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Letter from the Editor:

Hey Everyone! I’m so excited to be writing my first editor’s letter for La Petite Fashionista Magazine! When I started my blog back in 2007, I never imagined (but always hoped) that someday I’d be launching a digital publication of my own!

I’d like to thank all my fabulous contributors, sponsors, family & friends for the endless support in this endeavor. This has been my labor of love over the past few months, and so many talented people have collaborated on this issue! The misson of La Petite Fashionista Magazine is to bring inspiring content each issue. This magazine is written by real girls, for real girls. Those of us who like to live life in style on any budget! Who says college ladies & young professionals can’t throw affordable dinner parties & dress stylishly on a dime? We’re here to show you how to do it! We’ll feature articles on everything from travel & fashion, to fitness & interior design and inspiring business women. The magazine contributors are from across the country, sharing their expertise and style with you- We’re not professionals, we’re not models, we’re just living & loving what we’re writing about! Enjoy the first issue & thank you for your support! xoxo, 2.

lauren felix

editor-in-chief, La Petite Fashionista Magazine

1. Brooke Kennedy- CA 2. Grace Yco- CA @GraceViX

Meet the Contributors:

3. Julianne Phillips- AZ 4. Michelle Phillips Henderson- KS

fromcountry across the

5. Lauren Felix- WI @lpfashionista @LPFMag Laura Podlich-WI @lpodlich Sarah Eastman Cribari- WI @neroliblossoms

6. Katie Kinka- FL Sarah Ennis- FL @EventsUncorked www. Jocelyn Mandalou- FL @JoceysKitchen 7. Allie Felix- FL @InvigorateYou Meredith Cotton- F

Victoria Erhart- WI

Emma Hamilton- FL @sansascenseur www. Nia Hankenhof- FL 8. Alexandra Medina- FL 9. Becca Lucio - GA @LLofFashion

Melissa Athas-FL @MelissaRAthas

10. Heather Wendrow- DE www.

Kelly Boudreau- @KellyNBoudreau

11. Hayley Wood - TX @HayFWood www.


Table of Contents: 2-3: Letter from the Editor & Contributors 4-5: Table of Contents 6-7: Latest Lusts 8-15: Entertaining: Stylish Tailgate 16-17: DIY: Gameday Necklace 18-19: Gameday Glam with Twelve Saturdays 20- 21: Gameday Your Way 22-23: Interior Design: Outfit to Room 24: Interior Design: Decorating your First Home 25: Secrets of eBay Steals 26-27: DIY: Ombre Platter 28: Back to School in Style 29: Blogging Basics 30: Healthy Eating: Jalapeno Watermelon 31: Wine Reviews: Bottles of Wine for less than $12


32-35: Travel: Affordable Beach Vacations 36-37: Travel: What to Pack & Bikini Fit Guide with ViX 38-39: Fitness Stand Up Paddleboarding 40:Beauty 5 Minute Face 41: Beauty Beautiful Blowouts 42-45: Fashion Summer to Fall Style 46-55: Interior Design Real Girl Homes: Michelle in San Diego 56-57: Stress Relief Flying Fears & Goods Reads 58-59: Women in Business Amy Rodbell of Swell Caroline 60: Playlist Midnight Swims & Rambling Conversations LPF Mag is interactiveclick the links to launch product pages, playlists + more!


contributor’s picks LATEST LUSTS

Madewell Polka dot s idewalk Skimmers, $98





Heather RoAD Trips warby parker glasses, $95



Chromatic Gallery heels, $88


BBQ Bloody Mary

"Apron anxiety" Book, $10

Melissa Allie Prana Yoga Mat, $48


Outdoor Bottle & wine Glass Holder, $30

Michelle becca Calling cards by Pixel Impress, $25

Kate Spade plate, $19


Alexandra katie Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer, $43

Food Trucks

Jocelyn Family Dinners


Cooking with Fresh Herbs


Marysia Swimsuit, $320 Drybar blowout- $35


Brandy MelviLLE Shorts, $40




e l y t in S


photography by: Alan Ennis event design by: Sarah Ennis recipes & food by: Jocelyn Mandalou dresses from: Twelve Saturdays tablecloth & menu from: Go Chic







SIDELINE Makes 14 servings (16 fl oz each)



1.75 L vodka 4 L lemon lime soda 24 fl oz frozen lemonade concentrate mix Sliced lemon, lime, and orange for garnish â—? Mix all ingredients and serve chilled 12.




Buffalo Chicken



gameday fashion BECCA LUCIO


means the arrival of Football season. At my Alma mater, football is not just a sport but also a way of life. Every Saturday, everyone rolls out of bed at an hour we would not imagine during the week, to put on our Sunday best and root on our favorite football team Just because you’re going to a sporting event does not mean that you have to dress like one of the boys. It is an opportune time to bring out your fashion know how in a new and innovative way. The simplest way is to pair a great sundress with a statement necklace. You’ll keep cool in the humid summer heat and look fashionable at the same time. Another warm weather option is to pair the ever-popular patterned short with a simple white button down tied. These shorts are available in numerous patterns and colors, making it a cinch to find a pair in your team colors. As the weather gets cooler, pair skinny jeans with boots and a cute blouse. You’ll still be looking fashionable while keeping you warm as the temperatures dip. Bring a cardigan to put over the top. Overall, just remember you can never over accessorize. Any outfit can go from simple to amazing with a little bit of bling. Think simple shirt with a statement necklace or a large pile of bangles. It’s the little things that complete a gameday outfit! 14.


click here for printable recipes & DIY’s!


fun fact! - our models for the shoot also did the event design & food! They both have blogsEvents Uncorked & Saucy Joce’ys Kitchen!

