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Milwaukee based online boutique owner, Lizzi Weazler, shares her love of sparkle and how she knew she wanted to start her own business. After making only one Excel spreadsheet the whole time and swimming in labels and subway sweat, I decided to move back to the Midwest. ChiLizzi: Lizzibeth offers affordable fashion with a twist cago was my next stop where I got a job working in including an online store, personal shopping, wedding Finance and Risk Management at an energy company. I finally got my numbers game back but was styling and most popular, private shopping parties still plopped in front or pop-up shops. Lizzibeth caters to all ages with of a computer screen an array of clothing, jewelry, handbags and scarves. for the majority of All merchandiseis under $100 and is selected with my waking hours. The affordable, quality and stylish satisfaction in mind. pressure began to stop In hopes to keep your retail therapy bill low each furthering other commonth, pany’s goals and aspire to be my own boss. LPF Mag: What was the path you took to open up Lizzibeth? I always knew I wanted to start my Lizzi: I took quite a round about journey to get to own business, but where Lizzibeth is today. I have always had what I never had a clear most would impression of what it would be. I finally took a leap say a “passion for fashion” but never really though of faith and began to write business ideas down. This about it transpiring into an actual career. I began is where the inspiration of Lizzibeth was born. What my real world experience as a Civil Engineer. Math I thought Lizzibeth would be from the start to what always had a soft spot in my heart so I figured why it is today is completely different, but I have learned not try a career that is obsessed with numbers. After to adjust accordingly to make Lizzibeth a growing hunching over a desk from 9-5 I got the itch to take a leap of faith and move to NYC to work for three company and I have not looked back since. different fashion companies. LPF Mag: Tell us a little bit about Lizzibeth and what your mission is!

La Petite Fashionista Mag Issue #7  

The summer issue is filled with our contributors' local travel guides to their city, a lakeside editorial, DIY beach hair spray, apartment d...

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