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9 Sizing up a Legend: Manny Pacquiao The odds against remaining a star for a longer time is like a tactical ballistic missile hitting its intended target. But, the fortune of becoming like Manny Pacquiao is off the chart.


14 Rei Tracks of The Trackrunner’s Pound for Pound 19 “MARK DACASCOS: More than just a man with ingredients” 24 Peace-loving Pinoys Break World Record




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publisher’snote UNCERTAINTIES ON THANKSGIVING DAY - In Everything Give Thanks


e will soon be celebrating thanksgiving weekend and America has always been called the land of opportunity, flowing with milk and honey just like the chosen nation of God. But, every time I get into the internet and watch the latest Fox news I am not sure exactly what God has in mind. The massive earthquakes in Indonesia and Solomon Islands left devastating collapsed of homes and economy not to mention the loss of millions of lives. Then we experienced in our own backyard a tremendous record number of homeless Filipinos now living in the streets and mission centers for the first time in their lives, brought about by the ravaging














painter, actor, singer, performer


floods creates sorrow and painfully breaks our hearts. Troubled times attack every nation and home – foreclosures, bankruptcies of big corporations and the highest number of unemployment have stripped everyone of everything he/she worked for. It is awfully rough being homeless on Thanksgiving – a day we always thought as happy re-unions and shaping great memories at home with our families. But miracles happen all the time. We find healing like a soothing balm when generous people sacrifice their own resources and send goods and money to save lives, then, we learn to trust God’s people who buckle down and concertedly work through the displaced lives instead of fracturing. This sends a message to the community and the world that God has answers to real life crisis. Giving thanks in everything refocuses our attention to more important things and refreshes our relationship with God and our neighbors. Maintaining a grateful heart will drive the right perspective in difficult times and is a critical building block for hope and contentment. LA PINOY Magazine salutes and honors individuals and organizations working shoulder to shoulder, like restorers of broken dreams, easing the sufferings and disillusionments of the unfortunate victims.

ROD DASCO President/Publisher





THANKSGIVING A Great Time to Express Gratitude

aroundlosangeles C E L E B R AT I N G A B I RT H D AY MILESTONE Below: L- R Wig Veluz, Louie Lim, Manny Prieto and Teody Zano


A Pinoy Magazine is taking a time out in this editorial to express our utmost gratitude to GOD and to our honorable advertisers who steadfastly stayed with us through these tumultuous months. They are our constant lifeline and without them we will not endure. They are our priorities and LA Pinoy Magazine hopes to return a most deserved favor by giving them 24/7 free ad display via our website LA Pinoy is heads up to Ocha ClassicThai Restaurant, Ray Bulaon Law Offices, Inc., Baskin Robbins 31 Ice Cream, O’Skin Care, Maegan’s Grill, Restaurant, and Kaplan, Lim, Brignoni & Ceniza. They are all instrumental in keeping LA Pinoy Magazine’s vision alive and reinforced, serving our GOD and the community. And time is due to render credit to LA Pinoy’s outstanding cognomen. Our very own Carolynne Rose Banez or candidly known as Pebbles who vows to continue making large with her artistic heft, Suzan Rosal also called Sanzui, a worrier by nature but an optimist at heart, Rod Dasco who was number one pick to make it big and now is stirring many with his ambitious schemes and contagious big dreams and Lui Lim, a managing partner of a successful C.P.A. firm, a humble and generous man with megabudget for high quality taste. LA Pinoy never runs shy on reinforcement and affirmation. Our commission are for those who feel riveted to the valley where the sun seldom shines and others seldom care. This is not a sterile theory but out of reality. Our main purpose is to encourage you to take heart and ponder of your incredible value in the eyes if God.

Below: Joven Calub (celebrant in red polo shirt) with grandchildren

CECILIA C. LIM Vice President/Editor in Chief

Dedicated Staff & Families enjoyed a dinner meeting at KapistahanRestaurant L-Top: Pastor Lily, Lydia, Yvee, Suzan, Rod (Standing) Top end: Ritchie, Jojie & Kids (Standing) Kapistahan Owners, Top End - R: Ben, Nikko, Pebbles & Cecile 6


Thanksgiving of the



By: Yvee Tadeo-Guevarra

These two talented Filipinas were born and raised in the Philippines. But having made the United States their second home, celebrating Thanksgiving Day, a holiday not known to a lot Filipinos has become one of their most anticipated holidays of the year.


e Delos Reyes became a household name in the 80’s. Blessed with a unique singing voice, perfect comedy timing and good looks, this A.B. Economics, Ateneo de Manila Graduate was one of the most sought-after onewoman comedy- dance-musical performer to this day. In 1993, Fe decided to leave her flourishing career in the Philippines to pursue her American dream, a dream that she did not expect to be that difficult to achieve. However, with an exceptional talent like her, it’s no doubt that Fe will make it. Fe made it! Today, Fe is blessed with a wonderful husband, two beautiful children (15 and 11 years old), and a successful career. So how does Fe de los Reyes celebrate Thanksgiving? Fe says “It’s either I’m doing a show or magkakasama kaming family.” Fe added, since her family is not that big here in the States often times they get invited by close friends. “It’s either we’re invited or we go from house to house of relatives na magsasawa ka sa turkey.” With all these blessings Fe has been showered with, surely, she has a lot to be thankful for.

Everybody knows Patricia Javier, the pretty and sexy actress, who caught everyone’s attention in the 1990’s when she was featured in movies and TV shows. From sexy, action, comedy to drama, she has done them all. However, in 2002, Patricia added a feather on her cap when she was launched as a singer. Little did she know that it is her singing career that led her to meet her American husband while on a singing tour in the United States. Patricia is happily based in San Diego with her doctor husband and their now 3-year old son. But family did not stop her from pursuing her passion in singing. Patricia is also currently busy performing with her own all-girl singing group, Asian Dolls. I asked Patricia how has she been spending her Thanksgiving Holiday, she said, they celebrate it with her husband’s family “We go to Reno and we spend Thanksgiving there with their family. Cooking turkey at the same time watching football. It’s fun.” For Patricia, besides the blessing of family and career, she’s most thankful for the good health of her family. Like Fe and Patricia we are blessed with our own unique talents. We may not have the same comic timing of Fe or the same sultry voice of Patricia but surely all of us are gifted. Our life in itself is a gift that we should be thankful for and is worth celebrating not only on Thanksgiving.




