal water drops, snow white landscapes, sharp colours and easy breathing.


Try Gold Panning in Lapland

Visit DesignHouse Idoli in Ivalo somewhere along the way in POSIO, JULY, 12.00 p.m.

Pick the Arctic Berries

Deep Impact

When you dive from the icebreaker in to the deep arctic sea, leave all your worries behind you. In Finnish Lapland every day gives you the opportunity to regain some youth both mentally and physically. When you return from your trip you will feel renewed in many ways, getting back the vitality the years and responsibilities have taken from you over the years.

Icebreaker Sampo, Kemi, March, 11:00 a.m.

Experience Snowkiting in Saariselk채

Traditional Treatments at Harriniva Wellness

Finnish Lapland is full of pampering for the entire you. We know that the nature of the north with its wonders and offerings is precisely what you need to achieve true rest. Your senses are filled with fascinating stimuli, and all other things are freed from your mind for just as long as it takes for the refreshing affect to last.


Go to River Tornionjoki for White Water Rafting

Strange Things Can Happen People who succeed in Lapland have one thing in common: they all have a good helping of creative craziness. This Lappish characteristic often makes the impossible possible. If you want to offer your guests something unheard of, don’t be shy, just go ahead and ask. Finnish Lapland is an unforgettable stage overflowing with uplifting experiences. In addition to having only your imagination to limit your activities, events and other services, you can be certain that everything works like it should. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


The Masquerade, Levi, February, 4:30 p.m.

Exclusive Snowmobile Safaris in Salla

Northern Lights alerts in Luosto

Try Ice-climbing in Korouoma

Preserving The Best Place In The World Finns have always valued their surrounding nature.

Lappish nature is very sensitive, but the local tourism Forests, bogs and fell enterprises are committed to highlands have been places of providing services that have sanctuary, where common rules been designed on nature’s are followed. Today we can terms. Ecological conduct show Finnish Lapland to our has also been made easy for guests with affection and pride. independent travellers – the wilderness doesn’t have to hold on to reminders of your visit. Everyone who thinks the same way is warmly welcome.


duckboard walkways at vaattunkiköngäs, june, 10:00 a.m.

Full of Surprises In a Good Way What could be the best holiday destination if you want to share the experiences with the whole family? Everybody gets to experience adventure in Lapland – it doesn’t matter if you’re seven or seventy. We don’t think safety is always boring, it actually frees you to enjoy the trip and its activities to the fullest without stress and worry.

The service culture in Lapland emphasises safety and fluency. We promise that your visit to Finnish Lapland will be full of surprises, happy ones! Finnish Lapland has a well functioning infrastructure, the impact region of which also stretches beyond the lively resorts and into the peace and tranquillity of the fell highlands and wilderness.


HUSKY Safari in enontekiö, March, 11.30 a.m.

Distances to Finnish Lapland Helsinki

Amsterdam - Rovaniemi 4h

Hongkong - Rovaniemi 11h

Beijing - Rovaniemi 9h

Barcelona - Rovaniemi 5h

Lisbon - Rovaniemi 6h

Rome - Rovaniemi 5h

Bangkok - Rovaniemi 11h

London - Rovaniemi 4.5h

Seoul - Rovaniemi 10h

Brussels - Rovaniemi 4h

Milan - Rovaniemi 4.5h

Tokyo - Rovaniemi 11h

Delhi - Rovaniemi 8h

New York - Rovaniemi 10h

Vienna - Rovaniemi 4h

Frankfurt - Rovaniemi 4h

Paris - Rovaniemi 4.5h

Z端rich - Rovaniemi 4h

The times are estimated flight times either direct or via Helsinki.

Ivalo Enontekiö




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It’s All within Your Reach!

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Arctic Circle

Finnish Lapland is one of the remotest places in the world or at the centre of all activity – it depends which way you look at it. It is, however, important to know that Lapland is easy to reach from any part of the globe. Fly via the capital city of Helsinki or direct to Rovaniemi, Kemi-Tornio, Ivalo, Kittilä and Enontekiö. Ground connections are functional and reliable. You can also explore Lapland with your own or hire car, train or bus.

The road networks are in excellent condition and timetables are easily made to suit your own plans. You should also remember that Laplanders will always gladly point you in the right direction. Don’t hesitate to ask!



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What is your holiday to Lapland like? The Lapland travel portal takes you on a virtual tour of Lapland. You will enjoy yourself on the website, get useful information and good tips for planning your trip. The Lapland travel portal starts your journey to Lapland from your home computer.


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