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Devoir « Tribus » par Valentyna Bobro DSAA 1 DSC école Estienne, 2013


endavant mai morirem. Always forward, we will never die.

tribe ? Well, So. Why I chose the anarchist s a little bit when I came to Barcelona, I wa the streets. shocked by all those graffitis on ! The big circled A everywhere

nifestations and strikes that In three months I saw more ma ssive to see all this young pre im lly rea It’s ris. Pa in ars ye 3 in don’t care and do what they t jus o wh et stre the on le op pe y ? Drinking in the streets ? wa sub the in ing ok Sm . do to want impression I had Who cares ?! That was the first e of Barcelona. when I saw the anarchistic sid t, who, luckily for me, gave But then, I met a real anarchis talan Anarchy of Barcelona, me an interview about the Ca the anarchy which is completely different of wherever else.

is something First of all, the anarchy in Spain tional Confederation normal and there is even a Na of Workers, created in 1910 cional del Trabajo, (the C.N.T - Confederaci贸n Na tion) and for the first cia so as c sti ali dic yn y-s ch ar an an chist ministers time in 1936 there were 4 anar Montseny. including a woman - Federica

And we must also say that the catalan people have their reasons to have a lot of anarchists. After the Civil War in 1936-1939 Spain had 40 years of dictature with Francisco Franco as a leader, with the false democracy (Una, gande y libre). The Catalonia was completely oppressed by Franco, and the catalan people have still this filling of exclusion. In fact, in Catalonia the citizens pay more taxes than other spanish people. In Catalonia, people are proud of their culture and their own language. They are also very nationalists (not just with foreigners, but also with spanish people). But, concretely, I’ve never seen the violence in Barcelona, contrary to what everyone can think about the anarchists.

o atters (most u q s e th f o m l places, h is a emble ta ic n h e w m » n rn o e ti v a go sy ns «Occup buildings, or e th y p e complete u h This sign mea c (t c k o n y a e b h T d anarchists). is an occupie w a place o re n e is th are h t, ic c h fa w . In racia district, for example G r a e food, cloth n e r) th e h w it o w p le d n p eo capitalism a e money. helps poor p th e n n o o n ry e w v o E d . ed ey, they look n people in ne o m e k ta ’t hey don other stuff. T ople in Spa e p r o o . p ts f n o u t co is, there’s a lo s Only helping ri c l le against a p ic o e m p o n y n o c a e m e so why there’s Because of th is h T . a n lo e vernment. y in Barc ll o g ia l c a e p tu s c e a d d n an tical ideas, a li o p ts n e s re the p

of them like banks, ymbol of e for all hes, and .


Speaking with people I’ve met in Barcelona, I understood that they are all a little bit anarchists (even without knowing it !), because of their lifestyle and behavior. After three months there, I also started to have this behavior, you know, when you don’t care about the consequences and do what you think is the best for you, and not for others. The individualism. Something I learned only in Barcelona.

Doing my researches about catalan anarchy (and with the help of my anarchist friend ;) ) I found a book store, selling books ONLY about the anarchy and the catalan history ! It was a pleasure to speak with the owner of the store and to find out his point of view.

obro Valentyna B nne, 2013. Š Êcole Estie