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October 6 to 30, 2011

LANTERN THEATER COMPANY AT ST. STEPHEN’S THEATER 10th & Ludlow Streets, Philadelphia, PA 215.829.0395


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Charles McMahon FEATURING

David Bardeen*

Kittson O’Neill*

David Blatt

Seth Reichgott*

Jake Blouch

Mary Tuomanen

Sam Henderson* Nick Embree

Maggie Baker



Shon Causer

Nick Rye



Rebecca Smith*

Meghan Jones



M. Craig Getting

Kathryn MacMillan



Stacy Maria Dutton & Josephine Klein NEW JERUSALEM, THE INTERROGATION OF BARUCH DE SPINOZA AT TALMUD TORAH CONGREGATION: AMSTERDAM, JULY 27, 1656 is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York. Originally produced by Classic Stage Company Brian Kulick, Artistic Director; Jessica R. Jenen, Executive Director by special arrangement with Robert Boyett. *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States

THE COMPANY (in order of appearance) Seth Reichgott*

Abraham van Valkenburgh

David Bardeen*

Saul Levi Mortera

David Blatt

Gaspar Rodrigues Ben Israel

Sam Henderson*

Baruch de Spinoza

Jake Blouch

Simon de Vries

Mary Tuomanen

Clara van den Enden

Kittson O’Neill*

Rebekah de Spinoza Understudy - Charles McMahon* Setting: Amsterdam, 1656 Intermission: 12 minutes

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), founded in 1913, represents more than 45,000 actors and stage managers in the United States. AEA seeks to advance, promote, and foster the art of live theatre as an essential component of our society. AEA negotiates wages and working conditions, providing a wide range of benefits, including health and pension plans. AEA is a member of the AFL-CIO, and is affiliated with FIA, an international organization of performing arts unions. Lantern Theater Company proudly participates in The Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre, a program of the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION Box Office Hours: During performance weeks, the Box Office is open Monday & Tuesday 10am-5pm, Wednesday-Friday 10am-intermission, and Saturday & Sunday noon-intermission. Late Seating: Due to the intimacy of the Lantern’s Mainstage theater, we are unable to seat patrons in the orchestra once a performance has begun. If you arrive late or need to use the restroom during the show, our House Manager will escort you to the first available seat in the balcony to avoid disturbing the performance. Balcony seating is extremely limited, so please make every effort to arrive on time. For your safety and the safety of those around you, please comply with all instructions provided by our house management staff. Use of Electronic Devices: Out of respect for the actors and your fellow audience members, please turn OFF all cell phones, pagers, watch alarms, and text messaging devices prior to entering the theater. Legal Warning: The use of cameras or recording devices, or the possession of such recording equipment is strictly prohibited by law. Equipment will be confiscated and violators are subject to immediate ejection from the theater with no refunds.

FROM THE DIRECTOR There is nothing more exciting than discovering something new. There is never anything so dramatic as to make a choice. Why? In trying to put my finger on just why this play is so fascinating to me, I think those two factors are the reason: discovery and choice. The work of Spinoza changed everything, and arguably paved the way for the modern age and its characteristic institutions. Without Spinoza there would be no Enlightenment in Europe, without which the American Revolution would have been a colonial antitax insurrection rather than a movement to create a whole new kind of state. This play takes the great human moment when these thoughts were being given voice for the first time in the West, and puts us right in the middle – presenting them not as some dry, detached seminar, but as the matter for a great human decision, carrying with it a great human cost. The principles that Spinoza dealt with were ideal, universal, but the price he and his community would ultimately have to pay was personal. Too little we understand that history is personal. It may be driven and shaped by impersonal forces; Spinoza himself would say that what appears to be choice is really a path determined by one’s innate nature. But the moment when we say “yes” to a great unknown, and “no” to the world as we know it, is a moment that encompasses the whole of what we are and what we can experience. Our frailty, our courage, our sadness and exaltation, our empathy as well as selfishness, our humility, and our hubris are all laid bare. Whether our choices were written in the stars before the stars were born or wrought by our own will, we feel them as terrible dilemmas. And what we call history is a chain of these personal cataclysms, as violent and wonderful, destructive, and creative as the stars themselves. A great discovery excites the mind and heart, but the choice that it demands brings us to the very brink of an even greater mystery. —Charles McMahon