STYLISHGAMEDAY.COM’S tips for a fashionable gameday: 1. Wear cute but comfortable shoes. Wedges or sandals in the warmer temp, boots or toms in the cooler temps. 2. Cross body bags are a must- they free up hands for holding drinks & tailgate snacks! 3. Weather can be unpredictable, packing a lightweight sweater or poncho in your bag is always a good idea! 4. Keep a small make-up bag in your purse to touch up the morning’s look or at the least suncscreen & chapstick. 5. Make sure all your electronics like your camera & cell phone are fully charged (& a stylish case for safekeeping).


gameday necklace DIY MEREDITH COTTON


DIY GAMEDAY NECKLACE I’ve created a simple diy necklace that you can create in your own school colors! Supplies

· Twill Ribbon (approx 50") · Beads (each strand needs to be 13") · Beading Chord · Crimp Beads · Pliers · Chain (13", Ace Hardware has the best variety)


Step 1: Cut the ribbon to approximately 50"inches. Weave the ribbon through the chain until it is evenly in the middle. Tie a knot at each end of the chain, securing the ribbon to the chain. Step 2: Using the stopper and pliers, secure the cord to the last chain (near the knot). String the beads onto the string and secure using the stopper at the opposite ending chain. You may want to weave the strand around the chain for a “twist effect”. Step 3: Repeat step two for all 5 strands of beads. Feel free to mix and match bed colors and textures and to play with twisting and weaving the strands for a more casual effect. For a more “chunky” necklace, you may want to have more than 5 strands of beads.

GAMEDAY stylish tailgate LAUREN FELIX







Yglam BUY IT!

T! I Y





gameday your way LAUREN FELIX

GAME DAYay your w


pictures from football gameday across thE country from our awesome lpf mag readers and!

GAMEDAY Traditions

- aurburn’s war eagle that flies over the stadium before each game - howard’s rock at clemson university, touched by players for luck - ”jump around” at uw badgers game between 3rd and 4th quarter -mississipi state’s infamous cowbells rung throught the game -fsu’s chief osceola riding in on horseback with flaming spear -virginia tech hokies storming into the statium to “enter sandman” -the florida gators’ chomp along to the “jaws” theme song -ohio state’s marching band and their cursive “ohio” on the field -nebraska’s release of red balloons after their first score -alabama’s “rammer Jammer” chant at the end of a winning game




FOR HIM: Corn Hole Game, Victory Tailgate, $145

Death Valley dress, Twelve Saturdays, $89

lpf mag koozie

grilling spatula,, $22

bow tie, Brier & Moss, $45



Outfit to Room: Tribal Princess You can find great inspiration for your home by looking in your closet and how you compose outfits. Do you wear a lot of accessories or none? Do you like to wear your hair in a bun or loose and wavy? Do stick with neutrals or are you more daring in your color choices? All of these are style indicators for not only your home, but all areas of your life.


Photos by Denene Brox

Inspired Interior:

Pottery BarnTeen, $129

Ikea, $149

West Elm, $19

Jonathan Adler, $68

Michelle of

Second Street East


decorating your first home KELLY BOUDREAU

Theperfectpiecesto makea smallspacefeellarger&rental feelalittlebitmorelike


DecoratingYour FirstHome

There are many ways to make the most out

Avoid buying chairs and couches with big of your small space! Be it an apartment, house, arm rests. A day bed is a practical option for or in-law suite, there are tricks to overcome a couch in a small space and then can double as a bed for when you have company. It tight spaces in any room of the house. can be tough to maintain an open feeling in a small apartment living room, but choosing What you’ve heard about small spaces and armless furniture will create the illusion of wall paint is true; white (or a light neutral) more space. paint is best for small living spaces. White walls allow light to bounce around the room to make it more airy and open feeling. Buy accessories for your small space that can be used for multiple things. For instance, that big drink pitcher you love, that’s too big You might think the best way to hide clutto fit in your cabinet, can be used as a vase ter in a small space is to conceal it; this is for fresh flowers! Dual purpose accessories not always the case. Pieces like big, chunky are a way you can keep your counter tops bookcases can make a room feel even clutter-free and avoid buying extra stuff that smaller. Look for see through storage opcan’t fit. tions that let your eye look beyond them. You will focus on the spaces behind the furniture, making the room feel bigger.




FIRST PLACE PICKS Swirl Pitcher, Pier 1, $25 This pretty pitcher can double as a vase for flowers when not in use!

Futon, Target, $130 A futon doubles as a couch and an extra bed for guests.

Lattice Dish, Shop Furbish, $5 Watercolor Print, Society6, $18 Buy affordable prints that don’t break the bank via 24.

This preppy dish is perfect for storing jewelry or keys.

Throw Blanket, Design Darling, $52 A colorful throw brightens up a small couch.

the secrets

secrets to eBay steals VICTORIA ERHART

to eBay steals As many who have used the site can attest, ebay is a wonderful source for finding vintage and new fashions for fractions of their retail. I have had an account now for 7 years, but it wasn’t until college that I learned just how valuable it can be as a shopping destination. As my fashion sense developed, I favored less mall brands and more unique and smaller designers. There were two problems as a result of my new found discriminating tastes, the first was that I couldn’t afford anything I really loved unless it was on sale. The second being that I went to school in Missouri which meant it left a lot to be desired in terms of its store offering. That was when I discovered online shopping and just how wonderful it could be. In particular, I developed an obsession with ebay due to it’s wide selection, low prices (for the most part) and the thrill of winning the auction. So now, I hope to impart upon you some wisdom and general advice for using the site, because let’s face it, it can be quite overwhelming if you have never shopped from it before. This month I’ll cover some of the best tips for searching, and as well my most recent acquisitions.

and it can take forever to weed through the results even after filtering by size. Need proof, just try searching ‘Anthropologie’. As for too high end? Here it can be difficult to sort out fakes from the real thing, generally if you’re able to find a Prada skirt for under $100 it’s probably too good to be true.

STEP 2: Use Filters

Second tip, put a filter on it. After searching, the next step is to filter, I start with size, and generally I choose a few sizes and also include not specified, since you can ask for precise measurements from the seller if you’re unsure of the true size. I also will set a price limit, that way, if it’s out of my budget, I won’t even be tempted. Depending on what you’re searching for, material and style can be quite helpful as well. This step should make your shopping much easier.

