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Our Cover Photography by: Ronald Cruz Assistant: Billy Sapanghila Hair & Make-up: Lea Cruz Featuring: Jo Koy


COVER STORY Jo Koy - Orange Chicken Success


FEATURES Sunshine with a Tinge of Genius


KAT’S CORNER Hollywood Rundown


FAUSTA An Inspiring Filipino Indie Film


STYLE Summer Beauty

22 & 24

EDITOR’S PICKS The Mystery of Fulfillment Strengthening Your Resolve


BUILDING WISELY Overcoming Financial Adversity






s early as the first quarter of publication, various audiences noticed that LA Pinoy magazine has a positive outlook on life. No matter how difficult life challenge has become LA Pinoy remained optimistic, cheerful and inculcates a spirit of joy, gladness and goodwill. On the lighter side… as we role into summer breeze and the weather heats up to the three digits, I cannot help but think about the days ahead at the beach. Then, reality kicks in and I realize the soaring gas prices so I will expediently be satisfied to staying close to home and enjoying those great concerts at the park. You can pick and choose from soul to pop or jazz to big band music and they are absolutely FREE.

La Pinoy magazine continues to grow and the reviews are definitely heartwarming as the community and readers gain valuable information from our advertisers and articles that affect their lives in the daily grind. August theme is “fun and laughter” and features the rising fame of a remarkable talent known by his patrons as JO KOY, a stand up comedian now making waves in the entertainment industry and continues to convince producer’s view on aesthetics found only in JO KOY. His unique ability to deliver his punch line draws on his extensive background experiences for stage and television screen – growing and commanding enormous attention from viewers and merchandising empires. And to our coming issues we will recognize professionals and talents within the community where we are launching a campaign for LA Pinoy Got TALENTS too! We invite everyone to submit their names and bios – whether you are an artist, a musician, a singer, a dancer, a comedian, etc. LA Pinoy would like to discover you. Whatever we need God has an answer. As the hymnist proclaimed, there is No Shadow of Turning with GOD. Watch for - LA PINOY GOT TALENTS and the search for LA PINOY IDOL!

ROD DASCO President/Publisher




hat we do in the next few minutes could help determine the future of a faithful vision. Sometimes we feel like we are wrestling against all forces that seem beyond our control, navigating choppy waters. How do we respond? In spite all odds LA Pinoy wants to come out strong with renewed soundness moving from crisis to crisis for ward, carefully but surely. The urgency of the times propels us to continue our mission and get the WORD out. We are in a world that is going its way like a conspiracy with an invisible war raging around us. If we put our brains in neutral, hearing words like these will put our minds in gear, and then we play our part in doing what has to be done. Do you believe that the world is acting corruptly going to a warped and crooked generation? LA Pinoy is in almost a year long journey and we are called to voluntarily serve others through media and publication, stepping out in faith painting LA Pinoy magazine as the people’s advocate in many areas of life’s issues. LA Pinoy has a renewed concern with regard to tending the community volumes of grace, to help one another by seeking direction and guidance from the ONLY One who is in control. As my favorite pastor once said “when the bottom drops out in a dark and cloudy night and all hell break loose, there is an anchor that stays firm and immovable”. We let GOD do the promoting and go with His plans. More than ever in the swamp and extreme confusion of our times we have a role as ser vants of the community, to uphold truth and not be bloated windbags addicted to self aggrandizement sucking the attention of the gullible world. Walking through depraved and troubled times can test our resolve. LA Pinoy would like to make an impact in the community by being transparent in its choice of upholding life and truth, helping our neighbors both out in the world and inside the glass stained confines of the community. We must start a recommitment to GOD and to our heritage, a light to guide in the midst of these fearful times and give hope and a foothold amid the opposing ideologies of our day. LA Pinoy collaborates with Indie Films made possible by our able and diligent Philippine staff writer Kathy Ursolino in launching FAUSTA, a revealing story of a founder, teacher and a great Filipino whose life must be counted as that of a true educator who hanged tough and never stepped down even in the midst of crisis and so left a positive and lasting impression in the lives of many. Her involvements went beyond time with the individuals she had touched. HERMANA FAUSTA demonstrated the value of being vulnerable, open, unguarded, honest and authenticity. FAUSTA’s saga speaks of the joyful freedom of living by grace, a lifestyle that we must pursue and is still worth the risk. LA PINOY CELEBRATES THE GREATNESS AND GRACIOUSNESS OF GOD !