By: Jeffrey R. Brignoni, C.P.A.

The S Corporation

If I had a small business and I want to incorporate, what can I do?


his is a question faced by many owners everyday of the year all over the country. When business owners come to our office, and ask this question, we ask them if they have heard of an “S” corporation, and more often than not, they tell us that they have. So, how difficult or complicated is it to be an “S” corporation? The answer is – not very difficult at all. The “S” corp is formed in the same manner as a “regular” corp, commonly known as “C” corp. This is typically done by going to a reputable lawyer and can be done in as short as 30 days. After the incorporation documents are completed, you then make an election within 75 days of approval to be an “S” corp. This election is done on IRS Form 2553. The resulting “S” corp is taxed



like a sole proprietorship or a partnership, rather than like a “C” corp which is taxed as a separate business entity. The advantages of this type of entity are: (1) losses are passed through (to the extent of basis) to shareholders, and deducted on the individual’s 1040 return; (2) you have limited personal liability without paying corporate taxes; (3) you can minimize self-employment and FICA tax. However, there are some disadvantages of being an “S” corp, and they are as follows: (1) all shareholders must be U.S. citizens and vote for “S: corp status; (2) shareholder-employees must receive

reasonable compensations (not a 1099), and that compensation must be subject to employment taxes; (3) all corporate formalities (minute book, etc.) must be strictly followed and adhered to. We at Kaplan, Lim, Brignoni and Ceniza have extensive experience with “S” corporations and we can help with what can sometimes be a complicated and difficult transition.. Jeffrey R. Brignoni, C.P.A. Partner Kaplan, Lim, Brignoni & Ceniza, C.P.A.’s (213) 388-0400

coverstory By: Cecilia Lim

Manny Pacquiao


hartering the career lives of boxers–not just their working years, but their successful years – in the spotlight – most would not be able to get insurance. Audiences and fans are fickle, friends are short-lived and changeable, and talents are too much a matter of chance. The odds against remaining a star for a longer time is like a tactical ballistic missile hitting its intended target. But, the fortune of becoming like Manny Pacquiao is off the chart. He has become a blessing…a possession...a hero to the Filipino people. Skilled,


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continued from page 9

powerful, wealthy and famous is a description seemed short to what role he is now playing in the hearts of his witnesses. A simple and common man but became valuable and a priced commodity - an improbable dignity that has brought a smile to every Pinoy’s face.

Very easily he earned his place and esteemed as – “The Pride of the PINOYS.” At age 30 he made it to the Time 100 most influential people in the world, #57 in the Forbes Celebrity 100, and rank #36 in the world’s highest paid athletes this 2009. He is the first Filipino athlete whose image is printed on a stamp by the Philippine Postal Co. Undoubtedly, he has created an impressive resume and acquired a noticeable confidence of his craft. It is not a secret that he is an integral part for

finding faith of the shaken foothold of the Filipino people. His visibility has bridged some gaps, brought back inspiration to both the young and the old and is emerging as the greatest boxer of all time. Today, Manny Pacquiao speaks of expanding his range even more–doing more singing…and… politics…? His performance in The Jimmy Kimmel Show surprised many people and will astound even more when his first international single will be release this month. He has this ambition, this passion to perform in the stage not as a boxer but making a leap to American platforms as an acclaimed singer, a politician and a performer.


Manny Pacquiao is living large and having his way.



By: Edmund Melig Industan




As far as I can remember, Thanksgiving Day celebration in the Philippines is conflicting and confusing. It is therefore obvious that many Filipinos do not celebrate it as festive as barrio or town fiestas.


ouple days ago, I asked a dozen Filipino elders if they ever think of September 21st as they celebrate Thanksgiving Day. More than half looked at me perplexed. Four of them told me that it was the day that Martial Law was proclaimed by the deposed president and, by Presidential Decree 577 signed on September 1974, also declared as the National Thanksgiving Day probably to conceal the repressive character of the New Society. One of the twelve even told me that he never celebrated Sept. 21st as a Thanksgiving Day. In fact, when it was proclaimed, he imagined that the deposed president would like all Filipinos to treat him like Mao-tze-tung: the entire country go out to the street with his picture paraded and hailed, along with red buntings and confetti. “Thank God, that didn’t happen”, he further said. National Thanksgiving Day in the Philippines was obviously political in nature.

Actually, July 4th was the original Thanksgiving Day in the Philippines. It was the day in 1946

when the US government, under the Tydings-McDuffie Law officially recognized the 1935 First Philippine Constitution. It was a thanksgiving for freedom received from foreign rule. When thanksgiving date was moved to Sept. 21st, 4th of July was renamed as the Philippine-American Friendship Day. Unfortunately, the day never became a national thanksgiving celebration. We do celebrate it with street parades, but never as a family festivity. Anyway, at the church where I grew up, Thanksgiving is a “church family” festival. Church members go out to the community to invite non-church goers. Food committee busied themselves cooking at the back of our church. Decoration committee decorated the church interior with red and green coffee berries naturally lined on their twigs, corn cobs firmly intact on their stalks, hands of ripe bananas, riped guavas, sour sop, star apples, legumes, green and yellow squash and red and white sweet potatoes with vines neatly hanging down the table and sprawling onto the cement floor. More corn cobs and stalks, and banana trees with ripe yellow and red fruits hanging in cluster, standing tall on both corners outside the church. We brushed aside,

even church politics, to joyously celebrate (in thanksgiving) all the blessings and fruits of our labor for the year. After church service, many spread colorful mats and blankets on the church yard and we feasted on lechon and fried chicken, pansit and meatballs, Dakan (taro leaves cooked in coconut cream with anchovies), and pechay and adobong string beans. Those who brought food shared what they have. So, we also have dried fish and sardine balls, biko and cassava suman, puto and cassava linusak (cooked cassava mashed with freshly grated coconut and sugar). Most of the church members were farmers; however, no one raised turkey in our barrio, so that probably made us “un-american”. But Thanksgiving Day was always the time when the church got more tithes and offerings. I remember that we always celebrate Thanksgiving in November. Call it American mentality, but I don’t care. Our church was a product of zealous effort by early Baptist missionaries from America. But I also remember that when Martial Law moved Thanksgiving to September, the festive celebration waned. Many church members would like to move it back to November, because they felt that there was nothing to celebrate in September, except maimed tongues and bruised psyche. I still remember my father, the pastor, preached on Psalm 136: 3 for everyone not to forget to thank the Lord for His love never fails. He told us, during one lean year, that even though harvest was scarce, there was still so much to be thankful of.

