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Lantek and Kerf work together to offer the best profile cutting solution


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Lantek completes its schedule of international fairs with a total of 18 events



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The revolution in the industry of laser cutting

Joseba Montoya, Customer Support Responsible of Lantek Spain and Portugal

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Good feeling


fter a year 2012 full of bumps and jumps, we are ready for a challenging 2013. We expect to have a year where our capacities and competencies will be stressed to the limit. We will need to innovate more than ever, to work even harder, and to cooperate closer and more effectively. You will need more efficient tools, better support for your processes, and the best response we can give you in the shorter time frame to fulfill your expectations. We are ready. Lantek has the best prepared team in the industry. We have the widest portfolio of software solutions for the metal companies capable of facing any scenario, regardless of machine type or existing systems. We have the universal answer to your requirements. We hope to continue having your confidence in our engineering expertise and to keep your trust in our partnership over the years. We promise to try our best and look for the best possible option in any condition. You have our word. We wish you all a happy and prosperous 2013. I have got a good feeling.

JesĂşs MartĂ­nez


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Lantek completes its schedule of international fairs with a total of 18 events A highly positive view of 2012 Lantek, world leader in the development and marketing of CAD/CAM/MES/ERP software solutions for the metal industry, continues to focus on fairs and exhibitions in the machine tool and metal processing sectors, as part of the firm’s strategy to consolidate and strengthen its leadership in the world market. Lantek has completed its schedule of events for 2012 with a highly positive assessment after having attended a total of 18 fairs all over the world. The last one was Fabtech, which was held recently in Las Vegas (USA),

where the firm presented its range of solutions for the US market. The company was also present at fairs in other countries such as Italy, Brazil, France, United Kingdom, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Turkey and Poland.

These exhibitions have become a good showcase for the firm’s solutions and services, for what’s new, to create synergies and promote business in new markets, as well as develop the program of agreements and technological partnerships with other manufactures and partners in the industry, like those signed with companies like Graitec. Lantek has also used these fairs as meeting points to show how customerfocused the firm is, and as an indicator to gauge the mood of the industrial sector, keep abreast of market trends and take a look at new business options. In most cases Lantek has had a stand of its own at these events and has always been represented by teams from its different subsidiaries and by top management from the head offices in Vitoria-Gasteiz. They have also provided the company with a chance to take part and to collaborate actively in programmed activities, product demonstrations, and a series of conferences or other parallel events held at the same time. With international events of this type, Lantek not only confirms how solid the company is, but also how committed it is to internationalization and how it is constantly making an effort to get closer to its customers, showcasing its advances and developments in terms of innovation in order to provide them with full quality assurance and the best user experience.

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solutions Solutions for Own Product Manufactures

You manufacture your own product, whether in your own plant or through specialized subcontractors who make up your extended company. Defining products is not a simple task. You need support that guarantees all modifications. Each new development and, each innovation in your range of products should be taken into account in a controlled manner in production and delivery. For you, this means achieving the maximum amount of integration between your management system and your cutting machines, knowing at all times the event that is occurring, has occurred and will occur. You need to incorporate automation mechanisms that reduce losses and improve the efficiency of your production and inventory system. You need to incorporate customization into your products that simplify and facilitate their definition and translate to production with the best guarantees. You need to know both the stock of raw materials, semifinished product and product ready to be shipped and their economic value. You require a reliable tracking system that allows you to analyze points of improvement and respond suitably to your clients’ demands for quality.

You want to optimize your provisioning processes so that you can ensure you get the right offer at the right time, making it possible to evaluate and confirm that suppliers are responding better to your expectations and requirements. Lantek covers the entire execution of your products (manufacturing, construction, assembly, acquisition of materials and components, sale and delivery). Lantek responds efficiently to any need you may have for obtaining information, information you may need to make the proper decision in each situation. Thanks to the capabilities of its software platform, Lantek allows you to: • Manage efficiently from the acquisition of materials to the issuance of the finished products. • Generate the most ideal CNC for each of your metal cutting machines for the total administration of your company, and • Obtain absolute control and visibility over your status at at any any time. time. status

