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October 2012

Autumn Newsletter

Autumnal hues and wintry sparks fly! Autumn: new season, cosy

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L’ANZA Christmas Gift

nights in, heating cranked up—

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Packs—with choices from

We’ve launched this festive season’s Gift Packs!

remember that hair will need

by Hairdressers Journal!

across every range and

Why Healing Nourish hair loss range has been such a success!

great this Autumn!

In this newsletter: •

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extra protection against the harsh cold to keep it looking For the best hair protection

Beautiful new L’ANZA Vision Collection!

We’ve got loads for you in this newsletter—we’re really excited

amazing prices for a crisis-friendly Christmas!

about showing you the stunning

And all of the usual news

new images from the L’ANZA

and updates from across the

Artistic Team’s latest collection!

UK are included too—we

Plus, we want to tell you all about our new hair loss range, Healing

love seeing what our salons and fans have been up to!

L’ANZA in the press— where L’ANZA’s been seen recently!

Nourish! It’s been a real success


story for people suffering from


thinning hair, or hair loss. Help is at

one and

L’ANZA celeb encounters – who’s into L’ANZA this season!

hand from L’ANZA!

all! The L’ANZA

On the back page, you’ll see this

UK Team

season’s fantastic selection of


Amelia Lily’s stylist loves L’ANZA! L’ANZA Healing ColorCare Trauma Treatment: potent Keratin Healing System™ rescues damaged hair and nourishes it back to full health, shine and radiance in just 7 days! RRP 150ml: £22.95

Amelia Lily—X Factor singer

think they're really great.

who’s risen to fame and

Amelia has hair that's been

healing benefits, plus thermal defence for heat tools, as

even boasts a Top 10 chart hit is going to try L’ANZA!

damaged with bleach, and I'd love to get her into

well as natural botanicals for shine and lasting hold.

As any budding pop artist,

L’ANZA’s healing ranges for care and styling. As I'm

Amelia often changes her hair colour and it’s currently quite damaged from

working her hair with heat and product on a daily basis,

Our last top tip was Keratin Healing Oil—the ultimate must-have product! Great as an intensive treatment, to

I'd like to make sure I'm doing use before heat tools, to take all I can to keep her hair in its frizz and fly-aways—a truly So Amelia’s Session Stylist, best condition. “ versatile oil that heals the Sami Knight, ( We’ve suggested a 7-day hair while it works! recently got in touch with us Healing ColorCare Trauma as he needed some expert Treatment course to repair help to bring Amelia’s locks the hair first of all. Then, we back to their full beauty. always recommend Healing Sami told us: Style products to finish the “I was introduced to L'ANZA hair with, as they boast bleach and heat tools.

products by a friend, and I

Autumn Newsletter

Charity wigwig-works for cancer patients! Barry Oldershaw, renowned in the hairdressing world for his expertise when it comes to wig styling, has been giving some tips on styling! Barry was recently invited to a Health & Well Being Event in Coventry for people affected by cancer and its long term effects. The event, on 25th September was organised in support of the Department of Health’s Cancer Survivorship Initiative with Macmillan Cancer Support. The event aimed to support both patients and their carers, and Barry’s focus was to demonstrate that wigs and hairpieces can be effectively styled to give a natural look. Barry, when asked about his wig expertise, said:

“By removing unwanted bulk and styling wigs with L’ANZA Healing Haircare, clients feel happier about the way their wigs look and feel, which helps improve their self esteem and confidence. Through these events, we hope to give people the support they need to live beyond the initial impact of cancer, and continue to be as independent and active as possible.” The event was a great success, and you can read more about Barry’s impressive wig work on his website:

Beauty is Lush: new Vision Collection by L’ANZA In this new collage of images, Beauty Is… LUSH explores different aspects of luxurious hairstyles, from the romantic to the progressive. The result is hair that is full, shiny, sexy… and LUSH.

Plush Lush (right) The bob… bold. Makes a beautiful statement.

Tuff Lush (below) is daring, pushes boundaries, unleashing the darker side of the psyche.

Lush [luhsh] adjective Characterized by luxuriousness and opulence. Lavish. Be Lush looks at the way the cosmopolitan woman can exude the affluent style in a modern, urban setting.

Plush Lush (left) highlights the maximum opulence of sumptuous hair, inspired by rich fabrics.