Coming over and celebrating Thanksgiving Day in November always takes me back to those very good old days. Although thoughts

are often times marred with secularism, Thanksgiving sale, and enjoyed the televised Macy’s Parade rather than a feast on church yard; but at least, we always have a family reunion and a feast on turkey and ham, on rice (sorry, only my grandchildren like mashed potato) and cranberry, and of biko, suman, and leche flan. It wouldn’t be a church festivity anymore, but I am glad my family still celebrate it in November along with the rest of America.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 12

OCTOBERlapinoymagazine.com2009 OCTOBERlapinoymagazine.com2009


By: Chandra Pandula

Nuts For November


November brings the feel of festivity and excitement. Thanksgiving, Christmas followed by the New Year fever. Family reunions, travel, buying gifts and budgeting. These are few unavoidable pleasures, which we all look forward. We all have our obligations, which we cannot over ride.


ets go Nuts For November, during these trying times, most of us experience stress syndrome and indulge in excessive feasting, drinking and realize at the end of the holiday season, our bellies bulging, cholesterol shooting up, blood sugar increasing and so does the blood pressure after seeing the credit card statements. Researchers found that people who eat nuts regularly have lower risks of heart disease. Harvard School of Public Health and the Iowa Women’s Healthy Study found that women who ate nuts 4 times a week were 40% less likely to die of heart disease. Furthermore, potential heart health benefits of nuts were also found among men, who consumed nuts 2 or more times per week had reduced risks of sudden cardiac death Nuts are one of the best plant sources of protein. They are rich in fiber, Phytonutrients and antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Selenium. Nuts have plant sterols monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (omega 3­–the good fats), which have all been shown to lower LDL cholesterol. Among the Nuts: Cashew nuts, Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachio, Hazelnuts, Chestnuts, Coconuts, Pecans, and Peanuts are some of the hot favorites, Cashew nuts have a fatty acid profile that contributes to good health through phytosterols, tocopherols,


and sqaulene, all which lower the risk of heart disease, combined with zero percent cholesterol content. Raw Cashew nut’s have high magnesium content, 82.5 milligrams of magnesium per ounce, or 21 percent of the daily recommended value of the heart healthy mineral, which also protects against high blood pressure, muscle spasms, migraine headaches, tension, soreness and fatigue. Magnesium also works with calcium to support healthy muscles and bones in the human body. All nuts have been associated with a reduced risk of gallstone disease. Research has also shown that chemicals in cashew nuts kill gram positive bacteria, a pervasive mouth affliction that causes tooth decay, acne, tuberculosis and leprosy. As a Caution don’t eat too many at once. Because of their high fat content,

over consumption of cashew nuts can cause unwanted weight gain in individuals. The oxalates in cashews cal also become concentrated in body fluids, crystallizing and causing health problems in people with preexisting kidney or gallbladder problems. Almonds are highly regarded for their nutritional essential nutrients. If you eat an ounce of almonds a day (about 24 nuts) you will get about 5.6 grams of protein. They are also rich in Vitamin E and magnesium and contain calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. Walnuts are loaded with protein fiber are a good source of the healthy fat ALPHALINOLEIC ACID (ALA). Several recent studies have linked a higher intake of ALA to a reduced risk of heart disease and heart attack in men. The ALA in walnuts helps strengthen your bones. Walnuts supply the body with a hefty shot of the amino acid L-ARGININE. It’s converted to nitric oxide, a compound that causes blood vessels to dilate, improving the blood flow to all your muscles. Walnuts have manganese and copper minerals, which help us from premature aging. With nuts, moderation is key in reaping the health and flavor. At parties, Liquor, Sodas and Nuts taste great but not right combination for Good Health. Some go nuts with nut Allergies so check them out with caution. OCTOBERlapinoymagazine.com2009



PMASC Halloween Party D


A fundraising held by the Philippine Medical Association of Southern California (PMASC) for the Ondoy Flood Victims lead by Dr. Edgar Banez along with member doctors.

Halloween Kids D


Local U.S. Air Force Recruiter Honored

(TOP) Honoring local USAF Recruiter Eagle Rock Branch, SSgt. Benjamin Sambolanay with the prestigious SILVER BADGE for Recruiting at the USAF Recruiting Banquet FYI 2009. (BOTTOM) SSgt. Sambolanay with wife, Pebbles and Flight Chief, MSgt McCool.

A duckling, princessess, a mouse, a fairy, a crab, a bumble certainly is the perfect time for kid’s make believe!!






Diane Abapo: You guys got your big break in 2007 with the song “Game Time” for the Golden State Warriors with over 20,000 internet downloads and airplay on SF’s most top-listenedto radio stations. How was the feedback The Trackrunners received for that song different or similar to the feedback you guys have been getting for “Pound for Pound”? Reinel Adajar aka “Rei Tracks”: “Game Time” was a track we recorded for a ‘here-and-now’ situation. The Golden State Warriors were in a playoff run in 2007, something that hasn’t happened here in the Bay Area for over 13 years. The song hit the internet swiftly, especially MySpace at the time, looking for the song once the record began to get airplay at local radio stations. The feedback was great, but at the same time it was only generated here in the Bay Area and a few people from other parts of the nation but nothing like the feedback for “Pound For Pound”. With this song, we went into the studio with intentions of showing the best representation of Manny Pacquiao we felt we could make. We had the concept for some time, but didn’t have the music to fit the concept. Rei Tracks constructed a beat that was originally going to be shopped out to another artist, but decided to hang on to Pound For Pound. Similar to the ‘buzz’ behind the song “Game Time”, once we uploaded the song online and on iTunes, the fans began listening and requesting the song, but these fans were from everywhere. Manny Pacquiao fans from across the nation, the Philippine Islands and other parts of the world




