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let’s make it a stylish spring!

La Petite Fashionista Mag Issue #6 fashion P. 6 LPF Loves

A few of our favorite things this spring P. 12 April Showers- LAUREN FELIX

Stylish rain boots for April Showers P. 30 How to Build Your Dream Wardobe-


5 tips for creating the perfect closet

P. 30 Share your Spring Style

#LPFMAG readers get stylish for spring

Entertaining P. 32 When Life Gives You Lemons - SARAH ENNIS

A DIY lemonade stand soiree

P. 36 Love, Sweet, Love -LAUREN FELIX

A vintage kitchen bridal shower brunch

Table of Contents LIFESTYLE P. 26 Real Girl’s Home Tour - KATIE KINKA

A charming & affordably styled apartment P. 42 Get Fit For Summer - Jackie Yanchocik

Interval training tips for a bikini ready body P.46 Picture Perfect Engagement Photos - Rebecca Read

Styling Tips from Rebecca Read Photography

P. 48 Affordable Beachy Getaways- Lauren Felix

Unique airbnb getaways for less than $150 a night! P. 50. Women Who Inspire Us - Lauren FELIX

Q+A with Savvy Girl Guides founder, Brittany Deal P. 52 Stay Social with LPF!

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Letter from the Hey Everyone!


We made it to spring! Can you believe it? After what seems like the longest winter ever, everything’s coming back to life. I’m feeling extra inspired to re-energize- whether it’s enrolling in hot yoga classes, breaking out my old set of watercolors and painting something or re-organizing my closet! There’s so much happening at my newly redesigned La Petite Fashionista site! In today’s issue you’ll find more to inspire you for spring from our creative editorial team- a do it yourself lemonade stand soiree, our picks for stylish rainboots for April showers, a beautiful bridal shower brunch & interval training to get ready for bikini season! I’m so proud to be releasing another issue of LPF Mag as I make some other big moves in my life! Last month I started my own social media business venture- LPF Media! I can’t wait to see where life takes me. Be sure to keep in touch with us on all of our social media channels & spread the LPF love and let us know what you think! xoxo,


Editor- in -Chief of LPF Mag

A Special Thanks to our


LPF Mag Contributors! Amanda risus A HAMMER AND HEELS Sarah Ennis EVENTS UNCORKED Katie kinka jackie yanchocik Rebecca Read REBECCA READ PHOTOGRAPHY Aimee sicora AIMEE SICORA: ILLUSTRATOR Courtney Pelot

yoga classes

workout tank, $39


yoga bag, $35

yoga mat, $98 yoga shorts, $10

yoga strap, $13 yoga block, $25

hair ties, $12 necklace, $58

bracelet, $40 pilates dvd, $14

yoga pants, $59

yoga mat, $30

sandals, $37

ecofriendly LPF LOVES:

wood cleaner, $5

counter spray, $5

cleaning wipes, $3

stainless steel wipes, $6

Green Cleaning dish detergent, $6

dish soap, $5

toothpaste, $5 lip balm, $4

deodorant, $14

vitamin d moisure mist, $39

facial scrub, $13

healing balm, $13

foundation, $36

NATURAL BEAUTY mascara, $19


cinco de mayo

pinata, $12

cookbook, $23

shirt, $39

guacamole mix, $3

molcajete, $30

blender, $70

invitation, $42

margarita mix, $30

cocktail napkin, $5

margarita glasses, $62

fiesta flags, $10

April Sho perfec tly prepp y

Chooka, $50

ve we lo ning! the li



dirty laundry, $50

our favorite Styli


Bring May FLowers

pretty in pink!

HUNTER, $150

Kamik, $55

HUNTER, $150

ish spring rain gear


Vintage Kitchen Bridal Shower // LAUREN FELIX

weet Love

a vintage kitchen bridal brunch

Vintage Kitchen Bridal Shower // LAUREN FELIX

When our LPF Mag contributor, Jocelyn, of Saucy Jocey’s Kitchen got engaged, it didn’t take long for her bridesmaids to dream up the perfect theme. Jocelyn writes a cooking blog & has a penchant for all things vintage- thus they designed a gorgeous vintage kitchen bridal brunch for her special day. To find the vintage decor for the shower, the bridesmaids hunted through thrift and antique stores and borrowed from family for vintage glassware, cake stands & milk bottles. They also DIY’d tissue paper tassels, a bunting out of old recipe pages and floral arrangements . The menu for the brunch was comprised of retro recipes like quiche, bundt cakes & punch. To continue with the cooking theme, guests of the brunch were encouraged to fill out recipe cards with their favorite family to start a recipe box for the bride. In addition to some of the traditional bridal shower games, they baked cookies in the shape of wedding dresses & held a cookie decorating competition for the bride to be jduge. It was a truly sweet soiree!