FROM THE DRAMATURG WHO WAS BARUCH DE SPINOZA? Baruch de Spinoza is one of the most important philosophers – and certainly the most radical – of the early modern period. His thought combines a commitment to Cartesian metaphysical principles [Descartes’ theories of knowledge and existence] with elements from ancient Stoicism [an emphasis on ethics and logic over emotion] and medieval Jewish rationalism [including an emphasis on the use of the intellect to understand the origins of one’s beliefs] into a nonetheless highly original system. His extremely naturalistic views on God, the world, the human being, and knowledge serve to ground a moral philosophy centered on how the control of human passions would lead to virtue and happiness. They also lay the foundations for strongly democratic political thought and a deep critique of sectarian religion. Of all the philosophers of the 17th century, perhaps none have more relevance today than Spinoza. —from “Baruch Spinoza,” by Steven Nadler, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Spring 2011 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.)

THE SEPHARDIC COMMUNITY IN AMSTERDAM Beginning in the 14th century, and culminating with the expulsion order of 1492, many Spanish and Portuguese Jews were forced to convert to Catholicism, although some continued Jewish practice in secret. Their descendants were known as conversos and were targeted by the Inquisition for suspicion of heresy. By the end of the 16th century, many had fled. Amsterdam became one of several favored destinations for these Sephardic. The Treaty of Utrecht (1579) had made the Dutch Republic a haven for those fleeing religious persecution, particularly Christian dissidents. Amsterdam had gained an especial reputation for tolerance, but when significant numbers of Spanish and Portuguese began arriving and openly practicing Judaism, that reputation was put to the test. Toleration for minority Christian denominations was a very different matter from toleration of non-Christians, since the presence of Jews seemed contrary to the Dutch self-image as a Christian nation. In addition, the religious status of these former conversos seemed unclear at first – were they Jews as they claimed, or were they Catholics loyal to the hated Spanish crown? – and they were suspected of heretical tendencies in a culture where even religious minorities were expected to adhere to the standards of their own group. The majority feared the spread of free-thinking and dissent that might “infect” or corrupt their own congregations.

FROM THE DRAMATURG Still, Amsterdam recognized that Sephardi Jews’ participation in global trade had benefits for the city. But the Sephardim remained dependent on the good will of the Amsterdam government in an atmosphere of suspicion. Against this backdrop, Spinoza’s new philosophy contained a hidden potential danger for the entire community. With contributions from Anne O. Albert

SPINOZA IS BACK HOME IN AMSTERDAM In November, 2008, a statue of Baruch de Spinoza was unveiled in Amsterdam in front of the City Hall on the Zwanenburgwal where Spinoza once lived. The statue includes a figure of Spinoza standing next to an icosaeder - a globe comprised of twenty identical triangles - which symbolizes Spinoza’s idea of the universe as a model shaped by human intellect. Decorating Spinoza’s long cloak is a repeating pattern of roses and birds. The roses are for Spinoza’s family name (Spinoza means ‘thorn’ in Portuguese); the birds are rose-ringed parakeets. Not native to Amsterdam, these brilliant green parakeets (once kept as exotic pets) have been colonizing the city over the last few decades. They symbolize Amsterdam as an immigrants’ city, both in Spinoza’s time and today. On the statue’s base are the famous words of Spinoza: “Het doel van de staat is de vrijheid,” or “The purpose of the State is freedom.”

FOR FURTHER READING Steven Nadler, Spinoza. A Life (1999) Steven Nadler, A Book Forged in Hell. Spinoza’s Scandalous Treatise and the Birth of the Secular Age (2011) Jonathan Israel, Radical Enlightenment (2001) Jonathan Israel, ‘Introduction’ to Spinoza, TheologicalPolitical Treatise (Cambridge, 2007) Heidi Rav ven and L.E.Goodman, Jewish Themes in Spinoza’s Philosophy (2002) Miriam Bodian, “Liberty of Conscience” and the Jews in the Dutch Republic (2011)