began to request the song. Actually, one of the most common things we hear fans saying is that they want to hear the song used or his ring entrance. Getting feedback like this from such a large audience makes us realize just how much of a global figure and inspiration Manny Pacquiao is. DA: While the feedback for “Pound for Pound” has been widely welcomed, the journey to where you two are now has been a long one. What was it like when The Trackrunners first started out? RA: The Trackrunners consist of two people. Rei Tracks is the man behind the music production. Whiz God Almighty puts words to them in songwriting. We both were part of a band which played shows throughout California’s Bay Area for a few years. We worked for a few months developing a sound and the ‘identity’ of our music.. In our case, it was important for us to be patient and grow as artists instead of jumping in the studio and releasing anything. Developing songs has always been an easy process for us. At the same time, we do our best to keep the material ‘timeless’. Good music will always be good music. The great artist will never lose value. You can put on a record from The Beatles, Bob Marley...their songs transcend audiences and years on the calendar. In a way, we prefer to have a long journey and continue to




work and release music versus having a short travel and it all end. DA: You two are based in San Francisco and seem to have a growing fanbase of followers, largely due to the success of the “Pound for Pound” single. What’s up next for The Trackrunners? RA: The Trackrunners are currently working on music for the upcoming album “Something To Say”. As musicians we stay busy, working on various other projects and collaborations. Even if you don’t see us in front of the cameras, we are behind the scenes producing and songwriting. Until our latest record is released, God willing sometime in 2010, we will continue to release tracks to our fan base and continue to get out good music to the public. The best way to stay up to date with us is by signing up for our newsletter or following us on Facebook ( thetrackrunners) or Twitter (www.twitter. com/thetrackrunners). Or to become a fan of this song on Facebook at www. DA: Manny’s next big fight is with Miguel Cotto is approaching soon. Any thoughts on how you two think the match will turn out? Can we expect The Trackrunners to be scheduled performers the night of the match? RA: Putting our money on the Pacman. Miguel is a well-respected fighter that can’t be taken lightly. This will probably be Manny’s biggest fight of his career and one step closer to the fight we all want to see. Pacquiao vs. Mayweather in 2010. We don’t have any performances the night of the match, but will be in Vegas to party after the victory.

Interview by Diane Abapo, November 1, 2009




By: Cecilia Lim

h c e e Sp oredh t i v w a Fl -Taming the Tongue

IN TOUCH Dr. Charles Stanley KKLA 99.5 FM Radio 9:30 a.m. – 10:00a.m.(M-F) INSIGHT FOR LIVING Dr. Charles R. Swindoll KKLA 99.5 FM Radio 8:30p.m.– 9:00p.m (M-.F)

16 2009 2009

Grace is a responsibility to give in spite of the other person.


By: Cecilia Lim



t the heart of major life conflicts is a religious doctrinal issue. More often than not we ask the question, ”Is God in charge or is He not? Does He care or does He not?” No one wants to go through life struggles but, the reality is, no one is immune to adversity. Everyone in time or another undergoes fear and hopelessness. We can be shipwrecked without warning and it happens not only in the open sea but also in the realities of life.

LOVE WORTH FINDING Pastor Adrian Rogers KBRT 740 AM Radio 7:30 a.m–8:0 a.m. (M-F) LEADING THE WAY Pastor Michael Youssef KBRT 740 AM Radio 11:30 a.m–12:00 noon (M-F)

The secret of victory at sea is what we do ahead of time in calmer waters. During the time when our life is storm-free, full of hope and anticipation, we must take advantage of the peaceful lull. We must deepen our walk with God through prayer, meditation and spending time in His word, then when the inevitable winds of adversity begins to blow and anxiety strikes, we will be ready to respond in faith rather than fear.

Who is in Control? God is in control. He arranges our tomorrows and whatever they bring. He alone is constantly and perfectly just.

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast, and has no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See I have engraved you on the palms of my hands, your walls are ever before me.” Isa 49:15-16



Oliver Tolentino’s Fashion Show D D D D D Oliver Tolentino side by side with mainstream fashion designers.



(Above) Oliver Tolentino showcasing his latest designs. (upper right) (first-L) Rod Dasco, LAPINOY Magazine publisher and friends.

Eco Shipping with Manila Forwarder By: Manny Paez

Manila Forwarder introduces an earth-friendly reusable plastic shipping drum as an alternative to the usual balikbayan box and jumbo box. The plastic drums comes in two sizes, Bianca, is a 30 gallon and Roland, a 55 gallon. They can be shipped to Metro-Manila for as low as $99 for Bianca and $169 for Roland, including the reusable, EPA approved, recycled plastic drum. A $30 deposit will be required upon drum request which will be deducted or applied to the final shipping cost. There is also a $7 coupon available when one schedules their pick up on the company website, www. These containers are advisable for expensive and breakable items as these drums are sturdy and will provide adequate protection to its contents providing similar protection if not better to crates. These recycled drums are cleaned and disinfected using EPA approved methods. The Bianca and Roland Drums come with a metal latch that secures the cover making it water and air-tight. There is also



a latch where client’s can place a padlock or plastic ties that serve as security seal. However, it is required to keep it unlock until pick up to facilitate random inspection. The Bianca drum’s dimension is 28.5” x 19” x 19”, is about the volume size of a jumbo box. This has a longer length than jumbo box that can easily fit long items like stroller, golf set, among others. The shipping cost of Bianca Drum, including the drum itself is $99 to Metro-Manila, $109 to all of Luzon, and $119 to Visayas, Mindanao, and other Philippine Islands. The Roland drum’s dimension is 37.5” x 22” x 22”, is about 2.3 size bigger than regular balikbayan box. The shipping cost of Roland Drum, including the drum itself is $169 to Metro-Manila, $179 to all of Luzon, and $189 to Visayas and Mindanao. Initially, these are available only in California and for Manila Forwarder’s Philippine-based clients. Please visit our website to see videos and pictures of Bianca and Roland Shipping drums or call our Toll Free Number 1.800.210.1019.