CECILIA C. LIM Vice President/Editor in Chief


By: Lea Cruz




At the course of the interview, I can sense that Jo Koy’s success does not only come from his dynamic energy, talent, wit, charm or fashionable sense of style. He recognizes his humble beginning, he credits his mother for shaping & supporting him, he gets inspiration from his son, he thanks God for his talent, and he takes difficulties as challenges. Jo Koy’s sweet success is truly encouraging & uplifting!

Jo Koy is also the first Filipino to have a “Comedy Central Hour Special” in DVD. Of course he’s very ecstatic on his extensive triumph. Through humility & hard work, he said it took him 15 years to do it. Jo Koy also mentioned that in his DVD “Don’t Make Him Angry”, or in doing comedy in general, he makes sure he represents Filipino but he also makes sure that the masses- the Americans, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics & all other races understood him. He means that you don’t need to be Filipino to get his jokes. He wanted to be a known comedian globally. Americans & other races were requesting “Josef” because they enjoyed the character & can relate to his jokes despite racial differences.

It’s inspiring to hear Jo Koy recount The Tonight show in details. He said during that big episode, Joaquin Phoenix & Alanis Morisette were the guests & that Joaquin, according to the producers was about to leave early because he was sick. Jay Leno therefore had time to talk to Jo Koy for about 5-6 minutes. But then Joaquin showed up “healthy” & he not only did his segment but also took Jo Koy’s segment in the panel. Jo Koy was not allowed to sit down with Jay anymore. Yet instead of falling apart, Jo Koy promised himself & his family that he’s going to get a standing ovation, and he did! And Jay had to call him to the panel.

His “big break” came when after 2 auditions, he was finally in the Montreal Comedy Festival, which is the largest festival of its kind in the world. Jo Koy took advantage of this big opportunity by making sure he’d seize the audience. And this was also the time when he was approached by the producers of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he acquired his highest honor by becoming one of the select few ever to receive a standing ovation in the history of the show. This further opened more doors for his continuous success.

o Koy is a phenomenal Filipino-American stand up comedian who had performed at Jimmy Kimmel Live show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Last Call with Carson Daly, Comedy Central Presents, & became a regular guest in Chelsea Lately, among the few. He officially started doing comedy in 1994 in a Las Vegas coffee house & now thriving, touring globally in Australia, Guam, United States & Philippines.


Yet instead of falling apart, Jo Koy promised himself & his family that he’s going to get a standing ovation, and he did

Photography by: Ronald Cruz


“Sunshine With A Tinge of Genius” By: I.V.Y.


rmand Serrano is currently an Art Director at Sony Pictures Animation in Culver City, CA. The youngest of six, he was born in Manila and lived in Quezon City with his family. According to his mother, he started drawing at the age of two. His talent was sparked from all the movies he watched with his Mom when he was a young boy. Reminiscing, he mentions

how epic movies like the Ten Commandments engaged him as a kid; and from this, love for more like Star Wars and Indiana Jones, ensued.

Armand took up Civil Engineering at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila; but soon after obtaining his degree, he realized his first passion was drawing. He is an amazing artist. He first started working as a Layout Artist at Fil-Cartoons, a subsidiary of Hanna-Barbera. He was involved in works such as The New Adventures of Johnny Quest and Tom & Jerry Kids. At Philippine Animation Studio, Armand worked on various Marvel TV series like X-men and Fantastic Four. He even supervised layout for an animated music video for the artist Prince! In 1996, he applied and got a job at Glendale, CA for 7th Level, Inc. developing video games. He then found himself working for Disney the next year and lived in Orlando, FL. His credits include Mulan, Tarzan and Lilo & Stitch. In 2004, Armand joined Sony Pictures Animation and completed works as Visual Development/Environmental Designer on Surf’s Up, Open Season 2 and the upcoming 3D movie, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. If you haven’t seen the trailers yet for this 3D showcase, go to the theaters or go to the movie’s website. The scene where a big pancake lands on the school? That’s got Armand Serrano’s name written all over it.