STEP 3; Choose Favorites

Lets say you found a great item that has a reasonable price and suits your style well, check out what else that seller is offering. Often, sellers sell many things at once as part of a clear out. It’s a great way to discover other brands and fashions from someone who STEP 1: Refine Your Search has your same tastes. If you really like what Unlike other online websites, you can’t rethey have to offer, be sure to add them to ally just browse by category (unless you your favorite sellers so you can see when they want 200K results for sweaters... no thanks), have new listings. Another way to find similar you must have a general idea of what you’re items to what you’re searching for is by ussearching for in mind. My first recommendaing ebay’s related searches located just below tion is to search what you know. Been eyeing the search bar. Often they’re very relevant to a blouse in store or online at somewhere like what you’re looking for and I’ve found them or Here’s a to be quite helpful. With that I now challenge perfect chance to see if you can find it for less. to start browsing. Create an account if you Use very specific characteristics like silk stripe haven’t yet, and see what great values you blouse or search by using a smaller brand or can find. designers. Why smaller? Go too mainstream


Darling DIY turn an old tray from trash into treasure

I found this old tray at a thrift store for $4 and immediately saw its potential!

I decided to go for an ombre look, so using blue painters tape, I taped off 2 inch thick stripes down the length of the tray.

“My favorite part about repurposing thrifted pieces is knowing they are 100% one of a kind"

After a good scrub down & light sanding, I painted the tray with a thick coat of white acrylic paint (spray paint works wonders too!)

-Laura, Beauty & the Beard

A quick seal of modge podge later, the tray was waterproof and ready to be used.

If you’ve been watching closely, thrifting has become more and more popular on blogs lately. Not only can you find hidden gems like vintage clutches & jewelry to add to your wardrobe, but also quirky accessories to change up the look of your home. For a DIY girl like me, thrift stores and flea markets are a great source of inspiration for new DIY projects. Going through dusty antique/thrift stores may not be glamorous, but it can sure bring some unexpected surprises.

• Go to smaller, local thrift & charity stores instead of “big name” ones

like Goodwill. Not only will the prices be lower, but since the traffic through those stores is a lot less, there’s a greater likelihood of hidden gems.

• Don’t be afraid to dig. When you’re out on the hunt, don’t just scan the store and leave. Most stores have years worth of piles- take the time to brush off the dust and get your hands dirty! • Imagine everything with a fresh coat of paint. Sure, at first glance dirty brown bookends or a rusty tray with 70’s colors may look hideous, but there’s nothing a little sanding and white paint can’t fix. • Think outside of the box with repurposing. Old mason jars can be used for tealights in a centerpiece and a vintage ashtray can be the new dish you throw your keys into at the end of the day.

Thrifting T i p sw i t h LaurA


Back to Cool back to school LAUREN FELIX

stylish Back to school supplies-- or an excuse for us workin gals to buy some pretty new pencils + Notepads. way cuter than a backpack

neon pencils

Urban Outfitters, $8

Big Buddha, Zappos, $90

cute composition book Urban Outfitters, $8

STicky Notes

colorful ipad case

Erin Condren, $50

Get organized!

ModCloth, $4

girly pencils 29.

Design Darling, $8

WIN THIS! Cygnett, $50

blogging tips HAYLEY WOOD

Blogging 101:

tips for starting & maintaining a blog of your own!

Whether you’ve had a blog for a while or you’re just diving into the blogosphere, it’s always useful to review the basics of blogging and remember some of the “golden rules.” The best part of blogging is how much you will learn along the way! Consider following some of these tips to stay on track with your blog or perhaps start your first!

Keep a List

Kate Spade, $50

help restart your brain so take a walk outside, try a new restaurant, go to a play, meet new people, take a class or even tell your personal story (a tough one but it’s a great way to really connect with your readers). One of the fun parts of blogging is how much it will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone! Try putting in a keyword on pinterest related to your blog topic in the Pinterest search bar and see what you find. When you see images that get a lot of repins, likes and comments, consider it inspiration for your next blog post!

Always keep an accessible list of your favorite blogs. Maybe write them down or bookmark them in your web browser. Not only should you Stay Connected If you thought running a blog was as simple be staying in tune with the blogging commuas just well, running a blog, there is much more nity, but you also can refer back to these blogs to it than meets the eye! In addition for inspiration. Your blog list should definitely include a “Use Pinterest-I’m sure to your blog, it’s best to have multiple social profiles to further advance few that include your peryou’re already on the the content of your blog. Start with sonal interests but try to site every day gaza Facebook page for your readers to also include a few that are a ing over fashion and “Like” and a Twitter account (either little “outside your box” - you baked goods but believe personal or just blog-oriented) to never know what you’ll learn! it or not, Pinterest is post links back to your blog posts. extremely useful for Engage on these platforms daily Spread the Love promoting your blog” and break up the types of content While you’re keeping track so it won’t seem as if you only care of these blogs, remember about promoting your blog. Then to post comments! If you’re consistently blog of course, use Pinterest! Pinterest is extremely commenting, it shows that you are willing to useful for promoting your blog. All of the imagparticipate and be an active member of the blogging community. As a result of your efforts, es and videos you post on your blog should be on your Pinterest with appealing descriptions you may start to notice a few new comments and links leading to your blog posts. on your own blog. Some of the best blogs are those that have built a strong community of commenters as well as readers. So make sure you thank your readers for their comments, answer their questions or respond to their comment with your opinion to start a conversation, which may lead to a new blog post idea. Don’t Give Up When you find yourself in a rut and you’re not sure what to blog about, find something to get your creativity flowing again rather than take a “blogging hiatus.” Breaking up your routine can

While you’re pushing your own content on Pinterest, make sure your boards include plenty from other users as well in order to start building relationships with them that could possibly lead to blog growth.Once you have your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest up and running, get a button for each to add to your blog so your readers will know where else they can find you. Creating and maintaining a blog can be one of the rewarding experiences you may ever have.


some like it


Turn up the heat on your watermelon with a spicy but sweet jalapeno glaze

Vinaigrette Ingredients: 1/2 cup olive oil 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice 1 tablespoon rice vinegar 2 tablespoons finely chopped green onions 1/2 fresh jalapeño pepper or red pepper flakes to taste 2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme 1/2 teaspoon salt

Preparation: 1. Whisk olive oil, lime juice, and vinegar in a bowl.

Foradelicious summersalad tryadding a bagof lettucetothe watermelon mix!