By: Diane Abapo

more than just a man with ingredients”


don’t know what it is about seeing fellow Filipino-Americans on television that I find so exhilarating. Maybe it’s the


startlingly sad statistic that currently Asian-Pacific Islanders represent only 3.7% of TV and film roles. It’s close to nothing. That’s why when I heard that for the second time there would be a Filipino-American contestant on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars (the first being two-time DWTS champion Cheryl Burke), I jumped at the chance to sit down with one of the chosen few who comprise this 3.7%. I met with Mark Dacascos, better known for his role as the host of Food Network’s Iron Chef America, in a small press conference room on Santa Monica Boulevard with a handful of fellow Filipino journalists and photographers. We were all huddled together, anxious to meet this man who we knew close to nothing about—but we were united in the hopes of demystifying the man who would soon be dancing onto our nightly TV screens. Mark Dacascos, 45, is a father of three and an experienced martial artist and actor. His father is Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese. His mother is Irish and Japanese. Dacascos was born in Hawaii but raised in Germany. He moved to Taiwan when he was 17 to become a monk, but found his journey would take him back to the States to become an actor. Now, his arena spans outside of the kitchen and onto the dancefloor. Dacascos is one of the 16 celebrity contestants who have been chosen to compete in the televised dance competition. In person, Dacascos is loud. I could see instantly why he was cast as the host for a show where unveiling ingredients for each episode was vital. He recounts his wife telling him, “’Your fans always see you yelling about ingredients.’ ‘Asparagussssss!’ continued on page 21 OCTOBERlapinoymagazine.com2009


1930 W. 6th Street LA, CA 90057


cell: 323.547.1291

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y. Da ng iv i sg , nk say ha ,I s T er s h hi y. ot yt Da or pp ng ha o f g iv i ot … Be en s od ks! s t ank ho’v h an ed i ve t Th de e w ay. od D on h o s s go ed ng rt rou rsu e fo givi … ume pu r s it y k er ha y is n s p d jo ! ha ou os ay nde e e, y n T pr gD d lov do n for a v in oo a lu e gi sg ve o l at i ks nd l wh ly… an i a n st i l Th m ife y! n fa or l e Da do fu l f on rate feu ng s i y… hr u g




o ge ng t

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fu l l


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e ve r



abl e

(c) 2008 Edmund Industan

(An Acrostic in Ghazal)


100 N. Central Ave. Glendale, 91203 818.244.8887 Open 7 Days a Week


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“I get so hyper about ingredients, but a lot of my fans don’t know I can smile, laugh, and have fun.” Stripped of his ingredients and his kung fu moves, Dacascos is simply a man looking to express himself. “Doing something new forces you to grow. We don’t do new things because we don’t want to be a beginner again,” Dacascos explains. With no real professional dance training, the most Dacascos has done to prepare for his current stint with DWTS are five ballroom

classes he took six years ago with his wife, “ I’ve had maybe 3 hours of professional training. But that’s it!” Whatever the case may be, those three hours have surely paid off with regards to his journey on the show. Dacascos is still a current contender on DWTS and is one of the seven remaining couples left. While many would be quick to pigeonhole Dacascos as the “guy with the kung fu moves,” I would hope that his longevity on the show has little to do with his training as a martial artist. Dacascos’ encouraging attitude toward his fellow DWTS contestants is one that propels diversity, “I think everybody, because of [one’s] life experience, beliefs, and heritage—brings something different to the table. You could give the same dance moves to a bunch of different people and because of the uniqueness of each individual, it’s always going to be different.” Even if Dacascos does not manage to win with his partner Lacey Schwimmer, his vibrant personality will win the hearts of those who before had only seen him as a TV

host or kung fu actor. Hopefully, Dacascos’ energy and discipline will help him get to the top. But if he doesn’t, he knows he’ll still have a reason to celebrate: “When it’s over and I can look back at it, I can say ‘What a fantastic journey.’”


‘Broccoliiiiiiiiiiii!’ ‘And a lot of people always think you’re so intense— because I’m fighting Jet Li or something—wouldn’t it be nice to do something your kids can watch and people won’t be afraid of you [for]?’” The illustrative Dacascos flails his arms and rolls up his sleeves while he continues telling his reason for doing DWTS:



By: Maan Benitez

12 Tips for Easy Airline Travel P

1 l

L U G G A G E Limit your luggage so that you don’t need to check-in bags. Checking-in adds time to your boarding and arrival time. If you only have carryon items, you could check-in online and print out your boarding pass and go straight to security checkpoint and head to the departure gate.

Keep your luggage inside a standard quality bag---where they will be safe and covered for damages. Airlines are not liable to damages when your package is sub-standard. Money, jewelry, photography, video and optical equipment, computers and other electronic equipment, computer software, silverware and china, fragile or perishable items, liquids, precious gems and metals, negotiable papers, securities, business documents, samples, items intended for sale, paintings, artifacts, and other works of art, antiques, collectors’ items, unique or irreplaceable items, heirlooms, research, experimental, and scholastic items and documents, manuscripts, furs, irreplaceable books or publications, and similar valuables are usually not covered regardless if they are in a box or regular bag.





If you need to check-in bags, use those Space Bags. They shrink everything down! those things do an amazing job! Also if you know you might be purchasing some items in your destination 22


As Filipinos living here in Los Angeles, we travel at least once a year, may it be either by car, bus, train, or plane. Some people get stressed out about packing, especially for those who travel by plane. It’s understandable because of all the rules and regulations set not only by the government but also by the airlines themselves. As an airline employee, I get to travel a lot too. And since I have that travel experience I would be happy to give some advice on how to pack your luggage on your next flight. Hopefully, these tips will help ease the stress of packing.

bring some extra Space Bags. Wal-Mart sells 6 of the Space Bags for $17.99 in assorted sizes.

top bag. You do need to declare these items for inspection at the checkpoint.



3 l

If you don’t have the budget for the Space Bags, you can do it military style-- fold and roll. It takes up less space than regular folding and stacking.

4 l



Most domestic flights charge for checking luggage in, except for Southwest Airlines and Jet Blue. Southwest Airlines have the 1st 2 bags free up to 50 lbs each and Jet Blue has 1 free bag up to 50 lbs each, the 2nd one is $30. Domestic flights are strict. When you fly international, some airlines are lenient with the weights. Always have an extra bag in case of overflow to avoid extra charges.

5 l


Transportation Security Administration or TSA mandates that the liquids, gels and creams inside your luggage is less than 3.4 oz and all these should fit in a 1 quart sized clear plastic zip-top bag, per passenger. For our kababayans needing medication or for those who have babies, TSA allows medications, baby formula and food, and breast milk in reasonable quantities exceeding three ounces and are not required to be in the zip-

6 l

Carry a snack with you in case of delays. It saves you the trouble of having to purchase airport food that usually costs double. Dry foods only.

7 l


No sharp items longer than 7”, hard wood or Swiss Army pocket knife is allowed in the carry-on bag as TSA can see it. Knitting needles might only be the exception to this rule.

