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OUR SUPPORT EQUIPMENT INCLUDES - Rig mobilization/demobilization facilitated by modern late tandem truck and tri-axle trailer - 30+ service vehicles - One double gas diverter unit (BOP) - One Class IV Blow Out Preventer - Full range of coring tools from BQ to PQ

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Track mounted service vehicles "On" and "Off" road capability Low ground pressure rubber tired ATV's for sensitive sites (parkland and golf courses) All drills are supported by service vehicles complete with water hauling ability, spill response equipment and self contained washing equipment Ability to work at all levels of protection "A" to "D" - Level "C" is on site at all times and available for immediate use BQ to PQ size rock coring equipment. Capacity to use air or water as flushing medium CME continuous sampler system

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Standard and hollow stem augers from 4" NQ, HQ and PQ packer testing equipment Single and straddle zone available Full decontamination facilities available Ability to set large diameter casing to seal contamination and advancing borehole with augers Ability to install monitoring wells from 2" to 8" Angle hole capabilities Indoor drilling capabilities – ½ mast and/or portable drill units Marine drilling capabilities

We maintain and extensive inventory of support equipment along with experienced / trained personnel allowing us to effectively manage all types of conditions and / or factors faced on drilling sites.

TEL: 905-478-2243

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Support Equipment - Lantech  

Brief Description of our support equipment

Support Equipment - Lantech  

Brief Description of our support equipment