KAT’S CORNER by: Kat Iniba

Hollywood Rundown


yan Seacrest. Is there anything Ryan isn’t doing or isn’t a part of these days? Television Host. DJ. Producer. Entrepreneur. And now, Ryan is possibly the first reality TV star to receive the highest pay raise in reality television history. Ryan Seacrest signed a $45million dollar contract to continue hosting American Idol for 3years. His contract is also alleged to triple his previous salary of slightly less than $5million per season. A far cry from the boy who first discovered his love of broadcasting while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance over his high school’s PA system. I was lucky enough to attend the exclusive premiere of the Lakers 2008-2009 NBA Championship DVD Screening. Being a huge Lakers fan, I was extremely excited to be a part of this event. The DVD follows the Lakers’ journey to their 15th NBA Championship. Lakers stars Derek Fisher, Luke Walton and Jordan Farmar greeted the lucky fans. Farmar recalled growing up a huge Lakers fan and only being in the 8th grade when Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant and Shaq won the Playoffs. Stating, it’s definitely a “dream come true.” Derek Fisher admitted his desire for the DVD to one day show his kids that he “used to be pretty cool.”

And speaking of cool, that’s exactly what people are saying about these much talked about movies premiering this month. Rising to theaters on August 7th, “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, another toy franchise turned movie hoping to break box office numbers. Charlene Yi and Michael Cera star in “Paper Heart” a half-documentary, half-scripted film that follows Yi and Cera’s blooming relationship. Already a 2009 Sundance Film Festival Award winner, “Paper Heart” premieres on August 7th. Lastly, on August 21st, Director Quentin Tarantino returns with his highly-anticipated World War II flick, “Inglourious Basterds” starring Brad Pitt.


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By: Katherine Ann Ursolino More Filipino filmmakers are now making waves with the indie films garnering recognition, even awards, both in the local and international film arena. But who could have thought that an indie film produced and made by a school in the province could also be appreciated by moviegoers and film critics? The oldest Catholic school in Lucena City, Quezon Province, and the whole of Southern Tagalog Region, has produced a film about its founder, Hermana Fausta Labrador, on the occasion of the 125th foundation anniversary of Sacred Heart College. “The film is a tribute to the profound message of Hermana Fausta’s admirable life of total devotion and sacrifice,” says Sr. Fe G. Gedalanga, D.C., president of the school. “The time is ripe for her story to be told to bigger audiences of today. She is a much-needed role model especially for our youth.”


Felino Tañada, an alumnus of the school, brought Fausta to the big screen with veteran actress Perla Bautista in her first title role ever. Featured in the film are local artists and among them, seasoned actor Tommy Abuel whose roots are from Lucban, Quezon. He played the role of Fernando Amorsolo who painted a portrait of Hermana Fausta. The film is also the debut screenplay of Necias Chaves Pataunia. Aside from participation at the CINEMALAYA Festival in CCP, Manila last July, the film Fausta has also been nominated to the 2009 Catholic Mass Media Awards. Fausta was first shown in February at SM City Lucena. This August, Fausta will be shown to other schools in the Quezon Province, and with its DVD release, more people will surely be inspired by this film about the “good woman of Lucena”. *For information on the “Fausta” DVD copy, visit Sacred Heart College Lucena City’s website