8 l


If you are traveling to the United States, no produce, fresh fruits are allowed. On the other hand, if you are traveling domestic, you can bring as much oranges from Florida or apples from Washington to California. Just remember to pack them in a leak proof bag.

9 l


Parents must secure an FAA approved car seat for their babies. Airlines have varying rules about infant items. Southwest for instance, considers 2 infant items as equivalent to 1 regular item. Philippine Airlines

will consider it as one each. Check with the airline that you are traveling with before proceeding to take infant items or you might be paying extra. Also, airlines have plastic bags to protect these items.

10 l


Lighters or flammable items are not allowed in check-in luggage. Regular lighters are okay to carry on with you. Torch ones are not allowed at all.

11 l



Make sure you have name tags on your luggage, outside and inside. Also, keep a copy of your itinerary inside all your luggage. Several airlines share a security check point so if you were to misplace your bag or your tags were to come off, there’s a proper address.



12 l C



Buy TSA approved locks only. Locks are not required but if you feel better with the locks on your luggage, you are free to do so. TSA locks are sold for less than $6 at Wal-Mart. I’m sure there is more to say about what to do and what not to do, but these 12 tips I think are the most important ones. I hope you enjoyed reading this one and hopefully I was able to help you if not now, on your future travels. Keep spreading the Luv!


By: Barbara Singer

You Can Rock, Roll and

Celebrate in


While you Connect with Cleveland’s Filipino Community


ou can consider yourself at home America’s Midwest in Positively Cleveland just as I did a few months ago. I had no idea if a first time visit to Cleveland, Ohio was the right connection for me. I seized the moment to immerse myself in this all-American city for a few days of fun. People in Cleveland are friendly, down to earth and excel at a sense of community. It all started with the rock and roll, that is an exclusive party at the world- renowned Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, dancing to all those old great songs. What an awesome architectural structure and an amazing journey to listen, look and appreciate music icons like Buddy Holly, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Chuck Berry, The Beatles and so many more as the beat goes on to examine their careers, gaze at outfits worn at concerts and tune into their music. It was a unique opportunity to wander through the museum after hours, view performance history on film, dance to rock music and peruse photos and posters. I kept busy on my whirlwind visit by exploring Cleveland with a pleasure stop at the Big Fun store to revisit my childhood belongings looking at toys and collectibles, plenty of gimmicks, tricks and sweets. Next stop reminded me that the holidays would be coming along soon with a visit to the actual house filmed in the movie “A Christmas Story”-no need to wait for Christmas, visit anytime. This city has a passion for the arts, quite evident with Spaces Gallery, where creative artists experiment with space, interact and produce works of art. ~Where to stay in Cleveland: Cleveland can E The Brownstone Inn catch your attention E The Gidden House with cuisine, sports, E Cleveland Marriott Downtown E The Ritz Carlton Cleveland E Doubletree Hotel Downtown Lakeside

arts and entertainment; it peaked my interest with the park setting of University Circle-here all the arts and culture are focused in one area. It’s worth the short walk to each place from Severance Hall’s home of the Cleveland Orchestra, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cleveland’s Botanical Gardens and my favorite the ‘oh so free to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art. My stroll ended with a reception and wine tasting here at the art museum, with a buzz into the Egyptian collection, then it was on to a sumptuous Creole gospel dinner with warm hospitality of the House of Blues. Everywhere you go, you are bound to meet Filipino friends, who will welcome you to the community. The Philippine-American community began its greater Cleveland connection in1920 when the first known Filipino, Martin Conde, moved to Cleveland from California. From then on the population began to grow, many Filipinos came to Cleveland to take advantage of medical training. The Philippine American Society of Ohio formed to provide a social network for the local population, celebrate native culture and work for the welfare of the community. Another organization here is the Association of Philippine Physicians of Ohio, local doctors and nurses return to the islands annually on a medical mission to bring supplies and perform surgery. Physicians represent the single most common profession as well as other medical professionals and engineers. There are numerous Philippine groups in Cleveland; spiritual needs were addressed with the Philippine-American Ministry. There is no expiration on memories, so I know my stop and go sojourn to Cleveland will be remembered fondly.

Go Cleveland!

Find out more at Find about information on the Philippine-American Community of Ohio based in Cleveland by contacting (440) 887-7276. OCTOBERlapinoymagazine.com2009



By Katherine Ann V. Ursolino

Peace-loving Pinoys

Break World



No amount of rainfall from the super typhoons or water released from the dams could flood away the enthusiasm of both international delegates and Filipino participants to the World March for Peace and Non-Violence.


ith the United Nations’ International Day of Non-Violence last October 2, the World Without Wars (WWW) organization began the very first World March for Peace and Non-Violence in New Zealand, known to be the world’s most peaceful country. For three months, a group of international delegates will travel across different continents to promote peace and non-violence, ending in Argentina on January 2, 2010. The Philippines was the third country visited by the group. Despite some postponed activities because of the typhoons, the WWW and their Filipino partners Ang Komunidad and Ang Kapisanan ng Tao Bilang Centro continued on with other programs in Manila, Zamboanga City and Lucena City. THE BIGGEST HUMAN PEACE SIGN IN THE WORLD It was a breathtaking sight of a gigantic human peace sign formed by about 10, 000 students of the Quezon National High School (QNHS) that highlighted the World March for Peace and Non-Violence in the capital of Quezon Province, Lucena City, last October 7. Waving orange-colored flaglets to the reggae beat of Tropical Depression’s “Kapayapaan”, the students in white shirts descended from the bleachers, religiously following their designated lines while being touched by the tickling light rain and gentle warmth of the sun, until the 100 meters in diameter peace sign was formed. AN INSPIRING MUSIC AND DANCE Before the upbeat “Kapayapaan” was played for the human peace sign formation, the marchers in Lucena City were serenaded by the Sacred Heart College (SHC) Violin Ensemble led by its school president Sr. Fe G. Gedalanga, D.C. Together with nine violinists from the SHC Basic Education Department, the soloist Liezl Ignacio, a Grade 10 student, gave her rendition of Vince Gill’s “Let There Be Peace on Earth.”. Ending the program was the lighting of the Hiroshima Flame from the ashes of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb victims. This was made even more symbolic by white doves released in the air while Marco sang “Next in Line” which was popularized in the 90’s by the band After Image. Facing the young marchers, the ones who are “next in line,” Pierre Hennico from Belgium left a challenge by saying “you, youth, are the hope... we will have peace and we will win!“ EDITORIAL & COMMENTARY


In order to live in confidence in this chaotic world, the clues that our Lord Jesus has left, is found in the Book of Colossians – to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience and, put on LOVE to bind them all together in perfect unity. We let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts and forgive one another as He has forgiven us. Most of all we have to set our hearts and minds not on earthly possessions but on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.

