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Lapland businesses understand: Corporate co-operation is the most important resource for any endeavour

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Lapland Business Review 2013 Lapland Business Review provides an overall look at the diverse business life, natural environment and infrastructure offered by the region of Finnish Lapland. This English-language publication unveils the opportunities made possible by Lappish businesses and the modern province, as told by the companies themselves. We welcome you to get acquainted with the Lappish way of life. Co-operation and networking The theme of this publication is co-operation and networking. Co-operation in all its forms is a daily aspect of business for Lapland companies. In terms of internationalisation, we have the required resources, market expertise and confidence in our abilities. We are accomplished experts in cross-border and cross-branch co-operation already now. Finnish and Lappish competence is known worldwide, since co-operation has been an integral part of our methods of operations within trade and business for long time. Through different projects, we supplement our areas of competence and further improve our efficiency. The aim is always to continue on the road of development.



LAPLAnD Savukoski


Sodankylä Pelkosenniemi Kolari

Salla Kemijärvi

Arctic Circle Rovaniemi



Tervola haparand

Tornio Keminmaa Kemi Simo Pudasjärvi


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Contents Co-operation – a roadmap for corporate internationalisation 4 Growth in the mining industry 7 From large-scale industry to tourism 7 Strength from nature 8 Education and research 8 Experience with arctic conditions 11 The land of the Northern Lights 12 Austere but beautiful 15 Fostering originality 15 An active cultural life across the board 16 Northland 18-19 Team Botnia 20 University of Lapland 21 The Port of Kemi 22 Kemi Shipping 23 The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) 24 Digipolis 25 Kolarctic ENPI CBC, Lapin liitto 26 Lapland – The North of Finland 27 Tapojärvi 28-29 Agnico-Eagle Mining Oy 30-31 Tornion Sähköpojat 32-33 Ylitornio 34-35 Levi 36-37 FQM Kevitsa Mining Oy 38-39 Lappset Group 40-41 Liikeakatemia 42 Rovaniemi Congresses 43 BRP 46 YBT 47 Lapland Chamber of Commerce 44-45 Barents Center 48-51 Lapland Business Review 2013 52–57 Avalon 58

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Co-operation – a roadmap for corporate internationalisation Lapland forms part of the Earth’s arctic areas, the Kola region and the Barents region. The conditions of the North have taught us the benefits of a collaborative culture. Different forms of co-operation and the utilisation of networks is an integral part of the everyday activities of the companies based in Lapland.

tional co-operation. Regional developmental co-operation has contributed to advancing our arctic expertise to the top of its field. For the companies of the North, this is the best calling card in terms of the implementation of different projects. A goal-directed network is able to offer more to international clients than any individual actor. Lapland Business Review is full of great examples of our successful networks. This publication, however, only scratches the surface of the everyday environment in which the entire Lapland business world operates.

Corporate networking is currently viewed as a significant corporate factor, representing the close co-operation between two or more companies. Networking between companies is not a new phenomenon, but the term ‘subcontracting’ was earlier used more commonly in reference to such activities. When companies increasingly focus their operations, they can transfer certain aspects of their operations to be managed by one of their co-operative partners. Subcontracting is generally understood as concerning primarily production and manufacturing, whereas networking comprises also the company’s other activities, such as marketing and product development, through the partial or comprehensive involvement of one or more contractual partners. Thus, the competence of the network is utilised in its entirety. Common experiences The location of Lapland makes it easy to see why the arctic aspect is so pronounced, but it also opens the door to interna4



Growth in the mining industry The business growth outlook for Lapland is founded on industries related to natural resources, the increase of mining operations and energy production, tourism services, cold temperature and winter technological expertise, and the opportunities extended to different fields as a result of large-scale undertakings within this resource rich area. The excellent connections by land and sea, efficient harbours, airports and other logistics services also make Lapland a focal point of expertise.

Arctic technology In Lapland, arctic technology is based on multidisciplinary research related to such fields as the natural sciences, technology, medicine, and social sciences, forming a dynamic international research community. Lapland organisations, educational institutions and universities are involved in this development as well. The role of automation and ICT technologies is also important in terms of operating within extreme conditions. In combination with traditional arctic technologies, they facilitate new technological products and services. The industrial basic technologies and processes are primarily the same in the arctic areas as they are in non-arctic areas. Arctic technologies are especially necessary for movement and transportation, construction, dwelling and living, as well as for operating different installations and systems. The basic technologies required include, among others, snow, frost and ice technologies, material technology, environmental technology, and arctic medicine and physiology. Technologies involved in traditional trades and industries are also vital to the development of the well-being of our northern communities. In parallel to industry in general, successful development in Lapland also calls for competent actors and international co-operation.

The mining industry in Lapland is a field that is clearly growing and is filling the hole left in the labour market by, among other things, the crisis in the forestry industry. In addition to tourism, mining operations, and potential biodiesel and nuclear power initiatives may create a new foundation that will carry the province into the future, also on the international level.

From large-scale industry to tourism Tourism, the steel and metal industry, mining, reindeer management and forestry form the structural pillars of the regional business life. In the future, the energy sector will also play a more considerable role in the economic life of Lapland. In Lapland, the IT and ICT fields and related R&D are growing areas of business. The networks between the companies, the Universities of Lapland and Oulu, and the regional universities of applied sciences hold a key role in this development. Large-scale industry is concentrated near the coastline of the Bay of Bothnia, in southern Lapland. The region is home to, among others, the world’s largest refined steel mill. 7

Strength from nature The unique natural environment and rich culture are essential parts of Lapland’s charm.

inhabitants (30 September 2010). As Finland’s largest province, Lapland offers abundant space for living, working and enjoying life in its urban centres, peaceful villages, and remote cabins in the heart of the wilderness. The Lappish way of life already tells something about the region’s aspirations. The history of gold washing in Lapland’s streams lives on in the legends, stories, films and destinies of the people. In addition to gold, Lapland is mined for other minerals including copper, uranium and iron ore.

While the Lappish nature provides a great landscape for life, it also provides a solid foundation for business. The forestry and metal industries, and the ever-growing tourism industry with its multitude of supplementary services, are among the strongest of the regional industries. Lapland is one-of-a-kind, in terms of its nature, its people and its activities. Lapland has a population of 183,371

Education and research Founded in 1979, the University of Lapland offers pursues research and offers higher academic education in the fields of education, tourism and economics, law, art and design, as well as social sciences. The faculties have a total of 57 professors. In 2011, altogether 414 students graduated with a Master’s degree, and 23 postgraduates received their doctoral degrees. Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences (RAMK) offers, among others, Bachelor’s degree programmes in business administration, agriculture, forestry, tourism, catering and hospitality, physiotherapy, nursing, public health nursing, and physical education. The engineering degree programmes cover the fields of surveying, construction and information technologies. The Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI) is a tripartite institute formed by the relevant units of the University of Lapland, the RAMK, and the Lapland Tourism College. The institute offers research, education and development services in tourism and related fields of business. The MTI provides students with a wide range of education and vocational qualifications to serve within the tourism industry as, for example, cooks, receptionists, tourism service providers, youth and leisure instructors, event organizers, sales managers, project coordinators, researchers, teachers and entrepreneurs.

The Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences provides education leading to a professional Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and also specialized studies as well as a range of courses within the open university of applied sciences. Students carry out their studies according to individually prepared study plans, at modern facilities and under the guidance of highly competent teachers. The Kemi-Tornio UAS educates professionals in the fields of engineering, business and administration, information and communication technology, culture, and social and health services. The universities and institutes of higher education in Northern Finland carry out world-class research and provide education in, for example, arctic technologies, Northern Lights and cold climate research. 8



Average temperatures in Lapland between the years 1971-2000 +20 +10 0째c -10 -20














Average depth of snow in Lapland between the years 1971-2000

Experience with arctic conditions

90 cm 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10

The harsh arctic climate dictates the living conditions for both nature and humans.














Resourcefulness and perseverance are necessary in order to handle the Lapland extremes. Lapland companies also reflect their environment. For them, snow and ice, fluctuating temperatures, and dust and sand are an integral part of their daily business environment. Southern Lapland belongs to the northern coniferous forest belt, and its vegetation does not differ greatly from that elsewhere in Finland. As one moves north, the conditions become harsher and the wild plant life becomes scarcer. In the northernmost areas of Lapland, only the toughest of plants survive on the slopes of the mountainous landscape, such as low-lying dwarf birch trees, low shrubs and lichens. The protected river valleys, on the other hand, can be very lush, even as high north as Inari and Utsjoki. Any product that is developed, tested or grown in Lapland must be suitable for extreme conditions, whether we refer to a tool, a vehicle, a plant, an article of clothing or even a prefabricated house. As a testing environment, Lapland is second to none.

Average hours of sunlight in Sodankyl채 between the years 1971-2000 h 300 250 200 150 100 50














Source: Finnish Meteorological Institute,


The land of the Northern Lights The change of seasons in Lapland is dynamic and pronounced. Lapland has eight distinct seasons: late winter, spring, late spring, summer, late summer, autumn, early winter, and about six months of pure winter.

earliest, and sometimes not until the end of the summer. Some years it doesn’t melt away from the depths of the ground at all. In Finland, the spring months are generally considered to be March, April and May. The midnight sun and autumn of colour

There is very little light during the period of deep winter, from November to January. In the northernmost parts of Lapland, there is only the briefest hint of light around noon. During this dark time of the year, the clear, freezing star-filled skies glow with the brilliance of the colourful Northern Lights.

The Lappish spring makes the transformation into summer within a week or two. Full advantage must be taken of the short summer season. For a period of more than two months, the summer sun never sets in the northernmost parts of Lapland. The plants assimilate day and night. The higher north the berries and herbs grow, the more aromatic they are; this is the direct result of the long, nearly uninterrupted period of daylight. The majority of the Lapland woodlands are registered organic picking areas for berries, mushrooms and herbs, and they attract people to enjoy all the natural treasures they have to offer. The best picking time is during late summer, when these treats are at their best. The first frosty nights magically transform Lapland into a collage of brilliant shades of red, yellow, ochre, brown and orange. Only the evergreen conifers solemnly hold their own, while all other plant life participates in the colour spectacular. The first snows of early winter drift down and cover it all once again in a flattering cover of white. The ground will normally get its permanent winter coat of white in October.