FAUSTA: An Inspiring Filipino Indie Film


editor’s picks

Photography JETT RAIF




ot many of us hope for a mundane existence, instead everyone longs to experience a grand life. Unfortunately, chasing after the world’s vision of fulfillment leads only to heartaches and emptiness. Some of us result in saturating our minds with new ideologies and practices eager to find the one that will finally fill the vacuum inside us… but where can genuine satisfaction really be fulfilled…? What about acceptance and affirmation? Without exception everyone needs reassurance and even bolstering – somebody to believe in us – to provide us with strengthening and added brace in spite all odds. When we rouse confidence in a person, we spur him on, we stimulate and support him. Indeed we all need affirma-

tion more than ever – massive doses of it. But, will this result in the kind of peaceful joy and satisfaction we search for? These we call short-term feelings of success are all good but there is a true and genuine fulfillment awaiting for us to discover – a decision to love the LORD and give ourselves fully to Him. Submission does not mean that we settle a second rate life. Rather we trade our desires for His will and we can be assured of much bigger and greater things to come than our desired dreams. Bask in the abundant gifts of our loving heavenly Father. Choose today whom you will serve…! “For I know the plans that I have for you”, declares the Lord “plans of good and not of evil, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future”. Jer 29:11

AUG 2009


Rock Foundation In The Valley

Photography Victor Chanchico Las Vegas, Nevada


Pain and suffering open the door to intimacy with our Savior… Though our instinct is to sidestep suffering, living an easy careless life do not earn reward or discipline, but going thru the valley leads to intimacy with GOD.



alley is a metaphor which is symbolical to suffering. Valley experiences are where the pain is so deep and the hardship is so difficult that we find it impossible to weather. We make our choices daily and in being – these situations crashing us may be of our own doing. At times the action of others also causes us to undergo suffering – perhaps through marital infidelity, betrayal of a friend or unexpected termination of a job. And sometimes we feel as if GOD Himself is against us and is leading us into the valley. When we are tramping thru the valley of the shadow of death, Christ’s sufficiency becomes apparent as we discern His provision that strengthens our resolve to endure, as He purifies and instructs us to meet Him. Pain and suffering open the door to intimacy with our Savior. At the end of our resources is the LORD’s boundless increase. Though our instinct is to sidestep suffering, living an easy careless life do not earn reward or discipline, but going thru the valley leads to intimacy with GOD and the grand purpose He set and prepared for us who believe. Just like the wise builder, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock… the Rock is Jesus Christ who calms the storm of life.

“In times of affliction we commonly meet with the sweetest experiences of the love of God”. John Bunyan “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also overflowing of ways to overcoming it”. Helen Keller

In Touch Dr. Charles Stanley KKLA 99.5 FM Radio 9:30A.M – 10:00A.M

Living Word Lance Spark KBRT 740AM Radio 2:30P.M – 3:00P.M.



Overcoming Financial Adversity BY: ATTY. RAY BULAON


magine if you lost everything you had, became homeless with less than $20 in your pocket and was forced to spend the night with your 4-year old child, sleeping on the cold dirty, floor of a public restroom. Would you feel completely hopeless about your situation?

to keep their focus on the future instead of dwelling in the past. The irreparable things that we cannot change are often counterproductive. Where you have been is not as important as where you are going: “Success in life is the result of good judgment. Good judgment is the result of experience. Experience is usually the result of bad judgment.”

In the movie, “The Pursuit of Happiness” (based on a true story), the main character (“Chris”) was a young, struggling father and husband who had a dream of becoming a successful stockbroker. After failing in a start-up business, he and his wife found themselves buried in a mountain of debt. The future looked hopeless. To make ends meet, his wife worked 2 jobs and was always physically and mentally exhausted. It didn’t take very long before the stress took its toll on her and eventually, on their marriage. His wife decided to leave him with their 4-year old son. And just when things couldn’t get any worse, Chris and his son got evicted from their apartment when he could no longer afford to pay rent.

In the face of adversity and seemingly impossible odds, Chris refused to give up. In the relentless pursuit of his dream, success, which had eluded him many times in the past, was finally within reach. At first, he landed a much-coveted job at a prominent brokerage firm. Shortly thereafter, he started his own investment company. Finally, just a few years later, he sold his share in the company for a few million dollars. What an incredible rags-toriches story! Instead of throwing in the towel, Chris saw himself as being bigger than his problems, refused to give up, conquered his obstacles and nurtured his dream until it became a reality.

