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Product characteristics: Name: Collezione Lapèlle Design: Studio Lapèlle Company: Lapèlle Via Marco Corner, 32 36016 Thiene (VI) Tel +39 0445365688 Description: Natural, material, suggestive. Brand new leather tiles for wall and floor coverings, extraordinary easy to install. A palette of colors, textures and materials for architects and interior design professionals. Exclusive patented installation system that allows you to install and replace each leather tile easily and without structural work on any surface, even curved or irregular. The product has properties of sound-absorbency and thermal comfort, moreover, its extreme lightness does not affect of the buildings. Materials: bovine or full-grain buffalo finished leather saddled in the mould on a polyurethane structure with medium density Colours and finishings: many different colours and finishing available. Shapes and dimensions: squares cm 5X5; 10X10; 20X20; 30X30; 50X50; 60X60. Rectangles: cm 5x10, 5X15; 10x30, 10x50; 15X30; 50X30. Triangles: right triangle side cm 20X20 X h 17,5; isosceles triangle base cm 34 X sides cm 20 X h 10,5 right triangle base cm15 h cm15 Thickness available on: - squares: cm 15x15 - rectangles: cm 10x30, 10x50 - triangles: right triangle Ufficio stampa: Busa & Associati –Tel. 0445/344566 – – – -