Associate Artistic Director Kathryn MacMillan recently spoke with New Jerusalem playwright David Ives. Following is an excerpt from their conversation. Kathryn: The play has had an impassioned response. We have ticket buyers telling us they’ve seen it in New York and DC and they’re coming to see it again. Its broad success – including two smash runs at Theatre J – has that caught you at all by surprise? David Ives: On the one hand, yes, I am surprised by New Jerusalem’s reach and success because it’s a play about a 17th century philosopher and no doubt looks forbidding at first glance. Yet when I set myself to work on the play I knew that this was a story with extraordinary dramatic and theatrical and human possibilities. Even more importantly, I knew that the issues raised by Spinoza’s [interrogation and its aftermath], and by his philosophy, are questions that resonate today as much as in 1656 – and indeed will always resonate as long as nations/societies/communities are troubled by heterodox thinkers, and for as long as people wonder about the nature of reality and the existence of God. That is to say, forever. People come to New Jerusalem because it asks, via Spinoza and his interrogators, the Big Questions, the eternal questions – and asks them dramatically, in a human story. Just consider that, to this day, the argument still rages: was Spinoza the greatest atheist in human history, or the greatest believer ever? Was he a destroyer of God, or “a God-intoxicated man,” as one of his contemporaries described him? A pantheist, or a nihilist, or both? And aren’t such contradictions the stuff of a great dramatic character? Read the entire conversation on our website:

FALL PHILOSOPHY FESTIVAL Monday, October 10, 2011 7:00pm Lecture: The Sephardic Community in Amsterdam This lecture by Anne O. Albert of the University of Pennsylvania will present the history of Sephardic Jews in Amsterdam, revealing how their culture was shaped by a history of domination by others and persistence in the face of obstacles. On the Lantern Mainstage; approx. 90min $10 ($8 for students, seniors, groups, and Lantern subscribers)

Friday, October 21, 2011 6:00pm Festival Kick-Off Party @ Marathon Mingle with Lantern staff, artists, and fellow theatergoers over happy hour specials and complimentary light fare. At Marathon, 10th & Walnut Streets; approx. 1hr FREE 7:00pm Curtain Raiser/Lecture: Spinoza’s Thinking Created by New Jerusalem assistant director M. Craig Getting, this anecdotal lecture serves as an entertaining introduction to Spinoza’s work, his life in Amsterdam, and his relationship to his Jewish community. In the Lantern Lab; 25min FREE

Saturday, October 22, 2011 2:00pm Panel Discussion: Out of Order! Courtrooms As Theater, Courtrooms In Theater This discussion with Assistant Chief District Attorney of Philadelphia Vince Regan, local playwright Bruce Graham, and Jordan Barnett of the Defender Association of Philadelphia will offer diverse viewpoints on a popular subject in modern entertainment: the courtroom drama. On the Lantern Mainstage; approx. 90min $10 ($8 for students, seniors, groups, and Lantern subscribers) $25 for 1 Substantive PA CLE Credit ($20 with New Jerusalem ticket) 7:00pm Curtain Raiser/Lecture: Spinoza’s Thinking In the Lantern Lab; 25min FREE

Sunday, October 23, 2011 1:00pm Curtain Raiser/Lecture: Spinoza’s Thinking In the Lantern Lab; 25min FREE 5:00pm Keynote Lecture & Closing Reception: How Spinoza Made America Possible This discussion with Jonathan Israel, one of the world’s leading historians of the Enlightenment, will compare the philosophies of Spinoza and founding father Benjamin Franklin, revealing the impact of Spinoza’s thinking on the democratic principles that have shaped the United States and left an indelible mark here in Philadelphia. On the Lantern Mainstage; approx. 2hrs $15 ($12 for students, seniors, groups, and Lantern subscribers)