Shimmering snowdrifts and cascading waters The late winter sun begins to show its face more often and for longer periods of time. The thick cover of snow multiplies the effect of the returning sunlight. The ice coverage on the waterways and shimmering snowdrifts normally hang in there until May, when it may even be possible to ski and sunbathe at the same time – even dressed in nothing more than a swimsuit. In the springtime, the river rapids and streams roll by unrestrained, the migratory birds return to their nesting grounds, and the majority of the day is bathed in warm sunlight. The frost melts away from Lapland in June, at the




Austere but beautiful The varying mountainous landscape, the clear water lakes of the woodland, the marsh lakes, narrow streams and great tumultuous river rapids combine to make Lapland a paradise environment for anglers, hikers, boaters, skiers and photographers alike.

A large portion of the streams and rivers flow through uninhabited wilderness, lending them their spring fresh, clean water - often drinkable straight from the source. The fragile, arctic nature in Lapland is also being preserved. The great expanses of the national parks and nature preservations remain untouched. The fishing waters, such as the famous northern salmon rivers, are managed through, for example, stocking and periodical fishing restrictions. The game stock is also being maintained.

Fostering originality Reindeer management is a vital industry

The Lapland Sámi people are the only original peoples left in the entire area of the European Union.

For centuries, reindeer management was the most vital source of livelihood for the Sámi people. All parts of the reindeer were utilised, and the draught reindeer were also valuable for pulling their masters by sleigh through the sometimes difficult terrain. The nomadic Sámi people travelled with the reindeer herds over long journeys throughout the entire Barents region. Reindeer management remains important for the entire region of Northern Finland. During the winter, there are approximately 200,000 reindeer on the move in Finland’s reindeer management areas, and in the summer, following calving, more than 300,000. There are about 50,000 reindeer owners. The reindeer graze freely in unfenced areas of Lapland and even further south.

They live primarily across the northern stretches of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. One integral aspect the Sámi way of life, as is the case with Lappish life in general, is its special, intimate and respectful relationship with nature. The shamanic traditions that once belonged to the Lappish lifestyle are one example of this relationship. Even though the Lapp culture has changed and partly assimilated into the dominating culture, its language, literature, music, handicraft skills and visual arts remain vital.


An active cultural life across the board Rovaniemi, the capital of Finland’s Lapland Province, is located on the Arctic Circle. At the edge of the arctic region, a unique and vital modern city has emerged that pulses with life year round Kemi, Tornio and Kemijärvi foster a modern city culture.

Activity-rich Lapland The cultural life of Lapland stays active with a variety of special annual events. The Midnight Sun Film Festival has been calling filmmakers and film audiences from around the world to Sodankylä each June since 1986. The Arctic Comics Festival of Kemi lends additional colour to everyday life in Kemi. Pakkasukko Blues & Jazz in Kemi and the Twin city festivals in Tornio have established their position as bright lights within the cultural offerings of Lapland. The week-long international Jutajaiset Folklore Festival is held in the Rovanieni region. Every winter, Kemi is home to the SnowCastle, which provides a very different venue for theatre and music performances. At the Yukigassen snowball fight competitions in Kemijärvi, teams compete for the European championship in snowball fighting. Rovaniemi is also the backdrop for the Arctic Lapland Rally, and the Kaamosjazz event in Ylläs. The Lapland ski resorts are full of activities on every day of the year. For example, the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Levi attracts the best alpine skiers to Levi every year.

In southwestern Lapland, the national border between Finland and Sweden crosses almost unnoticed through the centre of the unique twin city of Tornio and Haparanda. A golfer, for example, might put his ball beyond the border and the time zone. The border also offers unique shopping opportunities that attract visitors to the area, even from greater distances. The home of Santa Claus Santa Claus lives in Lapland. According to legend, Santa Claus lives with his elves and reindeer in Korvatunturi fell, but his workshop is currently located in Rovaniemi, near to the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Circle is also home to Santa’s own post office, which receives gift lists and letters written to Santa Claus from children all over the world. Santa Claus answers each letter and stamps them with the official Santa Claus stamp.



Photo: Timo Lindholm/Rovaniemi Theatre


Northland Resources Hannukainen Mine is a major Lapland project Northland Resources S.A. is a European iron ore exploration and mine development company operating in Northern Finland and Northern Sweden. The company’s goal is to become a leading producer of high grade iron ore concentrate and other iron products.


Northland Mines Oy Northland Exploration Finland Oy Locations/addresses Rovaniemi: Teknotie 14-16, FI-96930 Napapiiri, Rovaniemi, Finland Kolari: Asematie 4, FI-95900, Kolari, Finland Contacts Rovaniemi: Tiina Tuomaala Tel. +358 20 711 8390 Kolari: Nelli Malmioksa Tel. +358 20 711 8490 Personnel 28 Definitive Feasibility Study for Hannukainen Mine: USD 25 million

Jukka Jokela, Vice President of Exploration and Finnish Operations & Managing Director for Northland Mines Oy.

Northland’s strategy is to develop its projects from exploration all the way to production. “The company wants to operate cost-effectively and according to the principles of sustainable development,” says Jukka Jokela, Northland’s VP, Exploration and Finnish Operations and Managing Director for Northland Mines Oy. Northland has two separate projects in the north. The Kaunisvaara project in Pajala, Sweden includes opening of three mines and producing of high grade iron ore concentrate. Construction on the Tapuli open pit mine and Kaunisvaara concentration plant began in early 2011. The Kaunisvaara Mine will start producing of iron ore concentrate in 2012. Northland Mines Oy is responsible for the group’s operative activities in Finland, where the main target is developing the Hannukainen Mine in Kolari.

Planned production at Hannukainen is two million tons of 69% iron ore concentrate per year. A significant amount of copper and gold concentrate will be obtained as byproducts. According to current knowledge, the lifespan of the mine will be approximately 15 years. The Hannukainen Mine will employ about 360 people directly and 1,000 when taking the cumulative effect into account. Northland’s products is planned to go to Europe, the Middle East and China. Mine blends in with the landscape At best, people from more than 10 countries have worked on Northland projects. Northland offers local young people an international career option in their hometown. At the same time, the conditions needed to make Kolari an attractive locale for Finnish and foreign professionals in the field will be created. “Northland’s mining projects and the related investments are very lucrative from a socio-economic viewpoint. The total investment in Kolari-Pajala is in the range of EUR 1 billion,” says Jukka Jokela. Northland will be a strong part of the local community and society, which sets high environmental and social requirements. “Northland carries its social responsibility according to the highest quality requirements, which means that the mine will blend in with the local landscape as naturally as possible,” emphasizes Jokela.

Kolari has a long tradition of mining operations The Hannukainen iron ore deposit is located about 25 kilometers northeast of Kolari. The mine has two old open-pit mines – Laurinoja and Kuervaara – where Rautaruukki Oy mined iron ore in 1978-1988. Outokumpu Oy also extracted copper and gold-bearing iron ore from Laurinoja in 19891990. The area is also home to the Kuervitikko iron ore deposit, which is located about 2.5 kilometers north of Hannukainen and hasn’t been mined earlier. 19

Team Botnia – the regional Business Development Company Team Botnia Hallituskatu 9, FI-95400 Tornio, Finland Risto Alaheikka Managing director Tel. +358 500 700 249

Tornio is a border town of opportunities A wide range of high-standard educational opportunities, the dynamic business life and close co-operation with Haparanda in Sweden all serve to boost the regional growth and development in Tornio.

Team Botnia is engaged in the growth Team Botnia Oy (Ltd) is a development company that is owned by the City of Tornio and local companies and whose task is to advance and develop the regional business and economy. “We assist existing local companies in developing their operations and new companies in establishing in the region. Our partnership network offers keys that open many doors.” The largest employers in the twin-town region include Outokumpu Tornio Works, the Cities of Tornio and Haparanda, the Kemi-Tornionlaakso Municipal Education and Training Consortium Lappia, Nanso Group and IKEA. “The processes of increasing the production of the steel works, initiating new projects, developing the infrastructure and reinforcing retail business all contribute to the vitality of business and economy in Tornio. Team Botnia serves as a link between business enterprises and other actors in various projects,” Alaheikka points out.

Located within close reach by any means of transportation, Tornio has the potential to develop into a successful growth centre. The shopping centres in the border zone are visited by 2-3 million people every year, and an estimated total of 14 million people cross the border annually. “People in Tornio find it quite natural to do business across the border. The price level is reasonable, there is a skilled and trained labour force available in the region, and the advantages offered by the twin towns have had a positive effect on the supply of services,” explains Risto Alaheikka, Managing Director of Team Botnia.

Photo: Yrjö Nurkkala



University of Lapland

to support business and economy Research carried out at the University of Lapland is creative and multidisciplinary. It combines science, practicality, innovation, new fields of research, and cultural competence. To respond to the globally emerging need for information and knowledge concerning the Arctic and Northern dimensions, our university carries out scientific research that approaches the relevant topics in terms of people, societies, and the environment. We are currently conducting several research and development projects funded by the European Union. The university’s Arctic Centre plays a key role in Arctic research and information dissemination. The Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI), in particular, carries out research on tourism, a field of industry that is of great importance to Northern Finland. The institute engages in practically-oriented applied research benefitting the region and examines tourism both as a global and as an Arctic and Northern phenomenon. Special attention is paid to ecologically and socially sustainable tourism. Our university provides students with education and expertise that will meet the demands emerging in Finland as and on the international front. Those graduating from the University of Lapland will understand the specific character of Arctic and Northern issues, and will have capabilities to apply their knowledge within constantly changing global circumstances. 21

Location: Rovaniemi, Finland – The northernmost university in the European Union - around 4,800 students (undergraduate and postgraduate) - around 650 members of staff Faculties: Art and Design, Education, Law, Social Sciences Research Profile: • The Arctic and the North • Tourism • Focus on - Service Design - Northern Well-being and the Changing Nature of Work - Sustainable Development, Law, and Justice Key research centres: • The Arctic Centre • The Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI) Key memberships: • Member of the Lapland University Consortium • Founding Member of the University of the Arctic Network Postal Address: University of Lapland P.O. Box 122 FI-96101 Rovaniemi, Finland Visiting Address (Main Building): Yliopistonkatu 8, Rovaniemi, Finland Tel. +358 16 341 341

Port of Kemi Oy Ajos • lat. 65° 40’N, long. 24°31’E • navigable depth 10.0 m • year round service • transport volume 2.5 million tonnes • vessel dockings 550/year Port of Kemi The Gateway to the North Calotte Region Ajoksentie 748, FI-94900 Kemi, Finland Tel. +358 16 258 100 Fax +358 16 258 110

Port of Kemi – closest to mineral deposits Goods transports and passenger traffic to and from Lapland inevitably pass the City of Kemi, which sits at the junction of Highway E75, the Finnish railroads and Ajos Harbour, the only harbour in Lapland that is open to any cargo, also known as Lapland’s deep-water harbour.