NOVEMBERlapinoymagazine.com2009 OCTOBERlapinoymagazine.com2009




he best lessons in life, they say, are from traveling. Part of my job, I was brought to different and inside “classrooms” zone fort com my outside of called the Philippines.

I have been to Singapore, more than three times, for the MTV Asia Awards— an enriching experience that taught me the power of music. It is a universal lingo that could bring together peoples from different cultures in one awesome shebang, when everyone danced, sang, and cheered withstanding language barriers. I went to Thailand, for some shopping spree, and realized that there’s a hint of truth in happiness owed to retail therapy—but at one point, there are things too that money can’t buy, like the joyful bliss of strolling and shopping with a loved one, instead of for a loved one. Then, I remember going to South Korea for the Busan Asian Games. There, I discovered that winning is not about bringing home the bacon, but about putting the country back to the map, in the name of dignity and sportsmanship. My poignant journey transpired in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I’ve met the producer of National Geographic’s “Inside Mecca”. Because of Anisa Medhi, I rediscovered my faith, by understanding our Muslim brothers and sisters. It dawned on me that religion works best for oneself, when your own spiritual awakenings stir the heart to live a life in the image and likeness of our Creator—whether we call the Supreme differently: God, Messiah, Allah, Maykapal, Buddha, Dios Ama, Yahweh, Jehovah, Bhagwan, to name a few. Then, I’ve also visited Hongkong, when Disneyland opened its doors to embrace the Asian market. Enjoying some of the rides and the photo ops with Donald Duck, Goofy, Tigger, and Pooh, I’ve realized that in the land of Mickey Mouse and friends, there’s inexplicable magic in being a child— whether he’s trapped in a 10-year old body or an aging 100-year old. Here in the land of greener pastures, I’ve come to recognize that the American dream is not as easy as acquiring the twang. But what matters, essentially, is that dreamers here continue to pursue their destinies, work hard on them, not just for themselves, but for their families as well. I’ve met nurses, teachers, caregivers, and other working individuals who may have two-jobs or more… all have different stories to tell,

By: Yeng S. Lim

but all of them have one common goal: to give their families a brighter future. All for the love of their families? I rest my case. Back to my comfort zone, I have zigzagged through its one humongous labyrinth called the city— traversing its major thoroughfare, the infamous Edsa, from Quezon City to Alabang. For those who are familiar with these areas, they will agree if I’d say that Manila traffic taught me to be patient; not only when snaking through the congested avenues and streets, but also when dealing with some notorious (read: reckless) Pinoy drivers— bus drivers, to be more specific. So, don’t blame me now why I refused to drive in Manila. Outskirts of the metropolis, I province-hopped from one to another…

...dreamers here continue to pursue their destinies, work hard on them, not just for themselves, but for their families as well.

from the north, some I could recall were Bulacan (famous for its pastillas and old churches), Pampanga (home of my favorite Razon’s Halo-halo), Bataan (where a shortdrive weekend getaway can be possible in Montemar Beach Resort), Nueva Vizcaya (where I used to spend Holy Week retreats with college friends), Baguio (read: pine trees, strawberries, and yes, peanut brittles!), Vigan (the Heritage City), and Pagudpod (surfing, anyone?). Then, down the south: Cavite, Tagaytay, Laguna, Batangas, Mindoro. Pools or beaches, one is sure to find a place to go to for some unwind and relaxation. I flew in and out of those more well-known islands: Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Leyte, Samar, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Camiguin, Zamboanga… and the list goes on. But the most memorable one, shall I say, was my backpacking trip up North. I accidentally detoured to Benguet, when I was supposed to be at Isabela to meet a group which went ahead for a junket. Lost in translation, literally, I solely braved the place known for the Rice Terraces, the Philippines’ breathtaking staircase to heaven. Already enjoying the greenscapes,

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Happy wandering, too. 26


I decided to stay for a couple of nights. Self-proclaimed autonomy is something I learned to fathom for almost 10 years since my mom (then my dad) passed on, but on that two-day jaunt, independence took me to another level. I was on my own (as in just me and myself), in a far-flung place so Greek to me. My brief encounter with Benguet was in a Geography class waaaay back in Grade School. Oh well, I was glad I stayed. Because if I didn’t, I would not be able to witness the marvelous works of our Creator: the heavenly heights of Banaue, the rich culture of Ifugaos, their well-preserved histor y, and the heart-warming and trusting locals who helped me go around. While on top, looking at the terraces, I to appreciate how the forefathers of able was Ifugao/Igorot cultivated the land in absence of fear and selflessness in their hearts. The Banaue Rice Terraces is a product of over 4,000 years of continual and loving labor, handed to the present tillers of the land. The rice paddies, suspended above the beautiful landscape like waves in the skies, can truly inspire any voyager. The picturesque view was breathtaking. The mountains were transformed into a great mosaic of natural and man-made materials, extending the earthly and spiritual life of its people beyond the present, as the awesome creation carries the living past forever forward. That sojourn, I could say, was an exquisite experience that made me prouder as a Filipino. The greatest lesson, I’ve found out, is right here in our own classroom. That spot in the world, where I’ve spent most of my life. We don’t have to look far. We have to be grateful for our own, in order to cultivate more meaningful relationships with others: man and man, man and nature, man and God. Hence, we’d be able to value the worth of our co-existence. (mis) travel my Reminiscing adventures, I suddenly miss home. Mine is in Asia, in that archipelago with more than 7,000 beautiful islands and islets, and with over 85M inhabitants—including those who can text and vote, whatever that means. Meanwhile, since it is Thanksgiving month, I have to thank God for giving me moles on both my soles.