PRODUCT MANAGEMENT Control the life cycle of your products by defining versions. Assign the development phase in which you develop each product you manufacture (Design, Manufacturing, Transportation/Packaging, Point of Sale, Post-Sale, Rejection, Recycling, Obsoleteness, etc.). Establish parameters for your product that allow you to simplify your definition, considering all possible variants. Manage your product suitably, creating organic structures that help you organize their manufacturing. PROVISIONING Lantek offers you the necessary functionality to have complete control over your needs, to have predictions of consumption and purchases, to generate requests for material when faced with stock breakages, to plan and control subcontracting for components to specialized suppliers or temporary overflow of capacity. In summary, Lantek synchronizes the acquisition of raw materials and components with the rhythm of the operational production and planning of your company. WAREHOUSING Control the status, location and amount of raw materials and semi-finished or finished products, even those located outside of the company, such as with sub-contractors or suppliers, knowing the value of your stock at all times. CAM DESIGN Thanks to the processing capacity of Lantek software and its advanced algorithm, you can calculate the most optimal nesting for each technology, making use of the material without neglecting the quality and finishing of your pieces. Furthermore, you can make use of CNC adapted to the various machines and technologies that you have at your disposal, which are optimized for preserving the life of the machinery and its tools. This also optimizes energy consumption and shortens operating times. Lantek faces any machine and any scenario and integrates all auxiliary elements that you already have (palletizers, robotic arms, etc.).

PRODUCTION Visualize and control, in an extraordinarily precise manner, the status of the product’s process and its components. Establish quality control that is as comprehensive as you may require. Control failures, define the key quality indicators for each resource (machines, employees, lines, cells), and establish the appropriate tracking system for your characteristics and needs. Whether your manufacturing method is build to order or build to stock, you will be able to optimize your production runs and have complete control over the production including entry of jobs, management of jobs in a queue, change management, etc. Establish the job execution control state in the operator’s post, validating the same on-site and controlling quality and failures. SHIPMENT Establish comprehensive control for orders to your markets, using tracking and quality controls if you need them. Identify and control all rejections. Establish parameters for measuring causes and defect which allows you to extract proposals for improving your production processes. COMMERCIAL Handle all available data from potential and existing customers, plan and control commercial actions. Prepare your budgets and customer frame precisely, using Lantek’s specialized set of tools. Control your commercial risk defining limits per customer and detecting when credit limit is exceeded. Manage every sales order status and have every document in place: order, delivery note, quote, or any other document you already use. AUTOMATION Lantek has the capacity to put the production of your plant into automatic mode, configuring manufacturing cells or automating your entire plant. You are able to integrate your SCADA systems and machinery, regardless of how different they may be. INTEGRATION Lantek is capable of integrating into the most diverse systems around, as a result of its open XML and WebServices (AvantiaServices) interfaces. As a user, you obtain a joint operation of your existing systems with your Lantek solution in a seamless manner. Furthermore, you are able to integrate even your suppliers’ and/or customers’ systems.



Francisco Pérez Commercial Director Lantek Spain and Portugal

Revolution in the field of laser cutting From time to time technology takes qualitative leaps that make us look back on the past with relief precisely because it is the past. Although there are numerous examples of this in other fields (from mobile technology in communications through plasma screens to inverter welding technology), the laser cutting area seemed stuck in a battle “merely” to achieve speed increases and increments in cutting thickness. Now, however, a technology already used in other fields such as welding has come to the rescue and revolutionized cutting. Francisco Pérez, Commercial Director of Lantek Spain and Portugal As part of our contstant technological innovation effort, Lantek collaborates with global leaders in the sector. As a result, we have developed a method of performance that the metal cutting market currently demands with Danobat and Rofin-Baasel. Danobat has developed a laser cutting machine based on fiber optic technology. This highly productive machine includes the following features: • High cutting and piercing speeds (speeds exceeding 300 m/min) due to the high density beam generated by the solid-state laser and strong yet lightweight construction. • High cutting and positioning acceleration (in excess of 28 m/sec2) thanks to kinematics based on linear motors. • Minimum downtime thanks to automatic table sequencing • Compact, simple layout. The use of fiber optic simplifies machine architecture since the beam is transported through a cable.