The Port of Kemi prepared for intense growth Lapland’s numerous mining projects are visible in the traffic of the Port of Kemi: mining machinery, equipment as well as materials and chemicals required by the quarrying and enrichment processes are transported to the mining areas. Export transportation contracts for millions of tonnes are being negotiated. By the end of 2012, a new railroad connection will be completed to facilitate the shipping of bulk cargo. The plans, permits and sufficient land areas are ready and waiting for the investment decisions of the mining companies and the initiation of transports. In the immediate vicinity of the Port of Kemi, there is an industrial estate (Sarana) with a plan that offers 59 hectares for private industrial and logistics use. The maritime traffic will also be increased by the North-East Russian transit traffic and the bioenergy plant planned to be built in Kemi. The local steel corporation, Outokumpu, is currently finalizing a 500 million euro investment. The wind power companies use the Port of Kemi for their component deliveries. Quality is proven through ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

Since the beginning of 2012, the Port of Kemi has operated in the form of a limited company, Port of Kemi Ltd. The company serves not only the Finnish Lapland, but also several industrial facilities located in the northernmost parts of Norway and Sweden. Project cargo, machinery and equipment are delivered to North-East Russia, especially to the Murmansk region. The Port of Kemi also serves individual customers who can pick up their import cars from the harbour. The Port of Kemi offers several regular and scheduled weekly connections to the ports of Lubeck, Gothenburg, Zeebrugge, Antwerp, Hamburg and Bremerhaven, just to name a few. Continued connections to any port in the world can be arranged as well. Multipurpose liners visiting the Port of Kemi are capable of transporting practically any type of cargo. 22

Kemi Shipping Oy A port operator with an extensive network on forwarding including sea and land transportations, documentation, warehousing, customs procedures. From and to anywhere in the world. P.O. Box 535 FI-94101 Kemi, Finland Tel. +358 207 428 200 Fax +358 207 428 211

Kemi Shipping – a team of professionals in logistics Kemi Shipping is an operator in a northernmost public port in Finland, port of Kemi.

Also frequent services to/from Philadelphia and Mediterranean are available. Harbour crane with the lifting capacity of 100 tons assures smooth operation for the project cargoes. Kemi Shipping also offers a variety of storage and transport services, and oversees the operations of the Kemi Free Zone Co which provides storage space for undeclared goods coming from or going to countries outside the EU. The service chain remains intact for the entire door-to-door process. Customs clearance, storage and transport are part of the functional chain which Kemi Shipping has built for its customers. We also handle all necessary customs documentation. Quality proved: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

With an extensive network of subcontractors we offer reliable route between Barents area and any place in the world. Team of over 100 professionals specialized in roro- and break bulk –handling linked together with frequent and reliable shipping lines guarantees good service for customers. We handle also dry bulk and project cargoes together with our subcontractors. We have reliable biweekly service between Kemi and Lübeck/Gothenburg as well weekly service to/ from Antwerp/Zeebrugge. These services are for all rolling or general cargo as well as for containers. Via transshipment in Gothenburg also UK and many other ports are connected. Weekly container feeder service connects Kemi and Hamburg/Bremerhaven, where the ocean lines are calling.


The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) produces and disseminates geological information for use in promoting regulated and sustainable use of our planet`s geological wealth. The GTK maps and researches the Earth`s crust, inventories mineral deposits, provides a national geological information service, does contact work for the external clients and participates actively in international projects. The GTK is a national geological research centre operating under the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. GTK was established in 1885. Total expenditure € 57 M Personnel 620

GTK’s data Warehouses and services.

Geological Survey of Finland – the national geological information centre The mission of the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) is to map and survey Finland’s soil and bedrock and their natural resources. Soil and bedrock data collection and natural resources assessment produce information for GTK’s data warehouse. The aim is to combine the main geological information into a digital data warehouse that can be used by society. This information system will be based on the observation, measurement and analytical data from surveys, mapping programmes (bedrock, soil, geochemistry and geophysics), and modeling of mineral potential and resources, as well as maps. Data on the soil and bedrock has been accumulated as a result of both GTK’s own operations and external operations. During the past 10 years, GTK has also become responsible for Outokumpu Oyj’s and Rautaruukki Corporation’s extensive data sets related to ore prospecting. The national data warehouse is also updated by creating cooperation models for producing information with customers and by utilising the technical possibilities of so-called distributed data acquisition.

rial supply, land use planning and environmental protection. This includes 3D modeling of bedrock and soil strata and their properties. Information services GTK has set out to become a national geological information centre that serves industry and society to promote systematic and sustainable use of raw material resources. To achieve this goal, GTK has during the last decade created centralized information systems and tools for storing, managing and distributing data, and harmonised data capture applications that enable the collection and quality classification of data. The aim is to ensure the availability of geological information and promote the diverse use of the data in society. GTK carries out this task of producing geoinformation and expertise for the needs of society and the industry sector by producing customer-oriented and focused expert, data and information services. In addition to managing the geoscience data, in the near future GTK will concentrate on the development of new products and online services. Our updated website ( contains online services that provide the customer with tools for finding and utilising a comprehensive set of data products, and other more specific online services that are targeted for the use of certain customer groups. We plan to increase the availability of both services in the future. Examples of these products include the viewing service ( that includes a comprehensive nationwide collection of data for the use of raw material supply.

Data collection Geological data acquisition has been changed in recent years. Previous mapping programmes that produced standard printed map sheets and took decades to complete have been replaced by demand-driven surveying methods of data collection, interpretation and online data delivery. The focus has shifted from traditional geological maps to digital map databases to meet the needs of society’s raw mate24

Digipolis – Kemi Technology Park Gateway to Arctic Innovations Services • Facility services • Conference services • Heavy High Tech Programme • Partnerbook • Kemi-Tornio business development services • Industrial wood construction in Lapland Research and development services by Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences • Material Technology Laboratory • Test and Microelectronic Laboratory • Maintenance • Plant Design • Tailored R&D projects for companies


Digipolis – Kemi Technology Park Tietokatu 3, FI-94600 Kemi, Finland Tel. +358 20 769 1990

Plenty of room ... for your ideas

In twenty years, Digipolis – the largest technology centre in Lapland – has grown to serve the needs of companies and to respond to the developmental challenges presented by these companies. Digipolis houses altogether more than 40 companies and organisations, employing a total of 500 employees. Furthermore, Digipolis serves as the campus for Lappia, the Kemi-Tornionlaakso Municipal Education and Training Consortium and its 1,500 students. A broad network of partners, and multifaceted and profound co-operation, both on the national and international levels, have played a key role in the growth and development of Digipolis. Years of goal-oriented work have honed industrial services, low temperature and winter technologies, electronics, information technology as well as corporate and training services into areas of strong specialised expertise. The Heavy High Tech programme jointly overseen by Digipolis and business developers in Lapland is a customeroriented programme intended to activate and support industrial expertise and the development and growth of industrial service activities in the northern region. The productification and regard for arctic expertise as part of service design can be an advantage for service companies operating within the steel, forest, mining and energy industries as well as, for instance, in the automobile industry and perhaps even tourism. Corporate services facilitate the possibility to initiate entrepreneurial endeavours and to develop business ideas together with experts in the different fields. Development services in the wood construction industry inform companies in the field about the business outlooks and

activate the development of innovative business concepts for new markets and new technologies. Partnerbook is a social media-based tool created through co-operation with companies for the purpose of advancing networking and marketing. By creating a company profile within the service, companies are able to equally market their own competence and services to both new and existing customers. 25

The Regional Council of Lapland is a politicallysteered developer and supervisor of the interests of the region and its member municipalities. P.O. Box 8056 (Hallituskatu 20 B) FI-96101 Rovaniemi, Finland Tel. +358 40 359 1000 Fax +358 16 318 705 LaplandAboveOrdinary

Cross-border business co-operation Mining is driving industrial development The bedrock of Lapland offers opportunities for developing mining operations. Lapland already has three operational mines, namely the gold mines in Kittil채 and Sodankyl채 and the chromite mine in Kemi, and there are several mining projects underway. Within the Regional Council of Lapland, the development of the mining industry in this region is the responsibility of the Branch Manager for the Mining and Stone Industry of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The mining cluster in Northern Finland also includes the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Lapland (ELY Centre), the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) and the Finnish Safety and Chemical Agency (Tukes).

The Regional Council of Lapland not only oversees the interests of the municipalities in the region, but also manages the national and EU-funded development programme work in Lapland. The Council grants funding for initiatives that advance regional goals, including projects to develop the spearhead businesses of Lapland, namely tourism and the mining industry, as well as co-operation with neighbouring countries. Funding for cross-border projects is provided through the Interreg IV A North and Kolarctic ENPI CBC programmes. The Interreg programme is intended to promote cooperation between the citizens, companies and authorities in the Northern regions of Finland, Sweden and Norway. The Kolarctic ENPI CBC programme covers geographically the three northernmost counties in Norway, Norrbotten in Sweden, Lapland in Finland, and the districts of Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Nenets in Russia. 26

Lapland – The North of Finland Follow us

No ordinary destination Lapland – The North of Finland Finnish Lapland is the world’s last wilderness, which tourists can experience with the help of modern infrastructure and a wide range of tourism services. Lapland – The North of Finland tourism project will present Lapland in a new, original way. Lapland and Northern Finland will be presented to foreign tourists as a land of contrasts, the like of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.   “Finnish Lapland is no ordinary region on the northern edge of the world. It’s a land full of extremes. It offers genuine experiences that cannot be experienced anywhere else,” says the project’s head of marketing Hanna-Mari Talvensaari. When it is quiet in Lapland, it is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. When it is light, it is light 24 hours a day. When it is dark, it is dark for


week after week. “The Arctic wilderness with its spectacular Northern Lights combined with a dedicated service culture are what make Lapland and Northern Finland uniquely attractive to foreign tourists,” says Talvensaari. The attraction of Finnish Lapland is the wilderness that makes every other place feel ordinary. This joint trans-regional marketing project will create pulling power for Northern Finland, especially in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Russia. The three year project is financed by the ERDF, the Regional Council of Lapland, the Council of Oulu Region, the municipalities of Lapland and Koillismaa, and the Finnish Tourist Board. The regional tourism business and Finavia play an important role in the implementation of the project.