The L’ANZA Artistic Team is lead by Matt Swinney, who has worked many times with us here in the UK on educational courses. These unique visionary collections, produced twice yearly, keep L’ANZA firmly in their place as leaders of trend, design and products. An inspiration to us all!

Roger Lanza meets iconic Roberto Mancini Roger Lanza has two passions in life: hairdressing and football! His exclusive salon, Lanza Hair in Sileby, Leicestershire, stocks L’ANZA and the whole team love the products for their healing—and styling—benefits. When he’s not busy working, or motivating his team of hairdressers, Roger loves to watch football. As you can see from this great photo, Roger met Roberto Mancini — a style icon! Many fans regard Roberto as a well-dressed and groomed Italian, who cares about his appearance. As you can see, Roger is wearing the iconic Manchester City scarf that Roberto is often seen wearing with his tailored suit and sleek hair...we wonder if they shared any tips on haircare and men's grooming?!! Page 2

October 2012

Healing Nourish ideal to counteract hair loss L’ANZA’s latest range, Healing Nourish, has gone - and taken hair from strength to strength since its launch this summer!

As well as the usual healing benefits from L’ANZA for strong, radiant hair, this product range is:

Using L’ANZA’s exclusive Anagen 7 System to extend the hair’s growth phase, these new 3-step formulas help to counteract hair loss.

The success of Healing Nourish is down to the fact that it’s so simple and easy to use, plus it’s suitable for all hair types—for both men and women alike! A transdermal delivery of the healing formulas provides deep, intensive nourishment, so it is ideal for all types of thinning hair—whether it’s caused by hormones, illness or simply everyday life stresses.

Sulphate-free—for extra gentle cleansing Paraben-free—for ultimate health reassurances Sodium-chloride free— recommended for coloured or keratin treated hair to prolong effects

Healing Nourish is helping people across the UK in their battle against excessive hair loss, caused by hectic, modern lifestyles, stresses, medications and various personal circumstances. L’ANZA’s anti-thinning Haircare range with the Anagen-7 System, extends the hair’s growth phase. A simple, 3-step formula for healthy, strong and thicker hair!

3 SIMPLE STEPS STEP-1 STIMULATING SHAMPOO Removes follicle-clogging sebum, residues and DHT STEP-2 STIMULATING CONDITIONER Delivers stimulating nutrients necessary for healthy hair growth STEP-3 STIMULATING TREATMENT Activates follicles to boost hair revitalisation

L’ANZA hot in the press! Everyone in the know loves L’ANZA Healing Haircare for its healing qualities, luxurious ingredients and fulfilled

Glossy mag Tribute highlighted the

promises of radiant, healthy hair.

Healing Moisture and Healing Pure ranges for this Autumn to

L’ANZA’s been seen a lot in the press lately too—both

cleanse, strengthen and moisturise hair.

consumer and industry press alike recognise the unique healing benefits and rave about them! Keratin Healing Oil was featured in Hairdressers Journal (7-13th Sept 2012) as an intensive treatment for brittle, wintery hair thanks to its lightweight moisturizing properties.

Hair Ideas (October 2012) also suggested Healing Moisture Moi Moi Masque for dry, damaged hair. Now! Magazine declared their love for Healing Style Beach Spray (13th Aug 2012) when it won in their Beauty Tester expert panel recently, with 5 stars!

Hair magazine used Healing Smooth Smoother to show how to beat frizz for sexy, sleek summery hair (August 2012) Page 3

Other recent press appearances include Professional Hairdresser, Perfect Wedding, Your Hair, Scottish Daily Mail and Blonde Hair magazine. What’s more, we’ve got a huge Facebook and Twitter following—are you up to date with your L’ANZA?!

L’ANZA Christmas Gift Packs A wide selection of fantastic value gift packs for great savings this Christmas— RRP’s from just £19.95!

Gift packs for gentle, everyday haircare with botanical ingredients and L’ANZA healing technology. Choose from Daily Elements Nourish, Volume, Moisture or Hair Repair

RRP £19.95 each Advanced healing packs with luxurious ingredients and the latest scientific technology to heal the hair, leaving it radiant and healthy. Healing Moisture, Healing Volume, Healing ColorCare, Healing Strength, Healing Pure, Healing Smooth & Keratin Healing Oil Gift packs available.

RRPs from £28.50 Healing Strength Trio set RRP £39.95

Advanced Healing Duo sets RRP £29.95

Keratin Healing Oil set RRP £28.50 Pick & Mix 50ml x 3 RRP £15.00

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