The Danobat Iris model is equipped with a cutting head designed to optimise the benefits of fiber optic lasers: • Fast fiber connection to the top of the cutting head • Automatic focal point adjustment for each material and thickness • Quick protection window change thanks to the self-centering system. • Built-in capacitive sensor for automatic height regulation in the event of plate deformation or cupping. • Closed circuit water-cooled.


Rofin, specializes in manufacturing industrial laser equipment and makes the well-known “FL Series” fiber optic lasers. Rated power starts at 500 W although the bulk of industrial cutting applications lie in the range from 2,000 through 4,000 W.

The aforesaid features are sufficient to define the fiber optic laser cutter as a tool for a wide variety of cutting applications. Beam quality ranges from 0.4 mm.mmrad for focal diameters of 15 µm to more than 25mm.mrad for focal diameters in excess of 1mm.

The option of integrating beam deflection (beam-switch) and beam splitting (energy-share) modules provides the highest level of utilization of the laser source. A single laser unit can be used in up to four separate workstations. These devices enable sequence times and productivity to be enhanced while minimizing the cost of investment in machinery and equipment.

Cutting applications

Fiber optic laser modules:

Micro Cut

20µm – 40µm


100µm – 200µm 1.5 - 4 mm.mrad 500W – 4,000 W

Fiber laser modules employ double-clad optical fibers with a core diameter sufficient to enable reduction of the absorbed power density to obtain a power rating of 1 kW per module. Built-in output power sensors enable closed-loop control to obtain the required power. Fiber laser combiner: Combiner modules allow several laser modules to be combined in one output fiber. Thus, if a 2 kW resonator is required it can be obtained by combining 2 fiber laser modules, or 4 kW by combining 4.

Thus on the basis of the following table the technology covers a wide range of applications in the industrial cutting sector:

High cut


Remote cut


BPP 0.4 mm.mrad



100W – 1,000 W

50µm – 100µm

1.5 - 4 mm.mrad 1000W – 3,000 W





With all these features the Danobat cutter equipped with Rofin fiber optic laser and Lantek Expert software is able to achieve significant improvements in the production process:

Improvements in the production process: •

25% increase in cutting performance.

50% required energy saving.

50% reduction in maintenance costs.



Joseba Montoya Customer Support Responsible Spain and Portugal

“The aspect most highly valued by our customers is the maintenance service” Joseba has been working in Lantek for 17 years. He started out in 1995 as an installation technician before joining the Sales Department in 1999 and going on to become Head of Customer Service for Spain and Portugal. As Head of Customer Service in Spain and Portugal, what do you think of the market position of Lantek’s customer services? According to my knowledge of the market we are positioned as a company which provides good service and does it quickly and effectively. Our customers cannot afford to have the machines they work with shut down, so they need their problems solved fast. That’s what we do. What kinds of services does Lantek currently offer? We offer three types of services: • Updates: After each release of a new version Lantek offers customers who have maintenance contracts the option of a visit by one of our technicians to implement the update on their premises. Customers without maintenance contracts can find out what’s new in the update and then decide to upgrade according to their needs. • Maintenance: This service is offered to all customers. It includes a helpdesk and a software update every year. Maintenance includes various options depending on the level of service that the customer requires. The Premium Helpdesk Service for example, provides answers to queries about handling the tool and troubleshooting as required. • Training: Courses especially tailored to a customer’s needs can be given on the premises. Others are taught at the Lantek head office. These depend on the type of machine used in the company and are set up for a maximum of 3 companies for each course.

There is no minimum number of people to attend a course, although there is a maximum of 6 per event. In what way are these services different from those offered by the competition? The competition has been copying Lantek’s model for years, offering the same services. But here at Lantek we keep on innovating and now offer our customers special technical support and helpdesk with every software license during the guarantee period. What are the advantages of contracting the maintenance service? The Lantek maintenance program specializes in the metal sector and focuses on the production of the companies involved. Machines used for cutting, punching, etc. cannot afford downtime. So, if there is a problem it must be solved immediately. That is why it is so important to contract the maintenance service. Customers need to get service that solves the problem quickly. They can only get this level of service if they have contracted the maintenance. It is also the best way for customers to always have the latest version tailored to their machines, new acquisitions and also have the software customized to any changes in their operating systems. You have mentioned services like training and maintenance as well as software updates. Which service do you think is in most demand at present? The maintenance service, for the reasons mentioned above. Maintenance includes several services and is something that customers value because it solves their problems and provides technical service whenever necessary. In view of new trends on the market and what our customers say, what changes do you expect to see in metal sector software market over the next few years? A higher quality of service and greater customization to meet each customer’s needs is the key to the future.


