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LETTER FROM THE LTGÂ Happy October Dinos! It's finally looking like fall around here with Hi Dinos! the summer rain and themeeting earlytook sunsets withWa-Ri-Ki some The board place at-Camp occasional weather. and being theresunny made me feel so blessed to be part of the district board. With that in mind, I want each club to recruit Iathave busy band least 10been members thiswith year, marching email me when you've rehearsals competitions, reached that forand something special! Onealong of my with goals is to increase DCON attendance by 100% fundraising homecoming festivities; but and alsoI know planning our can be hard, whenwhich there's is alsothis the Thirst Project. I promise October DCM Sunday! I will also you featuring that I am willing to help in every way possible and one be some ideas of how to fundraise tip for you all before you forI have the Thirst Project too.start reading is-- stay in touch and keep a good relationship with your Kiwanis Club. It is SO important that you do, because always there Also...PAY YOUR DUES! They they areare extremely to support how your club functions and it important

goes to the district, and Key Club Int'l!

In love and service,

Lan Tran Lieutenant Governor of Division 64 Pacific Northwest District Key Club International P: (503)734-9111 E:


DINOS DINOÂ OFOFTHE THEMONTH MONTH Rietta JonnyThomson, Wakefield Tigard and Josie KC Secretary! Wilson, Sherwood Secretary Editor! Alongside the KC other officers atand Tigard HS

Key Club, she helps organize certain Jonny and Josie events are super volunteering to active help Key keepClub themembers, club especially whenorganized! they're not off their sports. thriving and Shedoing strongly They're always anyone super onwho top ofhas things Jonny with reccomends the- chance to his report, Josie with the enjoyment meeting joinsecretary Key Club., because of the slideshows. Not to itmention, Josie loves has these super and happiness gives. She every stellar public speaking skillsand and she it brings meetings second of volunteering hopes to to a whole level. Thank you for other makingpeople share hernew passion with many Sherwood Keyher Clublife! amazing! throughout


What's Tricks been Happening and Treatsin D64? The Thirst Project Webinar is hosting a Tigard HighProject School has been The Thirst Webinar is hosting a Thirst Project Webinar on Saturday, volunteering bunch on thisSaturday, summer Thirst ProjectaWebinar October 20th at 8:00 PM on YouTube at October tons of20th organizations as at 8:00 PM onsuch YouTube It'll give you Bank, insight as to what's theLive! Oregon Food Meals on Live! It'll give you insight as to what's going onGood and why you should startand Wheels, Neighbor Center, going on and why you should start Concessions, club meetings, sofundraising: much more! They're always fundraising: THIRSTY 30, concessions, coordinating withthank leadership, restaurant doing the most, you for being walks, etc. amazing! fundraisers. PNWOF: If you're thinking of a service PNWOF: If you're thinking of a service project that you might need financial project that you might need financial assistance on making it happen, feel free assistance on making it happen, feel free to apply! to apply! Need help accessing the MUC? Contact Need help accessing the MUC? Contact me! me! !4

What'sKey beenclub Happening day southin D64? Unfortunately, Key Club will Register for Lake KCDSOswego by this no longer be continuing part ofPark us Wednesday! It's $30toatbeOaks anymore, but they'll be able return if they with admission included and our ever decide to.

guest speaker, Hoan Do (lunch not guaranteed). Our division In other news, Division 64 has has been a lot of people coming this Saturday starting up volunteering events for theirso if you're and free,there's please come be members a DCM this and Sunday... ready to meet goal other Club Our membership hasKey been exceeded due to an exponential member Area! increase members in the Portland especially in Tigard and West Linn. Sherwood has also been doing very good with membership retention as well!






Thank you so much for reading September's issue reading october's issue ofofthe theDino DinoData!  Data!  Have amazing Spooktober, and Havean great first meetings this homecoming, month, fun Lanwith Tranvolunteering! Lieutenant Governor of Division 64 Northwest InPacific love and service, District KeyTran Club International Lan P: (503)734-9111 D64 LTG E: PNW District Key Club Int'l P: (503)734-9111 E:

! S E U D R U O Y Y A P . . . r e d n i m e r t s a l e n o


The Dino Data / Oct. 2018  

Our DCM is this Sunday, make sure you sign up and meet us there at 7! This issue also covers some updates about current clubs, DUES, and the...

The Dino Data / Oct. 2018  

Our DCM is this Sunday, make sure you sign up and meet us there at 7! This issue also covers some updates about current clubs, DUES, and the...