Going through difficult financial times in your life, creates haste of impetuous questions. “Why is this happening to me?” “Will I ever get out of this financial mess?” “How do I protect my family’s financial well-being?” As a bankruptcy attorney, I often remind people that, it is better


No matter what financial difficulties you are facing, refuse to wallow in self-pity, bitterness or anger. You can rise above your circumstances and overcome your difficulties. Focus on your goals and wait for the day you see them come to fruition. Stay away from negative individuals and situations that will drain you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Surround yourself with people and things that contribute to your life in a positive way. Have faith in yourself and believe in your dreams.


My Alternative

A SERIES OF STRESS-RELIEF OPTIONS FOR OUR WELL-BEING By: Joven Calingo Living in the US is difficult for most people, missing the life we’ve had in our native country. Used to having maids (or family members) doing the daily chores for us makes everyday a challenge. Taking care of our children, cooking our daily meals and doing the laundry (and making sure our clothes are neatly pressed) are just few of the numerous things these people do for us. Having to face all these, on top of our job, we’re dealing with stress every single day. For most of us, with the help of all the gadgets and tools available, we are able to cope up with the daily grind. Though we think that we accomplish a lot of things, there’s one thing that is constant: STRESS. Different people have various ways to counter stress. Some people resolve to fitness, yoga or meditation, cooking, photography and other leisure activities. Some of these will be discussed in the next part of this series. For me, it’s Music. According to Ms. Scott of about. com, Music can affect the body in many health-promoting ways, which is the basis for a growing field known as music therapy. However, you can use music in your daily life and achieve many stress-relief benefits on your own. One of the great benefits of music as a stress reliever is that it can be used while you conduct your regular activities so that it really doesn’t take time away from your busy schedule. Music provides a wonderful backdrop for your life so that you can find increased enjoyment from what you’re doing and also reduce stress from your day. You can wake up in the morning listening to your favorite sound or the greatest hits and feel great about it. While listening to music, you can do tasks like driving, cooking, eating, working or hanging out with friends. It helps relieve the tension and puts you in the right mood.


Another music-related activity is to learn to play an instrument. You can learn how to play the piano, guitar, flute, violin, drums or any instrument that you feel you’ll learn easily without adding any more stress. I was drawn by the big sound of the drums—the one that makes the most noise. Whenever I play the drums, I have this sense of expressing myself through the sound it creates with or without the accompaniment of guitars and keyboards. Playing musical instruments give you a feel-good experience that brings you to the next level, like forming a band and performing in public. It enhances your confidence and develops your relationship with people who share the same passion with music. If none of the instruments work for you, you can always learn how to sing. While relieving your own stress, you help other people relieve theirs, one way or another. With all the ways music affects your body, you will clearly see how it can be used as an effective relaxation and stress management tool. What are you waiting for? Pick up that guitar you’ve been longing to strum for the past 10 years. Rock on!

The writer in his home studio with his drum set. Photo by remote: Joven Calingo

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saac Reain will undeniably become one of the most recognizable names in the music industry. Loaded with an intensely soulful sound, he is about to release his debut album, Midnight Drive which underlies the transformation of his music over the years.


everyday activities is not devoid of spiritual purpose. Self discipline is an ingredient from heaven that God gave him. There is no character crisis or hypocrisy about him. Young and emerging, Isaac supplies a lot of weight on personal character and genuine integrity. He points out that everything he listens to directs his musical development but he would certainly include the Eagles, Beatles, Rob Thomas and Counting Crows amongst his biggest influences. He has an authentic fondness for the Filipino people. As a result he reserved a virtuous and very capable Filipino associate as his confidant and manager.

