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A relationship founded in STYLE

Richard Dean and Norelis Arroyo met in June 2013. While Rich was busy working in the special projects department with tasks ranging from hand painting to fiberglass and molding while Norelis was steady handling the hectic cutting table and the gerber patterning room. They were merely quidams, nameless faces in the crowd at work, however; after six months working in proximity to one another, with an occasional passing by or good morning, it was being partnered to complete a 2 person elephant costume that marked a new beginning Proximity showed them that they had many things in common, not just having attended the same school for Fashion Design and Merchandising, but a synergetic energy that flowed. Rich & Norelis began sharing creative ideas which prospered into enjoying sunsets to cap off a productively stressful day. An invitation to attend a January fashion show where Norelis’ work was being showcased definitely sparked Richs’ interest… and not just in fashion! Their synergy slowly became paradoxical as they grew to know one another more fully during sunsets and empanadas – and their admiration for one another deepened. So from happenstance, hopes and aspirations the synergy of Richard Dean and Norelis Arroyo has resulted in a whole that truly is greater than the sum of its parts. While they are each have become one another’s muse, perhaps we are the greatest beneficiaries as from this union we have been given their collabora¬tive collection - Muse!

Photograph by Nikki Namdar

We created the Muse Collection by drawing our inspiration from the print you see throughout the pieces. We love the color palette and the artful fun feeling it brings. We stayed conservative in many aspects while adding an element of grommets and lacing to intrigue. We made it versatile in the fact you can mix and match our separates with each other or pair it with something else you already have in your closet. We just want you to feel and be "Comfortably Confident". -Rich & Norelis


A guiding spirit or source of inspiration. 44