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hen he’s not in search of a good wave to surf, Alex Baugh from The Crazy Carls band is doing what he loves to do most –entertaining people with his music.Alex is an avid guitarist and musician, a singer-songwriter, and a dreamer who loves to bring joy through his music. Lapalme magazine caught up with Alex at Orlando’s Downtown Credo to talk about life, being a nomad, and never giving up on the passion for ones music. MM: Who is Alex Baugh? How would you describe yourself: AB: I think I’m a fun, positive guy, who loves to entertain. I’m just going after things right now as a musician and singer-songwriter. I love to travel, I love to meet new people and have a good time. MM: What in your background has helped who you are today as a musician? AB: Everything. When it comes to being a songwriter and entertainer, I love observing things and taking in as much as I can. I’m influenced by everything, so all the relationships I have, all the relationships I’ve learned about from other people, that has contributed. I’ve moved around a lot as well, which I think is really important; that has really broadened my views on a lot of things. I’ve always loved to entertain and make people happy, it’s just something I really enjoy doing. MM: How did The Crazy Carls band start off? AB: I was going to UCF, and I had a very good buddy, a roommate called “crazy carl” (laughs) MM: So it was your roommate who inspired the name? AB: Yeah! We would play at college parties around UCF, at bars, open mic, etc. It was called “Alex Baugh and Crazy Carl”. Then we started just getting more fans, and we played around, it began taking off and we thought: “wow this is pretty cool, people like this”, but then all of a sudden “Crazy Carl” dipped, he had to move…so I thought I really got to keep this going! But since I had started the band naming 76

it after him, I just kept the name going. MM: How does he feel that you kept the name going? AB: He’s stoked! He lives in Charleston right now, and he just came out to my show recently. MM: How would you describe your music style? AB: I’m influenced by a ton of things, but right now I’d say it’s fun dance music. There’s some rock influence, some funk influence, definitely a beach influence which I think is really me. There’s this fun pop sound which I think a lot of people can enjoy. Prince is a huge inspiration. I’m a guitar player and so is he, I just think he’s such a badass, a great inspiration. I also grew up listening to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, most of my favorite songs are by Michael Jackson too, he’s just –the man. MM: Did you always know you wanted to be a Photo by: Dereck Mateo musician growing up? in my family is a musician, I’m the only AB: I kept things pretty open, at first I one. I went from playing piano all the thought I wanted to be an actor. My partime, to getting a guitar when I was like ents got me into playing piano, so I was 13, I just really loved it. I would say when playing recitals super young. To go after crazy Carl and I would go out and play, and there were all these fans, and I was onbeing a pro musician is intense; no one stage I really thought: “wow this is legit”