At 22, Isaac traveled to Orlando Florida and caught the attention of several industry professionals. In 2007 Isaac made it to Los Angeles where he presently resides and signed a major deal with RBM Group International. He now works with Grammy winning producer Richard Segal Huredia who is credited with the biggest names in the music business and had sold over 50 million records including: Eminem, Green Day, Britney Spears, Dr. Dre, Hilary Duff, Akon and many more.


Isaac Reain demands perfection and rectitude in his work‌ however his

Isaac Reain’s album can be previewed at


Midnight Drive - available now on itunes



Francis Fabiculanan, President and owner of DONLYSON AUTO CONCEPTS, catapulted to new heights with his innovative concepts exceeded only by his assiduous work ethics. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Francis Fabiculanan has become a prominent figure in the Custom Auto Body Industry. He revolutionizes Auto Customization to ensure effectiveness and pioneered surefire methods of achieving increased performance and impact. Initially inspired by the growth and success of car shows and fortified with the support of his family, he ensued the custom car industry by rebuilding a 1984 BMW 3181 as his first project. As a result, he received the respect and

acclaim from his peers and drew the attention of several highly reputable specialty magazines that featured his work. Over the years, he continuously appeared in numerous local and national car shows such as Sema, Spocom, Extreme Autofest and Hot Import Nights and accumulated unprecedented collection of awards. With great enthusiasm and unparalleled dedication to provide the highest quality of customer service, Francis Fabiculanan has become a staple in the Auto Customization and Restoration Industry with DONLYSON AUTO CONCEPTS.


THEHYPE features



Photo by:by: Angelo Tan / Billy Sapanghila / Bey Photo Angelo Tan / Billy Sapanghila/ BeyChua Chua

Photography by: Kevin Teves


Photo by: Paul Cabigao



Mint For Health

By: Chandra Pandula Just when we are about to meet someone special, a date, a friend, or a just to keep your breath fresh, you always pop in a Mint in your mouth. Most of us begin our day with Tooth paste with Mint flavor that gives us the feel of fresh. This is just one of several good qualities of Mint. Candies, Confectionery, Oral Medicines, Mouth Washes, Massage Oils are some of the few we always associate ourselves with Mint. Mint is one of the best known herbs that was discovered in Mid East and Asia. In Persia and Ayurveda Medications, Mint is one of the selected herbs used in most formulations. It is stated in medical journals Mint has sedative, disinfectant and cicatrizing properties. It can be successfully used in gastro-intestinal disorders; it helps the liver and calms indigestion. It contains menthol, menthone, menthofuran, a-pinene, limonene, cardinene, acetic aldehide, isovaleriana, vitamin C and antibiotic substances Because of its menthol, mint has a very good action over the digestive system, causing a small anesthesia of the gastric mucous membrane. It also stimulates digestion. Mint can treat diarrhea, gastric fever or Biliary secretion and helps the digestion of fats toxic infections. It is recommended in cases of asthma, bronchitis and the flu because of its antispasmodic and sedative properties. Sinusitis

can be treated with mint also, because menthol is a Vasodilatator of the nasal mucous membrane. It can be used as an inhalation in small amounts as well as for chest massages. Mental fatigue, stress, depressive states and headaches can be ameliorated if mint oil is applied over the temples and back head. Mint oil is a powerful stimulant and tonic. Mint is recommended for the treatment of rheumatism, for disinfection of the oral pocket and in cases of ear inflammation. Due to the fact that it has an antibacterial action it can cure acne and blackheads. Most commonly used Mints and easy to maintain in your back yard are Chocolate mint for desserts, Spearmint for drinks, Peppermint for drinks & desserts, garden mint for general cooking, Pineapple mint for salads & cooking. Check out Vegetarian recipes for your favorite dishes that keep you healthy. Few tender Mint leaves keeps you stay healthy. Try half lemon squeezed with crushed ice in a glass of water with two tender Mint leaves.

It grows on most of the temperate climate and California is ideal for it. It is advisable to grow Mint in Pots than on land because it spreads wild and takes much of the space. One can have a 2 SFT or 5 gallon pot is enough for a small family.




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