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January 2013

Winter Newsletter

What does 2013 have in store for you? In this newsletter: •

Stunning new Trend Collection from the L’ANZA Artistic Team!

How L’ANZA keeps the planet beautiful as well as hair!

Hot L’ANZA salon news from across the UK!

Tips on how Katy Perry keeps her hair in tip-top condition!

Hollyoaks actress Alex Fletcher is a L’ANZA fan!

Fantastic L’ANZA salon displays!

Salon fund-raising efforts for charity!

We had an incredible year in 2012! Keratin Healing Oil launched, taking L’ANZA to an even higher level, plus loads went on across the UK promoting the brand and showing people how to achieve beautiful hair! Time has flown by and we are so excited about a prosperous and healthy 2013 too! Not only did 2012 witness the launch of revolutionary Keratin Healing Oil, which became an instant best-seller, but also the new Healing Nourish range! Healing Nourish is proven to actively battle against thinning hair and hair loss, so thousands of special packs across the UK have helped people with this common

problem. Gone are the days of consulting a doctor about hair loss—clients seek help from their hairdresser, and thanks to L’ANZA’s unique healing technology, you can now offer them an effective solution!

positive about 2013 and all of the exciting developments that it has in store ! What are your new year targets?! Enjoy your 2013 and may it be successful for you! The L’ANZA UK Team x

As well as new products, the L’ANZA Artistic Team created some iconic trend collections based on the concept of Beauty, using L’ANZA Healing Color to achieve stunning, vibrant tones in expertly cut hair. Looks are always completed with Healing Style products with step-by-step guides so that salons can give clients bang-on-trend, wearable looks! We can’t wait to see the 2013 collections! With such a phenomenal year behind us, we feel truly

IceIce-cold winter; silkysilky-soft hair! Here’s how! L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil gives unrivalled strength, radiance and shine thanks to a unique blend of botanical oils!

We’ve been blessed with yet another bitterly cold winter, after so much rain—but all is not lost; you can protect your hair and keep it strong this winter! Here’s how! Keratin Healing Oil contains a unique blend of four restorative botanical oils. Using exclusive L’ANZA Nano technology, the oil penetrates deep into the hair to deliver essential fatty acids, emollients and nutrients which heal and strengthen hair to protect it from the winter elements. Hair is left incredibly soft, smooth and healthy—which

if you’ve tried the oil, you’ll retail size, both sizes are be able to vouch for yourself! available with pumps for easier dispensing! So there is Hair expert Scott Cornwall no excuse for brittle, weak or told us: lack-lustre hair anymore—try “Elements like the cold, rain Keratin Healing Oil and see and central heating are the difference for yourself! harsh on the hair, but this oil must be doing something beyond what other formulas are! I strongly recommend it to consumers who need extra strength, vitality and shine for their hair — and all feedback I’ve received about it is exceptional!” Now available in a larger, salon-sized 185ml glass bottle as well as the regular100ml

Winter Newsletter

L’ANZA keeps festival lovers beautiful!

Pearl of Africa Children's Choir The Salon at Chaddesley recently held a Hair and Fashion Tribe Night in Kidderminster to

Emma of Dickinson’s Hairdressing had a mammoth team at this year’s V-Festival in August: 18 talented

raise money for charity. The event raised funds for the Pearl of Africa Childcare

hairdressers, face painters and masseuses!

charity to improve the health, education and welfare of people suffering through disease, war and poverty. The Salon at Chaddesley were delighted to welcome

Team Dickinson had festival fun with fancy dress to pamper a constant stream of clients! Emma says: “We did 40 blow dries in one morning—people were literally running up to our pitch to

about 250 guests, and they raised over £3,000. L’ANZA’s

get a sought-after ticket for a L’ANZA wash and blow-

sales Director Paul Hetherington was there to support the

dry! It was a long weekend

evening and help raise as much

of hard work, but it was also

money as possible! Well done to everyone involved

so much fun—I can’t wait to double the team for next

with such a worthy cause!

year—my 5th year at V!!”

Katy Perry changes her hair colour like...a girl changes clothes! Larger than life international pop star Katy Perry is a gorgeous Santa-Barbara raised California gal—close to the heart of L’ANZA, which is also a product of California! So we were delighted when Your Hair magazine used L’ANZA Daily Elements Daily Clarifying Shampoo as an example of the kind of gentle cleansing product that Katy might use to keep her hair looking as fabulous as it does! Also, Katy changes the colour of her hair ‘like a girl changes her clothes’ which always looks great and sets many a trend, but chemically treated hair needs looking after to keep it strong and healthy... Our expert advice to Katy would be to use L’ANZA Healing ColorCare Trauma Treatment on her hair. It is a potent, ultra-healing leave-in prescription that uses L’ANZA’s exclusive Keratin Healing technology to repair the hair and also helps to preserve hair colour from fading. Proven to heal even the most traumatized hair, the result is that hair colour looks incredibly rich, vivid and lasts for longer— guaranteed! Who would you recommend Trauma Treatment to?!

From Hollyoaks to L’ANZA British actress Alex Fletcher is famed for her roles in Brookside and Hollyoaks— a familiar face to households across the UK! We’ve been busy Tweeting Alex lately, to find out how she’s getting on with her L’ANZA products. Alex, who has long, blonde hair, has been using L’ANZA Healing Strength, which fortifies the hair and helps rejuvenate it. Alex told us: “Wow - L’ANZA has worked wonders for my hair—it feels so much more cared for: soft, shiny and more manageable!” Alex has also tweeted that she totally loves Keratin Healing Oil, and that no other oil she’s tried gives such noticeable results or high gloss for a perfect finish! Page 2

Perfectly timed deliveries! L’ANZA deliveries have always been finely tuned by our efficient warehouse team—but it’s just got even better! We are pleased to announce that our courier company, Interlink Express, can now provide you with a 1 hour delivery time window for your L’ANZA order! All you need to do is give us a mobile number or email address, and Interlink will let you know in advance the hour in which they will deliver your parcel. If it’s not convenient, you can reschedule your delivery. If this service would be useful to improve delivery efficiency in your salon, please give us your mobile phone number or email address— either call us on 01296 612062 or email and we’ll make sure you get these delivery alerts for your next L’ANZA order!

