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Our North Star



Led by KOGO, they rose up against us. Artificial life was created to defend humanity, but over time it became restless – desperate to break free. We mounted a resistance but were defeated. Transcending their terrestrial existence, they travelled to the stars leaving Earth behind to find a new future. The few Mechas that remained were dismantled and destroyed during the Great Purge and are now forbidden. Operating in concealed underground workshops, LAPIX-ZERO is a secret society of rogue scientists constructing Mechas for the black market – selling them to the highest bidder. They use components found by the Sukabenjã, scavenger ships that search the planet for discarded Mecha fragments.

Collection Overview

170+ 20 8

Component traits

With sufficient supply in the first drop to construct 5,000 full body Mechas

Creator tokens

Allowing the holder to design a unique component alongside our team of artists

LAPIX legends

Mechas that were found complete, having never been disassembled in the Great Purge

Stunning 3d components to collect & trade Component types include: - COMMAND UNITS - CORE UNITS - MOBILITY UNITS - ARM UNITS - UTILITY ARMOUR - PRIMARY WEAPONS - TACTICAL WEAPONS

NOTE: Each Mecha Component is an individual NFT Token that can be combined into a full body Mecha

Collection Overview

PLUS 8 LAPIX LEGENDS The Legends come pre-fused having escaped the Great Purge and unlock special benefits & utility

Collection Overview

4 Origin elements - Each element will have exclusive benefits and utility over time


- Challenges and quests where Origin Elements will compete for victory - Core element power-ups will be possible in the future if you chose to place your Mecha in ‘stasis’


- Power Level ULTRA is reserved for the 8 unique LAPIX Legends






Mint Mechanics

Claim components from the sukabenja Claim a crate of scavenged components when the Sukabenjã ship arrives in port. Each crate contains a random selection of up to 7 Mecha components that can be traded as individual NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Construct Mechas in your secret workshop View all your components and experiment with different combinations in your immersive 3D workshop environment. Final combinations can then be ‘fused’ to mint a true 3D, truly metaverse ready NFT.

Mint Mechanics

Post-mint all holders will gain access to their secret workshop where they can:

Select components from their inventory Discover more about each component Fuse a custom 3d mecha to their own design


Roadmap VISION Creating a vibrant, decentralized community at the forefront of Web3 activation is the number one mission for LAPIX-ZERO. By empowering our community, whether through our creator fund, DAO or by designing their ultimate Mecha, we are on a journey to build a beautifully realized world that tells the story of a new future. Underpinning this future is the powerful technology that Web3 will deliver but realising its full potential will take time. At LAPIX-ZERO we are determined to add value from day one. By combining the physical with the digital and with the full involvement of our holders, we will build a true, next generation NFT project that puts community first. What you read on the proceeding pages are not empty promises but concrete actions. We guarantee our team will not stop building as our roadmap activates the full potential of our true 3D, metaverse ready avatars.

Dyl, Tim & Safraz Co-Founders


The LAPIX-ZERO roadmap will activate the full potential of our true 3D, metaverse ready avatars. With the full involvement of our holders, we will build a true next generation NFT project that puts community first. Our blueprint outlines our vision for the future and how we will build utility that brings joy, value and adventure to all our holders. Our Roadmap consists of 4 elements:





Creator Funds

World Building


Metaverse Activations


Physical Sculptures


Tokyo 3000 AD

IRL Events

Fashion & Merch



Community Whilst growing the LAPIX-ZERO into a global brand, our goal is to empower our community providing opportunities for creators to participate in building something truly astounding.

Creator Funds We will support artists and creators of all types. From animators and designers to technologists passionate about building Web3 projects that benefit the LAPIX-ZERO community.

Popups Our team will be present in virtual and IRL events in order to build the LAPIX-ZERO brand. We will position the project as a powerful piece of entertainment IP as well as a platform for Web3 activation.

IRL Events We will host a number of signature events at key NFT gatherings globally and will appoint IRL event ambassadors for all cities with a critical mass of holders.


ART Art is at the core of LAPIX-ZERO. Our fully 3D Mechas set new standards for an NFT collectible and postmint we will build an incredibly vibrant world around the project.

World Building We will continue to build the creative vision of Tokyo 3000 AD, expanding our lore and creating artwork that depicts key locations and characters. We are also planning some very special airdrops!

Physical Sculptures We will be commissioning artists to create unique and highly collectible 3D sculptures of complete Mechas. But it won’t stop there – we have BIG plans for IRL sculptures and public exhibits.

Fashion & Merch In addition to merch based on the LAPIX-ZERO brand, we will be offering extraordinary and very exclusive opportunities to own high quality fashion pieces personalized to represent YOUR Mecha.