Kepa Metola Software Development Engineer


HTML5 is here!

called canvas which makes the process of creating 2D and bitmap shapes on the website as easy as drawing with applications such as Microsoft Paint. In previous versions, you could only insert an encoded image; but, you could not interact with it or change it directly. Native audio and video. Goodbye to Flash and other plug-ins... For the first time browsers support certain multimedia formats through native video and audio elements, which means that they no longer need ancillary codecs to deliver this type of content. Whether you’re an app developer, webmaster or just someone who loves surfing the web, you will have heard about it already. HTML5 is “in”, it’s been around for some time and it is here to stay. HTML5 is the fifth revision of the well-known HTML standard and is really a family of technologies which together provide new ways to structure and present the content of web sites and apps. In particular, this family includes HTML, JavaScript and CSS3. The latter two were already used to build websites; but, now they will be natively supported on HTML5 browsers. So let’s see what’s new in this latest version of an old friend: Semantic markup and website design HTML5 has new enriched semantic tags which transmit the purpose of elements to both developers and users. The W3C obtained data from thousands of existing websites to discover the ID and class names that developers were already using in order to create a whole new collection of tags such as article, header, footer, nav, hgroup, aside, article, etc. in HTML5. New “canvas” tag HTML5 includes a new website design tag

Offline work One of the interesting features of this version of HTML for website design is the ability to work with web utilities while offline. HTML5 provides a significant improvement in this area by enabling fully functional offline web applications through APIs which synchronize the data when the device and the network are reconnected. Faster websites Designing websites in HTML5 enables pages to load faster than on sites developed in previous versions because HTML5 loads the lighter elements first and displays them while the heavier elements are loading. Thus the main content of a website can be accessed without waiting for all functions to be fully operative. And the future... Although standardization was not initially expected until 2022 it now seems that W3C is on track to issue a specification by 2014. Meanwhile the leading browsers already support many of its features. If you want to see how powerful it really is you can access, a website set up by Google for those of us who would like to experiment with HTML5, JavaScript, WebGL and the world of open web technologies.


news Lantek and Kerf work together to offer the best profile cutting solution Lantek and Kerf Developments have been collaborating for over five years in the UK to offer sheet material manufacturers a one-stop, premium solution for CAD/CAM, oxy-fuel, plasma and waterjet cutting. Together the two companies have installed around 100 systems at all types of companies, including leading end users within the industry.

Dan Taylor, Managing Director of Kerf Developments says, “Our most popular machines are high density plasma and oxy-fuel. We work with Lantek because of the support it offers and the capabilities of its Lantek Expert software. In particular it minimizes user input with automatic lead-in and lead-out moves. Its auto nesting is quick and easy to use and produces excellent material utilization results.” Kerf’s oxy fuel and plasma machines use the Burny 10 control system which is the market leader and, in addition, the plasma machines use the Kaliburn high density plasma cutting power supply. This uses the company’s proprietary technology which includes special ramping and piercing routines. These routines increase consumable life, produce a high quality cut and reduce operating costs. Furthermore, the machine can achieve 2 degree bevel on the profiled part edges for the lifetime of the Kaliburn consumables. Dan Taylor adds, “We have the ability to remotely interrogate a machine at the customer’s site to diagnose any fault or operating problem. Because Lantek’s engineers understand the machine control interface as well as their CAD/CAMsoftware, we can, where necessary, allow them to remotely access the machine control as well.