2. Chop green onions and pepper and add to mixture. You can use about half of a jalapeno pepper if you aren’t a fan of spice.. If you love your food spicy, feel free to add more or switch it to a Serrano pepper! (Red pepper flakes are also a good substitute if you don’t have a fresh pepper on hand) -Add chopped thyme and salt. Mix well. - Cover and store in the refrigerator at least 1 hour to let the flavor develop. This can be kept chilled for up to a week. Stir before using. 3. Cut up watermelon into bite size pieces and put into a large bowl. 31

4.Once the vinaigrette has set at least an hour, pour over watermelon and


AGirl’s Guide to

Good,AffordableWine Our resident wine expert, Melissa will share her picks for affordable bottles of wine each issue; and give us a little vino education- Remember, enjoy responsibly!

Red, Red, Wine Makesme Feel soFine So, what exactly makes red wine (in small doses), heart healthy? POLYPHENOLS:Antioxidants presentinredwinethatprotect the lining of the blood vessels in your heart. RESERVATOL: Prevents damage to blood vesssels & reduces “bad” cholesterol.

Mark West 2010 Pinot Noir , $9 This wine earns a spot as one of my favorite reds with taste characteristics sure to please most palates and an appealing price tag its one Pinot Noir guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser! This medium bodied Pinot Noir is filled with characteristics of dark berries, toasted oak, and brown sugar spice carried straight through. It begins with a sweet blend of blackberry and raspberry, followed by a layer of fresh plum, jammy strawberry and boysenberry center and dry finish. Pair with: light meat entrees such as baked chicken with sautéed mushrooms and loaded baked potato.

Rosenblum Cellar Vintners Zinfandel CuvEe XXXIII, $12 Rosenblum Cellars produces some of my favorite wine selections, their wine options are always highly recommended on my list! This non-vintage Zinfandel is the perfect house wine for entertaining. It is a full bodied wine bursting with flavors of blackberry, dark cherry, and plum. It is layered with notes of rich cocoa, vanilla, and black pepper spice. It is a smooth sipping wine with supple tannins and lingering dry finish. Try Rosenblum Cellars Vintners Zinfandel Cuvée at your next backyard gathering. Pair it with hearty barbeque meats, seasoned grilled zucchini, and cornbread pudding.

Wine is like frienships, it only gets


with age. 32.


Scoring Sweet Travel Deals Are you finding yourself realizing it’s already August and summer has passed you by? It’s not too late to take a last minute trip to a nearby beach!

These are some of our favorite sites to score deals on hotels & airfare:

Groupon offers discounted rates at hotels around the country- often more luxury accomodations. Check weekly for new deals!

Kayak compares hundreds of travel sites at one time to find the best bargains

Affordable , Last Minute

Beach Vacations

Travel insiders say for the best deals, travel on week days instead of weekends.

Caluculate gas costs before traveling so you can budget, OR even better find people to share costs!



e are lucky enough to have girls on LPF Mag staff from across the country, not to mention the best beach areas! If you’re looking for an end-of-summer beach trip,check out their locals picks for the best of their cities from restaurants to shopping!

Miami- the Magic City. If you’re looking for a cool, hip vacation spot you can visit year-round, you’ve found your place. The climate is warm and tropical practically year-round, so no matter when you choose to visit, chances are it will be a truly “Miami” experience. When your plane lands, it might be a bit intimidating to see everything Miami has to offer. That’s where I come in--I’ve lived in Miami my whole life, so I know a thing or two about the City Beautiful. And luckily for you, I’ve put together a list of the best places you could stay at, eat at, and check out- for any budget.

Where to Stay: South Beach: There are countless hotels to stay in in Miami. If you love being in the middle of the action, and within close proximity to most of Miami’s hotspots, South Beach is the perfect place to stay. If you really want to experience the Miami you see in movies,this is where you want to be. But of course, it will cost you. Brickell: If you want to experience Miami from the other side of Biscayne Bay, the Brickell neighborhood in Downtown is a great place to stay. It’s the newest hip spot for young professionals, The area is full of restaurants, bars and elegant hotels. Coconut Grove: For those of you that don’t want to spend as much, but still want a uniquely “Miami” experience, Coconut Grove is a great option. The Grove offers its own CocoWalk area, full of restaurants and bars, but is still within 15 minutes of Miami’s night-

life downtown.

What to Do When visiting Miami, there’s never a shortage of things to do. Famous for its nightlife, South Beach is the place to go if you’re looking for the quintissential Miami club experience. Nightclubs here don’t close until at least 5 am. This is the place to let your hair down & party all night long. Some of South Beach’s most popular spots are found right at one of the beach’s icons: the Fontainebleau. LIV is possibly the hottest club in Miami.LIV is a 18,000 square foot partygoer’s paradise, with VIP tables, private skyboxes, and a great view of all the celebrities that frequent this place. For any nightclub on the beach, besure to get there early or get in through a promoter-- the lines here can get extremely long. If packed, loud nightclubs aren’t really your thing, take a walk along Lincoln Road. This is the perfect place to peoplewatch on a Friday or Saturday night. This pedestrian mall has no shortage of quaint restaurants and shops. Make sure you ask for a seat outside, to both enjoy the warm Miami weather and the unique characters you’ll only see on Miami Beach. Some great restaurant picks are Spris (Italian pizzeria), Yuca (Modern Cuban), and Serendipity 3. In recent years, Miami has become a pretty big sports town. If you’re in town in the summer you may want to catch a Miami Marlins game. Their brand new ballpark is lo-

cated in the famous Little Havana neighborhood, City Get a gorgeous panoramic view of the Miami GUide: skyline from almost any seat in the house. Of course, no sports outing in Miami is complete Where to Stay: without a high-energy, “White Hot” Miami Heat basketball game. See the Big Three- LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh- along Fontainebleu /South Beach with the Heat Dancers During the Art Deco period, this and Burnie, in an electrihotel was frequented by the fying game that’s sure likes of Frank Sinatra. to heat up your stay in Miami.


The Heat’s home, the American Airlines Arena, is just next door to another Miami hotspot, Bayside Marketplace. This mall offers a variety of restaurants and shops right on Biscayne Bay. After the Heat’s sure win, get some drinks and enjoy live music at the mall’s promenade.

Where to Eat For a quiet Sunday brunch between the skyscrapers of Brickell, Perricone’s Marketplace can’t be beat. For $20 per person you get a complete, delicious breakfast buffet in the beautiful open-air dining patio. For great seafood and killer views, Red Fish Grill and the Rusty Pelican are both great options. with beautiful views is the Rusty Pelican on Key Biscayne. This restaurant sits directly across the bay from Miami, and as a result has some of the most beautiful views in the city. Make sure to ask for a table out in the patio for both a delicious meal and sweeping panorama views. Whether it’s partying at

Viceroy/Brickell This luxury hotel overlooking the bay features an expansive art collection and an infinity pool with a view.