Vintage Kitchen Bridal Shower // LAUREN FELIX

get the look: vintage kitchen

recipe tin, $38

stand up mixer, $350

measuring spoons, $9

recipe cards, $11

apron, $30

recipe book, $32

milk bottle, $3

mixing bowls, $30

Vintage Kitchen Bridal Shower // LAUREN FELIX

“Cooking is like

Love It should be entered into with


ABANDON or not at all!�

--Harriet van Horne

Real Girl’s Home Tour: KATIE KINKA

Katie’s charming citrus


Real Girl’s Home Tour: KATIE KINKA

CITRUS + CHARMING When katie moved into her FIrst post-grad apartment she faced a teensy design challenge. What happens when you outgrow your style from your college years but don’t want to start over from square one? When Katie moved to Pennsylvania sto start her first post-grad job that was the problem she faced. Katie challenged herself with finding ways to repurpose, reuse, and shift her existing interior pieces to give her new place a stylish & fresh feel. Looking to pinterest & interior design blogs, she styled her space with a modern simplicity- clean lines, a major color scheme, and a mix of practical and ornate pieces. “I hate the idea of buying a piece that I am in love with at the moment just to get rid of it in another 6 months. Ergo, repurposing old pieces and rotating themes around is the key to decorating affordably while being happy and proud of your space,” says Katie.

Real Girl’s Home Tour: KATIE KINKA

ture a n g i ’s s Katie cktail! co

the Pink Lady

1 part whipped vodka . 3 parts Squirt citrus soda 1 part sparkling pink grapefruit juice . garnish with a lime

Q+A WITH Katie vest in making it cozy and homey. For me, it was a scarf rack--a KATIE: Some of my favorite pieces just happen to way to showcase my be some of the most inexpensive that I own, at only favorite scarves while $22. I am in love with my wooden, whitewashed, also adding a large refurbished end table that I bought from a local an- block of color to the tique store. Underneath the whitewash and French wall. typography, you can tell it used to be a very traditional piece. But with a simple coat of paint and LPF MAG: What are stencil design, it’s fabulously rustic/ modern chic. the biggest challenges to living in a small space? LPF MAG: Where do you shop for decor? KATIE: This kind of goes back to the last question, KATIE: If I have the time, local antique stores! I but small spaces, more so rented spaces, usually love the thrill of finding something vintage that fits have more restrictions on what you can do in terms into a modern design. I’m also a huge fan of Etsy. of really reinventing and altering the space. WhethAside from the idea of supporting independent er it’s trying not to litter the place with millions of crafters, I always seem to find something beautiholes for hanging art and pictures, or not being ful and one of a kind on the site. For modern and able to add a splash of color with paint, smaller shabby chic looks, the home goods sections of TJ spaces typically have more restrictions. Maxx and Marshall’s have also done wonders for LPF MAG: Interior design pieces to invest me over the years. vs. save on? LPF MAG: What are your favorite DIY KATIE: Staple furniture pieces however, should be projects you’ve done for your spa purchased for comfort, longevity, and versatility. Couches, upholstered chairs--basically anything KATIE: This year, I completed my scarf rack, using you’re going to get significant use out of, deserve a a wooden board purchased from Michael’s as the certain level of quality. Stick with neutral fabrics to base, and individual door knobs I’ve collected over allow your more expensive pieces to last and transia couple of years as hooks. Apartment living has tion with the rest of your decor. Save on decor like it’s challenges. throws and pillows as an easy way to add pops of Perhaps you’re color and change up your design every so often. prohibited from painting LPF MAG: Finish this sentence- “I never the walls, or thought I would own ..” you’re living KATIE: A bar cart! Until recently, I’ve never truly situation is been adventurous with alcohol. A good brew or a only tempogreat glass of wine was all I ever needed. But as of rary and you’re late, I’ve really been fascinated with mixology and I not sure how was in need of a designated space for experimentmuch you reing. ally want to inLPF MAG: What’s your favorite piece in your new home?