Mining operator Tapojärvi offers solutions for the whole production chain

Mill service provider

Wide range of Specialties Tapojärvi gives it’s clients a higher value Tapojärvi gives what it says. The competence list of the complete mining operator is long: scaling, loading, hauling, mounting, maintenance of roads, crushing etc. The company has decades of experience in open pits and underground mines. Operating as a solid part of the processes in several mines is the core for Tapojärvi. Loading and transporting ore and rock, filling of quarries, building and maintenance of underground roads, scaling, mounting equipment, stripping and dam construction.

In the future Tapojärvi sees itself continuing the good work in various mines. Consistent aim to grow is the core force that keeps Tapojärvi going strong. The idea is to extend the amount of different services as well as widen the future projects to other countries.   Besides mining operations Tapojärvi is a well-known operator at steel factories.Handling of recycled steel, metal recovery, slag handling, recycling of refractory products are just a few of the operations performed on steel factories.


The idea is to reuse material up to 100%. All these operations are done in an effective and ecological way. Over 50 years of persistent development work has intensified Tapojärvi’s working processes. Safety has been kept in mind all along. The experience Tapojärvi has and the quality of the work gives significant benefits for the clients.   Tapojärvis way to operate by utilizing its knowledge and equipment offers the clients most reliable service that Tapojärvi and client have co-designed. We want to beclose

to our clients because experience has shown that this way we are able to support our clients’ business the best possible way. We want to be close to our client and offer them tailored service to meet their needs. We think it is important that our clients get the most out of our co-operation. We want to be flexible and helpful in every project. Our long-term experience of the industry and know-how of the personnel is our main asset. Our goal is to operate safely and reliably.

Tapojärvi Oy Tornio, Kemi, Raahe and Polvijärvi Tel. +358 16 4588 600 Turnover: 35 M € Employees: 230


Kittilä Mine safe and responsible gold mining Kittilä mine is one of the largest known gold deposits in Europe. The mine is a vital and growing part of Lapland’s economic development. “The population of Kittilä has been growing during the past decade and the growth accelerated when the construction of the mine started in 2006. The mine has brought a more diversified and skilled workforce to move to the area, and the unemployment rate has dropped to very low levels. The municipal tax income paid by our employees is over 4 million Euros with an equal amount income tax paid to the State”, mr. Haga adds. The mine has increased demand and created new employment opportunities in metal, engineering and constructions industries, accommodation and catering, recreation and healthcare and maintenance services. “The Kittilä area is also gaining more international publicity and investors´ interest”, he says.

“The mining industry is one of the few new growth areas in Lapland and is of great importance in enabling Lapland to retain its economic vitality and population”, Mr. Ingmar Haga, Managing Director of Agnico-Eagle Finland Oy, explains. Economic impact growing “The mine´s economic impact on the region is significant and it is growing. Our annual turnover is now about 200 million Euros which is roughly equal to the turnover of the Kittilä tourist industry”, mr. Haga estimates. “We pay a royalty to the State which today amounts to 2.5-3 million Euros annually. We also pay annual real estate tax of approximately 0.2 million Euros and we estimate we will be paying corporate tax ranging between 10-20 million Euros from year 2012 onwards”, he states. The mine employs directly 600 professionals. About 90 per cent of its own employees are from Lapland area and their average age is 39 years. Women represent almost 12 percent of the employees.

From open pit to underground mining Open pit mining began in 2008 and underground mining of the deeper ores in 2010. The open pits will be mined out by the end of 2012 and mining will from thereon be entirely carried out from the underground. 30

Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited Agnico-Eagle Finland Oy Kittilä Mine Pokantie 541 FI-99250 Kiistala, Finland Agnico-Eagle Finland Exploration Pakatintie 371 FI-99100 Kittilä, Finland

The first gold was poured in January 2009. The 3,000-tonneper-day operation is expected to produce about 160,000 ounces of gold in 2012 and average over 160,000 ounces of gold a year from 2013 through 2014. Thanks to continued exploration efforts the size of the orebody has grown year after year. Currently a feasibility study is underway to evaluate the potential for expanding the gold production at the mine.

“Agnico-Eagle is committed to operating in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible manner while contributing to the prosperity of our employees and the communities in which we operate”, states mr. Haga. Responsible cyanide management practices: The Kittilä mine was the first of Agnico-Eagle´s mines to begin a review of its operations with the aim to meet the requirements of the International Cyanide Management Code. Each and every phase of the cyanide processing at the site – from the preparation of cyanide to its use and final destruction – must meet all the Code requirements. “We believe in using industry best practices to ensure that the impact of our operations on the environment is as minimal as possible”, mr. Ingmar Haga concludes.

Safety and Responsibility Kittilä Mine is owned by Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited, a Canadian-based gold producer with mines and exploration properties in Canada, Finland, Mexico, and the United States. The company has a long and proud 55 year production history.







Sähköpojat – at your service


Tornion Sähköpojat Oy has been serving the Finnish industry, and that of Northern Sweden for over thirty years already. Today it has grown from a small business into a professional staff of thirty within the industrial service field. The machines, premises and professional skills of the staff are of the highest standard. Flexible services in industrial maintenance and manufacturing cover the entire territory of Finland, Sweden and Norway. The services we provide to our customers are based on the turnkey principle.

Anything needed Sähköpojat renders an extensive range of services both in the field of electromechanical repair and maintenance, as well as in solving machining and turning problems. Sähköpojat offers high quality services that meet the integrated needs of customers and are based on a long-term principle and reliable customer relationships. Moreover, co-operation with the Sähköpojat personnel is a cost-efficient solution for our customers.

Tornion Sähköpojat Oy Founded 1974 Personnel 30 Tornion Sähköpojat Oy Raidekatu 29 FI-95420 Tornio, Finland Tel. switchboard +358 400 222 401 Fax +358 16 446 853 On-call 24 h +358 400 300 511 gsm +358 400 692 926

Since 1974 Electromechanical maintenance, repair and manufacturing. All industrial equipment and applications “Turn-key solutions” 24/365


Municipality of Ylitornio An energetic community set amidst natural environs. Municipal office P.O. Box 38, (Alkkulanraitti 55) FI-95600 Ylitornio, Finland Tapani Melaluoto, tel. +358 400 692 890 Markku Norrena, tel. +358 40 1769 222 Annikka Tuohino, tel. +358 400 552 094

Ylitornio – The Tornio River Valley at its finest The people of Ylitornio value an open and safe living environment. This is a place where entrepreneurism flourishes and excellent transportation connections uphold active trade and commerce. Ylitornio is a pleasant community and an active destination for natural tourism.

The Tornio River joins Ylitornio, Finland and Ă–vertorneĂĽ, Sweden into one seemingly seamless municipality. A common language and far-reaching cultural history facilitate corporate co-operation and the cross-border movement of customers. The residents of the Tornio Valley have always thrived on close co-operation and community, and only now, with both Finland and Sweden being members of the EU, has the border between the two countries been seemingly drawn in the river waters. The strong entrepreneurial spirit in Ylitornio is also one of its proud traditions.

The forest-covered, hilly landscape, the Tornio River and the lakeside scenery amidst a beautiful backdrop along the Arctic Circle creates the ideal environment for individualised recreation and diverse business opportunities. Ylitornio is also home to Aavasaksa, the oldest travel destination in Lapland.


Strength from the border The MSC event draws on all the best aspects of the ACR and adapts them to suit today’s conditions. The MSC takes place immediately following Midsummer. The 295-kilometre journey takes participants along the border river between Finland and Sweden, namely the Tornio River, close to the Arctic Circle. Each day of the event, participants will paddle along a stretch of the river that amounts to about 35-40 kilometres. The shortest distance is only 20 kilometres and the longest may be as much as 70. This leisurely pace along the river allows for plenty of time to admire the varying and breathtaking nature of the river valley extending through five municipalities, the bilingual culture of the region and entertaining programmes at daily destinations in both Sweden and Finland. In other words, there is ample opportunity to relax and recharge. The prime focus of the event is, above all, the fantastic canoeing waters. The route offers both rapidly flowing sections and calmer waters. There are also whirling rapids that offer plenty of excitement and challenge your paddling skills. Participants can choose to paddle as relay teams or on their own – either way the experience will undoubtedly be unforgettable.

Ylitornio has everything necessary to ensure successful business: functional transport connections, an ideal location and uncrowded, diverse residential options. The foundation for its success lies in the idea that each and every field of business, company and workplace is essential. Successful companies, highly active tourist services and a functional business life are the fundamental pillars of the municipality. The basic task of the local business services is to develop the livelihood of the area, support and diversify a competitive operational environment, and promote employment. A good example of this is the Master Plan developed for tourism purposes in the Aavasaksa area. Always an adventure – Midnight Sun Canoeing Muonio, Kolari, Pello, Ylitornio and Tornio also offer fantastic sites for any event. One such event is Midnight Sun Canoeing. The event traverses the changing waters of the Muonio and Tornio Rivers, two of the rare rivers in Europe that are still wild, and enables canoers to enjoy the unique midnight sun. MSC has developed from the well-known Arctic Canoe Race, which has been held approximately 15 times.


Levi is the crown jewel of holiday resorts

Levi offers the best in downhill skiing and so much more!

Year round activities

With the breathtaking landscape of Fell Lapland and a wide range of activities year round, “it´s no wonder” that Levi is Finland’s prime recreational resort. Levi is actually a small mountain village, whose services well exceed those of traditional holiday destinations. Whether you are interested in shopping or being entertained, you will find plenty to do in Levi! Accommodation options range from top quality cabins and holiday flats to high standard hotel rooms and suites. The newest way to rejuvenate and refresh yourself is to enjoy the variety of services offered at the new Lapland-style spa!

Levi’s 43 downhill slopes and well-maintained network of cross-country tracks cater to the most popular winter activities. Visitors can enjoy the selection of different winter safaris available. The area has more than 50 different recreational businesses ready to whisk guests away on an exciting snowmobile, husky or reindeer safari. The winter season is traditionally kicked off in November with the FIS Alpine World Cup Levi, which brings together the world’s best slalom skiers to race down the Levi Black slope.