Mayfair/ Coconut Grove An Asian inspired oasis of luxury in the center of the Grove’s action. Perfect for relaxing after a day at the beach!

What to Do

LIV NightCLub, South Beach LIV is one of the hottest nightclubs in Miami. Be ready to do some celbrity spotting & party till dawn.

Marlins Game One of the unique things about Miami’s baseball games is that you can get an authentic Cuban sandwich instead of a hot dog!

Red Fish Grill Fun Fact; this restaurant in the Brickell district is right where Something About Mary was filmed!


City GUide:

Los Angeles Where to Stay:

SHUTTERS ON THE BEACH Shutters is a great place to do some celebrity spotting, even if you don’t stay there!

Los Angeles is a VERY spread out city and what they say about the traffic is true! So before you visit, you might want to do a little pre-planning and figure out which area you want to spend most of you time. I’m partial to the west side since I live in Santa Monica, but each little bubble of LA is unique in its own way. For each hotel, restaurant, thing to do, I’ll choose a west side spot and a central/downtown spot. Where to Stay:

REDBURY HOTEL This boho chic botique hotel is in the heart of Hollywood. It’s decor is a mix of retro Hollywood with sixties flower child.

What to Do

GRIFFITH PARK This park is home to a famous observatory,hiking,andamazing views of Los Angeles.

HOLLYWOOD SIGN It wouldn’t be a trip to L.A. without a picture with the famous “Hollywood” sign in the background.

CHA CHA CHICKEN Get your Carribbean food fix at this authentic joint in West L.A. Make sure to try their jerk chicken enchiladas!

CAFE GRATITUDE Try a vegan dish at this too cool cafe for a true California experience.


Shutters on the Beach is a classic Santa Monica hotel and very popular wedding spot! Some like to call it California Cape Cod or a laid back Martha’s Vineyard. It’s in the heart of Santa Monica, walking distance to the famous Santa Monica pier, Third Street Promenade, tons of restaurants, and the beach bike path, which you can follow all the way up to Malibu or down to Venice. The rooms are thoughtfully decorated, the service is great, there’s a great restaurant, bar and pool and it’s the perfect place to catch the Pacific sunset and watch the waves roll in. If you’re staying in Hollywood, the Redbury Hotel is your spot! It’s a boutique hotel that

mixes modern glamour with old Hollywood glitz. The ambiance is amazing with lowly lit rooms and funky music playing throughout the hotel. Between the record players, pictures of Hollywood bombshells on the walls, and the Library bar, this is the perfect spot for someone looking for true Hollywood luxury, not to mention it’s got a pretty rad view of the Hollywood sign!

What to Do: While your in the Los Feliz/Hollywood area, you must visit Griffith Park. You’ve got the Griffith Observatory, hiking, horse back riding, amazing views of the whole city, a dog park, grassy areas to picnic, the Los Angeles Zoo, a great view of the Hollywood Sign...I could go on. Basically you could spend a whole day here! Not to mention the neighborhoods surrounding the park have the most beautiful homes. Finish out the day by catching a concert at the Greek Theater, also inside Griffith Park.

Where to Eat: Los Angeles offers some of the most diverse food choices in the world! If you’re in West LA and looking for a great lunch spot, you MUST go to Cha Cha Chicken (my all time favorite). Featured on Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”, this is authentic Carribbean food at its finest and is as laid back as it gets! It looks like a brightly colored shack but it’s SO much more than that. You order at the front and take a seat on the patio. The owner always takes your order and you’re allowed to bring your own alcohol in, no corkage fee! It’s perfect on a bright sunny day. Order the Ropa Nueva with spicy cuban fries! No reservations, very casual. If you’re in the beautiful area of Los Feliz or Silverlake, hit up the best vegan eats at Cafe Gratitude. This place has the freshest food and the coolest vibe. Even if you’re not vegan, try it anyway! Non-vegans have been known to crave it.

Delaware may not be

the first place you think of for great beaches, The beaches of Delaware are just 2 hours from Washington D.C, Philadelphia, and Boston. This makes it one of the best bets for a beach break getaway with all of its great shorelines.

dresses and girly accessories are Bella Luna and Downtown Cowgirl. But, it wouldn’t be a trip to the beach without stopping at a surf shop; Quiet Storm won’t disappoint! Market Street is lined with art, clothing, and antique shops. shopping trip.

Where to Stay:

Where to Eat:

If you are looking for top of the line experience then the Bellmoor Inn and Spa is for you. It’s within walking distance to Rehoboth beach and shops downtown. Or better yet, spend a day or relaxation at their full service spa. Who doesn’t love a good massage by the beach! Another great option is the Boardwalk Plaza, Located right on Rehoboth beach, this hotel has beautiful Victorian design, and it even offers afternoon tea. An affordable alternative is renting a house – a lot of people rent out their homes in the summer so there are tons of deals to look into. Bring some

friends & split the cost.

What to Do: The beaches are an obvious choice! Whether public beach or state park there are miles and miles of beaches, and the Atlantic Ocean. If you’re looking for a beachy bar, check out the Starboard. It has great drinks and a relaxed beachy vibe-and let them know that Heather sent you! I also reccomend listening to some live music on the water at Rudder’s with an icy drink post day on the sand. There is no shortage of cute shops either. My picks for unique

Dos Locos has the best margaritas in town, always with a salted rim. Not only are the drinks delicious, but the food is to die for! They even have stone grill options where you cook it yourself at your table. Half Full sells wine and handmade pizza. Need I say any more? It may look tiny from the outside but once you step inside you may never want to leave. The Gallery Espresso has some of the best breakfast and lunch options around - from crepes to grilled paninis.

City GUide:

Delaware Where to Stay:

BELLMOOR INN & SPA You’’ll love the location of this upscale inn right by the beach and the spa services they offer.

Boardwalk PLaza Hotel This luxury hotel overlooking the bay features an expansive art collection and an infinity pool with a view.

What to Do

Starboard This is the perfect place to grab a drink on a hot day. Home of the biggest bloody mary bar “ever” & fun live entertainment.