WHO’S WHO DAVID BARDEEN (Saul Levi Mortera) is thrilled to be back at the Lantern after (gasp!) fifteen years. His first production in Philadelphia was in this theater as Edmund in Long Day’s Journey Into Night. Wow. Theater: South Coast Rep, Yale Rep, Eclectic Theatre Company, Walnut Street Theatre, Walnut Street Independence Studio, Arden Theatre, Wilma Theater, Boarshead Theatre, InterAct Theatre (Barrymore Award - Supporting Actor 2001) and Hedgerow Theatre. TV: Weeds, Medium, Numb3ers, Dirty Sexy Money, Related, and 86’d. Film: The Dismissal, Cherchez La Femme, and Seduction of the Will. David received his MFA from the Yale School of Drama and recently moved back to Philadelphia from Los Angeles. Next up: Cyrano at the Arden. Thank you to Charles, Jeff, and this amazing cast. DAVID BLATT (Gaspar Rodrigues Ben Israel) is thrilled to return to the Lantern, where he has been seen previously in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Uncle Vanya, and Henry IV, Part I. Most recently Mr. Blatt took part in The Orestia Project (Philadelphia Artists’ Collective). Other recent credits include Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare in Clark Park), MARAT/SADE (EgoPo), Macbeth (Delaware Shakespeare Festival), Love Jerry (Nice People), King Lear (People’s Light), Unidentified Human Remains….(New City Stage), and Fatal Attractions (Animal Planet). Up next: Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins for Gas & Electric Arts. MFA: Temple University. Thanks to Charles, Beckah, and the entire Lantern family. JAKE BLOUCH (Simon de Vries) is thrilled to be back at the Lantern! He was seen last season in A Skull in Connemara. He will also be back later this season in Romeo and Juliet as Tybalt. Philadelphia: Superior Donuts (Arden Theatre Co.), Run Mourner, Run (Flashpoint Theatre Co), The Duchess of Malfi (Philadelphia Artists’ Collective), The Importance of Being Earnest (Jack, Quintessence Theatre Group), A 24-Hour The Bald Soprano (Brat Productions), Pyretown (Simpatico Theatre Project), The Loudest Man on Earth (Philadelphia Theatre Workshop), Golden Age (Philadelphia Theatre Co., understudy). New York: The Loudest Man on Earth (Manhattan Repertory Theatre), DC: Golden Age (The Kennedy Center, understudy).

WHO’S WHO SAM HENDERSON (Baruch de Spinoza) has appeared in The Birthday Party and King Lear (Lantern Theater Company); The Aliens (Theatre Exile); The Arabian Nights, Bunnicula, Candida, Much Ado About Nothing, and The Chosen (Arden Theatre Company); Curse of the Starving Class and Indian Ink (The Wilma Theater). KITTSON O’NEILL (Rebekah de Spinoza) is delighted to make her debut with Lantern Theater Company. She was most recently seen in The Pride of Parnell Street with Act 2 Playhouse and Lidless with InterAct, where she is also Artistic Associate. She has worked locally with PlayPenn, People’s Light, and Inis Nua. NYC credits include Second Stage, The Lark, The Public, and countless off-off Broadway productions. Regionally she has worked with New Jersey Repertory, The Playwrights Center, South Coast Repertory, Curious Theater, NY Stage & Film, and in Blue Jacket: The Epic Outdoor Drama. Her film and TV credits include the feature films 200,000 Dirty (with Coolio) and Ghostlight, as well as the shorts Mimeograph (by installation artist Jenny Perlin), 15 Films (A&E), and Overtime (Kanbar Festival – Best Ensemble). She is a Graduate of The Shakespeare Lab and the Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s internship program. This and all for her boys. SETH REICHGOTT (Abraham van Valkenburgh) is pleased to be back at the Lantern, where he was last seen in The Government Inspector. An actor, director, and writer, Seth has worked with InterAct, the Walnut, the Arden, the Wilma, and Mum Puppettheatre, among others. He has twice been a co-recipient of the Barrymore Award for Outstanding Ensemble. Seth tours his solo Greek mythology show, Chariot of the Sun, to elementary and middle schools each year in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Seth is an associate member of the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble and a graduate of Wesleyan University and the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre.