Levi Services • 6 hotels • 6 apartment hotels Thousands of holiday homes • 24 000 beds • 58 restaurants, of which 9 are located by the slopes • Spa, beauty treatment centres • 2 bowling alleys • 4 convenience stores

The spring season at Levi is glorious with its shimmering snowdrifts. When summer moves in, its time to pick up the golf clubs. The rolling 18-hole course at Levi Golf & Country Club is open until late into the autumn. Levi is also home to Adventure Park, Bike Park and Reindeer Park!

Levi Central Booking Office Tel. +358 16 639 3300

• Several specialist shops, souvenir shops • Chapel • 7 ski equipment rental centres • 2 caravan sites • 2 unmanned petrol stations • Golf course • More than 50 programme service companies • Movie theater Tourist Information Tel. +358 600 550 134*

Book your flight at Oy Levi Travel Ltd Tel. +358 16 639 3380 Fax +358 16 643 469

A great location for any conference For conference guests, Levi is the ideal location, because getting there takes no time at all. The flight from Helsinki takes only 1.5 hours. The professional staff at Levi Travel are ready and willing to assist you with all the arrangements, from accommodation and conference facilities to extracurricular activities. Levi has what it takes to host an event of any scale, up to EU-level conferences, with its modern facilities, latest technology and that little extra that makes for a memorable event. The exotic nature of Lapland adds its own flavour to the food, culture and activities.

For more information, please visit *(0,8 €/min + local service provider charge, queuing chargeable)

We welcome you to come and experience it all with your family, your friends or your colleagues!

Play golf on our high standard 18-hole course!


FQM Kevitsa Mining Oy

First Quantum Minerals Limited

Mr Andrew Reid General Manager

Mr Wyatt Buck Director Operations MCM & Kevitsa

Kevitsantie 730 FI-99670 Petkula, Finland Tel. +358 16 451 100 Fax +358 16 451 111

Level 1, 24 Outram Street West Perth Western Australia 6005

FQM Kevitsa Mining Oy Project History The Kevitsa deposit is a large resource of nickel-coppercobalt-PGE-gold mineralisation which first attracted exploration interest 20 years ago. The relatively low grade and complex nature of the mineralogy represents technical challenges which have been overcome through modern metallurgical extraction processes.

Kevitsa is located some 160km north-northeast of Rovaniemi in Northern Finland in the Municipality of Sodankylä. The climate is arctic, but there is no permafrost in the area and vegetation consists of bog and birch forest. FQM Kevitsa Mining Oy is producing approximately 10,000 tonnes of Nickel and 20,000 tonnes of Copper per year with a Life of Mine ~30 years. Capital costs are to be ₏380M and will employ ~240 employees directly and many more indirectly throughout the region. Kevitsa is a meaningful contributor to not only the growth of the company and its shareholders but also to the economy of Finland. The fact that First Quantum Minerals Ltd (FQML) has invested a significant sum into this mine is indicative of our belief that Finland is a low risk country with huge potential for the mining industry.

1987: Mineralisation was first discovered by Geological

Survey of Finland (GTK), when a diamond drill hole intersected 23 m with 0.36 % nickel and 0.46 % copper plus gold and PGE. 1995: The Finnish state put the deposit up for tender, which was awarded to Outokumpu Mining Oy in early 1996. 1998: Outokumpu decided not to develop the deposit citing difficult metallurgy and low grade, after drilling 15 holes for a total of 2220 m and conducting extensive metallurgical testing. They returned it to the Finnish Government.


Process Method The circuit is designed to treat 5.5Mtpa of ore, which is equivalent to 687.5 tonnes per hour. ROM ore from the open pit is crushed in a gyratory crusher followed by screening on a double deck vibrating screen for pebble generation. The screen oversize and undersize are recombined and conveyed to the mill feed stockpile. Crushed ore is reclaimed from from the stockpile by 2 belt feeders, each feeding a 7MW autogenous grinding (AG) mill. Mill discharge product from the AG mills is pumped to hydrocyclone classifiers and the remainder is transferred to the pebble milling circuit. Overflow from both sets of cyclones gravitates to the copper flotation circuit and underflow returns to the AG pebble mills. Selective flotation of separate copper and nickel concentrates in a sequential flow sheet is followed by flotation of pyrrhotite and other remaining sulphides in order to reduce the sulphur content of the final tailings. The pyrrhotite flotation concentrate is deposited in a designated area in the main tailings ponds, which is lined to prevent seepage. Copper and nickel concentrates are thickened and filtered prior to transportation to off-site smelters.

2000: Scandinavian Minerals Ltd (SML), obtained a claim

reservation covering the deposit and surrounding areas. In November, it was granted claims for an area of 8.68 km2. 2008: FQML acquired SML and its assets including the Kevitsa deposit. 2009: Kevitsa Mining Oy received the environmental Permit, Decision No: 46/09/1. 2010: FQML commenced civil works in June. 2012: Production Mining Method

The selected method of mining utilises open pit shovel and truck mining techniques. The prime focus for the development of the mining system has been to minimise costs through the application of efficient and effective systems that utilize current and optimal technologies. The use of grid electrical power will be maximised throughout the mining process and this coupled with bulk mining systems is expected to minimise unit costs.



Lappset Group Ltd P.O. Box 8146 (Hallitie 17) FI-96101 Rovaniemi, Finland Tel. +358 20 775 0100 Fax. +358 20 775 0101

Angry Birds Activity Park – a theme park that encourages exercise Angry Birds Activity Parks combine the physical and digital worlds in a totally new way. They also bring an irresistible dimension to theme and amusement parks: activity. Scaled theme park Lappset delivers Angry Birds Activity Parks as complete packages, including playground equipment, as well as park furniture for extra comfort. In line with the location and need, a cafe or kiosk building can be added, for example. In addition to designing and delivering the park, through its partner network Lappset also provides solutions for the landscaping of the entire area and the maintenance of the completed park.

In the Angry Birds Activity Park, the birds and pigs familiar from the game not only appear on the equipment and as physical figures, but also encourage visitors to move around and be active. To be more precise, Angry Birds theme parks provide access to Angry Birds game levels, based on positioning technology and developed in collaboration with Rovio Entertainment. These game levels take account of the visitor’s activity within the park, based on which he or she gains extra features, characters and challenges for the Angry Birds game.


LiikeAkatemia LiikeAkatemia, or ‘Business Academy’, is a programme that leads to commercial entrepreneurship. Implemented within the Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences (UAS), the Academy also provides a forum for networking, opportunities to establish contacts in real working life, and an entirely new way of studying.

LiikeAkatemia LiikeAkatemia, or ‘Business Academy’, refers to a training programme that leads to commercial entrepreneurship and is arranged by the School of Business and Administration at the Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences. companies have also been operating a canteen at the Health Centre of Tornio.

In their third year, students will form teams to start up and run a business. They move over to the LiikeAkatemia premises where all learning is based on hands-on practice. The studies are comprised of team meetings, studying in small groups, developing the team company’s business operations, independent search for information, and a variety of projects. The managing director for the team’s company is elected by voting, but the other roles will be taken on by individual students according to their interests and the type of activity. The product or service concepts created during the studies may, in the best case scenario, actually provide the student with employment as an independent entrepreneur.

LiikeAkatemia – a successful start The students have been happy with the new educational outlet. Sitting and listening to lectures are replaced by decision-making in the meetings of their own company, and instead of reading materials that are defined in advance, they have independently searched for relevant literature. The best aspect, in their mind, has been the independence and responsibility they have been given. Another good thing has been that a teacher’s guidance is not always necessarily needed, but the students can manage problems by looking into the matter and doing things themselves. One weakness has been that, as this is a new educational model, it took quite some time to gain approval and to market the new approach. Being a pioneer has burdened the students as well. Also, to gather a properly functioning team has sometimes been difficult, and there have been minor disagreements within the teams as well. On the other hand, it can be seen as a sign of the fact that all are interested in the topic.

Rajapartners Oy, Finnmerc Oy, Urban Flow Osk The LiikeAkatemia project has been underway for two years. The students have been involved in three team companies, namely the limited companies Rajapartners Oy and Finnmerc Oy, and the co-operative Osuuskunta Urban Flow. The companies have provided their customers with services, such as marketing campaigns, customer satisfaction surveys, event organizing services, and research services. The students’


Invest in Lapland - Business and investment opportunities for international companies

Invest in Lapland Rovaniemi Regional Development Agency Ltd. Ainonkatu 1, FI-96200 Rovaniemi, Finland Jaakko Pöykkö, Investment Adviser Tel. +358 50 564 9570 Digipolis / Kemi Hannu Jauhiainen, Investment Adviser Tel. +358 50 413 3149

The development in the North especially in Tourism and industrial sector appears to be strong, stronger than other parts of Finland and Europe. Investment boom is already ongoing fact in Lapland. Especially mining industry is increasing. Estimated value of the mining projects implementing in this decade is 6.850 billion euros. Tourism industry is also going well. Last decade was the real tourism investment boom and it seems that the value of one billion euros is going to be reached in tourist investments within the next five years.

with the best potential for your business operation. Once there is a short list, we can arrange visits and join you in meetings. Lapland is the great base to build up your business and to also manage your business in the Nordic countries, Sweden, Norway and Russia. Lapland is ideal gateway to reach all investment objects from the Bay of Botnia up to the Arctic Ocean. Invest in Lapland at your service Whatever your needs are, Invest in Lapland’s experts will be pleased to help you. Our services are free of charge and will always be tailored to meet your precise needs. Currently, activity in Invest in Lapland is focused on three highly-promising sectors: industrial services, tourism and creative industry.

Invest In Lapland Invest in Lapland is promoting foreign investments into Lapland. We assist international companies in finding business opportunities in Lapland and provide all the relevant information and guidance required to establish a business in Finland and in Lapland. In most cases, the location of a business is critical to its future success. Location management is a key service provided by Invest in Lapland. By tailoring the services we provide to meet your precise needs, we identify locations 43

Photo: Emilia Haukka


Lapland Chamber of Commerce Tietokatu 3, FI-94600 Kemi, Finland Maakuntakatu 29-31 B, FI-96200 Rovaniemi, Finland

Lapland Chamber of Commerce – Promoting Business in the New North Lapland Chamber of Commerce´s mission is to create success for its member companies and to business in Lapland. Representing views and opinions of trade and industry the Chamber is working on better business environment, offering business related services and building networks in order to maintain and enhance business competitiveness. International cooperation and networking plays an active role of the Chamber activities specifically in the European High North but not forgetting the worldwide context. Members of the Chamber include a variety of companies from big industrial enterprises to SME’s from different industries and branches of business, municipalities and other business related actors.