BELLA LUNA From fashion books to cute dresses, this store has way cuter souvenirs than a tourist shop!

Quiet Storm Surf SHop A trip to Delaware beachs would not be complete without a trip to a surf shop.

Half FULL This Lewes restaurant is the perfect place to grab a glass of wine and flatbread pizza.


Vacation Style LAUREN FELIX

what to pack:

Last Minute BeacH Vacation

the Bag


Neon Pink Dress, $45

Mi tie dye weekender lesportsac, $108

Los Angeles Mango Tree Bangle, $ 18

Bia Bikini top & Bottom, Vix,, $88 each


Tribal Tank Billabong,, $30

Angelfish Boat Shoes, Sperry Topsider,, $80

LObster earrings, swell caroline, $25 36.

DIp Hem Maxi Skirt Topshop, $80

Havianas, $26

Patriotic Stripes Dress Threadsence, $40


Swimsuit Fit Guide GRACE YCO


s ' t a Wh


Our Resident fitness girl tests out & tells us about new fitness trends!

Tired of your old, monotonous gym routine? Looking to spice up your sweat time, and change up the scenery? Put down the iPod, and pick up a bikini and some SPF. It’s time to get your body in tune with nature, and leave your tech-savvy world behind… Well, at least for an hour. A growing trend in the fitness industry is the novel idea of stand up paddle boarding. The emergence of the paddle boarding, or SUP, trend has supplied yet another option for getting a full-body work out to the water sport world. Many describe SUP as surfing redefined. The buoyant long board supplies the body with enough stability to incorporate various movements while standing up, or even in plank position! Feeling particularly ambitious? Try out a SUP Yoga class for a more diverse variation of the activity. Whichever way you choose, maintaining proper stance, a tight core, and strong, fluid paddle strokes will leave your muscles sore, and you wanting more. Keep those three key elements in mind to facilitate the isolation of your ma jor muscle groups for the optimum, kick-butt SUP work out. Good news; paddle boarding is not limited to your beachy vacation destinations. Look for SUP in any coastal, or lake area, as it is a growing trend. You’ll be too busy basking in sunlight and exploring Mother Nature to realize how hard those glutes, abs, and biceps are working. Whether you are a beginner in need of formal instruction, or looking to rent a board on your own, it is quick and easy to find a location near you. Get out there and sweat it out alongside your journey to being toned, happy, and fabulous. Paddleboard sessions have been officially 38.tested and approved by LPF Mag. Have fun!

swimsuit by: VIX Swimwear photography by: Emma Hamilton models: Allie Felix & Nia Hankenhof

Where to Try: CALIFORNIA Surf Diva San Diego 2160 Avenida de la Playa
La Jolla (858) 454-8273 SUP-Position 15571 Commerce Lane, Huntington Beach (714) 899-3020 FLORIDA Lazy Dog Key West 5114 Overseas Highway, Key West (305) 295-9898

"Get out there and sweat it out alongside your journey to being toned, happy, and fabulous."

Tampa Bay SUP South Gulfview Boulevard Shephards Beach Club, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767 (727) 474-5018 MAINE SOPOSUP 382 Cottage Road, South Portland (207) 317-0425 MASSACHUSETTS Surfari Stand Up Paddle & Surf 26 Central St,
 Manchester NEW YORK NYSUP New York Stand Up Paddleboard Shop 3203 Lawson Blvd,
 Oceanside (516) 318-6875 OREGON


five-minute face JULIANNE PHILLIPS


Busy Girl BeautySecrets:


Five MinuTE Face

1 2

TIE DYE HAIR TIES, ETSY, $11 A colorful hair accessory for perfect ponytails

A Simple but Beautiful Makeup look done in five minutes or less, Perfect for you busy girls on the go!

ESSIE POLISH, “MUCHO DINERO” $8 This dusty pink shade perfectly complents an arm party


NARS, THE MULTIPLE, $39 Save time in the mornings w/ an allover color stick for cheeks + lips


ORIGINS, GIN-ZING REFERSHING EYE CREAM, $30 Help de-puff and soothe under eyes after a late night of studying/ girl talk

5. 40.

URBAN DECAY, NAKED EYE SHADOW PALLETTE, $36 Perfect palette for everyday make-up looks.


It would be awesome if we always had the time to prime, conceal, set, highlight, and bronze, but to save time use a face product that can do most of those things for you. My favorite on days my face needs less coverage is my Garnier BB cream, it’s a tinted moisturizer and It gives my skin a dewy, well rested look. On days my face needs more coverage I like my MAC studio fix powder.

of your eyes.

In keeping with the same theme- buy an all over color stick (like NARS multiple) that you can use on both your lips and cheeks. This saves so much time! Dab a little on your cheeks and blend, then a little on your lips and you’re done with your face.




Think shimmery neutral eyes. Use a light gold eye shadow to combat any lingering sleepiness in your eyes because it will reflect light and make you look awake. Don’t forget to dab a little in the corner modeled by: Nia Hankenhof Photography by: Emma Hamilton


Eyeliner is not everyone’s cup of coffee, but I adhere to the school of thought that it goes a long way in making you appear more polished. However, this is not the time to try out a cat eye or anything that requires precision. For most mornings, I use my L’oreal voluminous smoldering eyeliner. It goes on and looks smudged in an intentional way. Finally, curled eyelashes and mascara are your finishing touches. Fortunately, they don’t take much time at all. Choose a waterproof mascara for lasting power.

““The two things that make you look most awake are putting some color on your cheeks and curling your eyelashes. Definitely don’t miss those steps.”

beautiful blowouts HEATHER WENDROW

Blowout Styling Essentials


Blowouts Steps for creating a flawless blowout hairstyle every time from our very own Paul Mitchell expert.


e all crave that straight hair with a touch of volume look. But who has the money or time to constantly go to the salon every week? If you just set aside a couple extra minutes you could rock the look any day of the week.

Start with towel dried hair. Grab your styling foam and either the straightening serum or lotion and mix them together. Put two pumps of foam into your palm and then a squirt or two of the serum or lotion (less is more!). Then mix the two in your hands.

a time around the brush.