technology By: Earl Red



y iphone beeps early in the morning, what could that be? It’s my mom–texting me something about a storm and that the roof is still there, quite cryptic. An hour later I drag myself out of slumber to check on BBC NEWS online. There it was a typhoon named “Ketsana” battering Luzon, so what is special about this one I ask myself. Reading on I discovered that “Ketsana” or “Ondoy” as it was locally named is not a “super storm” but rather a typhoon with ninja-like qualities, “Ondoy” snuck in late and had an enormous volume of Pacific moisture, catching people off guard. “Ondoy” will eventually cause massive flooding in the capital and its surrounding areas. Filipinos however had a weapon against “Ondoy”--technology. I’m not referring to a high-tech anti-typhoon machine, which I’m sure they do not have. I’m talking about the Internet, mobile phones, digital cameras and social networks. Filipinos are masters of technology they can afford. We have a love affair with social networks, Filipinos LOVE to talk (that’s why phone card companies earn so much from us), and social networks are tools for extended conversations, you can talk to a whole group of people, free and they don’t even have to be there to listen! Through Facebook I myself was able to measure the

gravity of the situation from people I trust, they posted related links and they described their experiences in great detail. If you check Twitter’s most popular topic that week it was typhoon “Ondoy”, Twitter is a microblogging website used by millions of people worldwide, to have an impact on it is a major achievement. Photos of the aftermath are plentiful flickr, facebook and shutterfly are testaments to this. From digital SLRs (high quality professional camera) to mobile phones, people just kept snapping away. ABSCBN news and Inquirer provided information as fast as they can get it, blogs augmented these with personal editorials, some worthy of a Pulitzer prize. Even the search giant Google joined in, providing a dedicated page for the flooding victims, users contributed mapping information for missing loved ones and the location of relief centers. To sum it all up, the way Filipinos used available technology during the floods is unprecedented in history, we created an online, dynamic record of our distress and our heroism and from their actions lessons have been learned.

Here is a list of online resources you can visit to help you and your loved ones prepare for a natural disaster: American Red Cross. A common theme among survivors is preparation, so prepare yourself with useful knowledge. Go to to locate the nearest training facility and training courses available to you. Red Cross provides great first-aid and disasterspecific training, Red Cross training is the gold standard when it comes to first-aid. FEMA’s training website offer online courses you can do on your spare time. You can download documents from basic preparedness up to more advanced courses like infrastructure protection. Go to http://training.fema. gov to find a course suited for you. FEMA Disaster Supplies Checklist. Do you know where your kid’s immunization records are located? This document among others is in the disaster checklist. Visit to see the complete list of supplies you need for different types of natural disasters. USGS Earthquake Alert. The United States Geological Survey is in charge of monitoring earthquakes for the country and they have a free earthquake notification service, they can alert you about nearby earthquakes and its aftershocks that may affect you. Visit to signup. You can be notified by email or text message.

Visit or for info on how to help the flooding victims.




A Noteworthy Thanksgiving T

Filipinos in the Philippines celebrate copious holidays but there is no “Thanksgiving” like here in the US.

hree years ago when I first got here in LA, the first holiday that I would have celebrated with my family is Thanksgiving. And so I was all that excited for that holiday to see for myself how it is celebrated here. I was five months on the way then to our first child and it was barely two months when I left the Philippines. Still missing my family and friends back home, I thought that this first holiday would find the way to erase my homesickness. Nov. 23, 2006, we were at our friend’s house with some other friends to celebrate my much-awaited first US holiday…Thanksgiving. There were lots of foods prepared and while the women flocked altogether in the kitchen eating and chitchatting, the guys were having their own time blabbing while watching their favorite sports on TV. I joined the guys in the receiving area not to watch the show on TV but to steal a catnap. Well, pregnant women are known to be sleepy head most of the time. It took me about a couple of hours before I realized the time and checked my cell phone immediately wondering who had been trying to reach me while I was so sleepy. At first it seemed like part of the delusion. I couldn’t fathom the missed calls I got on my phone from my sister in the Philippines and still wondering why she tried to call me for several times. I hurriedly browsed to see her text messages. I batted an eyelash upon reading the message and it was about our ill father…he just passed away. One thing immediately sinked in to my head…why now, why on a Thanksgiving? Should I be thankful to HIM for taking my father’s life away? Tears then rolled like flash flood on my face while telling everyone about what happened and few minutes later we all left our friend’s house so I can focus on my biggest unexpected concern. It was a rushed decision to go back home to join my family in the mourning for the loss of our beloved father. I stayed for only less than a week with my family since I had to come back here in LA immediately as my husband just filed for an emergency leave at work. The first few months were lamentations to be honest but as my family moved on, we all realized that we should all be thankful that God took him away. Our father had been battling with this illness for almost ten years and seeing him suffer was the most painful thing we could ever experience as his very own family. We learned to thank God for our father’s loss because we all know that he’s finally with HIM and that he finally rested in peace. With his passing, we came to remember not his death but how he had lived his life with us. We are truly grateful that even though the years have not been that long for him to stay with us and to live with us, it was still living fruitful years with him. He was able to leave us with hope and inspiration and had shown us how much a father would give up just to raise a good family. He left us when he was reassured that we are all ready to stand on our own. Now that it’s Thanksgiving again, I may shed a tear for my father but not because I am sad but because I am happy and proud that I was his daughter. One thing is also clear…I will miss him every Thanksgiving.



By: Ina R. Dahilig


Gary V. & Martin Nieverra Concert

D D D D D D D D D D Hard as it is to believe in these days of hands on helmsmanship, audience and fans had definitely welcomed artists, talents and designers aboard.

A preview. This autumn everyone will have a ball and will never run short of concerts and fashion shows - free or otherwise. We can still have fun in the cold weather and in style.



Fashion Show

Great Style. Cotouriers may wring their hands but we see a sure, unquestionable vogue - a move back of the Renaissance era of inspiration and style.



ted n e d e prec n u h t et wi k r a bal m o l g a E to ppers R U S PO nd sho X E 7 / 24 ience a aud



Be The


of LAPINOY MAGAZINE Who’s Who in the Community? Professionals Business Persons Beauty Queens and Models Fashion Designers and Talents Newscasters CEO’s & COO’s Etc.

LA PINOY will Showcase your business Publish your achievement Celebrate your triumph Print your accomplishments

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WE ARE PROUD TO COMMEND YOU… Call for details: (213)706-0010 or e-mail us at OCTOBERlapinoymagazine.com2009




November 2009  


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