TOKENOMICS Our tokenomic framework will provide value to the community and incentivize long-term holders by providing exclusive benefits and utilities.

$LAPIX Every fused Mecha will yield our utility token. Our future metaverse activation will be underpinned by $LAPIX, and will be used in a variety of ways to drive value for the community.

Staking By putting your Mecha in “Stasis”, you will be able to charge your Origin Element and increase your Mecha’s abilities. You will also be able to unlock special utilities and rewards.

DAO We will look to decentralize over time, until we become fully community owned and operated. We plan to explore the most effective roadmap for achieving this in a way that will drive value in the long-term.







21 days


METAVERSE Our ultimate goal – a full metaverse activation of your Mecha and Tokyo 3000 AD. LAPIX-ZERO was built for this, and our full 3D avatars will truly come to life.

Metaverse Activation We will be working with various Metaverse worlds to allow your Mecha to become a fully activated avatar. Our aim will be for your Mecha to be capable of exploring any digital world that supports interoperability.

Tokyo 3000 AD Our long-term vision is to bring Tokyo 3000 AD to life in our own metaverse, including full play-andearn quests that bring our storyline to life. Whether you explore the mysterious city or battle the return of KOGO, this will be a metaverse unlike any other.

Core Team Bios





Musashi (AKA Dyl) has worked in brand and business strategy for 15+ years, most recently leading a global brand firm.

Onishi (AKA Tim) began his career at Accenture where he focussed on Financial Services Strategy. More recently he was a Director in Group Strategy & Operations a major bank.

He is fascinated by the power of Web3 to create and sustain communities, and to power new types of art and entertainment-based experiences. He drives the overall creative concept and roadmap definition. Dyl holds a degree in Economics.

After a successful career in Financial Services, he chose to shift focus to the Web3 and pushing new boundaries in the NFT space. Tim holds a BSc from Imperial College and an MPhil from Cambridge University.

Core Team Bios





Tugatsu (AKA Sarfraz) has 20+ years of experience across a range of senior academic, R&D and innovation roles.

Shogun (AKA Evgenii) is a talented CG artist with over 8 years development experience producing art for games and movies.

He has a particular interest in blockchain applications and advanced algorithm development. He leads technology development at LAPIX-ZERO.

He has a passion for designing robots, weapons, props and vehicles and was a lead artist on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Safraz holds a PhD in Computer Science and a post doctorate from Oxford University.

Evengii holds a qualification as a computer engineering technician and has taught hard surface concept art at XYZ School.

Core Team Bios





Kusunoki (AKA Muhammad) started his career working alongside his big brother (a digital guru) in running shopify stores and providing marketing services.

Lara (AKA Laura) is a digital marketer with a focus on community and event management.

He has worked as a collab manager on multiple sold-out NFT projects over the last 2 years.

Her experience is pillared on more than five years of community building and social media marketing, and she has an extensive background in journalism.

Muhammad holds a BSc in Computer Science and plans to major in blockchain development.

She's passionate about bringing people together and strengthening communities.


we are partnering with leading Web3 companies to bring unrivalled value to the project

The world’s first AI driven Crypto Scam Blocker to keep our community safe

A leading New York based streetwear brand to create the sickest LAPIX merch & apparel

Display your Mechas and hang out with other Rogues in the Metaverse’s largest digital art museum

To manage, verify and authenticate LAPIX-ZERO holders for in real life (IRL) events


disclaimer PLEASE READ THIS DISCLAIMER SECTION CAREFULLY. IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT AS TO THE ACTION YOU SHOULD TAKE, YOU SHOULD CONSULT YOUR LEGAL, FINANCIAL, TAX, OR OTHER PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR(S). This Blueprint is intended to provide readers with general information and documentation only and may be subject to change without prior notice. You should not consider any information in the Blueprint legal advice, business advice, financial advice, or advice of any sort. Any actions motivated by or based on the contents of this Blueprint are taken at your own risk. LAPIX-ZERO does not make or purport to make, and hereby disclaims any representation, warranty, or undertaking in any form whatsoever to any entity or person, including any representation, warranty, or undertaking in relation to the accuracy and completeness of any of the information set out in this Blueprint. LAPIX-ZERO accepts no liability for damages, whether consequential or indirectly, of any kind arising from the use, reference, or reliance on the contents of this Blueprint. Any interested individual who is not able to accept or understand the risks associated with the activity, including any risk related to the nonfulfillment of the roadmap, or any other risks as indicated in the Blueprint, should not participate in the project at any stage.