5 Ways to Build Your Dream Wardrobe: AMANDA RISUS // Illustration by: AIMEE SICORA

5 Ways to Build Your Dream Wardrobe

Spring has sprung and it’s time to retire the sweaters and boots for blouses and sandals. Spring trends are spotted on the runways, in stores, and online and we all have a growing wish list thanks to Pinterest. We are ready to revamp our wardrobe and end the winter blues. Dreaming of a beach vacation never hurt anyone, right? Before you hit the mall and purchase anything in site that’s not black or knit, check out these money-saving spring shopping tips. Your wallet will thank you later.

1. Analyze Your Closet Building your dream wardrobe takes time and effort and starts with a thorough inventory of your current closet. Really analyze what you are wearing and what you are not. It’s the perfect time to clean out your closet and make room by donating unwanted items to charity or selling them on an app like Poshmark for some extra cash. The hanger trick is also a great tip to visually see what you should eliminate from your closet. Start by turning every hanger backwards. Once you wear something, turn the hanger. After a couple months, take a look at the hangers still facing backgrounds and eliminate them. Once you get rid of what you don’t wear, take notes on what you do wear. Do you have seven outfits on rotation? Are blazers your go-to? Think about what outfits you enjoy wearing most often and why they work for you. Then take that information and create a plan to guide your choices while shopping to get the most for your money.

2. Stick to Your Plan The biggest money-saving tip is eliminating impulse purchases. Sticking to your plan keeps you focused on your list and eliminates costly, random purchases. Your list is also a great way to set a budget for yourself and gauge spending. If you do come across an item you love not found on your list, take a walk around the block before making a decision.

Our Fave Spring

Wardrobe Pieces

3. Ask Yourself Shopping the sale rack can be a fantastic source. We see the price discounts and fill with excitement just thinking about potential savings. Before you start pulling everything off the rack, ask yourself if you would buy the piece if it wasn’t on sale. This helps avoid purchases that may be the wrong size or fit that would end up unworn.

4. Work With What You Got

1. White Oxford, $30

2. Striped Tote, $62

The secret to a well-curated closet is a closet full of pieces that work well together. Your list should include things that work with your current wardrobe so you can mix and match for different looks. Try sticking to a handful of colors, otherwise you find yourself buying a piece that doesn’t go with anything else in your closet-- and we know what that means-- needing another item to match.

5. Don’t be afraid to go home empty handed

3. Colorful chino shorts, $46

The worst thing you can do is purchase something you kind of like at the end of a shopping trip because you don’t want to go home without something. Instead, save that money for something you truly love. 4. Statement necklace

DIY Lemonade Stand Soiree: SARAH ENNIS



DIY Lemonade Stand Soiree: SARAH ENNIS

when life gives you lemons...

make vodka lemonade

See more from Sarah at Events Uncorked!

boozy Lemonad

DIY Lemonade Stand Soiree: SARAH ENNIS

Raspberry Mint Vodka Lemonade 4 Raspberries, plus additional for garnish 3 Mint leaves, plus additional for garnish 2 oz Raspberry Syrup 4 oz Lemonade 1.5 oz Vodka -Muddle raspberries and mint in the bottom of your glass. Fill glass with ice and add remaining ingredients. Stir to combine. Garnish with raspberries and mint.

Peach Bourbon Lemonade 3 Basil Leaves, plus additional for garnish 2 oz Peach Nectar 4 oz Lemonade 1.5 oz Bourbon Lemon Round for garnish -Muddle basil in bottom of glass with peach nectar. Fill glass with ice and add remaining ingredients. Stir to combine. Garnish with basil and lemon round.

de Recipes

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade 1 Cup Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice 1 Cups Simple Syrup 4 Cups Water -Mix all ingredients together in a large pitcher & chill.

blackberry Bourbon Lemonade


4 Blackberries, plus additional for garnish 3 Mint Leaves, plus additional for garnish 2 oz Blackberry Syrup 4 oz Lemonade 1.5 oz Bourbon

2 Strawberries, plus additional for garnish 3 Basil Leaves, plus additional for garnish 2 oz Strawberry Syrup 4 oz Lemonade 1.5 oz Gin

-Muddle blackberries and mint leaves in the bottom of your glass. Fill glass with ice and add remaining ingredients. Stir to combine. Garnish with additional blackberries and mint leaves.

-Muddle strawberries and basil in the bottom of your glass. Fill glass with ice and add remaining ingredients. Stir to combine. Garnish with strawberry and basil.

DIY Bottle Labels





DIY signs









Wilfully elegant


Morgan eenymeenyminymorgan.