This ensures that with Lantek we can accurately pin down any issues on the customer’s site and deliver a solution which often avoids the need for a service visit.” Lantek Expert includes dedicated technology for the full range of Kerf’s machines including its waterjet profilers. These machines are ideal for cutting non-conductive materials, eliminate any thermal damage to the parts being cut and remove the need for secondary operations on the component. Dan Taylor says, “The technology in Lantek Expert addresses all the techniques required by the three different processes. For example, the software has a heat avoidance routine which cuts one area on the oxy-fuel machine, then moves to the opposite corner to continue cutting while the first area cools.” Rob Powell, Managing Director of Lantek UK says, “We have a very good relationship with Kerf Developments. They supply high quality machinery and together we offer a system which is optimized for efficient and profitable manufacture. Our engineers understand Kerf’s machines and technology, and Kerf’s engineers understand our software, giving customers a uniquely seamless and integrated solution.”


case studies Bergs Mekaniska gets to the cutting edge thanks to Lantek With Lantek Solutions, any company can position itself at the head of its market Bergs Mekaniska is a company specialising in sheet metal cutting, founded in 1984 in Molkom, Sweden. The company is located in Värmland, a town that is far away from large cities and in the heart of the countryside, a 30-minute drive by car from the largest nearby city, Karlstad. To get to know the area a little better, we should begin by saying that Molkom has a population of fewer than 2000. With the help of Lantek Solutions, Bergs Mekaniska has managed to establish itself side-by-side with major companies in its sector and can compete with larger companies, while located in an isolated area surrounded by an enormous and iconic lake and lush forests. This is a world away from industrial or urban zones or where the vast majority of Swedish companies in the sector can be found. Regarding the company, it is strongly committed to protecting nature, to maintaining high quality standards and to working in harmony with the environment, Lantek has helped Bergs Mekaniska become an environmentally friendly company with the highest quality standards. Bergs Mekaniska has fully and comprehensively covered all of the present and future management needs of the company in the areas of budget, sales, production, purchasing, and storage by installing Lantek Integra. Thanks to the Lantek Expert Cut software, the CNC program for its sheet metal cutting machines was optimized, thereby making it possible for the company to compete in the very fragmented sheet metal cutting market. The company has managed to achieve its defined objective: the rapid delivery of high-quality cut sheets in order to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, both now and in the future. Also, by using Lantek Manager and Lantek Wos, the company has obtained a comprehensive, competitive solution for managing its manufacturing processes. The company therefore has complete, real-time control of the various activities in its production plant, ranging from workstations in the plant to the workshop and extending to the management itself, who can make the right production decisions at the right time by having accurate information available about what is happening in the plant at all times. In the opinion of Per-Inge Berg, General Manager of Bergs Mekaniska, the greatest benefit provided by Lantek has been the integration of all of the

software solutions throughout the various areas of the company. As Mr Berg states: “The real objective of the project was to be able to implement an integrated solution that would reduce the amount of data and the time required to enter in that data so that we could see the company’s profitability and efficiency situation much more clearly.” Those companies that do not give sufficient importance to integration tend to waste extremely valuable time with their ERP solution adds Mr Berg, “which is why Lantek has given us an incredible competitive advantage over other companies in the sector.” Regarding the best feature of Lantek Solutions, Mr Berg concludes by stating that: “[The best feature] is the integration of the web solutions along with their ability to be integrated with all types of tools and machines. In addition, the visual display of tools through the use of a web browser (information can be accessed from any location with Internet access) is one of the added values of Lantek Solutions.” They consider the specialization of all of the solutions as another advantage, specifically designed for companies working in the metal sector, which means that they are better oriented towards our processes, unlike other generic solutions that are on the market and are not specifically designed for this sector. To finish, Mr. Berg states that the working relationship with Lantek during the process of purchasing and launching the solutions was perfect. “We see Lantek as our long-term technology supplier a company that you can grow with.”


services Check the QR code to contact with us!



Trick of the month Opening multiple parts of a project Did you know that you can assign qualities to all the boundaries of a set of parts simultaneously by selecting the Open parts / All option by right clicking on any part in the main module? This will cause all the parts to open at the same time in the Draw Module. They will be displayed in a single viewpoint from which the required changes can be carried out. As well as qualities, it is also possible to assign other technologies, machine, change the geometry and even browse each one individually.



- Lantek Expert


exhibitions • Every year, Lantek is committed to being present at the sector’s most important fairs, both at a national and international level. • Request your invitation by scanning the QR code.

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