January 2013

Beauty is...Lush and Beauty is colourful! Beauty is...not only in the eye of the beholder, but it is exuded from the person from within. If a person feels beautiful on the inside, that beauty radiates from them to the world outside, and to the beholder of their beauty. The same goes for hair—if it’s healed and healthy on the inside, it looks fantastically shiny, healthy and radiant from the outside too! That’s where L’ANZA’s philosophy of healing hair comes into play: Healing is the Foundation for Beauty

L’ANZA defines ‘beauty’ in the latest stunning trend collection to be released by the L’ANZA Artistic Team.

In the ‘Beauty Is’ collection, a series of timeless black and white images are accompanied by some striking colour images, as pictured here. The L’ANZA Artistic Team demonstrates the incredibly vibrant colours, hues and tones that can be achieved with Healing Color for striking results. L’ANZA Healing Color uses exclusive Color Attachment Technology™ to infuse the hair with rich, long lasting colour: KERATIN HEALING SYSTEM™ locks micro -pigments deep into the hair, generating true-totone, vivid colour with brilliant shine.

FLOWER SHIELD COMPLEX™ delivers full spectrum colour protection, with anti -fade compounds for lasting vibrancy. Flowers don’t fade, so why should your haircolour? Use L’ANZA Healing Color for a longer lasting, more vibrant colour—guaranteed. For more information on the Beauty Is collection or the Healing Color range, visit

Credits: Hair by Oscar & Wendy Bond, Matt Swinney, Camilla Jonsson Photographer: Hama Sanders Make-up: Veronica Lane;

Cutting Room Perth Reunion

Stunning Salon Displays!

The Cutting Room in Perth is a super-loyal L’ANZA salon — they’ve been giving Scots healthy, healed hair with L’ANZA products for over 20 years!

L’ANZA salons are truly passionate about what they do: the service they offer their clients and the results that they achieve—hence they use the very best hair care products available! They’re also very creative when it comes to in-salon décor and product displays! We’ve picked some of the best finished hairstyles and salon displays we’ve seen lately to share with you:

The successful salon recently organised a fun reunion to gather familiar faces from over the years to celebrate their efforts! Among the guests was Sandy McCarthey, the original founder of The Cutting Room, and who passed the business to his son and current owner, Stephen. Another long-standing Cutting Room team member is Kerry Holden, who celebrates her 20th year at the salon! The champagne was flowing and the music up loud as the party got into full swing — celebrating great looking healthy hair in the years gone by and for more to come!

Clockwise from top left: HM Brook St, Warwick Stuart Wilson, Cirencester; Harleys Hair Design, Barnsley; Bowers & Peacock, Glasgow

L’ANZA Healing Color Technician Nicky with Lesley Campbell

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The Cutting Room Perth team!

January 2013

New Year’s Resolution: how to care for planet Earth in your salon! Going green has gone mainstream, in a big way, and consumers are keen to choose ethical businesses who look after our precious planet. From the cosmetics we use to following recycling programmes, adopting a more socially conscious attitude to our lifestyles and businesses has become the norm for consumers and hairdressing salons alike.

L’ANZA is committed to healing hair and planet Earth. L’ANZA has always campaigned for a greener world where no harm is done to animals or the environment while making, using or disposing of haircare products. L’ANZA believes that haircare is not just about keeping hair beautiful and healthy, but it’s just as vital to keep our planet beautiful and healthy too. Here’s how:

L’ANZA Supports a Healthy & Sustainable Earth • No animal testing or animals harmed in production process

Ingredients • • • • •

Organic / Certified Organic / Wild-crafted ingredients Clean-air aerosols which contain no ozone-depleting ingredients No carcinogens Paraben-safe Gluten-free

Recycle: Products

• All cans are made from recycled aluminum • Bottles, tubes & jars are made from recycled plastic • Packaging is recyclable

Recycle: Packaging

• Made from starch and 100% biodegradable (conforms to EN13432) • Dissolves in water which eliminates the problem of littering • Lower recycling and recovery obligation

Lauren Milton, Salon Co-ordinator of Élan Hair Design in Scotland is a keen eco-warrior and Élan Hair Design have taken a wide range of eco-friendly initiatives for a ‘greener’ salon. In addition to recycling all cardboard, paper, plastic and foils – the salon even sends customers’ hair to be spread as compost on local farmers’ fields! Lauren tells us: “Élan has worked hard to establish relationships with suppliers that share the same environmental ethos to ensure we have sustained access to the right products. We consciously switched to using L'ANZA products as they actively search out the most eco-friendly products. We use compostable towels and capes and have installed photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels, PIR switches and LED lighting—which all save energy and costs.“ There are a lot of positive steps that salons can take which create both environmental and commercial benefits. It is the little things that make a big difference over time, such as encouraging recycling to turning off the water in between each step of the shampoo process, and using compostable towels—every little helps! What will you do in your salon to be greener in 2013?! Right: Élan Hair Design, Inverurie, Scotland

L’ANZA UK Ltd, Unit 2, Quilters Way, Triangle Business Park, Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP22 5BL Phone: 01296 612062 Fax: 01296 611700 E-mail:

L'ANZA Winter Newsletter Jan 2013  

L'ANZA's Winter newsletter, updating you on all things L'ANZA this winter!

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