These plans in North of Finland, North of Sweden, North of Norway, Murmansk and Archangelsk regions in Russia are investments in energy, transport infrastructure, trade and tourism and industrial investments mining included. The most convincing of the planned investments are worth of over 125 billion euro. Some of these investments are already ongoing as the rest are likely to be established by the end of this decade. This ongoing and future seen development is strengthening the business in Lapland bringing new business opportunities to all branches of business. Arctic Business Forum Connecting Business over the Borders The 4th Arctic Business Forum in March 2013 is the leading international business event bringing together companies and business people interested in the European High North business development. The forum is an open arena to discuss the new business opportunities and challenges in the arctic and find solutions to improve the business cooperation over the actual and abstract borders.

Great Business Potential in and around Lapland According to Lapland Chamber of Commerce analysis (European High North Investment Catalogue 2012) the investments planned to be established in and around neighboring areas of Lapland are currently worth of over 227 billion euro.


BRP’s Values Winning attitude, integrity, innovation, quality through rigorous execution, and financial strength are the standards that enable the BRP team to create marketshaping products, products that give powersports consumers a unique experience which all together, are safer, more responsible, and more respectful of communities and the environment in which they reside.

Lynx Snowmobiles – snowhow for Nordic conditions From Work to Leisure In Finland, there are over 120 000 registered snowmobiles and about 20 000 kms of snowmobile trails. Snowmobiles are used for both recreational and utility purposes. They can bring you and your family into the Lapland wilderness to enjoy the beautiful wintry landscape. Just as well they will help reindeer herders provide food for their herds.

BRP Finland Oy BRP Finland Oy is a fully owned subsidiary of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). BRP is a privately-held company and a world leader in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of motorised recreational vehicles. Its portfolio of brands and products includes: Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft and boats, Evinrude and Johnson outboard engines, direct injection technologies such as E-TEC, Can-Am allterrain vehicles and side-by-side vehicles and roadsters, as well as Rotax engines. BRP products are distributed in more than 100 countries. Products: Development and manufacture of Lynx snowmobiles and Ski-Doo utility snowmobiles. Distribution of Can-Am ATVs, SSVs and roadsters and Sea-Doo watercraft. Rovaniemi facility area: 20,000 m2 Employees: 350 P.O. Box 8040 (Isoaavantie 7) FI-96101 Rovaniemi, Finland Tel. +358 16 320 8111 Fax +358 16 318 114

Traditions Alive The origins of Finnish Lynx snowmobiles date back to 1967 when the development of the first model began. From the very beginning, the mission has been to build the best snowmobiles for Nordic conditions which still is an essential part of Lynx brand promise. Today, Lynx is the only European snowmobile brand and, manufactured by BRP, it is going strong as ever. In the Nordic countries, approximately every third new snowmobile sold is a Lynx. In Finland, Lynx market share is 41.0% (based on registration statistics from July 2011 till June 2012). Beat the Extreme Conditions Lynx Snowhow is based on a deep understanding of winter, snow and the tough northern terrain. The challenges that extreme conditions pose for the sled and rider must be well known before one can rise up to confront them. BRP Finland Oy’s factory is located in the Lapland capital, Rovaniemi, so Lynx snowmobiles are designed, tested and built in precisely the conditions in which the Lynx customers will ride them. State-of-the-art manufacturing technology and the best industrial practices are used in the manufacture. 46

The best

Highest Creditworthiness

in concrete since 1958




YBT Oy makes high-quality prefab concrete elements, and can offer a full range of services from design to erection. Concrete buildings form a solid whole, as if they were be made from a single rock. From one generation to the next concrete structures stand the test of time, wear and tear, and the critical eye. The family business was founded in 1958, its long traditions giving our operations a solid base. YBT’s production plants are located in Ylitornio (head office), Raahe and Kuhmo. Since 1998 YBT has held the highest AAA credit rating. High-quality prefab concrete products ensure the cost-saving completion of a building project according to its schedule. Factory-finished prefab concrete elements save both time and costs at the building site. YBT’s operations are controlled by the ISO-9001 quality system. In addition to the internal quality control at the production plants, external quality control is managed by Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy. The high quality of prefab concrete elements is a result of the use of quality-controlled raw materials like cement, aggregates, additives, reinforcing steel and steel components. Full range of services ensures that the client’s orders are fulfilled and erected according to the agreed schedule. Thanks to professional installers and own mobile crane, erection is fast and easy. 47

ISO 9001

YBT YBT Oy is the most modern concrete element factory in Northern Finland. We deliver our projects all over Scandinavia. Turnover (2012): 8 M € Personnel: 50 Valimotie 1 FI-95600 Ylitornio, Finland Tel. +358 400 93 0400 Fax +358 420 93 0400 Ylitornio | Raahe | Kuhmo

Barents Center Finland, the home of up-to-date information in Barents Business 250 employees), which do not have the intelligence resources in the Barents Area. Finpro was ready to prepare and offer their service portfolio in NW-Russia, providing monthly reports on projects and depicting decision makers within regional structures. On top of that Finpro became the representative office for Barents Center in Murmansk and NorthWest of Russia in spring 2012. In fall 2012 Storvik Consult took on the duties for providing the necessary monthly information to Barents Center from Northern Norway. The service provider for Northern Sweden will be decided shortly.

Barents Center has a strong knowledge in Barents issues The cities, counties, high schools and universities in the North of Finland started in the spring of year 2011 a new nonprofit, match-making organization Barents Center Finland, in Rovaniemi, Finland in order to aid and promote real cross border business. Mr. Martti Hahl, President of Barents Center Finland summarizes the first operational year: “It has been very challenging and at the same rewarding to create the personal network of contacts locally, regionally and with the state officials in Finland, North-West of Russia, Northern Sweden and Northern Norway. The Finnish ambassadors, regional governors and the Lapland Chamber of Commerce have provided excellent help with their expert teams”.

The Barents Business is Cross Border Business Barents Center is the match maker and guide for Finnish Businesses entering the neighboring Barents countries. And of course, it is helping the businesses coming from Barents area to Finland. It has a complete network of the Business Development Companies established and owned by the major Finnish cities, regions and counties. These development companies are there to serve businesses willing to start or develop their operations in Finland.

The timely and adequate information from the different areas of Barents is essential for future success Mr. Hahl was surprised to realize, that there was no single source of coordinated and compiled information of PublicPrivate-Partnership and published tenders in the Barents area. The Barents area has an investment potential of more than 100 B€ until year 2020, according to the Investment Catalogue published by Lapland Chamber of Commerce in 2012. The detailed information on projects to be started with short background description, objectives, actions, schedule, financing and decision makers was not simply available. This information database is essential for especially SME:s (Small and Medium sized Enterprises, which have up to

The public sector investments are a cross border opportunity The investments in energy efficiency, energy saving, drinking water, waste water, waste management and forestry are Barents Center´s guiding lights in the development of North-West of Russia.


Drop us a line and let’s see what we can do together in Barents

Martti Hahl explains; “When there is a planned investment within the aforementioned sectors, the investor and the project owner should look into credible financing, which can be provided by NEFCO (Nordic Environmental Financing Corporation), NIB (Nordic Investment Bank), NDEP (Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership) and EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development). Simply put, if there is a planned project, which will aid the favorable development of the environment, like lessening the carbon footprint, lessening the pollution of the waters etc. there is a real chance to get serious financing with world level expertise for executing the project in NorthWest of Russia. We help and support the public sector as well as the potential service providers to find viable solutions together for realizing these kind of projects.

Barents Center Finland welcomes the businesses and relevant authorities in Barents Euro Arctic region to a dialogue and start from there Mr. Martti Hahl, President of Barents Center, concludes. Just drop an e-mail to us at or to me personally, first name. family

Transports and logistics will decide how quickly the Barents Area will develop The biggest obstacle for business and cross border cooperation is the lack functioning airline, road and railway connections between the Barents Countries. Even if you choose the quickest transport form available it will take roughly one working day to get from one country to another. There are well developed railway connection plans, especially on the Finnish side. The Swedes have solved the immediate mining industry needs for transport by employing the services of 400 90 ton trucks from Pajala to Kiruna. The Swedish government has just informed of the investment plans in transport infrastructure in Northern Sweden. Barents Center looks into the big picture together NDPTL Secretariat (Northern Dimension Partnership in Logistics Secretariat) so the plans, when they are coming closer to reality, can be included in to the TEN-T plans and coordinated with the EU plans. In near future the Northern Sea Route will decrease the sea transport time from 30 days through Suez to 15-20 days and gives huge savings in decreased fuel consumption and emissions. And on the other hand a functioning TransSiberian railway connection from Northern Norway to China would take roughly 7-8 days.

Barents Center Finland Ltd Background Barents Center Finland Ltd was established in year 2010. It started the operations in February 2011. Owners Barents Center is owned by the cities of Oulu, Rovaniemi, Kokkola, Raahe and Kuusamo. The owners also include the Regions Northern Ostrobotnia, Central Ostrobotnia, Lapland, Northern Lapland Regional Cooperation Counties, Eastern Lapland Cooperation Counties, Kemi-Tornio Regional Development Center, Rovaniemi Educational County Cooperation, Lapland University, OSEKK/Oulu Region Professional High School and Oulu University. Operational principle Barents Center acts as the coordinator for the Northern Finnish Barents specialists and as a marketer for mainly businesses. It gathers the competence of the area, based on”one-stop-shopping” principle, to a service portfolio. Barents Center communicates directly with the local, regional and state level actors on constant basis in Barents area issues. Barents Center is a non-profit, match-making organization. It does not manage or administer projects. It is actively involved in education and in Research and Development activities. Barents Center gathers, assembles, creates and refines information in the Barents Euro Arctic Region for the special needs of business, education and administration.

Tourism is already an industry in the North Tourism plays already now an important role in High North and its success grows exponentially with the good service provided. The Russians are a big, very quality conscious group of service valuing families and individuals. They appreciate good service and reward it with generous consumption. More than 1, 2 million Finnish visas to Russians speak volumes, which turn into close 4 million border crossings between Finland and Russia in year 2012. Barents Center can help with practical marketing communication experience in Russia since 1993 and advice of the basic communication steps for improving the revenue of tourism.