As your blow drying, pull the brush up and continually wrap the hair around the brush in a nonstop motion. The more volume the better because your hair will fall a bit. Once that piece is dry and bouncy, Now this is important… make move on to another. Each piece sure when you apply the product should take about a minute to you start from the nape of your dry. neck and work your way up. If Always pull the brush up no you were to start at the top of your head, all the product would matter where you are on your sit there and be heavy. Which head. You want those roots to completely defeats the purpose stand up and give you volume. of an amazing blowout. Ok so now that you’re hair is all dry give your head a good After you have worked all shake, and now grab the last the product through your locks grab your brush, whatever size product, which I call my secret weapon.Some use hair spray it may be and your blow dryer after a good style sesh, but I (don’t’ forget the nozzle!) swear by my texture paste. Use a quarter sized amount on your If you have long hair clip the top up and start on the bottom. fingertips. Now dig into your Use your round brush and wrap mane and rub it on your roots. about an inches width of hair at

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Blowdryer, $130 This blowdryer is an investment that will last you forever and leave you with gorgeous hair every time.

Paul Mitchell Ion Round Brush, $15 Look for an alumnium hair brush that heats up while blow drying and help hold hair in place.

Aveda Phomollient Styling Mousse, $16 Weightless volume for lightweight to medium hair types; builds body with organic ingredients.

Bumble & Bumble Straight Blow Dry Balm, $28 A lightweight lotion for taming flyaways and frizzies and creating sleek hair with its heatactivated formula.

Sally Beauty Clip, $5 A lightweight lotion for taming flyaways and frizzies and creating sleek hair with its heatactivated formula.

Garnier Fructis, Sleek and Shine Hairspray, $5 Look for a hairspray that features anti-humidity to combat frizz and keep hair volumized all day.


fall fashion LAUREN FELIX

Summer Staples to

Fall Favorites

what she’s wearing:

Green Jeans: Lulu’s // Denim Shirt:: Lands’ End Canvas // Navy Top: Marshalls // Oxford Heels: Miz Mooz // Jewelry: Swell Caroline

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Blowdryer, $130


models: jennifer ruetten, victoria erhart, lauren felix 42.

what she’s wearing: Sweater: Forever 21 // Dress: Target // Shoes: Miz Mooz // Sheer Tights: Hanes Silk Reflections Tights // Jewlery: Swell Caroline


fall fashion LAUREN FELIX

what she’s wearing:

Hi- Low Hem Dress: Lulu’s // Tights: Hanes Silk Reflections Tights // Wedges: Miz Mooz // Leather Jacket: Model’s Own from Italy // Purse: Vintage // Jew-


what she’s wearing:

Pink Silk Shirt: Lands’ End Canvas // Striped Tee: H&M // Jeans: Forever 21 // Pink Heels: Chromatic Gallerie // Jewelry: Swell Caroline


real girl homes GRACE YCO


Vintage Eclectic in San Diego REAL GIRL STYLE


real girl homes GRACE YCO


Meet the Owner LPF: Describe your home décor for us. Does it have any special themes? MK: My interior design style is eclectic with a little bit of a modern and vintage twist. I love pairing vintage finds with more updated pieces. In my living room, I have this beautiful gray velour couch with an Old Hollywood feel. It is in a half circle shape and the back is tufted. To accent this bolder and more polished piece, I paired it with a vintage auditing trunk that my mother used to use while working.

Michelle Koch Lead Sales & Marketing Associate at Vix Swimwear San Diego, CA

the handy one in the family and she was going to help me build it, but she broke her arm on her way here to work on the project. Since she could no longer work a compound miter saw or hold a hammer, I had to learn to build it! This is definitely one of the first pieces I show off to everyone when they get the tour of my condo. I am so proud that I was able to build the whole thing from the ground up! LPF: Playing hostess—let us in on your best tip!

MK: I love playing hostess but I’m always LPF: Tell us about your favorite room or piece looking for ways to cut down on preparaof furniture. tion time so I can also get myself looking fabulous. My go-to appetizer is a flatbread MK: My most favorite piece of furniture is pizza - you can get pre-made crusts at Cost my dining room table. It is made of reclaimed Plus World Market that are quick and easy. I saal wood that was once used as doorjambs. spread some blue cheese, add sliced pears and What I love about it is that it looks like it had crumbled pecans and it’s an instant crowd a meaningful past with its nicks and little im- pleaser! perfections. The legs of the table are made of steel and have little bolt details. This is a great LPF: San Diego has a Little Italy? Tell us piece to mix and match with - I have a bench more—and what do you love best? on one side of the table with printed pillows, and on the other side I have acrylic “Ghost” MK: Little Italy is part of downtown San Dichairs. ego and as you can imagine, it has a plethora of Italian restaurants, little boutiques, coffee LPF: Any DIY projects that you are particushops and more. What I love most about Little larly proud of? Italy is how accessible everything is. If I need to run out to grab some veggies or wine for MK: Oh yes! I built a banquette in my dining dinner, I can head to the local Italian market room out of 2 by 4s and love it! My mom is or hit up the Farmers Market on the weekend. 49.

real girl homes GRACE YCO

ABOVE: A dresser vignette complete with fan coral, stack of books, birdcage holding art supplies and necklace holder. RIGHT: A closer look at the trunk nightstand, it’s artwork and perfect patina.


ABOVE: A vintage trunk is transformed into an area for entertaining complete with agate coasters & mercury glass candles.


real girl homes GRACE YCO

Orange walls make a statement and printed pillows give the room an artsy, bohemian feel.