WHO’S WHO MARY TUOMANEN (Clara van den Enden) is a company member of Applied Mechanics (Portmanteau, Overseers), now developing The Napoleon Project with a grant from the Philadelphia Performing Arts Kitchen. Other credits: Hamlet in Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre’s Hamlet, Andre Michaux in Paper Garden at the American Philosophical Society, Annie in InterAct’s Silverhill, voice of Bea in New Paradise Laboratories’ Extremely Public Displays of Privacy. In May she will perform with the Riot Group in Sophie Gets The Horns. She is a graduate of the Lecoq School of Movement Theatre in Paris and occasionally takes a turn with The Bearded Ladies Cabaret at the Wilma. DAVID IVES (Playwright) is perhaps best known for his evenings of one-act comedies called All in the Timing and Time Flies. All in the Timing won the Outer Critics Circle Playwriting Award, ran for two years Off-Broadway and, in the 1995-96 season, was the most performed non-Shakespeare play in the country. His full-length plays include Venus In Fur, which recently enjoyed a vast critical and audience success Off-Broadway at Classic Stage Company and will have its Broadway premiere at Manhattan Theatre Club this October; New Jerusalem: The Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza at Talmud Torah Congregation: Amsterdam, July 27, 1656, which won the prestigious Hull-Warriner Award; Is He Dead? (adapted from Mark Twain); Irving Berlin’s White Christmas; Polish Joke; and Ancient History. He has translated Feydeau’s classic farce A Flea In Her Ear as well as Yazmina Reza’s drama A Spanish Play, Pierre Corneille’s The Liar, and adapted Molière’s The Misanthrope into The School for Lies, a recent hit at Classic Stage Company. He is also the author of three young-adult novels. A graduate of Yale School of Drama and a former Guggenheim Fellow in playwriting, Mr. Ives lives in New York City. CHARLES McMAHON (Director) co-founded the Lantern and serves as Artistic Director in addition to acting and directing for the company. Previous roles include Heisenberg in Copenhagen, Lucky in Waiting for Godot, Guildenstern in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Edmund in King Lear, and Pete Seeger in Un-American. Lantern directing credits include A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Henry IV, Part I, Hamlet, Othello, La Ronde (also translator and adaptor), Richard III (Barrymore Award, Outstanding Production of a Play), Much Ado About Nothing, The Comedy of Errors (Barrymore nomination), King Lear, and A Doll’s House. Charles is a graduate of NYU’s theater department where he studied acting and directing before returning to Philadelphia.

WHO’S WHO NICK EMBREE (Scenic Designer) is thrilled to work with this great team again. Nick is a freelance set designer with design credits at many Philadelphia and regional theaters. He is proud to have served as Lantern’s resident Set Designer, and he still manages to do about one set a year here (most recently, Vigil). Nick is the head of the B.F.A. Theater Design and Technology Program in the Ira Brind School of Theater Arts, at the University of the Arts. Nick is married to UARTS production manager Janet Embree, and they live in Germantown in an old house with a couple of cats. SHON CAUSER (Lighting Designer) is happy to be back at the Lantern. Previous Lantern designs: A Skull in Connemara and Scapin. Other recent designs: Sweeney Todd (UMaine Summer Music Theater Fest.), The Glass Menagerie, Speaking in Tongues, Greater Tuna, Side By Side by Sondheim, and The Mystery of Irma Vep (Walnut Street Theatre), Oklahoma!, Pirates of Penzance (Maples Rep), Forever Plaid, Driving Miss Daisy, I Am My Own Wife (Penobscot Theatre), Love Jerry (Nice People Theatre).Shon has a MFA in Lighting Design from Temple University. Many thanks to Charles, Meghan, Anne, Beckah, and the whole Lantern family. Love to Christine. MAGGIE BAKER (Costume Designer) is excited to be designing for Lantern Theater Company! A California native who has designed her way across the country, Maggie is happy to have Philadelphia as her new home. She is in her third year as Asst. Professor of Costume Design for University of the Arts. Recent area credits include Dublin By Lamplight (Inis Nua Theatre Company), I Am My Own Wife (Amaryllis Theatre Company), Nine (UArts), Putnam... Spelling Bee (Media Theatre and Montgomery Theater). Maggie has an MFA in Costume Design from Carnegie Mellon University. Much thanks to Charles, KC, Nick, and Janet for this opportunity. M. CRAIG GETTING (Assistant Director) is a Philadelphia-based director and teaching artist. Credits include A Skull in Connemara, Act Without Words II, Molloy, Lady with Lapdog (Lantern Theater Company), Straw, Stick, Brick, (Philly Fringe), Really Rosie (Theatre Horizon), and assistant direction with the Wilma, the Lantern, Theatre Horizon, and PDC. He teaches with the Lantern and Curio Theatre Company, covering everything from basic storytelling to Shakespeare. Craig received his BA in Drama from Kenyon College. Up next: Accidental Death of an Anarchist with Curio. Much love to his friends and family. MEGHAN JONES (Production Manager) has collaborated in past seasons as technical director and resident scenic designer for Lantern Theater Company. This season she is delighted to join the staff as Production Manager. She holds an MFA in design from