Contact information Tel. +358 40 5057611 Visiting address: Barents Center Finland Ltd Maakuntakatu 29-31 B, 2nd floor, FI-96200 Rovaniemi, Finland


«Баренц Центр Финляндия», источник свежей информации по бизнесу в Баренц-регионе «Баренц Центр» обладает большими познаниями в вопросах, связанных с Баренц-регионом Города, коммуны, школы и университеты на севере Финляндии весной 2011 года дали начало новой некоммерческой посреднической организации «Баренц Центр Финляндия» в Рованиеми (Финляндия) с целью помогать и продвигать реальный трансграничный бизнес. Г-н Мартти Хахл, Президент «Баренц Центр Финляндия» подводит такой итог первого года работы: «Он был очень сложным и в то же время результативным в плане создания личной сети контактов на местном и региональном уровне, а также с государственными чиновниками в Финляндии, на Северо-Западе России, в Северной Швеции и Северной Норвегии. Финские послы, региональные руководители и Торговая палата Лапландии отлично помогли своими командами экспертов».

портфель своих услуг на Северо-Западе России, обеспечив снабжение ежемесячными отчетами по проектам и представив ключевые фигуры в региональных структурах. В довершение всего, весной 2012 г. «Финпро» стал представительством «Баренц Центра» в Мурманске и на Северо-Западе России. Осенью 2012 г. компания «Storvik Consult» взялась обеспечивать «Баренц Центр» необходимой ежемесячной информацией из Северной Норвегии. В скором времени будет принято решение по поставщику услуг для Северной Швеции. Бизнес Баренц-региона – это трансграничный бизнес «Баренц Центр» – это посредник и проводник для представителей финского бизнеса, делающих свои первые шаги в соседних странах Баренц-региона. И, конечно, он помогает фирмам из Баренцрегиона, начинающим свою деятельность в Финляндии. Он располагает целой сетью Центров развития бизнеса, учрежденных крупными финскими городами, регионами и коммунами и им же принадлежащих. Само существование этих центров развития имеет целью обслуживание фирм, желающих начать или развить свою деятельность в Финляндии.

Своевременная и адекватная информация из различных регионов Баренцева моря жизненно важна для будущего успеха Он был удивлен, когда узнал, что на тот момент не существовало единого источника скоординированной и скомпилированной информации о партнерстве государственного и частного сектора и публикуемых тендерах в Баренц-регионе. Баренц-регион обладает инвестиционным потенциалом свыше 100 млрд. евро до 2020 года, согласно «Инвестиционному каталогу», опубликованному Торговой палатой Лапландии в 2012 г. Подробная информация по запускаемым проектам с кратким описанием предыстории, целей, действий, графика, финансированию и ключевым фигурам была попросту недоступна. Такая информационная база данных жизненно важна, особенно для МСП (малых и средних предприятий, имеющих до 250 сотрудников), у которых нет источников «разведывательной информации» в Баренц-регионе. Центр «Финпро» оказался готов составить и предложить

Инвестиции в государственный сектор – трансграничные возможности Инвестиции в энергоэффективность, энергосбережение, питьевую воду, сточные воды, утилизацию отходов и лесное хозяйство – вот ориентиры «Баренц Центра» в развитии СевероЗапада России. Мартти Хахл объясняет: «Когда в вышеупомянутых секторах запланирована инвестиция, инвестору и владельцу проекта следует рассмотреть возможность финансирования, заслуживающего доверия, которое могут обеспечить НЕФКО (Северная экологическая


финансовая корпорация), СИБ (Северный инвестиционный банк), ЭПСИ (Экологическое партнерство Северного измерения) и ЕБРР (Европейский банк реконструкции и развития). Проще говоря, если есть запланированный проект, который поможет благоприятному развитию окружающей среды, такому как снижение «углеродного следа», снижение загрязнения вод и т. д., есть и реальная возможность получить серьезное финансирование вкупе со знаниями и опытом мирового уровня для выполнения проекта на СевероЗападе России. Мы помогаем и оказываем поддержку государственному сектору, а также потенциальным поставщикам услуг в совместном поиске практических решений для реализации проектов такого рода».

Напишите нам, и давайте посмотрим, что мы можем вместе сделать в Баренц-регионе ««Баренц Центр Финляндия» приглашает фирмы и соответствующие ведомства в Баренцевом ЕвроАрктическом регионе к диалогу и началу сотрудничества с этого момента», – резюмирует г-н Мартти Хахл (Martti Hahl), Президент «Баренц Центра». Просто напишите нам электронное сообщение по адресу или мне лично, имя.фамилия@

Транспортники и логистики решат, как быстро Баренц-регион будет развиваться Наибольшим препятствием для бизнеса и трансграничного сотрудничества является недостаток функционирующего авиа-, дорожного и железнодорожного сообщения между странами Баренц-региона. Даже если вы выберете самый быстрый транспорт из имеющихся, у вас займет примерно один рабочий день, чтобы попасть из одной страны в другую. Существуют прекрасно разработанные планы железнодорожного сообщения, особенно с финской стороны. Шведы удовлетворили насущные потребности добывающей промышленности в транспорте, задействовав услуги четырехсот 90-тонных грузовиков из Пайалы в Кируну. Шведское правительство только что сообщило об инвестиционных планах в сфере транспортной инфраструктуры в Северной Швеции. «Баренц Центр» рассматривает общую картину вместе с Секретариатом ПСИТЛ (Партнерства Северного измерения по транспорту и логистике), чтобы планы, таким образом, когда они будут ближе к реализации, можно было включить в планы TEN-T (ТрансЕвропейской транспортной сети) и координировать с планами ЕС. В ближайшем будущем Северный морской путь сократит время на морские перевозки с 30 дней (через Суэц) до 15-20 дней и даст огромную экономию в виде снижения расхода топлива и выбросов. И в то же время действующее Транссибирское железнодорожное сообщение между Северной Норвегией и Китаем занимает примерно 7-8 дней.

Barents Center Finland Ltd Предыстория «Баренц Центр Финляндия» основан в 2010 г. Деятельность он начал в феврале 2011 г. Владельцы «Баренц Центр» принадлежит городам Оулу, Рованиеми, Коккола, Раахе и Куусамо. В число владельцев также входят Организация регионального сотрудничества общин регионов Северная Остроботния, Центральная Остроботния, Лапландия и Северная Лапландия, Организация сотрудничества общин Восточной Лапландии, Центр регионального развития Кеми-Торнио, Организация сотрудничества общин Рованиеми в области образования, Университет Лапландии, Профессиональное училище региона Оулу/OSEKK и Университет Оулу. Принцип работы «Баренц Центр» выступает в качестве координатора для специалистов северофинской части Баренц-региона, а также в качестве деятеля рынка, занимающегося маркетингом преимущественно для фирм. Он собирает знания и навыки касательно региона, по принципу «все покупки в одном месте», в портфель услуг. «Баренц Центр» на постоянной основе сообщается непосредственно с деятелями местного, регионального и государственного уровня в вопросах, связанных с Баренцрегионом. «Баренц Центр» – это некоммерческая, посредническая организация. Он не занимается управлением или администрированием проектов. Он активно вовлекается в деятельность в области образования и научно-исследовательских и конструкторских работ. «Баренц Центр» собирает, компонует, создает и отсеивает информацию в Баренцевом Евро-Арктическом регионе для специальных нужд бизнеса, образования и администрации.

Туризм уже является индустрией на Севере Туризм уже сейчас играет важную роль на Крайнем Севере, и его успех растет в геометрической прогрессии, при условии хорошего сервиса. Россияне – это большая группа, очень сфокусированная на качестве сервиса и дорожащая как семейными, так и индивидуальными ценностями. Они ценят хороший сервис и вознаграждают его щедрым потреблением. Свыше 1,2 миллиона финских виз, выданных россиянам, говорят об объемах, приближающихся к 4 миллионам пересечений границы между Финляндией и Россией в 2012 г. «Баренц Центр» может оказать помощь с практическим опытом в области маркетинговой коммуникации в России с 1993 года и консультациями касательно основных коммуникативных шагов для увеличения доходов от туризма.

Контактные данные имя.фамилия Телефон: +358 40 5057611 Адрес для посещений: Barents Centre Finland Ltd ул. Маакунтакату 29-31 B, 2-й этаж, FI-96200 Рованиеми, Финляндия


Lapland Business Review 2013 Lapland Business Review служит окном в разнообразную деловую жизнь

финляндской Лапландии, в ее природу и инфраструктуру. Возможности, предлагаемые лапландской деловой жизнью и современной провинцией, представлены в настоящей англоязычной публикации словами самих предприятий. Приглашаем Вас ознакомиться с современной лапландской действительностью! Перспективы развития деловой жизни Лапландии основаны на промышленности, построенной на основе использования природных ресурсов, развитии горного дела и энергетики, туристическом приключенческом кластере, глубоких знаниях холодных/ зимних технологий, а также на возможностях, предлагаемых разным отраслям крупными проектами этого региона, богатого природными ресурсами. А полностью использовать выгодное положение Лапландии помогают хорошее сухопутное и морское сообщение, функциональные порты, аэропорты и различные логистические услуги.

умение работать в арктических условиях

являются существенной частью магии Лапландии. В области туризма самая большая провинция Финляндии предлагает туристические впечатления в наполненных жизнью городах, в спокойных поселках или в таежной избе под сопками. Лапландская природа предлагает прекрасные рамки для быта, но она способна предложить и твердую основу для экономики. Старательство на сопочных речках живет своей жизнью в легендах, рассказах, кинофильмах и судьбах людей. Кроме золота, в Лапландии добывают также медь, уран и железную руду. Лапландский образ жизни воспитывает в людях особый северный характер, который способен сокрушить даже камень.

