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Town Planning Board Secretariat 15/F North Point Government Offices 333 Java Road, North Point Hong Kong 27th June 20011 Dear Sir/Madam Draft Shek Kwu Chau Outline Zoning Plan No S/I – SKC/1 Living Islands Movement (LIM) wishes to state its objection to the captioned draft OZP that is currently inviting representations, on the following grounds: 1. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) related to the proposed incinerator project on Shek Kwu Chau, the subject of this zoning application, has recently been withdrawn by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD). This EIA, if and when re-presented in substantially the current form, is likely to be challenged by the public and/or in court on the grounds of conflict of interest, since EPD is acting as all of the project proponent, judge and jury. 2. Challenges to the EIA are also likely in view of the serious flaws in its assessment of the effect of air pollution on the nearby population cluster of Cheung Chau and of the cumulative impact of extensive reclamation on the habitats of rare species of marine and avian life in the Adamasta Channel. 3. The incinerator project has not received funding approval from the Legislative Council. Indeed, no financial estimates whatsoever of the cost of building and operating the incinerator have been prepared for consideration by legislators and public stakeholders. This appears to be another failure of due process. 4. We believe it is premature and inappropriate for the TPB to consider the draft OZP until it is clear that the project proponent (EPD) has the necessary legal and political backing for its scheme. TPB should not assume that the EIA will be eventually approved and therefore should not pre-empt consideration of the other possible zoning outcomes for the area, i.e. Conservation and/or Marine Park.

5. In addition,the incineratorproject,by its very industrialnature,runscounterto thestatedplanningintentiopsfor thearea,assetout in the in SouthWestNew TerritoriesDevelopment Stpategy Reviewof July 2001andthe ConceptPlanfor Lantauof 2005,Theseplansreservetheareaexclusivelyfor conservation and recreationuses.We understand thatit is TPB'sresponsibilityto ensurethat strategicplansof this kind,whicharebasedon a wide consensus acrossthe community,arenot overriddenfor a singledepartment's own convenience. In short,we believethattheprojectproponentis not actingin thepublicinterestandis not followingtransparent procedures. TPB shouldnot be apartyto this abuseof due processandshouldthereforerejector at very leastdeferconsideration of the draftOZP. YoursFaithfully, Forandon behalfof Liring IslandsMovement

JohnC L Schofield Treasurer 48 Luk Tei TongTsuen Mui Wo LantauIsland,NT 9 1 8 84 3 s 8 j schofs@netvi

LIM's Objection to the proposed Shek Kwu Chau Incinerator Zoning Plan  

The Living Islands Movement's (LIM) letter of objection to the draft Outline Zoning Plan for the proposed Shek Kwu Chau Incinerator

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