WHO’S WHO Temple University and also designs throughout the Philadelphia area. She would like to congratulate her fellow colleagues. Much appreciation to LTC staff, cast, and crew. REBECCA SMITH (Stage Manager) is in her fourth season at the Lantern and is happy to be working with such a wonderful cast and crew. She is a graduate of Temple University with a BA in European History and a minor in Theater. She has worked as production manager at Theatre Exile, and as stage manager at Brat Productions, Kaibutsu, and Temple University Theater. Previous Lantern shows include The Hothouse, Sizwe Bansi Is Dead, Hamlet, Happy Days, Scapin, The Breath of Life, Henry IV, Part I, Uncle Vanya, A Skull in Connemara, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Vigil. ANNE SHUFF (Managing Director) is in her third season as Managing Director following seven years of service on the Lantern’s Board of Directors, including four years as Treasurer and three years as Personnel Committee Chair. As Founding Managing Partner of, she has guided online marketing strategy for theater companies across the country, and her work has been highlighted by WIRED magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia City Paper, and the design reference book Web Site Design Goodies. She previously served as Business Manager at The Wilma Theater and Assistant Controller & IS Manager at Walnut Street Theatre. XOMSE.

STAFF ADMINISTRATIVE & ARTISTIC Artistic Director Charles McMahon Managing Director Anne Shuff Associate Artistic Director Kathryn MacMillan Development Director Jennifer Pratt Johnson Education Director Joshua Browns Production Manager Meghan Jones Marketing Associate Ali Roy House Managers Terry Brennan, Katie Driscoll, Colleen Hughes, Mary Beth Simon Box Office Managers Clara Elser, Jonathon Welsh Press Representative Megan Wendell, Canary Promotion FOR THIS PRODUCTION Stage Manager Technical Director Costume Shop Manager Master Electrician Electrician Audio Technician Run Crew Scenic Charges Carpenters Properties Master Properties Production Interns Artistic Associate

Rebecca Smith Lance Kniskern Natalia de la Torre Georgia Schlessman Melanie Leeds Toby Pettit Lisa Sullivan, Jonathon Welsh Kate Coots, Colleen Sawyer M. Craig Getting, Mike Troncone Meghan Jones Annie Heath Sung Eun Kim, Bethany Lucas, Jenna Snyder, Regina Yecco Janet Embree

Special Thanks To: Anne O. Albert, Stacy Maria Dutton, Yitzhak Melamed, David Ruderman, St. Stephen’s Church (Dr. Charles Flood & Mark Yurkanin), University of Delaware, University of the Arts, and The Wilma Theater.

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James Corry Douglas & Laurel Costa James Crawford & Judith Dean Jennifer B. Culbertson William & Catherine Daley Joseph & Helen D’Angelo Cristian David Cindy M. Delmar Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dougherty Donald W. Dowd Nancy H. Ely-Raphael Loraine & Toby Engel Robert & Sue Evans Eileen Figueroa Jack Fisch Mary J. Fischer Deborah Fishbein Hazel Forster Juliet M. Forster Roseann P. Gill Catherine Girifalco Deborah Glass Michael Golden & Shelley Green, in honor of Bob & Esther Hornik Madge Goldman A. Deborah Goldstein Kathie Goodman Dr. Janice Gordon Mary Lou & Phyllis Grady Amy Greer & Mark Murphy Barry & Joanna Groebel Ann Gundersheimer Mary Bert Gutman, in honor of Jay Goldberg Peter Hahn June L. Hament John & Susan Hansen-Flaschen Donald Hartz & James Shannon Nancy Honker Esther & Robert Hornick Katherine Hovde Anne & Tim Hunter Carey Huntington Margaret Huntsman Will Jordan Charles & Edna Kahn Ron & Rachelle Kaiserman Michael Katz Jeffrey Klein Dean Kogan

THANKS TO OUR SUPPORTERS Carol LaBelle Louis E. Levy William & Sarah Long Eric & KC MacMillan Willing Madeira Albert Malmfelt & Brenda Frank Donald Maloney Rosalie Matzkin David & Catherine Maxey Sara Rathfon McCune Dr. & Mrs. G.E. McLaughlin Anthony McMahon Joan Mechlin Ray K. Metzker & Ruth ThorneThomsen Doff Meyer & Robin Brecker Dr. Mary Ann Meyers MaryJane Mitchell Josh Mitteldorf Jane Moore Zofia Mularczyk Elizabeth Napolitano Eliot & Bonnie Nierman Patricia O’Halloran Patrick O’Kane & Jane Barry Barbara & Charlie Overholser