Финляндия благодаря своему географическому положению и накопленному опыту является важным оператором во всем арктическом регионе и естественным регионом для развития арктических технологий. Предприятия Лапландии обладают опытом работы в суровых условиях, и владение и развитие различных ноу-хау в данной области является одним из основных предпосылок их деятельности. Лапландия является частью арктического региона Земли, Северного калотта и Баренц-региона. Уникальная природа и богатая культура Лапландии




FQM Kevitsa Mining Oy Limited Геологическая разведка Финляндии (GTK) Team Botnia – региональный Центр развития бизнеса Team Botnia Ул. Халлитускату, 9 FI-95400 Торнио Ристо Алахейкка Исполнительный директор Тел. +358 500 700 249

Университет Лапландии Местонахождение: Рованиеми, Финляндия – Самый северный университет в Европейском Союзе - около 4800 студентов и аспирантов - около 650 членов персонала Факультеты: Искусство и дизайн, педагогика, право, общественные науки Исследовательский профиль: • Арктика и Север • Туризм • Приоритеты - Разработка услуги - Благосостояние Северного региона и изменение характера труда - Баланс между ростом, законодательством и справедливостью Ключевые исследовательские центры: • Арктический центр • Междисциплинарный институт туризма (MTI) Ключевые членства: • Член консорциума Университета Лапландии • Член-основатель сети университетов «Университет Арктики»

Геологическая разведка Финляндии (GTK) производит и распространяет геологическую информацию для использования для продвижения идеи регулируемого и сбалансированного использования геологических богатств нашей планеты. GTK картографирует и исследует земную кору, инвентаризирует полезные ископаемые, обеспечивает оказание информационных услуг в области геологии на национальном уровне, ведет работу по контактам для зарубежных клиентов и активно участвует в международных проектах. GTK – это национальный геологический исследовательский центр, работающий под руководством Министерства занятости и экономики. GTK основан в 1885. Суммарные затраты: 57 млн. € Штат: 620

Г-н Эндрю Рэйд Генеральный директор ул. Кевитсантие, 730 FI-99670 Петкула Тел. +358 16 451 100 Факс +358 16 451 111

First Quantum Minerals Г-н Вайатт Бак Директор MCM & Kevitsa Уровень 1, ул. Аутрэм-Стрит, 24 Западный Перт, Западная Австралия 6005

Tornion Sähköpojat Oy Основано в 1974 г. Штат: 30 Tornion Sähköpojat Oy ул. Райдекату, 29 FI-95420 Торнио, Финляндия Тел. коммутатор +358 400 222 401 Факс +358 16 446 853 Дежурный 24 ч +358 400 300 511 GSM +358 400 692 926

Почтовый адрес: Университет Лапландии PO Box 122 FI-96101 Рованиеми, Финляндия Адрес для посещений (основное здание): ул. Юлиопистонкату, 8, Рованиеми, Финляндия Тел. +358 16 341 341

Northland Mines Oy Northland Exploration Finland Oy Координаты/адреса Рованиеми: ул. Текнотие, 14-16, FI-96930 Напапийри, Рованиеми, Финляндия Колари: ул. Асематие, 4, FI-95900, Колари, Финляндия Контактные данные Рованиеми: Тийна Туомаала Тел. +358 20 711 8390 Колари: Нелли Малмиокса Тел. +358 20 711 8490 Штат: 28 Исчерпывающее технико-экономическое обоснование по руднику Ханнукайнен: 25 миллионов USD


Муниципалитет Юлиторнио


Энергичное сообщество, расположенное в естественной среде.

Фирма YBT является самым современным в Северной Финляндии заводом железобетонных изделий и конструкций. Фирма реализует проекты по всей Скандинавии.

Муниципальное управление P.O. Box 38, (ул. Алккуланрайтти, 55) FI-95600 Юлиторнио, Финляндия Тапани Мелалуото, тел. +358 400 692 890 Маркку Норрена, тел. +358 40 1769 222 Анникка Туохино, тел. +358 400 552 094

Торговый оборот (2012): 8 млн. евро Персонал: 50 чел. Valimotie 1, FI-95600 Ylitornio, Финляндия Тел. +358 400 93 0400 Факс +358 420 93 0400

Ключ к арктическим инновациям Услуги • Услуги по менеджменту контракта • Конференц-услуги • Насыщенная программа высоких технологий • Partnerbook • Услуги по развитию бизнеса в Кеми-Торнио • Строительство из промышленной древесины в Лапландии Услуги в области научно-исследовательских и конструкторских работ (НИОКР) на базе Университета прикладных наук Кеми-Торнио • Лаборатория технологии материалов • Лаборатория для испытаний и микроэлектроники • Техническое обслуживание • Разработка технологического оборудования • Проекты НИОКР на заказ для компаний


Дигиполис – Технологический парк города Кеми


LiikeAkatemia, или «Бизнесакадемия» - это программа, ведущая к Услуги коммерческому предпринимательству. • 6 гостиниц Реализуемая в стенах Университета • 6 жилых домов с гостиничным прикладных наук Кеми-Торнио обслуживанием (UAS), Академия также занимается Тысячи домов отдыха обеспечением форума по созданию сети • 24 000 постельных мест полезных деловых связей, возможность • 40 ресторанов, из которых наладить контакты в реальных рабочих 7 расположены на склонах ситуациях, а также совершенно новый • Спа, центры косметологии способ обучения. • 2 боулинга • 4 магазина товаров повседневного спроса • Несколько специализированных мастерских и сувенирных лавок • Часовня • 6 пунктов проката лыжных принадлежностей • 2 стоянки прицепов-дач • 2 автоматических топливных заправки • Курсы гольфа Kemi Shipping Oy • В программе свыше 50 компаний сферы обслуживания • Кинотеатр Оператор порта с разветвленной сетью транспортно-экспедиторского Центральная билетная касса Levi обслуживания, включая морские и Тел. +358 16 639 3300 наземные перевозки, документацию, складское хранение и таможенные процедуры. Откуда угодно куда угодно Бронируйте свои авиарейсы в по всему миру. Oy Levi Travel Ltd Тел. +358 16 639 3380 P.O Box 535 Факс +358 16 643 469 FI-94101 Кеми, Финляндия Тел. +358 207 428 200 Факс +358 207 428 211 За более подробной информацией, пожалуйста, обращайтесь по адресу


Дигиполис – Технологический парк города Кеми ул. Тиетокату, 3, FI-94600 Кеми, Финляндия Тел. +358 20 769 1990

Port of Kemi Oy Айос • 65° 40’ с. ш., 24°31’ в. д. • глубина фарватера: 10.0 м • круглогодичное обслуживание • транспортный объем: 2,5 миллиона тонн • стоянок судов: 550/год Порт Кеми Ключ к региону к региону Северной полярной шапки ул. Айоксентие, 748, FI-94900 Кеми, Финляндия Тел. +358 16 258 100 Факс +358 16 258 110

BRP Finland Oy

Лапландия – Север Финляндии

BRP Finland Oy – это дочерняя компания фирмы Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP), находящаяся в ее полной собственности. BRP – частная компания и мировой лидер в области дизайна, разработки, производства, поставки и маркетинга моторизованных транспортных средств для отдыха. Ее портфель брендов и продуктов включает: снегоходы Ski-Doo и Lynx, плавучие средства и лодки Sea-Doo, подвесные двигатели Evinrude и Johnson, технологии прямого впрыска, такие как E-TEC, квадроциклы Can-Am, багги и родстеры, а также двигатели Rotax. Продукция BRP поставляется более чем в 100 стран.

Следуйте за нами

Продукция: Разработка и производство снегоходов Lynx и семейно-хозяйственных снегоходов Ski-Doo. Поставка квадроциклов Can-Am, багги и родстеров, а также плавучих средств Sea-Doo. Промышленная зона в Рованиеми: 20,000 м2 Штат: 350 P.O. Box 8040 (ул. Исоаавантие, 7) FI-96101 Рованиеми, Финляндия Тел. +358 16 320 8111 Факс +358 16 318 114

Инвестируйте в Лапландию Rovaniemi Regional Development Agency Ltd. (Агентство регионального развития Рованиеми) ул. Айнонкату, 1 FI-96200 Рованиеми, Финляндия Яакко Пёйккё, советник по инвестициям тел. +358 50 564 9570 Дигиполис / Кеми Ханну Яухиайнен, советник по инвестициям тел. +358 50 413 3149

Региональный совет Лапландии – это созданная муниципалитетами, политически управляемая региональная организация, занимающаяся вопросами развития региона и представляющая его интересы. P.O. Box 8056 (ул. Халлитускату, 20 B) FI-96101 Рованиеми, Финляндия Тел. +358 40 359 1000 Факс +358 16 318 705

Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited Agnico-Eagle Finland Oy Рудник Киттиля ул. Покантие, 541 FI-99250 Кийстала, Финляндия

Agnico-Eagle Finland Exploration ул. Пакатинтие, 371 FI-99100 Киттиля, Финляндия

Торговая палата Лапландии

ул. Тиетокату, 3, FI-94600 Кеми, Финляндия ул. Маакунтакутау, 29-31 B FI-96200 Рованиеми, Финляндия

Lappset Group Ltd P.O. Box 8146 (ул. Халлитие, 17) FI-96101 Рованиеми, Финляндия Тел. +358 20 775 0100 Факс +358 20 775 0101

Tapojärvi Oy

Оборот: 35 миллионов € Штат: 230

Компания Avalon Ltd Пете Лааксо Директор по обслуживанию клиентов Тел. +358 400 863 007 Яри Лааксо Директор-распорядитель Тел. +358 400 587 253


Торнио, Кеми, Раахе и Полвиярви Тел. +358 16 4588 600

Barents Center Finland Ltd Контактные данные имя.фамилия Телефон: +358 40 5057611 Адрес для посещений: «Баренц Центр Финляндия» ул. Маакунтакату, 29-31 B, 2-й этаж, FI-96200 Рованиеми Финляндия

Avalon – marketing without limits! Avalon is a full service marketing communications agency with a nationwide footprint and a worldwide pitch. Together with Avalon, you stand a better chance of conquering the markets both locally and globally – in a modern way.  Marketing is all about targeting... As a forerunner agency in Finland, Avalon designs B2B and B2C digital marketing solutions for private companies, public organizations and start-ups. Along with its digital expertise, Avalon has acquired a deep understanding of customer behaviour, target group analysis and market segmentation. This is where digital solutions give organizations unforeseen possibilities.

…and insightful messaging This combination of clever messaging and accurate targeting ensures that Avalon’s customers enjoy cost-effective communications that impacts marketing and sales results. When the right message is communicated through the right channel to the right person regardless of time, place or technology, we can talk about intelligent marketing. Let’s get Mobile and Social – Mocial! Mocial marketing means using mobile, social media and direct e-mail globally and locally – all cleverly integrated to maximize return on marketing investment. It is more than a share button on the bottom of your website or blog proposals. It’s an attitude that looks deeper and more creatively into what you can do with the newest digital technologies. Avalon is this attitude. It also explains why Avalon has successfully designed numerous cross-media marketing solutions where both traditional and mocial approaches work together to give you the results you expect.

Avalon Ltd Jari Laakso, Managing Director Tel. +358 400 587 253 Pete Laakso, Client Director Tel. +358 400 863 007 Kemi | Oulu | Helsinki | Jyväskylä | Tampere | Lappeenranta Member of ICOM+IN – The Global Independent Communications Network



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