“What I love most about Little Italy is how accessible everything is. If I need to run out to grab some veggies or wine for dinner, I can head to the local Italian market or hit up the Farmers Market on the weekend.�


LEFT: Hooks spelling “EAT” hold colorful kitchen towels. ABOVE: A secretary’s desk is painted black & decorated with a vintage butterfly print.

stress relief- flying fears KATIE KINKA

Stress Less conquering f lying fears

F ly ing, It’s not exactly a stress-free activ-

It’s a little ironic—no, it’s utterly absurd that I would be asked to give advice on ‘how to stress less’. I find a reason to stress in everything I do. It’s not something I enjoy; It’s become a part of who I am.. That being said, what I have proposed is a series of stress-reducing techniques that I plan to utilize when issues that are particularly anxiety-inducing for me arise. In turn, what you will (hopefully) receive are semi-humorous accounts of my daily stressful situations, and some useful methods for dissolving unnecessary stress. Here goes nothing!

ity for anyone. In fact, I imagine it’s been one Let me try to break this down for anyone who of the most popular gags for comedians since may still be under the impression that this is a the Wright Brother’s first discovered what it “normal” reaction: The moment I feel the first meant to experience “light turbulence.” But jerk of turbulence on a flight, an intense sting once you get past the initial anxieties of bareof adrenaline hits me in the pit of my stomach, foot assembly lines, “maintenance” delays, and my palms start to sweat, and my stance bekick-boxing toddlers that always seem to have gins to widen. My entire body is overcome with it out for the back of your seat, adrenaline and fear. Hopefully we “The moment I feel the most people are quite content are now all on the same page... first jerk of turbulence on with flying. the, “This is clearly not ok, and a flight, an intense sting of you should probably do adrenaline hits me in the pit something to change it”-page. I’m I used to be one of those of my stomach, my palms people. Blissfully ignorant of glad you agree. start to sweat, and my the fact that 100+ other passtance begins to widen.” sengers and I were literally If there’s anything I’ve learned about to defy the natural laws about controlling my own stress, of science (gravity in particuit’s that distraction is a powerful thing. The lar) for the next 2 or so hours…until the day I most recent flight I took wasn’t particularly experienced 1 and a half seconds that changed stressful. However, when the Captain came any level of comfort I once had for traveling by over the loudspeaker and informed everyone air. For those with similar fears of flying, I will to return to their seats because the remainder not go into vivid detail. For others who may be of the flight would likely be “slightly uncomcurious; picture the Tower of Terror ride at Dis- fortable”, I went into full-fledge panic mode. I ney World, minus the intentional “simulation” of was in the middle of a great read that a friend free-falling, plus the actual, unintentional senhad recommended to me the week prior. But sation of free-falling, AND a plane full of paninstead of stowing my book away to free my icked, unsatisfied customers. So naturally, I’ve hands I kept reading. With every bump and had just a teeny tiny irrational fear of flying jerk of the plane I focused harder on the charever since. acters and the plot that was unfolding.

There were still times when I wanted to slam the book shut and bring myself back into the chaos around me, but I kept reading. There was something about escaping my reality and absorbing the conflicts of others that allowed me to diffuse the severity of the situation.It’s not something technical that you can execute using a step-by-step process. But it is a move in the right direction. For those of you who may find yourselves in similar situations, remember that while the mind is extremely stubborn, you have the power to alter your thoughts. In the event that literature is unavailable, talk to your neighbor. Seriously. If there was ever a time to be social and divulge into someone else’s business, it’s now. Ask questions. Not about the weather, obviously, but about their reasons for traveling, about their families, profession, favorite movie. It doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that you become interested and focused on something other than the stress. So there you go! Katie: 1, Stress-0




women in business BECCA LUCIO

Women Who Inspire US

Amy Rodbell of Swell Caroline

Our first women in entrepreneurship feature is on the lovely Amy Rodbell of Swell Caroline. In addition to loving every piece from her online jewelry shop, she has some great advice for girl’s wanting to start their own business! Amy has her undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia with a focus on marketing and received a MBA from Georgia Tech. She currently runs Swell Caroline from Georgia where she manages the Marketing and Social Media as well as sourcing new products all while chasing two kids at home. What is the most rewarding part of your role? The most rewarding part of running the business is being able to stay close to the customers, hear what they want and bring them fun products that they get excited about. I love the process of building a business and making all the processes in our company work together. What motivated you to launch Swell Caroline? After having children, I wanted to build something for our family where they could learn entrepreneurship first hand and build a business that I could eventually let them be a part of if they so choose.

we can’t get enough of all the jewelry

What advice do you have for other young entrepreneurs? 1. Test your market first before taking a big plunge. Grow organically if you can, do not overextend your business on credit cards based on what you think customers will want. Just because you think it is a good idea or product, does not guarantee that others will. I am continually surprised at customer preferences and often products I think will sell best do not! 2. Reward the people who promote you. We are a very young company and do not have the budget for much advertising. We try to reward those who promote us every way we can collaborate with and cross-promoting other brands and publications. What has been the biggest challenge of owning a boutique? Realizing that I can’t do it all. I was very lucky to find people who are organized and enthusiastic to help me maintain the day to day customer service and shipping. Running after two small children does not bode well for staying organized and efficient. Outsource things to people who can do it better than you can and focus on what you do well. How have promotions such as Swell Rewards helped in making your boutique successful? Building a successful rewards program is essential. Since we have adopted Swell Rewards, we have seen about a 30% boost in sales and we have gained a loyal following. I smile every time we send out a free necklace or monogrammed earrings to one of our ambassadors. They work hard for us and we love to reward them. What are your hopes for the future for Swell Caroline? For it to grow with our family and to increase the product offerings. We may branch out into other lines and plan a wholesale line eventually.

What is your favorite piece in your boutique? By far our gold and sterling monogrammed necklaces. They are simple and easy to wear every day. Although I sell jewelry, I usually opt for simple and traditional myself. My favorite pair of earrings are my diamond studs that my in-laws gave me when my husband and I got engaged. I wear them almost every day.

What are your hopes for the future for Swell Caroline? For it to grow with our family and to increase the product offerings. We may branch out into other lines and plan a wholesale line eventually. What is your favorite piece in your boutique? By far our gold and sterling monogrammed necklaces. They are simple and easy to wear every day. Although I sell jewelry, I usually opt for simple and traditional myself. My favorite pair of earrings are my diamond studs that my in-laws gave me when my husband and I got married.

y at Swell Caroline!

we can’t get enough of all the jewelry at Swell Caroline!


This playlist full of folksy songs embodies the end of summer filled with late night swims & ConveRstions With Freinds.

Midnight Swims

& Rambling Conversation

1. This Wind - Tallest Man on Earth 2. Aint Wastin Time No More - Allman Brothers Band 3. For the Summer - Ray LaMontagne & the Pariah Dogs 4. Ho Hey - The Lumineers 5. The Swimming Song- LouDon Wainwright III 6. Gypsy- Fleetwood Mac 7. Into the Mystic- Van morrison 8. Beach Song- Seryn Play on 8tracks 60.

Play on Grooveshark

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