Brianne @Bri_Beeb




Mary Katherine





get fit for

Summer Workout: Jackie Yanchocik


With summer right around the corner it’s about that time to get your body bikini ready. This short 30-minute workout will target the key points to help you tone up before baring it all. Our contributor Jackie, who is currently an acrobat on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, gives us some workout tips and will have you in and out of the gym in a timely manor. Begin with a cardio warm-up. A 15-minute interval on the treadmill will get your blood flowing and heart rate up. Interval workouts are shown to stimulate your metabolism and aid in fat loss. Spending a long amount of time on the treadmill isn’t easy; in this case less really is more. Let’s get started- with our Kick Butt Cardio Warm Up!

Kick Butt Cardio Warm Up 2 minute walking warm up at 3.5 rpm 1 minute jog at 5.0 rpm 1 minute jog at 6.0 rpm 1 minute sprint at 7.0 rpm (then jump to the sides of the treadmill while lowering the speed) 2 minute walk at 3.5 rpm 1 minute jog at 5.0 rpm 1 minute jog at 6.5 rpm 1 minute sprint at 7.5 rpm 2 minute walk at 3.5 rpm Finish up the workout with one final sprint at 8 rpm for a minute. Run your heart out as fast as you can, then end with a two minute cool down. Challenge yourself by putting the treadmill on an incline or add more resistance when using an elliptical. Now that your muscles are loose and ready to go you can do this next couple of exercises to help tone up some key body parts.

Summer Workout: Jackie Yanchocik

abs Start with planks, on your elbows, hold for 60 seconds, in between sets do 30 Russian twists, knees up and twist your body from side to side, use a 10 lb weight if you want to add more resistance One more plank, hold for 60 seconds, follow with one more set of Russian twists.

BUTT Start in a squat position, extend your legs till they are straight, then go back down to a squat, try to keep your knees at a 90-degree angle when in your squat, keep your back straight, do three sets of 10 squats. Next lay on your back with your hips up, lift one leg up straight then dip your hips to the floor, keeping your leg elevated, do 30 on each leg, then switch to the opposite leg.

ARMS Grab a pair of 2 or 5 pound dumb bells, start with bicep curls up and down do thirty times. Next bend at the hips and go into lateral raises keep arms slightly bent do thirty reps of that. Finish with triceps dips on a bench do three sets of 10.

This short but effective workout gives you a little bit of cardio, while building muscle as well. Don’t forget to drink lots water to keep your body hydrated and giving yourself the nutrients you need. A healthy body also comes with having a healthy mind. Working out gives you endorphins, which keep you happy.

Have an amazing summer ladies while looking and feeling great!

Engagement Photo Tips: Rebecca Read



Engagement Photos from Rebecca Read Photography

1. Don’t be Afraid of Color + Pattern Match styles, not colors. Look at your favorite store’s magazines (for example, J. CREW, they do a great job!) - see how they styled the couples in their advertisements!

2. Just Act Natural Do you have any tips for helping couples feel more comfortable in front of the camera? Lets be real, unless your a full time model, getting your picture taken ESPECIALLY when your kissing or being lovey dovey is just not super natural for anyone. So I think its largely my job to make couples feel comfortable in front of the camera. If you don’t feel comfortable, I’m doing something wrong!

3. Keep the Focus on the Two of You I try to keep props to a minimum, unless theirs something really special & unique to the couple - or something fun to put your ring on! Oh & I do love cool colorful blankets & flower crowns - Other than that, I say let your flair be in what you wear!

LPF MAG: How did you get started with photography?


REBECCA: My dad gave me his old camera before a study abroad trip to Italy - It was the first real DSLR I had ever played around with & I fell in love. I probably shot 7000 images that summer! I later lived in London for a fashion design internship & realized I loved the picture taking I would do on the weekends more than the job I was working & thats when REBECCA: Oh my gosh I have so many. I I first began to dream of mine to be a real pho- want to do a “road trip” themed engagement tographer. shoot - maybe we would drive to the beach, jamming out & stopping a bunch of different LPF MAG: What’s your favorite thing about random places on the side of the road - stop being a photographer? for a fun snack or a treat & end up arriving to our destination around sunset. Oh, if we could REBECCA: Oh goodness I love so many do all that in a VW Van or an old pick up things. If I had to narrow it down to one, Id truck, that would be even BETTER! say the opportunity I get to freeze time for people - Whether thats a father kissing his lil It would be kind of photojournalistic in a girl on the cheek moments before he gives her way, mixed with portraits. If you & your man away, or a lil baby smiling for the first time. I are down for something like that....hit me up, just love being a part of preserving special mo- Id be so dang excited to work with you! ments for my clients, its the best thing ever!