James D. Pagliaro Thomas & Karin Pajak Maureen Parris John & Judith Peakes F. Laurence & Mary Pethick Steven Pietzman Rhonda Polakoff Elizabeth A. Powers Dr. Michael A. Radin William Rahill Mary-Ann Reiss Cintra S. Rodgers Faye & Daniel Ross Aline Roy & Griffin Schrack Adelle Rubin Carl & Carol Sadler Karen Saillant Bonnie Schorske Paul & Barbara Schraeder Lauran Schultz Herman & Libby Schwartz Susan Schweitzer Judd & Linda Serotta Antoinette F. Seymour Robert & Karen Sharrar Thomas Shirk Corey & Jonne Smith John & Susan Smith Nancy & Joseph Spencer Walter Vail Lee van de Velde Geraldine Wang Donna Wechsler Robert & Eleanor Weinberg James & Sharon Welsh Wendy S. White Evelyn Wiener Ann Jones Wilkerson Mary Jane Williams Bertram & Lorle Wolfson Richard H. Woods & Dr. Barbara Jacobsen Woods Judy Worrell David Yanoff & Gabriella Romani Barrie & Gene Zenone SPARKS $50 - $99 Anonymous (6) Jean Adelman Hillary M. Alger

THANKS TO OUR SUPPORTERS John Attansio John Austin David Ballard Blanche S. Bauer Nancy Beere Rosalind & Sidney Bloom Alan & Sherry Blumenthal Anita Dart Bodell J. David Brhel Jodi Carr Edwin G. Close William Clovis Judy Cohen Suzanne Conway David Cramer Marlene Daehnke Lorraine M. Delgado Amador Rhonda E. Dickey Thomas Dodds & Sheila Bell William & Denise Donahue Kathryn Doyle & Maureen Alexander Patricia Eames William Eberle Loraine & Toby Engel Leonard & Helen Evelev Elizabeth W. Fox Sally Frazza Allan P. Freedman Mary Jane Fullam Emma Gibson Stephen F. Goldberg Sondra Greenberg Stephen & Ona Hamilton Bart & Denise Healy Bettina Herbert Ruth Herd William Horn Ann C. Kalbach M. Richard Katz, MD Paul & Susan Kelly Mark Keppler Charles & Patricia Kling Andrea Knox Joseph H. Laird Joseph & Joanna Lawton Ruth Levikoff Lynn Lewis Joan Macey Howard & Cirel Magen

Donald W. Maloney David & Linda Marder Karen Mauch & Diane Zilka Thomas & Helen McNutt Nancy H. Megley Diane Menio & Mark Garvin Claire Meyer Maryanne Myer & C. Myer Surer Pamela Nelson Elizabeth Nork Alice M. O’Neill Henry Pashkow Robert G. Peck David B. Picker Peter G. Piness John Podolski Hope Punnett Eleanor R. Reinhardt Alice Richardson Michele Richman Richard J. Ross Mark Sandberg Margaret Schneider Edward O. Shakespeare Robert & Roxane Shinn Dianne & Barry Sloane Willman & Carol Spawn Irwin Stein Bert & Lynne Strieb Marie Stuart Mary Ann Tancredi Tom Tansey Frank Tarzanin John M. Taylor Debra Weissbach & Neil Cohen Mason & Megan Wendell Edward Wolfe Barbara Zalkind

This list includes gifts received between September 1, 2010 and September 27, 2011. If you notice any errors or omissions, please accept our deepest apologies and contact Jennifer Pratt Johnson at jpjohnson@ or 215.829.9002 x102. Although space does not permit us to list supporters whose gifts are under $50, we gratefully acknowledge their contributions. Thank you!

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’re ou “Y i ok lo


December 8 - 31, 2011

ve ry

BY Noël

lo ve ly



yo u

kn ow , in

Kathryn MacMillan th is da m ne d

m oo nli gh t.”

Tickets Now On Sale 215.829.0395

March 1 - April 1, 2012

William Shakespeare BY


Charles McMahon

“Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.”

May 17 - June 10, 2012

Athol Fugard, John Kani & Winston Ntshona BY


Peter DeLaurier

“Who is the accused? Who is the State?”

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New Jerusalem (October 6 - November 6, 2011)  

Full Title: New Jerusalem, The Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza at Talmud Torah Congregation: Amsterdam, July 27, 1656 As the Inquisition...

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