Rebecca Read Photography

LPF MAG: Do you have any tips for running your own business? REBECCA: Never stop learning. Ask A LOT of questions from people who’ve gone before you in the same profession - figure out what they’re successes & failures have been - watch how they do certain things & then figure out what works best for you. I shadowed a ton of photographers before I set out on my own & even now, its still something that I love to do whenever I get the chance! LPF MAG: Do you have any engagement photo shoot ideas you’ve always wanted to try?

See more from Rebecca on her website & facebook page!


Affordable B

San Diego, CA $79 per Night

Maui, HI $99 per Night

our favorite unique getaways across the country rom (all under $150)!

Beachy Getaways

from airbnb

Charleston, SC $80 per Night

Miami, FL $99 per Night

Sarasota, FL $145 per Night

Women Who Inspire Us: Lauren Felix

Women Who Inspire Us::

Brittany Deal

of Savvy Girl Guides Brittany founded the Savvy Girl Guides;books for women who want to know + do it all!

LPF MAG: Tell us a little about yourself and your background? BRITTANY: Before starting Savvy Girl I used to work for a bank, but it wasn’t long until I realized I wasn’t passionate about the work I was doing. So I decided to take a leave of absence to travel and get perspective. While travelling I discovered my passion for learning and came up with the idea to start a guidebook series for women. After my trip I worked at the same job for another year before I pulled the plug to do Savvy Girl full time. LPF MAG: What made you want to launch Savvy Girl?

BRITTANY: There is a lot of pressure on women to be successful, find fulfilling work, look great, find Mr.Right, and still have time to cook a “Pinterest” worthy meal. And I think this type of pressure makes a lot of women feel overwhelmed. I mean, no one has time to read a 400-page book on every topic they want to know about. So my goal for Savvy Girl was to create short guidebooks because women don’t want to be an expert on every topic, they just want to be savvy. LPG MAG: Our first Savvy Girl Guide is about Wine. What’s your favorite kind of wine? BRITTANY: I LOVE “oaky” Chardonnays! However, when I’m in the mood to splurge I typically look for a Bordeaux style red blend. LPF MAG: What type of woman do you envision the Savvy Girl to be? BRITTANY: A “Savvy Girl” is someone who continually strives to improve herself, but is savvy enough to know that life is about prog-


LPF MAG: What’s the most rewarding thing about being a business owner?

women entrepreneurs?

There is a lot of pressure on women to be successful, find fulfilling work, look great, find Mr.Right, and still have time to cook a Pinterest- worthy meal."

BRITTANY: “Alice came to a fork in the road. ‘Which road do I take?’ she Brittany Deal LPF MAG: We saw that you came up with the asked idea for Savvy Girl while traveling through the ‘Where do you want to go?’ responded the Cheshire Cat. Bolivian Amazon! What’s your favorite place ‘I don’t know,’ Alice answered. you’ve traveled to? ‘Then,’ said the cat, ’it doesn’t matter.” BRITTANY: Scuba diving with manta rays in Know your goals and where you want to go. the Similan Islands of Thailand is definitely at For example, you should define what success looks like to you, how you plan to get there, the top! and how you’ll know when you’ve achieved success (aka what “markers” or “metrics” indiLPF MAG: Do you have any tips for fellow cate that you’ve reached your goal.) BRITTANY: Being a business owner requires you to get outside your comfort zone. It’s been rewarding to see myself overcome obstacles and challenges I never thought I was capable of tackling.


LPF MAG: Do you have any insights to what types of Savvy Girl Guides we can expect to see in the future, or you’d like to write? BRITTANY: We have three new titles in the works: Etiquette, Healthy Eating, and Sex!  Savvy Girl is partnering with experts to cowrite each guidebook. Currently we are looking for experts on beauty, style, money, and football! Please email us at if you are interested in partnering on the next Savvy Girl guide.

Brittany’s book, “Savvy Girl, A Guide to Wine” is available on Amazon &! Follow Savvy Girl Guides on Facebook!

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La Petite Fashionista Magazine Issue #6  

Our spring issue filled w/ diy lemonade stands, a vintage kitchen bridal brunch & spring style from our readers!

La Petite Fashionista Magazine Issue #6  

Our spring issue filled w/ diy lemonade stands, a vintage kitchen bridal brunch & spring style from our readers!